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There's no discharge in the war!

File: 6e0a74555d3904f⋯.jpg (961.98 KB, 3236x2157, 3236:2157, leopard2 a7.jpg)

File: fdacd0538ed3315⋯.jpg (440.17 KB, 590x885, 2:3, huniform old and new.jpg)

13dabc  No.633782

The Hungarian department of defense just signed a deal about the purchase of 50 Leopard 2 A7, 12 A4 tanks and 24 Pz 2000 SPG's. Airbus is about to establish a helicopter assembly plant in Eastern Hungary, meaning that Hungary will obtain state of the art military helicopters. The government also announced its intention to restart domestic armament production, starting with license-building Czech CZ Bren 2's.

Discuss. How would /k/ fix the Hungarian military?

eacb39  No.633785

Hungary stronk?

b57291  No.633786

God I can't wait for Golden Dawn.

Keep it up hungarybros. Death to Romania and Bulgarians.

13dabc  No.633787




Please, not the Bulgarians… By Zeus, have mercy.

1c8100  No.633788

File: d035e1a592513dd⋯.webm (155 KB, 540x360, 3:2, welcome to the club buddy.webm)

>The Hungarian department of defense just signed a deal about the purchase of 50 Leopard 2 A7

Great, another suckers that bought into Leopard meme

should have bough Leclerc's

13dabc  No.633789


You guys have a huge fleet of Leopards if I'm not mistaken. What's bad about them?

b57291  No.633791


Leclercs are superior for invading foreign lands due to all-around protection against ATGMs. Leopards are better for defense due to superior frontal armor.


Leopards, just like every other modern MBT (with the exception of the Leclerc), have paper-thin side hull and turret armor. Shitty half a century old RPGs and ATGMs can penetrate them like butter.

1c8100  No.633792


>You guys have a huge fleet of Leopards if I'm not mistaken


>What's bad about them

Outdated, costly maintenance, our defensive capabilities depend on germany, pricey, fragile electronics

1c8100  No.633793

File: 4dc80d9f0f9a8c7⋯.jpg (30.25 KB, 600x388, 150:97, codreanu3.jpg)

File: ef5ab488de6b1d4⋯.png (295.2 KB, 784x572, 196:143, Heir of Rome.png)


>Death to Romania

Dont get too uppity little turkling

Greater Romania soon

eb7ee9  No.633794

File: 0ec84c0b33f274e⋯.jpg (279.86 KB, 1600x1001, 1600:1001, stronkt tonk.jpg)


You bought a Western MBT rather than taking something that works and making it your own.

f313a3  No.633795


>about the purchase of 50 Leopard 2 A7, 12 A4 tanks and 24 Pz 2000 SPG's.

So who is the lucky NATO country that can't afford their vehicle fleet upkeep and is selling them to give gibs to rapefugee for an extra year like a crackwhore gives blowjob for her next fix?

You won't make me believe they're new.

Protip: if you takes NATO existing tanks to give them to another NATO country (and retiring three times as many WARPACT tanks for them) you aren't building ANYTHING.

Also I assume the main reason for this is the hungarians tanks have actually been quietly sold away and someone went "hey where are our 200 1980's tanks?".

b57291  No.633796

File: 63815a23392f5d2⋯.webm (1.34 MB, 640x272, 40:17, Laughing Aryan.webm)


>Greater Romania

pic related


When will you lads genocide Kosovo? The faggots are acting tough lately.

eb7ee9  No.633797

File: fe1d4e19149b06c⋯.mp4 (2.92 MB, 640x360, 16:9, merkel torn.mp4)


>So who is the lucky NATO country that can't afford their vehicle fleet upkeep and is selling them to give gibs to rapefugee for an extra year like a crackwhore gives blowjob for her next fix?

Isn't it obvious?

eb7ee9  No.633798

File: 01be03040c7fe6f⋯.jpg (40.65 KB, 480x703, 480:703, 697e7647dfeeb8983794bb6485….jpg)


When are you boylovers going to man up and retake Constantinople?

b57291  No.633799


When Golden Dawn is elected, so breddy soon

13dabc  No.633800


It wasn't "quietly". Our previous government donated a load of T-72's to Iraq. Yes, it was a stupid thing to do. The rest of our pre-existing obsolete tank fleet is in storage, was scrapped and so forth.

>So who is the lucky NATO country that can't afford their vehicle fleet upkeep and is selling them to give gibs to rapefugee for an extra year like a crackwhore gives blowjob for her next fix?

Eloquently put. At any rate, the Leclerc isn't really being exported, how come?

e9a413  No.633802

Get Magyar-anon to design small arms for them.

Keep him in a cage and tell him you will trade anime episodes for his designs.

Use these designs to rebuild the golden horde.

1c8100  No.633805


>You bought a Western MBT rather than taking something that works and making it your own.

We actually did both

Modernized T-72 into PT-91 "Twardy" and bought western tanks, we got one of the biggest tank arsenals in europe, let alone hundredths of BMP-1


>pic related

>actually posts a webm

Damn gayreeks are really dumb, must be all those ottoman genes

b57291  No.633807


I was originally planning to upload a picture, but then changed my mind and decided a laughing webm would be more appropriate.

>ottoman genes

Stay mad http://dienekes.awardspace.com/articles/greekadna/

1c8100  No.633809



Really trustworthy source right here

f313a3  No.633811


>the Leclerc isn't really being exported, how come?

The Leclerc are a pricey escort, only arab princes can fit the bill.

UAE participation in Yemen relaunched export prospect especially with KSA as their leo and M1 were blowing up like bootlegged T-72 but with the fusion KMW/Nexter it's extremely unlikely it will even be proposed anymore by the new company and will go to get buried with all the cool feats of french engineering.

a4fee2  No.633815

File: 1ef24b329038bbb⋯.jpg (131.99 KB, 609x491, 609:491, Hungary_1941-1944.jpg)

File: 5f3d5136829191b⋯.png (2.55 MB, 4000x2157, 4000:2157, Hungary_1941-44_Administra….png)

File: 3fd63a31b05897c⋯.jpg (146.81 KB, 786x501, 262:167, 1544617069-4.jpg)

This is good, Magyar-bros. I hope you rediscover your inner Mongol and BTFO the kikes, Slavniggers and shitskins, for Tengri and Notre Mère L'Europe.

b6fca2  No.633826


I work with a Hungarian guy, he decided he was mongol descended and got really into Throat singing

a4fee2  No.633830


That's funny, because they're not really Mongolian, but Finno-Uralic. It would be more accurate for him to sing a polka or two.

368701  No.633838


>finno uralic

Frigging what? By that token Brits are niggers because some Jamaicans use a bastardized version of their tongue.

Hungarians are the Avars who Serbs managed to avoid killing when they came down the Danube basin. Learn you a book.

e3030b  No.633844


more slavshit tbh, upgrade old t72s.

7a69c8  No.633871


The Leclerc is the most expensive tank there is at around 9.3 million each. The countries that can even afford it usually have their own design.

>obsolete tank fleet

Remove the turrets and turn them into assault guns with a 120mm cannon. Or replace the cannon with the Russian 57mm auto-cannon or the 76.2mm naval gun on the Rooikat to shred anything below a MBT.

368701  No.633872


Are you counting all of the multimilion dollar Abrams upgrades and refits? GLDS overhaul cost almost 3 million by itself, and that's one of maybe two dozen refits.

Given the starting cost of $6 million, sunk cost per hull is probably in the $20 million range by now.

3d85dd  No.633873

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Discuss. How would /k/ fix the Hungarian military?

Funding. That's what all post-soviets lack right now. Hell, that's what most European armies in general lack.

We're trying to build up our own military too. This year's budget is slightly higher than that of last year. We're in process of getting new rifles by 2021 with a selection of AR15 looking rifles between Lewis Machine and Tool, Sig and H&K. Vid related. We bought 120 Javelin launchers and 350 missiles in 2015, we bought 44 CV90s back in 2015 and now we just signed a contract to buy 12 K9 Thunders with potentially 12 more that arrive by 2020. Our budget is 2,1% of our GDP, as is the NATO """requirement""" but due to our small economy that is only 585 million euros.

368701  No.633874


Funding is an issue when two superpowers slug it out over a period of decades. I doubt Hungary will fight that kind of war.

They need lots of sedan sized armored vehicles that don't explode when hit (use self-contained ammo). They can buy 1500 Panhard Crabs for the price of their "armament".

Can you imagine being some country trying to defend against 1000 panhard crabs? Even Germany. Imagine hearing that enemy vehicles destroyed border posts hours after they are 100km deep into your country - using every civilian road to drive around and blow up critical government infrastructure.

3d85dd  No.633879


Spergook tier.

>blow up bridge

>need a VLB to cross

>traffic jam

>immobilized by one guy with a 40 year old Carl Gustav

>can't move through mountains, forests or swamps

>destroyed by any sort of air support

>destroyed by artillery

>traffic jam if anyone decides to just block a road by felling a few trees on it

Smarter men than you have thought about this exact same thing, and then they realized it was fucking retarded. Maybe your strategy would work if this was China, you have 8,000,000 chinamen to work with and you are totally content with having 10x the casualties as if it was the Korean war.

13dabc  No.633896

File: 516c3b0585301b9⋯.jpg (90.43 KB, 1024x655, 1024:655, snibeti snab2.jpg)

File: 63fbdacaf2b551f⋯.jpg (299.3 KB, 2000x1200, 5:3, 1801343_817914658223691_20….jpg)

File: 14d41554dc28398⋯.jpg (97.25 KB, 960x587, 960:587, 11167966_1113416758673478_….jpg)

File: 94abfe28239c48b⋯.jpg (1.39 MB, 3024x1998, 56:37, FUG.jpg)

File: 957a37350c9549c⋯.jpg (190.91 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, POLICE FUG.jpg)


>1500 Crabs

This could actually work. Come to think of it, we could even make something like this. We did armoured cars before, we can do it again. The Csaba and the FUG were pretty decent armoured cars.

c6137e  No.633897

File: fbc8d23d43610f9⋯.jpg (2.11 MB, 5184x3456, 3:2, Chally.jpg)


>Want armoured vehicles for offensive operations

<Buy an incredibly expensive, poorly armoured Frogmobile rather than any one of the cheaper and more effective IFVs.

>Want armoured vehicles for defensive operations

<Buy a meh Krautmobile rather than a better defended tank.

Both the Leclerc and Leopard are useless. You can't even make tea with them.

13dabc  No.633898

File: 773be6411cc7098⋯.jpg (77.29 KB, 800x559, 800:559, csaba is dirty, he needs a….jpg)

File: 2aca53c2c6cd9d8⋯.jpg (39.67 KB, 437x464, 437:464, csaba.jpg)

File: 03e51fcbc969497⋯.jpg (16.42 KB, 484x270, 242:135, csaba_pancelos.jpg)

Behold, the 40M Csaba Armoured Car. The commies were seriously considering restarting its production in the late forties. The basic shape requires very little modification; a Csaba built with composite armour, a strong engine and modern weaponry would be something fun.

13dabc  No.633900

File: 6e535dd1f17d5b4⋯.png (36.52 KB, 186x119, 186:119, for many years they teased….png)


The Challenger is a marvellous piece of engineering, but a bit too rich for our blood, alas. Could the tea maker be replaced with something that makes pálinka?

e9a413  No.633903


Hungary, you are needed in the QTDDTOT.

63382e  No.633904

File: 281d79089c23d6b⋯.jpg (2.29 MB, 3024x1998, 56:37, FUG.jpg)

13dabc  No.633906

File: f0c57621a86740c⋯.jpg (9.22 KB, 259x194, 259:194, fug kids.jpg)


Fugging with children :D:D:D

b57291  No.633907


Pretty sure the Challenger II's armor is outdated and not capable of stopping APFSDS rounds anymore.

e36c2e  No.633912

File: ac69f9669b45190⋯.png (471.97 KB, 720x715, 144:143, 1508799953206.png)

I really hope you get STRONK soon magyarbros.

You and other Eastern Europeans are our only Hope.

3a157c  No.633916

Can I get a szósz on this, fellow magyar?

f313a3  No.633917

File: 346f866c7a66d86⋯.jpg (117.5 KB, 1280x852, 320:213, EBRC-Jaguar.jpg)



>Not EBRC.

A pack of EBRC would go through cold war tanks like a knife through butter.

3d85dd  No.633921


So would a cheap fire and forget ATGM. Cold war tanks are practically just glass HE cannons at this point, being able to destroy them nowadays is not much of a challenge.

b57291  No.633923



>impregnable frontally against all weapons, some MBTs are even capable of stopping other tanks' APFSDS rounds, sides can be protected against ATGMs with extra addon plates

>Capable of taking a beating and still come out alive

>Even if a round or ATGM penetrates, there's a possibility the crew can survive (unless you're a turkroach or in a soviet tank)

Armored vehicles:

>20 and 30mm guns completely wreck them

>piss-easy to destroy their wheels

>ATGMs will make it look like unrecognizable scrap metal

I understand the concept of "dude armor doesn't matter that much anyway", but to completely replace heavily-armored MBTs with <30 ton tincans is fucking stupid.

e9a413  No.633925


Why doesn't Greece replace all of its military equipment with crop dusters and fuck huge tins of fly spray?

13dabc  No.633926

143c4c  No.633927


Because of faggots going

>muh chemical weapons

>muh war crimes

Plus getting (((NATO))) to intervene or put (((sanctions))).

Fucking clownworld. Why couldn't we have a fun clownworld with imageboard autism powering governments and military? Instead we get this shitty jewish clownworld.

c6137e  No.633934


>Could you replace the kettle with a still?

I don't see why not, it'd take a little longer for the finished product to come out - but whatever works.


The CR2 is still the best defended tank on the planet, especially after the streetfighter upgrade slapped the ERA and bar armour on it; the tests of the baseline Dorchester armour would suggest that you're wrong too. While the latest upgrade, the proposed 'Black Knight' program I know you're all going to make nigger jokes - but look up Edward of Woodstock, and James Stewart The Black Knight of Lorn before you do would focus on sensors/command/targeting a lot more than armour there doesn't seem to be much of a need to improve the armour beyond what's already there until someone starts deploying hyper-velocity LOSAT missiles in significant numbers.

3811b4  No.633937





855036  No.633939


>Why couldn't we have a fun clownworld with imageboard autism powering governments and military?

Because between /k/, /r9k/ and /pol/, we'd be living in a bombed out post-apocalyptic wasteland, nobody would be having children and most of the survivors would be retarded boomers.

846a79  No.633940



Nice. Those things are fucking brutal. I am friends with a gunner, and he said that he can push a button to mark multiple moving infantry targets, and the cannon will aim and engage automatically.

>Infanterist der Zukunft

Eh. Never got hands on experience with it. Know a couple guys who did, and they like some of the features but dislike having to carry around the pack and batteries all the time. It's more about the integration of radios for every soldier than the cameras, computers or data stuff. They love the maps though.

0db7f9  No.633943


>buying Leopards after they got BTFO in Syria

>buying NATO at all when US got into a habit of stopping sales of replacement parts if you're a bad goy (and Hungary is a very bad goy as far as EU is concerned)

Should get some T-90 tanks instead, tbh, especially considering Hungary already has T-72s, which are similar to T-90s and would thus be easier to get used to for the crew + probably can use some of the same parts.

f313a3  No.633947


>20 and 30mm guns completely wreck them

Most IFV are immune to 20mm and can take a decent amount of 30mm. Hence the 30 tons…

Why do you think all the new ones have 40, 45 and 57mm guns? 20/25/30 just isn't cutting it anymore, it will work on APCs but if you plan to go toe to toe with an IFV you need a bigger gun. and a couple of burst of 40/45/57mm will go trough a MBT, which is something you can do with modern turrets and guns. You have the accuracy and fire rate to shear off the armor with repeated hits if you're close enough.

If you're not close enough you have ATGM and you outrange non-russian army tanks, the combo of both is lethal.

3d85dd  No.633949


>>20 and 30mm guns completely wreck them

Varies. CV90 is said to be capable of resisting 30mm APFSDS, and it is a <30 ton tincan.


This but unironically. CV90 is the best and most proven IFV out there and it isn't made by fucking krauts who will bribe your government to high hell, unless Hungary can get them for cheap then I still think the CV90 is the better buy. I also don't think that the Puma is anywhere near as modular or as inexpensive as the CV90, which can serve as anything from a IFV, AA platform or light tank with a 120mm cannon wish someone bought the light tank variants so I can see them in action.


>Nice. Those things are fucking brutal. I am friends with a gunner, and he said that he can push a button to mark multiple moving infantry targets, and the cannon will aim and engage automatically.

