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There's no discharge in the war!

File: afbe7868eb8aa26⋯.jpg (309.14 KB, 909x682, 909:682, arc_of_triumph.jpg)

11cb99 No.509505

Yo, I'm coming to France next week.

Can anyone recommend any gun club/gun range near Paris?

I want to shoot pistol, shotgun and rifles.

96f8de No.509507

Pistols are useless, and the French don't use underbarrel shotguns.

11cb99 No.509509


But I do want to shoot useless guns!

67d0dd No.509510

Any mosque.

11cb99 No.509515

No frog here?

7f073c No.509516

File: 1ef6b264430b5ba⋯.gif (115.75 KB, 320x270, 32:27, 90e569a7db4d6c1d2acba8f2f4….gif)

>going to france to shoot funs

11cb99 No.509518


Well, no choice, this is a business trip but I'm free on Sunday.

c7503b No.509535

>I'm coming to France next week

Why? Run around screaming about Indochina wars or something? Trying to pressure FFL to drop their medkits and start issuing underbarrel shotguns?

What is your game you little red bastard

11cb99 No.509542


Jesus, it's a business trip, I swear.

I just need dem frog advices here.

de049d No.509553


I advise you kill yourself and stop posting on /k/.

Underbarrel shotguns a shit

11cb99 No.509554


It's a cool idea, too bad those underbarrel bolt action shotgun never went into market.

61171f No.509555

Can you even do gun tourism in France? I can't imagine they allow non-citizens to just walk into an approved club and start shooting, let alone have rentals and such. I'd love to be enlightened by a baguette-anon what the case is.

11cb99 No.509556


I google around and it seems to be: possible


09b94f No.509559



If you wanted to see Somalia, you should go to Mogadishu. It would be cheaper and safer because you could hire guy with AK to protect you.

11cb99 No.509565

Goddam where are the frogs?

11cb99 No.509566


Gonna be there 10 days to see shit first hand.

76c318 No.509576


isn't Vietnam the place you go to shoot guns though? I've seen videos of you guys letting tourists throw grenades!

11cb99 No.509583


Probably in Cu Chi, too bad the gun selection is very limited and ammo terribly expensive.

ab3c86 No.509594


Burger Shitposting aside


is kinda right. By kinda I mean that, according to the Sport Shooting Federation (wich is an anti-fun fuddfest, but that's not the point), to shoot in a club you need to be insured, and to be insured you need to get a license.

However, most clubs will allow you to try shooting for one day.

If you want to shoot something that's not a BB pistol, your options are limited. You can google "Stand de tir" "Club de tirs" and see what comes up, and assume that if you see an air rifle on their front page, they won't allow anything else.

Otherwise, if you say you are a veteran of the /kek/ war and don't act to autistic, and the range is not full (wich is a plague in the region, all ranges are saturated), they might think about letting you try something that goes bang.

To actually answer your question, the two biggest ones that I know are: The Tir National de versailles, and the Centre de tir de Paris de la police nationale.

I haven't tried any of them, so you should probably call in advance.

11cb99 No.509598


Thank you I guess.

Imma try.

I only know a little bit of french. Hope I at least get to shot a double barrel.

e97289 No.509624



>No frog here?

Well there are no french in Paris, so…

More seriously

>Can anyone recommend any gun club/gun range near Paris?

The ANTP (Paris Police shooting association) has a renting/initiation service, but you have to reserve range time before hand ( https://www.tir-initiation.com/ ), they say "Paris south" for the address but I know they manage several ranges (some in Versailles some in Paris proper) so I don't know where exactly they do it. However 14 July to 15 August is basically the time nobody works, even volunteers and non-profits… so they might be closed (most ranges are closed in August).


>Can you even do gun tourism in France? I can't imagine they allow non-citizens to just walk into an approved club and start shooting, let alone have rentals and such. I'd love to be enlightened by a baguette-anon what the case is.

France is not the UK you can own pretty much anything (no full auto, up to 14.5mm) as long as you do the paperwork/have the range time, renting services for random people do exist (most clubs do rent/lend weapons to their weaponless members), though it's not common.

