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There's no discharge in the war!

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

80fb62  No.639583

>you suppose to hate the punisher Goy!

>You suppose to be sympathetic to the criminals the punisher kills

>Punisher comics meant to promote gun control like in marvel Netflix

>all cops are racist

>Fuck the troops for using a military symbol as a military symbol

Friendly reminder that the punisher is liberal propaganda that backfired. How does that make /k/ feel? https://comicbook.com/marvel/2019/01/10/punisher-creator-gerry-conway-logo-use-disturbing/

df3074  No.639585

Indifferent since i dont give a fuck about american cultural exports such as capeshit

f809bf  No.639587

The Punisher is literally glorifying vigilante justice by portraying a man who disobeys the public order and rule of law to hunt down and kill an organised mafia that pretty much runs the city, who can only operate as well as they do because local law enforcement is on the take and refuses to prosecute the gang. All the violence that Frank commits is justified, because he's doing it as retaliation for the death of his family and in defense of public safety. How is any of this anti-gun, you sperg?

69546a  No.639592


Not that guy, but you can't expect liberals to make sense.

Also, the Starship Troopers movie fits the theme of satire backfire. Any other stories like that?

784656  No.639594


That one Red Skull comic where they made him look sensible.

80fb62  No.639596

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>How is any of this anti-gun, you sperg?

The creator of the Punsiher himself said his stories meant to be anti-conservative and pro gun control You dope. The punisher is marvel Judge Dredd. A anti-right strawman that backfired. Same for DC Rorschach from watchmen/rebirth. Fans were supposed to hate Rorschach because he was a right-wingr character. Rorschach ended up being

The true mascot of watchmen. https://uk.news.yahoo.com/the-politics-of-judge-dredd-112108531.html?guccounter=1

e8ff14  No.639597

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Any other stories like that?

Check out 'Look Who's Back'

They wanted to put guilt on Germans for voting Hitler,, but the movie makes Hitler look right.

80fb62  No.639598

File: a91c259317c105a⋯.gif (148.48 KB, 945x359, 945:359, 5DE08BA5-E1C2-4510-BA9C-F2….gif)

File: 13cc064c8fe74b4⋯.jpeg (144.5 KB, 426x793, 426:793, 8B52664C-3509-42CA-85D7-F….jpeg)


>the Starship Troopers movie fits the theme of satire backfire. Any other stories like that?

Frank Miller is labled a alt-right writer now. Even though the dark knight returns was literally the most anti-Ronald Reagan book at the time. Only difference is Frank Miller sometimes attack the left in his books too. No one hatred Frank Miller until literal cuckholds like Linkara and comic book journalists started to demonized him.

f809bf  No.639601


So we're supposed to dislike him for doing the objectively, inarguably correct thing? I don't care what the creator says, there is literally nothing that can be morally criticised about The Punisher.

80fb62  No.639604

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>So we're supposed to dislike him for doing the objectively, inarguably correct thing?

You just also described Rorschach, Max Payne and dexter Morgan. Character we were not suppose to relate too.

Friendly reminder this is what a right-wing /toxic masculinity strawman looks like in Bojack horseman

Almost like liberals want society to weak and stupid.

f809bf  No.639606


Imagine being so mentally maligned that you try to scare people into agreeing with you by showing them… exactly what they want to see, exactly the kind of person they want to be, exactly the things they admire someone for doing. That's really mind-boggling. I can't comprehend that mentality at all, and I studied psychology. It's like they don't even think in the same language. Are leftists/collectivists even human?

3f6fd9  No.639607


>dangerous people shouldnt own guns

<oh, no. i dont trust myself to own a gun

liberals, everyone.

69d216  No.639617


>How does that make /k/ feel?

Breddy gud. Liberals and kikes are subhuman and only survives because retards keep saving them.


We can use mutt garbage against them and their masters tho.

80fb62  No.639619

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>Halo is literally racist white supremacy propaganda

>Halo has no black characters

>Halo pro Nazi because the convant were multicultural and diverse

>Halo pro coveant and flood genocide

More related too liberal projecting than streaming but still. Movie blob always been a special kind of liberal retarded long before trump got elected. Only thing more retarded than him Is 343 industries listened too Game journalists like movie blob. This video gives idea of a mindset of a left wing writer.

a17c7d  No.639625


That makes me very confused

cc04d2  No.639627


Looks like I have to give a try for this game.

ba113e  No.639628

>punisher creator


Punisher in his first appearance is DRASTICALLY different from what other authors melded him into.

