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There's no discharge in the war!

File: 93d1dbba4950205⋯.png (716.91 KB, 637x626, 637:626, 4a10cf78e413bdd476c8ed983e….png)

9bdc29  No.633824

Any bros out there experiencing or have experienced PTSD? How did you deal with it? Did the Army offer support?

Personal of all nations welcome to respond

9bdc29  No.633825

File: 8fc6996c085c4cc⋯.jpg (61.43 KB, 491x750, 491:750, dab8183adaa4061f77d4061413….jpg)

To expand, Im a current serving soldier in the Paras- British Army. I wanted advice from those of you out there with PTSD or those who knows comrades affected by it. All replies appreciated

33d687  No.633831




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ffd014  No.633833

Are you hanging in there mate?

909820  No.633877

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Kinda underrated shitpost.

af7331  No.633890

came to 8ch once, was never the same after…

9f44c0  No.633892

One time I had to field day three times in one week.


f1f042  No.633895


10/10 peak boomerposting

2f4b07  No.633998

Give it 20 years it should go away on its own.

adc9cb  No.634004

I had a superior with PTSD.

He was a very nice guy but you could tell something was off, i guess he never really recovered.

dddc24  No.634009

Have you tried not being a homosexual?

df6ccd  No.634023

File: 52c8b53ee35961b⋯.png (492.03 KB, 579x583, 579:583, boomer memes 1.png)


That's pretty good.

b05620  No.634026

File: be5afb2599aaa35⋯.mp4 (5.56 MB, 1280x640, 2:1, 1911 for 30 years old boom….mp4)


Now I have an excuse to post this.

481f41  No.634027


Is that genuine?

b05620  No.634034

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

481f41  No.634039

File: 6f38503932656d7⋯.jpg (93.46 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 731097d92d2a7ea334cb6f9249….jpg)



efcd2f  No.634043

File: 8514dd1a063ed61⋯.gif (933.09 KB, 200x137, 200:137, 1416240927925-1.gif)

698813  No.634045


so who buys these unironically?

dc7abf  No.634049


30 year old boomers.

ce15ba  No.634052

File: ffb5c5d27f82ffb⋯.jpg (7.17 KB, 385x131, 385:131, boomer fame gained.jpg)


Five star post right here.

You almost convinced me you were a boomer.

698813  No.634060

File: b0dac0f32446f2e⋯.gif (491.62 KB, 500x280, 25:14, nice.gif)

8066ac  No.634063

File: 05719ebfae22844⋯.jpg (33.36 KB, 800x800, 1:1, bibel.jpg)


That's a gooder.

21becc  No.634071


Thank you for your service, sir. If it weren't for soldiers like you, Saddam would've invaded Israel, and those Japanese devils would've taken over Australia. G*d bless America and Trump!

909820  No.634140

File: b0c474f8ca463b1⋯.mp4 (105.94 KB, 476x476, 1:1, dat gay shit animated.mp4)


>springfield is now hiring 60 year old newfags from half/k/ to write telavivsion commercials


5831b2  No.634766

File: fc1827989fac928⋯.jpeg (71.22 KB, 800x530, 80:53, 631CCF92-4051-453B-AE30-C….jpeg)


“Clap in burger”

5831b2  No.634767

We took fire in Afghanistan and the 18 year old kid driving flipped the max pro and almost killed me. I had a vague feeling of panic for 3 months after whenever I would drive around a corner to fast. I just got over it eventually.

f1f042  No.634769


I dont know if that counts as PTSD tho, i got hit by a car when i was ridding a bicycle twice and always stop on any crossroads too nowdays.

Id say its more of a trauma than full blown PTSD

698813  No.634785


This but unironically

8b11dd  No.634838

File: ccbf3fdb3da998f⋯.webm (7.06 MB, 600x338, 300:169, saddest memory of ww2.webm)


Pretty sure PTSD came about right when war became sitting in warzones months at a time (as opposed to just marching for a year and fighting one battle where you just stand in line and maybe get to charge a formation once if you're lucky). The constant stress of war is not for everyone. Another thing that happened is that soldiers started to kill the enemy. Before ww2 only about 1-2% of soldiers actually aimed to kill when faced with an enemy outside of immediate danger. Then we started using man-shaped targets, psychology and stuff and these days I think 1-2% makes up the guys who DON'T shoot to kill. For some dudes that is soul-breaking shit to do.

