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Even though this board seems kinda dead I guess I'll ask this here since there's no where else relevant I guess.

So my very first interaction with Kancolle was porn in sadpanda, I didn't really know much bout what it was supposed to be but I got the hang of it anyway. My honest opinion about it is that it relies on cramming as many fetish hooks as possible to market to the waifufag demographic so the game itself isn't bound to be anything spectacular. And as far as I care that's all well and good and I still fap to the porn

However I've seen a few people online rave on about how Kancolle is in someway glorifying Japanese imperialism during WW2 and it's historical revisionism. I personally think that's bullshit for various reasons, the main one being that a company taking part of their countries history and reducing to waitu-fap-bait to sell a product to Otakus doesn't strike me as glorofying squat. But then again I haven't played the game, so to make this tl'dr: does Kantai Collection glorify Imperial Japan?


I've heard that many times about how KC is imperial japan propaganda, which is just bullshit.

They even make references to warcrimes the crew of the ships did instead of denying it. And now with Iowa it's pretty much confirmed.

About the waifu pandering: I'm honestly still not sure if you could really call KC waifu pandering in a direct way. Sure we got cute girls with all kind of personality, but compared to other games, especially on DMM, these girls have been well covered and with actual personality that it's safe to say that the girls are far more than just "objects"

Hell, the newer ships even keep getting more and longer lines not to mention the sensional clothes that so far actually cover them up even more. I wouldn't really call it a fetish hook aswell, atleast in the way I see it.

Now about the gameplay… I think the main reason why the game is so popular is because unlike other browser-based games the gameplay is actually somewhat "deep" in a shwallow way and actually enjoyable.

It's just just "Pick your 5 most leveled girls and go kick the next boss" type like most mobile games, you actually have to use certain classes for certain roles and maps in order to win. Basically you end up having over +50 ships that you actually active use. Unlike other games in which you only use a handful and forget about the rest.

Atleast that's how I see it. Not to mention that there's no silly gacha bullshit. If you want to build a ship just do it and pray to RNG-sama.

Of course the game still got flaws like the terribe RNG and the pretty annoying events. but compared to other way more obvious money-grab games it's actually fun and doesn't grab your money in a direct way.

Uff I don't know why I wrote so much, and most of it is bullshit anyway but eh atleast I gave this dead board a little life.


File: 1457789992352.png (271.36 KB, 750x350, 15:7, alakoala - 大破でち (50137468)….png)

It's mostly just WW2 warships transformed into cute girls, there's hardly any glorification of Imperial Japan.

The plot itself is just a bunch of black liquid shit taking over the world while you harness the power of anime girls to stop them from whatever they are doing.

With the American gun already released in Winter and Iowa confirmed to be the reward in the next event, I highly doubt this supports Japanese Imperialism now.

I don't know where you have heard of these 'people' but I bet these people are the one that would scrap their entire fleet if devs actually release them in game or some shit. I think they are already deluding themselves in thinking that it's an 'axis-only' game.


The gameplay is incredibly simple, since all you're basically doing is rolling the dice and hope that RNG doesn't fuck you over.

But it has cute girls and the fact that you don't have go as far as being in debt to get your favourite girl, makes the game much better than most mobages that are designed to grab your cash off your hands.

And to find a game like that is pretty rare. That's why it's so damn popular. Not to mention that they are able to pull off some good VAs on top of some decent artists. Well maybe sorta decent, since some of the artists early artworks are pretty crap looking. They did improve over time a little at least.


It's complete horseshit, unless you count the game being spawn of biases which it's makers may or may not hold.

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