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There's no discharge in the war!

File: 5250efbc22d40bc⋯.jpg (46.12 KB, 1024x819, 1024:819, magical.jpg)

0a024c  No.510496

So, in the prepping general thread a new Zeemaps was created just for /8/k/pol/ (old one was cluttered as fuck). Tag yourselves with a codename and a secure email, get to networking.

Other options include joining state constitutional militias (PA State Militia is unironic and legit, look into yours or start your own).

Avoid any group that advocates 'first strike' or violence as it is likely a honeypot.

Also /meadhall/ isn't dead, yet. Though they are more likely /pol/ than /k/.

Nuggetfests are good to get to know your fellow /k/ommandos.

0a024c  No.510497

7bf4de  No.510498

I think it's worth saying that creating your own "militia" is as simple as getting with likeminded friends that you trust, agreeing on commonality of logistics, and working on marksmanship and field craft. You don't need to worry about one upping the Michigan Militia, or even naming your group. Having three or four guys in your "crew" who have small unit team tactics down pat and good field craft is a good goal.

0a024c  No.510500


worth saying indeed. Having a fire-team together is about as much as can be expected in these times anyway. It's good for prepping, morale, and networking.

60a669  No.510501

US-Est on map.

60a669  No.510503

File: a250b8e94137278⋯.jpg (376.57 KB, 1023x745, 1023:745, KDTI.jpg)


If funds are raised, the flag will be gone.

7ab9da  No.510504


Shia la bouf has another flag up?

a9c5f1  No.510505

dont you NSA guys have anything better to do

60a669  No.510506


Yes. A possible location has been found.

No one has verified it. I'm volunteering to go myself, verify, and then see if I can get myself a new bedsheet.

7ab9da  No.510508

File: b02353b6129923a⋯.jpg (11.98 KB, 480x360, 4:3, DONALD DUCK DICK BONER HAR….jpg)




16917c  No.510509


>Raised by 2 people in 3 hours

a3b51a  No.510511


The biggest mistake i see is people biting off more than they can chew. They put their all into creating an identity and trying to recruit members. This inevitably results in them being labeled nutjobs and burning out. Keeping your focus on remaining small and tight knit can go a long way. Beyond this, network with others and cooperate, share ideas and concepts, maybe get together once in awhile to build the bond of trust, but ultimately your group is independent of the other and leadership is decentralized.

60a669  No.510513

7ab9da  No.510515

File: 98e25eff1d32961⋯.jpg (54.45 KB, 960x949, 960:949, PATRICK WHITE EYES REACTIO….jpg)



also TY bb

60a669  No.510517


If you're a shia operative, you will be crucified.

7ab9da  No.510520

File: 9b128e0e8d2d4f0⋯.jpg (12.52 KB, 320x320, 1:1, he man winking blonde whit….jpg)


son I fucking love live entertainment like this.

a shitty elitist celebrity loosing shit over the

actions of small nothing individuals on a

anonymouse image board.

60a669  No.510522

3b6ad0  No.510524

Here's a question.

What do you do with people who own firearms, but see them as range toys and nothing else? The kind of person who buys a prebuilt AR, slaps a cheap red dot on it, and uses it as an excuse to go out in the woods every couple months, get drunk, and turn ammo into light and noise magdumping into the ground at ten yards? The kind of person with no semblance of marksmanship, firearms safety, or 'martial' culture?

How does one go about educating these people in the values and responsibilities of personal defense and firerarms ownership?

I'm definitely not referring to a specific couple of acquaintances and I'm definitely not asking because I'm an asocial autist that doesn't know anyone else pro-fun.

2aacd0  No.510529


You may be better off not associating with such acquaintances.

ac53c9  No.510532

If you're meeting up, why don't you do it at a senator or congressman's office to demand NFA repeal as a group?

f1b393  No.510533


Dude, you're better off educating a nofunz than wasting your time with that faggot. There's nothing wrong with admitting limits, but the only other thing I could recommend doing non funz related things that also instill discipline, like PT or church.


Another thing that worked very well were the federal reserve protests. A couple of anons with nuggets and shit were able to scare the living shit out of some kikes. I wish we could plan such events countrywide with non internet based comms like CB.

60a669  No.510534

File: f3ef6a040967e2e⋯.mp4 (7.58 MB, 640x360, 16:9, OH SHIT I'M FEELING IT (Be….mp4)

Operation: Broadhead has raised $100 USD in funding. The goal is $500.


Spread, donate, encourage, improve efficiency.

As "Ifrit" on the network, I'm accepting any assistance offered.

7ba69d  No.510566


what is this for?

0a024c  No.510585


Networking. If you look at the Zeemaps and see that there are local /k/ommandos, (this is an 8ch map) you can start getting together if that's what floats your boat.

also general networking discussion.

7ba69d  No.510613


oh nice, thanks

f1b393  No.510719


Dude, I love you, but you're better off handing that money to a local, especially if its for something silly like hwndu. Focus on making contacts here.

e1b115  No.510723

I had a good connection to a real life group, but now it;s a bit less solid. I have to get some stuff in order before I really commit to anything anyway.

If anyone needed a quick email, yandex doesn't need a phone number or anything. Yeah it's Russian and probably about as secure as the average white girl's slacks when she sees your golden retriever, but nothing important should be discussed over email anyway.

7d6e36  No.510728


For fifty bucks a year you can get Hushmail

c9ad0e  No.510733


this stinks of FBI

0a024c  No.510737


>literally any networking attempt is honeypot

7d6e36  No.510744


Don't talk about anything illegal then.

597f0e  No.510750


>Implying his IP isn't logged and monitored by MI5 for visiting 8chan

7d6e36  No.510751


Yeah he's fucked anyway so I dunno why he's worried in the first place

0a024c  No.511052


don't think there's enough /k/ommandos on this board for any real rally per state

but let's find out


185511  No.511056


Its said when a man has nothing left to lose hes the most dangerous fuck out there.

36cf21  No.511117

File: 9a2bbc5e9602c48⋯.jpg (29.44 KB, 750x573, 250:191, 9a2bbc5e9602c4889a7869d1a6….jpg)

>only east coast burgers adding so far

I mean, you're already on a list if you're browsing this site without protection. Might as well try to find some /k/ommando friends who you can be cell mates with when Merkel opens the gulag.

498b6d  No.511119

Added finally

628aae  No.511139

You niggers need to read up on Operation Gladio.

Basically: NATO placed a bunch of agents in their own territory to stay behind in case of PACT invasion. These agents would pretend to be part of the civillian population and cause havoc behind enemy lines.

They would also gather intelligence and cooperate with intelligence agencies. Part of their tasks would be escorting HVTs across occupied territory. In one exercise NATO stay behind agents managed to transport an agent from northern Norway to Sicily 100% undetected from police forces, pre EU and Schengen. That's something like 6 boardercrossings without passports and a couple thousand kilometers.

If you really want to start OP broadhead, then all you need is enough streloks in the area to help out.

Sadly, britbongistan is a shithole. Neverever.

f1b393  No.511140


Give it time. Sadly the /christian/ map is already bigger than ours despite ours being open to both boards. The carolina thread on /pol/ is shilling it, which makes sense why we have more southeastern anons.

8761d5  No.511190

what was wrong with just updating the /wrol/ map?

4092f7  No.511739

File: dcfde947bd659a9⋯.jpg (201.39 KB, 1347x800, 1347:800, 3784ec608143533cded47c9368….jpg)

Bump. I don't want this to die so soon.

db3626  No.511823

Bump. Where are you east coast? Should we reach out to NNTP/Endchan or some other bunker?

03d926  No.511836















all of us need to pick a central location between all of our states and meet there

db3626  No.511919


I had meant West Coast. Only 3 west coasters Fam. Not good.

db3626  No.511920



03d926  No.511923



I guess we could do a west coast and an east coast

north western Texas makes sense for everyone at Louisiana and Western.

31109c  No.512043


west coast meets northern mojave desert should be empty

here are some cordinates located in an unused construction center next to the mountains, 34.307904, -115.924936

e333cd  No.512049


NC is leading the way, but I also think its because the NC general on /pol/ is adding anons to it. Considering they have CB operators, they are leagues ahead of the other states in terms of coop.

58f39d  No.512153

Heres the problem. There are always tenfold more lurkers than posters, moreso when you're putting yourself out in the open. Even so, not everyone that posts a contact will check it religiously.

What we need is less '/k/ facebook' and more 'here's a bunch of ways to connect with Streloks in your region.' The question is of means and method, as well as if it is possible to balance publicity with security.

For example: Hit up the W8MRC repeater Thursdays after 1600. Ask for Strelok.

Any other ideas?

4e81ac  No.512157

File: 33436eda90f2cf6⋯.jpg (936 KB, 1920x1079, 1920:1079, Stalking on a foggy and la….jpg)


>Any other ideas?

Put on a gas mask and start harassing random people on the street with autistic /k/ references.

498b6d  No.512161


That'll go down real well

982475  No.512166


Pretty much the only good idea

749276  No.512168


I can see a Florida-based /k/ommando attempting this and making it to national news as a result.

>This just in: Florida man arrested for public indecency after walking the streets in a gas mask, camoflauge speedo and nothing else while simultaneously screaming at pedestrians about dragon dildo bayonets and masturbating into brownies

The two greatest exports of Florida are orange juice and entertaining news reports.

f1b393  No.512171


The Zeemap is the best thing we got for right now. Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, lets focus on what we can do. The shtf general has a good idea of local daily/weekly nets on a license free band, because most anons don't aren't hams to do anything high speed like digital or repeaters. Hams are quick to sperg out on funny business on their bands, but don't give a fuck about anything else. The carolina general on /pol/ is having regular meets, but from the looks of things too many lurkers and posters get cold feet about meeting irl. Volunteering the minimum information helps break the ice, as helpful as I feel that proof of meets helps bolster confidence, it also puts the anons in those pictures at risk. How do we overcome this?


Headline: Florida Man strikes again!

074717  No.512405


why make another fucking zeemap?

f1b393  No.512413


Because the 4cuck one was full or retarded nofunz who wouldn't even provide contact info. The new one is focused on 8chan's anons and requests at least one form of contact and a date so we aren't trying to hit up anons that move/died/fell off the internet.

175355  No.512490


>Let's have a /k/ meet in California

e7056b  No.512503


>How do we overcome this?

>volunteering the minimum information helps break the ice

While I can only speak for myself, the simple fact of knowing that there are others like yourself within communicable distance helps a lot. When an individual puts their pin up, it's less about their qualifications and information, and more a simple statement of 'Here be Strelok'.

Also, listing qualifications can be offputting to some people. 'I can provide for myself, can't really contribute anything but am willing to learn.' isn't much of a resume you'd want to put out there.

>lurkers and posters get cold feet about meeting irl

The meeting should be located in a public place, it should be entirely social, noncommittal, and something you should be doing anyway.

Is there a local gun show coming up? Let people know a Strelok will be there, with an approximate day and time. Streloks show up wearing a patch or somesuch to identify themselves. If you run into someone, great, chat and exchange information. If not, you were going to the show anyway, right?

Is the local gun club or public range hosting an event? Same principle. Show up, shoot some shit, shoot the shit, go to the bar afterwards. Maybe meet some Streloks, maybe not.

Just my two cents.

f1b393  No.512515


>Also, listing qualifications can be offputting to some people. 'I can provide for myself, can't really contribute anything but am willing to learn.' isn't much of a resume you'd want to put out there.

