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There's no discharge in the war!

File: b9aebb03f6959ce⋯.png (130.79 KB, 1200x720, 5:3, Oregon.png)

File: a073e026222f7c7⋯.pdf (55.74 KB, SB501.pdf)

dbc2ef  No.639938

Here we go again Oregonians.

>5 round mag limit

>14 day wait period

>permit required for purchase

>background check for ammunition purchases

>20 round limit per month

0a8912  No.639945

Also has safe storage requirements.

221db7  No.639947

At what point would Oregon anons just move one state over to Idaho, or just a bit further to Wyoming?

dbc2ef  No.639949


>running away is going to solve all your problems

151ae2  No.639960

File: 45203eca0b2b49e⋯.gif (1.13 MB, 560x372, 140:93, [treading_intensifies].gif)


the leaf is right

you Oregonfags know exactly what you should be doing, but we both know you wont do it.

221db7  No.639966

File: 8285e1f540e0c5b⋯.jpeg (32.03 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 8285e1f540e0c5bdf29618a31….jpeg)



What are you guys doing, if you mind me asking? Hopefully reaching out to your community and informing friends and family on the important issues concerning your civil liberties.

95f5a5  No.639973


>background check for ammunition purchases

>20 round limit per month

I'm not normally one to scream that the sky is falling but those two points should serve as the line in the sand for literally every gun owner and individual even slightly supportive of the civilian righy to bear arms.

It would take a lot to get me to take up arms against restrictions on firearms and firearm components/accessories because in the end, guns are easy to make. Serviceable rifled barrels are the only thing that can't be made by a hobby-level machinist and even a novice homr-DIY type can build a rudimentary single shot shotgun out of scrap. Coming after ammunition though? Especially in a way as restrictive as this? That's a game changer. A sustainable supply of reliable gun food is the one thing that can't be fully replicated without factory-level equipment and advanced knowledge of mechanics and chemistry. Do not even try and claim matchstick primers are a workable loophole, they are shelf unstable and nowhere near dependable enough even at the best of times.

This is the end of the 2nd Amendment in Oregon if it gets passed.

a9afc5  No.639977


Its like the cancer wants to get the antibodies attention and subsequent wrath.

1476c6  No.639993

>5 post limit

>14 day wait period

>permit required to speak

>background check for political speech

>20 word limit a month

Imagine if the 1st amendment were treated like the 2nd.

e55421  No.640020

File: 4c85f48f1d8f5f6⋯.jpg (99.04 KB, 588x403, 588:403, You guys....jpg)

>Mag ban with no grandfather clause, up to a year in prison for breaking it

I fucking hate how the various grandfatherless bumpstock bans opened the door for this shit.

>20 round a month limit if you go through a background check system

>This is after the background check and permit to own a firearm

It is like this law was practically made for richfags to ignore, and smuggle their ammo out of state to shoot on private property.

Is there any hope for this being challenged in court if it actually passes?

15ce28  No.640027

File: ef0f6559ed8a9f4⋯.jpg (33.23 KB, 550x413, 550:413, Too-Much-Real-Life-Funny-W….jpg)

I shoot at least 15 rounds a day, albeit 10 of those rounds are rimfire to save money, but the other 5 minimum are centerfire rifle. I've been thinking about going 10 rounds of centerfire a day on my brokedick budget, and often do shoot 10 centerfire a day. Meaning my daily average is one Oregonianfaggot's entire fucking monthly allotment. What kind of insane faggotry is this. It can't be real. It just can't be.

3abcce  No.640030


>Shooting daily

>Not shooting weekly/bi-weekly in large quantities to preserve hearing

Enjoy the tinnitus.

331a86  No.640031

Can't have a weird gap in between the hells of CA & WA.

I mean, as a workaround you can start reloading, unless the bill specifies you can't make more than twenty rounds a month either. But yeah, if this passes "rampant noncompliance" isn't going to cut it.

dbc2ef  No.640042


>A person may not receive more than 20 rounds of ammunition in any 30-day time


>This section does not apply to ammunition purchased and used at a target shooting


It sounds like reloading is fine, only purchasing is getting fucked. Although it looks like gun ranges can sell all the ammo they want. Hooray now my overpriced shitty no fun allowed gun range can sell me all their 'premium' unlimited ammo for $50 per 10 rounds.

ea83e7  No.640043


Mike Vanderbeogh had volunteers smuggling hi-cap mags into ban states. I imagine there will be a sudden large need for ammo on the borders of Nevada and Idaho. Help fill that demand.

bcdde7  No.640094


Idaho is already fucking gone. Californians are filling it en mass.