In short, back in the day you could get away with just hanging around and doing your field chores and when faced with combat you could aim high and count on your formation to kill for you, whereas today you become a killer whether you want to or not. And as much as I like it I can respect that plenty of guys don't.

511f3a  No.634899


Wasn't the SLA Marshall 1-2% aimed to kill crap debuncked?

af7331  No.634903


>that video

does he know… about the rest of the germans I mean, like did he ever hear of the ones in the east? like what happened to them.

9d722d  No.634929


Naw, playing with guns at night with some flares will do the trick. Nothing like having to fix a ceiling and roof innamorning.

e684a4  No.634951

I heard that PTSD flares out after returning soldiers is forced into "therapy" and some female with a sociology degree is asking about "how horrible your experience in the war was".

698813  No.634964


Then why did medieval warriors not get PTSD? They butchered people with their own hands, cut their limbs off to warn their enemies and overall, they were pretty far from today's pussies.

7a95b6  No.634969


They did. There are stories of knights screaming during their sleep due to the stress of war. It was simply not talked about for reasons I don't know.

b76c5c  No.634970


Knights were raised from childhood to be warriors, not to be nice boys.

Knights didn't have to fear snipers or bombs ending their life at any moment - if someone shot at arrow at them, they could at least maybe catch it with their shield.

Knights didn't get flown home from the battlefield in a day, expected to put the war behind them and go on with normal life, they got to march or ride back home with their buddies and talk shit out.

And when knights killed, they were almost never alone about it - they stood or rode side by side with their fellow knights. Whereas on modern battlefields you often have to disperse and work somewhat independently to minimise the effectiveness of enemy mortars and suppressive fire. And radio communication is just not the same as having a friendly next to you.

And there's a bunch of other differences between modern and medieval war. I'm sure knights got PTSD too, but I don't think it was to the same extent or that the effect of it was the same in the societies they lived in.

698813  No.634975


>stories of knights screaming during their sleep due to the stress of war



To me the issue seems to be from lack of realistic training plus lack of an ideology.

The soldier needs to want to shoot the enemy. He needs to hate that enemy. That cannot happen when you send him to fight literal nobodies across the world. The soldier needs to fight a soldier of another country that has been at war with for thousands or hundreds of years. (See Balkans for example).

When from the age of 7 you're told that the country next to you are subhuman murderers, you're not going to feel any guilt from massacring them. You need an enemy that opposes your very culture, or else your troops don't feel like they need to kill. It's like a chore to them. "Gotta shoot some armed shitskin to protect some unarmed shitskins in this shitskin country because the UN told me to. I sure cannot wait." is what goes through the minds of modern troops.

But compare that with something like the war in Ukraine, or the Yugoslav wars, or any war where 2 sides don't fight each other purely for money, they fight because they legit hate each other. Do you think people get PTSD there? Civilians and teenagers who were forced to fight maybe, but the soldiers don't, because they wanted to kill and conquer for their country, not because politician A disliked politician B.

In other words, you need to have a school system that feeds the youth pure genocidal hatred for the enemy, so that when these kinds grow up, they will volunteer to massacre the enemy down to the last man.

8e10ad  No.634989


should have shoved in something about Q anon

8e10ad  No.634990


PTSD is literal shell shock

t. gregory cochran

c9da37  No.635035


One of the biggest misconceptions about medieval warfare is that lots of people died.

They didn't, though a lot were maimed. Armored knights died rarely, and as they were often nobles and well respected, battles would sometimes stop if one did so that he could be carried off of the battlefield and his fellows given a few minutes to mourn.

Footsoldiers on the other hand would often lose a limb or two to infection from arrows and from cuts and stabs. What we would now know as PTSD was likely pretty common but would be explained away as Cowardice or a lack of faith in most cases.

698813  No.635043


>in medieval battles not many people died

Thousands died in battles alone, not including wars.

Yes, there were a lot of pussy-tier battles between pussy nobles, etc. But overall medieval warfare was pretty radical.

5483e7  No.635061


The vast majority of warfare in the middle ages was one army camping out on the lawn of another army until one of them ran out of food and they signed some kind of surrender deal. Much of the conflict that did happen was border skirmishes. Massive, bloody battles and total warfare are a relatively new thing as far as history goes, and are very much a product of democratic regimes.

496411  No.635074


Three-ish things:

1: Battles were rarely stopped just because someone got dinged to death but noble deaths were, indeed rare, and what's more most medieval battles were fairly small scale affairs consisting of a few hundred, primarily nobles and mercenaries, dinging each-other up until the losing side decided they'd had enough and decided that particular patch of swamp was no longer worth it.

