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File: 14353bf366a3870⋯.png (23.44 KB, 500x1200, 5:12, be29f430b1c0fcc5eabc472d6a….png)


1. Please read the new rules at: https://8ch.net/kc/rules.html

2. Say hi to our new volunteers, Fredrick_of_One and Kuiper911!

3. To our Russian friends: you can bypass the putinwall with this tool. https://github.com/ValdikSS/GoodbyeDPI (Windows version) https://github.com/bol-van/zapret (Linux version)

4. The applications for volunteers are still open. https://8ch.net/kc/applications.html

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Wow, youre is so cute. ^_^

File: 60df3a9e05bff2c⋯.gif (1.97 MB, 362x369, 362:369, 1383372273703.gif)


Post all questions, complaints, suggestions about /kc/ and the state of the board in this thread.

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Join us at kohlchan.net/int

File: 6773f08ab244729⋯.jpg (112.97 KB, 1270x718, 635:359, 1533471296137.jpg)



File: 9135f4d954500e9⋯.webm (976.67 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Fast 5 - This is Brazil -….webm)

I haven't even watched the video yet and this is already the best kc thread I've seen in at least 5 years


File: e4e62bcdcec0b12⋯.webm (240.43 KB, 480x360, 4:3, a troll.webm)


File: 78c50b95da99cdc⋯.jpeg (23.46 KB, 333x500, 333:500, Dale Pavinski.jpeg)

They should have used them in this film



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Why didn't Pamela Anderson ever sing for us?

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File: 5558a232799d639⋯.webm (11.23 MB, 320x240, 4:3, The Offspring - Cool to ….webm)


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

real good rock song inspired by an 80s classic


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



How do I stop listening to gay ass 90's pop music?

File: e618cd246bee52f⋯.jpg (472.95 KB, 750x936, 125:156, my house.jpg)


R8 my house.

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looks comfy


File: 3f91391986d62c4⋯.png (335.54 KB, 900x556, 225:139, 133w335.png)




YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Can't really judge success on a house, the rich get rich by saving money and the poor stay poor by living above their means.

Video related



>the rich get rich by saving money

No not really. The rich get rich by using their money to make more money.


File: 833f305be817b63⋯.jpeg (107.9 KB, 1080x720, 3:2, bernd.jpeg)

"The second great evil of a Tramp's life - it seems much smaller at first sight, but it is a good second - is that he is entirely cut off from contact with women. This point needs elaborating. Tramps are cut off from women, in the first place, because there are very few women at their level of society. One might imagine that among the destitute people the sexes would be as equally balanced as elsewhere. But it is not so; in fact, one can almost say that below a certain level society is entirely male. The following figures, publishes by the L.C.C. from a night census taken February 13th, 1931, will show the relative numbers of destitute men and destitute women:

(Figures from shelters, churches, casual wards, and hostels follow)

It will be seen from these figures that at the charity level men outnumber women by something like ten to one. The cause is presumably that unemployment affects women less than men; also that any presentable woman can, in the last resort, attach herself to some man. The result, for a tramp, is that he is condemned to perpetual celibacy. For of course it goes without saying that if a tramp finds no women at his own level, those above - even a very little above - are as far out of reach as the moon. The reasons are not worth discussing, but there is little doubt that women never, or hardly ever, condescend to men who are much poorer than themselves. A tramp, therefore, is a celibate from the moment when he takes to the road. Having no hope at all of securing a wife, a mistress, or any kind of woman except - very rarely when he can raise a few shillings - a prostitute. It is obvious what the results of this must be: homosexuality, for instance, and the occasional rape cases.

But deeper than these is the degradation worked in a man who knows that he is not even considered fit for marriage. The sexual impulse, not to put it any higher, is a fundamental impulse, and starvation of it can be almost as demoralizing as physical hunger. The evil of poverty is not so much that it makes a man suffer as that it rots him physically and spiritually. And there can be no doubt that sexual starvation contributes to the rotting process. Cut off from the whole race of women, a tramp finds himself degraded to the rank of a cripple or a lunatic. No huPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 8c0e4d540db8c5b⋯.jpg (25.32 KB, 480x424, 60:53, Happy_Pepe.jpg)


>watch my recorded speech at Toastmasters

>I look fucking handsome, use nice open gestures (always had problems with body language) and am charismatic

Holy shit I've improved so much. We're all gonna make it Brends.