6c2dd2  No.640097

If this happens everyone in oregon is going to buy .50bmg rifles lol. This is a meme law with no hope of working out though. Part of writing a law is to actually understand if people will be willing to enforce it. Making a law like sb501 trivializes the law because nobody will follow it.

db6c96  No.640106

Oregon fags move to Maine. We will welcome you.

e59bcf  No.640111


What if he uses a supressor or ear protection?

a4c8a5  No.640155


Who the fuck doesn't shoot with hearing protection? You're a fucking moron if you actually think you're protecting shit with "weekly/bi-weekly" shooting. A single round of anything (even muh .22) un-suppressed is likely to cause permanent hearing damage. I hope for your deaf sake that you're just baiting.

9e55ae  No.640158


Ye olde 1930 to 1960

>entire generations of people went to war

>stood next to cannons for years

>came back home and lived productive lives

Flash forward to [current year]

>20 years of earbuds injecting mumble rap into brain at max volume

>have to buy off market phone apps to increase phone volume

>cant hear an approaching freight train


a4c8a5  No.640162


>Totally ignoring what I actually posted to ramble about an imagined stereotype that I don't fit into

He's a recreational shooter, autist, not a soldier in WW2. I really have no idea how you even got to this in the first place, as it has nothing to do with my post. People do all sorts of stupid shit that damages their hearing, including using earbuds rather than over-ear headphones(of which I use the latter, nigger). I'm specifically addressing his claim that he's less likely to damage his hearing by shooting un-protected infrequently in large quantities than often in low quantities. Fishing for some kind of hypocrisy in my behavior, when you know absolutely nothing about me doesn't actually refute my point, and exposes the retard you are. Try being less bitter, boomer, you might actually comprehend a post.

15ce28  No.640172





I shoot rifle rimfire without protection sometimes, especially at steel targets at longer ranges because the sound of the hit is sometimes the only way to know you made the hit. As for any handgun, rimfire or centerfire, always headphones, same thing with centerfire rifle. In the past I've fired pistol caliber carbines without protection, you can get away with that sometimes, other times you can tell it made an effect. Shotguns, always protection.

Its an interesting debate, should we do more training without protection because that's what real life shooting will be like, and we should be as realistic as possible? Then again we know that too much shooting like that isn't good for you, its a debate with valid points on each side. I don't use eye protection, because I feel that's something I can "get away with" and remains more realistic for hunting and otherwise when you don't have glasses on. Like everything in life, we calculate the risks and make our way forward.

As for shooting more rounds less often, I somewhat agree with that notion. Some days there's nothing better than sitting down and shooting many rounds and calling shots, learning from mistakes, getting better, finding your weaknesses and shooting till you correct them. Real validity to this method. On the other hand, I am trying the shoot every day method because of private property so I can do it whenever I want, also once you do become proficient as a shooter its a decent way to keeping up proficiency. Also, cheap fuckers like me try to save every penny, next thing you know I'll sit on my cache of ammunition waiting for a "big shooting day" week or bi weekly, next thing you know between work fatigue and putting it off I might not shoot for months. Having a rigid daily schedule, so many rounds with each rifle each day, makes you stay on track and keeps you shooting all the time. Before you know it, shooting Saturday or Sunday gets lost because of events, friends, weddings, family events, ect., and you lose track. 15-20 rounds a day is short and easy enough to fit in.

In either case, we can all agree that 20 rounds is fucking nothing. Wither I shoot 300 rounds a week with daily shooting plus extra, or you shoot 300 rounds once a week at the range, or 600 rounds a fortnight, 20 rounds per month is fucking crazy.

ea83e7  No.640174


From what I've read of self-defense incidents many people don't even recall hearing the report of their own guns. It just kind of gets lost in the adrenaline. Police all train with earpro and don't seem to suffer without it when in shooting scenarios either.

a4c8a5  No.640178

File: 68e5e551fe18016⋯.png (88.68 KB, 425x425, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


I highly recommend getting yourself some amplified earmuffs, I've got these, and they work great. At max volume you can hear better than without protection whatsoever, but it cuts anything above a dangerous decibel level. When I go shooting with my brother we can still talk to each other, and when I shoot alone out innawoods I maintain above average awareness of my surroundings. I've fired a single round from each of my firearms without ear protection for the experience, but don't see any value in training without it. Being able to hear a home intruder before he gets near my family is a far more useful ability than having reduced sensitivity to the sound of gunfire.

15ce28  No.640216


A great point. In self defense, one is too busy defending oneself to worry about noise, even in cases of more sustained combat there is still tunnel vision and focus, many more important things for a solider in combat to focus on instead of how bad his ears hurt. Its not a bad thing for shooters to at least know what a gun sounds like without protection, but its not a real combat concern when it comes down to it.