Also, hostage taking was a big thing.

2: Actually commoner deaths could get pretty grim, the thing to remember is that most of those people did not die in battle nor were under the constant stress of combat.

Throughout most of history, most soldiers would've been exposed to what's well bellow the 81 hour mark of combat fatigue. Most soldiers would've, in fact, only seen a few hours of combat in their entire life - and this would've been between months of marching, camping and other menial work.

3: Socialization is of extreme importance. An army on the march, in medieval times, was also in many ways an army on the rape(since pillaging was considered a legitimate and desirable form of warfare since it avoided actual combat and got you a tidy profit whilst damaging the enemy and putting pressure on them to just give up) however in stark contrast to modern day society, people back then were a lot less sensitive to death. Infant mortality was high, death due to disease was high and every winter someone was going to croak of cold, starvation or just happening to catch hypothermia.

Combine that and the relatively fatalistic outlook of a lot of people at the time and you see a society and a people a lot less shocked by death than people the past 2-300 years or so where we've grown to value individual lives a great deal simply because we can.

So it's a combination of social factors and lack of actual combat stress. Chopping someone's head of or having the guy next to you is a lot less stressful in all than modern combat first because it's a lot less random and second because it's neither constant nor entirely out of your control(which, whether or not you get RPG'd today more or less is).

As such, the average medieval soldier had a lot less to fear and was exposed to a lot less stress than pick-a-grunt today or anytime in the past 200-300 years.

As a general rule, most soldiers can take only about 81 hours of cumulative combat fatigue - that's about 81 hours of high stress before they start breaking down. Significant, traumatic events can cut down on this quite significantly especially when those traumatic events run a hard-counter to that persons' well established morality(i.e.:calling in a strike on an enemy village only to see deafened, concussed ash-covered children stumbling around looking for their parents).

Tldr: Knight or mook, your average medieval soldier had a cushy job where he maybe had to actually fight for his life once or twice a year - if that. By contrast, modern day combat personnel are under a considerably greater deal of stress both more often and for longer.

Medievals certainly did get PTSD, just nowhere near as often since they were nowhere near as stressed and traumatized.

496411  No.635075


*having the guy next to you get stabbed

Firefox ate my words.

496411  No.635076

496411  No.635079


>Ukrainian fighters don't get PTSD

>Yugo Fighters didn't get PTSD

Given that I know quite a few Yugo fighters, I can absolutely attest to the fact that you're not only wrong you're retarded to be that wrong.

9d722d  No.635083


The conscripted Ukrops are gonna get the night screams.

4ea14a  No.635106


True macradon strelok or VPN?

Also, I wonder if the level of "psycopathy" is higher in certain cultures so they don't give a fuck and don't end up having PTSD?

9d722d  No.635109


If you're motivated and dead set on something you just don't give a shit. Its the people who aren't and are thrown into said situations tend to be the fucked ones. How many SS men gave a shit about slotting floppies, that goes for RLI guys as well.

15f849  No.635167


The jem'hadar from star trek deep space 9

b97f72  No.635171


the jem'hadar are cool cunts though

8242c6  No.635308


>But compare that with something like the war in Ukraine, or the Yugoslav wars, or any war where 2 sides don't fight each other purely for money, they fight because they legit hate each other. Do you think people get PTSD there?

You have no idea what are you talking about.

Not sure about Yugos but in Ukraine PTSD is a serious problem. It's just not addressed as systematically as in Western countries and not actively being talked about. And it doesn't make any credit to Ukrainian state.

698813  No.635461


Your bosnian subhumans friends don't count, they're pussies and it's expected they're gonna get ptsd. Faggot.

514bed  No.635475

File: 862a9081e266c2e⋯.jpg (8.79 KB, 218x255, 218:255, f0d22f82bd2c473842e682e439….jpg)


Dude, how do you get 1000x more pissed off at macedonians than you do at turks, who literally paint over the churches you built and call them mosques.

The region is historically named Macedonia, of course the people living there would adopt the name. Just like Americans adopt the name America, even though they're fucking Bri'ish or whatever. Canada is from Canata, which means "village" in native languages.

Why are you so fucking butthurt about this? For one thing, you don't even have a historical claim to the name, because ancient Macedonians were the enemies of the Greeks.