Look at Conway's credits. Conway is credited for four Punisher comics EVER in the history of Marvel, and one of those is because it contained a reprint.


That's like giving Liefeld instead of Kelly credit for creating Deadpool. They created the name and might have helped with the costume, but none of the plots or characterization people like them for.

c366d6  No.639629

File: 5ec83ad2d234efe⋯.png (3.32 MB, 1176x1749, 392:583, Avery.png)


>Halo has no black characters

It does though. Even the first game had a black character.

712e0f  No.639631


What was he like originally?

784656  No.639634

File: ce3f9f3fea0c3d4⋯.png (345.79 KB, 697x713, 697:713, r009.png)

But the Punisher was created by Stan Lee, and even then that faggot Conway isn't even known for the best Punisher comics, Garth Ennis is. That's like saying David Kurtzman is the creator of Star Trek because he made STD.

342590  No.639639

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Halo has no black characters

0ed4aa  No.639642

It's a kike written show, part of their larger bread and circus.

Why would you expect anything else from (((media))).

f809bf  No.639644


This is actually a good point. That black Marine Sergeant or Major or whatever he was is a recurring character, and one that they make sure you're forced to notice every time. He has plot-mandatory dialogue and everything. Not to mention random Marines are also different races, and Master Chief himself is canonically some form of Mestizo filth that they intentionally raised in a cholo street violence environment in order to make him a better fighter. If I remember right, all the Spartans are like this. Mixed race and basically MKULTRA robots.

784656  No.639646

File: 3ed3f07b9bb9a0f⋯.png (398.08 KB, 465x453, 155:151, Untitled.png)

File: 98d1b84902b2b35⋯.jpg (115.56 KB, 1142x659, 1142:659, 2809854-1944190_jigsaw_why….jpg)

File: 1a9a03e9618eb78⋯.jpeg (41.16 KB, 650x303, 650:303, jigsaw-as-he-appears-in-m….jpeg)

File: bce52a45a0db713⋯.jpg (64.57 KB, 600x350, 12:7, ef382c4b92f2e3f4747f3b7245….jpg)

Also I'm gonna rant about how shit the Punisher Netflix series is.

>Season 2 of Daredevil was basically the Punisher's origin story

>Established his background, military history, and the events of his family's death

>During the Season he's murdering mafia members, gang members, even smashing a pedophile's head in

>Extremely competent and efficient in what he's doing, although he's not perfect.

<Punisher netflix series

<Only people he kills are three construction workers and CIAniggers

<Entire series is him fucking up constantly

<Barely does anything until the end, which even then he fucks up

<Literally the entire series was the Punisher fucking up constantly, he got his ass handed to him worse than Worf in TNG

<Changed his backstory from "his family died in the crossfire during a gang shootout" to "CIAniggers killed his family by accident"

<Changed Rawlins to be a generic evil CIA guy

<Some B-plot that about some ebil conservative turning a PTSD-ridden vet into a terrorist

<Silliest depiction of PTSD I've seen in a series

<Generally just really shitty

Now this faggot is supposed to be Jigsaw. Look at how shitty that makeup is. That's supposed to be fucking Jigsaw.

f89f3e  No.639659


Death Wish the original novel, the movies are pro-vigilantism.


>watching kikeflix

Why would you do that?

784656  No.639661

File: 37e6faeef8d47e9⋯.jpg (12.1 KB, 254x283, 254:283, 1529250341496.jpg)


Not like I'm paying for it. It's where I'm watching DS9 at.

4e4cbc  No.639672


>muh capeshit

>muh ZOGbots

>muh blue line

Gas yourself

80fb62  No.639708

File: 6f08d9bc9c308c0⋯.png (294.06 KB, 727x593, 727:593, 191B6E31-CC38-410C-8E2F-0C….png)


>Imagine being so mentally maligned that you try to scare people into agreeing with you by showing them… exactly what they want to see, exactly the kind of person they want to be

3231b4  No.639721

Fuck the Punisher.

Everyone can be the punisher, no need for a faggot comic about it.

95c6f7  No.639822


>How is any of this anti-gun, you sperg?

Cuz mobsters killed his family with guns.

8fbef4  No.639824


>Also, the Starship Troopers movie fits the theme of satire backfire.

Starship troopers isn't satire, it has a comedic self-awareness but at NO POINT doesn't it go into satire, like most Verhoeven movies.

Libetards and medias always went and said "huh you're not smart enough to get the point" and Verhoeven just rolled with because he realized that was the only way he was gonna keep his job.

We're talking about a guy that managed to make a big movie in which the only good guy with a working moral compass is an SS-general…

95c6f7  No.639825


Aren't they also castrated?

