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There's no discharge in the war!

File: e8b6f16864b03bd⋯.jpg (1.17 MB, 1665x2500, 333:500, Arkan and his tigers.jpg)

f493e4 No.530956

QTDDTOT, the thread for thing that probably shouldn't have their own thread. Old Thread here >>522543

320c25 No.531121

>muh generals muh 15 page catalog can't have any threads

8cc442 No.531213

What exactly makes the C7 and C8 rifles better than the M16 and M4? Is that only propaganda?

46d2b2 No.531221

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

kikes at AR500 are offering level 3 and 3+ plates at 23-30% off, I bought my set

also got this plate carrier


did i get kiked?

04a7eb No.531226

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Anyone order a barreled upper from PSA recently? I've heard PSA mismatches handguard caps like a motherfucker and I want a proper triangular one on a rifle-length upper.


See vid.

Might have been better to track down ceramic plates.

6d92dd No.531227


Colt Canada has better production facilities, uses better materials, and has better quality control. Oh and doesn't play with garbage ideas as much. It costs more though.

In terms of engineering and design there are a fuckload of minor improvements. For example it actually narrows along the length of the barrel, to let the rifling better grab the bullet, and its plated with a superior type of chrome.

America tends to cheap out on minor shit like this.

48962d No.531228

File: b5e506a05f8bf11⋯.webm (5.12 MB, 320x240, 4:3, webmRelated.webm)

how come you never hear shit about shooting another person's gun to disable it. yea i know it's harder to hit depending on the over 9000 angles and positions it can take and a gorillion different ways you can fuck yourself by missing a critical component that makes it fail but i assume it has some applicable use somewhere in some situations at least.

filename speaks for itself

46d2b2 No.531230


can you tl;dr that video? I can't watch that smug dumbass for 10 minutes

6d92dd No.531232


Because it would be more humane to shoot the evil son of a bitch rather than the innocent gun being used by a gun rapist.

04a7eb No.531233


jews put out shit plates that can't stop all 5.56 but can stop 7.62x51

coatings and covers are shit at preventing spalling

read the fine print before you buy plates because they might not even test anything before selling or just test shitty low velocity ammo

46d2b2 No.531234


well smug kike said it requires faith in the manufacturer

I bought the exact plates being tested here >>531221 in this vid, and I'm fine with that performance.

48962d No.531235


i agree wholeheartedly but what about for any situation that calls for disarmament for any reason. would it just be simpler to aim for the arm than to aim for something like the trigger control group or am i getting into muh squad takteeks to tactifully take down jihad by employing tactical positioning and tactical items such as man portable anal grease

04a7eb No.531236



You're asking if you got jewed but you like the product.

So you're just looking for validation, then?

ab6e45 No.531237

Any on-line shops carry oddball CZ's? Trying to find a new black or OD P-01 with night sights and neither Buds or Gunbroker have any at the moment. Really not wanting the suppressor ready urban grey model.


You sound like the kind of liberal faggot who cries about 'why didn't duh popo shoot the glawk out of jamal's hands! muh baby!'

46d2b2 No.531238


I meant kiked regarding the price in my initial post. I'm confident in the quality, after seeing various youtube testing.

48962d No.531240


i was thinking more along the lines of disarming someone probably important to hold him prisoner and for interrogation, not some random niggerjew who decided his meth was more important that his life so he came to the conclusion that a gun battle with cops was a good idea

6d92dd No.531241


What exactly are you tying to achieve?

48962d No.531243


understanding the general effectiveness of shooting someone's gun and what place it has in situations that call for it, if any

d83b34 No.531244

File: fbf6e5cff3cfc5f⋯.jpg (217.42 KB, 800x520, 20:13, 52414585_p0.jpg)

Will there ever be a cuter tank than the Hetzer?

4a6fe0 No.531268

File: 24b79edb61f9c42⋯.jpg (3.4 MB, 2762x1870, 1381:935, Stridsvagn_103_Revinge_201….jpg)


I find no-turret tanks appealing.

6d92dd No.531273


You can't judge effectiveness if you don't have a goal, can't even talk about it. What are you trying to do by intervening with someone who is armed, what's the goal.

Are you trying to stop them from hurting themselves? Others? Is your priority the safety of cops or civilians? Do you want to catch him alive at all costs?

48962d No.531283


catching him alive at all costs was kinda what i was thinking. i mean of course you could use shit like gas and poking someone with an injection that gives them a rock-hard boner for 24 hours straight and gives them unbearable pain, but i was thinking more like a war or ops scenario where you were trying to take the enemy captive, i'm wondering how effective shooting their guns would be in a situation like this vs whatever the fuck else you do to subdue them IF it came down to you needing to hold someone captive

i will admit i don't know shit about prisoners of war and the like

437709 No.531289


Can you train a tiger to attack only pray that speaks albanian?

4a6fe0 No.531307

File: ba3192027ea08c8⋯.jpg (36.58 KB, 450x307, 450:307, MahPointyEnds.jpg)


I'm going to assume you meant 'prey' as in, feed-upon, rather than pray, meaning to ask. Which would reverse the meaning but anyway …

Since you can't train a tiger to speak in the first place, and you probably want the tiger to attack someone whether they're hungry or not, and thus potentially long before the target opens his mouth, no.

Furthermore, even if you nearly succeeded, in general tigers can't tell strange humans apart so the underlying idea of teaching your tiger it's okay to be a man-eater if the tiger thinks it's in the clear this time, is a huge security risk.

Think of your housecat. You can teach him not to climb on the kitchen counter or dining room table because you yell and have a fit whenever you see him there but remain frosty when he hops onto your dresser in your bedroom. The closest you could get, then, is "this is the man-eating room" but yell at him when he eats people on your front lawn. Eventually he'll stop eating people you haven't targeted explicitly. Implicitly, he'll incapacitate people on your lawn, drag them to the man-eating room, and then play with his food.

Yes, cats play with their food. It's because you feed them so well but they still have instincts to kill small things that run around screaming (which is language independent, I daresay). un-fed barncats don't catch any where near as many mice as fat & sassy housecats, this based on the experience of several households in the country who differed on the "proper" raising of mousing-cats.

46d2b2 No.531311

is there such a thing as a bullet proof cup so my dick and balls don't get blown off?

6d92dd No.531320


Not effective at all, it's not recommended. There is no part of the human body where being shot is safe, and no way to pick such a part at range.

58e4f8 No.531322

I'm looking to purchase a pistol and shotgun. I'm stopping by a shop tomorrow to check out these guns which are about the quality/price I'm looking for:

>Mossberg 500 - $375

>Maverick 88 - $275

>Taurus PT92 - $425

>Beretta M9 - $575

All firearms are brand new still in box.

For the shotgun I'm almost certainly going with the Mossberg. My real uncertainty is with the pistols.

I kind of wanted to hold off for a Beretta 92fs but I'm not finding anything that really jumps out at me. The Taurus looks like a cheaper 92fs knockoff, and the M9 looks a little overpriced. The store claims "No negotiating" on price.

Thoughts? Should I just hold out and keep my eyes open for the reasonably priced 92fs that I want?

ab6e45 No.531323


Buds and AIM still have police trade-in Beretta 92's for the ~$300 range. If you're set on a Beretta you should go that route.

Both shotguns you listed are overpriced, but you might as well go with the Maverick. They're both Mossberg 500's, the maverick just has a mexican accent and will need some shooting to smooth it out. Good excuse for a weekend of clay shooting.

46d2b2 No.531325



shit, do not buy

>Beretta M9

classicfirearms has surplus m9 for $300

never buy anything in a store, you're getting kiked. Always go online. The one exception is Walmart.


don't, go with a 12 gauge. Check Armslist or Walmart.

3c22da No.531326

I was given a .22 from a guy who got it from someone he knew and he says that they didn't do a proper firearm exchange. Now that it's in my hands I intended to sell it to a friend, but I want to break the cycle and go through the proper method in order to transfer it in his name. Is it possible for me to get in trouble for making a "straw purchase" he just handed me a perfectly functional .22 that came with a carrying case and a BIG K-bar for free because he didn't know how to feed rounds into the mag and thought it was broken since it's not registered in my name, if so should I try to retrace the original owner or just say fuck it and hope that my friend doesn't sell it to some spree shooter, or hope it doesn't get stolen, lost, etc.? Legal advice I guess is what I need.

ab6e45 No.531329


Are you in a retarded state that requires registration? Otherwise there's no 'transfer' other than them handing you money and you handing them the gun.

58e4f8 No.531335

File: db057edf9fd92fc⋯.png (144.34 KB, 977x860, 977:860, beretta by price.PNG)



Per the pistol:

I didn't know about the police buy-back program, thanks. I think I'll hold out for that. I've been told the PT92 is the only thing Taurus has ever done right, and I try not to be a brand whore, but I would much rather my pistol say Beretta over Taurus.

3c22da No.531339


No. Good to know then.

6d92dd No.531340

File: 50f97b41b7707cf⋯.jpg (243.8 KB, 1200x624, 25:13, 1200px-M77B1.jpg)

File: 4a4c899ba0906d6⋯.jpg (648.42 KB, 1500x996, 125:83, links_56.JPG)

RPK in 7.62 NATO

Rate /10

It is based on RPK, has the thick RPK receiver with the thick trunion. Thicker barrel too. This gun is just thicc everywhere.

14ae14 No.531343




>don't, go with a 12 gauge. Check Armslist or Walmart.

What? mavericks are in both 12 gauge and 20. Or do you mean he should just shell out the extra ~$70 (at non jew stores) and get a real 500 because yeah he should if he's rich enough to buy a scatter gat and handgun.

Maverick isn't worth it if you have the money. The 500 can readily accept rails for optics or different forends to slap a light on, it's not shit but you'll probably spend more cash buying the extra shit it didn't come with like having a smith drill and tap the receiver and swapping out the entire one piece forend for the regular one which is about $80 from mossberg themselves if you do buy a 500 make sure it's forend is the ribbed round one and not the one piece checkered shit that disintegrates after 3 shots


It's not being a brand whore when your choices are huezillian ghetto blaster special and a gun that is tried and true.

46d2b2 No.531360


Taurus is a garbage company, like Century. Avoid.

I would say fuck gunbroker and buds right now, this is black Friday week, you can find good deals out there on handguns. For example:


The PPQ is maybe the best polymer gun out there right now.

police trade in P226 in .357 sig:


you just have to shop

PSA has full size M&P 9mm for about $380

1356cb No.531361

File: 049a3c3dc81dff7⋯.png (482.04 KB, 730x277, 730:277, ClipboardImage.png)


The Finns also made one tbh

f44a7b No.531368

File: 473958a1defa393⋯.png (528.61 KB, 1984x1736, 8:7, fight for your country 201….png)

Is joining a militia a good idea?

Any recommended militias? Indiana?

Been looking at http://www.indianavolunteermilitia.com/


fd1cbc No.531370

File: 93142451898e915⋯.png (228.22 KB, 679x800, 679:800, meanwhileattaurus.png)


Taurus and Century aren't Vulkan tier. They ether make decent budget guns that might even be considered nice for the price you payed for them, or a complete dog that will fall apart in your hands. You just need to thoroughly finger fuck and inspect the thing before you buy it to see if you are getting a lemon or not.

Regardless, the PT92 is made with genuine Beretta tooling so its much less likely to be a dog than anything else they happen to make. The PT1911 is also nice as far as cheap 1911s go. But again this is provided that you inspect it yourself first.

025926 No.531372

File: eea33492886574e⋯.png (1.51 MB, 1497x2126, 1497:2126, gunsforpoorpeoplenorebate.png)

025926 No.531375

File: 761fe1fea0e31c5⋯.png (20.45 KB, 186x208, 93:104, confused looking anime gir….png)


>Finland is 74%

This was of men and women so that seems righ…

>Swiss only 39%

>Belgium which was raped by the germans twice is only 19%

>Sweden is actually one of the highest

f44a7b No.531377

File: 5481d5df324f404⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 184.22 KB, 1650x1049, 1650:1049, treadOnMe.jpg)


It's not rape when they wanted it.

d3b0b2 No.531379

So i already own a .22 rifle from my grandfather, but I'm interested in buying a second gun that I'll probably use for just hunting/target practice. What are some inexpensive/cheap options that you guys would recommend to a newer shooter? On a side note, I am interested in hunting rabbit, but I don't know much about it. Is it a bad idea to try and hunt rabbit with just a .22 or should I consider purchasing a shotgun?

f493e4 No.531380


.22lr is perfect for those rodents. Personally speaking AR's are dirt cheap these days and you can smack durr with a decent .223

025926 No.531381


Rabbit is doable with 22 from what I've heard, but I'm not too up on it.

As for inexpensive options for a new shooter see


Right now you can get this


for a record low of 300 bucks. Combine it with a lower from your local FFL (30-40 USD) and a rear sight (~20 for fixed), plus a punch set (27 USD right now), a buffer wrench and mags you'll have a gun suitable for the deadliest game (and boar). It's easily upgraded to hunt bigger things with a new upper latter down the line (Check your local regulations. 20 inch 5.56 vs. is fine for smaller types of deer, but not all states allow it)

025926 No.531387


Oh, throw in this


Rear sight+5 mags. That will get you a solid AR with 5 mags for less than 450, which is less than what one with one will cost you the rest of the year.

6d92dd No.531395


sea people are most dangerous

28c0d7 No.531397

Who sells a good AK-pattern gun that wont fall to pieces/explode and are there any other decent rifles or AR platform alternatives in 7.62x39? Bonus points if it can still use AK mags. I know of the CMMG mutant but that seems to at least have QC issues.

ab1e2c No.531400

File: 0776f43cfa850a4⋯.jpeg (382.74 KB, 1024x670, 512:335, serveimage.jpeg)

What is the best way to attach a flashlight to a Mossberg 590 that meets the following requirements:

>does not interfere with the mounting of a bayonet

>does not interfere with the heat shield

>is ideally a quick detach system

>does not make me look like a mallninja

Solutions I have considered:

>custom flashlight mount that attaches like a bayonet

<but what if I need to stab something in the dark?

>custom mount that attaches to the side of the reciever like a shell carrier

<forearm and gun block most of the light

>just clamp the stupid thing to the tube mag / barrel

<I do not want to have to break out the allen wrenches in order to take the barrel off

Honestly, the bayonet-flashlight sounds like the least stupid option at this point.

f493e4 No.531401


VZ58's are solid for what they are and if you're wanting something that isn't an AK that feeds from AK mags see if you can find a SKS-D/M floating around, hell an older N-Pap might do you well. Finger fuck the living hell out of the latter

f493e4 No.531402


Zapstrap it on the magazine tube as stupid as that may sound.

c98a7f No.531403


If you're gonna do this, please get some proper fraging ammo, at least for the durr's sake.

025926 No.531419

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


PSA AK. They sell blemished at least once a month for 500

88e743 No.531420


Zip ties nigger. Right on the mag tube.

1356cb No.531437

File: 11766220faf38bd⋯.png (7.44 MB, 3264x1836, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

Just bought this, it's obviously East German, but I have no idea what rank/branch it's from. I've never seen a navy blue cap with yellow trim before

ab6e45 No.531471


I've had the same quandary. Haven't done anything about it yet since I've got several other guns to finish before getting to the 590, but I figured a Magpul foreend and sidemounting the light would do best.

4613df No.531474



I had the same issue the best I found so far is the cdm mod c mount. Shits like 40 dollars but it goes between the barrel and mag tube and doesn't interfere with the bayo or sight because it's like two U's or C's. It also has a QD mount on the opposite side.


46d2b2 No.531480


now it's either the WASR or PSA if you want budget

atlanticfirearms sells some good looking ak's, some really good looking polish ones, but you're going to pay.

419f28 No.531517

can I get a select fire sear/trigger group/mod for a tavor?

I don't care about legality, im interested in prepping for Islamic terrorism and to protect my property from regressive riots.

401154 No.531527

File: 02bde04d3e30a79⋯.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 753.65 KB, 480x480, 1:1, recruits_in_a_nutshell.mp4)


Come on Streloks, to militia or not to militia?

025926 No.531533

I got a slide with an RMR cut for an 80% glock I'm working on. Is there anything I put there to protect the mount till I get an actual red dot for it?

b25668 No.531637


Bump, anyone got any ideas?

51c366 No.531731


Why is there a Mason compass on it?

d83b34 No.531733

What US ship do you think will collide with the lost Argie sub?

9cfcda No.531736

Got resource for learning about the Yugoslav wars?

ab6e45 No.531739


The USS Jimmy Carter.

f493e4 No.531753


Shooting durr with 55gr FMJ's is no go. 62gr HP tends to explode in them.


Its either a navy or police hat. Its missing its braid on it though. Some autist on deutsch/pol/ might actually be able to identify it

c54d88 No.531766


That's the symbol of East Germany


Alright, cheers

1fe522 No.531860

File: f178cb563fb4b6f⋯.jpg (2 MB, 3264x1836, 16:9, new-baby.jpg)

>NoFuns household since I was little

>Getting my CCW in next couple months

>Doing no shave November for testicular awareness so autistic school shooter patchy beard

>Bass pro running a black Friday special

>See an M&P shield on sale

>Got jewed by some fudds because closest gun owning relatives are 700 miles away, but came out with this, a case, and 500 rounds of 9mm for about $500ish

>Nervous around strangers in general

>Intensified by old fudd giving me the stare-down when I ask to see and buy new baby

>Old man visibly upset that I'm buying a CC handgun to CC, keeps trying to talk me into larger handgun for hunting after I explained why I was buying a Shield.

>Nearly spill spaghetti but stay chill as I fill out ATF extortion forms and pay for firearm

>Wait 45 minutes

>Old man clearly upset that I passed background check but has to hand over handgun

>Convinced he thought I was gonna rob a liquor store or something because of Movember muttonchops/face patches

>Come home

>Parent extremely upset when I tell her I have every intention of CCing at work (work electronics manufacturing)

>"Your uncles always kept their guns in the safe or their truck's lock boxes!"

>No point in a CC if I'm not CCing

>"Well you obviously don't value your job/education if you're gonna risk losing it for the sake of carrying a firearm!"

>I value my life more than I value my job/education, shouldn't you be proud of that fact?

>"Well what are you going to do when you go into the Navy next Autumn? I don't believe that's why you want a handgun!"

>Gonna give my funs to my little sister since I know she'll-


My mother's a lost cause, but how do I ensure she doesn't take the guns from my (legally an adult) little sister and destroy them when I go into the navy, /k/? Also did I make a decent purchase? Pretty sure I got jewed, but not much I could do about that since my family would've spent my gun funds for me on their own life failures like towed vehicles and unpaid bills if I waited for a good deal. I've shot a shield before which is why it was my go-to baby's first CC firearm.

1fe522 No.531861


Oh, additional info: We live near a ghetto and there's police at our apartment complex at least once a week for domestic abuse or robbery, so it's not like I'm living in a hoity toity neighborhood where there's generally no need for a handgun.

312a08 No.531871


You tell your parents that they had best not fucking harass your little sister, you tell your little sister that she had best not cuck out and give up her means of self preservation to your faggot mother, and you tell your closest gun owning relatives 700 miles away that your sister might need to come stay with them and then ask if that's alright.

