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There's no discharge in the war!

File: c4bca29b12042b6⋯.jpg (456.89 KB, 1600x1600, 1:1, 1479142242978.jpg)

9c3af3  No.636018

I fucked up, /k/. I got too comfortable.

A bit of background info

>be me at work

>small workplace, community program helping poor people with poor people shit

>have 2 main coworkers, seldom interact with anyone else in the organization

>both are decent guys, one is older, other is about mid 30s and our boss

>both are gun owners, gun users, have gone to the range with both of them

>have told them about the possibility of red flag laws in our state and why they're bad, they seem to accept this

>in separate conversation, told them about the lynx 12 I'm saving up to buy, they seem to think it's cool, tease me about being Rambo or some shit


>a couple weeks ago, boss and us are talking guns

>he suggests a shotgun he heard was on sale to me, some kind of hunting shotgun

>thank him, tell him I've already got my eye on a different shotgun

>he gives me a quizzical look, seems to have forgotten about the lynx I showed him

>you know, that one with the 15 round magazines and stuff

>here it comes

>"what do you need that for?"

>I did not see my peril, fool that I am

>"you know, for those red flag laws I was telling you about. If someone tries to take my guns, I'm going to need more firepower"

>his eyes go wide, he kinda tries to joke it off and says he's going to go back in his office

>a few days later, he calls me into his office

>we have a brief conversation in which he says he doesn't think I'm a threat in any way, bit he says that if anyone else in the office had heard the comment they'd probably have called the cops on me

>prefaces the convo with something like "the other day you said some things, I'm not sure if you really meant all of what you said"

>I, trying to be helpful, clarify that I was speaking of a very specific circumstance of cops committing a crime against me and I assure him that I am not anti-cop

>he seems somewhat mollified, says he just wanted to have a brief talk about it and he's not going to get me in trouble or anything for it

>today, a week later, HR has heard about it, seemingly from my boss, and wants to have a meeting Monday about it to go over the details of the convoy and how it happened

>she's a proguns, assures me that no one is calling for me to get in trouble, just wants to have a conversation about the conversation

Anyone got any similar stories?

03ce67  No.636020

File: 9116bb04bfbc683⋯.png (888.38 KB, 1400x1000, 7:5, rockwell_outfit.png)


Dress like this for that conversation.

35bd8c  No.636025

File: e77558c9f6db320⋯.jpg (19.3 KB, 252x400, 63:100, 8ef049526cc416bd13a613f6b1….jpg)


>no one is calling for me to get in trouble

You're already in trouble anon. This is the kind of language they use to keep calm someone they view as a threat.

765f66  No.636026

kill em all OP

take your shotgun to work and blow em up

b3e31a  No.636047


Dont you think he might want to leave out the swastika armband and the anti-semitic tables for his own good?

4589ac  No.636048

File: ceedb36c4d88838⋯.jpg (27.56 KB, 412x300, 103:75, 710.jpg)


Always hide your powerlevel, faggot.

0591af  No.636052


why do people keep posting that toy who paints memes

693fdd  No.636055


Nice word salad my well adjusted equal

eec604  No.636056


Why don't you just say that the government should have no right to intervene with the firearms you purchase for your own personal satisfaction and/or protection, it's the second amendment after all.

If you want to have a minigun and can afford it, why should you be restricted from getting one if you can afford it?

15f745  No.636078

>says "HA HA I wanna shoot cops" to another human being in the flesh

Contain your powerlevel you sperg.

f2e499  No.636081

<Why do you want a semi auto shotgun?



You are the kind of fucking idiot that will be plastered across the news as "the reason we need red flag laws."

If someone asks, "Why do you need a gun like that?" The answer is, "I don't need it, I want it, and it is my right to own it."

dbdc70  No.636084

File: a9b33fb4969701a⋯.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 9.25 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, NotAllHerosWearCapes.mp4)



>Muh optics

This kind of thinking is what led to the acceptance that you're not in charge of your own safety and daring to have weaponry to challenge a tyrannical government is somehow wrong.

ca1c4a  No.636086


>assures me that no one is calling for me to get in trouble

Dude, they've convinced themselves you're some kind of crazed mass-shooter in the making. That's the sort of language they use to try and keep you calm, because they're worried you'll shoot the place up. I wouldn't be surprised if they have cops waiting in the HR office when you come in. Call a lawyer beforehand and have them come with you to the meeting. You've probably already figured this one out - BUT UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES DO YOU SAY A WORD TO THE POLICE UNTIL YOUR LAWYER IS IN THE ROOM AND ABLE TO ADVISE YOU. YOU DO NOT EVEN CONFIRM YOUR FUCKING NAME AND ADDRESS. There's no need to go full retard on them, but odds are you're going to get screwed over this. Best of luck Anon, and godspeed.

829a7b  No.636087

File: 10549781b5b7755⋯.png (1.51 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 10549781b5b7755c69286cfe08….png)


>Anyone got any similar stories?

No, but I was talking to this guy at my office and the topic of guns came up. Long story short, I got invited to a get together where a bunch of people brought guns, the property owner had pallets of ammo to go through for tax purposes, and I got to shoot some machine guns and a Glock with a fun switch. All in all, it was a good day. I love Missouri

dbdc70  No.636088


What tax reasons specifically? Who do I hang out with for the mere opportunity of doing something like this?

638351  No.636100

File: f5f6c9bd1c6ef61⋯.jpg (31.03 KB, 500x334, 250:167, old mem.jpg)


Time change. Civilization has made us weak. Even so-called /k/ommandos act like fucking faggots, complaining about "muh abimul cruelty ;_;" and shit.

638351  No.636101



2b2d53  No.636105

File: 24c3241ff62004a⋯.jpg (109.71 KB, 640x459, 640:459, psuedoops.jpg)


>killing living beings for fun with no regard to ecological stability or practicality is okay

Your IP is being traced, poacher. I'll send you to meet your maker.

829a7b  No.636107


I didn't ask about the specifics of the tax reasons because it was my first time there and I thought it would be impolite to pry. I got invited to it next year too

368d89  No.636112


<why you want fun gun?

>because it's fun

>because I have a bird/rat infestation

>because literally any kind of other shitty joke

Nigger. You barely know them (other than what you can gleen from your limited interactions with them) always assume co-workers are boomer tier fucks. Meaning their mentality is, cops = gods gift to civilization, cops do in fact have a duty to protect people, and all is well with the world.

>Anyone got any similar stories?


>co-worker shows me his new ruger gp100

>mention I'm getting a cz-75b soon

>talk about guns somewhat often

>mention I have and AR15

>just talking to me he learns more about guns and I teach him as best I can

<Vegas happens

>he asks about if ARs are banned in california and other questions such as price and what brands to look at

>other co-workers learn about my hobby

>one other no guns asks me specifically about handguns

>already have the cz, a glawk, and a shit and wesson 686+ by then

>offer to take him shooting

>falls in love with Czech shit

>nine more find out and want to go shooting

>tell them to get ammo and meet me at the range

>all assume they'll just spend an hour or two

>stay for five hours shooting but would have been longer if they hadn't run out of ammo

>all three pistols, a 22lr bolt gun, and an AR15

>everyone wanted more trigger time behind the AR while some of them assumed they'll hate it but ended up loving it the most

>all enjoyed their day and are alive with all their fingers and eyes

>I learn who's a fag and who's not retarded

>only one retarded faggot in the bunch who can't remember to follow basic instructions like treating guns as if they were loaded while still retaining retarded politics about guns (luckily he's gone now)

>four are seriously interested in buying their first gun with the only hurdles being the initial cost and having to take a safety test

Come tax season atleast four more people will have guns because of me.

0c309a  No.636113

File: 0345815fc09ef6c⋯.jpg (61.11 KB, 640x394, 320:197, a_film_legend_clint_eastwo….jpg)


"four are seriously interested in buying their first gun with the only hurdles being the initial cost and having to take a safety test.