Pretty certain that CV90 also has that capability, if not, neat.

b57291  No.633950


>a couple of burst of 40/45/57mm will go trough a MBT

[citation needed]

3d85dd  No.633951


It would. Side, back and turret armour is still not indestructible. Turret armour especially is very vulnerable. A modern ATGM basically has at 100% guarantee for a firepower kill with the potential of a crew kill, I don't see how a 5 round burst of 35-45mm APFSDS wouldn't cause a firepower kill and hence leave it very susceptible to a mobility kill if the enemy cannot instantly retreat.

b57291  No.633952


even shitty 50mm WWII anti-tank guns can penetrate modern MBTs from the sides. What I'm saying is that you can't penetrate their front.

f313a3  No.633953

File: 4928b44ccaaef38⋯.jpg (383.42 KB, 894x620, 447:310, Leopard-2A4-LOSy.jpg)


A CTA 40mm APFSDS goes through 140mm RHA at 1500m.

A 5 seconds burst (15 rounds) will rip anything to shreds even if not all rounds hits in the same place a few will and it will be enough.

13dabc  No.633954


>he can push a button to mark multiple moving infantry targets, and the cannon will aim and engage automatically


3d85dd  No.633957


No shit. That's why no one is going to face a tank in an open field from the front, that's suicide if you don't have immense luck. What's your point here anyway? The Frenchie said that you can penetrate MBTs with a IFV autocannon, you implied that such a thing isn't possible, I said that it is and now you backpedal and say that even old gear can. Try not being a shitposter for once, most of the greeks I've seen here are a fucking disgrace to their country.

b57291  No.633959



Nigger I never claimed you can't kill an MBT from the sides, it was you who assumed that. Frenchie said you can penetrate a tank with just a burst of 57mm APFSDS - which I didn't believe (I assumed he meant frontally). Then you show up out of nowhere like a faggot and talk about how you can penetrate the sides of the tank.

>most of the greeks I've seen here are a fucking disgrace to their country

Imagine how much of a turbofaggot you have to be to disagree with our superior opinions


I am now interested. What's the best IFV when it comes to anti-tank capabilities out there?

13dabc  No.633961

This just in. Update. This is getting serious.


Hungary buys SAMOC from Airbus, who will also establish a helicopter assembly plant in Eastern Hungary.


Hungary buys 16 Airbus choppers because it's Christmas.

3d85dd  No.633962


>(I assumed he meant frontally)

That's fucking dumb of you.

>I am now interested. What's the best IFV when it comes to anti-tank capabilities out there?

Depends. By pure main cannon killing power, probably the CV90120-T but the lines between light tank and IFV are blurry and whichever you consider it is up to you. A lot of modern IFVs have ATGMs as a side armament and they get firepower kills and potential crew kills on MBTs more reliably than any main cannon from any angle.

a600ae  No.633963

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>implying I'm not already in a cage of my own design

I need constant internet access to steal ideas read about guns, so your arrangement wouldn't work.



You seem to forget that this is a deal made by Fidesz, an alliance of incompetent and malicious idiots. I'm sure they wanted to buy German gear as a favour to Germany, so that they keep protecting their ass in the EU. And the equipment was choosen by idiots who don't even know which side of a gun should be pointed at the enemy, but they bought the marketing hook, line and sinker.


>What's the best IFV when it comes to anti-tank capabilities out there?

Even a BMP-1 is a beast if you just bolt some modern ATGMs to it. Vid related. The whole point there is that MBTs are designed to carry a huge AT gun when huge AT guns are obsolete.

13dabc  No.633964


>That weird Sovietwave music tho…

e5f6a8  No.633970

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>'Black Knight' program

>I know you're all going to make nigger jokes



t.Royal Armoured Corps

3a157c  No.633975

But why did the Defense Force ordered 12 A4 along with the 50 2A7s? Isnt A4 less advanced than A7?

b57291  No.633976


The A7 is essentially as shitty as the A4. It just has extra addon spaced armor and some meme electronics

b57291  No.633977


and the A7 is essentially the exact same thing as an A6

13dabc  No.633979

File: ac181c1412df7b3⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1024x769, 1024:769, tanker.png)

b57291  No.633982


There's no difference between an A7 and an A7+ anon. It is the same tankk. A better choice would be to either buy Leclers or Russian tanks

13dabc  No.633987

File: a0d7832b5808031⋯.jpg (49.08 KB, 500x364, 125:91, béla, what the fuck.jpg)


>Russian tanks

Russians and Ukrainians are not trustworthy business partners when it comes to armaments. The Leclerc might be a decent choice, but it's no longer produced. And expensive.

c731e5  No.633993


Sorry but you are extremely naive in this. Its not looking that great if you see the actual situation around you

b57291  No.633994


then make your own tanks famalam. I wish we could make our own too. Depending on foreign nations for weapons is true cuckery and unfortunately we too are a victim of it.

13dabc  No.633995

File: e58f484279a1996⋯.jpg (62.24 KB, 700x554, 350:277, 44M_Tas.jpg)

File: a81e81f27f7632c⋯.jpg (120.15 KB, 925x636, 925:636, 43m turan.jpg)


We used to. :(

e36c2e  No.634008

File: 30289266801e178⋯.png (93.97 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 1544471465382.png)


Let a man with almost no Hope dream


3a157c  No.634010


But wouldnt NATO bigboss USA go mad if we would buy anything from a non-NATO country?

4e2fa9  No.634012


If Iraq can do it why can't other poor shitholes?

13dabc  No.634013


That's another thing. Our leadership does not have a good reputation in NATO and it's for a reason. We need to buy Western arms.

4e2fa9  No.634014


Is it really necessary for Hungary to be in NATO, or is this just to stop the U.S. invading?

3a157c  No.634022


Its because NATO is the designated place for the USs vassals - including Hungary.

4e2fa9  No.634024


God I hope I live long enough to see the collapse of the global homo order and the wiping out of Ahriman's children here on earth.

c6137e  No.634030

File: 1e01c4a95967614⋯.gif (3.74 MB, 480x270, 16:9, Well played.gif)


Bravo sir.

e3030b  No.634031


are you guys planning to retake transylvania or something?

6d6713  No.634044

File: e9d17e77b2c29eb⋯.png (550.39 KB, 1588x720, 397:180, 33242b439065b6547c20a0bd27….png)

Would slavniggers have stopped genociding each other had Hitler won the war and removed Kebab?

b57291  No.634047

File: e7f8cf1404e8a54⋯.jpg (55.18 KB, 604x337, 604:337, mLVJHtJw2Lw.jpg)


Nope, the hatred runs much deeper than that. Turkroach blood isn't the only blood Slavs lust for. Eternal genocidal conflict is the very thing that makes Slavs wake up in the morning. All they need is but a single spark and all hell will break loose. Men inspired by warriors like Vlad the Impaler will show up everywhere, each doing their best to break a new world record on civilians and prisoners butchered. Imagine a world where NATO never existed and the Balkans were allowed to wage war to whoever and whenever they wanted with no foreign interference to stop them.

0db7f9  No.634048


Iraq ditched Abrams for T-90s and Turkey is buying all its anti-aircraft from Russia. You gotta realise that USA needs these Hungary more than Hungary needs USA. Who's gonna attack Hungary? Russians? Even if they wanted to, they'd need to get past all of Ukraine first, which is not something USA would allow whether Hungary is in NATO or not. Other than that, there's literally not a single country that could threaten Hungary. So what does Hungary need NATO for? All it does is have you fight for jewish interests in Afghanistan and similar shitholes and force you to do some budget spendings and shit. It should be the other way. Hungary should charge NATO for staying in the alliance, for the privilege of having the possibility of transferring troops through Hungarian territory should a war with Russia indeed occur.

US uses fearmongering in the media to convince everyone they need NATO, but the opposite is the truth. It's NATO that needs other countries so as to give legitimity to its repeated aggressions against sovereign countries and violations of international law.

6d6713  No.634054


>Imagine a world where NATO never existed and the Balkans were allowed to wage war to whoever and whenever they wanted with no foreign interference to stop them.

That sounds fun.


>that entire post

What the hell do you guys smoke over in the Sudetenland?

>Hungary should charge NATO for staying in the alliance, for the privilege of having the possibility of transferring troops through Hungarian territory should a war with Russia indeed occur.

They surely won't have to face any sudden color uprisings financed by german taxpayers with weapons and general supplies delivered straight from the CIA if they do that.

0db7f9  No.634057


>They surely won't have to face any sudden color uprisings financed by german taxpayers with weapons and general supplies delivered straight from the CIA if they do that.

Austria isn't in NATO and doesn't get color revolutions, so why would Hungary? Besides, if fear of getting couped prevents you from putting your country in order, then how are you any better than a kike puppet?

The argument was mostly to show why Hungary (any NATO country, really) can buy their arms from wherever the fuck they want, as NATO needs them more than they need NATO, and NATO thus can't press too much or the country would just up and leave.

88bb75  No.634064


>Implying those work

Even without air support they get rekt by IFVs with TOWs. Outdated Abrams and charlies shat all over and then sowed up to their funeral drunk and raped their mom

104985  No.634068

File: 62d9c8d5ed29173⋯.png (19.74 KB, 298x279, 298:279, 1433449127244.png)

>Imagine a world where NATO never existed and the Balkans were allowed to wage war to whoever and whenever they wanted with no foreign interference to stop them.

The only question is if they could put aside their hatred for each other long enough to remove kebab

a4600b  No.634086


>Buy tanks from Germany

>Invade Germany

Pratchett got old and died, but Jingo is still a classic.

a4600b  No.634088


If youre gonna go wheels, go 6x6 or 8x8.

51bbdf  No.634089

File: 21693febe036fa7⋯.jpg (145.73 KB, 500x326, 250:163, Puma_6x6[1].jpg)

File: 3cd539b24c0cf24⋯.jpg (920.43 KB, 1648x1267, 1648:1267, Puma,_first_series[1].jpg)

File: 008134df6b19ed0⋯.jpg (400.68 KB, 2000x1278, 1000:639, WetaFullSizeHaloWarthog[1].jpg)


Which one?

a4600b  No.634092


The Warthog would only be legit if someone made a 4x4 direct electric drive independent suspension warthog. To date, hasn't happened.

855036  No.634095

File: 9ea5d296e92caa9⋯.jpeg (99.58 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 1atimthumb-php2.jpeg)


>Warthog is a Puma

You son of a bitch, why did you have to remind me of my childhood?

a4600b  No.634096


oh hey, Halo before it got addicted to the gribbly bits and codified.

52b2a1  No.634098



why did you have to remind me I'm old?

13dabc  No.634146

File: 459c9e51f1ba0be⋯.png (14.76 KB, 567x453, 189:151, gomondor DDDD.png)

File: 5d7ba5b61f1d136⋯.jpg (65.92 KB, 600x337, 600:337, rdo-3921_rdo3932_komondor.jpg)

File: 34cf446d001b8e9⋯.jpg (61.88 KB, 650x434, 325:217, komondor-vezetőülés.jpg)

File: ef6509f596c67c2⋯.jpg (158.56 KB, 560x373, 560:373, komondorok.jpg)

File: 2b6eab35304c6dd⋯.jpg (859.7 KB, 3482x2173, 3482:2173, komondor6.jpg)

Behold, the Komondor. Another part of Hungary's rearmament program, a pretty decent armoured car.

It komonds.

13dabc  No.634147

File: 83af510a051fff2⋯.jpg (65.85 KB, 580x386, 290:193, police komondor2.jpg)

File: c57c9f29a5c3a0e⋯.jpg (535.09 KB, 2048x1365, 2048:1365, komondor.jpg)

File: 9ac0fbe13c1e43e⋯.jpg (153.43 KB, 645x430, 3:2, 20121029-komondor-katonai-….jpg)

Good thing is: it's Hungarian development.

3d85dd  No.634148

File: 11de951b97502fb⋯.webm (8.03 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, what life are you living.webm)



Appears to have 2+8 capacity. Not bad for the size, but I'm concerned as to what kind of terrain it can handle. I checked around and it appears to have STANAG Level 3 protection, I'm also somewhat concerned that is insufficient if it takes up the role of an APC, the Patria AMV in comparison even if they are not entirely comparable is known to handle any terrain and has STANAG Level 4 protection.

Is it built in Hungary too? If so, great, but don't get America tier and put aside way better alternatives purely due to nationalism.

3604ed  No.634151


>not putting aside other alternatives and manufactoring your own stuff out of sheer autistic nationalism

>implying following the American example in terms of military affairs is a bad thing

I expected better from a fellow Mongol…

13dabc  No.634153


The Patria would be a good choice for us for an APC. Finnomongol and performs well, perhaps due to being sufficiently blessed by Tengri. Besides, the Croats use it, the Slovaks and our Polish friends do, it can't be bad. If we can make Komondors, perhaps we could even license-build it. As for the Komondor, it has pretty decent terrain handling ability, but I'd need to look into it better.

3d85dd  No.634161

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>>implying following the American example in terms of military affairs is a bad thing

Have you ever even heard of why .308 killed the .280 British star, why the M60 was chosen over the FN MAG and why the M14 was chosen over the FAL? American procurement has consistently been the most retarded in the world.

The M14 vs FAL was probably the most exemplary of all about American procurement. Due to bureaucracy, they required that the next rifle must use the tooling of the M1 Garand. The only purpose for this was just to snuff out the FAL they also claimed that in arctic trials the FAL was worse, because the M14 was adapted to arctic conditions but the FAL saw no such treatment, and the end result was a unreliable piece of shit and the very reason why the M16 was rushed into service. The worst part? It actually ended up being more expensive than just buying FALs or licenses to build them and the tooling wasn't even capable of producing M14's properly and a lot of it had to be scrapped.


>If we can make Komondors, perhaps we could even license-build it.

You should be able to. Poland is producing them on a license.

d8e3a0  No.634163

Read that as bullpup, smh

13dabc  No.634164

File: 332f011e95477c6⋯.jpg (168.92 KB, 1000x666, 500:333, AERO-Magnus-eFusion-1000x6….jpg)


Another thing I wonder about: could we build military drones? We can build light planes. We are developing what appears to be a very promising electric training plane. How difficult could it be to produce a military grade drone?

3d85dd  No.634168


Depends what type of drone. Just scout drones or Reaper style drones capable of bombing? The first would probably be quite easy, the second would probably be possible if you are willing to import various components from other countries. Something like that would also require a fair bit of R&D and funding. I think I would personally just buy my UAVs from the Jews as I trust them enough to build a capable machine and their products already are widely used with a track record.

13dabc  No.634170

File: 07175782eb8aa75⋯.jpg (144.9 KB, 595x680, 7:8, trust the huns, not even o….jpg)


Well… …to answer your question: Hungary is fully commited to cooperation between the nations, lasting stability and peace in the region.

Choo choo motherfuckers, all aboard the Magyar Pain Train, next stop: Greater Hungary

d8e3a0  No.634172

File: de087d1c0546546⋯.png (116.22 KB, 475x291, 475:291, ClipboardImage.png)



>removing kebab

wot, Goymany loved the turks and muzzies in general, they were their greatest allies.

1c8100  No.634204

File: eb96409f984d2df⋯.png (85.57 KB, 482x600, 241:300, huns.png)


>Hungary is fully commited to cooperation between the nations, lasting stability and peace in the region.

13dabc  No.634205

File: 70805e71c092b93⋯.jpg (46.12 KB, 600x400, 3:2, h145M.jpg)


Another update. Apart from the 16 H225M's, Hungary also buys 20 H145M's from Airbus. So far it is 44 (some sources say 50) Leopard 2A7+'s, 12 Leopard 2A4's, 16 H225M's and 20 of pic related. And 12 Pz 2000 self-propelled howitzers, an air defense system from Airbus and there are signs that further purchases may follow, possibly IFV's. It's like we're about to have an actual army.

e374ee  No.634216

13dabc  No.634222

File: 254a9913abe467c⋯.png (467.55 KB, 1001x501, 1001:501, honvéd feels.png)

4e2fa9  No.634252


Fill a none moon rune speaker in?

51bbdf  No.634268


Question was actually serious aside from pic 3.




0ca3dc  No.634270

File: 9370044fc96685e⋯.png (110.46 KB, 785x502, 785:502, what the fuck why.PNG)

File: b475bf17f2145b2⋯.jpg (43.38 KB, 540x884, 135:221, air raider scared.jpg)


>Lewis Machine and Tool won the contract over Sig and H&Gay

>they are also based in my hellhole of a state

>look up what they have out of curiosity

<their cheapest most basic bitch entry level flat top 16 inch mid-length gas system with no rail hand guard is $1649 USD MSRP with every other model being $2.5-2.8k

I know that H&K is notorious for being overpriced, but how on earth did they manage to undershoot Sig too? I thought Double meme and Colt were stupidly overpriced with their entry level models being around 1k but these guys not only managed to stay in business with such insultingly overpriced guns, (their more expensive models are more than any colt besides the super price gouger "classic" line commando which just barely manages to match their price) they also beat out fucking big names while doing it.

ad1dbe  No.634277


Oh, I was about to ask how you even know they won but it was on their site. I haven't paid much attention to the news in months now. Well, I'm glad it wasn't fucking Heckle my Koch. All of this is about time anyway, we should have gotten these 10 years ago. Hope the replacement happens fast.

