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There's no discharge in the war!

File: 1ab9a4bd7264d1f⋯.png (901.89 KB, 1056x777, 352:259, ClipboardImage.png)

1fb491  No.655524

"We lose a lot of people. We lose a lot of equipment. We usually fail to achieve our objective of preventing aggression by the adversary,"

>In simulated World War III scenarios, the U.S. continues to lose against Russia and China, two top war planners warned last week. “In our games, when we fight Russia and China, blue gets its ass handed to it" RAND analyst David Ochmanek said Thursday.

>RAND's wargames show how US Armed Forces - colored blue on wargame maps - experience the most substantial losses in one scenario after another and still can't thwart Russia or China - which predictably is red - from accomplishing their objectives: annihilating Western forces.

>"We lose a lot of people. We lose a lot of equipment. We usually fail to achieve our objective of preventing aggression by the adversary," he warned.

>In the next military conflict, which some believe may come as soon as the mid-2020s, all five battlefield domains: land, sea, air, space, and cyberspace, will be heavily contested, suggesting the U.S. could have a difficult time in achieving superiority as it has in prior conflicts.

>The simulated war games showed, the "red" aggressor force often destroys U.S. F-35 Lightning II stealth fighters on the runway, sends several Naval fleets to the depths, destroys US military bases, and through electronic warfare, takes control of critical military communication systems. In short, a gruesome, if simulated, annihilation of some of the most modern of US forces.

>“In every case I know of,” said Robert Work, a former deputy secretary of defense with years of wargaming experience, “the F-35 rules the sky when it’s in the sky, but it gets killed on the ground in large numbers.”

>So, as Russia and China develop fifth-generation fighters and hypersonic missiles, “things that rely on sophisticated base infrastructures like runways and fuel tanks are going to have a hard time,” Ochmanek said. “Things that sail on the surface of the sea are going to have a hard time.”

>He said "$24 billion a year for the next five years would be a good expenditure" to prepare the military for World War III.

>With the defense budget stuck around $700 billion per annum for the remainder of President Trump's term, America's Warhawks are inciting fear through simulated wargames with one purpose only: demand more taxpayers' money for war spending.



733869  No.655525

The US military has not won a war since 1945, with the exception of the First Gulf War, which the LAPD could have won. It lost decisively in Vietnam. It got run out of Lebanon with 241 dead Marines as its only accomplishment. After seventeen years it shows no signs of defeating barely armed Afghan peasants. Iraq has been a complete botch, achieving none of its goals, control of the oil, permanent bases, and a puppet government.

What sort of war is envisaged? The United States cannot fight a sizable land war. Iran can. Russia can. The American military means air power and little else. The Army hasn’t fought a serious war since 1973, the fleet since 1945. In long periods of inaction, things deteriorate because they do not seem important. Crucial supplies cease to exist, spare parts aren’t there, the logistics train quietly becomes inoperable. Money goes instead to pricey weapons of little practical use

Militaries come to believe their own propaganda. So, apparently, do the feral mollycoddles in the White House and New York. The American military’s normal procedure is to overestimate American power, underestimate the enemy, and misunderstand the kind of war it is getting into. Should Washington decide on war with Iran, or Russia (unless by a surprise nuclear strike) there will be the usual talk of the most powerful, best trained, best equipped etc., and how the Ivans and towel-heads will melt away in days, a cakewalk.

90e2df  No.655527


Isn't this assuming that the other forces aren't as complete shit as ours? Russia has more "well-trained" troops, but they're largely a paper tiger where they're one economic/international trade collapse away from having to send their soldiers home to till the fields so to speak and any war that stagnates land gain would cripple them. China's only advantage would be ramming cargo ships into naval vessels and otherwise they could be starved out by the likes of the JSDF taking over a few of their trade hubs. I'm not saying the US is competent, we're not by any stretch, but it's very hard to say the other "world powers" aren't as equally incompetent as us. The main fear would be if China or Russia could establish a "permanent" enough base that they could train third worlders/properly arm them at which point we would be at a disadvantage with the average soldier's IQ only being a couple points higher than the inbred goat-fucker's. We all know the F-35 is complete shit, and that this is the worst timeline where the Navy didn't invest heavily into artillery.


>After seventeen years it shows no signs of defeating barely armed Afghan peasants.


We've been in Afghanistan a lot longer than the most recent Afghanistan war. If I remember correctly, we've had boots on the ground in that shit hole since the 1970s, it's just the government likes to whitewash and pretend we've only had the most recent "war" since 2001 because it would look bad to say we've been in the fucking Middle East for fifty god damn years with nothing to show for it.

Also the Marines should be disbanded and their few crucial functions they do perform should be absorbed into other branches of the military. The Coast Guard, however, should remain separate from the Navy for logistical reasons since their goals are fundamentally different, the one acting as a coastal police force that's actually competent but underfunded while the other acts as air/sea support in foreign countries.

14f4af  No.655529

What awful formatting. Seriously, a little reworking of the lines makes the whole thing read much easier. With that being said, Work seems surprisingly based, from what little I just read of him

>In July 2011, Work called into question the Navy's plans for the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II, asking if the numbers or types could be reduced in favor of more unmanned systems.

In 2012, after submitting a budget request that reduced submarine construction, Work said that only a submarine could operate in the Taiwan Strait during a conflict with China.

>In October 2014, Deputy Secretary Work instructed the Defense Business Board to hire consultants from McKinsey & Company to identify wasteful spending.McKinsey discovered DoD was spending $134 billion, 23% of its total budget, on back-office work, and that the back-office bureaucracy staff of over one million people was nearly as great as the number of active duty troops.

>However, after Secretary Chuck Hagel was replaced by Ash Carter the next month, Deputy Secretary Work expressed his concerns that any gain from savings achieved would then be removed from the defense budget by Congress. Under Secretary Frank Kendall III argued that he could not achieve any efficiencies and, instead, that he needed to hire 1,000 more staff. Secretary Carter then replaced the Board chairman, classified the McKinsey results as secret, and removed the report from public websites.

>After retiring as Deputy Defense Secretary, Work in 2018 criticizes Google and its employees have stepped into a Moral Hazard for themselves as not continuing Pentagon’s artificial intelligence project while helping the autocratic communist China’s AI technology that could be used against the United States in a conflict.

2345d6  No.655530

How likely is it that Russia and China would join forces in the first place? Don't Russians and Chinamen hate each other even more than they hate Americans?

385176  No.655532

File: ac09ebfb34079cd⋯.jpg (52.05 KB, 397x400, 397:400, 1442982050739-4.jpg)

>Was the Budget Control Act of 2011 the most effective attack against the United States since the Civil War? The answer might surprise you!

LRPF and cyber, shit the DOD has been banging the drum on since the Iraq drawdown started. It's not going to get solved overnight.

cc0023  No.655533


If they don't yet, they will sooner than later. They are both far too close for comfort, and china is becoming increasingly aggressive.

Don't mean they wouldn't happily work together to kick blue team in the balls.

6244cf  No.655540


>How likely is it that Russia and China would join forces in the first place?

Given that's they're formal allies? Extremely. No latter than a year ago the top brass of the PLA was in Moscow with their defense minister explaining they were finalizing the details on how to ship Chinese armies west in case of a Russian/NATO war.

>Don't Russians and Chinamen hate each other even more than they hate Americans?

Burger wishful thinking at his best.

China and Russia had problems when the oversized egos of their commies leaders clashed and then their armies over completely trivial border issues (that have been long solved).

There is no two other power on the planet with strategic interests that are so aligned with each other.

eba515  No.655542

File: 09720a757b3fc69⋯.jpg (94.81 KB, 987x1070, 987:1070, ayy you kidding me.jpg)


If we're getting our ass handed to us with these hopelessly optimistic wargames, which I doubt seriously take into account things like the abysmal reliability issues of the F-35, we're beyond the realm of ass handing and more into the realm of ass mutilation.

126751  No.655544


>$24 billion a year for the next five years would be a good expenditure" to prepare the military for World War III.

I laughed at this. Americans are becoming less and less patriotic toward USA.

5aa4c2  No.655547


Is anyone surprised?

The US relies on technologically superior weaponry, which means they need the most intricate supply lines and the most maintenance facilities/time. None of these things can be reliably secured in a war against a near-equal power.

America's army is fully geared to fuck up shepherds with muzzle-loading muskets, and they fail even there thanks to their retarded "hearts and minds" doctrine.

For fuck's sake, they're building the F35 on purpose to be too expensive to lose. Who builds military gear that's too expensive to risk? How are you supposed to fight a war with that? Bomb a farmhouse a hundred kilometers from the enemy base and hope they surrender?

6244cf  No.655548


>which I doubt seriously take into account things like the abysmal reliability issues of the F-35

Well they do seem to realize that needing climate control hangars for fuel trucks is a bit of a handicap even if the plane works as advertised when even the smallest Russian corvettes packs a bunch of 4000 km going Mach 3 terminal velocity maneuvering cruise missile…

6e2de9  No.655557

The next muttssacre will be baste.

269416  No.655559

File: 5f97e7ba0861b1f⋯.jpg (65.98 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 5f9.jpg)


>trannies and niggers with overpriced trinkets get curbstomped by psychopathic hiveminded bugpeople and rugged slavs with their hordes of semi-domesticatd turkroaches wielding sharpened sticks and rusty kalaznikovs

b05839  No.655560


>two top war planners

discarded. if you cant stand behind your statement with your identity, gtfo.

269416  No.655561


Exactly what I was thinking.

269416  No.655562


Like very pair of neighbouring nations they informally hate each due, especially due to MUH NCHURIA and silent dickwaving over "World'sNumber2 superpower", but other than that not only they are formally allies and well aware of having a common enemy in NATO but also China, that between them currently has the upper hand in the geopolitical scene and is the one most likely to initiate hostilities, is still dependent to Russia in terms of military technology.

480fcd  No.655566

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Learn to read, the two war planners are Robert Work and David Ochmanek.


On the bright side, it actually seems like the US fixed its issues with optimistic wargaming after Pearl Harbor, with the obvious exception of Millennium Challenge. The US lost in almost every Sigma game, the first run of MC02 (which people remember more than the replay), the alleged CIA Civil War wargames, and fucked up Desert Crossing '99 bad enough that they ended up saying that you needed 3 Armored Divisions to invade Iraq.

c90e6a  No.655578

Is this not just an article designed so the DoD can pump congress for more money?

509b34  No.655585


> is still dependent to Russia in terms of military technology.

What are all the foreign exchange and immigrants students in USA for?

c93a3b  No.655588


Soft power buildup. China openly studies kike tactics.

509b34  No.655590


It was a rhetorical question alluding to the fact that a Chinaman cannot visit USA unless he's a high-ranking party member or an industrial spy.

But sure, your answer counts too.

88dd56  No.655591


So how much are Lockheeb asking for this time?

c93a3b  No.655592

File: 1fc52c86d0bd720⋯.jpg (15.72 KB, 474x355, 474:355, tW36wFz.jpg)



I see you around and I've been meaning to ask, is there any organized push for gun rights in Poland?

269416  No.655594


Still in their infancy given that they just started making F-35 rip-offs while they've been doing rip-offs of soviet inventory that were so blatant they still needs parts from Russia, even their F-35 uses MiG-29 engines.

321491  No.655595

>Superpower openly declaring that it can't beat its enemy

A ruse, most likely.

020a3a  No.655596


I think that's pretty unrealistic. Russia doesn't want to further strain relations with Europe since natural gas exports are so massive for them, China doesn't want to fuck around too much with NATO countries since they rely on imported food and Australian coal a fair bit. They might be extremely important trading partners for each other but I think militarily they won't want to get involved with each other too much. Of course we won't know until push actually comes to shove.

81671c  No.655598

We need moar money for Israel, apparently.

101f3f  No.655601


Nobody can beat Israel though.

6244cf  No.655604


>since natural gas exports are so massive for them

Natural gas is 6% of Russian exports, it's barely more than coal.

The massive gazoduc projects to China are finishing up this year, with the whole no coal no nuclear BS in Europe and the fact that China is literally choking to death from coal dust, the demand for it will soon be bigger than the offer…

Russia will pick who they sell to, not the other way around, it's their strategy and you can do anything to it (which is what the kvetching about Russia is all about).

If Germans want to not freeze to death in winter they will have suck Russian cocks, and if Germany suck Russian cocks, they EU will.

The thing Russia export the most is oil, want to hazard a guess to which country they export the most of refined oil?

The US (the EU as a whole is far in front but that's always funny), despite the fact that both states go out of their way to trade as little as possible.

The reason is oil will always have customers.

>China doesn't want to fuck around too much with NATO countries

China technically doesn't want to fuck with anyone.

China is "everything under the sky", they're 1/4 of the population of the planet they want to be 1/4 of the economy and 1/4 of the military and not rule the world but be given the respect and tribute they think they deserve for being the center of the world (which is similar but in a very indirect way). Too big to fuck with, too big to ignore.

They're very well on their way to pull it off so either the US will challenge them and the US will use a pretense to wage war against them (threadly reminder that the US has never been in a defensive war since it's foundation. They pretend they do for their population, but all they've waged are war of aggression to further their domination, first over their area then over the planet) or they will just win by default without firing a shot.

Hey wasn't there a guy that specifically said it was the apex of skill?

85e3d6  No.655613


>The US military has not won a war since 1945

And even then they had help from several other world powers like the USSR and the UK.

f222a9  No.655619

>74 years after the start of the cold war

>retards still think a conventional war between the US and Russia is possible

So long as the US maintains MAD everything will be fine, no nuclear power has a military to deter other nuclear powers, they are for proxy wars.

db756c  No.655630


MAD isn't as bad as people make it out to be and nuclear weapons are not a long-term threat. They would set civilization back maybe a century in terms of population size/technology levels due to a shortage of technicians/manufacturing plants (since they mostly live in cities since that's the only way to earn an income fixing shit/making shit), but the only ones who really have to fear the effects of nuclear "fallout" which is far more limited than previously estimated, are politicians and those in power who will lose that power post-"apocalypse." Humanity and most civilizations around the world would be perfectly fine within three generations minus some higher cancer risks.

413ee8  No.655633

File: 87928fd6a80ba40⋯.jpg (105.18 KB, 501x585, 167:195, 1544138252150.jpg)



The Chinks are gobbling up half the world via SEA and Africa. They are sending hundreds of thousands of spies to western nations via """immigration""".

They are a cancerous bug race that needs to be eradicated or they will eradicate us.

413ee8  No.655634


We need to suppress China or we are doomed.

f0d0cf  No.655648

This can’t be happening.

552525  No.655677

Rand Corp is source of the study that proves "Wetbacks don't cost us much in Free HealthCare".

They CLAIMED they went door to door in gang saturated East LA slums asking Mexicans:

"Are you an Illegal Alien?"

"Are you getting a lot of Free HealthCare?"

I guess very few Mexicans said "Yes" to those questions to a stranger with a clip board banging on their door.

Actually, no one was going door to door in East LA. (((Rand Corp))) did what they do best. They lied. :)

If someone had gone door to door asking people if they are Wetbacks in East LA, shit would've happened, probably resulting in the Field Agent being escorted out of the area by LAPD.