Come tax season atleast four more people will have guns because of me."

Ah, i do love me a good ole wholesome k post.

Thank you anon for spreading the good word, especially in a state like cali, which is about as red as a pol pot murder harem. Red as in marxist, not conservitive. Godspeed anon and op

d165e6  No.636114



Make sure your lawyer is available via at least telephone before you go into that meeting

2a0f5d  No.636116


This whole problem could have been avoided if you excercised appropriate ==OPSEC==


>heh I need some 12gauge for defending my posterior from the cops

Gage their response

>If they change topic quickly that’s a bad sign

>If they play along and escalate that’s a good sign but continue to be cautious

>If they get serious and remain on topic you’re in the right crowd but beware of honeypot

OP is fucked and now on a watchlist, make sure you don’t end up on one too!

cb72ec  No.636120


>just wants to have a conversation about the conversation


ca1c4a  No.636129


>OP is fucked and now on a watchlist

Are you implying that we're not all on at least 2-3 watchlists at this point? yes, even you lurkers.

b3e31a  No.636130


Whose watchlist are you referring to anyway? If its CIA, why should I care about being on the watchlist of a foreign powers intelligence agency?

a3e622  No.636140

File: 8ebebf7e290e7ac⋯.jpg (67.38 KB, 616x435, 616:435, halved_patriot.jpg)



"supra-national intelligence organisation that does not answer to the known laws of its own countries"

5eabd2  No.636144

Holy shit OP what have you done lmfao why did you say that you could have just said "why not?" And shrugged now you're red flagged

1aa354  No.636148

File: f9bd9432ac72345⋯.gif (1011.21 KB, 200x217, 200:217, REALLY NIGGER.gif)

>hey here's a cool shotgun

>nah i want this one

>what for? i don't believe for a second he said "what do you NEED it for?" he was just inquiring whether you want it for home defense or hunting or whatever, you threw that "need" in there to justify your ridiculous response


>whoa chill the fuck out


</k/ how come my BOSS doesn't understand my incredibly witty joke!?

Thank you, you tone-deaf, tactless, moronic, and above all RUDE son of a bitch.

If you had a single moral bone in your body or even rudimentary training every three year old learns, you would know how to act polite in company. Instead of like a fucking male teenager being raised by a single mom in 1990s - by the television and computer, with zero socialization, like a undertrained puppy dog that grows to adulthood and tears up the upholstery or humps the guests legs or takes tranny pills and suicides at 21.


The sounds.


By your.


Of a mouth.



People exactly like you are how this abortion of a law got justified.

1aa354  No.636151


The OP and the "muh optics" troglodyte must have an IQ barely in the 80s. The best thing they could possibly do for the future of freedom is to get themselves arrested and spend a lifetime behind bars. If this was war, their best use would be running with a bottle of nitro at a target, or clearing a minefield by walzing through it, or lay across barbed wire so people with the intelligence above that of a chimp can use their useless flesh as a bridge. Stupidity is like a singularity, they're a fucking threat to everyone around them, sucking innocent people into a morass of idiocy.


Because clearly the response to "why do you need guns" is "to kill the inimical enforcers of a vast and powerful organization controlling every aspect of life for you, the asker of the question, and me, the dumbass answering it".

Even if he intended to defend himself from cops breaking into his house illegally, why would he tell this to his goddamn employer!!!!! A boss is less trustworthy than a work colleague, and a work colleague is less trustworthy than a random stranger on the street. In fact there's about a thousand rungs to go before you get to the trust of a lifelong friend or family member, but even then - I wouldn't fucking write that in an anonymous confession letter to my priest! Saying it to a boss is so goddamn stupid it brings me near to tears, I'm actually misty eyed typing this fyucking post.

If he ever defends himself from cops now, his defense would be

>well they broke in without a warrant I didn't know who they were and assumed they were burglars, so i opened fire

To which the prosecution would tote out his boss who would say

>hes been planning on shooting cops for several years now

And he would get the needle.

==HOW STUPID DO YOU HAVE TO BE;!?.1.1.;1/1?!

8e39f0  No.636164


>small workplace, community program helping poor people with poor people shit

Quit. Find a better org. Or just get a better job.

fce203  No.636170


>Five Eyes

>Angela Merkel's phone communications were monitored by the Special Collection Service, which is part of the STATEROOM surveillance program of the FVEY.

>A former chief military observer of the United Nation Peacekeeping Force in Bosnia and the former President of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and his wife were placed under surveillance by the ASD, which shared details of the operation with the NSA.

>An Israeli politician, lawyer, and a former Mayor of Jerusalem, Ehud Olmert is the 12th Prime Minister of Israel. He and the Israeli Minister of Defense, Ehud Barak, were included in a list of surveillance targets used by the GCHQ and the NSA.

>A South African activist, lawyer, and philanthropist who served as President of South Africa from 1994 to 1999, Nelson Mandela was denounced as a terrorist by critics and was placed under surveillance by British SIS agents. In 1962, Mandela was arrested after details of his terrorist activities were picked up by the CIA and handed over to local authorities.

>A firm opponent of the international usage of land mines, the Princess of Wales was placed under surveillance by the GCHQ and the NSA, which kept a top secret file on her containing more than 1,000 pages.

>also watching the United Nations General Assembly, United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research, United Nations Children's Fund, United Nations Development Programme, International Atomic Energy Agency, and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Damn, they don't care what side someone is on. They'll stalk either way. Kind of surprised. I thought it would be just right-wingers, anti-surveillance leftists (if they still exist), Israel's enemies, and a few terrorist groups in the Middle East so the govs don't shut it down.

f662dd  No.636197


>boss' eyes go wide

>HR found out

You're fucked.

Lawyer up, start looking for new jobs, the bridge to your current one is currently on more fire than the fucking sun.

When you have that talk with HR, record the talks and say that you already know what's going on and you're looking to leave the organization. You don't want any drama, you're not interested in a fight and you'll be out of their hair (hopefully) very quickly.

All the language they've been giving is very passive, soft language in they hopes they don't "trigger" you into turning the workplace into a smoldering wreck because God Fucking Forbid someone sees the fucking police as they actually are.

But seriously, start looking for a new job and definitely start looking for excuses as to why you left, like you felt like there were no more opportunities for you, there was no career path or something along those lines.

386a8e  No.636211

>>she's a proguns, assures me that no one is calling for me to get in trouble, just wants to have a conversation about the conversation

>>>she's a proguns, assures me that no one is calling for me to get in trouble

>>>>she's a proguns


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>assures me that no one is calling for me to get in trouble

get out of the state OP, like now

74138f  No.636213

OP here. Now that I've had a while to think about it, I doubt they'll really be able to do anything about it. My boss was the one who kept asking me questions about it, and nothing I said was illegal or wrong. I'll have to explain what the context was, which will result in at least one other person learning about red flag laws and why they're bad. We don't have them in our state yet, so it's all hypothetical. Worst they can do is fire me, and I wouldn't want to work with backstabbing fucks anyway. I'll post an update come monday if this thread is still up then.


Of course it's a fucking leaf

f662dd  No.636217


Motherfucker, not only are you dense but you're idealistic as fuck. You've clearly never had to deal with HR bullshit before either.

The fact that HR knows about it means you lost the information war. Word already spread through your organization and everyone's already looking at you through the lens of THIS GUY IS A MASS MURDERER WAITING TO STRIKE.

All that soft language is there specifically to let you get your guard down and then hit you even fucking harder.

What you fail to realize is that they only guaranteed you the immediate scenario, but your HR file will definitely have shit like "conspiracy theorist" "crazy person" "likes guns" "might shoot up work place" and your options for climbing the ladder just got fucking destroyed.

Seriously, look for a new fucking job you goddamned idiot. Stop being another fucking faggot who falls for the same old stupid-ass trap and expects to dodge the bullet.

