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There's no discharge in the war!

File: b54af06d2352d34⋯.jpg (51.39 KB, 390x467, 390:467, Mechanics of Gun Confiscat….jpg)

de4669  No.638362

Their obvious goal is to destroy the culture of the United States, bring in third world scum, have legalized slave labor and then subjugate the rest of the nation if they are able to disarm us. Thats the goal, you were warned. And you will be slave cattle if you don't fight back when they come to take the guns. Because they ARE coming to take those guns. Block by block, and they have been training for it with their MRAPs ready to block each end of targeted neighborhood roads, with snipers trained on each house as they go in. Think about this, plan a trap to inflict maximum damage upon them (as many deaths as possible).

270741  No.638363

>retarded government sends troops and cops to take the peoples' guns

>80% of the nation's military and law enforcement gets unironically wiped out within 3 months, making it the greatest conflict in world history

>government gets overthrown by right-wing group

>America becomes a white man's utopia by 2050

The sooner they come for your guns, the sooner the zog will be beaten.

73a347  No.638365


>Their obvious goal is to destroy the culture of the United States

That's already accomplished

>bring in third world scum

44% complete

>have legalized slave labor

heh, we don't like terms like slavery, we prefer to call it economic freedom.

>then subjugate the rest of the nation

it's been subjugated since 1913

2aee59  No.638370


No, they haven't gotten what they want YET. There is a whole lot more evil they intend for us… and the ONLY thing in their way is the vastly spread out, well prepped and armed population which right now is about 30% of all Americans. It would take about 4% of the population to raise hell for them, if as much as 10% rebel and fight back, they'll lose that war.

Do NOT give up. Because if you give up you best be ready to bend over for some painful butt fuckery and I don't intend on bending over for that.

aa4d4c  No.638374

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>legalise slave labour

What is income tax?

1ee40c  No.638375


>that tub of lard pointing a rifle

Does zog have zero recruitment fitness standards? I'm guessing that guy is out of breath just lifting each donut to his mouth.

e4859d  No.638378


You can bet it got his little dick hard pointing a rifle at a mother taking a photograph. He got to pretend he was a real life soldier!

0d35ac  No.638380

I dont live in the USA lol.

689c30  No.638381

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




Right, right. We believe you.

6c68fc  No.638392

Doesn't matter. The jewnited states is fucked no matter what. Americucks won't do anything and happily become slaves. Then the rest of the world will follow.

Everything's fucked. No point in trying anymore.

>inb4 hurr blackpill

>inb4 hurr u cuck

>inb4 we'll do something

You won't do anything. You will just sit there and be angry on the internet until you get redflagged and shot to death by cops. We all lost. Game over.

bd65c0  No.638395


Which is exactly why these worthless threads hold zero weight.

/k/ - 90% random assorted shitskins from miscellaneous third world countries pretending to be american

270741  No.638401


Well, I don't live in the US so if even if you burgers admit to not resisting then I guess all hope is lost ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

689c30  No.638409


We(American gun owners) are by and large either fat, stupid, old, or convinced that having a gun magically makes you invincible.

d4ed50  No.638414


This. Don't count on americucks to care about their rights or guns when pressed up against the wall. We're fucked.

becf84  No.638415


>90% random assorted shitskins from miscellaneous third world countries pretending to be american

Isn't that the definition of the USA?

1ee40c  No.638417


>Well, I don't live in the US so if even if you burgers admit to not resisting then I guess all hope is lost ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

That's amusing, because I look at zog politics and think "at least Greece has Golden Dawn, so maybe there is still hope somewhere."

689c30  No.638419


I do that with Hungary and Poland.

How is Golden Dawn doing, anyway? I haven't heard shit about them.

fed327  No.638420

It's pretty funny how a majority of the police and military personnel I know talk about they plan to defect and go innawoods, while a majority of streloks these days talk about how they they plan to bend over as soon as the government asks them to. At this rate it'll only be streloks confiscating guns from other streloks. 8chan's become strange.

7047ef  No.638421

File: fe5f697e76a519a⋯.png (33.72 KB, 346x193, 346:193, 1380081123199.png)

Spermutt detected itt

acea04  No.638434

File: 43fc03bab248c1d⋯.png (400.35 KB, 482x484, 241:242, 43fc03bab248c1d9e5403412d6….png)




What did he mean by this?

e6e864  No.638449


He's a fed trying to trick people into thinking there will be military or police that would help us. There will be no defectors. Everyone will follow their orders to redflagged and kill anyone that would refuse be slaves to the jews and/or resist being forced to breed with shitskins.

