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There's no discharge in the war!

File: 3f8884fa26c86e3⋯.png (248.18 KB, 1756x1408, 439:352, wtf america.png)

a63c09  No.647701

How can America continue to call itself "the most gun-free nation" while being so pro gun control? Is this just propaganda or are Americans really this retarded?

Source: https://graphics.reuters.com/FLORIDA-SHOOTING-ANNIVERSARY-POLL/010090FP0ND/index.html

f5b77e  No.647708


>How can America continue to call itself "the most gun-free nation" while being so pro gun control?

Most of your countrymen still believe that they're free, next question.

>Is this just propaganda or are Americans really this retarded?

Both, propaganda is more effective on the retarded.

b11a2c  No.647711


>70% bad goyim wants armed guards in schools to ruin the theatrics of school shootings.

oy vey.

<high capacity ammo clips

muh broomhandle.

9072c1  No.647713

File: ef58eb592680dbf⋯.gif (720.87 KB, 512x512, 1:1, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.gif)

File: dbeddda9f4982a4⋯.png (65.57 KB, 366x401, 366:401, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.png)

>high capacity ammo clips


62fede  No.647715

File: 4e1c34ff28f8fcf⋯.png (34.28 KB, 1342x1550, 671:775, Pedersen clip.PNG)


I think they mean the Garand. Most clips only hold 5 cartridges, the Garand has 60% more. And the original Pedersen had a 10 round clip.

cb3002  No.647717

File: 25fc5153d60b07d⋯.jpg (125.85 KB, 760x533, 760:533, lee metford action.jpg)


Pretty soon they'll make like the British and limit the use of internal magazines to only those situations where the CO deems it necessary.

303555  No.647720

File: 6a071f0081b27fa⋯.png (6.45 KB, 614x614, 1:1, mistake..png)

>High capacity ammo clips


>Polls always represent the the entirety of a country

>No archive


Control stems from ignorant normalfags. Even so called "pro-gun" fags will support it in some form.

But the real reason is that there really isn't a first world country with gun laws as good as most of America right now.

b11a2c  No.647721


>But the real reason is that there really isn't a first world country with gun laws

Switzerland, Czech Republic?

8f0937  No.647723


>Is this just propaganda or are Americans really this retarded?

A little of both. These polls work by exclusively targeting ignorant and/or strongly left-leaning demographics (i.e. boomers), using ambiguous or blatantly loaded questions to encourage anti-gun responses (question 1 is framed as "are you in favor of gun violence y/n", question 2 is unclear whether "improve gun laws" means more or less gun control) and then burying any results that go against the narrative.

A few fair polls have been conducted over the years and the results are always pro-gun.

a304a2  No.647725

File: 0a77b28aed1eba3⋯.mp4 (450.57 KB, 256x144, 16:9, The_Big_Laugh_-_Jürgen_Sch….mp4)


>actually believing a (((reuters))) "poll"

No, you're the retard

303555  No.647744

File: 28b52274384125f⋯.png (557 B, 32x32, 1:1, mistake hd.png)


Both have shittier gun laws than most of America.

a63c09  No.647748


Well that's good to hear. I guess i was just ignorant on how pollsters work.

b11a2c  No.647752


>shoot a nigger (actually having niggers in the first place) in self-defense

>police confiscates your guns

>piece of plastic carries same punishment as a brick of cocaine

Sure thing buddy.

8402be  No.647763

These polls are not reflected in white and native american populations, only goblins (central americans) and orcs (nigs) with asians being split by gender, males not favoring. The invasion of further goblins increases support for gun control, enabled by international Judendom

b17bbc  No.647769

> Is this just propaganda

There are over 357 million guns in America keep 99% of gun owners have just one gun while that 1% has all the rest in about 120 million households some households have more than one gun owner while the total population is 321 million plus about 30 million illegals the number of adults is about 247 million.

That means, roughly, that the number of gun owners in America hovers around 50% of he voter base. Some small percentage like 20% doesn't care about guns, while the remainder hates them. The graboids are a tiny minority, they are just bullies and 1 graboid can ruin the lives of 10 gun owners because gun owners are by and large pacifists.

b17bbc  No.647771


By the way, starting a question with

>to stop gun violence

Is a deliberate tactic. The fact that gun violence exists on a massive scale is inserted into the respondents mind as an AXIOM, as is the "fact" that gun violence is a big issue since it clearly has to be stopped.

It's like saying

>to stop you from being gay, should you pull the cock from your ass?

You either say what the pollster wants to you say, or you look like a faggot or a babykilling gunmonster

c83204  No.647774


<M8, who are you kidding. The US is hopelessly fucked and is quickly becoming antigun commies

>M8, who are you kidding. The US is hopelessly fucked and is quickly becoming antigun Mexico


Import the 3rd world become the 3rd world

cc1a0c  No.647777

>Believing reuters

>Believing polls

Fuck off, faggot.

e12260  No.647783


You're the retard. Notice Reuters omits any pertinent information such as; how many individuals were polled, where did the polling take place, and what is the margin of error? For all we fucking know this poll was administer to the faculty at UC Berkeley and Reuters is presenting it as nationally administered poll. The other issue is the utter fucking bullshit of the presented stats, the primary poll is a loaded question and half of the follow-on questions are either not related to gun control or a false dichotomy; they pose the question if firearms should be banned for ownership for the mentally ill…when they already fucking are under 18 U.S.C. § 922(d) and a myriad of state laws.