Based on how large or small the city or town you're living in is, you might even have to relocate to get a chance at a new job because one thing people do, constantly, is talk. And you're already entirely outpaced to do any form of damage control.

d165e6  No.636219


As I've already said, at the very, very least make sure your lawyer is available to speak for you. Doesn't have to come in. Just make sure he has a slot open. If you can't even do this you're a fool and you deserve everything you get.

4589ac  No.636221


Good eye and THIS af.

ca1c4a  No.636227


>Worst they can do is fire me

Dude, it goes so much further than that - if you're posting here then you know that's nowhere near the worst that'll happen here. They have already decided that you're some kind of mass-shooter who's currently preparing to make a high-score attempt at the office. Even if you are convinced that this is going to go smoothly and cause you no trouble whatsoever then do at least one thing


It's not just about you, if you let them carry on then not only do you let them use you to hurt your fellow gun owning citizens, but you also run a decent risk of having your face chosen as the next idol of 'ebil huwite soopremachists hoo wanna kell all de black babbays!!!!'.

34742f  No.636236


>Lynx not glorious people's Saiga 12

Saiga 12's aren't much more expensive than the lynx.

>12 gauge v. Body armor

Unless you pack them into a hallway and use a drum of buckshot from your armored firing slit you want a rifle. Make distance your friend. Use distance their carbines and handguns ineffective.

>Fudd coworkers

Take them to a tactical range or 3 gun competition and they'll soon be asking where you got your saiga and not why you have your saiga.

3ee9a0  No.636243

OP, you done fucking goofed. Get out of the state and go visit your family.

I have guns, and the only reason I anyone knows about them is because I know they're not hostile to them. My boss is a full blown christian anarchist. Several of my coworkers know I do target shooting for fun because they brought up doing it recently. More than one of them have been asking me to take them along next trip I go to the range. After near on a decade of ownership, I've had nobody call the cops or get my guns taken off me. I'm quite open about my real live assburgers, and I still can suss out when somebody isn't going to like my freedom snek views by gathering responses to recent events.

The fact that you couldn't do any of this means you are pants on head ride the short bus to work level retarded.

d165e6  No.636244


>I'm quite open about my real live assburgers

Yes I guess someone with assburgers wouldn't realize to not do this

2ee65b  No.636289


>"Hey man what do you need so much rope for?"

<"Oh, you know, for hanging niggers and faggots. But only in the specific circumstance that a race war breaks out. Nothing too serious."

This is how you sound. Learn to contain your autism around people you don't know. Your co-workers aren't your friends, they're your acquaintances. You don't really know shit about them and they don't know shit about you. Or didn't until you casually informed them of your powerlevel.

Also what the fuck kind of company do you work for that it's open even on New Year

74138f  No.636293


All you guys are chiding me for opening up to my coworkers about guns, then congratulating >>636107 for having a gun-friendly relationship at work. Shortly after I started working there, I went on a work trip with my boss, and he surprised me by treating me to my first ever visit to an indoor gun range that he had searched for and found in the area we were in. This guy actively encouraged an atmosphere of talking about this stuff at the office, starting up conversations with me and my other coworker about guns frequently. I really thought I had what the other strelok had. It really wasn't a matter of me just sperging out to people I didn't know on this topic; even the specific topics of this incident had already been discussed beforehand without issue.

I don't have a lawyer, but in my state it is legal to record conversations, and I do plan on recording this one. I'll be saying as little as possible, and framing my responses squarely in the context of self-defense when I need to explain anything at all. If cops do get involved, I know enough to keep my damn mouth shut until then.

If you want to be utilitarian about this and say that the lesson here is that no one should talk about guns at work ever, that's fine and it makes sense on an individual level, but I agree with >>636084 that we kept our mouths shut when we didn't have to and shouldn't have, which is why society has gotten this stupid about guns in the first place.

Tl;dr, the difference between a "good ole wholesome /k/ post" and my situation is a crap shoot, so I guess watch all your asses.

465363  No.636308



2ee65b  No.636312


the "good wholesome /k/ post" anon took his coworkers to the range and had fun. You talked to your coworkers about shooting cops. Do you have actual autism that you don't see the difference between those two situations?

I get that this shit can slip out when you aren't careful, but then, when you see the other person panic, you should just laugh it off as a joke and apologise it was too much, explaining that you just like something with a bit more power to it. Even if he doesn't believe you, you have plausible deniability on your side and will at worst get chewed out for inappropriate jokes at workplace.

>I really thought I had what the other strelok had.

You do. You have a /k/-equivalent to a civnat group. Only you greeted the group with a roman salute and informed them you're buying a gas chamber. You know, just in case a stray jewish robber wanders into it.

09f990  No.636313

>everyone at the place you work at is pro-gun

Meanwhile, I'm sitting here in college not even owning a gun talking about WW2 era bolt-guns with another student and everyone is looking at me like I'm going to be the next Unibomber because I have an interest in the mechanical workings of firearms.

I swear to fucking God, I feel like if I ever mention my interest in firearms at the job I'm lining up I'm going to get shit-canned before I can complete my first assignment.

c264bc  No.636314


You can talk about firearms without talking about shooting cops, you fucking sperg. Here's an example even your mutt mind should comprehend:

>Why do you want that semiautomatic shotgun?

<Because I want to go skeet shooting, boss.

>I didn't know you did skeet shooting.

<I'm thinking of getting into it.

See how there was no mention of shooting people? This is how you get through a normal conversation with other firearms enthusiasts. You're going to lose your job anyway, so you might as well show up with a trench coat, t-shirt with an edgy slogan and combat boots. You know, to neatly round things off.

09f990  No.636315


>that entire set-up is Blaskowtiz minus the ribbon and signs

That's a weird fucking mix, man, why would you dress up as the Nazi version of a dude that waxes Nazis? Classy though, I'll tell you that. That said, arm-bands aren't classy, a lapel pin or tasteful cufflink would be better.

09f990  No.636317


>make a high score attempt

>at an office

No can do, man, you need to go for large open spaces with lots of crowds. The Paris Jihad guys had the right idea, same for the Vegas "totally no a glow in the dark CIA nigger operation" guy.

646e1e  No.636318

File: 6f69cd6b58cbfb0⋯.jpg (70.93 KB, 640x960, 2:3, 6f69cd6b58cbfb0b420ef390e0….jpg)


>That video

I thought that the situation was just going to fizzle out, but I'm glad I was wrong!

ffc566  No.636319


Why did you reveal your powerlevel?


Nigger that's the style of commander Rockwell.

c264bc  No.636320


>calls uncle Ted the unibomber


>GLR is a video game character


>the ideal place to commit mass shootings is an open area

>Bataclan is a large open space

>can't even be bothered to look up Stephen Paddock's name

Fucking hell, you have to be a leaf with that level of post quality.

765f66  No.636321


macedonians are niggers lad, pay them no attention

368d89  No.636322

File: aba4b92c5bcf3ce⋯.webm (3.68 MB, 640x360, 16:9, aba4b92c5bcf3ce82c59a3fde….webm)


No you don't sweat nervously while hiding your hobbies from even your mother, you shut up and continue with life or work as you usually do. If the conversation turns to a time that's appropriate AND you know how much of a faggot or not your co-workers are THEN and only then do you talk about guns the way you did. Just like how war crimes only matter if you lose, it doesn't matter what should or shouldn't be because now isn't the time to run into the street with your rifle (yet). This is how the current soyciety is.

Until there is change you'll just end up getting floored on your ass by cops at 2:00 in the morning because they're carrying out that red flag order. As others have said, USE OP-SEC. Especially around boomer tier fucks and always assume everyone is boomer tier.

Hell even when I took those people to the range I made sure the AR came out last after I taught them how to properly use the handguns/22s without bringing someone death or harm.

2ee65b  No.636323



>she's a proguns, assures me that no one is calling for me to get in trouble, just wants to have a conversation about the conversation

You're in deep shit, friend. Best prepare your best bullshittery and hope they'll let it go with just a reprimand.

