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There's no discharge in the war!

File: 7ebc24c14bb319f⋯.jpg (68.44 KB, 765x670, 153:134, HK_Leuchtpistole_2013.jpg)

7c1d6d  No.640165

Are flareguns suitable for self-defense?

They're still freely available here but already classified as weapons in Germany and some other EU states.

6a7cc2  No.640177

Not really unless you make one of those adapters that turns it into a single shot pistol, and even then that's halfway to useless. Do you have access to ammunition of any sort? I'd really just suggest homebuilding a gun.

b80984  No.640183

File: ddcf34792273ed0⋯.mp4 (5.08 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Hunt_Down_The_Fat_Man.mp4)

Not really. Flares are a lot more expensive than actual bullets, and would likely just cause horrible fleshwounds rather than stopping someone trying to kill you.

So pretty much >>640177

Although, with an adapter they could make great throw away guns.

fb705f  No.640186

File: 50cae1662475c22⋯.png (140.64 KB, 550x549, 550:549, ClipboardImage.png)


It wouldn't be that hard to machine a barrel insert in a more viable rimmed cartridge, like .38 special, .357, or .44. Cheap and untracable "Liberators".

I don't know how you'd get ammo, though.

1569cf  No.640188

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>halfway to useless

Greek anarchists accidentally shot a fellow anarcho-communist womyn with a flaregun and it went straight into her knee, and burned her leg from the inside out. They could neither pull it our or put it off. Embed related her sweet cries of agony

97d2b9  No.640189

File: 980628af3ceb1af⋯.png (506.27 KB, 1080x895, 216:179, ClipboardImage.png)


>Greek anarchists accidentally shot a fellow anarcho-communist womyn with a flaregun and it went straight into her knee, and burned her leg from the inside out.

>sweet cries of agony

When the maymays becomes real and it happens to the most deserving type of cunts.

7e1467  No.640192


To add to that I've had one of those older 26.5mm flares pop through a pine board before. I think I'd laugh to death seeing someone die because a flare decided to cook their insides while they're conscious for the most part.

3b6f2b  No.640193


>be commie

>get shot

a3c756  No.640195


>Barely any penetration

>Bright as fuck



>Attracts even more attention to you, even after the live flare has gone dim

Out of all the utility items that could be repurposed into a weapon, why a flare gun? You’d have better chance of scaring another attacker away with a garden machete than a flare gun.


It looks as if he’s giving birth to some sort of demonic rape-baby lmao

7c1d6d  No.640198



Rifle and shotgun ammo is freely available to people over 18, although the .357 and .44 count as pistol calibers and you need to prove you own a rifle that uses them to buy them.

They're also available but have to be registered, which puts you on a target list in the worst case.

I'd be interested in using a caliber like .223 per adapter, though I have no clue about the legal status of that.

DIY would also be interesting for a single-barrell shotgun since you might not have to get that registered, although I have to do more research on that.

I'd be worried about accidentally offing myself with such a contraption though.

7e1467  No.640203


A 45lc/.410 adapter seems to be the safer route when it comes to flare guns.

52321a  No.640204

well you probably wouldn't want to get shot with one

342bbe  No.640211


The screams of this commie bitch is beautiful. Got more?

1767a8  No.640224


>flare gun as self defence gun

At that distance just get big ass knife or dagger

bb7c07  No.640237

If you shoot at his stomach with 0 meters of distance he might die. But then again, is it really a gun at that range?

6a7cc2  No.640239



Is self-defense legal in Austria? If it is, can you just get a real gun and use it? If it isn't, since you're breaking the law anyways might as well use an illegal gun and not worry about registration.

49da5d  No.640242


>just sat there screaming for attention while making no attempt to put it out herself

1569cf  No.640245


>expecting a female commie to not shut off her brain immediately during a serious situation

043425  No.640249

File: 277380edf9d1563⋯.jpg (46.02 KB, 484x430, 242:215, Bloated Smug.jpg)


>be commie

>try to kill the evil fascists

>ruin your comrade's life instead

Sounds about right.

000ecd  No.640254

File: 2c28e221415c162⋯.jpg (78.76 KB, 236x306, 118:153, checken'em.jpg)


Deserving hitlerdubs!

They did not show us that on TV did they?

aa1d42  No.640257


I came.

15305e  No.640259


>btfo commies with this one simple trick

1569cf  No.640270


>They did not show us that on TV did they?

I think they did actually

cef088  No.640271


Not OP but it depends on the situation. Generally if you can prove he was a threat to your life then it counts as self defense and you get off free. Law is a bit unclear about handling burglars but there is a recorded cause where one verbal warning without direct line of sight, followed by a warning shot before directly shooting (and killing) the approaching intruder was still fine.


Honestly just get a lever-action and a pistol or semi-automatic. Ask in one of the local gun forums, they should know which psychiatrists aren't antiguns and membership at a firing range is a valid reason for a WBK.

