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There's no discharge in the war!

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38ea8b  No.629698

>Outside of ((/pol/)) larpers people are speaking out again bumpstock band

>Libertarians and conservatives realizing ((trump)) a trust fund baby cuck

>trump done more damage to the second amendment than Ronald Reagan & Obama combine

One term President

bd9bd1  No.629718



Nigger what the fuck are you smoking?

It's 24/7 anti orange kike non-stop there.

38ea8b  No.629723


Nice damage control for ((/pol/)) faggot. Half the threads are still trump circle jerking or other larping. When the boomstuck thread is up it’s still my 4D chess as usual.

cf575d  No.629738




Oh wait, just saw your flag, nevermind.

bd9bd1  No.629741



Proof? /pol/ right now is le orange kike spam.

38ea8b  No.629742

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>You are jew if you don’t support trump

Hi kike shill

bd9bd1  No.629743


Wut? It's jew calling Trump le orange kike.

92072e  No.629745

This is why I dislike pol. Every time it is brought up all that happens is that people call each other jew, kike, shill or something like that.

Instead of shitposting about the real issues at hand it has turned into a worse version of int.

1120e3  No.629814

Who fucking cares?

The US is dead anyway. No point in doing anything since it's too late.

RIP in piss americucks.

If you're smart, you'd at least try to profit off its death and move to another country.

6ae5ed  No.629816

File: 2a49cf8e70f9dd1⋯.jpg (36.1 KB, 345x266, 345:266, 324.jpg)

77e10d  No.629818


>Hillary would have done better

Nice try, mr. Goldberg.

b68a10  No.629822


It doesn't matter. The US is fucked no matter who got in. Only death can save the US now.

fa1eab  No.629839


Yeah because the problem is the "bump stock" ban, not the fact that 99% of the gun community has been supporting the MACHINE GUN BAN that the bump stocks got tied to.

Like I give a fuck about any of you fucks, pissing away the freedom you were born with that none of my forefathers had.

493f5d  No.629841


Why don't you just come over and kill americucks for fun. You'll be doing everyone a favor by killing them.

fa1eab  No.629844


Nah I'll just wait until your civilization collapses and mile long lines of refugees start lining up to enter Canada. Get myself a nice corn fed blonde kansas waifu for a teaspoon of maple syrup.

18c8b4  No.629849


>implying she wouldn't be a nigger or spic mutt by then

Just kill them. Killing is both merciful and fun. You can even make a game out of it by using babies instead of clay pigeons.

fa1eab  No.629858


Get help you fucking degenerate.

baba77  No.629866


>implying leafland is anything but a tumor

When America dies leafland goes too. You've completely wrecked anything that could make you self sufficient in the 80's.

fa1eab  No.629868


Im sure you sending 2x more cowards north than we had people helped in thr 60s and 70s.

baba77  No.629872

File: 5551b95483dd5df⋯.jpg (42.56 KB, 376x480, 47:60, John_G._Diefenbaker.jpg)

File: 42e9e8d0d62c12d⋯.jpg (420.91 KB, 690x926, 345:463, Lester_Pearson_1957.jpg)


You fucked yourselves willingly long before draft dodgers fucked off. Thank these two for the importation for third worlders and everything that followed.

77e10d  No.629880


Not necessarily disagree but voting for Hillary was a death sentence for the whole civilized word.

Accelerationism doesn't work.

98e466  No.629883


>Accelerationism doesn't work.

Only when things that are being fucked up aren't bread and circuses

1e4528  No.629884

File: f777de54057b50d⋯.jpg (89.36 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 5ef081dd9f192534f5c366d894….jpg)

>Direct linking to MSM shit

>/pol/ is one person

I want cuckchan to leave


It comes have been accustomed to the idea that rights actually privileges, and they can/should be violated if it makes people feel "safe."

4b828f  No.629912


>implying /pol/ isn't 90% MAGAcucks

77e10d  No.629924

File: dd9bb8cf911b959⋯.jpg (8.42 KB, 300x100, 3:1, molonlabelolibanner2.jpg)


Obnoxious drumpf-shouting spammers sure are more vocal even if they are a minority.


tbf rights don't real. The only "rights" one has is the rights he earns and defends with his weapons.

98e466  No.629927


That statistic is less relevant than obesity rates per capita.

Why nobody used their guns to stop BATFE and FBI from murdering innocent people in Waco?

73b801  No.629931


They did but then they showed the ATF mercy and let them go get back up. So lesson learned don't show ATF niggers any mercy.