I thought that the Kiwis used the same rifles, but as it turns out they are completely different from what we chose. The entire contract of 26,000 rifles appears to have cost us 33m euros, I think they also come with Holosun optics. Reserves may be stuck with the old Galils and G3s for a while after 2021.


I think their prices in the civilian sector are wildly different from what they sell to military. I wouldn't be surprised if you could cut out 20-50% of the price when they sell to military in such large numbers.

0ca3dc  No.634280

File: 3ba35c7c52bc460⋯.jpg (88.74 KB, 679x657, 679:657, 1443587645262.jpg)


Its just shocking because every company that price gouges the civilian market and caters only to military and police contracts like Colt and H&K always go bankrupt because as soon as someone makes a spending cut they find out no one else is keeping them afloat. From the looks of the website they also make rifles for the bong police.

mfw machinist that wants to make funs but the only companies building them in this state are fucking traitors like springfield and rock river or fled the state like Armalite Would Lewis be looking for help with this new order coming in and would they avoid going bankrupt like literally every company that does this?

ad1dbe  No.634282


>Its just shocking because every company that price gouges the civilian market and caters only to military and police contracts like Colt and H&K always go bankrupt because as soon as someone makes a spending cut they find out no one else is keeping them afloat. From the looks of the website they also make rifles for the bong police.

LMT doesn't appear to have any shortage of contracts right now, though.

I think they just want to be a premium and high quality AR15 manufacturer rather than racing to the bottom, sort of like Daniel Defence. There is a market for high end rifles, after all.

>Would Lewis be looking for help with this new order coming in and would they avoid going bankrupt like literally every company that does this?

Dunno, they're going into production only in a few months but you can probably get a job if they have offerings. Best of luck if you do go for it.

6cc61c  No.634337


It's the peace time order of battle of the Royal Hungarian Army in 1941. There are the final numbers of various units:

>27 infantry regiments (81 inf. battalions)

>16 border guard battalions

>238 border guard patrols

>6 battalions of motorized infantry

>4 alpinist battalions

>9 battalions of bicycle infantry

>97 batteries of field artillery

>6 batteries of cavalry artillery

>28 batteries of motorized artillery

>43 batteries of anti-air artillery

>2 tank battalions

>2 scout battalions

>2 armoured battalions

>33 cavalry companies

>9 pioneer companies

>3 engineer companies

>1 railway building regiment

>1 chemical combat battalion

>9 signal regiments

>3 telephone companies

>10 "close scout" aircraft companies

>5 aircraft regiments

>1 "far scout" aircraft company

>1 parachute company

>river defence forces

During peace there were 27 infantry brigades, but all of them only had a single infantry regiment and a single field artillery battalion. Then this was doubled during mobilization for a total of 162 infantry battalions supported by 54 artillery battalions. And as you can see that's only the core of the army, you have to add the border guard with its own infantry and artillery, and also the so-called Rapid Corps. The order of battle for the Rapids Corps was something like this:

<1st Motorized Brigade

>3 motorized battalions

>1 tank battalion

>1 bicyclist battalion

>1 scout battalion

>1 battalion of motorized artillery

>1 battery of AA autocannons

>1 motorized signal company

>1 motorized pioneer company

<2st Motorized Brigade

>3 motorized battalions

>1 tank battalion

>1 bicyclist battalion

>1 scout battalion

>1 battalion of motorized artillery

>1 battery of AA autocannons

>1 motorized signal company

>1 motorized pioneer company

<1st Cavalry Brigade

>2 hussar regiments I don't know the number of battalions, but I assume it's also 3 for every regiment

>2 bicyclist battalions

>1 armoured battalion I take it had those infamous Italian tankettes that were completey useless

>1 battalion of cavalry artillery

>1 battalion of motorized artillery

<2st Cavalry Brigade

>2 hussar regiments

>2 bicyclist battalions

>1 armoured battalion

>1 battalion of cavalry artillery

>1 battalion of motorized artillery

As you can see it wasn't a very highly motorized army, and the training was lacking, but it was an army nonetheless.

b57291  No.634445

Hey Hungaryanons, from what I read, you guys are planning to buy some F-16Vs

13dabc  No.634451

File: 78c6cc6ed821411⋯.jpg (73.35 KB, 499x460, 499:460, feel cubes.jpg)

File: 60dbbc2004b9401⋯.jpg (102.29 KB, 640x640, 1:1, leopard 2A7.jpg)


I didn't hear about that, as far as I knew we were planning to obtain Gripens which wouldn't be a bad idea.

On a different note, I just paid my 86 year old Grandmother a visit.

>86, a bit senile, but still smart

>we usually discuss the news when I visit, she likes to talk about politics and current news

>military modernization comes up as topic

>she goes off about how we're probably buying used weapons, this let us down in the last war, hand-me-down gear

>no Granny, this time we're buying brand new gear, Leopard tanks

>show her a picture of a Leopard 2A7+

>the picture of the huge German tank brings back memories

>she remembers huge German tanks very well

>she's 12 again in Somogy county

>'Was it the 19th? Or the 20th? 1944.'

>'Yes, that was when the Germans occu…'

>'We had NOTHING like those, those were HUGE…'

I feel horrible now. :( But then I steered the conversation to more pleasant topics.

b57291  No.634454


Anon, that's not an A7, that's a 2A4 with the Evolution upgrade.

13dabc  No.634457


I stand corrected. I need to improve my knowledge on Leopard tanks, I guess.

6cc61c  No.634468

File: 4efba84755c04a8⋯.jpg (616.6 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, rendfokozatok.jpg)


I've just noticed that the new uniform relocated the place of the rank insignia from the collar to the upper sleeve. I don't like it, because we used collar patches from the end of the 19th century until the commies got rid of them, and the army brought them back in the 90s. And they were designed as collar patches, so they just look bad if you wear them elsewhere.


13dabc  No.638651

File: acf3ee267ab7e21⋯.jpg (72.58 KB, 960x640, 3:2, there is a point.jpg)

Update. We are buying Carl Gustavs, probably Carl Gustav M4's.

0be276  No.638653

File: 62ff7c6bde7d43f⋯.gif (445.63 KB, 499x408, 499:408, kill.gif)


You guys attack Romania while we attack Bulgaria, Skopje and Albania, ok?

13dabc  No.638659

File: 2d96f08b95c4a54⋯.jpg (630.99 KB, 2122x1411, 2122:1411, hungarian and bulgarian ca….jpg)


Please Konstantinos, not Bulgaria. They are our friends.

>Grandma tells about the war

>Soviets were all filthy, tired, wet and rude

>Fortunately, they don't spend too much time in her village

>Bulgarian infantry moves in

>They give food for the villagers and act like decent, polite human beings

>They are even capable of COURTING the girls in the village as it is proper

Besides, our relations with them on a state level has usually been civil.

1c8100  No.638662


Its still better than on polish modern uniforms, now rank insignia is somewhere near chest with is fucking retarded because when somebody wears a plate carrier its completely obscured and you cant tell the rank of person you are speaking to

13dabc  No.638663

File: f731ccd2b082e64⋯.jpg (114.92 KB, 627x640, 627:640, gzegorz is standing next t….jpg)


Uniforms nowadays are a shadow of their former glories. Old Polish uniforms were ballin'…

13dabc  No.638665

File: 56af67cecb1e1fb⋯.jpg (104.51 KB, 503x800, 503:800, swag as fuck.jpg)

And so were old Hungarian ones.

8def3d  No.638670

File: b213337be3d0f46⋯.jpg (251.67 KB, 735x450, 49:30, strzelcy podhalanscy 1936.jpg)

13dabc  No.638671

File: 5373607ff5d9dba⋯.png (944.24 KB, 899x505, 899:505, eger.png)


Why is there a little swastika there?

19e7b1  No.638686


Scares away evil.

eacb39  No.638687


>Daniel Defence


I thought DD are high-end.

eacb39  No.638689

File: 0578e992d00eee4⋯.gif (472.45 KB, 500x281, 500:281, 1397020638_438732366.gif)

13dabc  No.638690

File: 3faeec38c0c7fe2⋯.jpg (202.87 KB, 960x642, 160:107, most russian picture ever.jpg)


I sensibly chuckled.

c7f17e  No.638717


>no addidas brigand squatting atop a t-72

Incomplete image

886aff  No.638940

You paprika eating faggots need to get rid of your soviet-tier civilian gun laws first, jesus

711f9b  No.638941


>You paprika eating faggots need to get rid of your soviet-tier civilian gun laws first, jesus

>says the americuck


554680  No.638942

File: d3bbd9b5a21a300⋯.jpg (175.23 KB, 636x424, 3:2, natoexercise.jpg)

S holttestemen át

Leopard 2-esek

Száguldjanak a kivívott diadalra

7861aa  No.638946

File: 72ab0c7dde373b6⋯.jpg (169.73 KB, 1024x666, 512:333, magyar tank.jpg)


You will probably call me a commie for this, but the kind of cucked civilian gun laws we have today were introduced mainly in 2004, long after communism ended in Hungary. I'm not really familiar with gun laws in Hungary before, but my grandfather told me he had several hunting rifles between the 70s and 80s and he was not a member of the communist party. Have some magyar tonk.

13dabc  No.638961

File: 393bf723d33f358⋯.jpg (47.83 KB, 564x361, 564:361, v4tonk.jpg)

File: 806851fe551de2a⋯.png (337.12 KB, 660x440, 3:2, v4tonk2.png)

File: 02b645263e6aa9d⋯.jpg (86.46 KB, 960x618, 160:103, v4tonk3.jpg)

File: 34e7dba1c963040⋯.jpg (120.59 KB, 2048x1448, 256:181, v4tonk4.jpg)


Straussler V4 > Toldi.


I agree with you, or at least with the part about the gun laws, it's horrible. For a sane, law-abiding and free man it is natural to keep arms.

13dabc  No.638965

File: fb0c76a9d15d764⋯.png (757.71 KB, 900x554, 450:277, straussler.png)

File: 4579b608c48150e⋯.png (2.48 MB, 1700x1017, 1700:1017, straussler-amphibian.png)

File: f4874f4e6fb01b2⋯.png (3.47 MB, 2000x1303, 2000:1303, straussler-amp2.png)

Straussler Miklós had some good ideas, we should have went through with them. Fun fact: he worked for Britain AND Hungary, he's the same guy who designed the Tetrarch and the Duplex Drive.

7861aa  No.638967


Wasnt Straussler V4 less advanced than any of the Toldi variants?

0990b6  No.638968


>my grandfather told me he had several hunting rifles between the 70s and 80s and he was not a member of the communist party

If you go through the training and the exams, then you just need to buy a hunter's ticket every year, and then you are free to buy hunting rifles. And that includes every repeating long arm, from revolver rifles to pump-action shotguns. And you never have to actually go hunting in your entire life, you just have to keep buying those tickets. And you can bring your weapons to a rifle range.

13dabc  No.638969

File: 7b4e4342dca914a⋯.jpg (132.22 KB, 1024x654, 512:327, toldi8.jpg)


The V4 had better armament and could operate without threads on. The Toldi had slightly better mobility. Ultimately, the Toldi wasn't a bad machine either as long as you only used it for what light tanks were meant to be used. Reconnaissance, soft targets and the like.

13dabc  No.638970

File: 818005e49cb2455⋯.jpg (66.22 KB, 897x660, 299:220, wheeeeeeeeee.jpg)

File: cd742e89261bc8b⋯.jpg (63.79 KB, 800x531, 800:531, toldi2.jpg)

File: ec7e08cce656c90⋯.jpg (279.02 KB, 1920x1235, 384:247, toldi3.jpg)

File: da45416eb546060⋯.jpg (200.28 KB, 2048x1292, 512:323, toldi4 (2).jpg)

File: 36ccc8d1256b476⋯.jpg (32.3 KB, 640x416, 20:13, toldi4.jpg)

0990b6  No.638971


Also, you can reload your own ammunition if you go throught the training and take an exam.

8def3d  No.639020


Mountainsfolk used it for centuries to ward off (((evil))).

554680  No.639044

File: 3e18dc8af524e2d⋯.jpg (139.23 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, mossberg patriot.jpg)


>he's the same guy who designed the Tetrarch

That explains the resemblance.



I'm probably getting my permit this summer.

Thinking about pic related as my first rifle.

>you never have to actually go hunting in your entire life

You should though, its great exercise for the body and the mind alike.

7861aa  No.639058





And how much is the whole ordeal costs? Is it really just 35000 Ft (109 euros) the first year, then it comes down to 15000 (46 euros) Ft/year (not counting the gun)? If yes, I might give it a go.

4e6f23  No.639059


Give them some food, obviously.

55166d  No.639060


Orban lost any support he had with the slave law, and my opinion of Hungary went into the toilet after finding out they even allow the withholding of overtime pay.

54860e  No.639063


That ain't a bad rifle, I got myself a MVP and enjoy the shit outta it.

7861aa  No.639064


You probably fell for le baste orbán meme. A common mistake, especially over here…

ef394b  No.639067


What's the good guy party now in Hungary, I heard even Jobbik cucked.

7861aa  No.639075

File: 9406b1d0426878b⋯.jpg (374.45 KB, 2560x1703, 2560:1703, 2560px-Carl_Gustav_recoill….jpg)


Now thats an interesting question. I would be happy to answer for that, but unfortunately I can't. Most of the radicals went to this new party called Mi Hazánk, but after the shameful treason of Jobbik I wouldn't get my hopes up. Asking the fellow magyar /k/ommandos: is it true that our Defence Force is planning to buy Carl Gustav recoilles rifles?

b631f4  No.639076


What a shame, best of luck to Hungary in the future.

At least Orban kept the muds out.

0990b6  No.639077


The whole ordeal with everything is about 200 000-300 000 Ft, but that includes stuff like buying a locker for the guns. The ticket itself is 20 000Ft.


>any parties


That's a rookie mistake in politics. Parties are for psychopaths and puppets.


>Mi Hazánk

That's literally a puppet of Fidesz.

>is it true that our Defence Force is planning to buy Carl Gustav recoilles rifles?


They do say that they sold them to someone, and our news media says that we bought them. Although I'm not sure if it was a good idea: the newest variety weights as much as the old RPG-7, but costs a lot more. And it doesn't seem to be any more effective than an RPG-7 with modernized grenades.

13dabc  No.639078


An officer accidentally slipped it during an interview recently. Yes, we are getting Carl Gustavs. And if you ask me, it won't stop here.

We're building an army.

b631f4  No.639079


Saying a party is bad is like saying the state is bad, it's currently existing right now and exercising enormous power whether we like it or not.

So the question is to make the party/state into a good one.

0990b6  No.639080


No, saying that the whole system of parties is bad is like saying that niggers all retarded: no matter what you do, that's simply how they are.

65a06e  No.639082

File: 50b621b79cab014⋯.jpg (56.98 KB, 1164x467, 1164:467, gy.jpg)

File: beecf745cfebb2d⋯.jpg (51.11 KB, 603x400, 603:400, jobbik-fuck-eu.jpg)

File: a9aa345eaaace2b⋯.webm (3.36 MB, 384x288, 4:3, oct 23 We got the tank.webm)


>I heard even Jobbik cucked

They've changed since their birth, but they are still the best hands down. They've told that they want to be a civil party to gain wide support rather than having every time the same amount of hardcore voters. Let me tell you they could've had the government in the election if the fidesz wasn't silencing and propagandising their bullshit everywhere. Jobbik spent its last money on ads and fidesz went "oy vey, you can't have cheap ads too, its not a fair race", then the court (they own all) fined them for the entire amount that they got for the campaign and almost went bankrupt. They've put aside their heated speeches about interracial hatred, calling other parties jews, and mentioning gipsy crime. They rather started to activise, trying to show how things should be done. I mean come on, even their name means "The righter" or "The better". The best place in the country to live is where they"ve won the local elections. It's a total volkgemeinschaft down there. I'm not sure if they successfully banned gay marriage down there but I've heard they wanted to. Of course it was all over the national television monthly being ostracized for petty things the government gets triggered by. They always have the best ideas in the parliament (I wonder where they learn these policies from…) and the only party that wants to truly nationalise, not just pretend while taking loads of money. I think they are hiding their power level. They still can't stand gipsies, after all Orban and all his friends are fucking gipsies, stealing money big time for their families. So they claim to "ditch" the far-right past verbally but as you anons know when you get redpilled you don't go back. It's for calming the masses. Even in Budapest where leftism is the highest I still had the best talks with a grandmother. I realised she had a brooch on her coat with the national flag and I mentioned history causally. She went on a long rant about how she despises this current age and how much she hates the jews and the communists that still fight over this country and that they deserve to hang. Some of the youth has thirst for blood by now after all the kicking around we got throughout all history.

