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There's no discharge in the war!

File: 905abd46189725a⋯.jpeg (650.37 KB, 2457x1842, 819:614, blank.jpeg)

4f3e17  No.633742

So let's say that the country you are living in at the moment were to collapse relatively peacefully, and it was up to you to create a new constitution.

What would you write into that constitution? What rights and duties should citizens have? What rights and duties should the state have? How would you allow towns, larger areas and so on to have some individuality in their laws to accommodate for local customs/physical realities, but not end up with a holy-roman-empire-esque situation? How would you prevent abuse of power, how would you allow the citizens to exercise their rights without preventing other citizens from doing the same? How would you organize elections, and who would be elected?

If I gave you a blank sheet of paper and told you to come up with a new constitution, what would you write into it?

a90799  No.633743


>What would you write into that constitution?

As little as I can.

>What rights and duties should citizens have?

Rights should the 4 ones (security, freedom, safety, property). Duty should be participation.

>What rights and duties should the state have?

A State only has one right, sovereignty which it gets from it's citizens participation and one duty the safeguard of the 4 rights for it's citizens.

That's it.

The rest is administrative law. It has nothing to do in a Constitution.

4f3e17  No.633746


>All citizens have the right to security, freedom, safety and property. All citizens have the duty to participate.

>It's the duty of the state to protect the four freedoms of the citizens.

Like this?

That's not a lot. How should the state accomplish such things? Who would make sure that no citizen attacks another citizen (taking their right to safety and security)? Who decides what counts as safety or who owns what property? Who settles disputes?

faabe2  No.633757


>What would you write into that constitution?


That covers just about everything.

f02472  No.633760

File: 02fa0e40ef1f45a⋯.gif (815.5 KB, 528x555, 176:185, 02fa0e40ef1f45a119eceb2d02….gif)

A variation of the 25-point plan but with more Christian theocracy and deep ecology.

ea94d1  No.633770

I would reinforce the rights of the states above the general (F*deral) government, leave it to them to write their own constitutions to fit their given ideals.

b875b6  No.633832



4f3e17  No.633884


I personally really like the swiss sysem. It's simple, yet effective.

>Cease and desist strikes would end in the offending parties' public beheading and forced sharing of their intellectual property among the people.

Why though? This will make companies less inclined to develop their own new technologies.

d73af4  No.633930


I'd start off by making ironclad definitions of every word being used and provide context for the contents in the preface to make pilpul harder.

4f3e17  No.633941


How would you define the term "citizen" and "government" then?


But if you change a detail and then sell the product, would you still need to give credit to the original creator?

Where would you draw the line between copyright infringement and a new creation?

d73af4  No.633944


Citizen is an adult male belonging to the national ethnic group.

4f3e17  No.633945


But who is an adult, and what defines the national ethnic group?

And why is /pol/ always leaking?

fe3667  No.633948

>Write a national legal doctrine and define every word for me

What are you trying to slide? Anyway, these are the only ten points you deserve.

>Struggle with all your life to follow our national principles. It is considered the highest doctrine of our nation to abide by our party’s unifying ideological system.

>Respect, revere highly and with loyalty, live according to the state's dictate. Highly revering the nation is the noblest duty of the nation's warriors who are endlessly loyal to our state. Within this lies the glory of our nation and the eternal happiness of our people.

>Make absolute the authority of our monarch. Affirming the absolute nature of the monarch’s authority is the supreme demand of our revolutionary task and it is the volition of our leaders and people.

>Accept the monarch's thought as your belief and take the monarch's instructions as your creed. Accepting the monarch's thought as one’s own belief and taking his instructions as one’s creed is the most crucial element requested for one to become an endlessly loyal national warrior. It is also a precondition for the victory of our national struggle and our future success.

>Observe absolutely the principle of unconditional execution in carrying out the instructions of the monarch. Unconditionally executing the monarch’s instructions is the basic requisite for proving loyalty towards the state, and the ultimate condition for the victory of our national struggle.

>Rally the unity of ideological intellect and revolutionary solidarity around the monarch. The steel-like unity of the people is the source of our invincible power, and a firm assurance of our victory.

>Learn from the monarch and master stoic dignity, the methods of achieving your assigned tasks, and the military life. Learning the monarch's dignity, the methods of achieving your assigned tasks, and the military life are the divine duties of all members of the state, and the prerequisite for fulfilling the honorary fate of our warriors.

