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There's no discharge in the war!

File: a8ef903bf0ecd00⋯.png (72.85 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, misacho hates poors - Copy.png)

67fcbb  No.648238

>just get a better job, and you can afford any gun

>you can't do that because of no qualifications well just get a trade and 10k of debt or just get a degree and 100k of debt and compete with hundreds of future diversity hires for a meager office job , sucks to be you during the 2-4 years in between, but during that period you are subhuman scum that doesn't need a gun apparently

>the u.s dollar isn't worth that much so don't be upset when foreign gun makers want 5k(no joke zastava m91) for a fucking ak that cost under 125$ to produce

pic related is from mishaco who is a spiritual boomer in response to zastava u.s committing suicide via 900$ n-paps that have receiver problems. the question is what does his blind ass do to be swimming in money? rich family? manipulating the welfare system? or does he maybe have a ass ugly wife that was rich and he gets to win-win because he can't see her

741a3b  No.648246

File: cd0f2f49f7f7e6c⋯.png (175.32 KB, 1203x722, 1203:722, Screenshot_2019-02-11_23-4….png)


Remember to practice good opsec.

67fcbb  No.648248


how does a history degree= as much money as this dude has ?

5613ef  No.648250

File: dec9bd2fc014c69⋯.jpeg (33.49 KB, 480x360, 4:3, uncle ted.jpeg)


He probably worked at a think-tank or some other alphabet-backed agency that requires knowledge in history and international relations.

What does he mean when he says he's blind? Does he mean like Stevie Wonder blind or "I have to get glasses like bubbles from trailer park boys" blind?

67fcbb  No.648252


no he's legit fucking blind, said he had some kind of catastrophic glaucoma as a kid that surgeries couldn't fix, on one of his blog videos on another channel of his

>Jesus are all gun related e-celebs self absorbed assholes

cde713  No.648256

File: 2b7e7d392843aee⋯.webm (3.78 MB, 640x480, 4:3, People_Told_This_Shit_Was….webm)


Either >>648250 or he got a job from a friend and was making well over market wages before becoming an FFL dealer. Probably had most of his college paid for by parents or some other loophole.


>2-4 years


You're looking at closer to 6-8 years of eating shit if you plan to go the trades route before you can finally make some decent dosh, OP. Plan to make $35k/year and work 50 hour work weeks while being forced to live in a city until you hit that point (unless you've got friends in high places anyways). Also make sure you don't go into the wrong niche because in a lot of fields, experience in one thing (residential HVAC for instance) won't transfer as actual work experience into another (industrial repairman) even though the job and concepts are the exact fucking same thing, just now with a 3 hour deadline to repair it instead of an 8 hour deadline. Fuck I can't wait for everyone older than 60 to die off in the trades so people under 30 can have livable wages again due to an actual shortage instead of this "we have a shortage, but we'll only hire you if you have 10 years experience or are a foreigner on an h1b visa who will take minimum wage for what should be a $60k/year position" bullshit. I can't wait for all those boomers to be forced to work into their 80s/90s because they didn't hire any young people to do the menial/apprentice work, and are suddenly short-staffed because they have no qualified workers or management to keep their business intact.

c2c0b8  No.648257

Is Mishaco actually blind? I figured the glasses were because of autism related photosensitivity or something. Why would a blind man like guns?

c2c0b8  No.648258


I should've read through the thread first. Christ.

67fcbb  No.648259

File: df0b9ceba80e05a⋯.png (307.16 KB, 968x634, 484:317, vwSgAd8.png)


this, i'm in training (medical field) now and currently in about 2k of debt, i live in a fucking small ass town that's still filed with diversity garbage clogging up all the shit jobs i could be doing while in training , no joke i have applied at over 100 jobs this month and went to 2 interviews, both of which told me they could offer 8$ a hour and maybe 25 hours a week, if they had a current employee quit (which apparently has not happened), my retard boomer parents who i am forced to still live with were not smart enough to save for the future back in the early 2000's and instead would do shit like buy new vehicles every 4 years, and non needed things they barely use, like boats atv's and tractors(guns got put on the back burner to buy all this useless shit because dad is a hunter/casual gun owner and that's it). Every week i get asked "anon why can't you find work, just be polite and shake the manager's hand hurhurhur" as if tyresh the diversity hire cares if you shake his hand or not

67475c  No.648260

>dude just like, stop being poor lmao

Boomers truly are subhuman

cde713  No.648261

File: b4aef60ff82eb32⋯.jpg (14.33 KB, 219x230, 219:230, mugs.jpg)


>Medical field

I truly feel sorry for you, OP. It's not even that medical is fully staffed, it's just all the companies in medical are cheapskates and you're forced to compete with BMETs, lab assistants, etc. all for the same medical jobs since said BMETs, lab assistants, etc. can't get hired in their own fields.

>2k debt

That's good. Don't let it grow out of control. I'm currently about $15k in debt for various reasons, and while I have a full time job in my field, I'm severely underpaid and forced to live at home. I can afford to pay off that debt in the course of a few years, but if anything goes wrong (such as how I had to slap $800 down on new tires last month) it exponentially increases the time it will take to pay that off. Debt is soul-crushing especially when you can see the way out within 5-10 years, but it's still years away and you know that having proper wages would let you pay it off within a year or two tops.

67fcbb  No.648262


this my Hellenic friend.

>hurrrrrrr just follow the American dream

>it's the best country in the world you can go from fast food worker to owner in less than 10 years! no joke i had a uncle tell me this, he works as a main supervisor to a major beer factory since the 80's because he was degenerate drug using buddies with the owners son despite not having a ounce of education past high school, and makes around 100k a year just to supervise and yell at people pretty much.

cde713  No.648265


To be fair, if you work for a shitty restaurant that has high turnover, you CAN go from fast food worker to manager/"store owner" in less than 10 years, you can probably do it in less than 3 years. If you have a degree you can probably even reach district manager in 10 years if you apply yourself. It's just a lot of those sort of places also pay their managers only a few dollars more than regular employees while demanding 5x as much work from them so it's not worth it in most cases (unless you're just trying to get "manager/store owner" on your resume).

67fcbb  No.648266


yeah my field is pretty fucked, but as soon as i'm finished, i'm marrying my fiancee and moving to a much more profitable and non diverse area, i love southern u.s culture but the poverty+the flooding minorities and even the summer heat make it pretty shitty, looking at living in new Hampshire and working in Mass, i hear new Hampshire has good gun laws, amirite ?

67475c  No.648269

File: a70650405d0321f⋯.webm (12.03 MB, 426x240, 71:40, Sam_Hyde_-_How_to_deal_wi….webm)


>$15k in debt

220964  No.648270


>You're looking at closer to 6-8 years of eating shit

>we have a shortage, but we'll only hire you if you have 10 years experience

Everywhere is like that, here most entry level jobs that aren't burger flipping say "3 years experience" and they actually mean it. Although at least for tech its actually starting to bite the bigger companies in the ass, in my city there lots of little tech startups founded by people from the nearby unis since they would rather take the risk of running their own business than sucking middle manager cock for a job which pays minimum wage. Why its an issue is that its taking work away from the larger companies as the smaller ones can compete down to a lower price due to less running costs.

e26315  No.648271


>I have been a firearms dealer for a number of years.

>My firearms addiction.

>Oh and I am blind, have been since birth.

This has gotta be some legally blind BS where the person has slightly near/far bias vision or somethi…


>no he's legit fucking blind


07fd05  No.648292


>i'm in training (medical field) now and currently in about 2k of debt

Only 2k puts you better off than most.

I ended up pretty fortunate myself. My parents live reasonably close to one of relatively few universities that has the program I wanted well-established, so I was able to live with them through my undergrad and the first part of my Masters. My department is research-heavy, so there's a lot of profs relative to the number of undergrads, and it was easy to get summer research jobs (80+% of the people who ask a prof get one). Between that and the first semester of my Masters salary, I paid off my $20k student loans last month.

Now to deal with a housing market that has seen typical rent rates rise 40% in the past five years.

000000  No.648301



You would think that people on here would be smart enough to not spend outside their means. How the fuck did you get that far? Student loans, some big catastrophe or just rationalizing stupid expenses?


>have f150

>tell collections you have no money

>they seize your f150

Though I guess if you have all your assets in bitcoins you can sort of do it.

e01f05  No.648305

>muh bummers nothing is my fault I don't have to earn my living fuck you dad

>generational D&C

>all x randomly defined group are the same

Maybe you should try getting a job, instead of being a whiny subhuman faggot. I grew up in poverty, and now I manage a restaurant and have thousands in savings. I'm in my twenties. It's called fucking working and not blaming everyone else for the problems you create for yourself. If you aren't willing to put in a modicum of effort and contribute to society, then why don't you just step in front of a bus already? I don't need your useless ass stealing more of my taxes.

d1dd0c  No.648317


Learn to fucking greentext and go back to 4chan.

9ff4ae  No.648318

File: 2c62449277a3399⋯.jpg (52.77 KB, 660x680, 33:34, a17d4c7bad87f9869dc87cadd3….jpg)


>AK quality keeps declining while prices keep rising dramatically

>Fucking WASRs are $700+ rifles now

>paps are $700+ rifles now

>just don't be poor bro

Really tired of this shit

>Paychecks are a might bigger today then they were 2 decades ago

The fuck? how delusional can you fucking be?

6e89e7  No.648320


It's technically true if you completely ignore inflation. Actually it's still not true because wages have barely changed in nominal value since 1999

4f0eac  No.648321

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.





