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There's no discharge in the war!

File: 5e4c7606387cd3a⋯.mp4 (3.63 MB, 854x480, 427:240, DPYXs9Fqwk5w0GPV[1].mp4)

4c8023  No.672953



>party that put its own citizens in concentration camps at gunpoint wants to ban guns for "your" safety.

5b4fa1  No.672958

File: 56b22f4066c1409⋯.png (35.99 KB, 480x500, 24:25, gungrab.png)

Neat, they're finally giving an open season on the Stasi. Most cities in the west that don't have private police forces at best have 30-80 of them, enjoy the absolute shitshow.

b3f7a0  No.672959

File: f18c51fb6fbcd99⋯.gif (2.9 MB, 200x200, 1:1, 7.gif)

I'm scared of the possibility that in a case a gun grab does happen, it won't lead into civil war. The population will cuck out and hand over their weapons. I hope I'm wrong

5b4fa1  No.672961


Nobody handed anything in the last time they did. PPSh's are still ~700 or so if you know the guy.

eb95ec  No.672962

File: 4da07061a62a74e⋯.jpg (14.51 KB, 236x338, 118:169, 862dea1975d83996d6b9fefd44….jpg)


I think the present strategy is the slow cook as usual. Pass the law today, and 20 or 30 years from now the guys who actually had the balls to keep felony firearms will be long in their graves having neither bleed the government nor themselves for the cause.

Hopefully there another Saint will arise.

47cec8  No.672965

They did it to Kiwicuckistan and I was thinking.

"They banned my AR but those faggot leaves still have access to all the good stuff?"

Makes sense (((they))) want to grab the leaf guns too.

2ca914  No.672966

Don't you Canadians have a bunch of woods to go inna? The perfect place to wage guerilla warfare, you know…

8b772d  No.672968

Should have walked over, grabbed his face, and gouged his eyes out with your thumbs Mr. Watch dog.

f8353c  No.672970


Good luck Canada, if you shot as much as you shitpost, you'll be okay.

a912bd  No.672971



I think the only people that would actually hand anything over would be the people who don't have any guns to begin with/actually respect Trudeau.



5b4fa1  No.672972


Why, there isn't a point to that. The armed populace hilariously outnumbers them. It'd be rebar'd albos on steroids.

597e02  No.672974

File: 2c5d758529c32e3⋯.png (53.72 KB, 1200x600, 2:1, Canadian red ensign.png)

File: c949720caadf615⋯.jpg (293.66 KB, 1739x1115, 1739:1115, Sifton, Manitoba.jpg)

Can a Canadian tell me about Trudeaus, I caight some conversation that they've been a major political power in the 20th century. Also you guys had the best fucking commonwealth flag, the leaf is actually stupid when you think about it.


Only 37 Kiwis turned their guns in right?


Most of Canada is plains and tundras aka C&C maps.

4bec2b  No.672987


>concentration camps


923f8b  No.673000


history says population will cuck out. It always cucks out. Sure, many will opt to hide the guns instead, but you won't see an actual revolution over it.

923f8b  No.673001


>old candian flag

>English, Scottish, Irish, and French all leaves of the same tree

>implying something so white would be allowed to survive

Be grand they just plastered one bigleaf there, else Trudeau would have changed it to include the flags of every Middle Eastern and African shithole in the world.

923f8b  No.673002



glad*. Fuck

a912bd  No.673005


>Can a Canadian tell me about Trudeaus

Not much to tell. Bunch of Frenchies named Trudeau exist(ed), one got elected PM a couple times and married a bipolar woman, and now another one is in office fucking everything up. There's been a lot of them with their fingers deep in Minister positions and similar, and they tend to be Liberal.

>the leaf is actually stupid when you think about it

You'll find a lot of what happens up here that can be considered stupid goes

>life goes on as normal

>some party (X) does something to fuck something up

>"haha let's do a thing to show them for being shits" everyone says, completely drunk off their asses

>do something that fucks X up but isn't necessarily thought out because drunk

>wake up next morning with a hangover and sharing a bed with whatever terrible thing was created

>try to live with it a while but get filled with regret but don't necessarily learn that booze and critical thought go together like a healthy body and the vacuum of space

Alberta did it by voting in NDP because the previous party pissed everyone off, and the morning-after regret was palpable within a week. The same thing happened with Trudeau getting elected PM, only that was country-wide. It happened not long after the NPD thing and you'll note how hard AB voted Conservative, yelling FUCK FUCK WE TAKE IT BACK, DON'T DO IT AGAIN. I like to think something similar happened with the flag.

