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There's no discharge in the war!

File: f291c1dfd31ebf8⋯.jpg (21.5 KB, 300x238, 150:119, 300px-Stryker_ICV_front_q[….jpg)

25c235  No.641129

"But what are you going to do against tanks?"

Great question! Let's discuss various ways that you, John Q. Citizen, can take on vehicles.

Since modern vehicles are particularly defended from underneath against IED's, would it be easier to drop some thermite on top and let it burn through? How easy would it be to run up to a tank if the quarters were close enough? Also, do czech hedgehogs work against modern vehicles, or have they been designed to shove them out of the way?

312d0e  No.641131

I'd rather not deal with the tanks to be honest.

6d1052  No.641132

File: 463d980582cc659⋯.jpg (44.24 KB, 300x274, 150:137, shaped_charge1.jpg)

File: f8c9db8004f0dd3⋯.png (1.72 MB, 1510x937, 1510:937, shaped_charge2.png)

File: c9b06662fb81944⋯.png (321.79 KB, 640x811, 640:811, shaped_charge3.png)

File: 842fe6a17cff5cb⋯.jpg (10.53 KB, 220x184, 55:46, shaped_charge4.jpg)

File: 0eb63d5b047ac2d⋯.jpg (36.75 KB, 480x360, 4:3, shaped_charge5.jpg)

Shaped charge, or just use an AT guided missile.

713f0a  No.641141

I can't recall what the name is, but there's a type of shaped charge that when it explodes creates a trench to trap the tank that detonated the charge.

There's also just digging trenches.

Anti-tank obstacles still work.

Tracks aren't much harder to disable than they were in WWII. Even if your IED doesn't penetrate the hull you can still leave the tank standing still.

Modern tanks rely on sensors for navigation and gun aiming. These sensors are small targets but vulnerable to small arms fire.

All in all you will find more success if you forget about penetrating the hull and instead focus on immobilizing the vehicle or damaging peripheral devices to cripple it. A bunch of guys in an armored box aren't all that dangerous. It's when that armored box moves and has a gun on it that it is a danger.

Focus also on infantry support. A tank without support is dead. Tank by it lonesome? Shove a bomb down the barrel or in the tracks. Light it on fire and make things uncomfortable for the crew. Throw flaming gasoline down the air intake and damage the engine. Put thermite on the APU. Etc, etc. Your strategy will always involve first killing whatever infantry is near the tank. If you can clear the gap you can disable the vehicle.

1d17a7  No.641142

Do molotovs still work well against tanks?

25c235  No.641144

>shaped charge that creates a trench



Also, how easy is it to run up on a tank for molotovs or whatever? Do the sensors allow for auto-targeting, or does the commander still have to joystick the gun around?

63b7b3  No.641149


>A tank like the M1 Abrams gets about .6 mpg,

>The M1A2 Abrams, the modern-day United States main battle tank, has a fuel capacity of roughly 500 liquid gallons.

So it has a range of "only" 150 miles before it has to start turning around. A MPG estimate I'm pretty damn sure was done under the most favorable conditions possible (straight line on highway, low speed), so likely even less than that. 500 gallon drums are big enough to need a dedicated vehicle.

6d1052  No.641151


>Do the sensors allow for auto-targeting

Yes, auto-targeting already exists.

713f0a  No.641152


Not nearly so. They wised up to this post-WWII and engine bays now have anti-fire countermeasures. You can still cover the tank in fire to try and cook the crew, but the large thermal mass of the vehicle makes that really fucking difficult. You can also burn up the oxygen around the tank to try and suffocate the crew out. Takes quite a bonfire though to be effective.


The main cannon has some pretty sophisticated computer aiming systems, but the hull mounted MGs still have a person behind them doing most of the work.

95ab32  No.641160


do you think a large wad of thermite putty would be able to burrow through the top of an abrams?

8a0f8e  No.641163


Given the amount and time needed to do so, you would need to have coverfire to prevent the tank crew or others from removing it. Cost-wise, molotovs would be more effective.

36e286  No.641166


Step 1: Most tank manufacturers contract out all sorts of of vital components. Find these subcontractors and destroy some of their factories. Focus on parts that either have a short lifespan (tracks, engine filters) or are easily destroyed (sensors, radios, weapons stations).

Step 2: Use IEDs and mortars to damage said electronics. Mortars should ideally use shrapnel instead of HE since most of the tank's soft bits are deliberately positioned to be shielded from ground-level shell fragments.

Step 3: Raid the tank's supply lines, both to cut them off from any existing reserves of spare parts and to starve them of fuel and ammo. The reason we're doing this last is because 90% of the supply line is itself defended by numerous AFVs, so we need to thin their numbers a bit first.

Step 4: Blow up all the surviving AFVs using the modern ATGMs that your country's enemies just sold you

If you encounter a fully operational MBT before step 4, your only realistic chance of survival is to blind it with a smokescreen and get the hell out of there. APCs/IFVs can sometimes be defeated by IEDs or anti-materiel rifles (usually hull sides/rear are rated for 14.5mm at 1000m), but this is not reliable by any stretch.


Where there's tanks, there's usually a bunch of screening infantry whose job is to stop exactly these sorts of tactics.

25c235  No.641167


If I'm reading wikipedia correctly, the thinnest armor on an Abrams is still foot-thick composite armor. I doubt thermite would do much against that. But on a stryker, the armor is apparently less than an inch thick, so thermite would work great there. Put it over the engine block, driver area, or whatever.

508ddf  No.641169


Please explain how they are really used. I just see them being used on literally just some dirt, in practice exercises. Totally confusing.

25c235  No.641170


I'm not entirely clear on that either, but from what I gather, charges in the tubes blast the tubes into shrapnel that shreds barbed wire and blows the ground away for a couple meters around the circumference of the tubes, which would make a ditch. For what it's worth, they were shown being used in the opening scene of Saving Private Ryan.

cf21a5  No.641175

File: de9ed6c3520aeb4⋯.png (347.66 KB, 408x600, 17:25, 1367118034911.png)

Unless you and the boys raided the armory for some legitimate AT, pic related. Pack your shit and leave. Use the sewers or something to gtfo

An IED will only disable or track it, but that can also be enough to buy you time to leave.

Have fun getting close by the way, tanks are usually protected by infantry.

156f36  No.641178

File: ee4bf55d0014268⋯.jpg (1.43 MB, 2070x1926, 115:107, Flame_Fougasse_as_battlefi….jpg)

File: 2296a0db637c5c5⋯.jpg (191.8 KB, 1087x610, 1087:610, Safety_fougasse_installati….jpg)

File: 6a53e84b584e706⋯.jpg (174.62 KB, 1076x744, 269:186, Hedge_hopper_installation.jpg)

File: 14ffe0c81e45c02⋯.jpg (152.59 KB, 1169x651, 167:93, Demigasse_installation.jpg)

File: 2f19d8bdb72edc3⋯.jpg (211.43 KB, 1040x662, 520:331, Fougasse_charge.jpg)

How about flame fougasses? The British made them to act as cheap anti-tank measures and it should work well in an urban setting where fuel tanks and other debris are more inconspicuous. iirc the Soviets and Germans used similar flame mines to some success.

a40841  No.641185

File: b69e6c38e51090f⋯.jpg (6.4 KB, 213x200, 213:200, 3541b2ab6706c0b04cad2e90f8….jpg)


>against tanks

>posts an IFV


24a00b  No.641189

All you need is a yellow niva lada. Greatest AT weapon of all.

b2c43e  No.641195

File: a65826fb4878d07⋯.jpg (12.74 KB, 300x194, 150:97, 300px-F1_grenade_DoD.jpg)

How viable would be shoving a defensive grenade down the tank barrel?

24a00b  No.641197


Depends if the barrel is rifled and if you've got enough boom to bulge the thing.

29c3ed  No.641199

Nah. Thermite is pretty slow and melting through armour by heat isn't really something that is done today. Not to mention you need a ton of it to melt through a tank. You either go for kinetic energy penetrators (APFSDS) or you focus some explosive energy, which is done by HEAT. Some whacky plan to drop and ignite thermite on top of a tank is needlessly complicated and slow, considering how even cheap disposable AT launchers can penetrate ~400mm RHA you might as well ambush the tank, use AT mines and fire at weak points such as the top or back of the cannon. Tactics are everything and simple solutions will work with good tactics and training. There's a great book in the PDF thread, "The Poor Man's RPG" that's really worth reading if you are interested in AT warfare and the history of man portable AT weaponry.