Also, this should be obvious, but just in case: do NOT actually engage her in an argument and try to explain to her why you think cops should be shot under certain circumstances, sperg.

74138f  No.636324


I don't know what other sign I should have been looking for here. I had already discussed this stuff with him, and he was fine with it. If I should have known not to talk to him about this stuff, then no one should ever talk to anyone about it.

09f990  No.636325


Unibomber is his established nickname, stop bitching about it, GLR dressed like a greasy porn producer - I was giving you credit, Bataclan's stage is a large open area, and I know Stephen Paddock's name it's just that your retard brain can't understand that it was irrelevant to what I was saying.

Not sure if you belong in /pol/ or cuck/pol/ but you certainly don't belong here.

d51c83  No.636326



Aye dee dubboyew danyaaaa?

368d89  No.636327


>hey those red flaglaws are bullshit

<yeah they really are

>hey did you know cops don't have an obligation to do what their cruisers have pasted on them

<oh what's that?

>protect and serve

>give them castle rock v gonzales, warren v dc, and now broward county sheriff's fucking up at parkland along with the recent court ruling

<wow what use are cops

>just let them stew in it don't even mention anything more but keep bringing up cases of red flag laws and people killed by them

>maybe throw in some waco and ruby ridge

Mission accomplished when you hear what they may say next. Then you know how deep into freedom snek talk you can talk to them about.

368d89  No.636328


I almost forgot but also mention REFUSING TO ASSIST A POLICE OFFICER

74138f  No.636330


I'd done pretty much all of that except for the court cases, and it had gone well. I'm not going anywhere near any of this stuff now, though. You just can't tell about people sometimes.

But yeah, good advice, thank you.

09f990  No.636331


The trouble with that is that normies tend to undergo a full memory wipe of anything even mildly troublesome when they go to sleep so by next time tomorrow all they'll remember is that you talked about red colored flags and the police having "protect and serve" on their cars.

Source: I've been trying to convince more and more people to be pro-gun in my country, using a similar method and it just doesn't fucking work. It's hip to be anti-gun so everyone is anti-gun, even when they wholly agree with you that not being able to defend yourself is nonsense and being punished for defending yourself with a gun is double bullshit (that's a thing in my country, you go to jail for it) and that cops are obviously an inadequate security measure.

Literally had conversations with reasonably intelligent people where they've conceded every point about police inadequacy, incompetence and corruption, the need for viable self defense, the inadequacy of less-than-lethal means, the need for defense against government overreach, the fact that legally gun owning societies are always safer etc. and when it was time to come to the one and only logical conclusion they go "So what? Everyone should just be able to have guns? That would be chaos! There should be no reason to want to have a gun!"

Some people are literally hardwired to just stop and revert to a prior state before reaching an unpopular or nontraditional conclusion.

2ee65b  No.636332


It's not a memory wipe, anon, it's just them reaching an unacceptable result. It's something we all have and something that helps us quite a lot – if someone closed you in a room with a commie propagandist who's armed with all the statistics and facts (carefully cherrypicked) who then spends several hours convincing you about the perks of communism while destroying your arguments, it is this property that would allow you to still walk out of that room without declaring your allegiance to Stalin and keeping your convictions. It's also why you almost never actually convince someone of something by winning an argument. If you want to actually make a person come around and do a 180 on some of his convictions, you must do it gently. Tell him your reasons for you beliefs, discuss pros and cons, and then simply leave it be. Give him a few days to contemplate it. He will either, in time, come with counterarguments which will lead to another discussion, or he'll indeed come around. The key is, he will reach that opinion on his own, thanks to the information you provided, rather than having an opinion imposed upon himself by your argumentation.

646e1e  No.636333


I hate to say it, but I'm starting to think that the NPC meme has some validity. There are people in this world that are incapable of reaching an individual conclusion based on their own personality, or lack there of. There are people in this world that like things simply because they are "popular" and it's what the rest of the population like and sounds like the "good" choice. Things like music charts, movie reviews, liberal politics and ethics, and if they are presented with alternate material or facts that don't align with what is deemed "good", they loop back to the default "good" that they were programmed to like.

09f990  No.636335


>a commie propagandist

>carefully prepared

>destroying my arguments

>communism having desirable 'perks'

You're assuming I hold my positions because I was socialized into them and not because I know they're the only position worth holding given my priorities.

You're assuming things about me that make me be concerned about you, anon.

Two things are going to happen in that situation, anon, either the propagandist changes his mind and we both get shot or he realizes our basic outlooks are wildly divergent, leaves the room and the guards come in to "restructure my priorities".

4589ac  No.636342


>Source: I've been trying to convince more and more people to be pro-gun in my country, using a similar method and it just doesn't fucking work

If 2001 did not convince them nothing will. I can't fucking conceive how it's possible one country to be 30% irredentist albozergs with a recent record of armed uprisal and the rest of the population to be cucked enough to not DEMAND to be armed to the teeth, especially in a Balkan country, especially in a non-westernized Slavic country!

2ee65b  No.636343


anon it really is not difficult to trounce anyone in any argument provided you prepared adequately and lead the conversation and it has nothing to do with any outlook or priotities. You tell him communism leads to shitty economy, he will pull out 50 studies saying USSR had three times the GDP of USA. You will say you don't believe the sudies, he will offer proof that they've all been peer-reviewed. You will say you doubt the proof, he will say that you lack any proof that his proof is invalid and ask you to give him any studies that contradict him. You have no such studied because nobody carries that shit in memory. Boom, he won the argument. He did not convince you, however, which is the whole point of the post. Similarly, when you start offloading stats and figures about pro-gun societies being safer onto someone, that someone is not going to be convinced by them any more that you would be by the commie propagandist, simply because he doesn't trust the study you present, and it doesn't matter whatsoever how much peer-reviewed it was. And that's just one example.

aaaff4  No.636345


>If you want to actually make a person come around and do a 180 on some of his convictions, you must do it gently.

What's the phrase? People may question what they are told, but they will never doubt the conclusions they reach themselves? The trick is either, as you said, giving them the knowledge to make an informed decision, or else making them think it was their own idea all along.

Fuck if I know what that means trying to put it into practice, though.

4589ac  No.636347


>50 studies saying USSR had three times the GDP of USA

Then how could they not feed their own people?

2ee65b  No.636349


if it was easy, you'd soon see every country be a single-party one, as the whole population would be convinced to one worldview. It is because it is nightmarishly difficult to actually convince someone to form the opposite conclusion that this does not happen. Most propaganda and political argumentation is not aimed at opponents, but at people who haven't formed an opinion yet or who don't care one way or the other – those tend to have very little knowledge about the topic, meaning that if you target them with cherrypicked facts that support your angle, they are likely to adopt it as they don't have the opposing viewpoint (they usually don't take a hard stance on the matter, however, so it's not that difficult to make them change their mind afterwards, provided you are at least as convincing as state media)

2ee65b  No.636351


He'd pull out another 50 studies detailing how all famine was caused by burgeoise elements and foreign secret services. You can win an argument with any amount of lying, if you're prepared. At the end of the day, he has those studies, whle all you have "well that sounds unlikely". You KNOW it is bullshit, but you cannot prove it at the moment, therefore you will lose that argument. Not that losing it matters, since your opponent didn't convince you and thus achieved nothing.

Point is, to the guy you're talking to, the idea of a country where everyone has a gun being safer than one without them sounds as dubious as the claim that CIA was responsible for holodomor is to you, and he is thus not going to change his opinion just because you beat him in an argument.

09f990  No.636355


>shitty economy and higher GDP

Irrelevant and they were still poor by comparison.


Irrelevant if they're done in other socialist countries or the Soviet Union.

>you lack proof

No, I don't. I can point to some obvious examples of "peer review" being corrupt where he's going to have to agree because the alternative would be accepting ultranationalist drivel.

Or, he's going to have to prove that the authorities involved weren't corrupt in that particular instance and he's not going to be able to - I will be able to point to wore instances of corruption and nepotism that resulted in massive amounts of death.