Not sure how the military works either, but couldn't you and your sister get a place somewhere away from your gay niggerfaggot of a mother, and then you just pay half the rent when you're in the Navy? Alternatively, just don't tell your mother you're giving your sister the gun, and tell your sister not to be a fucking retard and let your god damn commie jew mother find out she has it.

Not sure about the prices either, because I live in Leafland: Home of the cucks. Our dollar is in the shitter, so it's only about 70% of your dollar. Seems like an okay price though. 1000 rounds of reloaded steelcase 124gr 9mm is $300 here. A S&W M&P9 is like $600-$700 here too.

1fe522 No.531878

File: b6479d06e8262b7⋯.gif (778.33 KB, 900x540, 5:3, 1510463779978.gif)


>and you tell your closest gun owning relatives 700 miles away that your sister might need to come stay with them and then ask if that's alright.

Issue is they're in the next state over and the imouto is intent on staying in-state to get that there in-state tuition for her Psychology degree. I've almost managed to convince her to get an AAS as a pharmacy technician or radiology technician before doing psychology, so with any luck she'll have a decent income to fall back on when she inevitably can't find a psychology job.

>but couldn't you and your sister get a place somewhere away from your gay niggerfaggot of a mother, and then you just pay half the rent when you're in the Navy?

Probably, but I was hoping to not have to rent a place for most of the year by getting stuck on a ship somewhere, and then couch surf when I'm not at sea. It's the reason I'm not looking at Chairforce as a Crypto Technician even though Chairforce pays better/has better sign-ons for Cryptological Technicians. I guess if push came to shove I could subsidize her lifestyle, but other than convincing her to be pro-guns, she's still a dyke and a former meth-head to boot. My influence has turned her from a tumblrite SJW into a strange lesbian right-wing druggie who hates the government/doesn't trust them to do anything right even though she wants the government to do socialist shit. I'll brooch the subject with her after boot camp/see if she's willing to move out. Otherwise, what's the legality of sticking a handgun in a safety deposit box? My obese mother would probably sell it or destroy it if I leave it at home, and my father is completely nofuns/hasn't shot shit since he was 19 and forced along on a hunting trip (he's in his early 50s now), not to mention he lives about 15 hours away by truck.

>Alternatively, just don't tell your mother you're giving your sister the gun, and tell your sister not to be a fucking retard and let your god damn commie jew mother find out she has it.

I think that plan wouldn't work since ma's aware of the fact I plan to gift it to her now.

>1000 rounds of reloaded steelcase 124gr 9mm is $300 here.

It's about $225 here through the store for UMC. Not sure if I could get it cheaper elsewhere, but probably could have. Paid $425 for the gun (nearly $500 after taxes) and another $127 for the ammunition, but then I got a $100 gift card for purchasing the gun, so it came out to roughly $500-$550 for the whole shebang. Only other fun I own is a Mossberg 500 "tactical" I quickly removed the "tactical" grip and opted to use the standard "rifle" grip for it because it feels better which mostly collects dust propped up next to my bed. Not really sure how she'd hide that to be quite honest, familam.

14ae14 No.531880

File: 06fcca060ab0ba6⋯.jpg (23.81 KB, 450x440, 45:44, stock-vector-vector-illust….jpg)


Threaten your mom with a lawsuit for felony theft of a firearm if she's going to be such a cunt to destroy your property like that absolutely niggerish if true. And threaten your sister with big fampai's o-chinchin to "de-virginze" her lesbianism making her seem like a coalburner in the eyes of degenerates yes despite their so called open sexuality they have shame too just a really twisted concept of it.

1fe522 No.531882


Noob question, and practice makes perfect, but is there an easier way to do this? I deadlift damn near 4pl8 so you'd think I'd have some grip strength, and yet I'm a little bitch trying to get this magazine loaded/it feels like there's way too much fucking tension and the rounds are almost too slippery to slide into the magazine. Magazine is for 9mm and that's what I'm loading. Is this normal? I don't want to lube up the magazine if I can help it since I know that's potentially dangerous, and I'm probably just being a little bitch, but this feels like it's a lot more difficult than it's supposed to be.

1fe522 No.531883

File: 130ecc8028bd997⋯.jpg (1.77 MB, 1836x3264, 9:16, loadin.jpg)


Fuck forgot pic related.

3dc430 No.531884


Come to a compromise, tell your sister to keep it in a safe since she doesn't have a CC anyway. Tell your mom if she steals and destroys it you'll steal her shoes and destroy them.

Women are irrational.

Men are also irrational, but you can punch them into sanity.

f493e4 No.531885


You just need to hide the shotgun in an ordinary giant novelty icecream cone.


Get a magazine loader. It'll make your life easier.

1fe522 No.531886


>Threaten your mom with a lawsuit for felony theft of a firearm if she's going to be such a cunt to destroy your property like that

>Threaten a lawsuit if she tries to take funs from little sister

Actually, that's not a half bad idea. She's always been opposed to me even owning the shotgun. Since I've been paying pretty much half her bills, she's not had much of an excuse to come after me about the guns since coming after me over guns = me moving out and her having to pay those bills, so that'll serve as a good deterrent after I move out and go into the military. We had three incidents since I bought the shotgun a year ago- one where my little brother decided to rummage through the garage during a power outage and I pointed it at him (finger off the trigger of course) thinking he was a nigger nigging in a power outage, one where my little sister pointed the gun at my little brother as a "joke" and I beat the living tar out of her for assuming I didn't have it loaded (she's respected firearms ever since), and a third when some mestizo kid tried stealing shit when I left the back door unlocked on accident one night, and promptly freaked the fuck out when he saw I had a gun/fled faster than a swarm of cockroaches when the lights are turned on. Because of the first two she doesn't want the gun in the house any more but is afraid of me moving out so she won't say so, and her response to the third incident was to bitch about how I could have "shot a child."

1fe522 No.531887

File: 9e1b07318d64c2e⋯.jpg (51.49 KB, 788x800, 197:200, 1510456713611-2.jpg)


Well, she can't legally get her CC for another 3 years, so that might be the compromise I've got to come to on this ordeal. Will probably be a combination of me getting her a gun safe and telling my mother to fuck off/threaten a lawsuit if she doesn't.


>Giant novelty icecream cone


>Magazine loader

This feels like the equivalent of buying a bitchpad, but I'll look into it since it's only $10.

f493e4 No.531889


Single feed, double stack magazines can be a real bitch to load if they aren't broken in. There is a reason why anyone with a MP40 back in the day was issued with a mag loader.

3dc430 No.531911


Lawsuits and police don't bother hysterical women, they only bother rational people who think of long term consequences.

Threaten to burn her shoes or something similar to that. It's a short term consequence so she doesn't have to think.

28c0d7 No.531936

Feeding off of 15e522's predicament: I currently live with my nogunz faggot dad, and due to him being a nogunz faggot that I don't have finacial leverage over I can't keep my guns in the house(10/22 & SD9VE). He claims he can call the police to have them taken out of the house while I'm away. Is he talking out of his ass or do I have to leave my poor guns in the trunk of my car wrapped in plastic with desiccant packs?

258a5f No.531939

File: 27bcd34ee28dc8d⋯.png (39.23 KB, 867x806, 867:806, 3f4cf20dc9938d1f15b16e3965….png)

Why would you join the army if you're not going to be a ranger?

583975 No.531943

File: 43ec92d4e47072b⋯.png (16.23 KB, 1867x841, 1867:841, Untitled.png)

Would pic related work to set off a rimfire or is this idea retarded?

fb49fa No.531951


Make the outside diameter a ridge so that that contacts the rim of the case, otherwise there's way too much energy wasted and going in the wrong areas to ensure ignition. Better yet make the firing pin a sleeve around the inner bolt face that does the same thing.

I've often thought that would be the most effective way to ensure ignition in a rimfire, but I suppose it's a lot of extra complication for something that in this day and age isn't that big of a problem.

91cf76 No.531958


No. Just use a firing pin, drill a hole in the backplate just over the rim and you're good.

91cf76 No.531959


Also just in case it hadn't occured to you. There would be high odds of case rupture and backfire with that kind of setup.

20645a No.531960

What's a gas mask I can buy with a $50 Amazon gift card?

1fe522 No.531962

File: a5d513470982297⋯.jpg (294.41 KB, 910x1218, 65:87, 1510456674669.jpg)


If he owns the house, and you aren't paying rent, then yes, he can effectively claim you're tresspassing if you bring the firearms onto the facility unfortunately. If he rents, or you pay rent, it's a much more grey situation and you could technically contest it if the cops showed up, but the cops will probably tell you "just leave your guns out in the truck man" unless you live in a small town. I'll be honest, anon, even if you could legally get them into the house, I'm not sure I'd trust their long-term safety unless you have a crutch keeping him from doing something to them. Offer to buy a safe and keep them locked in there while they're in the house, tell him it's because "you really value your firearms and want to keep them safe from the elements, but understand why he doesn't want them in the house" or something like that, and see if he's willing to compromise on that. If not, it's a lost cause, if yes, you could slowly ween him into it or just flat-out keep the SD9VE under your pillow and he'd probably never know. You might have to keep the guns and ammo separate to appease him, but you could always keep ammo for the SD9VE in a hidden cache where you could quickly access it (or just flat out keep the gun loaded if you're ballsey). Honestly after "following his compromise," assuming he's diligent about checking your shit, after the first month or so, chances are he'll completely forget you even have the funs in the house. If you're worried about him checking your shit, it'd probably be a non-issue after a month of checking assuming he isn't paranoid as shit. But honestly, OP? Any parent who'd willing call the cops on their kids for anything short of violence/murder/MAYBE certain theft cases is a pretty shitty parent that deserves to be disowned at the nearest opportunity. Consider moving out as soon as feasibly possible.

1fe522 No.531963



Fuck, was up until 4 in the morning working on shit and animals fighting woke me up at 6AM, so I'm loopy as fuck right now.

b0b517 No.532010

Do oil/fuel filter suppressors work well at all? Worth buying the adapter just to fuck around with?

bd2c69 No.532086

File: 5adb25220861887⋯.png (25.79 KB, 404x1419, 404:1419, concealed gun pack.png)

In a 1-10 scale, how dumb and spergy is this? Or could it be actually viable?

c54d88 No.532087

File: 0f5ddbea6bce351⋯.png (230.28 KB, 480x360, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

73a547 No.532088

File: 896d2391f08d34f⋯.jpg (1.24 MB, 1152x2048, 9:16, 65f58cb07a944b9956b697850b….jpg)


Why not just live a white neighborhood?

940a4a No.532137

File: 18bcb88ed8c9799⋯.jpg (146.56 KB, 700x981, 700:981, 94343a666af598f9c176c43563….jpg)

I think about getting an SVD, can I go with one of the cheaper Zastava offshots or should I try to get my hands on a "real" one?

64c2a4 No.532141

File: 95d00c7402a8ce3⋯.jpg (86.26 KB, 800x512, 25:16, The_Invention_of_the_Machi….jpg)

Hello /k/. I'm currently writing some alternative history, in which Spain and parts of Italy and Europe became Cathar and the Byzantine Empire survived, but felt the Reformation instead of Catholic Europe. Still unsure about Burgerland, but anyway: I would like to know how it comes that gun technology advanced at the times it did, not sooner or later. In particular with regards to automatic firearms. Was it a matter off occasion and necessity (like how the tank was invented in WW1 to breach through trench lines), or could it not have been invented earlier for technical or economic reasons? In this context, if you had shown a European from the 15th century the blueprint for the gatling gun or the machine gun, could he have built the thing? That's the kind of thing I wanna know.

Thanks in advance, everybody!

a60888 No.532144


For all practical purposes, a PSL or an M76/77 will do all that you'd use an actual SVD for. They're basically AK patterns though, not an SVD. If you want a combloc DMR to fuck around with, just get a PSL. If you want a Tito Supreme DMR and have an ammo preference other than 7.62x54r, get an M76/77. If you really want an SVD, get an SVD or Tigr.

940a4a No.532145


Guess I'll go with the PSL, thanks.

025926 No.532160


>. If you want a Tito Supreme DMR and have an ammo preference other than 7.62x54r, get an M76/77.

Or if you're not a fucking leaf, a 308 AR which is more accurate and cheaper than either.

d68798 No.532162


>the AR is the only rifle anyone is ever allowed to buy

I can hear you sucking that dick from here.

025926 No.532163


If you want performance and aren't going for stupid long range precision where you need a dedicated bolt gun, some incarnation of the AR is generally the best.

025926 No.532164

Any articles on the history of 9x19 over .45 in the US? I know certain FBI agents have 9mm S&W 459s by the 80s which predates the Military's switch.

f8b2c9 No.532165

Can you guys help me find a suppressor? I want to get as quiet as I can get.

The barrel is chambered for .300 BLK, 9 inches long, with a 1:8 twist; I will never be using this suppressor for any other calibers except for .300 BLK, and I will not be regularly taking it off, so I am more than happy using just a direct thread suppressor. Money is not an object, nor are the diameter, length, or weight of the can. The quieter I can go, the better.

Does /k/ have any recommendations for me?

3e0299 No.532183

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Can you kill someone with slingshot?

f893af No.532186


Get the Maverick and use the money you saved to sample a bunch of different ammo for it. Sometimes finding that perfect shotgun load for a home defense gun is tough.

For the pistol, have you considered looking at something from Ruger? They make some real nice handguns for the money.

If you're dead-set on the 92 platform, I would definitely recommend not going with the Taurus. I know people who have been extremely satisfied with them, but I've also heard horror stories. In this case I would shell out the extra cheddar for something that you don't have to worry about.

b7cd66 No.532187


With a arm braced slingshot and a big lead ball? I'd say yes.

f493e4 No.532193



3dc430 No.532197


Of course it can. People have been killing each other just fine with thong based slingshots for thousands of years.

Modern surgical rubber hunting slings have about 4x more energy, and deliver it a lot more accurately. I hunt rabbits with them and the 1/2" steel ammo I use sometimes passes clean through a rabbit at 30 yards. It would definitely pass clan through a guys head at under 15 yards.

08e4ea No.532374


In addition the the briefcase MP5 >>532087 posted Magpul did toy around with a sort of concealable folding tablet/mini-briefcase that unfolded into a SMG with a Glock lower. It was called the Magpul Folding Machine gun 9 but I don't think they did anything with it.


Buying one would probably net you a visit and free dog removal from ATF if you did.

b8c36c No.532380

Flashlight recommendations?

ede993 No.532381

File: c11558de8fa13c9⋯.jpg (64.48 KB, 720x541, 720:541, 2eab49f1b52a1407ec97eae0cb….jpg)

File: 7585f607fb29c5c⋯.jpg (41.78 KB, 620x831, 620:831, SAS-hero-Curry-at-_3336560….jpg)

Just a random input,

Serving Parachute Regiment soldier here… 1st Battalion recently issued with 7.62mm L129A1.. and honestly its pretty decent down range

7e43f2 No.532383

Has anyone had good success with warranties for repairs? specifically with smith and wesson. My revolver purchase was the display model at cabelas and the lock up is funny. I am still covered in the 1st year warranty for another couple weeks

ab6e45 No.532384


I really like the Streamlight Polytac. Been carrying one with my EDC for over a year no with no hiccups, which is a breath of fucking fresh air after screwing with $5 cree lights for so long. Bought a second one for use as a weapon light too and it's not given me a bit of trouble yet.


No experience relevant to your question but now I'm curious, define 'funny'.

7e43f2 No.532386


It's a model 60-15 pro series. So I shoot 38 and 357 out of it. After a few magnum rounds it gets harder to unlatch the cylinder. I inspected if the ejector rod was bent and I don't think so.

might be the cylinder and barrel getting hot after one 5 shot reload, but not sure. As a result the trigger is not as smooth as I expected, and it should have had a factory trigger job on it

7e43f2 No.532388

File: e26db15acc62076⋯.jpg (199.82 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, 0104171041.jpg)


love the look and feel of the gun, especially with the hogue grips to tame the magnum. just want the gun in top quality for what I paid for

ab6e45 No.532392



>After a few magnum rounds it gets harder to unlatch the cylinder.

It's a .357 J-Frame, so I kinda suspect it's the internal lock fucking with something under recoil, there's a reason they are hated.

>As a result the trigger is not as smooth as I expected, and it should have had a factory trigger job on it

Current year S&W might have sent it out with a half-assed trigger job, or none at all.

It couldn't hurt to call S&W and see what they say. They should do something since it was bought as a new gun from a dealer. Be warned a lot of their call stuff is outsourced, I haven't talked to a Hindi yet but you'll probably have to push until you get on the phone with someone who's actually been in a gun factory at some point in his life.

e18ff5 No.532432

Is there a website that have stories from the us soldiers about the iraqi/afghan war?

f493e4 No.532460


The adapter is considered the can and is what gets the stamp.

025926 No.532571


You should absolutely try before the warranty runs out.

025926 No.532615

Got some surplus british pouches (with a plastic liner inside) and need to clean them. Got non-UV brightening detergent. What should I set my washer on?

fc9f87 No.532617

My next purchase is an AR15.

Cabela's has one on sale for $650~ but it's a S&W M&P.

Never heard of it before and all I used when I served was Colt.

Is the S&W variant any good, or should I save up for the Colt like the good old days?

Thanks in advance

ab6e45 No.532621


There's a lot of different variants of the M&P. $650 might be a steal, or it might be really overpriced. I've never seen anything too bad about the M&P 5.56 rifles though, they don't seem to have lingering QC problems like a lot of S&W's other guns, plus as far as I know they're an actual AR pattern unlike say the Ruger 5.56 or the Mossberg MMR that have some proprietary parts.

fc9f87 No.532622


Thanks. $650 is pretty good deal up here, I've seen it as low as $620 as well (so like $500 USD).

Just didn't know what the quality of it was aside from hickok45's jewtube vid. Glad to know it's not a complete piece of garbage.

f493e4 No.532633


Hand wash them. If not on the low to medium setting.

025926 No.532641

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


As you're actually Canadian instead of the flags fucking up (thus you don't have our build options), and can't build your own (Or can you?), then yeah it's a great entry AR and actually the best selling pre-built one in the US. Has some shortcomings (common in entry ARs):

>no heatshield in handguard (fixed with a handguard replacement but doubt you'll get it hot enough to matter in the frozen wastes even with 50 beowulf mags)

>not freefloated (but if you're not building your own none of the budget ones are)

>carbine length gas instead of midlength so no bayonet (can you use bayonets?) and extra recoil

>barrel is not tappered making it a bit front heavy

You can fix all of these with a mid-length gas tube, gas block (apparently you can also cut down the old one), new barrel, freefloat handguard and front sight. Will require a vice and block, but it can wait till the barrel is worn out. Only change I'd recommend off the bat is Magpul handguard to fix the heatshield issue and that's from an American prospective.

Actually, can you get Magpul stuff in Canada? Received Magpul BUS today that I bought Black Friday today and noticed there was no French on it.

fc9f87 No.532644


Yeah I'm in Canada, we can have bayonets and various build options but obviously much more limited than the Burger market.

I am probably gonna add a foregrip (a lot more comfortable for me) so the overheating and front heavy barrel is not an issue, and a good scope (suggestions on that?) as I don't like iron sights on semi auto weapons.

Thanks for the vid btw, lots of good info.

025926 No.532645


How long a distance are you planning to shoot? If you're giving any serious magnification (more than 3x), you really want to free float the barrel.

