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There's no discharge in the war!

File: 978f0f81b66cd13⋯.png (256.4 KB, 520x572, 10:11, ClipboardImage.png)

c76e13 No.599009

What are they hiding?

>A meteor hit the earth and exploded with 2.1 kilotonnes of force last month, but the US Air Force has made no mention of the event.

>NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory confirmed an object of unspecified size travelling at 24.4 kilometres per second struck earth in Greenland, just 43 kilometres north of an early missile warning Thule Air Base on the 25th of July, 2018. Director of the Nuclear Information Project for the Federation of American Scientists, Hans Kristensen, tweeted about the impact, but America's Air Force has not reported the event. Mr Kristensen argues it's concerning there was no public warning from the US government about the incident. "Had it entered at a more perpendicular angle, it would have struck the earth with significantly greater force," he writes on Business Insider.

>Mr Kristensen points to the example of the Chelyabinsk meteor, a 20-metre space rock that exploded in the air over Russia without warning on the 15th of February 2013. It was the size of a house, brighter than the sun and visible up to 100 kilometres away. About 1500 people were injured by glass from windows smashing or other effects of the meteor's impact as it crashed to earth, the biggest known human toll from a space rock. "The Chelyabinsk event drew widespread attention to what more needs to be done to detect even larger asteroids before they strike our planet," said NASA Planetary Defense Officer Lindley Johnson. "This was a cosmic wake-up call."

>Following the 2013 incident, the International Asteroid Warning Network was established to assist governments to detect and respond to Near Earth Objects.



5ee460 No.599014

>Kristensen argues it's concerning there was no public warning from the US government about the incident

It's cute that people think we can detect everything coming from space, our radars watch other nations not straight up.

As for the event itself what do you want the airforce to say? "A rock exploded from friction heating 140,000 feet above a base"?

ddbb10 No.599026


>What are they hiding?

As always, israeli false flag.

005170 No.599040



>24.4 km/s

How big was that "rock"?

5b594b No.599041

I hope it's aliens and they come to fuck us all over.

763624 No.599046


I hope it's aliens so we can fuck them.

c7f929 No.599054

File: b20c78f1d197d94⋯.jpg (226.74 KB, 1000x1178, 500:589, 20 tunguska.jpg)

38b2f8 No.599065


Do we have a snownigger strelok willing to go up there and find out what it was?

a4ea46 No.599068

>Thule air base

Space nazis confirmed

371f51 No.599070


Give me a few days, if you don't hear back from me within a week, it was the jews.

8032a6 No.599072

That would have been pretty cool to see. Not entirely sure as to why Air Force would have had to make some press statement regarding that event. It's not their job and it's in the bumfuck middle of nowhere. If they had camera footage of that then yeah, sure someone would have made a press statement. Or a twitter post.

a81383 No.599076


Can you livestream it if it is possible?

000000 No.599077

They didn't say shit because it happened a million miles from the nearest eyewitness and the less normalfags know about this kind of shit happening the less risk there is of everyone deviating from wagecucking and paying taxes.

481542 No.599078


If you come back and say it wasn't the jews, you're a jew.


Couldn't find a way to make Drumpf look bad so it wasn't considered important that an entire air force base could have been turned to ash.

ddbb10 No.599079


What color of alien do you like the most?

For me it's Blue or Purple.

1c10e0 No.599087

File: 24e764db9b93e88⋯.jpg (29.72 KB, 534x534, 1:1, hysterical-laughter.jpg)

>we're still here, so they correctly concluded it was not a russian first strike

Can you imagine being this naive?

481542 No.599088


I guess missile warning bases aren't the kind of base that like a lot of press attention. Still, meteors are newsworthy as fuck, I would have hoped for liveleak footage at least.

9bbe2d No.599119


>According to a study referenced by Mr Kristensen, a meteor struck earth every 13 days over a 20-year-period. Most break apart upon entering the atmosphere and are "harmless".

lmao this is why you shouldn't rely on news agencies for scientific coverage. They completely misinterpret whatever study he was referencing. That number can only refer to meteors of above a certain size. No idea what size since they don't say, but there's certainly a minimum there. Consider that the stronger showers of the year can typically put out tens of naked-eye meteors per hour, and that's just in the sky visible from any given point, not across the whole planet.


