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There's no discharge in the war!

File: b7ce3d0af64a4c6⋯.jpg (137.97 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, 1474613318538.jpg)

af582c  No.633854

So what's the probable timeline of getting red-flagged? And, if you survive the initial encounter without having lost your guns, what's your plan after that? Here's what I'm looking at:

Assuming I have an idea it's coming because I made some bullshit joke at Christmas dinner earlier that day and somebody's fucking girlfriend got butthurt

>one cruiser pulls up to the driveway

>two cops get out

>I ask them through the door what they want, they tell me, I ask for a warrant, and they don't have one

>I inform them that I won't comply or consent to searches

At this point, what's cop SOP and what's our best response? I'm guessing they would try to bust in unless they know I'm armed and ready. If they know, I'm guessing they'd retreat to the car and call for backup, right? If they don't know, should I inform them before they try, or let them try and open fire without any further warning?

From here, whether or not we engage in a firefight, I can expect heavy backup to arrive shortly. What then?

I'm 8 minutes away from cops unless there's one already in the area. Do I get the hell out and run Dorner-style or hunker down for Ruby Ridge 2.0?

2ed5a4  No.633859


In that situation I would pin the cops down with 1-2 minutes of suppressing fire then flee into the nearest forest.

852620  No.633868


In that situation I would pin the cops down with 1-2 minutes of suppressing fire sweet tender love from the XXL dragon dildo I got for Hanukah then flee into the nearest forest.

2dd123  No.633869

>What do you do when the SWAT team's at your door to take your guns?

>What do you do when Jamal's got you on your knees with a gun to the back of your head?

>What do you do when you enter a hairpin turn at 60mph on icy roads and bald tyres?

The answer to each of these questions is the same: If that's your first warning then you're already past screwed because you failed to recognize the threat and respond accordingly at the juncture where your actions could have made a difference.

The ((pragmatic)) option would be to keep most of your collection hidden but good or else stored offsite. Keep a couple of throwaway pieces to "surrender" then lawyer up and/or begin the insurrection.

Again, if your first clue that somebody's coming is them knocking on the front door, that's a problem. If you have to physically approach them to respond, that's even worse. CCTV, intercom, driveway bell, locked gate, neighborhood watch, whatever you need to do make it happen.

af582c  No.633878


I get what youre saying, but this doesnt seem very principled, which will greatly hinder any insurrection you hope to mount. Not all police forces are going to be willing to enforce these laws, and maybe not even all cops within jurisdictions that do. The threat is not cops at large, some of whom may even take your side, but the cop in your doorway trying to take your guns. If you kowtow to that one with a burner hi-point and then declare war on all cops right after, who will want to help you with that? We can't treat this like a war against a regular opposing army when some of the belligerents live right next door to us. For that reason, I say we have to deal with this on an individual level. I don't like it any more than you do, but it's our stupid fucking neighbors who vote for these laws as much as the cops who choose to enforce them who are responsible. How do we insurrect against that?

8b4d87  No.633880

Fill a plate carrier with tannerite and run at them like a L4D boomer.

355bb4  No.633888


Going off of you.

>Take mannequins.

>Carve hole in chest cavity.

>Insert tannerite based claymore.

>Fill with red geliten if desired.

>Dress up them up, add hats and put airshit pistols in the hands.

>Set them up in dark places.

Bonus points

>Use child sized mannequins.

852620  No.633889


>step 1: remove the jew

>step 2: begin re-education of those influenced by zionists/bolshevists

>step 3: ???

852456  No.633891


"Pragmatic" was in echo parentheses for a reason, Strelok. And I'm kind of just thinking out loud here, throwing shit at the wall to see what sticks.

Alright, let's lay out our priorities as follows, in this order.

>you want not to surrender your firearms

>you want not to die

>you want not to go to jail

As much as I'd love to say "just shoot the pigs and let the cards fall where they may", that's probably not a viable long term strategy. On the individual level, it ends with you either dead, in prison, or on the run. On a collective level, it ends with a handful of dead gun owners, a bunch of media handwringing, and most people cucking out and capitulating. Making a martyr of yourself only works when everyone is willing to make martyrs of themselves, and I'm not sure I have that much faith in my fellow man.