>Preserve dearly the political life God has bestowed upon you, and repay loyally with high political awareness and skill for the monarch’s boundless political trust and considerations. It is our highest honor to have bestowed upon us political life by the monarch and repaying his trust loyally can lead to a bright future for our political life.

>Establish a strong organizational discipline so that the entire people, and the entire military will operate uniformly under the sole leadership of the monarch. Establishing a strong organizational discipline is the essential requirement to strengthen the nation’s collective ideology, leadership, and its combat power. It is also a firm assurance for the victory of our struggle.

>The great accomplishments pioneered by the monarch must be succeeded and perfected by hereditary succession until the end. The firm establishment of the sole leadership system is the crucial assurance for the preservation and development of the monarch's accomplishments, while achieving the final victory of our national struggle.

9a0ad1  No.633965

It'd be the US Constitution from 1789, with every term updated to fit today's standards and with every right written as explicitly as possible. I'd also add in that only WHITES (Europeans or European descendant) of good moral character can be citizens, miscegenation is a crime worthy of death, Jews cannot become citizens. Then add that these rules are unchangeable under any circumstance. I'd change Article 2 to fit a fascist model more than a liberal democracy. I'd also rework Article 1 for Senators to be approved by my version of Il Duce/Der Fuhrer, Representatives can still be elected by white tax-paying men or white veteran men. I'd also add the 11th, 13th, 14th (removing Jus Solis part of the Amendment), and a version of the 25th Amendment that would cover the new "election" of "The Leader" rather than the VP becoming President. Everything else is for the individual state's constitution.

386b36  No.633978

File: 3a7a510933db1b9⋯.jpg (86.49 KB, 900x508, 225:127, Iunderstoodthatreferencebl….jpg)


the U.S constitution is mostly perfect.

the only thing that needs to be changed are a conversion into print writing on all copies and the original so it can be read by children and the uneducated easily, explainations of exactly what each amendment means in the most simple language possible written in ironclad gov speak and an amendment limiting the amount able to be taxed on the federal, state and county level.

69c567  No.633999

File: 79e57fb26ad159c⋯.webm (386.85 KB, 500x500, 1:1, MEMES ARE GONE.webm)


There is no copyright, only a credit-right.

You can distribute just about anything as long as you credit that which your work is derived from/inspired by.

You could make your own Star Wars movie and put it into Theaters with no legal repercussion as long as you credit George Lucas somewhere even if he doesn't "own" the franchise anymore as creditright cannot be removed from its original creator, that way proper free market competition can be had without big-nosed lawyers running a Copyright racket.

If you don't want to credit George Lucas then the usual laws apply, just make something that isn't Star Wars though you can still put "inspired by Star Wars" in the credits as a shield against lawsuits.

Public domain still applies, so you don't need to credit Rudolf Diesel when posting your custom common rail diesel engine CAD on the Internet.

8d1393  No.634002

File: 45f74b9ca16c34d⋯.jpg (49.27 KB, 620x372, 5:3, 4d596e3510460082942e962438….jpg)

576bb7  No.634018


>You just have to change all the copies and the original

>Relax guy, if I was making chemical weapons in heaven, I'd make it look like a chocolate chip factory or something

7dd745  No.634033


Every grown-ass man in this country used to walk around with a pocket bible and a pocket constitution. These days I swear half the population can't even read.

a29daf  No.634053

My constitution would have at least one obligation and responsibility for every freedom enumerated.

I would switch the second and first amendment, and make it legal to kill anyone who publicly suggests people shouldnt have weapons. And outright mandatory (obligation) to kill anyone who acts against public gun ownership.

a29daf  No.634055


Two of the rights are the same, the way you said "right to property" is also weak, it can be interpreted as to support welfare. Having a right to own possessions and be secure in them is different.


Post puberty is easily detectable in the body. What kind of kike are you?

a641dd  No.634056


Clearly, there are some amendments that ought to be clarified. For example, "Right to keep and bare arms shall not be infringed" should be changed to "Rights of citizens to keep any and all weaponry and to use that weaponry in the defense of their lives, their families, and their properties shall not be limited or revoked in any way shape or form."

