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There's no discharge in the war!

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efc0a4  No.588467

To make a long story short, the laws of the USA protect handguns.

To argue about the intention of the law gets silly quickly. The USA was founded by revolutionaries. Now the technology of gunmaking has had its own revolution.

7166d9  No.588472


Good job real China, you figured out common knowledge.

b89928  No.588493


>gun control will inevitably fail

Take it from me, the people who want to ban guns won't care.

When gun control failed to stop violent crime in the UK they just blamed something else. Liberals refuse to ever acknowledge that guns aren't the problem, it would require them to completely restructure their belief system relating to crime.

de13e4  No.588495

>even Taiwan figured it out

Is there any excuse left for the libs?

7166d9  No.588516

File: 67d6055119f2b16⋯.jpg (211.77 KB, 409x640, 409:640, Russia_1919.jpg)

File: 60e752e75a58eca⋯.png (609.13 KB, 650x910, 5:7, A FUCKING BREAD KNIFE.png)


>Liberals refuse to ever acknowledge that guns aren't the problem

Libs are the problem.

5efa80  No.588551


>black handled

It really is true that the problem libshits have with salt guns is that they're black, isn't it?

150883  No.588556


>A fucking bread knife


They know black people commit more crime, but they can't admit it, so they ascribe the death dealing abilities onto black plastic to fit with the popular political agenda.

b50c44  No.588575


the idea is to make whites an increasingly minor segment of the population, while systematically disarming us, so we can't defend ourselves when jamal gets a hankering for aryan loli

decreasing and disarming the white population have the same effect- reducing the military power of white americans to ensure a complete genocide

northwest front tbh but instead of the 3 1/2 states bs just move to Washington for a last stand tbh

72bc3f  No.588577

File: bbb5412814d1682⋯.png (243.61 KB, 436x512, 109:128, 1471462402610-1.png)


>S finally HTF

>all out race/civil war on the home front

>legions of good white men that I've spoken to online for decades suddenly revealing their power level

>mowing down commies from a truck with bros from /pol/ and /k/ while Myoisia by ShibayanRecords plays loudly


490f57  No.588827

File: a0023e4252ea012⋯.jpeg (8 KB, 249x202, 249:202, sudokuRobot.jpeg)


The purpose of the OP was to show that 3-D printing has changed the status quo.

This was supposed to be a thread about 3-D printing making gun control impossible.

I have failed in my posting and will now commit sudoku by flipping the switch on my sudoku robot (pic related).

44e023  No.588836

File: 11de6fabfeead75⋯.jpg (70.11 KB, 499x449, 499:449, 1449627408847.jpg)


>S finally HTF

>all out race/civil war on the home front

>legions of good white men that I've spoken to online for decades suddenly revealed to be hispanic

>mowing down commies from a toyota pickup with hermanos from /pol/ and /k/ while mariachi plays loudly


66db60  No.588839

File: 0f6840ccbe33671⋯.jpg (70.71 KB, 343x278, 343:278, 1372776939453.jpg)


The worst part is that you are correct and every photo of /pol/ ever reveals them to be mystery meat and actual kikes at worst

748897  No.588841

File: 7b2524c1192b8f4⋯.webm (5.74 MB, 1000x562, 500:281, alex jones waifus.webm)


> 3-D printing making gun control impossible

I think that kind of misses the point. The smart ones know damn well that 100% prohibition is impossible. Just look at a Brazil or a Philippines. Their goal is cultural. Every law which restricts legal weapons ownership or even inconveniences legal weapon owners acts to dry up the pool of citizens who actually exercise their right to bear arms. A tiny minority of weirdos like us who might stockpile or manufacture weapons isn't much of a concern to them. In fact, they might prefer to have people like us to serve as a scary Umman Manda -esque boogeyman. They win if they can continue to increase the portion of people who have never owned weapons, have no interest in owning weapons, consider an interest in weapons disturbing and/or vulgar, and who are maybe even viscerally terrified of weapons. Those are the people who will gladly call the cops on an open carrier or someone target shooting in his own backyard.