Given what I know about Canadian laws you aren't taking your AR on a hike and beating it up in the Canadian wilderness. More budget minded companies like Vortex or Primary Arms (if you can get them for reasonable prices up there. I notice there's no French on my Vortex boxes like my ammo boxes have.).

fc9f87 No.532646


The range I go to is pretty shit, I'm talking indoor at 25 yards at the most. I would like to have a mid range sight as it'll be for CQC when shit hits the fan or for continued use at that gun range.

e18ff5 No.532647

Why did the veterans flock to Ozarks area?

f493e4 No.532650


Everything in America in terms of accessories tends to be available in leafland. If not he can fill out the appropriate paperwork and have Brownells ship him shit.

3987a5 No.532651

File: 0e415d9c0dbceb8⋯.jpg (104.18 KB, 960x764, 240:191, Japanese SNLF in Shangai, ….jpg)

File: f5abe75f92d8e7e⋯.png (503.19 KB, 430x739, 430:739, Japanese soldier poses wit….png)

File: 286a2ad9744ee98⋯.jpg (294.75 KB, 1251x851, 1251:851, Japanese soldiers with cap….jpg)

File: 1981c949a14f335⋯.jpg (190.94 KB, 760x1024, 95:128, Japanese troops and an ele….jpg)

How bad was the rivalry between the IJN and the IJA, I heard that the two went as far to assassinating the other's leaders.

025926 No.532654


Primary Arms 3X Compact Prism Scope?

fc9f87 No.532657


Looks awesome, thanks!

f493e4 No.532662


The IJA would regularly draft experienced dock workers just to spite the IJN. Unlike everywhere else, the Japs didn't have a unified high command. They went as far as adopting different ammo as a fuck you.

b59d59 No.532673

Is there some kind of thimble or thumb cover I can use so I don't slice open my thumb when clip loading my SKS?

6a49ff No.532681

Have any of you watched this God awful movie on Netflix called Bushwick?


>South Rises again

>You follow a blonde college student back from school

>Her beta boyfriend dies within the first few minutes of the film by explosion.

>She emerges from subway to scenes of an invading army

>Almost gets raped by dindu

>Dave Bautista playing retired marine saves her

>They attempt to survive

>Finally capture a dude

>He talks about how Texas is seceding and a coalition of republican states are working together

>He's part of a private army

>Their job was to take over suburbs of New York and hold people hostage

>Talks about how they thought theyd just roll over because of New York's ethno diversity

>Says something about guns are illegal in New York and so they didn't expect there to be so much resistance (basically guns everywhere)

>pretty sure there were a few stalkers in the streets wielding SKS

>People chanting "the people united will never be divided"

>Hasidic Jews are apparently all Mossad and have a ton of weapons including Uzis

>Bautista dies like a bitch and some scared girl shoots him

>They run for US army green zone

>Girl you were following dies

>See New York in flames

One of the most disgusting propaganda pieces I've seen in a long time

2e08f4 No.532720

What's the best place online to buy ammo cans (shipping to continental Clapistan)?

eff62c No.532721


>Hasidic Jews are apparently all Mossad and have a ton of weapons including Uzis

More plausible than the rest of the film

32a93a No.532746


get good faggot

8d4a40 No.532748


Seconding, sportsman's guide is full of bad reviews and all the new manufacture cans are the same untrustworthy chinesium.

f893af No.532749


>After a few magnum rounds it gets harder to unlatch the cylinder

This used to happen on my brand-new 686+ as well. After firing some very hot 180 gr. magnum loads, the ejector rod would unscrew itself a little bit and cause the cylinder to lock up.

Apparently, this is a fairly common problem with Smiths. A small dab of Loctite on the threads did the trick for me.

f893af No.532750


As far as the trigger not being smooth goes:

if you Loctite the ejector rod threads and screw it in nice and tight, this may help the trigger pull by eliminating some resistance.

A few of my Smiths have had slightly gritty triggers out of the box, but they all ended up like butter after a few hundred trigger pulls. Whenever I get a new one now I dry fire the shit out of it.

f493e4 No.532761


It wont cut your thumb. It isn't like some mauser clips that will rip your thumb open.

025926 No.532766


Check your warehouse clubs if you're a member. They've got 2 packs of a 50 and 30 for less than 10 bucks.

b355d3 No.532776

File: 9c76f1f8e617acf⋯.jpg (89.92 KB, 1216x875, 1216:875, case1.1.JPG)

File: 9a4992b7c2e5c69⋯.jpg (80.34 KB, 1147x777, 31:21, case1.2.JPG)

Does anybody make a case like this? Dual compartment about 48" x 16" x 8.5" deep when closed. Middle foam barrier is eggcrate foam and plastic sheet in the middle, the other foam can be cut to whatever shape of the item you'd protect like any other popular equipment case out there. You could have tools on one side and screw boxes, flashlights, safety glasses, and other items on the other side. Pelican or Plano style poly-carbonate shell and hardware, security features.

3dc430 No.532781

File: c4733002a926700⋯.jpg (128.3 KB, 1500x595, 300:119, 81XRfNOwOKL._SL1500_.jpg)

File: 2e05f7855378558⋯.jpg (172.5 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 71ynL6UGloL._SL1200_.jpg)

File: 91ee40b53b497d4⋯.jpg (197.17 KB, 1500x963, 500:321, 81oQM4g p7L._SL1500_.jpg)

File: f9206bf9e33a024⋯.jpg (411.6 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, 81v1ciht24L._SL1500_.jpg)

File: 3da26c8fceeb06e⋯.jpg (241.33 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, 71OxES-ukRL._SL1500_.jpg)


AX-400 by Barska can fit four rockets for my missile launcher. I also own a smaller one for grenades.

025926 No.532783

File: 74ede512fefc103⋯.jpg (104.86 KB, 1152x864, 4:3, patrickhand.JPG)

Why can they make noodles work in MREs without them becoming dry lumps like the bread?

1fe522 No.532784


Is there a shotgun big enough to launch motor capacitors out of, or would I have to make a spud cannon to do this?

Had an idea after blasting a hole through a screwdriver when I poked the start motor cap with it at work instead of using the plastic end.

1fe522 No.532785


Can't you just vacuum seal noodles? Or leave them in dry state? I know there's already lots of brands that do this already, and I've seen home-made MREs do this. I think the issue is cooking the noodles too long or using too much water.

025926 No.532796


But like, why doesn't this work on soft bread?

b73af8 No.532810


> Received Magpul BUS today that I bought Black Friday today and noticed there was no French on it.

I bought one in France last month, so…

854d4d No.532824


That's actually a really good question. I assume you're talking about the prepared MREs and not the freeze dryed ones, right? I've had the US beef ravioli MRE and the pasta was basically the same consistency as Chef Boyardee ravioli which we know from childhood holds up pretty well for medium-term storage (3-5yrs). Pasta won't dry out as long as it is kept in solution (the sauce) but it will also begin to break down into mush if the pH, salt, and moisture levels aren't just right for the intended preservation window.

I would assume cooked pasta portions would be one of the first MRE portions to become "unpalatable". The pasta will turn to mush eventually just because of the chemistry of the dish it is used in.

854d4d No.532827




I actually found some more information on how Chef Boyardee preserves the pasta on a canning forum and I assume the same technique is used for MRE pasta. Sage due to doublepost.

Chef Boyardee and other canned pasta dishes using firming preservatives (crackermeal and concentrated soy protein) that form stronger bonds than flour/water/egg (pasta) alone. That's why those pastas have a "different" texture than normal homecooked pasta.

So why can't we keep soft bread soft when we can keep pasta firm? We can keep certain types of "bread" soft, just look at the pound cakes and other desert jtems found in MREs. Those cakes are nothing but bread + sugar + fat. It's the fat that keeps them moist and the density of the cake which keeps air from spoiling it. MRE bread is also dense for the same reason of reducing air volume in the package and bread also has little to no fats in it to preserve its "moistness". You can't preserve fluffy bread for any length of time due to the enormous air volume it contains in all the nooks, crannies, and pockets so MRE bread is already starting on the wrong foot for palatability. Being bread, it still has to have some levity which means the package is never truly vacuum sealed, thus the bread goes stale due to the small amount of air held in the center.

781a0d No.532841

What are some good old fashioned South Carolina cryptids?

ab6e45 No.532844


The Lizard man of Scape Ore Swamp.

d83b34 No.532880

File: 8063442b5831b6a⋯.jpg (101 KB, 540x437, 540:437, spicymeatball.jpg)

How did Italy manage to lose to Ethopia?

b594d3 No.532882


Ethiopia was one of the true kangdoms in Africa, and while inferior to the vast majority of European monarchies it still managed to be superior to Italy

ab6e45 No.532892


Ethiopians have their share of problems, but they're not actually negroid (Or rather they weren't historically), just black Africans. Basically Italy managed to get stuck with invading the one place in Africa that wasn't either 1: Empty or 2: Run by niggers.

301fc6 No.532894


Ethiopia is where non-African hominids migrated to Africa, and so their genetics are a lot less African. Add to this that they've been under Egyptian and later Arab influence for thousands of years, and now you can see how they are in a different category than the rest of sub-Saharan Africa. Now put Italian incompetence into the equation, and the results aren't that surprising.

de7943 No.532907


Ethiopia was the only subsaharan country with negligible miscegenation with muds and pre-erectus hominids.

c54d88 No.532923


Ethiopians aren't Congoid

6a255f No.532933


how much would be dangerous for a stalker? all info is muddy/from 1960s america/some liberal screeching OY VEY DONT EATING BANANAS GOY BE VERY AFRAID

what things create ionizing rays ? huehue education ,even in expensive schools, only glosses over it so im blind

would i die/get new limbs if i went urbexxing in some old concrete/brick facility ?

d83b34 No.532936






I kind of want to learn more about the history of Ethiopia now.

301fc6 No.532938


I should do that too. There are legit black jews living there, and their Christian church says that they have the ark of the covenant in one of their temples.

de7943 No.533008


Think I have saved a good post with many links in my /pol/ folder over this subject, let me look it up for a mom.

be4eae No.533011


Don't buy sharp chinesium clips? It's winter anyway, so just pick up some surplus leather gloves from where is the liquor.

1e38c4 No.533014


why the fuck is strelok the name on every post here?

301fc6 No.533017

File: 37f65f40479a3f8⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1186x2062, 593:1031, stalker_baggings.png)


We are all Streloks here. I'm Strelok. You're Strelok.

176faa No.533134

What are some decent uppers that will fit into an Ares SCR lower?

1ba032 No.533145


i didn't realize it was summer already.

f493e4 No.533154

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

eff62c No.533165

File: e5e68dceec4b89d⋯.jpg (21.96 KB, 215x99, 215:99, 12423423432.jpg)

d942d8 No.533174

File: 8bb5eec8b76f7e6⋯.jpg (191.06 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, who the fuck is strielok.jpg)

025926 No.533185


That lower that's non-evil looking? According to the product description, everything but a BCG and charging handle works. Watch PSA for uppers with no BCG or CH on sale.

Only one they have on sale and in-stock right now is this (which is fine if you want a hunting rifle and can stomach keymod, but bad for defense in the land of the unfree), but their sales change daily.


5735e5 No.533268

File: 3760f874c088f39⋯.webm (9.06 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, golden ratio.webm)

How would someone who has never touched a radio transmitter in his life set up a basic, cheap, reliable, and possibly portable radio set up?

What would I need to look for in a milsurp shop?

73a547 No.533276


Go to the most diverse military base and take a radio.

04a7eb No.533282

How are Brownell's A1/A2 rifle barrels? ( https://www.brownells.com/rifle-parts/barrel-parts/rifle-barrels/ar-15-20-a2-rifle-barrel-1-7-twist-assembly-sku100021650-99226-172501.aspx )

Is it worth saving $50 over the bare FN barrels, or is FN high enough quality to make it a stupid question?

f493e4 No.533284


They're good enough.


Find a local amateur radio group. They'd be able to tell you provided you aren't obvious on what you're doing. Pretend to be stupid and interested in radio stuff.

aae6c1 No.533295


The only thing you're going to do for 'cheap' is to get a piece-of-shit Chinese VHF/UHF handheld. You won't be able to able to transmit beyond a couple of miles, but it's good for learning, fucking around, and eavesdropping on local repeaters.

The next best option would be to get a 'mobile' format transceiver and stick it in your car. That will get you a range usable for more than line-of-sight, but you'd be spending $300+ for the radio, plus accouterments.

And get your HAM license.

<but then the FCC will know where I live

The Fed already knows where you live. The point of getting licensed is to ensure that you know what you're doing and to keep idiots from shitting up the bands.

122625 No.533301

How do I hide guns from parents coming over to visit? I don't want to end up dealing with a week's worth of "Why did you spend money on more guns? You already have a pistol and a rifle. That's enough. Are you trying to create an armory? You could've used that money for your house instead."

aae6c1 No.533324


Tell your parents that it's your money, your life, that you don't have to justify shit to them, and that if they can't abide by that then they can fuck off.

5735e5 No.533331

File: 80351ff0d7141ca⋯.jpg (18.43 KB, 269x187, 269:187, IMG_0442.JPG)



Noted, thanks for the tips.

e5b3a5 No.533343

Stupid question, would putting a dessicant packet or 2 in a gasmask while wearing it do anything whatsoever to help the fogging?

f493e4 No.533345


Find an Anti-fogging agent.

1fe522 No.533361


>How would someone who has never touched a radio transmitter in his life set up a basic, cheap, reliable, and possibly portable radio set up?

1. Buy Soldering kit (preferably a solder substation)

2. Buy cheap DIY radio kit on Amazon or if you're a fudd who likes overpriced garbage, from Radioshack

3. Build

be4eae No.533372


Just buy a couple mid-price Baofeng radios.

28e76c No.533379


I mean, can't you hide them under your bed or something? In the underwear drawer?

I can't help you much without knowing why you need/want our handholding over this.

1fe522 No.533389


>Why doesn't this work on soft bread?

Soft bread has a shit ton of moisture in it naturally created from the protein structures of the egg (or whatever protein gel they used in it) used in cooking it. Soft bread is kinda like an aerogel in that after you've removed the moisture to preserve it, you can't just add it back in without fucking up this structure. This is why it becomes slimy or falls apart or becomes dry lumps. There are still tiny pockets of yeast that didn't get killed in bread, and bread is a breeding ground for the more dangerous bacteria, so it's hard to preserve "soft bread" in such a way that it doesn't become shit, since it was never meant to be preserved in the first place. Noodles benefit from being dense, small enough in surface area that you can easily dry them out or just seal them up, and typically they don't contain these bacterial breeding ground protein structures.

As an old middle school cellular biology science experiment, you can take a potato cube cut to 1x1 centimeters, 1x1 inches, and 4x4 inches, and put them all on a plate with a thin layer of blue food coloring or in a water glass with blue food coloring in it, and then cut the potato in half to see how deep the food coloring soaked in as a physical example of what I'm talking about with preservation methods being harder for soft bread.

025926 No.533400

File: c23cb3d9fd3f90d⋯.png (811.17 KB, 639x850, 639:850, shenmue_3_ryo.png)


I see…

a1fa41 No.533687



But is it a feasible means of self defence?

28c0d7 No.533710


Add a laser and I don't see why not. You could act like you're putting it down slowly while lining up the shot

73825d No.533892

File: 6e65ce9b18249a6⋯.jpg (144.43 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, IShitYouNot.jpg)

Disabled vet here. Fucked my knee up doing submarine shit, and butchery surgery only made it worse. Doc said it was plica syndrome, but I don't trust him in the slightest after how absolutely terribly my recovery went.

At this point, I can walk unassisted for moderate amounts of time, but anything longer than a few hours needs me to grab a cane. Any sustained running is out of the question. Tried braces, painkillers, and over a year of physical therapy to try to fix it, but nothing did jack shit.

So, with that in mind, if SHTF were to happen in the near future, are there certain strategies someone like me could implement to have a snowball's chance in hell at surviving, or am I just kinda fucked?

pic related is an actual sign we had to put up

28c0d7 No.534003

My first SKS is arriving this week, do any streloks have tips on cleaning the cosmoline out of the wood? I know heat gun + mineral spirits are a good option, but I don't think I can just dunk the stock in MS. I'm assuming I will also have to redo the finish, and Boiled linseed oil looks like the best bet. Is there anything else I should consider?

73a547 No.534008


Why remove it in the first place?

28c0d7 No.534011


I thought the process of removing the cosmoline would wear it out/ruin it. Have I been misinformed?

b4871a No.534032



Amber shellac is the original coating used on russian skssessess. Feet that if yours is russian. What kind do you have?

28c0d7 No.534035


one of these: https://www.classicfirearms.com/yugo-sks-semi-auto-762-39-original-condition-pti

I think I remember reading that Yugos just had an "oil" finish.

3c22da No.534079

File: 5afe888eae20aa9⋯.jpg (65.12 KB, 520x390, 4:3, 873e26df2a4f89b13abd0e9616….jpg)

I'm pretty fed up with the pistol caliber argument and i'm starting to think that 22lr is the way to go for an EDC/CCW. A vital shot will incapacitate or kill no matter what the caliber and I don't want to walk around with a 6 shot hand cannon, so I might as well go as small as possible with all the benefits of a high capacity laser gun. Whats are some good pistols that falls within this criteria?

Prioritize spook Aesthetics.

28c0d7 No.534111


But can you hit a fist size target (heart) or smaller (eyes/top of the skull) under stress? 100% of the time? Because if you don't that .22lr isn't going to magically drop Tyrone. Hell, with enough adrenaline/crack in his system Jamal might close the distance and fuck you up anyway.

Seriously dude if you can't handle and make do with a compact 9mm you might as well bend over.

3c22da No.534134


Unless I get attacked from behind i'm confident in my ability to hit a heart or head sized target that is closing in on me. Relying on a larger caliber simply because of stress levels or shit aim is a lame excuse for being too much of a pussy to handle YOUR own adrenaline levels.

64ef4b No.534167


> 22lr is the way to go for an EDC/CCW


> A vital shot will incapacitate or kill no matter what the calibe

are you confident enough in your shooting skills to bet your life on being able to score a vitals hit with a smaller bullet?


alright rambo. i think im just oging to stick with the round that can kill a bear anyway.

14ae14 No.534171


5.7 for wound vectors and shit and whatever the fuck it is. keltec pmr 30 chambered in 22 mag which is the same as regular lead core 5.7 but for faggots not traveling through WE WUZ KANGZ space gates good luck getting through a full 30 round mag without jamming or getting KANG genetics in you

3c22da No.534181


Yes? I'm not trying to blow a hole through thick fur and skull. Yes i'm confident enough to put one in the groin, then one to the head from a target distance of 10m or less. It's like none of you have experience with marksmanship. I could throw a rock and hit a head sized target at 10m. What makes you think it's harder to do that with a device that slings metal faster than you can perceive with pin point accuracy at 10m or less? You don't have to be rambo to have good hand eye coordination.


I would use something like this as a car gun, or if I had a reason to put on a trench coat.

759bb8 No.534313

I'm well on my way to building my first ar. I have my router, tooling, 80%lower, and jig. I'm looking for a complete upper with a price that is not kiked. The problem that I'm running into is that I live in faggot ass Maryland and need an HBAR and no bayonet lug. Any fine streloks know of any companies you could point me to? Having trouble finding anything sub 500 dollars.