2136cb  No.641203


>IEDs, IEDs everywhere!

But more importantly hit their supply lines. How much good is a tank going to do the enemy when the engineers haven't had the parts to keep it running for a month, it's running low on ammo, the crew haven't slept in 3 days, and they just cracked open the last tanker of their 'super-emergency, no for real this time' fuel supply?

8b49fd  No.641209


a) breach is open:

Part of the shockwave and some of the shrapnel will make it inside the tank. Possible concussion and hearing damage for the crew.

b) round loaded in barrel

Might cause a barrel-burst if the shockwave manages to bypass any safety in the round's fuse.

c) breach closed, no round loaded:

Very little damage to tank gun, most pressure vents out the front.

You are getting in a very risky situation though. Almost all guns have coaxial machine guns, and if you get up next to the barrel all it takes is the driver to start moving the tank or the gunner to swing the turret a little and you either get crushed by the tracks, or your head bashed in by the barrel.

Ideally you should use the hand grenade to clear any infantry nearby, then use the confusion and shock to get closer and throw an AT grenade somewhere on the turret or thee top.

ad4a5c  No.641241

File: f63db7302e52275⋯.jpg (81.55 KB, 975x648, 325:216, US-Army-orders-trucks-for-….jpg)


>"But what are you going to do against tanks?"

1) One of these carries 1/3 of the fuel needed for an average Abrams tanks daily operation. That's total capacity of course, some portion of that will be used by the truck itself to get to the Abrams in the first place, and it's an "off road" vehicle so it has shitty mileage. If you blow these up whenever you see them, the tanks literally will only operate a few hours per day, and won't be a problem.

B) A tank can't collect taxes, climb stairs, knock on doors, bully people, or interrogate witnesses. The entire point of a police state is that a door-shaped thing has to move through the average individuals door, and demand that the individual inside his home do something he otherwise wouldn't. The cheapest door-shaped thing is a human being, which means sending soldiers to terrorize people, which can be dealt with easily. '''Tanks can't do anything worthwhile for a police state, that's why each EU state has like 100 combat ready tanks, and 10,000 combat ready wheeled vehicles.

•) Wheeled combat vehicles can be easily dealt with by >>641132 or the simple expedient of burning their tires off with a molotov, or since their armor is usually rated to over 100m AP machine gun ammo, just coming in under 100m with a 7.62NATO AP round hunting rifle can take most out.

ad4a5c  No.641242

Deah Lawd but this thread is filled with noknows.


>hull mounted MGs


There's no machine guns on the hull.

Turret pintle mounts have their own targeting systems, often with better sensors than the base FCS because the turret pintle mounts are used as "periscopes" scouting at night for infantry trying to ambush it. And the coax is slewed to the base FCS along with the main cannon.


>the thinnest armor on an Abrams is still foot-thick composite armor.

Que? It's about 1200mm RHA on the front turret, 800mm RHA on the front glacis, 600mm on the front hull, 600mm on the turret sides and front hull sides, 400mm on the rear hull sides, 100mm RHA on the rear turret and rear hull, only 60mm RHA on the top turret and top rear hull. It used to be over 72mm but the latest update reduced it to save on weight, and the hatch has almost no armor it's just 10mm steel and kevlar. The top 60mm can even be penetrated by some heavier AGLs and MLRS, there's a reason every abrams rides around with a passel of Bradley to save it's ass.

Abrams is only formidable in a bull rush towards unprepared enemies… if it gets ambushed or even just isolated in an advance, it is dead meat to 1950s cannon technology.


No real damage, the frag will scratch the inside of the barrel which will cause it to miss every time. And after a few shots the pressure of routine firing itself may be enough to inveigle the cracks and destroy the cannon. Tank cannon are operated very near the peak containment pressure of the system.

a562d5  No.641250

File: 7d3a9410bb024cb⋯.png (999.16 KB, 680x566, 340:283, ClipboardImage.png)


>Also, do czech hedgehogs work against modern vehicles

I don't think so, anon. Pic related is my attempt to test it out

fa57e2  No.641260

>Chinks and Russians supply the resistance with ATGMs and RPGs because the fall of the American government and destruction of it's military is obviously in their best interests

>Every house is now equipped with weapons capable of blowing up tanks frontally

b56434  No.641263

>raid unprepared armories staffed by bored, unarmed POGs

>kill everyone, seize ATGMs and anything else that's useful

>pick off isolated armored vehicles in the ensuing guerrilla war

It's what they did in Ukraine, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Iraq, etc. and it's how it would go down in America.

a562d5  No.641265


What scenario are we talking about? Civil war in the US? Either cut out the fuel (blowing up the pipelines should create a serious logistical hurdle or do >>641241), or go after the manufacturing plants so that the enemy cannot replace the losses and has no spare parts for maintenance. Then enter gorilla mode and pick them out one by one.

Also, if a civil war in the US happens, you can bet every other country in the world intervening, so you'd probably get ATGMs and similar from that way

41a79f  No.641277


Now here's a man who knows how to win a civil war.

5feb14  No.641287

File: 1e20fbff8ba528f⋯.jpg (238.93 KB, 1129x785, 1129:785, 563456.jpg)

File: 90d75ba9e08726e⋯.pdf (1.13 MB, abrams-oif-lessonslearned2….pdf)




This is what """"engineers"""" tell to goyim.

5feb14  No.641289

File: 1382ba2b3c9aeaa⋯.jpg (171.35 KB, 1138x856, 569:428, 5243543.jpg)

>this triggers cia niggers

78a3d8  No.641295


>Muffled hardbass

fa57e2  No.641298


>ammo stored bellow the turret

Why is modern tank design so retarded? Why have they learned NOTHING since WWII?

aeb9a8  No.641299


its in the turret fucking retard greek

fa57e2  No.641300

File: 73718dda49353c2⋯.jpg (69.73 KB, 538x632, 269:316, CEfcubiUMAAIYgp.jpg)


>Poorfag Greek knows more about the tanks of your own country than you do

The absolute state of american education

c19f4a  No.641301


you're better off putting thermite down the barrel if you can go that close.

aeb9a8  No.641304


i am not wrong

3fbebe  No.641305


the original design probably didn't have space for enough ammo so they just removed the fire suppression system to make room for more

4e229c  No.641306


>the original design probably didn't have space for enough ammo

<so they just removed the fire suppression system to make room for more

Fucking kek, why couldn't they just have made the tank slightly larger? Because they wouldn't be able to transport is a cheaply for invading other countries?

c980a9  No.641318


>he now understands how a jewish mind function

f65f63  No.641331

File: 715af0161f07626⋯.jpg (37.14 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 715af0161f07626036e939cd78….jpg)


Why the fuck did the US adopt the Abrams when they just went through the 70s being oil embargoed by Arabs?

713f0a  No.641334


Real question is why did they decide to use a fucking jet engine?

bb80f3  No.641340



And why use a big heavy tank, when the American doctrine & situation before, and now, required either light tanks for easy deployment over seas and Airborne, or medium tanks for non-difficult deployment from sea to Europe, while being defensive enough for Soviet offensive?

312d0e  No.641343


Because the other guys have big heavy tanks.

8b405b  No.641347


Abrmas has least amount of ammo in hull among all tonks. Its also stored in isolated area with blow out panel, no other tonk has same hull ammo arrangement..

I think small amount of ammo outside main storage was requirement for combat damage persistency. Even if main ammo storage is taken out abrams still have several round to fire back it his offender to score clutch return kills.

a4fd33  No.641362


How hard would it be to take out a tank via bore obstruction of the main gun? I'm thinking of something like a cannonball with a can of Great-Stuf (the expanding foam spray) behind it, all held on a piece of steel tube with a peircing mechanism for the can on the end.

If you're in an urban environment, distract the secondary MG so it points behind the tank, run up, shove the pole in, pull a drawstring or something that actives a springloaded punch for the can, and now you have a heavy metal object well sealed in ~4-6 feet down the bore. This requires there to be no infantry support and a set of titanium balls, but it seems like a workable way to get a mission kill on a tank using materials found in most people's garage (it doesn't have to be a cannonball either, something hard and roughly bore diameter should work, you can always cast concrete balls using quikrete in a pinch).

