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There's no discharge in the war!

File: 4cae6ab367f88a6⋯.jpg (35.75 KB, 330x478, 165:239, 330px-PEO_soldier_Dragonsk….jpg)

bde760  No.634637


So apparently when dragon skin armor was still a thing, it was capable of withstanding almost all small arms fire with no penetration, even staying together when a grenade was detonated point blank on it. It had been purchased and used by Secret Service, CIANigs, Mercenaries in Iraq, SWAT teams, 9 generals in Afghanistan and their bodyguards. The only reason it was dropped was because the glue holding it all together couldn't stay together over 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Since the company making it has gone bankrupt, the only way it may ever see the light of day again is if we start making it ourselves.

We just need to find a better way of securing the plates better, how to get them and put them together and we could have the epitome of body armor. I've found a few sources of silicon carbide plates on Alibaba, which I've never used before and have no idea if it's legitimate


Would it be practical to attempt to build these at home?

864067  No.634648


Dude you can't bend laws of physics just through some know-how. This crap is weaker than solid armor plate for the same weight, nevermind the cost, its only upside is flexibility which armor plate has none.

37d840  No.634651

File: e60316f02673d44⋯.jpg (23.23 KB, 288x499, 288:499, Kornheiser_Why.JPG)


>dragonmeme armor

bde760  No.634654


Is it made of the same material as a normal solid plate? Even if it is weaker, it could be used in places that aren't usually armored even if it isn't as strong

8ab0ef  No.634659

File: 01df6507755347d⋯.jpg (270.27 KB, 648x1232, 81:154, leather_dragon_fantasy_arm….jpg)


>he won't be LARPing as a fantasy character when SHTF

Hark, ye vagrant! Tis mine bridge though hast crosseth! Thy host art surrounded! Surrender thine fine coinage, or risk thee thine life by mine ATGM!

bde760  No.634661


this tbh but I still want to make money making actual armor

01b42e  No.634663

Why are they circular and not something that would tessellate better?

137929  No.634699

Why not just weld the plates together?

Or ducktape them together?

e77c7d  No.634719


>can't bend laws of physics

That's the opposite you snow nigger smaller elements will always have better matter cohesion than big ones.

You could perfectly make something equivalent using a "scale armor" design, but the big downside is the weight for a questionable gain in flexibility (scale armor isn't really that flexible it's not chaimail).

The problem of dragonmeme is that they tried to do everything, reduce the weight, increase the protection and increase the flexibility. Which unless you find some wonder material is impossible.

A real question is whether you could make a bulletproof chainmail out of a technical steel strong enough and tight enough in a dense persian weave that would be light enough to wear.

It should be doable and you would get a significant increase in mobility for a similar weight and protection, but it's not something you can garage-make you would need special tooling.

For DIY basic old kevlar + homebrewed SFT (shear thickening fluid) to revitalize it should work just fine.

What I'm wondering is how much silica gel do you need to be bulletproof because sand is the best protection against bullet because it destroys the bullet through friction rather than trying to catch it and silica gel is pretty light.

613ebb  No.634722

How about making infantry cheaper than the body armor?

908635  No.634725


Making them lock together in some way behind the strike face would be better so you can easily replace them with spare plates.

00ba92  No.634728

File: 2fd2dcaa4643944⋯.jpg (103.65 KB, 639x793, 639:793, OG dragonscale.jpg)


You don't want them to tessellate, the idea is that a bullet striking one plate transfers a portion of the energy to each of the plates it overlaps with. It's not a *bad* idea, and could provide similar protection to orthodox armour with (a bit) less weight and (slightly) more flexibility (and all for only a "WHAT THE FUCK!!!" price increase! Buy now while stocks last). If they hadn't tried to market it as some kind of Adamantium forcefield then it might have done a little better as specialist gear. The concept works, but as it's fairly ancient tech literally Scythian tier, 800BC or thereabouts so that's not surprising.

