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There's no discharge in the war!

File: 53f3d4925722db0⋯.jpg (142.69 KB, 1024x742, 512:371, 39742713.jpg)

7f4f25  No.640121

I'm not american, but I want to understand how do leftists find arguments to defend gun restrictions or banning. I don't recall a country banning guns and having positive results unless it was one of the most homogeneously educated countries in the world. Every country that wasn't only resulted in higher levels of gun homicide and increasing crime and violence. So how would taking away an important part of the culture and core of a country that always had freedom as its main concern going to help anything? I don't get it.

About public shootings: isn't it the same as a car accident? It wouldn't work to take away everyone's car or to make cars only go up to 30mph. The only reliable way os to expect people to be white and not drive drunk or high, no? Maybe women could stop being manipulative bitches and kids could stop being mean.

Also, how's a restriction even going to work? You take away people's freedom and some people will stop shooting others? Would limiting a football player's time to play in a week going to solve broken legs because of the sport?

I don't understand a lot of it, and maybe I'm thinking the wrong way, but it doesn't make sense.

195286  No.640122

It is not logical and easily debunked.

Reminders that ancient monarchs give weapons to their peasant so they can be levied ASAP.

There is no argument for gun control.

7f4f25  No.640125


And why is it passing? Why don't the more knowledgeable people in here go up there and help us?

195286  No.640126


Jews make up laws and force people to follow them.

People are pissed but not at their breaking point.

7f4f25  No.640128


I hope something will happen soon. I intend to move to the US soon. To have guns, I just need to marry a woman, right?

195286  No.640129


Stop muddying up the blood, look into the gun laws of Brazil and get one.

The US does not need more brazillian.

7f4f25  No.640136


Fuck you, I'm white, so I SHOULD go and help get the white seed out there. No mutt will touch my wiener

7f4f25  No.640138


Also, you should note that I'm part of the state of the legendary gauchos, who rode horses and fought for independence, and then went to war twice. We shot, we sliced, we conquered. The fiercest of all, and the whitest of all states from this country. We have more beautiful than blondes in here than in Bel Air. Don't compare me to the mutts from the northeast, who are a mixture of Dutch, blacks and natives. They are subordinates of the rapist thief and gangbanger Lampião, the biggest criminal this country has seen.

This world shall receive my seed, for no more subhumans should be born.

b1eb08  No.640145


>but I want to understand how do leftists find arguments to defend gun restrictions or banning


>less guns in circulation mean less opportunities for criminals to get their hands of them!

>what if a normal person goes insane and just suddenly starts shooting everybody, huh? If he had no access to guns, he wouldn't be able to do that and much less people would die

>when you have a gun at home, what if your child finds it and kills itself? It's a massive home hazard.

>what if, deep at night, you hear something downstairs so you grab your gun and shoot it dead, but then you turn on the light and find out you killed your son who went for a midnight snack? Having a gun is too much of a responsibility for a normal person without military or police training

etc. It's mostly what-if bullshit

195286  No.640146



Stick to your own land and breed there.

8730f5  No.640148


Isn't Bolsonaro promising relaxation on gun laws?

5a9e4a  No.640149

File: 67d6055119f2b16⋯.jpg (211.77 KB, 409x640, 409:640, Russia_1919.jpg)

File: 57e441cc7175e66⋯.jpg (65.15 KB, 465x639, 155:213, Leon_Trotsky.img_assist_cu….jpg)

File: 0ff75819ad6804d⋯.jpg (279.77 KB, 734x1000, 367:500, I_440_11_11_0003.jpg)


Crime prevention is just an excuse.

You can't build soviet-tier oppression when people have access to any weapons

The only measure that prevents crime is a strong judicial system that guarantees adequate punishment for crooks.

You won't become a burglar if every house you can target has a heavily armed and trained owner.

You won't go around killing people if someone will shoot you while you're at it or at the very least police will send you to a gas chamber.