Long March Baby, Long March.

372e03  No.588902


>the laws of the USA protect handguns

If you mean 2A by that, an argument could be made that militia has little need for handguns. Just saying. Of course that doesn't mean that gun control has any chance of success. Not while "muh scary black rifle" morons are the ones pushing it.

eada9d  No.590312


Washington is getting cucked by commiefornia refugees. New Hamsphire, Indiana, or Alaska are where we need to go.

eada9d  No.590313


I'd team up with the spics to mow down kikes and niggers. Then they can have the southwest.

d196b9  No.590649

File: a8ae6c501ac0d01⋯.png (23.96 KB, 201x201, 1:1, yesand2.png)


You realize that you don't have to be White to be a White supremacist, right?

054edc  No.590674


You do realize that white supremacy is a kike myth, right?

d196b9  No.590691

File: 39efec858650239⋯.jpg (743.43 KB, 1556x2048, 389:512, white inventions.jpg)

File: 783314aacbd2c5c⋯.jpg (614.24 KB, 1670x1653, 1670:1653, Anime is white full.jpg)

File: 439a39b4eacb13d⋯.jpg (63.86 KB, 570x569, 570:569, boobs are white.jpg)


> white supremacy is a kike myth

I thought it was a historical fact…

66db60  No.590694


So you have finally come to terms about how you have turkish blood running through your veins. I am proud of you Mehmet my son.

d196b9  No.590696

File: 54b53a4b24182c3⋯.gif (1.2 MB, 400x225, 16:9, 1383364539421.gif)


>I-I'm sure an overused ad hominem will make the guy hurting my feefees go away

f8b8fd  No.598624




701d28  No.598669

File: d719e5e8d6a412f⋯.png (73.01 KB, 1747x195, 1747:195, long_term_goals_of_gun_con….png)


>the laws of the USA protect handguns

>but the people in charge of enacting said laws don't



Saved for future use.

1c1e4f  No.598769

File: 8e45b77b5e5055a⋯.jpg (99.9 KB, 733x1169, 733:1169, 8e45b77b5e5055ac99e609894d….jpg)

File: a9b6a19b5d0191c⋯.jpg (592.77 KB, 800x797, 800:797, a9b6a19b5d0191c24ec28024ce….jpg)

File: b5384c9e8b5e15b⋯.jpg (704.67 KB, 1222x862, 611:431, b5384c9e8b5e15b701d74219c4….jpg)

c11ba7  No.598792


>that right one


e83008  No.598794


>proud to be asian!

>have to wear coloured contact lenses and wigs

>have to compare their top-tier professional models to literal trannies and uggos to even compete


44e023  No.598796


I have never seen a Japanese person refer to themselves as Asian, only lesser Asians do. Not even second-tier Asians like Koreans or Chinese either, it's always Filipinos or Indonesians who try to suggest they might come from a civilized country by hiding beneath the umbrella of "Asian".

c5560c  No.598802

Only /pol/ is retarded enough to think that this is a race war. It's a culture war, always has been. Those with everything trying to stomp on those with nothing. It's the only thing the Pinkos ever got right. So, what do you do in a country where you can't just take from the have-nots by force? You import the uneducated and count on your side being weaselly enough to convince them to throw their rights away before the other guys can convince them to be free. And since the other guys look down on them and, in many cases, don't want them to be free, either, it's no surprise when they turn to those promising security and comfort.

Those who would enslave you are white. Put as many parentheses around that word as you want, but it's not the niggers, the spics, or the chinks trying to get you to throw your liberty away. They're just pawns. The masters have always been of a single suit.

b8f5eb  No.598803


Culture is downstream from race.

bb7781  No.598816


>trust me goyim, it's actually white people who are your enemies, not the jewpigs who control everything



4decd3  No.598823


Idaho/Montana/Nebraska/Utah are better than WA


Spics aren't going to be on your side, Whitey.

