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There's no discharge in the war!

File: 104efffde8e253f⋯.jpg (277.08 KB, 1000x912, 125:114, kcloset.jpg)

08882e  No.666916

This started out as a response to a picture in a thread, then quickly barreled out as a rant. As a preface, I am pro liberty as hell- rothbard is my spirit animal and you cannot overwhelm the leyonhelm.

But I can't understand owning that many guns.

I get it, there's an appeal to having an arseload of pretty guns. Can't imagine cleaning day being anything less than a giant pain in the arse. For the amount of money you'd spend on all that though, you'd get objectively better value out of a few REALLY nice, good guns that you're going to shoot the everloving shit out of and learn the manual of arms blindfolded and know which loads shoot the best out of which guns and to what degree. You can only shoot many different guns before the skills you can train on one gun get divided among the many.

The best thing about the AR platform is the fact that there is stupid amounts of customization involved- it is entirely possible to have but one lower and a couple uppers in, say, 5.56, .300blk, 308, or any of the many .308 derivatives. If you reload you should, you flaming homosexual you benefit from only having to buy a few components across different platforms, like using the same bullets and powders in .300 blackout or .308, or 5.56 and 22-250. You could even simply down-load the .308 to .300 blk levels and get the same performance, enabling you to focus on getting the loads exactly right with more brass for the same cost. Ideally, all of your guns should be able to share components- say, a person who carries .327 federal has a .30 caliber as his fighting rifle and his long ranged kebab remover is a shit-hot .300 magnum. This means only two bullets, two powders, two primer types, three brass types, three die sets on quick change bushings. 3, 2, 3, and 4 if you include a good shotgun (use a powder like universal in the pistol and shotgun).

3f1eed  No.666921

File: 37a45b812e038b5⋯.jpg (67.16 KB, 751x640, 751:640, 485e2c5eb749aabe185375b79e….jpg)


>not understanding that people like to collect things even when it's not practical

5195bc  No.666928


>For the amount of money you'd spend on all that though, you'd get objectively better value out of a few REALLY nice, good guns that you're going to shoot the everloving shit out of

But that doesn't arm the entire county when the gubmint decides to attack its own citizens.

071a03  No.666932

It's not a question of need.

08882e  No.666937


One thing I've learned over the years is to never offer to hold on to something for someone unless you have dealings with them on at least a weekly basis even then, that's dicey. You'll be treated as the garbage dump for all their shit they actually don't care about. Also, holding onto guns to arm others with is a stupid idea- you may as well open your safe and tell someone to take one, or just give them the gun now and tell them to go train on it. They won't.



It should be a question of subjective individual need. To defend yourself in the best possible way, you need a gun- what gun, I don't know. You pick one. After you get that gun, if you get another gun you should be asking yourself what you will use it for. If it's your liberty defending rifle, are your components backwards compatible with your pistol? Do they use the same caliber? Will your third gun match at least one of the others- and shoot well?

071a03  No.666939


As said, it's not a question of need.

I need a gun to defend myself, there's nothing says I cannot get another gun because I like another.

08882e  No.666942


Would you be able to train on that gun enough to become supremely skilled with it if you already had 8 others of different patterns?

071a03  No.666945


No, I don't but I don't need to either.

I got one gun for business, 10 guns for fun.

3f1eed  No.666950


>After you get that gun, if you get another gun you should be asking yourself what you will use it for.

No, I should ask myself whatever I want. If I want to buy enough Kar98k rifles to outfit a ww2 platoon, and I have the means to do it, then I will do it. You can go on about how it's not practical, but if I don't care about your opinion and want to burn all that money to buy about three dozen bolt action rifles, then I will do that.

fa63d4  No.666952

File: 5e568342c4ebea1⋯.png (206.29 KB, 389x411, 389:411, f5sjHWt.png)


>But I can't understand owning that many guns.