4a6fe0 No.534319


Palmetto has some daily deals right now …

palmettostatearmory (com) /index.php/daily-deals-new.html

poodle shooter pistol, sub-two hundred. .308 (won't fit your lower unless you're building a .308) sub $400 by a dollar. Man am I tempted by that.

JSE has a 6.8SPC for about $425 http://archive.is/8jkmR

Of course, with my 80%, I built everything from scratch. I think my first AR was closer to $400 for the whole gun, including a magazine. Most of the parts I got from Bear Creek Arsenal. Here's a grendel upper for less than $350

www.bearcreekarsenal (com) /upper-assemblies/bca-ar-15-complete-upper-assembly-20-416r-stainless-steel-heavy-barrel-1-8-twist-6-5-grendel-type-ii-15-lightweight-keymod-ua6-5rhb2018-ss-15-lwkm

uhh, it seems most of the specs are there in the URL. Have fun building, strelok! Check the gundeals reddit, and wikiarms to find new companies. Like white river armory

www whiteriverarmory (com) – never done business with them, but they have reasonable looking deals.

1ba032 No.534325


have fun getting raped by jamal

3c22da No.534344

File: 161b28eb404cfb7⋯.jpg (11.09 KB, 255x154, 255:154, knife dick.jpg)


Speaking from experience? I didn't realize we had so many prolapsed anuses on /k/.

Here, this is especially for you. I'm sure you can figure out which end goes where.

be4eae No.534518

Does anyone know of a .22 tube fed with a loading gate? I like the model 12 and 62, but stuffing the front gets annoying.

9c102c No.534588

Winter is getting pretty unpleasant here, and I'm going to need gloves.

Does anyone have any recommendations for gloves that are insulated but will still allow me to shoot good?

be4eae No.534595


Heated glove liners? I want to build some of my own from these carbon strips http://www.carbonheater.us/. A pair of those, and Ger surplus leather gloves sounds nice. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Gerbings-Heated-Clothing-Gloves-Liner-12V-Power-Size-Unisex-Black-Size-2XS/292332299380?hash=item44105ce474:g:MvMAAOSwAFNZlzHk

9c102c No.534601


I wasn't thinking heated gloves, just ones that are insulated to keep out the cold, but flexible enough so that I can still draw and shoot well.

665d30 No.534606


An extreme option you could take is to rent a storage unit during your time at sea.

665d30 No.534610


I can only assume it's because it has a comfy mix between southern, midwestern, and mountain people culture.

1fe522 No.534615

File: edffe32999f15eb⋯.png (1.27 MB, 1500x1500, 1:1, isotoner_mens_nylon_matrix.png)

File: 362eeede4d92402⋯.jpg (148.63 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, Head_Runner_gloves.jpg)

File: 14aaf2f791d7496⋯.png (940.74 KB, 1728x2000, 108:125, nike_thermafit_elite_runne….png)



Nike brand or Head brand runner's gloves are the perfect shoot shit glove, and just stick a hot hands packet in your palm if it's below about 15 degrees Fahrenheit. Nike is a better brand all around for these sort of gloves, but Head is a cheaper knockoff with slightly less cold protection. Alternatively if you want more medium-style "driving gloves" that will have you fumbling a handgun but will work alright for a rifle or shotgun and provide more warmth up to about -5 degrees Fahrenheit for multiple hours, look at isotoner men's driving nylon matrix gloves ( and throw in some hot hands to provide protection up to about -10ish Fahrenheit. Isotoner is a women's gloves company, but they're legit, read not fru fru bullshit, and they make some men's gloves as well. If the isotoner gloves get wet, they'll dry out if left under a heater vent for about an hour with only mild cracking. All of the gloves I've mentioned will run you for around $25 or less out west, so expect to pay about $10 more if you're Eastern city folk. As an added bonus, all of these gloves are touchscreen compatible. If these gloves aren't enough, a pair of $5 knit gloves can be worn over them for extra warmth with only mild seam-busting on the knit gloves, and just be taken off when shooting. If you need more protection than those isotoner gloves though, you are probably gonna have to settle for fumbling in heavy gloves or paying $50+ for nice leather gloves, anon.

Sauce: Former cart pusher who worked in -20 degree weather last winter with very few chances to go inside. As long as I kept them dry, all three of these brands did their job for about 2-3 hours before I'd need to go inside to warm up my hands.

1fe522 No.534617

File: 0d5387e2f574b5c⋯.jpg (280.47 KB, 1400x1000, 7:5, 0d5387e2f574b5c6e74631a659….jpg)


Oh since I'm here anyways, have an update:

Imouto is fucking a nigger to spite me as of this week, so I've opted to just rent an extra small storage unit, and stick all my funs and important documents in a safe well safes, keeping important documents separate from funs there while I'm in the Navy. Yes, I'm pissed, no, it's not worth flipping shit over any more. She's just gonna get disowned along with the rest of them.

6330b6 No.534618


We're still your family Strelok, keep strong.

8b31d2 No.534619

File: f28f4d507bb0c6e⋯.jpeg (42.01 KB, 439x319, 439:319, 27058750-DB04-44C0-A0C5-D….jpeg)

Wanting to know what /k/ thinks of the Bullpup 9. Do you think the potential reliability issues have been solved and are bullpup pistols a viable option for the future? This gun is tiny and easy to hide, is that worth any downsides to the design? I need an honest and professional opinion on this. Thanks.

9c102c No.534625


It has a tendency to pull bullets out of their cases if they're not strongly crimped. Basically that means that it's picky about ammunition, and doesn't like the cheap stuff.

It's an interesting idea, but I don't think that it's going to have much widespread adoption.

04a7eb No.534631


Seconding >>534625

The magazine is its weakest point, as the lack of a follower leads to increased friction against the bullet during the cycling of the action and sometimes results in a poorly-crimped round causing a malfunction and dumping powder all over.

It would be fantastic in a bottlenecked cartridge and/or if they fitted a follower into the magazine.

43686e No.534813

Can my autism be used as a weapon?

1ba032 No.534814


if it's strong enough comrade.

03533a No.534833


The definition of a bullpup is that the action (chamber) is behind the trigger. Most automatic handguns are bullpups, since the action is behind the trigger. Only handguns like the broomhandle and some revolvers aren't bullpups.

Can't for the life of me figure out the point of that design.

04a7eb No.534844

File: 820149c60fde7e5⋯.jpg (70.36 KB, 1200x648, 50:27, Boberg-Pistols-2.jpg)


>The definition of a bullpup is that the action (chamber) is behind the trigger. Most automatic handguns are bullpups, since the action is behind the trigger.

The action may be behind the trigger, but the chamber is very typically placed above the trigger due to both the locking system, if applicable, and the fact that it's just easier to load rounds directly into the barrel.

>Can't for the life of me figure out the point of that design.

The Boberg was intended to have the longest barrel possible for as small as they could make the gun. So it has an external hammer and the chamber is placed directly above the magazine.

Unless you're exaggerating I think you might be retarded.

03533a No.534846


Yeah but at most it looks like it's adding an inch, inch and a half. Wouldn't it be simpler to just keep the reliable design, and add a few extra grains of powder in the casing?

Not that velocity of handgun cartridges even matters that much…


Them's fighting words, shitface niggerfucker quadfaggot.

04a7eb No.534847


>Yeah but at most it looks like it's adding an inch, inch and a half.

Bam, you found the entire point of the design.

A winner is you.

Wouldn't it be simpler to just keep the reliable design, and add a few extra grains of powder in the casing?

It would be simpler, but you have to innovate to stay afloat.

But the Boberg is expensive and shit so nobody bought it.

>Not that velocity of handgun cartridges even matters that much…

You're entering dangerous territory, retard.

4eed0b No.534857

File: 681adf433d1a53e⋯.jpg (131.71 KB, 664x1000, 83:125, 681adf433d1a53e914eb1aa730….jpg)

Where can I get a STALKER jacket for Christmas?

My mother want to make it a gift for me but I don't want her get jew'd by etsy, paying 60 bucks plus 25 in delivery:


I found this website too but since it's ukrainian, I don't want her to be scammed:


Do you know where I can get on of theses outfits?

pic not related.

70d1c6 No.534874

Would it be retarded to attach a suppressor to a machine gun/squad assault weapon and feed it with subsonic ammunition?

e7d8d9 No.534875


No, SEALs do it.

In fact, it's better to outfit the whole squad with suppressor, there's no downside.

be4eae No.534876

File: 446f38b48cefb3d⋯.png (19.11 KB, 570x510, 19:17, stalgger coat.png)


Seems like a good price

08a678 No.534882

File: c515e65c0212b61⋯.png (867.32 KB, 720x540, 4:3, UFEt80z.png)

not strictly /k/ related but i know one of you has this, because russia and industrial shit.

i'm looking for that greentext about some russian cult worshiping gadget hackwrench, with welders praying to icons of her while their rigs heat up or something like that.

5bf3ec No.534883


In Historia Herodotus actually went to Ethiopia and didn't just have people tell him stories about it. He described the people as being incredibly moral compared to other black africans. They were tall, had strong laws that were enforced, were educated, and considered the only non-savage black africans.

Granted a lot of what Herodotus wrote about giant fire breathing ants and the like was just secondhand bullshit he heard from (((merchants))) but this section has an air of legitimacy due to his claim he had personally been their and his analysis of their culture and customs.

4eed0b No.534884


Already checked the price in euros (about 46), I don't really know if the site is reliable tho so I was wondering if there is another store that sell that kind of goods for a fair price without giving all my shekels in transit.

506b30 No.534964

Is there any footage of clint eastwood shooting a gun in real life? He talks a lot about his pro gun stance but ive never seen him actually shoot one. Keanu reeves on the other hand has had a couple vids online

8b044b No.534970

File: 4821165afa0047d⋯.png (93 KB, 275x200, 11:8, 4821165afa0047df24e7080f04….png)

40c824 No.534990


>Pro gun stance

>Pro gun



>Pro DEER gun stance

Ftfy. Check out his interview with rollingstones magazine I believe either way it's not hard to find no this interview took place quite a while after the Clinton ban fucked off and AR15 was already the cool every guy (has two or three) gun it is today

506b30 No.534991


can't find what interview your talking about but I'm assuming your saying he only thinks hunting rifles should be allowed

6f1d01 No.535020

File: bee47eeee5a9e6e⋯.jpg (9.41 KB, 236x214, 118:107, Untitled.jpg)

Is it feasible or even possible to make your own set of NV goggles? If so, how much is it gonna hurt my pocket?

28c0d7 No.535021

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


no idea about goggles but you can take the IR filter out of a digital camera and it'll see in the dark pretty well.

3c22da No.535184

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

03e92c No.535186


Try taking MSM and glutamine twice a day for a month.

If you don't see any improvements during that month, don't bother.

Someone always needs to guard the women when the scouts are out.


>Being bread, it still has to have some levity

If you add cellulouse to the mix you can get bread that's extremely springy when baked dry.

de0e3f No.535189

File: be18af5bfe55b3a⋯.jpeg (87.9 KB, 960x271, 960:271, artillery_carbine.jpeg)

Aside from the original 577/450, what rimmed, large bore cartridges would be fun to put in a hypothetical new production Martini rifle?

Old rimmed rifle cartridges? (.303 Brit, 7.64x54R, .45-70 Govt, .30-40 Krag, et al)

Modern supermagnum revolver cartridges? (.460 S&W Magnum, .44 SuperMag, et al)

Some Fudd/Wildcat Blackpowder / Nitro Express cartridge I'm not aware of?

And on a similar topic, is there anything you can put into a smokeless powder cartridge to get black powder levels of voluminous white smoke without the fouling?

c1e555 No.535190

File: 32ab33f49d2a0fc⋯.jpg (23.42 KB, 581x640, 581:640, samfisher.jpg)


Upside to using CCD cameras over Image intensifier tubes.

>Cheap as shit to build your own set

>Uses off the shelf components

>Fun little toy.

Down side.

>You're a slave to the refresh rate of the camera and the monitor.

>IR LEDs are a necessity and will glow a dim red color that can potentially give away your position.

One of these days, I'm gonna get a set of PVS-14s just so I can dick around innawoods like a true solid snake/sam fisher operator.

1fe522 No.535193

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Ah, missed this one. What's your range of motion that you can bend to without the pain becoming too intense, and what's your weight/height? I'm gonna address this as a /fit/izen, so just keep in mind I'm not a doctor, but you're probably long past that point anyways. My knees almost went to shit when I was a fatty, and I could feel it when I was working outdoors on them daily, so I understand the suffering that comes with joint pain.

If you can bend into a deep squat while holding on to the edge of a bed or countertop, then do those three times per day and aim for 30 seconds each time while adding 10% to your time every week. If you can't perform a deep squat without the pain becoming excruciating, then get resistance bands and wrap them around your feet/shoulders, then perform resistance squats with the bands until you reach the point where you can do a deep squat with only mild pain. If you can't do it for 30 seconds, just hold out as long as possible before coming back up and increase by 10% every week. ONLY increase by 10% every week, and if it becomes painful, deload by 25% and start working back up again. Additionally do heel raises/calf raises daily. If you can do them without anything straining/hurting, add dumbbell weights to your hands and keep doing them. Additionally if you can, do farmer's walks to build joint density and muscle density to help yourself out, but keep them light until you find what you're comfortable with. You need to redirect the pressure into the balls of your feet instead of the heels while walking normally and running sort of like a two-legged cloved cryptid or the raptors in Jurassic park movies with that sort of "spring" in your knee. Watch this video at 0.25 speed to see what I'm saying. This will not only help with joint density in the knee, but changing your gait will take the pressure off of your sensitive parts. It feels weird and looks weird at first walking/running on the balls of your feet, but this is how professional runners run in order to NOT destroy their knees, and it's the exact opposite of everything the military has taught you about running. Footstrike and cadence are key. In the mean time, get access to a pool, and try to swim 3x/week focusing on swimming forms that involve a lot of leg movement like freestyle or breast stroke, and focus on leg movement. If swimming is painful, then you have a muscle issue and there's not much I can suggest for you. Since it's military-related though, I'm guessing it's a cartilage issue and this will help immensely. If it is a cartilage/joint issue, then consider buying one of these and using it daily while trying NOT to hold onto the handlebars (use loctite on the screws), as it will help with cartilage/joint density and relieve some of the soreness: https://www.amazon.com/Sunny-Health-Fitness-Crazy-Massager/dp/B0016BPJEY

Assuming it's joint related and not muscle related, then follow >>535186 more or less. Actually, a full list of supps to try taking to help your joints would be:



>Glucosamine/Chondroitin (drink a bottle of "joint juice" which you can get for maybe $0.50-$0.75 per bottle from Sam's Club/Costco)

>Fish Oil (absorption rate doesn't matter, just the amount. Higher is better, but find a cost-effective solution. Freeze them if you get fishy burps from taking them.)

>Vitamin E

>Vitamin D (also included in joint juice)


>Hemp Hearts (1/4th cup) or Chia Seeds (2 Tablespoons)

Alternatively I think Vostok makes a relatively cheap supp with MSM/Glucosamine/Chondroitin all mixed together with some other BS. Just make sure to take it like creatine and get some sugar from milk or juice with it to help with absorption if you go the pill route. As a side note, only introduce one supp per week with a standard routine (one week without supps as the control) to see what helps and what doesn't supp-wise. Everyone's different- I don't get any benefit from taking MSM or lots of vitamin D from personal experience, but I get some benefits when I take calcium gummies and my joints definitely hate me less when taking fish oil.

Fitness advice and hippy bullshit aside, your best bet in SHTF scenarios would be to either act as an invalid for the shitty government (if this is an option), hole up in your house, or try to be a mentor for some other group of folks. There's ways to be useful that are non-physical, and at least in the short-term if you can be transported in a car or sit in a base of operations doing tasks around base, you should be able to manage one way or another.

04a7eb No.535194


There are .303 British Martini Henry rifles, made as a transitional piece.

I'm not entirely sure what the action would take, but chambering it in modern revolver cartridges would be a great start alongside the obligatory .45-70 Gov't.

025926 No.535202

Do we know what the 2018 changes to MREs are yet?

d942d8 No.535203


If .45-100 worked it might be fun, albeit pointless and stupid.

>is there anything you can put into a smokeless powder cartridge to get black powder levels of voluminous white smoke without the fouling?

Some black powder substitutes like Triple Seven are supposed to be easier to clean.

3c22da No.535307


Pizza MRE.

55313c No.535325


Haven't they been delaying that item since the 80s? Who knows if it's even anything like a pizza now, could be a tortilla with plastic cheese and ketchup sprayed lightly on it.

b44755 No.535346

Is Maine a good state when it comes to owning guns? From what I have seen so far, it seems like a great state for innawoods /k/ommandos.

3c22da No.535367

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


This is what i'm referring to. I didn't check the publication date, so I assumed by their style of ACU that it was more recent. I could be wrong, but with how long it takes for the army to issue shit I wouldn't doubt it.

3c22da No.535369

File: ad36ee5e35e082d⋯.png (58.53 KB, 252x221, 252:221, ad36ee5e35e082da68eb418302….png)


Fuck, my eye sight is fading. I glanced over their uniforms and thought they were OCP.

88cf2a No.535396

File: aa405c23d77c180⋯.jpeg (60.26 KB, 640x427, 640:427, idonteven.jpeg)

>What the fuck is this thing?

>Why don't you own an anti-materiel rifle?

025926 No.535401

Has there been any recorded instances of non-State forces (terrorists, criminal gangs, ect.) having armed aircraft that weren't freshly seized from a state?

73825d No.535407

File: 90b9ad7f8be8a02⋯.png (112.41 KB, 289x292, 289:292, ClipboardImage.png)


(same as 73825d)

Truly awestruck that someone took the time to effortpost on my behalf. Thank you so so much.

Anyway, I'm about 6'2", 210lbs. Not quite /fit/ but not a land whale either. Range of motion is maybe 98%; I only get any noticeable pain at full flexion. If I grab my lower leg and pull it back further than that, I get some really gnarly sounding popping and clicking. I did that one night after a really rough day at work and felt what I'm pretty sure was my entire tibia shifting accompanied by a gut-wrenching snapping sound. I'm fairly sure it is joint related since my MRI showed some cartilage loss and I have a family history of osteoarthritis.

Forgot to mention there was also a cortisone injection after the surgery. And guess what, it didn't do a damn thing.

At any rate, I'll give all of that a try and report back. Thanks again.

2b77ae No.535418

I know how to clean cosmoline off of a mosin but could someone go over the ways to remove it so that I can be sure?

ed7dc5 No.535460

1ba032 No.535464


mineral spirits what i've generally seen. though don't fuck with the stock with the. best i've seen for the stock is to place outside on a hot day or something similar. I still get cosmoline if i shoot mine for a bit since it gets toasty.

c3d7a5 No.535532


wrapping it in paper towels and putting it in a hot car works the smell will not leave your car but even then you'll still get some when you go shooting

d68798 No.535537

Looking for some kydex holsters for my CZ SP-01 with a TLR-2HL, both IWB and OWB. Anyone have experience with Black Rhino Concealment or JM Custom products?

4a6fe0 No.535568

File: 2b3a01b0af0b839⋯.jpg (21.39 KB, 500x332, 125:83, DSUvOae.jpg)


>an anti-materiel rifle?