No he is indeed legally blind.

bb3be1  No.648325


>some retarded blind faggot is more successful than I am

Meanwhile I'm told I'm not qualified to stack boxes in a warehouse without a doctorate and 15 years experience.

3d79bb  No.648328



I can't go into too many details but basically I had to bail several people out of very shitty situations that they were supposed to repay me but they never did (but it was a literally had to bail them out to not be homeless thing rather than a "had to" thing), followed by a stolen vehicle and finding out that you do, in fact, have to pay income tax on student loans. More or less unexpected expenses popping up semi-annually. I have about a month's worth of wages in savings, it's not like I needlessly spend money, shit just happens, and it happens to happen a lot when you live with shitty people put of necessity more than any desire to remain near them.

3d79bb  No.648332


My industry average is supposed to be $22/hour for my level of work experience. I make about 2/3rds that and I'm considered "well paid" for my field. Fuck you.

3d79bb  No.648333


Let me rephrase that, I could be a bus driver and make $25/hour on your taxpayer dollars but instead I choose to get taxed out the ass pursuing a field I enjoy that is supposed to pay better but refuses to. Fuck you*

4ce7ce  No.648334

File: a5c1227f10d2147⋯.jpg (107.59 KB, 1000x999, 1000:999, live with it.jpg)

>tfw a sandnigger can go to the market and buy a Soviet AKM that will function for all eternity for ~$100

>Meanwhile there are poor bastards who spend hundreds of dollars on cheaply made Century Arms AKs missing fun mode and have a lifetime of a few thousand rounds

>Its okay we have good paychecks its your fault you can't afford the price :^)

Reminder that there are boomers sitting on rifles with full auto capabilities, demanding tens of thousands of dollars for them, while also insisting that these rifles remain banned for the general public.

These 'people' also vote for Anti-gun politicians so they can keep their artificial pricing, in fact they'll probably do it again if it means they can turn their $500 AR into a "$5000 pre-ban AR" a decade from now.

e01f05  No.648337


How exactly is that my problem, or anyone else's, especially some imaginary boogeyman conglomerate of old people who totally conspired against you to put you in the shitty job you applied for of your own volition? My first job was construction work under the table for less than minimum wage, and after working and saving like a motherfucker I bought my own tools and employed myself to earn more. You're bitching about over $14/hr not being enough for you? I make $13.75 in my current position, with time and a half overtime, and I work 50+ hours every week. I'm able to put aside hundreds every month.

Why don't you stop spending your money on retarded shit and learn to finance like an adult, you retard, assuming you aren't just LARPing? The only thing that has made me successful is choosing to not be a pussy, and work harder. If you don't learn that lesson then you will never be anything except somebody else's nigger.

Work harder.

Also, /k/ is not your blog. Take it to Facebook or something.

b22663  No.648341


It's like being jewish but lacking any ambition or having in-group preference.


>Work harder.

That's right goy! Tyrone and desahwnique need someone to pay their welfare.

Keep working.

e01f05  No.648342


>be a jobless welfare queen, goyim, don't support yourself or own guns or be politically active

>let's do nothing instead

Don't you have a baby dick to be sucking somewhere?

07fd05  No.648343


You're exactly what people mean when they talk about wageslaves.

Do you seriously think it's unreasonable to expect to be able to make a livable wage at standard working hours at mid-level jobs?

b22663  No.648345


Work harder, firm handshakes and confident smiles.

Just report and filter the boomer larper, it's not even funny like >>633831

9ff4ae  No.648346

File: 97a68e20ee882b1⋯.jpg (47.84 KB, 592x586, 296:293, efacbd135c241fd86dab1e9857….jpg)


Factory workers were making more than you do now without factoring inflation, now factor in inflation and include the pension benefits and social security (which you and I will never see a dime of) and you can that wages across the board are disgustingly low. My grandfather retired at 55 after dropping out of highschool because he worked an assembly line for $22 an hour.

e01f05  No.648347


>you are le wageslave because you advanced yourself through effort and are beholden to nobody

>rooooo fight for $15, you making more than me for working harder is immoral

Run that by me again, I don't speak retard or socialist. I have never done anything I didn't choose to do, and I've left multiple jobs in favour of something better. If I wasn't doing fine where I am now, I'd be seeking different work from that, too.

>Do you seriously think it's unreasonable to expect to be able to make a livable wage at standard working hours at mid-level jobs?

Strawman. I implied none of this.

>be able to make a livable wage

Define 'liveable' in any way that doesn't include Marxist nonsense.

>standard working hours

Arbitrary Marxist nonsense enforced by labour unions, whose entire purpose for existing is to maximise employment for the undeserving and minimise pay for the highest contributors, in the name of (((pay equality))). Minimum wage is a scam. What entitles you to devalue employment, and raise taxes to upkeep the unions - stealing money from the middle class to breastfeed the lower class - just to enforce businesses to overpay the dregs of society for their poor quality work? I am a mid-level job. Managing a restaurant is not a position of high status.

Did you even read the part where the faggot OP said he was making more money than most of the population and yet he's somehow broke? Did you read where I said my earnings were similar? I don't spend my money on bread and cummies, I live conservatively. I own guns because I was financially responsible enough to earn them and have cash to spare. Nobody is my master, because my labour determines what I get in return. Go be a wasteful Jew somewhere else.

3d79bb  No.648349



>Get underpaid

>Can't move to a rural area because work experience doesn't transfer and no one will hire city dweller

>Bust balls 40-50 hours/week paying off debt

>Make less than parents or grandparents would have starting out in the same field after working in it for four years

>Pay more taxes than them too

>Boomer logic "lol just work harder and pretend you don't have 2/3rds of your income being put aside to pay debt!"

Nigger I'm driving ~120 miles tomorrow and missing a day of work for a god damn interview and after debt payments and more importantly shitty taxes I'll never see the benefits of, I'm making less than minimum wage workers who can just hop on welfare. Fuck you. There's a legitimate wage ceiling that means you make less than people who work as literal wage slaves due the to taxation and other factors, you're just right under the threshold so you don't realize it.

b22663  No.648350


If you broke your leg or fallen ill would it be cheaper for you to just shoot yourself?

3d79bb  No.648352

File: 6bc3b4804f5ef79⋯.png (281.86 KB, 500x859, 500:859, youre-adult-now-with-respo….png)


At this point, yes. I'd have about two months to get my shit together/nigger rig a solution before it came to that though. Pulling from savings just to go to this interview.

8747b4  No.648353


Good luck faggot

Don't you have a familly to leech off of in case shit goes niggardly?

bfdd2f  No.648354


Go full Kazynski but less hermit and more mountain warlord.

a2ac98  No.648356


>now I manage a restaurant

So your job is to displace hard working whites by hiring illegals?

How is that honorable or difficult?

>I don't need your useless ass stealing more of my taxes.

Said the larping boomer hiring illegal spics that are propped up by working whites.

Say mr bootstraps, its a workday and working hours, don't tell me your idea of "hard work" is to shitpost on an anonymous goat weaving forum.


>What entitles you to devalue employment, and raise taxes to upkeep the unions - stealing money from the middle class to breastfeed the lower class - just to enforce businesses to overpay the dregs of society for their poor quality work?

<I'm not a marxist, YOU ARE!

<Its my right to flood the country with shitskins to get cheap labor!


>I am a mid-level job. Managing a restaurant is not a position of high status.


8747b4  No.648361



>Mc niggers patty flippers in cities make $13.50 while also living off welfare and ebt

>that's not including fraud such as claiming non existent dependants or fake disabilities

>that's also not including forcing their younger siblings or children to sling shitty pirated movies on trains and stations

3d79bb  No.648372


No because it's the other way around and I'm the responsible one that my parents/siblings leech off of if I don't strike them down with an iron fist. I'm also considered the nofun/responsible one in the family. My own mother thinks I was replaced in the last six years because I've told her to fuck off or provide an itemized list when the last several times she's asked to borrow money (and because I've started stockpiling weaponry/ammo whenever I have the spare funds). I'm not feeling like discussing this much further though.,

e01f05  No.648374


>go to college and get unpayable debt

>ur a bummer if you dont have denbts

How the fuck is this the economy's fault, you dishonest sperg? Don't go to college if you can't afford it. Don't take out loans you can't pay back. You had decisions to make, and you made the wrong decisions.

Stop blaming other people for your own retarded mistakes.

f20a67  No.648390



So restaurant management boomer, when your corporate overlords find some 3rd worlders that will do your job for $8, are you going to cut back and work harder? What about $4? How low are you going to go before you give up? Don't say 'It can't happen' or give me some bullshit non-answer.

I already have a career, I never went into debt, and I'm not going to complain about money. However, something you retarded boomers don't understand is that I actually have sympathy for people who aren't as smart or successful as I am. There's something defective about the baby boomer's psychology when they can only look at the poverty and misery of others in their own society and have such a flippant attitude about it. But don't listen to me, I'm just a dirty commie (who works as much and makes more than you.)

e01f05  No.648401


I'm not even 30 and the business I work at is privately owned. We only hire citizens, and the staff is entirely white at the moment except for two black guys, one of which is one of our best employees, and a Latino girl. Keep LARPing at a nonexistent boogeyman, but it says enough that your worldview is only capable of surviving when you frame it behind the schizophrenic vignette of yourself being some kind of righteous victim against great injustice. You're incapable of having an argument, so you create a false position that you believe makes you impossible to criticise, which you have convinced yourself empowers your impotent flailing at a strawman. I know you don't have a real job, because you're a nigger who is unwilling to admit reality, and your speech proves that. There is no such thing as 'boomers'.