2b9b36  No.634729

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Small plates have terrible behind armor blunt trauma effects. Soviets had 6B5 vests with small pockets and small plates for flexibility. It was notorious for heavy damage sustainable by soldiers in case of non penetration hit.

Extract from 6B5 manual. In case on non penetrating hit possible trauma up to: broken ribs, internal bleedings, broken spine without damage to spinal cord, total loss of combat ability, recovery up to 60 days, possible death.

Scale plate design was dropped like hot potato in latter armors.

2b9b36  No.634731


Arrow is on the wrong side. Obviously pic was drawn by euro barbarian who knows nothing about archery.

00ba92  No.634735


I didn't think the Golden Horde reached the Norwegees. Was I wrong or are you a Rus emigre?

682e0a  No.634737


How about securing the plates with dynema instead of fucking glue?

Why did they even use glue? That makes it tougher when the entire point is to get it to shift!

682e0a  No.634738




Wow I just noticed it, and he's holding the other arrow in his BOW hand wtf??? Only some anglo could have drawed this.

ba1aff  No.634740

File: 93cab341bdc8ad3⋯.jpg (64.2 KB, 709x709, 1:1, German-M43-Greatcoat-by-RU….JPG)

File: 6bce0cd052aa1a3⋯.jpg (4.56 MB, 3240x4320, 3:4, Basinet_helmet_with_dog-fa….JPG)

Based on previous threads your best bet would be for modern infantry armour would be issuing gun shields against direct fire, and greatcoats (or a hauberks) and helmets with aventails made of this stuff:


From what I remember the main problem is that although it can stop fragments and pistol bullets, but it still needs some kind of a backing.

Could someone upload the image of that French memearmour that looks like something out of Spaceballs?

682e0a  No.634741


Soviets invented aluminum iron alloys which have the structural/weight ratio of titanium. Their only downside is that they're brittle, but that's kind of a bonus for body armor.

9b9552  No.634744


Didn't we have some kind of general armor thread? I remember someone posting this pic in one, it was a good thread and i wanted to discuss future of body armor and dump some good or weird images. Does anyone have it or should i make a new one?

ba1aff  No.634745


This board periodically discusses the same things, so there were several threads about body armour. This is the previous one: >>619796 But as you can there were a few more before them, but already fall off. If we had decent population then a thread would be lucky to live for a month without hitting the bump limit. But then 90% of the threads would be made either by newfags or by annoying baiters, and they'd also ruin any decent discussions we'd have otherwise.

9b9552  No.634746

File: 164c3729c370a63⋯.jpg (72.83 KB, 809x647, 809:647, c440b3805a5dc25a5fa47cc277….jpg)


Fugg, i forgot to add pic, sorry. The last threads were ok but that older one had more deep and technical discussion.

9b9552  No.634747


Ok, i guess i'll just make a new general thread that'd be easier to keep up due to broader topic.

e77c7d  No.634759


Trauma and penetration are two entire different beasts.

The only way do to do trauma-less armor is by using friction to destroy the projectile before it reaches the end.

If not you will always be stuck with making an armor panel and a trauma panel (which is much easier to do and we have really good lightweight foams that can dissipate a stupid amount of energy).

210187  No.634776

>body armor thread

There's something I've been meaning to ask for a long time. Why is it only ever the vest? A bullet to the dick is going to kill you or at the very least render you incapable of further combat, so why is it not covered as well? Why aren't arms and legs covered? Essentially, why aren't modern plates done in a way plate armour was, so that they'd cover the entire body, from head to toe? Is it just a cost issue, or is there some technical thing that renders it pointless?

00ba92  No.634780


Weight, and cost. Even if a nation had the budget to give every member of their armed forces the kind of armour that would make 16th century plate armour look cheap and lightweight then the infantry would probably decide to leave most of it at base - every extra piece of kit is more weight on top of a loadout that already risks spinal problems and increases your chance of dehydration in arid environments.