Or at least an anti-materiel pistol (although somebody builds an AK in 50BMG, although aside from the characteristic safety lever, it doesn't look anything like an AK)

025926 No.535602

Who employed the guards (FBI, Army ect) in the FDR camps?

28c0d7 No.535604

File: 346e06eef306950⋯.jpg (56.03 KB, 780x796, 195:199, Eye_08f2aa_5407299.jpg)


>This gun was specifically designed to break your hands

009286 No.535627





56c63a No.535630


> FDR camps?

What is FDR?

3d73da No.535631


Presumably he's referring to Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the Japanese Internment Camps during WWII.

56c63a No.535635


Thank you mate for answered my question. Do you think every children should receive the gun lessons at their school?

8b044b No.535644


And german, and italian.

Old story from some of my old stomping grounds, there was a camp for Germans/German-Americans outside of Crossville, Tennessee. A german-speaking prisoner escaped one day, and ended up drinking from the well of an old mountain woman. She challenged him, and ended up shooting him. When the federals tracked this down one showed up to congratulate the woman on having saved amurrica. When told that she had shot a german she was very apologetic and reportedly said 'I'm so sorry, I thought he was a yankee!

e6c090 No.535662

I am depressed but own a gun, if I admit it to the doctor will they take my gun away from me? NC is the state.

7505d7 No.535713


no. nor will it affect you buying a gun in the future.

1ba032 No.535725


i've seen that too. when i got my raifu it'd already been cleaned for the most part by the local store i got it from so I didn't have to deal with it that much.

4a6fe0 No.535726


>(FBI, Army ect)



It's an abbreviation (why is that such a long word?) for 'et cetera' which, as everyone who has a college degree knows, is best translated to modern English as "and so on…"

It's Etc. Not Ect. It is not eclectic, Ecu-Tastical, Eco-Terrible, or any variation thereof. It's Et Cetera. Etc. Learn it, Love it, Type it.


Speaking of college degrees, are you old enough to be here?


>Franklin Delano Roosevelt

That's {former} president * FDR, thank you.

*Somebody told me, that "former" is actually an American-Media affectation; when former-presidents are introduced in foreign lands, they're given the title 'president'. Once elected, always president, I guess.


I don't know what you're asking so I'm going to have to google those names, now.

4a6fe0 No.535728

File: 52e562c207678fb⋯.jpg (24.39 KB, 700x464, 175:116, AK50.jpg)





No, .50BMG

e6c090 No.535730



1ba032 No.535735


Unless i'm mistaken you're in the clear unless you're admitted to a looney bin. However, unless you're telling him you're going to kill yourself or someone else then you don't have any risk of that.

009286 No.535750

File: c9c9db307404f36⋯.jpg (28.68 KB, 548x361, 548:361, image018.jpg)


That looks fucking weird and uworkable. Is it a real gun or just a design?

80.002 has a ten shot slim form factor 12.7mm grenade launcher in the stock. Pic related, its for indirect fire, kind of like a M203 but smaller and lighter. It has an effective range of 600m.

a110f5 No.535752


>Czechs 23%

>Highest divorce rate in Europe at around 63%

What's going on, big guy?

4a6fe0 No.535755


> Is it a real gun or just a design?

look up Brandon Herrera (on youtube), since "theAKguy" 's FB account went away…

It started as a project, but it's been built and fired.

b5489a No.535784


A great source is Iraq Vet 8888 on YT. The vids in question may be 8 years old, but theyre what you need.

4a6fe0 No.535808

So, on another forum somebody bumped an old thread about building an 80%, that mentioned an article from 3/17 about a bill trying to declare ghost guns as guns … and I didn't even look at a date anywhere I just wrote to my local congress critter, mentioned the HR bill and launched into how dumb declaring parts kits as guns was because you'd have to outlaw rocks and sticks too oh by the way if you repealed NFA&GCA the ATF could go actual people who are trying to be criminals instead of pushing pencils.

Then I went back to see how recent the bill was. Yeah, nearly a year old, died long ago by now.

My question: did I make things worse by looking like a knee-jerk gun-nut, or better because her office is probably used to people knee-jerking on year-old data in this day of the internet, or could I best hope that they'll all roll their eyes and nothing will change at all?

I'm hoping the latter but y'know. I think I screwed up.

29d66d No.535818

File: 67bf400a0c9be35⋯.png (51.45 KB, 218x216, 109:108, cfrm_patch_logo.png)



All the militias in Colorado are either paranoid or uptight fudds with more restrictions than an ITAR-compliant company. Shit, take a look at: coloradofrontrangemilitia.com/join

Personally I wouldn't recommend joining a militia unless some of the members are family members or a close friend invites you. Just stick to family and friends and maybe have meetings once or twice a month. Militias are just a money-sink to go hang out with a bunch of obese 30-something year old fudds who don't even respect SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.

29d66d No.535819


Chances are they didn't even read it, and they just have a machine (or an intern) who skims it for buzzwords before sending an automatic copy-pasted reply back pertaining to whatever buzzwords were mentioned. That's how my congressmen do it anyways.

t. Friend of someone who works on various campaigns.

f51650 No.535849

File: 268f4fa31d74ba5⋯.jpg (9.62 KB, 184x184, 1:1, 18256b5165a6822b7077b133fe….jpg)

File: 819f7b861d61e47⋯.jpg (41.64 KB, 600x528, 25:22, 23feb244a4539694e5af854c54….jpg)


>tfw Michigander

"According to a report released by the Southern Poverty Law Center this spring, there were more than 500 so-called Patriot groups—including fringe groups on the right armed and otherwise—active in the United States in 2009, 47 of which were located in Michigan—making the state second only to Texas, which had 52 groups. (The population of Texas is nearly three times larger.) SPLC counted 11 different militias, a subset of the “Patriot” groups that are armed, active in Michigan, including the Hutaree."

ab9393 No.535851


And all 47 of them are FBI honeypots.

f51650 No.535856


Didn't know my friends are FBI agents, guess you learn something new every day.

025926 No.535872

Who makes a good rigger's belt?

bfe453 No.535950

File: 8a5639c16fa8818⋯.png (386.58 KB, 595x841, 595:841, Christmas Cake.png)

Any recommendations for a snub noise .38 revolver in the $300 price range? I looked into the Rock Island M206, but every other review I see of them mentions something about having to send it back due to manufacturing defects.

8b044b No.536031


Save a few dollars more and get a used Model 36/60. I see good, no-dash and pre-lock models for the $325-375 range decently often in my locale, and it will serve you much better than rolling the dice on a Taurus or Charter arms.

7471b2 No.536266

State of Jefferson when

0bc12c No.536268


When you create the world you want to have.

14ae14 No.536292


When gestapo steve jobs starts oppreshuning the poor niggers and anchor babies causing CALEXIT the comic™ to happen. Then just start blasting shit that has a disproportionate level of soy to meat ratio.

07dc05 No.536334

File: 7484ac5fa0be17c⋯.gif (6.59 MB, 640x480, 4:3, edc8cf4b6b4db9d25b0ad6c482….gif)

Why can't the U.S. just set up a bunch of anti-ballistic missiles and shoot any nork nuke our of the air?

eee8ce No.536337


They probably have enough of them to do it, but letting the American people know that would kill mockingbird's fearmongering horseshit

453317 No.536340

File: 0082eb7218f8459⋯.jpg (100.01 KB, 703x1024, 703:1024, 8c001f69f27602f6184797b52b….jpg)



The norks have also issued a no first use policy, their nukes are supposed to be a repellent so they won't have to mobilize their army every harvesting season when the US conveniently holds joint training maneuvers with the south. On secondary basis they're also supposed to keep china from dropping their alliance or thinking about possible aggressions against them.

But to get back to the question, how effectiv are anti-ballistic missle systems against ICBMs anyway? I mean you can certainly shoot some tomahawk missle out of the air, but an ICBM, let alone a few hundred?

29d66d No.536342



The USA (up until Trump, but honestly even he's following the pattern for the most part) has had a very specific sort of relationship with the Norks. We're not worried about North Korea insomuch as we'd curbstomp them if they tried shit (as would the Chinks). We're worried about South Korea who has put all their major population centers along the North Korean border. With the exception of Kim Jong-Un, the North Koreans possessed a semblance of intelligence. Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-Il were keen on keeping a relatively low profile in the international community and seeming like the "moderates" in the North Korean community as compared to the military. They were tyrants and massive faggots, sure, but Un's predecessors were also smart and understood the importance of international trade and not pushing their shit around unless absolutely necessary. They know the only card they have on the table is that they can absolutely decimate South Korea with their artillery before the Japs, Chinks, or Americans can even get into position, and they can move their artillery with relative ease as compared to their missile systems. They use this trump card knowing it'll be their last if they ever actually use it, and at least his predecessors mostly used it for free gibs rather than anything else. Kim Jong-Un is a dumbass who doesn't understand this/was indoctrinated (or rather was spoiled) by his father into thinking he's hot shit. He's 10x crazier and a quarter as intelligent as his predecessors, which doesn't help when the current US president doesn't give a shit about foreign nations unless he's using them for business deals. Norks want nukes because after they artillery the fuck out of South Korea, they have approximately 1-2 months to take over all of South Korea before China, Japan, and the US fucks their shit up trying to grab land.

Long story short, if the US tries to build anti-ballistic missiles/anti-missile setups near the Norks to shoot their nukes out of the air, the Norks will freak the fuck out that they can't use nukes as a deterrent, and they'll likely consider it as a good enough excuse to bring their trump card (artillery) to the table. Trump would (very likely) be such a anarchistic faggot (not that the spineless faggot was much better) that he'd tell them to get #rekt leading to full-on war with the Norks. Even Trump doesn't want the Norks to be at war with America since it could get China involved, he's just dick waving with them. In the long run, it's better to just continue to sabotage the Norks' missile systems and convince the Japs to build up their military than it is to directly confront them and put them in a corner where they might lash out and harm one of our trading partners. They're manageable as a threat.

29d66d No.536343



That's Narcissistic, what the fuck? Is this a word filter?

10b084 No.536345

File: f63ad199146c2f6⋯.jpg (166.19 KB, 880x660, 4:3, Speer Lawman boolets.jpg)

I shoot USPSA and I finally have a job so I decided to upgrade from tulammo to Speer Lawman 9mm

I ran about 2500 rounds of tulammo with 1 FTE, 500 rounds of freedom munitions with no issue, and 200 assorted hollowpoints with no issue in my CZ-75b

WIll there be any issues running Speer lawman 115 grain? Is it hotter or anyone have any issues?

Also I saw PPU 9x19 NATO 124 grn ammo could be had for like $180 a case is that decent ammo ?

8b044b No.536362


Speer lawman is still good, but not quite as consistent as it used to be and pretty dirty now, not so much the powder fouling but the casings and bullets themselves are filthy out of the box. The PPU is pretty good stuff, and I'm probably pick that over Lawman if I was ordering right now, especially since in my experience CZ's love NATO spec ammo.

5e6af3 No.536386


you're an idiot lemming who has not the slightest clue how the people in charge think. no wonder you'll be a wageslave for the rest of your life, writing idiotic internet rants.

20c8dc No.536408

File: 6e7081654caaec1⋯.jpg (14.68 KB, 225x253, 225:253, not an argument.jpg)


>Replied to someone with nothing but ad hominems.

Consider the following picture:

004cc6 No.536423

I'm looking at getting a M1A and was wondering if synthetic stocks are at all suited for a combat environment - to include beating someone with it like a club. I trust wood stocks for that, but weight is always a factor in building a kit and this is a half pound difference.

29d66d No.536439


>Krautfag ruled by cucks

>Can't even own proper firearms without the government thinking you'll kill their sweet rapefugees

>Having any business telling anyone how politics work

Top kek

665d30 No.536469

File: f341a7002a9523b⋯.jpg (2.6 MB, 5312x2988, 16:9, 20171216_132335.jpg)

I was inspecting my Remington 700 today and as I shifted the bolt around the light hit in a way where I noticed some letters scratched in. Here's what I know about my rifle, I bought it used last summer, and I looked up the serial number I found that it was made sometime in the 90's. Why would someone etch this number into the bolt of their rifle? Any ideas?

29d66d No.536473


Could be a social security number, electronic safe combo, pin number, all kinds of things honestly. What's the gun's history?

665d30 No.536475


I don't know much about it's history. I bought it at an antique/gun store at a beach town in Oregon, and other than the model, and caliber they didn't have much info on it. I'm guessing you're right about it being a pin number with there being four digits

665d30 No.536476


I do know that it came with an extra sensitive trigger that the previous owner had, a crappy scope, and a nice leather shoulder strap

64ef4b No.536482

File: 59214d7757a358e⋯.gif (1.76 MB, 235x150, 47:30, 1454206862982.gif)


with each european post, my desire for an american only internet grows

04a7eb No.536494


It's a drawing number - Remington did that to all 700 bolts. Don't get too excited.

025926 No.536499

File: 002b43648d58572⋯.gif (1.15 MB, 480x360, 4:3, pleasestop.gif)


>I'm looking at getting a M1A

>I'm looking to support Quisling Armory

461a79 No.536575

File: ac77cf37157292d⋯.jpg (14.16 KB, 234x229, 234:229, Cerberuks_y_SAS.jpg)

For you army dudes out there who've iced a guy or two. I'm really good at shooting games. I know what you're thinking, and I'm not an idiot. I know there are no respawns irl. Your guys don't run out in front of you for no reason (i hope) into your line of fire, but how different is it from games aside from the obvious stuff. You have to have R.O.E, you can't just drop someone if they're caring the gun unless you get the green light to. You have to call CAS-EVAC or whatever it is to get out of there, re-sups, long journeys, loads of waiting, ball-busting training. I imagine it's like airsoft but you could possibly, probably be blown up at any time and it's a lot more irritating than bing hit with a plastic pellet.

64ef4b No.536576


kill yourself

f4537a No.536581


Play some Arma 3 milsim. And lurk moar.

3c22da No.536599

File: b223ceb4e759df6⋯.webm (8.23 MB, 480x360, 4:3, FagsOfOurFathers.webm)

10b084 No.536645

File: daa41dbc62073c5⋯.jpg (57.02 KB, 800x601, 800:601, Chinese Communist Party Pi….jpg)


>>>536345 (You)

>Speer lawman is still good, but not quite as consistent as it used to be and pretty dirty now, not so much the powder fouling but the casings and bullets themselves are filthy out of the box. The PPU is pretty good stuff, and I'm probably pick that over Lawman if I was ordering right now, especially since in

Hmm I just ordered the Speer, next paycheck I will get PPU NATO Ball

ALso im going to get a walther CCP after over on Primary and Secondary /K/arl Kasarda recommended one.

Is there any ammo that gat likes or doesn't play nicely with

739930 No.536653

Where do you gents place your hand held transceiver while moving around on foot?

1ba032 No.536671


because they're fairly shit tier at hitting their target when they know it's coming and the exact location it's coming from. let alone when one surprises them.

3f752a No.536863

File: 9c4717e9a31c071⋯.jpg (23.87 KB, 634x418, 317:209, gangs-london.jpg)

what is up with that glock 26 magazine?

f35a74 No.536870



3f752a No.536876


the trigger looks funny. it could be a converted .380acp/9mm PAK. their magazines are often just cheap thin metal magazines.

1cd417 No.536938

File: 4b20a8d69b44bf9⋯.jpg (130.18 KB, 1023x329, 1023:329, PoopAR.jpg)

So I just recently picked up pic. related and just bought the sling and BUIS, and a VFG for it.

Next purchase I was looking at getting a red dot optic, just not sure which one.

Preferably one that doesn't rape my wallet, some ideas I had were PA Micro, or a Vortex Strikefire 2.

Also I'm open to any suggestions about my shit build.

939d71 No.537017

Not a question, but I found out recently that I work for the machining company that manufactures shit for Magpul. We charge them less than $2 per BAD lever. You pay $30 for them.

3f752a No.537020


how much did it cost you?

1cd417 No.537031

File: 126360de167bd1e⋯.jpg (296.61 KB, 1901x971, 1901:971, ss (2017-12-20 at 08.02.36….jpg)


I got it for $575, I bought it from pic. related.

They had a sale when I bought it.

7cb5a8 No.537101


Mine has a clip on the back, so I usually attach it to a loop on my belt, pants, or backpack strap.

320c25 No.537104

320c25 No.537110

File: 0b39859cc4b1e33⋯.png (1.98 MB, 1920x802, 960:401, 1426640953748.png)


They are not your friends.

d83b34 No.537118


Tell me, who hired you to hack the Clintons?

025926 No.537149


Get a SPARC AR unless you plan to mount your optic on something other than an AR latter. At the cost of a fixed mount it can use a battery people have actually heard of. PSA offers it with 10 gen 2 pmags for 200 dollars, which is great if you don't have any magazines.

2fb8cb No.537153


I'm sorry but fuck that gun. The gun he bought for ~600 is well worth the cost especially since the hybrid is an absolutely bare bones rifle for ~500 (radical firearms has free float aluminum receiver rifles for that much) it has a plastic 2 piece handguard set but no fixed front sight just optics ready shit.

A poly lower. Fuck poly lowers sure they came a long way since those fabrege eggs like the plum crazy but the only reason they don't break by sneezing on them is because they use steel reinforcement adding weight and killing any benefit of the light polymer. The only reason to buy a poly lower is because of obama style scares and you want to stock up on shit cheap rifles, but not even things like the poly 80 is worth it because then you'll be dealing with plastic gumming up your bits forcing you to stop and pick off whatever plastic is tangled on it.

Aero makes good shit and having both a free float rail to mount a light or bipod much more easier and aluminum lower is worth the extra cost.

64ef4b No.537203


ati is nigger tier garbage

320c25 No.537209



Do you have anything to back up the anti-cheap AR or is it just "muh plastics in a very plastic weapon platform"?

04a7eb No.537220


Polymer lowers made to look like standard lowers without the stability are the result of moneygrubbing j00s trying to get in on the panic-buyers and tacticool crowds for cheap.

The only suitable polymer lower choice is overpriced and goofy looking(GWACS) but it also doesn't break if you apply tension to the rear where the buffer tube screws in.

>very plastic weapon platform

The furniture is cheap plastic, that's about it. The internals are generally cast steel because, again, polymer hammers and triggers break often enough for it to be a problem.

14ae14 No.537221

File: e819d3cd7d6b9d1⋯.jpg (568.17 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, rimg.php.jpg)

File: cfb870caafe1af3⋯.gif (341.74 KB, 250x150, 5:3, 735dae5d0142bac3767c46f5a9….gif)


The whole post >>537153 explaining why an additional ~100 was worth it to have a freefloat rifle over a bare bones shit fhat doesn't even have a front sight base. Pic related is a broken ATI polymer lower that's fucked in the usual place these things break. Don't understand why you would cheap out on the serialized part especially since a good one (aluminium) regularly goes on sale for ~50 dollars assuming you're building otherwise the lower receiver itself doesn't contribute much to the overall cost of the gun unless it's billet shit meaning it's only other possible benefit (cost) shits on itself especially when you compare prices with the steel reinforced lowers.

>inb4 muh SCAR poly lower or whatever robot boot shit there is

A scar doesn't have a thinner weaker area where the butt stock attaches to. The lower is just a pistol grip, mag well, and fire control group.