I disagree because nofunz and nogear (radio/bob/supplies) anons can state a deficiency, which may encourage a more well off /k/ommando to get them learned or vice versa ask for the help from them. For example, seeing a nearby anon with cb comms gear inspires me to get similar gear to test regional long range comms for a tighter knit community. I agree that lurkers can feel good about knowing of neaby strelo/k/s, but its for naught if they never get to know each other and train together. That's what I hope this map accomplishes what the 4cuck couldn't: By virtue of being on 8chan, anyone on this map can be said to have wn, far right or /pol/ leanings so the fear of meeting a commie from this is almost nil.

>Ideas for meets

The carolina general has been trying all sorts of gimmicks to get people to go to their meets. I appreciate your input but its why a point of contact is recommended to break the ice this time around.

f1b393  No.513594

anti slide bump

03d926  No.513599


concurring bump

40f39c  No.513682

Bump for New England anons

2b018e  No.513806

File: afc1c1617030c92⋯.jpg (123.33 KB, 899x667, 31:23, california aint free.jpg)


More like a support group eh? But yeah that would be cool.

553b37  No.513826


>support group

What if we buy heavy duty pickups and start mapping good routes to smuggle ammo into California come 2018. We could make money and prepare for purges fun times at the range if calexit becomes a thing

4bb34c  No.513827

our communities have a very hard time coming together for anything meaningful, due to the very real threat of being immediately busted by feds

f31774  No.513832

>Unfortunately at this time, ProtonMail does not integrate with third party email clients.


487a1e  No.513833

File: 6daa5f9d003c687⋯.jpg (42.21 KB, 711x688, 711:688, 6245541 _d89752fd3a54f82d2….jpg)


You sure are onto something, mr not-atf

02c583  No.513855

If anybody passes through silesia we can go for a beer or something

9f8bee  No.513857

Not a lot of Texans.

8a7192  No.513858


Most guns don't work too well underwater.

9f8bee  No.513861


You funny guy

9669ce  No.513888



I'm honestly starting to think that "Hi Alphabet" is an alphabet psyop to keep us from meeting up. Physical meets have people paranoid, but nobody owns an alternative means of communications that they would want to talk with. Shit, I'm complaining but I don't even have a CB radio to shitpost to you faggots about, since we're spread out too far to use anything else.

aa687b  No.513898


There's probably some truth to that. Here in Northern VA I think I can be forgiven for being suspicious that everybody interested in talking to me is a fed though. The two of you in Long Island have no fucking excuse, you're practically next door.

9669ce  No.513900



That's your own fault. Here I am in the ass crack of the Carolinas and no one is going to proposed meets due to this shit, but they wanna larp around here and /pol/ about RWDS and shit. I'm about to start shitposting on cb ch 14 to see if I can get some pissed off hwites to join the cause instead of relying on wannabes.

727260  No.513940


truth, the "Hi Alphabet" thing is starting to piss me off. We're not doing anything illegal by meeting up.

Though a CB meetup would be pretty damn awesome. NE PA here.

1c9726  No.513942


Same here. Worry about that shit when someone starts suggesting doing some dumb illegal stuff. Then ditch 'em, cut off all contact with them.

9669ce  No.513951



The problem is that unless we as /k/ shill for cb ownership among us, it will be just as hard to start and maintain regional cb nets as having physical meets. Considering the times, I'm disheartened by the fact that so few of us want to start taking /pol/ and /k/ to meat space. What can be done that's not immediately illegal, outside of range meets and stickering?

9f8bee  No.513952


Organize a camping trip, meet up for drinks, hold a BBQ.

9669ce  No.513961


Camping trips were brought up, but spergs would just think its a way to get suicided. Meet up for drinks would be cool, assuming we didn't have any underage anons, but its starting to get late in the year for a bbq.

02c583  No.513962


Think about positives, at least beer will stay cold longer

1c9726  No.513963


I'm from TX, it's never too late for BBQ.

9669ce  No.513972


Believe it or not cowboy, teyhas ain't all there is.


Need anons to stop being faggots before I start buying beer for them.

249dea  No.513973

File: 7a0ee59c8c8a877⋯.jpg (499.39 KB, 1209x914, 1209:914, drop nukes pls.jpg)

>tfw no anons in my country

>only furries

There must be an end to this suffering

9f8bee  No.513974


I'm aware. I've seen about 85 percent of this country and a little bit of others. Doesn't change BBQ.

a383ac  No.513976

File: 30e5e2e67f735f8⋯.png (619.63 KB, 1020x747, 340:249, fuggxDD.png)


>enormously high concentration of furries nearby that power plant


9669ce  No.514000



My disgust has never been so absolute.

e95ff1  No.514009


Really makes you think.

01824e  No.514018

IL fag here, don't let me the only one in this shit state.

a7be01  No.514020


Chicago is not IL. We need a movement for Illinois to secede from Chicagoland.

6da56f  No.514024

File: 9283233347b9d53⋯.png (2.15 MB, 1898x2604, 949:1302, 2D history, the bombs they….png)


>The year is 2070

>Militaries the world over have realised the tactical potential of cultural warfare through radiation-induced degeneracy

Alternatively, maybe they're like the japs and have always been massive deviants from the very beginning.

5a92d6  No.514025


What state, straya bro?

6da56f  No.514026


Why don't you use your ayylien technology to trace my IP from orbit, Mr. No-flag?

5a92d6  No.514029


No sir. State?

6da56f  No.514031


Prove you're a true-blue ocker and I'll tell you.

5a92d6  No.514034


You can't overwhelm the leyonhelm.

6da56f  No.514042



pls no bully

5a92d6  No.514044


Post discord to this throwaway.


6da56f  No.514050


Sent. Look for the name that'd cause a giant echo, and an e-mail address that certainly doesn't sound suspicious.

6da56f  No.514051



Should probably add the password hint: "Get out of here, …"

5a92d6  No.514057


Request sent.

6da56f  No.514059

File: 780b489b5baddce⋯.jpg (61.52 KB, 360x451, 360:451, Hitler thumbs up.jpg)



04510a  No.514064


Drunks inawoods turning money into short range noise is no way to go through life son.

Spend some time doing nofun things. Meet people, find those with an interest in guns. Be open about your interests, but emphasize marksmanship and skill. Call it "loud golf" or "loud yoga"; emphasize the personal development / mind-clearing meditation aspects.

Normies get freaked out over guns. You play it up to their interests, tie it into "spiritual" aspects of personal development.

It's a sales pitch, basically. "Hey I do this cool thing that helps me deal in a positive way with the stresses of modern life".

You'll be taking newbies to the range in no time.

f72f2e  No.514180

Any cunts in the southwest of west australia? Awfully boring being the only /k/omrade i know of down here.

e30b8c  No.514264

Well, threw my info onto the map. Hoping we can do some shit sometime.

8778a5  No.514266


I wish you and the two other people in WA the best of luck.

bc3cb1  No.514278


The new one in TX?

d42c0c  No.514284

File: e7baeff9b006caa⋯.jpg (1.06 MB, 3012x1728, 251:144, 1460964456767.jpg)

File: a4af92d9b698ade⋯.jpg (121.59 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 1462258127021-1.jpg)


The thing to remember with potential members of a cell is that the only thing that matters is politics and personality. Everything else can be formed, drilled, taught, or trained, but nothing can replace the proper politics and personality of an individual. I'd rather have a group of 20 somewhat martially competent but politically consistent men who work well together than 5 men who are completely competent but have radically different individual politics and personalities. A militia is an inherently political organization that relies on group cohesion. Devise a mission statement for your militia and determine if these men's politics match that mission statement.

I had several men like the ones you speak of, and while they aren't anymore competent than your average person physically, they have improved from the state in which I found them. The biggest issue with a lot of the guys you are talking about don't stem from irreconcilable problems related to the mindset, but from lack of access to competent leadership and resources.

When I was forming my team, the biggest issue was that none of the founding members had any appreciable acreage to practice on and we were constantly strapped for cash. All of our practice had to be done at expensive public ranges, where combat skills like shooting on the move, interlocking fields of fire, firing at targets of ranges beyond 100m, rapid cover to cover movement, bushcraft and other random small team and militia tactics could not be practiced, on top of draining what little amounts of money we had. One could go to public land and try to practice these things, but you would raise suspicions, which is something you don't want to deal with.

I would like to ask you a few questions:

1) Do those acquaintances have access to sizable amounts (at least 20+ acres) of private land to practice tactics on and an owner who would be on board or at least tolerate such activity? Or are they blasting away at targets on public land?

2) What are their physical conditions? Are they worse or better than the average in your area?

3) What kind of weapons do they own (no specifics, just generalizations)? Would they practice more often if it was convenient for them to do so? Are they constantly struggling to maintain a decent stockpile of ammunition for their weapons?

4) How old are they? Are they HS/college students or older men? Younger men are easier to influence than older ones.

5) Do they ever talk about shit like gun confiscation or current events? What are their politics like in relation to yours?

6) What are their personalities like?

>How does one go about educating these people in the values and responsibilities of personal defense and firerarms ownership?

Don't expect them to ever be full on operators. They are still civilians with civilian responsibilities. Beyond teaching them the true intent behind the second amendment, getting them to an acceptable level of marksmanship and fitness, and teaching small unit tactics, there's really not much else you can do. Unless you have the resources to run a bootcamp, you can't really change them anymore. That's why proper political affiliation and personality are so important. You don't have the time nor resources to change those aspects, so you have to focus on what can be changed.

I would also recommend you try to become more social and follow >>514064 advice. You'll meet more people and gain access to more opportunities. Like it or not anon, you may have to assume the role of leader for the time being.

e30b8c  No.514288


Nah, SC.

e30b8c  No.514436

What's a good way to listen to radio online if I don't have a HAM radio or know much on how to operate one? Not planning on buying one until mid or late this month.

9669ce  No.514479


What part of SC?

e30b8c  No.514488


Fort Mill

9669ce  No.514491


Are you the same one that showed up to the meets?

e30b8c  No.514493


Nope, never been to any /k/ meet before. Just moved here about a month ago.

e8fc57  No.514502

File: 58560a68acc7231⋯.jpg (78.99 KB, 600x900, 2:3, 1468562695981.jpg)

>my marker is the absolute silliest on the whole map

feels nice.

d0c8db  No.514513

Everyone should have a burner email in their description. What's the point of giving away your location if you we can't keep in contact?

9669ce  No.514516


Its not as though


d0c8db  No.514517


Nigger steam and "meet me here" are shitty forms of contact. Not to mention the ones without any instruction. A burner email is effortless to create.

0b0d8d  No.515146


2d64c0  No.515175


>A burner email is effortless to create.

I don't suppose we could use this as an opportunity to shill cock.li ?

9669ce  No.515220


Nigger, cock.li has been compromised ever since EU kikes got the servers raided. On an unrelated note, I hope east coast anons are ready for the german rage of Irma.

a16983  No.515353


Added myself, no bully please

9160f1  No.515383

File: a753a511e0d413f⋯.webm (5.37 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, why you shouldnt use disc….webm)

727260  No.515416


58 pins and counting, we're doing alright.

ba9e40  No.515417


Hello DoJ

9669ce  No.516246


>Pasta nigger claiming to know anything about the best country in the world

Just kidding faggot, bumping due to sliding.

cea1ca  No.516271

So, before I fucked up like a complete faggot, can I move/edit my marker after I place it?

I'm liable to move out between next week and the heat death of the universe. Probably next week though.