3594d9  No.655682

The only war I can imagine is either a war against it's own citizens, or another bush war in some sweaty armpit. Either way, this doesn't matter. People who jack off about their countries militaries are weirdos anyways.

3594d9  No.655683


Please don't space your posts like that, jesus christ.

5f34ae  No.655686

>Funnel taxpayer money into dead end wonder weapon projects

>Funnel taxpayer money into dead end replace M16/M4 projects

>Funnel taxpayer money into replace 5.56 and 7.62 when we have an innumerable amount of rounds still in storage since the cold war

>Allow women into combat roles

>Allow faggots and trannies

>Diversity hires

>General incompetence

<lol we need more money guys

How would you fix the US military /k/?

Should we just look at cost effective solutions?

Or should we build an Ace Combat superweapon?

8eb4e2  No.655704


It's all fucked in way too many different ways to fix it. The USA doesn't even have a proper geopolitical doctrine anymore, therefore the structure of the armed forces can't make any sense. In the Cold War they were preparing against the USSR, so at least they had some idea about what kind of a war they would fight and against whom. A land war against the USSR. Since the end of the Cold War it's not the case anymore. And currently the federal government is a plaything of small cliques and foreign lobbies, like the Israeli-Saudi alliance that constantly drags them into the Middle East for useless fights that don't benefit the average Burger in any tangible way.

If there was a geopolitical doctrine, then you could start thinking about restructuring the various branches of the armed forces. E.g. you could follow this idea:


In this case the US would do the old "Britannia rule the waves" thing, where the Eternal Anglo was happy as long as no European power could challenge them. So they constantly switched their allegiances and played the various European powers against each other. America could do the same thing in a greater scale, so instead of Euope it would be the whole of Eurasia, and also the Middle East. For that you'd only need the Navy and the muhreens, as you'd only have to engage in small wars. Also keep the National Guard as a last line of defence against invaders and little green men, and as a potential reserve if you completely fuck up everything and end up in all-out war. But if that happens, then it's already the end. The same way Britain lost its empire after the two world wars.

dc95a0  No.655706


The USA's doctrine is 'defend Israel until the Jews have finished infesting China, then commit suicide'. They just can't say it publicly.

8eb4e2  No.655713


In that case everything makes sense and the armed forces work as intended.

6244cf  No.655722




The US is gonna attack China, not the other way around.


>How would you fix the US military /k/?

It's fucked in so many ways…

Priority would be getting half decent AShM to the navy and phasing out completely the Harpoons for AGM-158Cs with a Mach 3 terminal booster.

The problem with that is that to just develop a simple thing as a Mach 3 booster (which shouldn't take more than a few millions and a couple of years) you would have to imprison half of Lockheed Martin or something.

But so many problems are doctrinal in nature and there is no quick fix to that, the only way to quickly fix that sort of things historically is typically losing battles with dreadful casualties and for generals to hit rock-bottom and look for solutions elsewhere than what they spend their whole careers doing.

But for example even despite the clusterfucks of Korea and Vietnam that proved that the two sacred cows of the US military doctrine (over-reliance on air power and the idea that as long as the US can ship soldiers and every supplies those soldiers could possibly need, things are gonna work themselves out. That second part was already a thing in WWII that only started to be sorted out after the disastrous US engagements in North Africa, Italy and the first month of France. The problem was the war didn't last enough to allow for purging all the old generals out of the army, added to the fact that it sort of worked on the pacific theater, that was very much a war of "deliver enough supplies and men and you win" due to the very specific terrain.) the US never really put those in question, despite the hard time they had against adversaries that were nowhere close to parity.

b10bdc  No.655727


>If Germans want to not freeze to death in winter they will have suck Russian cocks, and if Germany suck Russian cocks, they EU will.

Germany buys natural resources from Russia, because they are cheap and easy, not because they depend on it.

Russia for Germany is like having a little Africa next door, only its not populated by retarded niggers and there is no sea separating them, which makes transport easier.

If Germany decides to cooperate with Russia, it will be because they had enough of the USA's bullshit.

87831c  No.655754

File: f7d2b20140a4d12⋯.jpg (220.66 KB, 858x659, 858:659, f7d2b20140a4d12ad1b5676162….jpg)


Before we take care of them the (((real enemy))) needs to be taken care of

87831c  No.655756

File: be5e9a835e3579c⋯.jpg (52.65 KB, 288x499, 288:499, elon musk.jpg)


>How would you fix the US military /k/?

Why should it be fixed? Let it all come crashing down, the (((US))) has been around for way too long

a85331  No.655775



>'defend Israel until the Jews have finished infesting China, then commit suicide'.

(((They))) are doing this for thousands years and got expelled numerous times from many countries.

c9eb52  No.655778


>waaaah, dont fire us, dont purge the officer corps


Fuck them. The best fucking thing that could happen for America and its military is dragging their asses back home and tearing through the current officer corps like a scythe, wiping out 70% to 99%, the higher up in rank on goes and reactivating and recalling men by the hundreds that remain decent, and rebuilding West Point and Annapolis from the ground up.

The Army should have been shrank even MORE during the 90s. It should be shrank to under 450,000 right now and use the purging as a way to get rid of the trash.

Let the Navy fall to a mere 7 Supercarriers and support vessels if it means getting rid of all the worthless garbage thats piled up since the Cold War, we can retrain and restaff the fleet after its made clear its a fleet worth serving in.

c9eb52  No.655783


>>Funnel taxpayer money into dead end replace M16/M4 projects

Easily doable. Just license a rifle from FN.

>>Funnel taxpayer money into replace 5.56 and 7.62 when we have an innumerable amount of rounds still in storage since the cold war

Rounds that according to some dont get used and get slated for destruction for dubious reasons, whoch means we purchase more anyways.

The other big issue is that an acceptable round was only finalized in 2011 iirc, in the SEX FOIV Grendel.

>>Funnel taxpayer money into dead end wonder weapon projects

The F35 was a total fuck up. As for the rest, like our artillery replacement programs, its just sheer fucking stupidity. Both the heavy tracked one developed in the 90s and light tracked one developed in the Oughts should have purchased.

A lot of the rest was a bunch of dumbass shit that couldnt decide what it wanted to be and wanted to do. Or just crap that was terrible at everything for no particular fucking reasons.

The Bradley and Stryker for example

a85331  No.655786


The entire US military and social security administration need to disband and allocate the funds to the state defences on the condition that they create State Space Marine Corps to support and defend the Interplanetary Space Colonisation Agency controlled settlements.

I know it’s just a fantasy.

98c1b9  No.655787


No shit. And I'll even tell you where the losses come from – fucking aircraft carriers. Those pieces of shit are great for power projection against shitholes, but are just massive floating targets for an actually serious foe. Russia has plenty of long range missiles to reliably fuck the carriers up and it's not even the only option they have - they can mount torpedoes on fishing boats or use their own fucking airforce to sink them. It's why neither Russia nor China invest in them nearly as much as the US (Russia has one, IIRC, and China has two at the moment. US 20) – they know they will be useless should an actual with USA happen. They literally only exist for power projection in remote shitholes that cannot counter them, so of course US has shitloads of them.

269416  No.655788


Do you feel in charge?…

c9eb52  No.655790


>>Allow women into combat roles

>>Allow faggots and trannies

>>Diversity hires

>>General incompetence

This is the kind of thing that could get fixed in an afternoon.

c9eb52  No.655792


Nah, I was more serious about constructing an effective military.

In fantasy land, that involves a coup de tat that exterminates nearly the entire Federal govt structure, from Trump to random NGO State Dpt fuckpuppet bureaucrats, and the colleges, and then marching west and expelling all the Spics along the way and then taking every ounce of land Polk would have wanted save the Yucatán, and shoving all those fucking Beaners into a tiny remnant of Spicland.

As for the niggers? I wouldnt do much. After the Law Enforcement from federal to city had been purged and restructured, full 2nd Amendment rights would be restored everywhere as would the farthest interpretations of self defense, and every nigger riot would be crushed in a hail of bullets.

And bring back the death penalty for rape and any retard who trips a 50 year sentencing limit.

Then, after a total fucking purge of AIPAC and ADL and Hollywood and all the trash destroying the public education system got rounded up, every Jew who touched that nonsense would face death or expulsion. And the remainder would be given a choice. America or Israel.

The Chinese Chinks wouldnt begiven an option. Death for every Chinese Chink that is caught in America after a particular deadline. The Japs, Koreans and Vietnamese and Flips can stay, but no more.

Annex Canada, and do something similar.

As for gun rights? For firearms, if you can carry it and enough ammunition to fire the weapon at full cyclical rate a mile within 10 minutes. If 10,000 people can do the same, no need for the test. For launched or fired explosives, be roughly as anal as today or more so.

No sales tax on firearms or ammunition or maintenance supplies would be levied or legal.

c9eb52  No.655794

File: 43a19f60996e275⋯.jpg (88.76 KB, 600x369, 200:123, v600_commando.jpg)



And only after all of that would I give a shit about the military.

But hey, want to read up on even more reasons the Stryker MGS was and is failure and AIDS?



3e8266  No.655818

File: 3ddaecfdc788c65⋯.jpg (45.27 KB, 530x408, 265:204, 0w0 what's this.jpg)


How much of this is due to US military incompetence and how much is due to purposely overstating the capabilities of their enemies and understating their own in order to suck up more US taxpayer money in their goal to further their own incompetence?

86e5e0  No.655849


wouldn't submarines fuck the carriers' shit up too? Why aren't submarines important anymore?

dd6e74  No.655850


I don't get the whole stryker thing. What was it supposed to do again?

b18b55  No.655873

File: 4315177c3d1e4a8⋯.jpg (35.48 KB, 474x292, 237:146, xm8 AGS.jpg)


This story reeks of the same clickbait article that happened years ago stating that "a WW3 simulation against China was run and the US lost!" when in reality it was to see if in a worst case scenario where preemptive Chinese cruise missile and bombing raids completely wiped out all of Taiwan's air-force and air defense network and there were no carrier groups in the area to assist, could the US Air-force elements stationed in Japan be able to repel an invasion of Taiwan alone?


People always discount carrier groups because they have zero understanding of naval combat. They simply believe because hyper warp 10 lizard missiles exist that in an act of aggression they will all magically embed themselves into the CVN's hull instantly. They don't understand that in order to attack a carrier group, you first need to FIND it. Two thirds of the world is ocean. And if that weren't enough hiding space you have constant combat air patrol, maritime patrol, and electronic warfare jamming flights coming from the carrier to neutralize enemy aircraft and submarines. Friendly subs that can operate with impunity now that the enemy cannot fly their own anti-sub patrols or operate their own submarines due to the air presence that comes with an aircraft carrier and can torpedo the enemy capital ships and launch cruise missile attacks on shore AShM batteries and airfields. Slavophiles simply look at the harpoon which was NEVER intended to be used against the pitiful handful of Potemkin tier heavy Soviet battle cruisers and back at their heavy anti-carrier missiles their doctrine was built on and assume the US will obviously try to fight them head on with light anti-submarine/anti-missile corvette missiles as well because they are too retarded to think of a different way to fight.

The carrier aircraft protect the surface and undersea fleet, and the surface and undersea fleet protect the aircraft.


It was supposed to be a replacement for the cancelled XM8 armored gun system, which was supposed to be a replacement for the M551 Sheridan airborne tank which was retired with no replacement at the turn of the millennia. But it turns out that it doesn't fly so good, and no one wants to try next. actually looking it up again it sounds like the XM8 is back on the menu and is to be brought out of mothballs and tested again in 2020 which fills me with hope

dc95a0  No.655882


>And the remainder would be given a choice. America or Israel.

Every one of them will say America. Your grandchildren will forget what they did and then their grandchildren will do it all again.

c08eb7  No.655901


I know they were annexed by Poland but apparently 2 of the 3 large German coal mines were in Schlesien, I have no idea if they’re still open and fertile and if there’s enough to provide enough energy for any substantial amount of the country, but other than nuclear I can’t see Germany being self reliant for power. Am I wrong?

98c1b9  No.655902


>They don't understand that in order to attack a carrier group, you first need to FIND it

Strelok, I know of websites that track current position of all US carrier groups at all times, and both Russia and China happen to have a thing called satellite. Finding a fleet might have been difficult in WW2, but anyone with the money to launch shit into space can now track them easily.

69fc62  No.655904

File: 4e1e692132b6234⋯.png (50.77 KB, 184x184, 1:1, 1350503810138.png)


According to a Stryker driver I knew, mainly get flipped over in ditches, spray the Stryker behind it with window washing fluid like it was jizzing on some porn film star, being impossible for niggers to drive successfully, and otherwise trying to be a piece of shit that makes driving an armored cargo truck around seem preferable.

69fc62  No.655905

File: 54109bd9c2c0a93⋯.gif (534.87 KB, 370x335, 74:67, 54109bd9c2c0a93c9cad14b077….gif)

File: 001deca28d9b98e⋯.png (234.33 KB, 1028x418, 514:209, Gook_Gook_wakka_wakka_doo_….png)


>Allowing the Koreans to stay

This was your first mistake, anon.

69fc62  No.655906

File: 063dbe1ea655ce0⋯.jpg (204.07 KB, 832x651, 832:651, 063dbe1ea655ce0b6c11774aee….jpg)


I agree, anon. Let's disband the Marine corps entirely, reduce the Navy so that our operations are specifically within the Pacific area and Caribbean Sea only while granting the Coast Guard control over the Gulf of Mexico. Then we can make it so that enlistment can be pilots in the air force (f they reach E5) to flood the market with cheap pilots and fuck the officers out of their jobs there, and end all funding for the F-35 nonsense while putting real aircraft in the air, preferably something that's cheap and easily shot down but can DAKKA DAKKA quite a bit. The Army standards can be made as strict as the Marine standards (but with Army levels of intelligence because 10 points above the retardation line is still better than mental retardation), and all personnel will have one year to meet standards or be kicked out (with preference being given to soldiers who were kicked out but can now meet standards for the purpose of reenlistment). While we're in the process, eliminate 90% of state-side military bases since they're useless shite, and remove ALL military operations from Europe with the exception of Embassy Marines who, with the disbandment of the Marine Corps, will actually just be federal employees who were required to go through boot camp. Make it so that the FBI/CIA/ATF/etc. have to go through boot camp as well since most of the time they're just failed soldiers who wanted a government job. Then we can destroy the officer corps since 90% of them are just useless paper pushers that could be replaced with either more drill sergeants assigned to actual duties, or computers. Also eliminate social security, defund the IRS, ensure every American has a gun and full rights to use it in self defense, and end the federal reserve. Only then will roughly… 5%? Yeah, probably about 5% of the current issues with the US as a whole be fixed.

eba515  No.655910

File: 15eb128d1edc9b9⋯.jpg (75.44 KB, 651x555, 217:185, 1540046326080.jpg)


What is your IQ? Sonar pickets, satellites or radar planes & radar stations can track fleets precisely on their own, and while this may be a world shattering discovery to you, China has all 3 and more. ECM and jamming tech isn't nearly as sophisticated as you seem to think they are, either. They can't just magically cut all communication in a certain radius, and it doesn't neutralize jack shit, and counter-countermeasures exist regardless.

ffd3e0  No.655911


>muttgapede thinking orbital flight is still some kind of exclusive tech

ffd3e0  No.655912


>not ending the kikes once and for all

269416  No.655915

File: 4def34ba95c23dc⋯.png (3.29 MB, 1775x6949, 1775:6949, worst korea comp 2.png)

File: 779bad024e0629e⋯.jpg (96.74 KB, 620x416, 155:104, WORST KOREA IN A NUTSHELL.jpg)

6244cf  No.655916


An AMX-10RC done wrong.