781931  No.639087

File: 6b9e1f5601e69a5⋯.jpg (211.89 KB, 792x528, 3:2, cg.jpg)


That's what I meant, I meant that LMT fits into the category of other high end AR manufacturers like DD and Knights Armament.


>Although I'm not sure if it was a good idea: the newest variety weights as much as the old RPG-7, but costs a lot more. And it doesn't seem to be any more effective than an RPG-7 with modernized grenades.

The CG is more accurate, has a lot less recoil, a faster sustained ROF with a 2 man crew, has a much longer effective range, lighter ammo and you can use a much wider array of munitions, things such as airburst and flares for example. I think they also made shit like confined space HEAT rounds without major backblast and are working on some guided munition that claims to extend its range to 2000m.


don't ask for a source but I also heard that the failure rate for RPG rockets is also quite high.

It's more effective and more adaptable in any situation compared to the RPG, I'll stick by that until the end of time.

96d6cc  No.639088


So it's like saying the state is bad, no matter what you do, there will always be a state.

7861aa  No.639093


>tfw you remember that video from 2006 even though you were a small child back then

183915  No.639098


Also in all our history we tried our best to be the honourable servants of big powers only to be betrayed badly or used as a buffer state to stop the hordes of enemies who want to attack Europe. The Habsburgs used us like fucking toys, we revolted and tried to attack Vienna many times out of pure hatred for those motherfuckers. Even Hitler hated the slavicized, nationmixing Habsburg Austria and Vienna and didn't consider it worthy enough to connect to Germany at that time. If you disagree you are a fucking moron, it's all in Mein Kampf. The Habsburgs were big friends of jews because they too only cared about money and power.

>During the regime of Franz Joseph and after, Austria's Jewish population contributed greatly to Austrian culture despite their small percentage in the population. Contributions came from Jewish lawyers, journalists (among them Theodor Herzl), authors, playwrights, poets, doctors, bankers, businessmen and artists. Vienna became a cultural Jewish center, and became a center of education, culture and Zionism. Theodor Herzl, the father of Zionism, studied in the University of Vienna, and was the editor of the feuilleton of the Neue Freie Presse, a very influential newspaper at that time.

From the inbreeding Franz Ferdinand who struck down the 1848 revolution was "incapable of ruling his empire because of his mental deficiency" due to: "Possibly as a result of his parents' genetic closeness (they were double first cousins)". After a long time of studying I have lost all my love for this "Big Hungary" and the Austro-Hungarian Empire because it was a disgusting jewish melting pot.

First world war we got betrayed by Italy and Romania, we fought in the Alpine mountains against Italy and dominated Romania and took their capital city just to be fucked in the ass by the Trianon treaty, the government cucks out and gives all the weapons to the surrounding Antante countries who in turn attack us after the war is over and raids our money and industry in turn.

In the second world war we fought all the way on one side until the last year when the soviets were coming to take all our territories and the government tried to ask the United States to take us instead they carpet bombed us then the Russians take everything.

In 1956 as David Irving also says the revolution which started as a jewish pogrom (totally silenced today) finally shows progress against the soviets and we get betrayed by the US who turn a blind eye after negotiating with the Soviets to give them Suez instead and keep us.

Today after a shitty revolution which fidesz took over for their fame and killed none of the communists who later as an other party sold all our industry for pennies to the west and here we are. Fucking jews subverted everything. EVERYTHING.

183915  No.639102

File: a50d561f83bab2a⋯.png (145.55 KB, 500x513, 500:513, me.png)


I know. I know. It was great.

7861aa  No.639126


>losing faith in "Big Hungary"

Its Greater Hungary. And it was also predominantly Hungarian before the turkroach invasion. Then the Habsburgs and their lapdog nobles started to flood the country with non-Hungarians. Now its all fucked up, but the 1941 borders of Hungary would be ethnically accurate (for the most part).


Its always the turks, jews and the habsburgs, the US and the USSR came later...

7b4d19  No.639131

Please filter the literal yids. They want to sow deception and divide and conquer:




e0e41b  No.639138


>muh yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiids

>muh shiiiiiiiiiiiiills


13dabc  No.639140

File: e4638c8b84c64b4⋯.png (395.13 KB, 847x545, 847:545, 44m buzogányvető.png)

File: 9ee06bb7a11fb31⋯.png (441.92 KB, 883x621, 883:621, 44m buzogányvető2.png)

File: 4daf437eed1a9b2⋯.jpg (756.03 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, rockettoldi.jpg)

File: 1e37e6252bc5987⋯.jpg (603.1 KB, 816x1106, 408:553, rockettoldi2.jpg)

While on topic of AT missiles. We used to do them.

13dabc  No.639141

File: e574aad3e19e6b2⋯.jpg (230.9 KB, 632x455, 632:455, rocketzrinyi.jpg)

File: 4be7766c3e8bff4⋯.jpg (482.92 KB, 1316x665, 188:95, rocketzrinyi2.jpg)

7861aa  No.639148

File: e1c1593e3e754bf⋯.jpg (145.47 KB, 1200x606, 200:101, MÁVAG Héja fighter.jpg)

File: ee06af566508f4f⋯.jpg (163.86 KB, 1280x832, 20:13, MÁVAG Héja2.jpg)

File: d5d19e176bfccbf⋯.png (125.8 KB, 800x979, 800:979, MÁVAG Héja3.png)

File: 2d186ec086d505c⋯.jpg (92.56 KB, 1000x931, 1000:931, MÁVAG Héja4.jpg)

Is this a WW2 Hungarian armament thread from now on?

183915  No.639151


>1941 map of Hungary

I agree. That was a good compromise, but low and behold it was too much for the powers that be to give an inch of land to us. My family lives in Saltzmarkt (Satumare/Szatmárnémeti) which originally was "schwab"/germanized land by the monarch Bethlen Gábor because they brought industry and mining skills with them which was needed in northern Hungary. It WAS a beautiful city before it was took over by the vlachs so I know that feel. Sometimes I still visit that place but its always very disappointing.

Kurva szőröstalpú köpönyegforgató büdös oláhok, hogy mennyire gyűlölöm őket. Francia zsidó segget nyaltak mindig. Azt hiszik ők szarták a rómait is. Imádom a magyar nyelvet. Olyan színesen lehet szítkozódni barokk körmondatokban. Nem hangozna jól angolul.

(Me cursing)

This old big Hungary is a big bullshit. We deserve Transilvania/Erdély but we don't want Slovakia and all the other lands that we never even lived in. This only puts a wedge between our neighbours the nations only for the eternal divide and conquer the motherucking elite used successfully for WAY TOO LONG. Of course they all hate us because they are right sometimes and we have to admit for our own benefit.


OK fine I get it. I know the jewish administration which is ruling USA for more than a century now is very fucked up and is the originator of a lot of bad shit, yes. The civilians are a jewish tool though and I can only feel sorry for them. I'm not going to have jewish fantasies about human torture and gore like you IP hopper do.

13dabc  No.639152

File: 7dab9acf9e3b29e⋯.png (999.75 KB, 1024x760, 128:95, bazmeg2.png)


Attention all posters. This is a Hungary thread. All posters are hereby ordered to post and discuss in a civilized, orderly manner, either about the ongoing rearmament program or Hungarian military history in general. Anyone stepping out of line will be sent to the paprika mines or to a penal unit.

That is all. Carry on.

1c8100  No.639155

File: 17aa98338a5897d⋯.png (274.35 KB, 1131x1171, 1131:1171, 1517079660001.png)



Hungarians confirmed for crypto-poles

7861aa  No.639164



Some of my relatives live there, I know what you are talking about…

13dabc  No.639171

File: 061ed5a89674874⋯.jpg (41.28 KB, 409x389, 409:389, ahaha kurwa.jpg)


Fun fact. One of the earliest recorded full Hungarian sentences (medieval chronicles were written in Latin) already contains the word "kurva".


>„Wezteg kwrwanewfya zaros nemeth, iwttatok werenkewht, ma yzzywk thy wertheketh”.

>Thou are lost, sons of kurwawomen shitsmeared Germans, thou drank our blood, now we drink your blood

In 1355, King Louis I. the Great sent a military contingent to assist the Austrian prince and the Holy Roman emperor against Zürich. According to a chronicle, it was a particularly hard fight and the Hungarian knights shouted "Sacred kings, lend us our aid!". And apparently they did, the Hungarian was ordered to "spare not one German, but make them drink from the chalice of Death" and proceeded to go berserk on the enemy.

To any German posters here, no hard feelings, I hope?

13dabc  No.639181

File: 04e6eb8b152f6c1⋯.jpg (746.45 KB, 1920x3230, 192:323, hungarian knight2.jpg)

File: 0bba191ec61bb25⋯.jpg (173.32 KB, 1023x1471, 1023:1471, hungarian knight1.jpg)

File: 4d0071dbb16d901⋯.jpg (49.55 KB, 600x367, 600:367, hungarian knight3.jpg)

File: 1d97625d17d8159⋯.jpg (51.8 KB, 425x593, 425:593, hungarian knight4.jpg)

File: b1f166423c1702f⋯.jpg (590.31 KB, 1024x632, 128:79, hungarian knight5.jpg)





183915  No.639186

File: 12bbf9e1fbb1cd7⋯.jpg (87.54 KB, 634x402, 317:201, romanians in germany.jpg)

File: baec237fdcf0f00⋯.jpg (50.63 KB, 468x326, 234:163, romanians2.jpg)

File: d9e3922d104d9c3⋯.jpg (110.98 KB, 960x653, 960:653, hungarians.jpg)

File: 002e2bf6296fe81⋯.jpg (617.81 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Károly Castle in Partium.jpg)


Dude. We provided the best kings for Poland and they still love us for helping their economy.


Its a beautiful loanword and not original in our language.

You are polish why are you even so triggered?

But by looking at your endless reservoir of nationality ostracizing pictures it's very telling that you are paid.

I have nothing against the slavs.



You think you are related to the Romans? Get off your high horse. Everyone point and laugh at this moron gipsy. Look in the mirror sometimes. We do not have to dream about fairytales like this because we have an actual history. All this is disproven propaganda by communist Causescu and the others, that low IQ rat that ruled your country.

31% of pickpocketing is done by romanian gipsys. You all live in ghettos side-by-side with niggers in the west. Not to mention the same filth you have inland. Keep your land for yourselves, you have successfully ruined it. Now you want to ruin more beautiful cities?

183915  No.639192



Makes sense why kurva means bitch to us but in Polish it means fuck. What a revelation.

Sounds like the name of a superhero though.

Behold the kurwawoman the slavic wonder.

13dabc  No.639193


At the time, the distinction was rather… …muddled.

0db7f9  No.639194


>mongol-gypsy shitflinging

You're both shit. The only good thing to come out of Hungary was Slovakia (much to the hun's eternal kvetching) and I guess Romania was cool hundreds of years ago when when Vlad started killing roaches. At least you're better than ukrops, I guess.

8def3d  No.639197

File: 640dc78d08fef1c⋯.webm (88.65 KB, 480x360, 4:3, denton_no.webm)


>but in Polish it means fuck

It means whore, or someone with equally crooked morals, from latin curvus

7861aa  No.639198


Guess they didnt really care. It was common amongst knights to drink wine before battle, and you probably know the effects of drunkness :D

183915  No.639203


After enduring hundreds of years fighting a direct border war with turkroaches to defend Europe and christianising all the ethnics within our border and the architecture and art, the culture but all our legacy is a slavic country that separated, yeah sure.

We were trying our best to be a part of Europe God damn it. As I've said multiple times I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST THEM.

7861aa  No.639204

File: 198e97d22d2861a⋯.png (114.88 KB, 500x924, 125:231, muh bozgors.png)


>he fell for "the Hungarians are Mongols" meme

Sure thing buddy.

13dabc  No.639205


Calm down Karel. That's rude of you.

0db7f9  No.639209


Magyars were a distinctly altaic steppenigger tribe. The only reason you look white nowadays is due to all the racemixing with slavs.


you forgot the part where you tried to forcibly magyarise Slovakia and struck a deal with Austria to fuck over all the slavs in A-H. Not to mention the part where Magyars rode into the then-slavic Pannonia and grabbed it in the name of Tengri or whatever.


It's just banter, Boldizsar.

1c8100  No.639210


>You are polish why are you even so triggered?

It was just a joke/banter

I didnt even know that Hungarians have kurva as a loanword

183915  No.639212


I'm sorry. I've always heard the saying that it's "Used like fuck in english". It's the same then.

f9a1bc  No.639214


Hungarians are Huns not Mongols

f9a1bc  No.639216


I pray that Hungary is the future arms supplier for the resistance

7861aa  No.639217

File: 71470360f4b4c50⋯.jpg (309.32 KB, 1600x1143, 1600:1143, But where is Czechia.jpg)


Eh, atleast we were fully independent back then…

0db7f9  No.639218

File: e5e70a1e3b0881f⋯.png (94.64 KB, 1601x250, 1601:250, ClipboardImage.png)


If we're cherrypicking history, we had a guy rule over all of HRE, with his son ruling Hungary as well.

0db7f9  No.639221


"the locality in which the Hungarians, the Manicha-Er group, emerged was between the Volga river and the Ural Mountains."


Between Volga and Ural, huh. So around the place of today's Kazakhstan. Caucasus lies quite a way off to the southwest of that.

7861aa  No.639222


Yeah, also, we Hungarians came from planet Nibiru on board of the Turul spaceship.

0db7f9  No.639223


his post was:


Do you even know where Caucasia is? All Europeans are steppeniggers and hungarian language is celtic and not slav but linguists are fucking kikes and won't admit that.

7861aa  No.639224


So you admit you were defeated by muh inferior mongols? But that ultimately makes us superior to you!

0db7f9  No.639229


Ah, but you were then defeated by the USSR, meaning Russians and jews are superior to all of us :^)

7861aa  No.639230


Ultimately, its always the victorious that is superior.

31e289  No.639231


Niggers and slavs are better than all of us then.

1c8100  No.639234

File: d9b69e79a8f880c⋯.gif (1.91 MB, 300x300, 1:1, 1544475197194-0.gif)


>Niggers and slavs are better than all of us then

Indeed we are, glad you finally accepted it

20a0a1  No.639235



I FUCKING hate those people

1c8100  No.639236

File: f689519e1efd93e⋯.jpg (7.25 MB, 3980x2301, 3980:2301, The_Chronicle_of_Ioannis_S….jpg)


Somebodys butthurt that bunch of turko-slavs were a constant thorn in the side of your favorite failed "empire"

0db7f9  No.639238


Do Bulgarians even count as slavs, though?

1c8100  No.639239


They are slavicized turks

7861aa  No.639243

>thread about Hungarian military buildup turns into a banter fight between magyars, czechs and polaks

/k/, /k/ never changes


Well, you can always prove to be superior to them by BTFOing them in a war you know…

13dabc  No.639254


I hope it is just banter. We're natural allies, in all seriousness.

20a0a1  No.639259

File: 6d834dc6cdaad9b⋯.png (30.99 KB, 1452x140, 363:35, niggers.png)


The next worse thing after a Turk, albanian, romanian and jew, is the eternal bulgarian

0db7f9  No.639262


it is just banter, we're all in V4

1c8100  No.639264

File: 7fd483eed15b8eb⋯.jpg (299.48 KB, 1264x972, 316:243, byzantines be mad.jpg)


>The next worse thing after a Turk, albanian, romanian and jew, is the eternal bulgarian

I thought will also mention Arabs considering how much they bitchslapped byzantine "empire"


Its all just bantz, i love my Czech, Hungarianand Slovak bros

7861aa  No.639281


When you really think through the international situation of our country, its one big fucking joke. But whatever, Im on /k/ first and foremost because of my interest in weapons and prepping-related stuff, everything else here is of secondary importance to me.

1c8100  No.639292


>our country, its one big fucking joke

Hey, at least you arent ukrainian

04352c  No.639301


Note the distinct lack of numerical strength.

04352c  No.639302


What's wrong with Romanians?

