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There's no discharge in the war!

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485a09 No.583138

I watched this video of Metatron and realize why I was so fucking stupid, in fact, why the fuck is everyone in the internet knife community so fucking stupid?

Yes, you can win a knife fight, yes, you wouldn't end up in the hospital.

You just simply need to follow what ancient/medieval men did when they were fighting with knives/swords, equip yourself some bitch ass armor.

Goddamn so many knife experts (true and fake) really cannot grasp this fucking logic.

87e248 No.583139

File: eca6837b9e49d24⋯.jpg (128.83 KB, 500x386, 250:193, What happens when her nipp….jpg)


>Knife fighting is EASY!


>Oh, it's Spergook again.

Because most people don't leave home expecting to get into a knife fight. As such adding an extra 10kg+ of chainmail or steel plate is not something they're interested in, as it would only make their days more tiring/annoying. It would be kind of cool to have people wearing armour in public, but unfortunately the general populus is less autistic than I am and much less autistic than you are


>X is simple if you just prepare for it

is not much of a point to make, no shit things get easier when you're equipped for them. The whole 'nobody wins a knife fight' thing comes from the fact that the majority of people aren't able/prepared to put in the training time or walk about in armour. pic is kinda dumb, but not as dumb as your thread spergook

485a09 No.583140




Nigger you are fucking retarded.

Metatron is wearing mail in that very video, do you notice it? This is a prime example of modern men forgetting the fucking wheel.

>Because most people don't leave home expecting to get into a knife fight.

But some people do, like me, in fact there's a tiny bunch of people who equip knives so they can defend themselves.

3c716c No.583143

People have been winning knife fights for literally tens of thousands of years.

Edged weapons were the only weapons before guns were available, and this was before modern medicine. If every swordfight resulted in both people being cut, bleeding or getting infected, humanity would have long since lost all of its aggressiveness and will to fight through successive generations of the most ornery people killing each other.

The fact that this has not happened proves the retards who claim you "cant win knife fights" wrong. People who claim that are as dumb as leftists who claim a 9mm from a policemans gun is too slow to reach an attacker before a 5.56 out of an attackers AR kills the cop.

We just lost the knowledge of how to win knife fights reliably, and are all out of practice, simple as that. Its ''not impossible".

3c716c No.583144


Do you have a higher res pic of that?

Lindybeige is a cunt

c37501 No.583150

I don’t ever want to get into a knife fight. Fuck that.

485a09 No.583151


So wear armor, because armor is going to protect you, whether you run or not.

People forget that a stab in the back is just as deadly as in the front, especially the spine.

The danger of knife attack is that NO ONE knows that it's coming.

485a09 No.583152


In fact, one wonders why standardized mail armor is not a cop thing, considering cops are the ones getting stabbed the most, not counting nigger.

8be8cd No.583154


Well cops don't carry any first aid kits, so I'm not sure what you're planning on getting rid of to make room for chain mail.

485a09 No.583155


Well, for one, you can't literally use your first aid kit to defend against stabbing attack.

So put your kits in the car, and wear fucking chainmail.

881796 No.583158


>what you're planning on getting rid of to make room for chain mail.

Why are burgers always incapable of accepting the fact that chainmail is the same as wearing any other type of thick clothing? You don't need to get rid of any equipment in order to make room for chainmail unless you're so fucking fat that even en extra 1cm of thickness will make all the straps in your gear break apart from the massive pressure. Lose some weight if wearing chainmail is difficult you fat prick

902954 No.583161


Nigger are you for real? The joke is spergook, spergooking.

87e248 No.583164

File: 8107710e6f1083a⋯.jpg (492.95 KB, 677x1024, 677:1024, It's almost worth putting ….jpg)


Spergook, I'm a historical re-enactor. I turn out every weekend for training wearing a modern build replica of 11th Century Maille. 1.5mm diameter wire, 10mm inner diameter rings, ~34'000 individual, 4-linked, rings - it weighs about ten and a half kilos. That's not even the heaviest set you'll find. That's a basic level Hauberk that comes down to my wrists and ends about mid calf with a single layer of chain. When you get into the heavy duty stuff (that comes in several pieces that cover you head to toe and is composed of a higher number of thicker rings and frequently uses more than one layer of chain) then 15kg+ is getting optimistic, and that's before we account for the backing and gambeson underneath the metal. Even with all that armour all it will stop is the edge, you'll still get bruises and blunt force injuries through that (which is why you need the padding underneath it and even that isn't 100 effective). In short, fuck you retard you have no idea what you're asking for.


Not that particular pic, no.

2ad86f No.583165

Is there armor that protects against both stabs and gunfir and isn't heavy as hell? Or is it just a meme?

87e248 No.583167


>protects against stabs

>protects against gunfire

>isn't heavy as hell

You can pick two options, and you'll still pay too much for it.

485a09 No.583169


Literally post proof.

I'm waiting for it.

>l. Even with all that armour all it will stop is the edge, you'll still get bruises and blunt force injuries through that (which is why you need the padding underneath it and even that isn't 100 effective).

So? At least you are fucking alive, not being stabbed to death.

>In short, fuck you retard you have no idea what you're asking for.

I'm asking for a fucking chain shirt, the exact same as Metatron is wearing, and realize how fucking stupid it is that people just simply don't make chain mail to deal with the stabbing problem.

485a09 No.583170


And what is spergooking?

Recommend people to wear chain mail in response to stabbing?

Is that spergooking?

8be8cd No.583172

File: d3718e175678483⋯.png (33.05 KB, 300x100, 3:1, the_future_of_warfare.png)


>he doesn't recognize spergook posting

485a09 No.583174


Funny how /k/ still takes a massive shit at this considering how useless first aid kits are.

1ed754 No.583175

why would you wear shoes if a car could hit you?

50% protection is better than 0%

other than dodging, coming out without getting at least a bruise is impossible

the real purpose of armor is to buy you more time for another hit

also "active armor"(arm plates, ankle plates) are the most effective because you can hit or deflect with them

902954 No.583178


No. It's this thread in a few more posts.

87e248 No.583179


>Hurr, dood, dox urself!

Spergook harder faggot. If you want to do some actual, you know, research then just look up 'Chain-mail Hauberk'. You're online, you have no excuse for not knowing this shit after starting a thread about it.

485a09 No.583180


Dude, I can literally google a fucking chain shirt, the problem is it's obviously not sold in Vietnam as far as I can see.

You think it's a huge problem to wear that shit, when it's clearly not when you grow familiar with it, literally an undershirt that gets cold under cold weather.

881796 No.583182



First time I ever hear of it. Chainmail does make sense, so I see nothing wrong with OP. Care to elaborate?

485a09 No.583183


I made some threads in the past about upgrading modern soldiers.

Still not regret it though, literally 2 fucking years ago.

40c8dc No.583185


>he doesnt wear chainmail 24/7 like varg


40c8dc No.583186


>2 years

Wasn't that a few months ago?

485a09 No.583187



Anyway, I think again, why not wear a metal plate undereath? That would be less heavy and provide equal if not more protection.

1ed754 No.583188


a solid plate is like a soda can

it gets poked really easy

the chain re-distributes pressure

40c8dc No.583189


weight ofcourse

by that logic you might aswell strap a tank around yourself to carry around.

485a09 No.583190


Not for sloped plate.

A full plated soldier was invulnerable to edged weapon save for the little gaps.

485a09 No.583191


That's not true, is it? Not talking about a full cuirass, but literally some sloped plate protecting your stomach/organ.

1ed754 No.583192



you could just attack from a different angle

40c8dc No.583193



>a study conducted at the Royal Armouries at Leeds concluded that "it is almost impossible to penetrate using any conventional medieval weapon."

I disavow my comment on weight. You use mail armour because you get more surface area around your body, protect the entire area. Unlike a plate where there are gaps.

902954 No.583194



Quite a while back he made posts about removing ifaks, blow out kits, med kits, whatever the fuck you want to call them from a grunts gear. In trade for them you give the grunt an extra mag or give him an underslung gl or shotgun because that will totally offset the weight for it and the cost of cotton coupled with an oversized rubberband is just too much. This was a few years ago and even made it into a banner as seen here >>583172.

1c304e No.583196


Because my self risk assessment determines that a targeted knife attack against me is exceptionally low and wearing chain mail in 110 degree heat is fucking retarded. I avoid crowds, don’t go to bars/events, and when I am in the city it’s predominately in my vehicle where someone attempting to attack me with a knife will have impeded access to my person. Anyone on my property that I don’t know is subject to me demanding to know who they are while I have my pistol in hand. And try being the gray man while wearing armor of any kind in the middle of Texas.

485a09 No.583197


I didn't know I was that fucking famous.

I still maintain the position that modern soldiers carry too much irrelevant fucking shit instead of more ammo.

485a09 No.583198


This is literally your ass feeling confident, but who am I to say?

Better have armor than not.

What matters is finding the right one that fits you. In fact, you only need to protect your torso at most since that's the part most serious knifers are going to go for.

40c8dc No.583199


>serious knifers

So prank knifers will go for the balls?

What are you saying?

62ca59 No.583200


Memorable things are memorable. That has to been a year or two ago.

485a09 No.583201


You know there are kids who wave knife around.

And there are the guys who bumrush you, grab your shirt and stab you again and again in the torso.

The latter is the serious knifers, because it's literally the most dumbproof way to use a knife.

485a09 No.583202


2 years actually.

Nowadays with advance in exo-skeleton, I think we should remove even more shit and let everyone carry an M240B chain-linked to backpack.

2ad86f No.583205


What do you recommend then?

1ed754 No.583207

also youre probably getting attacked by a towelhead or nigger

not a samurai or someone who takes care of their gear

their blades are gonna be blunt

they WILL have to stab you

if you can stop their arm from reaching you theres no need for 30 kilos of armor

any sort of martial art IS better than having any kind of vest

87e248 No.583208


There is a colossal difference between a cool looking, lightweight, display piece that will make fun noises when you move and an actual piece of armour that you can trust to turn or stop a blade and is thus worth trusting your life to. If you want to spend $20 on a chainmail fancy dress costume and go LARPing around town then don't let me stop you. Just remember that you're the one to blame when it does fuck all. Considering that a large number of the wounds inflicted in knife attacks are to the hands and forearms are you planning on adding vambraces/bracers and gloves to your knight outfit?

8be8cd No.583210

File: 501ac3863ddcaf5⋯.mp4 (8.82 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Napalmstickstokids.mp4)


>everyone carry an M240B chain-linked to backpack.

I'm not sure if we used too much Agent Orange, or not enough. Better dump a few more kilotons just to be safe.

485a09 No.583212


Enjoy being stabbed, I guess.


Literally cannot buy chain mail here so I'm gonna bother.

>Considering that a large number of the wounds inflicted in knife attacks are to the hands and forearms are you planning on adding vambraces/bracers and gloves to your knight outfit?

Nah, since they aren't life threatening, ironically, your leg i.e. femoral artery is the 2nd most dangerous since it's big and easy to stab.

485a09 No.583213

File: 6d10c2738c862c5⋯.jpg (153.17 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, marine backpack.jpg)


So like this dude right? With power armor.


1ed754 No.583214


why would you prepare for getting stabbed when you could learn how to steal the knife from the attackers hand

86f83a No.583215

File: f38e637e1a6afd5⋯.jpg (33.26 KB, 471x532, 471:532, f38e637e1a6afd5ed38cdf1d96….jpg)


>Nah, since they aren't life threatening

485a09 No.583216


Dude, you are joking right?


Unless they do some sick shit with your wrist, nah, it ain't.

1ed754 No.583218


youre the one wanting to wear metal in the cambodia heat

485a09 No.583222


Which men did in the past, fucking crusaders wore that shit in a desert in a fucking kettle helm.

What matters is resilence and training.

70973c No.583223




How sheltered are you? Did you grow up in some commie party member's basement? Do you really think that you can fix all injured with a band-aid and a kiss from mommy?

When you get shot you will want to stop the bleeding so a doc can take care of you later.

A tourniquet weighs less than 200 grams and can save someone who lost a leg just moments ago. The tourniquet can be used for a whole lot of other things too, it's not even a one use item like most other medical material, since it never actually contacts the main wound.

Quick clot can stop bleeding gut wounds which would otherwise be nearly untreatable in the field. It weighs less than a magazine, and even less than a tourniquet.

And don't even get me started on normal bandages.

Carrying a FAK into a war-zone is the second most sensible thing after carrying a gun. They are cheap, light weight, and can be stuffed into a pocket.


>every soldier carries an MG

>every soldier gets to use a super expensive exoskeleton

>that can only function for a day or two at best without being charged

>and has never been tested concerning shrapnel resistance and continuous function after a rough landing

Bullshit that won't happen in the next 100 years.

While exoskeletons exist, they are nowhere near as "useful" as you make them sound. They function for a limited time only, and require a lot of electrical energy. They also don't allow the user to run, which is something that you do quite often in the military.

They simply lack the response time to allow anyone to run reliably in them, because the hydraulics, pneumatics, or electric motors (whichever you decide to use) all have a response time for reversal (electric engines have to stop and then run in the opposite direction, hydraulics and pneumatics have the same issue for their pumps).

On top of that, they require energy. Batteries or fuel, pick your poison. Both are already a logistics nightmare, and you are trying to complicate things further by making the Private Arthur Verage have to put a fuckton of diesel into his exoskeleton just to be able to walk around and do shit?

On top of that: the reason we don't already issue Machine guns to literally everybody are exactly the same:

Cost of buying every man a machine gun

Logistics of supplying every man with enough ammo for his machine gun

An average soldier receives from three to ten magazines, each 20 to 30 rounds of ammunition. In a logistically speaking worst case scenario, every soldier must be regularly supplied with 300 rounds of ammunition.

