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There's no discharge in the war!

File: c465bf1fecc95f0⋯.jpg (101.36 KB, 1143x682, 1143:682, or-38079.jpg)

ee2742  No.647949



>Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and Defense Minister Mariusz Błaszczak on Sunday hailed the deal as an important part of efforts to upgrade Poland's armed forces.

>Poland's government on Sunday announced the planned purchase of 20 HIMARS artillery rocket systems from the United States for US$414 million as part of a military modernization drive.

>The deal, which is scheduled to be finalized on Wednesday, comes after the U.S. Department of State and subsequently Congress approved the sale of 20 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) launchers and related equipment to Poland, Radio Poland reported.

>The Pentagon's Defense Security Cooperation Agency said in November that the sale aimed to strengthen security in the region and help modernize Poland's military.

>The agency also said at the time that the HIMARS launchers, produced by American company Lockheed Martin, and related equipment were estimated to cost around $655 million.

>According to the Polish defense ministry, the HIMARS system is capable of striking targets at distances of up to 300 kilometres.

>The Polish government last month signed a multi-million deal to buy a first batch of four U.S.-designed, Polish-built Black Hawk helicopters for the country's armed forces.

>Poland in March last year signed what officials described as a historic deal to buy an American Patriot air defense system for $4.75 billion.

Hopefully their shiny new Lockheeb toys work if they ever need them.

d57804  No.647964


>It wasn't even buying american shit as a payment of (((international debt))) owned by USA

>just buying worthless lockheeb trash with tax money.

I'd rather have Russian troops set up IRBM's in central Poland aimed at Berlin and London, that'd have a meaning as an alliance, and not having local zog import burgermutts who immediately threaten with breaking the alliance if Poland doesn't accept Poles did the holocaust because there's nothing more to milk from germany yet holocaust industry must thrive.

Really makes me optimistic about this alliance working out in case of a conflict.

e9fd44  No.647965


>Poland's government on Sunday announced the planned purchase of 20 HIMARS artillery rocket systems from the United States for US$414 million as part of a military modernization drive

Isn't that the system that the USA decided was 'too expensive to run' and are desperately trying to get rid of? (or was that just the ATACMS?)

ceaeb9  No.647971


Why does Poland fellate the US so much?

Wouldn't they be better off importing arms from Israel?

e2b559  No.647979


They are better off making their own shit.

This is just pure bribery.

d57804  No.647980


Every other country was outbid by USA in the recent elections so the (((democratically))) elected government shows its gratitude to benevolent benefactors.

But it's okay, maybe next elections will be won by the same jews that run EU and Germany.


>importing IMI trash

The only time Poland had any success with dealing with Israel was creating a spec-ops unit that would ensure that not a single jew would leave the train from Poland to Israel before the final destination was reached.

d47d6d  No.647984


>wanting based russia to come in and ban 8ch along with making it a crime to say the holocaust don't real

>not knowing the jewssr was the one that started the "blame polan for everything" movement as a way to keep them down under communism

But of course its always burgerland's fault.


HIMARS is supposed to be a cheaper to use and quicker to move around M720MLRS replacement. Though it only replaced the M720 completely in the marines, it simply supplements the armies rocket launcher units. So I don't believe so.

ee2742  No.647992


>wanting russia to come in and rape poland the way they're raping ukraine

>wanting thousands of polish boys to die fighting them every month while thousands of polish girls are sold into sex slavery because their men can't protect them anymore because they're fucking dead

>but it's okay because putin is based and he just needs oil and then he'll gas the kikes, guys!

Why do you hate your own country?

49efa1  No.648004

File: ad1c8b1d5d8dac7⋯.jpg (193.42 KB, 1200x830, 120:83, Sturmtiger-Minden-Ger.jpg)


God bless you, gruppenführer.


So this is the "based" Poland I've heard so much about? They would have done much better as a (((Soviet)))/Russian subject.

8f49d2  No.648006

>Patriot air defense system for $4.75 billion.