>nothing to do with any outlook or priorities

So what does he plan to use to convince me, then? Because if he can't appeal to my priorities he can't convince me.

His first job is going to be convincing me to change my priorities, which I'm not going to because my priorities are the result of independent rationalization and, once again, not socialization.

You can argue a man out of a position he's been socialized into, you can't argue a man out of a position he's reasoned in to. Not if that man is intellectually honest, which I am to the degree that I will wholesale and entirely chuck core tenets out the window because they're faulty.

It's how I argued myself out of socialism.

2ee65b  No.636358


>So what does he plan to use to convince me, then?

The entire goddamn point is that he's not going to convince you. Can you not read?

09f990  No.636361

File: 74e41cb19fe50bd⋯.jpg (8.42 KB, 313x161, 313:161, download (20).jpg)



This is a doubtful statistic by any measure. We haven't had an actual census in my lifetime so it's not actually known how many of them there are(especially with all the voter, passport and citizenship fraud going around).

As for why, association and bipartisanship. The 70% of us that aren't albozergs are split about 50/50 between one side that wants to be progressive and European and the other side sincerely believe everything coming out of people they'll openly admit are lying, treasonous criminals. Well, they would have but now the lying, treasonous criminals are being tried so they're "good boys that dindu nuffin".

Unfortunately it's the latter side that is any degree "pro-gun" and even then they're not really.

Ironically, the albozergs(kek) usually are pro-gun(because if anything was actually done to police firearms in this country, half the Albanian population would be in jail). At least their politicians are, ours are overwhelmingly anti.

Realistically, a ludicrous amount of people here are armed illegally. Unfortunately that doesn't help us at all since it's a major contributor to violent crime and nobody's going to use their illegally owned AK to defend their house from gypsies(especially not since they'll go to jail for defending their house).

In summation, don't live in Macedonia folks. Why would you? We certainly wouldn't which is why we're all leaving. On that note, if you're Canada or Australia(and to a lesser degree America) expect like 2 million retards which range between faux-conservative, ultranationalists living as far as they can from their "beloved motherland" and basic-bitch libshits.

Pic very much related.

09f990  No.636363


No, the point is that he's not going to convince me because I have cognitive bias and I'm not going to let him even if he's right and "trounces my points".

The problem with that I don't have cognitive bias and he can't trounce my points.

Cognitive bias exists when you get socialized into positions, which is why I said I'm concerned for you. If you think this can happen to you you need to seriously consider the positions you hold.

2ee65b  No.636365


Anon, if you really cannot lose an argument, then I implore you to immediately go into politics and personally win an argument against every commie politician in the world. You will do everyone a great service.

You seem to think that in order to lose an argument, you need to concede defeat, but that is not the case. If someone walked up to me with stats and figures showing the average amount of milk produced by an average cow, and had a study claiming that communism made cows give more milk, I would not have anything on hand right then and there to prove him wrong. I could argue that that sounds like nonsense, but unless I happen to be an expert on cows, I don't really have anything to back up my claims. Ergo, I would lose the argument, but that doesn't mean that I would be convinced that cows love communism, as I would know it is bullshit even though I'd have no proof for it.


Macedonians already arrived here and started competing with Turks and Kurds over who makes better kebab. macedonians make best kebab, tbh

fabf0b  No.636368

File: 134ecd37881a9c9⋯.png (719.41 KB, 672x787, 672:787, 134ecd37881a9c9054332a16e5….png)


OP, you were reported to law enforcement by your boss. His comment was meant as a half truth. That next meeting will have an officer/deputy/detective there standing by, as threats against law enforcement is a massive red flag for a company or any enviroment.

Even I was disturbed by your comment. You literally doubled down on the fact that you would shoot "criminal cops." What the fuck? The only way you could have recovered was to say you were being sarcastic in bad taste or just apologize about the dumb comment.

You sounded like a spree killer you fucking dimwit.

Not only that, you just proved to them that they need red flag laws, lmao.

>talking to people about guns

Are you dumb, nigger? The most anyone ever knew I had was a 12 gauge mossberg and a 9mm even though I had more guns. You don't know who will tell who.

09f990  No.636374


>winning arguments in politics is the same as winning personal arguments

This is not how debates with outcomes largely dictated by charisma and media support go.

I get the feeling I'm not big on either.

>Macedonians make better kebabs

That must be why our suck, because all the good kebabers have left the country…like all the mechanics, electricians, most of the competent business people and just about anyone with any kind of solid trade or professional skill.


>having to conceal your firearms in a country where the right to own and carry is practically divine mandate

The depths we fall to, eh?

fabf0b  No.636375


Dumb niggers will snitch on you.

09f990  No.636382


I wonder, I almost feel like (((fellow whites))) are fare more likely to do that. Nigs can be pretty solid bros.

7f83b4  No.636383


The only reason trayvon doesn't talk to the popo is because trayvon thinks officer McChucklefuck personally knows about the time he stole 40 skittles and sprite at the liquor market every day for 20 years. If tray-tray gots nothin to lose family obligations and a chance to suceed is nothing to them they'll squeal like a pig getting fucked by their cousin muhammed al-koolaidus.

09f990  No.636385


Don't know about American niggers but ours seem fine, maybe it's because we only have like 3.

d6d336  No.636423

File: b570792d52d3727⋯.jpg (94.67 KB, 480x1326, 80:221, IMG_20181229_140848.jpg)

>body checking normie coworkers with the hard facts of life

eject, eject, eject

100937  No.636437


>bullet belt and magazine fed weapon

for what reason?

d1b396  No.636452

You're a fucking moron, OP. If you can still read this, leave whatever state you live in. NOW. Don't talk to your girlfriend, don't chill at your apartment while you leisurely box all your GI Joes up, LEAVE. Grab your boomsticks and go. Go to one of the hillbilly-ass square states in the middle of the US. It's cheap to live there.

13c1a2  No.636457


…but I want to see what happens after he walks into the HR trap tomorrow. My guess is security escorts him from the building while also giving him a written "no trespass" notice so that he can be arrested on sight if he ever returns. It will be epic if there are actual police present.

0cf522  No.636465


Cosplay pic aside, but if I remember right, a big part of Kraut WW2 tactics was "everyone in the squad is just there to help out the guy with the MG" so it'd make sense if some of the other guys were carrying extra ammo.

7338f2  No.636474

File: 6187c85ee9e05c4⋯.jpg (29.58 KB, 294x282, 49:47, 1459675796413.jpg)

>working at UPS for Christmas

>mostly work with a current military dude, sergeant

>cool enough guy, seems down to earth

>acts friendly, talks about girls and normalfag stuff, pleasant work conversation all around

>eventually finds out about my gun collection

>the curtain drops like a ton of bricks

>starts telling me about how the governments corrupt and we need to kill them all

>talks about stringing up politicians and cutting their heads off

>starts going on about conspiracy theories, calls sandy hook a hoax to take peoples guns away

>brags about his illegal as hell booby trap set up at his house

>starts outlining his plan to buy land innawoods and build a bunker


68a35b  No.636476

File: 6c106ea5f797ec4⋯.jpg (202.2 KB, 1280x812, 320:203, 1419169219422-2.jpg)

File: ecf3aec62a4a392⋯.jpg (18.74 KB, 236x359, 236:359, 1466612797149.jpg)


Wasn't an uncommon thing for guys to carry an extra belt for the machine gunner. Allied units often carried extra magazines for the Bren gun/BAR.


If I recall the German machine gun operator had two assistance to carry his shit.

317781  No.636490

Preemptive F

391d30  No.636520


He is a FED trying to honeypot you

Report him to FBI first to avoid him doing it first

4b2163  No.636521


bf material

f2c42b  No.636526

Has OP been institutionalized yet?