He is right about how most people here would bend over when the government knocks.

1953fe  No.638474


>since 1913

uhhhh, try 1776.

12cee7  No.638505



31f1b8  No.638512


Why don't you just kill yourself, faggot? You're not even willing to die for a cause you believe in, you're all too enthusiastic to bend over and take gov cock while licking boots. I want to kill you.

0bd6e4  No.638518


Oh and what cause is there to die for? Every single one has turned rotten. There isn't anything really worth fighting for anymore since everyone has cucked out.

And what are you going to do about it when the government comes knocking? Shoot them? You'll get redflagged long before that. They'll raid your house while you're at work, then wait for you to return just so they can shoot you.

be9d2e  No.638523


Fuck off, kike.

31f1b8  No.638532

File: a2a60e4ef230bf9⋯.png (389.78 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, thermite_recipe.png)


Huh, your ID change again faggot? I assumed it was one cocksucker IP hopping and spamming the same blackpill shit in EVERY thread, but until now I couldn't confirm it. The only one "cucking out" is you, faggot, unironically suggesting people give up rather than kill cops to defend what's theirs. Wanna know how I know for a fact you're not from around here? You're preaching this defeatist shit.

You are trying to convince others here that we are a tiny minority, and resistance would be pointless.

You would not be doing so unless resistance is expected and feared. We will fight. We will win. You will die.

I have waited all of my life to fight in a civil war. Soon my time is coming, and faggots like you will be exterminated en mass.

There are more of us than there are of you, and we are better trained. This is what scares you.

Ave Nex Alea, fuck you. This is now an insurgency thread.

7047ef  No.638537


It's spermutt

31f1b8  No.638538

File: 524b5439ff200ea⋯.pdf (1.04 MB, AK-47 Select Fire Conversi….pdf)


There is no instance of a country having benefited from prolonged warfare.


All I have are recipes I saved from lurking.

>shitskins larp that never owned a gun

Tell me how to disable a car engine surreptitiously in lieu of a high temperature reaction, faggot? Thanks for contributing nothing.

31f1b8  No.638539


Doesn't matter who he is, he's pissing me off.

These are for educational purposes only, pls do not reproduce or manufacture


31f1b8  No.638541

File: 460b113b70aaa72⋯.pdf (1.09 MB, SKS_Variants_Full-Auto_Con….pdf)

31f1b8  No.638542

File: f51ea7e79b910d8⋯.pdf (3.42 MB, The_DIY_STEN_Gun_Practical….pdf)


I never suggested anyone do anything, retard. Take your fed fearmongering elsewhere, maybe direct your attention to your overbearing police state?

31f1b8  No.638544

File: a88f3ef82a91bf8⋯.pdf (174.6 KB, SKS_AUTOSEAR.pdf)


>Be afraid of everything, goy!

Information is covered under the first amendment, buddy.

31f1b8  No.638546

File: 8dc40c448fe369a⋯.pdf (1.6 MB, Marlin.22 Rifle Drop-In Fu….pdf)


I understand being a subject of a Rothschild state, you have no concept of free speech, but the U.S. doesn't actually penalize people for having pdf's.

0675a1  No.638548

i really want to know how you fags are gonna be able to handle a situation were a swat team is prepared to enter your home and confiscate your shit, you are all alone at 3AM shitposting and suddenly your hear POLICE OPEN UP. how would you fight against the zogbot army?

31f1b8  No.638552

File: be070c4dfdbb927⋯.jpg (1.41 MB, 1337x3574, 1337:3574, 1500644326-3.jpg)



There should be a rule that only people that own weapons can post here. How much did your internet license cost, my anglo friend?

31f1b8  No.638554


Hypothetically in a legal self-defense situation, the goal should be to inflict as much damage as possible. Even if it means shooting only one hostile criminal who's illegally breaking into your house to steal your property, that's one less criminal that can break into somebody else's home. Maybe that team of criminals will think twice before illegally invading another home. Hypothetically.

8f87fd  No.638562

Reminder that 31f1b8 is either a fed trying to entrap people or a retard that's going to get redflagged.