In my mind, the 'ideal' outcome would be to present a show of force sufficient to impel a standoff. If they're too scared to approach you lest they catch a bullet, this nets you time, options, and a position from which to negotiate. Hence the emphasis on distance and forewarning. You'll probably still end up in jail, but you'll have accomplished goals 1 and 2. (Even if you get them to back down, they'll just arrest you when you leave the house and raid the place while you're sitting in the holding cell.)

Even more advantageous would be to have the support of the community around you. I know that if the fuzz showed up at my door I'd want at least a half dozen friends with guns, cameras, and the moral fortitude to stick their necks out. But then we're back to the 'faith in our fellow man' problem. But if you're intent on playing this lone wolf style, by necessity or otherwise, the only options I can see would be to go down swinging or capitulate and live to cuck another day.

Or maybe that's just the drugs talking. If anyone else has better ideas, I'd love to hear them.

6ed2dd  No.633899

>eat a shitload of ball bearings

>equip suicide vest

>bonus round - firmly secure additional c4/tannerite cylinder in ass

>equip trenchcoat with steel sheet sewn into back

you have become the claymore, strelok

10774c  No.633909


If you are at your known place of residence when they come, you already lost, because they have practicaly infinite reinforcements. That doesnt mean you should not shoot them. In Minecraft, of course.

e47863  No.633931


I agree wholeheartedly. I didn't mean that I want to necessarily be a lone wolf about it, I agree that having friends and family with guns would be a huge help. In my mind, the most important thing to accomplish after priorities 1 and 2 is to make it as expensive and visible of a standoff as possible to show everyone exactly what they've accomplished by passing these laws, and to perhaps inspire others to have the same gumption to resist. As you say, faith in our fellow man to resist this stuff is quite low these days.

5136ec  No.633933


Put on my fursuit and self-immolate with a pair of Cold Steel Katanai (the plural of katana) and fight 2 da def.

1a0d61  No.633968

No warrant, no mercy.

5eceb6  No.633980


If you read the red flag law you'd know that warrants are pre-approved, which means demanding a warrant won't do you any good. The superior option is to not have an address on your license by making your proof of residence at a temporary location such as a family member's house and sending all records and payments through a PO box. A small price to pay.

This can go awry though, if anyone else knows where you live or has memorized your address. I've had that happen before, nearly lost my shit and contemplated opening fire. Turns out they were just there to ask locals about something.

f57781  No.633981


The moderators on the server are getting pretty bad, I'd hate to see someone snap and grief them

3745b3  No.634005

Comply with the officers, they are here to protect us after all

e166a8  No.634028

File: db890ea92216e6d⋯.jpg (5.37 KB, 223x227, 223:227, images(9).jpg)

It's only a tough situation for those who are still in denial about the state of our society. There is no winning for you, but that doesn't mean your death can't mean something.

The best thing would be to tie up as many LEO's in a standoff situation for as long as possible, garnering as much media attention as possible, and then proceed with the final duty with as much Maximum Effort as possible. People in general are different than they were 200+ years ago. The men of yesteryear would have ridden over the hill to murder their errant tyrannical neighbor in his sleep long before he would have been able to gather the political/legal/social forces to bear against them. Our society has been too safe for Far too long, and these days, the people who recognise their own violent nature, and control it are viewed as the insane minority…

f6b909  No.634058

If the police leave you after asking them for a search warrant then everything seems to be stable. If they are not taking the warrant comment in a good manner and still try to enter the premise immediately go for the nearest firearm and kill them, (leaving them alive will only make them call for backup).What after that? You immediately get out of your house with your preferable amount of firearms, lighters or matches and a recipient for carrying water and drive out to a secluded area, (and For the love of god don't think about carrying a cellphone). If you were to bunker down in your residence you will only end up getting burned down or overwhelmed.

f6b909  No.634059


Forgot to mention to also take medical supplies with you.

20b1fe  No.634062


You're already thinking about this the wrong way. You've got preemptively cut out anyone in your life that you know or suspect would red flag you. Just completely disassociate from them, ideally do so in a way that seems entirely innocent. For example take a graveyard-shift job.

>Assuming I have an idea it's coming because I made some bullshit joke at Christmas dinner earlier that day and somebody's fucking girlfriend got butthurt

Is this all hypothetical or did you piss off your brothers liberal girlfriend?

acd7c8  No.634066

One easy way to counter red flagging is to simply keep the ownership of the guns vague. Co-own a gun with your brother or something, and if they want a warrant from a judge they have to prove he's insane too.