An average MG belt is 50 to 200 rounds long. You go through belts like your mother goes through lube in any kind of serious engagement, simply because an MG is almost always fired in full auto. Even if your exosceleton would solve the issue of having to carry up to 1000 rounds of ammunition per man, how would you regularly supply that amount of ammunition to each soldier?

Take into consideration that every platoon consists of roughly 40 men, with up to 4 MGs.

In a normal situation, they would require 40*300 rounds+4*1000 rounds =16 000 rounds per platoon

In your super retarded example a single platoon would require 1000 rounds*40= 40 000 rounds per platoon

You more than double your ammunition requirements. Which means you need more than double the number of trucks and logistics transporting ammuntion to your troops.

In short: your shit is retarded.


>wounds to the arms and hands aren't life threatening

>in a knife fight

How are you going to hold your knife, or theirs, or make a fist, or do anything at all, if your sinews have been cut? How are you going to move a muscle when you are losing up to a liter of blood per minute (and go unsconcious after losing only one liter, and enter a critical state after losing two liters). Even if you win the fight after less than ten seconds, you have only a few minutes to stop the bleeding, or you WILL go unconscious and bleed out in the time it takes for someone to either find you, or help you.

485a09 No.583225


I'm simply going to address the point of arm thing, no, they aren't life threatening, even if you are stabbed in the arm, you can still run and survive.

If you are stabbed in the guts, you are gonna die lose blood fast and die slowly.

Protection should mainly about protecting your most vulnerable part, unless you think you should wear full plate armor everywhere you go.

87e248 No.583229


You're the retard who wants everyone to wear chainmail 24/7 to protect from knife attacks. Should we also wear MOPP-4 level Chemical/Biological weapon suits just in case someone decides to throw nerve gas at us?

485a09 No.583230


Everyone is free to wear whatever they want, but saying you can't win in a knife fight is wrong, you can, you just need to wear chain mail, that will up your chance massively.

c5a1e7 No.583232


But where on the cop does the underslung shotgun go?

485a09 No.583234


In his car along with his AR15 I hope?

c5a1e7 No.583235


But how is he going to shoot the guy with the knife if he wasn't given a pistol, and his AR is in the car?

485a09 No.583236


A cop should have a pistol I think.

A 10mm G20, pistol is better in low intensity situation.

c5a1e7 No.583238


But you said shotguns are better for urban situations.

May as well just carry those around all day.

70973c No.583240


Wearing chainmal won't make you magically win a knifefight. It's just going to be a hindrance 99% of the time and might maybe come in useful once if you have bad luck.


>what is hypovolemic shock

>what is loss of consciousness

>what is loss of motor functions either through shock or destroyed motor aperatus

>what is loss of self defense capability

Why don't you slash your arms and go for a jog then? I am sure you will survive just fine.

You bleed much less when you are stabbed in the intestines, including internal bleeding, since the intestines don't contain that much blood. Sure, you may get a very bad infection, but antibiotics can fix that.

Also: I will stop replying to you now. It's a shame to feed pigs with pearls.

db3fd1 No.583241

File: 12ccbdb737010a0⋯.jpg (215.07 KB, 1323x1500, 441:500, husar jacket.jpg)

File: fafce532382193c⋯.jpg (118.22 KB, 960x685, 192:137, leatherneck.jpg)

File: 86989c3b30becea⋯.jpg (126.6 KB, 600x272, 75:34, bowler had used in self de….jpg)

File: 83e899a2907f1c0⋯.jpg (48.97 KB, 768x311, 768:311, Bowler hat used in self de….jpg)

File: cf783e657e05a5b⋯.jpg (26.43 KB, 357x283, 357:283, cloak as a defensive tool.jpg)


You don't need chain mail to protect against knife attacks.

Look at the way Hussars dressed during the 18th and 19th century the embroidery, cord and pelt on their jackets are actually designed that way to make them slash and stab resistant.

Marines and Seamen during the same period wore leather collars against saber attacks from Muslim pirates.

Its also part of the reason why people constantly wore hats back in the time, they not only protected the wearer from the weather but they could also be used as protection or distraction in self defense situation.

Last but not least people wore cloaks until the 1950 and they have been used in self defense against knife attacks since antiquity.

So you don't need actual armor to defend against knifes, you just need good quality clothes that don't suck ass.


Police in civilized countries actually get stab and bullet proof vest issued. In Germany the vest is stab resistant and rated SK2 against bullets.

SWAT units in Germany actually have chain mail to deal with crazy knife wielders.

db3fd1 No.583242

File: 4df027a89dfcef6⋯.jpg (80.67 KB, 850x568, 425:284, smjena_straze10-090814.jpg)


While we are at the topic the tie that is usually worn with business suits actually has the same origin as the leather collar of the Marines, the Slavs of the 17th century wore Neck scarfs to protect their necks against slash and stab attacks from Muslim invaders.

0e3f8e No.583246


Holy shit guys

I just thought of an absolutely, incredibly genius idea on how to win against someone with a knife. No risk of being stabbed, null, zero. Doesn't require chainmail, doesn't require skill really either. Ready? Holy shit man, this is fucking groundbreaking, yeah. I'm going to make millions. Here goes: Shoot him

1ed754 No.583247


21 feet rulre

b7d8d0 No.583248

File: 766d6ead2f02039⋯.jpeg (286.81 KB, 1920x1259, 1920:1259, Sneider.jpeg)

File: 9658808814886fa⋯.jpeg (397.39 KB, 2000x1331, 2000:1331, Sallai R. Benedek.jpeg)






That sounds like an overdesigned character to me.

db3fd1 No.583251

File: 369ebeaf2001d37⋯.jpg (66.51 KB, 590x775, 118:155, cf04d2a75e1d171dfbcdd15802….jpg)


That may be true, but the thing is that shit actually worked.

The huge majority of the gaudy clothes from the 17th to the early 20th century are designed with the protection of the wearer in physical confrontations in mind.

d73be6 No.583256



>The huge majority of the gaudy clothes from the 17th to the early 20th century are designed with the protection of the wearer in physical confrontations in mind.

What modern clothes would accomplish the same function without making you look like Chris-chan or an edgy mall ninja?

01d8db No.583259


>what is the 21 foot rule

f40bd0 No.583268


Drape a shit ton of metal chains across your chest supported by a leather harness, if anyone asks or raises questions tell them they're being oppressive of your sexuality and literal Hitlers.


70973c No.583274

File: 2956438f2008414⋯.jpeg (347.67 KB, 1400x1900, 14:19, serveimage.jpeg)


Wearing a hoodie with an extended collar like pic related, which you can then reinforce.

A thick beanie can protect against light blows to the head, but you can line the inside of the beanie with leather, which will protect your scalp against slashes.

There are also hoodies with fur liners, which are not only super duper comfy during winter, but also protect against stabbings with short or dull blades.

You can buy leather gloves a few sizes too large and ask your local leather worker to add padding to the palm area.

Sadly, this would all be clothes that work only in cold weather, which means you are fucked during summer when most people are expected to walk around in short shorts and FALs** T-shirts.

db3fd1 No.583284


Any scarf or handkerchief can do the job for the neck, as long as you wear a shirt with a collar.

For a hat look for Bump Caps, they are basically baseball caps for workers with a protective insert, but any kind of hat, beanie or cap is better than nothing.

Then look for a pair of Cut Resistant Gloves like Police or Security use them, there are nice thin once that look pretty normal.

For a jacket look for the ticker leather jackets, depending on your taste studs can reinforce the jacket. Otherwise you want a coat from tick material like loden, felt, wool(from animals) or corduroys.

The more buttons, fur and cords the coat has the better it is. Also any padded vest or winter jacket would be useful.

Equally you want pants that are sturdier than your normal jeans, so anything reinforced regardless if they are outdoor, biker or worker pants are good. Naturally also corduroys and leather pants.

Basically any kind of sturdy clothes make cut attacks less effective, the attacker has to use more force to stab you and cannot just bum rush you with a series of light stabs.

Just look around the Clothing Stores around you and you should be able to find useful items.

db3fd1 No.583286

File: 1ca02d42feff9c7⋯.jpg (225.65 KB, 1024x1362, 512:681, 265d88e7b255c2b3de8044a606….jpg)


You will laugh, but excessive jewelry Mr. T style is actually a viable tactic to get more cut resistance and has been used by many people throughout the ages.

70973c No.583294


What on earth is going on with his chest? What are all those black dots?

Skin disease because the chains are rubbing across his skin all the time?

Also: Gold is heaver than lead. I always wondered how much T had to carry around all day.

a69b48 No.583303


Take the cash, time and effort you would need to train for a knife fight and buy chainmail and then use it to make even more money so you can move out of the jungle where you won't have to get in weekly knife fights with fucked up hooligan gooks.

b20788 No.583306

File: a1bc802a40fd8fc⋯.jpeg (225.06 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, ChainMailCops.jpeg)

87e248 No.583309


Don't get shot, don't get stabbed.

70973c No.583311

File: aaaf1373b8af3c5⋯.jpeg (352.97 KB, 1536x1024, 3:2, serveimage.jpeg)

File: 5fe579674b2b885⋯.jpeg (143.43 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, serveimage0.jpeg)

File: b12e61ff4aa2678⋯.jpeg (258.15 KB, 1885x1500, 377:300, serveimage1.jpeg)

File: 7ae284a6ebd4ebf⋯.jpeg (172.47 KB, 1592x948, 398:237, serveimage2.jpeg)

File: aaaf1373b8af3c5⋯.jpeg (352.97 KB, 1536x1024, 3:2, serveimage3.jpeg)


That's olds.

Police forces have started to use chain-mail for situations where an attacker is wielding a knife.

Of course this makes sense for them, because they put that stuff in storage afterwards, and get it out for the next enrichment activity. An average person has no use for wearing a chain-mail shirt all day every day. It's an item you wear if you expect to get into a fight with someone who wields a knife and you don't want to (or can't) shoot them for whatever reason.

b20788 No.583314

File: 9f1f447549fa470⋯.png (466.99 KB, 508x568, 127:142, Mideval Modern.png)


That getup is like a year 8000 interpretation of the past.

70973c No.583322


More like a year 1600 interpretation of combat in 400 years.

>You see, little prince Hamlet, in 400 years combat will be much like today.

>Knights will still wear heavy plates as armour with a layer of chainmail under neath of course.

>And they will still be using lances, and maces, and staffs, and daggers, but the way these things are made will be different.

>They will wear helmets that not only protect against slashes, but also against concussion from blunt blows, with visors as clear as thin air that can still protect against most attacks!

>And their plates will be able to stop any arrow you shoot at them.

>Their staffs will be masterfully crafted from the finest wood, and yet they will break them in combat and not give a damned, because they have so many of them that they use them as broom-handles!

>And their maces will me much ligher than today, because the helmets and visors will be too good for a mace to do any good against them. Instead they will be used to beat up the peasants!

>And of course there will be vile scum, wilding daggers in dark alleyways and in the shady parts of towns.

>The only thing that will have changed to the point where you won't be able to recognize it, will be the swords!

<What will happen to the swords, Yorrik?

>They will be gone!

<Gone you say? Nay, you had me with your funny tales, but now you have gone too far. How can a knight be without his sword?

>I tell you, young prince Hamlet! They will have found something better by then!

<What for example?



>Yes, young sir! They will shoot fire and steel through the skies, and will have tamed the winds and the seas! They will build ships so large that they can not be sunk by cannon fire, and they will have wagons so heavy they require a thousand horses to pull!

<Ha, Yorrik. Your tales are insane! A thousand horses you say? How are they going to feed a a thousand horses, much less take care of their dung?

>They won't have to! They will have captured the essence of the horse in a single drop of liquid! A mug full of it will be enough to pull a cart though half of Denmark!

e1fb60 No.583331

File: 582670a0c7d7fae⋯.jpg (123.13 KB, 517x768, 517:768, highest degree of laughter.jpg)


>A mug full of it will be enough to pull a cart though half of Denmark!

I fucking lost it

f7e102 No.583333


These don't explain everything, but when push comes to shove you should know some type of unarmed defense as well as armed because a good defense is deliberate. Prepare to die everyday of your life at any moment of the day. You need it all if you want to be totally prepared. >>583196 Your risk assessment prior should also include a counter measure for when your initial risk assessment of the situation fails and you have no choice but to engage in combat within arms reach. If you prepared, then your device would be the mechanism that you were born with to use in everyday life and will die with. Hopefully not from stab wounds, but it's all up to you how well you use your body's advantages.





f7e102 No.583334

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The most modern use of these manuscripts to prepare for a life or death situation that I know of.

485a09 No.583336


But you do get shot and you do get stabbed, that is why people invent armor.

inb4 muh risk assessment is omnipotencr

70973c No.583337


Wrong, that's why people invented first aid kits.

Armor is meant to protect you from getting stabbed. If someone attempts to stab you, but your armour protects you, they didn't successfully stab you.

When you get shot, you got shot. Not just shot at.

87e248 No.583342

File: 4b0437a1688f199⋯.png (326.17 KB, 511x415, 511:415, perfect for ocular patdown….png)


>He doesn't use a simple Ocular Pat Down to determine the threat level and determine the optimal A, B, & C strike plans for any given scenario.

In all seriousness though risk of being stabbed is like disease, the simplest way to survive it is not to get it. To continue the metaphor, wearing chainmail in order to protect against random stabbings would be like taking regular doses of broad-spectrum antibiotics even while not sick. It might help you in a few unlikely situations, but unless you spend 16 hours a day gargling other peoples diarrhoea it's probably a little excessive. What's gotten you worried enough about being randomly stabbed that you're thinking about armouring up m80?

178b32 No.583347

File: 2cab6b061ea3852⋯.gif (1.53 MB, 1500x1200, 5:4, ppl-390319pmo-ralph-lee-ha….gif)

Ok since everyone ignored my previous thread ender here >>583143 let me pose another.