727260  No.516276

File: c90bd929881cc10⋯.jpg (40.45 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 2IchOdA.jpg)


when you place your marker you're given a link to edit/remove marker, if you lost that link you're fucked m8.

9669ce  No.516303


What's the name of the posting and where do you want it?

4ad3d3  No.516353


Thanks mate.


Not marked yet, I will place it as soon as I get home.

BTW, any euro/K/ interrested in getting into HAM radio?

I plan on getting hardware and license as soon as I settle, and it would be fun to try to reach a Strelok over the waves.

6ee06c  No.516447

Wtf is the point of leaving a pin if you don't leave a throwaway? I'm looking at you VA niggers. This is why we can't have nice things.

759031  No.516467


I'm the east tex guy

bc3cb1  No.516474

aa687b  No.516503


I lost the url to fix mine, so I added one with an email in it. and saved the fucking url this time All the others have an email, so I'm the only fuckup here.

9669ce  No.516538


fixed, try adding a reason to even talk to you, fag

727260  No.517112

I've seen people put in SteamID's, I gotta ask, like, I'm never gonna contact anybody over steam, why do people use that? Get a burner email.

05df29  No.517131



c154ce  No.517358


How far south?

96614d  No.517359


I'm not rich enough to pay the 500e for the Versailles range :^)

But I'm around. Maybe we'll meet randomly some of these days.

cea1ca  No.517386


yeah, the price tag definitely hurt.

And I'm not even sure to get in, the guy that was supposed to get me in decided to stop shooting the year I wanted to sign up. So I have a week and a half to find a plan B.

Alternative is to drive an hour and a half west or east. Not sure if Dreux is alive or even accepting newcomers, and the CTCM's last chance is this week end.

Anyway shit will end up costing me more in fuel and car than the 300€ bump would have.

And I don't even want to think about joining a 25m CO2-only range.

But yeah, would be nice to meet some fellow euro/k/ucks

e7dc16  No.517432

I've added myself, in the wonderful place known as the Region, aka Chicagoland.

I pray for you, Illinois /k/ommandos.

731b7a  No.517440


Quick question, should we list monthly gunshows and the sorts? They tend to be something that may be worth looking into

6cfe21  No.517458

File: f4531e2d3cbfc2e⋯.mp4 (5.4 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, f4531e2d3cbfc2e03466ab5786….mp4)

More leafs plz

96614d  No.517713


You're right, but you know, they are actually forced to put a 6 months "test" with only lead because of how much peoples actually joined the clubs since the false flags.

Moreover, I know little ranges who have two ranges, one for lead at close distance, one for regular shooting with cat b weapons at longer distance.

Obviously, the Versailles one is like the second best, so you'll not find 300/400 meters range elsewhere, but in case of SHTF, I don't think that ultra precise shooting at long distance is any useful.

I mean, you need a lot of time (years) to get good at shooting. Moreover, you'll never learn in a range how to be quick, how to shoot on moving target etc…

At the end, you still can buy directly a cal12. directly with your license, you'll need to wait to test it though.

Are you planning to buy in cat B? It's more or less a rent…

cea1ca  No.517769


Well Long range accuracy is how I blow steam, and in a SHTF scenario I'm on the opposite more thinking that it will be stalingrad 2.0 with some hunting needed on the side. You are not supposed to let niggers within shotgun range.

I have a Scorpion, (cat B), but in a SHTF scenario there is nothing a DMR can't do.

SHTF is about survival and critical targets, not all out warfare.

Cat B is a bit of paperwork every five years, and you need uninterupted range membership but if you own a Cat B and ain't shooting with it or can't bother filling 5 pages of paper and going to the range 3 times in a year I consider you a nigger.

If you really end up in deep shit for reasons out of your control, (like I am) there is always the option of temporarily having an armory store it, they have vault full of guns "on hold", especially during these periods.

And if Macaroni gets funny ideas, just get creative or move out.

96614d  No.517774

File: d473f9197bf344b⋯.png (717.37 KB, 1000x581, 1000:581, they-know.png)


Man, there is nothing to hunt in this country. In a month, most of everything will be dead. Same for forests, near big towns, burnt quickly. I would have said that the safest thing to do with flee out of the country, but I think that in the next crysis, there will be no place to go.

About the 300 meters training, you're not even on your feet! I mean, everything is good to take, but real situation and training is totally different. In a SHTF scenario, you'd need to be strong mentally, fast, mind clear. The combat, I guess, will mostly be at short range, especially in defense. And the mental to pull the trigger (well, since most of nowdays people are totaly immoral, and don't even believe in god, I'll maybe pass on this one). I'll not be a sniper combat with 4000e of guns.

Moreover, in such situation, you always get out at night, to not get hunted. That's why I said it's a matter of it you want to hunt people and kill them. I'm certainly not on that side. I prefer to die than to fuck up my soul.

> I consider you a nigger

Calm down bro.

>If you really end up in deep shit for reasons out of your control

You have used it on someone?


It's not aim training that you need.

cea1ca  No.517796


>You used it on someone?

Oh, nah, nothing like that.

I just got fucked by the timing of a lot of things and will most likely find myself without a license if I don't drive an hour an half and spit 300 bucks to the nearest gun club that takes randoms.

Money isn't really an issue (that's like 2 weeks of ammo), but I have a thousands things to do in 2 week-ends.


Sorry, it was not personal.

Just, in general, I hate frenchies that complain about keeping their license or getting a cat b when all you need to do is go to the ranges 3 times and throw an envellope into a yellow box.


Well, depends here.

In IDF there is about a million boars, estimated, and we barely push back the population under " pest" every year, and hunters aren't exactly known to go easy on the trigger.

In SHTF time I don't expect random people to grab a spear and go boar hunting, and even with hunters going full genocide on the animal population, there is a long way to go between "shoot the fuckers on sight " and "endangered species do not scare".

Euro combat deserve its own thread I think, but by thought go mostly to the occasional self defense in habitation buildings (basically I expect the entirety of europe to become bad neighbourhood chicago), where councealed handguns, SMGs and Shotguns will prove usefull, but anywhere else, no matter where in France you are fighting , I don't really see engagement ranges below 50 meters or beyond 300 meters.

I guess it really deserve its own thread.

629761  No.517928

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Well Long range accuracy is how I blow steam


>but in case of SHTF, I don't think that ultra precise shooting at long distance is any useful. I mean, you need a lot of time (years) to get good at shooting. Moreover, you'll never learn in a range how to be quick, how to shoot on moving target etc

Dear frogs, PRS type shooting is exactly the kind of sport you need to practice and introduce to your communities. The biggest limiting factor being finding ranges that allow use of barricades, positional shooting, and sufficiently ranged targets. PRS shooting has exploded around here, with this years final attracting 50~ competitors. Quite a lot, considering national rifle competitions only have about 200 competitors.

bfe1c0  No.518846

File: 73286b924364917⋯.png (63.6 KB, 336x346, 168:173, 1393274984299.png)


Where's my fellow snowniggers at?

9669ce  No.520034

Have any meetups have come out of this thing?

727260  No.520609


no, but it's still fun to see who's where on the map.


4d5ae9  No.520688


Some other snownigger wanted to meet up, but he told me he was autistic and lived with his parents, so I dropped it. There is probably a thin line between well-adjusted /k/ommando, and meme spouting cancerous faggot.

9669ce  No.520907


04510a  No.520908





I think the time for talk is coming to an end. Train the neet nofunz, teach them how to squat, and run, and sweat. You should be feeling it scandinavian, the time of upheaval is close at hand. We in the states have more time, but the jew is swift and will strike us when we are off guard. Perhaps its time to strike them.

727260  No.520971

File: 232c38a739ea681⋯.jpg (193.96 KB, 654x862, 327:431, aids.jpg)

File: 786e6d9fa818c64⋯.png (11.89 KB, 598x468, 23:18, b796bf1a0bfad2772f3dc0937f….png)


And what do you suggest, your eminence?

The people on 8ch barely respond unless it's in large numbers and nobody's stepped up and made a decent gathering besides nuggetfest. Nobody would entertain ideas of your caliber because any mention of foul deeds sends them scurrying for the shadows with cries of "Alphabet soup" like the spineless cowards they are. I've been active on /meadhall/, /polk/, 8/k/, and /pol/ and nobody's interested in meeting up in small locales for even a token beer and handshake.

People on 8ch are overtly cautious. Maybe for the better, maybe for the worse. I don't know.

All I /DO/ know is that nobody checks their goddamn emails!


Shoot me a message if you're on the Northern half of the East Coast. I may be doing the rounds instead of a meetup in the form of a 2018 roadtrip.

1654c9  No.520973


Us Long Island dudes know each other

04510a  No.521103


What I said: Find nofunz and other /k/ommandos and train them with pt, weapons, and comms. I am the anon on /pol/ who tried to assemble the carolinas to much failure due to cowardice the larping nature of that board. I would email you if you were closer to me, but if you put yourself on the map I hope anons local to you will reach out. But you can also be the bigger man by initiating contact.

629761  No.521214

File: e8d5834688c1de8⋯.png (446.79 KB, 576x432, 4:3, 1435775138707.png)


>tfw most guys I know in shooting clubs are armed to their teeth, military trained, and right wing

Should push come to shove, I feel pretty confident we'll take care of ourselves.

6ec4b2  No.521219


Where in the Carolinas are you im in southern va>>510508

5b16ff  No.521227

File: 25a189a79b0361e⋯.png (141.9 KB, 289x300, 289:300, gato com cabelo crespo.png)

I think I'm the first monkey anon in the map. My steam is Ciclista_Prateado and it uses this pic. I never use it, though.

9669ce  No.521697


Charlotte area


Hop your border and get a 10/22 takedown. You'll be the king of the favela.

1f7832  No.522118

File: 7322070c6567223⋯.jpg (153.47 KB, 1280x996, 320:249, 1494178773697.jpg)


I'd prefer to nuke the favela tbh, nothing good ever came out of it. When it's not criminals it's nigger "artists" and "influencers" that are forced on TV 24/7.

Sadly (or luckily) there's no favela where I live, they seem to be all on the south east.

c9986f  No.522296

File: 6f26f9dc8fe19e4⋯.mp4 (5.74 MB, 640x360, 16:9, gondola45'.mp4)

>No CO anons yet

Looks like when shit hits the fan ill be roving the frontrange solo

At least the ANP will be lurking around to potentially not murder me.

5c942d  No.522323

File: 5f2f63a810fd8ab⋯.png (5.06 KB, 225x224, 225:224, frbdgsadbsadnisndkos.png)

>mfw NJ anon with only a double barrel

I'm so fucked.

487a1e  No.522355



Whats that?

861202  No.522377

File: 7d37bf64cbe15d1⋯.jpg (154.92 KB, 1024x1365, 1024:1365, 7d37bf64cbe15d10900804fc37….jpg)

Is there anybody in Northern BC? Planning on mapping ghost towns and shooting skinwalkers

f023cb  No.522416

File: a9ad483fe1f2ab1⋯.jpg (231.61 KB, 939x965, 939:965, MOOOOM.jpg)


A double barrel is all you need.

269561  No.522438


>there are people on /k/ that don't fuck shit up with a double barrel while blasting metal

15d2ac  No.522465


Anyone met up yet?

1fc4c0  No.522630

>>>/wkm/ is gone. Where did the evergreen /k/ stalkers go?

9669ce  No.522631


NC anons have, but that's it for now.


They're around

a08420  No.523669


Trying to organize a small poorfag Meetup in AZ around Thanksgiving. At most 5-6 guys, have 2 confirmed (me and a friend) and 2 maybes so far.