You getting pissed at some Slavs calling themselves Macedonian is…. It's as insane as some Brazillian getting pissed that Canada comes from the Iroquois word for "village".

0e663a  No.635486

File: 957d0901236f7c0⋯.jpg (357.55 KB, 1080x995, 216:199, Screenshot_20181222-204135….jpg)

File: 16c5e89e61a7092⋯.jpg (149.59 KB, 768x642, 128:107, Screenshot_20181222-204147….jpg)

Here's a doozy, is there someone here that suffers from PTSD but HAS NOT been in armed combat.

514bed  No.635513


>Macedonian is a Hellenic entity

In the same way that America is a Mexican entity.

Ancient Macedonia bordered ancient Greece, that is it. There wasn't any national or ethnic relation other than occasional wars of conquest and trade during peace time.

0bd18e  No.635516


>Why are you so fucking butthurt about this? For one thing, you don't even have a historical claim to the name, because ancient Macedonians were the enemies of the Greeks.

You say this as if Greeks weren't always the enemies of the Greeks.

2b3a91  No.635523



Yeah, I have PTSD. I was an artillery forward observer and I deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. I watched a lot of people die. We would plot and monitor the active drones in our area and they would be our eyes on target when we would initiate and fire our fire missions. We mostly used MLRS M31A1 rockets but sometimes we used Excalibur artillery. We never used conventional artillery due to the probable error in range. The predators would take dudes out too sometimes and we would also clear airspace with the Air Officer on duty for CAS EVAC and MED EVAC 9 lines. The worst part is thinking about the other guys who died and got super fucked up. I hate thinking about it. We had eyes on this one squad patrol for artillery support because we could have a rocket down range in only a couple minutes when air isn't on station. Anyway, there was a scout about 20 meters ahead of the patrol and he stepped on a buried IED that was intended for a vehicle. There was like 50 pounds on explosive under this kid and he went flying into pieces. There was a canal to the left of the patrol and it was about 50 meters to the other side from where the patrol was on the dirt road. Anyway, his legs made it to the other side but his upper torso landed in the canal and was gone for 2 days. The real problem was kid had a radio so all of Centcom had to do a crypto rollover like every few hours until the radio was found. It fucks with me. I wasn't even there but I know that lives absolutely depended on my timing to clear airspace and throw rounds down range. They never told us if the guys med evaced to Germany ever lived or died. Of course you know some died. I want to say it was 1/9 or 2/9 that was there when I was there, but those guys in our AO got fucking massacred. They lost like an entire company. They had to augment dudes from around the entire country to support them. It was fucking brutal. It was every single day they were getting hammered in firefights. There was this other guy I remember. He was a high valued dude that we confirmed was going to be at his house at a specific time by paying off a cousin or some shit. Anyway, it was like 730 in the morning and the sun was just coming up and we laughed a hellfire from a pred that literally blew the dudes ass off. It hit directly behind him and just threw his body into a million pieces. Watching him die wasn't as bad as the reaction of everyone else who was on watch. The entire COC erupted like a troop of chimpanzees. Whooping and screaming and cheering at this dude who was plowing his garden with a hoe just get his ass blown out his face. It just made me think what the fuck are we doing losing our humanity like this? What the fuck are we, animals? It was just a disgusting display. I couldn't stand it. I felt sick. I suppose I just felt a connection because we had a garden all through my childhood years and there were days I was out having to dig dirt. There's a lot more but that's enough for now. Yeah, I've got PTSD. It's not exactly what everyone thinks it is. It's not necessarily the trauma of killing, but the trauma of watching those next to you get killed. It hurts having to watch those situations unfold and not be able to be there and help. You see guys bleeding out the same time you see the 9 line come down the pipe and you have to get the shit cleared in less than a minute so the bird can get in the air.

698813  No.635535

File: cfaa81f76a82b2f⋯.jpg (145.05 KB, 466x517, 466:517, 1494634498773.jpg)

File: fa59d444f59bc62⋯.png (96.89 KB, 483x316, 483:316, we wuz greek.png)

File: b52c2238078dff7⋯.jpg (86.82 KB, 1080x1343, 1080:1343, Monkeys.jpg)



You're a retarded leaf nigger who thinks he has more historical sources than we do on a subject we know better than anyone. Macedonia was nothing less than a Greek kingdom. Purely Hellenic, nothing else. The very fucking name is Greek.

"Enemies of Greeks" is a braindead argument because every single relevant city-state fought each other. It was never-ending civil war, not foreigners fighting one another. We came up with the name Macedonia, we ruled that land and ultimately it's ours.