38ea8b  No.629934

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>More gun control passed under trump than Obama and Bush combine

>No wall except for Israel

>Bombing Syria

>Releasing blacks from prison early

>illegal immigration in a all time high

Fucking based and MAGA

9a6b47  No.629952


>moldy labia


20c371  No.629990

File: 3a66bef17a1fd72⋯.jpg (16.7 KB, 213x287, 213:287, rps20160215_023053.jpg)


You again!

people actually fall for this bail post!

c1d2eb  No.629993


< Vote for Hillary, goyim

Curse yahweh & israel & jews.

c1d2eb  No.629995


this tbh.

9a3ac1  No.630006


>Libertarians and conservatives realizing ((trump)) a trust fund baby cuck

Proper libertarians knew he was a cuck by the end of his first month in office, although many probably suspected it before he was elected.

e71c66  No.630009

Is this the thread where /leftypol/yps forget that 8/pol/ and 4/pol/ are different?

fa1eab  No.630013

File: f2ed603c5415d5c⋯.png (84.06 KB, 800x457, 800:457, population-of-immigrants-i….PNG)


Uh no, Canada was 98% white up until 1990, and was a fairly good place to live even in the 80s. Problems literally started in 60s and 70s when the turbohippie pothead draft dodgers came north.

Fuck you.

You did the same shit to the UK and the rest of the western world, which was fine before YOU. INVENTED. COUNTERCULTURE. Fucking retard.


>Following Adolf Hitler's rise to power in 1933, the Institute left Germany for Geneva, before moving to New York City in 1935, where it became affiliated with Columbia University.

You literally destroyed the western world and you have the gall to sit on your high horse and whinge about rights.


Come on, most of those aren't even remotely true. There are real things you can shit on Trump over, you need to stop listening to shills who post nu-media on /pol/.

38ea8b  No.630055

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


>< Vote for Hillary, goyim

>Curse yahweh & israel & jews.


>>Hillary would have done better

>Nice try, mr. Goldberg.



>Agenda 21: Ivanka's Women's Empowerment Act: Pushing Feminism Globally to Become Official US Policy


trumpcucks have ZERO arguments left for supporting the orange kike now.

>The Women’s Entrepreneurship and Economic Empowerment (WEEE) Act is designed to help women improve their lives, care for their families, and contribute to global economic growth. It does so by eliminating harmful social and culture norms so women can improve their access to resources, including financial services and increase their decision-making power.

>Currently, more than one billion women are excluded from formal financial services. Many cannot open bank accounts, seek loans or credit, or manage their funds because of antiquated legal and or social beliefs about gender roles. The WEEE Act makes it the policy of the United States to reduce gender disparities in access to resources so that women are able to provide for their families no matter the social and cultural norms or circumstances.

>Additionally, one in three women globally experiences sexual, emotional, and or physical violence during her lifetime. Gender-based violence can also prevent women from engaging successfully in economic activities. When women face harassment or violence in the workplace, or when they suffer from injuries or trauma as a result of domestic violence, their economic livelihoods are affected. The WEEE Act makes it U.S. policy to strive to eliminate gender-based violence and mitigate its effects so that women and their children can live free from fear and enjoy equal access to opportunities.

>This legislation also ensures that women can access land and own property. Sadly, women own less than 20 percent of the world’s land. This is staggering if you consider that half of the world’s population is women. More than 400 million of them farm and produce the majority of the world’s food supply, yet female farmers lack equal rights to own land in more than 90 countries.

>Most of the world’s 1.2 billion people who live in absolute poverty are women and girls. Women lack opportunities for developing confidence and decision-making power – and they are under-represented in senior roles and economic leadership positions in developing and developed countries. The WEEE Act requires the U.S. Government to maintain a rigorous gender analysis in foreign assistance programs so that we have the necessary data to address critical barriers and leave no woman behind. When women lift themselves out of poverty, they pull their families and communities up with them.


98e466  No.630088




Almost as good as JUST (fuck my property up fam) act.

855264  No.630092


We've always been at war with Eastasia, you kike.

77e10d  No.630122

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Hillary would not have done this

Try harder, Schlomo.

47ecb6  No.630130






>/pol/ is one person

Jesus fucking christ, am I the only one who still remembers when we were battling lolbergs on 4cuck's /pol/ board?


4b828f  No.630149


>hello my fellow /pol/edditors, don't you hate right wing ideology and freedom?