Reminder that americucks won't do anything when push comes to shove. They will happily clap as they are disarmed, made into slaves for the benefit of the jews, and be forcefully bred with niggers.

Reminder that the western world is hopelessly fucked and beyond saving. The Europeans will also share this fate. To their benefit, they'll at least get a solid laugh as cuckmerica dies first.

6da0e5  No.638564






I've been thinking about this stuff for a while. It really seems like there's not much hope. I'm a /pol/fag so I'm used to blackpills and demoralisation posts. My usual attitude is just to say, "Well we can't just lie down and rot, we have to keep trying no matter how bad things get." But it really seems like nothing ever changes. We all wish we could take a stand and make something change, but it's very rare to see someone actually do it. And when someone does take a stand, there's no-one behind him. Everyone's too scared or too comfortable.

I suspect that the US ZOG will come for people's guns, and most people will give them up. There will be some who hide guns, which will work for a time, but the government will crack down bit by bit and label these people as terrorist threats. The public will see them as such and there will be very little sympathy for anyone with guns. Some will try to violently resist but of course they will be quickly suppressed. The only people who will have guns in the end are beaners, niggers and the government.

People shitpost a lot, both here and on /pol/, about DOTR or SHTF. But how many people are actually ready for such a situation? I'm not, and the few others I know who post here aren't. There are a lot of students who have too much to lose, NEETs who have no skills or motivation, and of course there are many who talk big but are scared. As they should be. It's a terrifying situation that we're in. As I see it, European civilisation has long been on the decline, but we're still pretty far from its collapse.

Realistically, I think there will be some kind of change, there has to be, but it won't be a DOTR situation. Things will slowly get worse and worse, and governments will become overburdened by debt, bureaucracy and the sheer cost of welfare etc. There will probably be a financial collapse that sets things off, people will get desperate and turn to more radical solutions, essentially a pre-WW2 situation all over again. In the end, I doubt much will really change, we'll end up with a different government but everything else will be pretty similar. I don't think we'll have any sort of radical increase in general freedoms, and I would expect a return to soulless consumerism after the financial collapse.

It's all so tiring. I wish I could be optimistic but the future doesn't look very bright. This will probably be the last thread I post in for a very long time, as my plan for the moment is just to read as much as I can, work out, learn new skills and try to find other non-NPCs to shoot the shit with. Maybe I'll join the reserves or something since it looks like the easiest way to get access to guns and training.

Sorry for the rant, really just had to get it out of my system. Sage for blogpost.

31f1b8  No.638568


Thanks for changing your IP again, you sure tricked me. Why don't you kill yourself if everything is so hopeless?

0d35ac  No.638570


>if you dont live in [insert Western-European/North American country under negrification-muslimification] then you are a shitskin


31f1b8  No.638571


Just to clarify for anyone that might be intimidated by this retard:

>knowing things and having pdf's are not illegal in any capacity, there is no "banned" knowledge, especially on firearms.

>I am not advocating for anyone to do anything illegal, much less do harm to another, less their lives and liberty are at stake. The Constitution is the supreme document that you must abide by, anything infringing upon it is null and void

>You cannot be redflagged over an anonymous tea kettle enthusiasm forum for patriotism

This retard is trying his hardest to blackpill every thread on this subject. Don't let his autism dissuade you.

23e805  No.638575


>not being blackpilled

Face it, m8. We're all fucked. We all lost over a hundred years ago. Except back then, we could've done something.

bbf248  No.638578

File: bb8e3d55eae8eff⋯.jpg (51.56 KB, 720x416, 45:26, 984ec20be34bfabc3749ca5928….jpg)


Having information isn't illegal one bit, as in I've got multiple hardcovers on all sorts of topics that would make a left wing nutjob screech harder than they usually do, yet again it doesn't cause much for their breakdown.


Take a knife and end yourself then. Why prolong your suffering? Honestly if you were around me I'd do it myself, nobody has time for the doomsayers and to be quite frank nobody has any need to hear of it.

31f1b8  No.638579

File: 9682428ba0cd373⋯.jpg (609.25 KB, 1610x2169, 1610:2169, 6848b807350cedf506c9287c56….jpg)


This guy has to be a fed or something. I refuse to believe any man with a shred of self respect would devote his time to bitching on Taiwanese Pot Sticker sites about the futility of life.

40d1bd  No.638584



Go ahead. Give me an example, just one, of things not being so fucked. That there is something actually worth looking forward to. That we won't be fucked over for once.