People here seem to be claiming that since knife fights tend to result in grievous wounds to both opponents, when both opponents are warned and enter the fight knowingly. As a result of knives being "useless" in such fights, they shouldn't even be carried, relied on, or trained with. At least that's the thread course as I see it.

However, I'm curious… why wouldn't this same logic apply to guns? Why carry, train and rely on a gun knowing you'll get grievously wounded if you gunfight with it, but not a knife?

891abb No.583351


Well, because it is an insidious meme, most people who get stabbed do end up in hospital, but they do not die, in fact most knife attacks are not lethal, and that is when the victims are defenseless civvies with no armor.

And people have defended themselves with knives since caveman era, so…

891abb No.583352


So the problem lies in the weight of armor, not because of its advantage, this is something we solve by making lighter chain shirt, not to discount it altogether.

And the brits and krauts do have a higher chance of being stabbed than good ol' me.

891abb No.583353


This is dumb kraut word playing right there, armor helps mitigate the damage, not that it prevents you from being stabbed.

And good luck using your FAK after you are stabbed, you might have a better chance give it to someone else or run to the hospital.

891abb No.583355


They do not sell chain mail in 'nam.

5cff33 No.583356

The best way to win a knife fight is to bring a gun, keep your distance from everyone and shoot who gets close.

Better yet, don't go outside.

891abb No.583359


>shoot everyone close to you

More lile best way to get arrest.

f7e102 No.583360


You're right. Whenever I get stabbed I could just put on my bodyarmor whenever I feel like getting unstabbed, you know cause it's like a disease with antibiotics?


Nowhere but your post does anyone argue that both parties will be warned before hand therefore knives are useless. The main argument is training is better than no training and armor as well as vigilance and good judgement, but somehow one is being preferred over the other when I think all three need to be utilized in hierarchy. I don't here anyone talking about the values of real martial skills. Just have a gun or running away isn't always going to be the available option. What if you were ambushed?

71a8ad No.583394


I have a physician in my family who loves to go off on med kits and how they are useless. In particular the tourniquets.

The rubber ones which you often find that are about an inch in diameter are not designed to stop life threatening bleed-outs from arterial hemorrhaging. They're designed to take blood.

If you ever are in a situation where someone has had an artery opened such as in a case of losing a leg you will want to use their belt and yours too as well as any one else around. You will want to go for maximum surface area and maximum tightness.

57eb02 No.583398

For some reason the idea of being attacked with a knife scares me more than being attacked with a gun. Does anyone else feel that way? Despite knowing in my brain that a gun is extremely dangerous, the idea of staring down the barrel of a gun doesn't wrench my gut as much as the idea of being threatened with a knife.

71a8ad No.583399



What brought about that rant was an incident where he works at a urgent care center. Someone came in with their ulnar and radial arteries severed at the wrist. Work place accident, they came in holding a bucket to contain the blood. At the time they entered the clinic the patient had lost something north of a pint of blood and the bleeding was not stopping. One of the nurses initially tried to stop the bleeding with three of the rubber tourniquets and failed. A doctor came around and found her panicked with a medical technician, one holding the arm and the other cranking one of the tourniquets as hard as she could, literally leaning back. He made the correct call to place the patient in a blood pressure cuff and set it to maximum inflation. By the time the ambulance arrived to transport the patient to the emergency room the bleeding had been stopped.

TL;DR rubber tourniquets are trash even if cranked to the max and you can get more milage with a wider surface of compression with less pressure.

99ce0a No.583401


or, maybe dont buy a shitty tourniquet, dotard

529a9f No.583404

Whats with all the salt?

You can win a knife fight, armor like chain mail would help you win, wearing it on a day to day basis is the same as wearing a bullet proof vest which military and police do all the time, there are modern materials like kevlar that can be better than chainmail, motorcycle armor for one. Deciding whether or not you on a personal level should wear it is dependant on your circumstances like if your living in detroit.

aa0ed1 No.583407


Has to do with american fear of melee. German brits ruskies no such fear.

aa0ed1 No.583409


That comes inside the shitty FAK.

bbde5d No.583413


>buying a first aid kit instead of building one

aa0ed1 No.583419


Tell that to the US armed force, shit head.

bbde5d No.583421


The ones who are issued actually effective CAT tourniquets instead of rubber bullshit, agent orange swilling retard?

8ac457 No.583446


you should make some ned kelly armour and take on the apex gangs

6ba8ba No.583499


Give yourself and your friend a permanent marker. Pretend they're knives. Now go at each other for a few brief moments. Look at your marker traces, that's your wounds. Estimate how long before the emergency arrives you would die.

b67184 No.583516


I knew before even looking at the fucking flag it would be you posting this retarded bullshit, zipperhead. Go eat some agent orange you inbred fuck.

178b32 No.583533


>actually buying a tourniquet

What the fuck?

Take a strip of cloth or anything, tie a loop around the limb, stick in a pen or stick or something and twist it to tighten the tourniquet.

8f7373 No.583539


How is it retarded bullshit?

8f7373 No.583540


That is not a realistuc simulation, the one who gets stabbed first (and repeatdly) would not be able to mount a defense much at all.

65c7ee No.583646


That's why you buy a fucking CAT and Israeli bandages you fucking retard, and don't use a "med kit" that shitty.

>don't carry a tourniquet, they're useless

>use belts, they're totally able to apply enough pressure to actually staunch the bleeding.

Yeah, might want to listen to a combat medic, EMT, or trauma surgeon over a GP. You need a real fucking tourniquet and it will increase survivability of appropriate wounds 80-fucking-percent of the time. Also, chest seals are a thing. A good medkit is lightweight and worth its weight in gold.


that will probably not work worth a shit. Not that I wouldn't try SOMETHING but maintaining direct pressure with the full force of your arms and hands is more likely to be effective.

I'm a poorfag and I can afford a fucking twenty-five dollar CAT and some six dollar combat bandages. If I'm going to bother carrying a pistol and pepper spray, I might as well carry some trauma tools too. I'm more likely to need some med supplies than I am to use my weapon. Random shit can cause life-threatening injuries. I'd feel real stupid not to include something like that in my EDC when my pistol is "a life-saving device" and something happens to someone around me.


65c7ee No.583647


Soft IIIA vests aren't rated for knife attacks by default (though some are), but a vest will provide some protection from a bladed weapon. Chain mail shirts weigh twice as much as the cheapest effective IIIA soft armor.

178b32 No.583670

File: 42c72332c5e7917⋯.jpg (26.82 KB, 296x282, 148:141, article-2311118-195ED0E600….jpg)

File: 785ca2d37d93dcd⋯.png (10.99 KB, 213x285, 71:95, 213px-Tourniquet_(PSF).png)


>that will probably not work worth a shit.

It's been working since tourniquets were invented, that's what tourniquet means. It's from the french tourner, which means to turn. You tighten the strap by turning a stick.

>maintaining direct pressure with the full force of your arms and hands is more likely to be effective.

Fucking lol what kind of a retard would say something this stupi…

>Israeli bandages


Oh it's a heeb.

cd1d0e No.583702



Two minutes in google and I found soft NIJ IIIa vest with EB2 and S2 levels protection weighting 2,5 kg.

a572a8 No.583703


It's not meant to be realistic, it's meant to show that unless you're literally fucking Rambo you will just die in your first knife fight.

418f23 No.583786

File: 6be09e4b025273d⋯.png (267.42 KB, 476x476, 1:1, 6be09e4b025273d63ffd4e6dcf….png)


>Be gangster

>See video


>Tell gangster friends

>Gangster friends are on board

>Build, buy and steal medieval armor

>mfw I'm so smart

>mfw it works

>mfw this fictional story will probably happen irl

50f6b3 No.583801


I want to see the end result of Tyrone in plate mail trying to break into a home.

>Home owner hears clanking of medieval proportions at 3 am.

>Grabs his nightstand gun and goes to check it out.

>Nearly blinds himself with his weapon light reflecting off the chrome plated armor.

>Manages to empty his mag while Tyrone got his axe stuck in the wall.

>No shots penetrate but the one head shot sends the helmet into Tyrone's skull.

>Homeowner is rushed to the hospital due to ricochets.

>Lot harder for Tyrone's mother to claim he din du nothing, as the local HEMA group had been shut down by liberals.

6653e3 No.583803



Correct me if I'm wrong medievalfags, but I believe any plate armor light enough to be worn full-body wouldn't be thick enough to reliably stop boolit penetration, depending on what exactly the homeowner is shooting.

aab8cc No.583808


Depends on the thickness, alloy, heat treat, backing, and so on. Obligatory mention of Ned Kelly.

However, seeing as this is Jamal and Company we're talking about, his 'armor' is likely to be made out of stolen sheet metal and held together with wood screws.

50f6b3 No.583812


And a quarter inch of chrome plating, don't forget they need to bling errything.

65c7ee No.583819




pick one. this set off my retard alert.

My retard alert continued going off when six dollar compress bandages became three hundred dollar bandages, and when the style of bandage manufactured was somehow exclusive to its origin country.

I dunno man, if I had to choose between improvising a tourniquet, and having a combat-proven tourniquet on the ready that can be used one-handed in the event you're the one who needs it, for twenty five buckaroos, I feel like it'd be money well-spent to not suffer extra tissue damage from something that probably won't distribute force evenly across a surface to achieve occlusion.

But hey, fuck me.

bbde5d No.583823


>actually buying a gun

What the fuck?

Take a pipe or anything, get another pipe, stick a nail or something and slam the pipes together to fire the four winds.

a96cb9 No.583825

File: fb51485bc004b6d⋯.gif (1.32 MB, 264x264, 1:1, costanza.gif)


>lives in Londonistan

>doesn't go out in at least a gambeson vest


87e248 No.583859


Yup, metallurgy and engineering have come a hell of a long way in the last thousand years. But Spergook here specified chainmail, and is thus even more of a faggot than other OPs.


I don't live in Londonistan, thank God. If I did I wouldn't pick up my post in the morning unless I was driving an FV510 Warrior IFV, with helicopter support, and a Royal Navy Squadron to level designated targets with artillery and cruise missiles.

329e43 No.583916

I can't wait until sperg gook's party member father retires and leaves him as heir and the entire world will have to watch as the vietnamese army adopts chainmail armor, underbarrel shotguns, everyone issued a suppressor, and med kits will stop being issued. The saddest part is that even in a state like that they will still be able to beat the chinese in a conventional conflict.

d3cb9b No.583922

How to win a knife fight: stab them before they realize what is happening. Surprise attack.

cc1508 No.583950


>london makes up the entirety of britain

Yankee Doodle

aa0ed1 No.583976


Wut? Explain what you say by that because pen fighting does not represent an even real knife fight.

aa0ed1 No.583977


Show me some modern stab vest that work better than chain mail at the same price, faggot.

87e248 No.583980

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


OK retard


>2.5mm thick aluminium plate

>2.5mm plastic plate over the metal

>K3 cert

>Cheaper than a low end chainmail vest (for actual armour rather than cold steel tier display pieces)

>Provides better protection.

1b443b No.583998


Merely touching someone with a knife won't hurt them, especially through clothes. And applying a forceful thrust or cut with a knife requires more commitment (and telegraphing) than touching them with a marker would. Off the top of my head that's the first artifact in your exercise that distances it from a real knife fight, and it's serious enough that your exercise wouldn't prove anything. The conclusion is also totally unsurprising. If two unskilled and untrained people fight with any weapon they are both incredibly likely to get hurt. In what way does that suggest that someone cannot win a knife fight?

485a09 No.584009



Wait a goddamn sec, britbong.

Also, this provides actual protection even from a spear, let alone a knife.

Also, I don't think that can be wear under the shit, can't it?

485a09 No.584010


>under shirt*

bada84 No.584058

File: ae6ea58ee75a3ca⋯.png (177.61 KB, 343x432, 343:432, ae6ea58ee75a3ca7c14bce7c0c….png)



>year 2030

>medieval armor catches on with nigs

>gangster rappers wear gold, jeweled plate armor as sign of social standing

>most home invasions involve the invaders wearing chainmail and wielding clubs/maces

>Detroit resembles more a feudalistic city-state from 1200 than a modern metropolis

>BET airing jousting tournaments 24/7

87e248 No.584070

File: e5d4e78aeff136b⋯.jpg (55.27 KB, 736x600, 92:75, This is a billhook.jpg)


>Also, I don't think that can be worn under the shirt, can't it?

Depends on how tight your shirt is. Besides, I'd prefer a solid plate between me and the knife rather than a set of chain links, you'll still get soft tissue injuries through even a good haubergen if you're not wearing a padded gambeson underneath it. Granted that's not as immediately threatening as a cut artery, but it's still something best avoided if possible.


Your average gang of urban nogs would lack the discipline, unit cohesion, and leadership needed to use medieval gear effectively. Against a single target (most likely unarmed) they'd be terrors, but all it would take is a group of relatively well organised guys equipped to form a schiltron or phalanx and the disorganised mob in chainmail gets driven off/stabbed out of contention. Get your local homeowners association to reform the neighbourhood watch as a company of billmen and own the district. Shit, that's a future I can get behind, suddenly the medieval reenactment would be more than just a way to indulge my autism and prep for the pub.

418f23 No.584115

File: 5e457f005dec906⋯.png (580.19 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 22fefe8d4e5191e0c80bb671d2….png)


>Nogs cant form basic feudal kingdom in Detroit

>Nogs ruin everything again, even the things they already ruin.

>Nogs cant into original ideas again.

ded442 No.584582


Nobody here likes London, not even people from London.

It's full of foreigners and Parliament is there.

8dacae No.584718

File: bcc559e27daeb46⋯.jpg (70.04 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 8131s_1.jpg)


>Show me some modern stab vest that work better than chain mail at the same price, faggot.

This modern chain vest made by Pülz GMBH. Har har har!