811db9  No.524352


Best of luck


7c1e56  No.524356

Looks like Alabama and NC have the most so far. Bama master race tbh.

fa25c3  No.524388


Mobile, Al master race here.

I have 2 entries on there. 1 where I live in Tx, and another in my hometown in Al. Bio/e-mail is under the Bama entry. Callsign: Ar/k/an

3b9719  No.524390

If anyone is meeting near Louisiana, like east Texas or west Mississippi, let me know, or southern arkansas

28c189  No.524427


id love to do VA meet but i dont have the time to organize it and i have nowhere to fucking go.

811db9  No.525674


There are only a few NoVa anons and a few tidewater anons to choose from, maybe meet in the middle near richmond?

Looks like we are finally starting to assemble the middle carolinas, if you're lurking and haven't put yourself on the map, you're wrong.

811db9  No.526366

Having yet another carolina meet. Hope other groups have started operating before it gets too cold.

abc012  No.527290

I couldn't have fucked up any harder on that meet, but it was done. May it be the first of many.

86e8c2  No.527322


Can you give us an after action report? What went down, what went wrong, what went right?

It might help other streloks in organizing regional meetups.

7ed694  No.527414



I think we're talking about the same meet here. It was limited to a quick meet n' greet because one group forgot some critical equipment at home and had to double back halfway to the meetup, then the other group had real world obligations to attend to roughly around the time they arrived.

Lessons learned: make a checklist before making a long trip. Not bring critical, I appreciate everyone's effort and understand the jitters of IRL activity cause errors.

abc012  No.527439


You are absolutely right to be critical.


Packing list determined by the parameters of the meet.

Failing to obey that rule alone fucked up most of the thing, as some marksmanship instruction was done but not nearly enough. I'm trying to get the other local anon to join but that guy ghosts.

abc012  No.527441



Determine IFF via a SMEAC type order everyone agrees to. I made contact with the wrong person because they managed to somehow wear the same thing an anon was told to wear.

47f697  No.527466

Australia is a barren wasteland on the map (and in general), what gives? I know you cunts are out there.

abc012  No.527733

File: 51debd448e74754⋯.png (87.41 KB, 899x951, 899:951, qanon11-7.png)


What would you shoot anyways, finger guns?


7b51d9  No.527780



I run a discord. If you're interested in joining us I can extend an invite.

3cb906  No.527782



Can confirm that Mr. No-flag is legit.

ff4ad4  No.527832


Fuck it. Put up a burner mail like you did for the last bloke and ill send my discord

7bf3c5  No.527844

>only 6 leafs

I guess that proves that we're just a couple shitposters.

53b505  No.527855


Northeastern AL here. My throwaway email is on their. Feel free to contact me when you're in state. I'd contact the faggot near me but he only put his steam on there.

5e64e5  No.527858


7th leaf reporting in from greater Hongcouver area.

4b73e6  No.527890


Here you go.


Expect an add and invite within 72 hours of your message arriving.

473e44  No.529165


G'day, discord admin here

you didn't send your 4 digit code

Check the email you used to send your name to me

7b573b  No.529404

Like I said in the shtf thread, califags need to post their shit. I know there's more than 3 of us in this hellhole.

ff4ad4  No.529444


Busso mate.

fdd6f6  No.529503

bumping for more WAnons. Come on faggots, I know you're here.

a8a839  No.529525

File: 0925494df140d2d⋯.png (103.48 KB, 600x539, 600:539, 0925494df140d2d85ec15b0c3b….png)

Mountanon report in.

Looking for a good shooting range in the alps.

And a ride.

04c592  No.529561


Holy shit exact same problem

4832e2  No.529578


What county? Whatcom here. I don't know how much actual networking I'd do, but it's nice to know that we're out there. There were at least 15 of us on 4/k/ a few weeks ago. email at whatkom1889@protonmail.com

1d22ae  No.529588


Mobile/Tx anon here…I should be back in state for good in a month or 2.

I also have discord, if there is a server set up for /k/

4b73e6  No.529591


Email your exact name and 4 digit code for discord to this one for the /k/ discord.


d59561  No.529598

abc012  No.529674



There's a dedicated app that even has mandatory sign on, or push notifications. Stop being spergs, time is of the essence.

fdd6f6  No.529774


Snohomo, i'm on map

4832e2  No.529848


I realized that I never made a map entry, so that's done. I sent you an email if you're arlington.

ff4ad4  No.529889


Oi m8, i sent you that email the other day

f1c0f4  No.529958


You did, but you failed to send your 4 digit code. Check the gmail you used to hit me with for the return address and hit me there.

f1c0f4  No.529959


Also. You haven't added me yet.

ff4ad4  No.529986


youre talking the 4 digit code after the discord name, yeah? if so, i sent it as a reply.

53b505  No.529989


Cool man. Feel free to contact me on the throwaway email I provided.

4c240c  No.530746

Versailles Anon, check your email

32afb8  No.531145

File: 6287c7a0d7e45e8⋯.jpg (47.56 KB, 556x211, 556:211, MilipolParis2017.jpg)

Attn Paris /k/ommandos

This /k/unt is going to Milipol Paris on Thursday and Friday doing some basic bitch reporting for an Australian firearms lobby, and I'd like a translator/someone to help with the camera.

Talked with Versailles anon a few days ago but he's not responded to emails for a while.

I'm in far western Germany on zeemaps, send me a line.

f44814  No.531696

Can't make it to MILIPOL Paris this year, anyone want a spare visitor code for registration?

cf2864  No.531699


Versaille anon here.

Yeah sorry about the emails, week got kinda crazy. No way I'm making it tomorrow. Drop the code, someone will have an use for it.Maybe. I'll be in Paris city saturday tho, if any anon wants to meet.

abc012  No.532786

Charlotte, NC Gunshow

Dec 9 and 10

Any local anons want to meet up there? I'm looking to get some dank muzzle devices, any takers?

60c00d  No.532817


Sure, I might be able to make it out there. Was looking for a lower and some AR tools.

62eec6  No.532838

File: 93023d8a99e1fe9⋯.jpg (52.4 KB, 621x576, 69:64, 1496710680897.jpg)

Does anyone know if there's a European nuggetfest?

abc012  No.533061


I have an armorer's wrench for ar, but if you want your own I understand!

8b5454  No.533073


Theres not, but would you honestly expect there to be?

America please annex us and give us freedoms

Why didn't you fucking niggers give it to us when you had the chance anyway?

6cdea8  No.533120

File: 728a6a1b0b15d0d⋯.png (816.46 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


Well, Churchill and Patton were planning to, but based Eisenhower through a spanner into the works while every US president since 1918 has been continuing Woodrow Wilson's anti-white "decolonisation" meme.

6cdea8  No.533121



Too drunk and tired for this shit

b3ec0e  No.533138

File: 007fccf66b73bcd⋯.webm (6.35 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, John Amery interview 1944.webm)

0f5711  No.533143

File: 8e94f8e13f6705c⋯.jpg (37.08 KB, 350x370, 35:37, 12bhb16gc56782567b7t2vf263….jpg)



There's more than one of you fuckers… Or are you fucking with me?

1d7754  No.533146

File: 67fbdd3ba2e2a78⋯.png (158.8 KB, 450x285, 30:19, 450px-Allied_army_position….png)


>dickwaving this hard

About 75% of the German army was fighting in East Europe. The other 25% were in North Africa (10%), West Europe (10%), South Europe (5%).

So at the end of the war the Soviet forces in Germany had just got gone through 75% of the German army, while the Allied forces on the other side had just gone through 10%.

In what universe did that "plan" have any chance of working? Even assuming US had extra nukes, and somehow smuggled them into Moscow to kill Stalin… it would have just made the Soviets madder.

3cb906  No.533173


There are three of us.

0f5711  No.533183

File: 99e26f23dff59b5⋯.png (507.93 KB, 850x464, 425:232, 99e26f23dff59b54480f47ba31….png)

3cb906  No.533189

File: 8d023cb5205a97e⋯.jpg (136.04 KB, 480x469, 480:469, comfy white fella in bed.jpg)

6cdea8  No.533196

File: 09c8b71ae6febcc⋯.png (493.83 KB, 800x796, 200:199, 2017-01-27_10-13-20.png)


Almost 100% of Soviet logistics equipment and vehicles was from US lend-lease, as well as a lot of their money and guns. A lot of their equipment, such as their APCs were supplied by Britain as well, the USSR completely relied on allied support throughout the entire war. We saw what happened to them without it in 1941. They'd be fucked.

>nukes just make them madder

No, nukes would be used as a method of completely shutting down entire cities worth of manufacturing power at once, even if they didn't cuck out like the Japs did after two, a few nukes on their major cities would fuck them over completely.

>no ability to manufacture anything

>no lend-lease

And anyway, the Ruskies defeating the boxheads isn't exactly an amazing feat, they got BTFO by Britain and America too, not only on the Western front but in Africa too with similar sized armies, it doesn't make Britain or America super invincible superpowers, it just means that the krauts are shite and can't fight for shit.

>muh ubermensch

381125  No.533203


>In what universe did that "plan" have any chance of working?

The one that took into account that the bolshevist kikes were dependent on lend-lease, were totally exhausted, had overstreched supply-lines, were hated by every non-russian and took into acccount that western forces were fresh and had hardly taken casualties compared to the russians.

Being a slavaboo really messes with an empty head, hm.

7475ce  No.533219

File: 5860cee6567de15⋯.jpg (66.78 KB, 1024x636, 256:159, accentmap.jpg)

Any Michiganders here? SW MI specifically.

6cdea8  No.533220

File: 903c3fdc55d5794⋯.png (227.58 KB, 600x334, 300:167, ClipboardImage.png)


Yeah, towards the end of the war the Soviets even outright stopped domestic production of logistics trucks and trains simply due to how many they were getting from the US and instead used the factories to build tanks. A cut off of lend-lease would not only result in Russia loosing almost all logistics capability, but it would force them to drain resources from other areas in order to maintain at least some trucks, which would put them back into 1941/42-tier capability.

e859f3  No.533517

File: c33a923cb3fe618⋯.png (196.16 KB, 1244x892, 311:223, 1440260482980.png)

brethren, are you out there?

7dde77  No.533524



Nobody at all? Maybe one or two people from El Paso imblying that counts or Odessa/Midland… Nobody from around here at all…


abc012  No.535766


How about you put yourself on the map instead of whining about no one else being around you. You have a couple anons from albuquerque that shouldn't be that far from you.

c5d662  No.535770

File: 10db92fa61442f4⋯.jpg (773.41 KB, 2400x1433, 2400:1433, dragonmans.jpg)

I always think about meeting up with fellow shitposters, but then I remember that I have no desire to be known by other shitposters IRL since it would ruin the whole anonymity thing for me.

Maybe one day I'll meet up, I dunno… See y'all at Dragonmans some time.

c5d662  No.535772


>it would have just made the Soviets madder.

Stalin had killed off most of the competent leaders by the end of WWII in favor of loyalists, and the Russians had used up most of their resources while raping and pillaging their way West.