All I want is just one example and i'll quit blackpilling and properly apologize for all my previous blackpilling. Go on.

7047ef  No.638586


He's a troll whose bait everyone falls for

94c682  No.638588

File: 8d9924b93500c2f⋯.png (478.27 KB, 515x728, 515:728, Bill Shorten anime.PNG)


>/k/ - 90% random assorted shitskins from miscellaneous third world countries pretending to be american


bd65c0  No.638589


>something actually worth looking forward to

>All I want is just one example and i'll quit blackpilling and properly apologize for all my previous blackpilling. Go on.

When you stop shitting all over the website your fingers will be less tired.

31f1b8  No.638595


There is a woman waiting for you. You're not alone in any fight you engage in. Now stop being a nigger.

6da0e5  No.638598


Damn, I bet you changed his mind with that one.


>There is a woman waiting for you.

Have you been paying any attention? The state, or should I say


of women in current year is not looking too good. I doubt any woman is waiting for anyone.

6144b6  No.638618


>There is a woman waiting for you.

Look, I might buy secondhand cars, guns, and clothes, but why should I settle for a twentieth-hand slut?

270741  No.638619



>How is Golden Dawn doing, anyway?

Breddy gud

943dd7  No.638625


You should not. Embrace the way of the warrior-monks and sentence your life to knowledge and self-defense - like me.

183bad  No.638645

Think of the children please

31f1b8  No.638696



Valid. I had enough dumb luck to find a girl while in high school, before she could embrace degeneracy.

fa4625  No.638700



Women are trash. The only thing to look forward to is death whether it is your own or others.

31f1b8  No.638713


Whatever faggot. Filtered.

31f1b8  No.638719


I'll just continue to filter whatever ID you hop onto next, faggot. I recommend you kill yourself if life is so pointless and bleak.

bd65c0  No.638723


If there were really no point in anything, then why is he even expending the energy to post? Just lay in bed. It's a lot comfier and less stressful than blackpillposting on hatechan. That is unless you're getting paid 10 cents a post of course.

3f28a8  No.638725


Nah, you're doing it for free. Isn't that right, spermutt?

283332  No.638780


The only way this might work is if they somehow ferreted out the country boys who would turn on the military if something like this were ever suggested. Granted it's easy to pick out the trannies dikes and other assorted faggots who joined up for the money. I doubt they would make it far.

3e6cec  No.638784

What is with all the defeatist faggotry on here? Seriously, this wimpy depressed attitude is EXACTLY THE REASON why you dipshits will give up and lose.

I don't really care about death. I used to be afraid, not anymore. Blow me out of this hellhole already ZOG bots. I'm ready to put up the deadly fight when you are. And I know I likely won't win. Boo fucking hoo. If I slow down movement I'll consider it a win. Like the Vietnamese. And guess what? They actually won that war.

31f1b8  No.638785


It's one faggot IP hopping and posting the same shit, over and over again. He has an IR fetish where Americans are forced at gunpoint to fuck niggers, cocksucker needs bullet in his head.

3e6cec  No.638786


It'll work if enough people have the balls to shoot back, fight back, set fatal traps, homemade explosives, etc. What this will do is 1) slow down their gun grabbing operations, 2) it will make some cops consider quiting their jobs due to the high risk of fatality (or defecting) and 3) it will cause such a public uproar the govt may have to reconsider what they're doing due to serious peer pressure put on them.

FACT IS THIS: if you won't fight, you lose the guns. If you fight, you may lose anyway. Butif enough of us fight back, if enough of us grow balls….. THEN they got a big problem on their hands.

Pick your side. Its time to pick your side, and make this very tough decision. They're coming soon, like it or not.

4be691  No.638788

Shooting cops as they come to you is stupid, you're literally giving them the initiative and letting them decide when, how and where. Thirty Timothy McVeigh wannabes coordinating with each other is all it'd take to make them reconsider their position.

tl;dr hey kid wanna bomb a federal building

22878d  No.638792


>Everyone's too scared or too comfortable.

Being scared of this is normal. If your not scared of war, then your are mentally unstable because war is deadly and even worse, can cause serious hell for you if captured by an enemy force. An armed civil uprising would turn into a war, and fast. Don't think being scared means you are defeated. In fact, what you will need to survive is lots of adrenaline when that day comes and not a seconds hesitation.