13dabc  No.639309

File: 5504212fa7fe6d9⋯.jpg (131.91 KB, 1017x735, 339:245, btr.jpg)

File: b7ab91d6a5e65bf⋯.jpg (69.34 KB, 640x436, 160:109, hungarian btr.jpg)

File: 287fc54b373c8cc⋯.jpg (200.21 KB, 1024x679, 1024:679, btr2.jpg)

Could the BTR-80 be modernized into something better? We literally have half a thousand of those. Or would we be better off with buying something new.

1c8100  No.639318


Why would you want to replace it? Its fine for what it is, and that is being a APC.

Hell USA army still uses M113 and that stuff is from the '60

You anything you would need to put new radio equipment in those babies and you are good to go

20a0a1  No.639320


>What's wrong with Romanians?

You can't be serious

0db7f9  No.639321


I'd say it depends on who you plan to fight against. If it's to sent them against sandniggers in Afghanistan, the current ones you have will do. If it's to do nothing with them and just show them on parades, they will do. If you plan to declare war on America or Russia, it likely won't matter as you'll end up with gorilla warfare either way. Maybe if you plan to start shit with Romania or som-

Oh, I see, so that's how it is. I'm onto you, goulash.

eacb39  No.639332


>gorilla warfare

What's that?

9f7438  No.639348


IIRC yours are all 80A versions you could have Russia port them to their new BTR-87 standard upgrade for 80As and 82As, but let's face it it's never gonna happen.

0bb539  No.639363


what does it matter? all its gonna be is a bloody field when the russo-sino-mutt war occurs

04352c  No.639364


Are you referring to gypsies of Romanian nationality that the (((media))) pass as Romanians?

9f7438  No.639413


Doesn't change the fact that "Romanians" are about as insane as "Macedonians".

20a0a1  No.639419


not just gypsies. Romanians as a whole are shitty disgusting people

cd13a1  No.639426



Actual Romanians are Saxon traders who established a relationship with Rome and owed fealty to it in exchange for working the land outside of the palisades.

There's like 5% actual Romanians in the entire country of Romania.

Rest is all:

1. Hindu untouchables, lowest caste and basically niggers.

2. Khazar/kike and Avar mix.

3. Turk.

Any white Romanian you meet is likelier to be a Slav than an actual Romanian.

7861aa  No.639456

File: 955a817599f661e⋯.png (14.14 KB, 700x432, 175:108, 15258002961806.png)


Our country is not a joke, its our foreign relations that is laughable. Ffs we are "allied" with our former lethal enemies…


r*manis to us is like turkroaches to you. An enemy thats has to be dealt with COMPLETELY after we get rid of the international jew. You see all the other magyars being less serious about r*manis in this thread? Dont hear to them. We cannot rest until we eradicate each and every romanigger from the Earth…

d13016  No.639471


That tank has a severe skin condition, why would anyone want it?

458f63  No.639890


>Modernized T-72 into PT-91 "Twardy"

which is fucking useless by modern standards

>let alone hundredths of BMP-1

hundreds of tracked coffins that can be used as APC and nothing else, all made in 70's and barely holding together

dobry mem

1c8100  No.639894


>which is fucking useless by modern standards


>hundreds of tracked coffins that can be used as APC

Well in modern polish doctrine they are already used as APC

>all made in 70's

Like most of military equipment in Russia and USA

458f63  No.639904



Shitty armor, most russian tanks can destroy it easily. This tank was obsolete by the time it was produced, I have no idea what was the point of this modification and what purpose is it supposed to serve. Anyway the mainstay of polish army is unmodified T72 that is complete junk nowadays.

>Well in modern polish doctrine they are already used as APC

APC that troops are afraid to get in because it's going to break before reaching the place or get fucked up by a burst from KORD or DShK. Additionally a peashooter main gun and wire-controlled ATGM Malyutka (if it's there in the first place).

>Like most of military equipment in Russia and USA

Designed doesn't mean manufactured, dumbo.

0db7f9  No.639906


>Anyway the mainstay of polish army is unmodified T72 that is complete junk nowadays

It's still in demand in the middle east, I hear. You could probably still sell it.

1bca91  No.639915


>most russian tanks can destroy it easily

Which Russian tanks? T-90s are just renamed T-72s that they have like 600 of and the Armata is never fucking ever happening. Their tank force is majority T-72 too.

20a0a1  No.639917

File: 59ad79f26f2bff5⋯.jpg (336.1 KB, 1270x723, 1270:723, Am I.jpg)


>We cannot rest until we eradicate each and every romanigger from the Earth

Finally someone else in this board who shares the same kind of genocidal dreams as me. Impale every PoW, execute all elders, rape every female from age 8 to 60, and then shoot them. Burn their filthy cities and villages to the ground and re-build everything in superior Hungarian architecture.


3a8fe5  No.639921


>Designed doesn't mean manufactured, dumbo.


Most military equipment of NATO was MANUFACTURED in the cold war.

They have been upgraded in between but if you take the US or Germany new tanks haven't been bought since the end of the cold war. The last NEW tracked stuff for the US army was made in 1992 as a batch of 72 M1A2 and a small number of M2A2 ODS.

France Leclerc are the newest tanks in NATO with last one being made over ten years ago in 2007 (as I don't think ONE leo2AX isn't a cold war west-germany hull with new shinies but I might be wrong) but there isn't a lot of them meanwhile our APCs are VABs, AMX-10P are ALL from the 70's.

And the situation in support arms (artillery especially) is even worse.

The only new stuff in NATO are the MRAPs.

Russia has more new stuff than the US as a lot of their T-72B3 are in fact, new and not upgraded soviet T-72 and all their stuff like BMP-3, T-90, BMD-4, Msta-S, etc… is brand new.

Of course they still have a sizeable number of old stuff (BMD-2, BTR-80, BMP-2, T-80, T-72B even older BTR-70 and BMP-1 are still around, though they seem to have finally got rid of the T-62 for good) but their main frontline vehicles are all sensibly younger than what NATO has.

eacb39  No.639922

What's the point of acquiring military equipment without production license? Are Poland/Hungary going to buy parts and tanks from Germany in the midst of war with POCCNR?

7861aa  No.639925


Will do, good sir. May the southeastern shores of the Danube be the Hungarian-Byzantine border once again.

7861aa  No.639965


Samefag, but Id like you to know that the Leo2A7+s will arrive at 2025. Until that, we will only have the 12 2A4 (yes, THOSE 2A4s) and no promise for the production license let alone to own tank product…

9f3dfb  No.640049


>Most military equipment of NATO was MANUFACTURED in the cold war.

This is false, but even if it was true why should NATO replace equipment that is still useful, if they still have so much left over from the cold war?

One major problem of the US military today is that a lot of useful equipment has been replaced with garbage, just because the new garbage was more "technological advanced".

Also the point you are making is somewhat falling flat, since it ignores that Russia HAS to produce stuff, because the majority of their legacy equipment was already outdated by the 80s.

dec31b  No.640055


>BMP-3, T-90, BMD-4, Msta-S, etc… is brand new.

I checked around and all of them are still a small percentage of their total active in each category.

There's 720 active BMP-3s (apparently like 200 of them are made in this millennium) compared to 6000 BMP-1s and 2s.

There's 350 active T-90s compared to 2450 active T-72s and T-80s.

There's 468 active Msta-S compared to about 2000 of everything else.

This is going by Wikipedia stats but I trust them to be reliable and up to date enough.

Plus, it really doesn't matter how much outdated soviet era trash you can produce. It is still trash at the end of the day.

3a8fe5  No.640069


>This is going by Wikipedia stats but I trust them to be reliable and up to date enough.


What we can know for sure because it's well documented outside of Russia is how much they sold abroad.

At the breakup out of the handful made (some source says that in between and 1987-1993 330 were made), 6 stayed in Ukraine and 3 in Azerbaijan (BMP-3), then Russia exported:

652 to the United Arab Emirates (BMP-3 and BREM-L).

245 to Kuwait (BMP-3 and BREM-L).

142 to Azerbaijan (BMP-3, BREM-L, Chrysanthemum-S, 2S31 Vena)

123 to Venezuela (BMP-3/BREM-L).

70 to South Korea (BMP-3/BREM-L)

54 to Indonesia (BMP-3/BREM-L)

45 to Cyprus (BMP-3/BREM-L)

14 to Libya (Chrysanthemum-S)

4 to Turkmenistan (BMP-3/BREM-L)

For a total of 1358 BMP-3 based vehicles EXPORTED.

It's extremely dubious they made more for export than what they made for domestic usage even with the big orders of the 90's for UAE and Koweit that allowed the program to keep running when the Russian Gov' was broke.

The only vehicle where you have a real disparity is the T-90 because they set up a different chain to make the T-90S (which is a downgraded model from the T-90A) because of how well those sell (India alone bought over 1 500 and it's not the only customer, Algeria bought 500+, etc…).

And while the T-90 started as a "T-72 improvement", there are AFAIK no T-72 that were ever converted to them except maybe the earliest versions, the closer in performance/system being the T-72B3.

For a very simple reason, the T-90A hull IS different from the T-72 so while the improved turrets are compatibles, the T-90A has a stronger frontal arc meaning if you were doing that you would spend nearly as much money as to get a T-90 without having the performance of one, while with the T-72B3 you at least get the quantity for the money you spend. That's also why when they can they're making new T-72B3 with hulls that at least incorporate the changes in metallurgy compared to the old T-72B hulls (the 1985 hull variants that were already considerably thicker than T-72 and T-72S and is the only variant in service in Russia).

And to finish on the BMP-3

>(apparently like 200 of them are made in this millennium)

200+ were made for the Russian army in three years recently:


Also for the Msta it means they're basically all the 152mm around.

A basic Russian brigade artillery component is is 36 SPAAG, 18 MLRS (light), 12 vehicle mortars, 12 field guns.

Msta replace the Akatsiya but 152mm guns are in minority as far as artillery is concerned. Even more so as there is a mobility concern for some units that force them to keep the amphibious Gvozdika for which specific replacement must be made (either 2S34 Hosta on the same chassis or 2S31 Vena on BMP-3 chassis but they haven't decided yet as there is only one unit of each for evaluation).

Those tank numbers are off by a thousand, unless you count only the stuff modernized (350 T-90A, 1300 T-72B3, 200 T-72BA, 250 T-80U, 50+ T-80BVM -order for 350, delivered 62 this year-), there is around a thousand extra T-72B in active service due to the fact that in 2016 the Russian army expanded with 10 more tanks battalions.

One of the reason Russian numbers are greatly inaccurate is that they went under several major military reforms shortly one after the other and the Russian MoD only gives out very undetailed numbers. They just say this year we've accepted X numbers of "armor", X number of "artillery" and X number of "vehicles" "in service", with "in service" meaning both new and upgrades, "armor" meaning frontline vehicle (tanks, IFVs be they with wheels or tracks), "artillery" being pretty much everything else that lobs rounds, including ATGM tank destroyers and vehicles being everything else, from MRAPs APCs to field kitchens…

Also friendly reminder that the US Army has only 10 tank brigades with 87 tanks each and 3 of those are National Guards, when almost every other NATO country tank fleets are either in two digits or completely obsolete (sometimes both).

0db7f9  No.640105


>Also friendly reminder that the US Army has only 10 tank brigades with 87 tanks each and 3 of those are National Guards, when almost every other NATO country tank fleets are either in two digits or completely obsolete (sometimes both).

You silly russian troll, what would NATO need tanks for when it has F-35? :^)

1c8100  No.640107


>Additionally a peashooter main gun

73mm gun is a peashooter? If anything all those shitty 30mm and 20mm guns mounted on modern IFVs are shit, we should have gone Russian way and install 100mm guns on our IFVs (like in BMP-3) instead of shitty Rosomaks with 30mm peashooters

>Shitty armor, most russian tanks can destroy it easily.

Most modern tanks can get one shooted by other tanks

13dabc  No.640120

File: e644552c068481a⋯.png (138.51 KB, 330x703, 330:703, smugary.png)


Why exterminate them? They can work for us in the paprika mines.

e5015c  No.640152


What's the historical basis for this genocidal fury? Does it go beyond just what happened in WW1 and 2?

dec31b  No.640154

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>What we can know for sure because it's well documented outside of Russia is how much they sold abroad.

I'm aware that they make soviet era shit to sell to 3rd world dictatorships and sandniggers (and South Korea, surprised they bought some), and I don't care. I was talking about what they use in their army, as I assumed that was what you were talking about when you said "Russia has more new stuff than the US"

>200+ were made for the Russian army in three years recently:

That article says 200+. It can 201, it can be 3000. That's meaningless, and I doubt that more than 400 are new if they are using wording like "200+"


>73mm gun is a peashooter?

Yeah. It's not big enough to be a proper tank cannon and it's not small enough to be a fast firing IFV cannon. So all you have is some outdated as fuck pop gun on a dogshit IFV with zero armour. 20-40mm cannons are perfect because they are INFANTRY fighting vehicles. Are you aware of the kind of damage that 30mm airburst can do? Vid related.

54860e  No.640191


Russians don't give solid numbers on things they perceive as sensitive information. Nobody will ever know unless you walk into the White House and steal away with the paperwork. What the frog is getting at is they've probably got double of what they've exported.

162483  No.640197


>Russians don't give solid numbers on things they perceive as sensitive information

Yes, that's why I think it's probably 20-50% bluff. I think the Russians are the types of people to show themselves as stronger than they really are.

2fb2da  No.640205

File: af4d74175f06eff⋯.jpg (39.04 KB, 500x333, 500:333, nlv342.jpg)


And then they will gain independence from you. And then (((they))) will make them seek to vote in your elections. And then they are suddenly a huge problem while everyone says their not.

Castration is obviously a good option to prevent. Remember to think about the future of your kin.

3a8fe5  No.640209


Not double as during the 90's they very likely never bought any in more than two digits, but around as much (1000-1300) chassis is a sensible estimate, as all the BMP-3 that were provided to the Middle-East were in the 90's and the factory hasn't layed anyone off when those orders had been completed. They have to be have been doing something and the export volume clearly isn't the same, so those extra vehicles went somewhere.

Now all of those won't be IFV's, Chrysanthemum-S for example are often seen and seem to have largely replaced the 9P149 Shturm-S in most units (and you have 12 of those in each tank, infantry and artillery brigade and because of that those are ordered continuously in yearly small batches of 12/24/36).

Replacing IFVs is a pain because you need to make a small batch for initial training (8 or 12) then at least outfit a minimal strength battalion (99 in Russia: 3x(30 BMP-3+ 1 BMP-3K) + 5 BREM-L + 1 BMP-3K), while conserving the other battalions on other platforms but keeping everyone maneuver ready.

While changing the specialized vehicles that are already on a different maintenance and training schedule is much easier to do even if they cost more to buy.

So they might have only 700 IFV's (seems low considering they had 300+ in 1993 for sure and added 200+ in the 2015-2017 period) version of the BMP-3 and a lot of other things.

Also you have to remind yourself that the numbers from the navy (naval infantry) are often excluded from the estimate.

For example there is a known variant of the PT-76 with a 57mm autogun that is known to have replaced ALL the naval infantry tanks (so at least 100 maybe 200) during the early 2000's for which there is a grand total of 0 photos save some from an old prototype on a brochure. Naval infantry are known to have been the prime recipients of armor firepower upgrades in all vehicles due to the fact that their tank battalions are clearly not up for a fight against their equivalent (which would be USMC upgraded M1s that don't really have the same upgraded due to weight concerns as mainline US army M1s), then they just went "fuck it" and decided to give them normal tanks.

They definitely have some BMP-3 but how many is anyone guess (it's even worse because naval infantry units don't follow the pattern of Russian units, 1st battalion may be on tracked IFVs, 2nd might be an air assault battalion so their vehicles can be BTR since they're a placeholder, 3rd might be a ship/base security battalion, etc…)

f509ac  No.641032


Was that turks raping Slavs, or Slavs raping turks?


Depends what you want to do with them. As APCs they'll still do their job pretty well. If you want them to become decent combat vehicles then with the up-armouring, upgraded engine, new CCC gear, weapons etc it's probably going to be cheaper to buy something else.

7861aa  No.641044


It goes back all the way to the 13th century, when the first hairy-soled romamaniac set their foot on the sacred Hungarian land of Erdély. Ever since that, they used every opportunity to backstab us.

6158d5  No.641048


>Eurasian steppe nomad mad at indigenous Europeans his hunnic ancestors displaced

Magyars truly are the Turks of Europe.

