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File: 1471989313047-0.jpg (64.29 KB, 529x386, 529:386, 1398559374032.jpg)

File: 1471989313047-1.jpg (190.69 KB, 1181x620, 1181:620, 1399365892484.jpg)

File: 1471989313047-2.jpg (168.63 KB, 1000x1007, 1000:1007, 1440943240779.jpg)

File: 1471989313047-3.png (689.18 KB, 787x760, 787:760, 1440070717387.png)

File: 1471989313047-4.png (820.86 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 1459338967866.png)


Lonely? Would like to have someone to talk with? Then make a friend! How? That's what this thread is for!

Just write a little about yourself while also giving a way to contact you and hope for the best! No one is writing to you? Perhaps they are scared of taking the first step! So if you see someone you'd like to be friends with do not be scared of taking that precious vital step! It's the only thing in the way of a possible friendship!

>Favorite anime

>Favorite vidya

>Favorite music

>Favorite books

>Favorite TV series

>Hobbies and interests

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say

>Contact (Mail, Skype, Discord, Steam)

Let's be friends /kind/!

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Anime… Uh… last one I saw was Initial D (it's been a while since I've been able to settle down and watch any series)

Kerbal Space Program

Anything alternative

I like to read about archeology

Again, I don't really enjoy or have time to watch series

I'm an engineering major, I don't have time for interests, except playing banjo occasionally

Idk, I'm just doing this so maybe a friendgot will not be so lonely

That's nasty OP

I live in Arkansas

Steam- The Funniest Joke


File: ccde48873d1ef4b⋯.png (28.1 KB, 256x256, 1:1, 1471674744619.png)

I've only ever been able to keep one friend at a time. How do people manage multiple meaningful relationships? .


File: 200ff977510ce4a⋯.jpg (156.79 KB, 492x500, 123:125, 1413106436312.jpg)


I've found that not talking about the same thing with each of them helps.

For example, all my friends share some common links but there's certain topics I talk with with just one of them that I do not with the others. Vidya, politics, lewd, IRL stuff, etc.



As the other anon said, not talking goes a long way.

I'll like to expand a bit on this. Once you have IRL friends or friends that are not anonymous; they can b lost very easily simply by stating your opinion.

News media corruption, politics, trump, crime statistics , Islam etc are all topics whereby people lose all sense of rationality and will jump to declare you an evil bigot.

*most* people are not logical. They are emotional. Thus by discussing topics that they do not like, or by presenting the merits of an alternative point of view, theysee it as a personal attack on them.

I hope you get some more friends anon


File: ff7c0ed6853b86e⋯.png (31.77 KB, 319x320, 319:320, a7875591317942b6d4bc994192….png)

>Favorite anime

k-on is nice.

>Favorite vidya

Anything fast paced, touhou or RTS

>Favorite music

Initial D OST

>Favorite books

currently reading conan.


>Favorite TV series

Not one for american TV series, way too dry and commercialized.

>Hobbies and interests

Lifting (hiatus), Kanji (hiatus), Anime, videogames, reading, spirituality, esoterics, anything /fringe/ basically

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

As long as there's a connection, as in, we can run through a convo, I'm probably seeking for you.

Sometimes people can't post a lot, and it sucks because I want to know them. Other times people I dislike (normos) post too much and bother me at the wrong times, so I drop them off.

If you worry about being either of those, you probably aren't.


Any bodypart of a 2D girl is arousing to me.

>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say

Please be interesting.

>Contact (Mail, Skype, Discord, Steam)

sengoku #7631 (animes@tfwno.gf)



File: 7a6cb3f61dba3e4⋯.gif (2.69 MB, 500x281, 500:281, 3661394523.gif)

>Favorite anime

watamote, monster musume, urusei yatsura and jitsu wa watashi wa

>Favorite vidya

touhou series, hotline miami series, metroid series and atmospheric metroidvanias like ori and apotheon

>Favorite music

post-punk and prog rock. mainly pink floyd, Yes and the chameleons. although i also enjoy J-pop, synthwave and classical music

>Favorite books

war of the worlds (i really should read more)

>Favorite TV series

black mirror

>Hobbies and interests

aside from the above: drawing and sometimes writing. i'm a very creative person. also learning japanese.

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

i guess someone where i can discuss all kinds of stuff with. be it trivial stuff, serious stuff or episodes of shows.



>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say


>Contact (Mail, Skype, Discord, Steam)

steam: w1d4j

myanimelist: nordicyandere

mail: mongirfukr@gmail.com


File: 8e3fc63756b9841⋯.png (331.66 KB, 500x363, 500:363, lain.png)

>Favorite anime

Mushi-Shi. In movie format, Ghost in the Shell.

>Favorite vidya

It's tough to pick a favourite. I love Bloodborne. though. I also like Touhou a lot, but I'm way more invested in the music and print works than the games.

>Favorite music

My favourite two new releases of this year (for now) are Haken's "Affinity" and the EP "夜あけの晩" by 東方事変.

>Favorite books

I like Lovecraft.

>Favorite TV series

I haven't watched "normal" TV in a long time.

>Hobbies and interests

Programming, video games, reading, mythology, Japanese language and culture, photography, cycling.

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

Feeling connected is the most important thing in a friendship, for me. If that's a given, the rest comes naturally, I think.