Here's a 1919 Russian poster

>Citizens, hand in your arms

6025cb  No.640150


Foundation of leftism is adoration of weakness. And they want total control of state.

7f4f25  No.640151


Yes, but only to a certain extent. What they did in Brazil is like what they are trying to do with the USA. They take away everything from the poor, their integrity ('Traditional masculinity' deemed harmful, could lead to sexual harassment, medical group says) and then their guns (Oregon SB501), then only the rich can shoot their weapons and the government has the power, completely centralized.

Anyway, Bolsonaro can only do so much. Brazil isn't going to have US gun laws because of cultural differences and people's education.

7bfeee  No.640161


People at the top are afraid of insurgencies and emotionally manipulate people into giving up their rights.

6025cb  No.640164


Because Bolsonaro is shabes goy or kike himself

5c3b65  No.640169

The powers that be want civilian disarmament because an impotent populace is an exploitable populace.

The garden variety leftists and useful idiots want civilian disarmament because, essentially, 'muh feelings'. The following article outlines the thought process rather nicely.



7f4f25  No.640171


As is Trump. The similarity is too big. Both are "antagonists" who wouldn't ever win and have pictures with Jewish flags and hats. "The right wing has been electing themselves around the globe", I heard. Sure. We don't elect leftists while trying to escape the jews and then vote on jew marionettes. Trump bans bumpstocks, the minister of France needs no words and I don't know what Bolsonaro will do.

96244b  No.640226


All arguments for it are just disguising the fact that liberals don't want white people to be able to defend themselves

c2c38e  No.640230

File: 08f40b49fe79e5a⋯.jpg (48.8 KB, 650x489, 650:489, price.jpg)


>Fuck you, I'm white

Greeks, Spanish and BRs aren't Nordic-tier white, therefore we shouldn't breed with anything that's whiter than us. The sooner you accept this reality the better. Retards who think with their dicks will get the rope. White people are objectively the single greatest race of men on this earth, and their numbers are declining due to kikery and retards like you who think they're white but in reality they have absolutely nothing to do with

3f8b64  No.640234

File: 0822c4853db0bc1⋯.jpg (475.7 KB, 816x1087, 816:1087, 18513120.jpg)


Really? Lucky me, then, because I have nothing to do with Spanish and Greek.

c2c38e  No.640238


You're a literal BR shitskin

b0512f  No.640255

File: 57122aa60c4f2ad⋯.png (59.66 KB, 1600x1600, 1:1, greeks and jews cluster.png)


Should we cuck kikes out of existence or will it backfire because of their muhtrilineal heritage?

Also do you think it's okay to mix with northern Europeans of similar complexion?

c2c38e  No.640268


>mix with northern Europeans of similar complexion?

If you too are clearly not Mediterranean but from Northern Europe then sure, it's alright. But I would never dare go with a whiter than me female. If you look at their population numbers, the situation is too fucking serious. I can't bring myself to further ruin European DNA. Greeks should only breed with other Mediterraneans

6c2bba  No.640291

File: f76f4233864c0d5⋯.png (1.28 MB, 1139x836, 1139:836, 123456789.PNG)


>Should we cuck kikes out of existence

They are doing it themselves already. It is like the story of the Rabbi and his golem.

425798  No.640300

File: 38f4f6989519849⋯.jpeg (62.72 KB, 412x350, 206:175, F3A76EE8-CCC6-495C-81A9-7….jpeg)


>I’m white


You’ll be perfect in the US.

3ff737  No.640306


> We shot, we sliced, we conquered.

You sit on your ass fapping to white women you couldn't hope to fuck, enough with this we shit. That being said all you need to do is befriend a fat libtard online and get her to feel bad enough for your migrant status that she marries you then after a few years either kill her and collect insurance or leave her.

6c2bba  No.640310


It is in the gene of the liberal to be a sheeple. Don't fool yourself, all their blood must be purged.