75f3b9  No.648430

How decent are Chinese Ak-47s?

e01f05  No.648437


Norinco build quality is like everything else from China. Some product lines are better than others, but year-to-year there can be random shifts in resources, materials, and workforce, so there are good batches and bad batches. The MAK-90 is typically a lower-mid-ish range rifle, but there have been some that were fairly decent and plenty that came out badly. Generally seems to be better than their civilian export SKSs, which are done more cheaply because they don't make them for military contract and thus, frankly, don't bother with QA much.

Norinco is really only made popular in the US by virtue of being banned from import, and used to be popular in Canada because they could get so much Norinco stuff for dirt cheap, but now that even typing a word with the letters 'AK' in it is punishable with death by pozzing in Canuckistan, that trend has plateaued. TL;DR: they're okay, I guess. Try before you buy.

220964  No.648440


You get what you pay for, Norinco guns are work just fine but the machining finish can often leave much to be desired.

f99f8f  No.648441

I think the points that are universally valid is that with adjustments to inflation, global competition worse than it was decades ago after WW2 and the decades after WW2, increased taxation and inefficiency of economy with harder policies and enforcement of labor laws and the such, today's adults are indeed at a huge disadvantage. The Boomers did, for all practical purposes, get the best of everything except better tech which the generations after got earlier. The point is that younger adults are poorer and will always be poorer than the previous generations up to Boomer. There is also truth that individual Boomers with money are often times the ones who buy up guns and ammunition in times like the Sandy Hook drought, these assholes helped to create and perpetuate the drought of ammunition, magazines, guns. Boomers are also, in general, selfish and egotistical, the selfish part comes in when they have the atttiude of "Fuck you, I have mine, I don't care if you can't get it" which really is a trait that is widespread in that generation.

The only positive thing I can say is that some guns are technically cheaper today with inflation. Some durable consumer goods like tools sometimes are cheaper with inflation as well, for the consumer its a win and lose scenario, like everything else. We can buy all the cheap Chinese plastic crap we want. In some cases we might even be able to afford nice power tools at a rate far, far, far, far cheaper today than yesteryear. Some guns may be cheaper with inflation, others horribly overpriced. The fact is some people might find buying some guns cheaper now than in the decades previous in the same position; others the exact opposite because of prices and power of earnings and cost of living.

If you can get a decent job and live at home and slit the throat of your expenses, you can buy nice things on a low budget. People who today have to buy or rent housing in an eternal housing bubble market that entire system works overtime to bubble up and pump up endlessly get raped. If they are in a job and/or place their earnings continually lose power and they cannot change, and pay for expensive housing and increasing taxes, they will indeed watch as they are driven into a place where they are not in poverty, but their ability to buy things will be worse than people in that position for 70 years.

cde713  No.648442


>and the business I work at is privately owned.

Yeah that's sort of a requirement to be a business since last I checked there aren't very many government-ran restaurants. Unless you mean publicly owned companies on the stock market but I very much doubt it.

e01f05  No.648443


That's what I meant, moron. It's not a corporation, it's a private small business. One owner, two managers, and like 22 or 24 employees total on all shifts. Go back to your unionist fantasy world where everything is socialist cubicles with no room for advancement.

cde713  No.648444

File: 4cb2514257a6772⋯.gif (123.29 KB, 452x750, 226:375, 64b767deeb6960fb1d8464a53c….gif)


>If you can get a decent job and live at home and slit the throat of your expenses, you can buy nice things on a low budget.

Oh I don't deny that. If you save properly and budget properly (and get rid of/don't have debt), you can have nice things and live pretty comfortably on poor man wages. I just want people to be aware of the caveat that if you value things like family, dignity,and a sense of ethics clearly unlike e01f05 who's a self-centered bastard living in his fantasy world you'll have to compromise at some point on these things or just use your money when you have it instead of saving up since you won't be able to save up. Poorfags should be less concerned about one or two gun lines being overpriced and focus more on what is in their price range. Better to have a couple shitty guns that you know how to use well and can maintain rather than an overpriced import (due to boomer gun dealers) that you're afraid to fire lest an expensive part breaks.

cde713  No.648445

File: d361397db202e7d⋯.webm (8.54 MB, 640x360, 16:9, current_status_(bane_and_….webm)


>He's still here

Nigger those "private small businesses" are the main importers of illegals. I should know since I work for one that only has some 30 employees. With the exception of farms, it's the small factories and businesses that can write off one or two illegals in under-the-table cash payments, not the multi-million corporations who just lobby for the illegals in congress. Shit, every roofing company in a three-city radius out here consists of about 40% illegals, 40% sons of illegals, and 20% official employees on the books who mostly just keep an eye on the illegals. >>648390 is justified in his question.

cde713  No.648446


Also I'm beginning to seriously doubt you actually work at all since you were shitposting all over the place inbetween my work breaks earlier today/are still shitposting right now.

d9cf74  No.648450

File: ff57019df56e0d9⋯.jpg (138.44 KB, 762x464, 381:232, ff57019df56e0d905a6177801d….jpg)


>it is self-centered and unethical to be hard working

>it is indignified to be self-sufficient

If the best you can come up with to rationalise your own inadequacy is emotional coping, then please, do society a favour and swallow your own blackpill. Just quit. I'm at the age where I'm well-to-do and living below my means, and I'm looking for the right girl to settle down with. I haven't found one yet that I'm willing to try for, so at the moment I'm doing right by my roommate and staying prepped for whatever may come.

My mother had corrective neck surgery at the beginning of January for damage that's accumulated ever since a car accident she was in over a decade ago. They removed and replaced two vertebrae and fused three others. I've been to see her every chance I had time, and spent the weekend with her for my birthday.

You don't know shit about family or what it means to be a man, you worthless Jew. All you know is how to complain, blame, and attack. You're nothing.

cde713  No.648453

File: 7cb120913de0380⋯.mp4 (3.9 MB, 640x360, 16:9, you_shook_me_all_night_wro….mp4)


>Implying I don't know an honest day's work

>Implying I don't know what it means to live below my means

>Still believing in unicorns

I've been at it a long longer than you, I can almost guarantee it. I don't even disagree with the notions of "hard work" and "self-sufficiency" but it's important to work smarter, not harder for some kike businessman who doesn't actually care about you. Despite anon's insistence on me being a commie I'm probably further to the opposite end of the spectrum than he is politically. I've encountered all walks of life, sat down for beers with both CEOs of companies and homeless niggers on their last limb trying to get by. Even a few senators before realizing the whole political bullshit isn't worth the effort and LARPing on an online Taiwanese shadow-puppet space wasn't worth the effort. The difference is that anon lacks empathy (which is a key characteristic and is likely why he's stuck at McDicks-tier wages if he works at all) and is likely autistic.

And that's terrible what happened to your mother. I'll pray that she doesn't suffer much longer but I'm glad you have a working relationship with her. A lot of parents shouldn't be raising children (not that anyone else will give a shit about those kids) and a lot of folks don't have functional parent-child relationships any more, so what you have is truly a blessing.

f99f8f  No.648454


Where I am going to disagree absolutely is the quality of gun. I'm ancient minded, oldest of the old and all that, how did people throughout history deal with such things, when poverty was normal and hardship constant, things were hard to make and come by? It was far better for the poor man to buy one really good thing that would last him, and possibly some of his children and grandchildren, and require less repair. Old gunners bought one good rifle and/or shotgun or muzzle loader and shot that, instead of a plethora of cheap guns. This applies to other things, but it remains true in firearms to this day. People often prefer to own a larger arsenal of cheap guns rather than one REALLY expensive hunting or marksman rifle. If you are poor and are going to shoot, buy one really nice gun and save your pennies for it. Buying cheap guns to fill out a collection is the task of people with more means or ability because of budgets, the poor shooter is the man who should consider a cheap gun last.

a21ccd  No.648455


> $22 an hour.

>in a factory

nigger I made $8/hr at some shitty factory literally working the skin off my hands.

fuck boomers and their shitty "work harder :^)" If I worked any harder my body would seize up and I'd fucking die

day of the pillow when

d9cf74  No.648457


Same person. I moved from >phoneposting to my computer, because I arrived home. You wouldn't know the meaning of empathy if it smacked you in the back of the head, which is why you're proselytising on and on about nonsense to try and demoralise someone who's had to scrape up from the bottom. Someone who actually works a real job, where he is comfortable, and was not brought there by anybody. Your pretend sympathy doesn't mean a damn thing to me, and no amount of your LARPing and shilling for more socialisation is going to change that, pal. I pity the urbanite, for he does not know what it means to live. This is why all you know how to do with your words is tear things down, and you cannot create anything good. Creativity is the product of empathy, because creation requires the notion that people besides yourself will experience what your efforts do.


Please. All I want is a freedom-loving girl who'll be fine with me teaching our kids to shoot and hunt, and do things with their hands and me rubbing her feet, and isn't afraid of working to provide for the family. It's just that most women are lazy and dependent, and every day this nancy-ass society pushes them further and further in that direction. I don't have the time or patience for dating, and I respect myself more than to throw myself at random chicks for temporary pleasure and impending disappointment. Being alone until the time is right is preferable to wasting your time on someone who won't reciprocate, is it not?