>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say

This is a bit scary. Also, I'm usually not very enthusiastic and quick to assume disinterest on my counterpart's side.

>Contact (Mail, Skype, Discord, Steam)

Discord: yume


File: 08ddad461d3d779⋯.jpg (8.11 KB, 232x232, 1:1, 7ced4b57bbdb14a85b47fa2250….jpg)

first time on 8ch, forgive me if I do something extra stupid pls

>Favorite anime

right now I'm really into osomatsu-san. other than that, I liked madoka magica, samurai champloo, baccano, and space dandy

>Favorite vidya

shadow of the colossus, pokemon, fallout, undertale, ace attorney, professor layton, littlebigplanet, paper mario

>Favorite music

I dont listen to music very much. I like cocorosie and the paper chase and the antlers though.

>Favorite books

a song of ice and fire, harry potter… I mostly just read fanfiction these days.

>Favorite TV series

game of thrones, steven universe, rick and morty, breaking bad, adventure time

>Hobbies and interests

drawing, writing gross fanfics, nature photography, gaming, tumblr (im not a crazy SJW I swear), youtube

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

I like friendships where you can just be as weird as you want and talk about anything honestly. I like when I feel like I can really be myself and when others feel that way with me. i'm only not accepting of others when theyre assholes.


heres my f-list. sorry in advance. https://www.f-list.net/c/hotdoghotdoghotdog

>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say

I want to fill this section with something interesting and soul baring that would help any reader see what i'm like but I havent slept in almost 24 hours and i cant think lol

>>Contact (Mail, Skype, Discord, Steam)

skype is jesse_mccoy73095

why would i make my skype my real name? stupid.


File: e9d0e0395da2fcd⋯.jpg (16.34 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1414008238064.jpg)



what about my post did you think was bait? I dont know the social protocol of 8chan or /kind/ so sorry for any faux pas. everyone's a newfriend at one point. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



>favorite anime

Cowboy Bebop

>favorite video game

Starcraft II lately

>favorite music

Stevie Wonder or Eminem

>favorite book

Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman

>favorite TV series

The Thick of It or Community

>hobbies and interests

Learning languages (I speak 4 currently), recreational mathematics, bowling, chess, and watching films.


I just like making friends. Every year, I meet a few more new people.


Oh, come now. You think I'd share that on the internet?

>other relevant things

I'm not super cool with putting my info out there on the internet w/o great cause. I guess I have email, though.


File: a2b854df1776d82⋯.gif (1.17 MB, 500x281, 500:281, tmp_1433-1-1063020258.gif)


Not that anon, buy on the link it says you are a girl. I didn't think there were any girls on 8chan


File: e3941d6d8073e7b⋯.jpg (81.26 KB, 563x800, 563:800, 1403773388528.jpg)


>Favorite anime

Tatami Galaxy, without a doubt. I just love the whole aesthetic of the series

>Favorite vidya

Final Fantasy (FF1)

>Favorite music

I'm into metal, mostly sludge metal and post metal. Favorite bands would have to be Intronaut and Mouth of the Architect

>Favorite books

Crime and Punishment

>Favorite TV series

I really only watch the news on TV

>Hobbies and interests

I play bass, sail, go hiking/camping, shoot guns, cook, play DND, post on 8ch and halfchan

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

>tfw no gf


Feet mostly, but I'm also a switcher when it comes to BDSM and the like

>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say

I'm really bad at talking to people: I've been told I'm unapproachable because I have some sort of aura around me that says "I don't want you to be around me" when in reality I'm starved for human intimacy but too afraid to make that first step myself.

>Contact (Mail, Skype, Discord, Steam)

skoipe: ginger.hollis. Discord: Beardy#1368 Steam: GingerTea (but I'm never on)



nobody can add you on discord without the number after the name


File: cc9f73659520591⋯.png (21.21 KB, 96x96, 1:1, screenshot-archiveofourown….png)


…oh, I forgot it said that.

wish the "there are no girls on the internet" thing would die. being a girl doesnt make you special. i'm just as much of a neckbeard loser as any other chan poster.


File: 382a112f5ca6a50⋯.jpg (398.44 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, d702ee4fbdedd8aa618b9bf96d….jpg)


You're taking the meme at face value, and dismissing it when it actually reaffirms the idea that someone's sex is irrelevant on the internet. It's like the old "god is dead" meme which doesn't literally mean that there was once a god who died. It was commentary on the relevance of religion in western society. Just as this meme is commentary on the relevance of sex on the internet.



I would like some clarification. What does "fetishes" mean here, exactly? Things we like to see in porn? Things we often think about, independently of the porn? Things we do in real life? Things for which we have a dedicated folder?



People who put their gender as male in these kinds of things don't encounter this problem of other people getting upset because they think they are being rude tricky tricksters, though…



Probably dedicated folders at this point, anon.


File: d3708096f0902e6⋯.jpg (25.83 KB, 300x527, 300:527, RWS_Tarot_12_Hanged_Man.jpg)


"Male" is just the default position.

No one b8s anyone by saying they're guys. I can't get get free things in whatever embarrassing free online game I'm currently playing if I promise to show people my mantits.

In this case, though, being female can be considered "on topic" for discussion and so, I think that call of b8 is a little premature.