303555  No.647788

File: 807bf10519aab4f⋯.png (1.09 KB, 37x46, 37:46, 0acd035f8a2a8991c848481ab6….png)


>Doesn't know firearms used in self defense are returned to the owner

Still kind of gay that this happens though. I am no expert in Swiss nor Czech law, so I have to ask what happens in those countries if you use a firearm in self defense?

>An unconstitutional ban that is being disputed as we speak means the country's gun laws are worse than ones with ammo and use restrictions


>Having to fight for your rights means the US has shit gun laws

I agree with you that the situation is not looking good(not just gun laws, practically all aspects of our society), but that doesn't mean most of the US has shitty gun laws.

8cebad  No.647791

Polls are never trustable.

They interview 1000 people and say that's representative for 10.000.000 people.

Never ever trust polls.

4f2815  No.647801


Read some books, nigger.

a15fcb  No.647803

File: f6f3db9baa8177a⋯.jpg (81.63 KB, 906x768, 151:128, read a book nigger.jpg)

File: b728402cded79a5⋯.png (718.58 KB, 1259x1005, 1259:1005, rpyei3g5bcp01.png)

>How can America continue to call itself "the most gun-free nation" while being so pro gun control?

>Is this just propaganda or are Americans really this retarded?

hownew.ru, I bet you haven't even read Bernays.

b17bbc  No.647804


Try 100 or 10.

CNN literally interviewed 130 people for their prediction that 60% of people would vote for Hillary.

8cebad  No.647806


I'm amazed they interview anyone at all.

Nowadays there's nothing trustable anywhere.

086a3f  No.647883

File: b92f85aae041198⋯.png (1.25 MB, 1882x901, 1882:901, 3a64137f97a8749061267163cc….png)


>321+30 million

It's actually close to 330 million with 30 million being the low estimate of illegals, and several estimates showing a possible 60 million.

086a3f  No.647885


>implying Hawaii, California, Illinois, and Jew York are even America

The US Constitution is literally nullified in those states. They are not Americans, they're foreign invaders, and the sooner they all die the better.

086a3f  No.647886


Shit, sorry for double posting, I thought that was two different threads. Fuck. I suck dicks.

7eeed1  No.647887


Zimmerman got his gun back after his huge controversial trial. It's pretty easy unless you are in a terrible state like CA or NY.

a3fee2  No.647897


Urbanite detected.

92ee8b  No.647917


>muh inbred druggie rednecks fuck white people lol

When did you first discover you were a subhuman nigger?

b17bbc  No.647933


I don't think that's realistic based on liberal voting numbers. If they had that kind of voting power republicans would never, ever win.

Liberals hold about 25% of the population, about 80 million American citizens.

Conservatives have about 35% of the population, or 100 million people.

Rest just don't vote. 45-50% of americans don't show up to vote ever.

30 million latinos, about a third of which is underage and can't really vote is realistic, because it fits right into the slot for liberals that leads to the really close races we see in every election in America.

60 million would just assure victory for liberals forever.

2b2790  No.647950

File: 339a22bcd8df7a2⋯.png (115.52 KB, 2120x2440, 53:61, 364b135e7b98d701b33f259eed….png)


f451e4  No.647956


>Is this just propaganda or are Americans really this retarded?

99 years of constant anti-arm propaganda.

643bbd  No.647978

File: 4527e6c4f3b0537⋯.png (95.16 KB, 673x879, 673:879, sketch 06_04_2016 3.png)


What do you expect from Reuters?

Published opinion polls only tell you what the pollster wants you to think. Who gets polled, what questions are asked, how those questions are phrased, and more can seriously influence the poll results.

You should also remember that reporters and pollsters can and do throw out poll results that conflict with either the story they have already written, or what their client has asked for, respectively.

Never trust an opinion poll or anyone who presents it as proof of anything.

7a44db  No.648035

Shouldn’t they be working to ban high capacity assault belts before they ban clips?

7d2ee9  No.648109

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

86e887  No.648192

File: 1eaa658c7b230f3⋯.png (201.78 KB, 264x327, 88:109, airlarp.png)


>ban from mentally ill

What the fuck is that supposed to mean? Is it just a vague and broad clause (((they))) can use to get you a lifetime ban from guns?

f8a441  No.648199


>Implying these statistics are done in good faith

>Implying that their opinion should matter in a republic

47fc3a  No.648201


>wtf why does this kiked to shit (((poll))) show results that are the complete opposite of what they should actually be

That's a real fucking toughy.. With kikes question the likes.

60c83e  No.648526


>conduct survey in metropolitan area

>extrapolate and apply to broader population

>most Americans prefer their girlfriends strap-on

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