3ff737  No.640317


Good point, the American revolution failed the moment they allowed crown loyalists to live.

560e5e  No.640324

File: 529d2265e161435⋯.png (2.83 MB, 1920x2240, 6:7, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 63b6623dfe2683b⋯.jpg (276.19 KB, 668x1235, 668:1235, 165c7bd0ad507d7465ad209bcd….jpg)


Drop the proxy nord savage.

6c2bba  No.640327


>wanting to throw away your mediterranean genes

I'm proud of who I am, that is why I only fuck Italian women

7cbee6  No.640333

File: a0a96e09c5f7942⋯.jpg (50.58 KB, 500x343, 500:343, 1461777042212.jpg)

The common arguments are more so "Country X(Typically european) has tough gun laws that work so they will work in America as well!" This is because you don't see media circuses about "HIGH PROFILE SHOOTING" coming out of european countries. Terrorist attacks and gang warfare are also conveniently ignored. The same also goes for differences in population size. And a course demographical differences

The biggest factor to all of this though is ignorance. The American people by large are completely ignorant about firearms. Most get all their information about firearms from fucking movies. The most ignorant people I have met when it comes to firearms have been gun control supporters. It is why you see pundits/reporters/politicians talking about shit like wanting to ban machine guns that have been practically banned since 86, the super dangerous high capacity mags, or how feature x on a firearm increases its "killing power!" It is the blind leading the blind, and this conga line of ignorance is lead by (((ultra-rich/political elite))) that do not want to fear peasant revolt.

fa2804  No.640335

File: f95b82cacb36b70⋯.png (110.47 KB, 1104x927, 368:309, ClipboardImage.png)


For you BR

b0512f  No.640374



Tbf proto-Hellenes were most likely of somewhat Whiter stock that quickly absorbed the autochthonous pelasgoid shitskins; that's why blonde hair signified noble ancestry in the Greek Classical era and IMO why Hesiod made the Golden/Silver/Hero/Bronze/Iron era observation as proto-Hellenic genes became more and more diluted.

6c2bba  No.640376

File: c80adb721915ece⋯.jpg (62.96 KB, 600x505, 120:101, yuga.jpg)


>Golden/Silver/Hero/Bronze/Iron era


b0512f  No.640380


Pajitstan is pretty much the same with the difference being that their native dravidian underclass were full blown nigger X abo hybrids, instead of slightly sandniggerish berberoids and levantoids like Pelasgians were. That made a Caste system absolutely essential and democracy-like governing impossible.

2804e9  No.640430

File: b3e4edb0a81f211⋯.jpg (99.16 KB, 1440x2960, 18:37, 7162148.jpg)




I laugh at you. While you jerk off and cry at your own cuckoldery, letting the government take away your guns slowly, taking away the visage of your nation, which was built upon it, I went to the church with my family and now I'm drinking some mate while waiting for a delicious churrasco made with high quality meat. Stay put, Greeks, mix of French and Englishmen. I, a real celt descendant, am the real alpha in here.

4e00dc  No.640435


>Ancient superstitions said blond hair was noble so it must be

>Scientific research? lol nah

2804e9  No.640439


Well, scientifically, being black gives you a good advantage because you can stand the strong sun. Also scientific is the fact that whites are much more intelligent than blacks. You have too much empirical proof to say otherwise.

195286  No.640440


Pretty much bullshit.

Romans and european crusaders have no problem conquering Africa.

2804e9  No.640441


Yes, about the skin it's bullshit, but there are researches that will say otherwise.

195286  No.640442


Modern researches and statistics are bullshit. With money or state power, you can get any result you like.

In the modern world, believe only the classics.

