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There's no discharge in the war!

File: e662289e3e5b91e⋯.jpg (68.66 KB, 678x381, 226:127, antifa-violence-678x381.jpg)

File: 19727ed16274fd2⋯.jpg (120.75 KB, 940x627, 940:627, 9303766-3x2-940x627.jpg)

File: ce384874497a018⋯.jpg (216.97 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, 692311004.0.jpg)

File: 9abd68d9bdd7328⋯.jpg (127.52 KB, 745x497, 745:497, beth_payne.jpg)

File: be37ed90d3b41c4⋯.jpg (56.77 KB, 800x565, 160:113, Condor.jpg)

f464a8  No.648110

A reminder for you to not underestimate the enemy.

He might look weak and fragile, he is too. But does these mean you should not prepare for him? Ofcourse not. You should be prepared for him to be the absolute best he can be and be 10x better than that. Once things kick off the communist needs dealing with as quickly as possible and not be allowed to spread his filth and violence on the populous.




If the (((communist))) is allowed any foothold over territory, he will do his utter best to be the worst he can be. This cannot happen. It mustn't.

8fc5d5  No.648119



Did you assume its gender?

486e57  No.648120

I don't know the exact level of incompetence in burgerland, but in here they're literally not a threat. Not only are they a hilarious minority (7% of the voters), but also they multiple times have shown they are shit when it comes to guns. They don't know how to make proper molotovs, they don't know how to properly riot, they don't know how to use pistols, and when they do use them, they hit their own guys.

Gun laws in Greece as harsh, but you don't need anything more than a 590 to genocide the entire leftist population

b00505  No.648141

File: e35e40aea1f8d70⋯.jpg (31.78 KB, 480x430, 48:43, antifags - cowards in huma….jpg)

File: 8cca097d3998120⋯.png (135.62 KB, 500x490, 50:49, antifags - degenerate cosp….png)

File: e593ac81a703aa0⋯.jpg (107.34 KB, 800x920, 20:23, antifags - that's how you ….jpg)


Pretty much the same sort of thing over here. Of the commies who are old enough to buy their own beers they're either grey haired old guard whose revolutionary activities are limited to mouthing off in the pub after a few, or undergrads who honestly bought into the '#fullyautomatedluxurygayspacecommunism' meme and fall into spasms of grief and terror when asked to do anything more strenuous than walk down a street.

There's no reason not to prepare, but most of these guys would issue an unconditional surrender the moment you threatened to withhold their tendies.

7c97d2  No.648156


It's not the assfags marching around like LARPers we've got to worry about, they're simply propaganda tools. It's the true believers, the one's that truly believe this commie shit in their very soul, that stay in the shadows, lurking and know just enough to be damn dangerous. IF shit goes hot, it's not going to be nicely line columns of bitchass Leftists that will be lining up to be shot, it'll be those true beleivers that'll be using unconventional tactics, small unit strikes and raids, your basic insurgency type shit. They'll perch up on the eves of overpasses//bridges in the darkness of night sniping at the "white bourgeoisie" driving their cars. They'll bomb Walmarts, Lowes, Home Depot, construction sites, police stations, national guard depots, recruiting stations, ect… places they consider the hubs "fascists" congregate or institutions they believe are institutionally "fascist", they'll preform bum rush mobs at work sites, banks, supermarkets, ect… snatching purses, wallets, cash, ect… from people and then disappear. They may account for a single digit in most populaces, but they enough of a force to be dangerous to a society.

486e57  No.648159


I know where these people hang out, and where they would hang out if SHTF. Most of them will die in the cities, and the rest will be ultimately hunted

fc365b  No.648160

The problem with the Marxist is that they are the government. Nevertheless, indestructible things do not exist, and the best thing you can, and should always do is to improve the fortress that is you.

82df58  No.648164

File: 27d9329851bfe87⋯.png (306.79 KB, 639x431, 639:431, i must kill.png)

Owning and shooting guns is important, but absolutely do not neglect your physical health guys. I've met a few morons out there that think they'll just be fine sitting in the same place all day shooting anyone wearing a red shirt. Thinking like that will end up with your house getting leveled with you in it.

