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There's no discharge in the war!

File: 3148511b2ab9bfd⋯.jpg (17.75 KB, 533x236, 533:236, 634435542.jpg)

a559b7  No.646095

Hi /k/

I've got a Glock 19 which is "good enough" for basically everything. But I'm getting the new gun itch again, and I want to ask if I should get a full size 9mm pistol for home defense, or go full retard and get a 9mm carbine like pic related.


785f57  No.646096


Is there any benefit to not just getting a tiny-ass gun if you're going to use 9mm anyways?

dc4c53  No.646103

File: 3aabcdbcff9629d⋯.jpg (3.37 MB, 3900x5008, 975:1252, 1472080286486-1.jpg)


If you're looking for a meme gun, get this.


I had one myself(sold it for funds for better funs)

It has feeding problems every so often, so you'll want to take it to a good gunsmith and have them set it straight, but it's actually a pretty fun gun.

If you're sincerely looking for something for home defense, see pic related.

2c1295  No.646107


Why, just get an AR-15.

a0d0f1  No.646110


glock19 is already just about the perfect home defense weapon. Just put a light on it and call it good. If you live on a rural property with lots of land you may want to consider something with greater effective range in case a wild Jamal or Juan skulks about outside. Id probably favor an AR in that case. That said, PCCs are fun, and if you have the itch go for it. Have you completed the holy burger trinity of pistol, shotgun, rifle yet, anon?

edc78f  No.646111


>PCC for home defense

Why? 5.56 has less penetration through walls but much better terminal ballistics.

7e77f1  No.646113


The main advantage of 9mm carbines is that they have a longer range, which is only a concern if you either live in a rural area or plan to shoot niggers from your rooftop. For shooting niggers inside your house you might as well just save the money and use your Glock.

edc78f  No.646118


>the main advantage of 9mm carbines is that they have a longer range

Not really, they're much, much easier to actually shoot well

6a1be6  No.646127


I used to be in the same boat as you.

Who gives a shit what you use for self-defense. The rule of the game is don't miss. A direct hit with a 5.56mm is better than a miss with a .22LR. Dry wall is basically fucking cardboard.

8c1580  No.646162


As a guy who has one that weighs more than a M1 while unloaded hitting steel at 250 is balls easy.

9b025e  No.646166

Mate just get one of those fancy uppers for your glock BAM instant carbine and it's cheap enough to buy for fun.

0ece60  No.646262

File: 8a33d3d1471244b⋯.jpg (647.46 KB, 2048x1365, 2048:1365, GLAWK brand GLAWK inna Car….jpg)


Should he colour coordinate it with his uniform and powersword too?

d12a92  No.646271


>glock in a tacticool shell

Y? It doesn’t lengthen the barrel so it’s literally dress up for your handgun. It’s 9mm and semi auto so the stock and forgrip aren’t necessary because you’re not shooting far or fast enough to need either. You’ve just made your concealable, manoeuvrable, short range one handed weapon into a short range two handed weapon with no benefit. It’d be like putting a claymore cross guard and a long sword handle on a dagger.

ab1bf1  No.646276

File: c8899063ddec180⋯.jpg (94.67 KB, 480x1326, 80:221, b570792d52d3727414d674d109….jpg)


go full retard and get a 9mm carbine like pic related

If any of you fags spend all those money on this thing but NOT chambered in 45 or at least 40 i swear i'll be forever haunting you at night.

77fca3  No.646278


I kinda think you're both right, in the sense that rifles / carbines tend to be easier to shoot at longer ranges than handguns.

Yes, there's a velocity boost with the longer barrel ( something even more evident with +P 9mm, for instance ) but that doesn't move 9x19mm into rifle caliber performance necessarily.

But accurately placing shots at, say, 25 yards is generally easier with a 9mm carbine than with a 9mm handgun.

ab1bf1  No.646283


It's good but the main problem is ammo selection - surplus used to be cheaper than 22lr but now it's dried up and new ammo tends to cost a bit, limited to either FMJ or bad to mediocre hollow points that would not be that great from carbine. It's not that wieldy unless you SBR it and it's not really worth it now imho. Unless you like the cartridge and accept the crap being sold or handload, have a stock of surplus or just like your TT33 that's not really optimal choice.

45ca4e  No.646284


I would consider one of those with the G40

a2d7e5  No.646291

File: 5a9ef0570be0e4f⋯.png (601.53 KB, 1103x827, 1103:827, ClipboardImage.png)


> It doesn’t lengthen the barrel

It actually does. Comes with a 16" barrel. Kind of has to unless you want to get a tax stamp for it. Notice how the barrel shroud has an elliptical opening? That's to account for the up and down motion of the tilting barrel, which is greatly exaggerated when you extend it out to carbine length.

d12a92  No.646333


>It actually does. Comes with a 16" barrel

So you have to change the barrel before you put it in the shell? In that case why not just get a carbine? You have to disassemble the gun every time you want to either put it in the shell or use it for carry or carry it with a 16 inch barrel for maximum cc. I looked them up and they seem to be about 400$ (Probably USD so about 101937293729$ CAD I remeber when our dollars used to be nearly 1:1 so so long ago) which I guess is cheaper then buying a whole new system but I don’t really see the point. Guess it’s just a novelty thing?

0ece60  No.646345


>It's a pointless tacticool waste of time effort and money that would actually makes the gun worse at its job

>that's the joke.mp4

f6f737  No.646406


>I looked them up and they seem to be about 400$

Isnt a Ruger pcc right in that range? And they take glock mags as well. Im struggling to see the point to these fagticool memeframes when you can get a seperate gun for about the same cost. also the roni things look utterly hideous.