>he bought an ATI poly lower

14ae14 No.537223



For additional info

Anderson lower on sale for $40 but with an msrp of $50 (note the same website has a poly lower for 40 also BUT with brass insert where the receiver extension goes and nothing about reinforcement)


The ati lower with an msrp of $60


Midway usa selling 80% lowers in the raw for $37


In the case of cost savings (anti cheap rifle argument) steel reinforced poly lowers still suck ass.

Sage for double post

64ef4b No.537227


It doesn't take a rocket surgeon to figure out that a company that make 300$ full size pistols is probably cutting corners

025926 No.537237

File: 7550f4712961e7e⋯.jpg (24.97 KB, 800x800, 1:1, wolf-7-62x39-hollow-point-….jpg)

Is Wolf 7.62x39 steel case hollowpoint spam can out of a 16 inch barrel suitable for boar genocide?


The only purpose standard form (GWACs is fine) polymer lowers have is learning how to make an 80% lower. The lower is the biggest pain in the pass to get: If it breaks you can't get a replacement without a trip to the FFL and submitting to a 4473. They aren't even a significant cost reduction.

64ef4b No.537245


Don't fucking do that.

b903e7 No.537274

Is there such a thing as a quiet lockpick gun?

4dfbd2 No.537282

File: a883d7d2c3c7221⋯.jpeg (65.63 KB, 304x570, 8:15, serveimage.jpeg)

I'm taking an interest in crossbows and would like to purchase one, but do not know where to start.

>1. What's a good entry crossbow/accessories

>2. Any particular animal that I can hunt with a crossbow well

Thanks in advance for your reply.

fc55e7 No.537299


If it costs less than $150 new and doesn't require both hands with a foot guard to cock it, it's a kid's toy. That's about the only advice I can give you.

009286 No.537302


I used a $70 kids toy to kill a rabbit. It really depends what he's looking for.

a60888 No.537314


Do you have a good rapport with anyone in a sporting goods store that sells archery? If so the best bet is to talk to them and find out what last year's model of barnett or horton was and either see if he's willing to sell some old stock cheap or look for one in a pawn shop. From what I've gathered talking to the guys I know that deal with archery bows/crossbows are like hunting camo, there's a new hot thing every year that's functionally no different from the old but everyone's got to have.

583975 No.537328

What are some good solvents for nitrocellulose? Would 95% v/v ethanol aqueous, 91% v/v isopropanol aqueous, anhydrous xylene, saturated aqueous sodium bicarbonate solution, saturated potassium hydroxide solution, or a combination of any of those work? Could I just use nitrocellulose laquer as a source of dissolved nitrocellulose? I would go to /sci/ but the place is a ghost town and I want to know this for reloading so it's /k/ related.

583975 No.537330


Build your own crossbow and use JoergSpraave's channel on YouTube to learn how if you don't already know. I'd suggest watching the video where he makes a Christmas tree into a crossbow if nothing else. Anything commercial is ridiculously overpriced.

f05bab No.537339

File: 646b69a699a0b81⋯.jpg (39.51 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 653355_main.jpg)

File: 9c058fd20c90f51⋯.jpg (417.13 KB, 525x700, 3:4, 85527892_11799721_P1010113.JPG)

Are sniper rifles good for hunting (large) game?

If so why do not hunters use sniper rifles?

Can you purchase sniper rifles as civilian is USA?

What about Europe

4a6fe0 No.537340


>sniper rifle

What does that mean to you, exactly? And, what are you trying to hunt?

I'll grant you, the roosevelt elk's shoulder blades, combined with thei thick hides and coats, make for a lightly armored target.

Just aim better! Miss the shoulder blade, hit the lungs and preferably the heart, the bull elk will go down.

Or by "sniper rifle" did you mean, one that can hit your target?

220b92 No.537341

Does anyone know of a decent MP5 clone? needs to be fixed stock

665d30 No.537350


I feel like the whole benefit of a bullpup system is really only relevant in rifles since rifles usually cause problems for checking rooms with the barrel being cumbersome to move around corners.

db4e9d No.537352


They (assuming you mean dedicated police/SWAT dedicated sniper rifles like the PSG1 and WA2000) will kill stuff just like anything else in the same caliber. Problem is that they are needlessly heavy and expensive for hunting. If you are talking more military-ish DMRs, than people in Russia do hunt stuff with SVD clones, mainly because the SVD is remarkably light for what it is (about 10 pounds).

It basically comes down to weight; Would you rather carry a 25 pound rifle through the woods that shoots .3 MOA or carry a 1 MOA rifle that weights 8?

665d30 No.537353


bolt action and lever action high caliber rifles with scopes are pretty common for big game hunters. Not sure what you're on about.

db4e9d No.537366

Any recommendations on a decent side folding stock (preferably folding to the right or with some allowance for a Warsaw Pact optic) for an AK with a standard, non folding stock mounting point?

8b044b No.537368


I really like my Zhukov-S folder from Magpul. Folds to the right and locks up tight when opened. My only complaint is that the sling bar needs to be relieved for a proper russian style thick web sling.

db4e9d No.537392


Definitely, people hunt boar with .22 air guns.

665d30 No.537511


I'm gonna need some proof of that. Unless their making some highly specialized shots for the brain. In order to down a wild boar, you have to deal with both a dense hide, shoulder bones, and thick layers of meat and fat.

29e801 No.537523





Tbqh I feel like war is coming. So I think gear that can double.for both protection as food provision is necessary

29e801 No.537524

File: 795cfdb86d34669⋯.jpg (27.03 KB, 372x559, 372:559, 134627hrludmhdz2y222qz-jpg.jpg)

File: 9c058fd20c90f51⋯.jpg (417.13 KB, 525x700, 3:4, 85527892_11799721_P1010113.JPG)

File: 10d14b314c5b762⋯.jpg (68.29 KB, 640x429, 640:429, OhnfdqVRYeE.jpg)

29e801 No.537525

File: 31a9cddf1731e1f⋯.jpg (349.69 KB, 525x700, 3:4, 11128424_P1010043.JPG)

File: 5e0b6880d6f589b⋯.jpg (561.77 KB, 1300x867, 1300:867, tochnost-rian_02968827_b.jpg)


I'd like to get this babygirl

46d2b2 No.537530

File: 3cd110eee651b5a⋯.png (205.17 KB, 1200x187, 1200:187, Model700LR_Profile_Right.png)


I use this 300 win mag for deer and pigs. It is an actual sniper rifle.

Is it good? Well, it blows them to pieces, and that is really fun.

db4e9d No.537535


Here is a video of a guy head-shotting two at about 25 yards with a .22 subsonic


Either way, one or two shots of 7.62x39 can put pretty much any medium game down at a reasonable distance. If you magdump.exe you could probably take a bear.

40660a No.537705

File: 951730762888ae1⋯.jpg (67.32 KB, 777x672, 37:32, jnryjnrbyrt.jpg)

Just found out that you can get a factory new AKM in Russia for 3500 rubles (60$) yet a US wasr 10 is around 600$.

the fuck is wrong with my country? Does Europe have to deal with this too?

4e98ba No.537711


Apparently the problem is that producing the AK is only cheap if you set up the proper tooling for all the stampings and whatnot. Russian factories obviously have that covered. But it's easier to just toss a metal brick into a CNC machine and press a button to turn it into a nearly finished part, so most American manufacturers only do that, hence the dominance of the AR-15. The ones who do make AKs either don't invest the money for the tooling and so use more expensive methods, or don't make enough rifles to be able to sell them for a low price. You also have to add in the higher cost of labour.

40660a No.537718


Ok, but an adequate ar is like 400$

4e98ba No.537719


It's because you just need to buy one or two CNC machines, put them in your garage, and you can produce brand new AR parts all day long, even if you do it all alone. So everybody does this, and therefore the competition on this very specific segment of the market is quite high due to the (relatively) low cost of entry. New manufacturers turn up all the time, and that keeps pushing down the price, even through more and more Americans buy these scary black rifles every year.

5dc00b No.537722

Uhh.. Do I see the Tavor there in the pic or is that another gun?



Q2, do we get holiday sales around december? or is it like black friday for electronics and it's a scam?

c7b3ed No.537771

>>537722 (checked, strelok)

>do we get holiday

Well, let's see, I just bought a $190 4150V 16" Ballistic Advantage barrel in 5.45 for $130 shipped.

Yeah bro I think Christmas is still a good time for sales. Check all the usual places, gun.deals, /r/gundeals, wikiarms, ammoseek … Keep your ear to the ground and your wallet handy, is all I can say.

My question to the hive mind of the kube, is:

Can I add a bipod to my pistol? Not one of the cheap ones that fold up into a vertical handle, obviously. But an actual spring loaded bipod on my quadrail…

…and not file for an AoW stamp, I mean.

7186be No.537781

File: c5255763217ba1a⋯.jpg (59.12 KB, 800x450, 16:9, l_783.jpg)


I think so, verticle foregrip is the only exclusion I know of.

40660a No.537784


OK… but I have never seen an adequate AR for 60-100$ and an omni still goes for 300 and it's usually considered crap(I myself have never fired an omni) , while Russia gets to enjoy a factory produced AKM for 3500rb. I know my comparison is of largely different countries but money is money, and they're paying much less. I remember some /k/anon saying something about pipeguns flooding the market but that doesn't happen in Russia.

dd8a0b No.537920

Suppose I have an underground bunker and something (e.g. nuclear bombing) happens that renders aboveground farming not an option. How hard would it be to set up an underground farm? What about cattle? Also, what negative side effects can I expect from living in a dark cave 24/7 with no natural sunlight and how can I combat them?

8213b4 No.537930

How much money do you think I will get selling 20 gauge shotguns to the locals? Remember these niggers think the higher the number the better it is, literally like selling to a bunch of Orkz.

28c0d7 No.537941


Without power you'd be fucked regardless, so lets assume you had the forethought to have a combo solar/wind/geothermal setup that gives power 24/7, doesn't get EMP'd and no one is going to fuck with. Efficient hydroponics can be run on limited-spectrum (leaning towards IR) bulbs that consume less power as well as using less water. Any kind of meat source larger than a rabbit is out the window and I doubt you'd be able to provide enough food for you and a couple of breeding pairs and their offspring without putting the better part of a megawatt towards hydroponics (and I might be underestimating that). Rabbit shit is an excellent fertilizer for ground crops, but you'd have to process it for use in a hydroponic setup. Insects might be a more economical option but I don't know about cultivating them and you'd have to be able to stomach eating them.

Also the dark is probably going to drive you crazy rather than turn you into a mole-man.

TL;DR: You still need to stockpile shelf stable food and come your hypothetical SHTF scenario you'd better have a good hydroponic setup. You aren't going to be raising a fucking cow in a bunker.


Not much.

There's a reason that brands like Jimenez, cobra, and others like them still do business: they're fucking cheap and niggers don't have a lot of money. Also you'd have to be almost as dumb as the average nigger to sell niggers guns. Not only are you putting yourself at risk, you're helping inflate gun crime statistics which doesn't help anyone besides gun-grabbers. Also if you actually live in Rwanda and aren't a nigger yourself WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU NOT WANT TO GET OUT OF RWANDA? WHY WOULD YOU HELP ARM THE NIGGERS AROUND YOU?


USA has import bans on the best AKs and retarded requirements about butchering import-legal AKs. This means that the exporter has to put in work butchering the gun before shipping, and then someone has to put it back together, often to less-than-reliable results COUGH CENTURY COUGH. Meanwhile in Russia, the tooling and factories were set up and paid off decades ago so outside of materials and labor they only have to keep up on maintenance and keep the lights on while Boris and Vlad make AKs. In the USA anyone can start making ARs but they're probably going to need expensive tooling for which they might take out a loan, as well as rent a facility, as well as hire skilled labor at higher wages, etc, etc, all driving up production costs.

8213b4 No.537950


I kind of want to see the world burn

665d30 No.538025


How would you describe Rwanda? No memes pls, unless it really is 24/7 machete hacking.

e4ee5b No.538132

Liveleak embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Are Arabs actually Orcs?

583975 No.538154


You know the answer, I know the answer, we all know the answer.

efc5b8 No.538185


M1A owner here. Don't get an M1A for combat. I got a deal on a wood one and use it as a range toy. It's not good for anything beyond that (aside from breaking your wallet if you want a decent amount of mags). I'd rather go with a PTR for innawoods stuff. If you really want an M1A, I've never had problems with the wood, but I think the plastic is 1+ lbs. lighter so a SOCOM model would be better for a kit.

efc5b8 No.538188

I just got a Ruger Precision Rifle. What scope should I get? I know nothing about scopes. The longest range within a 3 hour drive is 200 yards, but I'd like something for 500 yards if I move and find one. I don't plan on spending more than $1,500

8b044b No.538198


Orcs are less degenerate overall, but both seem to produce good results when put under the control of actual Humans.


A new Leupold VX something or other, or a used SWFA. The general rule of thumb is 1-1.5x the cost of the rifle in glass if you want to get serious, but if all you're doing is maybe 500 yards I'd say a $500 budget will do you fine.

dd8a0b No.538210



I was thinking, since rotting corpses release large quantities of methane, could I use a hermetically sealed room as a corpse pit and rig a methane-powered generator nearby? How many would I need to power my autistic bunker? In theory, of course. (Don't ask where I'm going to get the bodies)


What about chicken?

6a255f No.538217

File: 82a6ab097178d33⋯.png (8.07 MB, 2988x2988, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

when will you accept 2 hole balaclavas are better than 1/3 hole ?

efc5b8 No.538220

File: 85fc0380d09f584⋯.jpg (65.11 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 1465614916377.jpg)


Thanks for the info, Anon

28c0d7 No.538221




Nigga you are going to die in a rancid explosion. Also where are you getting all these corpses?

>Why not chickens?

Chickens are assholes and while they produce eggs, they aren't nearly as rabbits for feed in vs meat out. One breeding pair can supply upwards of 200lbs of meat in a year on less feed than it would take to get the same amount chicken. Rabbit meat is also better nutritionally, being almost ideal for the human digestive system. Also if you used the pelts you would always have warm clothes.

Rabbits are also cleaner and just need a cage of decent construction.

28c0d7 No.538222


*As efficient as rabbits, fuck

40660a No.538389

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Any vids of team match's in Russia like Tiger Valley?

e65d85 No.538394



Are you a nigger?

13151a No.538445

I need a long eye relief sight to go onto my m48 8mm mauser that won't brake after a couple hundred rounds. I don't want to spend more than 200$ on the sight, so I'm asking you guys if there's any options in this price range?

8b044b No.538454


LER scope or a red dot? If you're wanting something like a scout scope setup I wouldn't recommend cheaping out, at the bare minimum go for a Leupold pistol scope.

08e4ea No.538456


>What about chicken?

Chickens need alot of sunlight to produce eggs is what I found, the more light they get the more eggs they will produce. That being said, rabbits are pretty low in fat and you would need a proper substitute for fats if you choose rabbits. Plant peanuts and use the oils from the nuts maybe.


Ruger Chargers are pistols that come with bipods but they're not AOWs and they don't need a tax stamp, so you're good to go.

03e6df No.538461


I don't see the point of mounting a red dot on a full power rifle, since the only reason I'm mouting is to be able to take advantage of the cartridge. I might go with the Simmons 4x32. It's made for 44 magnums, so it should hold up to the stress of the 8mm. The eye relief on it says it's only 11 inches though, and I measured 17 inches of relief. It doesn't seem like there's any good options in this price range and these scopes.

e8a96d No.538555


Going to assume you've already looked at the Vortex Crossfire II 2x7 IER, but mentioning it just in cause you haven't, it retails at 300 but could probably get it on sale or used for closer to your price range, and if it does break you've always got the warranty they offer.

8be645 No.538573

Any recent books featuring politically incorrect/racist main characters in a military setting? Books are becoming so pozzed, I’m wondering if a book about an old-fashioned Rhodesian mercenary I want to publish on wattpad could work or would people be offended by a deliberately old fashioned and somewhat racist character, like a modern Sharpe or a military Bond.

db4e9d No.538647


What is a decent set of electronic hearing protection that can be mounted to the side rails of a high cut helmet? Preferably as cheap as possible

5be7ca No.538669

Alloyoy m88's, does anyone know what kind of aluminum is used in the standard STANAG GI magazines used by the US army?

583975 No.538705


Kalashnikovs are illegal in Russia, aren't they? You can't own an automatic rifle or a rifle that holds more than 10 rounds there. Sure, you could have one that was neutered but… …y'know.

665d30 No.538707


There were a lot of really obscure German prison camps in rural areas like northern Minnesota where after the war some of them even integrated into the local population.

4ef7c2 No.538717

Anybody know anything about NY and San Fan suing the DoD over some NICS horseshit? The only sources I can find are from CNN and a couple of gun grabber sites.

2b77ae No.538746

Would the "Lee Precision Anniversary Challenger Kit II" be good for someone starting reloading?

b04525 No.538861

How would you design a dress uniform if given the chance?

60b1a6 No.538865

File: d81ee5b832c55d4⋯.jpg (928 KB, 951x1713, 317:571, Fejérváry_Géza_1895-3.jpg)

File: 53d482f9ab4efa3⋯.jpg (130.32 KB, 580x861, 580:861, Fejérváry_Géza_Ellinger.jpg)

File: d28befe39bf4f1e⋯.jpg (67.5 KB, 799x524, 799:524, Bocskai sapka, századosé.jpg)

File: f40da6c6c3ec2c5⋯.jpg (58.68 KB, 590x393, 590:393, Bocskai sapka.jpg)


I'd use this, but with less bling for lower ranking personnel, obviously. The colour would be a nice bright green, the braids would be white for enlisted personnel, silver for warrant officers and golden for officers. Non-commissioned officers would also have white braids, but they'd get one to three white aiguillettes to distinguish them from the rank-and-file. Headdress would be a fancier bocskai cap.

3c22ed No.538929

Is there anywhere that you could find threaded rods/bolts with pre-drilled holes through them like tubing?

8be645 No.539050

Does anyone have any really funny stories about African troops in combat? They do the funniest shit. Like that green text detailing how Floppies thought putting the highest number on the sight would make the gun shoot harder in Rhodesia, or the wizards accompanying troops in Sierra Leone.

e5b3a5 No.539073


Base it off the wwii german dress uniform. Cant beat the classic, yet still relevant style.

e5b3a5 No.539075


Plug "hollow bolts -hollo" into google friendo.

025926 No.539398

Anyone have a picture Magpul FDE and multicam (or a variant with the same color scheme) in the same picture?

04a7eb No.539401



An African contributor to TFB had a huge post about that shit.

40660a No.539777

File: 021a9cc60dcb67d⋯.jpg (211.63 KB, 1200x857, 1200:857, gunsmith-cats-burst-172460….jpg)

Is it possible to catch an rpg?