File: 7a33bf82fc6b4e1⋯.jpeg (33.64 KB, 600x757, 600:757, yuck.jpeg)




I'm twenty fucking five years old

Whenever I post anything on imageboards I get called underage, welp I guess that's not good


File: 466322552f0de23⋯.mp4 (1.16 MB, 654x480, 109:80, That's A Paddlin' (The Sim….mp4)

File: d72a63f80f3cf00⋯.jpg (97.9 KB, 800x600, 4:3, nfs.jpg)

File: 63e4cc54a12d079⋯.jpeg (318.98 KB, 1440x1080, 4:3, moto.jpeg)

File: 7d8029326403ff4⋯.png (1.01 MB, 631x1022, 631:1022, gamers.png)


How old were you when you outgrew video games?


Around 19 years old. I still play video games, but that was the year I stopped caring about playing all the classics or being snobbish about new releases. I realized I'd become a casual, and I accepted it.


I still play games the only thing that changed is how im no longer physically nor mentally able to play for hours like I used to.


File: 9f37892756daf48⋯.jpg (933.55 KB, 1973x1594, 1973:1594, 1539871292506.jpg)


Strategy games where you build up your town are attractive no matter the age.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Tank saves the day

>Massive explosion follows

Was this a suicide bombing that the Egyptian army stopped or was it an airstrike? Because it looks like a scene out of Syriana

Select 720p/1080p option to see clearly


File: 428062ce8cdff46⋯.png (100.44 KB, 241x207, 241:207, 1536906100186.png)



It looks like it may have been an airstrike


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Putin's newest nukes capable of defeating air defense have been released to the public, anyone know if this is bs?

File: 92a9d38d368f59d⋯.jpeg (83.41 KB, 800x530, 80:53, monaco flag.jpeg)

File: 0b125687f29989c⋯.jpeg (5.59 MB, 6869x3511, 6869:3511, Monaco HD.jpeg)

File: 9836a51e1a816ac⋯.jpeg (2.31 MB, 3982x2824, 1991:1412, Monaco-ville.jpeg)

File: b19a6a407237210⋯.jpeg (243.5 KB, 1024x682, 512:341, monaco night.jpeg)


Is Monaco the ugliest country in Europe? Hear me out...

>overpopulated as fuck

>concrete and ugly buildings everywhere you look

>hardly any nature that hasn't been artificially planted

>cars and people everywhere, no privacy at all

>most live in small cramped apartments

>never a moment of silence, can't even see the stars at night

The whole country is like a slum for millionaires. What do you think? Disagree? Agree?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

In other words it's still better than Moscow.

Nobody lives in Monaco more than 3 months a year, they use it as a tax haven, and there is a lot of prostitution/sugar daddy relationships with girls from Eastern Europe.


Monaco uses the ugliest language in Europe

“Plausible Fairytales, or Wandering Around the World in the XXIX Century” -Thaddeus Bulgarin, 1824

...At that time professor's wife with two lovely daughters and a young son came in. Women were dressed in tunics made of woven matting, and dyed in iridescent colors. A boy of 10 wore a home robe. Each woman had a leather fan in her left hand, covered with an impenetrable varnish, to hide from immodest eyes, armed with telescopic glasses, which were in great fashion among men. The madam said a few words to me in an unknown language, but when she saw that I did not understand, she asked in Russian do I speak Arabic.

“No,” I replied, “in our time, very few scientists have been studying this language.”

“This is our diplomatic language, and it's quite popular” said the professor, “just like French was for you.”

Women could not hide a smile with these words, and the eldest daughter asked me:

“Could it be possible for your ladies had to speak French, monotonous, almost boring sounding and artistically poorest of all languages?”

“In our times,” I answered, “the ladies spoke Russian only with lackeys, coachmen and maids, and they exhausted all their wisdom in imitating French pronunciation. Those who did not speak French,” I continued, “were revered by the ignorant in the big light, although sometimes it happened that those of the Russians who always spoke to each other in French were the greatest ignoramuses.

“All this is repeated now with us,” said the professor, “with the only difference that the French language in our time is the same as Finnish was for you, and the rich, sonorous and flexible Arabic language has replaced the French.”

File: 22f6b29836ff12c⋯.jpg (54.34 KB, 750x557, 750:557, 1537425694429-2.jpg)


What is the grand evolutionary purpose of female beauty? To start conflicts because peace and happiness is too boring?

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Peace and happiness breeds weakness, only preassure bring evolution, only pain brings strenght, and thoe who are not strong get devoured.

No one get better without incentive, without conflict, without adversity.

Also, hips to bear children and breats to feed them. Long hair is also a sing of being healthy


If he only want slaves, but if he wants to continue his line them the kids need to fuck, and they won't fuck if they are ugly.

