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File: 4db18fe39e91c26⋯.jpg (860.17 KB, 1416x1303, 1416:1303, af49d4b6233aed7d8ec12f14d8….jpg)



>Official Title: 抜錨!連合艦隊、西へ!

>Unofficially titled: Weigh Anchor! Combined Fleet, to the West!

Back to Europe we go.

>Starting Date: September 8th, 2018

>Duration: 3 week +

>Scale: "Slightly Big" Medium-Scale

>Number of Maps: 5

<Main Operation : 3 Maps (Opens on September 8th)

<Extra Operation : 2 Map (Opens on September 12th)

>Total of Five (5) "Various" New Ships will be implemented in the Event.

<HMS Nelson (BB)

No confirmation if Nelson is going to be a drop or reward.

<Shin'you (CVL)

(E-3 Reward), will be a Largely remodeled 'IF' Aircraft Carrier and will have Kai Ni included.

<Gotland (CL)

Going to be a drop in EO. Will be similar to a CAV, and will be remodeled into an Anti-Air Cruiser, and has Kai Ni Remodel planned for future release.

<Kishinami (DD)

Will be a DROP in the latter half of the Main Operations.

<E-4 will have a New Ship Girl who will also be showing up as a New Abyssal Boss who is actually the Elder Sister of an already existing Ship.

>Extra Operations will have many Rare Ships available as Drop, including Bismarck, Graf Zeppelin, Prinz Eugen, Italian Ship Girls, and Ark Royal.

>E-1 map is ASW focused

>E-2 is transport followed by surface bithes and an installation boss

>E-3 is is surface bitches and an nstallation boss

Hope you lot are prepared because I sure as hell am not.



>Ship girls



>What difficulty are you doing?

>What ships are you hoping to get?

>How much do you have those little nigger PT Imps?

>How much of a spiteful bitch is the RNG going to be to you or is being to you?

Feel free to share your victories and salt here. Remember, don't be a retard and sacrifice your girls to try and clear a map.

Good luck out there.

Post last edited at


>What ships are you hoping to get?

>A "Small-Sized" Escort Aircraft Carrier born in Foreign Land but raised in Japan. (E-3 Reward)

Sounds cute. One can dream.


File: 4d026480b1e8443⋯.jpg (575.91 KB, 1200x1102, 600:551, tenryuu.jpg)

Best grill wants you to gambatte.


E-2 is a fucking cunt map

Fuck the air raid node and the shit in between me and the boss which takes longer to kill because lol no anti-installation gear.


So how's the event treating everyone?


Ok, so a bit of story time.

>Started pretty new.

>Event rolls around, decide to do everything on casual,

>Have 120-130 buckets, 10k ammo, and several thousand of every other resource.

>Let's rock,

>E-1 went by ok, even got a sub out of it.

>Then comes E-2.

>Don't have any anti-installation equipment, but shooting enough times with a battleship shoukd work, right? Right?

>The air node and pre-boss node keep shitting on me. Taiha'd ships over and over.

>My main goal was to survive log enough to get to Supply Depot Hime so I could go all out.

>Manage to get about ~80% of her HP guage through constant charging.

>All while trying to get type three shells and leveling through getting my girls bullied in PvP.

>Think about quitting the event before a type three drops.

>Play around with configurations, including trying to make myself air-resistant sadly at the cost of reducing damage.

>After nearly a week since the event began, I burned through 40-50 buckets, most of my ammo, and plenty of the other resources. Not to mention my sanity,

>I've just about lost it. Ready to just give up on E-2 and the new potato CVL. Maybe i'll just farm E-1 for Akashi or just drop it altogether and play normally while prepping for the next event.

>Decide to try one last time before I throw in the towel.

>I think my girls probably knew how shitty I was feeling, because they actually managed to get past the pre-boss node with no taihas.

>To top it off, they do amazing on the boss and manage to S-rank the boss node and finish off E-2.

>I laugh like a madman at watching Supply Depot Hime go down.

>Got a DE out of it.

I hope to never see that terrible map again. Even if Pola does drop there.

Also, I will be proud of my girls for pulling that last minute glory off and giving me the resolve to continue the event.

Thank you Haruna, Akagi, Maya, Mogami, Yuudachi, and Shigure.