Skopje subhumans are a bunch of albanian/bulgarian rape babies with a nu-language ( a retarded low IQ version of Bulgarian) and they claim they wuz macedon n' shieeeet.

Albanians are very similar. They have nothing to do with ancient Illyrians. Their DNA is different, their language is completely different and they're just a bunch of slavtard monkeys that immigrated there during the 6th century bc. As the years went by the Illyrians went extinct and the slavtard sub 90 IQ monleys claim they wuz great Illyrian kangz.

>The region is historically named Macedonia

You dumb leafnigger, it was always Greek land until the fucking Balkan wars.

514bed  No.635537


I don't know what bothers me more about this post. Saying a landlocked country was somehow part of a naval tradition, claiming every nation around an entire sea is greek, that alexander was more than half greek, that one dude being 50% some race makes everyone of his other 50% that's unrelated to that race exactly the same as the race it's unrelated to.... or the fact that you misspelled fucking mediterranean.



698813  No.635538

File: f3fa2ca57edd1d2⋯.jpg (37.32 KB, 585x560, 117:112, The leaf.jpg)


>a landlocked country


514bed  No.635540


>The very fucking name is Greek.

Ancient greeks translated names all the time, and all we have today are their translations because they wrote them down. Doesn't make them greek.

This is basically two groups of people unrelated to Macedonia laying claim to the name because some hollywood movie made it famous. It's pathetic and sad.

>we ruled that land and ultimately it's ours.

No you didn't. But even if you did, the fact that you ruled it at one point wouldn't make it yours today.

>everyone i ever find disgusting is X ethnicity from my region that i disagreed with

Albanians have exactly fuckall to do with the slavs, they are literally a kurd clan imported by Turks. Just because you hate macedonian slavs for laying claim to a bit of history which isn't yours and never will be doesn't mean everyone else who is your enemy is a slav, you retarded inbred. There are literally arabs with more claim to Macedonia than you.


>he doesnt know that macedonia was a mountane landlocked country

>doesn't know macedonians were a bunch of horsemen to start with and had fuck all to do with sea

<a subject we know better than anyone

That's pretty funny.

698813  No.635542


>leafnigger is this retarded

514bed  No.635544


>the donernigger just lost the argument

0724eb  No.635547


Domestic violence, rape, car accidents etc can result in PTSD.

c8665b  No.635549


I notice that the white people are prone to PTSD so I wonder why.

ca376f  No.635551

File: 1066167b0bfff11⋯.png (660.56 KB, 961x768, 961:768, 961px-Map_Peloponnesian_Wa….png)

File: a85d58a8e3fe888⋯.png (598.42 KB, 960x768, 5:4, Expansion_of_Macedon.png)


Ah yes, the landlocked country of Macedon. Nary a coast to be found in this kingdom.

698813  No.635555


>lost the argument

It's 7:00AM and I need to go. However you dumb nigger faggot I'll reply to you by tomorrow and prove not to you - because you're a dumb nigger and always will be, but to the rest of the anons here who might do the mistake of listening to your mental diarrhea, that:

1. Macedonia is nothing less than 100% Greek

2. Albanians are slavmongolian niggers

3. Bulgarians are mongolian niggers

4. Skopje monkeys are too, slavmongolian niggers

514bed  No.635560

File: 95d2b7df91b1dd7⋯.jpg (933.09 KB, 2321x1288, 2321:1288, Alexander-Empire_323bc.jpg)


<pppprrrrt hw cn u sei mastodonia wasnt naval if dey border six seas see pic from wiki lel

Seriously if you don't understand the difference between upper and lower macedonia you might as well call the Romans a type of ethnic greek.



>1. Macedonia is nothing less than 100% Greek

And greeks are nothing else but 100% Turk by your definition.

Don't strain yourself. In fact let me give you a little tip like I gave to your mom - conquer them or shut the fuck up, no one cares and you're annoying.

Nothing personal kid.

c65e99  No.635580

File: 73ccf0063c90a57⋯.jpg (48.54 KB, 528x535, 528:535, 73ccf0063c90a5799ef08d288c….jpg)


Because we have the capacity for empathy, and generally find ourselves in horrid situations, either our own bravery (Misguided or not.) Pushing us to do dangerous acts, or our victimization at the hands of criminals, either by racially charged attacks, or simply by virtue of being the most abundant in a given area. Plus western society has moved away from death as a common thing, so we are far more sensitive to it.