95c6f7  No.639827


>in which the only good guy with a working moral compass is an SS-general


1f1cc0  No.639856

709647  No.639872


American movies are hard for you to understand, huh? That's okay, most of our country is retarded so you aren't alone.

e82bcb  No.639882

File: 0bfc6d5e5f717d0⋯.webm (1.14 MB, 534x400, 267:200, 1-09-savvalnieku-dziesma.webm)


Anon, you already know how these things go. If something doesn't have non-whites then it is literally Hitler, even if the events are all based on actual historical events where there were none involved. If it has only three or four then it is just tokenism. BUT if it's literally just Brazil with flying cars then it's kinda okay now.

a9c78e  No.639931


>beaner chief

What the fuck are you on about?

>all spartans are mixed

You're making shit up now. The SPARTAN II's were abducted at the age of 8 and conditioned mentally and physically from random families, no other SPARTAN generation had the same mental brainwashing. No clue where you're getting your mixed race beaner fighter fetish from, there is nothing in the books that alludes to it. Johnson is the only black character given any signifigance, and he isn't portrayed in any particularly positive light. He's a sterotyped drill sergeant, and nothing more. He says funny lines with a gruff voice. You're intentionally misleading by implying he resembles any modern poz incarnation of a black. Also

>unsegregated fighting force

>in africa

>United Nations military force


Huh imagine my shock. Most non-white Marines in the game are women, and even still whites are the majority. At least be half accurate when you start talking about things.

f804d9  No.639936


God is a Pole

72a43d  No.639937


>Any other stories like that?

Sure, got a few. The greatest example is Archie Bunker. He was written by Boomers to be the "stupid backwards white uncle" everyone was supposed to laugh at. Instead the audience laughed WITH him. The show started as his two enlightened boomer children poking fun at their old fuddy duddy dad, but quickly turned in him ripping apart their critical theory bullshit because that is what brought in the ratings.

As for capeshit, the Black Captain America comic where he takes on a militia group trying to protect the US border is pretty hilarious

>Hey you evil racists! Stop enforcing the law!

>Why should we stop?

>Because you are vigilantes and I won't allow such actions!

>…you're literally a vigilante yourself. Doesn't opposing us make you a giant hypocrite?

>No! And the reason is because,..because…BECAUSE YOUR FACE!

Here's one from way back. The Grapes Of wrath. It was one of the few western films allowed to be shown in cinemas in the Soviet Union in the 1930s. This was because the film showed the United States and capitalism in a very negative light. Problem was, the Soviet film going public noticed that the "poor" in the film had a higher standard of living than they did.

>"They own an automobile, and their own home, many of the roads are paved, public utilities are reliable and readily available? That doens't sound so bad!"

USSR when full "SHUT IT DOWN" mode shorty after.

de06d3  No.639944






>completely ignoring the Chief face reveal where he's absolutely brown as fuck, or the canonical art of his upbringing

<rooooo everyone is huwhite

>there are non-whites

<rooooooo poz fantasy

<j-just because there are some non-whites doesn't mean there are non-whites

What a Jew you are.

a9c78e  No.639952

File: 039c1cb8b289212⋯.png (222.73 KB, 347x361, 347:361, b73045bea1caf33571d422656f….png)


>it's a strawman even if it's true!

>rooo unironically


>brown chief

Pics or it didn't happen

>no sources beyond "trust me goy"

I've read all three of the original books and played every game. You're bullshitting.

>immediately projecting your own judiasm onto me


Thanks for contributing nothing, retard.

de06d3  No.639955



This is official material, you can check their site yourself. He's a spic. You can quit with your meaningless pilpul now.

e5fd2e  No.639958

So, how would /k/ design a gun that shoots out swords?

a9c78e  No.639959

File: 717f0ec853cc9a9⋯.png (487.08 KB, 1354x576, 677:288, gvVd2.png)


>random image is totally him, dude!

Here's his face from the Halo 4 Legendary ending. Provide a source for any of your other ridiculous claims, faggot.

e12447  No.639964


>implying that's supposed to be white

If his skin was pale, I'd say otherwise.

6acfbf  No.639967


Based poles opinion its based.

a9c78e  No.639969


Now you're moving the goalpost. Going to provide any sources for your other claims, faggot, or are you going to admit you're a disingenous nigger speaking out of ignorance?

de06d3  No.639978


That wasn't me, faggot. I know you're from cuckchan, but you should have noticed the post IDs by now. How the fuck is Bungie's official website not a source? You could not possibly be more dishonest.

a9c78e  No.639979


>fan art is real!