82d6e1 No.539794


only if you catch it while the motor is still firing so you can pivot 180 degrees and release it back at the firer

08e4ea No.539798


>Aluminum, 6061 – T0 Body. Resistance welded to US Military Specifications

>Magazine body is Heat Treated to T6, then Hardcoat Anodized

>Magazine Body Black Teflon

>Spring is 17-7PH Checked for Compression with a Chatillon Gauge


Sure, an AKM will cost $60 to make but you're forgetting shipping, handling, packaging, insurance, taxes, manuals, registering and labels increases the prices of things here. Kalashnikov Concern has to pay it's graphic designers somehow.

a45515 No.539826

File: 4ee795ca5c7a276⋯.jpg (129.52 KB, 1200x851, 1200:851, Obligatory Image.jpg)

Is an M69 flak jacket (or fragmentation vests) considered body armour in Australia? I've tried looking up state legislation, but all I've seen are vague generalizations which could even include martial arts chest protectors. I'm asking because I'd like to start buying some Vietnam-era milsurp but don't want to import something only for it to be seized. Also, why are helmets legal but body armour isn't? Not that I'm complaining, but doesn't that directly contradict the legislation?

t. Victorian

6a255f No.539882

File: f05b698385e7978⋯.jpg (23.95 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 26047324_765136327019168_7….jpg)

so , the other day i saw a video about elephant detterent (tl;dr a condom full of chili powder and sand wrapped around a firecracker) and i was wondering if one could be made for people , the chili wont work because unlike the elephant we dont have a sense of smell that good

i was thinking of vinegar but it could moisten the firecracker

any ideas ?

3ed98e No.539892

File: 329fde38290a17c⋯.png (358.07 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 1502577035650.png)


I guess you could use another condom around the firecracker to protect it from moisture.

Powdered glass.

Some acidic or basic powder caustic soda or maybe cement? that will irritate the eyes and the mucous membranes.

Fermented piss, shit, or other nasty body fluids.

Animal parts in advanced decomposition.

6a255f No.539897


>powdered glass

cerol(glue and glass for you non-hues) around the condom and piss inside of it seems like the best option


3ed98e No.539902


Context for the non-hues, cerol is used in the string of a kite, so you can cut the string of other kites and motorcyclists necks, kind of like a kite battle.

A piece of condom shrapnel wouldnt do much because cerol cuts by friction.

Powdered glass will be more effective because of the psychological factor, no one wants to inhale that shit. The same applies for the bodily fluids and rotting animals, no one want hepatitis or aids.

9e020e No.539903



Why don't you brazilian scientists have some sort of ghost pepper extract you can use? are there mandrakes in brazil? you could cook up some hallucinobombs. maybe throw in some toad poison.

6a255f No.539907


>people putting piss in comdoms around firecrackers


i dont think the toad poison would work bevause a its sticky and b its expensive

3ed98e No.539908


I dont know what mandrake is, but we have this

3ed98e No.539911

File: eb820a2b5142968⋯.jpg (40.4 KB, 500x375, 4:3, branca.jpg)

3ed98e No.539912



forgot to quote

6a255f No.539913

File: 9fed51c8430c1eb⋯.jpg (7.7 KB, 236x209, 236:209, 91346bb55844b9987a4de56472….jpg)


jesus cristo meu amigo

3ed98e No.539918

File: 95a8daf1c247b36⋯.gif (9.78 MB, 320x240, 4:3, 1493429485246.gif)

8be645 No.540113

I’ve been reading about American colonial rangers for a book and I learned they often chose to spit down the musket barrel rather than use cartridges. I’ve heard of that (thanks to the Sharpe series) but I’ve never seen it happen and I don’t really understand how that’s faster than a cartridge. Does anyone have any videos of people doing that or any writing on spitting your ball down the muzzle? I can’t find shit other than some guys doing it myth busters style and messing things up.

ab54ec No.540210

File: c7389e3edb54215⋯.jpeg (85.89 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 7F1D5757-69FD-4559-A8A2-5….jpeg)

Does anyone know the backstory or what this is? I saw it in a thread a couple months back, if I remember correctly, it was seized somewhere in Europe.

04a7eb No.540217


Homemade .22 SMG made in Sweden.

84e87b No.540220


Do you know if it’s based off of anything pre existing? I’d love to get my hands on one, the aesthetics really do something to me.

8bcc9f No.540248

File: 7911b1982a107af⋯.jpg (212.53 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, Zveroboy.jpg)

All right,stupid question time.

Just how much damage could a shell fired from ISU-152's 152mm cannon cause to a modern tank?

I'm not saying penetrate armor,I'm talking about sheer explosive damage of 152mm HE shell.

04a7eb No.540260

File: 8d64b07a09906fc⋯.jpg (292.33 KB, 1600x786, 800:393, Swedish_K45_SMG_5555.jpg)

File: 3a17aaeaca78f67⋯.jpg (107.59 KB, 900x616, 225:154, 1374534762186.jpg)


It's vaguely reminiscent of a K45 / Swedish K.

84e87b No.540270


Thanks anon

c84e70 No.540517


Looks like a simple Stengun inspired firing group with a 1911 inspired hanguard and trigger and a Thompson magazine and feeding system, except designed and built by an autistic perfectionist passionate with quite an experience in metalworking and gunsmithing.

I like the simplicity of the design, you could probably replicate it with pretty simple tooling, but the time and the attention spent to handworking it seems quite impressive.

89aa96 No.540530


>a simple Stengun inspired firing group

Not even close, unless you mean "inspired" by that it's made of out sheet metal. The STEN has its firing control group forward of the trigger organized like a half-assed Rube Goldberg design.

>with a 1911 inspired hanguard and trigger

That's oddly specific, just like your last comparison.

>and a Thompson magazine and feeding system

It's just a drum magazine, anon. Quite a few guns have used them apart from the Thompson.

You basically said the gun is a copy of a Desert Eagle because it fires bullets.

b84ac8 No.540557


>Nigga you are going to die in a rancid explosion.

How can I minimize the risk of that happening?

>Also where are you getting all these corpses?

I told you not to worry about that.

ec24c6 No.540566

File: f9677065d73e065⋯.jpg (71.07 KB, 600x600, 1:1, RPG_Grenades_Collection_03….jpg)


Not with human hands. And when RPGs stream out, they detonate instead of harmlessly falling to the ground. The goatfuckers in Afghanistan actually measure the maximum distance a rocket would travel and mark it on a common patrol route with something you wouldn't suspect. then they ambush dismounted troops at that distance for an airbursting effect.


You would have a very bad day. Tracks would be thrown, running gear may be damaged as well. Turret ring and main armament would most definitely be damaged if hit higher up and you would probably lose all of your periscopes and vision blocks. This also goes without saying, but if the target's hatches are closed, the crew would be seriously injured and maybe killed by the shockwave.

aebbfe No.540776


The LED problem is fixed by getting the more expensive kind that filter out the visible light. Common thing to see in security cameras.

4c2780 No.540794

When did Royal Nonesuch become such a sellout?

He posted a new video and in it said that nearly all of his videos are going to be behind a paywall on patreon

25a789 No.540809


>Faggot teenage youtuber wants money

Is this surprising to you?

33519e No.540857

How unhealthy is it to consume gunpowder? Is there a difference between corrosive and non-corrosive? Does the age of the gunpowder play a role in this?

4137bc No.540946


>How unhealthy is it to consume gunpowder?

I wouldn't recommend it, but I don't think it's going to fuck you up if you accidentally inhale a couple of grains or drop them in your cereal.

>Is there a difference between corrosive and non-corrosive?

Blackpowder is corrosive, while smokeless is not, Corrosive ammo refers to salts in the priming compound, not the powder itself at least in modern formula. I'm not sure the difference with regards to ingestion but I have to think blackpowder would be harder on the system.

Finally have an opportunity to use this.

An old but still very spry cowboy was approached in an effort to learn the secret of his energy and longevity. After a few drinks the old hand confessed that he sprinkled a few grains of powder on his oatmeal every morning and swore that kept him in his prime. He passed away many years later at a ripe old age and left behind 9 children, 27 grandchildren, countless great-grandchildren and a 16 foot hole in the crematorium.

fdfed9 No.540985

i'd make a software thread but it'd get deleted. what's good ballistics software for working up loads and the like?

3c3342 No.541068

I'm still not 21 to buy my own handgun yet but my parents can gift me one.

Issue is, I have a chronic hand injury and it hurts like hell when I shoot a regular semi-auto with both hands. Therefore I've learned to shoot with one hand on my friend's revolver. Does anyone have a good double action revolver recommendation I can shoot with one hand and can drop nigs easily? I was thinkiing .357 or higher.. Oh, and concealed carry would be a plus.

963806 No.541107


Ruger gp101's (or really any Ruger in a higher caliber) are pretty solid for the price. You're going to pay more for wheelguns on average since they more of a niche these days. Of course if money weren't an issue and you don't hate the look you could get a snubby Rhino. The low bore-axis will be helpful if you plan to shoot one handed. Rhinos also come in 9mm, which further helps with recoil.

Whatever you choose, PRACTICE. Shooting with 2 hands is a skill, shooting with one hand is an even more difficult one. Until you can drill the target at ~10 yards as fast as your range will allow you need to keep at it.

3c3342 No.541124


Thanks for the reply. I under stand it's a niche item, I can't handle that .45 with one hand lol..

For the ammo, same general idea as rifle ammo right?

fcebec No.541146

File: 1997aff1c2bad36⋯.jpeg (134.24 KB, 1000x752, 125:94, 1.jpeg)

File: 3d520ff8cb1e1cf⋯.jpeg (366.67 KB, 750x1135, 150:227, 2.jpeg)

File: f6011aa5ad9303a⋯.jpg (50.05 KB, 438x600, 73:100, 3.jpg)


>can only shoot one-handed due to chronic injury

If you don't learn to shoot using the duelist's stance exclusively you will displease the /k/ube.

8e23c6 No.541154


I can attest that a Security Six .357 is a very pleasent gun to fire one handed. Do it all the time.

If it's a target gun you want, the H&R sportsman is a very, very easy revolver to shoot one handed. The top break latch is super easy to flick open with your thumb and being a .22 it has obviously just about no recoil. Double or single are both easy to shoot with one hand.

My carry gun is an SP101. Good caliber, easy (with practice, would highly recommend a hogue grip to aid in it) to shoot one handed, you can drive nails with it once it's broken in. Highly recommend replacing the stock spring with an 8 pound wolff spring, makes shooting it double action easier.

Best advice i can give is learn to stage the trigger pull and choke up on the revolver. I always find, your results may vary, that the higher up on the gun my hand is the better I shoot it. I shoot a shitload of revolvers and most of them well and usually I position my thumb web right over the grip on the SP101. Roll the trigger nicely and you can easily hit targets at 25-50 feet with one hand with practice.

If your left hand's fucked up, you're gonna need lots of practice. Revolvers, contrary to the popular meme, are not a particularly user-friendly weapon and aren't great for a first timer. Considering your left hand's fugged, they're your best option though, so just shoot a lot. It is very possible to get good at doing.

t. revolver and one handed shooting enthusiast with 20+ years of practice

25a789 No.541186


I once killed some gray diggers on my ex bosses property with his .22. Unless you really want to get into hunting small game from from super far away, .22 is a good caliber for rabbits.

3c3342 No.541252


Yo thanks for the info. Especially on the Security Six it's out of production right? So only used ones?

I think I'm fine with practice. Only issue is that I'm left eye dominant and ambi so I might have a hard time getting use to it,

ed987c No.541343

File: d3ebe063cbddba4⋯.png (595.41 KB, 640x447, 640:447, ClipboardImage.png)

I have recently taken a liking to the Ferret Scout Car, because it satisfies my autism for light armored vehicles with turrets. Tell me why it's fucking garbage before I fall in love.

52fd09 No.541352

File: 5ee564a1510c160⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 255.89 KB, 913x754, 913:754, 716d76035b132339e38043e6e0….jpg)


It's absolutely adorable. (You) should buy one and go bully your local golf course with it.

a3a08f No.541358

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>Ferret lovers

Mein neggers

9544c8 No.541366



Anyone know where else to find weird African war stories? These are the funniest things ever. DEY EAT DA POO POO

ed987c No.541368


I might one day

How effective is the ballistic protection on these?

928ccf No.541394


I imagine the front and sides could take a direct hit from most gold balls. Not sure about the rear.

98c75c No.541451

How would big bore dangerous game calibers fare in semi autos for long range shooting?

4137bc No.541452


Most of them poorly. They're optimized for short range stopping power. As in actually stopping a charging animal, fuck off pedantrist. With a lot of wide, flat cone/flat nose bullets and mild shoulders. That said .375 H&H can have some legs to it, and the cases have great potential. .338 LM is based off a necked down .416 Rigby for example.

6c83cb No.541575

File: 0a821c5dbea73f2⋯.jpg (17.78 KB, 700x193, 700:193, TOZ-66.jpg)

Are there any manufacturers that still make double-barreled single-shot shotguns.

1631c1 No.541582


At least in Yurop there are. No idea about Burgeria

4137bc No.541596

File: 1c616f122a31ab5⋯.png (233.74 KB, 620x640, 31:32, 1c616f122a31ab591ca3b639ac….png)


>double-barreled single-shot

Assuming you mean a standard double barrel, your choices are cheap chinese import cowboy style guns, middling to expensive sporting and cowboy style turkish imports, and fantastic euro imports.

a126ba No.541640


>he doesn't have a single shot double barrel

>he hasn't taken his grandfathers SxS with 2 triggers and welded a bar between them

>he doesn't always fire both barrels with one trigger

>he doesn't have a fully break action automatic twin barrel per atf rulings

>he doesn't walk the path of the biden by exclusively using full auto coach guns

19ac0c No.541994

I'm taking a history elective for university, "Wars That Changed the World", since I need another essay course credit before I can graduate at the end of the year. I intend to write the main essay on infantry rifles in the Vietnam War. After all, the rifles used by each side have become iconic, and the debates surrounding things like assault rifles vs battle rifles or the adoption of the M-16 and the 5.56mm cartridge are still very relevant to modern and even potential future conflicts. There's a lot to say on the issues, and it remains worth discussion.

Can anyone recommend resources, specifically cite-able ones, that deal with this topic? I've already got a couple pdfs that have been posted here that might be applicable to the general idea of intermediate vs full power cartridges and come from professional sources, but I need to find sources that cover Vietnam specifically, such as how tactics were affected, or problems encountered as a result of certain weapons.

For example I have one pdf, about Rhodesia rather than Vietnam but along the right lines, describing tactics made possible by the difference between the ballistics of the two sides' arms. Unfortunately I have no idea where it comes from and it had no authorship or publication information, so I can't rely on it, but something of that sort would be perfect.

I especially need suitable books, if at all possible.

I have no idea how to start researching this sort of thing. In my actual field almost everything I'll ever cite is easily available on Arxiv, so I've never had to deal with things like trying to find a book that covers my topic.

89aa96 No.541996


What >>541596 said, though Stoeger is a safe bet if you have ~$500 to blow.

861b24 No.542064

I'm a 2xl/3xl depending and I'm 6'2", where can I find good surplus flight suits with lots of pockets?

I'm also interested in merino underlayers and socks or just some good surplus military underlayers. I need new clothes since losing weight.

650f1c No.542066


I think you need the kind of books Forgotten Weapons likes to shill. Look up the publishers, they surely have books on the subjects. Although I'm not sure if the change is anything worthy of such a title, but it's up to your professor to decide that.

30be06 No.542120

What are some good 1911's in 9mm that are true to the original ? Classic look and no tacticool edgy bullshit

8158b9 No.542122

Anyone got the chart on how to identify explosions? It broke down patterns into why they're made and what makes them. IE, only some explosives make a strobe. Only very high-temperature ones make a mushroom cloud. I remember that it mentions that only nukes make every kind of signifier while TNT for example will make a plume but no strobe.

bd7ddf No.542153

File: 2c03286f4ce2cf9⋯.jpg (720.03 KB, 1177x3283, 1177:3283, arisakaguide.jpg)

Does anybody have page 2 to this guide?

40397d No.542602

Anyone have an image of an environment specific hunting camo next to UCP? It would be even better if they are in an environment where the hunting camo wasn't intended for and isn't one of the places UCP vaguely works (old couches, gravel, white/blue mountainss).

571108 No.542684

File: a88697adedc6fc0⋯.gif (1.61 MB, 288x288, 1:1, 9mm.gif)

Applying for my concealed carry soon and while I'm not new to shooting I don't get the chance to shoot often. What should I get as my carry? Hi point is a joke so don't try to meme me


>can't let those goys escape the tax laden meat grinder no no!

f7080e No.542692


>What should I get as my carry?

Here are the questions you need to answer.

Is it something that you can comfortably carry and conceal, given your usual attire?

Is it something you can shoot quickly and accurately? The rule of thumb is 'drawing from concealment, put five shots in a five inch circle from five yards in five seconds'.

Can your choice of firearm and defensive ammo reliably penetrate 12-16" of ballistic gel?

Is it something you can afford to practice with on at least a monthly basis? Carrying a firearm doesn't make you armed any more than owning a guitar makes you a musician. You have to be able to use it.

40397d No.542719




Save CZ-75 variants, all the other options are overpriced or much bigger.

25a789 No.542725


I recommend either a Jimenez or Keltec

0556fb No.542892

How do I gun?

9543d7 No.542956

Is there any reason (besides looks) to not have an SU-16C? Sub 5 pound folding 5.56 for less than 600 new with good enough accuracy and reliability from what I have heard. Also it has an integrated bi-pod, which is neat I guess.

7d6c76 No.543107

I want to booby-trap my car to make sure no nigger tries to steal it and escapes with his life. Legality be damned, just show me some lethal traps I can rig my car with.

52ef32 No.543125


The bipod is a joke. You'll end up tearing the foreend apart if you ever try to use it for the intended purpose. Barring that it's another of Kelgren's 'Buffers? We don't need no stinking buffers!'. So enjoy your more than zero chance of having over travel and the plastic receiver failing in the face of the steel bolt.

1ff056 No.543134

Does anybody make a reproduction guycot?

1ff056 No.543139


Hypothetically, you could put sensors on your windows and hook them up to one of those shotgun shell alarms filled with some sort of gas attached to the bottom of your car. A blank short shell with a bottle of high-powered pepperspray or something more potent would do the trick. You could just reinforce/shield the underside of your car with flex-seal or something to prevent any real damage from the blast. This, of course, would be illegal I do not advise it.

963561 No.543141

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You could rig something similar to the south african Blaster to go off with the car alarm.

34f0fc No.543145


Drive stick.

Niggers can't drive stick. It's a scientific fact.

8f5b8f No.543176

I've recently noticed that /k/, despite being a weapons board, isn't something like /weap/ or /guns/.

Why is /k/, /k/?

97a184 No.543178

File: f6a31136e88ba4a⋯.jpg (107.59 KB, 625x430, 125:86, moot_in_duke_campaign.jpg)


Because moot is a weeaboo faggot.

1ff056 No.543233


Yes and yes

f638e1 No.543238


Didn't king nigger say something about banning autists from owning guns?

f2bee7 No.543259

File: e00091c678f0353⋯.jpg (62.34 KB, 720x404, 180:101, flying machine.jpg)

Is this a SH-3 or not?

fdfed9 No.543279


engines are in the wrong place, probably a Sea Stallion

729757 No.543314

File: 3025111aeb918c5⋯.jpeg (1.77 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, A897AF05-9961-4742-AF8F-F….jpeg)

What’s a good fun to add to my collection. Looking for a semi-auto, preferably milsurp intermediate caliber. Currently have a ‘49 K31 and a police issue chink SKS. Any recommendations y’all?