94278a  No.635588


Macedonians were considered distinct from (albeit similar to) ancient Greeks to the point Alexander the Great's ancestors had to prove they had greek blood in them in order to be allowed to participate in the Olympic games. On top of that, the land has been inhabited by non-greeks for centuries now, and Greece really has no claims to push there.

I do like the retarded dispute about the name, however, as it stops Macedonia from joining EU, and anything that hampers EU is a good thing.

7f70fe  No.635602

File: 5484a8ec4b19326⋯.jpg (115.72 KB, 800x174, 400:87, Pellatab.jpg)


>And greeks are nothing else but 100% Turk by your definition.

Do Greeks speak altaic?

7f70fe  No.635603


>Alexander the Great's ancestors had to prove they had greek blood in them in order to be allowed to participate in the Olympic games.

Which they did.


>On top of that, the land has been inhabited by non-greeks for centuries now

Co-inhabited with non-Greek, Jews were the second largest minority in Thessaloniki, does that give Israel a claim to the name of Macedonia? Hellenophones were always there and always identified as Macedonians.

94278a  No.635627


>Which they did.

Sure, but they were the ruling family, not the actual populace. If the actual populace was greek, there would be no reason to ask them to prove anything, would there? Ancient Greeks definitely did not consider Macedonians to be Greek.

>claim to the name of Macedonia

I find it amusing that you care for something as petty as a claim to a name rather than a claim to land. There is no doubt that the modern Macedonians have absolutely nothing to do with their ancient counterparts, but I imagine they named the country after the region rather than the people who used to inhabit it.

514bed  No.635639


The fuck does a language have to do with your blood. Nigger do you think speaking english makes you a Brit??


Alexanders mom was greek, and no one denies macedonians occasionally interbred with greeks. The point is that the two people were seperate enough to call it interbreeding in the first place.

You are being irrational.

109012  No.635641

>did the army offer support

Letting the faggot US military know you have any kind of psychological issue is a pretty good way to get your funs taken away in a lot of states.

7f70fe  No.635642


>they were the ruling family, not the actual populace. If the actual populace was greek



It's a gypsy-tier love charm written in a unique doric-like sub-dialect, something an absolute pleb would write. The populous' tongue was definitely a subgroup of a subgroup of Greeks, namely the Northwestern dialects, like Doric and Hepirot, not simply related to Greek.


Sorry but not all "Empires" of antiquity invited Tyrone and Ahmed in their homeland to fuck their daughters, bongspawn. Pre-colonial linguistic affinities are pretty solidly correlated to genetic ones.

>The point is that the two people were seperate enough to call it interbreeding

Even if you were actually quoting someone a Spartan marrying an Athenean was still "interbreeding".

> Ancient Greeks definitely did not consider Macedonians to be Greek.

Then they would not let them participate in every Olympic game after Perdicas demonstrated his origins. The downright fallacious " did not consider Macedonians to be Greek" claim refereed to their semi barbaric costumes, primitive form of monarchy and later political grudges after the Macedonian kings bent the knee to the Achaeminids.

5c1cdf  No.635701


>solidly correlated to genetic ones.

No, while languages and cultures travelled genetics mostly didn't move, especially after in Europe after the migration period. Which means of course that most "Turks" are in fact Greek and Anatolian native converts LARPing as the descendants of Altaic nomads.

Not exactly suprising when you consider that 50000 nomads took over a territory populated by a million or two people.

4ea14a  No.635720

Back on topic.




The phrase ALL HAIL THE GLORIOUS CHAIRMAN is haphazardly painted in red on the message and a portrait of glorious leader hung above the main wording. You can still see the old writing from the other side of the room.

733155  No.635827

I don't even get PTSD. Isn't the cure to it just not having it? Just don't be traumatized, it's simple

c8665b  No.635830


So to fix this problem is to become hardened warriors? If yes then how? Australia isn’t violent as Africa so the white people in Australia isn’t desensitised to psychological trauma.

1accdc  No.636503


Fuck off shitskin. Last time you were here, you were booted out so hard you still havent recovered. Next time you will be here, we will make sure to glass everything from north africa to iraq for good.

d2bd2e  No.636662




>Now I have an excuse to post this.

Okay, I'll bite: aside from the cringe marketing for this particular model, is there anything fundamentally wrong with the 1911 platform for 10mm?


>Yeah, I have PTSD.