864067  No.634782

File: 9db9f57108de8e3⋯.gif (1.57 MB, 288x288, 1:1, a88697adedc6fc0b58c56a0c8a….gif)



The reason these places aren't usually armored is because you aren't usually shot in these places. Putting armor there is just putting extra weight on the soldier for no appreciable safety improvement. Solid plate is already made of the best (lightest and strongest) material for the purpose.


Smaller elements have worse space filling factor than bigger ones, producing more weak spots and more unnecessary armor overlap spots, increasing overall weight and decreasing armor strength. There's a good fucking reason knights have been using plate armor and didn't just wear chainmail. Because while flexible, chainmail is just not a good armor, it's weaker than plate armor and it's sure as shit much heavier than it.


That thing is already invented, it's called blast suit. It's not convenient to use to the point it's only issued for specific purpose of disarming ordinance.

4bcfb5  No.634793


But how would a bogan actually say it?

6c7f81  No.634799


>frogbro calling ruskiebro a snownigger

Chill, bro. Oh wait, that didn't work out so good last time

ce8438  No.634807

File: 1bc3810258e8931⋯.jpeg (129.27 KB, 700x700, 1:1, serveimage.jpeg)


If you're going to make fantasy meme armor, why wouldn't you just take some AR500 and make Lorica Segmentata, backing it with a kevlar gambeson?

c72cf2  No.634862

I thought the company that was working on Dragon Skin falsified testing data to make it appear more impressive than it really was.

682e0a  No.634905


Yes they did, which was completely unnecessary. Dragonskin was fine the way it was they didn't have to falsify shit, it provided NIJ level III of protection without the rigidness of an insert, and even when a piece got shot out it still provided higher level II or lover level III protection. The problem is they tried to make it sound that it provided level IV protection while also being more flexible than level II vests.

I think they were just used to the trickery that permeates all American mil-ind complex.

cd7c05  No.635821


I've wore one and that shit is fucking heavy despite the plates being only a few millimeters thick. As in it's basically the weight of a full combat kit.

I you made the whole thing out of AR500 and then add your kit you couldn't move, period.

eb5082  No.635823

The best way to survive a bullet shot is to not get hit by it

137929  No.635825

File: 0201fe03524d539⋯.jpeg (149.2 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, 9e1c0487-84da-4433-8a49-1….jpeg)

Why not just make body armor in the shape of pic related?

It could better deflect bullets and could be thinner/lighter than solid plate and still provide as much or even more protection thanks to being slopped

7d28a2  No.635829

Graphene vests will probably make all rigid armor meaningless, once it becomes possible. Especially if they can manage to make diamene with it.

8ab0ef  No.635831


Oi, cunt! Ya crossed me bloody bridge, cunt! Toss me the piss and winnies, or my cuz'll fucken bottle ya! If Leb, add: "I swear on me mum."


I said fantasy LARP, not actual historical re-enactment. I want it to be intensely embarrassing for my enemies during that moment when they know they're about to die.

90377f  No.635837

File: ed5471805702027⋯.png (27.48 KB, 600x190, 60:19, y2BtPLF.png)


Excellent. Just make sure to color the bottom red and the top white.

4a6184  No.635894

File: 70e89b22c99ab26⋯.png (68.45 KB, 500x526, 250:263, the future of body armor.png)



245ba5  No.635936


Black procedure…please stop

5b8d8a  No.635997

>Using metal in your body armour and not a liquid that solidifies with pressure catching the bullet mid perforation

>using the term penetration which is objectively the incorrect term to use but you still use it because you heard it in a tank game once


f8b833  No.636021

File: c36ca925a3e171a⋯.jpg (50.56 KB, 372x502, 186:251, suit.jpg)


>>Using metal in your body armour and not a liquid that solidifies with pressure catching the bullet mid perforation

Sounds great in theory but I have the impression it never got past that. The magic liquid you speak of doesn't exist yet, does it?