5c63f7  No.641365

File: 03c47f9b0bf8e84⋯.jpg (40.97 KB, 600x315, 40:21, do you feel powerful, like….jpg)


>Americans are small guys though

b2c43e  No.641366

File: 0c3d49f92a61f21⋯.jpg (531.22 KB, 1812x1182, 302:197, z1voyshh4yaz.jpg)

>"But what are you going to do against tanks?"

Good 'ol rock should do

713f0a  No.641398


That's one sexy machine.

006a8a  No.641408


>throwing rocks

Just stand in front of the thing. If a column of tanks crewed by chink bugmen could get held up by one guy because they were reluctant to run him over, then tanks crewed by (near-)humans would probably stop too.

At least in some contexts, and only in the beginning of the period during which you need to deal with tanks.

5c63f7  No.641417


If you're doing this in a human country whatever side you were on will get a MASSIVE aid in ammo, instructors, food, medicine and anything else from around the world as long as there's a picture of you bravely stopping the tank and/or getting run over

cfa242  No.641421


I don't believe it.

Help will only come when you show you are winning.

e9cba1  No.641422


>Help will only come when you show you are winning.

Yet your own government still supports ISIS. Foreign powers will support rebel groups just for the chance to prolong fighting to further weaken the government, even if those rebels have no chance of winning in the long run.

2b91f0  No.641425


ISIS has a chance of winning before the SAA gets their shit together (pre-2012), in fact many people were supporting them because they thought they were gonna win.

This is why support and the scale of ISIS start to trickle down further and further when their losses start to mount and they pretty much now become a boogeyman.

61ef6e  No.641429


Fast way to clear obstacles. That's it.

25c235  No.641475


>thinking one can of great stuf will make any difference

You need to spend some more time on /diy/, amigo.

713f0a  No.641484


I actually just found what I really was talking about. It's called the McNaughton tube, and when detonated can create a trench 28 feet wide and 8 feet deep.

93f771  No.641485

File: e8c81abcfb37366⋯.gif (5.48 MB, 320x240, 4:3, abrams ammo bulkhead prote….gif)

File: 1a7aed5d6165394⋯.gif (1.99 MB, 202x156, 101:78, soviet engineering at its ….gif)



To be fair, not even the MPs know of the hull stowage compartment in the Abrams making it a fairly popular way to sneak contraband into the base. You have to also look at the drawing to see that the hull rack is not located inside the turret ring. I'm pretty sure It can only be accessed when the turret is at 12 oclock and has a blast door and blow out panels on top of it like the bustle rack. Its simply there to hold more rounds so the crew can transfer them to the bustle when there's a lull in the action.


>believing jokes because it fuels your confirmation bias of American made = bad


It can run efficiently on multiple fuel sources instead of pretending it can burn anything according to the book but in reality never actually making its stated power and shitting the bed like a multi-fuel diesel, its actually efficient when the vehicle is on a road march or in combat operations, its completely silent running which believe it or not, is a tactical advantage, it worked for the Swedes in the S-tank, it worked for the Krauts in some models of MBT-70 and it worked for the Russians in the T-80 but if we have one its a crime against tanks and something everyone thumbs their nose at because America can't possibly have anything good according to eternally asshurt europoors we protect for free.


What changed was that ships were built with ramps that pulled out right at the dock level so you could drive whatever you needed on and off without being limited by the crane's max capacity along with there being much more permanent bases to keep the vehicles in in Europe. Not to mention that western Europe was completely rebuilt by that time to resemble a first world country with working roads and bridges and the battle plan did not involve attacking into the USSR in the event of WW3. We could suddenly afford for them to be heavy.

As for people talking about all sorts of cartoony rube goldberg machines with stuffing bombs right down the barrel that has a co-axial machine gun running along it and thermite, no. These are all just as stupid as they sound and would be suicide to try. The gooks in north korea climbed ontop of Pershings and literally burst into flames from the heat coming off the engine before they were hosed off by the tank behind it. The best way to stop a tank with no proper anti-tank weapons is to destroy the trucks carrying the fuel, ammo and spare parts. Otherwise, you stay as far away as possible from one.

47b608  No.641490

Just shoot the crew when they go home or sleep.

1d2128  No.641491

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>tank made to survive cold war battlefield where tactical nukes are used and napalm is supposedly sticking to kids

>is a glass bottle going to do fuck all against buttoned up tank?

Molotovs became a meme the second someone gave red army tankers some wire and a shitton of pine branches.


Yeah it's super easy. Just make sure that you have atleast 8 other buddies with you so that atleast one of you can get close enough to throw that glass bottle. Nah, actually, make sure you have 9 other friends with you, one of you faggots need to bury the rest. I'd probably take more people with me due to developments in fire control systems during the last 70 years or so.

3c90eb  No.641497


>its completely silent running



Although I will admit that the predominantly higher frequencies a turbine produces have some advantage.

b2c43e  No.641500


>soviet engineering at its ….gif

A tank that also fulfills a role of SVBIED? Brilliant!

fa57e2  No.641543

File: 6a2728438027bc1⋯.jpg (77.66 KB, 1080x608, 135:76, sam.jpg)


>asshurt europoors we protect for free.

>for free

>==for free==

c980a9  No.641563

File: ececa6f1a90c876⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 47.83 KB, 505x472, 505:472, mutt coping.jpg)

File: 7575afe6777425b⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 9.72 KB, 216x234, 12:13, Amerimutts.png)


>we protect for free.

727bcc  No.641574

Reminder that the current mass produced American tank is the Abrams, which is about as vulnerable to IEDs as a fucking regular car.

e9cba1  No.641585

File: 7e9e953da219074⋯.jpeg (36.87 KB, 205x160, 41:32, ADBB9104-BAF7-4483-8F07-2….jpeg)


>eternally asshurt europoors we protect for free.

Kike-anon. I thought we told you to leave and oven yourself. Why are you still here?

68ff37  No.641586

File: adc1ff41cb8c359⋯.mp4 (3.61 MB, 640x352, 20:11, vähäsen tönttöä.mp4)


>Since modern vehicles are particularly defended from underneath against IED's

its don't.

IED protection is a meme. It doesn't mean immunity from IED. It means that the crew might survive if the device is small enough. You can't proof a vehicle from explosives.

The key is to use enough explosives. Example: 10kg of TNT equivalent detonated under the track or wheel of a vehicle is enough to de-track a modern MBT, disable most older MBTs, or destroy almost any lightly armoured vehicle. There's nothing stopping you from using more, either.

Explosives are also dirt cheap so they're the perfect weapon for insurgents. the 10kg of TNT equivalent I mentioned would be about as expensive to acquire as a few rifle cartridges or less.

e9cba1  No.641588


>exhaust is being emitted from one place

>booms go boom

>exhaust moves

I assume it’s a friendly vehicle but still funny nonetheless. Also story on the video? What were they making deader?

75ec17  No.641590

8bacb4  No.641606

>reload the page

>muttspam pops up

Pretty funny tbh. Based Muttwheel.

45ef74  No.641613

Stick of dynamite covered in glue, or a mine on a stick, in Minecraft of course

fa57e2  No.641618


Tanks aren't made of 10mm steel plates anymore, anon

622942  No.641624


To an extend IEDs protection is itself a meme, caused by Burgernormies wanting a clean war and not wanting to see their soldier coming home in boxes.

Tanks aren't invulnerable and in a conventional war a lot more scary things than IDEs are moving and flying around that can kill a tank.

Yet somehow when these tanks are used to violently occupy a foreign country and fight guerrillas, people expect them to be invulnerable moving fortresses who are fought by the enemy head on.

68ff37  No.641628


>mine on a stick

What, you're going to tie an anti-tank mine to a stick and hit the tank with it?

1d2128  No.641637

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It's probably troops doing pioneer training, so it's mostly tree-trunks being relocated to more convenient location.


Even these MRAP's will get rekt by a concrete-mixer-turned-into-shaped-charge. Sure the crew inside the mrap may or may not survive in one piece, but they are going to be injured to some extend due to them being thrown around inside that vehicle.

b1a985  No.641640

File: 2261c6dcb1dffaa⋯.jpg (24.74 KB, 400x270, 40:27, fig1_japanese_lunge_mine_a….jpg)

File: 025e3e1bfc4729f⋯.png (340.51 KB, 491x335, 491:335, 3e1.png)

f3b971  No.641641

You don't kill tanks, you go after politician families when everyone sits at the table for diner. Politicians or beucrats won't have tank protection.