As a doctor, I would recommend that anyone experiencing PTSD strongly consider propranolol adjunctive therapy. Propranolol is a safe, inexpensive drug that limits the maximum rate the heart can beat and also suppresses certain physiological effects like tremors. In non-PTSD patient populations we use propranolol primarily for tremor suppression, sometimes for high blood pressure, occasionally for stage fright, or excessive sweating.

The idea with this therapy is that by using propranolol one suppresses the fight or flight response that serves to reinforce the PTSD memories. It also allows calmer contemplation of said distressing memories. It makes sense: it's easier to consider all of these things if your heart isn't racing, no shakes, no cold sweat. If the therapy is successful, eventually the PTSD trigger is extinguished because it is no longer constantly reinforced by the brain and "stored fresh" as traumatic memory over and over. Finally, no one gets addicted to propranolol, as there is no high associated with it—again, all it does is serve as a "rev limiter" for your heart and your sympathetic autonomic responses.

As a tangent, the "extinguishment of stimulus reinforcement" approach also serves as the basis for the Sinclair method of treating alcoholism (albeit with a different, also relatively innocuous and inexpensive drug). If anyone is having difficulty with alcoholism I would suggest investigating the Sinclair method.

Your local doctor probably won't suggest these things. They aren't mainstream.

f0b512  No.636666


>is there anything fundamentally wrong with the 1911 platform for 10mm?

Not really, aside from it being 1911 platform. Unless there are problems i've not heard about it's okay.


I read propanolol and thought you were joking but it seems legit, good job on helpful advices.

1969f1  No.636667

File: 339a22bcd8df7a2⋯.png (115.52 KB, 2120x2440, 53:61, 364b135e7b98d701b33f259eed….png)


Fucking beautiful.

d2bd2e  No.636699


>I read propanolol and thought you were joking but it seems legit.

It definitely is. I don't treat ptsd patients myself but I have talked with several VA psychiatrists who have used it to good effect, and they also directed me to some of the published research on the therapy. It's not well known, even within the VA system. I like the approach because it seems quite promising, makes sense in terms of how it works, is very nontoxic/benign, and also because so many of our current standard approaches to help with PTSD are shit in terms of efficacy.

Switching gears, the Sinclair method for alcoholism uses a different drug, naltrexone, and patients continue to drink alcohol. There are no bad effects of the drug. That is different than some of the rather ineffective old therapies, with drugs designed to make patients feel sick if they drank. "Here, patient, I want you to take this drug that will make you vomit if you drink alcohol. Be sure to take it every day now, mmkay?" Instead the naltrexone effectively eliminates the positive reward reinforcement from consuming alcohol. Eventually, the compulsive urge to drink becomes extinguished because the alcohol doesn't give any "happy" reinforcement (yeah, you can obviously still get drunk from the alcohol while taking naltrexone). Alcohol becomes "meh" for the alcoholic.

Research is being done to do the same with tobacco. Varenicline (aka Chantix) operates in this type of "extinguishment" mechanism but has certain unpleasant side effects for some people.

514bed  No.636772


Well done.

0e663a  No.637546

File: 8a4878a55b9c67d⋯.webm (1.33 MB, 528x360, 22:15, congratulations.webm)


Yes, but I was waiting for someone to come say "If you haven't been to war, you don't have PTSD."

3ef92c  No.637687


They did, it was called "warriors heart" back then.


I know a fire fighter with PTSD, a motel was burning and he couldn't get a family out. He says he still dreams of the screaming 4 years later.

14b4cf  No.637765

File: 70b2203bf6c5a7f⋯.png (1.16 MB, 1000x1000, 1:1, please stop posting.png)



1541ea  No.637793

File: cb365ee01211d4f⋯.jpg (20 KB, 198x223, 198:223, disdain.jpg)


>having PTSD


1541ea  No.637794

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

1541ea  No.637795


>inb4 waaaaaaaaaaaaaah jewtube


Also, the embed and the link are two different videos.

Also also, read Spengler and Yockey.

79cdca  No.642402


HOBBIES! lots and lots of hobbies. If you can get a pet cat or dog they make a massive difference. Stay clear of places with lots of idiots like bars and shit,theres just too much of a chance of your switch getting thrown by some drunk tard. Find other vets and talk ,they'll understand and will open up and you can have a informal support group. Fuck the VA and never tell them shit cause it's not worth the trouble. Hope this helps sir,just always remember you did what was needed,your duty

dafaf6  No.642415


>Fuck the VA and never tell them shit cause it's not worth the trouble.