A US-led coalition would have pretty much genocided everything along the way since no one had food anyways, and I doubt they could have physically invaded the Russia, but if not for the USSR vassal states, Russia would have starved worse than they ever did under a цар which would have led to their own collapse and possibly no cold war. All US soldiers would have had to do is take pot shots at Slavs on their way east while they were weak to prevent the entire Cold War, wouldn't have even had to really occupy the territories since the Soviets had already betrayed the Christian populations living in Eastern Europe.

abc012  No.535895


It just makes all the /k/ related shit you do on your own that much better when you have other spergs like you to share them with. Since you can't name/trip fag here, only I know who I'm talking to based on those experiences alone. The idea is to have these connections between us and other normalfag friends/family, especially since it relates to possible happening backup. Just make a throwaway account and see who's close to you.

0ace68  No.535987

TREE FROG giv email plox

eae6db  No.536887

>only 1 Floridafag

I know there's more of you fuckers out there

69a91f  No.537158



abc012  No.538889


I feel sorry for you man, you may need to beg the pensacoleans for funz training.

a4d566  No.539062



bbfc1d  No.539066



Alright shitbricks.

Listen- if you haven't got a VPN by now and are worried about companies harvesting your data, and are using opera, chrome or firefox (or derivatives) you are a fucking R E T A R D.

Discord can safely be used provided you use at LEAST a vpn, and a *nix OS.

bbfc1d  No.539071


You are free to not join. But considering I just fucking gave you two very good tools to stop a dataminer (a third being a virtualbox), you can be pretty sure my intentions are not to grab your shit or hack you.

Just stop.

66163a  No.539292

Dont use discord you fucking faggots.

3a7b47  No.539296

File: 2574d5639859cfb⋯.jpg (160.38 KB, 500x282, 250:141, 2574d5639859cfbf097f2a59cd….jpg)






affbfb  No.539301


Should ban anyone posting fucking discord links tbh lad.

8b622c  No.539313


So why'd you delete my post instead of the faggot shilling discord then?

4a6427  No.539316

File: 25ece2fb253fc4e⋯.webm (11.95 MB, 711x400, 711:400, Why You Shouldn't Use Dis….webm)

98d578  No.539429







Alright then, what's the new chat program? Even IRC requires getting off your ass in persec.

dc5ec1  No.539459

dec0dd  No.539465


This place is good for when you want to discuss big ideas with people you'll never come to know.

But I have made some friends from here because I was able to know more about them with dedicated chats.

8770c2  No.539795


Riot.im is pretty nice, and has end to end encryption. Once the communities feature is done, it might even be able to take on discord and slack.

08a825  No.539803


>If anybody passes through silesia we can go for a beer or something

What are the odds?

I'm from silesia as well.

990c6f  No.539891


<Chat program

Why do you think OP specifically mentioned protonmail? They even have an app. If you wanna be turbo autisto you can have it encrypted, on encrypted android, sending messages encrypted in pgp to discuss basic bitch bullshit like meetups.


Its shit like this that warms my heart. lets me know I've done the right thing

0ac6b8  No.540002


You are not getting it.

Imageboards are great for talking to masses of anons. Proton mail is great for a quick pm for you and your mates. What's missing is the middle.

Did torchat ever get off the ground with group chat?

a08c57  No.540012


I don't think so. Even then Tor is probably riddle to NSA bugs through and through.

Telgram/tox? Not sure how they are because I don't use em

990c6f  No.540223


You're assuming we even need a big brother honeypot middle man. Case in point:

Rusty, check your email.

7d1f3d  No.540321

Any iowafegs here?

990c6f  No.540339


You're not even on the list, hope you live near Des Moines or Cedar Rapids.

eae6db  No.540380

File: bea4f4a2b086008⋯.png (117.95 KB, 234x321, 78:107, 06796483572.png)


I know for sure there is a small group of autists in the central FL area. I wish I had the old skype group but I lost the info for the account I used to join it. I miss that group.

990c6f  No.540417


If you use 4cuck to try to find them, I never knew you.

eae6db  No.540438

File: eea446573f65a00⋯.png (173.29 KB, 362x362, 1:1, zy_XrHv4.png)


Someone had put out an invite here a long time ago, I can't remember when exactly. My username was Alligator.

94dee2  No.540441

File: c28374978be555a⋯.png (1.6 MB, 1920x1138, 960:569, 🚨 , 🚺😈 , ❌💸ℹ️ , ☎️🚧⚔⚠️ , 🕊….png)


94dee2  No.540442

File: 71645c6e5ed476c⋯.png (82.48 KB, 341x185, 341:185, Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at ….png)



2b191b  No.540497


Well I'm in CR. it's becoming a shit hole. Like davenport.

77a96d  No.540752

File: 15f9dfc86d5d14a⋯.png (371.57 KB, 1019x1019, 1:1, 15f9dfc86d5d14a8294e92e18a….png)

>only 3 Ohiofags counting my self on the map

I know we have more /k/ommandos here, post your shit niggers.

9c0d5d  No.540762


Sounds like the last people you would want in a militia.



>Only interested in stimulation, and not anything substantive

>Likely to waste all your ammo in a SHTF situation

Having Kevin the Teenager, Jim Bob Hucklebutt the Redneck, and Skip the adrenaline junky on your crew will do you no favors.

9c0d5d  No.540766


That's really interesting, sadly, I am too much of a brainlet to understand the implications of this.

cc2bba  No.540820

Need some fags to road test tox with, need to see how groupchatting works.

Those interested, here's mine.


a5ed90  No.542220


Calling all local anons you know who you are

9c0d5d  No.542330


The one where Soviet soldiers only had a chance because of their numbers and the fact that were using every possible resource available to them. Wasn't there an average of 9 dead Soviets for every one dead German? Imagine what it would have been like if Amerikikes and Britbongs used the same horrific firebombing techniques on Soviet cities.

0c8bcd  No.542393


>wrong, jew

>the real tally is 9000 to 1

>thats right every proud aryan soldier individually killed over 9000 bolshevik subhumans

>especially partisan scum

>omg dat preggo woman is armed and coming right at us

>boom doublekill

>they simly fired until they ran out of ammunition

>each soldier was issued exactly 9000 bullets

It was 1:1.6 quit shitposting

86d397  No.542533

At least there's a few of us in TX.

9c0d5d  No.542688


T. Assmad commie faggot

1a4424  No.542702


I'm not local by any means, but I'm willing to make a weekend of it if I can.

Charlotte is only a ~3 hour drive from where I live.

1a4424  No.542703

File: 6fbd1f48bbae16e⋯.png (12.05 KB, 327x338, 327:338, no.png)


>It was 1:1.6

Even if Soviets were responsible for literally every single Axis death the ratio was still 1 dead Axis soldier for every 2 Soviets.

You are a moron.

674b31  No.542705

Met with a strelok yesterday. Shit was cash. Wonder why there's not more markers in my state.

1a4424  No.542706


I juts realized my mistake, but even so the death toll for the Soviets was beyond ridiculous.

Regardless of your politics there is no denying they relied on human waves being mowed down until the enemy got tired over clever tactics.

0c8bcd  No.542707


Relax nig. You shitpost, I shitpost back, this is called banter.



>wildly inaccurate

>posts pic of allies vs axis

You care so much about this shit you just KO`d yourself, thats pretty funny.

9c0d5d  No.542722


>calling people nigs and kikes

>while trying to defend kikes and nigs

Shiggy Diggy

9c0d5d  No.542723

File: 3102c761d532fa0⋯.jpg (15.14 KB, 207x300, 69:100, Chiang Wei-Kuo.jpg)


My only complaint about your source is the idea that Chiang Kai-shek was an "allied power" when the fact is that he was fighting both communist chinese and Japs to maintain rule over Taiwan. One of his sons was in the SS. I hate the whole "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" BS, life is more complicated than that.

1a4424  No.542726

41ac36  No.542730


discord invite pls


>raa raa discord is insecure

i know, so is yelling in a public place or talking on a phone. just use it like an unsecured thing.

0c8bcd  No.542731



Bwahahaha you retarded niggers think it actually matters how many russians the germans killed. Germans killed zero Russians. Russians killed zero Germans. Jews manipulated about 50 million white people into killing each other.

Celebrating that is like someone tricking you into fighting your brother, and then two of you arguing about how many teeth you knocked out for each other.

Actually its worse because youre a nigger, or at least neither German or Russian. This entire comment thread is like you SEEING someone tricking two brothers into beating each other up, so you start rooting for one of the brothers.

Your brain is at Jerry Springers processing level, cant wait for what dumb shit youll say next.

1a4424  No.542738


Where did that goal post go?

Did you fucking move it you cunt?

You did, didn't you?

0c8bcd  No.542807


My goal post was always making fun of you for having the IQ of a monkey, you mongrel subhuman.

9c0d5d  No.542868



>"You guyz got trolled lol, I was only pretending to be retarded! XD"

0c8bcd  No.542895


You actually were retarded though, not pretending.

a5ed90  No.542963



Sick, more intel to come. I don't know if I personally can make it a weekend, but we should be able to make a day out of it.

fe5b8c  No.543076


Done, discord invite sent.

41ac36  No.543226



didn't get it

fe5b8c  No.543325

41ac36  No.543370


son of a bitch, it deletes the emails after an hour. cant you just post the server aAbB123

fe5b8c  No.543374


No. Find yourself a semi permanent email that doesn't do that.

41ac36  No.543382



ok maybe this

fe5b8c  No.543407


Last attempt. You tire my patience.

41ac36  No.543845

a5ed90  No.546617


The Gun show is always at the The Park Expo Center in the middle of charlotte. I plan to be there from 1200 - 1600, with plans to eat burgers afterward and bring some guns (AR, 10/22, 9mm handgun) to the range. BYOG and range fee of $20, and extra dosh for any wares you would want.

ac4c42  No.548509

Ohio Valley Streloks – you know who you are

Anybody going to the OVMS show in Louisville later this month?

e8babe  No.548732

File: 2586eed1266413a⋯.jpg (158.63 KB, 746x982, 373:491, 1413800828170.jpg)

only Oregonanon

feels lonely man

f87d86  No.548738

I want to form a militia. In capital province.

a5ed90  No.549135


I would call it a survivalist group if I were you. You could always just join your local cartel.


5db828  No.550894

Bumping because more faggots need to get on the map and because I'm a lousy LARPing faglot

Any Radio /k/allers here?

3738ab  No.551003


>Any Radio /k/allers here?


All I've got is my Tech. Licence and a P.O.S. Baofeng but I can hit some local repeaters.

19a708  No.551004


I'm a SE MI fag when I'm not in uni. Putting myself on the map now.

17d95f  No.554514

File: 644ed4bca7858ea⋯.jpg (93.13 KB, 960x960, 1:1, Herr Gondola.jpg)

Are the invites to discord still going?

There are no /k/ommandos to talk to IRL


672fa9  No.554555




Iowafag here

Get on the map I'm lonely.


77a96d  No.554563

File: 6898df3e05f2fb9⋯.png (147.13 KB, 400x400, 1:1, DRpQXE0U8AABChJ.png)



>they don't know how to spoiler properly

Welcome to 8chan newkiddos.

lurk more if you want to know how it is done properly

57ed28  No.554565

File: e494e2b6b8d54bc⋯.jpg (2.88 KB, 124x125, 124:125, 1519310983783s.jpg)


Ik one of them irl going by the email he posted. He's just too autistic to learn how into formatting on mongolian stick wrapping forums.


>posting for years on unicorn chatlines

>not learning anything

>you don't have a gf


097caf  No.556776

just added my pin in AZ.

if discord invites are still being sent


5db828  No.557253


Don't use Discord.

Also, I'd suggest you start looking into local militia. all of you faggots.

reasons are self explanatory

95d4f4  No.557267

File: 75d5ac598170d93⋯.png (94.92 KB, 497x699, 497:699, ExpandingIt.png)

8c0b02  No.561506


Did anyone show up, anon?