Do I remember incorrectly but wasn't patriot bit trash? Like, the guys you are supposed to defend against can just completely bypass it-bad?

6b4e19  No.648007


Poland practically collapsed under the soviet thumb alongside the rest of the warsaw pact.

619975  No.648009


The anti-aircraft capability is adequate.

The anti-missile capability of the system was nothing but propaganda around the time of the iraq war. Any numbers on successful hits were propaganda and completely made up. Of course, ALL land based anti-missile systems (like Iron Dome) were complete shit at this time as well. Incoming missiles that missed or malfunctioned (and there are a lot of these) are counted as "successful kills".

Newer versions of the missiles in these systems are better, but I couldn't tell you by how much and I wouldn't be too optimistic.

c35079  No.648017


What is with the cuck who seems to live the Reich but also wants Poland to be occupied by the (((Soviet)))?

05963b  No.648019


Shame on Poland for not being autarky.

39555b  No.648021

Looks like Poland was bullied into the same "Defense Cooperation Agreement" we are on its way too. Happy to serve the globohomo, I guess…

05963b  No.648024


I hope the polish nationalists overthrow the government and execute the traitors publicly.

57eb24  No.648032


>The anti-aircraft capability is adequate.

Given that only the most recent prototype have a 360° radar, I don't think so no.

Even without going to Russian level of AA insanity, all other western comparable AA completely buries Patriots performance wise (SAMP/T, Type 03 Chū-SAM, KM-SAM, Barak 8).

Threadly reminder that SK and Israel get Patriots for free… yet they felt the need to spend a stupid amount of money to get their own.

9619f9  No.648036


Israel will flip out when USA stop funding them.

296a3f  No.648070


>along with making it a crime to say the holocaust don't real

Questioning the Israeli official version (and updates) of holocaust is already illegal, both Israel and America threatened Poland over a change in Polish law that'd make it illegal to blame Poland for holocaust so nothing changes or might even slightly improve.

However, if we were in an Alliance with Russia rather than USA, we wouldn't need to worry about state department coming in to strong arm real estate to give to "needy holocaust survivors" as per S447 JUST

Russia probably wouldn't fund pedophile grooming in primary schools like State Department (and some other NATO/EU allies) did, along with gay dating sites. https://kph.org.pl/zorganizuj-teczowy-piatek-w-swojej-szkole/

https://archive.fo/KXxuI It's hard to time the archive with the bar scrolling

see the scrolling bar in the bottom of the page "partnerzy i sponsorzy" (partners and sponsors), we have (((usual suspects of Open Society Foundation))), EU, Netherlands, Norway Grants, and US embassy.


At least it's not literal niggermutts you keep sending to bad goy countries to do the raping, Ukraine isn't an Ally of Russia, but Belarus is, and seems to be doing better with no immintent threat of being forced by USA to pay up triple the yearly GDP as reparation to holocaust mafia.


Yes, but it's american, therefore it's good and you're a Russian shillbot if you think otherwise. ZOG could buy a slingshot and a lump of mud for billions but as long as it's sold to Poland by American >Allies it's a huge win for everyone involved.


>Why do you hate your own country?

Because it hasn't been mine for the last 80 years, and nobody seems to care as evidenced with government representatives coming up with shit like

>Poland needs USA for independence and sovereignty

Which is quite the oxymoron.


But the "Polish" "nationalists" are perfectly fine with baste niggers "afropoles" and center-left zionist government, sometimes they pretend to get asshurt about immigrants from ukraine openly worshipping Bandera in public, the hero CIA cooked up for them as a theme of their revolution, Symon Petlura who actually accomplished a lot for Ukrainian independence is a big no-no because he was gunned down by a jew (court verdict: innocent, poor chosen couldn't handle constant antisemitism) in broad daylight, which sparked a series of pogroms in ukraine as a retaliation.

3aa740  No.648072


Not muh nigger, ruskies just straight send in the arabs and central asian turkoids instead.

