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There's no discharge in the war!

File: 632076586564c27⋯.jpg (342.58 KB, 727x1200, 727:1200, Musical-Weapons.jpg)

288731  No.647279

Sup Streloks, wanted to let you know that NuggetFest is coming up soon on April 19-22nd near Stover, MO. Tickets are available on the website for $20 and its $25 at the door. Proceeds go to a portaslunger, dumpster, and pig roast. Looking to be over 100 people this year, hope yall can make it.

0db728  No.647283

>meeting people from /k/

>meeting cuckchan faggots

>trusting said cuckchan faggots to not fuck up and shoot people

Get out and never come back.

129047  No.647285


dont worry chances are cuckchan niggers dont even have guns in the first place

770a57  No.647288


Even then I wouldn't trust them to not fuck everything up or act like turbospergs.

/k/ meetups never ever turn out well.

OP should fuck off.

288731  No.647296

File: 54ffd742e805c15⋯.jpg (70.34 KB, 673x505, 673:505, JPEG_20180501_071311.jpg)



Have either of you ever been to a meet? Theres a reason they keep happening.

3b6438  No.647297

>/k/ meetups

What kind of fucking autist would go to one of these?

46e5eb  No.647299


Your godawful pic tells enough.



Cuckchan and feds.

b76dd4  No.647302

File: fcb1a740cca8e5b⋯.jpg (574.67 KB, 4688x4688, 1:1, 1299827572337.jpg)


>going to a meet up of batfegs, cuckchannelers, unstable trannies, /pol/ larpers, and queers

Who the fuck?

288731  No.647303

File: 555b3c3d69bfbad⋯.jpg (397.03 KB, 1120x2016, 5:9, 20181230_113217.jpg)


That's actually me, tho

288731  No.647307

File: 2ebbf72efc78ed5⋯.png (3.64 MB, 2048x733, 2048:733, DeXkId-VQAERsRY.png)

Hell even state specific meets are fun. I've driven across the country to go to them. Nevada, Pennsylvania, Missouri, a fun time indeed.

c89d00  No.647308

File: 49ffd0507890b80⋯.jpg (42.29 KB, 600x458, 300:229, 49ffd0507890b80efd51923afa….jpg)



Your kind is not welcome here. Leave.

>mfw this is the kind of garbage that washes up on /k/ these days.

288731  No.647310


Why even come here if you shun your peers?

717488  No.647311


Because cuckchan faggots like you need to be reminded that you do not belong here.

288731  No.647313


I came here in the first exodus from 4chan all those years ago. I just kept pace with Creep after going out to Arkadia. I know this place and wouldn't suggest it if it wasnt worth going. Now tell me, have you ever been to a meet?

717488  No.647315


>I'm an old fashioned, guise. Trust me.

No you aren't. Also, I've never been to a meet and never will go to one. I would sooner jerk off using carolina reaper concentrate as lube than go to one of your shitty cuckchan meets.

288731  No.647317


Lots of misplaced anger, Strelok. What's got you so upset?

c2c224  No.647319


>your thing is bad and terrible

>no i haven't done the thing I accuse as being bad and terrible

Stop being a nigger. OPERATORchan should be more your speed, it's full of tryhard fags like you.

f11d98  No.647321


The fact that your sorry ass is still here.


>Hurr, we should accept cuckchan garbage here

>Sure, go to a shitty cuckchan meetup bro. It won't be (completey) gay

You piss off too, faggot.

288731  No.647323


It's a shame, brothers should not eschew their own. Nuggetfest is beyond being solely a 4chan thing. That's why I'm here, telling you about it. I know for a fact that there are other 8chan guys that come out as well. I'm not saying that we adopt 4chan ways as our own, but in the regard of making real connections with real, decent people, a board name is trivial. I only go on 8chan and some of my best friends who I met through /k/ go on 4.

288731  No.647324

File: d55258572a7ad5f⋯.jpg (160.55 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, FB_IMG_1546800995470.jpg)

Sperg out all you want, there are seldom few people who go to a meet and dont end up enjoying it thoroughly. Every single person I've encountered that has been against them, has never gone. Of course the good thing about meets is that they filter out that kind of chaff.