>"Looks like you all submitted some cool designs and all of them have leaves on them."



7a2cab  No.673025


>Alberta did it by voting in NDP because the previous party pissed everyone off

Yep, conservatives were in power for 47 years in a row I think and everyone though “I’ll vote NDP as a protest vote to show that bitch Redford, since they have a 0% chance to win.” But that only works when everyone isn’t doing a protest vote with the same party. In my riding the conservatives had 13,000 more votes than the NDP which had the Second most votes (only like 3000).

923f8b  No.673035

File: d286fd35416f33b⋯.png (176.19 KB, 273x252, 13:12, ClipboardImage.png)


>don't necessarily learn that booze and critical thought go together like a healthy body and the vacuum of space

<leaves can't into alcohol

b04444  No.673038


Checked, but I think the best place to wage war is under their feet.

>There are two kinds of people my friend

>Those who are hedonists

>And those who dig

0ba486  No.673039


It's all the injun blood en em.

b58341  No.673053

File: 0b56ff5a3e673e3⋯.jpg (94.08 KB, 1280x696, 160:87, happy Elias.jpg)


Platoon 2: Canadian Civil War when?

0e565c  No.673074


don't forget they have to remove the Union Jack

d2bc29  No.673087

I just told my wife about this bill being discussed in ottawa and this is how the conversation went:

>Hey they're trying to confiscate guns in ottawa

<Like what?

>Going door to door, taking guns from people


That noise came through her pussy lips. jk

I feel the same way.

597e02  No.673089


1. Is she Asian?

2. Are you and/or her ugly?

3. Do you have any children?

4. Where do you live?

d2bc29  No.673092


She's from Russia so technically yeah.

No we're average, I'm uglier.

Yes one just about to turn a year old.


4c8023  No.673112

File: b783a3a65a90d06⋯.jpg (63.76 KB, 583x280, 583:280, pow-camp[1].jpg)


Same shit pulled by the gun grabbers here, though I don't know if leafland had an Italian Service Unit (actual PoWs treated better than citizens and allowed to run free on the honor system) equivalent.

d7a3ac  No.673113


I want the Red leaves to infiltrate the Papua New Guinea and become a pro-gun fascistic nation. Red leaves deserves a better ally than USA. Am I right? Yes I am right!

43773e  No.673115

If I recall correctly the last time the Canadian government attempted active confiscation of firearms some farmer BTFO of half a dozen Mounties and past that they refused to even try.

Although I never was able to dig up a citeable source describing the incident, any Canucks want to verify?

21c275  No.673138

File: 093f32d42cb304b⋯.jpg (43.23 KB, 565x311, 565:311, 1463356128702.jpg)

Canadians you know what you must do.

784265  No.673140

File: 5efbf994407545f⋯.webm (6.38 MB, 640x478, 320:239, 5efbf994407545fafa3434dc6….webm)

Looks like the time has come, the day of the rake.

a912bd  No.673155


Hey now. If anyone can make excellent decisions after replacing roughly 60% of their body fluids with pure alcohol all 7 days of the week then I'd drink to that.

4c8023  No.673809

File: f02c8011be667be⋯.jpg (54.72 KB, 700x133, 100:19, Simonov-Russian-SKS45[1].jpg)

Who is the guy on the right that says "shit" at 10 seconds in?

cead6a  No.673833

File: 399f080784aeee9⋯.jpg (50.08 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, rake.jpg)



I expected pic related, but whatever…

702f32  No.673840


leafs on suicide watch

10a76d  No.673952

4c8023  No.673959


Who is the guy that said shame then?

423426  No.674004

File: 1725a90b8b630b8⋯.jpg (52.86 KB, 750x500, 3:2, Fuck_this_leaf.jpg)


>Not much to tell.

Nigger, the first Trudeau is the reason why we're required by law to have French on every product in English provinces and hear instructions/Announcements in French no matter if nobody in earshot of the announcement speaks French. The second Trudeau is a prime example of how morally bankrupt this entire country has become, and is rightfully a laughing stock of all Western nations (in league with Sweden and the UK) Fuck Trudeau and Fuck the degenerate Catholic Quebecois, everything they touch turns to shit.

