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File: 2884c9133125ae9⋯.png (122.32 KB, 281x501, 281:501, IMG_1357.PNG)


New event coming up mid December. You lot ready?



dead board



At least you posted as well.

I want this board to become lively.


Need more buckets and fuel. Haven't heard of how big it's going to be yet.



Nothing yet. All that's known is that it'll be mid-December and we get a new seaplane tender.

Hoping it'll be a small event after the last event and saury fishing.

Burned through a fair amount of resources getting LBAA, but at least I'm over 10k in resources and close to 150 in buckets.


File: 97caa0502c61db8⋯.png (5.12 MB, 2402x1442, 1201:721, Screen Shot 2018-11-24 at ….png)


More than ready.


At least 1 Fletcher should be this event too, unless that gets delayed till next year. Hyuuga's getting her K2 next spring as well.




-Event will take place in the second half of next month (December 2018), within this year.

-New shipgirls of course, including yet another super obvious hint for Nisshin here, in case it wasn't obvious enough already.

Also, here is the interview mentioning Fletchers within this year:


Which was further hinted at when we got Fletcher-class equips for the August 2018 ranking rewards.



Also in case anyone was wondering, the past few Comptiq issues have had really limited coverage on KanColle, so the earliest we'll hear anything new other than via dev tweets is around December 10th.



Not much of an update, just says to prepare your torpedo squadron ships and carrier forces.


Looks like we might have transport combined fleet happening. So spam your basic recipes for drum cans.


File: 040223aa2b1b851⋯.png (23.01 KB, 307x103, 307:103, download (1).png)

Ready for kuso.


So from what i've read. We're getting abyssals with radars now.

And transport combined fleet at the same time.

Bonus: Normal and Hard are supposed to be extra hard this time around.

At least Gotland would be available again in case any missed her last event.

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