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There's no discharge in the war!

File: d1534f91bd3ddc1⋯.png (1.21 MB, 1440x810, 16:9, GHOST GUNNER.png)

b9653a No.521280

When the original Ghost Gunner was launched it was an AR-15 receiver machine. With this update Ghost Gunners can now produce ARs, of the -15 and -10 variety, as well as 1911s and Glock-compatible pistols. While the Ghost Gunner is free to operate, it’s not free to own, with a $1,675 sticker. The machine takes 80 percent receivers, which Wilson also sells, and completes them into 100 percent firearms.

Building compete firearms from 80 percent kits isn’t anything new. People have been doing this for decades. What’s different here is that the Ghost Gunner is an automated, turn-key process. An 80 percent firearm is just a gun-shaped hunk of metal. It doesn’t fire, it has no moving parts; it’s a paperweight. A 100 percent firearm also doesn’t do much — it’s still just a single hunk — but it can be completed with off-the-shelf parts. Only the receiver counts as the “firearm” by ATF standards. Everything else is replaceable and can be bought over the counter.

Up until now the Ghost Gunner could only make rifle-based guns. These can be compact but they’re hardly concealable. Wilson is taking a major step toward democratizing gun ownership now that the machine can make Glock- and 1911-pattern pistols. It takes a little skill to build a gun out of a firearm receiver, but nothing that can’t be accomplished with time and practice. This is particularly true for Glock-pattern guns, which are designed to use interchangeable parts. Because these use standard and aftermarket gun parts, these homemade guns can be just as well-made or better-made than common factory-produced firearms….


Buy one here: https://ghostgunner.net/

7e10fe No.521281


You can also replace the spindles on the old Ghost Gunners to upgrade to this one.

fae914 No.521286

>GG now does 1911 and Glock 80%s

Nice, still waiting on a machine that can take a raw block of aluminium and spit out a completed lower though.

b77958 No.521290

So what if you get an 80% lower, mill it completely, then smash it to pieces with a sledgehammer? What is the resultant rubble considered, legally?

dd89ab No.521318


trash, like yer mum. its just like those m16a1 crushed receivers

f83ee5 No.521332

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

fb484b No.521343


There's actually a company, I forget who, that will give you $15 towards a replacement 80% if you send them your damaged them. … but you have to denature it, according to BATFE specs, so you can just ship it in the mail, no paperwork.

it doesn't have to be smashed to pieces. Torch cut into two or three, is enough … or crush the magwell and fire-control area so it's clearly unsalvageable.

8386e9 No.521364


Modern art.

1b535e No.521373



>getting lolberg vibes

dce42c No.521381

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Modern art.

you're too correct sadly

7e10fe No.521385

File: f883384b7461c08⋯.png (41.63 KB, 122x151, 122:151, Screenshot_2017-07-30_18-4….png)


Yeah, I wonder why you'd get the impression that Cody Wilson is an crypto-anarchist. Completely unfounded, I'm sure.

e16444 No.521403


There was a MDE sticker on the Ghost Gunner machine too.

d90322 No.521409


>oy vey sure these guys are working toward fucking over the zog but they don't subscribe to my specific ideology!

/leftypol/ false flagger or just a garden variety cock gobbling retard?

91288c No.521426



7d078f No.521665


Cody likes MDE

799d33 No.521852

Nobody asking yet on this 8/k/ thread if the 1911 frames the machine finishes are ALUMINUM or STEEL is all I need to know you fuckers are dumb as fuck nogunz.

7e10fe No.521855


Since when did Ghost Gunners ever mill steel?

6806f8 No.521857

not terrible price or function for a tarted up cnc router, more functional piece than ezbake oven.


it'll be aluminum, not that it matters, the frame isn't under a lot of stress. you're not going to cut frame steel on a router.

if you think 7075 aluminum isn't enough for a pistol frame you are the nogunz.

a51c3c No.521860

did they ever sell these?

5fa03e No.521967

Now that they actually have them in stock I am considering getting one. The preorder with money down thing kept me away before.

799d33 No.521992


Feeds and speeds, retard.. it's possible, and if it's not possible it should be.


Aluminum framed 1911s break (cracking) feggit. Hell, steel frames crack.

1b535e No.522033


they're suppose to care about independence and liberty yet they're using a fucking macbook? ironic, and questionable.

>hurr you're stupid

sure thing faggot. better make sure they still don't archive the people they sell to, ATF would love to add to the database.

8e4dae No.522034

Someone explain to me why anyone would buy one of these as opposed to a Tiag, Grizzly, Sherline, or any other 'real' desktop CNC mill.

e16444 No.522035


You build a lot of ARs and you got buddies who build a lot of ARs.

6806f8 No.522037


>feeds and speeds

so you're going to make a frame out of mild steel, less hard than 7075T6 they're using.

there are quite a few production aluminum frame 1911s out there. i'd attribute cracking to an improper heat treat or bad forging rather than the material - the same reason steel frames crack.