It varies completely from one range to another due to widely different status (most are managed by non-profit associations, but the actual ownership of the installations is what counts, lots are city sports clubs, some are privately owned, some are non-profit owned) and size (duh).

If there is a renting service, the insurance is counted within whatever they charge you so I don't see a reason why your nationality would come in play. In fact I don't think nationality comes into play at all, just residency since there are a couple of non-french (two britbongs exiles and a Dane) in my club but they're all European so maybe they get a pass because it's a different status (but then, even if we parted on terrible terms, Vietnam is an ex-french colony which often have special status too).

11cb99 No.509625


Merci beaucoup, bruv.

898f78 No.509704


>Yo, I'm coming to France next week.

Why? Every gook I know hates the French and France with a passion.

11cb99 No.509710


Maybe they are hurtbutt commie gooks.

I do not like France but I do not hate it either.

f848c7 No.509729

File: 6e8f4975ff4a47b⋯.jpg (49.12 KB, 606x671, 606:671, 0bac8a3b08981b62d10fc1fcff….jpg)


>coming to my country to shoot funs

>Paris, the most cucked, depraved and degenerated of all french cities.

I've got bad news for you mate.

It's not without reasons that I try to move in a country were I'll be able to shoot legally with a full auto while smoking my own blunt

fd9f36 No.509743

File: 1826bc9c0c16e61⋯.jpg (22.16 KB, 480x360, 4:3, serveimage.jpg)


>smoking my own blunt

f848c7 No.509800

File: 03f108e951aec54⋯.jpg (260.06 KB, 914x891, 914:891, 03f108e951aec546dfd0851252….jpg)


>A guy who's own country legalize cannabis

>Think you can't smoke cannabis and enjoy guns without being a nigger.

>mfw he's Italian.

Va fan culo amico mio.

a9237b No.509805


If you're after guns and drugs I'm sure you could find some Algerians or gypsies in Paris to hang out with.

f848c7 No.509806

File: 1c276df75878ef1⋯.jpg (10.6 KB, 201x255, 67:85, 1c276df75878ef12e65a8d8701….jpg)


>Can't make the difference between a white smoking a joint while enjoying shooting down targets in his private shooting range (my dream) and a bunch of criminal shitskin existing to make people's life miserable.

Come on Aussie, I used to get better shitposts from your country than this.

What are you up to? Get fucked in the ass by an Emu or a non-gun policy again?

a9237b No.509808


Are you implying that your fellow Frenchmen don't enjoy smoking and shooting?

f848c7 No.509809


I'm seeking for a legal way.

Not the traditional Australian/felon way.

Soon or later Gypsies and the Sandniggers that are called "French" by politicians while they shout high and loud "Fuck France" will get their due. And if not, well the rest of France can go fuck itself for letting this country down.

abd7f7 No.509821


Hashish is a muslim thing, because alcohol is haram. Same for opium. Its morally wrong because it dazes you into being defenseless against Islam.

Consider also that most weed in Europe comes from Albanians, and most Heroin from Afghanis.

Every time you light up you put cash money in a terrorists pocket, or a albo criminal that rapes white children.

ab3c86 No.509831


While I agree with you, this is not the thread for it.


Did you know that you could set up your own range and, (assuming you'd have enough land, and solved the noise problem if there was one), get it validated by the FFT and the city?

Funnier fact: there are a few places that have been abandonned, so the city still technically exists, but nobody lives there.

You could buy a shit-ton of land, in, let's say, the creuse, become the mayor of it, wall it up, sound-proof it, and setup a run&gun range without having to ever give a fuck about anyone but the tax-man.

ab3c86 No.509832


bonus fun fact: if a plot of land is abandonned, you can occupy it, prove that you checked that nobody own it, and, after 20 years of paying the land tax for it, it's yours, freely.

saging for double post.

9096ae No.509873


So hypothetically, you could become a feudal landlord legally after a nuclear war or some other disaster?

Did they create that law due to plague? Sage for offtopic.

e97289 No.509902


Did they create that law due to plague?

It's a simple law. If you occupy land in good faith (I.E. trying/paying the upkeep for it, mostly some taxes for it, not even all the taxes linked to it since it's quite logical that some paperwork is missing) and nobody complains about it… well it is a fact that it is your land.