I'm sure anon didn't mean to bully anyone, friend!


File: 8745274e80b69d2⋯.png (286.81 KB, 514x542, 257:271, 1471754770072.png)


Those rude tricky tricksters exist, and scam dumb guys on a regular basis. It's reasonable to be skeptical when dealing with "females" when a way to know if they actually are isn't readily available.


My definition: An abnormal sexual attraction to something that isn't inherently sexual. Like balloons.

The word was severely diluted when it became a meme. Even intercourse in the missionary position for the sole purpose of procreation is considered a "fetish" now.



The questions are what you make of them, I'd say.

For a more direct answer, whatever you think applies to you when you hear the term.



That was really silly of me.



File: 901a38a8524176f⋯.gif (988.91 KB, 500x333, 500:333, lonely.gif)

Has a single person ITT made a friend by posting here?

Or at least got a reply?

If not, I am not going to bother. This is an anime gril btw, just in case you've never seen one.



Of course.


File: 906a97c0159f2d9⋯.png (68.19 KB, 182x430, 91:215, 0.png)


This sounds exactly like what a person that never got responses would say. Which poster are you, how many replies have you got, and how many and what kind of "friendships" were established by said replies, if I may ask.


File: 112aba967520782⋯.png (432.05 KB, 480x690, 16:23, 84b46a58505d23801820051647….png)


Most likely not.

Did consider saying hi to people on Skype though.


File: f652fd05c63a09c⋯.jpg (275.66 KB, 1440x900, 8:5, a.jpg)


Just as I thought. No more questions.



I posted in the old contact info thread before it got pushed off the catalog. Met some nice people.

But even if nobody ever met anybody here, what would you lose by giving it a shot? If you post some contact info, people might or might not add you, but if you don't try, it's guaranteed that no one will add you.



neat trips.

I've added a couple people on Steam. they're nice!


>Favorite anime

Sakamichi no Apollon… but I have a big thing for Madoka as well. And Jojo is also pretty fun. I'm not sure if movies count but The Wind Rises is one of my all time favorites (next to Toy Story c:)

>Favorite vidya

Donkey Kong Country 2, Dance Dance Revolution Extreme, Hotline Miami, and Super Smash Bros. Melee. I would like to try out Sunshine and Windwaker, but I probably have to save that for another time..

>Favorite music

I really do dabble a lot- and if you like something enough to recommend it to me I'll probably give it a listen. But for now I'll just say that I really like Flicker by Porter Robinson.

>Favorite books

The Giver and A Thousand Splendid Suns.

>Favorite TV series

(see anime)

>Hobbies and interests

I make music, but nothing too incredible. It's actually kind of on the backburner because of school. If you would like to swap production tips or something though, I'd be really happy to do that with you.

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

One where we can play a lot of Melee



>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say

>Contact (Mail, Skype, Discord, Steam)

Steam: Kleptis


Sunshine's good anon. Get Nintendon't or shit set up and play it.


File: 15575c2cebd56fc⋯.jpg (81.8 KB, 600x596, 150:149, 1470992541742-b.jpg)

>Favorite anime

Its hard to choose off the top of my head but either FMA brotherhood or Sword of the stranger.

>Favorite vidya

Ace combat 5 and the original starwars battlefront

>Favorite music

Classic rock, punk, anything really - even country.

>Favorite books

Tom clancey series

>Favorite TV series

Band of brothers, Firefly

>Hobbies and interests

Lifting, hiking

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

I just want someone I can talk to about anything from animu to fetishes without feeling weird.


>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say

I guess Im pretty much a normie that wandered in here.

>Contact (Mail, Skype, Discord, Steam)

skype: jskiotis steam: yoghurtman




reasonable and polite reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


> Ace Combat 5

Good shit anon.


File: cf0dc4f3ac299e3⋯.png (57.2 KB, 500x382, 250:191, I needed this.png)


>you will never play that campaign for the first time ever again

hold me


File: d6e6dd263f4f9f6⋯.png (71.46 KB, 295x286, 295:286, 1449766912687.png)


Don't remind me anon.

The warship level towards the end.

The feeling when you finally fucked up the 8492nd Squadron before destroying the satellite.

So many great moments in the game.


File: b6fd32b98ec59a5⋯.png (1.4 MB, 725x1163, 725:1163, 1469732318437.png)

I'm usually kinda private but i'll try

>Anime: Tengen Toppa - Gurren Lagann

>Vidya: Kingdom Hearts 2 - Final Mix

>Music: Trap music, Dubstep, Big Room, Future Bass

>Books: Edgar Allan Poe, but i really should read more

>TV series: Only one i ever saw is Breaking Bad

>Hobby: Talking to people, making friends

>Friendship i want: Interesting people, i also like nichilists

>Fetishes: Mostly Vanilla

>SteamID: Brutux



Forgot to add: Steam picture is a black and white dog face



I think I already have it on dolphin! I'll see if i can play it over the weekend c:


File: 6989000fb848417⋯.png (32.95 KB, 220x215, 44:43, 1443843818820.png)

>tfw don't have steam because I've never wanted to get involved with it.


File: dcef721ad9b1c93⋯.jpg (16.78 KB, 253x208, 253:208, 1350009249524.jpg)


I'll be your first friend on steam, anon!