>It's cute that people think we can detect everything coming from space, our radars watch other nations not straight up.

Radar only detects them when it's too late anyway. Once they do hit and you have a giant ionization trail it's easy enough, but when they're still interplanetary you pretty much have to rely on optical and infrared. And the problem with the those is that while there are several such telescopes looking (e.g. Pan-STARRS) there's a huge swath of sky where you can't see shit because a) the sun saturates everything, and b) they need to be reflecting sunlight towards you if you're looking in optical, so objects close to the sun aren't very visible. Guess what direction Chelyabinsk came from. Guess what direction Tunguska came from.

A meteoroid this size isn't very likely to be detected anyway. 2018 LA, which hit Botswana in June, was a bit smaller and was only detected 8 hours before impact, with an orbit poor enough that even at that time they could only put the hit probability at 85%.

There is also a dearth of meteor research. NASA shut down most of theirs in the sixties, and today it's largely done by Eastern Europe and Canada. NASA contracts us for their meteor forecasts; a grad student in my department recently gave a report to NASA about whether there was a risk to spacecraft posed by this year's Draconids, for example. Probably not for Earth, but Gaia over in L2 might be at risk.

Daytime showers (such as the Beta Taurids, which Tunguska came from) are particularly understudied.

The good news is that NEOs bigger than a few hundred meters are mostly found. Though the joke is that "we've found 95% of them, now we just need to find the other 20%".

t. recently started a MSc in astronomy.


Probably somewhere around 4m, at a VERY rough guess. Kilotonnage is a pretty poor measure since it's more directional than a nuke.

f82f53 No.599144


This. Man was made to breed and fuck aliens. We will end an alien scourge as husbands, brothers, sons, etc. All will be trampled under our feet as the interstellar fleets are forced to end their wars or face the wrath of their wives.

64e722 No.599150


>the US creates space force

>space throws a rock at the US

this is a declaration of war, we must go forth and kill space

1e07cd No.599156


I doubt any resources in space are worth immediate costs, nor places to spread democracy.

64e722 No.599157


you misunderstand, we must kill space, it has killed the dinosaurs already and it now attacks us, we must kill it before it does more harm

f82f53 No.599158

File: 7eb4e22a1ddc7eb⋯.png (145.28 KB, 1360x539, 1360:539, 433_eros.png)


>I doubt any resources in space are worth immediate costs, nor places to spread democracy.

f82f53 No.599160


And before someone bitches about the price of space, SpaceX I know they're a meme, shut the fuck up would need to bring back an approximate elephant's weight in platinum to make their money back on an unmanned drone sent to mine said asteroid, and in theory they could just orbitally launch the precious metals to a lake ground site to be collected.

d5834c No.599163


A warm orange with some nice red highlights.


>and in theory they could just orbitally launch the precious metals to a lake ground site to be collected.

You know what they say about reducing production cost of your product:

Have it fall out of orbit at many kilometers a second, disintegrate upon reentry, and then fall into a lake or ocean as tiny particles so you can invest millions on collecting it again.

ddbb10 No.599167

File: 194f147ba2aae5e⋯.png (57.96 KB, 410x326, 205:163, 194f147ba2aae5e0427fb23314….png)


>stony and elongated


haha Benis :DDDD

3ad0b6 No.599174


This was an alien spacecraft full of advanced technology that was shot down to further empower Queen Elizabeth II. This is obvious due to the fact that it came from space, and it exploded. There is no other possible explanation for something to explode. Friction heating, according to many researchers, does not cause things to explode, they merely disintegrate. There are thousands of hidden high-powered satellites and ground ultraviolet scanning stations that have been captured on tape and on Google Earth; clearly they knew of this object. I wouldn't be surprised if it was an envoy of sorts to establish relations, granting major boons on all of society, but per the usual, it was shot down by Kazakhstan anarcho-syndicalists who are jealous of people not living in poverty. With the fragments of tech that fall back to Earth, they will be able to replace more key elements of Queen Elizabeth II's body with synthetic material, with the goal of eventually making her immortal.