File: 86987e935371829⋯.jpg (66.42 KB, 400x400, 1:1, junyou.jpg)


The D node was a fucking nigger in both phases of that map. So much so that I started including a Toukai in my LBAS when it became available in phase 2.

>no anti-installation gear.

Jeez m8, you're up the fucking creek in this event. Do you at least have a few sanshikis?



Thankfully yes. 2 of them. Although i'm thinking about stopping after the first boss of E-3.

I don't have a lot of decently leveled ships to put in my combined fleet and my resources are very low. As much as I want to get at least one of the new ships, i'd probably be better off farming E-1 and maybe E-2 for useful ships like Akashi or some subs. Then focus on regaining resources, leveling, and getting ready for the next event.

I'll see how it goes. Main lesson I learned is that even casual has a slightly steep entry barrier.



Another good lesson I learned.

Try to have needed equipment ready before the event instead of trying to develop during the event.

Trying to get type threes and LBAA ate up resources quick.


File: 7d1d40de38c5a7b⋯.jpg (235.63 KB, 1440x1080, 4:3, 0083.jpg)

I fucking hate PT Imps, but it feels so good to see them get btfo once they finally get hit.




Yeah, even with the lower difficulty levels you're kind of screwed if you don't have the right shipgirls and equipment. I learned that the hard way when I started three and a half years ago. Focusing on rebuilding your resource stockpiles and leveling is always a good plan, but also keep in mind that quite a few of the quests available will reward you with highly useful equipment that'll come in handy in the future. Another thing you should also consider is doing the extra operations (1-5, 2-5, etc.) each month for medals and convert them to blueprints. You'll need 4 medals for each blueprint, and the blueprints are needed for kai ni upgrades for quite a few ship girls. Also, if you're not completely burnt out on doing this event try to get Ooyodo from farming the boss nodes on E-2. That Fleet Command Facility she gets with her upgrade is indispensable for combined fleet maps in most events. Not to mention she's pretty strong for a light cruiser too.



Definitely would keep that in mind.

Any advice on how to best level up your ships and what equipment should be a priority to develop?


Goddamnit Akashi, drop already. Or at least give me some more subs. I lost track of how many times i've been farming E-1



Akashi finally dropped for me today. She's the main ship I wanted to at least get from this event. Still going to farm E-1 for subs, then afterwards i'll focus on getting better planes and leveling so that the next event won't fuck me over so hard.


File: 422a864929e9a5e⋯.png (299.36 KB, 800x800, 1:1, fg.png)

Only 5 hours left.



Three minutes and still not Gotland.


File: ae887525daf3ee3⋯.jpg (138.27 KB, 1089x1412, 1089:1412, IMG_1221.JPG)

And with that, the event is over.

>How did it go for you?

>How many maps did you clear?

>What girls did you bring back home?

>How much salt did you have?

>Any good stories?

For me, I only managed to clear E1 and E2 on casual. Gave up on E3 since my ships were low level to do combined fleet decently. Spent the rest of the time farming the previous two maps. E2's HP phase was shit for me. The air raid node and pre-boss nodes kept kicking my ass, but goddamn did it feel good to S-rank Supply Depot Hime at the end of E2.

Notable Ships I got: Akashi x3, Ooyodo x2, Pola, Fusou x3, Yamashiro x3, Ise, Hyuuga, Hiei x2, Kongou x2, and Ooi.

Hopefully the next event would be better.

Hope you all are ready for the saury festival.


File: 7aa6589b00712d5⋯.jpg (46.91 KB, 495x900, 11:20, dd9d63a4e51317a10ce854e2a5….jpg)


I cleared the event. Was hoping I'd be able to clear E-5 on hard but I ran out of time due to real life shit. E4's HP phase and E5P2 were like massive RNG fests even by KanColle standards, both of them ate up quite a bit of my resources. No luck on getting Gotland sadly, and I worry that it'll be quite a long wait before she's available to farm for again.


Hey, speaking of saury festival, get on that. We have good shit from the quests.

First quest: Have 4 saury in your inventory.


>600 fuel

>Choice between devmats, searchlight and 3 mamiya

>Choice between type 3 sonar, skilled lookouts, and 3 screws

Second quest: 10 saury in inventory


>1000 fuel + 1000 ammo

>Choice between 2 type 95 depth charges, 2 daihatsus, and an action report

>Choice between 2 WG42s , 2 reinforcement expansions, or Night Operation Aviation Personnel

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