The legal owner get 20 years to complain about it for public land, 30 or 35, can't remember, for privately owned… yes it also work with privately owned (it just rarely comes up), but after that it's legally yours. It's a law meant to punish mismanagement of the land and to recognize that yeah if you've built an entire life (20 years is a generation, that's why it's 20) somewhere, that nobody told you you couldn't, the authorities can't bulldoze your house and make you homeless in a day…

Note that public land delay is shorter because the administration has all the tools at it's disposition to realize some of their land is being illegally occupied (while a private owner doesn't).

There are some exceptions of course ("domanial" land that belong to the State in perpetuity which is most of the forests and that even the government can't sold, coastlines, etc…), but it's something that comes up fairly often in the countryside (because, unlike pretty much everywhere else, in France each village (even place with like 4 houses) has a Mayor and a city hall… hell as previously mentioned there are places with NO INHABITANTS that are still technically considered to be villages because most of the land in France belongs to villages. In France you have communes (cites/villages), departement (counties), regions (regions/state/landers) and the French State. 90% of the public land is held mostly by the communes, then by the State (again mostly old forests, coastlines, etc…). The rest is mostly departements (only exclusively forests), I'm not even sure the regions owns any.


>So hypothetically, you could become a feudal landlord legally after a nuclear war or some other disaster?

Hypothetically, you can do it today.

7a2ca8 No.510001

So I will be staying like 3 weeks in Paris, exhausting my short-stay visas.

Really hope I can arrange a gub club meet.

f848c7 No.510061

File: 25f0dfe55f54968⋯.jpg (55.88 KB, 450x450, 1:1, b7cfc08b644bc3c0eab9ee0551….jpg)


>Can't grow his own stash

>Don't smoke the flowers

I pity you mate



While it is a good idea my friend, remember that NOBODY sane of mind want to live in the Creuse c'est une bonne idée, mais c'est encore plus paumé que la Picardie ou l'Auvergne

I was thinking about being a Gendarme for the operator side, the advantages and the possibility to talk seriously to the mayor of my city to make a basement-shooting range.

As for the cannabis, I'll have to wait for our marvelous and progressive pause caca president to do it.


3 weeks is the minimum amount of time that you need to wait to get a license, if you're French.

I'm in the Alps, so can't really help, but as for another french /k/ommando if he can meetup with you as guess to the range (I did it multiple time with friends and girls I wanted to bang)

d7b803 No.510077

File: 54949b5604be623⋯.jpg (18.61 KB, 210x274, 105:137, IMG_20170720_074824.jpg)


>doing drugs is my dream

f848c7 No.510092




Go to bed kid, it's past midnight.

d65284 No.510110


>I was thinking about being a Gendarme for the operator side


>operator side

Bwahahahah. You do know that until 2016 they literally NEVER did regular firearm training, save for some course during initial formation?

Hell since Sarkozy reformed the GIGN (fused with embassy protection, EPIGN, etc…) even them are nowhere where they used to be on average (dixit CNEC instructors).

BAC and RAID/BRI are the way to go if you want to operate a bit (and… better payed, less hours, access to continuous formation, etc…), but frankly just sign up in for infantry in the army.

f848c7 No.510123


Well, apparently with all theses kebabs rolling around with cars, they get some raise.

First, I was going for joining drones operators, but when Macron started to fuck up with the army, I thought I started to smell like shit.

Then, last week, I was going to the Gendarmerie with my mother and a Gendarme came to ask me if I was still going to the army.

Then, he started to talk about what really happen the cut budgets will be use to only pay the soldiers, not to repair their equipement furthermore, he talked about Mali and how we use soldiers to get plutonium while saying protecting niggers (and since I'll never forget about Rhodesia, niggers can go to hell).

Also mentioning operation sentinel while telling me the cut budget will fuck up the probability of going to my specialty.

So gendarme look like a reasonable choice to me since I can protect France and not other countries (even if both of them are full of third world raping-goat niggers)

But I still don't know which specialties I'll go into.