I can't understand owning that many pairs of shoes or shirts. You only NEED one, after all. Just wash it every night, or make sure you change your socks so it doesn't stink. You only need one, right?

Really, the same thing goes for cars. Everyone should be limited to one car. That's all you NEED, right? One car, one shirt, one pair of pants, one house, one child(adopted from the African country of your choice, unless you're a fucking bigot), and one internet-connecting mobile device.

605768  No.666953


it's to arm a militia/household, dumbass. you can't fight the government with one.

8ff2c4  No.666954

File: 888648bf5387ec3⋯.jpg (2.53 MB, 2696x4044, 2:3, mysterious bandit.jpg)


>You only need one, right?

Unless it's copies of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and all of its DLC.

08882e  No.666955


Go for it, I'll never try and stop you.


As per OP, I'll never use force to limit your options. I've actually recently gone through my wardrobe and eliminated a great amount of my clothes to one set per day purely so that I have less to wash and care for- I dress in hi-vis gear for work anyway, two shirts does it for the week. The concept here I'm trying to get at is efficiently organizing your toolbox so that you can interchange spare parts and not have two of them doing exactly the same job.


Wouldn't it be better to have each member of your household own their own gun, and organize family range trips so that they have fun with you and have emotional investment into it, as opposed to just tossing one of your spares that they have no idea what they are doing with it?

4ff902  No.666957

>But I can't understand owning that many guns.

The more guns I own the more people I can arm

08882e  No.666958


Except that the people you just gave away a gun to have no training with it. You may as well give them the cash out of your pocket right now to go buy an identical gun.

fa63d4  No.666959


>i'm totally practicing what i preach, i promise

Whatever. This is the last thing I'm saying about this;

People with money are going to do what they want with that money. If you try to stop them from doing what they want with their money, they will use their money to remove you from a position in which you're able to stop them from doing what they want with their money.

It's really that simple.

4ff902  No.666961


>Except that the people you just gave away a gun to have no training with it

All my buddies were trained in mountain warfare during their military service. They know how to handle weapons better than most

556f3d  No.667003

I'm very relevant to this thread because I own and shoot three battle rifles and three assault rifles every single week. I switch the guns up every day, shooting a different one for each weekday and the same one both weekend days, if I feel like doing some extra shooting I might overlap, but not miss practice for the scheduled firearm for that day. I'm right up OP's line of question, so I'll tell you why and what I've learned.

Part of it is owning a nice collection. I have the Cold War in my safe, I've got a bit of history and fun, owning nice things I enjoy. The fun part is hard to deny. Also historical, someone can come up to my property and get a runthrough of the weapons that made the Cold War (and today). Functionally, I get to train with the major common weapons on the modern battlefield, even if I'm never a super master with my AKM I'm familiar and stay sharp enough if I'm forced to use one I can with competency. I'm not the biggest fan of the AR-15, but I shoot my M-16 clone enough that I'm proficient. If I have to take an M-14 or M1a during an emergency that's not my own, I know exactly how to use it. Same thing with a FAL. My delayed roller blowback are my primary, I practice with them the most to stay at my best. In any case, this practice and ownership means in an emergency situation where I can't get my own guns, I can use whatever is available.

As far as militia goes, I agree one should own several of the same gun, so my diverse collection isn't as good for that. Certainly I could arm my very good friends during a crisis, with no interchangable parts, but I do have the number of high end guns to do it. Keeping a diverse collection is hurting your militia possibilities, but keeping a diverse collection is keeping in good faith that you aren't up to anything. Which an old fashioned honorable man like me still believes in. Owning 20 of any particular combat rifle will get you on a list for certain and will raise suspicion.

The downsides? I may shoot my G3 and C93 two days in a row, but the rest are switched up day to day for the schedule. This leads to major shakeups in your shooting, different cheek welds, different sights, different trigger pull. You get trigger confusion, you might get into the habit of using the wrong cheek weld because of the gun you shot yesterday or the gun you are best with. Its a major challenge onto itself. Trying to stay proficient with many guns makes it hard to stay great with fewer guns or one gun. The other part is ammunition and money, you end up spreading a lot of rounds over a lot of guns which means less practice with each. The struggle is real. The arguments against it are valid and have merit.