3a2c27  No.606938


>"~you don't have to be White to be a White supremacist~"

Are you saying a little brown person can be a white supremist???


8e3cf1  No.607312


What color are the Rothschilds?

6fa9aa  No.607316

File: 46c53406030afcc⋯.jpg (6.29 KB, 300x168, 25:14, index.jpg)


white and blue

ab930b  No.607351


Yes no real Japanese uses the term asian to refer to themselves

The site is run by a non japanese person about how westerners cant cosplay anime, hes probably a chink but i do agree with him

632c52  No.607364

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Now, reality

67cf49  No.607365


Sure. White people are objectively supreme, even Jews recognize that sometimes.

0b9f01  No.607386

File: 21154996e2613b7⋯.jpg (234.65 KB, 974x928, 487:464, 21154996e2613b7cc37183025e….jpg)

eea6b5  No.607424

File: 57122aa60c4f2ad⋯.png (59.66 KB, 1600x1600, 1:1, greeks and jews cluster.png)

8e3cf1  No.607515


Holy shit, anon! People who use the left-wing site called Twatter are predominantly left-wing? I had no fucking idea!

The Jews are a pawn. The niggers are a pawn. The feminists are a pawn. You are a pawn, too. A pawn called "controlled opposition".

f209ec  No.608268

File: 6fedbea4f86087d⋯.png (199.59 KB, 688x684, 172:171, 6fedbea4f86087d7a7a216ed02….png)


>culture, not race

>implying culture, behavior, and race aren't deeply intertwined

7166d9  No.608270


It's the same way with White, well, except in America, sometimes jews do it too.


8f739d  No.608296

File: 69ad9f6c1eac36b⋯.jpg (59.76 KB, 650x488, 325:244, 69ad9f6c1eac36b3816f6e8e17….jpg)


>missing the point of that image this hard

a372cd  No.608348

File: 4b2b4bdea7c8730⋯.jpg (38.41 KB, 600x265, 120:53, 6cbe94169264586831a7e24a5a….jpg)

File: c310a7549f4e791⋯.webm (6.56 MB, 480x360, 4:3, c310a7549f4e791c499b0377d….webm)

b9f6dd  No.620925

After seeing all this talk about "kikes" and "niggers", I have to ask, am I literally the only one here who is an Objectivist or otherwise doesn't hate any race? Seriously, I judge by whether they're good individuals or not, by the content of their character and/or their mind. If someone is a bastard or a liar, or an idiot, their skin color and the like are literally of no consequence to me.


That also implies that free will is non-existant or otherwise irrelevant. Human beings are autonomus beings with individual free will, meaning any individual can choose to embrace any culture (s)he wishes to.

662593  No.620935


A nigger is an unintelligent, selfish, negligent, violent, entitled, criminal person. A kike is a manipulative, greedy, underhanded, cheating, victimising, nepotistic person. Niggardry just happens to be highly correlated with American blacks raised in the ghetto (nigger culture) and brought up through the welfare system (also nigger culture), which happens to be a majority of the population. Black-targeted music also glorifies niggardry and the social aspects of their culture encourage them to refuse any paths in life that would turn them away from this. Kikery just happens to be highly correlated with both racial and religious Jews, and I think those reasons go without saying; their culture's entire tradition and attitude is built around them believing they're God's chosen master race, and they raise their children invariably in strongly traditionalist atmospheres.

Hating niggers and kikes doesn't make you racist, Strelok, it just means you're adept at identifying degenerate patterns of antisocial behaviour in demographics. There are people of all other colours and races who act like niggers and kikes, too, and a great many more who act like faggots. Being faggots doesn't mean they're all gay, it means they're colossally douchey fags.

t. libertarian. People in general are 90% shit, and society is way too nice in the last few generations, refusing to properly address the obvious problems within it. We don't even punish terrorists, rapists, and murderers adequately enough to prevent them from doing it again, anymore. Meanwhile the leftist government, media, and other social forces actively participate in turning the tide against reasonable and responsible, civilised society, intentionally engineering the ramping up of niggardry, kikery, and faggotry throughout the nation and the world. Is it any surprise people are outspoken about how much they dislike it?