413c71  No.561560


militias are notoriously fbiniggers, no?

77a96d  No.561565

File: 0a370f418a086de⋯.gif (226.71 KB, 294x432, 49:72, 94c9938d15005283b993790ce0….gif)


It depends really. Established militias that are trying to recruit you at your local range likely glow in the dark. But if a group of guys you know, and have known for a while, want to start a "hunting club" it is not likely to be filled with fbiniggers, cianiggers, or atfniggers.

e2a2ba  No.561605


>Idaho Light Foot Militia

Wow, I live in Idaho and I've never even heard of them. Either way, they're all glow in the dark to me.

7710fe  No.561638

File: 9790ed91fc0ce91⋯.jpeg (150.51 KB, 777x640, 777:640, 4B74CA2C-D647-411E-969C-0….jpeg)

Texas anons! Let’s get a get together going!

a8ccce  No.561673


Sure, where do you want to meet?


By virtue of being known they are either honeypots or watered down LARPers.

7710fe  No.561705


Well, there’s A good number of us in Dallas, I’m the lone man in Tyler. Maybe somewhere in between like Plano or Terrel? Or somewhere further south if we want to include the guy in Tomball

89d529  No.561739

File: 5a0d077240b703c⋯.jpg (329.25 KB, 1600x992, 50:31, turner diaries.jpg)

having any


is illegal


only criminals want privacy

a5ed90  No.562032


Just me and another local anon. I'm busy as hell due to work and I gave up 8chan for lent, so appreciate my sacrilege in temporarily giving into my need to anonymous community and debate and only 8chan can provide. True organic movements always grow slowly, especially when we are all paranoid autists. 100 dedicated leafs can take your whole country by summers end.

011528  No.562215

File: acde856ea6517a5⋯.jpeg (158.54 KB, 430x536, 215:268, 094EDE59-A261-4962-A1BE-B….jpeg)

Deland Florida. Nogunz but I got some drones n shit I can rig up with big homemade firecrackers, napalm bombs, mini Molotov’s and some more exotic shit that would get the ATF and glow in the darks on my ass if I mentioned it.

fa137a  No.562263


The map needs more britbongs.

42fc42  No.562264


did not mean to quote post

13865c  No.566479



Extrafag here. I want to do a /k/ net. what are y'alls qth? Even if you guys don't have hf we can do it over irlp or some other gay repeater linking system. I have also been looking at DRM and that seems like a way to get a reasonably private channel to conduct a /k/ net

5db828  No.567500


Go to libgen.io

search under author: Ragnar Benson

Enjoy more than firecrackers.

b5d719  No.568891

My area is fucking empty, while Chitcongo has anons stacked on top of each other. I don't even live in a completely rural area.

778ea9  No.569605

Every HAMfag in my area is either freshly dead or dying. Reminder it costs you $35 and 12 hours of your life to get licensed and on the air with a shitty handheld transceiver.

38a396  No.569640

File: d0f609ee3410e35⋯.jpg (165.36 KB, 1021x1200, 1021:1200, kingofforeskins.jpg)


>freshly dead or dying

good opportunity to get good equipment at a discount

>$35 and 12 hours of your life

what did he mean by this?

778ea9  No.570066


$20 for a trash HT, $15 to take the test, 10 hours (tops) to study, 2 hours to drive down and take it.

a5ed90  No.570820


I'm surrounded by nothing but boomercucks in my area. Its nothing but boomer talk and even trying to steer the topic to politics induces guilt in them.

e2a2ba  No.570830


Techfag here, I have a Yaesu FT-2DR that I like to use on occasion. There is one WIRES-X repeater where I live though, so getting online is kinda tricky for me.


Same, it's okay though because after enough of them die, digital modes can only become more popular to the point of keeping the rest of them away. At least, that's what I think.

a5ed90  No.570870


I don't understand the boner for digital when no one even uses analog anymore. I wonder what crazy shit we whites could get away with if boomers wouldn't immediately rat us out to big brother. Not to mention HT for digital are way more expensive to do the same transhitting a baofeng provides me.

3e310b  No.573074

any of you hamfags in western washington?

6613ed  No.573366

Okay, Dallas chink annon here. Our school had a completely BS "gun control" mandatory assembly. I managed to get two others to walk out with me preplanned and I got another threeto join me when we did. What should I do next now that I know my enemies and my allies?

>TFW one of the three who joined is the actual school shooter type.

58df62  No.573369


Expand and branch out. You are in an ideal environment to find others like you.

671dd5  No.573381

Who /virginia/?



Nigger what I too am there

6613ed  No.573416


What I thought.

Any ideas on how gun happy Texas A n' M is?

>I'm guessing very.

e21dba  No.573455


It's an ex military academy and you can carry on campus. It's still slightly pozzed because it's a college campus but from the tour, I got the idea that it was a pretty good school.

6613ed  No.573458


Yeah there be a lot of country folk.

You from the texas area?

>Now they let in a crap ton of international asian students so cheating galore incoming.

e21dba  No.573460


Oklahoma. Thought about transferring there but decided to wait until grad school.

6613ed  No.573677


I see. Nice school but I warn you the housing outside right now is incredibly shitty due to shodddy construction.

21a048  No.573783

File: 90cd0b70c401e83⋯.png (115.96 KB, 1918x1006, 959:503, ss (2018-04-18 at 08.43.27….png)






Anyone else getting pic. related when visiting the zeemap???

e135d1  No.573788


Get rid of the frozen part in the URL, dumbass.


Remove frozen.jsp? from the URL, go to the fixed URL, then click map in the yellow box. There you go.

e21dba  No.573795


I'm aware

b4bb92  No.573810

Bamafags, Mobilefag here, we should all meet up in Tuscaloosa soon.

09b32d  No.573824


Sounds good to be. Seems to be a good halfway point between everybody. CMP range perhaps?

b4bb92  No.573852


We should perhaps plan a trip there for later in the year. That area of Bama is beautiful in the late fall. I was just saying maybe we could all meet up, and start networking this summer.

6613ed  No.574893


Good to hear people aren't stupid fucks like UT Dallas idiots.

sage for offtopic

Anyways, I managed to convince a person in my class I think cause his dads a lawyer and you can't trust those fucks by showing him the original text of the 17 articles approved by the house

>A well regulated militia, composed of the body of the People, being the best security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed, but no one religiously scrupulous of bearing arms, shall be compelled to render military service in person.

4bf839  No.575170

File: 0dca6998629e234⋯.png (18.96 KB, 313x142, 313:142, logo_eurosatory_blue-gb.png)

Bonjour French /k/ommandos!

Failed Milipol anon here, I've been invited to EUROSATORY Paris 11-15 June.

It's a very big Defence and Security exhibition, and I could probably do with some help with filming/translations during the event.

In return for helping me out, you'd get to go to a modern arms exhibition.


Also can the OP check the map link, it won't work anymore

09b32d  No.575181


Alright works for me. We'll see if the other ones get on board. I'm free on the weekends Strelock.

d25a64  No.575216

File: 97c06c29c6d48c9⋯.png (247.02 KB, 550x461, 550:461, imagination isis.png)


A "hunting club" is not a local militia though. The actual militias are probably on watchlists since forever, so better to stay off the fed's map and just prep or whatever alone. Gun clubs are fine for socializing, but you can't be open about mistrusting the government to people if you want to be left alone.

d206e5  No.581290

Bump, storm clouds gathering. Limeys are finally getting their heads out of their ass, swedes are on deck.

755338  No.581294


I dunno bout that last bit considering you're an outsider in these parts if you trust any of the government bar the local government.

26fb4d  No.581342


>bongs and swedes

Can you extrapolate why they're not in their prostate? Oniifamalama ding dong.

t. rock dweller

8148b3  No.581349

File: 04dcf27f086dc27⋯.jpg (60.93 KB, 480x714, 80:119, sweden in a nutshell.jpg)


Our gubbermint is suddenly sending instruction pamphlets to everyone about what to do if a war happens.

Either they know something the rest of us don't, they finally realized what we've been saying about rapefugees all along, or it's another muh russia scheme leading up to the coming election.

d206e5  No.581580


Logic says its a combo of the first two. Deutsch bank is about to fold, leading to a economic collapse. I would start talking to your local male, non cucked cops to see if they will be sharing their weapons when the sandniggers revolt, because you know that the cops are gonna be the first thing your country cuts. You have to assume that every fucking mosque and masjid is full of combloc shit. They already have nades.

120744  No.581764

File: 8c11df086ed3c4d⋯.png (1.8 MB, 1208x1776, 151:222, Sweden IF CRISIS OR WAR CO….png)


Considering the pictures of the pamphlet, they expect you to shelter the mudskins, feminist, disabled and queer.

740db8  No.581805

File: 061bb5ea5c82779⋯.png (197.45 KB, 458x384, 229:192, 061bb5ea5c827793a021c2c071….png)


>deutch bank about to an hero

hyper inflation plssss

615d50  No.581807


> Deutsch bank is about to fold, leading to a economic collapse

Wasn't it delayed for a bit last year by Chinks?

615d50  No.581809


Bottom right clearly shows leading enemy POW's/Spies them into a gas chamber

b94e82  No.581834


economic collapse is not a single boom, its a gradual change where everything gets shittier and shittier at ever accelerating rate


also this shit is hilarious

615d50  No.581841


Was it deutsche bank, or some other that almost collapsed a country because an employee tried to watch porn at work?

Or was that an anecdote in secs circles?

d206e5  No.581917


Jokes on you loser, the world will return to a gold standard after the war.


They are exposed to 1/3 of the entire world's debt, without even a fraction of that in their coffers. Water in an ocean of piss.


You'd be right, but Trump and Co are trying to defuse the jewish debt bomb by breaking up their most lucrative trade: Little kids. This, like every crash before it in modernity, has been engineered to rob whites.

Best of luck men.

c86683  No.581923


>hyper inflation

That will only end in tears for whoever isn't at the highest echelons of power, or whoever isn't contracted in a bank. Then again, any little bit of destabilization in a self-aware and actually mayority-white country, can be blown out of proportions with good propaganda to cause a civil war and purge all commies and their masters from positions of power in the ensued chaos.

Or the opposite happens and police state is instituted and military is kept in check because no 3-star tier figure decides to pull a powergrab. Tough isn't it?

Hope you got guns and a shelter in the middle of bumfuck nowhere, innawoods streloks!

You're the last hope of your people regardless of what you think about the moral ramifications of your seemingly "selfish" survivalist exploits. Remember to pack a sturdy knife, too.

fucked if i should be posting right now, gov is still monitoring this decaying network even if they suck dick at it

b94e82  No.582038


>Jokes on you loser, the world will return to a gold standard after the war.

>not gold-silver-bronze-steal-memes standard

face it, most of the gold is owned by rotschilds.

>You'd be right, but Trump and Co are trying to defuse the jewish debt bomb by breaking up their most lucrative trade: Little kids.


have a (you)

bdbd57  No.583748



Any thoughts on this for CB communication?

615d50  No.583758

File: 51cade4dbf04075⋯.jpg (54.32 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 32a09026289b3e7c22c9019358….jpg)


>face it, most of the gold is owned by rotschilds.


d206e5  No.583805


You're gonna need an antenna, and a kicker in order to transmit further than a few meters. SDRs are great for receiving but lack the proper wattage for any propagation. Used CB gear is dirt cheap and baofengs for u/v, but its preferred that you practice and attempt a license because hams and even freebanders avoid communicating with transhitting newfags.