18ba00  No.647326


Don't you want to get some free semen brownies?

caeda1  No.647329

File: 36d7fa1ac907fdd⋯.jpg (72.44 KB, 717x749, 717:749, ASe6Ju7.jpg)






>Who the fuck?

276250  No.647335

File: 08447b6b3be6f58⋯.jpg (28.37 KB, 480x480, 1:1, IMG_20180907_073738_698.jpg)


You seem pretty against like-minded people meeting and having fun :^)

f224c2  No.647347


God bless British Columbia.

5ea287  No.647392

>social interaction

What are you? A fag?

2cb749  No.647452


>incapable of adhering to rule two of firearms safety


ac638f  No.647655


da0a35  No.647669

File: 2e707dbc96daeec⋯.jpg (34.36 KB, 604x271, 604:271, 1490991944279.jpg)

>tfw there will never be a uk meetup

53640c  No.647685

File: d48cf3ec26b653f⋯.png (1.34 MB, 2236x1356, 559:339, 1401718328922.png)

File: 4922202b9e99fd5⋯.png (192.28 KB, 459x624, 153:208, 1461559212813-1.png)


Daily reminder that the last attempted BRITBONG meeting was a spectacular display of social anxiety. :^)

085aa9  No.647686


It's called alcohol, it helps

da0a35  No.647690

File: fcbcfee451c2c8f⋯.jpg (20.62 KB, 427x427, 1:1, 1488427069197.jpg)


holy fuck i think i'ts for the best then lmao

350170  No.647699

File: 1299d0f7ca41ff6⋯.jpg (266.07 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, crab.jpg)

Anybody near northern kentucky/southern ohio that wants to meet up this weekend? holy fugg i'm bored

caveats being that i wouldn't be able to bring funs, so it'd just basically be a chat, and that i'm 18

can bring some cheap cigarillos & shit tasting homebrew if more than 1 person

11e9d5  No.647738

File: 2bd318116c96821⋯.jpg (99.38 KB, 960x722, 480:361, autism.jpg)


lmfao fuck off BattleJesus you fucking faggot you mock 8ch every time it's brought up at least be honest with us here.

keep your 4channel PC trap fucking cancer out of the 8s. You're literally unwelcome here.

Meetups are fine, but what you offer, while might be fun, is a disgrace to the gun community at large. dildo cannons? Goat sacrifices? it's /cringe/ as hell.

Clean up your act.

98f56e  No.647743


>t. Sewfay

5e8ae8  No.647767


>trying to convince us it’s not horrid

>allowing women

5839b6  No.647778

Man you guys are either some salty cynical mother fuckers or anti gun Jews. Can’t tell

a3fcef  No.647782


>you don’t want to go to an anime convention?

>you must hate anime!

No, I just don’t want to go see all the fat unwashed autists that show up, and listen to them repeat the same dozen old unfunny memes ad nauseum. Doesn’t mean I hate anime. Now kill yourself.

5528bc  No.647800




cca481  No.647854




79b235  No.647856

>not having irl friends to take to the range with and go camping after

Must suck being desperate enough to meet up with other /k/ommandos. None of my friends know about chan culture. I just provide the ammo and they provide the beer after

f65f65  No.647918


Not sure I'm a fan of prison time tbh lad.

181eee  No.647919

File: 765c5f393d79140⋯.png (68.88 KB, 210x339, 70:113, no exit.png)

ITT: Retards completely fail to understand the whole point of anonymity and so they meet with each other to circlejerk. Also reminder that these retards, retards from this very board, have their own honeypot and facebook groups where they post recycled "memes" and make shitty ''le cheeky breeky stalker xd" jokes and have links that direct them here. Oh, and they also shill their shitty cheap chink-made patches.

dc200f  No.647924




tell me about the ayyy lmao emoji mask, where do you get them

fa24f2  No.647928


I am genuinely surprised that nobody has slaughtered you all yet. Anyone could go to the meeting location 2 - 3 hours before the specified time, set up in the perfect location, wait for you shitheads to show up and kill you all while you're busy circlejerking and eating. Looking at this picture I only see 4, maybe 5 people who aren't weak numales or literal women. And judging by the fact that all of them were stupid enough to meet up, I doubt they could ever be a threat.

