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There's no discharge in the war!

File: bb19718a294c4ba⋯.jpg (57.96 KB, 1280x806, 640:403, fma-gpnvg-18-luminous-func….jpg)

File: 9d4f8ea50bb5fb2⋯.jpg (81.31 KB, 1111x818, 1111:818, gpnvg.jpg)

683197 No.509335

How can the Russians even begin to compete with the GPNVG?

40d5e0 No.509350

File: 154c827b4afd13d⋯.jpg (7.71 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)

By making their own daylight….

147677 No.509366

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You might be joking, but aren't flares a good alternative to night vision? Sure, it helps both sides, and you give away your the position of a mortar, and the enemy will know for a fact that you are attacking. But it seems to be quite a lot cheaper, and you also turn enemy night vision into useless gadgets during actual combat.

c639af No.509371


>but aren't flares a good alternative to night vision? Sure, it's [fatally irredeemable reasons not to use it]. But it seems to be quite a lot cheaper


1a18e3 No.509376


Russian (and french) don't like NVG, they like NVS, except for very specific tasks (vehicles).

You lose far too much awareness with NVG you're better off without them and checking whatever you want to check with a scope/imager/monocular.

Also the Russians like flares, all soldiers carries a bunch, NVG are good to sneak in but once SHTF, flares are the cheapest equalizer there is.

c639af No.509377


>You lose far too much awareness with NVG

Ever touched a NOD, son?

in a moonless night or a blank dark indoor area, compared to normal people, it's like having superpowers (Despite that it has less FOV than being NODless but that's a negligible downside)

>t.used a PVS7

83b43f No.509378

File: 0d4c36f3d918093⋯.jpg (106.35 KB, 800x937, 800:937, cohiba.jpg)


Flares are still in use today, although they are not used offensively, but defensively. As soon as you detect an enemy attack you launch your flares over them. This not only blinds their troops, which up until that point had NVGs on, but also immediately indicates for all friendly troops from which direction the enemy is attacking.

You don't need mortars to deploy them, a flaregun is enough. A recoilless rifle (such as the Carl Gustaf) can be used to launch night star shells (FFV545), and have the same effect as mortar launched flares.

Another effect of flares is the massive surprise factor. The enemy will be in the dark in one second, and in daylight the next. Even if they weren't using NVGs, they would still be blinded and shocked. They will be dead in their tracks, since moving in the bright will reveal them, and only staying still will lend a chance of remaining undetected, and not get mowed down by an MG. Vehicle-crews in particular are very vulnerable to flares, since the reflections on their visors and NVG sensors will further reduce the visibility.

147677 No.509392

File: ea89250e29466e7⋯.jpg (8.9 KB, 442x194, 221:97, FamasFelin.jpg)

File: d3fb610465e2e5a⋯.jpg (17.81 KB, 575x255, 115:51, rifle_grenade_illum.jpg)

File: 47294f96bdede0f⋯.jpg (60.07 KB, 443x600, 443:600, m224_60mm_mortar_handheld.jpg)


I remember InRangeTV once reviewed a Russian scope for AKs that had passive low-light mode that could be turned on and off. Although I'm left wondering how good for a cloudy, starless night, and if it works with a 4x scope. Do the French have something similar, or is it all about the Felin?


>You don't need mortars to deploy them, a flaregun is enough.

Oh, there is an even better option…

>A recoilless rifle (such as the Carl Gustaf)

If I remember correctly, then the German army uses the Carl Gustaf only to launch illumination shells, and nothing else. Sounds like quite a waste to me if we compare it to a simple hand-held 60mm mortar.


See: >>509378

93f2b5 No.509446

File: 58e49cb0604c18a⋯.png (182.65 KB, 256x355, 256:355, Tom_Clancy's_Splinter_Cell….png)

File: 2ac382241d44a0f⋯.jpg (338.68 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, ws_Splinter_Cell__Chaos_Th….jpg)

This is a /v/ question but why does Sam Fisher's NVG have 3 of those things, whatever they're called? Is it just for cool points by the devs or does something like it actually exist IRL? His NVG also have thermals and some electricity detecting mode.

I know shit about NVGs, don't kill me.

c639af No.509471


It's all fiction.