3b71bf  No.583834


Sounds like anon's software is server-based, like those amateur repeaters that hook up to the internet. In my view, if the internet's still up, CB radio is far from your first option for communication, and if it's down then you're shit out of luck.

I'd bet you can make a fairly useful (especially in situations where the FCC is not a concern) $40 transceiver from an RTL-SDR and that new FL2K software, but I don't know enough about the latter to properly amplify&filter it. There's also that new software that turns Wi-Fi chips into SDR transceivers with operating frequencies which nicely compliment the RTL (2.4-5 GHz).

fe64bd  No.587516

Anybody thinking of organizing any meetup/range day anytime soon?

ff26c3  No.587578



is my Louisiana bro Jager still here?

We need to meet up my dude

ff26c3  No.589072


bump for LA Jager bro

t. 7.62x51 shill

22190a  No.589598


Are you able to move your pin after you make one? I move about once a year and will probably be in my current location for less than a year and don't want to make loads of pins for one dude.

615d50  No.600395


Are there any shooting ranges in Brno?

ff26c3  No.600468


Bump for anyone in Louisiana or near Louisiana

I'm the "7.62x51" shill

I don't check that email often, so if you message me, let me know on here

6a73ba  No.600474


sig 556 man here thanks for linking

63e3ce  No.600512

Any Georgia bros here? I'm going to school in Atlanta at the moment, and will likely stay in Dixie once I graduate.

7cd2f6  No.600572

File: 1262ba538e9a78d⋯.jpg (134.23 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, PA flag.jpg)


You can, it's just that you have to keep the "edit password" or some bullshit. When you drop a pin it will give you instructions on how to move the pin.

Also, any PA anons hit me up, we should visit Burma road range sometime on a Tuesday when it's not busy.

c3633c  No.600704



>Chooses to use mixed couple and mongrel kids

like pottery

ff26c3  No.602003

why haven't we formed militias through this yet? we need to stop being lazy and get off the internet, kikes are coming down hard on the internet.

ff26c3  No.602005

I will fucking bump this thread until you bastards wake up again

177031  No.602518

File: 8db5a8e69f9848e⋯.png (1.16 KB, 450x300, 3:2, Flag_of_Free_France_(1940-….png)

Map is dead.

Should we make another one, or is the guy in charge just asleep?

Also, the reason I noticed is that I'm in desperate need of a fellow frog, one that would be (or have contacts in) the shooting range of Versailles.

Shitheads don't allow anyone not sponsored by a member, and it's the only vaguely decent range in a 3 hour drive radius.

God I miss the south.

a3273a  No.602570


ebin you have to pay for it

d206e5  No.602761



Lack of imagination on your part. Try it.


>Map is dead

Maybe frogs are so cucked they can't find this place, you idiot. The LI faggots became friends and I've personally met one guy from this. Grow up.


Copy and paste the URL until it works, faggot.

ff26c3  No.602774


dumbshit: the post

76bb9d  No.602782

Use this


Remove frozen.jsp? from the URL if needed

2cc57b  No.606626

Thinking of moving to the Erie region if any anons want to go have a boating accident together.

d206e5  No.606727


Have a bit more faith in yourself. Boating is just wobbly, slow driving.

a75b17  No.609233

Looks like im the first ms anon, i pinned a nearby spot on the map so have fun ig

d206e5  No.609401


Fall in under bama anons. You may need to remind them via the thread that an email has been sent, as faggots just don't check their email.

f535aa  No.609554

Just pinned in MN. Willing to meet up even though I'm a sperg.

f3efbf  No.609635


Will do

a93858  No.610600


Look me up if you're ever heading north of st. cloud.

eafc0d  No.610816

I put a pin down in NV. I'm going by ArgonAnon.

e0ffa6  No.610879


cause faggots don't send e-mails, and there's nothing to check

4e873c  No.610965


Rood, i havent felt the need to send an email yet because no happenings

e0ffa6  No.610978


Then make one. There's like 8 of us within the MS-AL-GA-FL panhandle area

89854f  No.614486

Reminder to post emails looking at you, SF Montanon

d5e8c2  No.614697

Check your emails monthly, we're spinning up a nuggetfest y'all are invited.

6bac2d  No.619033

File: 866f25ce174ad99⋯.jpg (2.31 MB, 3008x2000, 188:125, DSC_0350.JPG)

Ive been putting together a communications network on honeypot, yes I know its a honeypot but its a decent method of communication. There are many state /k/ servers and we have most of the US covered as well as a couple contacts in Czechland and Austria. If anyone has a server that isnt connected let me know at Anonanonson112@protonmail.com. I can also get you into the main Kommunity server if you want to speak with more of our brothers

5e088a  No.619042


me too

47a53d  No.619044


One more now, in ATL. Anyone ever up for a range day hit me up, I check my email.

d6c7cb  No.620412

Great idea. Threw myself in. Socal here.

64e12e  No.620482

>implying /k/ won't just backstab and kill each other one day into SHTF

5d3cda  No.620486

It looks like the Zeemap was frozen for going over some new "visit" limit they've imposed. Anyone know of another map service that doesn't try and jew you after your map has been viewed a mere 100 times?

2af3c7  No.620520


Just erase the frozen.jsp? from the url it'll work fine.

5fe02a  No.620550

Zeemap is not working, says it's maxed at 100 views or some shit. NE Indiana/NW Ohio anon here. Have gun will travel since there are no decent gun ranges around here.

If anybody wants to meet up, I am going to the Lima OH gun show at the Allen county fairgrounds this weekend. If you want more details just reply.

5fe02a  No.620552


Details, anon? I'm not too terribly far from there but I am far enough away to jot know.


NW Ohio here.

df9c70  No.620709

I made a Minds Group called "/K/omandos" if anyone wants to come and share shitposts or gun news.

2af3c7  No.620719

File: 224f53c52750869⋯.png (588.63 KB, 622x449, 622:449, tired.PNG)


you absolute fucking nigger read the post DIRECTLY ABOVE YOURS.

ITT: People who don't read the fucking thread before posting. I expect more from 8chan really I want to.


I'll pop in today sometime.

df9c70  No.620721


Don't expect too much before this evening, I'm the only one in the group and I didn't have any posts since I created it a few minutes before work using whatever pictures I had available on my phone.

I'll clean it up tonight and try to make some decently sized images.

7d0aeb  No.621239

File: 8b17d5b5df01175⋯.png (309.74 KB, 720x450, 8:5, 8b17d5b5df011756baaeed5c45….png)


I was actually thinking airshit would be a good way to meet active/competent people without having to worry about some fed trying to arrest me for a bomb he made.


c5de97  No.621240


From what I've heard you should avoid Milsim groups, but other than that you'll just have to try it.

>meet active/competent people

Toy gun fights aren't anything like this, don't expect to even necessarily find (real) gun owners.

21ba24  No.621241



Probably but not necessary. Likely to be not in the way you want.


Hell no, not just by a single bit. The worse place to look for that'd be a college and you'd still have a chance of finding a guy or two.

5e088a  No.621242




cccca9  No.621251


The retarded Australian BO set up a wordfilter. I think di$cord is changed to honeypot. Might be something else though.


cccca9  No.621252


Yep, it's d!scord.

d6c7cb  No.621263

For all those unfortunate enough to be socal anons, (Industry is here, I can't move yet) message me at Unvleted@protonmail.com. I am currently making plans on how to get out of the state when shit goes down. Have no doubt, we will get hit the hardest. 5 local anons have hit me up so far. No dead weight.

7609bc  No.621395

File: cb862b6e736f890⋯.jpg (34.31 KB, 644x484, 161:121, rally 1513013399750.jpg)





>using dip-shit-cord



>The retarded Australian BO

I'm not a fan of word filters either but that Aussie makes a good point. D*scord is cancer and your chat's would be more secure on IRC, hell even a Zuckbook private group is a better alternative than glow in the dark D*scord and that's saying a lot.

5e7d52  No.621479

File: 7a89a2c1139fe64⋯.jpg (299.02 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 1540527257673.jpg)

Lafayette Louisiana Anon here reporting for networking.

047f8c  No.621491


I hope you did this without realizing that they actively monitor servers that are even remotely related to basketweaving websites, and that the owner of the service is working on building it up in order to sell it, and all personal data involved, to the Chinese.

Because if you knew all of that and still went through with it you're a special kind of retarded and are the gold standard for someone who would wear a /k/ patch.

6d25a6  No.621643

File: 331896f6c74b223⋯.png (193.86 KB, 500x821, 500:821, 1540048105340.png)


Sometimes I wonder how much I really care though, like yeah they monitor and sell your data and yeah Jason Citron is on the list for DotR but nobody's planning anything illicit anyhow so what's the fear?

I use it to network with guys, organize meetups etc. Any cheeki-breeki talk can stick to irl.

047f8c  No.621651


>that defeatist attitude

I have a bridge to sell you Anon. You can make payments.

6d25a6  No.621659


Carefree isn't the same as defeatist, you can keep your bridge. There are over 500 Anons on various honeypot servers that I'm a part of and we have a jolly lark planning meetups and organizing and shitposting. There's no harm in using a monitored anonymous website that sells your data, I mean, you know for pretty much a fact that this board is monitored as well. As long as you use basic OPSEC and don't get too edgy online it's all fine and dandy.

In other words, I don't see a use in hiding cowardly and alone as a veritable online hermitage sad and by yourself unable to network properly.

6d25a6  No.621667


Have you tried it? It has its edgelords and presumably feds but it also has some beddi gud based individuals.

Good times are had. Chill out. Quit being such an anonymoose closeted tin-foil edgelord yourself. The gubment monitors you, don't let that stop you from living a full life.

047f8c  No.621687



Maybe it's because I remember a time when people didn't sign up for social media using their social security number, but you're giving off a massive vibe of faggotry.

f64f5f  No.621706

File: c12820ec4505931⋯.png (65.36 KB, 658x507, 658:507, LEO.png)


>There are over 500 Anons on various honeypot servers that I'm a part of and we have a jolly lark planning meetups and organizing and shitposting.

Assuming it's split in a dozen of groups all you have is: 1 FBI agent, 1 USFS LEI agent, 1 DCIS agent, 1 CID agent,1 ACI agent, 1 USBP agent, 1 HSI agent, 1 SS agent, 1 TSA OLE agent, 1 FWS OLE agent, 1 USMS agent, 1 ATF, 1 DEA agent, 1 NSA agent, 1 DSH agent, 3 Tri-State area State police agents, 21 local County PD agents per group.

You're welcome.

8a13fc  No.621945

File: fc83f8c5284ec26⋯.jpg (100.67 KB, 755x1057, 5:7, mad.jpg)


who the hell uses a real name or email on social media let alone a SS#? I specifically said using basic OPSEC.


>yes goy stay splintered, don't network, stay sad and alone. All your friends are traitors and there is no hope.

Honestly you make me sick.

198c6e  No.622774

File: 7e67038cf4fbf78⋯.jpg (346.92 KB, 2800x1908, 700:477, armistice.jpg)

Any other /k/ommandos going to the Armistice day commemorations in Ypres on the 11th?

Any other /k/ommandos doing anything at all for armistice day?

a15450  No.622779

>/k/ meetups


They'll start with cum brownies and end with everyone shooting each other before the survivors are arrested by feds.

Remember that there is no such thing as "friends".