8ad892  No.640445

Leftists want a solution-make nobody get hurt or die- and don't care how they do it. Ends justify the means to them; stripping the right to free speech is to them the way you get rid of hurtful words and thoughts. You ban people saying the wrong thing if they are making people you like feel uncomfortable. You ban all guns if they are making you feel unsafe because of the nightly news. Then, if it doesn't work, do more bans of however those crafty gun loving conservatives are getting around your laws which clearly should have worked except you had a blindside, so you need to ban that too. But the murder rate isn't decreasing, and they keep harping on about "rights", and this thing called the second amendment, so that needs to go too. If people are just making guns, you just need to pass more bans on however *those* people are doing it. Black on black crime is the primary cause? That's racist, I'll discard that immediately even if it's an official source, since cops are also racist. Self defense numbers are obviously a lie, men and women don't ever defend themselves with guns, and if they do they are murderers. If people keep killing each other with knives, we'll ban those too, and then ban whatever tools are used to make them, because they're only ever used by criminals. Wait, what's a lathe? What is a grinder? What's a 3d printer? Why can't we ban those? Oh well, we'll just restrict their usage and register those users of those thingys, no normal person needs one anyway.

All I had to do to write that was just think of a person, attach a goal, and then take away the ability to reason and see consequences

Fun fact, most people who are pro banning guns have never been inside a machine shop in their lives- They seriously have no idea how guns are made

Ends never justify means. This is the critical point that differs the average leftist and unthinking ordinary man from the rest of us. We can see that if you make a poor man rich by robbing the bread factory's assets, the bread factory will go out of business and the next day the poor man will go hungry. They don't. They see a rich man who won't give up his money no matter how much they plead to him to just give a little bit (read- buy him a house) and will attempt to use force to make that greedy man give up his house. They are utterly shocked when they discover that by doing that they actually made more poor people by throwing the bakers out of their jobs, and then assuage their guilt by saying the greedy bakers deserved it.

The very idea that life is inviolate without drawing first blood is anathema to them, since it means they can't just *do* what they think absolutely needs to be done, even if that makes them a robber, a thug, or a moocher in any other context were they not to use government force.

Any argument for guns in this manner, then, can be used for any piece of private property on earth, since guns are nothing but property to the person.

b0512f  No.640466


>The very idea that life is inviolate without drawing first blood is anathema

Except if said life is of a "fascist", then it's fair play.

b0512f  No.640473

8fe830  No.640474


Da fuck are you talking about? Nobody touched Africa below the Sahara before the intervention of tropical medicine in the 19th century. North Africa belongs to the Mediterranean sphere and Ethopia and the Horn to the South Arabian one.

6c2bba  No.640489


>Nobody touched Africa below the Sahara before the intervention of tropical medicine in the 19th century



0f3641  No.640498


>Why don't the more knowledgeable people in here go up there and help us?

For the most part, no ordinary citizen in the US has enough power/money/influence to run and win a campaign under ordinary circumstances. Even if they did, most people wouldn't want to do it.

>insulted on a daily/weekly basis

>people nitpick everything you do

>immediately have half the country hate you


>The most ignorant people I have met when it comes to firearms have been gun control supporters.

>or how feature x on a firearm increases its "killing power!"

I had a professor want to ban lasers because "only trained assassins use them." No joke.


>Fun fact, most people who are pro banning guns have never been inside a machine shop in their lives-

From my experience, nor do they want to.

ca37c9  No.640503


What you said is valid only for the presidential level or for the lesser ones too?

Is there a possibility to have a group of people for discussions in a forum at the physical level and these people making a compromise to share the word and information and education and eventually electing someone to defend their interests? That would seem like a real political and rational thing to do, because as long as disinformation is fought (people discussing it at /k/ won't really have real effects) the chances of gun right prevailing is very high.

64b7d3  No.640508

File: 862516055e3767e⋯.gif (3.28 MB, 412x308, 103:77, 1448170482116-3.gif)






Go back to /pol/ if you are just gonna derail every single thread into arguing about who's whiter and discouraging people from pursuing true freedom. We don't want you here and we never have.