It's for the best anon. It's not worth the hassle. Unless you want modern shit, then it's pretty much something you have to put up with.





The interface just seems bad and the games on offer that I would like I could just get from different places. I hear about these summer and winter sales but I never got interested in those.


I don't think I'll be getting steam friend, but we can be best buddies on here!


File: 0e598c7c5d0645e⋯.jpg (64.38 KB, 332x354, 166:177, 1325899852951.jpg)


Oh, ok…


File: f1187f5ac34d0ca⋯.png (858.87 KB, 698x661, 698:661, (pat).png)


Its fine friend, we'll still have this place for the time being.


>Favorite anime

Gurren Lagann, Is the Order a Rabbit?, Love Live, Dragon Ball Z, Gonna be the Twintail!!

>Favorite vidya

GTA San Andreas, Final Fantasy IX, Resident Evil 4

>Favorite music

>Favorite books

Haven't read many but I liked The Hobbit and the first three Harry Potter books.

>Favorite TV series

The Fresh Prince

>Hobbies and interests

videogames, anime, drawing and writing.

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

I just want someone that isn't a psychopath


I like futa

>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say

Nothing much to say. Say hello if you'd like to talk. Oh and english isn't my main language so there may be some communication mishaps

>Contact (Mail, Skype, Discord, Steam)


sent me a mail and I'll send you my other stuff



forgot to add music. I like Queen



>someone that isn't a psychopath

Are sociopaths okay?



Same thing.


File: 2b078e2337c0e6e⋯.png (610.16 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


Not from a criminal psychology standpoint. Yes, I work with law enforcement. Bugger off if you don't like it. While, especially for the victims of one's actions, there is very little difference between psychopathic and sociopathic tendencies, the profiles are different.

In short, psychopaths tend to be more of a "heat of the moment" type. Sociopaths tend to be biding, planning, or otherwise premeditating. Additionally, a major marker of sociopathology is willingness and ability to manipulate, whereas psychopaths more often than not have trouble fitting in anywhere.



Well, they are both outdated buzzwords according to the DSM-V. The actual mental illness is Anti-Social Personality disorder. I have know reason to believe criminologists are a credible source for information if they don't actually follow the best practices of the psychological world.



And it's been so for a number of years - that was published in 2013 if memory serves, and it was publshed because it had been building acceptance for years beforehand. That doesn't make the distinction any less useful, however.

In a relevant parallel, there are at least three (though the number does change, as is the nature of the softer sciences) that could be acceptably called "ASD" per DSM-IV. in -V, they made the diagnosis harder, but kept the umbrella term of Autism Spectrum Disorder as well as continued use of the different subcategories - Asperger's, PDD, and autistic disorder are all still viable separately.


>implying psychology and everything related is actual science and not just a hoax to justify evil without guilt



I would argue that the ability to do evil without remorse is indicative of a warped psychology. One does need to know anything about the soft sciences to be a terror, nor does one need to be a terrorist to know about soft sciences.


File: 156f8ee905efa0b⋯.jpg (32.52 KB, 720x480, 3:2, 1464851019918.jpg)


>One does need to know anything about the soft sciences to be a terror, nor does one need to be a terrorist to know about soft sciences.

Well, this is true. But those are just tools. The Cathedral on the other hand will use the "soft """sciences""" " to justify all of these behaviors and make sure the criminals go unpunished. But letting criminals go unpunished is very /unkind/ in itself and kills society.


File: 16174146e1eec23⋯.jpg (47.09 KB, 960x540, 16:9, 1468965020459.jpg)


Hey guys, I haven't been to /kind/ in quite a while and I thought I'd never come back really. I'm in a rough spot though and I'd appreciate just someone to talk to as I'm spending many days anymore staring at my screen and waiting for friends that are never online anymore or something to develop in a few places I obsess myself with to get some small jolt of excitement. -so now I'd really like some help here if anyone would have me, I've been having a rough time with depression and just want people to make nice with (or not so nice, I aint picky).

Favorite anime: I mostly like manga versions of stuff best, Black Butler, Berserk and Yotsuba& are probably my favorites there.

Favorite vidya: Sonic Adventure 1+2, Resident Evil 4, Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy, Pikmin 1+2, Kirby Air Ride, Super Smash Bros series

Favorite music: Anything that reminds me of things I like really, so just bullcrap from anime and vidya, usually as I consume it.

Favorite books: Been so long since I've read one. I remember liking Flowers for Algernon, Les Miserables and Of Mice and Men though.

Favorite TV series: Game of Thrones I guess, whatever. Phineas and Ferb, that count?

Hobbies and interests: Well my hobbies don't amount to much besides my unimpressive knowledge of vidya but I'm rather interested in drawing and language despite both being rather beyond me.

What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found: Oh gosh, there's many a kind of relationship I'd like I think, just so long as it feels like it has a fun or special meaning. I suppose I'm a sappy person though and I desire to be someone's warmth. Online anyway, I'm pretty unfriendly in real life ( though never outright rude or mean or anything).I just wanna matter I guess, feel special to someone.

>Fetishes First and foremost are tickling and lolicon. I like a good amount of other things but so much hentai I tell you. Oh, and urine and scat are nowhere near the same territory…!