45ef74  No.641649


What if the politician has put himself and his family in a tank, in Minecraft?

e9cba1  No.641771

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Get in with your diamond pickaxe and grief his wife and children in front of him until they rage-quit. Then kill him so he loses all of his stuff and then make him watch as you destroy his house and farm and fill in all of his mines, kill his cattle/pets and then finally once nothing is left, notify mojang that he’s selling torrents of the game and get his account banned.

ee1b59  No.641804

Starve the crew by making them search for you then steal the tank when the driver jumps out to find food

93f771  No.641850

File: 93c60904869893c⋯.jpg (247.14 KB, 960x1328, 60:83, chartoftheday_8521_expendi….jpg)




Pay your debts :^)

c980a9  No.641879


No, we won't pay our occupation fee, mutt.

e9cba1  No.642006


Neo-cons aren’t allowed on /k/, reported.

2f91ba  No.642013


>he says as the occupiers go into town and fuck the women of his country nightly

Must suck to still be a vassal in the 21st century.

67ba7b  No.642014


Kill yourself, boomer. Your filth ruined everything.

2f91ba  No.642016

File: 0992238a47bb55f⋯.jpg (77.4 KB, 680x661, 680:661, 0992238a47bb55fbe819141a8a….jpg)


>trying to meme the pain away

93f771  No.642021

File: 6806dd63388406b⋯.jpg (2.46 KB, 97x116, 97:116, shiggy space program.jpg)



Maybe we would leave if you would stop paying 70% taxes to abort your next generation and put some of that money into defending yourself instead of telling us to foot the bill so you can have your neetbux.


>that flag

>bitching about US troops in their land

How do you think I know you're not actually swiss?

52332b  No.642035


bet the average street white amerigan would at the same rate as the average white european. which is not as high as it should be, but not as low as you think.

you should point this ire at muhammed muhammed and give us some emotional support against jamal sanchez. shit sucks.

94a23e  No.642043

Cant remember where it was, some dusty middle east shithole probably, but a massed rush with tires and molotovs works breddy gud, as long as they dont have too many infantry to back the tanks up. Nothing like being slowly roasted to death to really make them think twice.

94a23e  No.642045

Or, mine vulnerable points like sewers and things wherever they run under a road. Tanks useless if its on its side in a big fuckin hole.

e9cba1  No.642052


>telling us

Right JewSA occupation benefits everyone else in NATO besides America, that’s how it works. By the way, Kike, had yourself before we do, it will be much more painful if we have to do it.

93f771  No.642070

File: 57c62f767e8b6fb⋯.jpg (51.68 KB, 800x654, 400:327, Life is Life.jpg)


More disappointed that we made the mistake of not letting Russia run you over in a week tops and ban 8ch for all of Europe and instead pay billions to ensure you can continue to fund free houses, college, and abortions for all by stealing 70% of everyone's paycheck which forces the entire country to live in two room apartments that they can only afford 30 seconds of heat or air conditioning a week in and one bicycle per family of two women and five cats.


Its because Switzerland has no US troops deployed in it due to its strict neutral policy and is one of the only countries in all of Europe that could probably win a war completely on its own against an invading Saddam era Iraq. The fact you are sperging out with all this hatred of the evil supply sergeants and pencil pushers at the local airbase shows that you are ether not Swiss, or are stupid enough to lose your national identity in order to look cool on the internet by being as petty and impotent as the rest of the europoors.


>paying billions to defend ungrateful socialists from the entire east block which is still gobbling up non-NATO states every 10 years or so since the cold war ended doesn't benefit them but benefits the one paying the billions to keep them from becoming another Georgia or Crimea

I mean, all europoors seem to have rape fantasy's of being liberated like Berlin in 45 so I guess they are mad they don't get to be invaded again and lose when they have an army consisting of entire dozens of rusted through helicopters and an even a platoon of tanks. Don't forget hundreds of early 60s battle rifles with 50 rounds of ammunition to go with each one!


That was in Saudi-Arabia if I'm not mistaken. It wasn't a tank. Just a humvee-like technical of sorts and a checkpoint consisting of maybe a fire team at the most. The moderately inbred soldiers at the post let the hoard of screaming Muslims of a slightly different peaceful sect run right up to them without even noticing and pelt them with at least 20 Molotovs without them firing off a single shot before they were all drowned in flame. Not a tactic that would work too well if you were fighting against human opponents. Saudi's are famously talented at losing tanks in embarrassing ways.

e9cba1  No.642071

File: 44a7ef676ec5b0d⋯.png (112.29 KB, 679x609, 97:87, 418CD79E-BF89-4B63-8C7A-7C….png)


>paying billions to defend ungrateful socialists from the entire east block which is still gobbling up non-NATO states every 10 years or so since the cold war ended doesn't benefit them but benefits the one paying the billions to keep them from becoming another Georgia or Crimea

Boomer-Kike sama, shop shoo. Go back to watching your T.V. programs and listen to the news, even if your yidtertainment fueled beliefs were true (they’re not) why would you care about Euro countries and why would you prefer to have your fellow mutts die in foreign lands that only ~25% of their ancestors came from to protect countries that obviously don’t like you?

Though I must apologize, causing boomers to think or having the slightest amount of doubt that their propaganda infused favourites have been just that, since childhood causes extreme chimping out. Combine that wth your kike brain and it’s obvious that you will sperg out until the thread hits bump limit and demand that we call you sir.

67ba7b  No.642073


Shut up boomer. We shouldn't have had anything to do with Europe or getting into a war we shouldn't have been involved in the first place (fucking piece of shit FDR). The US should've just followed the policy of shutting up, telling the world we're not getting involved, and just selling resources to anyone who wanted it (except commies).

Fuck you for wanting us to get involved with everything. Euros can take care of themselves. Screw "helping" people.

Go kill yourself.

66962c  No.642074


>We shouldn't have had anything to do with Europe or getting into a war we shouldn't have been involved in the first place

Yeah, but sometimes in my dreams I am in a bright, happy world where we helped Hitler win that war. I'm always sad to wake up back in this timeline.

fa57e2  No.642075


Just don't do anything the next time the Balkans decide to wage war on each other again. Let us do our thing and just enjoy the show.

93f771  No.642076

File: 1457400770a76bb⋯.png (198.72 KB, 580x394, 290:197, ab-2.png)



You niggers don't even understand my point. Europe has fallen into a complete state of decay because they use and encourage US military assets as a crutch to take care of all their defense needs in order to afford fueling their Orwellian nightmare state. The US spends billions to defend them and gets nothing out of it but screeching about how they are so much more sophisticated than the Americans because they have no personal freedoms and have abolished any meaning of god and country. I wish we weren't spending the big bucks to keep them in line so they could go back to slaughtering each other over futbol with the same brand of extreme pettiness that brought us the bombing of Dresden and rape of Berlin.

66962c  No.642082


>The US spends billions to defend them and gets nothing out of it but screeching about how they are so much more sophisticated than the Americans

No, strelok, you misunderstand. What we got out of them was control: if you don't have adequate defensive forces yourself and you rely on someone else to protect you, exactly how much say do you think you have when it comes to your international relations? I would love it if we would withdraw from occupied Europe. Maybe Germany could once again find a way to rapidly reverse weimarization.


Unlikely, unless you have a final solution to the jewish problem a real one this time

d76395  No.642098




>mutt being proud of shitting where it eats, losing freedumb, and spending trillions every year to "contain" a problem it created, the USSR as superpower and the fallout afterwards

But all lost of your all freedumby was worth it to show krauts and limeys how it "works", am I right?



But you couldnt and wouldnt, mutt. You know it. The same reason you didnt destroy and genocided the Dixie completely.

Your mongrel blood is one of the nigger and the spic. You literally have to have Europe as partner in any circumstances, because yankee mutts are stupid lazy subhuman mulattoes.

This is also why despite everything, russians have managed to outclass you in high tier strategic electronic and rocketry. And most of the world doesnt even programm in russian.