VA volunteer here. Absolutely this. They're shit about almost everything, MH in particular. Plus, all it takes is one president to decide to add all the names from the VA's MH database to NICS and it'll ruin your fun rights forever.

c9dea8  No.642471

Hey /k/, I am enlisting as a reservist harr harr harr and due to being colorblind I am pretty much just limited to infantry. Anybody here have a way to mentally prepare yourself for the fucked shit that is to come from combat?

Inb4 some faggot gives me shit for going infantry.

I wanted to be a diver but instead here I fucking am getting dicked by the backwards ass medical standards of the DoD

56981c  No.642475


Go Navy instead so you can be a repairman or something while still being colorblind.

7ee5d0  No.642493



Or how about this:

You only get PTSD when you're forced to fight for something you don't believe in dying for.

The old man should have been home killing traitor senators and the president, not his cousins in a foreign land.

dea3a2  No.644193


At least he gets to tell his mulatto tranny grandchildren his amazing tale about killing blond, blue eyed children.

c65e99  No.646128

File: fc76cefc67927d5⋯.jpg (12.47 KB, 220x255, 44:51, 1d0bb143e36c1bf63cd93b1af0….jpg)


t. 13 y/o who has never even thrown a fist in anger.

Post your scalp collection brah.

0be2a1  No.646129


> Before ww2 only about 1-2% of soldiers actually aimed to kill when faced with an enemy outside of immediate danger. Then we started using man-shaped targets, psychology and stuff and these days I think 1-2% makes up the guys who DON'T shoot to kill. For some dudes that is soul-breaking shit to do.

i thought this was a lie. im pretty sure it is.

bcf5bb  No.648447


So you can't tell if it's your nigger boyfriend or white boyfriend drilling your asshole?

bcf5bb  No.648449


Pretty intense post man

ef7c03  No.648487


There was no "upper Macedonia". It was called Paionia and it had no ethnolingual relation to Macedon.

0ce092  No.648577


They did. That is why god Phobos exists, and which is why he comes to mark people in the battlefield gleefully and greedily. And, which is also why not that many records of the most intense and awful battles seem to exist. People that fought weren't particularly enthusiastic to talk about that stuff, and thus not all that much got written down and even fewer of those records survive.

Most battles weren't all that brutal affairs, atleast in the Hellenic world during classical era, with casualties being somewhere in 5% range usually.


I had my puppy beaten up infront of me when I was kid. Lets just say a alcoholic drug abusing subhuman pretending to be a single mother was involved and leave it at that. Fucked me up mentally for years.

e61de8  No.648624



I can confirm that propanolol works wonders - that shit's an absolute miracle. I chow down on a handful of those, and then I can actually walk out my front door without having a panic attack.

t. takes propanolol for PTSD

199d01  No.648827

File: bbbfa2bbedbe24b⋯.jpg (76.73 KB, 723x657, 241:219, Surprised American Bear.jpg)



38fd60  No.648829

19eab2  No.648877



in my experience ptsd is 85% newly learned survival instincts that absolutely do not apply to "civilized society" so when someone slams a car door and you react by turning to, clinging to cover and clawing at your back for a non-existent rifle. It kinda sucks. You get that "ok shits going kinetic" adrenaline rush but that is quickly answered with the realization that the situation is absolutely not kinetic, at all, but the adrenaline is still there, and an unnecessary adrenaline rush really doesnt feel nice. Add to that everyone around you looking at you like you are a lunatic because they have zero reference for what just happened, and you are going to have a bad time.

Flashbacks and such happen but compared to the frequency of what I described above such is only 10-15% of ptsd. You learn how to deal with it over time. My biggest advice would be stay away from booze, I drowned myself for years… it is wholly counter productive.

59079f  No.648933


Unironically this.

…coupled with a lack of thinking realistically about what combat entails by the (generally very young) soldier, which leads to a "omg my friend just died, wtf?!" attitude when shit happens in combat.

61b015  No.649048

File: 95644c7d4945e4c⋯.jpg (86.84 KB, 674x674, 1:1, IMG_0004.JPG)


My fucking sides

a05e6e  No.649051

PTSD means you're a pussy. Only pussies get that shit.

You're supposed to get a boner from combat or thinking about combat.

That said, can you utilize your dick as a weapon? Say Lillian g your enemy by raping him in his eye socket to death?

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