Why not tell me a little more about you experience since you look so concern about the topic,mate?

d65284 No.510285


Gendarmes issued pistol ammo per year for training is 400 rounds per person (since 2016, it was 50… To give you an idea running a 3 gun course is 250-300 rounds). You're not gonna do operator things… it's getting shived by drunks, making cars circulates for when there are cars accidents, arresting the same niggers/sandniggers over and over and over, and paperwork… A LOT of paperwork.

Police job is the same.

Except police have the advantage of multiple structures for budget, multiple structure for training, a fairly big gun culture (completely absent in the gendarmerie, in fact most of them are 100% anti-gun), they are not military meaning no budget cuts since they can and will go on strike with very powerful unions backing them, they don't have to live in barracks (yes all gendarmes live in barracks/ in perimeter apartment if they have families, low rent but most of them have been build in the 70's and are quite shitty). Gendarmes don't have work hours they have military duties are 365d/year 24/7, holidays are permissions (instantly revocable for x, y, reason, etc). That's the only reason they still exists BTW, numerous government though they should had been axed competently, except every-time someone notice that you can make work a gendarme 50h a week and not pay them, since they're soldiers and if you tell them to STFU they will, while the police ask for extra wages when you do. Extra rigid military hierarchy with all the fun it entails (it's not)…

If you want to do law enforcement, that's fine, but the Police simply has simply much better work conditions than the Gendarmerie.

And if you want to operate drone, the army has some, due to big gap in surveillance capabilities (even more so now that the mirage IVR are retired) drone acquisition are on top of the pile, so they shouldn't be affected by any budget decisions.

And on the opposite I wouldn't be surprise if any drone capabilities law enforcement are given are privatized under Micron (just like CCTV are)…

Also the army training for drone operator is a branch of artillery recon specialty with possibility of special force transfer, so it's a really good training (and a 100% chance of in theater deployment given how stretched the army is).

That's my take on it, if you want to run guns and shoot funs go with army, if you want to go in law enforcement (paperwork with the occasional sandnigger skull fracturing) try Police before Gendarmerie, it's the same job but one actually has perks…

f848c7 No.510287

File: cabf79afac05452⋯.png (615.91 KB, 433x675, 433:675, 0da025c3e3059721efccb40d61….png)



>Better work conditions

Man, just, no.

You can put all the arguments you want, it's policemen that get stabbed by kebabs.

It's for a reason that alcohol problems a way up in the Police.

> In fact most of them are 100% anti-gun


Then ho do you explain that most of them have at least 3 funs in their home, can get military grade weapons and have all the advantages to get weapons since it's basicly their fucking names? Gens-d'-armes

>they shouldn't be affected by any budget decisions

Again, what's your sources?

>it's a really good training

Same fucking training than other soldiers, so you obviously don't know what you're talking about and you lost all credibility to me.

d65284 No.510323


>most of them have at least 3 funs in their home

No they really don't. The range I manage and where a whole of them come to "train" (if you can call it that) is the one they should come to get their license. There are 2 active duty (out of a good hundred), 1 retired (out of who knows) that own guns. Meanwhile we have plethora of police/ex-police members, despite not being anywhere close to any police unit.

>can get military grade weapons

No. Not even in service since it's mostly 9mm SMGs no self respecting army uses (PM12, UMP-9, some MP5s) and old as fuck rifles/MG in 7.5mm french they don't have the ammo for anyway. And their service rounds are HP so not military grade either…

>At least not legally that's for sure.

have all the advantages to get weapons since it's basicly their fucking names? Gens-d'-armes

Given it's not the 13th century anymore I don't see what that has to do with anything? Are you retarded or just pretending?

>Again, what's your sources?

About any army related publication those last 5 years, and two exceptional acquisition programs. If you want a recent one here the last order (DRAC successors): http://www.gicat.com/larmee-de-terre-sequipe-mini-drones-de-thales/ things ordered aren't cancelled, it's stuff not yet ordered that is gonna suffer (mostly the major forever push-backed major vehicle replacement programs).

>artillery recon unit.

>Same fucking training than other soldiers.

Now I know you're retarded.

You do realize that artillerymen and infantrymen outside basic, don't have the same training right? Because they don't do the same thing?