The goal is to make it more and more and more and more difficult for them to do it. Not to stop it outright, but to simply make it impossible to enforce.

84d530  No.634074


why not overload the system by making police check out ghettos

>be anonymous concerned citizen

>overhear that an edgy teen from school whatever is planning a shooting

>he'll acquire his guns from tyrone in ghetto

6614b6  No.634075


I like this idea.

399975  No.634085

File: ea6fcca77b4c8a2⋯.jpg (245.84 KB, 958x585, 958:585, Alesia.jpg)

File: 21a9e3900b951da⋯.jpg (326.48 KB, 3200x1680, 40:21, tunnel.jpg)

The best thing to do is have a network of people willing to commence in a standoff against police with you, or better yet, have a plan like picrelated because you're not fightin Caesar it'll work.

If you have a house, have a tunnel built (not hard, picrelated2) for an escape plan so you can innawoods afterwards. Takes literally 6 months of 1 hour a day work. Make it your gym workout routine. If you can surround the cops, have a standoff, attract media attention then buggeroff everybody wins but ZOG.

89c29e  No.634130

File: faad96218fd190c⋯.png (1.61 MB, 750x748, 375:374, slow.png)


>what's cop SOP and what's our best response? I'm guessing they would try to bust in

Nope, cops are only supposed to bust in without a warrant if there is an emergency situation (a woman yelling for help, doughnuts left out on the counter, someone unconscious on the floor, stuff like that), or 'exigent circumstances' as they call it.

Tell them to talk to your attorney (get the number of one for free online or something) as many times as is necessary for them to go away.

Eyes on New Jersey, ladies. They banned mags over 10 rounds, making felons out of just about everyone. If the cops are dumb enough to try and enforce that nonsense, watch how fast the police stations burn, their cruisers get run over by John Deere tractors, and their kettlebells stolen from the gym. Cops will have to walk door to door.

af582c  No.634251


Thanks for answering one of the big questions here. Is that true even for red flags, which are based on the premise that you are already a danger?

7a62c3  No.634261

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

4759d6  No.634620


I don't know. My take with the unlawful red flag statutes is that they're conflating proper due process with a family member or cop complaining to a judge, who then issues an unlawful "order" (some in the press call it a warrant) to unlawfully deprive and infringe on property and rights.

In that situation, judges and cops think they can, and have already, unlawfully, under of color of law (a felony), confiscate weapons. They hold a hearing and pretend to be able to predict a future crime, and use said pre-crime pretend prophetic vision as pretense to steal your weapons and violate your rights, in the name of "safety". There is absolutely no due process there, no valid cause of action, no harm to any property or rights, and yet not only did those statutes get passed, cops are actually enforcing them… Only after they steal your weapons and trample on your rights, do you get a chance to argue for your weapons back, without actually having committed a crime, with no real accuser to face. That is, if you don't get killed by the cops first, have any clue at all about how every level of government is totally abusing your rights, or can afford an attorney who does.

So, the cops may consider it a valid warrant, and not listen to you or your attorney, and force compliance.

Fear and the lie of more and more gun laws making us safe have perverted justice as defined by this countrys' laws and tradition. Just God-less bastard commies gradually lying, cheating, stealing and murdering their way into power, per usual. I suppose, if they get their way, they'd use posts like this as a pretext in the future for rights violations or 'retaliation' of some kind, perhaps a commie social credit score. -5 points for not being a scumbag hypocritical liar like the rest of us.

2bb449  No.634643


>niggers nogging

>white man says he's tired of their shit

>ZOG comes in to tell him he's arrested for wrong think

>old dude goes full 1488 and kills 2 obese disgusting shit cops who do the jew's work protecting niggers

Good for that guy. I should write him a letter.

2bb449  No.634644


The cops can't take what the cops don't know about.

635a70  No.634645

Shoot first, ask questions later.

1c87cd  No.634657


Red flag laws are a symptom of the aliments in society at large.

The thing that pisses me off the most is the increasing use of technicalities and legal obfuscation to assram people who are trying to defend themselves. There used to be a day that a person could read the law and understand it without having to retort to endless bullshittery of case a, case b, etc.