As for comfort, yes this is a problem. Too many of us are too comfortable and this does not suite well with being prepared. You better be ready to take action as soon as the lights go out, or the internet stops working in your area. Thats a tell-tale sign. When they go from neighborhood to neighborhood (talking about the US here) your internet will likely be jammed to prevent people from altering others. This includes jamming of cell phone and radio signals too. They're prepared for this, and you best be as well if you intend to fight it.

I really hate to bear any bad news, but we have really two choices: we get determined to fight this, or we get ready to bend over and let these fuckers have their way with us as they completely wreck our country beyond all recognition. You think its bad now? You won't even want to live if they fully have their way with us and then you'll wish you did fight back.

I'm not calling for violence for no cause. I'm calling to be ready for violence if thats what it takes to save our nation from humiliating defeat.

22878d  No.638798


You'll know when they're after your guns. You don't go shooting at one or two cops at the door. If they're after the guns, they're coming with their MRAPs and a whole SWAT squad behind them. And you'll see them going from one home to the next, back and forth, back and forth.

The disadvantage they have is significant too. They are way outnumbered and are typically strained on resources. If two or more get injured (or killed) this puts a huge hamper on their gun grabbing operation. All it takes is one savvy prepared MF to bring that heat to them and it forces them to call for backups. And they don't have endless backups either. Now consider the whole damn country, same thing only local dispatches, one small community at a time. This would take two to three years to accomplish, its not all happening to everyone at once. Only communities that happen to be the most armed, where many people didn't hand them over when requested.

22878d  No.638800


We are not fucked. Only if you choose to be a defeatist are you fucked. Let me explain something, we outnumber the enforcers 100 to 1. All it would take is for enough people to stand up and fight back when they decide to grab those guns. If we Americans turn cowardly, thats it, we lost. If we don't, these gun grabbers are going to have some major headaches and heartaches.

They will NOT grab the guns right off the bat. What they will do is intimidate you with a letter in the mail from the local police department stating "dear blah, we know you have X, Y and Z, you are required to turn them into blah blah blah its the law blah blah blah or you could be charged with a felony by blah."

Whether Americans will turn them in, thats up for debate. Hopefully they will not and grow some balls. A rebellion will have the feds and politicians pissed and they'll demand enforcement. THAT is when they will start going from one neighborhood to another. You need to be prepared for this.

31f1b8  No.638806


What I foresee happening initially, is there will be a few casualties on our side until the preppers who've prepared for this since the 90's get a good drop on and raise morale. Most Americans unfortunately are sheeplike in that they won't take direct action until somebody else does. Decades of TV propaganda about the all powerful Fed has instilled a soft blackpill in a lot of people. As you said though, we have the numerical advantage. Once they start taking hits, more and more people will join in. Blackfags have this idea that every officer on the Earth is a devote Zionist child molester. Maybe a fair few of them are, but a good majority aren't and would gladly back the people they live around.

508f32  No.638842


>have legalized slave labor

Slave labor (of criminals) was never outlawed in US.

508f32  No.638843

File: 468b8d92b2c21ad⋯.jpg (12.4 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 64565.jpg)


>What they will do is intimidate you with a letter in the mail from the local police department stating

Why do give heads up in advance?

Best guns grabbing tactic is stop owner of illegal guns on the road block with HMG armed APC support and arrest him. Then search his house without any resistance, find guns and give him jail sentence.

Unstoppable force.

f843b7  No.638845

File: 2220efb8be04a35⋯.gif (2.59 MB, 200x150, 4:3, 2220efb8be04a352826c960a28….gif)


>block with HMG armed APC support

Heavy Weapons + Roid Raging Officers + Impatient Ameriburger commuters = The Dorner Manhunt cluster fuck on a nation wide scale


bbf248  No.638847

File: 97636af88019106⋯.jpg (250.16 KB, 640x960, 2:3, Must kill.jpg)


Man, wait until it turns into a shooting fest where nobody knows who the fuck they're shooting at.


aeeb23  No.638866


epic and brownpilled

2fdeac  No.638873

I don't care honestly. if this country erupts into anarchy, I won't need a license, just rob abandoned stores.

2fdeac  No.638875


actually its Israel doing the shit, not us.

f684da  No.638876


>implying israel and muttmerica isn't the same trash

Both of you deserve to die, tbh.