809bef  No.648459


Firearms are one area where cost absolutely doesn't translate to durability, and a $100 Hi-Point will last just as long and serve you just as well as its $500+ competitors (probably even longer thanks to their god-tier warranty).

a21ccd  No.648460


who has the "hi-point pirate" greentext

for the price of a hi-point I would unironically buy several

cde713  No.648461

File: 8be7bdddbf2420c⋯.jpg (97.29 KB, 940x198, 470:99, 8be7bdddbf2420ca92a6a4e784….jpg)

File: 75aafba46a9a30b⋯.png (211.76 KB, 440x447, 440:447, 75aafba46a9a30b6cf42ed8bec….png)

File: e8a0c3b12374de9⋯.jpg (79.16 KB, 418x767, 418:767, Jobs_In_Ancapistan.jpg)

File: bfe4f2b37438227⋯.png (365.29 KB, 680x544, 5:4, bfe4f2b374382273aef6f248a6….png)

File: 24adbb51125d6cd⋯.png (597.16 KB, 1844x1210, 922:605, 24adbb51125d6cdbeedee7f51e….png)


Old gunners didn't really have the option to buy from multiple sources either to be fair, and the first mass-produced gun company (colt) back in the 1800s happened to be considered a "standard" despite being mass-produced garbage compared to gunsmiths of the time. You're on the right track but I think you're going the wrong direction. When you buy a vehicle for instance as a poorfag, you don't go out and buy the most expensive quality car on the market with the intent of making it last 30 years (at least not until you've been financially stable for several years), you just buy something that is free of major malfunctions and that the maintenance/upkeep of it won't cost you more than the next model up. Similarly while I did say "a couple guns" what I really meant was it's better to buy a gun that won't explode in your hands and learn to shoot it well/take care of it with the money saved for ammo before moving on to getting shooting experience with the next gun (maybe keeping a cheap rifle or two and a handgun for concealed carry) rather than go out and buy something fancy. What matters is form and functionality while being within budget. Rather a dozen poorfags with "cheap single-action" rifles nigger rigged to hell and back (but in working condition, if only for that anon who knows its in and outs) that they shoot once or twice a month than a dozen poorfags with expensive well-crafted funs they shoot maybe twice a year.


Just go deepthroat a cactus already. I hope your hip replacement surgery gets pushed back due to not enough doctors. Read some Mises you cunt.

d9cf74  No.648462

File: 1cc1d7cde363ef7⋯.png (66.63 KB, 749x458, 749:458, 1cc1d7cde363ef728143f25f47….png)


Hi-Point is really an anomaly on the market. It's the only manufacturer that intentionally makes the shittiest possible gun while still making it a good gun. They're not comfy, or accurate, or tough, and the magazines aren't good, and they can't feed various ammo types well, but they're stupid reliable due to being as overbuilt as Ork weapons and even if yours gets 'stolen' and you can't even provide a serial number they'll still mail you a new one. It's the exact opposite of the Glock philosophy, where they designed the best gun that is still a pile of shit, priced it three times what it was worth, and offered some of the most awful features and customer service for a product that's just overrated at best. Everything on a factory Glock is just 'meh', but they still run $400 and up. Hi-Points are shockingly good for an ugly duckling of a $130 pistol.

Everything else at their price point is literally unsafe to use - Jennings, Bryco, etc. - so it's really amazing what the company manages to do with such poor materials. It might be magic. World War III just may be won by 10mm Hi-Point carbines.

d9cf74  No.648464

File: d16dabba47fc00c⋯.gif (2.06 MB, 624x335, 624:335, 1449035704427-k.gif)


Edgy, but no less impotent. Return when you have an argument.

cde713  No.648466


This anon gets what I was trying to get at. The important thing is to consider "will this explode in my hands or just shoot funny, and when it does finally give up on me, will it be cheaper to get a more expensive model or to just replace parts?"

6f4d2c  No.648475


>all gun related e-celebs self absorbed assholes

To be a e-celeb in the first place means you likely have some sort of Cluster B personality disorder. I'm not even joking, just at the behaviour of these people.

8008d2  No.648511


That's a kike.

b22663  No.648513


Funny that of all the people whose picture you could've put into your post you picked a white nigger larper who breeds norwegian-french mutts with an autistic woman and lives off of welfare while failing to grow basic crops.


>a freedom-loving girl

So a tranny? Amazing choice, footfaggot, I'd expect nothing less.

Women don't like freedom, they like being told what to do and have their decisions taken for them by someone stronger and smarter.


Is rothbard the big brained idol of lolbergs who says you can't spank kids but you can starve them, or was it a different jew?

d9cf74  No.648516


>unironically being a cuckold

I'd expect nothing less from a VPNigger.

b22663  No.648517


wanting a "freedom loving" girl is cuckoldry.

d9cf74  No.648522

File: 686dd3fc720bbb9⋯.png (1.47 MB, 720x1082, 360:541, il_fullxfull.381742806_snv….png)


>oy vey goy don't marry a useful woman, get yourself a nice rape fetishist Tumblr shiksa instead

5770de  No.648525


>It's just a lot of those sort of places also pay their managers only a few dollars more than regular employees while demanding 5x as much work from them

Or, as is the case for the restaurant I work at, it's that they shove additional duties onto you because you're the best there is, but don't pay you any more. "Yes, Anon, we always want you to clean the bathrooms because everyone else sucks at it! Yes, we know that you've been here for five years, but those pretty 16-year-old girls who get paid as much as you do to stand around and occasionally seat people, can't get their hands dirty!!"

I've been there for FIVE FUCKING YEARS, and the only raise I've been given is State-mandated increases in minimum wage. The only "managers" are the owners, themselves, so there is literally no way I will ever be promoted, or ever make more money unless the State twists their arm into it. But meanwhile, my rent goes up about $200 every six months…


>he gets paid overtime

Must be nice. Are you ACTUALLY so retarded as to assume your situation is the same for everyone? My employer has legit stolen from me in the past; my only real recourse is to outsmart them (the owners are SO dumb) and steal back. If you're not fucking people over, you're the one getting fucked over. Maybe you haven't realized it yet because you live in a place where cost of living (somehow) hasn't spiraled above ~$20/hr wages and can pay your bills, but it's happening all the same.


You think working 50 hours a week is a lot? You're a retard. Someone with two jobs works 80, mathematically speaking, and plenty of people do that. You do jack shit by comparison. What, pray tell, do you suggest someone do when they're already working as hard as they can while still having a few hours per day to sleep and eat? Just.. WORK MORE?!?

b22663  No.648529


>man pretender


keep going retard.

d9cf74  No.648531


A couple summers ago I went over a hundred hours a week for six weeks because I had a car accident in April that essentially left me flat broke due to my shitty KIKECO insurance not even attempting to argue my case, leaving me liable for a totaled car and thousands in hospital bills. It wasn't even my fault, I was T-boned by a woman on her phone who blew a red light at fucking 60. I opened the restaurant at 9:30 and worked doubles every day of the week, only leaving when it was either time to close or someone was willing to close for me; our hours end at 11:00, and the bar stays open until midnight if there are customers. I developed wrinkles from the fatigue of that shit. You don't know me, nigger. You don't know the slightest thing about me, so stop pretending as if you could possibly have any idea of what my life is like. Your ignorance and arrogance do you absolutely no good, and your LARPing like you've got the saddest story in the world is just plain pathetic. Yeah, my living costs don't require a six figure salary, what of it? I live in a rural area and share housing costs with a roommate who also has a good job in security. I will reiterate it once again for your tiny brain, I had to work to get where I am today. I suffered and earned everything. Anyone can do what I had to do if they would just try and not give up when things get a little hard, because that's what life is about. My situation is not unique. The only advantage I have over anyone else is willpower and thinking about my future.

Kill. Yourself. Pussy.

d9cf74  No.648532


I should add, also, that I do both kitchen and wait staff duties depending on how slots fill on any given day. Today I'm waiting, so I do make a little extra money from tips. Some days I switch from one to the other when someone has to leave. It's taken me years to work my way here, and if you were any kind of intelligent (or not LARPing) you would not stay in a job that mistreats you for years on end. That is your own fault, and it's up to you to leave if you hate it so much. Part of being a man is doing what needs to be done, period, even if it sucks or feels risky. Success is, by definition, overcoming hardship in whatever way necessary. Hopefully you learn to understand that at some point.

3bb7b9  No.648533


>15-16 hour work weeks

Oh big whoop. You could have worked an oil rig and made bank with your "work hard" attitude, but instead you're retarded and flip burgers for massa. You deserve your fucked spine at 30.

20e5d3  No.648534


No surprise that a lolberturd's idea of a wife is a woman who talks back to you in your home and "loves freedom" I hope this is bait




A "freedom loving girl" wont be your squire on your hunting trips, you autismal retard.

20e5d3  No.648535

rothbard was the kike who said your own children are worth as much as any consumer product in your home and can be trade like one.

d9cf74  No.648536

File: cacfa45ef7ad005⋯.png (87.65 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Untitled 1_4.png)



>roooooo be a socialist NEET like me and beg for handouts

>if I project my fear of wombyn at you I win

Sorry, nah. I have guns to pay for.

20e5d3  No.648537


>catering slave bragging about being slave

Because people never have to work because of "X" system and ideology, right?

I pity you tbh, that you actually thinks that you are the only one working.

20e5d3  No.648538


Oh, but I wish you find a "freedom loving woman" and have a child with her asap, with birth certfication asap too.

b22663  No.648540


Thank you kraut, since you clarified I'm fairly sure the one who said that spanking as form of discipline is barbaric but starving is fine might've been Friedman

20e5d3  No.648541

File: f7ccf1ad34a5cc7⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 3.2 MB, 1500x1723, 1500:1723, Kleine_Raupe_Immer-Sauer.png)


All "individualists" are either kikes or just shabbo retarded autists. There should be a real holohoax for all of them.

call me kraut again and you will clean my toilet with your tounge, polacke


6b928c  No.648543


>freedom-loving girl

>3D girl

Pick one and only one.