Yes I know a lot of guys are just LARPing as fashy daddies on the internet. I speak for me.

369783  No.620936

File: 21445ce571eb1ff⋯.mp4 (2.75 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 21445ce571eb1ff72f79e4069e….mp4)

File: 24790ed641efe86⋯.jpg (62.49 KB, 814x960, 407:480, 24790ed641efe864acb83bf195….jpg)

File: c2d26798e4604aa⋯.jpg (101.4 KB, 920x613, 920:613, c2d26798e4604aa6199ebea58b….jpg)

File: 0bc962416f428fe⋯.jpg (102.46 KB, 1024x651, 1024:651, f815eff582f92d5895e2a23555….jpg)

File: cc77ccbe07f6485⋯.jpg (283.81 KB, 902x789, 902:789, cc77ccbe07f64851b0cef3f671….jpg)


I'm going to go out on a limb and say you're the type of person who these images offends.

b9f6dd  No.620937


My issues with that line of thinking can be summed up here:

"Like every other form of collectivism, racism is a quest for the unearned. It is a quest for automatic knowledge—for an automatic evaluation of men’s characters that bypasses the responsibility of exercising rational or moral judgment—and, above all, a quest for an automatic self-esteem (or pseudo-self-esteem)."

Source: "The Virtue of Selfishness" by Ayn Rand, page 127.

"Racism is the lowest, most crudely primitive form of collectivism. It is the notion of ascribing moral, social or political significance to a man’s genetic lineage—the notion that a man’s intellectual and characterological traits are produced and transmitted by his internal body chemistry. Which means, in practice, that a man is to be judged, not by his own character and actions, but by the characters and actions of a collective of ancestors.

Racism claims that the content of a man’s mind (not his cognitive apparatus, but its content) is inherited; that a man’s convictions, values and character are determined before he is born, by physical factors beyond his control. This is the caveman’s version of the doctrine of innate ideas—or of inherited knowledge—which has been thoroughly refuted by philosophy and science. Racism is a doctrine of, by and for brutes. It is a barnyard or stock-farm version of collectivism, appropriate to a mentality that differentiates between various breeds of animals, but not between animals and men.

Like every form of determinism, racism invalidates the specific attribute which distinguishes man from all other living species: his rational faculty. Racism negates two aspects of man’s life: reason and choice, or mind and morality, replacing them with chemical predestination."

Source: "The Virtue of Selfishness" by Ayn Rand, page 126

So with that in mind, where does free will and free association fit into this seemingly deterministic worldview?


So wait, how much is mere LARPing, and how much is sincere?


I'm an Objectivist, not a leftist.

662593  No.620940

To clarify, I do think directly addressing black people and Jews and Chinese and whoever else as the source of their own problems and social maladjustments is the right thing to do. I'm a race and nation realist. The majority of blacks in America are terrible fucking pitiful people and they need to straighten up their act, that's just a fact. Most of them in population centers live on welfare and refuse to work or contribute to the nation. The more blacks realise this and get their minds out of the gutter, the better, but instead most do nothing except for chimp out and burn down cities whenever someone points out black crime rates or their broken family structure or their culture that glorifies niggardry. You can completely forget the fact that they're brown, and you still have to admit that there is a massive group of people who for the most part act like animals. It is okay to call the group out for trends within it.

Similarly, people who immigrate here need to be required to assimilate to our culture and act like upstanding normal folks. We're doing nothing but cutting ourselves off at the knees by playing this multicultural nonsense and openly allowing illegal aliens, religious zealots, racial jingos, and other forms of shit into our society. We're civilised, we do not have to put up with their problems. So let's stop putting up with them, maybe.