8032a6 No.599175


Well aren't missile warning bases basically a just a electricians depo in middle of fucking nowhere? That's so bumfuck middle of nowhere that I wouldn't be surprised if they had automated that "base", and that it was only occupied by humans when it was time to to do some maintanance.

Meteor-strikes falls on the plate of NASA or meteorological services.


And even if they notice a swarm of rocks that are going to be occupying the same airspace with our planet, similar size to the ones that probably caused younger dryas to occur, why would one tell public about it? Basically all you can do with a shitstorm of that size is to dig a hole and embrace the suck. That's what people may or may not have done in the past. Northern europeans hid inside the world-tree, south american huehues hid inside a tree of their own, Persians hid inside a mountain, and jewchristians hid inside a boat. All were meant to preserve life, or seeds of life.

To build seed-facilities you'd need public's co-operation, so you tell them after you've done all you can for future and hope for the best.

fbd541 No.599178

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>thule air base

000000 No.599238


Cool post.

df91b4 No.599242


but what if the ayys only came to watch?

3b69bb No.599248

File: dc46c205554bcf9⋯.jpg (412.19 KB, 1200x825, 16:11, könig_in_thule.jpg)


3b69bb No.599251

d5834c No.599294


Nah, the radar dishes need constant de-icing in winter.

There were no de-icing robots in the '70s when they were built so they kept a bunch of "send-him-somewhere-he-can-do-no-harm"s to de-ice the dishes an antennas.


Then they get to raise the human sons of their wives.

c7f929 No.599297

File: ffc46a7fd41f3ef⋯.jpg (81.12 KB, 684x279, 76:31, kbos.jpg)


>The good news is that NEOs bigger than a few hundred meters are mostly found. Though the joke is that "we've found 95% of them, now we just need to find the other 20%".

I don't worry so much about them as I do some KBO or centaur coming out of left field. Those things can get big. To say nothing of oligarchs in the Oort cloud.

a81383 No.599298


I hope a KBO with atmosphere come into Earth orbit and become a second moon just like Triton so we can colonise it and become our white ethno-planet.

2a310b No.599299



What is /b/'s BO doing in the Kuiper Belt?

005170 No.599312


O'Neill cylinder

3b69bb No.599317


Dyson sphere

c4111c No.599318


He’s big guy

f82f53 No.599357


>So we can colonise it and become our white ethno-planet.

You and I both know the cucks at NASA (or whatever space agency does it) would intentionally staff mixed-race couples or booksmart niggers to send to another world. If the military colonized it, it would be like how they explicitly send all the niggers in the Navy to Japan. If China colonizes it, no white man is gonna be on that mission. Don't kid yourself, anon.

ddbb10 No.599360


>If China colonizes it, no white man is gonna be on that mission

How else are chinese supposed to colonize it?

a81383 No.599413


We can destroy any non-white spaceships to KBO to prevent them from colonising our future minor planet.

aa8d2f No.599442


Wasn't Thule the one where a B52 with nukes crashed back in the 60s when a blocked heater caught fire or something stupid like that?

1697f3 No.599461


>crashes near "thule" airbase

It was a fucking crashed UFO, no reason to keep quiet about it if it wasn't

7ab5b8 No.599463

File: 068937560e944d8⋯.jpg (76.06 KB, 422x386, 211:193, caillou_disgusted.jpg)

File: 67332962108cb3d⋯.png (1.86 MB, 1250x1005, 250:201, Spurdo Sun Gomplete.png)


>that image

>that second fucking paragraph

Pic related.



e1474a No.599470

>meteor crashes

>base personnel see Apple sticker on rubble

>vapelord exits impact site

>add furious fellatio joke somewhere in there

b46e35 No.600596


2.2 ktTNT = 9.2 TJ

9.2 TJ = .5 x (24.4 km/s)^2 x mass

Mass = 30.9 metric tons

This is, of course, not accounting for inefficiencies and miscalculations since "2.2 ktons" was probably calculated using the dimensions of the explosion. I'd estimate the mass to be upwards of 60 metric tons. I'm not an expert and that's a very conservative estimate, by the way.