It's fucking simple to stay in shape you know. Every other day you should at least try to do 100 push ups, 100 sit ups, and run nonstop for at least two miles. Obviously that isn't everything you need to do, but its a decent starting point for a lot of people. Another thing a lot of people neglect is rucking. You've got all that ammo, guns, and gear, can you carry it? How long can you do it? Try walking around with a weight in a backpack once in a while. Try at least 50 lbs, sometimes grunts walk around with gear up to 100 lbs.

Always remember when you face your enemy, he will never fight you fairly. You will end up fighting the enemy at his best, while you are at your worst, and your worst will need to be much better than his best, because if it isn't, you will die.

c607d9  No.648166



You fellas are correct but I posit to you a scenario where the leftists have multiplied beyond a fake threat. While the technology advances in every country especially in the USA. They will find ways to arm these people to put them up to the test against real combatants. Since they no longer can fool the right to do bad against others after WW2. The growth of the left in its inorganic nature was ironically only natural. Since they need new fools to use and abuse for the next clash of powers. The definition of what makes a leftist today are easily defined and exploitable.

What do I mean by this? Drones are the first example. They take someone who is weaker and unable to fight on the front-lines. Then put him behind a screen to operate these drones where less humanity is required. (Leftists being what they are now obviously have very little, much less, sanity.) So as I said before the growth of the left is natural to this point in time. The unintended side effect of the weakness that these leftists display are only going to be remedied with technological means.

This is why more advanced military tech spells disaster and doom, since, we know Chaim'n'Moishe aren't funding things for the benefit of their good goys or society. Though the people being more intelligent on the right does help us. Whilst also not having to rely so much on computer or digital systems. This puts some enemies at a disadvantage to such things as pure ingenuity and cleverness in certain scenarios. Meaning there will be ways around such tech as the game of cat and mouse does evolve as it is happening. (We've seen examples in our history and I imagine even in fiction there is even better ones ;^)

I spose it really comes down to how many of you see this sort of thing as being forthcoming? As the OP states you should prepare for your enemy to be at their best. Your enemy will eventually have AI's to use in their war against you should you allow them the space to develop it into being fully functioning and battle-field ready.

Also a lot of leftists who are young today tend to come from families that are very conservative. A lot of people would find it troublesome to put down someone that is still apart of their family by blood.

bf80da  No.648167

File: 176149fbf24dd6d⋯.jpg (62.49 KB, 492x340, 123:85, blackwater.jpg)


The communists are chaff. This is what you should be preparing for.

ca6a5f  No.648171

Well Jeeze. I guess I am going to have to infiltrate an organization and take notes. And slowly undermine their mental health utilizing poisoned guac and chip dip so that the redflag laws that exist cause them to get their funs taken away.

2740a9  No.648173


>can't even make a proper fist

I don't think he wanted to make a fist there tbh, it just looks as if his hands are cold and he's curling them up. I do that when I have bare hands in cold weather.

sage for ot

35d593  No.648174


All my this

A simple set I used to do every other day before I started the gym was

>10x20kg dumbbells per arm

>50x regular pushups

>50x situps

>3 times around the block as fast as I could

Minus the dumb-bells all you need is a pair of running shoes. You could easily make something similar by lifting your SHTF bag.

ca6a5f  No.648175


sandbags work well. Making a weight set isn't that much of a pain in the ass- deadlifts are important as are other exercises.

b00505  No.648177


I see your point, but what is your proposed solution? Being able to run 4 minute miles all day long won't do you much good when your opposition is dropping HE on you from a drone.

>Also a lot of leftists who are young today tend to come from families that are very conservative. A lot of people would find it troublesome to put down someone that is still apart of their family by blood.

A lot of those guys got into it as a way to upset their parents, and keep it up for social reasons (being part of a group, and fear of exclusion). Most of them would drop it like a live grenade the moment they realised that they stood a decent chance of taking fire. Most of them would need very little reeducation to see the light, and once you've gotten to that point you can ensure that it's not a family member who pulls the trigger.


He has perfectly good pockets if his hands are cold.


>Get backpack

>Fill with sand/gravel

>Wear it whenever you can

>When you're comfortable carrying the pack around the house (you'd be surprised how quickly you get used to it) start taking it out for long walks

>Then long jogs when you get used to the walks

>Then runs

>Then long runs

You don't need to be pulling daily marathons with it to be worthwhile, and decent cardio will do you a lot of good even if S never HTF. it's also perfect for lazy fuckers like me as it starts with very little new shit to do or add to your routine

486e57  No.648179


>Every other day you should at least try to do 100 push ups, 100 sit ups, and run nonstop for at least two miles.