The new world continent is on the same level as apefrica. The moment it became overtly anti European it stagnates and produce only mongrels.

fa57e2  No.642099


>unless you have a final solution to the jewish problem

We bomb every inch

c980a9  No.642102

File: ec00d4cfb98184c⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.42 MB, 2286x1715, 2286:1715, amerimutt nationalism.jpg)


>Has he always been some mutt who learnt to speak gook

Very likely

422f2c  No.642103

File: c1e67714d5f9361⋯.webm (1.26 MB, 402x720, 67:120, amerimutt child raising.webm)

File: 679b3ceb61e1b04⋯.jpg (70.4 KB, 415x500, 83:100, Kraut Music 2.jpg)

File: 5ff7f678c9ddeae⋯.jpg (37.24 KB, 412x343, 412:343, Kraut Music.jpg)


> so much more sophisticated than the Americans because they have no personal freedoms and have abolished any meaning of god and country

I wonder if the krauts can create a new form of music just to make fun of mongrels.

c980a9  No.642106


>that brought us the bombing of Dresden and rape of Berlin

>dumb muttscum supplied the anglos and the reds

>dumb muttscum blame all Europeans for these two events


7b63b1  No.642109






Isn't it tiresome to have so many different browser sessions?

a14b65  No.642111

File: c1d282a63eb60a4⋯.png (657.3 KB, 871x859, 871:859, firefox_2019-01-04_17-19-0….png)

This muttposting is really getting tiring and these gyro newfags and the proxy nigger keep shitting up threads. I wish I could turn back time one and a half years so all of these niggers would be gone.


>AT grenade

Are there even any modern AT grenades left that can penetrate a thing? Combat isn't that close quarters and you might as well be carrying a disposable RCL or RPG.

Even a sorry excuse for a disposable launcher (by modern standards) such as a M72 LAW will probably be more effective than a AT grenade in this day and age.

c980a9  No.642112

File: a8b56edeee7ed29⋯.png (9.48 KB, 431x147, 431:147, fuck off.png)


Just piss off.

66962c  No.642113


>We can actually own full auto guns without selling a kidney

That is cool. So, can you concealed carry your firearms for self defense purposes? Any limit on the number or types of firearms or ammo that you can own? Is it hard to have a handgun collection? Are you allowed to keep your firearms loaded and unlocked at home, for self defense? Can you go into some random area of forest that you own and blast it with your firearms, as a makeshift range, or are you only allowed to shoot in designated areas? Can you shoot home invaders, with no duty to retreat in your own home, even if they are unarmed?

I thought those kinds of things were restricted in Switzerland, but I admit my info is old and secondhand.

fa57e2  No.642116

File: 9c28d81b78dfa06⋯.png (131.3 KB, 1332x1050, 222:175, 2.png)


>I wish I could turn back time one and a half years

The others would indeed be gone, but not only would I still be here, but there would be 4 of us instead of just me and the plane autist. You would have to turn back time 3 and a half years to get rid of me

c980a9  No.642117




7b63b1  No.642119


Of course you'd have different IDs. It still doesn't even remotely disguise this obvious samefagging. Which is why i ask you again, is it really worth keeping and managing multiple sessions and proxys/VPNs just for the sake of derailing some unimportant thread?

ad4a5c  No.642125

Mod can you delete every post up to about here:


f6751b  No.642128


>We don't worry too much about niggers roaming our cities over here.

Answer the goddamn question.

Can you carry concealed or not.

There are roaming arabs in Swissland.

>Not after I filed my paper as responsible, trainded paramilitary or sport shooters/collectors :^)

Sound cucked.

>because some Euros told me that "merimutts" have no pure blood or culture

Funny a swiss saying this, Swissland is basically muttville, hoarding wealth is not a culture, fake swiss.

f6751b  No.642130


Welp, this proves this ukie is just another VPN of the fake kraut/spergkike.

c980a9  No.642144


And what do you think you will achieve by autistically flinging accusation at me like a sperg?

422f2c  No.642146

File: 9b20d8fde672496⋯.png (91.04 KB, 221x380, 221:380, smug 2.png)


Oh man, this one just keeps on giving. How many times do you have to be permabanned and chased out of here like dog? Have some self respect.



7b63b1  No.642148


Your posts appear at the same time, adressing the same old post that no one was responding to before and supporting each other. These 2 posts were literally posted at the same time >>642143 >>642144 , and this one comes again, at even closer time interval >>642146 . I'm not even talking about your manner of speaking and tendency to spam and pic naming.

7b63b1  No.642149


And you've been already using these VPNs when spamming the sticky and a few other threads before. Can't you change VPNs to not be so obvious or did you pay actual money for the ability to sperg, shitpost and derail thread on an unpopular anonymous internet forum?

7b63b1  No.642153


Do i need to write the time of the posts here? I'm not really interested in playing damage control games with you.

c980a9  No.642154


>Replying when the exclamation mark pops up is a sin now

Like I said, piss off be a retard somewhere else.

c980a9  No.642155


Go right ahead and then make a sperg out of yourself then, retard.

7b63b1  No.642157


But you didn't say that, you asked from proofs in your previous post.


So, what is it? Are you getting confused with all these sessions?



You're not even trying.

d76395  No.642158

>replying appropiately to boomerposts and not sucking burgers' cock means you are samefagging

c980a9  No.642160

File: 8fd23971a6513e7⋯.png (15.14 KB, 660x179, 660:179, vatnik retard.png)


>But you didn't say that, you asked from proofs in your previous post.


Read the file name and the reply. Congratulation you just made a sperg out of yourself.

7b63b1  No.642162


You know that VPNs change IDs, right?

c980a9  No.642164


Not when you have been using the same browser for the same thread, spermuttgookspammer.

422f2c  No.642165

File: d7bd9993e6faef0⋯.jpg (12.7 KB, 300x169, 300:169, smug whore.jpg)

File: b31e6962fd9e6ec⋯.gif (1.22 MB, 480x360, 4:3, The birth of modern vatnik….gif)

7b63b1  No.642166


>sudden spam

You know' im the only one who called you out here and i'm only replying to your won multiple posts. hardly qualifies as spam.

>do you invest your whole life to this board or something

I suspect you do that to another.


So you aren't doing that. Weird logic, huh.


Is that all your VPNs now?

Is anyone else except you a spermutt again, like you said before?

c980a9  No.642175

File: 6f4733dddf288d6⋯.png (22.28 KB, 817x246, 817:246, seek medical help, vatnik.png)


Seek help.

66962c  No.642209


I appreciate your answers. I anticipated they might be snarky given this thread, but I don't often have a chance to interact with Swiss on this subject. The other burger may be VPN hopping, but I'm not the same one.

>> I admit my info is old and secondhand.

>"I will admit I pulled all of this out of my ass out of butthurt that my "only best" lolberty propaganda

Again, snarky and based on an incorrect premise. I last read about Swiss law about 15 years ago. I was hoping that some areas had improved in the interim. I can elaborate on US law, which infringes on much of what our constitution says shall not be infringed, and it has gotten worse in many ways in the past 15 years, but better in some ways (e.g. many states adopting constitutional carry)... however, I expect, given the background of this samoan yodeling forum, you are probably all too familiar with the state of US restrictions on RKBA.

Either way, I doubt I'm alone in being interested in the finer points of firearm laws in other countries.

<Practically no concealed carry

That is what I thought I recalled.

>[No limit on firearm acquisition] after I filed my paper as responsible, trained paramilitary or sport shooters/collectors

Nice. Can you order thousands of rounds of ammo and have it shipped to your home? It would appear the answer is probably "no".

>Is it hard to have a handgun collection

>I don't know, it isn't like IPSC and Swiss Sig guns are highly regarded or anything.

Yeah, given the lack of ability to ccw I can understand why people would be less interested in handguns.

>>Are you allowed to keep your firearms loaded and unlocked at home, for self defense

>Tell me. Show us how much you know about the laws of all the Cantons.

Snarky. Had you asked me this about the US I would have said there is strong regional variation, but in general this is allowed. I was under the impression that it was almost universal that using your firearms for self defense in the home was essentially unacceptable and doing so would subject you to a tough "proportional force" legal case.

>>Can you shoot unarmed home invaders?

>I will let you speak first.

Looks like a "no" to that too. Bummer. Home invaders should die, if solely on general principle.

>>only allowed to shoot in designated areas

>How big is Switzerland?

What I understood of the law was that transport of unloaded firearms was typically only allowed from the home directly to the range and back. That seemed to imply that it wouldn't be technically legal to go innawoods and blast a makeshift range. Is that not the case/is this a law that isn't really enforced?

ba6fb7  No.642275


I was thinking of the Great Stuf as a way to keep the obstruction roughly in place while also being a huge pain in the ass to remove from the barrel. If the tankers are smart enough to not fire, they're still going to waste hours scraping it out of the barrel.