>being a lolbergturdian

>wanting personal "freedumbz"

Gas yourself.

d1dd0c  No.648545

Isn't the reason for the high cost of AK's import restrictions? I suppose boomers are to blame for that, considering they voted in(and in most cases ARE) the politicians who put these regulations in place.

37c52d  No.648546


You can make more in retail and probably get the same amount of hours anon.

4ceac5  No.648548


lol dubs of truth Yiddi Lee

b22663  No.648550


>with birth certfication asap too.

You want to see how many ethnicities their mystery meat will have? (^:


>who'll be fine with me teaching our kids to shoot and hunt,

Your footfaggotry threw me off focus to not read that shit on the first reply

>Being so much of a spineless cuckold you need PERMISSION from your wife to teach your kids basic survival skills.

Get a vasectomy and stick to bing bing wahoos.

20e5d3  No.648555


>polacke falling behind the IQ curve again

Ever seen what a "freedom loving" whore does to an autistic cuck after she shat out a spawn "for" him?

3bb7b9  No.648558


>Tell the low-tier caterer he would have more success doing real work and make twice as much for the same effort instead of being a wage slave and that he's a tard


b22663  No.648567


She'll divorce him and go fuck niggers in clubs and get paid half his assets for it.

aa1339  No.648568

Dumb fuck boomer can't into inflation, and he also doesn't understand how barriers to entry and market manipulation fuck AK prices. Fuck 922r probably raises the price of your average AK $100 alone.


The debt thing works for medical debt. I know a guy who had a major operation and got them down to $25/month. He'll pay for the rest of his life, but it's fucking peanuts so he doesn't give a shit. They originally wanted nearly a grand a month, but he just insisted he couldn't pay that much and kept going lower and lower.


Hi-point isn't an anomoly. It fits the same niche Jimenez did, mainly cheap-ass gats, but they actually hired people who knew the limitations of zamak and how to work with it properly. Ivers Johnson filled that same niche a hundred years ago and made a quality product.


>You gotta work HARD to get where I am

>Can't afford decent insurance, savings fucked by single accident

>Can't afford a home in even a rural area

>Thankfully massa lets me work 16 hour days so I can make ends meet when my life took a minor downturn

Haha look at this delusional fucking wagie. Yeah, you've got it real good there scraping by like some sort of fucking peasant. Oooh but he does it with GRIT, bow to his GRIT. Nevermind if he worked smarter and got a job that paid better he could actually own a home a woman might want to live in. Fucking hell fry cook if you've got the ethic you act like you do you should have gone to the oil fields and actually made some cash. Hard work is not it's own reward despite what the pensioners (which you'll never get) tell you.

d9cf74  No.648572

File: 8a0e972783ecfaa⋯.png (32.67 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Untitled 2.png)


>can't afford insurance

Obamacare made it illegal for me to get insurance under like $1600 a month because of my income, kike.

>can't afford a home

I've got about $5400 in savings right now. Not even mad.

>the rest of this schizophrenic kikeposting

>lying to himself to pretend he has a point

>implying Jimenez isn't literally a Jew-run company producing guns that often can't even fire the first ten rounds without a malfunction, who is identical to 9 other companies under different names, whose CEO has been caught repeatedly selling guns directly to street gangs, then abused corporate regulations to escape legal punishment while he (((restructured))) his brand

>Iver Johnson good, not bad except for a few select products, as was the common opinion throughout history

f1bfa7  No.648573

File: 6b02a6b9c82f2ee⋯.jpg (262.86 KB, 1080x1440, 3:4, assburger man.jpg)


>I've got about $5400 in savings right now

>Not even mad.

>He is fucked harder than the lowest wageslave in the EU

>He is proud of this

b22663  No.648574

File: 5cd361ed18beb90⋯.webm (3.44 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Assburger.webm)


>$5400 in savings right now

>5k USD


Is that supposed to be impressive for a citizen of the USA?


>Hard work is not it's own reward despite what the pensioners (which you'll never get) tell you.

Which is hilarious since they retired at like what 50?

On top of in case one of them was fired he could walk in to another office and land a job same day.

aa1339  No.648575


>shit income makes it so he has to get shit insurance

>Has savings, still not financially solvent enough to buy a home

>Jimenez rant

Honestly that bit just confuses me. I said Jimenez and Hi-Point filled the same market niche and Hi-Point does it better because of better materials science. That is a factual statement, and if you're somehow able to see it as an endorsement of Jimenez rather than my shitting on their quality you lack reading comprehension.

2deb0f  No.648579

File: 20cacb3db933a3e⋯.jpg (6.32 KB, 197x69, 197:69, 8851f4d7d3286d97c1d4fb4315….jpg)


>ITT: /liberty/ reenacts the Rhodesian Bush War with /leftypol/

>like ZANLA, the only way /leftypol/ can appear to have an advantage is by throwing bodies and cheating

fc15bb  No.648580


>(((liberty))) is about being wageslave to nigger and spic hiring businesses

>(((liberty))) is about being wageslave

>(((liberty))) is about sticking in your dick in some "freedom loving" whore

Seems right.

2342b1  No.648584

>18-year-old MA resident

>Want a semi-automatic rifle that isn’t in 22lr

>Can’t own an AR-15 or Kalashnikov

>Mini-14s and .223 are too expensive

>Figure that the only reasonable option would be an SKS

>Local gun store has fuckall for long guns, nothing

>Nearby gun store has nothing but extremely overpriced Kalashnikovs

>Bass Pro Shop has some $1500 sporting rifle I’ve never heard of

>NH gun stores seem to have a fuckton of (reasonably priced) AR-15s and Kalashnikovs but I can’t find anything I’d be allowed to bring back to MA that fits my criteria

>No online gun stores I can find have them in stock

>I remember seeing some beaten up Yugo ones at a Cabella’s in NH a few years ago for $500 but they’re probably gone

>Gunbroker isn’t an option because even if I can get one that’s reasonably priced (which doesn’t sound possible) I’ll have to drive to the fucking middle of the country or something to pick it up

>Semi-automatic rifles are probably going to be banned in my state or red-flag laws are going to be so bad that I won’t be able to legally own an AK or AR-15 once I turn 21 and pass the LTC test (ignoring money)

Fucking boomers. A bunch of the “conservative” ones buy up all the guns and a bunch of the “liberal” ones pass laws that only affect the ability of the young to own guns.

a1bd6d  No.648585



a1bd6d  No.648587


>I've got about $5400 in savings right now.

Dude. Look at my flug and believe me when I say this: My sincerest condolences.

6bd085  No.648588

File: 4faa142a1a306ca⋯.jpg (27.11 KB, 388x443, 388:443, The violence has been esca….jpg)


>Meanwhile I'm told I'm not qualified to stack boxes in a warehouse without a doctorate and 15 years experience.

>tfw i know that feel

There are so many jobs out there that don't require jack-shit in order to be carried out, yet HR twats want unrealistic expectations from people. Keep in mind, that most of the people in the current potential employee "pool" haven't even been alive as long as these boomer fucks.

So, you tell me how I'm meant to have this, that, and this, while also needing 5-10 years experience? It's especially bad when you see a job listing that is entry level and they too want an expert's level of experience and skills for the role. One, what expert is gonna work for a laughable monthly wage that hardly covers expenses? And two, how the fuck are you going to gain that experience if you can't even get into these industries in the first place? Makes me laugh at how fucked everything is from top to bottom.

Never thought I'd be having this conversation on /k/.

20e5d3  No.648597


>pitying a deluded, pig headed, autistic low IQ muttcuck

a3043c  No.648599

>worrying about money

If you hit rock bottom just run away from society and live in the woods. If you die trying, so what? It is an honorable death to die doing what you believe in

2deb0f  No.648614


Gott strafe Spergkike.

f99f8f  No.648621


Considering most Americans are deeply in debt, any amount of savings without debt is often times considered breddy gud. By the time the average American young adult has his own place and a car, pays his taxes, buys a few things, and if he went to college like a good little kid like the system told him to do and borrowed a fuckton of money, he more than likely is so indebted he will never pay it off, never own his house, car in full, might pay off his college loans after he retires, will always just borrow money and/or charge up that credit card whenever he gets the itch to buy something. Many go paycheck to paycheck with almost no savings, almost no cash, borrow and spend like damned fools. Americans who rent and lease cars have absolutely fuck all to show for it.

I'm old world minded myself, no debt and stack cash. I agree with the old mentality. Gives me a good perspective of the American average Joe situation, so i sit with the old world people laughing at plight of the endless borrowing, but seeing it first hand I do feel sorry for these people who have been mislead and taught bad personal economic choices. It is correct to say "$5,400 ain't that much" in an objective way, and a old school way, but in terms of relative to how Americans live and spend, yeah, that's a lot of savings if he has no debt. Maybe when the neo liberals fuck up the economic system really bad next time the debt ridden Americans will win and the old savers like us will get fucked to death by bail ins.