2ee65b  No.636528


>FBI honeypotting a random faggot at UPS

I somehow doubt that

74138f  No.636616

OP here friendos, nothing happened. Not sure if HR was out for the day, but I'm off for tuesday/wednesday, so nothing could happen until Thursday at the earliest if anything is even going to. Boss was joking around with me as normal today, I figure if I just act normal and not talk about this stuff again he'll probably forget about it. Bought a voice recorder just in case, though. As badly as people can react to things they aren't comfortable being confronted with, at least you can bank on them taking any opportunity to not have to deal with if it just goes away on its own. Here's hoping. Thanks for scaring the shit out of me for a day and a half either way, you glorious faggots.

afe105  No.636633


>t. fed

ddc20f  No.636644


You have 2 out of 3 strikes at work – if you fuck up again they will escort you out that very moment. Typically these sorts meetings are severance/at-will notifications to formally cut ties so that you cannot sue or collect unemployment. If you are fired under this particular circumstance, you will have a very shit time finding another job. Work is work, a way to make a jew dollar – not a place to be a human being. Do NOT reveal yourself as a person outside of your very close circle of family and friends. Good luck not getting shit canned after new years,


double dubs checked

286fb1  No.636647

File: 512c93c07bd0324⋯.jpg (566.45 KB, 3447x2263, 3447:2263, 1455250171492.jpg)


>mention PRS and IPSC long range matches I do to a hasgunz coworker

>start talking about 2A protests he's been to

>"yeah the feds came and questioned me later, trying to intimidate me for going"

huh well that sounds like them, I wonder why him specific-

>wish I could've bullseyed those freaks from 1000yds like you hehehehe

ah, now the puzzle pieces fall into place

74138f  No.636665


damn, i feel a lot better now if people can be that fucked up about it and just get a talking-to.

546bb8  No.636752


>go for large open spaces with lots of crowds

Too many avenues for escape, too many ways for police (or an armed citizen) to hit you from behind. For a high score attempt you should really be aiming for an enclosed area (ideally with only one point of entry/exit) where you know a large number of people will be. If you can't find a suitable area then there are all kinds of ways to improve other areas to fit the profile. It's relatively simple and cheap to block off exits with incendiaries, and if you can't find a large group of people that you want to shoot try arranging one (which gives you even more control over the environment as you have more chance to prepare it prior to H-hour).

>/k/ommando organises a huge anti-gun rally in a clearing out innawoods.

>Markets it as 'Nature belongs to us!'.

>Police specifically barred from the event because "BLAG LIIIIVES MADDER, MUHFUGGER!"

>Invites large number of antifun celebrities and politicians to deliver key note speeches to the crowd of emotional leftards.

>Spends several weeks and all of his available resources to prepare the area (where he's going money won't do him much good).

>Crowds pour into the clearing, cars parking a few miles away in a free parking area /k/ommando has provided.

>Some weak AF hippy band playing the opening act to get the crowds suitably teary.

>Have them play something dedicated to a little kid who got shot or something like that.

>[nominate your most hated antifunner] comes on to deliver the keynote speech.

>Halfway through the first sentence the back of his/her head explodes out and the body falls limp.


>Suddenly a fire trench surrounding the crowd ignites, trapping them on a small, crowded, island inside of an ocean of flame.

>Speaker system hidden in the woods starts playing Russian Hardbass at about 100 decibels.

>Screen on the platform (with small bullethole in the middle of it) starts to show a laughing demon dancing below the words 'welcome to hell'.

>/k/ommando watches from prepared firing point (like a treestand for deer; but with more dragon-dildos, cosmoline, and vodka), enjoying the show of feral leftards freaking out and tearing themselves apart.

>He can take headshots at will, fire into the crowd at random (bonus points for using a homebuilt bump-stock), or just let them die slowly infront of him if he wishes.

>Spark gap jammers placed at key points around the killzone should prevent any calls to law enforcement until the show is over.

>/k/ommando has the choice of slipping out into the woods before he's named public enemy number one or of switching off the jammers and calling the police himself to add a few more points to his score.

>Recommend switching the speakers to your faggiest kpop as you open fire on approaching law enforcement.

b50f97  No.636756


A home-made V1 filled with nerve gas sounds more fun. You wouldn't add anything to the gun statistics, yet you'd terrorize the whole world. Actually, you should launch it at Israel from a commercial ship parked at the Mediterranean, just on the edge of their territorial waters.

546bb8  No.636759


But what if I want to witness the mayhem with my own eyes?

2f77b8  No.636819


Getting on a watchlist is easy, getting on the shortlist? Now thats where the fun begins.

f79f60  No.636828


He didn't say it to our boss and I didn't snitch on him. You're probably on thin ice.

db3f5c  No.636837


OP no, as other anons said you are likely on thin ice. Read >>636644 very carefully because there is a good chance that's your situation. One possible christmas new year miracle that you got is someone was about to leave for christmas vacation did not want to go through the paperwork hassle of giving you the 3rd strike, at that moment. 9 out of 11 I bet your workplace HR will have some shit written about you though. Keep your mouth shut next time.

039ffb  No.636846

File: 308e6d4ca2ce08f⋯.jpg (395.76 KB, 1280x1183, 1280:1183, NoGirlsAllowed.jpg)


What in the hell led up to that video?

43e984  No.636864

File: 5eb02e7f055202e⋯.png (488.04 KB, 624x951, 208:317, 1537718542161.png)

File: 0c32cb897983030⋯.png (104.22 KB, 1000x652, 250:163, 1537718563266.png)

File: 466e64e083294be⋯.jpg (476.98 KB, 1440x1062, 80:59, 1537718898298.jpg)



Basically a mentally unstable neighbor with a history of police contact (most recently he shoved a revolver in the mailman's face for allegedly peeping through his daughter's window) was confronted by his neighbors (father and son) about dumping garbage in their side of the alley (the mattress in the video). Father and son stand their ground, Aaron (neighbor) gets angrier and angrier until he tries to strike the dad with a baseball bat, gets hit with 9mm, throws the bat at the father, then takes buckshot and goes down.

90bdd3  No.636878


Nice greentext, but what's stopping them from just going through the fire trench in panic and desperation? Or piling up bodies until they make a bridge?

9a914f  No.636880


Whatever happened to them? Were they arrested, charged with anything, or cleared entirely of wrongdoing?

43e984  No.636881

File: 7c852a402c2fc3d⋯.mp4 (3.59 MB, 180x320, 9:16, nigger points a gun.mp4)


Go google it. It happened in Abilene, TX. Pretty sure they got cleared since Aaron pulled ADW (with the bat) on the two armed men. The video doesn't show when Aaron swung at the men but it clearly pauses when the father gets hit with the thrown bat.

13c1a2  No.636892


Is it wrong that, had this happened to me, I would have asked zero questions and instead magdumped on that nigger aspiring astronaut who was in the process of getting his life together?

90bdd3  No.636897


That would be the correct course of action, yes. Still, how much do you trust your ability to draw from concealment and get shots on target when your assailant has the 'drop' on you?

13c1a2  No.636902


>That would be the correct course of action, yes. Still, how much do you trust your ability to draw from concealment and get shots on target when your assailant has the 'drop' on you?

If the sheboon in that vid managed to do it with a ploy, I'll take my chances.

9a914f  No.636905


Seems they were indicted.

>A father-and-son pair were indicted Thursday by a Taylor County grand jury in the September shooting death of their neighbor, Aaron Howard.

>Johnnie Dee Allen Miller, 67, and Michael Theodore Miller, 32, each were indicted on one count of murder.


Archive keeps giving me a network error for some reason.

829a7b  No.636910

546bb8  No.636919


In my mind the fire trench was at least 15 meters wide. Besides, we're dealing with a group of people who are not known for rational thought, courage, or planning skills; I doubt that there would be any coordinated action to build a corpse bridge through the fire, and even if there was the crowd of feral leftards would not be able to cross the bridge in the calm and orderly fashion required to make sure that they didn't fall off and/or destroy the crossing in the process. Besides, there is a marksman watching the event, and he would have a fairly easy time picking off anyone trying to build or cross the corpse bridge.

d5680e  No.636939


>start shooting

>all of them suddenly fall down and lie there motionless

<"the fuck?"