5b0083  No.674009


Well streloks it is going to be announced in a little over two weeks. Who wants to blast some rcmp niggers?

d813e4  No.676363

File: c138d0ef0c7bc4c⋯.png (2.48 MB, 1269x7725, 423:2575, Liberal_gun_bill_passes,_f….png)

File: 9c16a82e85942a4⋯.jpg (158.77 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, 327edaf1881df62d293199d26b….jpg)

Liberal gun bill passes, firearm owners turn to assault rifle ban

>A government bill repealing contentious Conservative changes to Canada’s firearm law cleared its final hurdle in Parliament Tuesday, paving the way for an even tougher battle over guns as the October election approaches.

>Bill C-71, strongly opposed by gun lobbies and firearm owners since Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale tabled it in the House of Commons on March 20, 2018, sailed through its final Senate vote with Independent and Liberal senators outnumbering Conservatives and a handful of other opponents 55-33.

>Former Conservative Senators Mike Duffy and Pam Wallin, now members of the Independent Senators Group caucus, voted with the Conservatives to oppose the bill.

>After the Independent Senate Group used its overwhelming Senate majority to defeat amendments Conservative senators managed to get through in committee study, the legislation now requires only Royal Assent to become law.

>The bill primarily covers non-restricted rifles and shotguns, with renewed requirements for validation of licences before the sale or transfer of long guns and mandatory record keeping for gun dealers and retailers.

>Bill C-71 also extends background checks for licence applications and renewals — which could extend back for a lifetime instead of a five-year check under the previous law.

>The legislation, however, also repeals Conservative amendments to the Criminal Code that gave cabinet the power to overrule RCMP classifications for restricted and prohibited firearms — last-minute changes before the 2015 election that allowed then Conservative Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney to rescind prohibited designations the Canadian Firearms Program had given to certain semi-automatic rifles imported from Czechoslovakia and Switzerland.

>Under Bill C-71 amendments to the Firearms Act, cabinet will continue to have authority to adjust RCMP classifications for restricted and prohibited firearms, but only to increase the level of restriction rather than lower it as the Conservative government did.

>For activists in the firearm community, attention has already shifted to the Trudeau government’s reaction to calls for a ban on handguns and military style semi-automatic rifles in the wake of gang violence and shootings last summer and the Jan. 29, 2017, shooting of six Muslim worshippers at a Quebec City mosque.

>Recent claims that Border Security and Organized Crime Reduction Minister Bill Blair is considering prohibition of the AR-15 semi-automatic rifle, and possibly other semi-automatics, through regulation by cabinet has sparked at least three of Canada’s major firearm-rights organizations to spur members and supporters into preparations for a campaign leading up to the Oct. 19 federal election.

>Blair has not confirmed or denied the rumour, which began with a statement from former Conservative MP Tony Clement, now sitting as an Independent in the Commons after his expulsion from the Conservative caucus over sexual exchanges on Instagram that had led to extortion attempts.

>Clement suggested the ban would take place through a simple order from cabinet, called an Order in Council (OIC), rather than legislation.

>An aide to Blair had earlier indicated, in a response to questions from iPolitics, that any ban on either handguns, or rifles once designed and manufactured as assault-style weapons, would be introduced through legislative changes.

>“Our government is considering a number of actions to help reduce firearms violence up to, and including, a handgun and assault-style firearms ban,” Marie-Emmanuelle Cadieux, Blair’s senior communications adviser, said in an email.

>“We will carefully consider all feedback to determine if any changes are required to firearms legislation and/or the Criminal Code to keep our communities safe,” Cadieux said in response to questions about Blair’s report on consultations over handguns and rifles last month.

d813e4  No.676365


>“Any legislation proposed by the Government to reduce firearms violence must protect public safety while also considering the lawful use of firearms by Canadians,” Cadieux said.

>The recent speculation sparked by Clement’s comment in the Commons incited an election-focused reaction from one of the most vocal of the gun lobbies in Canada.

>An in-house lobbyist and communications director for the Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights posted a call to arms.

>“It’s painfully clear the Liberals have completely given up on doing anything credible or effective to combat crime,” posted Tracey Wilson, the coalition’s vice-president for communications.