>Relevant info: Again, I'm depressive but I don't like that to define me. If at all possible I like to be a funny when I don't flop and make dummy. I'll talk about a lot of things but I'm not so good at starting the conversation. Oh, and I have a tendency to mindlessly go into lewd mode when I find myself in a tight spot. …Oh, zing!

>Contact: Skype, "shammyal011"


File: 3cc708448d8085d⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 2.66 MB, 1076x1105, 1076:1105, Click Me, I Love You.png)

Has anyone added anyone on Skype?

Is it fun?


>Favorite anime


>Favorite vidya

Oh man, it's been so long since I last played a videogame, school has been keeping me real busy. I'd say Hotline Miami and Pokémon (Really looking forward to SM). Danganronpa too, if we count it as vidya (I never played the games, I just watched LPs, and I also haven't watched Danganronpa 3). Also, a bunch of indie shit like Cave Story and OFF.

>Favorite music

I don't listen to a lot of music. Right now I'm listening to a lot of weeaboo shit. I also love Outrun. I've tried to get into /mu/ in the past but I got bored.

>Favorite books

State and Revolution by Vladimir I. Lenin (I'd rather not go into politics though)

>Favorite TV series

See anime. also Dexter. Too bad it only lasted 4 seasons :^)

>Hobbies and interests

I think the only real hobbies I have are going to the gym and studying Japanese every once in a while

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

Really anything, I just want an e-friend


Penis in vagina

>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say

I'm an Argie, so if you want to speak Spanish, feel free to do so.

>Contact (Mail, Skype, Discord, Steam)

Discord: Lukethehedgehog

I'll be trying to talk to some of the people in this thread.




PS: I was going to add my e-mail but I forgot. It's santi_naturalista@hotmail.com. I'd prefer it if you sent me a message there first.

Also, my MyAnimeList account is the same as my Discord.


File: b9b8e3a19fa9e05⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 24.36 KB, 116x75, 116:75, mfw.PNG)



Quite fine





Someone added me but the conversation died pretty quick




I'm sorry to hear that.



What mathematics do you like, anon? I am a math major and I am looking for friends who like math.

>Favorite anime


>Favorite vidya

Retro video games. I also play MUSHes and MUDs and stuff. Textbased stuff you know. Nethack, too.

>Favorite music

Funk, jazz, metal, rock, etc. Favourite bands are Modest Mouse and The Apples.

>Favorite books

I like Fyodor Dostoevsky a lot. In particular, Brothers Karamozov.

>Favorite TV series

Xavier Renegade Angel.

>Hobbies and interests

Mathematics, origami, music (I play bass), drawing, and programming.

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

I want to talk to people about stuff and make friends. Nothing romantic please.

>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say

I am a math major (4th year). I am willing to help people with learning math if they are interested in that too.

Also I would like to say that if you are a math major as well and want someone to cooperatively learn pure mathematics with, I need someone like you in my life. :(

>Contact (Mail, Skype, Discord, Steam)





Semi off topic, but beats making a new thread. Did we have a Discord anons?



It exists, but has not seen activity in a long time




> Invite expired.

Well, worth a shot.



I would just use this one >>33370


File: 07b08eaa26864e2⋯.jpg (151.05 KB, 1094x814, 547:407, Snow Cone.jpg)

>Favorite anime

Pokemon & City Hunter

>Favorite vidya

Sonic 2

>Favorite music

EDM & Hip-Hop

>Favorite books


>Favorite TV series

Archer, 24, & http://www.dramago.com/korean-drama/yong-pal

>Hobbies and interests


>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

Uuhhhhh… the kind where you talk online.



>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say

>Contact (Mail, Skype, Discord, Steam)

ursaring93 a+ yahoo d0t com

A93876D9CB09537CC06B5CB444359F9A11ACEDED9BD1F11CE63E4959BB964A4886D44918071D (Tox)



>Favorite anime


>Favorite vidya

FireEmblem Series, Ever 17, Battlefield series, Sonic 3, Pokemon series.

>Favorite music

Hmmm a good amount of genre, Gate of Steiner Vocal, Don't speak her name, Fade to Black, Leia.

>Favorite books

Been a while but I liked the Eragon books and Cirque du Freak: The Saga of Darren Shan "books" and the stuff I read are more documentary or research material.

>Favorite TV series

I don't watch tv but to put something on here, Tanked.

>Hobbies and interests

Growing flowers, swimming, exercising, anime and games. Visual Novels.

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

Someone that actually lived near by that has the same situation as I do.


Just normal things. Unless cosplay counts.

>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say

I have never gone out and did something like this and I'm looking forward to having new experiences.

>Contact (Mail, Skype, Discord, Steam)

Skype: jthemassacrev2 (Such a kiddy name) Discord: TamamoLicki Steam: Vannilebestgrill

Xbox: JthemassacreV2 3DS: 5284-2186-3733



>Favorite anime

Comedy is my favorite, but I'll watch some other genres. Welcome to the NHK, Nichijou, and KonoSuba are some favorites of mine.