87e248 No.584723


Every Brit who doesn't live in London wants to burn the place down. Every Brit who lives in London wants to move out, and then burn the place down.

80b11f No.585192



>infamous underslung shotgun thread

I've heard of this thread before.

Is it worth a read and how far back in the archive do I need to go?

485a09 No.585405


So is this for sale anywhere?

I wonder the autism and paperwork needed to import this to Vietnam.

Truth to be told, Vietnam is in hotshit now because the government just announces they are going to "lend" Spratly island to the chinks for 99 years, lotsa protests at the moment.

Wouldn't mind getting on some protection tbh.

e5da4b No.585406


It was about two years ago I think. Not sure why you'd want to read it, but I suppose if you wanted a really in-depth case study in the long-term effects of Agent Orange exposure it's a pretty good start.

6cdb41 No.585412


If you can't find it then just imagine the most retarded suggestions for infantry kit and tactics you can think of, and you're about 1/2 way there.

cf4964 No.585450

File: 4c8f2ca5ff549fe⋯.jpg (44.23 KB, 567x367, 567:367, IMG_6221.JPG)

Fuck armor, just carry a saber, if they can't reach you without getting a hand chopped off, then they can't stab you.

6653e3 No.585501


If you're actually autistic enough to search through the archives until you find this shit be sure to post the screencaps here, for posterity.

5d6295 No.585572


If you want reach, why blow your money on a sabre when you can carry a spear?

485a09 No.585591


Stupid question, you can't carry a spear daily.

44e1e9 No.585602


If we have extendable batons, why can't we have extendable spears?

6cdb41 No.585603


>you can't carry a spear daily

Manlet detected. Just use it as a fucking walking stick.

27840b No.585604


That's exactly what a manlet would do. They're too small to carry, and so goddamned pointy. You might as well carry sharpened pencils, while you're at it.

000000 No.585637


Spergook made a thread about how he wants to "fix" US mil with capital ideas like:

>get rid of medkits

>everyone gets underslung shotgun like in cod

>bigger calibers on everything because ???

What made it funny is that he actually did not have a clue on how the US military operates, and what its actual problems are. I guess he just imagined being a random grunt duking it out like a vidya/movie character, and then tried thinking of things that would be neat to have. He kept insisting his ideas are the solution, despite people telling him that he is just suggesting things that try to solve non-existent problems, while making actual problems much worse.

It really wasn't that interesting, just one guy constantly doubling down on a dumb idea and everyone exasperatedly telling him its dumb. I'm surprised it even became famous, at the time I thought it was yet another dumb thread. Most people would get the message after something like this that maybe you should research the things you're trying to criticize, but he never did and kept on making similar threads every once in a while. I don't know why people even bother replying, when we could have had interesting, intelligent threads on the front page instead of this shit for two weeks now.

Case in point: This thread. Guess he moved on to knifes now, but the pattern is the same: Basing all logic on some fantastic, imagined scenario (1v1 barfight like the movies), solving very niche problems (the prolonged knife duel), making actual knife problems worse (encumbrance, suspicion), massively exaggerating the benefits of his idea (even in armor you could still get stabbed in arms/legs/face). I suppose if you were a petty criminal with people constantly coming at you and trying to shiv you every day, it makes sense to wear armor.

Worth considering IMO is that whatever self defense solution you have has to have a way of being socially acceptable. So you can't really get too crazy with outlandish equipment, even if effective. First off if it requires carrying something, like a weapon, it better be something that won't draw attention (eg. guns in the US south) or you will constantly be questioned about it, even if technically legal. You might be barred from going to places where you need to be, like school or work. Concealing it helps, but mail isn't the easiest to conceal. Regardless, when you do fight someone you will have to tell the police and courts about the mail, how do you think they will react? Probably they will assume you're some crazy psycho who is itching for a fight and assume you were the instigator.

377888 No.585707



Call them and ask if they send it to Vietnam

3eaa44 No.585842

File: 3ce26599929328b⋯.mp4 (14.45 MB, 640x360, 16:9, MDE - Knife School [360p].mp4)


An average spear shaft is between 6 to 8 feet long. The nigger mugger would stab you by the time you'd be able to get the thing to extend all the way.

891abb No.585879


Thanks dude.

485a09 No.585892


Yeah, because the risk of being stabbed in the guts in a knife attack scenario is fucking fantasy.

And no, just because they can attack your arm instead doesn't mean you shouldn't wear armor.

And mail is concealable, heavy yes, but very concealable, Metatron is wearing a mail in that vid, can you even know?

000000 No.586052


>Yeah, because the risk of being stabbed in the guts in a knife attack scenario is fucking fantasy.

It is a fantasy that it rarely happens. But herein is your problem: You have carried this thread for two weeks now and presented not a single study, statistics, or dataset regarding how often knife attacks happen and how, and how many of those could have prevented that. Any serious person discussing self-defense uses statistics, look at Paul Harrell for instance, he always tries to find statistics supporting his argument when possible. Why can't you? Seriously, just go and google up some numbers before coming here with your drivel.

Understand, this is not a personal attack. It is simply a plea for you to do your research before making assertions.

>And no, just because they can attack your arm instead doesn't mean you shouldn't wear armor.

The fact that armor will ultimately protect you only in a narrow subset of fights (the ones where you can quickly disable the opponent or disengage) while having a huge everyday cost (weight, inconvenience, suspicion, actual monetary cost) means that wearing armor is not a perfect solution. Whether you should or you shouldn't is for everyone to decide on their own, based on their personal situation. But you started this thread implying that wearing armor is some no-brainer silver bullet, which it is clearly not.

>Metatron is wearing a mail in that vid, can you even know?

First of all, he doesn't even show the mail in the vid, so how do you know he is wearing it? Second, even if he is wearing it in the video, who's to say he actually wears it every day like he says? He is wearing a pretty bulky hoodie in that vid, what's he gonna do in July when it's too hot for the hoodie? Come on now, this is elementary stuff. Youtube is full of larpers and keyboard commandos who posture about all sorts of things. Now I don't know this Metatron guy, he seems like a decent enough Youtuber. But you gotta understand, he's an entertainer. He makes money from people watching his videos and being entertained, not from having an exceptional self-defense strategy. Furthermore, he lives in Italy, a country with laws and society very different from both yours, and the one where most of this board is from. Why are you taking his word at face value?

Let me reiterate for you just some of the issues with wearing armor every day:

- It's heavy

- It's expensive

- It's will make noise and attract attention

- It's too hot in hot weather

- Anytime cops or security notice it (metal detectors!) they will become suspicious because fucking nobody wears armor

- Running away is almost always better than tanking stabs

- If a knifer gets stopped by your armor, his next attack will target your face, arms, legs, and other exposed parts, so you will only delay being stabbed by a few seconds

- To actually get good use out of your armor you have to either run away after that first strike (easier to just run away without armor) or strike back

- If you strike back and defeat the guy, you will go to trial. When the court finds out you wore armor, they will look at you like some psycho and be biased against you. You may end up getting convicted even though you did nothing wrong.

There are obviously some select situations where you want to wear armor. Medieval battles are one. Duels with edged weapons are another. These situations were very common in the Middle ages, hence wearing armor was popular. Today they are not common. Wearing armor will only benefit you very, very rarely (not in every knife encounter) but you will experience the considerable drawbacks every day. "Wearing armor all the time" is a fucking stupid idea, you're just being obtuse.

000000 No.586053


>It is a fantasy that it rarely happens.

should say

>It is a fantasy in that it rarely happens.

485a09 No.586086


>It is a fantasy that it rarely happens.

Stopped reading right there. Simple internet yields hundred thousands of results over the year:


Seriously, shut the fuck up and learn about armor.

And no, wearing armor is not a perfect solution, but it sure means you are gonna survive a knife fight (unless the attacker knows you wear armor or attack you from the back).

Metatron practices HEMA and actual cops/olden men wear armor to protect themselves from assassination (which is what knife attacks boil down to nowadays).

485a09 No.586088


Also, stupid, I'm going to explain why this is stupid.

>- Running away is almost always better than tanking stabs

Yes, unless you are stabbed out of nowhere, running away with an open wound is a shit case of fuck, you ever try that?

>- If a knifer gets stopped by your armor, his next attack will target your face, arms, legs, and other exposed parts, so you will only delay being stabbed by a few seconds

And? That seconds is enough to help you either run away or stabbing him back/shooting him back, congrats you just survive a knife attack!

>- To actually get good use out of your armor you have to either run away after that first strike (easier to just run away without armor) or strike back

Running with and without armor is the same shit, except without armor, you risk getting stabbed/punctured in the first place, making you lose strength AND blood very fucking fast. The armor protects you and build you precious time to react, idiot.

>- If you strike back and defeat the guy, you will go to trial. When the court finds out you wore armor, they will look at you like some psycho and be biased against you. You may end up getting convicted even though you did nothing wrong.

That's the court problem, better than being stabbed and lay dying in a ditch somewhere.

cc9f03 No.586105

File: fc388e37fe5c785⋯.jpg (231.44 KB, 1281x721, 183:103, CITY_OF_PEACE may2018.jpg)

In places like londonistan you also need to be just as concerned about acid, but its illegal to cover your face unless you are a muslim.

485a09 No.586121


Motorcycle helmet ok?

000000 No.586260


>Stopped reading right there.

But you're still responding to the rest of my post. Don't be a faggot please.

>jewjewgo link

Of course ordinary people, who don't wear armor get stabbed in torso. Try reading comprehension: I said that after the attacker realizes you are armored, his second strike will be to the arms, legs or face. Of course if he thinks you have no armor he will go for torso.

>you are gonna survive a knife fight (unless the attacker knows you wear armor

He will learn you have armor as soon as his first stab, so your advantage is literally the 2 seconds. And with the loss of agility due to weight who knows if you even get a net advantage at all.

>Metatron practices HEMA

Nice hobby but very little relevance to self defense.

>cops/olden men wear armor to protect themselves

Cops are expected to wear it just like they're expected to carry guns, tazers, handcuffs, and wear cop uniforms. Try wearing armor without being a cop, see how that goes. About as well as carrying handcuffs or wearing cop uniforms.

As for "olden" men, I don't know wtf you are on about. l2english plz.


>stabbed out of nowhere

What kind of life are you living that people shank you all the time, with no warning? Are you trying to use armor as a substitute for situational awareness?

>That seconds is enough to help you either run away

You could just run away to begin without getting stabbed at all so I don't see your point.

>Running with and without armor is the same shit

Lmao you dumb faggot. I actually run with a 25 lbs weighted vest as exercise, and no it's not. You can look up studies of this also, not only is running slower due to the weight, but it constrains your lungs so you run out of breath more easily, and the extra weight increases risk of ankle sprains and similar injuries.

>That's the court problem, better than being stabbed and lay dying in a ditch somewhere.

Again, don't be retarded. What's preferable:

>guy pulled a knife so i gtfo


>guy pulled knife but i had mail so i gave no fucks, decided to be hero and stab him back, worked out great until i got 5 years for manslaughter

Anyway, who is even stabbing you in fucking vietnam? I thought violent crime was low there. Or are you trying to be some armchair self defense expert, teaching americans how to defend themselves in their own country?


An actually decent idea, for once. Although the acid would still burn your body through clothes. Still beats going blind I suppose. If you really needed protection I'd say you want a loose outer layer that can be removed very quickly.

Isn't acid something they do to girlfriends, wives, daughters and other people in their own community though? Or is it targeting random people as well now?

485a09 No.586319


>Of course if he thinks you have no armor he will go for torso.

And that give you enough time to run or stab him back.

>He will learn you have armor as soon as his first stab, so your advantage is literally the 2 seconds.

That is already enough time to stab him back, or push him away from you and run.

>And with the loss of agility due to weight who knows if you even get a net advantage at all.

Nigger what dumb shit this is? Are you weak that of a person? And no, you don't lose "agility" when the person is right fucking next to you.

>Cops are expected to wear it just like they're expected to carry guns, tazers, handcuffs, and wear cop uniforms.

Cops wear them because it works dumbass. You can conceal your armor too.

>What kind of life are you living that people shank you all the time, with no warning?

This is not a fucking excuse, you can be stabbed while being on the bus, or any crowded space, or when the situation of a robbery gone wrong.

>Are you trying to use armor as a substitute for situational awareness?

I use armor to help protect my body, dumbass, since situtational awareness cannot protect my body if the attacker got up close.

>You could just run away to begin without getting stabbed at all so I don't see your point.

This is the FANTASY right here, to assume you can ALWAYS run away if someone tries to stab you.

>Lmao you dumb faggot.

Yeah, no, olden men wear that shit all the times. Either you get better, or you get an open wound.

>Again, don't be retarded. What's preferable:

You fucking dumb shit, the point of why stabbing is dangerous is because you don't know if they pull a knife on you until it's too close. This is why cops are shanked even when they have guns, because they don't know.

You tell me wearing armor is a fantasy when you expect you can ALWAYS run away in a knife attack, what kind of dumb shit this is?

>Anyway, who is even stabbing you in fucking vietnam? I thought violent crime was low there.

That's not a fucking excuse dumbass, the point is spreading awareness on how to protect your ass, and armor is the way to do it ALONG with a quick legs.

>An actually decent idea, for once.

What? You can't wear CONCEALABLE chain armor everywhere you go, but you can wear motorcycle helmet everywhere you go?

No, it helps, but it's not practical because you cannot EDC a helmet.

485a09 No.586320


And fuck you, faggot, HEMA is very useful in regard to self defense, because it's not like the human body has grown impervous to bladed weapon or blunt weapon.

All that Pinoy silat kimchi shit? Better to go learn HEMA where there's no dancing.

bd7c98 No.586352


>situtational awareness cannot protect my body if the attacker got up close.

The point of situational awareness is to make sure no one gets close to you in the first place. If you allow that to happen you're not attentive enough for your LARP armor to do any good.