>It was supposed to be a replacement for the cancelled XM8 armored gun system

No it wasn't. It was meant to replace the M706 APCs and the M809 & M939 infantry TRUCKS in TRUCK based units as the US (and most of NATO) still had units which primary vehicle was simple unarmored trucks.

Much latter on they stuck a gun on it and pretended it could work, largely due to the competing design the M1117 series that are an evolution of the M706 (under commercial designation of LAV-300 and LAV-600) were capable of it (and being airlifted in both C-130 and CH-53).

Why was the Stryker selected instead of the LAV-300 when the M706 was already in service since Vietnam and everyone was happy with it (to the point that one service didn't got rid of them and ordered M1117 instead of Strykers rendering the whole thing pointless. Then the army ordered the M1200 for specific works) is a mystery of Clinton era procurement (so it's not a mystery at all)…

6244cf  No.655918


> Embassy Marines who, with the disbandment of the Marine Corps, will actually just be federal employees who were required to go through boot camp.

You should merge it with the Secret Service.

That way you get a federal corps whose sole job is protecting VIP and securing premises with a large enough pool to create internal competition to have the best of them put on presidential detail.

b5c031  No.655922

File: 762322db58eefb1⋯.jpg (127.48 KB, 640x718, 320:359, 762322db58eefb1af68e1b8101….jpg)

Then again, aren't military simulations the reason nobody knew how deadly mg fire was until ww1 and why the french were doctrinally retarded for over a century? Plus something about how no plan survives contact with the enemy and all that.

52d60b  No.655923


It's how you ask for more money, yes.

6244cf  No.655929


>nobody knew how deadly mg fire was until ww1

Everyone that ever manned a MG knew how deadly MG fire was as would anyone that saw them in action, the problem was the vast majority of officers didn't because only a handful of them had fought with them in the colonies.

But why would the guys that had actually saw combat were not the ones in charge? Because that's how an army (any organization really) works, people promoted are people from within a specific social circle. If you're a lieutenant in Paris in charge of keeping toilet paper up and running you will get promoted to general. If you're leading small units in the middle of bumfuck nowhere you will get at best promoted to colonel then you will pension out, because you're tired of people shooting at you.

Generals with an actual idea of what combat look like only happens in war time. Best case scenario is they saw some combat as a Lt 40 years ago… Except in 40 years A LOT would have changed.

And then there is the thing even more terrifying "those who can't do, teach", those that can't lead combat units nor can make they way to brasshat end up teaching future brasshats…

Officers need careful, but regular, purges to keep an army fit.

>the french were doctrinally retarded for over a century?

What specifically are you referring too? Because french staff officers being retards is a french military tradition, the only time they weren't was the revolutionary/Napoleon era (when most french officers rose to command often from the bottom).

In WWI the whole "offensive à outrance" thing came from French (and British and German and US) officers literally misunderstanding Ardant du Picq work in "Battle Studies" (which is still considered one of the greatest military theorist. Is main invention being: going to ask the soldiers what works and what doesn't… which NO OFFICER HAD EVER DONE BEFORE HIM IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND).

Elitism and pseudo-intellectualism is a grave disease amongst officers, and french officers are possibly the worse offenders.

be7d99  No.655932

File: ddbfc753587e51f⋯.jpg (675.29 KB, 650x960, 65:96, Assblast 1970.jpg)

File: 78933fa9def9354⋯.jpg (192.55 KB, 650x389, 650:389, Chosen Hotel 1914, built b….jpg)

File: e799ce76d730c86⋯.jpg (333.32 KB, 1058x1740, 529:870, WE.jpg)



Today I will remind them.

be7d99  No.655933


For clarification's sake, the pictures in Before, could've been taken at any point util 1900's

a44166  No.655935


>could've been taken at any point until 1900's

and after the invention of the daguerreotype in 1839.

sage because just saying.

851150  No.655946


<You should merge it with the Secret Service.

That way you get a federal corps whose sole job is protecting VIP and securing premises with a large enough pool to create internal competition to have the best of them put on presidential detail.

/k/ has always been sort of trash (it's an inherent issue that comes with related subject areas), but a sort of comfy trash it's just the quality of the average poster has changed, but that is most likely generational. Nothing against you personally, Strelok, but most of you guys are just, for lack of a matter word…ignorant, like fucking very ignorant. Talking about disbanding the Marines and having federal employees go through boot camp (which makes no sense) or merging the disbanded Marines into the Secret Service…as I previously said, it's nothing personally against anyone here, it's just you guys come up with these ideas, which are mostly a joke. The Marines are the only branch to develop effective doctrine in response to emerging 4th Gen Warfare threats, while also being the only branch to most resist politicization of it's force and doctrine…so rather than simply disbandment, use those Marines to establish a solid base for your proponencies post-purge or disband the Army and reorganize the Marines. As far as Marine Embassy Security Groups, their function is primarily as a visible deterrent, followed by protection of classified information and equipment vital to US national security. Actual facility security is handled by the Diplomatic Security Service, which is a federal agency who's sole job is protecting VIPs and securing US non-military facilities on foreign soil (they also work very closely with Secret Service and draw from the same applicant pool).

6cc937  No.655948

>"guys, we just found out that we'd loose if a war happend"

Hmm, interesting.


Ah, it's that time of year.

98c1b9  No.655950


Yeah, they're increasing military funding. Only a big chunk of that goes on "combatting desinformation", aka propaganda.

be7d99  No.655953


>shitty memes with military budget

oh no.

86e5e0  No.655954

File: b687ae146256a82⋯.jpg (114.74 KB, 900x599, 900:599, 8y7Y8iV.jpg)


I'm confused, how is aircraft useful against an attack sub who knows how far beneath the surface and which probably has it's own "super duper jamming tech" to fend for itself? Just send out a fleet of attack subs and sink the fucking aircraft carriers.

bcad6d  No.655959


>Effective doctrine

Zerg rushing Sandniggers isn't revolution or effective. There's a reason Marine casualties are 3x higher than Army casualties even when completing the same fucking objectives in the same fucking areas.

6cc937  No.655963



>satellites would survive for any substantial amount of time if ww3 happened

I highly doubt that.

f607db  No.655966


Are the Russians still using the Shkval?

85e3d6  No.655967

File: 099edf249b3be53⋯.png (350.41 KB, 520x520, 1:1, Death Grips - Year of the ….png)

The US can't even beat farmers with shotguns, of course they wouldn't be able to combat actual world powers.

98c1b9  No.655970


Would one be able to find all of the enemy's satellites, though? Besides, there's still radar.

c90e6a  No.655971


Can't wait to get fucked by kessler syndrome.

f17e6f  No.655972

File: 07f19c38bf18344⋯.jpg (213.04 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 31556703_565414670525707_7….jpg)


>actual world powers

But Finland isn't in the list.

85e3d6  No.655973


Finland is an ultra superpower, it's unfair to add them.

98c1b9  No.655974


It's not. Subs will rape the aircraft carrier. It's why Russia gave up on that entire field of thought, selling most of their carriers to China. An aircraft carrier is great when you need to project power to some remote bananistan – locals do not have subs or ships to attack it, their airforce is likely from the cold war and will be easily taken out, and you don't need to negotiate with nearby countries for airfields and can use the carrier as an intimidation tactic (every time US plays toough, it sends the carrier group near the country's coast). It's a great tool for that. But it's useless against an actually powerful foe.

US has most of its holdings across the ocean, so it needs carriers to project the power. Russia is neighbouring (or almost neighbouring) most of its interests and has much fewer of them, so it has no need for them. China is seeking to expand and project its power further and further away, so it's now building more carriers.

The flipside is that building and maintaining this shit eats a lot of money, while having near zero value in a ww3 scenario. Should war with Russia or China erupt, I bet you the first thing US naval command does is immediately withdraw all carriers to port as quickly as possible.

6cc937  No.655976


They would've lost against japan too, but since civilians casualties were considered acceptable and they had nukes, they could just terrify them into surrendering.

You can't play by those rules at the moment, and if it was possible again, it would be a big game changer. Making assumptions on basically peacetime standards has some major flaws.

85e3d6  No.655977


Other countries have nukes now, though. A world war implies its with nations that actually matter, the US couldn't pull out the nuke card without also getting fucked.

98c1b9  No.655978


I suspect there would be an international treaty banning usage and destruction of satellites in a war very soon. A big chunk of your population would suddenly be deprived of the internet - that's a sure recipe for disaster for pretty much every party involved.

6cc937  No.655980


Radar has somewhat limited range, which can be guarded by said carrier's aircraft, among other things. If there's a way to counter that, it's not quite as trivial as you lot make it sound.

98c1b9  No.655983


Range of modern radar is thousands of kilometres (roughly 3-5k, I think). If you keep a carrier at that distance, how is it of any use to you anyway?

6cc937  No.655984


That's not what I'm saying. I mean, them have trouble keeping some durkas in check doesn't mean that they couldn't deal with them if civilian casualties were acceptable. So you should be careful in making assumptions based on their seeming ineptitude in middle east.

ff17d8  No.655988

The age of the capital ship is well over, and it only lasted about a century. 1870-1970's in and around, the whole idea that super ships dominate naval warfare was a short lived thing and those who think aircraft carriers are naval dominating factors are living in the past. The anti ship missile, the missile destroyer and cruiser, the advanced submarine, all meant that we are going back to the old way of naval warfare where many more and far more equal ships in terms of ability and firepower will win naval battles, not just a few big bois. The aircraft carrier's supposed superiority in the same mindset that it was an unbeatable like the battleship before it is perhaps 50 years out of date. "Muh aircraft carriers" is not an argument for naval supremacy any longer, this ain't the 1940's kids.

Beyond the tit for tat of various weapons, let us remember that Tigers and Panthers eventually lost a war to M4 Shermans and T34's. That German troops with night vision at the end of the war, modern light machine guns like the MG42 and first generation assault rifles like the StG 44 lost to drunken potato farmers with shitty Mosins. War is more than having a better weapon, there is much more to things than that.

Russia, for all of its weaknesses has embraced nationalism and has its people's support. China has weaknesses because it is an empire, not a nation, and is already having troubles with various conquered people within its current borders. But, the nationalist Han know whose side they are on, the nationalist Russians and Persians know who their government favors, other members of the Eurasian bloc know who their government is and who their potential enemies are. During a crisis they will pull together and work in factories, work in fields, fight for their governments. From this position the bloc is extremely strong, to the point it could win the war by itself. They have morale, blood, unity.

The west is committing suicide at a rate where the Eurasian bloc won't even have to fire a shot to take over. The us is at the cusp of losing its position as super power and becoming a big, fat, worthless pile of shit that can't fight like Brazil, followed by Canadia. Australia is already a Han outpost colony. Europe could regain its strength if they become hard nationalist and throw out the foreign invaders in their countries; if they do not they will become a shit pot like Brazil/US and will degrade to a worthless banana republic that can't even hold its own weight up. If Europe turns brown the Russians will just walk into western Europe. If there is a war before then who is going to fight for traitor governments that are backstabbing their own people and committing an invasion, albeit a soft one, against them? Low morale. Will the various European inidginous peoples fight for the corrupt and evil EU and traitor states, or will they simply refuse? Will Germans refuse to fight for the current German regime? What about every other Europe nation? Will the hatred and division of "immigration" which is invasion just lead to 5th column activity, will the people of Europe believe the Russians and Chinese as liberators instead of conquerors? Without hard nationalism to save the west, the west will lose the next war due to "immigration" which is invasion and the divisions and strife they cause.

Such metropolitan are weak and cannot count on or command their own populations. They are already paying off tribes and barbarians because they can't beat them. The west is in preventable decline, but without nationalist revival the decline is terminal. No legion weapons or tactics change could save western Roman empire when the decline came, no F-35 will save a dying America.

98c1b9  No.655989


>doesn't mean that they couldn't deal with them if civilian casualties were acceptable

But they are. US kills shitloads of civvies in Afghanistan; it's one of the reasons why it's so hated by the natives.

6cc937  No.655990


And everybody still looses their shit when something like that happens. It absolutely is not at all comparable to WW3 situation.

98c1b9  No.655992


>And everybody still looses their shit when something like that happens.

No they don't? US kills dozens, or even hundreds of Afghan civvies every week and nobody gives a single shit. Just think of how US liberated Iraq from ISIS or how their best buds Saudis are fighting in Yemen. As long as a terrorist is suspected to be somewhere, US happily blows up a crowd of civvies around him.

78044c  No.655993


>… but other than nuclear I can’t see Germany being self reliant for power. Am I wrong?

Yes massively.

Germany has in its Western Territory approximately still around a 100 years worth of coal, in part that is thanks to the fact that between the 1970s and early 2000s it was cheaper to import coal from China.

East Germany used to be the biggest producer of Uranium in the Soviet Union, until it also became cheaper for the Soviet Union to import it from Australia during the 1980s.

Thanks to current year politics Fracking hasn't been done in Germany, so several potential fields of Oil Sand and Natural Gas have been left untouched until now.

Then you have the whole Renewable Energy deal Germany has going, which despite its many detractors has worked so far. Germany is still one of the biggest Exporters of electrical Energy to other Countries.

A huge number of factories have become independent from the Electrical Network and almost every Farmer has started to go into Wind Energy and to produce Biogas from biowaste.

Since Merkel pulled the plug on Nuclear Energy after Fukushima, a lot of "Experts" claimed Germany would go cold in Winter, yet Germany's Energy Production rises during Winter thanks to Storms and clear Skys when its cold and its Renewable Germany, which has to help out Nuclear France during Winter.

There is currently a Problem, that Wind and Solar sometime produce too much Energy and at other times too little, however there are plans to use the excess Energy during peaks for the production of hydrogen, to store this energy for when it is needed.

This is an important development, considering that electrical Cars are on the rise in Germany.

All in all Germany is far away from being dependent on other countries for Energy, the only reason it is currently not self reliant is because its cheaper and cleaner(for Germany) to buy it from others.

98c1b9  No.655995


Nigger you've neared country-wide blackouts several winters now when the sky was cloudy and there was no wind and only avoided them by quickly un-mothballing your coal power plants.

You also seem to imply that nuclear energy is not clean, which is clearly false.

6cc937  No.656000


>Will Germans refuse to fight for the current German regime

Burger not understanding europe as always. Germans will fight for their nation enthusiastically and with ideological ferver, only this time they will tell themselves that it's "the European nation". Most former eastern block countries have very strong feelings about russia and absolutely will be willing to fight if need be. The french can be quite nationalist too and will fight if they think they're in danger. Italians and the Spanish will be useless as always, nothing new here.