13dabc  No.641049

File: ec4fd3e16acb20d⋯.jpg (150.13 KB, 735x487, 735:487, t-72m1-3.jpg)

File: 6f12ca52230d4e5⋯.jpg (94.75 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, t-72M1-4.jpg)

File: d98ec81dcaa741c⋯.jpg (239.53 KB, 1000x676, 250:169, t72m1-2.jpg)

File: 2530c4224eb5d5c⋯.jpg (189.77 KB, 800x600, 4:3, t72m1.jpg)


I guess we won't get rid of our Sovietshit so easily then…

Anyway, the question is the same about the T-72M1. It's old. It's a downgraded export model. During Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom, the Iraqi T-72M's barely even knew which direction they are being turbofucked from by the Abrams tanks and Bradleys of the US military. Can the T-72M be upgraded to a decent standard? We have a lot of them in storage.


We embraced Christianity and feudalism pretty quickly though, almost as soon as we arrived.

7861aa  No.641053

File: 7a265752501e915⋯.jpg (149.73 KB, 798x870, 133:145, 15435228754936.jpg)

3a8fe5  No.641067


>Can the T-72M be upgraded to a decent standard?

Not really. The basic armor is just too thin. It was designed to be a match with 105mm guns not 120mm.

The T-72B armor on the frontal arc is almost twice as thick from the T-72M, the only difference with the M1 is added bolted-on armor.

Poland had partnered with KMW and Nexter to make a comprehensive packs of new engine + bolted armor + modern computer/sights/optics + ERA for theirs so you could get that but it never went anywhere because why modernize your cold war era tank fleets when you can just give all the money to Germany to buy their cold war era tanks (that are no better but hey it's German tanks they have some magical Nazi blitzkrieg in them).

13dabc  No.641072


But at least the Nazi Blitzkrieg Panzerkampfwagen Leogepardkatze Schadenfreude Zeitgeist Vergeltungsaparat Kriegmaschinesturmstosspanzerwagengeratwotanmaschine is not a *deliberately downgraded* monkey model like the T-72M.

7861aa  No.641078


Yes, and those few dozens of Leos will be more effective and cool at cleaning away the snow on our roads at winter.

2aa907  No.641118


isn't Cobi the ones with the hilarious white cop brown terrorist set? also that tank is sick.

13dabc  No.641231

File: e5139163363d5f7⋯.jpg (1.38 MB, 1922x1200, 961:600, lego vs cobi.jpg)

File: 42f44177f31109d⋯.jpg (84.4 KB, 323x500, 323:500, cobi.jpg)


It was them. Gaze upon all the fucks Cobi doesn't give.

44b359  No.641252



COBI confirmed redpill?

bfcb6a  No.641254


No, just polish.

eacb39  No.641259

File: 1df6f1ba1021637⋯.gif (1.76 MB, 400x206, 200:103, kek.gif)


>Nazi Blitzkrieg Panzerkampfwagen Leogepardkatze Schadenfreude Zeitgeist Vergeltungsaparat Kriegmaschinesturmstosspanzerwagengeratwotanmaschine

3f3718  No.641271


>(that are no better but hey it's German tanks they have some magical Nazi blitzkrieg in them)

I think more its a NATO thing.

Germany had to reduce its tank fleet because of unification. The majority of these tanks was sold to NATO partners closer to Russia.

Also all of Poland's production centers are in the reach of Russia's missiles and artillery, meaning they would be gone fast in a potential war with Russia.

Meanwhile 11 other Countries in Europe are using the Leopard 2 and could theoretically support them with material and spare parts.

On top of that even the unchanged Cold War German tanks they got are of newer production than the Cold War Soviet tanks. Poland already made a tech upgrade by switching platform.

13dabc  No.641273

File: 26b545069aab50c⋯.jpg (175.08 KB, 1490x2048, 745:1024, 15110363_1142947165782198_….jpg)

File: 64bed3834afd76e⋯.jpg (79.59 KB, 750x568, 375:284, I will now sing you the so….jpg)

File: 1b98e0b3e3c5670⋯.jpg (72.03 KB, 1234x816, 617:408, 16722842_1876990982548998_….jpg)

File: bfffd38e8167e1c⋯.jpg (85.59 KB, 952x519, 952:519, lud6.jpg)

File: 773be6411cc7098⋯.jpg (77.29 KB, 800x559, 800:559, csaba is dirty, he needs a….jpg)


Pls sell us MORE. We hunger for your technology.

a0a36d  No.641274


We should build our own tanks already tbh. Buying foreign weapons can only get us so far…

13dabc  No.641276


Realistically, it will be a while before we can build something as complex as a tank. An APC or armoured cars? Perhaps. A decent tank? That would take decades. Having said that, an armament industry would provide us with a lot of income.

016c73  No.641280


>Also all of Poland's production centers are in the reach of Russia's missiles and artillery, meaning they would be gone fast in a potential war with Russia.

It's not Russia Poland should be afraid of. The greatest threat lies in France and Germany in the form of durkas deciding to civil war or EU deciding to punish bad goys with force

f25acb  No.641307


How do I into /Magyar/ if I am already /k/ and no longer a patriot (currently 0% Magyar blood atm)?

13dabc  No.641313


You must pass the trials first, neophyte.

295fc3  No.641314

File: 74434adb30e117a⋯.png (217.8 KB, 1906x1568, 953:784, Rzeczpospolita_Rozbiory_3.png)


Speaking of failed empires…

20a0a1  No.641316


>Why exterminate them? They can work for us in the paprika mines

I've answered this question before, and some even took a screencap of it.

No people in the history of mankind remained permanently slaves to somebody else. Sooner or later the slaves earned their freedom either through politics or violence. It may take 5 years, 10 years, 100 years, 500 years, maybe even an entire millennium, but sooner or later the slaves will break free.

Turkey's greatest, most horrible mistake, a mistake they regret to this very day, was not killing us all when they had the chance. They instead used us for taxes, farming, labor and to take boys and women from a village for rape and/or turning them into soldiers.

But years later, we had enough of it, and against all odds plus with the help of European countries, we pushed them back.

Turkey could today be neighbors with Italy and Ukraine, but they're instead back to the starting point with a thousands-year old enemy sitting right next to them with 120,000 troops, each lusting for turkish genocide.

When Hungary conquers Romania (and it will happen, even if we don't get to see it in our lifetime), they NEED to genocide all romanians, or else X years later the decision to let them live will bite them in the ass.

I say it again, and again, and again. Genocide is the solution to every problem on planet earth.

016c73  No.641320


>all of Anatolia turkish

>starting point

20a0a1  No.641323


Where do you think they started from? Turks are a mix of races. Though they believe they wuz mongols n' shieet

20a0a1  No.641327

check out every single mongolian throat-singing video on youtube. 100% guaranteed turkroach posters thinking they wuz great mongol conquerors

016c73  No.641328


>Where do you think they started from?

Today's Turkmenistan

>Turks are a mix of races.

Yeah, the altaic turdburglars, greeks, armenians, and indigenous anatolians. Anatolia prior to their conquest belonged to Eastern Roman Empire, therefore to Greeks. Therefore, the only way turks could be at a "starting point" is if you acknowledge them as greeks (which I do not)

a0a36d  No.641330


True enough. Our ancestors had no problem with killing whoever resisted their conquest , why should we? Its only when they had let in others to work on their lands was when the decline started…

20a0a1  No.641333


I consider them to be at the starting point because Turkey is all they have. Their borders don't go as far as Turkmenistan. Compared to their peak, today they are nothing.

04352c  No.641344


Are you implying we should not send them back to mongolia?

016c73  No.641346


>Compared to their peak, today they are nothing.

One could say the same about Greece… Anatolia was full of Greeks under BYZ.

20a0a1  No.641349


>One could say the same about Greece

Correct. Compared to our ancerstors we are literal worthless dumb niggers. They conquered nations, they were the leaders in science and half the known world spoke Greek.

Nowadays we rely on others for weapons, computers, medicine etc. We don't invent anything and we don't conquer shit. The entire world speaks english and nobody outside of Greece speaks Greek.

We truly are a miserable pile of shit, and it pains me deeply.


I wish for their genocide in every thread anon

04352c  No.641352

File: c3ea073645486a2⋯.png (382.08 KB, 609x799, 609:799, 5c4.png)


>Imagine a world where NATO never existed and the Balkans were allowed to wage war to whoever and whenever they wanted with no foreign interference to stop them


0b3cc7  No.641354


If only. Hell, you could televise it all so we get combat footage and sweet sweet slaughter in high definition.

Goddamn clownworld can't make anything fun.

a0a36d  No.641357


I know, right? In the Medieval era everyone had their share of fun and life. Boring is the age of ours with small armies, nukes and international jewish control…

590e8a  No.641358


Gone are the days of fun toys as well. Everything is missile this, drone that.

I want a return of battleships, anti-tank rifles, propeller-driven planes with dogfighting, bayonet charges, and all sorts of old-school military autism.

13dabc  No.641359

File: ce443da790110cd⋯.jpg (50.77 KB, 255x191, 255:191, red baron.jpg)


>ywn be a fighter pilot during the golden age of flight

Existence is torment.

8def3d  No.641370


PTRD saw use in ukraine even with vintage ammo.

a0a36d  No.641375

This timeline slowly slipped down the shitter after 1945.

c62960  No.641379

File: 9e4ec0f09d54297⋯.jpg (532.55 KB, 1281x900, 427:300, 1910_peoples.jpg)

20a0a1  No.641383


>macedonian slavs

Literally doesn't exist

a66a74  No.641388


>ulster shown as being inhabited by irish, not scots

Shit map

e3030b  No.641461


>Serbian Coast

kinda based

also interesting that schleswig holstein is still danish in the population centers

a0a36d  No.641501

File: 98957a276245eb7⋯.jpg (225.35 KB, 1024x732, 256:183, Europe 1914.jpg)


That map is inaccurate in a few places ethnicity-wise. Wien and its surroundigs was never majoriry Hungarian. Here is a bit more accurate version.

1c8100  No.641528

File: 3411a4d3d94bdb3⋯.jpg (184.48 KB, 800x480, 5:3, Alexander_the_Great_mosaic.jpg)

File: aa91520abff5054⋯.jpg (9.71 KB, 291x173, 291:173, neonazi skinheads bully a ….jpg)


>2300 years later greeks are still butthurt that a Macedonian conquered their nation

568da6  No.641533


Someone better invent force fields and quick.

2cdf23  No.641538


As far as I know, most Danes stayed in Schleswig after the Second Schleswig War, my own family included. Holstein, not so much, as Germans were already a majority before the war in this region.

04352c  No.641568


>Alexander the Great wuz so Slav even pollacks take pride in his conquering of Greece

dfac2e  No.641580


>The greatest threat lies in France and Germany in the form of durkas deciding to civil war or EU deciding to punish bad goys with force.

Islamic terrorism is a US/NATO plot to have a casus belli for the Middle East, terrorist attacks in the West are orchestrated to either gather support for a war from the public or to punish the public for their lack of support for US/NATO.

The only way that a civil war will be caused by these people is if US/NATO fears to lose their puppet state and uses it as an excuse to enact martial law, this way the puppets have direct access to the entire war material of their countries to serve US/NATO.

And that will only happen if US/NATO has a dire need for this war material for a massive war.

Because of the geopolitical location of Europe, this massive war can only be fought in either North Africa, the Middle East, the Caucasus or Russia.

016c73  No.641601


>Islamic terrorism is a US/NATO plot to have a casus belli for the Middle East

Certainly, among other things.

>The only way that a civil war will be caused by these people is if US/NATO fears to lose their puppet state

Not so, anon. Only a few muslims in europe have a direct connection to NATO. However, the rest is not without agency either. They desire a radically different way of life from the european one, and are actually willing to fight for it, unlike europeans. Furthermore, most of the leech off of welfare, yet the economies of their host countries are already at their limit – you can seeit with yellow jackets in France, where in order to support the welfare state, the working population got taxed beyond a bearable amount. And up until now, economy enjoyed massive growth. Come the next economical crisis, you will see rise of unemployment, creating more demand for welfare, lower wages, and a system that is forced to cut welfare as a result, something all the muslims depending on it will not like at all.

Sooner or later, the muslims will try to take control of your country and shape it to their liking. The only real question is whether they'll do it violently, or if they'll try to organise themselves as a political entity.

13dabc  No.641611

File: 6424042e6af6830⋯.png (461.37 KB, 641x480, 641:480, V4 in a nutshell.png)

This just in.


Mutual Czech-Hungarian-Polish-Slovakian exercise, soon.

e5015c  No.641612


Was retaining the land more important than remaining in a country of their own people?

a0a36d  No.641631

File: 59ef7ccbc2a1e80⋯.jpg (44.36 KB, 646x430, 323:215, Orban-Netanyahu-and-Heisle….jpg)


Yay, its almost like we are no longer jew puppets…

2cdf23  No.641632


It never was a case of "…remaining in a country of their own people". Despite being the area being ruled by Prussia, large parts of Slesvig remained Danish in terms of population and culture. Many Danes in these areas developed an even stronger national identity, as a counterreaction to the Prussian occupation and influence.

8dfff9  No.641745

Most likely a stupid question, but since it's a Hungary thread…

The best firearm license you can reasonably get in Hungary is a hunting license, which allows for class c firearms, correct?

e3030b  No.641884



Interesting. This tends to be the case in my reading that frontier people or those involved in irridentist claims tend to be more nationally conservative than the rest (Republika Srpska, Krajina, Transylvanian Hungarians, Boers, etc.)

eacb39  No.641945


Why Orban wears a hat instead of a jew-cap? Is he trying to send a message?

20a0a1  No.641948

File: 0d13fa23900fa72⋯.png (78.34 KB, 1090x637, 1090:637, WE WUZ ALEXANDER.png)


>that flag

opinions discarded

016c73  No.641949


But how can my country participate in an army exercise if it has no army to speak of?

a0a36d  No.641954


He is a g*psy, it is a regular for them to wear black hats.


The same way that my country - that also lacks a proper army - could do so. Atleast you have a military industry to speak of…

eacb39  No.641967


> He is a g*psy, it is a regular for them to wear black hats.

Really? Is this legit?

a66e90  No.641970

File: d44d34d6b865a19⋯.jpg (89.67 KB, 902x491, 902:491, Orbán is a terv része!.jpg)

File: 80632511ddbe6c3⋯.jpg (93 KB, 758x618, 379:309, Orbán katonakorában.jpg)

File: a204e724b1dd0dc⋯.gif (794.02 KB, 375x279, 125:93, Orbán magyaráz.gif)

File: ff4abed12a5c7d5⋯.jpeg (321.7 KB, 2000x1331, 2000:1331, Orbán Viktor a Kossuth Rá….jpeg)

File: c397049f10db44a⋯.jpg (47.67 KB, 400x524, 100:131, Orbán_1980.jpg)


Well, in Burgeristan he'd be white as a clean sheet, but we have different standards here.

eacb39  No.641982


But Hungarians are not white.

a66e90  No.641983

File: f9d74fb249c5ca5⋯.jpg (114.38 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Hunyadista.jpg)


But we are not shitskins either.

016c73  No.641986

File: 8fd3f2c1d28cd4b⋯.png (114.48 KB, 185x328, 185:328, ClipboardImage.png)


Of fucking course not, have you never seen a gypsy? They look like a little whiter pajeets

13dabc  No.647636

Update. Orbán and Mike Pompeo will meet in Budapest. Relations between the Hungarian and the US governments have been pretty bad, in no small part because Orbán being a disgusting little cunt that only Putin and Erdogan would miss, but also because the Department of State and the Department of Defense disapproves of the fact that Hungary buys most of its military hardware from Germany, France, Czechia and Sweden instead of the US. It is said that Orbán is pretty desperate to be given an audience with Trump (or any US president), so this could mean additional military procurement contracts.

Stay tuned.

53d8c2  No.647647


Says the belarus Mongolian rapebaby…


Don't be this much of a cuck.


>Orbán and Mike Pompeo will meet in Budapest. Relations between the Hungarian and the US governments have been pretty bad

We are not acting like good goys so the (((boss))) sends his enforcers to teach us how to be good liberal democrats…

>in no small part because Orbán being a disgusting little cunt that only Putin and Erdogan would miss

Any alternatives?

> the Department of State and the Department of Defense disapproves of the fact that Hungary buys most of its military hardware from Germany, France, Czechia and Sweden instead of the US. It is said that Orbán is pretty desperate to be given an audience with Trump (or any US president), so this could mean additional military procurement contracts.

Good, so we are not only required to buy NATO weaponry, but SPECIFICALLY US weapons, just because?

13dabc  No.647661


It is not a matter of being good goyim or not. Let's face it: le based Orbán royally fucked up; he is an extremely unreliable as an ally, incompetent as a leader and insufferable as a person.

9bd135  No.647666


His life proves that with jews you win. He is in power only because they hired actual jewish propagandists from Israel, and a lot of people are too retarded to break free of that truly jewish propaganda machine.

4e2fa9  No.647673


All the Hungarians I've met have looked white now the Romanians on the other hand.

