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File: 744532fbb408994⋯.jpg (467.36 KB, 800x808, 100:101, e712b488b6e30c95e43dc98040….jpg)

File: 9f1dfb3f174ee68⋯.jpg (394.62 KB, 1299x919, 1299:919, 5043422.jpg)


There are a great many ships in KanColle that have had their names bestowed upon modern vessels. This thread is for posting them. Bonus points if they follow typical KanColle design cues, for example; The modern Kongou is a destroyer so she must be a loli. Also, how much would gameplay change in a modern setting without things like battleships?


I'll look around for any images I might have and talk about how any ship in particular would look like after I get home from work.

What I know about modern kancolle would be a greater reliance on aircraft, faster small ships, missile systems, and air-defense. Also from what I've seen nowadays, the girls would be more focused on providing air support and some coastal support.


File: 7bbcdb8c3147bb7⋯.jpg (785.95 KB, 3008x2000, 188:125, JDS_Haruna_(DDH_141).jpg)

File: 2f1d6ac500ce932⋯.jpg (576.31 KB, 2000x2308, 500:577, __haruna_and_haruna_japan_….jpg)

Ok, here is Haruna's modern day version.

Here she is a helicopter carrying destroyer (DDH) and the lead ship of her class (Haruna class). Her sister ship is Hiei.

Both are armed with the following:

>Sea Sparrow Mk.29 SAM octuple launcher

For use against anti-ship missiles and short range anti-air.

>ASROC octuple launcher

Anti-sub missiles

>2 × 5"/54 caliber Mk.42 guns (Type 73)

Good old 12.7cm cannons.

>2 × 20 m Phalanx CIWS

The main anti-air and anti-missile gun on most modern warships of Japan and in the west.

>2 × Mark 32 triple torpedo tubes (Mk-46 torpedoes)

More ASW.

>3 × SH-60J(K) anti-submarine helicopters

Even more ASW.

Even the destroyers of modern Kancolle have aviation.


File: b925f656564dc28⋯.jpg (760.73 KB, 927x1200, 309:400, __akatsuki_japan_maritime_….jpg)


Looked up a bit into the JMSDF and it's lolis as far as the eye can see.

It's mainly composed of destroyers, destroyer escorts, subs, minesweepers, landing ships, and auxiliary ships.


File: 4655e93d0d30dd7⋯.png (928.7 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, mk9w.png)


>lolis as far as the eye can see.

So what you're saying, is Kaga is the new kindergarten teacher?


File: 60c5a8d8fc29475⋯.jpg (993.07 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, JS_Tenryū.jpg)

File: 12c75816f74d81b⋯.jpg (810.59 KB, 962x1600, 481:800, __katori_and_tenryuu_kanta….jpg)


Yep, at least she has Ise and Hyuga to help her out.

Also, previous kindergarten teacher Tenryu became a training support ship.


File: de2b96dceb11e3b⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 633.38 KB, 780x1000, 39:50, hbk.png)

I had a dream about Hibiki. Don't remember what it was about, but I could recognize her face and flat cap anywhere. After researching about her acquisition in the Soviet Navy as Verniy/Dekabrist, it's hard to believe that a ship that survived numerous campaigns and a hit from the SS-256 was sunk as target practice. Unfair, even. She deserved a good end. But in retrospect, many IJN destroyers that remained after WWII were scrapped, or ceded to other countries and then scrapped.

Take good care of your DDs, Admirals.


File: 2baaa77bbd911dc⋯.png (507 KB, 1420x564, 355:141, __iowa_kantai_collection_d….png)

File: 6351ac1ddde12ed⋯.jpg (937.1 KB, 1395x1479, 465:493, 11 chuckmyersBBG21interdic….jpg)

File: 38513d9a7ca74df⋯.jpg (1.19 MB, 1659x1227, 553:409, 12 chuckmyersinterdictiona….jpg)

It's pretty impressive how long Iowa has held on compared to any other ship from the second world war. If they kept up with the modernization she probably could have proven herself very useful in pretty much any conflict the US has ever been in. Most of the world's population lives within range of her 16inch guns, possibly the finest ever put on a warship (Sure the Yamato has bigger guns, but size isn't everything) and indeed they've proved to be effective artillery for the few times she's been brought out of mothballs. Her modular design was ahead of it's time too, able to act not just as a battleship but a resupply ship should she be sent to reinforce another fleet.

Every so often the higher ups talk about refitting her for a more modern combat role but as time marches on I fear that it'd just be easier to build a new ship. Which is a shame, if they had invested in her a little more she could easily be the pride of the Navy:

>when 'making the case' for reactivation of the four Iowas in 1978-79, I designed and we had built what we called the 'Interdiction Assault Ship' which was an Iowa with the rear turret removed. We covered the hole with six inch steel and installed a vertical launch missile farm that projected up into a split ski-jump deck for STOVL operations, helos (today V-22s). All five-inch guns were replaced with 155mm turrets. CONOPS was for the ship to act as a hot deck for various air ops. It had a rear deck elevator and could house about eight Harrier-sized aircraft below in the now hangar bay. It attracted a lot of attention and caused a Navy internal study of Battleship Battlegroups to compliment CV Battlegroups. It helped bring about the acceptance of reactivation but was later discarded (excuse was money). Guess how many CM were in the farm: 320!!!!! Plus six 16" guns and lots of 155s. On a platform which could withstand any ordnance existing in the world. A WAR machine which also served as the command/control ship for the force. The hangar bay could also serve as the temporary home for hundreds of marines or SOF forces..

>I envisioned that the skijump deck and hangar deck would serve as a temporary base for whatever mix of air assets were to be assembled for the particular mission assigned. It could be all "lift/insertion" with the hangar deck serving as a temporary residence for 500 grunts who would be lifted from the flight deck by helo/V-22/whatever. It could serve as a forward fire support base for STOVL fighters or armed helos after the insertion or however desired. It was not meant to become a permanent home for an air group as is the case on a CVN. It had two elevators. The ship would also serve as the command headquaters for the operation; great survivability advantage over todays command ships.

>Had a six foot long model constructed which sat in the Pentagon for about ten years where it was viewed by folks who took the 'tour'. Still a good idea.

>t. Charles E. Myers

Now I can't say for certain how well that would work out to have a carrier/battleship hybrid, but it seems to me that in anything but a total war scenario it would be a very effective platform to support the sort of missions that the US usually undertakes and it's certainly an interesting idea.



>that pic


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