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File: deb24ebd9212337⋯.png (661.7 KB, 698x470, 349:235, IMG_1466.PNG)


Well, event started. How's it treating everyone so far?


File: 2c00998ba0c1017⋯.png (555.55 KB, 739x874, 739:874, Abyssal_Nimbus_Princess_Fu….png)

Haven't had the time do to any playing yet. Thankfully, there's atleast 10 days left.


File: a09bb701aaf0e47⋯.png (98.77 KB, 631x878, 631:878, Minegumo_Full_Damaged.png)

File: 9cc368ada69a810⋯.png (99.63 KB, 595x1052, 595:1052, Minegumo_Full.png)

Just look at this cutie. I want her.



You're in luck. She's the reward for clearing E1 no matter what difficulty.

Personally, i'm looking forward to getting Nisshin. Plus going to farm E3 for Gotland, Johnston, and some of the Akizuki class destroyers.



>She's the reward for clearing E1 no matter what difficulty.

Sound's great. Have you made any progress with the event? I've had the flu since the day after Christmas Eve, so I'm far behind.



Cleared E2 on easy just a bit ago. Letting my ships repair up before going for E3 easy.

Got a decent haul so far with Minegumo, a few other event only destroyers, Kasuga Maru, and Kamoi. Kamoi is definitely going to be nice for future LSC for Saratoga.

Hoping E3 won't be too bad since that's the map I want to farm the most. Hoping 180 buckets would hold me over well.


Finally cleared the event and now plan on farmimg. I still regret dropping from E3H since the devs gave everyone friend fleets right after i dropped.


What difficulty do you intend on doing e3 on? To put it bluntly, 180 buckets won't really be enough for higher difficulties if you still plan on farming, although farming and clearing on easy would definetely be possible.




Fuck ok disregard my autism i didn't read your post properly



No worries. I'm actually thinking of dropping down to casual for easier farming.



How much resources do you have? You should be fine on easy with Nelson and some oasw ships. Stick to easy since you can still get the new kouhyouteki. Who knows if there will be another chance to get one.



Have over 20k in each resource and ~160 buckets.

No Nelson or Nagato. Only OASW ship is Isuzu.

Already tried attacking the boss on casual. Don't want to have the entire map reset if I switch back to easy (already unlocked the 2nd part on that difficulty, but don't want to risk things.)



Ah, forgot to mention that I doubt i'd be able to S-rank the boss efficiently enough to farm on easy, what with the BB-hime there.


Alright, cleared the event. Did Easy-Easy-Casual, because fuck two BB-himes on the last boss. One was bad enough.

Now it's time to farm.

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