And by the way, one of the reasons western Roman empire fell was because their military became shit - not the F-35 kind of "it costs a lot of money and looks fancy but is actually shit" shit, it was "full of savages, we need to cut costs" type of shit.

ffd3e0  No.656006

File: 46203891f3334ee⋯.jpg (113.84 KB, 634x454, 317:227, 56percentInvadesEasternEur….jpg)



The majority will not give their fucking life for BRD GmbH.

Hardened nationalists hate this.

Cucks hate this.

Normies hate it.

People who joined are either non Euros looking for gibs and Euros looking for gibs.

EU armies without hardline leadership will be walked over. Because there would be none.

429bf2  No.656014


t. idiot

Enough will raise their weapons or fight that retards like you can flee or sit around twiddling your thumbs while whoever invades. Would it get better after the invasion? Like, what's your endgame here, retard? the invaders just saying "Oh yes, we just came here so you can reinstall the Reich?"

You can either fight for your land or you can leave it and you sound like the leave it type.

>inb4 its pozzed


>normies hate it

[citation needed]


found the Reichsbürger.

To those not in the know: Reichsbürger are like the autistic version of US Sovereign Citizens. Usually they either believe in conspiracy bullshit like the Reichsflugscheibe/Haunebu, or have debts that they can't repay and try to wiggle out of it by declaring the country that would enforce the debts as not a country at all. They make their own Passports and drivers licenses and get cucked and disarmed by police slowly.

Case in point: A Reichsbürger shot another man with an Airshit pistol in an altercation over debts in a cafe.



airshit pistol.

You can usually identify them by their BRD GmbH memes. It comes down to a semantic issue about the name of the ID card you have to get here. The way it is currently named could suggest that it is an employee ID. Hence BRD GmbH, as GmbH is a common german legal form of a company. An equivalent would be the US LLC.

To you, Bernd: You're an autistic manchild with no grasp of public opinion if you actually believe this. I have a hard time believing that anyone in the new states will just hand the land over. Nor will anyone in the west, as they actually have something to fight for.

98c1b9  No.656016



>country full of militantly pacifist boomers

>country where half the population feels genuinely, personally guilty for the holocaust

>country that spread its asscheeks for rapefugees so wide it causes an europe-wide crisis, yet still votes pro-migrant parties

>having its population eagerly charge into combat in defense of their country

They'd probably say that a country is a social construct and that everyone is welcome in Germany, including the invaders. They'd then proceed to band under the motto "Invaders welcome!" and demand the government to pay reparations to any enemy soldier's family killed by German army.

ffd3e0  No.656018

File: db012b61239f4e7⋯.png (348.18 KB, 720x715, 144:143, ac69f9669b451908a6b9f23b9b….png)

File: 7c7e75e4d4cde8f⋯.jpg (66.03 KB, 700x456, 175:114, 7c7e75e4d4cde8fa2da5f9a519….jpg)


>being this butthurt that someone calls the fake construction called BRD out

>actually advocating fighting for this regime when they do regular scan for people who dont eat up multikulti

>thinking you have to be a Reichsbürger cuck to call out this shit show

Träg dich mal in die "Bundes""wehr" ein. Nö?

This is a fucking shill trying to convince people to fight for a shitskin filled EU army.

Get fucked, cucki

f57ebf  No.656020

Why are /k/rauts so insufferably autistic?

ffd3e0  No.656021


I mean it takes another level of retardation when you browse this site and you dont see BRD and EU are the invaders and they are on the side of ZOG and shitskins.

Nationalists are on their own, as always.

ffd3e0  No.656023

File: c1199f71047facc⋯.jpg (926.45 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180825-080315….jpg)


Because you are jealous of our very soul and body despite all that happened, mutt.

25fc56  No.656028


Oh no, I don't have issue with Germans. They are fine, hard working people and I wish the best for them.

Germans on /k/ however, particularly you, have a tendency to be insufferable cunts. I wonder why that is?



Don't make me laugh.

ffd3e0  No.656029

File: 24f025e659e72cc⋯.jpg (76.06 KB, 960x687, 320:229, b10674034af4db453aca7e07b0….jpg)


What, because we are not faking hospitality for you subhumans, because you dont like it when "krauts" refuse to suck the kike dicks along with you?

78044c  No.656030


>Nigger you've neared country-wide blackouts several winters now when the sky was cloudy and there was no wind and only avoided them by quickly un-mothballing your coal power plants.

You are wrong, because Germany didn't "un-mothball" its coal power plants. Coal mining in Germany became attractive enough thanks to rising world wide coal prices and so several new coal power plants had been planned and were being build, long before Fukushima happened.

On top of that Germany remained a major energy exporter of Europe during those Winters.

What you are referring to, are predominantly stories made up by foreign journalist, who are usually either supporters of nuclear energy and salty about the fact that Germany ditched it or they are Ecos that are pissed that Germany is supporting its renewable energy with coal.

In the end Germany is doing fine.

>You also seem to imply that nuclear energy is not clean, which is clearly false.

Producing nuclear energy in a nuclear plant can be clean, mining the material for the fuel is not, mining is always a dirty process.

See the mining history in East Germany during the time of the Soviet Union, several thousand miners died to Silicosis and Lung cancer. Additionally the Uranium mines in East Germany are close to a large regional aquifer.

In the long run, regardless of what it is, its smarter to buy mining products from other Countries instead of doing it yourself, as long as it is cheap enough.

Your country preserves its resources for a later date of time, the environment doesn't get polluted and less people get sick.

Hence why Germany likes Russia, just like an African country Russia buys German machinery for its mining operations and then Germany buys the resources for a cheap price that it needs for its high tech industry.

If one day the Russian deal stops being lucrative, there are other Third World countries to replace it or Germany simply starts mining its own resources.

However currently people are underestimating how much Germany turned Eastern Europe, Russia included, into its own economic backyard after the Fall of the Berlin Wall.

ffd3e0  No.656031


>er entdeckt den Plan

92ff77  No.656035


Nah m8. Kikes go into the oven. I'd say you in particular can join them. (((You))) sure kvetch like one.

85e3d6  No.656040


They already kill a load of civilians as is, your point is moot.

ffd3e0  No.656041

File: 4b933b1dbbd87f6⋯.jpg (84.72 KB, 878x566, 439:283, 4b933b1dbbd87f69c911447b4e….jpg)


>mutts sending kikes in oven

Dont you have some holohoax museums to upkeep?

98c1b9  No.656044

File: 50555f3a3caeeae⋯.png (623.97 KB, 1295x818, 1295:818, ClipboardImage.png)


>several new coal power plants had been planned and were being build

Except Germany plans closing all of its coal power plants down in the next 2 decades, so obviously, it's not going to build more of them now.

>are predominantly stories made up by foreign journalist

Plenty of German journos wrote about them as well

>or they are Ecos that are pissed that Germany is supporting its renewable energy with coal

That doesn't even make any sense. This happening is an argument AGAINST renewable energy, not FOR. Ecos would be the last ones to want such stories to get published.

>mining the material for the fuel is not, mining is always a dirty process.

So is manufacturing fotovoltaic panels.

>See the mining history in East Germany during the time of the Soviet Union, several thousand miners died to Silicosis and Lung cancer.

I'm sure modern Germany has the tools to make the extraction safe for the miners.

>its smarter to buy mining products from other Countries instead of doing it yourself, as long as it is cheap enough.

Except you lose self-sufficiency and the country supplying you with it is free to extort you with threats of embargo, like US does to its rivals. This is globalism 101.

>Hence why Germany likes Russia

Really? Usually, I hear autistic German screeching about how they're dependent on Russian gas

>If one day the Russian deal stops being lucrative, there are other Third World countries to replace it or Germany simply starts mining its own resources.

A lot of countries think that, but the moment they become bad goys they find that they are embargoed by literally the entire world and there really isn't anywhere for them to get the resources from, and that they don't have the time or manpower to set up an entire chain of mining production from scratch. Look at Iran - "if americans stop buying our oil, we'll just sell to someone else" - and then they find out US threatening everyone else with sanctions if they buy Iranian oil, so Iran is forced to sell its oil below market price to Russia, with Russian then selling it onwards for higher.

611892  No.656046


Don't you still have holohoax reparations to pay? :^)

69fc62  No.656049

File: 5b3a2a745a80c62⋯.gif (2.61 MB, 300x225, 4:3, 5b3a2a745a80c62f9735235af3….gif)


>As far as Marine Embassy Security Groups, their function is primarily as a visible deterrent, followed by protection of classified information and equipment vital to US national security.

You, in your desire to look smart, have absolutely no fucking idea what you're talking about and should shove your stuck-up attitude up your gaping ass where it belongs. The job of US Embassy Marines, as told to me by an Embassy Marine, is to babysit foreign dignitaries/politicians and keep them safe while throwing parties in third world countries, to act as a diplomats (they receive extensive training down to which fork to use to eat their salad levels of bullshit), and to smuggle alcohol and drugs into "dry countries" that have banned them under the excuse of it being on "US soil," mainly for the purpose of throwing parties/getting foreign dignitaries & politicians shitfaced at their US Embassy. It's fine to be retarded about a topic, but it's another thing to be a fucking snide faggot when you know nothing about what's actually going on. Similarly, the Marine Corps as a whole sees the highest casualties for the least returns for a reason. They are trained from boot camp onwards to basically disregard asking for assistance or air support or naval support and if they have a day to clear out a city, they are taught that it's better to get half your squad killed instead of waiting 15 minutes for air support. Fuck this, fuck you.

69fc62  No.656051

File: 3eecb45da1bec53⋯.png (122.38 KB, 880x600, 22:15, 33403a8a5a67f87eddbff2c207….png)


The better question isn't if we can locate the satellites, but if it's worth blowing them up/shooting them down. Keep in mind that if you blow up a satellite in orbit, you've just created hundreds if not thousands of particles moving at hundreds of kilometers per second off into their own trajectory/orbit, and that even using thrust on a satellite for 2 seconds to avoid one of these particles, let alone dozens of them, will eat about 5 years of effective lifespan off the satellite in question, however not moving them can/will cause a chain reaction that becomes increasingly harder to track/maneuver around. Blowing up a handful of satellites could potentially landlock people on Earth for centuries as we're forced to wait for that clusterfuck of particles to either fall down to earth or slingshot out of orbit.

ffd3e0  No.656052


Actually we dont pay out anymore. Ask pooland, mutt.

69fc62  No.656056


>will the people of Europe believe the Russians and Chinese as liberators instead of conquerors?

Not European obviously, but I'd consider the Russians as liberators at this point. Not the Chinks since bugmen have no souls, but I'd turn my eyes elsewhere if Ivan funded/armed a coup on the west coast.

69fc62  No.656059


In some ways, yes. In other ways, no. Military doctrine says they're allowed to shoot any boy basically age 10 or older write it off as a militant, but they basically have to watch when a member of a convoy driven by a local drives off to deliver a soldier's weapons or rations to some towel head the next town over (and they have to pay them in advance of the operation to boot).

480fcd  No.656064


>Make it so that the FBI/CIA/ATF/etc. have to go through boot camp as well since most of the time they're just failed soldiers who wanted a government job

That's the only sentence that doesn't work. Half the guys I know that are competent CIA/DIA/NSA/etc analysts are former military that got out for bad backs, knees, necks, etc. Definitely a ton of chaff, but there are easier ways to deal with them.

69fc62  No.656065


That's fine in theory, but it takes more than "lol let's start digging shit out of the Earth" to start a mine, bro. Much in the way that autistic Czech missed the bigger picture with funding a shitty military, you're missing the point in having your industry ready but running cool instead of dead in the water waiting for a crisis.

69fc62  No.656067


I'd say it's 50/50. Half of the three letter agencies are former military, but the other half are almost always "oh I was gonna go Army/Navy/etc. but I have this skin condition or that back condition or maybe another mental condition/chronic illness that requires medication so I'm not allowed to serve." My main idea there was mostly having a standardized system that ties back to the military while ensuring a military-tier level of dedication to prevent "lame agents" in positions that could be better filled by say, enlistment or former officers.

dc95a0  No.656075


Aircraft can drop sonar buoys to detect submarines over a much wider area than a ship. Once they find a submarine they can drop torpedoes to kill it.

6244cf  No.656083


>Just send out a fleet of attack subs

Just send out one sub.

The Sverodvinsk-class are equipped with SS-N-26 Strobile if not with SS-N-33 Scythe.

There is nothing in USN inventory that can reliably intercept them (they might shoot down some Strobile, the Scythe would be completely immune) so unless they all miss (it's 32 per sub, 40 on the Kazan-class, so around 3 times the numbers the USN deemed it would take for the older SS-N-19 Shipwreck to kill a carrier) it's bye bye carrier.

Pack them with normal SS-N-27 Sizzler (sea skimming subsonic cruise, terminal Mach 3) and you can fit 58 of them on the Kazan-class (they fit in the torpedoes tubes too)…

It's extremely dubious a carrier would survive a full salvo from ONE sub. It's questionable the fleet making up a CSG would survive a full salvo of Scythe from ONE sub.

Let alone a fleet of them (Russia doesn't have a lot of them, for now 2 are in service, 2 more are in testing, 3 more are laid down).

3891ac  No.656088


That's why they'd rationalize it with

>I'm not a German, I'm a European

and similar bullshit. They may claim tolerance, but don't expect any sort of logical consistency in this matter, because "we don't tolerate intolerance". They won't do it in the name of Germany obviously, but why do you think they like the idea of European army so much? They'll try to spread their ideology of cuckservatism, and if proudly nationalist country tries to invade and threaten that, they'll fight them to death, in the name of cuckservatism. You can't cure the eternal german.

044edc  No.656089

I know it's a bit off-topic, but how is Bong, Canadian, Australian/NZ, EU/Euro states' militaries, NATO, compared to the US?


I think the US military is pretty shitty, but this might indeed be a beg for tax monies.


I heard they did not necessarily lose Vietnam, and was the Iraqi military really that bad? And that was with other nations, too, not just the US Also, I'm fairly certain those Afghan peasants are left alone on purpose, considering why western militaries are there in the first place.

3891ac  No.656090


Just overheat them with a powerful laser.

521684  No.656097


How hard would it be to construct a cold fusion reactor+steam turbine capable of powering a low-end 300W toaster for off-the-grid shitposting?

851150  No.656104


>Official US Marine Corps Embassy Security Groups mission statement & operational syllabus outline

>Some guy I bum cigs off of told me

Sure, we could go with your spastic turbo retard FOAF bullshit or we could go with what the actual organization states that it's mission and responsibilities are, and what agency MESGs ultimately fall under, which is DS/DSS.

>Similarly, the Marine Corps as a whole sees the highest casualties for the least returns for a reason. They are trained from boot camp onwards to basically disregard asking for assistance or air support or naval support and if they have a day to clear out a city, they are taught that it's better to get half your squad killed instead of waiting 15 minutes for air support. Fuck this, fuck you.

This is why reading comprehension is extremely important, it not only aids in understanding the context of a conversation, but also prevents you from looking stupid. None of what you've said is factually or otherwise true. Marines have their own fires and aerial support functions, every Marine company has a FAC or JTAC.