54b720  No.642281

File: 0d1c6d70a5c2d29⋯.jpg (253.36 KB, 1199x798, 1199:798, 1200px-Challenger_2_Main_B….jpg)

File: 9beee05f13c3f5b⋯.jpg (222.85 KB, 1280x849, 1280:849, M60A1_wExplosive_Reactive_….jpg)

File: f3429428b605585⋯.jpg (96.88 KB, 800x518, 400:259, M60A3_Dozer_DM-SC-1992.jpg)

File: eac3f2e5c2be3b6⋯.jpg (58.85 KB, 896x585, 896:585, shot_kal_05.jpg)

File: ffe78b125f2811c⋯.jpg (3.64 MB, 2618x1750, 187:125, Т-64БВ_1.jpg)



ERA is thigh highs for tanks.

ad4a5c  No.642320


>ERA is thigh highs for tanks.

If by that you mean it makes 14 year old male tanks look like female tanks when they're wearing it….

a35e49  No.642398



So for EFP's what do you make the perpetrator out of (and what material)? and what kind of explosive should be used?


Don't tanks have an air intake/filter somewhere on them? I'd think that would be the best target for a Molotov.

ee0eef  No.642401


Some of the basics here.

Also, for something like the Stryker in OP's pic, something like a 20mm rifle, which may or may not require a stamp, with the correct ammunition can be effective.

67ba7b  No.642403

File: e61799996c81d87⋯.jpg (95.63 KB, 564x797, 564:797, IMG_1508.JPG)


>male tanks

ad4a5c  No.642405



The cup material is called a "liner". The best liner is a ductile metal with a high shear strength and high density, copper is the current favorite for RDX based warheads.

But in a pinch you don't need a liner, you can just shape the charge itself and use air lensing to get an improved effect over just a basic cube of explosive.

3faf17  No.642406

File: 01073d22e02caaa⋯.jpeg (70.87 KB, 720x509, 720:509, mkiv.jpeg)


Males are armed with cannon. Females are armed with machine guns.

Get it together.

a35e49  No.642409


My bad, phone posting.

Is there an explosive particularly suited for this?

ad4a5c  No.642412


Nah, it doesn't matter. Tsunamis work on the same principle as a shaped charge, it takes a certain amount of force in multiple vectors, and then focuses it in space by limiting where it can travel and the direction of the vectors.

a35e49  No.642416


So something simple like black powder would work? I've seen plans for these before, but they typically use high ordnance stuff.

94648b  No.642423

Now I'm not saying this is the recipe, but someone told me if you pop about ten gallons of goat piss/horse piss/human piss in a stock pot at a low boil, there's enough explosive materials left over to flip a tank if set off underneath it.

ad4a5c  No.642431


A liner wouldn't work with black powder, you couldn't find something ductile enough that has a sufficient mass and shear strength.

But you could certainly shape the mass of black powder to produce more effect on a point target.

ad4a5c  No.642432

66962c  No.642444


Thanks for the info. Seems the Czechs may have the edge in Europe wrt to the actual "bearing arms" part, as ccw for civilians is more than just a theoretical possibility.

I didn't realize about the lack of wilderness in Europe. This is probably as unexpected to Americans as the lack of viable public transportation in the US is for Europeans. Did you know that many of our streets don't have sidewalks, even within cities? Our cities are designed around the automobile.

f2a6bd  No.642469

Dress as a rabbi and hide behind a crowd of kids

378a5c  No.642479

File: a7e008b0ee1e136⋯.jpg (81.79 KB, 750x748, 375:374, a7e008b0ee1e1360264a35936f….jpg)


Try boiling eggs in it and you can get the Chinese tank crew to hop out pretty quick for a snack

c158b5  No.642482




It's all under the same VPN.

These spergkikes have been spamming the thread for now.


And how many times do you get permabanned and chased out that you will stop coming here?

Never, the same as me.

The BO of this board is COMPROMISED.

c158b5  No.642484


>Come on. You know guns will never be handled in Europe like in America. Too little space and too many people.

So shut the fuck up and improve your own nation.

But we know you ain't a fucking swiss, you are a fucking yid.

There's no fucking reason why you can't have CC in any functioning society.

24a00b  No.642495


CC was a common thing in Europe before the first war. Belgium had a gun trade specifically marketed towards it.

2c22da  No.642503


Guns in Europe were basically unregulated before the Napoleonic era IIRC.

8b49fd  No.642507


Males are amphibious APCs and IFVs, because they can transport seamen into a compound.

8e0b72  No.642516




How about a paint bomb to blind the optics? If you can get a tank stuck on an anti-tank obstacle and then blind it it's basically useless, yeah?

Ideally you'd have a weapon capable of actively disabling a tank approaching an infantry element, but in a guerilla scenario simply disabling a tank with a trap is a huge win as well, especially if you end up pulling a bunch of guys away from somewhere else to dig it out and wash it off and mark it with a giant pink paint job visible from far as fuck away.


Let me go find the tweezers and the microscope, then we'll talk.


How plausible would it be to basically construct a direct fire mortar or something similar as an anti-tank weapon?


>wars are not fought with handguns

But modern police actions, counter terrorism/terrorism operations, and insurgencies are.


NFA is finally facing a legal challenge that as a law student I honestly can't see as anything other than a 50/50 chance of total NFA repeal or revolution.

>muh bumpstock ban

lol you don't even understand the levels at which that works. Not even a law, it's basically a completely illegal bypassing of our legal system and even the antis know that and hate it on that basis. Some have even openly opposed it

ad4a5c  No.642542


It still is to some extent, European citizens have most access to guns out of any group of people on earth. Basically this >>642224 faggot is a cuck.

Europe is still over 80% white while America is around 60%, so if anything Europe could handle MORE guns than America because there are less violent subhumans around.

422f2c  No.642549


>And how many times do you get permabanned and chased out that you will stop coming here?

>This autismal spermuttgookike

b0f12d  No.642567

File: 619ddcb1e8717e2⋯.jpeg (89.13 KB, 495x559, 495:559, F03748AE-1A2C-46AD-BD44-A….jpeg)

ad4a5c  No.642620


It's mostly the defeatist "europe will never have the same gun culture as america". Where do you think America got the fucking idea in the first place?

ad4a5c  No.642622

File: 1526ef12a5c588d⋯.gif (2.12 MB, 480x366, 80:61, lol (1).gif)


>a canadian poster that's not a canadian poster and is clearly the shitposter fucking up this thread is telling me im a shitposter for calling him out


How about don't ruin threads fuccboi

1e8345  No.642636



>An Urk and a Russo duke it out on the internet


War never changes

>captcha: nfcuck

7b63b1  No.642643


This one is not even Ukrainian, just muttspammer under vpn, which is what the thing was about. You're imagining things to repeat the meme.

b0f12d  No.642652


>>a canadian poster that's not a canadian poster

Wrong, faggot.

>and is clearly the shitposter fucking up this thread

Calling boomerkikes boomerkikes isn’t fucking up the thread.

>is telling me im a shitposter for calling him out

No, I implied you’re a newfag.


>calling him out


>how about don’t

How about you kill yourself redditor-faggot, and stop speaking like a nigger?

422f2c  No.642656


Ruscuck, why are you so interested in steering the board with this sperg shit?

7b63b1  No.642657


Keep blaming others for exactly what you're doing.

ad4a5c  No.642661


lol you'll have to refresh the VPN soon enough.

fe0bff  No.642662


You are not very subtle.

422f2c  No.642663


>the vatnik cries in pain as it strikes you

c73560  No.642677


Hey, "russcuck" is my word. Stop pretending to be me please.

67ba7b  No.642682



25c235  No.642711

what have you faggots done to my thread

I wanted to talk about tanks

c980a9  No.642715


>butthurt amikäfer tried to troll with boomer posting

>received an appropriate dose of "mutts"

>sperged out

67ba7b  No.642719


Shut up faggot. You brought this upon yourself.

25c235  No.642723


leave him alone

67ba7b  No.642726

File: 22e953f35296ba1⋯.jpg (162.92 KB, 1000x563, 1000:563, IMG_0191.JPG)


We have IDs here, retard. Kill yourself.

775965  No.642739

File: 7ea5c80c7c0c436⋯.jpeg (827.58 KB, 1575x2100, 3:4, 959EE367-5B64-4DE9-8FFA-8….jpeg)


Pic related, nigger, you act like it’s impossible for Canadians to hate boomer mutt-kikes. Now that’ve houmoured you, it’s time to an hero.

7fa418  No.642750


What does the "No…" sign represent Canadanon?