>anyone who disagrees with me is boogeyman!

7936c5  No.630152


>right wing ideology


pick one

I bet you think hitler was far right like every other retard burger

4b828f  No.630155




You're going to have to try a lot harder than that. I am disappointed in the quality of your shitpost.

b9f924  No.630166


What did they mean by this?

fa1eab  No.630173


Trump is better than Hillary or any other challenger, republican or democrat, in those election cycles.

He's also better than any president you've had since Gerald Ford, who was only "good" because he stayed in office for such a short time.

>something ivanka did

>posting a blackpill shill thread from /pol/

>about some act which lets arab women open bank accounts in america


You've been identified.

4b828f  No.630180



>can't crosslink




Wanna know how I know you're Jewish? /pol/ really isn't sending their best and brightest shills these days, are they?

fa1eab  No.630184


>no argument

>accuses someone of being jewish

Want to know how I know you're jewish? Go fluff tyrone for your adopted t-daugter's mother.

792953  No.630187

File: baa17151912200d⋯.jpg (829.35 KB, 3000x2000, 3:2, 466534607.jpg)




fa1eab  No.630190


मैं वास्तव में एक हिंदू सड़क पर एक हास्यास्पद जिपर सिर नहीं शिट्टी हूं

792953  No.630192

File: 5c5778849e9ccc7⋯.jpg (55.54 KB, 660x477, 220:159, Sino-Indian War.jpg)



7936c5  No.630194


Socialism is neither "right wing" or "left wing", you would know this if you actually understood political discourse and weren't a retarded burger that thinks its the equivalent of supporting your favorite sports team

792953  No.630197

File: 461bb782fdc8a3c⋯.jpg (144.93 KB, 811x618, 811:618, 170118120021-01-hw-bush-su….jpg)


>Socialism is the opposite of Capitalism. >Capitalism = Freedom

>Constitution = Freedom

>Constitution = Capitalism = Freedom

>Socialism is the opposite of Capitalism, which means it's the opposite of both the Constitution and Freedom as well

It stands to reason, then, that Socialism is treason. The worst part is when you get to National Socialism.

>Nationalism = Collectivism

>Collectives are the opposites of Individuals

>Individuals = Freedom

>Nationalism is the opposite of Constitution, Capitalism and Freedom

From this formula, we can derive the fact that National Socialism is double-plus anti-good. Here's where it gets tricky.

>National Socialism = Bad

>Bad hates Good

>National Socialists hate Jews

>Jews = Good

I hope you're starting to understand things a little bit better now.

38ea8b  No.630199




>Trumpcucks and ((/pol/)) larpers are now resorting to buzzwords and memes as damage control/arguments

Nice counter argument. Surprised no one posted NPC memes yet as a pro trump arguement.

77e10d  No.630213


>>Trumpcucks and ((/pol/)) larpers

In case it's not obvious I did neither vote for Trump or am I a (((larper))), but please feel free to tell us who burgers should have voted for and if "voting doesn't matter" why should they make it absolutely certain that none votes for Trump.

dae31b  No.630214


This is a bot

ff9af2  No.630215

File: 85efffbed7f3322⋯.jpg (801.01 KB, 1171x1495, 1171:1495, Cirno_Question.jpg)


>trump done more damage to the second amendment than Ronald Reagan & Obama combine

Not defending any of the presidents in question, but do you actually have sources for this?

b8286d  No.630217


What the fuck is this, discount echoes?

5e6013  No.630224


Well, they were on sale. Mr. Heebawitz says he can get me more, wholesale!

2aff09  No.630257


There is a major flaw in your post. Two negatives multiplied turn out to be positive. So,

>National Socialism = Good

>Jews = Bad

>Good > Bad

>Jews => Oven

>You => Rope

115587  No.630261


>expecting sourced claims

>from a bait thread

Reagan gave us the 86’ assault weapons ban, cutting off a whole catagory of weapons from ownership by the civilian population. Not to mention that even if half the shit people are accusing Trump of doing is true, he’ll still fall behind FDR as the President that implemented the most gun control.

792953  No.630281

File: 6b003dfeb9fb7cc⋯.jpg (613.85 KB, 737x1000, 737:1000, still better than Trump.jpg)


Two wrongs don't make a right, Pole. I thought you would've learned that after the Nazis were overthrown and Stalin conquered you. Of course, three wrongs make a right, just like three lefts make a right. That's why your country is good, now that you admit America is #1.

c82ba7  No.640210



/pol/ isn't r/thedonald

0ba1cf  No.640243

Fuck wasn't sure if I was on /k/ or if I had accidentally gone to /pol/.