000000 No.586401


I won't address it in detail, most of your retorts are just willful misinterpretation of my post anyways. If any other anons think you've made a good counter argument I'd be happy to elaborate my own points or concede to being wrong. To be honest you seem to have difficulty having a reasoned debate without getting personally butthurt. But I'll comment on three things that stood out to me:

>you can be stabbed while being on the bus, or any crowded space

I would say most Americans rarely ride the bus, if ever, and for the same reason the bus is rarely crowded. Also I've lived in NYC for years and despite seeing numerous fights and people being drunk/high, I was never at risk in the subway, thanks to the simple trick of using situational awareness and positioning myself away from suspicious groups of people.

As for crowds, it's really not that hard to avoid them, especially if you're not a club-going degenerate and don't live in a major city. It comes naturally to me also because I don't like being in crowds regardless of safety.

>You can't wear CONCEALABLE chain armor everywhere you go, but you can wear motorcycle helmet everywhere you go?

Actually, yes. Occasionally you would get stopped and asked to remove it. But you have excellent plausible deniability in that you "just got off your bike and didn't bother removing it because it's a hassle to carry". You can also lift your visor, which will satisfy the need of people to see your face, while still protecting the back and sides of your head and leaving the opportunity to quickly close it. Plenty of people ride motorcycles (especially where you live) so it is not unusual or weird to have a helmet on, at most people will laugh at you, but you are extremely unlikely to get any legal trouble because you wore a motorcycle helmet.

Meanwhile with armor, you have zero plausible deniability. If you do get in a fight, police will search you and know anyway. Even just EDCing normally, it will reveal itself in many ways: Noise, bulky sweatshirt in the summer, your slightly slower movements or sweatiness. In fact, people might falsely conclude you're a suicide bomber wearing a bomb vest, which is a terrible risk to take for the paltry benefits of wearing the mail in the first place.

>HEMA is very useful in regard to self defense

I've never heard of a HEMA club advertising itself in this way, I think you're delusional. As for my own personal self-defense alternative, I rely on a mix of situational awareness, avoiding unnecessary risk, decent physical condition and a gun.

1b443b No.586411


HEMA is not very useful for self-defense. HEMA drills are based on the manuals. The manuals are just a tiny piece of what a 14th or 15th century fighter would practice, in order to get a technical edge over other fighters in dueling and field combat where both opponents know a fight is about to happen. HEMA drills don't simulate modern and realistic self-defense scenarios, such as indoor environments, multiple attackers, ambushes, firearms, situational awareness, low-light environments, de-escalation and conflict resolution, and all that other stuff that modern self-defense classes focus on. Most HEMA clubs also heavily neglect wrestling, which should be the foundational self-defense skill. In other words, HEMA is about as relevant to edged weapon self-defense as just doing lots of simunition training is to firearm self defense. It's good for developing technical skills against another opponent armed with the same weapon, and that's it.

fd011f No.586447


>knife fight

>not fighting involving knives

>actually just rushing mid and ganking timo

learn werds nigger knife fight implies and means two alerted parties armed with knives fighting each other

d16420 No.586471


Except no one can make sure that, even cops, that's why armor is invented because you aren't fucking omnipotent.

To get back at you, in that sense, who needs a gun or anything at all, you can ALWAYS avoid trouble, brother.

d16420 No.586474


I'm personally butthurt because you present a complete fantasy while saying I do.

Your personal anecdotes and lifestyle do not concern me, regular people do use the bus, they do commute in crowd and shitton people live in major cities. You can't just say hurrr just move to countryside bruv to everyone. What I want is that people know how to defend themselves REGARDLESS of their place and lifestyle.

And no, I'm in fucking Vietnam and no fucking body carries a helmet with them all the times, they will usually keep their helmet on their bike. Not to mention a helmet is actually cumbersome to carry at all times because it is not something you can wear 24/7 like a CONCEALABLE chain armor.

For the armor, you actually can say you are in a HEMA group, a LARP group (if you are in the West) or a theatre group in the East, it passes because it's so ridiculous nobody will actually think you use the armor for defense. And the bomb vest looks totally different than a chainmail, nice try.

And HEMA doesn't need to advertise itself as a self defense group in order for it to be a self-defense group. It teaches martial art, especially bladed weapon fighting, and that's really more effective than modern stuff like MMA.

And about your shit, there is exactly nothing stopping you from being shanked, m8. Not even a gun can save you.

d16420 No.586475


We should get something straight here:

1. HEMA does simulate these kinds of situations, especially multiple fighters, but it depends on the weapons.

2. HEMA teaches you to fight with your designated weapon against various kinds of weapons, you are just ignorant on this subject.

3. HEMA does not neglect wrestling, it has its own reconstruction version of wrestling, but it's mainly used for when you don't have a weapon for your hands, and not focus entirely on hand to hand combat, because only an idiot engages in fisticuff.

Give me your best MMA fighter, he would drop dead against a HEMA longsword practionner.

1b443b No.586482


We should get something straight here:

1. None of the historical manuals offer more than one or two plays on how to fight against multiple opponents. None of the HEMA tournaments feature a competition that involves fighting against multiple opponents either. Consequently, very few clubs practice this often or take it seriously.

2. Virtually every play in every manual involves two people fighting with the same weapons. In Liechtenauer (all glosses) and Meyer and Fiore combined I can probably count on one hand the number of plays involving mixed weapons. Consequently, this isn't a serious focus in HEMA clubs either, since they primarily study the manuals to the letter.

3. HEMA does neglect wrestling (and dagger). You might think you are more knowledgeable on this subject, but if you actually go around and participate in HEMA clubs you'll find that wrestling and dagger rarely takes up even a tenth of their training time, despite being the only technique relevant to modern self-defense. And when the wrestling and dagger does take place, it's always structured as a symmetrical fight between two prepared opponents that happens almost the same way every time because it's designed to teach you the techniques from the manuals in the most efficient way.

I have been practicing longsword intensively for several years and would not stand a chance against an MMA fighter except specifically in a fight with longswords. Let me give your peanut brain some food for thought: nowhere in any historical manuscript or HEMA club will you be instructed to draw your weapon, or how to react if you are attacked unexpectedly. It is always assumed you both already have your weapons out (in other words, an arranged duel). Yet the act of reacting to a new threat and safely and quickly drawing your weapon is treated as one of the most important things in every modern school of self-defense. The reason why is that the manuals are not written to teach you how to street fight. They're written to teach you how to battle. HEMA is not, and does not try to be a plausble self-defense solution for the present day.

d16420 No.586484


1. And consequentely, what self defense school actually taught you extensively about multiple persons fight? A multiple persons will involve you being dead most of the times, no matter the martial art. THAT is a situation where you should always run ASAP. Meanwhile, if you fight with a zweihander/halberd/spear, there ARE techniques so that you can maintain your distance and escape.

2. I believe you have not read enough HEMA manuals, or rather deliberately skip the part with swords vs spear/halberd. Anyway, back in the day, sword vs sword is the common way to fight (since swords were popular as civie self-defense weapons) in a way fist vs fist nowadays is, that's why most manuals center around sword vs sword (people are expected to have swords).

3. That's the fault of HEMA group in your location, anyway, wrestling is pretty darn useless if your enemy uses knife or sword. You must have a full set of armor in order for wrestling to be viable.

4. I call bullshit on that, there are specific techniques that teach you the quick draw of sword, both for HEMA. I'm not sure if HEMA has an art dedicated to it like the japs with iado but I presume it does.

>I have been practicing longsword intensively for several years and would not stand a chance against an MMA fighter except specifically in a fight with longswords.

Here's the thing: why the fuck wouldn't you fight with a longsword/knife, provided the chance? The point remains is that a MMA fighter is basically a baby against a edged-weapon user, their wrestling techniques might even be their undoing due to their favor of CQC.

68e02a No.586494



No one comes out of a knife fight unscathed. That's where the saying "no one wins a knife fight" comes from.

>inb4 just wear a suit of armor

That's not realistic in the slightest.


>that depends on a lot of things.

If they're in an altered state or full of adrenaline, they generally aren't going to go down in the first poke or slash. That means they're going to take a hit to give a hit and that's not going to be fun for anyone.


If the homeowner is armed, Tyrone is getting shot. Armor or not, a nice shotshell to the chest isn't going to be fun for him.


As others have mentioned, ganking isn't fighting. That's like saying the knockout game is boxing.


>Regardless, when you do fight someone you will have to tell the police and courts about the mail, how do you think they will react? Probably they will assume you're some crazy psycho who is itching for a fight and assume you were the instigator

They're going to hit you with premeditation and then you get fucked. That's what happened to those kommandos who fired warning shots at that one protest some years back.

485a09 No.586506


1. No one comes out unscathed in a fight, what matters is you protect your vitals via armor.

2. A knife fight in the open isn't all that dangerous, you can just run, it's the shivving/ganking/shanking that is truly dangerous and absolutely nothing else can protect you other than armor.

3. First rule of knife fighting: when you manage to stab someone, never stop stabbing, literally hydrostatic shock.

50f6b3 No.586544


Oh I wasn't saying that Tyrone wasn't gonna get shot. Just that instead of bullet wounds it would be blunt force trauma from the armor being forced into him.

000000 No.586595


So a 3 lbs helmet is too bulky, but 25 lbs of mail is easy to carry? God, what a retard you are.


>They're going to hit you with premeditation and then you get fucked.

Pretty much this. Also many other similar cases. But spergook is clearly an armchair expert and this is all empty talk to him, lack of connection to reality is irrelevant.

485a09 No.586635


It is a pain because you must always use a hand to carry it, unless you wear it 100% all the times.

This is unlike chain armor which you can wear inside your clothes.

6653e3 No.586636

File: 1c04e683cd73169⋯.png (132.67 KB, 510x438, 85:73, ClipboardImage.png)


>This is unlike chain armor which you can wear inside your clothes.

Real life isn't a fucking Bethesda RPG, the weight doesn't go away just because you're wearing it.

485a09 No.586638


Nuh uh but it is more convenient that way.

2f48a7 No.586658


You don't wear a chainmail armor inside clothes, that's the opposite, actually. You need to wear it on a gambeson …

000000 No.586704


Seriously spergook, why don't you go load 25 lbs on yourself and try going about your day like that? Then come back and tell us if it's bulky or not.


Yeah, the OP vid mentions this too. If you're doing this urban armor thing you have to wear at least inner layer - mail - outer layer. Which already sounds like a lot of layers. And you're right that mail was supposed to be worn over a gambeson, not a thin t-shirt.

Wait, why is this thread not about modern stab vests again? Seems like they're both cheaper ($300-600) and lighter (~5 lbs) than mail. Even in Italy where Metatron is from, it's apparently unrestricted (so why is he wearing mail???). Besides, if armor is restricted where you live (like AUS) I imagine mail wouldn't save you - after any altercation the court would probably rule that archaic armor still counts as illegal armor if effective and not worn during any historical/theatrical activity.

485a09 No.587677


I already wear backpack at that weight and rug with it, shit's nothing.

About stab vest, why not? I just mention armor, not specifically CHAIN ARMOR. You can wear anything you want, but the risk of a knife penetration is lower if you wear armor.


Also, this is a topic to discuss sword quickdraw techniques.

The whole idea that sword can't be used for self defense is bullshit because rapier and smallswords precisely built for that purpose when it was a widespread civie weapon.

000000 No.587785


>About stab vest, why not? I just mention armor, not specifically CHAIN ARMOR.

>link to guy who says "normal armor is illegal here so you should wear chainmail"

>spend three weeks vehemently arguing that 25 lbs of weight is no big deal

>instead of just saying "well you could wear a stab vest that's much lighter"

>eventually someone brings up stab vests

>claim that's what you meant all along

lmao, well played, spergook.

485a09 No.587836


Someone did mention stab vest in the thread way before you, and I said why not as well.

Ideal, I would wear a breastplate that protects the body, but that would be super expensive if you make it form-fitting.

d9f4aa No.588010


There's no such thing as a knife fight. Knives are to ambush an unsuspecting attacker. If you're going to fight with blades use a pike.

485a09 No.588025


What the fuck is this bullshit? Knife fight certainly exist.

>Knives are to ambush an unsuspecting attacker.

And very successful at that.

>If you're going to fight with blades use a pike.

I assume you EDC a pike everywhere you go, huh? Pike is also a shit-tier weapon for self-defense, which is every pikemen have a sword.

b67184 No.588049


Still waiting on you to show me your gun collection, zipperhead.

485a09 No.588053


I'm in fucking 'Nam, what do you think?

e1fb60 No.588091

File: d8c02c56da0810c⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 406.68 KB, 1160x1546, 580:773, Pike shalf in storage.JPG)


I've EDC'd a pike around multiple times. pic related

485a09 No.588103


That doesn't come to spear length, let alone a pike.

a60409 No.588344

File: cdaac861cde0f13⋯.jpg (1.69 MB, 2880x2160, 4:3, 20171228_012414.jpg)

063593 No.588414

File: c8ab603b684c6b8⋯.gif (1.1 MB, 320x240, 4:3, Sweat.gif)


>bloody garden sheers in the background

>reverse image search turns up nothing

What did you do anon?

5af10d No.588420


Blacks tend to have extremely tight curled hair, not just on their head, but also their body. For American blacks you tend to see more of it than on Africans because they have hairy European genes mixed in from former slave masters, Union soldiers that slave women flocked too, etc.

5af10d No.588422


25 lbs isn't a big deal. Any half fit man (sometimes women) can work a wildland firefighting job wear they carry 45 lbs on a regular basis on rough terrain while working long hours. 25 lbs for the average person isn't a big deal if you're concerned about getting stabbed.

a60409 No.588433

File: 2ce4402cb077c64⋯.jpg (1.68 MB, 2880x2160, 4:3, 20171228_012423.jpg)


I'm not sure why it matters.

df41ea No.588434


care to share more?

a60409 No.588435

File: 2d9f714db489dce⋯.jpg (1.74 MB, 2880x2160, 4:3, 20171228_012347.jpg)


Won't be cleaning the neighbors dogshit anymore.