601068  No.634084


I like that idea anon.

e8c036  No.634090


Mandatory gun ownership

cdffd0  No.634094


>Forgetting to disqualify mudslimes from citizenship and long-term residency.

I thought people here learned that kebab must be removed because they stop at nothing for 72 virgins for the whole world

deaa5b  No.634115

You activated my autism. Fuck with that Masonic-Protestant idea of a All-Mighty Constitution. Fuck with Liberalism.

Hierarchies should be respected. Constitutions are just means for temporal organization. They should be discardable should the situation call for it.

Examples of hierarchy:

God > The Church > The Emperor > The Nations > The Kings > The Constitution > The Aristocracy > The Politicians > Local Councils

The Truth > Divine Inspiration > The Family > Virtues (until here, God-tier) > Blood and Tradition (semi-temporal tier) > pure temporal and discardable affairs.

And each of the temporal entities should have their own competences and duties. The individual and family's will and possessions should be respected, otherwise it deviates from God's will. Each nation would organize themselves in the way it'd fit them better.

My constitution would be below the King's [actually the Emperor's] power, God and the Church. The King would be able to remake it as long as his people accepts the new one and as long as it doesn't go contrary to God. My constitution would explicitly say it serves "Christ, The Family and Brazilians", it should be short and used to affirm the sovereignty of each of the three entities over whatever threats it. The State shouldn't been seen as a separate entity from whom the Constitution should defend its people; the State should be seen as the union of everything under one's country and the Constitution should be breaks to a state's bureaucracy and high authorities (so we don't get the evil dichotomy state vs its people; the people will be part of the state by definition).

The Federal Constitution will be able to point to competences to each power division under it. Deciding over hierarchies of other regional constitutions, courts and laws. The most straight to the point it is, the better. It should only be "totalitarian" as a prohibition to totalitarianism over regional constitutions.

The right to own arms should be granted. Better yet: it should prohibit (as a duty) anyone to prohibit arms' ownership and its keeping inside one's property (it extends to cars). The right of regulation of commerce could be allowed regionally, so the constitution wouldn't touch over this subject. The same to the carrying. The Federal Constitution would only forbid the prohibition of a citizen to carry arms inside their own lands. In other words, the citizen would have the absolute "right" (I hate this word) to carry guns inside his own property or anywhere else it's not forbidden (some cities would allow it, others would forbid it).

Another important thing to be decided is citizenship. If it's me to dictate it, only the third consecutive generation of Brazilian borns by paternal lineage who had carried their duties as such would earn a full citizenship. Partial citizenship could be given to people who lived orderly for 30 years in my country (as it's now).

The Family would be strictly defined so it can be defended by any laws. A man and a woman, both married under the Church and with kids. The mother and father should be sovereign over their home and kids, except if they fail to their duties (feed, protect, educate and christianize their kids, and prepare them to be able to form families themselves as they grow up). The duties should be decided by the King under God's laws and inspirations and under the Church's approval, or to whoever he commends such powers. Politicians shouldn't legislate over these duties and shouldn't "give" any "rights" to families outside the constitutional definition. Atemporal matters, like the defense of the Family, are to be decided by the ones more competent over atemporal matters, and those are not politicians, but the Clergy and the very high aristocrats.

Brazil in first place. Any international agreements or pressures can't be above our own sovereignty. Any law or judgment that ignores it will be unconstitutional automatically.

Property shall be protected. Duties may be imposed and must be allowed by the King.

Anyone or any group who threats Roman Catholicism (can be extended to other Catholics) loses their protection from the state and their citizenship. Except rare exceptions decided by the King, other Christian denominations are to be allowed by default. Other religions aren't protected by the Constitution by default, the King must raise exceptions (ie. traditional native religions).

