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File: 7d80a27ca70cef3⋯.png (143.03 KB, 1446x721, 1446:721, kcmeems.png)


Post KC classics

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File: 7f59acc619f0816⋯.jpg (149.79 KB, 795x930, 53:62, nordamericano.jpg)

File: c0be85a1fc42c8e⋯.gif (553.69 KB, 287x216, 287:216, 1505271317412.gif)


>another 4 years of merkela

fuck you germany and everything you do



I know, it sucks.

But the meta-political frame is slowly shifting.


File: c4f3a9f88a4717f⋯.jpg (8.14 KB, 323x182, 323:182, merkel amygdala.jpg)

File: 5b1785f4d820a8e⋯.jpg (34.12 KB, 350x495, 70:99, 18833f89974656a7.jpg)

For how long is the shitshow with the Jamaica coalition negoations going on? For 6 weeks by now? I checked the News and even our equivalent to CNN is speculating about failure of these negotiations right at November 25. Meanwhile, Merkel gets more and more bullied and can't continue as usual. If you ask me, Jamaica is not going to happen this year.



Merkel sucks.


democracy a shit




Exactly the sentiment of all Germans if we get a reelection. The Newspapers are already bringing articles about how the Jamaica is going to be a failure at the negotiation table. Jamaica is the term for Conserative, Lolbert Green coalition. Got it? Black green yellow, like the flag of Jamaica

File: c523a82730086b1⋯.png (6.43 KB, 545x263, 545:263, gawgawgwe.png)



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I know but im not one of them


It still isnt fixed...


Hoihoi, pig men can't shitforce! Wat a pity, kekekekeke.



File: 5733ad1a8fc2112⋯.jpg (48.36 KB, 960x540, 16:9, australian penis.jpg)




Man bodyshamed for his small penis in front of half naked woman on Australian Naked Dating segment

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You can really tell OP lurks on /r/asianmasculinity

No azn woman can resist the BWC



Porn stars have a hard time keeping hard for ages which is why many use viagra.

The average guy isn't going to stay hard for ages when standing around naked in a room of strangers.


File: de0ab216f9092e1⋯.jpg (33.49 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1484977041037.jpg)

Thankfully there has been a steady influx of subsaharan african men to combat this problem.




bump to revive this strayan shaming thread


File: cf5631aeb0ba9a4⋯.webm (5.26 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Benis.webm)


File: 82995423f481534⋯.png (1.49 MB, 1200x1500, 4:5, white vs black.png)


whites are subhumans


and I thought turks are subhumans


File: 0a300f50c32554f⋯.webm (781.4 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, mlada srpska apu.webm)




Didn't your feminist government ban porn or something? Lmao losers.


File: 41ae1e513607292⋯.png (440.95 KB, 1050x925, 42:37, remove kebab anime.png)

T*rks are the niggers of Europe.

File: 39762264580427a⋯.png (7.15 KB, 250x242, 125:121, 1279557766004.png)

File: 5951fce385aa00a⋯.png (60.37 KB, 298x306, 149:153, 1311549387001.png)

File: c1985f2a8aa102a⋯.png (192.71 KB, 680x680, 1:1, reeeeeeeeeeeeee.png)


Banned from all kaycee boards for 3 days because some faggot on /b/ wrote some shit

You foreigners don't know how that feels



What? You were banned for something someone else posted?



Yup a range ban.

I am never even on /b/ :(


Germany sucks.



Finally something we can all agree on.


Little tech background: T-com is the our largest ISP and uses dynamic IP for virtually everyone.

File: 6034b8928c224f6⋯.png (465.48 KB, 854x480, 427:240, papaparaparapapapara.png)



After I turn on the subtitles on this video, I realized finnish sounds pretty much like bappidi boppidi italian (specially when they are pissed off).

If you don't believe me, see for yourself.

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This. The Finnish language is a sublime wonder of speech. Its literary history is unrivaled, and I will not tolerate it being compared to a papa breadstick speak.


Italian commentators usually pronounce finnish names pretty well, so you have a point there. Dont know if it works other way around too.


File: c48c0d2310d0499⋯.png (360.11 KB, 750x713, 750:713, 1493380267619.png)


File: 80c3c5272cfec98⋯.png (490.72 KB, 854x480, 427:240, 1505265437002.png)

I found finnish sounds a bit like spanish as well:



Finnish is the official language of the elves which live in Iceland

File: ff79ba8b511dc9a⋯.png (448.08 KB, 552x714, 92:119, 1509226441001.png)

File: 1c80a1bb7ce862c⋯.png (1.29 MB, 1200x784, 75:49, 1177220.png)

File: e7929265dcbfbba⋯.png (1.17 MB, 1024x659, 1024:659, Doestsk-nvo-1024x659.png)

File: d174f2a38ed8029⋯.png (876.1 KB, 960x678, 160:113, sxgJBBR9QX0.png)




File: 29e5f34eb57b829⋯.png (3.58 MB, 1920x1200, 8:5, shahter-fk-doneck-manchest….png)

File: f6402c31be8c1bd⋯.png (157.91 KB, 374x356, 187:178, tiger.png)

File: 2f8698f7ce3b6ec⋯.png (126.02 KB, 374x356, 187:178, pyntiger.png)

File: 4212d62126b5277⋯.png (150.12 KB, 1270x798, 635:399, tiger_ass.png)


File: 8cffcfbba0ca65f⋯.png (34.81 KB, 870x798, 145:133, 15092782535612.png)


Exblain this butifil mene.