I know it's a bit off topic (not Dragon Skin related) but I consider the Combine body armor from Half-Life 2 to be genius in its design. The vest looks fully textile with thick padding underneath, without any plate inserts while offering the same protection from all directions. It seems spongy, elastic and lightweight despite being thick and cumbersome.

9b9552  No.636022


>The magic liquid you speak of doesn't exist yet, does it?

It actually does. It's called shear-thickening fluid(STF) and it actually works the way it's supposed to. Body armor with it is still mostly prototypes but they already offer better characteristics and only needs to be finished.


Also this vest would be quite heavy and very, very hot and not very mobile, at least to the levels of thick gambeson.

847581  No.636060

File: 59c17926c456484⋯.png (69.68 KB, 300x300, 1:1, BODY ARMOUR.png)


>Former U.S. Infantry here.

Ive wondered the same thing about dragon scale. The biggest drawback in tests allegedly, was it was prone to degradation in humid environments or water.

Most grunts I talked to never really cared for the side sapis as they rub if you dont have an Arno Breker V-taper and generally restrict lateral movement/withhold body heat. Some snipers and recon units get approval to go "slick" with just the front and back.

I've always thought a compromise between dragon scale w/ front and back sapii plate would be ideal.

847581  No.636061


TBH honest, if you had an entire dragon scale up armored jacket with just the front large sapi would be sufficient, the only problem is the weight distribution with one relatively heavy front sapi and no back sapi to equalize the weight. I know this from personal experience. Some type of strap or rigging system could probably solve it.

459f2c  No.636110


>Bullets that hit the top hemisphere skips off the surface to be redirected to your neck

>Bullets that hit the bottom hemisphere skips off the surface to be redirected to your groin.

I don't know which is worse.

fa625b  No.636127

I have 2 solutions to this problem.

One, neodymium. Simply snap them from behind with magnets. Easy to replace and repair. Or those metal snap buttons they use on leather jackets for example. If one gets blown off, simply snap another one in it's place.

682e0a  No.636172

Physics 101:

- Viscosity is the measure of attractive forces between the particles that make up a fluid. Most fluids have a constant viscosity that decreases as energy is added into the system (heat etc) because it's harder for the molecules of the fluid to attract one another if they're moving very fast, spinning etc.

- Shear thickening fluids are usually not real fluids, but are suspensions of simple hard particles that don't have many long-range attraction between them, but have very powerful short-range attraction. This makes the suspension very liquid as long as the particles are properly suspended and kept well mixed and far apart from one another. An impact compresses the particles in the suspension until they come close enough to interact strongly, causing a huge change in viscosity.

- Generally speaking this is useless for body armor, unless you're trying to armor against blunt force trauma, or are willing to accept something with far less protection and far more bulk compared to aramids.

72b8fe  No.636174


No shit, huenigger. That's why personal armor has always been a competition and balance between protection and mobility, you slimy, cocksucking chode.

c4dee8  No.636210


>The only reason it was dropped was because the glue holding it all together couldn't stay together over 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

How does that affect 95% of the planet? Even the hottest city in USA only gets to 120F for a couple of months. Places like NYC, Chicago, Baltimore, Philadelphia etc never get that hot. Ok so ZOGbots in the sandbox are SOL, but people are killing each other on other continents too you know…

137929  No.636250

File: c39626ba821641a⋯.jpeg (254.35 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, 0201fe03524d5392e2b850caf….jpeg)


Behold, i present you the Armor of the Future v.2.0!

Now with improved design

16dac1  No.636259

File: caf201bdc5028e7⋯.jpg (108.3 KB, 640x441, 640:441, Battle ball.jpg)

File: dd1c64d297c3384⋯.jpg (38.97 KB, 590x352, 295:176, battle ball 2.jpg)


Go big or go home mate.

581a5a  No.636261


Because it was submitted to the US during the height of our time in the sandbox.