1569cf  No.640274

File: 9a704cc36d22168⋯.jpg (77.88 KB, 654x602, 327:301, 55.jpg)

Also, I wish foreigners could understand Greek. The comments in that video are top-tier. Here's a rough translation of some of them. Translating Greek into English isn't easy, I'll do my best though.

"With those screams the anarchists must have confused her with a police car, and so they shot her"

"Her disability increased. For years it was just in her head, but now she's a cripple too!"

"Own goal"

"Now she won't need a candle for Easter"

"With a tolerant flare stuck in her knee, the only ones who help her are the fascist cops she hates"

"The flare should have been stuck in her throat"

5d6a5e  No.640290

File: 3595e4206072dfe⋯.png (235.04 KB, 559x525, 559:525, 30006-21852-19243.PNG)


>Now she won't need a candle for Easter

94a01b  No.640585


>own goal


cc52ea  No.640607

File: ddf76833fc47dbd⋯.png (300.35 KB, 370x388, 185:194, 2016-10-23_01-54-40.png)


>own goal

14397d  No.640613

File: 3ba333ce9f707ab⋯.mp4 (7.87 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Exarchia_ Female injured b….mp4)


Now in .mp4

14397d  No.640614

File: ad8cb73c56b68e4⋯.mp4 (14.67 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, drop_it_like_it's_hot.mp4)

Also have an edit, because why not.

10945b  No.640644

File: 2e2b35682b98822⋯.gif (443.07 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 1429124241463.gif)


>Her disability increased. For years it was just in her head, but now she's a cripple too!

3119e2  No.653742

File: 502920346b1ba3c⋯.jpg (359.83 KB, 398x454, 199:227, IMG_20190305_140723.jpg)


>"Own goal"

Short and to the point, and I laughed on the train.

5faba8  No.653765

File: 5eb1e19a0c81d7e⋯.gif (110.67 KB, 97x127, 97:127, tetujin.gif)


>"With a tolerant flare stuck in her knee, the only ones who help her are the fascist cops she hates"

Anarchist uses FLARE OF TOLERANCE! The Anarchist harmed itself in Confusion!

713599  No.653777


Seems rather… potent against inept monkeys and subhumans. I might even buy one in case of gipsy uprising purposes.

31b38d  No.653814


no joke buy one. There are U.S. states like NJ and NY where these are handguns you cannot even get a permit for.

47091a  No.653949

File: 71f8bf6b375e580⋯.jpg (37.78 KB, 600x600, 1:1, flare-gun-insert-12ga.jpg)

I know you can get 12 gauge adapters for em at Walmart here in the states. Dunno about other countries though.

b2ef85  No.653979


It sounds like a mating call.

01417a  No.653980


Be aware that many flare guns are made intentionally with a weakness in the hull/receiver so that they crack if you shoot anything more powerful than a flare through them. Usually it's done by having a sharp angle where the frame is stepped, so that pressure on its flat vertical surface cracks it.

a12b64  No.654051

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

000000  No.654083

I wondered this too when I was nogunz and got a flare gun for other reasons. I'll let you find the videos of people testing it, but basically it's not much good. The accuracy is shit so you need to be within 10 feet. The flare bounces off the target and only makes a small bruise/burn, painful but not debilitating. The flare then becomes a fire hazard and attracts attention. Even a BB gun might be better, the first shots distract while later shots are aimed at sensitive areas like the eyes. Obviously black powder revolvers (or even percussion cap pistols), if available, are a much better option.

Strangely they make them the same caliber as 12 ga shells and you can load regular shotshells into them. Apparently it blows up the gun, but I think you *can* get the one shot off. I suppose you could pay up for a sturdy metal flare gun (and say it's because the quality is better) and maybe modify shells to have less power. You'd have to do a lot of careful experimentation and go through several flare guns before you can determine a safe load with confidence though.

But you're missing the point in any case. Obtaining the weapon is not the issue. You can buy one illegally, or manufacture one. But unless you intend to live as a fugitive, you cannot use an illegal weapon in self defense. There's no way to hide it from the ensuing police investigation. And that's assuming you even have a right to self defense at all. In europe it sounds like the court might very well not recognize that right even if you defend yourself with nothing but your own body. In Germany I believe the court unironically expects you to run away or surrender when attacked (at least if you're white).

d5b148  No.654245

File: 3d3475f95392ac3⋯.jpg (126.98 KB, 590x767, 10:13, 1529519937529.jpg)


Hi batfag.

934f74  No.654276

File: ace0756eccf134c⋯.jpg (28.05 KB, 550x392, 275:196, cement.jpg)



>that slapping on the head

b2ef85  No.654342

File: fa724126f8c451b⋯.jpg (212.93 KB, 876x720, 73:60, coon kebab.jpg)


>Own goal

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