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There's no discharge in the war!

File: eb3510285e0db71⋯.png (69.04 KB, 287x405, 287:405, tryingtofindthis.PNG)

c2fdbf  No.632570

My library is almost complete, I am missing this one blueprint? Anyone got it?

pic related

0e05fc  No.632707

I'm looking for the volume 18 "king cobra" if anybody has that

e21316  No.632730

There's a topic about it.

606e8e  No.632738

File: 8137ddc0c6073f5⋯.pdf (8.87 MB, Scrap_Metal_Arms_Vol18_-_K….pdf)


How many volumes is he at now? I've got 21 volumes, the last being the Stingray.

It's gotten harder to tell since he stopped putting volume numbers in the books, and also doesn't show all of the previous volumes at the end of each.

c2fdbf  No.632742


How do you even find his books normally?

Can I just like order a physical copy to support him or something?

606e8e  No.632744


All the ones I have I got from here. I don't know where he posts them originally.

c2fdbf  No.632747


It's like finding a needle in a hay stack.

0e05fc  No.632755



Paladin press sold most of his stuff iirc Amazon might have it

606e8e  No.632761

File: 73ba1203be74872⋯.pdf (3.86 MB, Scrap_Metal_Arms_Vol21_-_S….pdf)


One more.

c2fdbf  No.632816


Extremely high quality blueprint, thank you very much. c:


Thank you as well for the mini library.

0e05fc  No.633749


Sorry Homo but it seems you are shit out of luck. I'm at work so you gotta look but here's an archive of murdercube


bba142  No.633817


I'm off did you find it or should I try?

c48724  No.636245


No they didn't.

bba142  No.639968


All good I'm always lurking around here I'll start digging again

d1fbdb  No.639975










bba142  No.639980


I'm on nord#2528 united states idk what my flag is

14fcc9  No.639983

025fb4  No.646828


Mexico bringing the heat!

Is this the epic new meme?

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