In my situation, I've just been buying guns, tools, cooking things, stuff I like and use, I've been keeping my savings down because of inflation and low interest rates (holding onto cash basically watches it almost rot away to nothing, bank accounts pay fuck all and not enough to keep up with inflation) and at least if I spend I own the things I always wanted, a real tangible thing. Even as a hardcore saver I've abandoned it in the short term because the situation the banks have put us in makes it painful to do so, if you are gonna buy shit do it these years of no interest. How's the negative interest rates in parts of Europe going for all those penny pincher savers?

With my poverty level income, but staying at home in the deep nowhere rural area, I've been able to hold onto cash and a bank account, as well as a large arsenal, thousands of dollars of tools, ect. Part of it is discipline, which I try to impart onto others, but part of it is my situation, so these renters getting ass raped in the US have my sympathy. Living on your own is great, I'll give you that, freedom and all that. But the price for that freedom, or that vanity of "Oh look, I'm an American and I have my own place" is going from a cheap thing every 18 year old had to an expensive, bank breaking luxury.

20e5d3  No.648623


>lolberturdianism not founded by kikes

2deb0f  No.648625

File: beb80222939b1c0⋯.png (4.9 KB, 100x75, 4:3, Screenshot_2016-03-27-01-3….png)


>it took this long for a second/third poster with a grip on reality to show up

Real worthwhile thread, guys. Glad we had it. All the anti-white spam is really improving the board.

Good post though, Strelok.

20e5d3  No.648626



I pity all the deracinated kike loving shabbo muttcucks without bloodline and culture, tbh

2deb0f  No.648627

File: 0a2bc1021bd7a28⋯.jpg (58.3 KB, 640x910, 64:91, Y2tMguu.jpg)


Beats being a kike.

t. Anglo

a00129  No.648628


I suggest moving

20e5d3  No.648629


>negro saxons




ce9001  No.648634


What is the muttspammer and his irrational hatred for germanics?

20e5d3  No.648638


Muttspammer is likely the grandchild of one of the subhumans who volunteered to rescue the USSR. So yeah.

2deb0f  No.648640


You're responding to him.

9992ea  No.648641

Get your cdl and into trucking you negative iq niggers. No xp required, paid training, sign on bonus, and 60k your first year. Sit on your fat asses listening to whatever music or podcasts that have lobotomized you to this point for another year or two cruising this godforsaken country, until you find a piece of land. Buy that, profit, retire. You're welcome.

74dafe  No.648652

File: 66c8d517d640886⋯.jpg (14.54 KB, 236x376, 59:94, 66c8d517d640886348b8a8e5f1….jpg)


Eat dick faggot

>complete double the workload of the non white, non English speaking embroiderist (who had 20 years of experience) and got paid, after a raise for retraining, a dollar an hour less. Started at the literal bottom of the company at reno minimum wage.


>join appraisal management company. Complete 2-5x the average workload for a year at the same error rate as staff appraisers and make half per hour, $15. Work 10 OT hours per week, 9 months out of the year. Failure=write up

>take state mandated courses to become appraiser after company states they are starting training program

>team lead threatens to fire me for ignoring 'easy miss' items that underwriters DO NOT return reports for, ever because chief appraiser is an alcoholic fucktard.

>ask about training program once courses are near complete only to be told that program never existed (gal who lead it quit)


>finish courses and spend a year and a half completing every single appraiser trainee application available in the US excluding jew York, commiefornia and shitty east coast states (20% of available job) as well as every lower level appraiser job I could find.

>in addition call a good portion of private appraisers on the west coast (excluding commiefornia) and get told countless times by boomers how hard it is to get into the business while refusing to take trainees, from whom they garnish 50% of appraisal dues. Younger appraisers showed greater interest but lacked license level determined by age.

>finally get a couple of call backs from assessors and get hired by a 35 year old white man with 5 kids (not a mormon)

>go from daily hell to heaven

>don't have a good way to compensate since I've never been in an all white workplace where my existance itself is appreciated.

This is in an industry where 50% of appraisers will retire in 10 years, all of them boomers. They all need to die in a hole.

dbc77f  No.648657


that is a beautiful piece of artwork


I have a feeling its some dominican being anally hurt he has to share an island with niggers and only has not deforesting his half to be proud of.

35d5b8  No.648662

>You all want 1999 prices how would you like to get paid a 1999 wage

I'm sure everyone would people were probably making double then what they are now you old cunt.

35d5b8  No.648664


>Don't go to college if you can't afford it

I mean if you don't want to work ever I guess you could just not go to collage since even entry level jobs require a degree or two to three years experience that you will never get with out a degree.

d35efd  No.648670


Trucking is good for about ten years and then the physical issues set in. Also Obama-era regulations on DoT that went into full effect recently means the days of 100 hour work weeks as a trucker and earning $30k in a two months are gone. The most recent one is if you're obese (according to BMI), you have to get a sleep study done on you in order to get your physical for your CDL.

ba1c20  No.648679

File: 8749c01542e1e69⋯.jpg (105.8 KB, 700x540, 35:27, RG40.jpg)

File: 5e468e7d2b839d8⋯.jpg (553.41 KB, 800x682, 400:341, rg-31.jpg)

File: 7ba909443dd8fcb⋯.jpg (230.51 KB, 885x650, 177:130, excam RX-38.jpg)



What about cheap revolvers like Rohm and friends?

dbc77f  No.648685


Just as trash as a jennings. Most of them would shoot themselves out of their timing.

2deb0f  No.648688


This is a retarded meme only believed by millennial leftists who've never actually tried walking into a place and applying for a job, or asking people in person if they have work available. You do know McDolan's is not the only business in the world, right?

a71b83  No.648689

File: ce14e7b573f55af⋯.jpg (78.11 KB, 625x626, 625:626, 1432460852154.jpg)

2deb0f  No.648690

File: 87961aa4217cd10⋯.png (394.19 KB, 820x504, 205:126, special interest2.png)


>wow look at all those Doctors standing outside of Home Depot and asking contractors if they need help

>damn, couldn't get a job at a convenience store, don't have my MBA yet

>I really wish I'd stayed and gotten my $300000 slip of paper so I could become a bouncer at the local bar, but sadly, they only accept theoretical physicists

dbc77f  No.648700

File: 26ab9ebc8b7e0f9⋯.jpg (59.9 KB, 544x704, 17:22, 76eabfdf46fffc472050593d07….jpg)


>work harder

>get replaced by two chinks and a spic whose wages combined were two dollars less than mine

Yeah, working harder is a bunch of bullshit in this day and age mate.


You'd be fucking amazed at what people want for literal hire anyone off the street jobs. Its insane.

cde713  No.648705

File: d6f43a8e2354a7a⋯.jpg (104.39 KB, 500x502, 250:251, d6f43a8e2354a7ab87843ee34b….jpg)


>who've never actually tried walking into a place and applying for a job, or asking people in person if they have work available.

I've done both. The first one gets you nowhere and the second one gets you temporarily banned from Home Depot (or Wal-Mart or wherever you happen to do this) these days.

a1bd6d  No.648721


Jesus fucking Christ, anon. Stop wasting hitlerdubs on so blatant yet unintentional boomerbait.

15c3ac  No.648722


Fun little fact: Half the burger flippers in my town are spics. Not Spaniards, actual Meso and South Americans who come to the EU through Spain.

2342b1  No.649044


That’s the plan. I’m bound to this state until 2022 thanks to college, though.

dda137  No.649045


>work harder

>get paid less

Such is life in Weimerica.

a32bd3  No.649049


>such is life everywhere


ead899  No.649054


It's a racket that recently reached peak bullshit in the last 20 or so years, employers/HR are risk adverse and play into the higher education scam of putting all the time money and debt on you for jobs that could easily train you.

They drive up tuition for bullshit degrees by creating a walled garden of unnecessary requirements, on top of that some jobs are actually being compressed from separate positions to a single multitool one size fits all mess of high requirement.

You never had to go to college for the majority of jobs in the past (aside from critically important ones like medical) it was purely optional if you had a passion to learn more, now it's another soulless industry that ruins lives.

The silver lining is that it appears to be falling apart I've been reading that employers are dropping the ridiculous experience requirements for some as those positions are never filled.

Boomers still think it's a similar job environment to what they had, where you just show gumption and drive with a firm handshake.

The only reason I have my warehouse job is they do mass hirings with no interview, just pass a drug test and hired, learn, don't fuck up you get to stay.

f2c88b  No.649058


Those mass hiring jobs are nice, but they can only happen in "at will" states. It really reinforces the whole "can't hire you unless I can fire you" point since a lot of people are so shitty they'll sue a company for firing them even if they fucked up

0be0fb  No.649070

File: 40a25c3b40a9e60⋯.jpg (10.69 KB, 261x194, 261:194, 1479257125794.jpg)


>I've got about $5400 in savings right now. Not even mad.

And you think that's fine just because you're "doing better than everyone else?" Wannabe babyboomers are worse than the boomers themselves and are literal cuckolds, may your mental gymnastics and sloven cow brain forever be immortalized for dignified human beings to laugh at.

590882  No.649072


>y-you're a cuck slave because you can pay for your own tendies and actually own guns




0be0fb  No.649074


Sounds like butthurt. Go back to work and pay for my neetbux while I polish all the guns I own.

dda137  No.649076


>This amount of projection.

I sure hope your 5400$ can cover costs of emergency surgery for a stroke and an anal prolapse.

9615fd  No.649081


From what I understand is they collectively worked less than me alone. Far as I'm concerned I don't give two fucks now that I've got 49% of a company under my belt.