9e6fd9 No.588436

File: 63fe9f5a3f43d2f⋯.jpg (10.04 KB, 240x213, 80:71, hitler stare.jpg)

111cc0 No.588437

File: 12fe23072b95550⋯.png (623.77 KB, 440x815, 88:163, ClipboardImage.png)

df41ea No.588438


I think it's story time, anon

111cc0 No.588439


>blood is just splattered everywhere like it's been dripped onto the cardboard from up high

>no pooled blood at all

How about giving us something that's identifiable as a dog? Maybe with a timestamp?

a60409 No.588442

File: a5c71ead7cecf1d⋯.jpg (1.79 MB, 2880x2160, 4:3, 20171228_012336.jpg)


Can't time stamp it was awhile back

But believe what you'd like anon.

16316e No.588445


is that a real sebenza?

because if it is, I have respect for you for actually using that knife. 99% of those fags treat their $500 knives like pocket jewelry.

111cc0 No.588448


You can at least time stamp the knife though, right?

a60409 No.588449

File: a04ca83a7709eb9⋯.jpg (2.18 MB, 2880x2160, 4:3, 20180624_235309.jpg)



Yes it's real, and it's my edc.

>inb4 fags come out of the wood work saying theres better knives

Yes there are, and many are much much cheaper. I've always enjoyed the looks and style so I picked one up a few years back and love it.

Not a sebenzafag at all thinking this is some God tier knife I'd put it somewhere in the good tier.

Ignore the shitty hand writing.

b20788 No.588450

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Thoughts on vid?

a60409 No.588451


The start states all that you need to know,

A guy with a knife who legit wants to kill you, will probably kill you before you can reasonably react.

But if for some reason you knew someone wanted to kill you with a knife the 21ft rule isn't perfect which seems to be the whole point of the video.

4a2884 No.588475

File: ed857ce9d75b66c⋯.png (72.19 KB, 420x418, 210:209, vargvsamericans.png)


dude did you really kill a dog?

amerimutts arent human

5ad464 No.588534

File: 31be2c489d33dff⋯.jpg (105.94 KB, 1444x1193, 1444:1193, 61MK jk5UwL._SL1444_.jpg)

Do these things work for sharpening machetes and util knives?

eb91f7 No.588542


honestly, if you are not wearing full plate every waking moment you are basically asking to be stabbed

eb91f7 No.588554


>be you

>walking around minding your own bussines

>some methhead decides that you should become an artistic impression of a strainer

>he walks up to you, just another homeless dude

>about two metres from you he pulls out a screwdriver and goes to town on your ribcage

>you shoot him

A for effort, C- for being a dumb shit

1623f4 No.588562


>Why carry, train and rely on a gun knowing you'll get grievously wounded if you gunfight with it

Because the vast majority of gunfights end with one person dead and the other unscathed. Your entire premise is wrong.

50f6b3 No.588564


They can work well, I recommend stropping it against some cardboard afterwords though.

3ed6be No.588580


They honestly work pretty damn good for most blades. If a machete can fit it should work fine, just be careful of the force you apply.

Protip: Just push the blade back and forth like a saw, it'll make sharpening even faster.

1cbd73 No.588583



0aed1c No.588626


Here's an idea, take care of your pets.

000000 No.588633


I'd sooner believe that you shot a coyote or some other wild animal, and decided to give your fancy knife a spin. Now you're feeding us some edgy backstory.


Neat video, tbh I hadn't thought of just falling. Gotta point out though that falling on concrete is a lot less straightforward than falling on yoga mats. Same for tumbling. If you slip up it can be very painful.

As for the 21ft rule, I feel like that's something concerning beat cops and not ordinary people. As the guy in the vid says, if someone wanted to knife you, they would sneak up and shank you. The defense to this is frankly to not have a lifestyle that results in knife wielding maniacs stalking you in the streets. For instance, see >>588554

>some methhead

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the theoretic discussions of these things, but why is it always "wild methhead appears"? You don't need to train for months to defend yourself against methheads, still have a decent risk of getting stabbed anyway if you get caught off guard/tired/drunk/whatever, still have the court try to throw you in the slammer because you stabbed a gudboidindunuffin and now he can't go to college and get his life back on track. Methheads don't just roam wherever, they stay in their shitty, dirty, cheap meth ghetto. Just don't go to the ghetto and none of that is necessary.

eb91f7 No.588656


the methhead example was mostly there because it's a good example of an unstable person liable to run up and stab you, i know i've never seen one up close, just as i know that most of the people on this board have never and will never actually end up in a knifefight because we aren't london street thugs. which is one thing you can substite for the methhead. it was really just the first thing that came to mind

000000 No.589128


Well, that's precisely why I find it a very poor example: It would hardly ever happen to normal, intelligent people. The crazy london stabber example is a bit better, but there your first line of defense is still to not live in london, the second is to avoid crowds.

To me, the more realistic scenarios are

>being stabbed by angry/drunk "friend"

>getting into a fight at a bar or club

>being mugged

First two of course are still easily avoidable through intelligent lifestyle decisions, although if you are really dying to go clubbing, I suppose you might as well be prepared. The third one I think is the hardest to avoid, but I feel like with muggers you don't really get the wild charge these videos show, you get a guy being flashy and trying to intimidate like in the Indiana Jones scene. So a (quickly drawn) gun would be quite effective.

I am honestly very curious, if you looked at stats of people being stabbed, what scenario is common for non-degenerate, normal people? Unfortunately I don't know where to find such statistics.

ec607b No.589144


Those are kike genes mixed in, fool.

ec607b No.589145


Where are you at, so blessed that you have never seen a roaming band of tweakers? It can not be anywhere coastal or near a major city.

>they stay in their ghetto

Yeah sure, then how the fuck do they get money for more meth? They have to go scavenge, steal, or beg, and they can't do that in their ghetto and get enough for their next fix.

>they don't just roam wherever

How do you not understand what a stimulant is? That is exactly what they do. They steal a bicycle, and go roam in random directions while high.

>don't need to train

A tweaker does not feel pain (hence the self inflicted wounds from scratching at things.), they do not feel exhaustion, they move and think completely erratically, are literally on a drug that makes them move faster at the expense of deteriorating and damaging their own bodies (which they can not feel happening), and have absolutely no empathy because the drug destroyed their dopamine receptors. Oh, and don't forget, since they are thinking erratically, they usually just rush in without any regard for their own safety (assuming they had any left) and will not attempt to defend, only attack. This makes them a completely different opponent than any sane human being or even a nignog. So yes, it does require training to fight a tweaker. It's a very very different type of fight. You need to be prepared to step back and strike at the same time, hitting a vital or removing their vision in your first strike. They will not submit to arm-locks, even if you shatter their elbow, or more often, they'll shatter their own or dislocate their shoulder without any thought. You genuinely have to completely disable them or knock them unconscious or dead. luckily they probably weigh only 90lbs at that point and may have weak bones.

eb91f7 No.589157

do you have first or second hand stories about these sort of things? because i'd love to know more

ec607b No.589190


Stop watching that faggot. Here's some kids who are using some actual technique. still kids in training though.


6729fa No.589208


Yeah, armor complements techniques, fuckboi.

075af8 No.589244

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

075af8 No.589245


>posting mallninja dances

50d1a9 No.589400


This is interesting as hell but it does not do 1 thing:

What if you are attacked in the back?

Otherwise, I think sword > pistol in knife defense because you can parry.

af4be9 No.589911

File: adb5ca0a0bafd0c⋯.gif (6.41 MB, 400x224, 25:14, sword v pistol.gif)


> sword > pistol

14762b No.589914


Ahmed doesn't flourish his knife before using it to saw your head off, anon.

135e82 No.589948

File: 3ebfb1c472f946d⋯.jpg (80.77 KB, 420x426, 70:71, cerebellum11.jpg)


In reality a person can run (not walk, run) three football fields after being shot in the lungs. A gunshot victim can keep standing for up to half a minute after being shot in the heart, and several minutes if they're shot in an artery. A gutshot person can be a threat for hours, even days before sepsis fucks them up. Even a headshot isn't always a guarantee. So basically if you fill him full of holes he's still going to stab you to death and then walk to the nearest hospital to get stitched up.

This is especially a problem with pistol rounds which tend to icepick in the body, damaging a thin line of tissue equivalent to their caliber. Any knife is going to do worse with a single slash or stab.

The only way to drop a person instantly is to hit the cerebellum, which is a very small part of the brain, about the size of a golf ball. Snipers train to hit that part, because it immediately and permanently relaxes every skeletal muscle in the body.

A gun simply isn't a match for a knife in a close situation. Half the time the knife will have the advantage of surprise and kill you while getting away unscathed. The other half the time even if you shoot him he's likely going to survive while stabbing you to death.

e1ec08 No.589989


>This is especially a problem with pistol rounds which tend to icepick in the body, damaging a thin line of tissue equivalent to their caliber. Any knife is going to do worse with a single slash or stab.

Isn't stopping (unarmored) niggers dead what Hollowpoints are for?

d16420 No.590136


No pistol bullet short of .44 guarantees stoppage, that is why shot placement is important.


Context you idiot, the 21 foot rules.

135e82 No.590159


A hollowpoint just turns a 9mm icepick into a 11mm icepick.

c65b4f No.590257

>>589948 >>589948

You are forgetting the hydro shock of a bullet and the effectiveness of hitting and breaking bones with the bullet. Maybe not an instant kill, but they aren't going to be doing anything.

1ec760 No.590273



>In fact, one wonders why standardized mail armor is not a cop thing, considering cops are the ones getting stabbed the most, not counting nigger.

Most police in bongland wear stab vests as standard equipment, same concept but significantly lighter. If you want to wear anti-knife armour 24/7 wear that and not fucking chain mail you retard. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stab_vest

1ec760 No.590276



Just looked it up, 100% legal everywhere but Australia and bits of Canada too. Obviously you'd want one of the thinner under-clothes vests to avoid attracting attention but there you go.

b1e36b No.590287

File: f75a94865509f25⋯.jpg (54.27 KB, 640x480, 4:3, KnifeGrip2.jpg)

Ok I have a question about knife holding. In movies and anime and all sorts of shit I see people holding the knife like in the picture. Is this considered incorrect 100% or is there some merit to this? I have been told and shown by some that you drastically limit your actions to practically slashing one way which if the opposition knew how to use a knife they would beat you every time. Is this true?

693093 No.590293

3e257a No.590419


Isn't crime pretty bad in nam?

d16420 No.590427


Knife crime is SUPER common, but nowadays they are getting more liberal in law so we can get some decent folders.

Lazada (our south east asian web shop) is the best man.

22776f No.590472


>>Is this considered incorrect 100% or is there some merit to this?

It reduces your angle and range and it makes you do unnessesary movements in the heat of the situation,

>>I have been told and shown by some that you drastically limit your actions to practically slashing one way

Slashing is useless in using a knife for defence or attack because encounters are fast, i mean it will work if you stab someone from behind downward on their neck but thats it.

>>if the opposition knew how to use a knife they would beat you every time. Is this true?

Yes but knife vs. knife situations are very rare so it doesnt matter, he doesnt have to be an expert, and old homeless man could stab you 5 times in 2 seconds and that is faster than some of us might think or react.

ce0ad4 No.590478

File: 08e55a41e6a1474⋯.jpg (7.66 KB, 300x168, 25:14, Knife grips.jpg)

File: 455dff9daa78828⋯.jpg (169.67 KB, 760x968, 95:121, knife-grip-ph.jpg)


There are different ways to hold a knife and depending how you fight, what kind of knife you have and who you fight they can be useful or terrible.

At the moment the knife fudd lore is popular that all you need to do is hold your knife in the hammer grip, rush your enemy and shank them in the stomach, but there is more to knife fighting and once you face somebody with another weapon and who knows how to use it this tactic is reaching its limits.

135e82 No.590490


>those images

>literally every single grip is the wrong way to hold a combat knife

Hahaha what the fuck, you'd think a single one would be right just by pure chance.

135e82 No.590491


If your hydro shock hits a nerve cluster, it may result in a few seconds paralysis. But again this is a pistol round with a tiny secondary cavity, and the amount of time the guy has to stab you is measured in minutes.

6729fa No.590498


So I wonder why nobody wears them?

It should be fucking fashionable to be honest.

f43715 No.590733


All of those blood drops were from a 90 degree angle, did you just cut something off and dangle it above the cardboard to make it look like what you did was actually messy? The blood obviously only got there after whatever you were cutting up was dead.

96b443 No.590768


>why nobody wears them

Expensive (and they degrade fairly quickly so need replaced every few years iirc), unnecessary, mildly uncomfortable. A quick search tells me that in bongland it's not uncommon for low-level gang members to sometimes wear the under-clothing ones but that has the downside of attracting attention from other the police or other gangs (not illegal as such but still interesting). I wouldn't mind wearing one to be honest.

d16420 No.590777


Yeah, armor should become a fashion statement, imagine if instead of undearmor bullshit people wear actual armor, society would be a lot safer.

96b443 No.590778


>Yeah, armor should become a fashion statement, imagine if instead of undearmor bullshit people wear actual armor, society would be a lot safer.

I wouldn't mind everyone walking around with basic stab vests I guess.

d16420 No.590780


I can understand the problem with everyone carrying weapons (it scares the pussies), but what's wrong with wearing armor, if it's fashionable?

Armor is supposed to protect, it cannot hurt.

fb2ca5 No.590784


More hp => more fighting potential => bigger threat?

d16420 No.590785


Will not work in a society where everyone wear armor.

fb2ca5 No.590791


Yeah, but how to make them wear it in the first place? Fashion? Manufacturing of clothes bulletproof from factory? Normalfags will remain normalfags.

d16420 No.590792


Normalfags are trend followers, if the government encourages it, the media encourages it, their friends encourage it, they will flock to the store. Social engineering.