>“Gun Bans, OICs and What You Can Do, A Call to Action,” the post said.

>It included specific advice for election campaign action.

>“You need to determine what riding you are in,” Wilson wrote. “Then find the federal candidate that most aligns with your views. Liberals, NDP and the Green Party all have very public, unfriendly firearm policies, so do the math.”

>Responding to an emailed question, Wilson did not respond directly to a question about whether the CCFR planned to register as a third party participant in the coming election, a required legality for any group planning to buy advertising to oppose a candidate or party.

>“We always encourage our members to donate, volunteer and support a candidate that supports our sport,” Wilson said. “The CCFR is non-partisan, but it is painfully clear where gun owners stand with some parties.”

>The executive director of the Canadian Shooting Sports Association suggested in a telephone interview his group would likely register as a third party participant in the election, as it has done for the past two federal elections.

>Executive director Tony Bernardo said the association also urges members to “volunteer and donate to candidates who support shooting sports.”

>The B.C.-based head of the National Firearms Association, one of the senior firearm lobbies in Canada, said the association’s board is considering registration as a third party for the election battle ahead.

>“We have our volunteers in place,” said NFA president Sheldon Clare. “We strongly encourage our members to work for and donate to candidates we support.”

>While the gun groups repeated statements they’ve made in the yearlong contest over Bill C-71, one of the most prominent gun-control advocates in the country, Montreal-based PolySeSouvient (Poly Remembers), called passage of the legislation “a significant step in the right direction.”

>“While the measures in Bill C-71 are a direct outcome of the Liberal (2015) election platform, most are weaker then expected and many include significant concessions to the gun lobby,” said the co-ordinator of PolySeSouvient, Heidi Rathjen.

>The advocacy group was founded after a gunman armed with a semi-automatic rifle shot and killed 14 women, mostly students, at the Montreal engineering school Polytechnique in 1989.


5b4fa1  No.676369



Its nice to know they're still using a map from 1980.

590d9b  No.676765

Will any leafs fight this? Could we see another clankening in leafland? God I just want to enjoy the American tradition of shooting red things. And abandon the new tradition of shooting enemies of the Jewish state.

f7e3d2  No.676782


>Will any leafs fight this?

No. The goodest goyim will hand them all in, the rest will hide them somewhere. Over the years, these hidden guns will break down because bad storage and no maintenance, will be forgotten as their owner dies without telling anyone else about them, or (and that is most likely) will be handed in during a gun amnesty as their owner decides that he hasn't used the gun since the initial grab and thus doesn't need it, and thus there is no reason risking getting caught with it. Some will, of course, never let go of their guns, but they will be few enough as to not matter.

This isn't the first gun grab in history. People won't rise up over gun grabbing, as they have too much to lose.

5b4fa1  No.676800


I dunno mate, given people still play with their guns with fun switches innawoods tells me different given the most normal of fuddfaggots are calling for gun grabber blood. Nothing like seeing the store I get shit from with literal empty shelves. Its not like they have a proper list of anything that isn't an AR or handgun, a lot of random doors are gonna be kicked and methinks they'll kick the wrong one and shit will cascade due to the internet being a thing to bypass the stasi tier censored media.

Besides, there isn't an incentive to turn in this red shithole given the government isn't required to compensate you for property they so choose to take. They can overnight throw you from your home and take everything from you if they wish and there isn't much one can do about it.

f1962f  No.676932


>Most of Canada is plains and tundras aka C&C maps.

Wargame red dragon IRL when?

f1962f  No.676933


Leaf annexation/puppet when?

fc7eb5  No.676979


Over my bloodied SKS over my dead body, mutt. Besides we both need to Balkanize not get bigger.

5b4fa1  No.676982


Soon as you cross 0 Ave and cap the incompetent.

da0876  No.676989

Canadian refugees welcome in the USA!

621267  No.677009


I'll accept them if they vote pro-Second Amendment.

621267  No.677010

File: bb3246ad7314e8f⋯.png (1.1 MB, 500x767, 500:767, Starship Troopers Cover.png)



You'd really want to get UN'd? We both just need to water the tree of liberty, is all.