People who think Russia > USA or vice versa is delusional, there's a population crisis in Russia that Putin doesn't allow speaking about. Both USA and Russia are shitty empires.

be8bf1  No.648073


Poland once again outclasses niggers in being niggers, fucking pottery. What's with the influx of leftists on /k/ lately? Is cuckchan leaking again>

3aa740  No.648074


Nowadays, anti-Americanism is shilled in ALL boards.

I can understand anti-American influence, but this extends to ordinary americans as well.

It's retarded propaganda to pit the dwindling euros vs the dwindling americans for WW3.

33eb02  No.648076


Isn't cuckchan implementing user accounts now or something?

296a3f  No.648077

File: 59de1d33488846b⋯.jpg (85.93 KB, 443x443, 1:1, 10183d0b66981c2eaeda19e2cc….jpg)


>expecting nationalists to give a shit about ethnic make-up of the country and aspiring for independence



3aa740  No.648081


They do though.

inb4 they all civic, goyim

6b1384  No.648084


Real nationalists nowadays are rather fascists/national socialists in their way of thinking. Todays "nationalists" are mostly conservatives in denial.

3aa740  No.648085


That is a pretty big claim, where is the proof?

6b1384  No.648086


Read books.

3aa740  No.648087



296a3f  No.648092

File: 3bbb488fd8071ae⋯.jpg (89.61 KB, 918x593, 918:593, f7f90d519532d04f49f9d0946d….jpg)

File: 5ce4a8e8aeaffde⋯.jpg (118.23 KB, 965x576, 965:576, AR-311169900.jpg)


>inb4 they all civic, goyim

PiS, which is marxist jew media boogeyman of ultra-right has no problems importing pajeets and vietnamese by hundreds of thousands, ukrainians by millions

And for an actual "far" "right"

>straight from ONR (obóz narodowo-radykalny), "radical nationalist camp"

>Potępiając rasizm biologiczny, postulujemy zachowanie stanu homogeniczności etnicznej, który sprzyja utrzymaniu pokoju społecznego i stabilności państwa.

>We want a homogenous society becuase it reduces social unrest, but we denounce biological racism, so we'll take only the bastest quadraplegic afropoles.

619975  No.648103

File: f9d4f45d7840bfc⋯.jpg (34.97 KB, 500x540, 25:27, AN-MPQ-53 radar patriot-ra….jpg)


Fuck, I had I had completely forgotten about the retarded use of only sectored radars for some reason. It does look like Ratheon is attempting to "upsell" the newer radars to Poland: https://www.defensedaily.com/raytheon-offers-360-degree-radar-to-poland-germany-in-patriot-system-upgrade/

But this also reminded me of something else; It was only the earlier PAC versions of the missiles that were adequate at anti-air. The newer ones are "optimized" for interception (which frankly isn't that good), which made them slower and shorter range. We once again neglected/actively ruined our AA because "but air superiority will fix it!" morons.

ceaeb9  No.648112


How many Patriots does it take to surpass a single S-300 in raw anti-air capability?

332ea3  No.648113


Fact of the matter is no one knows and will never know unless a war breaks out. You have to take the word of two governments who will say theirs is better. It can be both Russians and the Americans who will be dishonest about how effective their weapons are. It's a rather pointless argument to have as a result and it all comes down to opinions and marketing since the real data on it is classified.

05963b  No.648146


>It's retarded propaganda to pit the dwindling euros vs the dwindling americans for WW3.

The jews’s purpose is to shift the power away from white people permanently so they cannot fight again and prevent them from fleeing in the outer space and colonise the planets. The white people have instinct that is strong as wolf to colonise everything so imagine that the situation for the non-white people if the entire white population left Earth completely?

25d7bd  No.648147


>the entire white population left Earth completely

Only deracinated mutts and other worthless trashes would do that.

Colonizing =/= abandoning the Fatherland.

25d7bd  No.648148


>A fucking disabled nigger




How many Simon Mol(s) got away in Poland?