>Favorite vidya

I like many kinds of games. Platformer, adventure, fighter, shooter, and RPG are my top genres. I particularly like arcade-like games (easy to pick up and play, but addicting) and team-based games. Super Smash Bros. (N64), Bomberman, Doom, Zelda, Mario, Dragon Quest, and Enemy Territory. Recently I've been having some fun with Overwatch and Call of Duty; it's fun to play games with an active online community for a change. I mostly play PS4 and retro games right now, but I also do PC. I'm interested in playing CSGO if I can find someone patient to play with and show me the ropes.

>Favorite music

Touhou arranges, electronic, funk

>Hobbies and interests

Programming, video games, anime/manga, DIY, shooting guns

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

I'd like someone to play games with. Ideally a game we both enjoy. Bonus points if we have other things in common to discuss or you're willing to play Smash 64 with me online.

>Contact (Mail, Skype, Discord, Steam)

Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/al1c3

Discord: RF191 #6135



I have seen you around before, I am going to bed now but I will add tomorrow when I wake up



Oh, I'm surprised someone recognizes me. Thanks anon!


File: 945446ac155f11e⋯.gif (455 KB, 540x540, 1:1, nervous twiddle.gif)

File: 5d283772aede5ff⋯.png (1.51 MB, 702x1057, 702:1057, 79604660553927008237559803….png)

>favorite anime

Trigun, Serial Experiments Lain, Spice & Wolf, Kill la Kill, Fooly Cooly, Great Teacher Onizuka, Dragon Ball (specifically the original).

>favorite vidya

3x3 for specifics, PS1, PS2, PS3, OG Xbox, Arcanum, 3D platformers, cyberpunk, I'm heavy into vidya but I like it if isn't complete shit.

>favorite music

Nothing specific but David Bowie is a constant and I've been listening to a Russian band called Lyube.

>favorite TV series

Twin Peaks.

>hobbies and interests

Exempting the aforementioned I like shooting and seeing the sights, there isn't a lot which I'm aware of I just don't know what to do I just followed everyone else.

>what kind of friendship would you like or looked for but never found

You can't decide what type of friendship you want.


If we're sharing contacts I'd rather not say but it's nothing DeviantArt-tier like furries/ponies/inflation.

>anything miscellaneous

I don't know.


You post yours first.


File: c009e90310cd31f⋯.png (678.3 KB, 1175x738, 1175:738, vlcsnap-2016-12-04-23h22m2….png)

>>favorite anime

Cowboy bebop, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Gurren Lagann. I watch a lot more movies now than I do anime

>>favorite vidya

either LittleBigPlanet 1, or Final Fantasy 7

>>favorite music

I love American Football's self titled.

>>favorite books

I've been reading Meister Eckhart's selected writings loosely, and it's pretty fantastic. I'm a slow reader.

>>favorite TV series

I don't watch much TV, but I liked It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia when I did.

>>hobbies and interests

film, usually. Lately been having trouble getting motivation to do anything regarding movies, but it's slowly coming back. I like video games, but i'm pretty burnt out atm.


things in common I guess, someone who could recommend me cool art movies or anime.


cuddling and kissing. I'm being serious

I'm not entirely comfortable giving out my Skype just yet, I barely even use it anymore, though.


File: 1788e5b63e61f3c⋯.jpg (119.63 KB, 752x1062, 376:531, 1472501205633.jpg)

>Favorite anime

The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya

>Favorite vidya

CS:GO is the only game I play..

>Favorite music


>Favorite books

Beyond Good and Evil by Nietzsche.. I thought it was pretty interesting but then again I'm retarded

>Favorite TV series

I don't watch TV often. Probably Planet Earth.

>Hobbies and interests

CS:GO, cycling, walking, running and studying!

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

I'd like someone who doesn't ignore me all the time because I'm too annoying.. I get that a lot. I'd also like someone who enjoys to discuss anime and watch stuff together! I don't mind being a bit lewd either if I like someone.


I'm kind of a dom..

>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say

I'm Irish, and I love cute boys (and anime girls.) Tiocfaidgh ar la!

>Contact (Mail, Skype, Discord, Steam)


My name on Discord is jam


File: 5b9bb89e2b24eda⋯.jpg (414.76 KB, 1998x1122, 333:187, 6bc1d876c8216a5cac0906e640….jpg)


Ah, I remember you. Just don't mention jam's heroin addiction, and you should get along fine.



>Beyond Good and Evil by Nietzsche

I'm currently reading that. It's so so great.

A lot of what he says is deeply profound.



I always wanted to learn gaelic. I don't have any family over there any more, so it's a bit useless, but I feel like it would be fun and do me good to try and honor my heritage in some way.

How hard is it to learn?



Yes, pretty much!


I enjoyed reading it. I'm not the smartest, but after reading it I found myself amazed at how much it made me think and impacted my thought.


It's not incredibly challenging, I was fluent within 2 years of classes twice a week. I was taught it in primary school and remember it to this day. It's mainly spoken in the republic of Ireland, so really, it's not going to do you any good at all. I regret being taught it especially whenever I could have learned an actually useful language. But just remember: Tiocfaidh ar la!



>learned an actually useful language

I already know enough Mexican Spanish to get by, and I'd much rather not learn Mandarin. Really, it's more of a hobby than anything. Just something to keep my brain active.

Once upon a time, my grandfather ran a farm south of Dublin. I couldn't quite tell you where off the top of my head, except that it was between Dublin and Carlow. When he'd write to the family on this side of the Atlantic, no less than half the email was in that tongue, so it took us the better part of a day to decipher.