Defend your freedoms, pay your taxes and be an upholding citizen and we won't have any problems. If no, stay in your own country we don't want you here. We need more people that will stand up for gun rights here. Not more welfare niggers

b0512f  No.640529

File: dd7d6bf8c98c0a2⋯.png (424.87 KB, 1317x1652, 1317:1652, IQ Correlation to Skin Ton….PNG)



Bitch please. Greeks of that era INVENTED reason. Complexion related castes did not pop up by purely aesthetic reasons.


>about who's whiter and discouraging people from pursuing true freedom

I kinda doubt that non-Whites even have native words for the abstract of "freedom".

c2c38e  No.640543


>burgertard is so brainwashed that he thinks shitskins marrying white women is okay because muh freedumbs

Eternal reminder that America should be populated exclusively by whites and shitskins should be executed on sight

d944c4  No.640550

File: bcb00b1a7ba2d27⋯.jpg (5.78 MB, 3120x4160, 3:4, IMG_20190113_185139~2.jpg)


They also invented ass fucking.

Yes, all around the world you have the word "freedom", but they aren't as strong as the American word. It's the CORE of the American culture.


Chill, dude. Today, I went to the church, ate a churrasco, went harvesting with my uncle (pic related) and now I'm chilling. Later, I'll go back to the city to chill and enjoy a movie while eating dinner at home. Do you actually think I'm a mutt? Look at that leg.

425798  No.640553


>Greeks, mix of French and Englishmen

So you’re a mutt?

c2c38e  No.640556


>American culture


<you can't buy any gun you want

<any random state can ban all your guns overnight

fa2804  No.640558


>hairy monkey legs

Yeah you're a mutt.

b0512f  No.640565

File: 6f987fb1862b5f0⋯.jpg (31.88 KB, 508x462, 254:231, CfVubnNUsAAdBHo.jpg)


>They also invented ass fucking.

>said the flug who's greatest and only known cultural contribution to the world is bunda-shaking

851d6e  No.640571

File: 166b3f21338cdd6⋯.png (5.2 MB, 1536x2048, 3:4, IMG_3249.PNG)

rate my feet

8c534d  No.640574

File: 36b8eaf9061572c⋯.png (80.14 KB, 456x98, 228:49, image.png)

6c2bba  No.640576

File: 7db20e54be4ed7d⋯.png (65.1 KB, 826x539, 118:77, 1.PNG)

File: 1d0bac5c9194f11⋯.png (32.66 KB, 792x338, 396:169, 2.PNG)

File: 26f13537014a805⋯.png (61.88 KB, 889x357, 127:51, 3.PNG)

d50a2b  No.640577


Let the Hue dream.

How long before a burger version of Paris sysndrome becomes a reality?

62d106  No.640578


Depends if any major city has anything actually worthwhile to visit.

3f8b64  No.640579


My state stopped the Paraguayans. If not for us, Paraguay would be a big competition for both China and the US.


>has no testosterone

>has no body hair

Shit, son. Enjoy these Celtic legs in contact with pure nature. I can feel the power running through me. Don't worry, since you're full of estrogen I will enforce your rights for you, since you don't want to honor the founding fathers.


10/10. In 30 years you might be 5% whiter if you live in the snow long enough.

4e00dc  No.640582

File: 4535333d2361339⋯.jpg (170.62 KB, 640x542, 320:271, 4535333d23613399bac64c3854….jpg)


>Nord barbarian supremacist

>Sucking roman dick while using a greek flag

>Posts bullshit graph where Chink bugmen have the highest IQ in the world, implying they don't cheat their way to success

This is irony is pathetic to a hilarious level.

0f3641  No.640595


It's valid for the lesser ones to a lesser extent. I knew a pastor once who became a representative. By the end of his two years, he was in the city newspaper and local news multiple times. There were op-eds about wanting to kill him, despite being irrelevant in Congress (the major Republicans told him what to do for the most part).