6bd085  No.649084

File: 8810a2deed9e114⋯.gif (940.08 KB, 627x502, 627:502, Would you like to know mor….gif)


>Far as I'm concerned I don't give two fucks now that I've got 49% of a company under my belt.

f2c88b  No.649085


Just got a call back from a company that pays $90k/year in po-dunk nowhere to fix stuff. Wouldn't have to "work hard" either, just put in hours. Get #rekt scrub.

f2c88b  No.649086



More importantly, what does it matter if you own guns and tendies if you don't have the time or energy to use either due to being the wage slave you are?

>inb4 "I go to the range every three days" bullshit

d2d8ad  No.649088


Which one of you is this?

0be0fb  No.649097



>work for small business out of high school

>get certifications, fuck around with electronics all day

>they'll pay me to get further certifications and my journeyman

>making $20/hour soon to be $30/hour before all of my friends graduate from university and get stuck with debt for the rest of their youth

Working hard is for brutes or the absolutely determined which went extinct 30 years ago. Smart people take shortcuts, loopholes, and "cheat" their way to the top. That or actually look for opportunity instead of believing the ethic of breaking your back told by boomers who never even did or thinking this is 100 years ago when social mobility was fluid as oil.


Who do you think.

6bd085  No.649110


Why it was you, silly anon.

6457e7  No.649151


Bitch I have a nice apartment and certainly have more than 5400 shekels at anytime.

dbc77f  No.649262

File: 71c5995e0af9d64⋯.png (287.86 KB, 634x384, 317:192, 71c5995e0af9d642b8c507d88f….png)


Long story short me needing gas money ended up with me in a job where the owner himself just ended up giving me a chunk of the company sometime later just to keep me from going back home, this has the unfortunate side effect of me running the day to day operations while he goes off and about bringing business in with that thick czech accent of his. his family thinks hes nuts and have seriously said that I'd annex the whole fucking thing much like 1939.

0be0fb  No.649320

File: fa908ea10f2feae⋯.jpg (209.33 KB, 762x1048, 381:524, 346327637621048.jpg)


>me needing gas money ended up with me in a job where the owner himself just ended up giving me a chunk of the company sometime later just to keep me from going back home

Sounds like a long story too short, maybe with the right spunk you really can walk in anywhere and get a job.

cde713  No.649334


In a lot of cases you can get a job by being Charismatic and walking in the door, but only if you talk to the correct person and live close enough to physically drive to that work place. That's fine for most unskilled labor and people who live on the east coast where the next state over is a 1-4 hour drive on the highway. A lot of companies have receptionists specifically to keep walk-ins from talking with the foreman and getting a job because the foreman "liked him" (among other ilk), and if you live out west, the next state over is easily a 6+ hour drive, shit, the next city over is a 1-4 hour drive.

20322c  No.649419

>tips for getting a fucking unskilled job that pays peanuts

Why don't you burgers not just utilise the ancient practice of nepotism to get the job through relatives and friends, if ANY job will do? You can be as charismatic as you want, but you'll always have lower priority than the cousin of the guy that has morning coffee with the HR head

67475c  No.649420


>losing your job because your boss replaced you with the dumb gay nigger son of a friend of his

boy nepotism sure is great for society

dbe26a  No.649422


>Looking out for family being more important than profit


dbc77f  No.649427


Best way I can put it, is it went from slavs throwing wrenches at one another to a place that is beyond orderly. Took some time and throwing someone headfirst out an emergency exit I was told rusted shut. Nothing like building machinery from the ground up and repairing shit that hasn't had a spare made in 40 some odd years.

49f674  No.649428

File: 3d6ef713d4386af⋯.jpg (43.36 KB, 540x405, 4:3, sad.jpg)



>be me

>1570 on SAT, 35 on ACT

>go to a southern ivy

>couldn't do ROTC due to some genetic bs where I can't eat a normal amount of calories

>amass a decent amount of debt

>graduate with a 3.8 GPA on a 4 scale in a STEM field

>did tons of research, summer internships

>get told internships don't count as experience

>took me over two years to land a job as an electrical engineer from an extremely good college with high grades, research, and multiple internships

Nobody is safe from the job fuckery. Some company went to the college job fair with "entry level" positions that needed 8 years of work experience and they didn't even count internships as anything. Maybe they should recruit someone from that college with half a brain cell to realize attempting to hire undergrad students right out of college but requiring almost a decade of work experience in the field doesn't work.

a1bd6d  No.649433

File: 8bc8621b4db369a⋯.jpg (43.64 KB, 500x500, 1:1, artworks-000174242113-685d….jpg)




Mentality like this is why Whites monopolize achievement while kikes run everything.

c81497  No.649434


Nepotism is when you promote the incompetent, there's nothing fucking wrong with promoting your competent son/relatives.

That has been the tradition since forever, blood is thicker than water.

Deliberately ignoring your competent/decent relatives would in fact destroy family and clan relations.

590882  No.649448


>blood is thicker than water

This statement actually means that friends are more important than family, because they are honour bound to be loyal. Family is just a spook.

632e1e  No.649449

a1bd6d  No.649453

File: 84e5979d92247fd⋯.jpg (24.31 KB, 500x285, 100:57, 1c3.jpg)


Not sure if ironic shitposting…

c81497  No.649456

d25b15  No.649457


My family is full of idiots who would actively harm my job search. "Nepotism" would get me a retail job and no further since only my father had connections and he won't share them unless I'm willing to marry a whore.

d25b15  No.649458


Not entirely wrong. My friends have given more loyalty to me than my shit-tier family.

632e1e  No.649459



It is just your deracinated, muttmongrel "family". You should get a DNA test.

6e75c0  No.649460


LMAO. Probably a rootless and deracinated yankee. Northerners are scum.

d25b15  No.649461



>Using the same meme twice while swapping IPs

I've never denied being a mutt and I don't care. I know what I am and there's no changing that. I live life for myself instead of getting cucked by false ideals like "race" and "family," muttspammer. Go be a shitter somewhere else.

632e1e  No.649462


>complain about the usage of the word mutt while denying the reality of race and blood relation


Must make you so mad that I am racially pure and my parents give me money every year despite knowing I dont need it.

632e1e  No.649466


Because it does make my life a little bit easier, and we talked about it already, mutt. It is what parents do for their children if their children arent addicted losers or not actually theirs like you, mutt :^)

Maybe amerimongrel "culture" promotes boomerism and fucking over their posterity. But we only have one thing to say: Fuck off, Amikäfer.

c81497  No.649469


I hope you are a goddamn teenager or that shit is embarrassing.

Do you give money to your parents at least? Or buy them gift in holiday events?

632e1e  No.649470


Oh no, some mongrel is trying to tell my family how we should do things, despite not knowing what I actually do, how well off my family is, etc.

But keep eating that boomer brownpill. Keep rejecting what your family wants to give you, and do the same to your children. And then stand there wondering why boomer mentality is exclusively an amerimutt problem and of other retarded, ami wannabe trashes.

And yes, I do choose to talk like this, but only to you and other assorted subhumans that contaminate my cornea.

632e1e  No.649473


Yes I do, retard. Im still at uni, which is why I'm taking allowance. I do pay my own rent and living expenses. I rarely even touch the trust or fund my family intended to for me since it is not needed, and they already pay my kiked compulsary insurance.

It is funny to see mutts already trying to tell people how to live though.

632e1e  No.649474


>said the mutt

Are you "Indian", Scot or Irish this month? Or is it already out of mode and you are instead part based chinks who built le railroad?

c81497  No.649476


Oh so you are still fucking young.

Man, I feel fucking old already.

632e1e  No.649477


You? Old? With your excessive use of "fuck". Not a chance, sperggook.

c81497  No.649479


I'm fucking 28 year old already, already have a job and steady income.

Then again, this should be regular age of most people here.

632e1e  No.649481


>n-no u

>you are salty

I literally ride a bike with one hand for 7 days a month at most and I can pay my rent and eat whatever I want. For luxuries, thats when the sommer jobs come in.

I thought you said I wasnt "huwhite" or whatever mixed garbage you think of? Your muttbrain must be shorting hard.

Oh and the allowance? Most of what I actually use goes to pay for ammo at the shooting clubs. Oh boy, I sure enjoy talking to those nice gentlemen about how much I hate amimutts just like they do. Thats how I get to shoot their olympic grade .22 pistols, ARs and actual X series Sigs :^)

Nothing like laughing at mongrels after a long shooting session and drinking beer.


Sure sure. Just end here.

632e1e  No.649483


I will be sure to print out this huge amerimutt traget and practice some .22 with it, dont worry :)

d25b15  No.649484

File: a81537f3d4f9595⋯.gif (5.08 MB, 356x356, 1:1, a81537f3d4f9595f402f1f6ff4….gif)


I never denied anything. You would have me commit sudoku while I recognize my flaws and don't give a shit. 3D is PD and I'm dedicated to my waifu, yet despite not caring, you niggers insist on spouting mutt memes to fulfill your own 1/3rd Arab superiority complex instead of caring about bettering your fellow man.

c81497  No.649486


Ya need to do something with all that impotent rage, kid. It's not healthy.

91dd32  No.649492

File: 7a562f1f6a19755⋯.jpg (393.65 KB, 1200x1875, 16:25, bridge-collapse-florida-in….jpg)


>to realize attempting to hire undergrad students right out of college but requiring almost a decade of work experience in the field doesn't work.

>STEM fag

>doesn't know the STEM scam

Let me explain it to you, because it took me two years to figure out my mistake, and I'm still paying for it.

>Companies need STEM fags to operate

>Companies don't want to pay for STEM fags

>Companies tell every college "WE NEED STEM!"

