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File: 1471304361165-0.jpg (6.97 KB, 275x183, 275:183, music.jpg)

File: 1471304361165-1.jpg (28.78 KB, 640x430, 64:43, painting.jpg)

File: 1471304361165-2.jpg (21.95 KB, 640x429, 640:429, poetry.jpg)


What is art?

Do you practice art?

What arts do you like?



I've heard art defined as "the expression of that which you cannot describe".

I practice music - I'm the irritating sort that takes any opportunity to make music, even if I don't have any instruments handy. Give me a desk and some pens, or a box of runner bands, and I'm a happy man.

Although I've tried, hard, in the past to be proficient with the pencil or paint, I've never really excelled at visual art. I took classes for years, but nothing really ever came of it. I really envy those with that gift.



I think effective art is to express emotion and feeling through any kind of medium.

I draw a lot and also play classical guitar.

I enjoy modern art galleries and find contemporary pieces more interesting than more traditional art. I also like art in fashion.


File: 1471544606043.gif (1.87 MB, 422x409, 422:409, listening-to-lolicore.gif)

I want to learn how to make lolicore!



Don't give up anon!


Art is the expression of an idea or emotion in a way that's nice to see or hear or read. It can also be the creator showing their ideas or moods or emotions to the audience in a way the audience likes.

I practice visual art. I tried to play guitar but couldn't understand it.

I've been a natural artist, I've been drawing since childhood and I'd say I'm okay at it (there's always room for improvement).

I typically use ink, watercolor, or markers or colored pencils. I've never gotten the hang of acrylics though I've tried, but I'm great with ink and brush or nib.


Art is all about passion without wanting to create something it becomes sterile. I'm glad that I live in a world with creative people. And I wouldn't say art is limited just by one persons narrow definition of it to be honest.


I'm person active in writing and poetic circle of my city for past… 4 years?

I have been writing poetry all this time, even got some fans. Last few months I'm trying to write prose, in English. It's interesting experience, as English isn't my first language, but it's taking ages.

I haven't been published yet. Many people tell me that my poetry is good and I should, but I think that I should get even better before that. Knowing personally a few really good poets, both known in my country and not well known doesn't make it easier.



Can you post some, please? I'd love to read it.



actually anon, i've got a question.

if you're talking about the music kind of lolicore and not some other kind, is this classed as good lolicore?


and if so, how can people listen to it?


Art's whatever anyone wants it to be, really. Plain and simple

I practice lots of art! I draw, but mostly I play many different instruments, play in several bands and write music!

I really love jazz and classical music, those are my lifeblood. I also enjoy anime art style, and minimalism.

I'm also the anon who started the /kind/ band from last christmas… are any of you still out there?



I'm still here! I didn't participate because I had no recording equipment at the time, but I'm here!



Bassfriend here, is that you pianobro? It's a shame the project never got finished.




oh hey guys! Yeah, I really wish we could've finished it, but we just had nobody to do the melody. I still have the project laying around though, I can send you guys an audio file of it if you'd like over skype! (that is,if you guys are still in the old skype group haha)



I'd be down to try again. I think you should still have my bass recording somewhere but I can always refresh me memory and have another go at it.


>Art is beholden to the eye of its creator, anything we make could be considered art in the right frame of mind.


>Music & Anime/Manga


>tfw drawing is my passion but my artwork is shit tier i can only draw chibis

>tfw i can never get the anime style right and nobody wants to teach me because they either don't know about anime or hate it

>tfw too insecure and afraid that i will become the next chris chan once i submit my drawings to an /ic/ like community

>tfw deviantart/tumblr is too much of a hugbox to ask for legit criticism

>tfw parents and teachers keep saying that my drawings are good but i know that if anyone else saw my artwork they'd call it shit

what do i do? i really want to get better. gimme some advice /kind/



There are tutorials online.



Have you tried >>>/loomis/?



What >>33173 said

Also, you should check out the book the board is named after, Fun with a Pencil by Andrew Loomis. Just google the name of the book and you can find a pdf of it



As with any instrument/hobby/art, the rule of thumb is that to become decently capable you need at least 2,400 hours of practice. Think abouut that for a minute: if you practice two hours a day it will still take you a tad over 3 years to just get decent.

Mastery is a whole separate level; the number you hear all the time is around 10,000 hours of practice. For some people it takes much longer, for some it takes seemingly not time at all.

The jist is, just keep at it and develop your skills slow and steady. You've got plenty of time to practice.



but they hate weeabs too

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