8e4d0a  No.646488



It's made by jews, and it's made for jews. In IsREAL it's only kosher to have a single pistol for the average Juden, but they are free to kit it out in any way they want to. So they use their shekels to buy this tacticool shell and turn their glawk into a rangetoy.

4a8c66  No.646632

File: 0c25a37c15fceca⋯.jpg (337.6 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 89f581a488bbc97db94cfad7e6….jpg)


Why not just do the mech tech conversion instead?

a2d7e5  No.646713

File: d6814dd4ecb31f5⋯.png (144.16 KB, 389x212, 389:212, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 11379762e842cd8⋯.png (1.61 MB, 1200x675, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


Hitlet speaks truth. It's literally just a plastic clamshell that snaps around the pistol. The only real functional enhancement is an attachment for the slide which lets you rack it more like a charging handle. Just a range toy really.

I do think that a true patrician could find a use for the 16" barrel though.

08b52b  No.646739



KRISS releasea 33 round 10mm Glockazine this year.

Final victory for 10mm has arrived.

0ece60  No.646808

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>I do think that a true patrician could find a use for the 16" barrel though.

>Do it faggot

d12a92  No.646809


>two bullet barrel


0ece60  No.646812


I'm sure there must be at least one /k/ommando retarded enough to build a '2 bullet chamber'. Maybe it's a luger that he's rebuilt to handle some kind of SALVO style duplex round?

43554d  No.646872

You cant stop a charging nigger with 3 rounds of 9mm. Get a gun that is fit for a real man like a 12 ga zip gun. Na for real get a .45 1911

d12a92  No.646886


>Mexico calling anyone a mutt

Your entire cultural region is populated by native-Spanish rape babies, at least some burgers are more then 50% white.

03d567  No.646938


>wants a new 9mm

>doesnt own an SP O1

>has to ask what gun he should get

hands down dankest pistol Ive ever owned. after they get warn in the slide auto racks when you slap a new mag in.

edc78f  No.646940

File: d6280c9bd226944⋯.png (279.64 KB, 633x640, 633:640, ClipboardImage.png)


>Na for real get a .45 1911

0ece60  No.646944


If we follow his logic then shouldn't everyone be carrying around a sawn off 8-bore loaded with explosive slugs. That's got to be about as much 'stoppan powah' as you can get without going into crew served weapons.

dc4c53  No.646949


If we're following retarded fudd logic, everyone should be carrying an RPG.

d12a92  No.646952


>everyone should be carrying an RPG

>retarded logic

Sounds like a good idea to me.

ab1bf1  No.646957

File: a0d8ea3e7676fc0⋯.jpg (90.03 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 20170304_092817.jpg)


I see you too are a man of culture

0ece60  No.646993


A Carl Gustav M4 is only 6.6kg (~15 lbs), is under a meter in length, and has the added bonus of reduced recoil and could be loaded with more effective anti-personnel ammunition (the FFV401 shell is loaded with 1100 flechettes for example). Reloading it by yourself would be a bitch, but one shot should be all you need and it would cause slightly less collateral damage than firing off an RPG in the middle of town.

Do you think that you could direct fire an 81mm mortar in a self defence situation? There was that story posted a while ago of someone using a 20mm cannon against home invaders so using heavier weapons for home defence isn't *too* crazy.

427396  No.647045


or you could shot him fourth time for less



>not rifle grenades mounted on pistols

e0cf95  No.647154


Pretty sure it was a mistranslation of "double stack magazine" that funimation fucked up. Or at least the IMFD article claims it was.

03d567  No.648058


you mispelled genius

0ece60  No.648061


OK, how would you go about building a '2 bullet chamber'? What the hell would that even look like and what would you hope to achieve?

b1cf1f  No.652505

File: ad973df51f25e04⋯.png (7.55 KB, 492x500, 123:125, pieceofart.png)

edc78f  No.652509


Globally reported

002e1e  No.652530


Is this the peak of frog autism?

b59b63  No.652556


The fuck is that?

fac1e4  No.652583

File: 5f3ad6845a50b13⋯.jpg (41.67 KB, 700x807, 700:807, Folded-triplex-ammo.jpg)

3ee5db  No.652823

From a practical standpoint, is having a PCC in addition to a pistol any more advantageous than having a dependable AR and a pistol? Inb4 common caliber bullshit. Also, SMG design moved past double stack, single feed magazines with the WW2 subguns. Sick of hearing about this Glock mag shit. My opinion is it's just Glock fags living in a fantasy world of holstering their G19 in favor of their wannabe SMG for +1 range and +1 damage.

400344  No.652824

File: 427bf03fa184ba5⋯.jpg (14.01 KB, 447x254, 447:254, SALVO stacked duplex.jpg)


Why not go with something that we know more or less (kinda) works?

109728  No.652831


lighter ammo so you can carry more of it and smaller guns more controllable guns. The only real reason police departments stopped using Smgs nearly as much is because the DoD can shit out a crate of surplus ARs for the price of 1 MP5

3ee5db  No.652836


I'll concede the lighter/more ammo thing but using pistol calibers absolutely limits your effective range. Nowadays, an SMG/PCC is an infighter's weapon. Intermediate cartridges just have way more overlap in capability.

fac1e4  No.653384


I'm not saying it was a good idea, I'm just pointing out that somebody already tried it.

I do think that folded or flat-telescoped ammunition is a good idea, but that it would work best in a caseless system where it can feed sideways to reduce the distance it has to travel.

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