As for the confiscation, I suspect they will be using swat once the first resister shoots a copy trying to enforce a red flag order.

It is unfortunate that we have entered the transition akin to the tetrarchy. It is no longer a citizen to elector relation, but transitioning to a master slave relationship between the government and the citizen.

4759d6  No.634662

File: 8a3f0effc2cc0d3⋯.jpg (47.71 KB, 550x829, 550:829, reno.jpg)


Yep. Maybe they could do what the Secret Service does with people reported as threats. Send a couple guys to their house and get an honest assessment of the situation and make the person aware of the consequences of whatever crime they think was going to happen. Talk to the guy face to face, point them in a direction where they can get help, if needed, and warn them they're suspect #1 at this point. But, no, true to communist gun grabber devils' m.o., they just do an end run around all the laws, scaring and browbeating the public into accepting blame and responsibility for shootings done by other people, that their policies largely made possible in the first place.

Every single new law or regulation trying to infringe and restrict firearms is predicated on total lies. Gun Free Zones, restrictions on open and concealed carry, and the rest of gun controls do nothing to stop crime, and in fact make crime worse. They disarm the victims of crime. All the numbers, facts and evidence show this, but lawmakers and cops pretend they aren't aware, and keep pushing and provoking law abiding people.

It's the current year and they're still trying to take the guns. The exceedingly small risk of being involved in mass shooting is no reason to abandon laws and the constitution, let alone make the situation worse by unlawfully restricting and infringing on the right to arms.

1c87cd  No.634664


The issue is that we as americans as a whole suffer from a disease of the mind. Huntington's clash of civilizations is very well written book. Part of it is the muticulturalisim bullshit that causes this. To simply put, there are cultures incompatible with the duties, rights, and culture of the United States.

People try to say that islam is just a religion and thus is should be treated like one. But Islam is actually more than just a religion, it is a plan to take over the world for the delusions of a man with 72 virgin kids. It scares me that the response against kebabs is lacking compared to the reaction we had against communists

4759d6  No.634672

File: a5cc569ab10adcd⋯.jpg (358.65 KB, 780x1578, 130:263, gun ban.jpg)

File: 7541ef147ab1eb7⋯.jpg (43.35 KB, 540x960, 9:16, gun_deaths.jpg)

File: 9c948e7bbf78602⋯.png (24.52 KB, 597x441, 199:147, ethnic gun.png)



There's that, too. But, our lawmakers and LEOs shouldn't cave in and wreck everyones' rights.

>islam is just a religion

Watch Stephen Coughlin's red pill brief series on youtube to see how the muslims are riding the coat-tails of the lefts' agenda. He's got their number, and knows all their tricks. They're manipulating laws here and in Europe to sneak in sharia. I was reminded of that recently in my area with the increase of smarmy, hijab wearing women walking around (and in congress, now, too).

This country was meant for Christians, with Christian values, not anti-Christ jews, muslims, or pagans. Their morality and ethics (if you could call them that) are incompatible with American freedom, since they are under no obligation to treat others with any sort of dignity or respect. Not a muslim? You can be killed or enslaved, lied to, raped, etc..Another reason they're trying to disarm us…

d19cf2  No.634674


Christian value is what brings in the multiculturalism, refugee and all the shit.

You will never hear a peep on how much christians donate money to jews, arabs and africans.

4759d6  No.634677


No, it's the manipulation of naive people, naive both in American law and what it means to be Christian, by those who wish to do harm.

They'll lie and say anti-Christ jews are the chosen people, or muslims are just oppressed refugees, etc.. and only the gullible believe it. In terms of law, this country is for us and our posterity, meaning it's not for people from another country, let alone pagans or muslims, etc.. Congress has no lawful right to open the borders, or allow for mass numbers of immigrants from incompatible cultures.

609fb8  No.634683


Well, here's the thing, Christian values pretty much teach people to be naive, naive son of bitches.

4759d6  No.634686

File: 70fc3d2e70214ca⋯.jpg (152.45 KB, 800x800, 1:1, deus vultage.jpg)


I disagree. There's nothing in Christian values that teaches one they are to ignore threats if they're present in an otherwise moral situation.

e6f742  No.634697


Turn the other cheek.

inb4 it's something polite to let someone slap you and then slap you some more.