The only thing I worry about is the idea that earphones and earbuds actually cause more damage to hearing sometimes than loud noises, that its the issue of proximity and other factors that can make them harmful to hearing. Still, it sounds like a great piece of technology, and its probably time I started upgrading a few things. Selective hearing pieces/protection is a huge leap forward for shooting.

eb4cd3  No.640219


Do those actually work? I got a pair as a gift and they don't really fit well. The muffs are way too long to seal properly and the speakers make a horrible white noise the entire time they are on that drowns out anything I could have heard making conventional protection easier to hear with. The person who got them for me got them off (((Amazon))) so I wonder if I got a Chinese knockoff because one of the poorfag guides said their stock was contaminated with bootlegs.

ea83e7  No.640240


Thing about earbuds is while they seem to block the noise hearing loss can still occur through bone conduction. Have to go over the ear.

221db7  No.640246

File: 95de74a7fd8472d⋯.jpg (290.04 KB, 738x638, 369:319, 95de74a7fd8472da53c3a5a119….jpg)


Aww really? That is very messed up. It would be enough if they stayed in their own state and made their own commie paradise there, but they are in every single way, shape, and form, a malignant tumor that has to spread and corrupt everything it touches. Fuck California.

a4c8a5  No.640248


They're volume adjustable, so you can set it as loud as you want. When they're off they work as well as any other standard earmuff.


They work great for me, we probably have different head/ ear shapes. The earpieces are definitely long, and the pads are relatively thin. I don't get any white noise at all though, despite getting them off amazon. Assuming they are counterfeit, the dimensions are probably similar enough that the real thing isn't going to fit well either, I might try a different brand/ set.

bcdde7  No.640250


Californias are the reason that Oregon got fucked like it is. All rural areas are super conservative, but the cities are relentless faggotry.

Californians are also fucking over other states like Colorado and Texas.

2cacdd  No.640261


They're moving all the way to the opposite coast and combining with the already cancerous New Yorkers to form a super tumor localized around DC.

VA fag here pls help, DC has ruined this state

2cacdd  No.640262


There's that flag again.

a18dfe  No.640264


Same thing was happening to me. Must be the VPN…

30f547  No.640413

File: 94d37db1c3d3610⋯.jpg (4.76 KB, 373x104, 373:104, it's time.jpg)

File: f6396ed870b199f⋯.jpg (158.78 KB, 1436x228, 359:57, advanced military assault ….jpg)

>20 rounds per month

This is the most absurd bullshit they have proposed yet, and the sad thing is it would probably still pass even if we got to vote on it; will we be able to wait 2.5 months to buy a box of 50, or will we be stuck hoping they let us buy partial boxes? Even Britain's ammo limit isn't this ridiculous as far as I know.

4b6258  No.640475

File: e461c36235b1ed3⋯.jpg (133.22 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, serveimage.jpg)

01efc1  No.640490

That's what happens when you suck Californian migrant dick.

ea83e7  No.640500


They're probably going ridiculous so they can "compromise" to 50 per month or something.

ecf115  No.640505

File: e0994738c28bbe4⋯.jpg (24.13 KB, 480x451, 480:451, excuseme.jpg)


>“Large-capacity magazine” means an ammunition feeding device, whether fixed or detachable, with the capacity to accept more than five rounds of ammunition, but does not include any of the following:

> An ammunition feeding device that has been permanently altered so that it is not capable, now or in the future, of holding more than five rounds of ammunition;

>A 0.22 caliber tube ammunition feeding device; or

> A tubular ammunition feeding device that is contained in a lever action firearm

They're banning six-shooters now.

5feb78  No.640507


We don't really have ammo limits like this.

ea83e7  No.640513


Shh, don't tell them. We've been trying to get the Fudds pissed off at gun control since '94. This might actually get them to wake up.

e1b4e5  No.640516

Are police willing to lose their lives enforcing this for only 40k a year? Are they willing to never see their families again? Ask your local officer this question.

586a3a  No.640519


Central Mountains ID fag here. Can confirm that the Treasure Valley is a festering cankersore of Cali refugees. Thanks, BSU.

ea83e7  No.640552


They do it every day when they're sent out to bust doors down for drugs. Same operation, just a different target item.

07bccb  No.640610


Drug dealers don't target families in response like in Mexico. Guess why Mexico has a hard time keeping police?

b59616  No.640612


>20 round limit per month

What the fuck? That would last you ten seconds on the range Christ do these niggers know what a gun even fucking is?

ea83e7  No.640616


And guess what country this law is being proposed in? Not Mexico. Nothing indicates US gun owners would put up any more resistance than US drug dealers. It's not like nigger crack dealers aren't willing to murder already, and I don't think white gun owners are going to be more likely to murder than them.