851a22  No.640263





Oh look, it's the perpetually butthurt /tv/ sperg again

f56ef6  No.640320

>thinking it fucking matters which kike you elect

Jesus Christ, both parties are controlled by the same group of fuckers. The only thing you choose is which angle they'll fuck you from, but you'll still get fucked. Some agenda points might be bumped down on the list, some might be bumped up, depending on who you elected and thus what the population mood is like, but it's still the same list. You're just choosing which path to reach the same shitty goal from, but the destination remains the same.

720e98  No.641576


Eurasia has always been our ally, anyone who says otherwise is an agent of Goldstein

4236a5  No.641577


I have the same flag as you and I have noticed a strange group of anti trumpers taking over pol.

5a27a2  No.641581

File: 615a3bffd2211eb⋯.png (198.53 KB, 435x499, 435:499, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.png)


hecking heck guys

I fudging hate when this happens

can't we just talk about boom sticks and nuggets?

3ae9d3  No.641583


/pol/ and /intl/ are the reason we can't. Tell them to stop acting like niggers.

64a77e  No.641591




Noone mentioned Hillary until you brought her up. Quit backpedaling to try and cover for a politician's poor judgement

bed93e  No.641625


You mean the original /pol/acks who inhabited /pol/ before 2016, but you're too new to remember that?

Shit, I bet you don't even know what brit/pol/ was.

9e5113  No.641644


>pre-election /pol/

>being anti-Trump in any meaningful decree

>no flug

Who can it be now?…

bed93e  No.641646


>being anti-Trump

Glumpf wasn't even a fucking political character on the right before the election, fuck off back to >>>/reddit/ you nigger monkey newfaggot.

0294cf  No.641654

So since this thread has turned into shit, let me give 2 reality checks to you all.

1. All western political parties with the exception of Golden Dawn and to some extend Lega Nord, are left-wing absolute traitorous garbage even if some claim they are totally right-wing

2. /pol/ is exclusively a 1488 NatSoc board and with the exception of the subhuman influx of newniggers, they hate trump but agree he was better than hillary. The influx of normalniggers in the board is not representative of the board's true focus: Making all European nations autonomous, national socialist, 100% white and working together to genocide every single non-white race on planet earth with the exception of the Japanese.

bed93e  No.641656


>2. /pol/ is exclusively a 1488 NatSoc board and with the exception of the subhuman influx of newniggers

The MAGAcuckfaggots are the newniggers, fact is that the real /pol/acks had principles and pointed out when glumpfo didn't keep to his word, and were banned by the (((mods))) for this, fact is that there are almost no people left on /pol/ from the exodus because of how the board has been (((handled))), anyone who makes excuses for the orange nigger is a newfaggot, anyone who makes excuses for any politicians, especially those in the controlled opposition, are not real/pol/, but nu/pol/.

There exists no political solution, fuck this gay niggerworld, I want my RaHoWa.

c046c6  No.641667


Pretty much. After the first few months of Trump's presidency, when cracks were starting to show, the majority of /pol/ called him out on it. Then all these voices (((mysteriously))) started vanishing and you had to take care in how your worded your post if you intended to criticise muh god emprah. Then came absolutely retarded word filters that made discussion impossible. For example, they filtered "islam" to muhammad the pedo's something something, I don't remember exactly, but it made discussing middle east absolute hell. Then cuckfy started banning sub-communities (I left when he banned /sg/). At the same time, the board quality went down the shitter, with the majority of threads being asinine shit like "look at what some nobody said on twatter" or the fuking kek LARP. By the time kampfy got shoah'd, the board was already beyond recovery.

dfad5d  No.641672



>He never contracted the 88 months ban

The turkroach had some chutzpah tbqh

c046c6  No.641676


>From walls to steel slats. And the bumpstock ban. Only a paid shill can defend these decisions from trump.

You should have seen the mental gymnastics when Trump moved embassy to Jerusalem. I don't think I've ever seen more collective denial and idiotic theories in a single thread.

be6e44  No.641681



Most of them turned on him when he bombed assad

c046c6  No.641682


Really? All I remember was me being platinum mad at trump-kike, since this was the most blatant breach of election promises to date, and all of /pol/ screaming "MUH EMPTY AIRFIELD" at me while telling me how it was all 4D chess to help Assad

861231  No.641705


Shut up nu/pol/. Go back to your hole to suck ZOG dick.