374aa4  No.638882

I want to see americucks give up, admit they are cucks, and happily wait for their future as a corpse or a slave. All while saying that they deserve it.

I think it'd be neat to have an amerimutt slave. You can beat and torture them all you want and they'll be happy for it. Hell the other slaves would clap and enjoy the show.

971e46  No.638884


Nope, YOU deserve to die, yid.


Americans will never give up, neither will anyone else.

Now go shill yourself elsewhere.

ee8bbc  No.638897


Flaming communist detected.

ddcf3c  No.638916

File: 1c9e0fc8710889c⋯.jpg (39.9 KB, 599x585, 599:585, 1c9e0fc8710889c57a84282e55….jpg)



f0d37f  No.638924

I think in the last few months, 8chan /k/ is now populated by 5% /k/ posters, 35% government shills, and 60% private cointelproesque rammer jammer shitposters attempting to ruin the board.

4be691  No.638925


Says a man who has never done anything except complain about the quality of /k/

8cb30c  No.638926


Hey man, a man gotta earn his paycheck somehow. Dont judge me

374aa4  No.638935


Nice try spermutt. Go be a mutt somewhere else.

Remember that anyone against shitposting on /k/ is spermutt.

af011a  No.638936

File: 761057cce63b639⋯.jpg (455.57 KB, 678x1024, 339:512, gettyimages-50684766-1024x….jpg)


The only things you need to beat that are tunnels leading out of your house to a safe area, tripwire explosive traps and literally any kind of projectile explosive. M79, RPG7, or a fucking flare gun modified to fire 25mm grenades. All you have to do is set the traps, hit the MRAP or a large cluster of zogs with the launcher, then skedaddle down into the tunnel and drive away in the zogbuster van you made for when this day comes

273e70  No.638937

What is cointelpro anyway?

acea04  No.638939

File: f8ecbf0bbc159e8⋯.jpg (360.26 KB, 1162x850, 581:425, f8ecbf0bbc159e84db5a011406….jpg)


Don't look at me.

I'm the shill center floor manager. Going to be promoted to full time manager with a 5% payraise.

eb4b38  No.638963


>It's hilarious seeing the mutts here say they'll do something.



So much projection from this shitskin.

Just because you are a coward does not mean everybody else is.

c1f2a7  No.639016











What the actual fuck is happening to my /k/?

I don't know how to say this any more clearly. If you own a gun and aren't willing to use it to defend your own right to own a gun, you are the problem, more than anyone else. Take your expensive toy and use it to end your pathetic, hypocritical existence.

It's okay to be afraid of this shit. It's not okay to give up. The way to be less afraid is to prepare. Get off your goddamn computers and get outside. Teach yourself how to dig a firing position in the woods where a SWAT team and a Humvee are worth fuck all. Plan your response to various scenarios, and practice them. Find the nastiest, most inaccessible place within 5 miles of your house and learn the fastest way to get there. Learn to live there for a whole weekend with only what you can bring in a backpack in the worst weather possible. For god's sake, the fucking BOY SCOUTS had a merit badge for knowing every inch of land in a 5 mile radius from your house, and you lazy fat fucks can't be arsed to even attain half of what yesteryear's children were capable of. If you live in the city, learn to disappear. Establish nearby points that you can escape to that are out of sight and from which you can plan your next move. The police aren't planning anything past your house. If you can even be arsed to stop masturbating to your own despair long enough to think of a quiet, out-of-the-way alley that you think you'd be able to get to before they get to your apartment, you're already a step ahead of them.

Most of all, and I've been saying this on here for weeks, we have GOT to figure out a way to connect with each other, here on /k/ if nowhere else, so that those of us who are nearby and willing to take up arms in defense of our brothers will be able to do so, and quickly. Get on the zeemaps, PLEASE, because I'm the only one on there for 200 miles in any direction, and I know there's at least one more of you fuckers in my town.

If you aren't willing to fight for your own rights, then you don't deserve to have them.

20367f  No.639019


There are a group of nu/pol/, cucks, shills and actual yids here.

Do not take what you read here seriously, at least not anymore.

c1f2a7  No.639026


Yeesh. This was supposed to be the last retreat from 4chan. Where the hell are we supposed to go from here?

Doesn't matter. I'll fight even if no one is there to come and help. I'll keep practicing, and I'll keep getting better. But goddamn, it'd be good if we pulled our heads out of our asses and figured out something better than that.