25d7bd  No.648151


>hating muttmerica and saying bad things about vatniks is being leftist


25d7bd  No.648152


>Symon Petlura

>Schwartzbard's parents were among fifteen members of his family murdered in the pogroms in Odessa. The core defense at the Schwartzbard trial was — as presented by the noted jurist Henri Torres — that he was avenging the deaths of more than 50,000 Jewish victims of the pogroms, whereas the prosecution (both criminal and civil) tried to show that Petliura was not responsible for the pogroms and that Schwartzbard was a Soviet agent. After a trial lasting eight days the jury acquitted Schwartzbard.

Fuck me. No wonder why hohols fucked up the kikes so bad Germans were shocked when they moved in.

They didn't do it hard enough

cba0bd  No.648153

File: 5005b580975d983⋯.jpg (451.47 KB, 686x961, 686:961, 1424336460530.jpg)


>I'd rather have Russian troops set up IRBM's in central Poland aimed at Berlin and London

There's a reason why Polish government was first in the world to help us with military aid in 2014 and first to acknowledge our independence in 1991. The reason is attached.

25d7bd  No.648154


Could these mongols even tell Aryans apart from each other? How many slavs did they rape anyway?

05963b  No.648155


>Abandoning Earth

What they come back and cleanse the Earth to be free from sickness?

>deracinated mutts and other worthless trashes would do that.

I hope not but what will they do on the nuked lands?

619975  No.648157

File: 4993e16306897e5⋯.jpg (246.88 KB, 1600x1067, 1600:1067, img_39_13081_0.jpg)

File: 11f1347c3cae037⋯.jpg (57.97 KB, 600x488, 75:61, mim-104_patriot_surface_to….jpg)

File: ee401d49c387d8f⋯.jpg (737.9 KB, 1200x1528, 150:191, PAC-3 patriot.jpg)

File: 9ec2cb446fe03e0⋯.jpg (350.88 KB, 1279x835, 1279:835, m02010061500020.jpg)


My very shallow understanding was that the PAC 1-2 versions of the missiles and their particular supporting equipment capabilities were roughly equivalent of the S-300 variants and it's supporting equipment of the same time period (1980's), with the caveat Soviets/Russians were generally better at having a proper doctrine for these systems into place because they knew they couldn't rely on air support far into in a hot war.

Currently there are a variety of S-300 variants, some of which are optimized for missile interception (which I doubt are very good), as well as variants solely for anti-air.

We on the other hand basically only have missile interception variants. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, I'd love to believe otherwise.

I can't really speak beyond these generalities, because as the other anon said, much of this stuff is classified, and it takes some intelligent autism to actually analyze the physically possible capabilities of these systems. Another thing to consider is that in a true war, a medium range missile system shooting against a maneuvering fighter is a situation that is actively avoided on all sides and means that SEAD wasn't thorough or careful enough.

619975  No.648158


The slavs were on a rape rampage well before they even crossed borders.

296a3f  No.648168


I dunno, don't care, but HIV rates are low and women easy and career oriented.


You forgot the important part that his assassination was the kike coming to him from behind like a coward, and unloading a revolver into his back, where local police didn't even attempt to stop him, just casually asked if he's finished.


>There's a reason why Polish government was first in the world to help us with military aid in 2014 and first to acknowledge our independence in 1991.

Indeed, it's because the government is ran by traitors whose motto is "no matter what, always against Poland", that intelligence agencies buy out on a cyclical basis.

79c700  No.648193

File: 02de01a078e5c69⋯.jpg (224.67 KB, 1088x1200, 68:75, Why_phoenix.jpg)



Oh sure Polska :^)

In all seriousness, does Russian shit work more often than US literal shit?

ff79d3  No.648195


There is no evidence for either considering Russia really likes to boast.

Yet Israeli planes bomb Syria with no problem.

03459a  No.648222


Anyone has the version with the Pokémon related texts?

6b4e19  No.648224


Given they have to do said bombing from Lebanon certainly says something.

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