4759d6  No.634698

File: 5a3aaf063e58c16⋯.jpg (28.84 KB, 492x449, 492:449, a48.jpg)

File: 56fb40f783dd932⋯.png (379.22 KB, 1380x511, 1380:511, turn the other cheek.png)

d584ed  No.634705


"Politely resist" by shaming the enemy by letting him beating you even harder, this is why nobody takes christian seriously.

4759d6  No.634710

File: e2554fe4824375e⋯.jpg (19.47 KB, 565x547, 565:547, a88.jpg)


Here, go read this thread about the Catholic IRA: https://8ch.net/pol/res/12543483.html

1c87cd  No.634812



that is so unironically true its not even funny.

Last semester I had to pull one of my classmate's asses out of the fire after one of the kebabs in a hijab went full out sperg on him. said person in question would be a great strelok if he wasn't austic

>Be in stupid muticultural elective about japan

>classmate somehow pisses off mudslime

>it tries to kill his charachter in front of our prof whos a liberal cause why not learn from Hogg?

>Stand up and tell her to stop bullshitting everyone cause the goal of Islam is to kill/enslave etc..

>strelok you're discriminating against my relgion/ethnicity

>Get pissed, stand up and tell everyone how there are no "moderate mudslimes", quote passage from that shitty goatfucker book

>But that's false strelok how dare you!

>Then why is it still accepted in Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey?

>Say's that kebab religons respects all relgions.

>Retort by saying that doesn't work in any majority mudslime countries, ask it why Islam ask for equal rights but doesn't give equal rights

>big oof face.

>Goes full out jhadist saying that all christans are terrible and that all white men are bad.

>retort that I'm atheist in name only to fuck the libs, I'm agnostic and that I'm asian

>Le victim mentality face made

>Strelok you sexist pig, I'll sue you

>calmy remind itthat according to sharia, her testimony is irrelevant because its biologically female and it has no men willing to testify for her

>Muh patriarchy argument

>Tell it that if she doesn't shut up I'll beat her for muh honorbu like any good man would

>See everyone! Strelok is sexist, I'm going to kill strelok, you commit sodoku!

>Tell everyone thats what sharia says to do to women

>it runs out of room crying to find a police officer

>Guess what hes a good friend of mine would be good strelok but he's almost 70

>officer basiclly tries not to laugh in it's stupid face and says first amendment and that he's arresting her for death threat Cause I asked to press charges and felt it was "seriious" lol

>And that's how I made all the liberals look like complete retards

I got it expelled and deported back to pakistan. I guess her bodies gonna be floating in a river after her newly met goatfucker husband kills it after he realizes shes not a virgin

There's also a story about how I destoryed a mudslime family in high school floating around /k/ somwhere

What I think we really need, is someone that is such a minority in the Republicans fuck maybe even elected like a DINO for president that makes the rest of the left look extremely retarded by being pragmatic. Case in point, I'm an athiest in name only :^), asian, male so rip everything is sexist nao that could probably idetify as trans but not really so I get elected as a DINO into the presidency and make the left look like full on retards.

5cb339  No.637784

File: d073eb3889d5bce⋯.png (281.94 KB, 566x359, 566:359, 1539465549859.png)


This was really bad and you should feel bad for it

1c87cd  No.637786


>implying you should feel bad for kebabs

<wonder why burgers have issues fighting sandniggers durkas with toy guns.

At least I'm going around trying to make a change. For people like this, you need to push them to a point of no-return, every muslim is going to fight against the western world, the more lies they are exposed, the more obvious it becomes to the average joe that's going to vote in the election assuming no glorious happening

I wonder if the lack of contact with durkas relatively speaking in the US has to do with the regular person's indifference to this thing

f3d233  No.637787


Cool story that never happened, strelok.

4d4161  No.637788

File: 7579ceccc17b3d2⋯.gif (677.85 KB, 280x280, 1:1, that got me moist no homo.gif)


>I got it expelled and deported back to pakistan.

That sounds too good to be true tbh fam, doesn't stop me from jerking my dick to your pretty good porn fic though.

d48097  No.637791

File: 157115f1e1bbf45⋯.png (444.12 KB, 634x466, 317:233, 157115f1e1bbf459138ebaff28….png)



>thinks he has poc cred

5cb339  No.637796

File: eb0bb23b96a23d5⋯.jpg (30.83 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1544214915082.jpg)


No, I mean the story itself was poorly-written and barely thought out. I wouldn't mind if it was real, but it is so aggressively fake and low-quality that I must wonder why you thought it was worth writing down and why you thought we wanted to see it.