Political discussion here doesn't work as well here as it should. Large scale things such as CNN's "Town hall" discussion after Parkland turn into he said/she said shit-shows making generalizations about the other side, completely avoiding logical debate. Smaller settings usually work somewhat better. Someone running for representative was having a discussion and I decided to attend. I started to ask him about deregulating suppressors and someone started shouting that criminals will get them even with a background check. I pointed out they're already obtainable after a large amount of steps, the Hearing Protection Act would've still restricted them the same as a firearm, and they're still louder than an average NFL stadium after a touchdown. She seemed reasonable after, so I like to think progress was made. That being said, interrupting someone asking a question to make them look bad is counterproductive. Anything in public like that won't get very far. (Semi-related: The guy got elected and he isn't supporting Jeff Duncan's Hearing Protection Act like he said he would. A politician lied!)

dc472f  No.640605


>brightness and colours on the pic massively altered

>hairy spic legs

>black hair

c8305e  No.640635

File: 56c0635ea5b7fa2⋯.jpg (55.24 KB, 250x289, 250:289, Two_Mycenaean_chariot_warr….jpg)


The ancient mycaneans have been dug up and found to be genetically closest to modern greeks and southern italians. Same goes for minoans.

Nice flag larping, though. Here's what they actually looked like.

6c2bba  No.640638

File: 48cdb0de9959847⋯.jpg (6.91 MB, 3051x2203, 3051:2203, Large_Krater_with_Armored_….jpg)

File: 25fc645b1e5d734⋯.jpg (37.03 KB, 258x355, 258:355, Fresco_of_two_female_chari….jpg)

File: 0452c877f4aedba⋯.jpg (666.68 KB, 849x1417, 849:1417, Fresco_of_a_Mycenaean_woma….jpg)


Atleast post the other ones too

6c2bba  No.640639


Also btw, proto-Hellenes means before Mycaneans

64b7d3  No.640692


>greek thinks he isn't a shit skin


>what is 2A

you can buy any gun you want that is currently in the US


I'd like to see them fucking try

8a1b26  No.640712

File: e12b3fdd219c6d6⋯.jpg (86.79 KB, 532x528, 133:132, giggling animu.jpg)


People use firearms to kill other people, so if you get rid of firearms, they won't be used to kill people. Without access to firearms, people will be forced to use knives, which don't kill people as easily. If the violent crime rate doesn't change, now we can start banning those scary combat knives. Rinse, repeat until scary men with weapons go away.


First of all, register every firearms owner and firearms-related purchase so the state knows precisely who owns guns and what equipment they have. Start chipping away at certain accessories after mass shootings, which will slowly convince normalfags that gun owners are pushovers and put gun owners on the back foot. After a particularly successful mass shooting by someone with a history of mental illness (even depression will do), make obtaining a firearm as difficult license, background check, mental health check, physical health check, different categories, limited reasons they can be used, red flag laws, etc. as humanly possible and restrict what the licensed firearms operators can use. Create a special license category for police and military personnel, with incredibly strict requirements, but not so difficult civilians can't obtain it. Advertise that there's going to be buybacks for licensed and unlicensed firearms for the entire year, giving owners enough time to legally dispose of their possessions. By doing this, you can argue that semiautomatics are still in circulation, but for the safety of everyone in the nation, they're only in the right hands. Calm firearm owners down by saying that anyone who owns these items can still keep them, but only if they fit the new criteria for who's allowed to own a firearm. Around this point, try to legislate for nationwide duty to retreat laws, so self-defense with a firearm is almost impossible. Sure, you'll still have cases like Zimmerman, but try to paint the man defending himself as a lunatic who killed an innocent. Try to use a high profile case where the defendant is clearly in the wrong to get rid of open and concealed carry. I'd also try to clamp down on circulation by mandating that firearms owners are in a separate category from licensed firearm dealers, so they aren't allowed to sell, trade, or otherwise pass firearms down to another person. If a cop has to enter the house of a firearms owner and so much as falls over during this period of buybacks, make it breaking news about far right terrorists attacking police. You can be sure there will be /k/ommandos who defend their rights, but portray them as lone wolf terrorists who were caught in the middle of a planned attack, or schizophrenic conspiracy theorists who acted aggressively towards police. Since there will be people like this, make sure you send in the local equivalent to SWAT for these troublesome owners. After another mass shooting by some "political radical" who owned one of the old semiautomatic rifles, make moves to confiscate the remaining semiautomatics. Mass shootings are down and gun deaths are more infrequent although knife crimes skyrocketed somehow! so obviously stricter legislation is the key. If more gun owners crawl out of the woodwork to kill cops, insist that you need a set of red flag laws, so gun owners accused or suspected of seditious activity, online or offline, or is associated with such an individual will have their firearms confiscated. Listen here goy, if you can't be trusted with words, why should you be trusted with guns? For a period of time, have the police pull aside registered firearms owners as a routine stop. Detain the firearm owners temporarily, while the local PD enter their home with a warrant for the seizure of firearms. By this point, you'll have hundreds of dead cops, thousands of dead citizens, and a fraction of the current gun owners. So long as you manage to keep attacking gun owners in the media, silencing them online and funding protests to tighten gun control, you will eventually win. Those who miraculously manage to stay on the right side of the law will either be corrupt politicians, their oligarch friends, their attack dogs, or such cucks that they don't present a threat to anyone.