3c3342 No.543355

Stupid question but does anyone have experience shooting with an eye injury? Ive got optic nerusis (We think, not confirmed and still waiting for blood analysis, docs though brain infection but I'm not crippled, delusional, or high fever) and it's fucking up my left face bad enough I can't hold still for a scope or iron sights (twitching face). I'm the chink annon. On VPN cause VPN china rn) so I'm using a bb gun for reference

03f0ba No.543376

I heard that in Canada, you cannot hunt with a shotgun capable of holding more than 3 rounds.

Is this a fucking meme? I can't find the law anywhere.

4c2780 No.543379

I have a Yugo SKS with the grenade launcher attachment?

Is it illegal to remove that part?

ebf52c No.543565

r/ing an alternative to the NRA

ef9433 No.543567


I mean many states require that as well. Some going as far as saying you need to put a plug in the tube so that it can only fit three or some other to similarly restrict it.

18c7e0 No.543569

File: 23a45b4cf2ba59d⋯.png (73.85 KB, 222x240, 37:40, NAGR_logo.png)


There's NAGR. They have a much better social media presence, spend a lot more on lobbying than the NRA, and they don't pussyfoot around. Biggest downside are that most gun ranges are fudds, so while they'll give you discounts for being an NRA member, they won't give you jack shit for supporting NAGR (assuming that's a deal-breaker for you, but then your only choice is pretty much the NRA). https://archive.fo/HqguD

fdfed9 No.543584

89aa96 No.543591


Gun Owners of America has been rattling sabres with the NRA recently and growing steadily these past few years. They have a no compromise stance.

3c3342 No.543606


Does NAGR actually do anything beside yelling at NRA? That's what the article seems to imply.

>>543591 I like that but thats too radical for normies even in Texas :/

a49065 No.543607


>thats too radical for normies even in Texas :/

Bullshit, even my dad thinks compromising is stupid and he is such an unflinching normalfag he supports Israel

3c3342 No.543610


Sorry I live in DFW. It's the SJW shit hole here. Shouldn't be projecting my bad man. Coppell is nice and red but pajeets flooding in absolutely hate gun rights. Let's not talk about Plano area.

>Meanwhile tosh.o and his parody of Dallas Buyers club

a49065 No.543614

File: 1810d666a2a8998⋯.jpg (224.42 KB, 1090x1013, 1090:1013, Sisyphus happy.jpg)


Son, don't tell me how SJW your area is. I live in IL. You ever been to IL? No? Good for you. Join the GoA.

3c3342 No.543619


I have. The Shithole in Chicago infact cause my parrents want me to go to UIUC. I'm staying in texas with my fudds or moving to Utah.

>Enlighten me as someone who lives there the state of such decadence.

a49065 No.543624


Honestly most people south of shitcongo are pretty right wing, but Chicago means we don't get a say in anything. Reason you should join the GoA is because Illinois is a perfect example of what happens when you compromise: the leftists come for more of your rights later. Here we do not have rights, firearm ownership is a privilege granted by the government. Europe tier. As for your parents wanting you to go to the U of I, inform them that the U of I hired a member of the SLA terrorist group (who was convicted of murder) named James Kilgore and ask them to strongly reconsider.

3b9c78 No.543625


>Albert Camus

Some extreme leftist that spread the whole delusional absurdist movement which was just baby tier nihilism but with an avant garde

<I'm so smart for letting others rule my life and recognizing that the only true thing we can know is that we know nothing and can never know anything and anyone who thinks they can is an idiot because I'm smarter than them.

Saying that any struggle ends with nothing is ignorant and very presumptuous and just goes to show that just like the people he hated the most, Albert Camus acted just the same as them even if slightly more self-aware. Giving up when faced with hardship or accepting that hardship as an unmovable force is just two sides of the same coin and in the end you'll just end up like Sisyphus either way. To have the strength to try and make it to the top or even to let go is a concept foreign to Camus as he is obcessed with having some constant in his life outside of his own will due to not having the courage or being too afraid to try and give value to something himself with the possibility of failing. His belief that he is smarter than anyone else and that everyone is just puppeteer-ed by social pressure, feelings, beliefs and instincts just goes to show how limited his understanding of human nature is and how reliant he is on this belief to continue living even if it means living a life with no meaning. Albert Camus represents the other side of the coin quite well and I recommend reading both his book on Sisyphus and l'étranger but to keep in mind that he is still just a lost soul that doesn't comprehend his scenario very well or even tries to.

81b779 No.543628

I like funs, and don't mind having the occasional shoot, but I'm far more interested in the mechanics/design aspect of firearms. Is there a decent online armory school or somesuch where I can fulfill this? Or is my best bet to remain stuck here, sifting through the mountains of shitposts and faggotry for those nuggets of useful information?

a49065 No.543630


I'd honestly never ready any Camus, I just thought the quote was fitting when talking about Illinois and I must have interpreted it differently than he meant it. Did not expect some kind of boiling syruptism.

3b9c78 No.543658


Sorry for the autism but I have to put up with people like him IRL and online far too much and just wanted to vent a little. In all honesty though any struggle without meaning would be pure suffering not happiness and I can tell you that by personal experience.

71306f No.543674

File: 19727ed16274fd2⋯.jpg (120.75 KB, 940x627, 940:627, redneckrevoltteam.jpg)

File: 24519fc418137ef⋯.png (275.14 KB, 618x1304, 309:652, redneckrevoltdwaynedixon[2….png)

File: 6eb4d0410f0780b⋯.png (262.08 KB, 622x918, 311:459, redneckrevoltdwaynedixon[3….png)

Hi /k/, /pol/ here. Just wondering about the weapons used by these "Redneck Revolt" faggots (pic 1). Are they the feminized versions of their weapon variants? Any meaningful information would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

7caab8 No.543717


Mallninja'd ARs.

Tapcofuck'd AKMs.

Where the fuck did Jamal get a CETME-L?

Plaid McPrissy Hair "Wants to have a real SBR but the ATF won't let him" and his arm brace.

3c3342 No.543823


WTF??? I'm half crippled with surgery atrophy as an Asian and I have more muscle then him.

>The state of the left now. All talk no bite.

At least the Red army in China had the guts to run out gunned like a bunch of idiots to delay the enemy suicidaly.


What's mallnijad on them? I only see attatchments for the barrel railing and optics

I'm kinda blind rn so sorry

fdfed9 No.543872


they have a lot of bite, constant biting. but it's a purse dog bite, and gets ignored in the media.

c6453d No.543927

File: e266ba5ac0542de⋯.jpg (58.98 KB, 350x530, 35:53, miMkzVy.jpg)

The new ruger 9mm carbine


aa5c0d No.544341

Hey /k/, I've got a question.

I'm thinking about ordering a firearm online and I know some basic stuff, but I'm not sure about all the details.

I know that you have to have it sent to a person with an FFL who unless you're bros with them typically charge you for the transfer.

I'm aware that it's typically a good idea to inspect it as well, especially the barrel.

At any rate, are there any specific tips on what to do, especially when it involves inspection and what happens if, say, the barrel's blown the fuck out?

If I reject a weapon, what happens and what do?

If things appear fine, would it be sensible to take it home, strip it down, clean and lube it up first, or just say fuck it and go to the range and fire it raw?

963806 No.544355


>are there any specific tips on what to do, especially when it involves inspection and what happens if, say, the barrel's blown the fuck out?

Look up how to field strip the gun and how it should look in pristine condition. If the FFL you're transferring through isn't an asshole they won't mind you doing this on their counter before claiming the gun (four rules still apply). Inspect every part for major wear and damage, and if you do find that something is off you can tell your FFL that you don't wish to take possession and return the firearm.

>If I reject a weapon, what happens and what do?

This depends on whether or not the seller accepts returns. If they don't, it's yours and you have to deal with any defects. If they do accept returns, you will probably have to pay return shipping and likely a restocking fee (varies by seller). There might be more to this processes but I've never had to do it myself.

>If things appear fine, would it be sensible to take it home, strip it down, clean and lube it up first, or just say fuck it and go to the range and fire it raw?

I wouldn't expect to receive a dirty gun in the mail. I'll probably just be dry, in which case just take it out to your car and oil it after a quick wipe down if you want to shoot it as soon as you get it. If your FFL is a cool guy he might let you put down some newspaper on the counter to oil it there.

Honestly it's not too much of a gamble buying guns off gunbroker or the like. If the listing has plenty of pictures and the seller has even a half decent reputation you can be 99.9% sure you're getting what you're paying for. Hope that helps.

571108 No.544410

Anybody have that Roman copypasta meme about self defence? I think it goes something like "You don't need a gladius…. all you need is a pugio anyway". It's hilarious and good for mocking fudds.

ecbbb3 No.544414


Specifically, Dwayne has a Magpul Zhukov stock, what looks to be an AimPoint Micro of some model, a charging handle extension, Chaos rail handguard, Hogue overmolded grip and a DTK Coyote compensator. Far right AR15 and the nu-male kneeling have Bravo Company rails but the far right one has a M-Lok guard and they what looks to be Strike Industries stocks. Also Magpul flip up sights everywhere. The Krinkov looks like he ordered it off of Kreb's custom from the safety handle having a slot to retain the charging handle and the concussion diversion muzzle device.


IIRC CETME-L's needed demilling to get them compliant with US rules but Century had them for cheap compared to an AR. The problem CETME-L's have is that they need alot of custom gunsmithing to make it work most of the time.


>I wouldn't expect to receive a dirty gun in the mail

Some companies do test-fire the guns just to make sure they work and can't be assed to clean up the very minor carbon from 4 or 5 rounds.

aa5c0d No.544482


The item I was looking at was a used pistol off of AIM Surplus, I know some /k/ommandos have recommended them before.

00009c No.544550

Convince me to buy a ptr as my main rifle. I'm not kidding?

e4cc1a No.544576

File: dbf1827905d2b42⋯.jpg (73.85 KB, 392x750, 196:375, dreyse.jpg)


Where to purchase old military uniforms/surplus/weapons? For example, say I wanted to dress up like pic related. Where would I find the equipment?

f39fbb No.544674

Why didn't the US just mass export any of their M-16 rifles, or others based on it's design, to countries they supported during the Cold War? China and the Soviet Union had no qualms about shipping AK's all over Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia- so why ship shitty FN FAL's out?

6c533d No.544756

File: ab4819708ef593a⋯.jpg (20.83 KB, 800x533, 800:533, 800px-FAMAS-G2-IMG_8894-wh….jpg)

Whats wrong with the FAMAS?

00514b No.544896

File: 8f3cc2d460845c1⋯.png (47.94 KB, 193x161, 193:161, 385e826c1476a003b5ad102d67….png)

what does this thing do?

963806 No.544917


It makes your rifle self-destruct.

00514b No.544929


thanks mr. funnyman

083fea No.545267

Are mosin nagants good rifles or are they just a meme? Also how much should I pay for one?

963806 No.545271


They are ok. You can reasonably expect 3-4 MOA or better out of a Mosin in good condition and 7.62x54R is a pretty good round. They used to be amazing value when they were under $100 each but most of the surplus stock has been bought up and (((collecters))) have driven their prices up into the $400 range regardless of condition, which is compete horseshit. If you want a mosin to have a mosin, don't let yourself get jewed (try not to pay more than $200). If you really just want an old combloc gun to go shooting with, get an sks.

634227 No.545336

A friend just told me of an oddity. Somewhere, at a gun show, his friend bought a magazine, thinking it went to an AK47.

Same proportions, bananna shape, blued-steel, but the lips to 'grab' the paddle weren't there. Instead it had a small hole facing out toward the barrel end.

7.62x39 rounds were fed into, and back out of, the magazine, and it seems most likely they were built for a round of that size.

Any idea what gun it was for?

9a187d No.545670

How many rounds do you guys usually store in a full size rifle mag? I want to be prepped but don't want to damage my springs.

77961d No.545723


It's a forward assist, for the bolt (carrier?), so you can manually close the bolt if the gas system is broke. not one hundo on this, but I know it is called a forward assist.

c01818 No.545858


This is just my opinion so it may be wrong but the how the two women are keeping their fingers off the triggers reminds me of when I teach anyone new to shoot, so probally were just taught how to shoot, Jamal looks actually competent , red head girl probally never touched a rifle before looking at how she holds it and the whites seem somewhat competent

c01818 No.545860


The biggest issue is that France lost the capability to produce these rifles so they just got old and worn down (use rifle gernades didn't help either) over time these great rifles began to fall apart other issues were simple stuff like Ridiculous fire rate, can only shoot steel case ammo cuz delayed blowback which entirely defeats the purpose of having a nato standard ammo, the navy version in the picture fixed this also the sights kinda suck and are fairly evelated compared to the barrel making optic mounting impractical.

feb6f1 No.546744

File: b29b542a791ad82⋯.jpeg (206.44 KB, 798x1200, 133:200, 49108FA8-5682-4CF1-9428-D….jpeg)

File: 26ff676c8d56c69⋯.jpeg (10.07 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 4AA04AA4-4E18-4063-8A73-B….jpeg)

File: a94be9cbd72737b⋯.jpeg (13.02 KB, 555x370, 3:2, 508F4066-5643-44E0-9166-4….jpeg)

I’m thinking of getting a new grip for my AR15, right now I currently have a fde magpul grip (came with the rifle). Has anyone tried this grip before?


I would get the smaller version of the grip. (the vid in the description says he offer two sizes)

I’m also thinking of getting an angled foregrip, the magpul afg2 (I’ll have to get a picatinny rail section for my fore end to attach it). Anyone have experience with those? I’m probably going to put it as far out as I can on the fore end.

83f502 No.546764


What's the guys name? (the one holding the kitten)

9543d7 No.547674


Durable? Yes.

Accurate? Enough.

Unarguably the worst bolt gun of the world wars, but it was/is still a gun that is good enough for military service at one time. If you get a Finn or put in some work cleaning up bad machining on the internals (IV8888 has some good videos on making the bolt smoother and the like), it will be on par with a Mauser, Springfield or Enfield. Although, the safety on Mosins is pretty much unusable tbh, so you are pretty much stuck with 4 round carrying capacity.

A good Finn will be around 400-500 depending on condition, a non Finn (assuming it isn't some rare thing that collectors want) shouldn't be more than 300 regardless of condition.

If you want something practically good for cheap, I would urge you to consider a modern production budget rifles. For around the same price you can get something in a more available caliber that shoots sub 1 MOA with the right ammo. However, if you want to hunt skinwalkers on a budget, go with the Mosin.

9543d7 No.547675


Жељко Ражнатовић, or Arkan. And that is a tiger cub.


9543d7 No.547676


It lets you push the bolt into battery if it did not fully shut for some reason. Because the AR's charging handle isnt reciprocating, you cant just smack the back of it like an AK or M1, so you need a forward assist.

Problem is, if your bolt doesn't go into battery by itself than you probably have a malfunction which cant be solved by just pushing on it. In other words, it takes malfunctions that could possibly be cleared and turns them into something you have to disassemble the rifle to clear. It was only added when the Army demanded it. Stoner didn't originally have one because it is unnecessary and normally makes things worse. There is one use, though:


cda04f No.547940


They are decent guns, it became fashionable on /k/ to hate on them for some reason, but they are solid. Not an amazing gun by any stretch, however they are reasonably accurate and rugged the only malfunctions I've had were failures to feed the next round to the internal mag being being 80 years old.

cda04f No.547941


*failure to feed the next round



46a793 No.547996

File: 0fc6d00121b1762⋯.jpg (17.59 KB, 400x400, 1:1, p_936001015_1.jpg)

File: fc3732d8d53dccb⋯.jpg (1.3 MB, 1200x960, 5:4, Ocab-20140607-080324-1200.jpg)


I have not tried that particular grip, but I have this one on my AR10. It seems to be somewhat thicker than the one you posted and the palm potion is a bit more ergonomic. HOWEVER, I only like it for precision shooting from the bench. It makes my hands sore when I run/gun.

It's also cheaper than the Tubb grip


The afg 1 is superior in my opinion, but it has "wings" that flare out in the front portion, so depending on what handguard you get, it may not fit and the afg2 may be your only option. I also think it's more comfortable for use when placed in the "middle" of the handguard, about 4-6 inches away from the magwell instead of all the way in front. If you like the front grip style, I would recommend a (stubby) vertical grip instead. Part of it is also that I personally don't like the off hand forward grip. The AR is already low recoil and I'm not shooting matches, so I don't see the point of the stance, so keep that bias in mind if you take my advice into account.

834fbe No.548309

File: 72590049ff8bee4⋯.jpg (437.36 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, Belt_Current_Shit.jpg)

So, as you may see by my flag I won't be having much fun with guns any time soon.

But yet, I think you guys may be knowledgeable on belts:

I wanted a new belt and then stumbled across the "cobra types", and thought to myself: "I need that in my life".

So, I guess if I am buying such a belt I should go all-out?

Well, I'm not sure.

What I do know, is that I'd like to wear the belt as a regular belt, so

>it can't be more than 38mm/1.5in wide

(is that a bad thing, also, are there normal-looking pants with wider belt-loops?)

>black would be nice

(but it isn't *that* important, I just don't want too much attention)

>something stiff, but not uncomfortable

(is that even possible, I ask, because my cheapo belt (canvas) bent and folded on the belt-loops above the bum)

>maybe with a D-ring

(is it necessary/useful/cool? I like the idea of being able to theoretically use it for securing myself/roping down in emergency or something)

>I'd definetly want it to have an authentic AustriAlpin buckle

(But feel free to also link other models, if the knock-offs are just as good/if there are better alternatives)

>No velcro for securing the slack/overlap of the belt (it just breaks after x uses)

(something like a rubber band strap/little loop on the main strap to hold it(the part that stand off over the buckle/the unused bit, if you know what I mean))

>Is molle-adaptability a good idea?

(I might want to put stuff on it, even if not much, it'd be cool to have a full-fledged belt)

Well, there it is, pls help me.

(Pic related, my belt now, I want something nice for everyday wear)

ef9433 No.548666


>worst bolt action rifle of the world wars

looks like someone is forgetting about the carcano.

>stuck with a 4 round carry capacity

you fucking what?

9543d7 No.548716


The safety is so hard to use that you are better off carrying with an empty chamber and 4 rounds in the magazine.

19ac0c No.550924


The board has ruined me.

In the course of researching for this essay I ended up finding a report from Aberdeen, taking a survey in '67 of what Marines in Vietnam thought of the M14 and what they felt they needed, and all I can think of is /k/ memes.

Tucked between two paragraph-long responses was one Marine who replied simply "Rifle grenades".

Then there were bunch who all suggested a Spergook-like doctrine of i) give each soldier more ammo, ii) issue more shotguns, and iii) helmets and armour aren't worth the weight, so get rid of them to make room for the ammo. No mention of first aid kits though.

980d95 No.550942


Very interesting. Could you get him to send you some pictures and post them here?

91a886 No.551461

36d3fb No.553050

I need a copy of the image of the guy kicking-in the door with the shotgun. I've seen it so often that I never had to worry about it before, but I can't find it now that I need it to draw.

993928 No.554287

Given that the US defines the militia as all men between 17 and 45, don't all men between 17 and 45 have the right to bear arms, by the Second Amendment?

cda04f No.554631


The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. You nigger

c6453d No.555046

What would you arm your troops with as a standard infantry combat weapon if you couldnt chose any kind of rifle?

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