You seriously think lazy people will want to go outside and start running or that they will get off their computer and lay on the hard floor to try and do more than >10 push ups?

If you want lardasses to get /fit/ then the first thing you need to do is give them an easy to follow and easy to get diet and then tell them to buy some weights or other organs online. People are fat/skinny because they don't go outside and hate the gym. Telling them to go out and run isn't ever going to get results.

486e57  No.648180

actually I think foreigners don't call weight benches and other training equipment "organs". We do, but anyway. Get them to buy a $200 weight bench and they will use them. They will not go out running until they get used to working out at home.

68aef2  No.648183


Dont tell me anons that you arent /fit/. Gyms are cheaper than ever and there are a fuckton of guides on how to eat and excercise. There are zero excuses why you shouldnt be fit right now.

68aef2  No.648184


Why are those faggots wearing glasses. Dont they know that the first thing that happens to you when you get into a fight is losing them? Even under all those clothing you can see his manboobs.

Sage for double post.

c607d9  No.648187

File: 5a781f41d6f7afa⋯.png (804.98 KB, 956x706, 478:353, founding-fathers-fed-kill-….png)


My proposed solution is to simply not be like this pictorial demonstrates, anon. Think back to the times these men faced such a threat, and think of who was there to be duplicitous even during that congress. Think back and always remind yourself of every possible context.

The infrastructure in this country is weak to subterfuge and I do believe it is on purpose.

I believe they wish to use it as a means to scare the populace in the future into the good graces of big brother and his companion, Rabbi Goldberg Shekelsteinyahu. Whether you wish to utilize this knowledge or simply wait to bank in on it when they do, is, up to you.

I only ask of you to not ever be afraid and to warn others of this danger that will come. I also ask you to be clever and study with others the ability to counteract systems such as these high-tech ones. Do not rely on me to help you figure out how you would survive an attack barrage from drones.

These things do not take as much thought if many heads are on it though. Even if you may look to the past such as the Serbs or other such groups who fooled the first infra-red cameras, or perhaps the dunecoons who had many tricks up their sleeves for the invading US militaries, british and co. Another example of peoples fighting such threats in unique ways are the Vietnamese.

These are not the best examples, however, as you may realize. Their environments were suited to them as having lived there. They also were at a different point in time with different technologies. Not to mention that they were stepping stones to this point in time. Since much of the US' adventures in the desert were to test new technologies whilst advancing Israel's goals in life. Nonetheless I recommend to study history as it can always benefit one in this moment now.

I am not knowledgeable about AI nor am someone on the inside. I simply have reasons for my own to why I speak about these things. So keep in mind I cannot offer solutions to problems that will be coming with such technological advancements. (Exoskeletons, actual automatic aiming scopes, drone airplanes/vehicles, etc. Just think of any way you can put a soldier onto the battlefield with less work for him to do or judgment calling)

I also do not know when such things will be rolled out. But we do know that it is coming as this war isn't a short one. Hitler knew that and so did his closest allies.

The best I can do or anyone can is to imagine ways in which they would try to utilize these new toys they will push forward as they mold the next war and mold the public's eye on who the enemy is suppose to be. There is also the aspect of your self and remaining hopeful with a strong will, of course.

I'm sure leaks will happen to help benefit one side, but, this is the age where the enemy wishes to truly secure the means of dependence upon its system. While fully destroying those who would claim to know ways of being independent or can show others ways of being independent.

Strange world we live in, eh? To all those who may come and nay say about such things being a threat. I mean perhaps you are correct and society will find itself in a fully chaotic scenario. Sparing us the scenario of having to fight an even longer war against a technologically advanced enemy. Though with the amount of control going on in economies, and the fact that there's only 3 countries left without the mainframe of control installed into it (aka the privatized central banks) and their falsehood ideologies. I do not propose any blackness, but, only that it's very possible for such things to occur.

c607d9  No.648188


Also you might believe that those kids will come home to their families. But only a small minority will, as, at this point for a lot of them? Their dependence isn't on a family they see as broken. Their dependency is solely on the state they are in and the government thereof. The divide is often to great already and they are at the point of no return when they get into young adulthood.