3569c3  No.639029


There's no place else. We stand, we improve and we fight.

c1f2a7  No.639030


Then by hell, do you have any ideas on how we can do that together?

5375bd  No.639031


1. Have principles and stick to it.

2. Provide informative and on-topic contents.

3. Report shill & agent provocateur (they will insult and strawman, never argue) THEN filter them and their posts. DO NOT RESPOND.

When everyone can discuss and argue meaningfully while the shills screech, the board will prosper.

cd3b02  No.639039


Just look at all those (1)'s and it should be obvious that they are shills.

4be691  No.639040


You do realize that mild disagreement of 'Blindly shooting cops with no grander goal' is not spamming gore or posting a picture of my toilet boil. I honestly don't understand if you're extremely hypersensitive to disagreeing opinions or if you're just autistic.





Talking about cuckchan

dd2ca6  No.639065


The fuck, these posts are of the exact same yid yelling about how everything is fucked and you should give up, NOT agent provocateur material.

c4899c  No.639068









>all these (1)

The post count stays the same even if you clean up the threads, BO.

c4899c  No.639071


>Im just hopping VPN to destroy threads

>stop derailing tho

Kill yourself you autistic subhuman muttgook.

c94a9e  No.639081

File: 0f74460f9b6ce5f⋯.jpg (178.58 KB, 1670x1743, 1670:1743, 0f74460f9b6ce5fc8664c5a14c….jpg)

File: 573cf83f2769757⋯.png (409.05 KB, 1343x3083, 1343:3083, spermutt exposed.png)



Reminder, no matter how much autism you pour down here, the evidence still stands.

9e85e6  No.639103

File: 44b39707308f4c8⋯.jpg (20.19 KB, 508x493, 508:493, smug 1.jpg)


Your diarrhea isn't content.

9e85e6  No.639105


Your neither.

3861f5  No.639107





>he says while posting with a mutt flag

Goddamn do I want /k/ to die. What a garbage board. At least it's good for shitposting in.

3225d9  No.639108

File: ed8268ea9762325⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 160.17 KB, 695x900, 139:180, fufufu.jpg)

File: b30aa04d748667f⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 18.07 KB, 1277x115, 1277:115, Amerimutt suggesting own t….png)


based muttposter showing how merishits can attain redemption and salvation.

242e63  No.639109



masonic dubs by the way

FDA please stop with the mind poison... also stop poisoning muricans' food thx.

>I'm glad

Nobody should be. They are our kin.

3225d9  No.639110


>our kin

You for real, hun?

Are you another one of those pan huwhiet "nationalist"?

3d4a45  No.639118

Just filter the yids.

18cca7  No.639133


Yes, you are, yid. Now filtered.

Go screech about mutt to yourself.

242e63  No.639135


It will be an uncontrolled clusterfuck

I bet my left testicle it will be memeworthily bad.

>police/military starts confiscation, underestimating the reactions

>by the time they get to the 10th house like girl scouts selling cookies on the street, everybody finds out what is going on

>people from all over the district surround and shoot them into a pulp with rage

>some officer leaks the plan and all the careful preparing gets ruined in a single day

>they had no alternative plan so they have to abort it

>people are all mad now

This is likely.

7c928f  No.639136


>muh yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiids

>muh shiiiiiiiiiiiiills


242e63  No.639144


>you are supposed to

<but ITS IN THE SCRIPT GOY why wont you dance?

who are you to tell me what to do?

78eec8  No.639305

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>no flag

f78c53  No.639319


Germans and Gauls have been shitskins since Roman times so yes

31f1b8  No.639335


Do you even own guns, faggot?

f78c53  No.639336


t*Utonic filth were considered below fucking berbers in Rome

f78c53  No.639340


>g*Rmanic filth hates civilization

No surprises

bbf248  No.639349

File: a68cbac16136e10⋯.jpg (265.29 KB, 1031x773, 1031:773, object.JPG)


Go be a filthy semite elsewhere.