>Colleges tell public schools "WE NEED STEM!"

>Counselors tell students "THEY NEED STEM!"

>Counselors fail to tell students that nominal attrition rate is upwards of 50% within the first two years which amounts to over 20k in debt

>Counselors fail to tell students that STEM doesn't pay for college free ride goes to sportsball niggers

>Students take out thousands in loans for STEM

>Colleges make thousands per STEM fag even if they fail

>Companies increase STEM fag population by 500%

>STEM fag wages plummet

>Companies create false job requirements to filter out new STEM fags

>Old STEM fags become devalued as they're now replaceable cogs

>Companies further expand false job requirements to minimize domestic hires

>Companies use their (((inability))) to find new hires to justify foreign importation

>Companies further flood STEM market with poojeets, who inherently devalue any job title they occupy

>New STEM fags get saddled with hundreds of thousands in bad debt, and become locked out of future STEM employment because their job experience consists of parking lot attendant and dock worker

>Old STEM fags get salaries cut and become the new wage slaves

>Women, poojeets, chinks, and niggers break everything

>(((Companies))) profit from everyone's suffering

I've seen this same scam applied to janitorial and security work where I live.

I'm glad I got out when I did. I networked with genuinely smart stemfags in commiefornia that couldn't get jobs 4 years out of college with actual internship experience

220964  No.649501


>electrical engineer

Hello fellow EE.

>did tons of research, summer internships

>get told internships don't count as experience

That sucks, research can be very hit and miss to the point where it doesn't count for anything anything or its the only thing that counts, and internships are seen as a negative by some even though its required for engineering degrees.

>Nobody is safe from the job fuckery.

Wageslaves aren't safe from job fuckery, same cant be said for people who decide to go down the path of self employment.

The US tech industry is fucked when you look under the surface, tech giants like Google have tens of thousands of (what are essentially) serfs burdened by either debt that will take decades to pay off or immigrants under the H1B program legally bound to a company by their visa. The former job hop like crazy in order to jack their income up to higher and higher levels while the latter are run into the ground by having their incomes slowly ratcheted lower and lower until they are almost no longer capable of affording to eat and are forced to leave the country. But you know what the real kicker is? the most valuable work is done by a tiny minority of people, one of the observations of Price's Law is that half the productive output of a group of people is done by the square root of the number of people, so companies like Google ~95,000 employees have half their productive output come from around 310 people, with half of the remaining come from the next most productive 308 and so on.

Most of their employees stack up near zero in terms of company success even though they are taking home significant incomes, you are probably wondering why they even bother employing these people and the answer is three fold:

>investors/shareholders like seeing big huge employee numbers, lots of employees must mean that they are working on lots of stuff which means lots of potential for growth in profits

>its cheaper to employ a thousand people with a comfy wageslave job than it is to have one of them go and start his/her own company which will need to be brought out in the future for significant amounts of money when it becomes successful

>sucking up all the potential workers means less people available to be employees for the above

But I will let you in on a little secret its really easy to get VC funding, its 50% confidence, 25% pitch/demo, 20% vision, and 5% market research.

0f88d5  No.649507


>Hosted by BestGore.com

Nice touch

632e1e  No.649512


>said the mutt sperging about people living happily and homogenously

51155e  No.649513


>I've never denied being a mutt and I don't care.

La creatura…

>false ideals like "race" and "family," muttspammer.

<genetics don't real, they make me sad and suicidal,

Wish I had a proper macro with the extremely asshurt wojak or a mutt putting on a 2 dimensional facade of being fine or aryan.


>Rashmi Dutt-Ballerstadt


bb3be1  No.649515



The actual phrase is "The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb" so Anon is correct.

0be0fb  No.649519

File: cd3d2051c58aa6a⋯.jpg (47.09 KB, 320x480, 2:3, 1464452883039.jpg)


There's a saying in Poland that the family looks best in a photo. Modern families are fake, my parents aren't intelligent nor conscious and my siblings felt like roommates.


>I've never denied being a mutt and I don't care.

>false ideals like "race" and "family"


They short it to blood is thicker than water for saying family is more important.

000000  No.649522


But pussy juice is really thicc.

20322c  No.649557


>believing this bullshit

No, anon, "Blood is thicker than water" is the original phrase. The "covenant" bullshit was added much later by modern faggots

634a95  No.649569


If someone cuts off your arm, do you shoot yourself because you'll never have two hands again/all two-handed actions will be much harder if not impossible, or do you go about your life and learn to live one-armed? Being a mutt is kind of the same thing. I say mutt but my skin is white, hair is brown, and my eyes are hazel. With genetic engineering right around the corner, people will be able to tailor what they're kids look like and how intelligent they are, and the fact that they have nigger DNA won't become apparent until two or three generations down the line when it's too late and whiggers are a real race instead of just an insult.

0f5d0d  No.649598



That fucking sucks. I was planning on going back to school for EE since my employer would pay for it, but it just doesn't seem worth it. I'm basically a middle ground between a a mechanic and an electrician and I wanted to get an engineering degree too, but I've heard a lot of stories like the ones you guys told. Feels bad man.

20322c  No.649615


I mean it was actually a condition to get hired for my current job in corporate.

>get into a long chat with a distant relative

>"Hey, anon, wanna get a job?"

>university ain't free, sure I do

>"It's a student position that we wanted to close since the last few takers were shitters, but I can convince the management to keep it open for you"

>fast forward job interview

>"Yeah, actually, we're only hiring you because you have a relative here. We believe that since the relative sort of vouches for you, you'll do your job responsibly, since if you don't, not only will you get fired, you'll also have an angry relative give you shit in your personal life. We hope that prospect will be enough of a motivator to prevent you from fucking up. Anyway, welcome onboard."

I never really thought about it that way, but the manager seemed really convinced that nepotism makes it more likely to get a good employee.

51155e  No.649618


It's much easier to live without a limb or 4 that to not have an identity.

634a95  No.649621


You'd know giving the flag I suppose.

51155e  No.649625


Funny, I could say the same thing.

8cb05e  No.649642


>Work summer job

>Buys a brand new car, in cash

>works Sumer job for 3 years

>Buys house

Fucking bommers I swear. Tired of their shit.

5ee944  No.649724


I do.

467649  No.649761


Look at the bright side - boomers will soon face the ultimate equalizer: cancer.

20322c  No.649763

File: ae74dafa7a52cba⋯.png (774.1 KB, 582x583, 582:583, ClipboardImage.png)


>that flag

a38faa  No.649768

File: b2bd00c43b4ea8b⋯.jpg (80.16 KB, 992x616, 124:77, 41776c77bfd68780786c5ee728….jpg)

File: cf54f5e8a5babf4⋯.jpg (66.31 KB, 540x580, 27:29, 41776c77bfd68780786c5ee728….jpg)

File: 27174a59adf72c6⋯.jpg (24.53 KB, 324x358, 162:179, 41776c77bfd68780786c5ee728….jpg)

File: e0f33fea0a26f95⋯.png (542.35 KB, 700x796, 175:199, 41776c77bfd68780786c5ee728….png)


>that flag

>that post

>muh bummers

ccd962  No.649814


>implying being treated badly by the non whites they imported in the nursing home isnt a more fitting fate for them

cca7c7  No.649815


>the Jew admits his hatred for white people because he can't keep his autism contained for longer than a few minutes


0be0fb  No.649818

File: b33446171c592b6⋯.jpg (48.42 KB, 488x410, 244:205, 1452810462526.jpg)


>dunba unga they're huwyte

Why not let them get a taste of what they sowed? They're a wasteful conceited generation who had no concern for the future and want to act like they're young again while pulling the seniority card, traitors are enemies that stand behind you instead of in front of you. At least 90% of them would be better leaving this plane of mortality especially for the west.

ccd962  No.649823


>if traitors are "huwhites" they get a free pass for everything

Look, mutt, I know you long for an identity, but it goes deeper than skin color, mkay?

2c17da  No.649825


You just don't get it, whites will be a minority of next year (2020) briths in Weimerica, every huwite counts. (^:

ccd962  No.649829


North African niggers, poos and Arabs included? :^)

2c17da  No.649830


They're basically aryan, almost as based as Huwite hispanics. (^:

ccd962  No.649831


Baste Huwhite nationalism.

2c17da  No.649833

File: ed82a9cc6a21048⋯.mp4 (6.97 MB, 450x360, 5:4, Hwhite_nationalism_of_hwhi….mp4)

ad00f4  No.649835

>Spergkike responding to himself in a desperate attempt to seem relevant

Even less shocking than the gaynigger from outer space who faked his own hate crime to remain famous.

ccd962  No.649836


>it must be only one person on h8chan who hates commie loving racially ambiguous mutts


Truly a high point for all huwhites, an alliance with the peaceful nation of ussr has been established :^)

968435  No.649844


Next time you better win, bucko

Need that autistic greentext about the Germans putting 1.5 million people on Africa

2c17da  No.649846


Pompeo himself said, that the embodiment of american dream and >polish resilience is being a stalinist jew murdering innocent people either in basements or in mock trials then moving to USA and becoming a successful real estate developer in Jew york, Frank Blaichman


0be0fb  No.649851


t. proud quadroon

8f3edb  No.649894


If your employer offers free schooling, take it. You'll not only learn something, you'll also become more valuable to the company because they've sunk several thousand dollars into you.

Just make sure you like working there, they'll probably require x number of years employment after you graduate to make sure you don't take the degree and run.

733e54  No.650917

So this is what boomer-larping oppression Olympics is like.

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