091736  No.622821


In America, companies everywhere give away free food to veterans; day's leading up to the eleventh are filled with advertisements of this fact. Veterans band together and plan on getting free food ALL DAY LONG! It's the second most American holiday we have! So much free food, and only 24 hours to consume it all!

54884d  No.622837


I never tell anybody I'm a veteran because of the kind of rent-seeking bullshit like this that veterans do.

0f2084  No.622840

File: e50eaaf9bac86e8⋯.jpg (143.53 KB, 810x608, 405:304, DSCN1425.jpg)

File: 1e550c3278db2f5⋯.jpg (64.96 KB, 937x394, 937:394, black block.jpg)


>Armistice day

Its also polish independence day. I guess ill go to capital city and take part in the yearly march

615d50  No.622846

File: 595405d2c238198⋯.png (30.41 KB, 214x170, 107:85, Pomysł Wspaniały.png)


>I guess ill go to capital city and take part in the yearly march

091736  No.622850


That is how I felt at first as well, however, they're turning a profit on me irregardless. I only have something to lose, an all you can eat multi chain buffet! Denying it is not benefiting me or being morally great, it just means someone makes a dime off me for nothing.

755338  No.622877

File: dfa2a89c0181f83⋯.png (105.77 KB, 683x470, 683:470, shrug.png)

0097a1  No.622880


Που σε στείλαν?

f23b96  No.623336


Plenty of places in France and Belgium organise something locally to remember. You'll find me at my local church, in my case. (I admit the free wine at the end of the ceremonies helps with my attendance.)

b8179c  No.623341

Any /k/ girls in North Carolina? Im dead center between NC/SC East and West. If you got brains you know where that is.

bfa8af  No.623359




Pick one and only one.

74c847  No.623361

File: 3e2c28e61315170⋯.jpg (9.94 KB, 255x232, 255:232, Anderslolz.jpg)


>he thinks there's girls on /k/

Enjoy your trap, faggot.

b8179c  No.623365


You enjoy being cuckholded by a fucking bird.


There are like I bet 5 girls on /k/

0a1107  No.623369


Traps and trannies aren't girls you fucking faggot.

d206e5  No.623391


>NC guy

>looking for grils

>on a filipino choose your own adventure book livejournal

There's only one gril, and its the autistic backpacking britchan. This better not be who I think it is.

b8179c  No.623398


Who do you think I am?

47a53d  No.623401

File: 373ebd0a8ae5696⋯.png (1.09 MB, 1676x926, 838:463, would you like to know mor….png)


>There's only one gril, and its the autistic backpacking britchan.

406067  No.630376

File: cef92de9d0508dc⋯.jpg (9.09 KB, 210x240, 7:8, 67a528a0d3a5ee06185fb8b499….jpg)

Parisian niggers. This anon might need a translator for filming in Paris regarding the riots if they continue for another week. I live in W Germany on the map so send me an email if you are interested

d206e5  No.630489


Lurk more


Best of luck, the french are gonna be the litmus test for similar revolutions in other jew infested nations like yours. We need to give them the most support possible. bring a piece/bob in case the sandniggers start using their stockpiles of aks like we're all expecting the kike contingency to do in fear/retaliation, since the entire faguette military will be called upon to stop the whites from getting out of hand.

54637e  No.630968


Are you the Trier anon?

3ea2fb  No.631021

File: 295e7f1135e82b4⋯.jpg (112.9 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, a weapon to surpass metal ….jpg)


keep checking. I do contact people sometimes. once a year or so.

884b6e  No.631412



What is actually going on in Paris?

Boche media is saying nothing and /pol/ thinks it's one hanging away from being a racewar.

521d78  No.632906


>recruiting people into a militia from airshit

youre either going to get murdered or severely disappointed.

937952  No.633016


Britain is in the same position as California in that politics and media are dominated by a major city occupied by foreign people and propped up by foreign money. Outside of that city most people hate them.

35fb56  No.633053

File: 3ec47cc2acc6321⋯.jpg (256.27 KB, 640x400, 8:5, grzes rozpierdalator.jpg)


It just happens that I've spent over 10 years in asg and I'm sure I'm trained better than many soldiers

30c1fe  No.633082


>Israel Army

Why am I not surprised…

a9d3f8  No.633083

File: 2de1502ec7b812a⋯.jpg (6.67 KB, 224x225, 224:225, 2de1502ec7b812a79f17534b8d….jpg)


615d50  No.633084

File: 2fa009bd0a1e03c⋯.jpg (43.23 KB, 600x400, 3:2, Wolniewicz Zatapiać! - Sin….jpg)

e548a3  No.633144

File: 991d1dcb9c93897⋯.png (3.14 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 03608d2fbb26055⋯.png (1.2 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

Shoutout to the Loveland, CO anon for taking me out to range day. I'm happy that nobody got used as a target while messing with targets downrange.

If there are any other Colorado anons lurking around here, I urge you to meet with us and/or join our (((honeypot))). Feel free to add me: Anon#9448

a0717e  No.633164


I'm surprised I didn't see any used condoms in your trunk you fucking faggots.

a0717e  No.633166

File: a5dfe5a1a95260b⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 03608d2fbb260559be3270b3a9….png)



Wait nevermind I found them

74c847  No.633167

File: a86d4edcded458e⋯.jpg (126.84 KB, 1019x720, 1019:720, laughing anime slut.jpg)


>used condoms in the trunk

>dragon dildo on the dash

>cumstained meme masks on the face

>hilarious meme hats on the head

>guns akimbo posing like a John Woo character

>Weyland Yutani armband

>womanly haircut

People who go to /k/ meet ups really have no shame.

4e6b85  No.633175


Welp, this is it. I can’t be associated with this level of unironic faggotry. Maybe you should just buy shirts that say I LOVE THE CHANS AND MAYMAYS LOL


b18ff1  No.633178



>not boot


406034  No.633182


Diesel tax proposed for 2019 budget for the intended purpose of fighting climate change. However, it only targeted the middle class and poor. Elites and corporations basically were excluded from these taxes. Macron was only really elected for being the least shit candidate in his election period, and has not been seen positively. I don't live in frogland, but I understand that this was the fuse that lit the powderkeg.

e548a3  No.633203


It was meant to be ironic, these aren't things either of us wear regularly in public.

193258  No.633421


>dragon dildo

>used condoms

>not shops

I will concede that they're both faggots, but this is clearly an edit.

13619b  No.640360


If you're looking for Dixie you're better off looking on >>>/polk/ on the homestead page and asking there. He's got his homestead established. He and his friends come online once a year or so.

I'm in PA (Buddy_255), hmu sometime.

13619b  No.640361

File: c040e577eadb2ae⋯.jpg (42.31 KB, 390x210, 13:7, wew lad.jpg)


And nuggetfest has a website, he's got his

sage for idiotic doublepost

33362d  No.640382


I suppose this would be the best image to pair with that pasta worthy post from that old 1776 thread where the larper was saying he could make a turret and thought he was solid snake

d4943f  No.640714

Added myself in western WA

4c4d29  No.640910

Alabama K honeypot


87b7f7  No.641117







i have a license and a baofeng.



it takes a couple days of light studying and about 30 minutes taking a very basic test

Any anons from Illinois (not Chicago)? I live near the Champaign/Ford County area

cbf454  No.641124

>/k/ networking

>not a fed honeypot or people ready to backstabbing/redflag you to steal your guns for themselves

>people actually believe otherwise

I bet some of you think you'll be friends. Hell, I bet you actually believe you have friends in the first place.

6bac2d  No.641978

File: b909fe9be4106e0⋯.jpg (5.65 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, broskis.jpg)


Shit nigger. Some of my closest friends are kommandos Ive met at meets/through d iscord. I bet youve never even been to a meet.

I started a server a while back for the admins of every /k/ related/state servers to come together and relay information and the like. We have been discussing getting a backup network put in place if/when the (((people))) who run d iscord should do something to take us down. The Riot program might be what we switch to, but have yet to find someone who can program.


Stay away from that place, if you find an invite link to that d iscord server, the admin there opened his up to 4pol and was subsequently blacklisted. Be warned

5a23ec  No.641996

File: e9ed3d04636c5c1⋯.webm (1.53 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, remove shitfu.webm)

e548a3  No.642748

File: 0d86409c37c6c8d⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1000x750, 4:3, AntifaRangeDay 2 Jan 20 20….png)

File: b8acaba44717009⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1000x750, 4:3, AntifaRangeDay Jan 20 2018.png)


>inb4 not your personal blog

Shoutout to the two other /k/ guys for joining us today. If anyone is in Colorado and wants frens to shoot with shoot me an email: Jains@420blaze.it

Pics related

a0717e  No.642769


That's a nice dress you're wearing, bet you got a nice pair of panties to match, too.

1900ab  No.643209



fcb3dd  No.643262


Hey, CO /k/ommandos, found some targets for you. I'm sure these faggots won't be hard to find.

78f332  No.643281

WNY anon here, it would be great to find fellow kommandos around here. The zeemap thing is down though

76b64f  No.643283

PAnon here, not on the map… let's do an east /k/oast meeup soon boys

76b64f  No.643284



The URL you were using probably had extra crap in it. Did for me at least.

bbda17  No.643286

File: 105ee63cbc6f795⋯.webm (7.7 MB, 1024x576, 16:9, 1426487340253.webm)



you guys are not invited to my /k/ube death /k/ult

87b7f7  No.643317


i'm part of an illinois d iscord server, you're worrying me anon. what's the name? also, what do you mean from "that place"

6bac2d  No.643332

File: aa99d07707beae4⋯.gif (229.89 KB, 460x259, 460:259, aa99d07707beae459a006066d8….gif)


Is your admins name FPSPrussia? There was a lil bit of a thing happening where he put a live link on 4chan pol, which we know is even more of a honeypot and home to other unsavory characters. After talking with the majority of the server admins, we decided that the IL server was a liability to the rest of the group and should not be included in the comms network we were setting up at the time. When I say "that place" I mean the IL d iscord. Everything seems to be fine as of now, and last time I was in that server it was kinda dead.

87b7f7  No.643543


yup, that's the one. left as soon as i read your comment. and yeah, it is kinda dead someone should make another IL server

6bac2d  No.644907


Got a guy on it, but if you dont hear anything in a week or so, you should start one yourself

e0ffa6  No.644932


fresh invite link?

4c4d29  No.645452



this should be a permanent link

e0ffa6  No.645455


thanks, bud. just joined

3cb2f3  No.645517

File: f4f6d5c6b3a8d3f⋯.jpeg (45.69 KB, 402x255, 134:85, D8822E32-D5F2-4DFC-A935-2….jpeg)

Why do you coc/k/ suckers keep making zeemaps unfunded? Shits locked from view. I swear to fuck you guys have good intentions and the fordward thinking of a grasshopper.

fcb3dd  No.645530


>newfag detected

zeemaps are the best for unwittingly putting a casul filter on our map for us, even if they are avaricious kikes.

66b492  No.645544


It blocks out people who are too stupid to know how to read threads.

cdcf78  No.645875


Aaaay, 716. How often are you up in Alabama swamps? Know anywhere else like it around here?

6bac2d  No.645918

File: b0a0d4a503de4f2⋯.gif (386.77 KB, 350x263, 350:263, b0a0d4a503de4f2c7e59e3719c….gif)

dc0c84  No.652912

Hit me up

When the time Comes

Which is bound to come soon ,


dc0c84  No.652915


War Very soon ¨´´

Late This Year, Or On New Year

World War Three,


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