This is why the state and media are so important, humans are easy to control.

3c476b No.590814

File: 30b517af255b7d3⋯.webm (1.9 MB, 236x426, 118:213, murder.webm)

4d7fcc No.590872

File: 826f56c229e58ed⋯.jpg (1.79 MB, 2880x2160, 4:3, 20171227_224707.jpg)



Close obviously I was just shit posting recklessly for entertainment value.

000000 No.590984


>need replaced every few years

So like a hundred bucks a year? That sounds pretty cheap.

>downside of attracting attention

So are they easy to notice? Most seem like they would be practically undetectable if covered by clothing.


Probably this, tbh. Risk of actually getting stabbed is already very low, and average people have an "it won't happen to me" mentality, so they perceive it as even lower. I bet some neurotics who lived through bong stabbings would wear one for a few weeks (until they got over it and stopped caring again) but they don't realize that they can be bought legally and cheaply. Same as how if seatbelts weren't mandatory, most people wouldn't put them on and buy cars without them.


That angle is possible if a corrupt high level government official (or his associate) happens to be invested in a retail armor company.


Well you got my respect for actually delivering with the backstory, I'll give you that.

d6e978 No.590997

Wat the flying fuck.

I've seen people get stabbed and even a screwdriver is enough to fuck your shit up.

Especially if you get stuck trying to climb over a fence then your clothing gets caught leaving your face exposed as you hang head downwards screaming and flailing around as the attacker holds you against the fence while stabbing you.

That guy had holes in his face for quite some time.

0bcc86 No.591439

A knife is what you use to quickly kill an animal or person that you arent fighting. Like a dog biting your son or a nigger throwing haymakers at an unconscious person. If you can win the knife fight, you could have beat them in a normal fight. If you brandish a knife and lose, they may kill you out of spite. A knife is an attack weapon, not a fiighting weapon or good defense weapon.

0bcc86 No.591444


It wasnt the dogs fault… how much of a beta are you that you were too scared to confront them? Atleast gather up the shit and smear their front door with it.

6729fa No.591447


>If you can win the knife fight, you could have beat them in a normal fight.

What the fuck does this mean?

Someone punch you, you deploy knife and stab them. There, could be done with a grandma, this is why people invent weapons in the first place, to help you win fight easier.

b20788 No.591489


If you are aware of the threat and know what you are doing there are ways to shorten the 21 foot rule. It takes practice though. The 21 foot rule is a rule made to keep police officers safe and is based on the average police officer vs the average criminal. It doesn't means "every human on earth with holstered pistol looses if they are within 20 feet of a guy with a knife" but it's shown to police offers like that to make sure they keep their distance.


I've watched enough footage of police shootings and talked to enough police to know that pistols are pretty effective at stopping an attacker quickly, even if it doesn't kill them. The Indiana Jones scene isn't showing guns being wilded realistically just like it isn't showing swords realistically, you don't shoot one bullet, you empty your pistol.

I'm not saying it's a grantee, I've seen people get shot multiple times and still be able to fight, but guns aren't as useless in close quarters as you make them out to be.

>The other half the time even if you shoot him he's likely going to survive while stabbing you to death.

Even after the knife man gets shot he's still going to win half the time? Really? You get a knife, I get a 9mm, and after I mag dump into your chest it's a coin flip as to who is going to win?

>A gutshot person can be a threat for hours, even days before sepsis fucks them up.

Yes, they can, but they usually aren't.

>Half the time the knife will have the advantage of surprise and kill you while getting away unscathed.

The advantage of surprise goes to the person, not the weapon.

5600fc No.591503


>You get a knife, I get a 9mm, and after I mag dump into your chest it's a coin flip as to who is going to win?

Is it a fucking uzi? How are you magdumping before someone at arms length is stabbing you? This isn't a RTG, we don't take turns, I can rush at you and stab you while you're shooting.

>The advantage of surprise goes to the person, not the weapon.

A knife is way easier to hide than a gun.



5f02f6 No.591948

File: e1e2d950474a145⋯.jpg (401.24 KB, 997x968, 997:968, Sykes.jpg)

996bf5 No.591955

He made a new mumble server 64738

5a89c6 No.591990


Holy shit, anyone know the backstory behind this?

d7b55f No.592020


its kinda common sense, if your wearing no armor and get hit with a bullet in center mass (especially if its a self defense load) 9/10 times you've already lost the fight

d7b55f No.592021


Are you an idiot? Snipers don't aim for the head unless there fucking idiots

d7b55f No.592022


Turn the knife around so that the edged part of the blade is facing towards the forearm. This will allow the wielder to stab and then use their arm muscles to drag the knife downwards out of the body, inflicting far more damage then multiple stabs, in less time.

d7b55f No.592023


I'm sorry buddy, you're just an idiot. The bullet creates a cavity larger then the actual bullet, dependent on many factors with the bullet. If your theory was true, then a .50AE and a .50 BMG would cause the same size cavity in a human.

d16420 No.592036


That's no statistics, I require statistics.

a599da No.594135



Not really much that law-abiding Brits can do except stay away from black/muslim areas and perhaps wear a leather jacket.

5600fc No.594150


>The bullet creates a cavity larger then the actual bullet

Thread is about pistols vs knives, and pistols permanent cavity is the width of the bullet.

47cbf3 No.594193


Weapons aren't just to win fights easier, they're also for status and intimidation purposes. That's why a water pistol can be as effective as a real pistol in robbing a bank. Saying "I can fuck you up" is often as effective.

762cb4 No.594307


>>If you can win the knife fight, you could have beat them in a normal fight.

>What the fuck does this mean?

learn the difference between the words "fight" "attack" and "defense" and reread the post. anyone with atleast a room temperature IQ can figure it out. you may not agree, but then you'd just be wrong. not understanding means youre retarded. especially with such a simple concept.

knives are good for attacking, not for fighting or defending.

3adf2d No.594423


True they don't like expand or anything.

89915b No.594428

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Yes, you can win a knife fight, yes, you wouldn't end up in the hospital.

The ballistics knife can kill you if it is dipped in the poisonous sauce and punctures in the weak spot unless you are armoured. Video related.

5600fc No.594466

File: 987cb5b91828af4⋯.gif (4.31 MB, 500x281, 500:281, bullet secondary explosion.gif)


A 9mm bullet expands to ten point something millimeters. It's not exactly a fucking explosion of power.

The only way you get permanent cavities larger than the diameter of the bullet is with projectiles over 1-1.5kJ in energy. Projectiles of that energy have a good chance of depositing about 1kJ of energy into the target, which is the amount of energy needed to stretch epithelial tissue (which are 99% of tissues) to the breaking point. This energy requirement generally limits you to high power revolvers and rifles.

Also there's a third "level" of power that's somewhere in heavy machine gun range, which is when the epithelial tissues stretch so much that they expand beyond the circumference of the limb or torso, this often causes the limb to be separated from the body.

That's why there's a clear and SHARP cutoff point between weapons, vid related is what a high caliber revolver can do that a 9mm just can't.

14762b No.594515


>high caliber

okay CNN

492051 No.594520

File: 29ab81e46e773fb⋯.mp4 (828.19 KB, 426x240, 71:40, Yellow mums.mp4)


Someone got shanked?

99a8cc No.594536



>expands to 10.(something)mm

Man if only there was a way, to like test the bullets for expansion or something.

Nah instead of looking it up I'll just pull shit out of my ass and make up numbers like a fucking retard.


9mm to .537"






I'll pretend you meant 10.9999999 millimeters,

Guess what, your still off by damn near 2mm. In the case of the critical defense (.504") and 4mm off in the HST, but what does that extra 2-4mm mean?

In the case of the HST, going from .351" to. 603" the frontal area triples.

Pretending you were right at 10.99999mm of expansion the difference between 10.99999mm (bullshit made up number because you don't know how to fucking Google shit) to 15.3mm (.603" hey look a real number thats verifiable, too bad I had to go to a library to get it and not sit on my couch) is damn near a full doubling of area of the bullet. 98% increase in tissue damage. Yeah not exactly explosive.

This is why I hate arguing with noguns.

9f1b6a No.594537

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You have to go bigger. Of course, the best solution would be a bayonet that you can also launch as a rifle grenade.

5600fc No.594580




>Pretending you were right

It was a guess you moron, because it doesn't matter, .45acp would expand even more and it still wouldn't matter because it still icepicks in the body. Primary cavity is still the width of the bullet, or the expanded bullet, this >>592023

>>The bullet creates a cavity larger then the actual bullet

Is still bullshit in a handguns discussion (excluding revolvers).

Moreover this >>592023 fucking moron didn't understand the difference between .50AE and .50BMG which I patiently explained in the post you're responding to.

>doesnt read the thread

>doesnt read the conversation hes jumping into

>responds to a detailed post with adhoms and nonsense

>hurrr noguns

Eat shit, I have more guns than you.

c4c9c9 No.594692


>makes up shit

>what?! why are you calling me out on it!?!

I bet we could both start taking pictures of our guns and when you run out I could post 40+ more with a timestamp.

Unless your triple digits. (Hint we both know your not)

87bba9 No.594730



Relax, he's probably just dispatching chickens, you use the sheers to cut the heads off and the knife to stab the niggers that are trying to steal your chicken.

5600fc No.594745


I bet I could spell better than you, perpetual (1) that ruins every thread.

000000 No.594837


Instead of posturing you could just post some pictures of your collection and this would have been a 100x better thread, but wait, you're nogunz hoping strangers on the internet will "just trust you".

ab8e13 No.594996

File: 900abc712192a98⋯.jpg (4.43 KB, 302x167, 302:167, images234.jpg)

File: 5e9d1644e8ea468⋯.jpg (3.7 KB, 225x225, 1:1, images (27).jpg)

File: 6ad6bbe49459335⋯.jpg (2.84 KB, 225x225, 1:1, images (28).jpg)


>edged weapons were the only weapons before guns were available

Are you fucking retarded?

ab8e13 No.595001


>daily life in armor

Given that this wasn't done at any point in history either, I'd say your point is moot. The heaviest armor your medieval plebian might've been wearing would've been a padded jack and even then just because it made for neat clothing.

ab8e13 No.595003



Or you can just shoot twice. Most people tend to react to getting a lungful of lead.

af81a9 No.595016

File: 3b96d8c50dc8a34⋯.jpg (142.58 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, 71e46751-0c51-45f6-a290-0e….jpg)



I'll wait for either of you to start posting up your guns. Should be easy for you to do so since you have more than me.

Here I'll start with 1 of my guns and no time stamp you can beat that right?

8d33c7 No.595043

File: a803232adc2f2af⋯.jpg (28.54 KB, 388x532, 97:133, 1359247297310.jpg)


>As of 1998 all body armour is considered a 'prohibited weapon' in Australia

I'm not sure I understand.

Does that mean that Australians can get arrested for owning a medieval cuirass or a gambeson?

40c9ca No.595048

File: 7bd9d9324525a7c⋯.jpg (41.82 KB, 251x257, 251:257, 7bd9d9324525a7ccc7824ebdf6….jpg)


No, just modern shit. You used to be able to import AR500 steel plates as 'targets', not only the regular ones that actually are targets but those shaped to fit in a plate carrier. Might have cracked down on it?

b834cb No.595059


Any proof of this shit? Because I'm sure generals and kings would have done concealed armor, like presidents do now.

b834cb No.595060


These weapons aren't even as popular as knifes, chump, because people do not wear plate armor on a day to day basis.

28146b No.595224


what is spergook posting?

t. 4chan refugee

28146b No.595225


wtf is that agent 47

fcdea4 No.595258


>abdomen and arms not protected

000000 No.595330

Call me bitches, Angela Andrews 519-362-0011

8ca383 No.595347


Phone Number:



Telus Mobility

Is Wireless:


SMS Gateway Address:


MMS Gateway Address:


000000 No.595428


Presidents don't really wear armor constantly, just in public events where there is heightened risk. When actually doing their job in the office with staffers they've known for years who have no reason to attack, they don't bother. Same for kings. Again, situational awareness. It is possible to dramatically reduce your stabbings by simply not putting yourself in situations where stabbing is likely.


Batons are vastly more popular than knives, practically all police carry and use them.

406eb5 No.595809


That grip is the instinctive way to hold a knife when you're murdering someone by stabbing them to death, of course it's just going up and down repeatedly but it works.

b834cb No.596099


>Same for kings. Again, situational awareness. It is possible to dramatically reduce your stabbings by simply not putting yourself in situations where stabbing is likely.

Again, so why carry a gun or anything at all? Your sixth sense is gonna avoid the danger for ya.

>Batons are vastly more popular than knives, practically all police carry and use them.

Except every civies EDC a folder and bayonets are common issued for soldiers.

Baton are police weapon because they are less deadly than knives.

b834cb No.596100


This is the typical knife attack right there, I don't think the hurr situational awareness is gonna help you there, you need a fucking armor to survive that kind of bumrush in a corridor.

2225c1 No.596271


>I require statistics.


2225c1 No.596276


What's "the right way"?

5600fc No.596330

File: b7de06529bd5113⋯.jpg (128.6 KB, 1600x534, 800:267, fs daager 1st pattern.jpg)


Except its piss easy to defend against, and if you miss the first plunge you're done. There's no way of easily switching how you grip it, there's no way of switching how you attack the target, he knows exactly where you're coming from and where you're going. That's immensely stupid in a knife fight.

Of course if the guy isn't expecting it, any grip will do, just stab him somewhere vital first.