File: acc8f498af97811⋯.jpg (26.42 KB, 283x314, 283:314, 1467045883577.jpg)

>bunch of posts, almost no replies




Why would you reply here, when you could reply to things on Skype, Steam, or the like?


File: 46802306b5e0e44⋯.png (547.84 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 40dbb88e50264faa41186795fa….png)


I just add or email without replying to the post.


File: 1facc3e73f0d57f⋯.jpg (2.55 MB, 2638x3916, 1319:1958, W_Kamokuna_Skylight_02Apr9….jpg)

>Favorite anime

LOTGH, Akira

>Favorite vidya

Don't really play. I used to play OpenTTD, but I stopped because the way they do passengers isnt realistic. And the other railway games look ugly imo.

>Favorite music

National Health -s/t (1978) and Floating Points - Elaenia are two albums I really like. I like disco and house music for dancing to. I also listen to a lot of kpop (very embarrassing)

>Favorite books

Anything by Iris Murdoch. I relate to the setting of stifling middle class english life. I also like history books, esp social or materialist.

>Favorite TV series

dont really watch a lot of TV

>Hobbies and interests

I like running, languages, drawing, rocks and menswear.

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

I'd like someone who I could talk to with with some regularity, that doesnt make me anxious. I live in a strange city and I get a bit lonely sometimes.


I'm very sexually repressed.

>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say

Id be happy to speak to anyone, even if we dont match up on our interests :)

>Contact (tox)



Jim, you're very mean.

Can't you even give me a reason like any decent person would? After you PROMISED you wouldn't do it to begin with?


>Favorite anime

Neon Genesis evangelion, SEL and ika musume

>Favorite vidya

AoE and the legend of Zelda minish cap

>Favorite music

Electro swing and funky music and OSTs

>Favorite books


>Favorite TV series


>Hobbies and interests


I like to draw (kinda)

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

I just would like to meet new people c: (boring neet life)


l e w d :o

>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say

My laptop died :c I'd like to talk to tox friends, but :c

I like cyberpunk

>Contact (Mail, Skype, Discord, Steam)




Damn Jim >:c



He added me from here and I spent a day talking to him.. before I went to bed I asked him if I'm annoying and I asked him to remove me then if he doesn't want to be my friend and he promised me he wouldn't. I woke up and he was gone.

I don't understand what makes me so unlikable that any friend I make online does that to me in that fashion. It really hurts again and again.


>Favorite anime

i only finished watamote and panty & stocking, but the original gundam is pretty good

>Favorite vidya

new vegas/skullgirls/spelunky/tetris ds

>Favorite music

i listen to a lot of different stuff, but mainly gorenoise/goregrind, ambient and dsbm

>Favorite books

does parasyte count

>Favorite TV series

early spongebob/breaking bad/ren & stimpy

>Hobbies and interests

politics/youtube/random research

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

tolerance from both sides and something in common



>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say

if you're female don't even think about it


discord: kaffeochblod

psn (i only use steam every 4-5 months): aquieupiano


File: 46806982094be6f⋯.jpg (397.03 KB, 1489x1053, 1489:1053, 53894086_p0.jpg)

>Favorite anime

Madoka Magica. Sure, it isn't objectively the best, but there's a lot to like about it

>Favorite vidya

As much as I want to get into vidya, I can't. Crisis Core it is.

>Favorite music

I'm just starting to build my music library.

>Favorite books

Not into it.

>Favorite TV series

Not into it.

>Hobbies and interests

I might get interested in something, but I'll throw it away the next day. That said, my current interests are: anime, imageboards, programming, a bit of chess. I'll probably try to run a facebook shitposting page soon.

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

One that sparks instantly even after a long time of separation. As my thoughts are always incoherent, I rarely talk. In turn, people won't give two shits talking to me, either. But it ain't all.


/rr/? /gfd/?

>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say

>Contact (Mail, Skype, Discord, Steam)

mail: iai [at] 8chan [dot] co

discord: iai #4841

steam profile: iaistrike

IRC: iainuki@rizon

twitter: @iaistrike

facebook: /iainuki

chess.com: iaistrike



just noticed my discord is wrong, so here's my skype/e-mail


also, cleveland steamer = https://steamcommunity.com/id/rectalmassacre


File: 2987c884c5ddc2f⋯.jpg (27.95 KB, 236x786, 118:393, 4ec4b13208b3c4b2bf9fbb7e88….jpg)

>Favorite anime

urusei yatsura

>Favorite vidya

pokemon crystal

>Favorite music


>Favorite books


>Favorite TV series


>Hobbies and interests

i make aesthetics


size stuff

>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say

26yo couch potato shut-in neet

>Contact (Mail, Skype, Discord, Steam)

discord; flint#8647

steam; nuct


File: 6a521cf2eda6c45⋯.png (81.37 KB, 343x354, 343:354, 1479922444260.png)

I'm sorry for making this post in this thread, since it's not really strictly thread related, but can someone please kindly sage explain to me what Discord is? I feel like an old man, all this cool popular new things are alien to me.



Discord is a program like skype but voice only.