>Zerg rushing Sandniggers isn't revolution or effective. There's a reason Marine casualties are 3x higher than Army casualties even when completing the same fucking objectives in the same fucking areas.

I mean, I'd give some kind of half decent reply if this was just loaded bullshit being used as shitposting bait.

ffd3e0  No.656111


Said a godless, swarthy degenerate whose land can only export pornstars.

6244cf  No.656123


The cleanup of Fallujah demonstrated what everybody knows.

The Marines are led by glory hounds officers that have a near complete disregard for the lives of their men and poor comprehension of 4D maneuvering at best.

Charging into defended buildings when you have all the time in the world and complete fire, air and armor supremacy with bayonets isn't competency or heroism, it's WWI level of stupidity.

Combat return from the Iraqi war has demonstrated that, Marines might be less pozzed (they're not) but once in combat they are worse than the army (which is all kind of amazing).

6f4e85  No.656144


I love our resident Nazi Deutscher.

be careful with what you say on here, kid, and use a VPN, law enforcement is everywhere.

6f4e85  No.656146


modern advanced sub doesn't have defenses against this? modern advanced sub can't detect the ship first?

851150  No.656147


/k/ knows jack shit, it's all nofuns posturing from their kampfy chairs and parroting shit they've seen in previous threads and in documentaries.

020a3a  No.656149

File: f0e654038567577⋯.webm (6.12 MB, 480x360, 4:3, playing with fire 2 loan ….webm)



I miss him.

f49226  No.656153


nor much of a counter-argument faggot

you know what he said is true, how about trying to fix your shit, instead?.

3891ac  No.656157


What ship? He's talking about aircraft.

98c1b9  No.656159


Yeah, no. I know there's a lot of them there, but not every German is actually Antifa.


>whose land can only export pornstars.

And beer, kraut. Never ever forget the beer.

3891ac  No.656162


>Yeah, no. I know there's a lot of them there, but not every German is actually Antifa.

Much of those that wouldn't fight for the European nation would gladly fight for Germany, so the point that Germans wouldn't roll over for Russia still stands.

98c1b9  No.656164


I fail to see why bulk of them would. It's not like Russia has the means to actually occupy that much clay (I doubt they'd actually annex anything beyond Ukraine, if even that, tbh. Low birthrates mean that direct clay acquisition loses a lot of meaning when you don't have loyal people to colonise it). Should Russia win, I imagine it'd just mean the end of EU and NATO and becoming a member of some Russian-led economic block instead. Defeat wouldn't really harm the Germans much – they'd switch one master for another, and if they were lucky, this one wouldn't ask them to ram as many rapefugees up their ass.

3891ac  No.656165


>they'd switch one master for another

What do you mean? They are the master in the EU.

6f4e85  No.656176


>"uhhh, yes sir, we, uhhh, we think the submarine is here"

>randomly drops buoy

doesn't seem right.

f6e81a  No.656179


nah, he's dense. Iraq had one of the biggest land and armor forces in the world. Vietnam was almost entirely political loss. and I'm no ameriboo, but when dick comes to ass, USmil gets it done. most impressive logistics chain in history.

ea14f5  No.656182


>most impressive logistics chain in history

>he seriously believes this crap

>when dick comes to ass

How fitting for a group that includes faggots. Then again, you would know.

98c1b9  No.656183


There is a big difference between the german people and the german government

c9893e  No.656186


That's exactly what they do. They have tons of buoys they can drop. They also have highly attuned magnetometers and other instrumentation that's classified to find subs. They're a very real threat to subs. Not that any retarded American commander would know how to use them correctly since we haven't fought subs since WW2, but it's a finely machined tool even if no one knows how to use them.

69fc62  No.656189


Geothermal would be more plausible at that point.


t. assravaged ex-Marine. >>656123 is correct.

b18b55  No.656253

File: d52e0d3990c2062⋯.jpg (108.1 KB, 572x752, 143:188, P3corion.jpg)




Satellites fly on the same trajectory at the same constant speed forever and ever. They cannot hide, they cannot evade, and they cannot provide useful data because of their fixed orbit. The navy doesn't even use GPS unless they are totally blinded by a pea soup fog and cant use the sun/stars to locate themselves. The reason being that if a real war ever breaks out, the satellites will be the first thing to go.

Even if they weren't targeted, which is a bit of s stretch seeing that every American destroyer, cruiser and the carrier launched aircraft have the ability to shoot down satellites, all's it takes to spoof a firing solution calculated by a satellite photograph is to remember when the thing passes over head, which is as easy to predict as when the sun will rise, change course and if you want to, speed, wait for the satellite to pass, then resume your original heading. Then Ivan will fire his skyscraper sized FTL missile predicting the carrier to be in the direction the satellite told him it would be in, when in reality it went in the opposite direction and at a different rate of speed. The CIC operator then pushes a big white peg into the grid board and calls out "miss."

Enemy surface search radar is also dubious when they cannot control the sky. While a carrier can move around and mask its location from satellites, and airbase cannot. They actually are giant helpless targets begging to be wiped off the map by cruise missiles fired by carrier aircraft, subs and surface vessels. Even if the enemy was able to get an AWACS flight in the air, the carrier has AWACS as well. On top of that you have growlers buzzing around and filling the radar screen with false returns and noise.

Sonar pickets have been discounted entirely as not effective by slavaboos, and are primarily used for locating submarines anyway so I don't have anything to comment. I wasn't aware that the Chinese or Russians bothered with their own picket system ether.


I was explaining why the fire support version with the 105 was a thing, but I thought the APC strykers were only for special forces and not to completely replace trucks in motorized divisions.


Magnetic Anomaly Detector searches and sonar buoys along with sonar dippers from helicopters can cover wide swaths of sea with ease. A MAD search is impossible to hide from as it searches for magnetic materials under the waves. "Jamming" tech for submarines hasn't changed much. You have counter measures that generate loud white noise to fool acoustic homing torpedoes and bubble generators to fool active sonar homing torpedoes. Weather or not they actually work is highly classified but I would guess that if planes know where you are, they will keep dropping torpedoes on you until they hear an explosive decompression.


The Shkval is a complete meme. To this day its unknown if the thing was ever even deployed in active service. One would assume the Russians never adopted it because underwater nuclear detonations are less effective than you would think on surface ships and because firing the thing is basically committing suicide due to everyone in the entire world being able to hear a rocket launch underwater.


Russia scrapped their carriers for the same reason they severely neglected their airforce. They knew they had no chance in winning against NATO aircraft in air to air combat so they invested heavily into surface to air weaponry. Their carriers were tiny and the planes taking off from them couldn't even do so with anti ship missiles as they were too heavy. They would be heavily outnumbered by the super-carrier and would bring little to the table in deterrence factor vs getting more missile corvettes and SAM systems. A lot of this carrier hatred is a fox screaming at sour, sour grapes.


>lol just have the submarine avoid the maritime patrol planes, picket fleet and other attack submarines and pull a firing solution completely out of its ass and sink the entire fleet in one macross missile massacre

This is exactly the shit I'm talking about when I say people just list how fast and deadly redfor missiles are without even knowing how they would get to the point where they hit the shiny red button.

c8a697  No.656261


Yeah yeah go declare war on Russia already.

269416  No.656262

File: 0c6af0e5b5b7580⋯.jpg (144.46 KB, 1024x784, 64:49, K_class_blimp.jpg)



How are fixed-wing anti-sub aircraft supposed to work?

How can it loiter precisely enough over a very small area to drop depth charges?

How can it fly slow enough to drop a hydrophone or torpedo?

How is a turboprop silent enough to have any semblance to echolocation?

Please explain the rationale because I frankly can't picture it.

269416  No.656263


>cold fusion reactor


Please, don't…

3f9cda  No.656267

File: 6f8fd81f4d71b02⋯.jpg (77.28 KB, 453x604, 3:4, 15291427214980.jpg)


Chinks are bigger kikes than kikes, anon.


Make no mistake, war for independence was fighting for the kikes to keep their shekels. If you get attacked for not paying your bills, calling the war "defensive" is a big stretch.


I wouldn't. America's punishments for innumerable war crimes and gross human rights violations are long overdue, the worse it's army is the sooner someone will show up to push their shit in.


A sub is a slow moving missile launcher that's easy to sink. We have tons of these except they float on the surface so they're harder to sink.


>The reason being that if a real war ever breaks out, the satellites will be the first thing to go.

Yeah. All of them, literally every single one of them. Let's fuck up everyone's long range communication (and also general space exploration) for centuries, surely that won't backfire at all.

98c1b9  No.656271


You'd need to know where each and every enemy satellite actually is, and I bet there's quite a handful of them masquarading as debris. Modern missiles aren't all dumb and many are capable of course correction mid flight, so the carrier being a bit to the left makes no difference. How the hell does controlling the sky affect radar performance? You think the waves will go "hold on, enemy controls the skies, we aren't going there, we're scared"?

You seem to honestly believe that locating massive as fuck ships is somehow beyond the scope of modern technology (even discounting the satellite) and that something as elementary as "ships can move!" would not be accounted for by the personnel firing the missile.

6244cf  No.656283


Some Russian subs have mast mounted MANPADs, but it's more against anti-sub helicopters.


>Even if they weren't targeted, which is a bit of s stretch seeing that every American destroyer, cruiser and the carrier launched aircraft have the ability to shoot down satellites

No they don't.

ASAT missile are a very specific kind of ammunition (a LOT of extra fuel and a very small payload) that only exist in rare numbers, they surely have some stockpiled somewhere but ships don't carry them.

Also ships can't really track satellites either, they need the data from a satellite tracking station (or ship).

>change course and if you want to, speed, wait for the satellite to pass, then resume your original heading.

Well yeah you could do that, but the satellite or OTH radar doesn't guide the missile they just there to give an approximate location. The missile has it's own on board radar.

Scythe missiles go at Mach 8… it means it goes to it's maximum range (1000km) in 6 minutes.

In 6 minutes a carrier is gonna move what? 7 kilometers? How is it gonna avoid being picked up by the missile radar (they has a range of 130km on the export version of the Klub, no reason to believe it's worse on their own stuff)?

Also I don't really know why you're talking about satellites when Coast-horizon OTH radar are a thing and what is use to keep track in real time ships (and the reason why everyone, except the USN, is making "stealth ships" to at least reduce the range they can be detected and therefore shoot at).

81671c  No.656294


>Chinks are bigger kikes than kikes, anon.

Wrong, kikes are smarter, more malicious and lack morality.

That's why kikes regularly play over chinks.

eba515  No.656296


Base gets reports of sub activity in a general vicinity, usually via faint sonar pickups from static sonar pickets. Officials guesstimate what type of sub it is, and from that guess what speed it may be going, which depends on numerous situational things. Depending on the scenario or what's available, an MPA aircraft (P-3 Orion for US) is launched. Using the estimates they then set up a sonobuoy net and drop mines if the situation calls for it. They also have ELINT and magnetic detectors, which can nearly exactly find where a sub is in ideal circumstance, the former only useful if the sub is retarded enough to send out high power radio communication while they're being hunted. In the event a sub is found they drop mark 46's with dragchutes on them and essentially extremely-low-altitude carpet bomb with depth charges.

020a3a  No.656298


Jews are smarter but Chinks are definitely more malicious and definitely have less morality.

69fc62  No.656310


See >>656298

The Chink might be more uncaring and less worldly, caring only for himself in his specific village, but the Chink outjews the Jew in every way within his sphere of influence. Jews might be rats, but Chinks are insects. They're fucking bugmen. They're the great monolithic threat in movies like Starship troopers and they must be eradicated because like cockroaches, while harmless on their own, their combined shit and numbers will destroy your home and everything you hold dear if left unchecked, and they're hardy enough to survive a normal stomping or dose of irradiation.

6244cf  No.656324


>Chinks are definitely more malicious and definitely have less morality.

No they're not, Chinks have some sort of morality which is just completely foreign to us, they're very predictable once you start to understand how they think.

Meanwhile (((they))) share our values but are actively malicious (they revel in infringing upon taboo and social norms of the sheeple) to the point of mental illness.

Chinks are aliens, Jews are demons.

You can deal and negotiate with aliens once you figure out how to talk to them, you can't with demons (well you can, but it will be your undoing).

0cb3f7  No.656329

File: 40ffc9d5b01f4ce⋯.jpg (89.74 KB, 800x373, 800:373, Submarine_Vepr_by_Ilya_Kur….jpg)




Seems like the only way the ship could protect itself would be to drop a circle of bouys and stay inside them waiting for the sub, besides that there's a ton of ocean out there and the sub can just navigate outside the bouy radius. Just seems like a sub has a major advantage against a ship when all you have is guess-work bouys in limited numbers and a billion miles of ocean. That's assuming the sub hasn't found you first and already has a torpedo about to ram up your asshole.

Why do so many guys on here slurp off carriers anyway?

0cb3f7  No.656334

File: b7167167f257d88⋯.jpg (51.57 KB, 625x415, 125:83, you.jpg)


>"I-i-i know everything!"

yeah, you're a faggot and America is gay.

269416  No.656337


That sounds too inefficient to provide even basic deterrence.

> set up a sonobuoy net

Elaborate on that, please?

9db0ad  No.656343



Rich lecture form a fucking leaf. Does he know the Irony of invoking the word mollycoddle?

Joking aside, the US military on it's face is full of people incapable of accomplishing great things. I honestly think it make come down to black budget mystery weapons- That are widely saidto be fantastic and unreal in nature. "stuff that would make George Lucas Drool" >>655530


I really think tactical nukes would be used against military targets in a WWIII scenario.


Are Chinese saboteurs calculated in these war games?


>being able to hear a rocket launch underwater.

It is not launching a rocket underwater. It explodes underwater and creates a massive tidal wave that travels 2,000 kilometers inland. But it is a memy doomsday weapon, that if it was ever used Russia would be glassed immediately.

c1f405  No.656344



You're forgetting the most important part: each CV is surrounded by layers of escorts, all of which carry very powerful sonar sets that can detect the sub long before he can find the carrier. Standoff missiles aren't terribly reliable for the same reason, most of them will be picked off by SAMs and gunfire assuming they aren't using shitty obsolete American guns before they get anywhere near the carrier.

That's the theory, at least. All of this depends on Lockheeb, Raytheon and General Dynamics products working as advertised and US sailors being competent, so in reality we'd get our shit wrecked unless the enemy is almost as fucked up as we are.

eba515  No.656345

File: 629da92001b0b51⋯.png (59.54 KB, 1861x606, 1861:606, paint.png)


No, it's quite efficient. In most cases if a sub gets even generally located it's in a deep crock of shit.

eba515  No.656346

File: 9941eac81c4a4b8⋯.png (293.98 KB, 315x422, 315:422, hmm.png)



de4842  No.656347


While the US military is poz'd mess of useless layabout diversity hires, things like the wargame in OP are pushed for the sole purpose of giving even more shekels to companies like (((Lockheed))). The real way to fix US armed forces actually saves money: expel nomwhites, sue moneypit companies that go overdue on projects (JSF, etc), and stop being Israel's bitch in the mid east.

dc95a0  No.656350


>How can it fly slow enough to drop a hydrophone or torpedo?