It's the same shit with the XM8, people just don't understand that we can't gear up for the next fight in Roomtemperaturestan when we're currently in a desert.

8ab0ef  No.636266

File: f678fccb2ef98b6⋯.jpg (94.76 KB, 578x800, 289:400, Edward Grey.jpg)


Oh, come now. There will never be a war outside of a backwater country ever again. The global economy and complexity of international relations has made sure of that, which isn't to mention MAD. Proxy conflicts are the present and future face of warfare, and the world will continue to grow more peaceful, not less. After all, if we go to war with a major power, the lights will go out and they may never come back on again. The UK can afford to get rid of their mortars and LMGs, and America can potter around in the sandpit until the end of time.

cd7c05  No.636424


Or you could not have an army made up of massive pussies and bear with it.

210187  No.636434


>dragon skin

old news, grandpa, now it's all about Dragon Silk


>Aug. 20 (UPI) – Kraig Biocraft Laboratories has announced that it has delivered ballistic panels made of spider silk to the U.S. Army for testing as body armor.

>The panels, constructed out of the companies proprietary Dragon Silk, will be evaluated for their ability to stop bullets and other ballistic threats like shrapnel.

2b49c7  No.636438


>it's weaker

Is it? I would think the smaller, overlapping plates would be better for longevity and stopping certain kinds of rounds. Smaller plates means less dispersion, yes, but given it's uses(as a very protective but concealable vest), it seems like it would do it's job pretty well.

Large ceramic plates are fine but they don't go well under a shirt.

On the topic of meme armor, what ever happened to those Mexican guys that made armored trench coats?

8ab0ef  No.636441

File: 729484362398411⋯.jpg (73.24 KB, 736x1101, 736:1101, War Has Changed.jpg)


>genetically engineered silkworms producing threads stronger than steel for body armor

War… War has changed.

2b49c7  No.636444


Not really, but I can't wait to see Fashion Wars, but now with 100% more actual war.

a10272  No.636501


LineX can stop an explosion too as well as multiple different types of ammunition. Just because it can get through something undamaged doesn't mean the shockwave won't travel through it.

705cd9  No.636504


hm not that knowledgeable on the subject, but if I remind correctly plate armor was used in conjuction with some sort of vest made of regular fabric and chainmail, the later being put on the articulation spots which were, as originally mentionned the weak spots of the plate armor.



tis all good, they even made good music about it.


non newtonian fluids work like that i believe.

you got plenty of videos of idiots running on a mix of water and cornstach on yt if you want to lose some of your time.

42e2a8  No.636601


Plate armor went over a tight fitting fabric garment (with cut resistance and padding) that it was tied to. This garment was long sleeved and a part of it were pants. It also transferred a lot of the weight of the armor to the waist. Spots like the armpits and other articulation points where plate could not fit were covered by mail sections.

In some cases and until they figured out the mail sections the plates just went on over a mail shirt.

Modern day, that would be having additional level II or IIIa kevlar. Would protect from shrapnel and ricochets - useful considering the amount of explosives and barriers in between cover and concealment.

9da8ff  No.636621

File: 77905bc21978c33⋯.jpg (20.33 KB, 230x300, 23:30, First_bulletproof_vest[1].jpg)



We've gone full circle, it seems.

c6bf06  No.636626


Now there is an idea. Would a LineX sprayed array of ceramic disks, hold up in high heat? It's gonna be less flexible but if it keeps the plates together and offers spall protection, why not?

a69d72  No.636661

Here's a better idea, how about a foreign policy that doesn't require us to send so many troops into foreign hellholes wearing body armor?

be3220  No.636742


All sorts of combinations have been tried, by both the military and people in their garage with gorilla glue and kitchen tiles. Ultimately it comes does to a weigh/thickness issue needed for reliably stopping certain rounds.

Anyone can make something that works, but there's a very good reason that thin/light bodyarmor is big money.

be3220  No.636744

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

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