God I wish I was a burger. I could shoot you all and the cops would have no idea who did it because you meet up in the middle of nowhere and decide the meeting location in an anonymous site. I could single-handedly save /k/ from shitheads like you and never have to worry about consequences.

350170  No.647947

File: 9acf251625ccd0f⋯.png (266.33 KB, 552x543, 184:181, 9acf251625ccd0f8091268c637….png)



$20 says this is the same person, another $20 says he has crippling social anxiety, and $10 says this is muttspammer

a3fcef  No.647952


>everyone who thinks my retardation is retarded is the same person

a3fcef  No.647953



Guess I’ll kill myself.

f3d227  No.647954



yeah cool ebin meme pictures very impressive

wanna show us your fursuit next?

a3fcef  No.647976


>I am the only one defending my shitty idea

>fires up tor

>but not for long!

Jihad yourself at your next meeting, in the meantime unplug your router.

350170  No.648083



b23974  No.648124

File: 8ec1936cf85b422⋯.jpg (270.57 KB, 960x960, 1:1, quality k.jpg)

>actually making the effort for this cringe

Stay on 4ch were you and your ilk belong.

cee168  No.648357


I cant find em anymore fam

cee168  No.648358


Wait what? Take your meds fag.

5528bc  No.648360



cee168  No.648368


>getting this mad

Wew lad

fffe22  No.649279

File: 31f929afe8bebb7⋯.jpg (37.04 KB, 332x275, 332:275, consider.jpg)


>Kommunity actually creates a yearly gathering

>is successful, fun, and relatively safe

Your paranoia is hurting only yourself.

1b17c2  No.649280

File: d1f3ba05c484b67⋯.jpg (31.18 KB, 411x387, 137:129, 1428391171710.jpg)

This thread seems to be full of faggots who dont like to go outside. Neck yourselves for not wanting to meet other people like you, you shitty unwashed kikes.

576396  No.649292

File: a2a196e9f124236⋯.jpg (34.2 KB, 608x477, 608:477, 1w33or.jpg)

Why don't you guys even go when you have guns and people who like guns? Fucking yanks don't deserve guns if they're going to be all paranoid; just keep your balaclava on at all times and cover your plates as soon as you get on private property.

4f878b  No.649304

Speaking of meet ups is anyone going to kalashbash in central texas?

b23974  No.649323


>hanging around a thread you dislike

Come on even i'm not that bad.

9cce98  No.649712

Gee. It sure would be a shame if someone reported to the FBI about a group of "armed terrorists" meeting up.

b23974  No.650080

File: 61e59bcc381db03⋯.png (396.9 KB, 899x899, 1:1, merchent.png)


>I'm going to become what I hate because I'm jealous of people having fun

You are the worst kind of traitor and a D&C kike. Gas yourself.

facb70  No.650083


It's like you don't want some comedy.

Feds arrest cuckchanners, trannies, soyboys, and other feds only to see how awkward and embarrassing the entire situation is and promptly sweep it under the rug.

Everyone here, except for fags like you and OP of course, would be in stiches at laughing so hard.

d8df93  No.650088


I thought 4cuck liked dank memes.

Don't you want go see them get dabbed on?

82e087  No.650096


>that filename

Probably not a good idea to upload pictures of your tacticool kit on Faceberg.

edbee3  No.650471

File: 6607e5f9bd59788⋯.jpg (81.23 KB, 1149x419, 1149:419, FBI~2.jpg)

Whoooops, did I do that?

How clumsy of me haha. :P

d0b3a2  No.650481

There's already a thread for networking, but hope y'all can have a blast.

bb64f3  No.650490

File: 65585601c17d416⋯.jpg (2.29 KB, 124x123, 124:123, IMG_20180904_031637_928.jpg)


Thanks fam


Lmao good one

06cba2  No.650504


Shit, 513 here, there's a bunch of folks that'd be down for that.

359ec1  No.650669


I'm open all this weekend if you or said guys are up for it

359ec1  No.650670


IP changed, I'm the guy you responded to

06cba2  No.651098


Oh yeah, they'd definitely be down. Shit, are you ok with joining a honeypot?

359ec1  No.651175


extremely reluctantly, but yes.


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