They tie a big fabric bag to the hydrophone, which fills up with air and slows it down when it falls. Engineers call it a 'parachute'.

d65431  No.656352


The Chinese government is cash rich and skills poor, and they know it. Sending their little Chinklets to study in first world universities is how they're planning to fix the skills gap. They're hoping to get their Albert Speer out of this.


>American thinks that a war where they fired the first shot and declared hostilities after they decided not to pay their bills was a defensive war.

The American educational system is truly a marvel to behold.

eba515  No.656353


Ships have sonar on them, genius.

0cb3f7  No.656355



>muh sonar

ever heard of the ocean, genius?

just drive beneath the ships and sonar. That's pretty much the point, ya know, of a fucking submarine.

eba515  No.656359


Is this a joke or are you legitimately this stupid? What has /k/ come to

0cb3f7  No.656360


>"I-i-i'm an epic oldfag!"

so you totally missed the purpose of a submarine? Good job, dumbass.

786b85  No.656361

File: a7cd955b96d0a0d⋯.gif (836.5 KB, 286x204, 143:102, 1431727641004.gif)

>Organize bunch of "simulations"

>Lose them or have sub par results in the on purpose

>Receive more founding, better equipment etc…

60b768  No.656364

File: 35d968edfd21318⋯.png (373.32 KB, 745x720, 149:144, cc916972ea21b848e734eadaeb….png)

3f9cda  No.656366


The independence war was literally over not paying the taxes.

Can anyone even name a more jewish reason to start a war?

b47f8b  No.656367


Fuck taxes, tbh

a2741c  No.656368


War over making someone pay taxes?

c90e6a  No.656373


Yeah that was my take as well.

5886df  No.656382


If the Rand Corporation came out saying "The US military is doing fine, all our wargames have us beating the Chinks and Russians!" /k/ would screech even harder. You start with the narrative in mind, and spin any story to shit on the US military, discarding any useful facts. Practical US military doctrine is built around COIN, all the counter-state doctrine is feel-good theoretical bullshit that will get their shit pushed in, as they say.

a44166  No.656389


If you consider something government-related to be one way, and then read a government employee say something - anything - about this without even providing data and arguments, then yes, one's opinion is unlikely to be changed much.

c90e6a  No.656390


No giving colonials representation in exchange for taxes, which we weren't going to do because they were paying next to fuck all taxes anyway and benefiting from all of the protection of RN and the Army while providing next to nothing towards it while we were busy fighting Spain and France at the same fucking time.

6244cf  No.656440


> most of them will be picked off by SAM

Mach 8 Missiles will be picked off by SAMs? Mach three low altitude maneuvering missile will be picked off by SAMs?

The same SAMs that struggle to intercept subsonic harpoons and Houthis flying trashcans in KSA?

Again Russia has 10 to 20 years on US missiles tech.

What they're working right now is cheap Mach 3 ATGMs with DU or tungsten penetrators.

Their infantry is gonna end up being capable to fuck up our tanks (even those that are just on the drawing boards) at 5-6 kilometers!

You want to talk subs FFS they have ACTIVE torpedoes defenses. Since the 80's!

The reason why all Ruskies subs have multiple size torpedoes launchers is because the small ones are armed with torpedo-interception torpedoes.

While the big ones carries much better torpedoes (bigger payload, much better tech, better speed, better range) than what is in service in NATO.

The US army doesn't need more money but it needs to spend it's money BETTER than it is, because as it is Russia (and China) are quickly but certainly gaining stand-off capabilities over the US… when the entirety of the US doctrine hinge on the fact that US has the advantage in stand-off capabilities (because they did for most of the cold war).

560db1  No.656446


> benefiting from all of the protection of RN and the Army while providing next to nothing towards it while we were busy fighting Spain and France at the same fucking time.

The colonies didn't want to declare war on Spain and France in the first place. They weren't paying taxes because of muh benign neglect policy. The deal was that the colonies would get the French land for fighting in the Seven Years War, which you decided to give to the Indians while raising taxes for nothing in return.

eb2a02  No.656483


>What they're working right now is cheap Mach 3 ATGMs with DU or tungsten penetrators.

I somehow feel vindicated now.

3c4dc9  No.656495


But wouldn't it make more sense for America to spend it's money more efficiently? It's already spending more than China and Russia combined. Throwing more money into the fire pit isn't going to improve things except make the fire burn slightly brighter for a couple minutes.

3c4dc9  No.656524

File: 2d72df18230d57b⋯.jpeg (123.2 KB, 1200x923, 1200:923, SadCatUnderSheets.jpeg)


Never mind, I forgot the military industrial complex is a way to make money, not a way to protect the country. I almost let myself hope there for a second.

269416  No.656773

File: 2dd2569b8c7ce9d⋯.jpg (201.58 KB, 700x538, 350:269, march in her heels.jpg)



>It's already spending more than China and Russia combined.

Quite the understatement. The US spends 1 trillion annually, Russia spends only 60 billion and somehow still manages to be ZOG's number one boogeyman.

IMO if the US Armed forces want to keep their hegemonic world police status they should use their overinflated budget to switch fully to drones and automation since their human resources are not only shit but the best of them are demoralized full blown cucks willing to fight side by side with and trust their and their brothers' in arms lives to vaginas and literal crippledicks while their wives get nailed by Tyrone back home.

076f4c  No.656982

I think a more worrying conflict for decision makers shouldn't be a WW3 scenario but a mass civil unrest scenario. Whenever you go multicultural it will provide cultural / racial tensions into a society which can be easily manipulated by foreign agents. This manipulation isn't even needed for things to escalate but can happen on its own. It just takes like 1% (probably less) of the population being thoroughly pissed off enough to start doing something to turn the country in a complete chaos. American media education media and profs are creating more tensions but there will be a time when economic recession hits, it will likely be worse than 2008 and I expect unrest to unfold. Not sure what the scale of it would be.


The F-35 is such a shitty concept that I still question if a large part of the budget isn't being allocated into different more secretive research that now appears to have the F-35 label to the public. When they finally fix the issues it will have a short lived livespan for the insane production costs.


Economic powerhouses are exempt from the bad goy treatment due to multiple players being dependent on them

6244cf  No.657077


>I still question if a large part of the budget isn't being allocated into different more secretive

You can't keep secrets in CY.

The chinks can't manage to stop phone pictures of their prototypes leaking and they're a fucking commie dictatorship where that sort of behavior get you shot and the bullet billed to your family.

Everything cutting edge the US is working on is known, be it High-Altitude Long Endurance stealth bombing drones (nu-Valkyrie), lasers, rail guns, hypersonic cruise missiles, even the B-21 program (that is possibly a cover for nu-Valkyrie as it doesn't really seem to exist outside press release, and nu-valkyrie was clearly cut in several small programs).

The only thing secret in this world is what the fuck is MiG working on (but then they might simply be moonlighting for China).

a120e1  No.657094


>the alleged CIA Civil War wargames

More information please?

c90e6a  No.657144


We literally cleared French and Spanish presence from America established an anglo hegemony over the continent and you're bitching about the fucking natives. I'm telling you now and you can call me an anglo kike all you want but no strong party has ever honoured their treaties when something the equivelent of America was up for grabs.

521684  No.657154


Aren't MiG said to be working on the MiG-41 as a 5th gen replacement for the MiG-31?

269416  No.657178

c1f405  No.657249


The only time an ASM has ever successfully hit a ship with CIWS or modern SAMs is when those ships deliberately turned off their CIWS. Also those Mach 8 missiles are a meme, their high trajectory gives you even more warning time than a Tomahawk and they're totally incapable of evasion.

8223c4  No.657308


the concept is flawed, but not entirely so. about 2/3s. The plane will be useful, but not for what they're gonna use it for.

my main grief with the f-35 is its absurd price. And the fact the air force still thinks it'll be a fighter lol. It would be an excellent replacement for the ef-11 and ef-18. Its just that, to me, it has no business calling itself a fighter. Its an e-war and CAS plane, e-war first, and should be relegated to targeting radars, AA and perhaps AWACS if we ever need to do that. But it doesnt really have the bomb load(or really the endurance) to effectively provide CAS, even with pylons. f-35a and c can fill this role better than existing planes in my opinion, but at a far worse price-performance ratio.

It should've been a twin-engine, two-seat plane focusing on CAS and e-war, but noooooo the marines/brits just HAD to have vtol and the air force just HAD to have a fighter and the navy just HAD to have one engine and the pentagon just HAD to have the most complicated cockpit ever and the canadians just HAD to have a landing parachute and since its a fighter now it gotta have a vectoring thruster obviously…

For a while i thought it was the program that every parasite in the military industrial complex has latched onto and sucked money out of, and the more i read about it the more true it seems.

Army programs are going somewhat ok(i guess they learned a bit from the whole bradley thing lmao), but what the fuck is wrong with navy and airforce r&d

07a285  No.657328


The sole reason this jet exists is because no one in pentagon had the balls to go against the F-35 development.

People such as the fighter mafia did their best to keep shit like the F-111 from becoming a fighter, and the B-1A from entering mass production in which would have vacuumed money like the F-35 has. Now, no one has the influence or voice to challenge such programs.

5c4b5e  No.657334

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Well they did the MiG-29 and MiG-31 upgrades. But besides that it's pure speculation what they're working on, they should be working on the MiG-31 replacement. Apparently they solved most of the hurdles to go and stay above Mach 3 with the BM upgrade (largely due to the cockpit and engine fans), so the MiG-31 can now cruise at Mach 3 (instead of only sporadically due the maintenance involved).


The F-35 is retarded due to the VTOL obsession. Without that it would have much closer to the chink copy (twin engine like a F-18, central proper bomb bay. I'm certain the chinks bootlegged the X-35 early work prior to the VTOL requirement).

The VTOL obsession in itself is insane when the Wasp-class and especially later variants are basically as big as the French CdG.

A fucking Rafale-M can probably land on them, not take off due to the lack of catapults, but the deck is only 3 meter shorter…

And Super Hornets can operate from the CdG without any problem (less margins to fuck up than on US carriers but it still works).

How fucking to add catapults to them? If it is, how fucking hard it is to lengthen the deck a bit and add a ski ramp?

It wouldn't cost $1 000 000 000 000 000 now would it?

So, once again, who is the true responsible for the money pit?


4bb843  No.657335

>our military industry funded simulation says that we need to buy more military equipment from jewish owned companies goy

ab62ab  No.657463

The US is that dying empire that some pissed off upcoming extremist ideology or religious structure is going to kick the shit out of

ab62ab  No.657572


>Russia has embraced nationalism

Oh you poor dumb nigger

269416  No.657634

File: d62613f3960cffc⋯.jpg (1.33 MB, 3334x2121, 3334:2121, Two_largest_ethnic_minorit….jpg)


It's multi-nationalism, teehee.

72cff5  No.657642

File: 706a7fe66ef3042⋯.jpg (50.24 KB, 339x452, 3:4, 706a7fe66ef30421ea716eba0a….jpg)

File: 2875be5252acd82⋯.jpeg (364.75 KB, 1491x1000, 1491:1000, 5f419b92a0a05ca44e7e21445….jpeg)

File: 6b07ba8a313e8b1⋯.jpg (134.76 KB, 743x730, 743:730, 6b07ba8a313e8b182a700f5117….jpg)


Is Siberia the last frontier before space?

269416  No.657695

File: ea70ecd25fe42c7⋯.png (73.77 KB, 1501x696, 1501:696, k - turk.PNG)


On the contrary. Expansion of Siberia is our ticket to space.

986bb9  No.657767



Sometimes I wonder if psyops agents do this shit with each other just for shits and giggles.

640feb  No.657820


>plus they are ethnically homogenous

Russia contains myriad different groups of churkas, and China is actively trying to genocide anyone who isn't Han.

ab62ab  No.657844


It functions as an administrative entity in a manner similar to the Golden Horde. A heavily decentralized empire with individual provinces ruled by local warlords. The Russians themselves only have total control of the core Russian areas. This decision has sacrificed Russia’s long term future for short term social and political stability. The end result of this strategy for the Golden Horde was Ivan the terrible breaking free from the mongol dominion as soon as Moscow became powerful enough to do so. In the future warlords like Ramzen are going to pull an Ivan the terrible and destroy the federation all they need is a moment of weakness from the Russians.

0d368d  No.657857

File: d415332bbdc04e3⋯.mp4 (8.12 MB, 640x360, 16:9, TSIDMZ & Barbarossa Umtrun….mp4)


I hope we will see a new Ungern.

f7ffcd  No.657871


>aka please give DOD more monies plz

ec158d  No.657882


My dream is to be the Hegelian manifestation of baron ungern and pol pot.

c8ed6f  No.657908


And what is that supposod to be like?

73ddd0  No.657912


A hapa

5c4b5e  No.657913


Dude that map is a map of the minorities of Russia.

Russians aren't in minority anywhere on the map. They're the majority in each province.

And the big problem is since the fall of the soviet union you have places with a MAJORITY of Russians outside of the Russian federation, eastern Lithuania, eastern Ukraine, Nord Kazakstan (hell Kazakhstan in itself is something like 40% Russian/60% Kazakh, despite them only living in the north of the country), etc…

Also a lot of this is Communist bullshit divide and conquer.

There is less historical, ethnic and cultural difference between Russian, Ukrainian, Ossetians, Belarussian, Komi, Mordvins, etc…

Than in between Bavarians and Prussians, Provencals and Normands or Scotish and English.

Like by a lot.

The only real minority in Russia are the various clans of Turkish and Mongolic peoples, the rest is like saying people from Minnesota and West Virginia are completely different people, because they don't dress the same and they don't have the same festivals…

ab62ab  No.657946


I know I am wading into a pool of shit here arguing with you because I am fairly certain you have already convinced yourself that this is truth before you gathered any facts but you couldn’t be more wrong.

>There is less historical, ethnic and cultural difference between Russian, Ukrainian, Ossetians, Belarussian, Komi, Mordvins, etc…

>Than in between Bavarians and Prussians, Provencals and Normands or Scotish and English.

This is legit one of the goofiest things I have ever read in my entire life. It’s so ludicrous it could have only come from a crazy propoganda site like Sputnik news. If you legit think that north English and south English or bavarians and Westphalians are about to got to war you might be insane. Meanwhile you seriously believe Russians and Ukrainians supposedly best buds when they are in a literal war. In your mind Finns, Balts, Ukies, and Belorussians are no doubt begging to come back to the great and glourious Russian empire amiright?

Next you seriously underestimate the numbers of Muslims in Russia how fucking vicious they are and the serious cultural and historical divisions between Russians and none Russians. Ramzen has a personal paramilitary force of 5 thousand. Those men don’t just train to kill westerners they train to kill Russians and fairly often they do. Russia is an empire and you are pretending it is a nation state or even a state that has ethnicities of comprable origin and culture. It isn’t, Russia is not and never was a nation like England or Germany.

269416  No.657965


>Meanwhile you seriously believe Russians and Ukrainians supposedly best buds when they are in a literal war.