I personally feel like the recipe for tanks is avoid > isolate > immobilize > defang

775965  No.642756


No dangerous goods route. Since it’s a town you have to go around if you’re trucking dangerous goods.

775965  No.642776

File: c689b015313d8ea⋯.png (18.91 KB, 505x571, 505:571, 3878E528-5CEF-4D11-8C85-05….png)


>he forgot his vpn

Top kek, I figured you were just a sperg, but you were projecting. Can you imagine being so much of a raceless mongrel that you’re actually jealous of not being Canadian? The absolute state of mutts. Ameribros, you ought to be embarrassed to share a country with this faggot.

775965  No.642784



Reporter for ban evasion. Kill yourself.

bfe655  No.642785


>I was permabanned on /k/.

Reborted for ban evasion :DDDDD

67ba7b  No.642788



Hey, do you both feel like taking bets on how many more times spergook is going to get permabanned before he finally gives up or completely melts down?

775965  No.642789


Reported. Git gone and stay gone

bfe655  No.642791


Can I join?

67ba7b  No.642792


Sure, m8.

bfe655  No.642795



I say one more month, then people will have been done with shitting on burgermutts, and the BO and vols will just ban any autist spamming sper-x and mutt complains, since those are the actual spam.

775965  No.642796


I think he’ll run out of free VPN services before then.

bfe655  No.642801


>thinking spermutt/spergook hasn't been using paid VPN for a year

775965  No.642803


If you’re too low IQ to openly admit to ban evasion twice on two different VPNs in two consecutive posts you deserve it.

bfe655  No.642808


It doesn't matter if spermutt gets banned. The purpose is to shit up the board so bad that he can attempt to convince BO to give him some power.

In this regard, it is indeed quite low IQ.

775965  No.642815


I didn’t realize it was that pathetic, is spergook the lowest possible achievable human life form? Or just runner up? Do paid VPNs change IPs often? I always understood free VPNs only had a few set ones so once you were banned on that VPNs IP everyone using that specific country/region would be banned while using it.

582b6d  No.642819

File: f7c05481d78bd9c⋯.png (81.09 KB, 624x628, 156:157, Baitdumbasses.png)

File: 0c4cacae7b7e7d7⋯.jpg (111.89 KB, 530x507, 530:507, STOHP.jpg)

File: 5ba262f91935f6f⋯.pdf (14.9 MB, David-s-Tool-Kit-A-Citizen….pdf)















Offtopic and filtered. Holy fuck guys The topic of this thread is "What about Big Brothers Tanks. Anybody who posts off-topic, D&C's, trolls, low-IQ, non-contributory replies gets filtered, that's literally all of you. We JUST had this conversation come on.

I came to this thread for one reason only: to get rid of Big Brother's tanks. I don't care who's a jew, who's a spermutt, who's a gook/shill/trap/nigger/faggot.

Filter and report, and get back on topic.

pdfrelated is a book that goes over some rudimentary things, most of which have been discussed already but if you want a Ragnar Benson's retelling of it here you go.

bfe655  No.642820


>is spergook the lowest possible achievable human life form?

He attacked people posting records of trump's announcements to ban bumpstock. Go figure.

>Do paid VPNs change IPs often

It depends. From what I have used to torrent, it doesn't seem to be the case for me at least.

>free VPNs only had a few set ones so once you were banned on that VPNs IP everyone using that specific country/region would be banned while using it

That's just simple deduction, m8. But when free VPNs changes IP you wouldn't know about it until you check the IP. Or just make a post here and see if the ID changes.

bfe655  No.642821


how the hell do I keep pressing s when not needed and vice versa…

67ba7b  No.642825


No matter how much you autistically screech and flail bout, you will never be BO or a vol.

Tough luck, pal.

582b6d  No.642830

File: 8d10398688fdaa9⋯.pdf (11.38 MB, Recoilless Launchers F. De….pdf)

File: 8168e6cb59aa6a1⋯.webm (2.43 MB, 640x360, 16:9, TOYOTA.webm)


>doesn't know the meaning of filtered.

Weak bait-eating faggots get filtered as well you softwilled reactionary fuck.

For lightly armored AFV's etc, there is always the option of going full YOTE. This pdf shows pretty much all the basics of a recoilless system, enough that a dedicated strelok could possibly put one together.

775965  No.642834


>should be banned for off topic

Most threads go off topic once discussion has dried up on topic, and some of the best threads are because of off topic posts. If you have something interesting enough to contribute that is in topic and would stir up discussion then the thread will go back on topic. Don’t whine to the BO because over it, make a post that will create new discussion.

c980a9  No.642840


I'm genuinely curious. If you were a gook this should have been 9 am by now, which is working time. But obviously you are here "working".

I know gookland is cheap to live in, but not cheap enough that paid shilling is sufficient to survive. No where is.


He is the same as the redtext muttspammer. It just a two pronged board disrupting attack.

b278d2  No.642878


Reported for being off-topic AND proud about it.

Feel free to create your own discussion and ruin other people's thread with muttspamming and insulting other people.


Who says you can't work and browse 8chan, oh wait, no one.

Reported for off-topic too.


67ba7b  No.642885


Kill yourself, spergook. You've done more damage to this board than muttspammer ever did. In fact, I accuse you of being the muttspammer.

25c235  No.642887


Thanks, man.

36e286  No.642888


> and some of the best threads are because of off topic posts

Interesting derails are fine. Having every thread that lasts more than 50 posts devolve into flagposting isn't, especially when it's obviously the same few faggots in every thread. I'd actually prefer the original muttspammer to these niggers, at least he didn't kill entire threads and was easily filtered

c980a9  No.642912


>Who says you can't work and browse 8chan, oh wait, no one.

So spermutt/spergook is a lazy, unproductive parasite working a "job". Even a pizza boy is a much better person than you are, if we consider you human.

a34319  No.642919


You can accuse me of being Bibi yourself but you would still be wrong.

I fought against them and I report them to death.


Oh wow, sorry I piss on your cereal.

bfe655  No.642940


>Eating the carbjew

da19e6  No.642951



Holohoaxa never happen

582b6d  No.642983

File: 3ab88fa2df355e4⋯.jpg (68.01 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 2 - uvOuJfT.jpg)

File: 4c7d823e70f60ca⋯.jpg (24.64 KB, 434x532, 31:38, mckfu.jpg)

File: 3aabe37ce2ad134⋯.pdf (1.81 MB, Operatorchan Acid Man's co….pdf)

this fucking thread I swear to god you guys are all horrible


You're cool, have Acid Man's thread from Operatorchan.

a14b65  No.642997


>How plausible would it be to basically construct a direct fire mortar or something similar as an anti-tank weapon?

Overcomplicated and pointless. Making a IRAM with a bunch of AT grenades is a interesting idea but lob bombs are called lob bombs just for that reason, they are fired at quite a steep arc and they're more for harassing urban areas full of people in massive numbers rather than the fine work that AT ops entail. Which is to say, you might as well be firing disposable AT launchers which will be able to fire twice as far with much more accuracy.

>But modern police actions, counter terrorism and insurgencies are.

The first two break out shotguns, SMGs or SBRs in case of anything serious and the second uses explosives and rifles.

bd5282  No.643047

>tank thread devolves into jewmuttniggerkikespergchinkleafshillfaggot shitposting

please change /k/

On topic, how do the muzzies handle tanks? Exposives?

ad4a5c  No.643065


>959EE367-5B64-4DE9-8FFA-8….jpeg) (h) (u)

He posts a CIA tracker image fucking lol.

7b63b1  No.643068


Well, that explains a lot, if not everything.

ad4a5c  No.643077


They use these alphanumerics to track the use of files on social media, and thus map "how memes work". Basically CIA is a bunch of retards.

f86ce2  No.643094


From the list of this, it seems the BO again only bans me, and not the unknown flag and the FBI canuck.


93f771  No.643163

File: d7a97f863ae898a⋯.jpg (650.21 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, DTIFRONTLINE-1_US_MarineCo….jpg)


They ether have the retarded Iraqi crews all surrender to them when they outnumber the islamic state ten to one and have tanks or they blow them up with CIA acquired TOW missiles/looted soviet/afghan war era sagger A's.

Most "footage" of them destroying Iraqi Abrams with close in attacks of grenades and RPGs is not actual combat footage and simply staged videos with vehicles they captured during the first months where the Iraqi's folded like a wet napkin despite having every advantage in the book aside from morale.

c54ae8  No.643183


>John Q. Citizen

>implying at least a part of an army will not join the rebellion

bffe4f  No.643583


This, no matter what they do a bigger EFP will defeat it.


