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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


This is terrifying

-israel can wirelessly hack your car and make it crash

-russian face recognition AI being used by moscow police


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

this is why we need an alternative to israeli tech

and no not ubuntu, a real alternative like duckduckgo, hooktube, but across the board


It's pointless. All modern computers are backdoored at the hardware level. I can't help but laugh at those silly nerds who think they can outsmart the NSA. The naive idea that we could use the internet to escape censorship and tyranny is officially dead. They control the infrastructure and have the law on their side. Actually, they are above the law. They have the brains and the resources. Game over. Sure, use open-source software, use encryption, use Tor/VPNs, delete your cookies, don't post too much personal information online... this will keep you relatively safe from basic surveillance, but always remember, if they really want you, they'll get you.

As for offline surveillance, there's literally nothing you can do, other than moving to a small town that hasn't (yet) installed cameras everywhere. It's only a matter of time before they have drones flying over our heads and recording our every move, with an AI analysing us in real time. We're never going to get our privacy back and it's only going to get worse. Sad but true.



>t. alphabet glowie



What about people who have nothing to hide? If you're just some sperg who reads shit about European history and emulates arcade and SNES games like me there's nothing to fear



>a real alternative like duckduckgo

I got bad news for you buddy. (((Gabriel Weinberg))) who created DuckDuckGo made his money with Classmates.com, a site dedicated to extract as much info from their users as possible to get a valuable database for advertisers.

He created DuckDuckGo to get its hands on the most valuable private data: that of people who try to avoid data collection.



Hmmm... So you just need to use a car without wi-fi and gizmos?

Quite simple.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


at least it uses Yandex search so it's not adding to your Google and Facebook database "profile"



It is worse than Google, because Google doesn't pretend to protect you against data collection.



Nice logic. Spain is worse than Portugal because Portugal doesn't pretend to be relevant.


What was /pol/ about my post retard mod?



OK, I'll try another analogy.

You wouldn't let a convicted rapist babysit your kid, would you?



His feelings being hurt by it probably.


File: be3f02a640b8257⋯.png (8.59 KB, 456x100, 114:25, Screenshot_2018-03-05_10-1….png)


It's like the old Gay Sea all over again.


thank god I'm too NEET basement neckbeard to drive and don't live in Moscow

checkmate Mormons


>-israel can wirelessly hack your car and make it crash

>-russian face recognition AI being used by moscow police

What you want to be secure against, are things that lean to the extremes of security. Safer to say it's not a thread about cyber security.

It's actually a thread about being secure against people who have enough trophies to struggle securing them.

"Immortality lies in the defense, but the possibility of victory is in the offense." Even powerful don't win by defense alone.

So any time someone says "security", i am reaching for my imaginary scissors

they are for sterilising people



Not only Israel, basically everyone skilled enough.



>oy vey the goyim knoowwws!

Use Ixquick faggots, Duckduckgo looks fishy as fuck.



It seems some mod is booty bothered.


File: cf8037e598e75a0⋯.jpg (270.29 KB, 1456x2592, 91:162, V0DaaIZ.jpg)

>Implying they can hack my vintage Cadillac.



The problem is when they make it accepted enough that they can start ostracizing people that don't use it. Things like NSA phones aka "smart" phones, Social Security cards, digital converter boxes, all things that spring to mind, until it gets to the point where a neurotoxic substance like fluoride as a byproduct of the aluminum industry is pumped into the drinking supply and you're crazy to suggest "hey, wtf is the point of drinking something that only is supposed to be used topically and when ingested causes heavy metals to bind to your skeleton" you know things like that.

I hope more people die getting hit by Google cars. They will die as martyrs in securing our freedoms and their blood will water the tree of liberty. And every faggot that owns Google Glass should be punched in the face, and any idiot quite with an Alexa should have their car keyed.



What about Yandex?



It's literally owned by the FSB so if you don't ever plan to run for office or achieve anything in life without pidor blackmail go for it




>i feel safe with microsoft, google, facebook, apple and amazon but i fear rushka



I'm just saying the expectation yandex is safe is a false one. It's like choosing to side with Islamic terrorists because you hate Communism.



you're an idiot


You can't escape from them. But you can refuse to use some of their services at least.

I think best way to avoid them is acting like a normal human being when online(do what is popular for instance) and never give them information which they can use it to determine your real character/personality or give them false information.


File: 4cf9340ed14619f⋯.jpg (16.74 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Sam Vaknin.jpg)

"Social media was created by recluse schizoids" -some Israeli

source: https://youtu.be/dmXcjvL9VSc?t=361

In the first 6 minutes he says the world will be divided between 2 billion social network users vs 5 billion non-users



I don't think this is right. Sure, the Zucc is a massive sperg, but he didn't make facebook with himself in mind, he was never meant to be the typical user. He made it for the normalfags and gradually adapted it to what they wanted and responded to (and what would be a good way of exploiting them). The reclusive types that are overrepresented in anything programming related and thus were overrepresented in the creation of social media are still the types that are least likely to use social media (no, not all programmers are reclusive, I'm not saying that).

Mark Zuckerberg would almost certainly not have a facebook account if he could get away with not having one, he needs to have one because it would reflect poorly on the company to have its founder not use its products.



thats horseshit, kikeberg started fb as a "hot or not" website ostensibly because he wanted to show off by tricking endusers into sending him pictures of cute girls for free (but really because he was insecure about his own hideously jewish looking physical appearance)


File: 0050394274ddb8a⋯.mp4 (12.1 MB, 554x416, 277:208, Kira Kener - Nurse Handjob.mp4)

weapons of mass distraction


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

San Francisco bans facial recognition


File: 76584ede685c2b2⋯.jpg (45.17 KB, 704x396, 16:9, Kagamin thinks ur a fag.jpg)


Not my car. I drive an old, simple, unostentatious car that I can work on myself and isn't filled with unnecessarily complicated components which I don't understand and am not in complete control of. Can you imagine all the morons out there who cuck themselves buying modern zogshit because they're afraid of what women will think of them? Gotta have a "smart" phone or women might think you're poor!

>buy a new car goy! you wanna be a virgin forever?


File: c61e0d33b8aa365⋯.jpg (104.47 KB, 797x1049, 797:1049, 3couple8.jpg)


I agree with you but the thing is you have no girlfriend and you're a manchild weeb failure. Even being an obedient beta is better than that Also you're not even having fun have a life which most young men would rather suicide from inside of a week than continue living that way. You're giving old cars a bad reputation as something sexual failures drive.



Nah, I can get any woman I want without kowtowing to bitch culture like you do. You waste your time driving 'em to the apple store to buy them an iphone in your cuck'd & kike'd contemporary vehicle which you paid out the ass for (plus tax!) only to impress women. I don't bother with too much more than bending the bitches over and using them as god intended me to.


Millions of dollars was stolen from a Bangladesh bank

This is the lawyer they hire: https://youtu.be/6Y9UaLKbZQ0?t=516


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