Basically, I think we need to have a civil war already so we can reboot America from the beginning, and this time we need to keep our founding culture as the most important aspect of everyone's lives at the large scale. The first thing every person needs to identify as is 'an American'.

Sage for double post on a necro thread.

1fc99a  No.620941


If I learned anything from my violent, alcoholic father who used to call me and my brothers "little niggers" when we were acting like little niggers, it's this: Niggerdom is not a color, it is a state of mind.

662593  No.620942


How much of what, my ranting or the shitposting on this board? If you mean the shitposters, most of them are LARPers, pussies who are too insecure to say or do any of the things they sperg about on here. A huge majority are from cuckchan or Reddit and were brought here by the 2016 election and muh based dog emprah. They're seeking validation on an anonymous imageboard while simultaneously sucking a false idol's dick, so, take that as you may.

662593  No.620943


This guy gets it. Growing up I called my own father a nigger countless times because of how irresponsibly and lazily he handled his life and his problems, and how many problems he caused for me through his own shitty personality. Thinking all niggers are black is something a person grows out of through experience.

1fc99a  No.620944


>So wait, how much is mere LARPing, and how much is sincere?

Back in the first days of /pol/, before 8chan, it was basically all LARPing. /pol/acks back then were angry young men pissed off at political correctness and being told what they should have to say, what to think, what to feel. "Hitler did nothing wrong" was a meme, and they knew it was a meme, because Hitler did a lot of shit wrong, his horrible mismanagement of his military a small part of his errors. /poltards these days are the actual idiots who saw a group of people pretending to be idiots and flooded the area believing they were in good company.

5245e8  No.620947


lolno, "stormfags" were ridiculed by JIDF sitewide and moot the cuck tried to nuke the "wrongthink" community twice, for that and nobody believed them until recently

Get fucked, kike.

662593  No.620948


8/pol/ in 2014-16 actually had political discussion happening, and the users back then knew how to investigate. They got all the details about the Bataclan Theater attack before it was even being reported on by the news. Hell, even as late as the Vegas shooting there were still a few people there who were good at digging instead of just regurgitating one guy's narrative or another - more so here than there at that point. nu/pol/ is an empty husk of aut-right retardation and a cancer on the site's community, but the only major alternative is no better - the rampant leftism absolutely everywhere is pretty obvious in general. I want to take this site back, but I don't know how it can be done.

662593  No.620950


>nobody believed them until recently

You're either lying or retarded, but the first major influx of users onto this site were from the first /pol/ exodus. I remember, it easily quadrupled the population here over less than a month. This has never been some hidden secret. On second thought, you're probably just new.

4fa275  No.620951


>nu/pol/ is an empty husk of aut-right retardation and a cancer on the site's community

It was a husk of trotskyites and zionists, thanks to the roach of a BO that took over from heil. Don't you dare push that retarded psyop word on the board.

1fc99a  No.620953


Call me a kike again and I'll backtrace you through teh fucking tubes and send pizza to your dog.

662593  No.620954


What "psyop" word? You're going to need to elaborate.

4fa275  No.620955


Politically Incorrect began a long time before 8chan, you retard. The stormfront synthesis began long ago, and that is what led to the destruction of /new/, but it began again not long after /pol/ came to be. Fucking /intl/ thinking their garbage crab bucket culture belongs everywhere opinions flow.




The one that starts with an A. Remember the phrase that "/pol/ is always right". Nothing between those last two words. Saying that even today on modern 8/pol/ will get you lynched.