And that recon specialists have… recon specialist training. Most drone operators the 61th RA trains are for "Servant Drone de Reconnaissance Au Contact" (contact recon drone servant) which is a typical small team fairly close to the action, sharing common training common with all artillery spotters and therefore comes with a decent infantry training despite being in artillery (it's still considered artillery specialty but de facto it's now an inter-arm specialty with the recon/intelligence revamp that is ongoing, with most recon unit being bumped to brigade level).

174e3f No.510866

Imma in France.

It is as I feared, nigger and turkish looking motherfucker everywhere.

d65284 No.510884


I warned you. Also they're not turks they're maghrebi, a more feral declination of mudslimes.


>Well there are no french in Paris, so…

France can only be saved by major nuclear strikes wiping out most big cities.

Find some Ukrainian girls (last time I was in that cesspool there a shitload of them were working as waitresses in regular cafe) and pretend you're a rich chink at least it would have been worth the trip…

fb2061 No.511152

File: 33ec81bc5e06014⋯.jpg (3.39 MB, 3072x4096, 3:4, IMG_20170819_210154.jpg)


Well there are more asians than niggers. Maybe because I stick to the asian part of town.

Imma in Belgium now, just visited Bruges, top place. Bought this little guy.

Also asked a belgian cop if he got a H&K, byt it was a Glock, felt like a noob damn.

d65284 No.511164


Nobody has H&K pistols, not even in Germany, especially not Belgium.

fb2061 No.511173


Strange no, thought the danes issued USP.

9747d1 No.511443

I'm in the Netherlands now, dunno if it's luck, but it's the probably the european country with the least niggers and arabs I have seen so far.

The red light and sex shops in Amsterdam are kinda shitty though.

88f308 No.511817

Finally got back to Paris, man the city is on alert now, shit sucks.

Cop's everywhere and the fucking ghouls wander at night.

I feel less safe than Vietnam.

34a7d2 No.511847


>I feel less safe than Vietnam


for comparison how safe do you feel in Vietshit?

04a873 No.511849


>man the city is on alert now

From what I can tell there is nothing different from usual, there is probably an event near where you're at (the World Wrestling Championships started Monday and are hosted by Paris).

Or maybe you didn't pay as much attention to them before (when you start to, you realize it's a fucking army of cops and soldiers that are roaming around).

7119e1 No.511872



>calls his own capital cucked and degenerate

>wants to smoke a blunt

You must be one of those niggerfrogs. Funny, the only "frenchmen" I've ever met in real life were nogs.

33e9e6 No.511931


Vietnam ain't so bad as you think m88.

898f78 No.511937


He never said Vietnam wasn't safe, you mong.

88f308 No.511938


Like there is no nigger in Vietnam to that amount.

Me and my relative were driving home in 23:00 and shit feels like goddamn a ghetto with the ghouls wandering around, no fucking white on the street.


>Or maybe you didn't pay as much attention to them before (when you start to, you realize it's a fucking army of cops and soldiers that are roaming around).

Shit, that's called martial law around these parts.

3ca844 No.512526

I am in Strasbourg now, this is much better than Paris. I always like cozy quiet town.

The fact you can drop by Germany super soon is good too.

8fb6b9 No.513397


>Shit, that's called martial law around these parts.

We're under "state of emergency" (basically extended gov powers, just a tiny step bellow "state of siege", aka full on martial law) since the 14 November 2015 and unlikely to get back to normal anytime soon.

Basically it's the legal framework designed for the Algerian war (and was only applied to the Algerian departements, Indochina was an oversea colony with a specific framework, but Algeria was considered fully part of France) it's political admittance that France is ongoing an armed insurrection and not foreign terrorism…

ab3c86 No.513447



Except that after almost two year, everyone aknowledge that it's becoming less a state of emergency, and more the gov taking advantage of the situation to grab more power.

And with macaroni in power, I'm expecting it to become permanent any time soon.

And/or using it to bust open opponent's doors without a warrant and arresting them for the most retarded shit.

Working your way up from the actual psycho who you know will put up a fight, to the one with actual shit to hide, then the family with a few downloaded films, then hate speech… It's already been in the work for a few years now.

88f308 No.513468

Well imma back in Paris now.