30f547  No.640705

File: 8bf7d059cd4f506⋯.jpg (32.57 KB, 318x405, 106:135, [worried_laughter].jpg)

Also just noticed this:

>Wagner said the students did all the research for the bill and he hasn't looked much into its constitutionality.

Not surprised, to be honest.

063d93  No.640718


>Californians are also fucking over other states

All american cities are being repopulated like this. Then the electoral college won't matter anymore.

a4c8a5  No.645796

test test

30f547  No.646762

Radian and Noveske are organizing a rally at the state capitol on March 23.



b2954a  No.646764

File: 785ec5cde1442a7⋯.jpg (55.23 KB, 500x356, 125:89, even_sleep_won't_fix.jpg)


>Students did all the research for the bill and he hasn't looked much into its constitutionality.

>Expecting students to understand long-lasting implications from creating solutions to temporary issues in the CURRENT YEAR +4.

And I thought the NERF blaster was the icing on the cake.


30f547  No.653745

File: 897fb11e4649fbe⋯.png (126.34 KB, 346x320, 173:160, 897fb11e4649fbe0abb3e3780c….png)

File: 4b6a6141522bd16⋯.pdf (28.66 KB, HB 3265.pdf)

File: b0c58b40a8a6d77⋯.pdf (32.44 KB, SB 925.pdf)

File: 875ff90c2f24a58⋯.pdf (35.59 KB, HB 3223.pdf)

File: 2abaead5a23a8e3⋯.pdf (74.6 KB, HB 2251.pdf)


Good news everyone! Our benevolent and gracious Democratic government has realized that their previous proposals went too far and will now only be criminalizing magazines over 10 rounds! The single thing they ask in return for their generosity is the further restriction of concealed carry. And the re-definition of the term "assault rifle". And that we hand in or register all our assault weapons.

ea83e7  No.653752


So has it passed then or they're still amending before the vote?

30f547  No.653759


Only introduced; they haven't voted on it yet.

30f547  No.653772

File: c96790d8f636e69⋯.jpg (721.76 KB, 1920x1040, 24:13, Red.Dawn.1984.1080p.BluRay….jpg)

The magazine ban and "assault weapons" ban are also both emergency measures so they would go into effect immediately upon being signed and can't be overturned by referendum.

6ea892  No.653775


Regular Compromise

>Joe goes bowling with his friends every Wednesday night. Joe's wife wants him to be home this Wednesday night so that they can go to the movie theater. Joe and his friends talk and they move that week's bowling night to Thursday instead.

Gun Control Compromise

>Joe goes bowling with his friends every Wednesday night. Joe's wife doesn't want him to go bowling at all. Joe and his wife talk and Joe agrees to only go bowling for an hour and a half, and only if he was nice to her the week before. Joe is always nice to his wife so it doesn't matter to him. Later his wife brings up how she still doesn't want him to go bowling, so Joe agrees do only go bowling for an hour and 15 minutes, longer if he bakes her dinner before hand. After this happens many times his wife says "you should only go bowling for 5 minutes!" and Joe leaves in a huff. His wife later comes in and says "I'm sorry, how about instead it's 10 minutes, would that work better? Also I want you to use a lighter bowling ball. Nobody needs a bowling ball as heavy as yours. What if our child plays with it and gets hurt?"

98ce64  No.654386


>one round per 20 seconds



what the fuck

9ad6ca  No.654621

File: 4b0602c23a6094c⋯.jpg (190.34 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, enterthevoid.jpg)


>a group of Collin county students

>Students who helped create the Secure Gun are Rayyan Punjani, Hanzala Rehan, Hawwa Shahid, Salwa Shahid, Faaiz Nadeem, Amina Syeda, Nabeeha Qazi, Areeba Qazi, Hanin Shakeel and Mohammad Amaan Jaffar.

You can't make this shit up

3d4608  No.654727

File: 1ad42fee4bc29ad⋯.png (109.18 KB, 789x604, 789:604, SA.png)


>Agroup of third-worlders want to disarm or hinder the armed response of the people who generate the country's wealth

Gee, haven't heard that one before

97027d  No.654751


>Its an interesting debate, should we do more training without protection because that's what real life shooting will be like, and we should be as realistic as possible?

Are you fucking dense? If you do that, then by the time the "real deal" comes along you won't even be able to hear the bastard. Always shoot with protection, plugs and muffs preferably.

Even in the military they wear ear pro every time they fire a weapon. Does it make it harder to talk? slightly, but not to the point you have to scream, just raise your voice. Better to shout/raise your voice now than not be able to hear shit later on in life.

471cfb  No.654759


That explains why the house sold for 100k more than when we bought it

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