662593  No.620961


>that first implication

What are you even talking about, dude? I didn't mention anything remotely similar to the straws you're grasping at. The "Politically Incorrect" moniker goes back to the early days of 4chan but that isn't even slightly relevant to this conversation. How exactly am I /intl/? You're pretty off the reservation right now. I'm not even going to address the latter comment because I don't see what it has to do with anything here; if you're trying to say Milo and Trump controlled opposition cocksuckers haven't become the majority on that board then you're sorely mistaken. It's been occupied by the aut-right, that is a fact, and that's bad. /pol/ is not close to what it used to be. Tell things like they are.

c1e7b1  No.620962

File: 10194f835256810⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1024x683, 1024:683, ClipboardImage.png)



like Lenin and Mao?

662593  No.620964


>everyone who wants to resist the government is a socialist

Nope, just you, pal.

d835a7  No.620967


>Milo and Trump controlled opposition cocksuckers haven't become the majority on that board

They aren't. News was always rightwing, after stormfront came, and Politically Incorrect was always rightwing, after that. Now get lost.


Fuck off, commie.

eb51c6  No.620968


Culture is a product of population genetics

6cba62  No.620976


>alt-right is totally right wing guise

>disliking socialism makes you communist

Found the Jew.

b5f5ca  No.620980


First kike post of the day

8ceca5  No.621007

File: 1652560fafeffb4⋯.png (263.95 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 1652560fafeffb4532346f4a7a….png)


>/pol/ NPC detected

0261fa  No.621011



>And this kike whore only wrote this because she was a filthy kike herself.

Thanks for saving me the trouble of pointing that out.

>And in Germany when you tried to fuck us with a red revolution, you fucking kike lover.

…which is why we need a holocaust to exterminate them all except for real this time Those (((anti-racists))) who aren't jewish and/or jewish pawns fail to recognize that kikery is inherent to the jews. They have performed inbreeding for centuries and have carefully selected for it. They also selected for schizophrenia, Tay Sachs, and a whole host of other fatal degenerative metabolic mutations. It's indistinguishable from genetics at this point.

Even if the mythical "good jew" existed, he would still need to be eliminated per precautionary principle to prevent recurrence of the present/historical problem.

0261fa  No.621013


>This was supposed to be a thread about 3-D printing making gun control impossible.

Oh, they can still make it "impossible". How many people are really going to be able to manufacture barrels, primers, smokeless powder, jacketed hollow points, etc? If they reduce you to being able to do nothing more than make a muzzleloader that fires a home molded lead ball with smoky black powder that you made in your back yard, then that's a "win" scenario for gun control. If you have to buy those other things via a crypto black market or whatever, that's still pretty much a win for them.

Regardless, at that point you'd be better off making IEDs and going full McVeigh.

7076f1  No.621015


Go ahead and call yourself that on /pol/. You won't last a minute, you fucking jew.

6cba62  No.621019


Explosives are always a more effective form of large-scale indiscriminate force than firearms, which is why I personally don't consider explosives beyond a certain yield or method of use as 'arms'; once a weapon is equally or more likely to cause collateral damage than damage to a target, it stops being a viable and practical personal defense option. At that point you're talking about strategic weapons, actual-factual 'weapons of war' that are far less suited for use by the common man, however there's one point people usually miss, and it's a point that also works for guns. The line between what stops being 'arms' is pretty easily defined at what one man can no longer carry and operate effectively by himself, so you'd talking about recoilless rifles and recreational nukes and guided missile systems and so on as where things start to leave the realm of "keep and bear arms".

That said, I believe in personal ownership of say, something that's capable of effectively discriminating a specific target and not harming unintended people, like hand grenades, small bombs, RPGs… no land mines, those are quite obviously a strategic weapon. Flamethrowers yes, hydrogen bombs no. I'd also be okay with requiring people who want to own explosive arms to go through training in using them safely and effectively, for the sole reason that it is literally easier to blow up your own house with an ND than it is to actually hit that moving vehicle you're trying to defend yourself from.