53d8c2  No.647676


Ikr? Funfact: 85% of the buildings in Transylvania that are more than 100 years old were built by Hungarians.

53d8c2  No.647697

File: af534ca436a2926⋯.jpg (882.6 KB, 1501x916, 1501:916, Orbán-Bibi Pact.jpg)


But testvér, Orbán is a good goy…

a1d828  No.647698

Hungary shows that all you need is a chain linked fence and men who're willing to kill to defend their borders.

20a0a1  No.649007

File: 7f42a56c9a4b6bc⋯.jpg (338.26 KB, 2140x1460, 107:73, 22.jpg)

Just learned that Hungary will give benefits to white families with 2+ children. God bless you lads. The more Aryan children to populate this earth, the better. http://archive.fo/JUSRS

006e0a  No.649009

File: f9129c0a8805839⋯.jpg (92.22 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, fidelitasz1.jpg)

File: 742ceab5559526f⋯.jpg (92.93 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, fidelitasz2.jpg)

File: a5b2888b304677c⋯.jpeg (335.17 KB, 2000x1331, 2000:1331, fideszesek.jpeg)

File: f2324cebc4159d2⋯.jpeg (266.59 KB, 2000x1423, 2000:1423, Fideszesek-Cser-Palkovics….jpeg)

File: 0a455372b64f4de⋯.jpeg (219.87 KB, 2000x1333, 2000:1333, orbánista.jpeg)


Empty promises and gibsmedat that only makes the situation worse. They already did it with CSOK: they gave 10 million HUF to every family that wanted a new house if they had or promisde that they will have at least 3 children. And they were also eligible for an additional loan of 10 million HUF. The result is that now every new house costs 20 million HUF (around $65 000) more that before, so now people are forced to take up that loan if they want a new house. The same thing will happen with used cars now: they will be 2,5 million HUF more that before, because baste Orbán cares about us that much. The rest of this package focuses on getting back women to work after giving birth as quickly as possible, so these children will grew up without their mothers. That's simply fantastic, isn't it?

If this fat gypsy and his jewish mafia knew what they were doing, then they'd just work as hard as possible to lower the taxes, get rid of welfare, and discourage women from working. Then a single father's work would be enough to raise a family, and we'd have a decent population growth. But again, they are doing the exact opposite: there was a strike in the Audi factory at Győr (apparently it's the single greatest engine factory of the world), because the people there didn't want to work like slaves for peanuts. The comment of baste Fidesz on that? One of these monkeys literally said that we Hungarians should accept that we get paid less for more work than everyone else in this part of Europe, let alone in more prosperous parts. They honestly believe that we should work ourselves to death for the benefit of foreign companies, and that will somehow make our country great. But that's all right, because Fidesz is all for HUWITE ARYANS!

82b0d6  No.649010


This magyar >>649009 said it right. I'm also not entirely convinced that those gibs are not just going to end up in g*psy hands, further growing their number, the tensions between us and these animals and the pressure on the almost-empty pensioner system. Thank you for your good wishes Greece, but I doubt /pol/ has a completely accurate grasp on the situation here…

t. Hungarian from the northeastern part of the country

Is this a Hungarian general thread from now on?

20a0a1  No.649012


What a shame, thought this was a good thing.


>Is this a Hungarian general thread from now on?


eacb39  No.649013


Don't Hungarian nationalists larp as turks?

006e0a  No.649014


Did you know that there are millions of Hungarians, and there are more than one group of Hungarian nationalists?

20a0a1  No.649017

File: d94837372dbb28a⋯.jpg (118.4 KB, 900x712, 225:178, download (1).jpg)

File: cc39f772475547f⋯.jpg (34.91 KB, 388x550, 194:275, download (2).jpg)

File: eb23f7a55d522f5⋯.jpg (4.15 MB, 2441x1654, 2441:1654, download (3).jpg)

File: faf1f5c6eb686c8⋯.jpg (169.72 KB, 1404x936, 3:2, download (4).jpg)

File: 90f738d57d889bf⋯.jpg (92.95 KB, 600x449, 600:449, download.jpg)


hwat did yuo fuckan say yo muthafucka white cracka, we wuz roman kangz n shiet, da purest white breed in europe

nao pay up some cash nigguh i gotta feed my 9 children

7a3a32  No.649034

Why not just kill gypsies, it doesn't seem like the government would give a shit about them.

375bca  No.649050


Yeah sure. It's nothing like everyone west of us would come to buttrape us the moment it would be found out we are genociding them with some of our neighbours being more than happy to march against us. We have to wait until the globohomo age ends to deal with them permanently…

7a3a32  No.649052

File: d551b4604c7564f⋯.jpg (24.77 KB, 222x350, 111:175, Hitman.jpg)


I didn't mean on a massive systematic scale I meant in the alleyways and their gatherings, you and some other folk could do it and it would be a regional issue I think, of course there would precautions and planning to undertake so you wouldn't waste your life over a few dead subhumans. Think about all the serial killers still wandering the streets in America that haven't gotten caught yet.

1de93c  No.649120

File: 765c5f393d79140⋯.png (68.88 KB, 210x339, 70:113, 765c5f393d79140cc184067b60….png)


>You can't even make tea with them.

>mfw no battlefield tea

a08e86  No.649139

File: e38035ebb92c410⋯.jpg (103.35 KB, 1000x436, 250:109, atchisson assault shotgun ….jpg)


Q: What's the difference between a Greek and a Turk?

A: None.

P.S. Here is an image of an AA-12.

2c8e2c  No.649153


That's an anti-white meme.

I almost got mad when my sister in law refer to the greeks as arabs/turks when I was in France.


cf8cdf  No.649161



What are you "non whites" doing in France?

2c8e2c  No.649163



cf8cdf  No.649166


Your family living permanently there.

2c8e2c  No.649168


No, my family actually doesn't.

cf8cdf  No.649171

File: 178049ed5dd43ae⋯.png (66.86 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, trump-border-wall-comic.png)


Your cousin lives there polishing nails, sperggook.

2c8e2c  No.649172


Nope, keep on the projection tho.

cf8cdf  No.649176


You must thinks everyone here has goldfish brain. Alright, next time when you slip it out of your mouth Im sure we will remind you of it :)

2c8e2c  No.649177


Well, OK? This seems a little…creepy.

cf8cdf  No.649179


Just a reminder that we tolerate to a degree even with Nationalism. But you are the kind that we despite.

20a0a1  No.649263

File: 27ef30391dc1409⋯.jpg (131.76 KB, 519x389, 519:389, download.jpg)


>gupsy getting this assmad

e3030b  No.649267


Women in third picture are quite attractive. Especially for political women. Is that common in HunAryan land?


This is an actual question I have had. In Europe the gypsies have been there for some time and Europe has had plenty of population transfers and genocides/ethnic cleansings over the centuries. How is it that no one has wiped out the gypsies yet? Even in one country alone?

20a0a1  No.649268


Because womyn think of gypsies as some kind of poor dindu nuffin oppressed people and we gotta accept them for who they are.

Thankfully however, the majority of the male population is well aware that gypsies are subhuman trash that steal bikes, cars, railway tracks, electric cables, and children. The moment a non-cucked government rises, gypsies will get either deported or legit killed on sight

8be7cd  No.649273


What do gypsies do with kidnapped children?

Do gypsies work with the Jews and Albanians in organised crime or are they too dumb for serious shit?

20a0a1  No.649275

File: e55b1025ad64609⋯.jpg (194.48 KB, 1024x1023, 1024:1023, stolen child 1.jpg)

File: 23b4bcaf9589121⋯.jpg (75.3 KB, 492x985, 492:985, stolen child 2.jpg)

File: d7b2c6f36e56e9f⋯.jpg (134.91 KB, 512x503, 512:503, stolen children.jpg)


>What do gypsies do with kidnapped children?

Pic related, so they can later LARP as white, though some other times they sell them

>Do gypsies work with the Jews and Albanians in organised crime or are they too dumb for serious shit?

Albanians and gypsies don't get along, for 2 main reasons. First, the Albanians think they're white and therefore better than gypsies - and with the exception of the white thing, that's true, they are better. Secondly, gypsies see Albanians as competition. You can't have 2 different thieves steal 1 car, can you?

e2f20c  No.649298


And Serbs were the anglo-kikes and russia-kikes greatest allies.

7a3a32  No.649321



Please spoiler these.

cc2ce0  No.649331

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>I want a return of battleships, anti-tank rifles, propeller-driven planes with dogfighting, bayonet charges

>old school military autism


<AT rifles


<old school

What sort of pleb are you?

cdb62a  No.649403

File: 9ba0b6b8c6f5f81⋯.jpg (15.18 KB, 275x275, 1:1, 1499126111565.jpg)

Daily reminder that there's a free-to-play game out there where you can play all of these tanks mentioned in this thread.

Armored Warfare. Join us anon.

749aa9  No.649406


>muh kikes

Didn't turks save kikes ass in middle ages by essentially sheltering the entire european jewish population?


>german flag


lol imagine the feeling of your nation being an utter shithole so you move to a nation populated by superior people just so you can shittalk other superior people.

7a3a32  No.649409


Turkey was also the only Muslim country to protect and support Israel for decades, jews and Turks are intertwined with one another.

749aa9  No.649410


They are all fruit from the same filthy Akkadian root.

20a0a1  No.649411


>armored cucks

No thanks

13dabc  No.649750

File: 922bd99ae5d153f⋯.jpg (117.93 KB, 776x800, 97:100, folyamőr3.jpg)

They have the USMC and the Royal Marines.

But we have Béla. Is that right, Béla?

>Uuuuuuuuurgh. Béla is stronk. Béla is angry. Béla will smash heads to death.

Good lad.

b48489  No.649753


That one on the right is a big guy…

6de71f  No.649760

File: e158ab76c857c80⋯.png (99.89 KB, 1064x601, 1064:601, Screenshot_2019-02-18 Do R….png)


>googled "greece gypsy stolen children"

>huffington post saying that they dindu nuffins

God fucking dammit. Every time, I thought they only cared about niggers in America, not Europe.

13dabc  No.649770


Well, they certainly care about Gypsies and diversity in general and I am sure that our Gypsies would happily try their luck in a society that cares for them. I sense a business opportunity here.

805781  No.649780


Murican shitlibs actually love defending those poor oppressed gypsies and denouncing those ebil racist Europeans who happen to live next to them.

Telescopic empathy goes hand in hand with telescopic charity.

0ed5b4  No.649783



Oh man, I've seen it with my own two eyes and I witness the gypsies' degeneracy and savagery every day, but this famous site says that actually I'm just delusional so I guess they are right and I'm wrong!

Those white children in their camps? Totally theirs! All the stolen cars, cables, metals, clothes, bikes and food? It's all theirs too! They bought it all!

Gypsies don't steal, it's just racist white baseless stereotypes :)

#WeAreAllEqual #DestroyRacism #ProtectMinorities #AnimalsArePeopleToo

5c459a  No.649789


A propaganda effort should be taken over to get g*psies to move to countries planning to intruduce universal basic income…

0ca3dc  No.649939


Didn't that game commit suicide with some retarded game mechanic where the more protected the vehicle was, the more damage you did? So everyone shot at the crab's strongest point for massive damage and it took them six months or so before realizing that was a retarded idea? Also I remember people saying the maps were all way too small. When you manage to somehow do worse than WoT then you know you fucked up pretty bad.


>WoT was made by a shovelware studio as a last ditch effort to cash in on WoW with an engine so out of date it was for RTS games and because of this it rendered the core of the damage mechanics as an HP bar which is now accepted as what the game is about so it will never become accurate

>WT is made by a bunch of literal communists who lie, cheat and degrade their fans while having no respect for the people that fought and died in wars, going as far as banning people pointing out the 105mm L7 will make mince meat of a T54 as it was made to do so

>Steel beasts is $500

Why must tank fags suffer so?

13dabc  No.650183

File: 070c7404ba83e94⋯.jpg (150.2 KB, 2048x1401, 2048:1401, decontamination.jpg)


Embrace the suffering. Pain is your friend.

5c459a  No.650192

File: cf68338b845b3ad⋯.jpg (797.83 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, Why the German insignia.jpg)


WoT was ok until it went full shekelgrabbing.

3fcb40  No.650447

File: 27be55284f0dfe9⋯.jpg (25.12 KB, 242x329, 242:329, timecvr.jpg)

Best thread on the board right now. Question, magyar anons, just because it's not well documented in the west. Is FEG still producing weapons? If not, what the hell happened?

b48489  No.650474


FÉG stopped manufacturing weapons after 2004 because many of its traditional export markets were put under embargo. They almost went bankrupt in 2010 and were bought by the MPF Industry Goup. Now they are HVAC manufacturers only as far as I know.

b48489  No.650475



3fcb40  No.650482


That's a crying shame. Magyar guns are some of the coolest and my favorite to collect. If only cuckold politics weren't so prevalent.

02c138  No.650486



I actually know someone who knows someone who works for a company that holds the leftover stockpiles of FÉG. There are lots and lots of parts for Mosins and pistols there. They might plan to restart the brand, but it's less than a rumour at this point. Also, it should be noted that in the last years their machinery was so worn out that they had to fit some parts by hand, and so they weren't interchangeable between guns.


If you also like CZ then you are in luck, because we licensed a few of their guns, and maybe you'll see a few P-09s on the market that were produced in Hungary. That's not the same, but this is the closest in the foreseeable future, as the factory is already assembling weapons from Czech parts, and they are slowly starting up their own production lines.

0ca3dc  No.650589


It was serviceable until the tier 8 premium powercreep got way out of hand. I played it since they released the french tank tree and dropped it when they fucked the way arty worked with the dumb stun mechanic and reusable consumables like how they were in warships. At least I only ever spent 20 bucks on it for camo and emblems when it was on sale. I'm not a whale for doing that, right?

b48489  No.650603


Dunno, I started playing in 2012 and left somewhere in the end of 2014. When did these "tier 8 premium powercreep" stuffs happened? It was a long time, I can't really remember to many things. I know they put new nations and new tech trees into it but I only gone into it since 2014 for the new years premium tanks.

859a9b  No.650612

File: 32ddc56e37139cc⋯.png (12.21 KB, 1411x93, 1411:93, Screenshot_5.png)


The t8 powercreep bullshit started with the Chrysler G or patriot, I can't exactly remember and shortly after the whole drama where they fired then DMCA striked a community contributor for calling them moneygrubbing faggots happened and culminated with the STRONK NONBIAS RUSSIAN VICTORY MACHINE BLJAT ONLY HAVE 54% OVERALL GLOBAL WINRATE COMRADE, the Defender, and it's been a downhill ride ever since. Fun fact, more than half of the top 10 vehicles by win rate are Russian, since even minor vodkaniggers simply can't stop themselves from being massive commie faggots They're also adding wheeled french light armor right now so there's a "play 8 hours a day" to get a 50 eurodollar tank for (((free))) event going on right now.

0ca3dc  No.650624


The patriot was fair for its tier actually. It was just a WW2 spec pershing with the founding fathers as crew men. It started more with the uparmored super pershings everywhere, then the 112, then the FV4202, the 90mm M41 walker bulldog, and then the AMX-CDC… The second to last straw was the fucking borsig scorpion, But it really got terrible once the Chrysler K GF hit the scene. Wargaming Europe got into a spat with a popular youtuber while Wargaming north America fought the copyright strike and actually tried to remove the Chrysler from the game but was unable to do so.

Bear in mind that they had also totally ruined light tanks completely after they were finally getting to be playable by making their tier 10 view ranges worse than teir 6 heavy tanks. This and them fucking with my Conqueror to "bring it more in line with the Churchill infantry tank style play" was the main reason I quit. The ruination of arty and continuing rape train of premium tier 8 heavies kept me from coming back for good.

237724  No.650631

File: 8109edc75356c97⋯.webm (10.58 MB, 640x360, 16:9, when_I_am_iraqing_it.webm)


There's always Steel Armor: Blaze of War on Steam.

859a9b  No.650651


>completely ruined light tanks

Don't gotta tell me.

t.Rhm. Panzerwagen owner

0ed5b4  No.650652


>The ruination of arty

Artyniggers deserve the rope. You're the single worst players in the game, you just ruin the entire fucking game for others and you force everyone to hug walls and oversized rocks or else they get shit on by some worthless dumb clicking nigger like you from across the map.

Kill yourselves. If WG wasn't a bunch of retarded pussies they would remove arty from the game.