Anyone or any group who threats the Family Institution (…)

Anyone or any group who threats Brazilian blood, territories, language or traditions (…)

Also, the Constitution would include some war exceptions and give more autonomy to the Army. The King [actually the Emperor] will be able to clean the Armed Forces as he sees fit. We have a big problem with Masonry in Brazil's Military, and it would be a problem to even clean our throne heirs from masonic influence.

deaa5b  No.634118


>the Constitution should be brakes

Typo. Fix'd. Forgive me any other mistakes.

fe3667  No.634120

File: 6cc86cfa95db82c⋯.jpg (210.87 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, jesus-christ-0202.jpg)

>having a constitution

Jesus disapproves, and he's the captain of this ship of state.

de78ad  No.634126

File: 426014bbfadc5ec⋯.jpg (425.17 KB, 1000x994, 500:497, 792624186.jpg)


One important lesson my history teacher in our equivalent of a high school taught me is this: every law is only as strong as the power that enforces it. And she was not a fascist Übermensch. Therefore if that peace of paper really has some worth, then you don't even need it. Otherwise it really is just a piece of paper. Remember, blood and soil, not bureaucracy and legalism.

4f3e17  No.634128


So you want doctors to jerk off little boys to see if they are already capable of producing cum?

What kind of gay faggot are you?

Also: just because a 14 year old can procreate doesn't mean that his opinion is worth a shit. Teens have the worst ideas.


So the eleven commandments, but written as a constitution?


Fuck you, I don't want some gay ass pope/emperor/king deciding over my ass just because some old faggot a hundred years ago fucked a fourteen year old and ended up producing an inbreed sonofabitch who got crowned king or whatever.

Institutionalized religion sucks gorilla dick.


This is why a constitution is important though. The piece of paper provides guidelines for everyone to follow to prevent anyone from gaining so much power that they can ignore the piece of paper.

8807fe  No.634135


1. Freedom to remove kebab.

2. Freedom to gas the kikes.

3. Freedom to throw commies and pinkos out of helicopters.

4. Freedom to shoot hippies and junkies.

5. Freedom to not allow any foreign ethnicity in your clay, only people of White Indoeuropean and Finno-Ugric language with no muslim or judaic ancestry are allowed as visitors.

6. Freedom of press to get shot the moment they start to intentionally misreport facts.

7. Freedom of science to supersede feefees.

8. Freedom of pornography as long as it does not involve real White women; artistic representations of White women in interracial context is also strictly verbotten.

9. Freedom of women to stay in the kitchen.

10. Freedom of women to not get brain-washed by academic pozzery and freedom to only pursuit Academic courses in hard STEM fields.

11. Freedom to get dubs and check them.

12. Freedom to escalate the violence.

13. Freedom to own non-White slaves as long as they are all properly and irreversibly sterilized and safely contained and are not acquired by jewish or islamic sources good luck with that slavefags. White women are also allowed to the extent the owner can provide convincing evidence that they tried to stray out of the kitchen.

14. Obligation to not take side in brother killing wars between White nations of common lingual affinities (phylogenetic tree provided for details), unless one side is overrepresented by muslims (bosnian, albanian) or jews (Yiddish), same applies to a lesser extent to conflicts of non-White nations.

deaa5b  No.634136


>disinstitutionalization of religion institutionalizes degeneracy

Fixed it for you. The only place in the World Masonry worked was, maybe, in the USA. And not for much time it seems. Liberalism killed the "West".

>deciding over my ass

Brazilian true identity is Roman Catholic and Monarchic, where whites and a few high-functioning pardos rule over the monkeys, guiding them with higher moral standards. Other than that in Brazil, with all of our dysgenics at work, degeneracy takes over and monkeys alongside the kikes rule the land themselves.

And as you don't seem to be Brazilian, so have things your own way. But don't expect everyone to embrace democracy and some worthless piece of paper as the ultimate leash to their lives. Don't expect people to worship bureaucracy over a virtuous good men's rule (hence, "aristocracy").

>>634126 and >>633966 get it about the bureaucratic and legalistic problem.

576bb7  No.634142


Here is the hierarchy according to princes:

Gods>The prince>The family of the prince>the aristocracy>the church>the serfs

576bb7  No.634145

634142 here again. I forgot something, between the church> (being the enforcers of the princes will on earth and making sure everyone stays in line) and the serfs, you have the princes horses>>hunting falcons>swans>deer>dogs> and then the people.

0c646d  No.634150


Why do you instantly think of jerking off little boys? Sick fuck.

8ba3ab  No.634162

File: f09b45ddb9df30b⋯.jpeg (3.38 MB, 2145x3056, 2145:3056, eyes of hate.jpeg)


>all that dumb shit

Volk>Familie>Vaterland, all other hierarchies shall be defined and maintained by the people as they see fit in their respective local communities.

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