Fuck licenses and fuck all gun laws, though. Law-abiding citizens have rights and are not criminals. The difference is you're 100% in control of where a round of 20mm Solothurn Long goes and who it hits, even if you can't see the person because they're on the other side of two walls (this is still your fault), whereas an explosive can easily miss or destroy a structure and suddenly OOPSIE you've holocausted ten innocent people (this is also still your fault).

Basic accident prevention.

6cba62  No.621021

It goes without saying that all this stuff is exactly the reason why explosives are by far a better and easier weapon for mass violence, which really makes you (((think))) about why no mass killers ever use them, even considering how easy they are to make and how accessible the necessary information is these days. It's almost like they specifically avoid using the easy methods because they're trying to create political propaganda against the weapons people can still legally own rather than actually cause a high number of deaths or public property damage. Now, why would that ever be the case, hmm? Truly, something to ponder. A mystery.


What are you trying to convince us of, you autist? I lurk /pol/ and I see unhindered Trumpcuckery in every goddamn thread. Get out of here with your dishonesty.

Double post, sa-gay, etc

82f282  No.621022

Building a gun was never the issue. Making ammo is.

6cba62  No.621024


Libertarianism is a large part of what informs my opinion of what are and aren't 'arms', and I've always held this view about weapons. It's just logical. You have a right to use of force against people who've threatened you first, you don't have a right to harm people who haven't asked for it. Therefore, nobody has a right to cause large-scale damage to a public space. If you think that this somehow goes against the principles of liberty then you really have a flawed understanding of things. I've never heard a national socialist or a Strassie voice an opinion similar to mine because they support gun control.

Also, Ausmod was never a BO two years ago, newfag.

088437  No.621029

File: 22525c49e605742⋯.png (153.4 KB, 384x354, 64:59, crying bear.PNG)


>I've never heard a national socialist or a Strassie voice an opinion similar to mine

<That opinion being that self-defence with firearms is legitimate, and that destroying public property and/or harming innocents is not

So brave. How can you say something so controversial?

4d0c64  No.621033


>that is a state

Libertarianism isn't anarchist, Spergkraut. Read a book, holy shit.

>imblyign libertarianism is aut-right

>imblyign /k/ is a hugbox and /pol/ isn't

>hurrrrr gun control is actually good and will never be used against the people

>hurrrrrrr if you support the average guy's right to defend his own life against criminals and enemies, that means you don't support the average guy's right to defend his own life against criminals and enemies

What is this Newspeak garbage you're parroting? 2/10, you made me respond, you egregious retard.

4d0c64  No.621037


>intellectual dishonesty


>NPC catch phrases


>goalpost shifting

>unsubstantiated "m-muh circular logic" as a replacement for an argument

>you'll never do anything goy, just lay down and get fucked in the ass by me!

>muh post count, nobody is allowed to disagree with me or they're a shill!!1!

>libertarians are all juden (except none are)

Consider this (You) an undeserved gift of welfare from the state of autism. Everyone remember to spay and neuter your pets, and filter and report shitposters.

ceaa30  No.621040


>I lurk /pol/ and I see unhindered Trumpcuckery in every goddamn thread

Stay on cuckchan, instead of continuing to confuse it with fullchan.

4d0c64  No.621043


Considering you're trying to force "ORANGE MAN BAD" as a meme, yeah, I'd say you have tons of MAGApedes. Why do kikes always lie?

4d0c64  No.621045


Rothbard and Friedman aren't libertarians, they're just subversive Jewish economists. Thinking Rand is a libertarian is as retarded as thinking her philosophy of 'objectivism' is based on anything except her ego. I haven't read about the other two. You could at least bother studying your infographs before posting them around like an automaton. Nice try, but not a nice try.

d9f332  No.621049


Don't waste your time on spergkraut, trying to debate it is futile. You'll get nothing but whataboutisms, ad hominems and autism. He's like a nigger district near your home, you can't do much against it until they have access to gibs or internet, in this case. Filter and find someone with a brain to debate if you're inclined to do so instead of discussing actual weapons.