452865 No.600627

What's the matter Chicken Little? No one listens to you?

9bf8f2 No.600629


>Still, meteors are newsworthy as fuck

Meteorites land on Earth all the time. The issue is that they're either too small or they end up landing in bumfuck nowhere like in Antarctica or the Sahara or a combination of both. Even fireball meteors (ones that explode and vaporize and thus don't make it to the ground) are common but they too also fall around the large, uninhabited areas of the Earth.


>30 to 60 metric tons

So higher than average range in terms of space rocks falling on the Earth.

07ce89 No.600639

File: 5d5fdd9f22dedd7⋯.jpg (67.3 KB, 568x960, 71:120, DWFcvgLXUAAWK4w.jpg)

>2,000 nukes ready for launch

Are these delusional subhumans so fucking eager to kill white men on the blink of an eye? Is the Russian boogeyman so scary to these idiots for fucks sake?

3bba1b No.600643


It's a mix of jews jewing and boomers going "hey we were strong and manufacturing existed before we sold it to the chinese communists back when we were in the geopolitical equivalent of a mexican standoff, let's do it again surely that will fix the problems we created"

cd9dbe No.600645


tbf that DOES look like a ((("Russian"))) missile strike the US pussied out of.

5b7fbf No.600656


It's just a bugman saying blumpf will cause nuclear war. Also the United States is much whiter than russia ever will be, considering "russians" aren't even white and the entire state has been a mongrel empire for it's entire existence.

07ce89 No.600809


>the United States is much whiter than russia ever will be

>russians aren't even white

The last time USA was white was back in 1492. Ever since then you're a cesspool of niggers, chinks, mudslimes, mullato rape babies, gooks, jews and a few surviving whites.

Russians are white. If you unironically fell for the mongol meme without spending a single nanosecond in searching information by yourself then you're a fucking idiot.

1ccf13 No.600818


They're minimum 80% white, and that's counting the ukrainians and caucasian ethnics as not white.

b46e35 No.600885


I wasn't as clear as I should've been. I meant upwards (probably significantly) of 60 metric tons.

On comparing this meteor to others (according to Wikipedia)

>Average meteor velocity relative to Earth at entry is about 17 km/s

>Asteroids with a diameter of 4 meters enter the atmosphere about once a year

>Asteroids with a diameter of 7 meters enter about once every 5 years which have a kinetic energy equal to about 16 ktonsTNT but an air blast of 5 ktonsTNT

>Asteroids with a diameter of 20 meters hit about every 50 years

>Chelyabinsk was one of these and was estimated to have an air blast of 500 ktonsTNT

Wikipedia has a good chart on this on the page "Impact event". Someone should make a bell curve of this.

This isn't too out of the ordinary.

3f852b No.601085

File: 9db5f872ab59b4f⋯.jpg (67.76 KB, 500x353, 500:353, IMG_1412.JPG)

File: 8dd9d90358631c3⋯.jpg (156.5 KB, 1200x911, 1200:911, IMG_1413.JPG)

File: f58fcb394262846⋯.png (1.28 MB, 1200x713, 1200:713, IMG_1414.PNG)

File: 50796a1d664202b⋯.jpg (133.5 KB, 988x1024, 247:256, IMG_1415.JPG)

File: f22a9460579d7eb⋯.jpg (28.13 KB, 300x553, 300:553, IMG_1416.JPG)

You will understand when the time comes.

Wir kommen in Frieden.

79478d No.601199

File: 3a8e9320e9dfc44⋯.jpg (677.6 KB, 700x4164, 175:1041, Siener Von Rensburg prophe….jpg)

07ce89 No.601203



>They think Israel will ever allow a war to break out between NATO and Russia ever

Have you idiots not been paying attention to anything ever since WWII? There isn't a single government or bank not controlled by the kikes. Both Putin and Trump and good goys. The only thing that will happen from his predictions is civil war, and that will happen only after certain European countries elect Nationalist parties. Germany, England, France and the USA will play almost 0 role in what is going to happen.

