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Winter Event 2: Electric Boogaloo

Well, event started. How's it treating everyone so far?

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KanColle Gameplay Questions and Discussion

Please ask any gameplay questions you might have here, and we'll answer them to the best of our ability and probably add them to an FAQ.

Feel free to share any stories or discussion as well.

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Rules, Links, and Improvements


1. Follow ALL global rules.

2. Don't Be a Faggot. That means no obnoxious shitposting, spamming, or trying to fuck up a thread just because you got BTFO. If you see a terrible thread: report, hide, and carry on.

3. Keep image dumps contained. There's no need to clutter the board.

4. Spoiler NSFW images.

5. If you have any general gameplay questions, check out the thread for it here >>960

Helpful Links

Kancolle Staff Twitter: https://twitter.com/kancolle_staff

Japanese Wiki: http://wikiwiki.jp/kancolle/

Japanese Wiki #2: http://www56.atwiki.jp/kancolle

Voices, furniture preview, stat preview, etc: http://www51.atpages.jp/kancollev/

English Wiki: http://kancolle.wikia.com/wiki/Kancolle_Wiki

Chinese Crafting Database: http://unlockacgweb.galstars.net/Kancollewiki/viewCreateShipLogList

Gameplay Quick Reference Document(better than the wiki): http://waa.ai/4Nq6

KanColle Viewer, English translated for plebs: https://github.com/Yuubari/KanColleViewer/releases

KanColle Logbook, English translated for plebs: https://github.com/silfumus/logbook-EN/releases

IRC: #8/kancolle/ @ irc.rizon.net

If anyone has any ideas for improving the board, please let me know. I'll usually be around in this thread in case anyone wants to get a hold of me.

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Spring 2019 Event Thread

>Commence! Allies Rescue: The 2nd Hawaii Operation

>Start: 20 May, 2019

>Duration: unknown

>Scale: Medium-Scale

>New Content: 4+ ships, equipment, abyssal

>Maps: 5 Maps (3 Main + 2 EO)

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I think it's time. Post your favorites and their general overall tag.

The best doujin on the face of the earth.

Honorable mentions:
Ushio Mindbreakyness

Haruna, tons of cameos. Prostitution, exhibitionism.

Mindbreak, very light guro.

Ushio has another bad day.

Slutty Kongou class.

Suzuya gokkun femdom.

Kitakami and Ooi try for kai ni remodels. This one's actually kind of funny.

Mutsu. It's basically all weird anal shit.

Mindbreaky as hell.

Nuclear Grade Cock Tier:
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who's your beloved warship and why is she so perfect?
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There are a great many ships in KanColle that have had their names bestowed upon modern vessels. This thread is for posting them. Bonus points if they follow typical KanColle design cues, for example; The modern Kongou is a destroyer so she must be a loli. Also, how much would gameplay change in a modern setting without things like battleships?

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Anyone still around?

Feels a bit lonely here. Been a bit busy lately, but planning to post more. Hoping to get some more life here.

Anything anyone feels like it'd be neat to discuss, do, etc?

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New event coming up mid December. You lot ready?

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Summer 2018 Event Thread


>Official Title: 抜錨!連合艦隊、西へ!

>Unofficially titled: Weigh Anchor! Combined Fleet, to the West!

Back to Europe we go.

>Starting Date: September 8th, 2018

>Duration: 3 week +

>Scale: "Slightly Big" Medium-Scale

>Number of Maps: 5

<Main Operation : 3 Maps (Opens on September 8th)

<Extra Operation : 2 Map (Opens on September 12th)

>Total of Five (5) "Various" New Ships will be implemented in the Event.

<HMS Nelson (BB)

No confirmation if Nelson is going to be a drop or reward.

<Shin'you (CVL)

(E-3 Reward), will be a Largely remodeled 'IF' Aircraft Carrier and will have Kai Ni included.

<Gotland (CL)

Going to be a drop in EO. Will be similar to a CAV, and will be remodeled into an Anti-Air Cruiser, and has Kai Ni Remodel planned for future release.

<Kishinami (DD)

Will be a DROP in the latter half of the Main Operations.

<E-4 will have a New Ship Girl who will also be showing up as a New Abyssal Boss who is actually the Elder Sister of an already existing Ship.

>Extra Operations will have many Rare Ships available as Drop, including Bismarck, Graf Zeppelin, Prinz Eugen, Italian Ship Girls, and Ark Royal.

>E-1 map is ASW focused

>E-2 is transport followed by surface bithes and an installation boss

>E-3 is is surface bitches and an nstallation boss

Hope you lot are prepared because I sure as hell am not.



>Ship girls



>What difficulty are you doing?

>What ships are you hoping to get?

>How much do you have those little nigger PT Imps?

>How much of a spiteful bitch is the RNG going to be to you or is being to you?

Feel free to share your victories and salt here. Remember, don't be a retard and sacrifice your girls to try and clear a map.

Good luck out there.

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So there's this great series called "teitoku no ketsudan" or "Admiral's Decision", and it's a really good telling of the War in the Pacific with Kancolle characters. It's unironically one of the most in-depth pieces of work about the conflict, and I've enjoyed it a lot.