>try shooting one of them, he screams before quickly going motionaless again

<"Are all those fuckers playing dead?"

>start shooting, getting angrier and angrier because you keep losing track who you already shot and who's still alive, wasting ammo on corpses

>finally just swing over the trench using a rope prepared for this very circumstance and start collecting heads

7338f2  No.636949

File: 94d82773d03a19e⋯.png (460.93 KB, 800x600, 4:3, fug.png)


>pointing a gun at something you don't intend to destroy

>pointing a loaded gun at ANYTHING you don't intend to destroy

>fingers on the trigger at all times

>people walking in the background, no consideration for backdrop

546bb8  No.637010


>Not bringing enough hi-cal rounds to methodically sweep your fire though the crowd turning them from pretend corpses into real corpses

a6251f  No.637016

File: 06d898e0c1417fa⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1024x683, 1024:683, ClipboardImage.png)


>Besides, we're dealing with a group of people who are not known for rational thought, courage, or planning skills; I doubt that there would be any coordinated action to build a corpse bridge through the fire,

Just name it Fyre Festival 2.

546bb8  No.637054


>Fyre Festival 2

>WTF was Fyre Festival 1?

Thanks for getting me to look that up mate, I needed that smile tonight.

6ca62d  No.637057



Shit. Any chance this will get properly challenged?

13c1a2  No.637095


>Shit. Any chance this will get properly challenged?

An indictment comes from a grand jury. The only decision they make is whether the case has sufficient potential merit to go to trial. They decided it was within the realm of possibility that the murder charge might be valid.

No doubt right now the DA is trying to stack charges now to get them to take a plea bargain. "Take my felony plea bargain of n years in prison or I will charge you with everything under the sun and then ask for the maximum sentence on each charge." Their public defender is likely suggesting to them this is a reasonable deal.

Welcome to American "justice". They should not have been charged at all.

In other news, anyone who uses a baseball bat to go after a two armed opponents, over a dispute related to a trash mattress in an alley, and doubles down to escalate the attack after being shot once… that person does indeed deserve a skull full of buckshot. I mean, just on principle alone.

b847cd  No.637096


If they killed the shrieking whore too they never would have been caught.

4a1d2c  No.637097


Lets hope they have a decent defense.

6ca62d  No.637102


Orange shirt guy also brought his kids, if I remember right.

74138f  No.637434

OP here. Had the conversation. All is well, still have my job, authorities not informed. Thank god for rural areas.

348855  No.637436


Kill them too, purge the blood

d93b03  No.637449


damnit that is the least entertaining possible option fuck you

d9ad1b  No.637466

>Lynx 12

Cool gun, OP.

74138f  No.637478


Thanks. I'll post pics when I get it.

9004e3  No.637479


>>Lynx 12

>Cool gun, OP.


>I'll post pics when I get it.

what do you need that for?

780b9b  No.637486

File: e613b112961846b⋯.png (292.99 KB, 658x415, 658:415, ha.png)

74138f  No.637491


I mean, it's good that they're encouraging people to protect themselves at all times, but that sure is a stupid way of going about it.

4589ac  No.637494


>Mohamad Nour Alajil, 18, has been charged with manslaughter in connection to the Dec. 11 slaying of Christian Johnson, 19, officials said.

>Mohamad slain Christian

Even among niggers…

766116  No.638328


Now you really need more firepower. Something that goes thru NIJ III

d5680e  No.638351


>assembling the family to watch you sperg out and get killed over literal garbage

The cunt just wanted to show off how he's gonna put the neighbour in his place or shit like that. I bet he liked it when he saw the guns since it gave him another thing to be mad about, not realising he's gonna get his dumb head shot off

13c1a2  No.638356


Isn't teaching one's children one of the most important things a parent does? He certainly taught them, it just was not the lesson he thought he was going to teach…

7d3704  No.642397


Your probably gonna have some issues, I'd put my two week in and move on. Never NEVER talk guns especially what you own with co workers, no matter how pro guns they are. Work do your job and that's ok t. Hope you've learned your lesson. Good luck bro

74138f  No.642464


Rather not say, I've posted too much on here before already. Upper midwest, town of 13k 250 miles from anything else. Probably one of the most proguns areas in the US, actually. Buddy of mine just took his cc class, the instructor said that he gives classes all over the US but rarely has a full class anywhere he goes except our area. Always full, always looking to have him teach another. Wouldn't know what he'd do without us.

605477  No.642467

Oh you think thats bad?

>Work at an air port

>Topic of guns comes up

>”Nobody who is good owns a gun”

>But I own a gun

>Get called into bosses office

>Asked to register my gun with them


>Boss asks what kind of assault rifle I own

>Tell him its not an assault rifle

>”Anon, don’t you lie to me! We have to ensure the saftey of our employees.”

>Tell boss man its a flint lock mainly used for pumpkin shooting

>”What caliber is it?”


>Boss freaks out

>Get sent home

>Watch sharpe’s rifles out of spite

Fucking normal fags

985279  No.642490


>Works at an airport

>Even remotely thinks about a gun while on the job


Don't you have to be born before 9/11 to work at one an airport? You're gonna get carpet bombed by the space marines, nimrod.

5f112d  No.642990

File: 84f8e7800ad7c94⋯.jpg (296.74 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, wf22y.jpg)

>be me

>get enthusiastic about shooting

>invite my colleagues to the range

>3 of them like it, but do not express any extended interest, nor funs enthusiasm

>get really into it myself

>buy a pellet pistol to train basic stuff like grip, using pistol sights, etc

>post a photo of a pellet gun in a(n unofficial) work related chat

>accompany it with "you're all good guys, don't come to work tomorrow" joke

>no one gets it, even 2 confirmed /b/tards seem to miss it

>start to think they're fucking cuckchanners

>try to defuse the situation by appearing retarded

>no one says anything

>most of them don't talk to me anymore

>plan another trip to the range, one person is enthusiastic about it, the other, being a faggot, invites 2 randoms

>have to babbysit them

>no joy

>no one liked it in the end

>ended up being transferred to different department

>thankfully former boss didn't gave a single shit (just ignored that stuff), and current boss just discards this as my autism, praises me for the work I do, but never talks to me on anything non-work related

>start to think I am unironically autistic, never bring up funs again, try to cosplay being a normalfag by appearing scared of guns and knives

Feels uncertain man.

There was also a story about how I nearly ended up gifting a visiting VP of our (((big international US based company))) a custom made hunting knife, but it's short and boring, and it only indicates how much my current boss tolerates the bullshit I put out sometimes.

d5680e  No.643002


Stop making autistic mass shooter jokes and just make it clear that you like guns and don't care what others think instead of looking like a bipolar imbecile who loves guns one day and fears them the next. Do not bring up the gun topic of guns, only talk about them if someone else brings them up.

That's it. That's all you need to do to get through daily life without leaving a trail of spaghetti behind you.

6ec75a  No.643005


I work air craft refueling.

Our company is brittish and they seem to think that means their bull shit gun laws applies over here to their employees.

Cant you own muskets in the UK?

178770  No.643023


>tfw bring gun to work

>tfw blast steel at lunch

Life is cash man. Nothing like the ups dick showing up and telling everyone he wants to fuck off early so he drops off everyones ammo and funs.

0b57de  No.643032


>Unibomber is his established nickname

It's UnAbomber you fucking subhuman ape, stands for University and Airport Bomber.