However, there's a pair of NVGs that i've seen, that looks like sam's goggles : The 2 lower goggles are the tubes (duh), and the upper one is alot smaller than sam's trifocal goggles, which is i figure out would be an IR illuminator

26f191 No.509476

File: 2947ebaf014afd3⋯.jpg (50.82 KB, 331x481, 331:481, Tomclancysrainbowsprinkles.jpg)


I'm pretty sure Tom Clancy himself said he didn't like them but couldn't really do a thing about it once it became Fisher's trademark.

602c4b No.509549

File: 5e696d28d2c39e0⋯.jpg (99.97 KB, 680x408, 5:3, nv vs led.jpg)

d921f4 No.509619

they just close the door until the sun comes up, duh

84d9c7 No.509626


would an LED flashlight even work against thermal goggles?

97a8b9 No.509662


Couldn't you gut an airsoft version and stick a bunk of intensifier tubes to get the same effect as the real deal?

1a18e3 No.509673


>Ever touched a NOD, son?

I have, and you instantly lose spatial awareness because not only your field of view is reduced but your depth perception is also seriously fucked with, which is the number one thing that keeps the infantry alive and make it really useful…

That's why the new ones have so many tubes, it's to try to get back depth perception (maybe they do work but it sure as hell gonna be damn expensive).

It's useful for other things, to drive at night for example (which is absolutely necessary for mobility and does require a near constant use), to obviously have an edge over people that have no way to see in the dark (so just goat fuckers really… even Norks have rocket parachute flares and older gen NVS) or do infiltration and other specific tasks (sappers). But for the basic infantry in 99% of the cases you're better off with eyeball Mk.1 and a good quality scope/monocular to check thing out your brain want precisions about (protip: NVS are harder to make than NVG… just saying. Also the US are abandoning mass issued NVG too and replacing everything by… scopes and monoculars)

>in a moonless night or a blank dark indoor area

So in 0.1% of the cases?

070b1c No.509718


You're half right about the the depth perception, because that issue can be overcame if you wear it and train with it enough

if you rely on the wideness of your FOV to spot enemies then you're not a good soldier, you know why.

my 40 degree FOV AN/PVS7 was more than enough to spot targets and shoot them during training.

49c0cc No.509732


>You're half right about the the depth perception, because that issue can be overcame if you wear it and train with it enough

That's simply not how depth perception works. I'm serious here, that's the end of that argument right there.

ad2ca0 No.509747

48b7c7 No.509790


Not an argument.

602c4b No.509857

File: 59fba23a1d1c5ed⋯.jpg (979.17 KB, 4250x2390, 425:239, pvs-14 m35.jpg)


Sort of. Thermal goggles work by detecting the infrared light given off by heat sources. If you had LEDs that produced infrared light on whatever frequency the thermal goggle is optimized for (typically 3-30μm according to ATN) you could easily blind a thermal goggle.

Standard nightvision devices are also sensitive to infrared light, with the use of an IR illuminator (basically a big infrared flashlight or spotlight) being the primary method of operation for most early nightvision equipment. Even gen3 nightvision is sensitive to infrared as well, so the GPNVG-18 in OPs pic would be similarly effected by someone shining an infrared light at the goggles. The one caveat to this is that newer gen3 nightvision uses autogated tubes which will automatically reduce gain when exposed to bright light (infrared or visible) which helps to keep the tubes from burning out, however the GPVNG-18 in OP's pic uses MX-10160 tubes which are not autogated and thus would wash out easily (or potentially burn out) were someone to shine a visible or infrared light at it.

602c4b No.509858

f7945c No.509860

File: db6a06d24c1fc71⋯.jpg (126.79 KB, 1046x843, 1046:843, db6a06d24c1fc71ea9e324b39b….jpg)


Criminally underrated post.

c50fde No.511392


>Fatally irredeemable reason

Before you call it that you must consider a couple of points.

>It's orders of magnitude cheaper than equipping NVG's

>It makes the use of NVG's by the enemy redundant

>If you are already openly engaging the enemy or going to there is no point in hiding anyway

To conclude, flares are better for mass production and use in large scale engagements by front line units. NVG's are better for small scale behind the lines operations where stealth is needed.

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