The ricasso is placed on the intermediate phalange of the forefinger, right above the guard. The thumb gently rests on top of the ricasso. The rest of the hand gently lands on the grip, with most of the time in the fight not having to grip it tightly or at all. This is the fencers grip, and is the only way to correctly grip a fighting knife. This way it's easy to identify fake fighting knives, utility knives, and other such stuff.. when it does not have a ricasso. There are other parts to it, like the stance, and how to use it.

2225c1 No.596358


Why wouldn't you use the guard to protect your thumb and forefinger?

27e896 No.596372


The guard is too small for that. In most knives guard is needed to protect hand from slipping into the blade when thrusting, either this, or a special grip, like kukri ones. Or get cut when you try to stab anything remotely hard.

000000 No.596415


Sounds like bullshit to me. Putting your fingers under the guard would protect them from parried strikes that slide along the blade while still doing just as good a job of preventing slipping forward.

1421d7 No.596445


I honestly doubt the veracity of this.

9f2576 No.596843


No, it would not protect you from hits. Knives are not made for fencing, you're not gonna parry with a knife, while this grip offers better control of the blade and a more secure grip. This one is even used in usual fencing, especially in rapiers and smallswords, though its usage with a cross handguard is not uncommon, especially when you need more control of the point of the blade.

a047cc No.597251

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The only thing I know about a knife fight is that you have to check your six.

e09204 No.597282

File: d1c92fd3d6f3786⋯.webm (2.76 MB, 960x720, 4:3, first rule of a knife fig….webm)


6653e3 No.597283


God dammit, this is someones' fetish fuel isn't it.

3d4645 No.597306

most of the time they are trying to steal from you they aren't just going to walk up and knife you. give them your wallet but if you have the chance and you carry shoot them

8ef778 No.597313


Or before armor, catch them unaware and take a fatal stab/slice.

8ef778 No.597314



God seriously blessed the world when he didn't give me powers.

d16420 No.597318



See >>590814

Try to escape that, bitches.

d16420 No.597319


Fucking saved.

8ef778 No.597320


Yea, that proves my point.

8ef778 No.597321


With that being said, only cowards fight like this. Furthermore, there was a bystander. I swear to God if something like this ever happened to me and I manage to turn the tables, I will proceed to kill the bystander for simply watching and doing nothing. People like that is the reason why the world is going to shit.

d16420 No.597325



What freaking point, the only way you are going to survive that is really good fucking armor, or mind reading power.

All the american faggots in this thread would die to that even if they got their guns.

8ef778 No.597326


>catch them unaware and take a fatal stab/slice

Exactly what the attacker did. His victim had his back turned and began to walk up the stairs as he ran in for the kill. My point exactly.

d16420 No.597327


So how exactly do you counter that?

My response is armor, and your?

8ef778 No.597328


Armor will also always have expose spots for maneuverability and they stifle the senses. It's actually easier to sneak up one someone with armor.

8ef778 No.597329


You can't counter anyone getting the drop on you. Armor or not, unless they're bad at what they do.

d16420 No.597330


That's wrong, and armor actually protects your vital.

Also, ideally, your armor should be concealed.

d16420 No.597331


Except that's the whole point of armor, is to protect your body in case you get stabbed, and give you times to escape or kill the attacker.

8ef778 No.597332


Yea, tell that to the countless dead.

d16420 No.597333


Most people don't die in knife attacks, and most of them don't wear armor.

In fact, people stopped wearing chainmail except for da popo.

8ef778 No.597334


>Conveniently ignores all of history where armor failed.

I bet you think that level 3-A body armor will save your life from a man with a gun.

d16420 No.597335


Armor protects you, it doesn't mean you are invincible, that is a fallacy.

And nowadays soldiers wear a shitton of armor.

8ef778 No.597336


And they watch has bombs and tanks do all the real work. Because the armor sucks.

d16420 No.597337


This is stupid, even tanks have armors.

And tanks are supports by infantries, tanks alone are stupidly big targets.

000000 No.597385


How would armor have protected him? The guy stabbing would realize he's armored and stab in the legs, arms, neck, face and balls instead.

8ef778 No.597399


Yea, but before that, they sit at a distance shelling the cities before going into dangerous close quarters territory. You argue to prove you're right about armor, but you're wrong in a way that's incomprehensible. Infinite precedence paints a different story from what you believe.

3d4645 No.597458


at that point the only way to defend yourself is to wrestle with them unless you want to wear armor every single day when you are going out in public (which is good exercise so it isn't all bad)

f7e102 No.597459


>fencer's grip

Unless you're talking about an Olympic Epee/Foil/Sabre grip I've never encountered this in any treatise expressly showing how to grip daggers, both as primary and secondary weapons. These are worth looking at. There are plenty of other recorded ways to fight with and against daggers/sticks that aren't just European and still share the same core mechanics a grappler would use. Hence why wrestling is the basis for melee combat.

>Fiore de Liberi


Fiore includes Baton defense as well as dagger and wrestling, so I assumed he would be the most relevant source.


>Joachim Meyer

Secondary since he primarily taught the inverted use of the grip, but has the best illustrations of body mechanics out of all Treatise that instruct dagger.

>Other Dagger Treatise


3be7a7 No.597506


>full frontal knife attack


I think in most assaults the victim doesn't even have a chance to react.

000000 No.597563


Mass stabbing victims probably did.

e1fb60 No.597564


No, sometimes you just need to use 2hu's to explain things to some folk.

5600fc No.597571


Here read this treatise.


Also your first treatise is using the same grip. Every top down attack is shown as a dumb assailant getting disarmed.

Second guy is a kike, wouldn't trust him.

5600fc No.597572


Because it's not there to protect your thumb or forefinger. The guard is there to be a striking surface, or to aid in your grip. The grip I showed you is the most secure grip while simultaneously being the most flexible.

It's wasteful to use any other type of grip, you're either trading away security or flexibility, and you get nothing in return.


>parried strikes that slide along the blade

Is this a joke?

You do not parry with a knife. The only defensive move to be taken with the dagger itself is to cut the other guys hand.

5600fc No.597573


Step 1. Be aware.

Step 2. Have a knife.

Step 3. Get it out first.

Step 4. Knife fight

Fail at any step and you die, I think most knife threads assume the first three are already done. But knowing how to spot when you're going to get niggerd is 99.9999% of the knife fight.

3be7a7 No.597693


Mass stabbings are like what, 1% of all?

67f8b5 No.597719


It would protect his vitals, surprise the attacker

and give him chance to run the fuck away.


Wrestling cannot escape you from knife attack.

Many wrestler tries that shit, end up being stabbed even more severely.

000000 No.597998



cba4f0 No.599632


You can get shitty butted mail for jack fuckall, but you really don't want butted if you're going to protect vs stabs, as the stabs can push the links open.

Proper mail costs ridiculously much.

3fca2b No.599660

Knives are meant to be felt, not seen. If someone really wanted to kill you with a knife, you'd be dead only seconds after you found out.

08ac61 No.599672


That's assuming your situational awareness is in the toilet.

6f4eaa No.599723


>Proper mail costs ridiculously much



13a3b7 No.600012


The rules of knife fighting are:

1. Deescalate

2. Deescalate

3. Deescalate

4. Assassinate

You do everything you can to avoid a fight. Once it's clear a fight is imminent you want to continue avoiding conflict while covertly palming your weapon.

You want to go into a wrestling stance, appearing scared or just avoiding blows.

Once there your only target with your knife is the femoral arteries/ upper inside thighs. Nothing else.

If multiple attackers just continue to the next target. Your enemies won't understand what is happening until it is too late.

Ideally your going to get one good bone deep strike and then move to the next target.

d16420 No.600037


Desescale this shit >>590814 you dumbass burger.

fdf01b No.600054

File: 2d8ff6ce863868f⋯.jpg (178.32 KB, 1920x817, 1920:817, joker.jpg)

Not everyone has the time to put on nor get armor, knife fighting (much like sword fighting) is a deadly form of martial arts that takes serious skill which the everyday individual sure as fuck doesn't feel like going through the training to pull off. Your best bet is to run away from a knife wielder.

13a3b7 No.600057


That wasn't a knife fight you fucking chlamydia clouded cunt fart. That was a sloppy assassination.

d16420 No.600068


That's semantic right there, why most knife fights are deadly is because no one knows the blade is coming.


Yeah, run away from this >>590814

8f568e No.600069

Just thought I’d add my .(1) cents.

This thread is so larpy, it has attracted literal larpers. I’m not even mad, i’m impressed.

13a3b7 No.600074


Again that wasn't a "fight". When people fight they square up. Hit the femoral and they have about 3 minutes. Better to put 2 in the chest and one in the head, but if all you have is a folder and conflict is imminent, then decide whether your life is more important that theirs.

That shit in that video was rage. Dude obviously pissed off someone else and disregarded the threat he created.

fdf01b No.600090


well I guess they're fucked, sorry.

a4df7b No.600091


Maybe one of the Japanese subway stabbings that led to extreme knife control in glorious Nippon?

d16420 No.600092


That's chinky I think.

c37b54 No.600093



Get in a knife fight, you're going to get cut/stabbed. If you're not strong enough to trap your assailants blade and control them from the get go then you ought to just GTFO if you don't want him going full Varg on you.

If HAVE to be in a knife fight and you have a knife of your own. Fight dirty, keep moving and attack your opponent's hands. Protect your hands at all costs.

No hands = no knife.

No knife = ded.

d16420 No.600095

df3cf4 No.600284


>Because most people don't leave home expecting to get into a knife fight.

<Nobody leaves the house expecting to get robbed so why carry a gun.

038d52 No.600545

File: a5fc5428477e801⋯.png (32.25 KB, 327x600, 109:200, Gray548.png)


Femoral artery.

If you have a firearm, 2 in the chest one in the head.

If they are on pcp or something similar you will have to disable/shatter the hip bone to put them on the ground.

But if all you have is a knife, then the femoral is the fastest route to survival.

Your going to get cut and will likely die no matter what happens. Survival is rage, not system.

809f71 No.600561


>Webm from old country of shitpost masters.

>Oh no they put up one defense to my knife attack guess I'm fucked.

>Oh no my one defense attempt failed to stop the knife attack guess I'm fucked.

>Canadians (new shitpost masters) and Vietnamese (shitpost masters of the orient) are ITT like flies on shit.

So I guess knives are the new sign of shitposting?

08ac61 No.600566


>earn $2000 a month

>rent is $2000 a month

>car insurance $500 a month

>car fuel $1500 a month

>food $300 a month

>misc expenses $750/mo

<hurr lets buy chain mail

How does it feel to earn a living wage.


Isn't an arterial bleed still counted in minutes before unconsciousness?


No, sages are.

000000 No.600718


>knife fighters hate him: take 5 minutes to learn this one simple trick to block a knife attack!

<oh wait the knifer can just attack in a different way

>just learn these other tricks too

<spend 10 years and still get stabbed by any mong with a shiv because all they have to do is attack from an arbitrary direction you haven't painstakingly trained for

What's the point even

Get a gun, get a longer knife (sword) or run the fuck away. Those are the only three options.

52a8e6 No.600751

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>Hit the femoral and they have about 3 minutes.

Do you even krav maga bro?

f69c49 No.600932


>Man fights with chair on meth

Damn, boi. Even the chairs are wired af nowadays.

d8b1d7 No.600938

File: 8983fd471cc1c90⋯.jpg (17.1 KB, 313x286, 313:286, 1418938309077.jpg)


>food $300 a month

What the hell are you eating that costs you three hundred fucking maple leaves per MONTH? Even when buying for my entire household all at once I don't see it go much past a third of that, and that's with fresh meats included.

13d0e1 No.600940


Yeah, faggot, try to run away from this. See >>590814

08ac61 No.600944


I've never been forced to justify food purchases before, and of course it's going to be a fucking fellow leef that makes me do it with his faux fucking outrage, so please bear with.

>asst. fruit - $40

>asst. salad - $15

>6kg bread - $48

>15L milk - $35

>100g Mozarella cheese - $5

>50g romano cheese - $9

>50g aged cheddar - $10

>50g goat cheese - $15

>140 eggs - $20

>6 chickens - $36

>300g salami - $8.5

>1kg ham - $8

>100g smoked salmon - $10

>1.5kg minced meat - $9

>3kg loin - $48

>Ground coffee - $30

>12 boxes cereal - $20

>Canned goods - $20

Now these numbers obviously fluctuate and this is a randumb "sample month", but its accurate enough.

For all I know maybe you eat garbage, so that's a pretty dumb question. All I know

is my biweekly shopping trip is around $150.

1ea724 No.600957

File: 9d260e61d02665e⋯.jpg (99.63 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 49812.jpg)


I fuck moose Head received to you , it is shamed diet for feminized boy. You will not become the photograph

a07304 No.600960

d8b1d7 No.600965


>forced to justify


>actually gives a detailed breakdown list anyway

Calm down you big autistic baby, I was just a bit taken aback by the number since I always go local or on sale.

91fbec No.600975


>ass fruit

>ass salad


08ac61 No.600984


I'm sorry eh.



Assorted. Can't be bothered to write down 30 different veggie names.

809f71 No.601147


Canada you're claiming you're $3,050 dollars in the hole EVERY SINGLE MONTH (that's $36,600 in the hole every year btw) and you as a shitpost nation want to say me saging a shitpost video in a shitpost thread is a shitpost?


>Hidden flag.


>Ignores half my post.


I can do the same but better with a gun, what's your point Nam?

What do you think you're telling by linking the same video 4 times Nam?

I'll say it again knives are a sign of shitposting.

6669ce No.601164

File: 31cf44dce2b9be5⋯.png (7.56 KB, 252x88, 63:22, Screenshot_20180813_134126.png)

000000 No.601540


Jesus, what's happening to leaf money? Used to be 1.2 leafs to a cheeseburger. WHat's the matter, was there an unexpected surplus of maple syrup or something?

96b018 No.601545


wait, that's a boy?

i would pay thousands to suck him off

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