Copper and the highest V-Det HE you can get.

b2c43e  No.643588

File: d548357ef70b5f6⋯.webm (8.12 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, isis flames of war tank h….webm)

File: 05dbbefc00a51a0⋯.webm (6.7 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, isis flames of war rpg.webm)


>Most "footage" of them destroying Iraqi Abrams with close in attacks of grenades and RPGs is not actual combat footage and simply staged videos with vehicles they captured during the first months where the Iraqi's folded like a wet napkin despite having every advantage in the book aside from morale.

Nice "proofs" you got there

321307  No.643589


Nice way to prove him right.

bffe4f  No.643591


I hate Abrams fanboys as muck as the next guy but most of the footage is of captured M1s being destroyed. Check for yourself and see if the turret is moving in the same camera shot as the attack or if it cuts away between the tank being active and the attack.

Your first webm is a perfect example of a legit video as you can see the turret moving before and after the impact in a single shot, you may also notice none of those attacks had a noticeable effect on the tanks.

cf97a9  No.643604


>rpg-7 and a fucking M72 LAW taking out an Abrams, an Abrams standing still in the middle of fucking no where

Yeah, right.

133061  No.643684

File: 5d6ad228931f226⋯.jpeg (89.74 KB, 640x733, 640:733, 48F5BBE1-5CA1-44B0-9C5D-3….jpeg)


Pretty sure that’s just the standard image file name for (((iPhones))) random pic related? I wiped metadata beforehand,obviously,but if there is still info in the filename then I probably deserve to be doxed.

133061  No.643685


>vpn still on


ad4a5c  No.643698




>posts garbage memes

>uses loaded filenames

e9cba1  No.643704



Yes, I don’t want my chink landlord to see everything I do on his wifi

>posts garbage memes


>uses loaded filenames

Because I’m phone posting to show that phones post such file names. Pure aspergers.

d179d6  No.646292

When the USA collapses we won't be able to afford to operate our fancy jew toys. All money comes from the dreaded white man, pretty hard to afford to kill the money makers.

c1532c  No.646341


how to kill tank

>find fuel truck

>dump in fuckloads of water to ruin the load

>wait for fuel to reach units

>all vehicles in unit are FUBAR

063444  No.646846

>build hole

>Cover with hay

>Drop a packet of cigarettes opposite to where the tank is coming from

0aff03  No.647935

Did you guys know you can just buy Chlorine Triflouride? It isn't event that expensive.

Sure it's a bit dangerous, actually it's really fucking dangerous. But it works better than molotovs and is cheaper than a tank. It can burn through a yard of concrete, slag metal and kill any one who looks at it funny.

ad4a5c  No.647936


>ductile metal

>can be bent, formed or compressed easily

All three of the things you listed fail this test.

>high shear strength

Fiberglass fails this test.

>high density

All three fail the test.

59b076  No.648397


Good high explosives. (TNT, RDX, PETN) Not stuff like black powder or ANFO.


This man knows it.


Yep. Here Bobrikov got shot by a freely bought handgun.


At least the video of someone ttempting to pour ClF3 to a glass bottle would be amusing.

Order a gallon of it and then lurk on local news for the vendors loation for the eventual massive fire.

3635dd  No.648433

File: 89b02814a8e68db⋯.mp4 (350.95 KB, 320x180, 16:9, Good Job m8_Little Witch A….mp4)


>A tank is trying to kill me

>Acquire Chlorine Triflouride

>Now a tank and Chlorine Triflouride are trying to kill me.

94648b  No.648448


Pretty sure this is like "pure" potassium where you have to have your name on file with the fire department in order to purchase it. First time it's used they're gonna run through the list of 50 or so people authorized to buy it in your area and start knocking on doors.

59b076  No.649351


Pure potassium metal is safe and tame compared to Chlorine Trifluoride. It burns sand, concrete, asbestos and test engineers.

It was too dangerous for even the nazis to use (they planed to use it to burn holes in to the maginot line bunkers, turns out invading belgium was safer and easier.)

f5e730  No.649471


you may be better off tossing the grenade down the barrel without pulling the pin.

Maybe setting off an explosive bore obstruction, and detonating the shell they fire.

8acabd  No.649508



>grenade down the barrel

Sure, being foolhardy and running right up to the coaxial machinegun would be an awesome idea and you could not possibly die. (/sarc)

ATGMs, RPG's and IED's is where it's at. Don't bother with stuff that stopped being viable in 1939.

cccdb3  No.649535




>no flag

Fuck off back to reddit

8acabd  No.649658


>OY VEY some goy has DARED to use common internet slang and he also spaced two separate short paragraphs!

>I know how to deal with this, I'll tell the goy to go back to reddit *rubs hands*

Fuck you, anglokike.

67ba7b  No.649699



>common internet slang

Not here it isn't outsider. Hell, I don't know any place that says that.

>Separate short paragraphs.

A paragraph is usually four to five sentences. Not two and definitely not one.

I'm not sure what shit-crusted hole you crawled out of, but you should go crawl back in.

8acabd  No.649707


>I'm not sure what shit-crusted hole you crawled out of, but you should go crawl back in.

Sorry but your mother's cunt is rather full of Jamal and friends at the moment.

Feel free to fuck off as well, mutt.

8acabd  No.649708


Also: regarding your autistic attempt at an English lesson, the subject of discussion changed between my first and second paragraph in >>649508

There is no such rule as "A paragraph is usually four to five sentences. Not two and definitely not one." regarding paragraphs (perhaps in Hebrew there are, so maybe that's why you got confused). They were two separate statements involving two separate concepts, the first sarcastically dismissing the common myth of disabling a tank by using a grenade in the bore the other presenting valid means of disabling AFVs.

67ba7b  No.649710


Too late, nigger. You already shown yourself to be an outsider.


1c7f92  No.649722

File: e9328a007958d1d⋯.png (310.01 KB, 1475x824, 1475:824, Super gAyTF.PNG)

8acabd  No.649728

File: d0daef1101d5cd2⋯.png (75.15 KB, 200x200, 1:1, laughing at your post.png)



To who, the internet police?

0aff03  No.649874




Well, yeah. It will fucking absolutely ruin the day of everything within a radius of you if the wind turns if you don't know how to handle it. Especially considering the deadly cancer/poison gas that happens when it interacts with common chemicals.

And yes, you have to have a Hazwopper and a few other things (HAZWOPER isn't too hard to get, some of the other licenses are a matter of having the money, the time, and not looking like an ass) to store the stuff on a site (that has to be approved) normally. Everything on paper considering normally it takes a little while.

Unless you live in a corrupt as fuck city or state, know the right warehouse to store stuff because the city was owned by monsanto for a few years and doesn't give a fuck if there is CFl3 because less than an hour away is a superfund site and down the block is a literal toxic waste dump so sure let's have a semi conductor cleaner companies store house in the area because it's only the fourth worst thing in the area.

Then if you have the conditions and materials, are as autistic as many on /k/ can be and gear it towards maintenance of you're big old flourinated steel container of "Oh shit what are you doing" to mount to your anti tank weapon then I still say it is a great anti material or tank weapon. So long as the weapon isn't damaged in anyway.

0aff03  No.649885


Before I put this down I must say I regret double posting.

And if I am being 100% honest with myself, there is no real way to "safely" handle it and there is no sane way to handle it once shit goes pear shaped. I really wanted to point out that there is an insane option of anti-tank out there that nobody would consider. I honestly couldn't even fucking dream of doing it, maybe the one /k/hemist from that one pdf thread could attempt it. I just know how that in fact: if I wanted to, could indeed get the shit. Honestly I think for purposes of anti-tank warfare small suicide drones, thermite, EFP IEDs, Really big rocks, parts of nearby cliff faces or buildings, or anything would be way more easy to manufacture and use against tanks than something that the head of Nazi RnD said "you know what? Let's not use this. It is far too dangerous."

7dc373  No.650074

File: 144203e5209a423⋯.jpg (78.28 KB, 637x476, 91:68, 1523762848239.jpg)


>And if I am being 100% honest with myself, there is no real way to "safely" handle it and there is no sane way to handle it once shit goes pear shaped

What about running away? Just use it like a 21st century petard. Get it where it needs to be, and fuck the consequences.

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