I kinda want to get a 7075 frame and do a 9mm build now.



entry market item, like to 3dprinting babbies

8536dc No.522085

So can you just plug in any CAD program, press the go button, and the CNC machine will turn a block of aluminum (or 80% receiver) into the gun you want, or is it more complicated than that?

6f7495 No.522096

File: 8053a4cedb44797⋯.jpg (95.5 KB, 1180x664, 295:166, 8053a4cedb44797bc18aec8c5e….jpg)

Just found out that 80% lowers were banned here because you can turn them into full auto salt rifles. Kill me, Pete.

eee129 No.522538


Start a business making 79% lowers, then.

b41c65 No.522539


or start selling decorative yet expensive paperweights like those guys who used to sell bottle openers that couldn't open a bottle for shit at gun shows

6f7495 No.522572

File: eb7c5efa9b33358⋯.jpg (27.08 KB, 425x638, 425:638, 3c9f6dddd518855c476c001987….jpg)



The law states that it's a prohibited device in ANY STAGE of the manufacturing process.

This means if the RCMP wants to fuck you over any brick of metal could be interpreted as an illegal firearm.

cbcab6 No.523342


Fuck, lowers can be made out of aluminium cans. If you drink any significant amount of beer, you're technically violating the law!

8386e9 No.523657

File: 5896598e4877291⋯.gif (198.38 KB, 800x462, 400:231, 140362_78762b561fb88a9b4ee….gif)

File: 7e79d02b6a149a3⋯.jpg (206.18 KB, 903x903, 1:1, stainless-steel-credit-car….jpg)

My plan:

>start with bolt-together AR15 lower (pic related)

>machine extra holes and slots to make them into multitools (other pic related)

>sell "keychain multitools" (each sold separately)

>collect them all!

>use your gun to build a gun


10434a No.526611


>My plan:

>>start with bolt-together AR15 lower (pic related)

>>machine extra holes and slots to make them into multitools (other pic related)

>>sell "keychain multitools" (each sold separately)

>>collect them all!

>>use your gun to build a gun


well congratulations, you got yourself caught! what's the next step in your master plan?

a393b7 No.526613


I've been waiting for them to pick up the 300+ STEN's rusting in my scrap pile.


Making non-functioning bottle openers.

21a3ce No.526624


That's not even the fun part.

The fun part is that the RCMP doesn't need to secure a conviction to fuck you over. All they need to do is arrest you, keep you for 3 days in jail, and then have a trial where they lose and you're set free.

The fact that the trial and jail time existed means you have a police record, which means no one will hire you or give you loans!

RCMP can at-will make anyone into a homeless person.

Oh by the way, you want to join the RCMP? Fuck you, because according to union rules the people related to someone in RCMP get priority for any job openings.

6c7175 No.526629


>Making non-functioning bottle openers.

You can open a bottle with a lot of things

8cedc6 No.526669


>well congratulations, you got yourself caught!

How so? Caught for what? What's illegal about selling multitools? They aren't guns. If you're going to arrest me for selling separate components that can be assembled into firearms, then you're going to have to arrest everybody who sells galvanized pipe, pipe caps, and nails; that is, every employee of every hardware store in the nation.

9e886b No.526715


That logic only works assuming the powers that be are under obligation to enforce the law universally and impartially. They are not.

They will fuck you over, and not Joe Hardware Store, because you are manufacturing and distributing firearms to dissidents, and Joe Hardware Store is not. The law is merely a justification.

You can either do it legally and openly, or you can disregard the law entirely while ensuring that you don't get caught. Trying to be 'smart' and having it both ways gets you neither.

8cedc6 No.526726


As long as I follow the same kinds of guidelines that the sellers of "solvent traps" do to stay out of trouble, I ought to be fine; gear all the aspects of my business and marketing to market their use as multitools, rather than as weapon parts. Hell, I could even leave some holes un-drilled so that the parts would have to be modified by the end user in order to be assembled into a firearm.

I get what you're saying about the arbitrariness of enforcement, but you have to recognize that everyone has to worry about that, no matter what they do. Just like everyone else, you are breaking the law, no matter what you do, and if they want to come after you, they will. All you can do is keep your head down and/or make it harder for them. Depending on the product design, you can squeeze into the same legal space as "solvent traps" and "arm braces".

a393b7 No.526729


I don't mean to spoonfeed but lightning links look like a fucked up bottle opener. its an old joke.

5da305 No.526835

File: e788a75269c0f7f⋯.gif (2 MB, 254x204, 127:102, 4117.gif)

eed3b3 No.526868


Holy fucking shit! If that's real and she didn't twist it and make it lose I'm fucking shocked!

6c7175 No.526883


The point still stands, it's pretty damn hard to make a non functional bottle opener.

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