1c87cd  No.637813


That was the joke.

52e197  No.637912


Did the professor clap and hand you $50 afterwards too?

82bc8f  No.642399

Sorry sir, only 3 options for this. Bullshit you fight and die or end up in prison forever. You roll over give up your guns and become a true peasant, or you drop your shit and ghost, live off grid and shit which is damn hard. These are it ,I'm sorry your allowing this shit in your states but maybe you will band together soon and make a change.

2afe81  No.642511

457b82  No.642569



And what then? Sit in the woods eating roots till you starve or die of sickness/cold/an hero?

b7508c  No.642591


There is another (half) option. Find out who reported you and make their life a living hell by doing the same thing to them. Chances are the little snitch has done something illegal or at least actionable. Just find the appropriate authorities to report them to and do so. Make sure it's done anonymously.

1bcb6c  No.643570

Question: if you get redflagged, do they investigate the validity of the claim that you're a danger to yourself or others? If they find that claim unsubstantiated, do you get your guns back?

If this is the case, why not just roll over, let them take your guns, and then be a super nice guy and eventually get them back? Maybe keep a stash somewhere so you remain protected until then.

Here's the thing: if you fight back against a cop for trying to take your gun, you're just proving that you are a danger to others (at least that's how the public will see it.)

7fdd0f  No.643581

File: a49f06888138e2f⋯.png (243.47 KB, 443x332, 443:332, ClipboardImage.png)


Catholics are pagan, not Christian.

444ab3  No.643608


>every muslim is going to fight against the western world

If you want to be technical about it, fighting for Islam is a communal, rather than individual responsibility. They're allowed to tolerate the kaffir as long as there are enough durkas durka-ing to ensure the expansion of the Islamic state.

cace33  No.643654

File: 3c6f19e1ea47b32⋯.jpg (34.26 KB, 480x320, 3:2, papa_kezcsok_zsidonak.jpg)


Catholicism is more jewdaic than any other form of Christianity - competing with Protestantism in this regard. If I'd have to chose, I'd go with Orthodoxy but that is the faith of 2 of our lethal enemies so I will stick to my Hungarian form of Tengrism.

0690ad  No.643682


I thought the same thing. I'd bet a pretty penny its the same guy.

ed2993  No.643769


99% of cops aren't going to come in without a warrant. But you can guarantee they'll be back with a warrant. Anything other than this statement is retarded fearmongering.


No you wouldn't. Not only do you not realize the response time for shooting at cops asking for back up but you're also retarded and /k/posting about your fake courage.


Legitimately this. Hide arms off your property or hide them good if you have a lot of property. Report guns stolen if you think you're about to be flagged.

Just like he said, if your first warning was ultimate action, you're fucked.

7fdd0f  No.643787

File: ce454a4c094fe00⋯.png (1.27 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)



cace33  No.643796


Problem, yboi?

af582c  No.644376

So getting back to the actual purpose of the thread, I just read the new Minnesota red flag bill and there's a workable protocol here.

The way the bill outlines it, the cops show up only to serve you notice that you have 24 hours to surrender your weapons to an FFL or police station, which is allowed to charge you for storing your own weapon against your will, the fucks.

Anyway, if the cops aren't there to take your guns right then, then you don't have to defend yourself against them. Just go to the police station that day, tell them about your tragic boating accident. To be safe in case they stop by to check that I really did lose my guns, I'd still take them and make myself scarce for a few days until the hearing where I'd insist that I lost them, the order gets dropped, and then everything is kosher.

I don't know how it is in Maryland where that guy got shot, so hopefully that was just a fluke that it escalated right then and there and there's a workaround for anyone living out there. Post your state laws and let's see what we can come up with.

4a944c  No.644383


Don't engage the enemy while they're ready and armed. Take their names and badge numbers, hand over a couple hi-points so they can go home happy, dox them, then dig up some guns you've stashed somewhere else and shoot them while they're on the toilet in minecraft.

4a944c  No.644385


>If they find that claim unsubstantiated, do you get your guns back?

You mean the shitlib Jewish judge that believes that no civilians can be trusted with guns?

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