I do not think I am going to do gun tourism this time, shit is too on the edge over here.

Probably my best memories with Fance would be in Strasbourg where I met my relatives and in Paris where I dined two times with a beautiful chinese girl I just randomly met.

I do detest the Paris flea market near I live, shit is a ghetto.

f3d169 No.513489

When yall are talking about police and military patrols I mean how big are we actually talking? Like two soldiers/cops walking down the street at night or full on formations of 8-12 people making their way down the streets carefully?

8fb6b9 No.513496


Patrol is a fireteam + at least one police officer (to make arrest and shit since soldiers can't), it's 3 +1, 3+2, 4+1, 4+2 depending, 4 +2 can be split 2 + 1 to cover more ground but they wont be far from each others. They're in, I cant remember the specific stance name, "humane combat uniform" (flak vest and combat gear but no helmets, no gloves) which is the preferred patrol mode for peacekeeping units in hot zones with no immediate threats.

Same for elements of static protection, so if you are in a touristic area of Paris (with lots of possible targets, so lots of static protection) you can see an entire company in half an hour walk…

f3d169 No.513501


Man, I mean our American police having full on MRAPs is bad, but all those soldiers and patrol formations is something else.

Interesting note, the hardcore left in America dropped the whole "WE MUST BE MORE LIKE EUROPE" thing right around the time military/police patrols took up that role in Europe in general.

88f308 No.513562


Can confirm I see lotsa groups of 4 all armed with modernized FAMAS walking around.

b4767f No.513797

Just got pickpocketed yesterday on the metro on the way back.

Shit, Louvre is pretty amazing but this sours the experience.

Fucking Paris really is more unsafe than Vietnam,

9a1b9d No.513820



Real traditional Paris experience.

accfcd No.513877


>got pickpocketed yesterday on the metro

Get a drunk/high nigger/sand nigger to piss/vomit/spit/stab you and you will have gotten the complete Parisian experience.

b4767f No.513924



Shit, this is more than I ask for.

Thankfully I didn't lose anything important.

Oh well, I will invest in some more anti-thief bags and locks when I get back.

0915df No.513927


There's got to be a way to booby-trap a wallet to get back at pickpockets. Perhaps a small amount of explosives inside, set to detonate when the wallet is opened? Nothing too big, just enough to take the bastard's hands off - you don't want to injure bystanders (and it has to still fit in your pocket). You can walk around a tourist area with only the rigged wallet in your pocket, wait until you hear a bang, then head home with a smile on your face.

b4767f No.513929


Or how to electrically charge your backpack, this seems to be /k/ way of doing things.

accfcd No.513983

File: 1ad64cf65547f63⋯.png (63.27 KB, 361x333, 361:333, 1ad.png)


>Half the thread is about military patrols and security measures against terrorism.

>Want to rig explosives and then walk around tourist areas.

Ahmed, please.

e5eae8 No.513984



You niggers are overthinking it. You wanna know how you get a pickpocket. You sew some fish hooks into your pocket with a thing that looks like a loaded wallet. Downside is you might get GRIDS blood in your pocket.

9e366b No.513985


>Not wearing a MOPP suit underneath your clothes.

Come on strelok, only pussies get heatstroke.

74c71d No.514138

Got back to Vietnam now.

When I think about it, some Saigon streets are cleaner than France lol

2b3166 No.514140


Let's be real here, though the opposite of what ideals should be, you should never judge a nation by the capital city. Sadly, most of the world's capitals other than like North Korea are far worse than the actual countries, It is because of two main factors, first and foremost the fact that cities are not places for human habitation and second because capital cities are filled with politicians which make them even worse than regular cities.


Nike PMCs are on their way

e5eae8 No.514160


I can see the logic in that, although most cities in the west are fucking disgusting shitheaps in comparison to a city like Tokyo or Sapporo.


>MOPP suit

I'm more worried about stains than anything else.

74c71d No.514181


It's mainly a nigger/arab thing.

Even the dirtiest asians live better than them.

15c028 No.514224



funny because here saigon means having a really dirty place. we should start saying "ale paryż ło kurwa"

accfcd No.514262


You should, I'm sure it will stick.

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