2a4d60  No.621051


>implying /k/ is about weapons

d9f332  No.621053


It should be. Contain your political assblasting on /pol/ or whatever substitute of it you have.

d2139e  No.621057


Repeat all the events from '42 to '45

4d0c64  No.621058


Considering he's uneducated enough to think "helicopter man" Pinochet was a NEETsoc and not a commie in sheep's clothing himself, I shouldn't be surprised. I'm always just bewildered by his presence, like he's speaking some kind of Elvish.

ceaa30  No.621061


>He is right you know

I'm not seeing any evidence. If anything


>you're trying to force "ORANGE MAN BAD" as a meme

Again, confusing cuckchan with fullchan.

df379a  No.621065


but fullchan /pol/ is high on trumpcuckey as well.

150883  No.621067


jesus christ you mouth breathing retard

79a37d  No.621143


Every 2nd Amendment supporting American should thank their lucky stars that the American debate over firearms is wholly transfixed on the guns themselves. The average home craftsman/hobbyist has the fundamental skills needed to produce a functional firearm (slamfire shotgun) with simple tools and materials that cannot be restricted. Only a highly skilled and experienced borderline-professional can produce primers (don't give me that shit about matchhead primers, rhey don't work or are dangerously overcharged 99% of the time) and powder at home to the level of quality that is needed to meet expectations of performance, reliability, and durability exceeding those of the flintlock era. Therr is also no way to produce those vitally important components in quantities sufficient enough to meet anything but the barest of needs.

We are lucky to have opponents so ignorant of firearms, firearm ownership, and the firearm industry/supply chain that they ignore rhe most foolproof route for regulation intended to eliminate the use of firearms by civilians.

79a37d  No.621145


The ruler must fit that which you sre trying to measure. If I'm taking consideratjon of an individual, I will judge them on their individual merit. If I am taking consideration of a group, I will judge them on the merits of their merit in aggregate. I am much like you in that we both enjoy the luxury of being able to consider those who we meet on individual merit as I am not forced ro interact with large numbers of individuals from a different racial group on a regular basis. When dealing with large groups, one does not have the luxury of considering the merit of each individual as, for example, there is not enough time to meet every single black person in America over a single human lifespan. Thus, we must choose to take into consideration their group behavior as an aggregate to avoid personal peril.

efac0f  No.621411

File: ee2f25377ae1d6f⋯.jpg (265.21 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_0706.JPG)


ea8adb  No.621413


Yeah, the point being that if they deny RKBA to that degree then the constitution has been nullified and it's time to be "less discriminate" against fed targets and their enablers. IEDs fit the bill.

90e6ad  No.621419

the US will just keep getting more brown until anti-gunners have complete control of everything and then they'll enact every measure of "gun control" they want. guns will eventually become contraband

6cba62  No.621456


Yeah, exactly the implication I was making. Strategic weapons are made for war. If the government wants a war then all bets are off, and they've got one. Question is, are you researching what you need to know for when things finally go postal?

5253e0  No.634954

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

stay out of the gulags

d18961  No.636486



>don't ever stand and fight, just keep running away while niggers and liberals chase you!

This is why the Jews are winning.

c6f32b  No.636553


The jews are winning because of low white birthrates. Fix those, and you'll find the vast majority of your problems to be gone.

d73ffe  No.636604


Low white birthrates wont be fixed until we restore traditional patriarchal families. Which cannot be done without getting rid of the jews…

e741a0  No.637126


Washington has some cucked gun laws right now. How could you justify asking everybody to move there to put up a defense. You're practically glowing

5d4189  No.637370


People won't get rid of the jews until the bread and circuses stop. As long as citizens have food on supermarket shelves and access to porn/netflix, there will be no fight.

e29d71  No.637414


Sadly, this is true. Only a handful of people are preparing for the inevitable societal crash and even less have access to quality weapons… Don't look at me, I already have many prepp stuff, and on my way to get better weapons.

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