Irrelevant. They are still the same people.

ab62ab  No.657979


That’s the things Russians keep saying that but Ukies don’t think so meaning is dumb bullshit. You can’t arbitraril decide someone is your people. Germans can call the Dutch Germans and Turks can call Greece little Turkey that don’t make it true. All of this is from the continuation of the attempted process of Russification which has largely failed. Still trying to absorb these unwilling ethnicities and culture into a hapa Horde

ab62ab  No.657980


*Meaning it’s dumb bullshit

*you can’t arbitrarily decide

c90e6a  No.657984


they all stem from the same eastern farming people that entered Europe about 4000 years ago.

ab62ab  No.657986


The same argument can be made for almost the whole of Europe. That doesn’t somehow justify Italy annexing France because they both speak a Romance language and declaring them confused low class Romans.

c90e6a  No.657991


Was that being argued for? I just thought we were arguing whether they were similar or not. There's no denying Russia is an empire though.

ab62ab  No.657993


Wasn’t arguing with you then. I thought you were taking the stance that Russia is not an empire. Ukies and Russians are indeed similar and many people are similar in ethnicity culture customs and language. They are still different people. The only point I was arguing for is that Russia is an empire and trying to pretend that every ethnicity in that empire are merely “little Russians” is ludicrous.

aeabaf  No.658000

File: 277a072d4fa6756⋯.png (64.27 KB, 600x628, 150:157, benelux_removed.png)


>Germans can call the Dutch Germans and Turks can call Greece little Turkey that don’t make it true.

Not with this attitude.

c90e6a  No.658007


I mean wasn't it built on the back of slavic Russians expanding east? That's what I have in my head.

ab62ab  No.658021


That’s a vast over simplification of a collasal empire with a long history. It’s also predicated on the notion Russia is, was and will forever be a monoethnic nation state with just Slavic Russians. Your still pretending Russia is a nation. Russia once encompassed the Baltics,Poland,Ukraine and Belarus. It has tartars mongols Finnic tribes caucuse mountain niggers and until ww2 a huge amount of Germans invited by Peter and Catherine the great. That’s not even counting the people who were successful absorbed into Russification like Tver and Novgorod. It was a vest multiethnic empire built by a germanised aristocracy and maintained by a cluster fuck of hapa hordes. Look at a genetic map of Russia sometime and come to the realization that even the people who call themselves Russians are like 4 different peoples not 1.

c90e6a  No.658033


You don't have to populate a conquered region to rule it. And I sort of ment the people of the language group going over the urals to absorb turkic and asia lands.

c90e6a  No.658037


You know it's not like I'm saying when Caeser took gaul all the celts magically disappeared because they learnt a bit of latin.

aeabaf  No.658065


As far as I know, they usually forced the local elite to pay tribute, and that later evolved into taxation. The peoples of the taigas and steppes weren't living in highly urbanized societies and they didn't have advanced technologies, but they still had their small tribal principalities. Especially the nomads of the steppe who were living in khanates.


Romans did became mongrelized as a result of their conquests. It's semi-anecdotal, but Roman women first painted their hair red to ape the Celtic slave women. Then Rome started subjugating the German lands, and they switched to bathing in the sun and washing their hair with sea water in order to resemble the blondies.

521684  No.658109


Would the Swiss constitution werk in Russia?`

082af5  No.658236

Amis should stop filtering lead from their petrol, then they would at least have retard strength on their side.







solid post

As these anons have said, excessive money is what creates these problems in the first place. RAND does not want taxpayers finances to go towards in-house government-mandated production, they want to grease up more slimy contractors. Heck, these arms-dealers probably indirectly fund chinese and russian propaganda as a form of advertisement.




Ami should simply invest in baiju and vodka to NEET their enemies to daytime sleep.


Another fine gift from Pine Gap shitposting division.




Never change angloscum.


> without failing educational systems

I think it's the fact that their educational systems fail so much that everyone is in the same boat, and understands each other. Chinese classroom is just copying and reciting bullshit, and Russian classroom is bloodsports for kids. These people are retarded just like machines, they don't question anything.

e6918c  No.658243


That's not really that big an issue. Plans to deal with space garbage already exist, only they're expensive and nobody minds the trash enough to actually pay for it yet.

More importantly, though, in a war scenario, blowing up enemy satellites means everyone loses satellites, meaning anyone who's connected to the internet or TV through the satellite is shit outta luck. Can you imagine a millennial finding out he's not getting his internet? That he needs to get connected by cable, and only if the enemy doesn't attack that shit too? There'd be riots all over the world because of this shit, since civvies all around the planet would lose their favourite drug.

That's why I think satellites will be covered by international treaties. Sure, you let the enemy have his eyes, but you get to keep your eyes there too, and your civvies won't lose their shit and rebel in the middle of a war.

c4fbc0  No.658281


The US won the Korean war, and has had many military victories that were undone after the fact via politics (Vietnam / various middle-eastern wars).

ab62ab  No.658291



3e5a3a  No.658373

File: 4ed486aefc209f4⋯.jpg (18.14 KB, 552x414, 4:3, laughs in terrorist.jpg)


>The US won the Korean war, and has had many military victories that were undone after the fact via politics (Vietnam / various middle-eastern wars).

< Boomers tell themelves the funniest things.

899d58  No.658402

File: 5befcaf1b0b8277⋯.png (212.08 KB, 600x600, 1:1, amerimutt.png)

4106b6  No.658477


Well firstly, the US is in the same boat of being weak to economic collapse, however, I say "same boat but Russia isn't really in that boat at all.

The Russia economy has been struggling for a while under U.S. sanctions, true. However, it's been living under them for so long that their economy is stabilizing, or damn near thriving. Being the size it is, Russia has plenty of resources in their borders, it just has to get them out of the ground. U.S. sanctions hurt them in the short term, but in the long run, it forced them to become more or less economically self-sufficient. Secondly, with the SCO, they don't really have to be concerned with trade collapse. They have allies to trade with, and I'd like to see the US try to stop trading with China. With Russia and China buying literal tons of gold for years now, not only do they have a fallback, but trade collapse would hurt the US far more than it would hurt either of them. Further, Russia was forced to launch MIR for credit card transactions due to U.S. sanctions. International credit card companies were more or less banned from operating in Russia. However, citigroup and amex (iirc) are both available still, despite the sanctions. They'd rather face massive fines and legal trouble in the US than not be involved in Russian finance. This says they either don't intend to face consequences, or they would rather pay the fines than miss out on the market. Either way, it spells out that the Russian economy is more robust than one might think, or they're hedging their bets on the US losing hegemony and the ability to impact their bottom line.

Next, it's important to mention that while the Russian military is paid very poorly, it is not conscripted and hadn't been for a long time. They have a reasonably well-trained volunteer military that wants to fight despite shit pay and benefits. It wouldn't be effected too much by economic recession. The American military, however, are glorified mercenaries at this point. Sure there's a couple well meaning rednecks who joined to "fight for freedum and democracy and amurrica," but 90% of the support MOSes and the officers joined to get free college, a camaro, or to jump-start their political career. Fullbirds and up are making 6 figures. The military right now is at the highest desertion rate since Vietnam. What do you think will happen when the benefits end or the US can't pay their mercenaries? Economic collapse would end the US wholecloth.

Not to mention there's no doubt that Russia has fsb and other spooks on American soil. If fighting does start, the US is fragmented enough internally that Russia could open another front by supporting revolutionary groups in America.

ea14f5  No.658555


Well, how soon until fighting starts then?

I want a free SVD or PKM.

ab62ab  No.658556


>it is not conscripted

Who told you this legitimately? I have met Russian conscripts last year. A huge portion of the standing military is conscripts

>economy doing fine

In the sense that it isn’t in total collapse and people are not starving yes. In general terms no, the average quality of life is comparable to a country like Brazil a very poor second world nation. The majority of Mexicans have a greater disposable income and higher living standards then Russians.

c6570d  No.658557


>The US won the Korean war

Until WWII ended, korea was united but under Japanese governance which korean emperor signed off with no coaxing or manipulation

>End the opressive regime that had the audacity to build schools, roads, hospitals, power plants, rail roads and more

>immediately start a war over korea as a result

>the great democrator wins it by letting the communists take two thirds of the peninsula, the part that's extremely rich in rare resources, while the south abandons all its culture in an attempt to emulate israel and weimerica

I shudder to think what american defeat would look like.

521684  No.658579

File: 76b8485752a5fac⋯.jpg (116.08 KB, 1200x937, 1200:937, Alloha_(PBUH)_checked_thes….jpg)


Pan-Eurasian North Korean empire when?

c4fbc0  No.658636




By what standard did the US lose the Korean war? There is absolutely no way, shape, or form to suggest otherwise. You could almost be forgiven for thinking that Vietnam War and the various middle eastern wars were losses due to the heavy amounts of marxist propaganda, but to think that the Korean war was anything but a victory shows you're not even pretending to be sincere.

For Vietnam, we went in, killed way more of them than they killed of us, forced them back, and then made them sign a peace treaty. There's no more surefire way to show you've won a war than to force your enemies to sign a treaty. We went home and the papers printed that we had won. Years afterwards, the then Democrat controlled US congress refused to aid south Vietnam (as we had agreed to do in the peace treaty), so the north (backed by China) then went in and demolished the south. Despite having militarily won the war and the aftereffects of the victory being undone years afterwards due to politics, somehow this mean the US lost the war itself. You people have some room-temperature IQs to be this gullible to blindly believe marxist propaganda rather than researching history for yourself.

In the middle east, it was pretty much the same thing except instead of a peace treaty we ended up just sitting in the middle east without much opposition considering we crushed it. King Nigger got elected in and then pulled US forces out of the middle east, creating a power vacuum which ISIS then filled. ISIS would never have come to power if 1: We didn't leave the middle east or 2: We were never in the middle east to remove the power that were there to begin with.

I'd say read a history book, but the people who write those fill them with marxist propaganda.

c4fbc0  No.658639



I don't give a shit whether the war was justified or not because that has absolutely no bearing on whether or not we won the war. We went in a killed a bunch of gooks; that's a military victory.

279beb  No.658646


>North Korean Empire


Lead by his sister maybe, because Kim wasn't on the ballot this year. Either the party am disapoint or he's ascended to contemplate his navel.

3326ae  No.658698

File: 2ecf39138b4731b⋯.jpg (54.13 KB, 299x528, 299:528, serveimage.jpg)


>By what standard did the US lose the Korean war?

By that standard.


The US literally ended up begging China to stop while being perfectly aware China wasn't even serious (which is the reason why MacArthur was given the boot).

dd4e73  No.658713

File: d28b36b7c9b2d5a⋯.jpg (273.51 KB, 1298x881, 1298:881, Screenshot_20190317-182624.jpg)

File: d255f69ddc28066⋯.jpg (94.64 KB, 1142x420, 571:210, Screenshot_20190317-182504.jpg)

File: c6aa785540a6340⋯.jpg (102.34 KB, 1305x370, 261:74, Screenshot_20190317-182943.jpg)


first two are statistics of the Korean war, last one is the first sentence in any recount of that specific battle. Was the argument that China could not win against any sort of US involved conflict? You definitely proved that wrong. You did not prove that even the Korean war could be considered a loss for the US. China came out worse off than us as far as casualties goes, and they did not achieve any more than those opposing them. North Korea had over 30% more civilian casualties than the south on top of that.

TL;DR: a battle =/ The War

3f9cda  No.658729

File: e63472c36a1d417⋯.jpg (74.05 KB, 640x632, 80:79, 1546986749619.jpg)


>we had smaller losses so suffering that crushing defeat didn't count

A mindset like that is the reason you can't wage wars for shit and would crap your pants and surrendered within a week if someone seriously attacked the US.

1e5f37  No.658734


>they had smaller losses, achieved their stated objective, but I don't like them and was able to find a battle where China won, so they lost

Unless you can name another factor.

c6570d  No.658737


>achieved their stated objective

Which was what exactly?

Imposing judeo-negroid values on Koreans who didn't want to become communist?

3f9cda  No.658744

File: f40d43e4abda3a9⋯.png (289.34 KB, 504x503, 504:503, 15472195394340.png)


If their goal was making best korea democratic, they sure as shit failed that mission. With that in mind, they effectively got killed 200k people and maimed another 500k for nothing. Meanwhile the opposing side was fighting a defensive war so the losses don't factor into equation, if they'd lost they'd suffer worse anyway.

c6570d  No.658745


The mutts didn't even let mc arthur burn more civillians alive with nukes.

That's reserved only for civilized people and enemies of Israel.

06460c  No.658786

File: f78018b2f99cff4⋯.jpg (18.85 KB, 486x375, 162:125, m9-30years.jpg)


Agreed, 100% I agree.

I can't believe that there are US citizens who legitimately believe that the USA could actually win a war in current year.

You know, our (US & RU) military competence situations are reversed from what they were 100 years ago.

ff17d8  No.658795


The Russians are still a a bunch of drunken Slavs. Worse, the Soviet era killed the best of their Slavic race people, not to mention the German noble elite. Sure, the US is fucked up and dying and on its way out, but the Russians are worse today than they were 100 years competence wise. The Soviet era took the Slavs and Russians back, way back, as far as their own quality and genetics.

Communism, not even once.

3326ae  No.658841


>K/D ratio is winning.



MacArthur was given the boot because the rest of the Staff was perfectly aware China wasn't actually responding, nor did the soviets.

While he wanted to bomb Chinese cities (and possibly rush Vladivostok) which was only gonna piss them off, the chinks weren't conducting air raid in SK (let alone in Japan, which they could very well do as they had the exact same US bombers as he did. And for CAS they had a shitload of Tu-2 that almost never showed past the fighting near the border of China), they weren't even trying to sink shipping (despite having local sub superiority, the pacific was the soviet dumping ground for their subs) and were largely only committing "disposable" infantry divisions (nationalists remnants and internal commies opponents) with very limited armored and air support, no naval support (which is hilarious as towards 48/49 a lot of ROCN ships did side with the commies, so China had a small but decent navy of US-made UK/US ships and captured Japanese ships given back by the UK, of the exact same specs as most of those the UN forces were using) with the objective to only save North Korea, possibly to take and hold Seoul but they certainly were not trying to conquer the South (or they would have committed more) and were perfectly happy condoning a limited land campaign in the peninsula, rather than an actual war.

And the reason why they did so was that they also perfectly knew that a limited but determined land campaign would be quite enough to make the US throw the towel, as the US never had the guts to wage one of those against an enemy that isn't already broken…

Which is exactly what happened.

But the US totally won. Sure.

6f2b0d  No.658850

Meme the US and RU/China into a war. Then we will know for sure who would win. Don't think it can be done? You faggots memed a madman into the White House. ; )

0b6de5  No.658856


Don't forget that during WWII 13% of their population died - mostly slavic Russians and Ukrainians. Mind that at the end of the war their armies mostly comprised of Kalmuks an other asians

65f946  No.658872

File: c6d1c867c06b7d0⋯.jpg (63.52 KB, 376x465, 376:465, USSROfficerTT33.JPG)

File: be6f44fe13d6b2e⋯.jpg (232.79 KB, 667x1024, 667:1024, Japanese-execution0001-667….jpg)

Don't be deceived, Russia is still Russia, Japan is still Japan. Sure you think they're drunken wifebeaters and meido lovers who fap to cartoons, but give either of them a reason for total war, and they will go right back to what used to scare us in the first place.