853103  No.644857



Toy is tagger slang for any no skill faggot.

d165e6  No.644874



Should've gone full-in and told him that you own multiple automatic AR-15s with a bayonet on each and every one.

c292b4  No.644877


Land of the """free"""


3d7c0d  No.644892


>Bought a voice recorder just in case, though

You make walk away from this relatively unscathed, but you are still a massive fucking moron, here's why; You exercised absolutely zero PERSEC or OPSEC, you simply assumed your coworkers felt the same as you because they claimed to be "progun". It's fine to talk shop, but why in the fuck would you ever openly state you'd shoot cops regardless of the circumstances, the optics be damned, but it'll put you into a legal position you have little chance of escaping. Also, further acting out your moronic tendencies, you've got an voice recorder, a device deemed a wiretapping or eavesdropping tool in most states…you better make sure as fuck your state is a one-party state before you use it for any kind of ass covering or they'll nail your ass to the wall for wiretapping. If they wanted to, they could even go so far as to get you for something like corporate espionage or conspiracy against, all depends how hard they'd want to throw the book.

89bd30  No.644948

File: a65cd95e982a874⋯.gif (1.23 MB, 256x189, 256:189, homo.gif)


>not putting on your Morion and steel cuirass and demanding satisfaction with flintlocks at first light


2584a7  No.644962


Have to make sure the Germans obey the secret treaty they were forced to sign at gunpoint. It only lasts until around 2099.

Search Geheimer Staatvertrag for more info.

1f9847  No.644978


According to our pickled cabbage friends, the contract itself doesn't exist but it is rather common sense. Mutts still have 40k troops in Germany and the CIA bases are not going anywhere. You don't need some gay piece of paper if you know exactly what your victims are up to.

0d29d4  No.644980


Funny a nation of millions people fear 40K troop, stationed in airbase.

1f9847  No.644981


Well, still better than some jewish mongrels with 10 guns each and still too afraid to shoot their pigs too, I guess. At least Krauts don't go Moldy Labia all the time then do jack fucking shit.

0d29d4  No.644982


>The German Ministry of the Interior estimated in 2009 that the number of firearms in circulation, legally and illegally, could be up to 45 million.[2] Germany's National Gun Registry, introduced at the end of 2012, counted 5.5 million firearms in use, which are legally owned by 1.4 million people in the country. About 1.5 Million sport shooters in several thousand Schützenvereinen own and use guns for sport, about 400,000 hunters have a licensed gun, about 300,000 collect guns and about 900,000 own an inherited gun.[2]

LOL, the americans are just waiting for the germs.

1f9847  No.644983

File: 82d23bb86faa873⋯.jpg (103.67 KB, 750x1041, 250:347, amerimutt gun owner.jpg)


They should be. Krauts really ought to kill all kikes and their lackeys this time.

0d29d4  No.644985

File: 9ac74d896be7218⋯.jpg (83.01 KB, 650x372, 325:186, anti-deutsche.jpg)


Nice anecdote.

Meanwhile in Germany.

71c949  No.644986


>Look at me I'm persecuted like a yid too!

Geez, no wonder why mutts would rather lose their gun rights before they do anything. The way I see it, Europe is really going to kick off first. Again.

0d29d4  No.644987


Again, nice anecdote.

See >>644985

4bfce7  No.644988


>spergook is back thinking we don't know the score already

>German hating mutt funded traitors

<Ameriburger patriot

Stay mad, mutts. We are too busy debuting the Alien over here.

eaa93a  No.644990


That's not France though, and Antifa is a CIA op created to keep Europe, espcially Germans down. Just like the EU and NATO. Your point?

0d29d4  No.644991


Funny how a traitor german is not counted, but anecdote like your picture does. Nice double standard.


> and Antifa is a CIA op created to keep Europe, espcially Germans down. Just like the EU and NATO. Your point?

My point is that both USA & Europe have cucked elements, to say they represent the population is foolish.

9f962e  No.644993


That isn't an anecdote

0d29d4  No.644994


So what the fuck is it?

You are posting an individual while claiming the whole.

eaa93a  No.644995


>traitor German

Hates Germany and wants all things German dead. Nationalism and Racial Realism included. Outside of Berlin faction they are all anti pissrael too.

>Amerimutt (((Patriot)))

Literally thinks loving his shithole is eternal servittude to kikes.

But enough of this, I think we can just report you for attempting to destroy another thread, sperggook.

1f9847  No.644996


>You are

It is so neurotic it is seeing krauts everywhere now, kek.

9f962e  No.644997


>In 2006 Deutsche Welle estimated the number of anti-Germans at between 500 and 3,000

Damn so many


Read up what an anecdote is, pls.

4bfce7  No.645000


I know it is you, sperggook, but the open secret here is that we like your muttspammer persona much much more.

8693b5  No.645001


>Hates Germany and wants all things German dead. Nationalism and Racial Realism included. Outside of Berlin faction they are all anti pissrael too.

But still a german.

>Literally thinks loving his shithole is eternal servittude to kikes.

Still an american.

Yet you count the cucked american but not the german.

That's double standard.


It's all the same spergkike who D&C in every threads.


Wow, that's still more than one fat american you were posting.

>Read up what an anecdote is, pls.

Except you were posting an anecdote.


This is fucking dumb, I guess 3rd Reich is cucked to hell then.

8693b5  No.645003


I like how the spergkike just straight out accuse me of being the muttspammer now.

But it doesn't matter, truth fears no investigation.

9f962e  No.645006


>you were posting.

>you were posting an anecdote.

Why am I now that guy? It still isn't an anecdote.

Read up what an anecdote is.

8693b5  No.645008


An anecdote is when you use your personal example in order to prove something.

That is literal anecdote.

>Why am I now that guy?

Because it's all the same VPN.


Nice fucking try, but Agent Orange does not kill shit.

9f962e  No.645009


The problem is that BO does absolutely NOTHING to stop the problem.

7204f1  No.645010

File: 937fa1f6e6ea9a9⋯.jpg (59.29 KB, 768x576, 4:3, Familie Travail Patrie.jpg)


>Yet you count the cucked american but not the german.

What can I say? We prefer Germans to americunts.

Stop shitting up the AR-10 thread you fucking subhuman

8693b5  No.645011


Great, can we blame the spergkike now for wanting to usurp the BO?


Thus double standard, thus destroying your argument.

9f962e  No.645012


>personal example

That wasn't a personal example, a personal example would be:

>today I saw a fat guy with that sticker

That other anon posted a picture.

>Because it's all the same VPN.

Ich bin aber ein echter Deutscher.

7204f1  No.645014

File: bf108b8aa7573fe⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 53.78 KB, 620x486, 310:243, amerimutts whores forced t….jpg)


Cry more, monolingual mongrel.

8693b5  No.645017


>That other anon posted a picture.

Which is a PERSONAL example he found on the internet.

>Ich bin aber ein echter Deutscher.

There are shitton of Deustcher VPN on this board.


From the filename, it's the muttspammer. Reported.

c3dcc9  No.645018


Genau das Protokoll wie bei Cucki

Melden und filtrieren

9f962e  No.645020


Oge wird gemacht

7204f1  No.645021


Of course a leddit/cuckchanner wouldn't know how to save an image with it's filename intact here.

8693b5  No.645022



Another sign of fake kraut/muttspammer.


Nobody can be that autistic and spam the same picture over and over.

7204f1  No.645023


I know it makes you mad, so I saved every mutt picture I come across.

8693b5  No.645025


Well, right in the eyes.

I fucking hate D&C memes made by yids.

8693b5  No.645027


I cannot imagine why your mind is plagued with such violence.

c3dcc9  No.645028

File: b9b12b399a423a5⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 87.82 KB, 720x1102, 360:551, bdd616133e506ca88d4a6f75d8….jpg)

File: f3f6378caef33b2⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 10.48 KB, 231x300, 77:100, 1517694245232.jpg)

Hey Ausman, time to bring out that RAID bottle again.

6a2fdf  No.645030


He can start fumigating this board any day now.

I mean fucking hell it is over at the battle rifle thread to shit it up too.

8693b5  No.645031


I made ONLY one post in that thread, the good jew one.

And I'm right.

The yids are seeing me everywhere now, that's good, in a sense.

334ba1  No.645177

>yuropoors conflate the demographics of the US with the actual racial mixture of the citizens

You baited me, good job.

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