0ca3dc  No.650779


Name a single battle that didn't turn into an awful stalemate without arty to get things going. Retard strength death star tank destroyers that are able to one shot every tank in the game sitting on a choke point in hull down is a promise that the game will only end when the clock runs out. Add that to the fact that artillery could still one shot you after the tweek but only if they used gold shells and suddenly artillery is only useful if you are willing to lose money that game. As the game stands now it can't function in a state where teams can actually win an attack without arty because of broken alpha damage vehicles that no one wants to take the first hit on in order to start the attack. Seriously, god save you if you get a neutral base game of Malinovka with no arty. Because both teams will grind to a standstill on top of the hill with the windmill with no one moving up. Same goes for the field. As frustrating as it is to get killed by it, the game is much worse off without it to speed it along.

13dabc  No.653489

File: 54d4e7435fcc616⋯.jpg (122.38 KB, 866x1300, 433:650, puma3.jpg)

File: 810b804407a0ab5⋯.jpg (1.12 MB, 2244x1535, 2244:1535, puma4.jpg)

File: 861eef3e69c024e⋯.jpg (215.5 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, The-German-Puma-IFV-SPz.jpg)

It's almost official. We are buying 200 Pumas.

13dabc  No.653494

File: c28515c6a62e533⋯.jpg (80.17 KB, 636x358, 318:179, big wind2.jpg)

File: e2fac81fd148796⋯.jpg (77.16 KB, 817x320, 817:320, big wind3.jpg)

File: 9ea442e4f516c56⋯.jpg (584.87 KB, 1500x812, 375:203, BIG WIND INTENSIFIES.jpg)

On a different note. Today, Big Wind is 30 years old. Wish him Boldog Születésnapot.

5c459a  No.653501


>200 Puma IFVs

Those will probably go to the Special Forces. Could anyone give a rundown on the Pumas? What I found isn't really encouraging to be honest.

a895b8  No.653514



Well for starters it's the only 30mm in NATO that is known to be worse than the soviet ones which is telling something..

13dabc  No.653516

File: 718aa77c3b6c592⋯.png (98.31 KB, 600x500, 6:5, deebly goncerned.png)



>isn't really encouraging to be honest

>only 30mm in NATO that is known to be worse than the soviet ones

No. Just no. Don't tell me we're being fucked over again with shit weaponry, having the T-72M was bad enough. The Puma can't be that bad. I mean, the Bundeswehr wants to adopt it on a large scale and all…

5c459a  No.653519


I'm afraid he speaks the truth. >>653514

Is it also true that only around half of the deployed German Pumas were in "combat-ready" condition?

a895b8  No.653532


I honestly don't know but that wouldn't be a surprise since they're new.

All new stuff has teething and supplies issues, it's the reason why buying off the shelf a fairly spread model is almost always better when it comes to availability of parts and whatnot.

I know about the gun because the German army wanted either a 35/50mm (a 50mm that could be quick converted to the more common 35mm oerlikon in case you don't have it's rare ammo on hand) or a caseless 30×250mm.

All Germans guns one way or another should have been replaced by those two prototypes… Except they died due to lack of funding, still needed a new gun and whipped out that one (which is, somehow, a less powerful copy of a Bushmaster II. No idea why they didn't just license build them like everyone else).

0ed5b4  No.653541


>Name a single battle that didn't turn into an awful stalemate without arty to get things going


WITHOUT arty people push forwards because they're not afraid some shitter across the map will blow them up. WITH arty everyone camps behind rocks, houses and other "arty-safe" areas.

You have no fucking idea how the game works because you're a dumb artynigger.

Arty players cannot hit campers because campers are 90% of the time hidden. So then what do arty players shoot at? They shoot at anyone who gets spotted in the open. You never prevent camping and stalemates, you fucking create them. Artyniggers always shoot at slow medium and/or light tanks for "ez dmg" rather than at top-down heavies like the IS-7. Fucking commit suicide.

sage because vidya gaems

e3030b  No.653626


3rd image reminded me of Defense Grid

b48489  No.653760


What was wrong with the T-72M? I thought it was an okayish tank back in the '70-'80s. I know it's outdated now.

f03686  No.653770





Isn't protection in Puma's pretty allright though? Atleast in Ukraine and Syria it has been a fairly common problem that battlefield taxis have gotten rekt whenever they have encountered another battlefield taxi or some rocket propelled fuck you.

0ca3dc  No.653773

File: fd83d80aa4b8a0a⋯.jpg (148.6 KB, 512x512, 1:1, Malinovka.jpg)


First off, I never actually played arty outside of the strumpanzer 1 when coaching new players. Second off, you didn't refute any of my points at all. I drew a little map of the cancer that is Malinovka encounter high tier with no artillery. The two unmarked circles on the map is where both sides sit forever in hull down with their retard strength turrets on the hill. No one can go through the cliffs or they will be killed by death stars. No one can go through the field or they will be killed by death stars. Both sides sit there until one gets more bored than the other and suicides into the impenetrable gunline on the other side of the hill and the rest wait for the clock to run out. Artillery will punish dipshits who sit there in hull down forever and actually push both sides into the windmill at the top of the hill in order to escape bombardment where a big clash will happen, one side will win, and then sweep down the hill because artillery can't easily hit moving targets and the arty units took some spawn slots away from the deathstars. Without it, the engagement fizzles out completely and it turns into a snore.

e5d275  No.653815

bring back the Swedish S-Tank but slap a remote control turret with 30mm and 7.62mm with some ATGM on top.

Its a no brainer.

13dabc  No.653820


The T-72M was never okay-ish, it was never meant to be. It was a cheap, deliberately downgraded export variant of the T-72 with thinner armour and downgraded weaponry. It was MEANT to suck. During Operation Desert Storm, the Iraqi T-72M's barely even knew which directions they are getting turbosodomized to death from.

5c459a  No.653826


>During Operation Desert Storm, the Iraqi T-72M's barely even knew which directions they are getting turbosodomized to death from.

Yeah but that could be incompetence from the mudshits part. The same way how the turks lost like a dozen of Leopard 2A4s to the ISIS because they didn't provide infantry support to the tanks. Also, I read somewhere that the Iraqi T-72Ms didn't have infrared optics and thats why they were so shitty during the Desert Storm. Is that true?

54860e  No.653828


It was more of them digging in and going up against at the time state of the art thermal sights. IR isn't going to do you much when you can't respond to something that can fuck you from 3k.

0ed5b4  No.653834


>making bullshit up

Nigger have you even played the game, ever? Medium and light tanks always push and flank/spot in the field bellow the hill. Without arty to punish them, there is literally nothing the fags on the hill can do about it because they would have to expose themselves to get a firing shot at anyone bellow.

You're a shitter who sucks at the game. All arty does is make people camp and you will never, ever, prove me wrong, because you can't argue against reality. "didn't refute any of my points" kek, I explained to you how abysmal arty is and how it punishes people for trying to push and flank. Artyniggers only shoot at light and medium tanks.

e5d275  No.653896




>The T-72M was never okay-ish, it was never meant to be. It was a cheap, deliberately downgraded export variant of the T-72 with thinner armour and downgraded weaponry. It was MEANT to suck.

So Jews that ran USSR were selling opponents of Israel junk that looked real but was basically fake?

54860e  No.653936


More like basic model vs luxury model. They did fine in the hands of Iraq during the Iraq-Iran war and if I recall old man Assad really liked his.

7d5097  No.654000

check em

0ca3dc  No.654085


Are you seriously trying to argue that pushing through the town below the windmill is a viable strat in any capacity when there is no bushes or solid cover through the entire stretch that also exposes you to fire from more TDs in the field across the lake? You will take fire from TDs camped out at the church if you are pushing north and you will get fucking obliterated by TDs camping in the spawn forest and farm sheds if you push south. You also won't get any side armor shots on the heavies camping on the hill crest because they will all hug the map boundary denying you that shot. And if they are parked close enough for you to shoot them, guess what? You are the only target they can engage and you have zero cover below them as your own heavies are all sitting on their side of the hill not engaging.


>firing at LTs

Let me tell you something. I used to main LTs back when they only went up to teir 5 and I'm gonna tell you that if you get hit by arty in one you fucked up so bad that its a miracle that actually did you in instead of literally any other threat on the battlefield. The reason why is because there are two ways to play a LT and both of them put you at very low risk of arty strike unless you are a complete dumbass crayon eater.

Play style #1: Active scouting. You weave up and down hill crests in an unpredictable pattern only exposing your cupola and periscopes unless you see an enemy at low health you can pick off. #2: Passive scouting. You grab a camo net, binoculars and sit in a bush far up the map, occasionally backing up to clear the bush of your muzzle flash and take potshots at low HP enemies. Now for the reasons why artillery cannot dream to touch you if you do this. Reason number one is that if you are active scouting you are driving in ways that will cause the artillery to have to re-position their chassis and restart their LONG aiming process entirely. Add your weaving and dodging to a 5-10 second ToT after he pulls the chord and the chance of getting hit is nil. Reason 2 is that if you are going passive, you are going to have sixth sense. If you get spotted you have 4 seconds to move your ass out of there before 6 heavies decide they want an easy stat padding kill. If you honestly are able to sit a light tank still in a compromised position for 30+ seconds for the enemy arty to dial you in and have the round travel to you then you should have been able to solo kill the entire enemy team for being just as blind and retarded as you are.

Of course cold war era mediums made lights totally obsolete in game by having better optics, better guns, nearly as much mobility and three times the HP so there is no reason to even bother anymore. Because of how the game is made, skycancer is a necessary evil as on many maps, the arty safe areas are hotly contested places so they make the game move on. If there were no arty then there would also be no reason to ever drive a light or medium tank. It would just be world of Russian heavy tanks and German death stars.

b48489  No.654150

File: 0e69ea9e68c33dc⋯.jpg (170.22 KB, 1422x712, 711:356, PzH 2000.jpg)

So we talked about small arms and tanks. But what about the PzH2000 SPGs? Is it true that the Dutch complained about it's gun being almost useless in the desert conditions of Afghanistan? Apparently the Germans had no problem operating them in the same place (I mean in Afghanistan).

30b9ac  No.654201


>No. Just no. Don't tell me we're being fucked over again with shit weaponry,…

You are not, the Bundeswehr decided to use the 30 mm MK30-2/ABM autocannon, because it can eat a wide rang of 30 mm ammunition that is available on the market.

On top of that the Puma has the Spike LR anti-tank guided missile, a 6-shot 76 mm grenade launcher and in the future the MG5.

> The Puma can't be that bad. I mean, the Bundeswehr wants to adopt it on a large scale and all…

One of the main reasons the Bundeswehr wants it, is because the Puma is fast enough to travel with the Leopard 2, the old Marder IFV were too slow to do that.

Additionally the Puma is integrated of the German Future Soldier program IdZ, so I would not be surprised if your country buys that too.

13dabc  No.654280


True. During Desert Storm, the Iraqi were generally not equipped with thermal vision devices or laser rangefinders. Also, a good number of their tanks were Chinese-made Type 59's and T-55's and they were using low-quality ammunition made out of cheap steel.

I don't know if their tanks had air conditioning. During the Six Day War and the Yom Kippur War the Soviets supplied tanks to the Arabs that had no air conditioning, but did have heating.


It is said that the purpose of these so-called monkey models was to feign weakness to confuse the West. But then again, this is from Viktor Suvorov…


I wonder if we could put our old artillery pieces on T-55 and T-72 chassis, of which we still have a good number of.

13dabc  No.654282

File: 0efeb7284bd0d32⋯.jpg (126.1 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, I'm surrounded by assholes….jpg)

File: 29ccc65bb1d8b22⋯.jpg (105.46 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, I'm surrounded by assholes.jpg)

Anyway, while on topic of Operation Desert Storm…

a895b8  No.654296


>So Jews that ran USSR were selling opponents of Israel junk that looked real but was basically fake?

Not really.

The soviets divisions had an ABCD ranking system:

A divisions were at full strength, on full alert 24/7 and would be 1:1 in front of NATO tank divisions. They would either break or at least hold the line.

B divisions were at 75% strength and the more numerous and the basic maneuver divisions tasked with flanking/exploiting A divisions positions.

C divisions were reserves (w/ older gear).

D divisions were occupations divisions (MVD VV, today National Guard) tasked with anti-partisan fighting maybe reducing small pockets.

A divisions were equipped with the best gear they had (in tanks it's the T-64->T-80 line of tanks).

B divisions were too numerous to be equipped with best gear and it was unnecessary as they wouldn't take the brunt of fighting (so they were outfitted with T-62 then the T-72 family).

Now to the soviet command WARPACT divisions were somewhere between B and C so to reinforce them they decided to outfit them with T-72. The problem was that the Soviet factories were at full production making T-72 for their own army, so they decided they could produce those locally.

The problem was while the soviets had a pretty developed high tech metallurgy and meta-materials production, that was absolutely not the case of nearly all the WARPACT countries, so they came up with a really basic and cheap all steel version, with really minimal tech in it.

So by the time the T-72M started to really come out in numbers the soviets had standardized on the T-72B (after the prototypes, the T-72 and the T-72A) which was way better than the original, which the T-72M was based on.

So yeah the T-72M was a tremendous export success, because it's cheap, simple and can be made by anyone with a decent steel industry and is a complete step up from previous T-55/M-48/Leo-1/etc… and variants.

But even the "good" Soviet/Russian/Yugo ones (the Yugo realized that the tanks were really barebone versions and upgraded the design domestically from the get go to make it more similar to the ones for the soviets) were never meant to face NATO tanks of a similar generation head on. They were meant to pad the numbers of the gigantic tank force of the USSR and give it a superiority of fire in all secondary engagements as they would have tank support where NATO units wouldn't.

0ed5b4  No.654298

File: 1f5c98d9d797f70⋯.jpg (303.98 KB, 512x512, 1:1, download.jpg)


>push through the town

Not through the town, we shoot at the nigger monkeys on the hill from these positions and advance as safely as possible to avoid getting shat on by artyniggers who prefer to shoot at light and medium tanks for "ez dmg" rather than heavies. Medium tanks with good armor are top-tier in this map. I made this small map for you. Tanks on the hill will get shat on if they try to shoot at anyone bellow, and the TDs can be blind-shot because everyone knows they're in the blue X marks and can just blind-fire there and push as safely as possible without getting blown up. Artyniggers are the main reason you even have to use bushes so much. You can flank and angle your armor against other tanks. but the artynigger will hit you even when he misses and the only defense against him is oversized objects and not getting spotted

e3030b  No.654355


>But even the "good" Soviet/Russian/Yugo ones (the Yugo realized that the tanks were really barebone versions and upgraded the design domestically from the get go to make it more similar to the ones for the soviets) were never meant to face NATO tanks of a similar generation head on. They were meant to pad the numbers of the gigantic tank force of the USSR and give it a superiority of fire in all secondary engagements as they would have tank support where NATO units wouldn't.

Interesting, I had wondered how good the M84 and yugotanks in general were.

0ca3dc  No.654357


Not even the Abrams had A/C until one of the later SEPs. I'm not sure if leopard 2s or challengers have A/C ether. The Russians are not well known for their creature comforts and it would be quite a squeeze to fit an A/C in a soviet era tank so I doubt anything other than the T-14 has such luxuries ether.


And who is going to hit or even spot the camping TDs down to low HP if all the heavies on your side of the hill stay stagnant and their TDs have nothing to shoot at but you? the forest is WAY too huge to "lol just blind fire guess them with no way of knowing if you even hit anything" and the heavies on the hill are immune to fire from the field if they are east of the dirt road, hugging the map boundary. Or if you are attacking the other direction, north of the dirt road. Pushing through that area also exposes you to all sorts of fire from across the lake and is in general, an all around terrible idea as you have absolutely zero cover or concealment.

0ca3dc  No.654358


I should also add that the M60 also got A/C in that latest upgrade package that included a smooth bore 120/L44

13dabc  No.654362



I didn't know that. It would have seemed logical that M60's and M1's would have had some kind of an AC since a long time. While on topic of comforts, I read that the Armata is going to have a toilet installed. A toilet. It really makes one think: when the average person looks at a tank, they rarely realize that on occasion people give birth to massive MRE turds in front of each other inside it.

13dabc  No.654430

File: 552bb40de939cba⋯.jpg (122.7 KB, 1024x565, 1024:565, junkers86.jpg)


We're buying four more cargo planes. Another Airbus (we bought two of those, they are used to ferry our disgusting prime minister around) and three multifunctional, medium-sized ones that are not specified. Possibly Embraer KC-390's if you ask me; around when Orbán visited Brazil, there were rumours about it.

Thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fu4s0jrkhzg

b48489  No.654455

File: 52244e57ccda5a2⋯.jpg (58.14 KB, 1024x642, 512:321, Airbus A319.jpg)

File: d5dbea79ac1c80f⋯.jpg (37.97 KB, 1024x700, 256:175, Dassault Falcon 7X.jpg)


Great. The political propaganda campaign military buildup continues and Mészáros Lőrinc could fly with yet another plane to the Maldives too.

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