8ad892  No.640721


I noticed the word anathema means something different than what it does in English as a borrowed word, so I'll rephrase that sentence-

"Leftists find the idea that life is inviolate without drawing first blood as simply unthinkable".

5a9e4a  No.640733



Does becoming depressed and giving up on visiting USA in the first place because it's not populated by gun-toting 6'3 aryan demi-gods with cowboy hats count?

b0512f  No.640738


This. Myceneans were already mongrelized for over 1000 years.


The average Mycenean, yes, and as such they were described in the Iliad, the royalty that presumably kept a relatively more pure Indoeuropean lineage was largely described as blond or fiery ginger, with the notable exception of Odysseus whose name's etymology is clearly not Indoeuropean and is in compliance with the form of many pre-Hellenic words found in the Greek vocabulary in which certain consonants are doubled (most notably "thallassa" (sea).

560e5e  No.640749

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

8bff64  No.640858


>nor do they want to

Remember, the leftist fears and despises knowledge of reality. They know that it almost invariably leads to both badfeel and badthink.

c2c38e  No.640861

File: 1adaecf5f2b5d72⋯.webm (689.14 KB, 400x300, 4:3, [laughs_in_Spanish].webm)


>greek thinks he isn't a shit skin

Imagine being so cucked that whenever someone is against interracial relationships, you get assblasted and call him a shitskin, which doesn't even make sense

>you can buy any gun you want that is currently in the US

Imagine being so fucking retarded that a foreigner in Europe knows your own laws better than you do.

10ce88  No.641600


Take a hike niggerlover

ef0dd9  No.641604


An ignorant public and emotional appeals are chief among their arsenal.

77c359  No.641610


It's simple:

>commies want to pass some statist bullshit

>convince all the normalcattle that gun control should reduce the violent crime rate

>when the crime rates inevitably go up instead of down, the commies now have an excuse to expand government power in the name of security while simultaneously painting themselves as a bunch of heroic crime-fighters

The fact that it makes any potential uprisings significantly harder is just a happy side effect.

b33483  No.641846

File: 7d19701be70d7e9⋯.jpg (50 KB, 662x664, 331:332, 06fa86e7db58ca93f160dbdb52….jpg)


>Shit, son. Enjoy these Celtic legs in contact with pure nature. I can feel the power running through me. Don't worry, since you're full of estrogen I will enforce your rights for you, since you don't want to honor the founding fathers.

Thanks for the future copypast, fam.