I went to kcmain, but didn't find it there.

File: 8394c9ee645adff⋯.gif (3.92 KB, 274x205, 274:205, confed3.gif)

File: 1c643b2a202f155⋯.jpeg (370.45 KB, 1038x539, 1038:539, slave-family-P.jpeg)


Why the CSA used slaves as their main workforce?

Why blacks didn't return to Africa?

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File: 936f13d285c5643⋯.jpeg (11.45 KB, 293x257, 293:257, 1502828905001.jpeg)


why couldnt that fucker shoot him after deporting all of hem


File: 9dcb37329e9a1cd⋯.jpg (78.06 KB, 600x800, 3:4, dixiefox.jpg)

File: 3ffcb75c5f89ed5⋯.jpg (308.12 KB, 1500x1125, 4:3, rednecks.jpg)

Fat heda

Culture of lazy

They parasites

No seriously the South has never in its entire existence been self reliant. When they stopped depending on slave labor they started relying on the Northern economy for gibsmedats which they still do to this day.



Because Southerners are fucking stupid. It's the same reason they became a slave based economy in the first place. They're too lazy to work, blame problems on others, don't plan ahead at all, I mean what did they think was going to eventually happen?



Are you one of those people that sincerely believes literally every white southerner owned slaves instead of just the obscenely rich plantation owners?


>entire thread full of no one naming the jew

Jews assassinated Lincoln before he could repatriate (and fully free, as he had said) the Negros. The kikes obviously wanted them here to use them against Whites, like they do with all foreigners.

File: d55cbcb03f71324⋯.jpg (12.39 KB, 201x195, 67:65, 1405596517167.jpg)




Been a while now.

File: 23068321650a197⋯.png (40.37 KB, 309x433, 309:433, 1417829294001.png)



kc is already back with normal adress.

File: a8e78822d002deb⋯.jpg (23.88 KB, 460x582, 230:291, 0d0ecc77347785eacdd0806e68….jpg)


Post boards where serious discussion takes place.




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>>>/marx/ maybe? It's mostly tankies and I don't know if you're like the ancoms thinking MLs aren't commies.



B-but reddit told me marxism and communism are two completely different things!



how so?



>live in hk

>be a commie




Soviets during any period were much closer to commies than what leftypol represents.

Thanks for the board link, but it seems kinda broken (I keep getting 404's on some threads, even with dollchan disabled) and also slow.


>live in hk


File: 6e8608eabb1ec69⋯.jpg (24.79 KB, 220x321, 220:321, tfw oswald von wolkenstein.jpg)


The downening of KC has made me realise I'm bored of imageboards. Anyone want to start a Twitter gang? I think I would enjoy serious discussion-bombing ideologues with radical reasonableness and monastic NEET detachment, also would like to read Bernd's taking-a-shit philosophising

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twitter is deliberately designed to be obtuse and to only attract retards by only having a 120 character limit. no serious discussions are ever had


So, you want to become a BASED™ Skeptic?



Dunno that sounds pretty fun to me


You are now aware that the average Casey post is under that limit, and anything over could be condensed to a half-dozen posts at most




And here you are on another image board telling everyone you dont care about image boards


You can't even create a twatter account without providing your mobile number. Fuck them.

File: 2f51f93b145733e⋯.jpg (102.65 KB, 689x1024, 689:1024, BUILD LDN Iwan Rheon ujvrd….jpg)

File: d7ea73a11fb1b1c⋯.jpg (111.77 KB, 736x1099, 736:1099, 4289cd63717b0bbc5655e9842a….jpg)

File: 2a8faee4ceca8ac⋯.jpg (53.02 KB, 400x600, 2:3, Alexandra Roach EE British….jpg)

File: 96a558738731102⋯.jpg (73.06 KB, 548x800, 137:200, Dominic20Cooper2029-22-146….jpg)


What do we do about the Celts? Would Hitler let them in the pantheon of Aryans?

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Small heda.






Short, not small.



Poles have small heda.




File: 1ffba617e18a49d⋯.png (807.06 KB, 940x928, 235:232, 1ffba617e18a49da718e1ca1aa….png)


Hey guys :^) This is just a test



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