Have you ever played any of the games, faggot?

>unoffical piece of coursely rendered 3d modeling

>not in any style of any of the games

>no context behind it

<haa duddeee gotcha man here's his face

For all I know you could he an IP hopping faggot.

I'm going to post fan art from a Nintendo forum and pretend it's real. Kill yourself.

de06d3  No.639999


Nigger. It's from Bungie dot org. It is their official fucking domain. This means that it's something that was uploaded by developers of the game. You do realise that, right? The state of denial you're in is so deep I could bury a horse next to it.

40b97f  No.640001


Is that Mussolini?

401256  No.640002

>During a briefing scene in Halo: The Flood, the Chief is described as tall with short hair, serious eyes, and strong features. His skin is "too white", a consequence of spending most of his time in his armor.

>Halo 4 Legendary ending shows him taking off his helmet and being pale as hell

In addition to that, all spartan 2 kids were replaced by clones at the age of 8 and were from various colonies so it wouldn't raise questions. It's not that hard to find this stuff.

5f3d5e  No.640003


>(((too white)))

Oh, so he's Israeli-Argentinian?

a9c78e  No.640024


You're such a massive nigger. For one Bungie doesn't own the IP anymore, and two the forum was open publically. Nowhere does your piece of fanart have anything indicating it was official bungie work, like nearly everything else they publish does.

>Here's thing with no context. Believe me.

Kill yourself.

0c4686  No.640063


Are you saying he's wrong? Verhoeven is very well known to pull insane stuff and get away with it due to "artistic reasons".

He's a spin doctor at times, and he has done movies only to get back at productions or enemies (in such a case, movie critics). Hell, when a bunch of comedians and critics "awarded" him in absentia a joke trophy for making the most distasteful, sexist movie back in 1995, he went to the ceremony to accept it and even give a speech for the sake of it.

Hard to say what kind of guy he really is, he made Startship Troopers ironically, Robocop was a job his wife spinned to him and he made it positively about a superhuman savior butchering criminals, he made Soldier of Orange which portrays germans as humanly as possible for a big budget movie (concentration camp scenes were his assitant's), even Fourth Man in which a guy saves his own neck at the end because he asked the Lord for repentance. Then again he made Black Book so…

The best thing to come out from the Netherlands since cheese and Bergkamp.

e82bcb  No.640104

File: 462f65048d3d4c8⋯.jpg (34.78 KB, 413x310, 413:310, [the curse has been lifted….jpg)


>Hard to say what kind of guy he really is

Well you can have a decent idea from the following

>wanted to make a movie called Bug Outpost

>people point out that his idea is kinda similar to Starship Troopers

>so maybe he should name it that for the sake of leeching off of the fame of the book

>decides to buy the license and try to do a shitty hack job to instantly turn some random bug movie (which most likely have assets already) into Starship Troopers

>too fucking lazy to read books himself

>so he gives the book to Ed Neumeier to read it in front of him

>turns out he was too fucking lazy to do that even

>got bored by the second chapter and simply dismissed it as right-wing propaganda

>end of second chapter is simply Johnny agreeing to serve

>this is what Verhoeven thinks is literally fascism

>he still kept the license though

>began to market this as a parody to fight evil fascists like Heinlein

>when it's literally just him being a lazy cunt and cashing in on the title of a famous book

>the only reason why scenes beyond Chapter 2 even exist in the movie is because SOMEONE ELSE took the initiative to get them added

Quite the likable guy, I would say, works quite hard from what I have heard. And has a talent for creating a compelling reimagining of existing stories due to his unique perspective.

eeee47  No.640139


>…he made Soldier of Orange which portrays germans as humanly as possible for a big budget movie…

Because it was a dutch wankfeast to show how they were "forced" to collaborate with the Nazis and how in truth they were good goys that would fight the Nazis if given the chance.

95c6f7  No.640181

File: da620d7acdb3023⋯.jpg (39.03 KB, 498x441, 166:147, e05.jpg)


>reddit maymays

>not the joos

050974  No.640299

File: 9a25676c75fb454⋯.jpg (30.08 KB, 474x474, 1:1, 9a25676c75fb454e066d7a7a6d….jpg)


>reddit nigger coopts meme

<you're reddit if you use anything



40b97f  No.640302


eww reddit

4fa3a9  No.641733


Look whose back was an amazing movie. Up till they had Hitler shoot the dog. Shooting the dog was bullshit because we know he loved animals and would never just blow a pupper away. But the rest of the movie was awesome.

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