861231  No.641712

File: 3739061b9961e6e⋯.jpg (133.15 KB, 935x859, 935:859, IMG_1540.JPG)


>It's another Spergook is calling everyone who calls out nu/pol/ a yid episode

Damn, that agent orange really did a number on your brain, huh?

c046c6  No.641715


It was another round of escalation that further helped justify later US intervention. And it wasn't the last time Assad got bombed by the US, with the later cases being a lot bloodier.

dfad5d  No.641717

File: 573cf83f2769757⋯.png (409.05 KB, 1343x3083, 1343:3083, spermutt exposed.png)




I highly doubt whatever people pay for paid shilling is worth the eye damage and the autism it causes. Seek help.


Just report. That Swede really helped us out even when his method of exposing spergook was, um, not very adequate.


Do you always reply this fast?

report it dum dum

bed93e  No.641725



Your kike invented slurs reveal you, /pol/, and in fact all boards where ideology can be debated without censorship, are NatSoc, the only reason /pol/ has declined is because of the moderation.

0294cf  No.641726


>/pol/ is not a nazi board


Redditors need to go

3ec480  No.641730







You are so fucking annoying.

c046c6  No.641734


>I think the last year was the last time Assad got bombed by the US

That argument would hold more weight had it not been the third week of January

861231  No.641735

File: 65493b104678280⋯.jpg (228.05 KB, 805x945, 23:27, IMG_0685.JPG)


>gook ape screeching

>can argue worth a shit

b2a4d1  No.641739

File: 3be378abb4fcdcd⋯.jpg (4.8 KB, 318x159, 2:1, kek.jpg)


>Just like what I do to you. Unlike you, I actually read history and can argue worth a shit.

Your diahrrea isn't content.

bed93e  No.641741


>Nazi was used by Goebbels

He tried to appropriate the term, it was used by the kikes to try and insult National Socialists for not being a bunch of Berlin urbanite cuckfaggots.


>The term "Nazi" was in use before the rise of the NSDAP as a colloquial and derogatory word for a backwards farmer or peasant, characterizing an awkward and clumsy person. In this sense, the word Nazi was a hypocorism of the German male name Ignatz (itself a variation of the name Ignatius) – Ignatz being a common name at the time in Bavaria, the area from which the NSDAP emerged.[

3ec480  No.641743


Goebbels used one single time. We referred to ourselves as Nationalsozialisten.

Fuck your fucking ass, you board destroying piece of shit.

3ec480  No.641746


When did I even appear in this thread and said nazi, you autismal fuck?

Fuck off

bed93e  No.641748


You are fucking retarded, Göbbels tried to re appropriate the term, once, and then gave up.


NatSoc is imply an abbreviation of National Socialist, you're a fucking kike faggot and you're getting filtered, you have nothing of value to add.

3ec480  No.641749



bed93e  No.641750


>Plenty yids here say "natsoc".

<Says the kike LARPing as a gook

3b4b19  No.641753



Are you both too retarded to see it is pretending to be retarded to kill the thread because the Czech, the Swiss, Greek and hidden flag had something bad to say about blumpf?

Report it of shilling for a gun hating piece of shit and move on.

3b4b19  No.641756


I hope nobody takes the fucking bait again.

0294cf  No.641760

File: 43cdb2a9f750b20⋯.png (726.77 KB, 800x800, 1:1, OUT.png)



Is right. Report so that maybe the faggot bo will ban him, and then just hide all his posts. The more you reply the more he wins.

b6072c  No.641766

File: d4ae8c58618e705⋯.jpg (49.92 KB, 400x262, 200:131, 400px-Mp10catch1.JPG)

Why are americans so hellbent on stopping people from owning full auto firearms?

861231  No.641768


Because our government is nothing more than a foreign power that has occupied us and tricked the idiotic masses into thinking it's all legitimate.

Also jews.

b6072c  No.641772

File: 94bc512ea8472ec⋯.jpg (22.73 KB, 336x529, 336:529, 15cbccb4f1d6ccbebf818bdd70….jpg)



>a foreign power

are you sure that foreign power isnt the jews ?

861231  No.641773


>implying jews can't be both

Better to name them twice for good measure.

b6072c  No.641778

File: 0d5e0a7e64653e4⋯.mp4 (1.87 MB, 960x720, 4:3, Who Can It Be Now!.mp4)


but all jews are foreign, they dont belong in this plane of existance

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