590d9b  No.677018

File: bb688cd565f6074⋯.jpg (37.76 KB, 250x250, 1:1, bb688cd565f6074807d549ecb4….jpg)


>You'd really want to get UN'd?

<implying that a small group of competent autists couldn't single handedly wipe every blue helmet off the face of the earth

35c629  No.677056

File: 386e4141824b1a5⋯.png (1.58 MB, 4351x2551, 4351:2551, vote_by_county.png)

File: 4f9362188962a2d⋯.png (135.88 KB, 883x372, 883:372, why you have the electoral….png)


>Besides we both need to Balkanize not get bigger.

1. With China and Russia STILL around?

2. Forgetting that the (((problem))) is unique to the cities?

Pics are how these things always divide here and would be much the same in your country as well.

The real solution would be to block off and bombard the cities till they're a pile of dust.

I'd advise against nuking em because that makes fallout within your borders and irradiates anything valuable like metal that could be pulled from those dust piles.


Seconding this, if could have more people that care about their rights here the environment for lickboots could be made less ideal so they fuck off to lands where they can lick all the boots they want.

7a2cab  No.677066


Nuclear winter is a meme, just nuke China and you solve that issue and your own cities issue. Russia isn’t really a problem and a Balkanized U.S. would mean stronger European countries that could deal with Russia anyways.

590d9b  No.677068


You are misinformed if you actually believe China would have the power to do anything in the event of us balkanization.

China is heavily reliant on the us and without it China will be fucked. They may try to invade Taiwan and start a war in the south china sea. Its the safest play on their part.

Russia may get a new puppet state or two.

32fc90  No.677069


>if they vote pro-Second Amendment.

So you won't accept us? After all, it's hard to vote pro-2A when every candidate is anti-2A.

cf0399  No.677127


They can get citizenship retroactively if they help us annex english canada up to alberta.

cf0399  No.677128


I garbled that. I meant english canada up to alaska.


>le cities mene

guess who lives there.

4c8023  No.677129


I should point out to the Leafs that's not a joke. There was a long series of court cases ("Insular Cases") on the subject after we annexed a bunch of stuff in the Spanish American War.

38923d  No.677314

Canadians are the most passive people on earth and there aren't any guns left to grab.

6a28d4  No.677317


>there aren't any guns left to grab.

There's almost 13,000,000 left to grab, Canada still has shit tons of guns.

fa8637  No.677322

Remeber to check and shoot who funds them, not those frontmen. So any synagogue is fine.

621267  No.677327


Hey man, nuking isn't out of the question. Take a look at modern Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and then look at Detroit. Nukes aren't so bad compared to an infestation of niggers and traitors.

621267  No.677328


Of course, by nukes, we're referring to Minecraft TNT nukes, and nothing else. Those scheming villagers will get what's coming to them for stealing our emeralds.

35c629  No.677335

File: 21730804d10be2e⋯.png (219.41 KB, 640x533, 640:533, nato-military-spending-by-….png)

File: fa33d9f53e0d26e⋯.png (560.11 KB, 1958x1506, 979:753, nato_spending_chart.png)

File: 1584f12957f30dd⋯.png (3.36 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, the american people must k….png)

File: 5349cfe0ba41d90⋯.png (148.29 KB, 1433x305, 1433:305, enjoy a future of pure evi….PNG)


>Nuclear winter is a meme

The high cancer rates around the Nevada test sites say otherwise.

>just nuke China

Personally if I ever got the "keys" I'd love to do that to so many countries you'd do better to list the ones I DON'T want to have go away, however I'm not interested in poisoning the ones I like.

So unless you've figured out how to make Radaway the M.A.D. weapons are off the table because you have to be mad to actually use them, that's the ENTIRE point.

>would mean stronger European countries

WE ARE NATO you might as well say none of the Euro-peon countries even have militaries, those fantastic "free" healthcare and social programs they (and you) have are paid for by the money that would have gone TO a military.

They might get their shit together eventually but in the meantime they'd just implode if you kick the legs out, they need to be able to stand on their own before a fall on the US's part.


1. Power vacuums are a real bitch.

2. Japan was effectively heavily reliant on us before WW2, then we cut them off and they tore across the Pacific like wild fire.


>guess who lives there.

Kikes, niggers and "shabbos goyim" aka race traitors.


Hope they keep em, since there's nothing their government could actually do against that many.