However, I have yet to find any translation for the latest (last?) one in the series, "A-gou Sakusen e no Michi". Do you know where I can find one?

Here's the Japanese version.


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Kancolle RPG

Hey, got some of the kancolle ttrpg stuff in case anyone is interested. Haven't played it myself, but could be pretty fun to try out or make homebrews for.

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I have a lot of photos saved on my phone. Gonna dump them here.

Starting with Nagato

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Even though this board seems kinda dead I guess I'll ask this here since there's no where else relevant I guess.

So my very first interaction with Kancolle was porn in sadpanda, I didn't really know much bout what it was supposed to be but I got the hang of it anyway. My honest opinion about it is that it relies on cramming as many fetish hooks as possible to market to the waifufag demographic so the game itself isn't bound to be anything spectacular. And as far as I care that's all well and good and I still fap to the porn

However I've seen a few people online rave on about how Kancolle is in someway glorifying Japanese imperialism during WW2 and it's historical revisionism. I personally think that's bullshit for various reasons, the main one being that a company taking part of their countries history and reducing to waitu-fap-bait to sell a product to Otakus doesn't strike me as glorofying squat. But then again I haven't played the game, so to make this tl'dr: does Kantai Collection glorify Imperial Japan?

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16 inch gun Dec 2015 ranking reward

Iowa-class coming in Spring Event



Shit. Is. Happening.

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Shitty Admirals

Just how shitty is your shitty admiral?


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Legendary stop motion animator plamoo is back, and he brought kancolle figures with him

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Kancolle Vita

As mentioned a while back, Kancolle was getting a PSVita port. Recently, it is announced that the Vita port will be released in May and there will be a special edition Kancolle Vita with a design on the back. It looks like it's being localized only in Japan.
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Game Discussion

Discuss Kancolle gameplay here

Give me my Bismarck already LSC.
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Katori seems to be as good if not a little better than destroyers at crafting the Type 3 sonar and type 3 depth charge, has anyone else tried her for equipment development?
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ITT: We add in suggestions to improve the game.

1. Use medals to unlock repeatable quests which can be made available depending on flagship and/or equipment flagship is equipping).
2. Use medals for a chance of crafting otherwise uncraftable ships such as trophy DDs.
3. Have some maps drop one use recipes (which may consume other equipment) for certain uncraftable items. Each recipe will take up an equipment slot in-game, as in you can scrap them if you don't want the recipe. Recipes available vary by map. S ranking 5-5 may or may not give a chance to drop Shinden Kai recipe which needs 20+ high level planes.
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Anyone know the source? Need for research
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Image Macro

Anyone up for image macro?
I'll start.
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1. Touhou: 2272 circles (18.52%)
3. Kantai Collection: 1136 circles (9.26%)
1. Kantai Collection: 2038 circles (15.58%)
2. Touhou: 1918 circles (14.67%)
1. Kantai Collection: 2552 circles (19.64%)
2. Touhou: 1756 circles (13.51%)"
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Did you watch the cam? What did you think?

link if you haven't seen it already

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What ships do you want to see added? Any from foreign navies?

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Made a banner awhile ago that you guys might like here.

Also have one with the infinity so you guys can photoshop it in if you wanted to.
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発動!渾作戦 Fall 2014 Event General

Aight, event maintenance starts in twenty hours and fifty-five minutes, as of this post.

From the Twitter:
Map 1 rewards a medal and "all sorts of items."


Map 2 rewards a medal and an AA specialized DD.


The event will last for approximately two weeks.


New admirals have been advised to wait a while before attempting the event. Let the tryhards do all the hard work for you.

There's probably more info out there, but I haven't been back to the /jp/ thread in a few months. If you know anything relevant to this event, please post it here.

Let's all do our best tomorrow.
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Is it possible for a non moon speaking newfag to play this game?

Sure I can look up a tutorial myself, but I'm more interested in how difficult it really is. Is there anyone in here that learned the game with no moon knowledge whatsoever?

don't kill me for my newfagness please
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Edit it.
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Welcome to the Kancolle board

General rules:
1. Try and stay on topic
2. All forms of KC discussion welcome, be it about the game, anime, manga, characters or just general fanon.
3. Don't image dump in threads that are for discussion.

I'm open to any suggestions
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Favorite Kantai remixes

I'm continually amazed at how much doujin musicians can squeeze from such a smaller selection of tracks compared to Touhou.
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Give thanks to the fleet's MVP, you lowly cretins.
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Kantai Video Thread

I'm not sure what it is about this guys videos but I find them great.
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Souryuu is the cutest CV, and I will marry her.
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You will never hime carry a blushing shipgirl.
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Which Kancolle is the Chuuniest?
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Music Thread

The entire album is pretty good.
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Strawpoll thread. Post polls here for shit. Make sure you say what the poll's about.

Speaking of which, here's the starter ship poll posted in the kancolle thread on /a/, so if you voted in that one already, sorry.

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The Inazuma and Ikazuchi manga has been scanned

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Please enjoy these relaxing sounds of nature as you browse the board admiral.