The civil war will start in either Greece or Italy. Those two are the countries with the most commies and 50/50 populations. Half are hardcore Stalin-tier commies and the other half is Hitler-tier nationalists. Once there is a spark, the fire will rise in the rest of Europe. The white man will not fight back until he sees someone else do it. Western Europe is far too cucked to start the spark. It has to happen in the Balkans, and it will.

b7010e No.601212

f962a0 No.601323


yeah I don't see the word oil anywhere on that page so i'm going to have to give that asteroid a hard pass.

9cd5b9 No.601349


Nice blackpill.

07ce89 No.601351


It's only a blackpill if you're a commie or a kike

9cd5b9 No.601352


The only optimistic part about your post was the

> the other half is Hitler-tier nationalists

and it's almost less true than the rest of your bitch and whining post.

Just because kikes controls every single national bank except Best Korea, Iran and Syria doesn't mean that every single individual in position of power is a full-blown zogbot.

If that was the case you would not have a constant stream of (((news networks))) and (((newspapers))) bitch and moan about impeachments and war with dem ebul ruzkies and isnotrael would have control of 2/3s of Syria at this point.

07ce89 No.601360


You cannot be this retarded to think Russia and USA will unironically wage war on each other. And if you think Putin isn't a zogbot you're delusional. He follows money and nothing else. Israel has full control of every big power. They won't wage war on their own assets. Literally nothing to be gained from these two countries fighting. Nothing.

Worst case scenario there will only be a proxy war, not a direct one. And even then it won't be the spark that wakes up the European man. The only resemblance of nationalism left in Europe is from Italy, Greece and to an extend Hungary. Krauts won't do anything, frogs won't do anything, Britbongs won't do anything, Swedes won't do anything, the western man will not do anything. Their communist parties are half-assed pseudo-commies and their right-wing parties are pseudo-patriots.

9cd5b9 No.601368


>You cannot be this retarded to think Russia and USA will unironically wage war on each other.

This had been the kikes' wet dream since the 50s you fucktard. Why the fuck do you think (((they))) invested so much in "taming" drunk slavs and the most recognizably corrupt and warmongering Dem candidate with minimal chances of getting elected?

> And if you think Putin isn't a zogbot you're delusional.

I bet you retard also think Jewromaidan was a spontaneous nationalistic colorful revolution too.

l2realpolitik you intellectually indenbted mouthbreather

> Israel has full control of every big power.

>Trump threw a 30 minutes "muh gassed childrum" tantrum, only 2 missiles hit, did 6 gorillion shekels worth of damage to SAAF and then stopped caring faster than a horny teen with ADHD

>Russia has been all out supporting Assad and goodifying ISIS for 4 years to the point FSA's/Al Nusra moderate beheaders are all but removed, ISIS has to hug Israeli borders to survive and Israel is on the brink of losing control of the Golan Heights

> Literally nothing to be gained from these two countries fighting. Nothing.

>hundreds of millions of dead White goyim

>nothing to (((gain)))

Google Samson Option and lurk the fuck moar.

07ce89 No.601376


If you seriously believe all this then which part of my post was blackpilling? I refuse to believe there will ever be a total war between the burgers and the slavs. And saying that the west isn't going to wake up by itself isn't a blackpill, it is the absolute current reality. Thousands of rapes, murders and total destruction of many cities. Muslim niggers in every street and entire towns outnumbering whites 100 to 1. If they haven't genocided the shitskins already they never will. Over 3,500 Swedes are allowing the government to put chip implants to their bodies. These people are going to start a revolution? No, they will not. Not without an idol to follow.

e5bbb1 No.601549



>he types that as the Turkish Lira collapses and SA faces the worst drought for 110 years.

>Operation Highjump

Just as planned. There are some higher things working. Some things no mere mortal jew could change.

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