Not even the US military has that many small arms.


That was one low yield bomb each in primarily industrial sections of the city, though even at that there was a tremendous amount of radiation sickness and fallout.

Modern nukes would be 1000x stronger even at the weakest both in explosive force and radioactive bombardment of things like metal.

Conventional shells, rockets, or bombs could be built cheaply, numerously, and very quickly to remove the national tumors while maintaining the M.A.D shield to keep foreign powers at bay.

Also if you're worried about glowniggers they,

1. Already are aware that this is just the reality of such a situation and at that point they would be incapable of doing anything because we would be their bosses.

Remember, Uncle Adolph was elected.

2. They already use complete lies anyway to justify jailing/killing people if they're in that mood, might as well make massive info dumps for the archives so people can see how much BS the glowniggers had to weave.

5b4fa1  No.677337


Civilians outnumber and outgun the ragged raped corps they call an army 20:1 at the bare minimum.

c70301  No.677353


>guess who lives there.

Rootless deracinated consumer-automatons that are completely interchangeable regardless if you pull them from Tokyo to Warsaw, from Berlin to LA, Telaviv to New York, From London to San Francisco?

f53817  No.677543


>Don't you Canadians have a bunch of woods to go inna?

Innawoods is a meme I'm tired of. You will never see the people wrecking all of our countries innawoods, and so we'll never fix our countries by going innawoods. It's good for nothing more than short term individual survival or laying low. At some point you have to consider going innacity. Innawoods is not a long term strategy, all it gets you is isolated, scattered, and with dwindling resources.

cf0399  No.677555


>Rootless deracinated consumer-automatons that are completely interchangeable regardless if you pull them from Tokyo to Warsaw, from Berlin to LA, Telaviv to New York, From London to San Francisco?

Beaners and Nigs

Look the dehumanizing effects of cities are felt everywhere but dont let that distract you from the fact that there is not a single American city above 200,000 inhabitants that is even capable of electing someone lukewarmly rightwing over a brown person of some stripe with a D next to its name.

There are cities in yurrup that vote for EPP parties, Italy even has a few that have local Lega governments, meanwhile in the U.S. there exists no "right-of-center" city that isn't either on borrowed time or the result of powersharing/unseen deals (looking at you san diego).

441feb  No.677609

What would be the most practical/common cartridge to use if one were fighting maple feds? What would resupply look like up there?

000000  No.677632

fight back

f7e3d2  No.677640


>those fantastic "free" healthcare and social programs they (and you) have are paid for by the money that would have gone TO a military.

Tbh I'd rather have the money go to free healthcare than to kike defense force known as NATO. The literally only benefits my country has gained from NATO membership were:

>decimation of our military industry because it competed with the US one

>ban on buying military hardware from bad goy countries

>privilege of dying for US interests in Afghanistan

>foreign policy and media narrative dictated by the US

A dollar spent on "defense" is a dollar spent on soldiers and weapons that will be used on you should you ever try to break ZOG's hold on your country

c70301  No.677653


But nato is the only force holding Evil Putin in check )^:

5fa96a  No.677695

File: d6e512050b4c9ab⋯.png (280.77 KB, 513x510, 171:170, trudeau on replacing canad….png)

honestly surprised those cucks still have funs tbhfam

4c8023  No.677700


9mm, 5.56, .308 and maybe 7.62x39 if you're including civilian held stockpiles.

35c629  No.677714

File: 4af415104769108⋯.png (21.19 KB, 750x700, 15:14, anti gunner cognitive diss….png)

File: 8a5876f56c6ab46⋯.png (571.96 KB, 970x582, 5:3, Annoyed Aryans and an agit….png)


Keep it that way and try to get a larger divide in that gulf of power in the people's favor.


It might be better spent going to healthcare than NATO, but you still don't have a military.

>(((They))) will find a way to use your military against you so don't have one go…I mean guys and let THE ZOGbot of ZOGbots have uncontested power over you.

Whether this is one of Satan's chosen talking or if this is indeed a European talking is why you get Americans calling you Euro-peons.

As an American I'm telling you you need a military of your own when as all empires do America eventually falls.


Hey Poland remember WW2 and the cold war? Do you WANT another go round of that if one of your neighbors decide they want some of that clay?

b0ea5a  No.677718


Poland right now could carve up its neighbors and there isn't anything they could do about it.

c70301  No.677746


>Hey Poland remember WW2

Clearly I remember it better than you zogmutt.