Having a collection and enjoying shooting doesnt' mean you can't train and get good at it. Certainly there are issues of time and resource spread, which I agree with. I may even change my current shooting schedule back to my main rifles and an extra. But there are benefits as well, you learn to become a good general shooter, you learn to be good enough with weapons you may be forced to use. Plus, a collection that doesnt' get shot much and is taken care of will last prehaps hundreds of years, buy it now shoot it whenever. Its never a bad buy unless you are broke and can't afford it. Otherwise it can sit for a decade before you can afford and choose to shoot it.

7dae0a  No.667187


>Owning 20 of any particular combat rifle will get you on a list for certain and will raise suspicion.

I haven't gotten questioned yet. Just don't buy them at the same time. Bigger flag is 20k plus of ammo.

4c6d6f  No.667191

File: 81ac9f15ba2ff33⋯.jpg (55.51 KB, 550x367, 550:367, a quote unquote time capsu….jpg)


I agree wholeheartedly. It's stupid to have that many guns in one place.

0d97e8  No.667199


>But I can't understand owning that many guns.

Then leave.

09d47e  No.667270


So would say RIG (grease) be the best bet for storage in sealed containers? I know inert gas would help, but isn't practical.

2f17fa  No.667322

Because guns are cool fag

2be3fd  No.667352


Go away, paid poster.

5b9505  No.667365

File: 4f3b1c5cf8bd1b2⋯.pdf (2.07 MB, SF_Caching_Techniques.pdf)

I don't get Streloks that have to waste money on trash to give to their friends. You shouldn't be associating with faggots that don't own guns. Instead of burning $500 on trash you'd never want to shoot, go out and shoot $500 worth of ammo.


pdf related suggests a light layer of oil brushed on the gun, then a layer of aluminum foil underneath a layer of rubber gum sheets, placed inside a steel drum.

f72ec7  No.667372

Because guns are fun you colossal faggot. I've got my working guns, and I've got the others for fun. Don't have to be John Wick with every damn bang stick to enjoy blasting steel with them.

6e6690  No.667397


The theoretical reason to own that many guns is to arm all your buddies and friends, the real reason is because spare parts will be hard to come buy, and M-16's will foul up like motherfuckers in longterm use once you run out of the precious custom oil they use, so you need spares.

Like muskets really.

467c25  No.667404

File: 473e5a6185b975d⋯.jpg (29.91 KB, 446x341, 446:341, beatings.jpg)


>the precious custom oil they use

Just tell everyone you're a nogunz faggot, it's a lot faster.

48977b  No.667408


>CLP in a spray bottle is custom oil

Mate, you can run an AR with off the shelf PAM.

6e6690  No.667410


Clean it up perfectly, then, walk around, jump around, roll around in the dirt while over the course of 3 days, firing 2,000 rounds of the the M-16/M4/Direct Impingement garbage.

Its perfect for the American Mil-Ind complex. It keeps anybody that adopts it loyal out of force, or else their rifles will be attrited into nothing, and if Natty Guards get robbed, you know that most of the 5.56 weapons will be rendered useless over significant engagement times without maintenance, special care, and replacement parts. Any and every insurgent force that uses them is permanently beholded to an advanced industrial supplier. You can reforge some parts for PKMs and AKMs in a High School Shop, but DI weapons? Lol no.