899d58  No.658880


>muh K/D

Guess Germany won WW2 then, right?

a15bb7  No.659587

China predicts they can nuke ~250 million Americans and only lose 90 million in the counter-exchange, in a first strike scenario.

c1f405  No.659591


>we were only pretending to be retarded!

Begone, bugman.

6caf41  No.659973

There also was a wargame where Iran kicked our navy's ass and they made the opposing commander stick to rules that have the burgers the advantage to win.


851150  No.660110


I mean, it's not as if that's a difficult thing to achieve. The majority of the US population is densely packed in city centers, just a few decently projected ICBMs and that's it. We have no ABM to speak of, so yeah.

851150  No.660111


That's because countries like Russia, China, and Japan haven't abandoned their cultural histories and national souls for the vices of multiculturalism and social justice…even under Communist and Imperial rule, their national identities were built into the ideology.

8b709d  No.660163



>qouting (((jew york times)))

Good one

8b709d  No.660164

File: b4b7c113691bd16⋯.png (3.23 MB, 2332x6534, 106:297, retards will believe anyth….png)

File: 1f81a6da8f31dfb⋯.png (767.88 KB, 2004x1523, 2004:1523, retards will believe anyth….png)

File: 190f41b745ad375⋯.jpg (24.72 KB, 290x409, 290:409, waving israeli flags.jpg)


Try doing your own education instead of believing whatever you read on the internet you turkroach rape byproduct

8b709d  No.660165

File: 020a02c1a01328e⋯.png (2.22 MB, 1000x1348, 250:337, little boy fat man.png)


Hey look I can be retarded as a slavshit too!

c90e6a  No.660167


You know that pic has everything to do with japan and economic fascism and nothing to do with the U.S., in fact the U.S. basically lobbied the Japanese to privatise their central bank for the jew world order so they wouldn't be capable of a recovery like that now.

c90e6a  No.660168


>Never change angloscum.

You Aussies have a chip on your collective for an entirely different reason.

ead5fb  No.660197


the pic on the right is about some weird ass christian cult that worships jews. It was taken in Israel. The only thing it proves is that nearly all christian denominations are rotten to the core.

Sage for off topic.

896fdc  No.660286


So what you're saying is that nuking the world will get us to space-age technology?

48d163  No.660291


>at last the burger finally sees

Indeed. Now get your president push that big red button and make us fly towards the stars.

dd7848  No.660315

File: a4d916d9c04824a⋯.gif (1008.62 KB, 400x300, 4:3, Log Roll.gif)

File: 9e1300460fe8c54⋯.jpg (283.59 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, Tranny 2.jpg)

File: 8405a360a0bbfd1⋯.jpg (688.27 KB, 2560x1230, 256:123, Tinamen Square Secret Docu….jpg)

How shit does your military need to be to lose against bugmen and peasants? I guess the US is just the western counterpart to the russians, lots of cannon fodder with the highly trained special forces reserved only for false flags and killing some political opponents. i highly doubt the bugmen would survive in countries without their gutter oil

269416  No.660370

File: 6a2f4f57c2cb357⋯.png (87.07 KB, 1068x162, 178:27, Korean Talmud (1).png)



Sure I believe you, Park.

269416  No.660371


>you turkroach

Said the literal altaic.

bfcc7d  No.660393

File: 8983fd471cc1c90⋯.jpg (17.1 KB, 313x286, 313:286, 8983fd471cc1c9054ce6de332b….jpg)



As in Ash Ketchum?

d62e0f  No.660421



> I guess the US is just the western counterpart to the russians

Yeah, it is like WW2 vanished from the mind of the common idiots.

Mutts had a breakdown during first contact with the Wehrmacht, and the *nglos saved them.

ea0fbb  No.660552


> It lost decisively in Vietnam

t. retard

dc95a0  No.660806


That's a result of one-dimensional thinking on the part of the Chinese. If a nuclear power really wanted to wipe them out, they wouldn't target cities but instead would target rivers and reservoirs with surface detonations. Irradiating the country's water supply would kill pretty much everyone in a few years.

33f6a7  No.660809

File: b86207adc078195⋯.jpg (73.19 KB, 757x568, 757:568, gunsmith2.jpg)


Issue is that nukes don't actually irradiate that much anymore. They aren't meant to.

But yes, you could fuck up lots of shit by just blowing up a few dams and a lack of power would basically instantly cripple all the urban areas of China where most of the population reside. I'd target the Yellow River first, if I had to destroy anything in China, it could potentially cause disastrous flooding over a ton of cities which would strain internal security and paramilitary resources who are still very incompetent in disaster relief situations.

eba515  No.660811


The DF-5 gives off next to no radiation, they essentially trade it for being 5 megatons

dc95a0  No.660815


>Issue is that nukes don't actually irradiate that much anymore. They aren't meant to.

Only true for airbursts.

eba515  No.660819


Most modern nukes have a deadly radiation radius that's smaller than the fireball itself

5085ac  No.660826



>nukes don't actually irradiate that much anymore

That's true, but it's only true for as long as it's beneficial (or, at least, not disadvantageous) for it to be true. Even if you've got the cleanest, greenest, most eco-friendly nuke ever developed, there's no reason why you can't spice it up with a little DDT cobalt before you drop it in the Yangtze.

a44166  No.660827


Aren't dirty bombs a thing? If not, how hard would it be to put together a device that delivers a sufficient load of horrible shit to a water source that it would negatively impact the health of the chinks? You know, even further.

b919ee  No.660829

Is the weapon of subverting their people with degeneracy and multiculturalism accounted for?

The weapon of turning their country into a melting pot to destroy them from the inside out?

Did they take this weapon invented by "our greatest ally" into account?

b919ee  No.660830


Yea but war is meant to be the middle ground between peaceful resolution and full on human extinction.

5aa4c2  No.660834


As long as you aren't stuck on the whole "nuclear" and "bomb" thing, you could just buy a couple tons of fertilizer and airdrop them into ponds near natural water reservoirs to fuck them up. A week or two for delivery + however long it takes you to find a pilot with a license to fly in China willing to aid in operation bugspray + how long it takes to find a cargo helicopter rental

Could also be done by glow-in-the-darks currently in China.

dc95a0  No.660839


There isn't much middle ground when it comes to a nuclear second strike. The Chinese either aren't aware of this option or they're betting that Americans wouldn't pull the trigger on the people who killed their families.

e6918c  No.660844


>Irradiating the country's water supply would kill pretty much everyone in a few years.

Stop going to the Hollyjew for your information about nukes and radioactivity, please. Radiation isn't some mystical force that curses the land and kills everything. If you irradiated the water courses, the radiation would simply get washed away - what would remain would be the irradiated pebbles, sand, etc. which would be slowly transported downstream. To combat that, you would simply distill the water. All the radioactive sand and shit would stay behind, and even if you decided to go and drink the water as is without distillation, you wouldn't encounter problems unless you made it into a habit. There's also the matter of Chinks simply opting to drink underground water instead.

e6918c  No.660846


Nukes are incable of causing human extinction. If you were to take all the nukes currently in the world and decided to detonate them all over China, without them overlapping, you likely wouldn't have enough of them. The whole "humanity will die out!" thing is total bullshit pushed by pop culture. The real danger of nukes is in obliterating industrial centres quickly and easily, thus completely crippling the enemy nation and likely causing it to implode, something everyone wants to avoid. In the event of a nuclear war breaking out, only the cities and important military sites would get fucked. The countryside would remain practically untouched.

dc95a0  No.660870


So they're going to irrigate half a million square kilometres of farmland with distilled water when they don't have a functioning electrical grid?

e6918c  No.660885


for irrigation? They'd just use the water like normal. Sure, radiation amounts would be above recommended levels, but not by that much and I doubt they'd care about dying a few years earlier than normal.

1163c7  No.660887


>who killed their families.

You mean their wives' families.

3326ae  No.660888


>with distilled water when they don't have a functioning electrical grid?

Distilling water requires little more than a heat source and a cold surface to create condensation.

Anyone with half a brain and common kitchen tools can make a multistage flash distiller.

e810a4  No.660898


The Chinese have the "nuclear great wall", i.e. underground mobile ICBM silos. The US's second strike would have to be focused heavily on counter force to even have any utility. Anyway a revenge strike against a civilian population doesn't have as much teeth if its government doesn't really care about them and the civilians don't really care about each other much either.

ac2b75  No.661029


There are plenty of countries where a branch of the federal police fill the role of embassy guards in warzones. The German Federal Police is one example. I'm not sure why you think it's unrealistic.

a61516  No.661057

File: 0afba910efd68f0⋯.png (112.01 KB, 435x427, 435:427, confused bug.png)


What in the fuck do you think the purpose of sonar is?

443d51  No.661061


The US won the initial war in Afghanistan and did manage to push the Taliban out. The issue is that Bush was a turbo-kike that wanted Iraq as well. This forced the US to go into Iraq and this let the Taliban back into Afghanistan. The US then had to fight on multiple fronts and this isn't a good spot to be in. The major issue with the global war against terror is the same issue that the US had in Vietnam; hearts and minds. Turbo-kikes in the US military wanted to win over hearts and minds, which is fucking retarded. When you add in how pozzed the modern military is, it's no wonder that they'd get slaughtered in any real war against an enemy country.


>How likely is it that Russia and China would join forces in the first place?

Very likely. They could crush the US and then NATO would bend over to them immediately, which would allow them to openly carve up the rest of the World. China is already taking over Canada and the US West Coast, and is currently colonizing Africa. Russia seems to be busy with rebuilding the old USSR.


>was the Iraqi military really that bad

They lost in one day. The same thing happened in both Gulf Wars. The major fuck-up is that GW was a turbo-kike and decided to replace Saddam and kick everyone out of their positions in the Iraqi military. This pushed a fuckload of people(including generals) into the arms of Al-Qaeda.


>mass civil unrest scenario

That's all but guaranteed at this point. The socialists has gone rabid and the kikes have lost their collective minds. It's only a matter of time before things kick off.


k/d doesn't mean much to bugpeople unless you kill all of them. Whoever pushes hearts and minds really should be shot.



>keeping it's national identity under communism

Is that why cultural and historic sites needed to be hidden away from the communists who wanted to destroy them? China doesn't give a shit about multiculturalism, because they already have a fuckload of Chinese men that need to be sent to places like Africa, because the one-child policy fucked them over hard. China pushing nationality is something that happened after it cooled off from Mao. Japan is currently falling to multiculturalism. It's been slight but very noticeable over the past decade. Unless something happens, I can easily see them being in the same state as the West in the next decade. Russia will always be Russia and that is drunk and ruled by mobsters.


You don't need to ever use nukes to take out the Chinese. Use the fact that they're overpopulated as fuck. Blow up the Three Gorges Dam and fuck with their food supply. The Chinese will be eating eachother within a week.

1163c7  No.661156


>Germans can call the Dutch Germans and Turks can call Greece little Turkey that don’t make it true.

Which is ironic coming from you given that the labels "Russian", "Belorussian" and "Ukrainian" are based mostly on self-determination than anything concrete.

Cultural and historical context, religion and linguistic mutual intelligibility is what makes it true though. Greeks and turks are very similar genetically but other than that and geographic proximity there's no other similarity. A better comparison would be between Greeks and Cypriots and still our genetic and linguistic commonality is less than between all Eastern Slavs. And yes, the Dutch are pretty much Germans in denial too, just not as much and as arbitrarily as "totally-not-Russian" Eastern Slavs.

ca6d05  No.661185


Dutch aren't Germans because "Germans" aren't a thing to begin with, Germany didn't exist prior to 1870.

Historically Dutch are a mix Franks and the indigenous Frisians (that are now a tiny minority).

1163c7  No.661204


> "Germans" aren't a thing to begin with, Germany didn't exist prior to 1870

That's the whole fucking point. Self-determined ethnic labels are more or less arbitrary semantics. Religion, culture and language on the other hand can exist outside of the strictly political context of nationality/ethnicity and are organic and genetic (in the non-biological sense) since they are products of long natural and historical fermentation of peoples, not some picked up term. Self-determination and politics are only relevant to the issue if the trigger some ethnogenetic split that in the long term will result in cultural and lingual isolation but we don't just go around baptizing every secessionist movement as a new ethnicity.

552525  No.666638


exactly, RAND is a typical Kiked up org.

They always have an outcome that is decided before they do any "study".

They were the ones that came up with "axeually, Wetbacks are NOT costing us much money if Free HealthCare".

To come up with that whopper, they SAID they sent people around in East LA banging on doors and asking "are you an Illegal Alien?" and "are you costing the USA a lot of Medical costs?"

I guess they mostly got "no, senior". Not sure what language was used.

Actually, no RAND people ever left the hotel lobby. Would YOU go into East LA and ask Wetbacks if they were "illegals"???

49bce9  No.667681



>United States? Which states?



3b19a8  No.667694


>After seventeen years it shows no signs of defeating barely armed Afghan peasants.

The real story is more damning.

>Did you know that shortly after the U.S. invaded Afghanistan, the Taliban tried to surrender?

>For centuries in Afghanistan, when a rival force had come to power, the defeated one would put down their weapons and be integrated into the new power structure — obviously with much less power, or none at all. That’s how you do with neighbors you have to continue to live with. This isn’t a football game, where the teams go to different cities when it’s over. That may be hard for us to remember, because the U.S. hasn’t fought a protracted war on its own soil since the Civil War.

>So when the Taliban came to surrender, the U.S. turned them down repeatedly, in a series of arrogant blunders spelled out in Anand Gopal’s investigative treatment of the Afghanistan war, “No Good Men Among the Living.”

>Only full annihilation was enough for the Bush administration. They wanted more terrorists in body bags. The problem was that the Taliban had stopped fighting, having either fled to Pakistan or melted back into civilian life. Al Qaeda, for its part, was down to a handful of members.

>So how do you kill terrorists if there aren’t any?

>Simple: Afghans that the U.S. worked with understood the predicament their military sponsors were in, so they fabricated bad guys. Demand has a way of creating supply, and the U.S. was paying for information that led to the death or capture of Taliban fighters. Suddenly there were Taliban everywhere. Score-settling ran amok; all you had to do to get your neighbor killed or sent to Guantánamo was tell the U.S. they were members of the Taliban.

>Doors would be kicked in, no questions asked. The men left standing became warlords, built massive fortunes, and shipped their wealth abroad. “We are not nation-building again,” President Donald Trump declared Monday night. Well, we never were, unless building high-rises with looted cash in Dubai counts.

>After a few years of this charade, after their surrender efforts were repeatedly rebuffed, the old Taliban started picking up guns again. When they were driven from power, the population was happy to see them go. The U.S. managed to make them popular again.


3b19a8  No.667695

File: 162c8750eb3c158⋯.png (4.38 KB, 205x246, 5:6, npc.png)


> Throwing more money into the fire pit isn't going to improve things except make the fire burn slightly brighter for a couple minutes.

Your suggestion sounds positively un-American. You want the United States to surrender to the rest of the world and be conquered.

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