Worst thing that happens to Poland with Russia is Poland will stop pretending it's an independent entity on (((international scene))) and is put to a test, if they win, they get gibs from Russia like Chechnya if they lose they get absorbed into Russian federation.

Preferrable outcome to brown-greyish globohomo.

>The cold war

Soviet Union should've set up nukes in Poland.

5b4fa1  No.677749


The SU was planning on using you as a nuclear wasteland in the event Seven Days to The Rhine failed.

e7bac4  No.677760


How about Polish-German alliance where you give back Eastern Germany and both countries invade east to get your rightful eastern clay back? Also Stalingrad 2: Germano-Pole boogaloo would be entertaining.

Sage for rubbish post

c70301  No.677807


>was planning

Still does.

So does NATO, the scam Poland proudly gives 2% of GDP to.

The only good solution is in the realms of fantasy of either Poland starting it's own nuclear program from scratch, or having a coup where fanatical neopagans take over and appoint fanatic ambassadors who will carry nuclear briefcases with them at all time and are ready to an hero in countries that don't want to get along nicely.

cead6a  No.677979


>Soviet Union should've set up nukes in Poland.

Could you imagine scenario in which after the Soviets troops leave Poland they don't bring their nukes with themselfes? Or one in which the Soviets/Russians won't demand the nukes in exchange for "repaying the damages they caused to Poland" and "ensuring peaceful relations between Russia and Poland" - basically how it went with the ukrops?

cead6a  No.677980


*a scenario

c70301  No.677998


In my version they didn't leave but transformed into Russians and Poland didn't join nato to go and die for the sake of israel in middle-eastern shitholes.

ac7590  No.678073


And why would you want the Russians to stay in Poland and keep occupying it? Why can't you think of a scenario in which Poland becomes a regional power, sort of a balance between NATO and Russia (like Intermarium - an alliance between Central European states)?

adbf42  No.678074


The problem is Russia and Germany.

They can say all they want but both of those empires need buffer states.

And poor little Poland stands in the middle.

35c629  No.678079


They better be able to or it's gonna be an instant replay of the coldwar for them.


Oh so the Poles somehow escaped Stalin's meddling in the Soviet Union?

Because last I recall east Berlin was west of Poland and Russia is east of Poland.


This Zogmutt is telling you to make sure your shit is together and you can stand on your own European toilet scrubber.

>if they lose they get absorbed into Russian federation.

Haven't the Russians been real big on making genuine holocausts of even their own countrymen?

>Soviet Union should've set up nukes in Poland.

And Onkle Adolph should've just gone to the oil fields first and get Stalingrad later, not ally with Japan or Italy, actually gassed the jews, etc. etc. etc. but that didn't happen in the real world and at least in the M.A.D. game you have absolutely no power.

c6ebfc  No.678081


I know, but now that both of these countries are full of sandniggers (which is a guarantee to national suicide, unless the krauts and russkies get their shit together and genocide them), a country like Poland (with a relatively high population, army, size and a considerable economic potential) might be able to turn the tables, make themselfes independent from the influence of their bigger neighbours and assert their dominion over their smaller neighbours. Stranger things happened in history for sure.

6860a6  No.678097


But what Poland needs to do is grow a force strong enough to deter both Russia and Germany, and start having their own nukes.

Would be a loooong way before that since they think they can rely on the US.

c70301  No.678182


> Why can't you think of a scenario in which Poland becomes a regional power

Because it didn't work out a century ago (out of concerns that Poland will become a regional power like it used to be once) and now nobody gives a shit about joining an initiative like that, on top of that everyone with intellectual capacity to accomplish it is either dead or abroad and went through a lot of effort to get rid of Polish citizenship. I'm just using a VPN set to Poland, not actually Polish.


>make themselves independent from the influence of their bigger neighbors and assert their dominion over their smaller neighbors

That's impossible because after the "fall of communism" instead of answering to the Kremlin the same politicians agreed on a show called "democracy" and now answer to the highest bidder (Currently USA-Israel, used to be US-controlled >germany) ensuring any "extremist" with views like independence or serving your own country rather than Israel and USA are not allowed to participate in politics

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