Same with the Abrams. It drinks up stupid amount of fuel for the power it produces, and we have had diesel engines capable of replacing it for over ten years now. But the turbines are kept exactly because of the intense logistical requirements and higher class of education and industrial equipment require to produce and maintain engine parts

48977b  No.667412

File: ab415e2365db5b7⋯.jpg (226.14 KB, 511x638, 511:638, Look at that fuck and laug….jpg)

File: c591a245fed5461⋯.jpg (190.33 KB, 600x550, 12:11, I came to laugh.jpg)

File: e49ea64049ae44d⋯.jpg (86.42 KB, 412x398, 206:199, laugh at you.jpg)

File: 582670a0c7d7fae⋯.jpg (123.13 KB, 517x768, 517:768, highest degree of laughter.jpg)

File: 329e1c779e349e2⋯.jpg (122.97 KB, 636x960, 53:80, laughing sks man.jpg)

6e6690  No.667413


Well go on, do it. Up the ante to 10,000 rounds, no cleaning or replacement parts. The memetic popularity of DI weapons is a direct result of them being shitty to keep running at anything past a few hundreds round a week, plus good cleaning and replacement parts as necessary

467c25  No.667414


>Up the ante to 10,000 rounds, no cleaning or replacement parts

People have done exactly that multiple times and proven retards like you wrong more than once.


>all this slavshilling

>abloooblooo muh industry

You're a fucking commie aren't you. Suddenly your 60-IQ posts make a lot more sense.

48977b  No.667416


>doesn't know of the filthy 14

Besides that, my brother probably dumped probably that much ammo in Iraq if not more. He never cleaned his shit, nor had parts breakages in fact he swears that all you need to keep an AR or any other gun going is a healthy spray of CLP or hell a can of PAM if you don't want to tire your shooting finger out.

6e6690  No.667417



>he swears that all you need to keep an AR or any other gun going is a healthy spray of CLP or hell a can of PAM if you don't want to tire your shooting finger out.

Awwww, loyal to the end isn't he? Still obeying "Thou must propagate propaganda" edicts

48977b  No.667419

File: b8f206e1219cd37⋯.jpg (325.8 KB, 1200x1792, 75:112, CA98.jpg)


Cry harder, I'm enjoying your tears. Next you're probably going to cry about the M2.

6e6690  No.667420


More important question

How often was he spraying with that can?

6d4855  No.667421

File: ad3e132471af500⋯.jpg (20.49 KB, 175x263, 175:263, 1458669108002.jpg)

Australians please stop shitposting have mercy

2a9aa6  No.667607


LOL, 10 guns for fun. Real Rookie Numbers

3b9a0e  No.667672


I'm not. Let's just say I own a certain revolver raifu or three.


Certainly, but wouldn't you enjoy yourself more being even more proficient with a selection of the finest?


We're regaining our crown, cunts.


I'm imagining the average /k/ommando requiring a semitrailer to bring all their guns to shoot at the range. TBH, if you have a lot of land and near infinite opportunity to shoot (plus a sweet, sweet deal on ammo) I could actually see someone shooting ten or twenty different guns in a week and being competent with all of them. For the rest of us poorfags, though…

33832e  No.667677


>Replace things that aren't broke

No u.

cb6d91  No.667679

>(((rothbard))) worshipper

>questioning the murdercube

Ghow would you defend your Yahweh given NAP when trading children then?

ca478b  No.667680

File: 569ddae025701f0⋯.png (274.39 KB, 600x599, 600:599, 1553459058339.png)


>We're regaining our crown, cunts.

You already did

3b9a0e  No.667900


The entirety of my post is "buy quality guns, focus on getting that shit down-pat, and then see if you can make any future purchases relate to that to make training with your new raifu cheaper and easier.

Also, children cannot consent, since they lack the lucidity, fore-thought and judgement to do so.

e61c6a  No.667903

File: 6df68fcc6cc1f7a⋯.jpg (103.25 KB, 640x928, 20:29, 1435457327545.jpg)


The entirety of your post is retarded because people like to collect guns. Different guns. Old guns, new guns, fun guns and dumb guns. Guns that go bang, and guns that go pop. Guns with big stocks, guns with small stocks; plastics, metal and wood. And with the favorites get good.

Gotta catch'em all!

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