6f5b73  No.642337


Nice milkers on pic 3

64b7d3  No.642344

File: db13fcc7fea730c⋯.png (255.42 KB, 300x548, 75:137, 1425759171306.png)


>I'm 100% genetically greek I promise!

Name one gun in the US that I can't own

5a9e4a  No.642346


The MP-412 REX

a42b25  No.642347


Every full auto gun manufactured after 1986, muttfriend.

53144d  No.642349


Neither can Russians, tbh.

32f308  No.642388

File: 4bb5c13406048ad⋯.jpeg (79.22 KB, 630x630, 1:1, painted greek statue.jpeg)


Shut up, you're white. I'd gladly wife this one Greek qt3.14 I know from uni

32f308  No.642389

File: 2254fc62406ab4a⋯.png (333 KB, 1277x1879, 1277:1879, Gay historical revisionism.png)

64b7d3  No.643959

File: 3b4bb313f3df6d2⋯.png (646.59 KB, 721x477, 721:477, why are these nigs arresti….png)


>In the US


Did your daddy huff agent orange or something? Almost any retard born in the US can get an FFL

372698  No.644026



>shouldn't breed with anything that's… a different type of white.


Of course people should avoid fucking outside their race, their subtype and even their NATION. But anyone who says a white person isn't white is a fucking jew trying to divide and conquer. Are you a fucking jew.

c2c38e  No.644032

File: 1afeb78396914c9⋯.jpg (145.16 KB, 890x890, 1:1, 1af.jpg)


>heh, clearly, a dark-skinned med is as pure and white as a Nordic aryan! Are you a jew for suggesting the opposite? Everyone knows nords should breed with slavs and Mediterraneans!

372698  No.644035


Did you read anything in my post except the greentext?

c8305e  No.644045

File: 1faa3123076a003⋯.jpg (431.57 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 0142_-_Roma_-_Piazza_del_C….jpg)


>"whiter than us"

Fuck off D&C proxy larper. Every time I see you, all you post about is bashing greeks and calling them subhuman. Unrionically neck yourself.

Meds are as white as nords, and nords are not some holy grail standard for "whiteness". The white race is a gradient of genetics and always has been.

c8305e  No.644046

File: 0593415cad439e0⋯.jpeg (762.57 KB, 2242x1500, 1121:750, 6-171352432290353.jpeg)


there are no dark skinned european meds. At most some have olive skin, as their ancestors did.

a42b25  No.644052


>Almost any retard born in the US can get an FFL

>Normal FFL is the same as Class 3/NFA dealership

Mutt doesn't even know how it's own laws work.

a42b25  No.644054


Oh man, the asshurt we cause you, spermuttgookkike. Did Ausman finally block your dynamic IP range?

d29cb0  No.644057


Can you do the based muttwheel again, muttposter?

32e488  No.644086


Actually, once you have a type 01 or type 02 FFL it's not all that hard to get a class 03 SOT.

Granted a type 07 or type 10 with a class 02 SOT is the better bang for the buck.

1c0600  No.644087


>how do leftists find arguments to defend gun restrictions or banning.

They don't bother with arguing, they just do what they want.

85ec4a  No.654421


If you look at it from a perspective of "the left" then it is completely nonsensical. Look at the perspective of "the Jew" and it starts to make sense

85ec4a  No.654423


Nobody said they should breed together, but meds are white. Just because they're white doesn't mean a brit and a Spaniard should breed.

3a61ca  No.654424


>bumping an old and dead thread

Eat shit, spergook.

174770  No.654429


People are easily swayed by emotion and leftists know it. It doesn't matter that you're much more likely to die in a car crash than a "mass shooting," just paint a picture of a pile of dead kids, and they can do anything.


>Most get all their information about firearms from fucking movies.

People say that Hollywood is full of hypocrites for "glorifying" guns, but they're doing this on purpose to paint a picture of guns as this magical weapon of mass destruction.


Those people have been divorced from the physical world.


This is depressing.


fuck, I just looked at the dates of the posts.

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