The ones who are youngest have a chance to turn back, and it is my hope that they do, or that the family they know won't cuck out to accept them again. But you know how strong propaganda is, anon. There are many means to which one may pressure a kid, adult, or anyone into places they would not end up if not for such influence.

Music, peers, media they consume, online social spheres, social media, marketing, etc. There's a lot that goes into shaping these people. But the one underlying factor for most leftists is abuse or trauma of some kind.

Some people when at a certain point simply won't turn back due to the cognitive dissonance that would follow shortly if they were to acknowledge being wrong.

3aa041  No.648196

File: 99cf5c55f9a142a⋯.png (185.17 KB, 850x400, 17:8, ClipboardImage.png)

Relevant quote.

c607d9  No.648210


That's a good quote.

095ef6  No.648212

Op is right. Never underestimate ANYONE or ANYTHING. NO matter how much of an advantage you have, its never enough, and you are better off crushing him absolutely than close to call. No matter how strong you are, no matter how weak they are, its never enough.

bae8b1  No.648228

>>648188 (heil hitler)

> But the one underlying factor for most leftists is abuse or trauma of some kind.

trauma is a very powerful thing anon, it can make a normal person into a very scary individual. Think about people that join the infantry, do you think any "normal" person would want to join so they can kill people? of course not, it's the broken people who do, (see: halo 4 cinematic intro) it is that trauma or autism that makes people into efficient and fearsome soldiers

Not to say this would solely be of benefit to commies, because this street goes both ways

Not sure where I was going with this, but I will say this, it isn't necessarily trauma that makes people effective, but how it is channeled into something truly powerful.

b2469e  No.648230


095ef6  No.648232



Not everything is trauma. Not everything is damaged, some people and things come that way fucked up day one. They are inherently defective, they have problems at their core. its a humanistic mistake to think people are all perfect and then damaged by the world, some people come to the world already damaged.

cfbf62  No.648234


>trauma is a very powerful thing anon, it can make a normal person into a very scary individual. Think about people that join the infantry, do you think any "normal" person would want to join so they can kill people?

Ironic. Do you say then that the beckbone of an army consists of "traumatised" people? Going by your reasoning, people joining the airforce or the artillery or any other branch of the military are traumatised too? Because it's rather evident that every branches of the army have the duty to KILL who they are ordered to kill. It's THE VERY REASON an army exists, to kill the enemy. Just how ironic it would be if one of the most important tool of the survival of basically every nations on Earth would be "traumatised", "damaged" people…

854dbd  No.648274

>live in country where barrier to entry to guns is higher than meeting a guy in a parking lot and paying cash

>the gun clubs are almost all made up of people who hold nationalist-libertarian political views

>ranges are almost all gun club member only

>the leftists who own guns are actual anarchists and general anti-authoritarian types

>actual antifa and such are a joke

I know my enemy, I am not scared of him

020cf1  No.648278


You're gonna need more helicopters

b00505  No.648281


The helicopter meme needs to die. It's a woefully inefficient form of removal.

3aa041  No.648302


I always find it odd that ancaps support pinochet. Oh the duality of man.

91dc32  No.648306


boomer cuckmutt squads?

a70c7e  No.648308


>I always find it odd that corporatocrats support a socialist who killed his own people, called them the enemy, and changed little in the grand scheme

Maybe only as a joke.

91dc32  No.648312


At first it doesnt seem to be the case, because all of them will deny it up and down but at the end of the day ancaps and leftists arent all that different. The problem with this misidentification is that dont understand their own ideology. Because, with ancaps, leftists.. or even straight up capitalists, There are no actual ideological differences, Yes, they differ of stances/agenda but at the end of the day all of them agree that money is their god, and when it comes down to it their only differences is whether they believe they should be forcing the sharing of their god with everyone or hording that god for themselves.

This is why you should never trust anyone who does not worship the murder/k/ube.

c0bbba  No.648313



>own people

b00505  No.648323




1895a3  No.648340


Opinion disregarded.

bf80da  No.648355


Neoconservatives and their mercenaries.

8be82b  No.650205

File: 549b7d0811d0497⋯.jpeg (26.32 KB, 474x711, 2:3, download (1).jpeg)

"my pistol does not identify as any caliber"

>continues to dry fire


9d4e90  No.650213


Don't forget that accuracy and shot placement are just disgusting white capitalist patriarchal myth used to keep women and people of colour down.

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