>that is white is america


File: 9b5e8fe98ed66ba⋯.png (13.25 KB, 589x324, 589:324, 71e53087c92c2dcac49ea7683c….png)


>only pressure brings evolution

>No one get better without conflict, without adversity.

t. spends life hiding from competition in the real world by neeting inside his room always on the internet either fapping or complaining on incel boards about the unfairness of lookism in society



tranny freak


File: d5def45689e28b4⋯.png (118.13 KB, 270x329, 270:329, tips trump hat.png)


File: 38bdbb98d06fcac⋯.jpg (97.57 KB, 1052x690, 526:345, 205781292.jpg)


Happy fapping oh wise one who studies evolution as cope for failing it

File: 7cac94790a95324⋯.png (76.44 KB, 200x130, 20:13, 1539288659063-0.png)

File: 99dda2c37e952b0⋯.png (1.57 KB, 170x85, 2:1, 1539277157831-0.png)


Anyone have more of these?




File: 0e7c608485058b6⋯.png (90 KB, 300x250, 6:5, ClipboardImage.png)

Why do niggers do shit like this? Why do norther European approve it?



great link monkey

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Depressed 29yo who worked for minimum wage at Seattle airport stole a $30million airplane and went on a joyride.

Can anyone diagnose him by this audio?

>The perpetrator, an airline ground service agent, performed an unauthorized takeoff, and F-15 fighter jets were scrambled to intercept the aircraft. Sea-Tac air traffic control made contact with the sole occupant


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File: 2dce17774c95405⋯.jpg (44.58 KB, 190x263, 190:263, groo.jpg)

File: cc9c270d7ae2cd4⋯.png (25.84 KB, 252x200, 63:50, Saeg.png)


no that you who won't shut up about all that, if the family has any thoughts about him all they are thinking is how happy they are that the miserable crybaby is dead.



You're right about sage it was originally used not to bump the thread up to the top so people could have casual chats without disturbing the rest and sometimes even to hide threads during all the spam (there wasn't a 404 at the time on some boards because text boards don't use much space)

Also the whole reason sage = email field is because Japanese coders were too stupid to add an option field for it


File: fc6526c13a0f310⋯.jpg (87.38 KB, 543x800, 543:800, Women vs 14year olds.jpg)

If only this young man was introduced to a few bernds he would have realized how lucky he was having a job, wife and kids. And he wouldn't be so torn up about not becoming a pilot



The women probably let the boys win because they wanted teenage Chad's cock.


File: 0e5b5bcd9930cfb⋯.jpg (248.69 KB, 1293x728, 1293:728, 1539633504778.jpg)


>women think like me

No they don't. They're not desperate for cock like you're desperate for pussy and cock

File: a24bee175a2653f⋯.jpg (81.56 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, 1479228273_309706_14792287….jpg)


Resolved: Özil has more balls and self-respect than any German footballer.

And the entire staff and fanbase of FC Cologne :^)

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Wait, he lost to a footballer? Isn't he supposed to be one of the greatest MMA fighters ever? What a joke of a sport.


File: 7f295d41d9d90de⋯.jpeg (654.31 KB, 1000x707, 1000:707, gym.jpeg)


If you think that's sad pictured is the greatest boxer of the current era even Mike Tyson said he's his favorite



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


That's a tall claim e-warrior/imageboard gladiator



i thought i was gonna get a boxing video and instead i got some faggoty people magazine faggoty bullshit with hollywood kike faggoty background music. 8 minutes of shit with no action, what the fuck is wrong with you. no real boxing fan in his right mind would watch that shit, let alone link to it. you need to watch actual fights, not human interest story vomit, that shit is made for girls. fuck you


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


My bad I pasted the wrong link, meant to link this technique breakdown from 2017: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=4&v=FjHaeloJvS0

Embedded a recent update part 2 of that

File: 222591b1de9e0f4⋯.jpg (40.39 KB, 500x375, 4:3, don_frye.jpg)

File: b76430b28bc8b90⋯.jpeg (70.21 KB, 638x479, 638:479, don frye.jpeg)

File: 3c8410b97c5aa58⋯.jpeg (18.07 KB, 223x200, 223:200, dana white.jpeg)


Only for us high test males to discuss manly things

First order of discussion: how many milfs did you conquer before high school?

Tomorrow's discussion: how often did your father beat you on a weekly basis? Was it tied to anything like school or weekend drinking, did you get a break for summer vacation?

File: 55278610bb26578⋯.png (232.04 KB, 1278x677, 1278:677, Krautchan.png)


Do you still remember or have you already forgotten?

I will take memories of KC to my grave.

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Kohlchan actively attempts to suppress things related to casey. You're being disingenuous.



>praises kohl

>posts ernst mascot


Kohl is shite!


>I will take memories of KC to my grave.

We all knew when we arrived the culture and memes we were building on kc wouldn't last, wouldn't affect the greater world in any way or at best be shamelessly plagiarized by 4chan and journalists and was a complete was of time. It's good that it went down



It was the perfect shrug meme tho


File: 69f74c71b52f0b6⋯.webm (187.41 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Escape KC.webm)

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