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File: 8112f2d4dbe6baa⋯.jpg (32.22 KB, 612x612, 1:1, 116235904.jpg)


Dogs are the most overrated animals on earth. They're dumb and loud, barking at anything and anyone for no reason, disturbing the peace for all bernds who like to read or listen to music (or simply sleep!). Most of them are completely useless and won't be able to defend you in case you're attacked. Unless you have a big mean dog like a pitbull or a German shepherd, your precious canine will actually be less than useless in a fight. You'll be more worried about the attacker harming your dog than actually defending yourself. In a survival situation, dogs are a liability.

>A-at least they keep you company!

"No!" Dogs are no substitute for human contact. It's really sad that when a person is lonely, has no friends or family, the first advice people give him is 'get a dog', as if that will fill the hole in his heart. Yes, humans can be difficult to deal with, you need social skills to make friends, and there's always the risk of being hurt in some way. But that's precisely what makes relationships so fulfilling when you manage to make them work! A dog's love is cheap, so long as you feed it and treat it well, it will always stay by your side. Not because it appreciates you as a person, but just because we bred it to be like that. Only an emotionally immature person would think that a dog's love is comparable (or even superior) to a human's. This is why, since time immemorial, some people have preferred cats to dogs. A cat doesn't need you, it can survive just fine on its own. Hence its affection feels more genuine. To praise dogs for their unconditional loyalty is like praising a parasite for never leaving your body.

In short, dogs are the ultimate keinbernd accessory. They should all be destroyed! Thanks for your attention. Have a nice day.


t. African migrant


Men appreciate dogs that respect and obey them. Women and fags like cats because they disrespect them constantly.


this is the most pseudointellectual post i've ever read


only traitors dont like dogs because dogs are loyal pets


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



i'd rather have a woman that respects and obeys me tbqh


like in ancient egypt




Southern Italians are just like niggers.

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