3225d9  No.639356

File: c1e67714d5f9361⋯.webm (1.26 MB, 402x720, 67:120, amerimutt child raising.webm)


>Praising boyfuckertry

>Prototype globohomo empire


f78c53  No.639358


>Teutonic subhumans complaining about "M-muh social decay" because they've never had an empire that didn't collapse in flames


3225d9  No.639359


>Thinking I'm a kraut

>Being kraut not automatically better than being a mutt

>Mutt achievement: Miley Cyrus

>Kraut music: Bach, Mozart, Beethoveen, Wagner

>empire that didn't collapse in flames

Which one was that?

f78c53  No.639369


>Kraut achievements

>losing two world wars

>getting raped by Soviets and Americans (literally)

>getting partitioned by said Soviets and America

3225d9  No.639379

File: 5ff7f678c9ddeae⋯.jpg (37.24 KB, 412x343, 412:343, Kraut Music.jpg)

File: 2d67ad4ae2f2b06⋯.jpg (89.28 KB, 634x624, 317:312, Mutt culture.jpg)

File: a83c57ff6bca506⋯.jpg (104.72 KB, 846x1024, 423:512, mutt.jpg)


>Boyfuckers lost wars against shitskins arabs and Germanics

Oh boy it comes full circle

How does it feel to know muttmerica will burn with no legacy other than Hollywood

f3f859  No.639380

Filter the goddamn yids please.

At this point, they are so lazy, they just spam mutt mutt mutt over and over again.

3225d9  No.639390

File: 679b3ceb61e1b04⋯.jpg (70.4 KB, 415x500, 83:100, Kraut Music 2.jpg)

File: 862aaf0f6724872⋯.jpg (300.65 KB, 2224x1251, 16:9, Peak Amerimutt Cultural Ex….jpg)


3ed7a5  No.639407



Hold fast, men.

e9b4ec  No.639430


We already have stop yelling, you look like a retard. No one likes kikes for fucks sake, not even kikes like kikes.

5564dc  No.639432


So shut the fuck up and stay ON TOPIC.

acea04  No.639441

File: b6304658903ba9e⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.08 MB, 1270x1796, 635:898, chl oro form.png)

File: 2175dcc445954d3⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 915.17 KB, 1366x3238, 683:1619, clay mo re.jpg)

File: 1f05d20bc7b63a7⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 3.85 MB, 1263x4716, 421:1572, merc u ry ful m itate.png)

File: 3f41bb911b4d28f⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 392.79 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, minecraft TNT trap.jpg)

What the shit, we need an active mod. Also, remember the absolute most autists and yids can do is post old memes and call you cumskin. They can't stop you from exploding creepers near villager houses and offices in minecraft, along with showing everyone how to do so.

e9b4ec  No.639442

File: bbea33bfbdbd5ed⋯.png (2.03 MB, 985x11826, 985:11826, Screen Shot 2019-01-09 at ….png)

Hahahahahaha! I do need an autofilter for (1) posters, if you don't post more than five times in a thread then you don't care about it.

acea04  No.639443

File: a8ac155c0eab05b⋯.pdf (13.01 MB, Sheperds pie recipe.pdf)

File: 102afe823d04393⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 720.76 KB, 612x9504, 17:264, cookies from scratch 1.jpg)

File: 858aeffbab37fc0⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 764.14 KB, 612x9504, 17:264, cookies from scratch 2.jpg)

Make sure to not let the griefers and trolls get to you, otherwise they'll just keep coming.

a9f607  No.639586


If you read the book that DOTR was coined in, you'd know it was a slow process in that scenario too. If you haven't read it, do it. Or listen to the audio book by peirce on YouTube.

a9f607  No.639588


Communication is the most important factory at the moment. Once this is solved we have a much higher change of survival. Meets need to be more common. Best think I can think of atm would be a kpol trip fag board used only for organizing. Would allow for some credibility, and those with good ideas and tactics could be recognized, and black pill/shill posters could be more easially ignored. Unvleted@protonmail.com if anyone more familiar with Chan backends wants help with a project like this, I'm just not the guy to start it.

80aa6c  No.639593


Can we give him his own flag or something so we know it's him

1ee40c  No.639748


>Or listen to the audio book by peirce on YouTube.


How has this not been shoahed?

9354cd  No.639785


If (((they))) removed it more people would be aware and start to read it. Most Americans have no idea about it.

c1f2a7  No.639796


adding my address, malhela@proton

689c30  No.640491

File: 2022da6dbb18e5a⋯.png (172.81 KB, 754x588, 377:294, 2022da6dbb18e5a609f74af11a….png)

27d708  No.640728


>t. Light skinned mutt

That anon is right

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