And sage is when you reply to a thread on 4 or 8chan without bumping it to the top. Click "show post options & limits", then "do not bump"



>voice only.

ohhh that kind of sucks…

I know what sage is, I was trying to say that you should sage your post when replying to mine since it's not thread related :)

Thanks for the answer friend




um sorry for butting in but its not voice only, you can use text chat and add people to friends to type to them and stuff, and join chatrooms that have both voice and text lobbies..


File: dce71ef5aa79c6e⋯.png (107.9 KB, 944x655, 944:655, art11.png)

>Favorite anime

I JUST finished Diamond is Unbreakable. Getting back into Mobile Suit Gundam now. I like shounen-type stuff, so Dragon Ball, One Piece, but anime like K-on, Oregairu, Haganai come to mind as well. My first real anime was Welcome to the NHK. Still a top 10.

>Favorite vidya

I'm mostly into jRPGs. Final Fantasy 5-12, Persona 3, Legend of Dragoon, Wild Arms 1-3, Shadow Hearts… etc. The Metal Gear series is likely my favourite non-RPG series. I like to play multiplayer games, but outside of Smash Bros, I rarely get a chance to.

>Favorite music

I don't listen to music as much as I did a few years ago. Still, my favourite is School Food Punishment.

>Favorite books

My patience is too low unfortunately so I rarely read books

>Favorite TV series

Same as anime. The only Western TV series I can think of in recent years that I've finished is Breaking Bad.

>Hobbies and interests

Games, anime, and recently I've been picking up more manga. Walking and geocaching, though neither is something I do regularly anymore. Japanese, though I've temporarily stalled studying. Messing around with Linux and Android until the past year.

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

I'm not entirely sure. A friend in general, to begin with. I honestly just want someone to talk to and maybe someone to play games with from time to time.


Nothing in particular, at least nothing I feel like writing here

>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say

I second guess myself a lot, I tend to ramble, and occasionally I can come off as callous. So keep that in mind.

I live in Central Florida. I'm a college student and I'll be transferring to North Florida this coming fall.

>Contact (Mail, Skype, Discord, Steam)

Discord: nko#6494

Steam: doffymingo

Twitter: @letheiaaletheia

MAL: letheiaaletheia


>Favorite anime


>Favorite vidya

The Whispered World

>Favorite music


>Favorite books

The Great Gatsby

>Favorite TV series

Comic: Avatar

Real: Dinosaurs

>Hobbies and interests

Reading, Collecting, Lego, waste time

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

I don't know.


Not important

>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say


>Contact (Mail, Skype, Discord, Steam)



>posted email weeks ago

>no one ever replied to my emails

nigga goin thru a lot rn


File: 9094776ecead0a0⋯.jpg (587.14 KB, 880x1200, 11:15, Syarocolonthree.jpg)

I forgot my cute picture


One of the people I met in here died yesterday, I think. I'm not sure but I'm fearing for the worst.



How do you know he died?



I don't.

He wasn't feeling all too well on Sunday and hasn't shown up since then, which is very unusual, so I suspect it's something quite grave.

I have no other way to reach out to him, or know people who do, like family or other close friends; in fact, I wouldn't put it past his next of kin to harm him. I'm worried sick.



I'm sorry to hear that anon! I hope it turns out he's alright. Maybe he's just busy with something? I'll be here if you need someone to talk to.



Thank you.


File: 9c1b728a0b4b2e6⋯.png (331.34 KB, 983x1400, 983:1400, takagi texting.png)

>Favorite anime

Cowoy Bebop + Knockin' on Heaven's Door, FLCL, Neon Genesis Evangelion + End of Evangelion, Tatami Galaxy, Welcome to the NHK, Urusei Yatsura

>Favorite vidya

This usually changes around a lot, but right now I've been playing a lot of Dota 2 and Stardew Valley

>Favorite music

Video Game + Anime OSTs, Future Funk, and Lo-Fi

>Favorite books

Berserk, Vagabond, Tsugumomo, Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san

>Favorite TV series

Don't watch TV anymore cause of online videos, but back in the day, I used to wake up in the middle of the night and watch whatever was on Adult Swim

>Hobbies and interests

Games, Manga, Anime, and Writing when I'm not being lazy

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

I-I don't know. As long as you aren't judgemental, we're cool


Vanilla but leaning towards gentle femdom: aggressive cuddling, tickling, caressing each other, hand holding, eye contact, genuinely enjoying each other's company

damn, I'm lonely

>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say

Currently in college right now, but I have a lot of free time so I'm online pretty much all the time unless I'm in class or asleep

>Contact (Mail, Skype, Discord, Steam)

Discord: sodaT#9457


File: 4686edfecd6e751⋯.jpg (447.75 KB, 1280x885, 256:177, 1482391798934.jpg)

Has anyone made a friend here? It looks to me that everyone's just posting and never reading and waiting for someone to mail them and never taking the initiative themselves.

I know because I'm exactly like that…



I've added and contacted many people here. For example the one above your post.


File: 4d73a9f6e7b8fc8⋯.png (242.64 KB, 2502x3344, 1251:1672, 1381853567373.png)



What exactly constitutes a friend though? And for how long've you kept them?


File: 745258a38a1bf3e⋯.png (9.22 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)


I'm a really old poster here and I haven't ever posted my contact details here. If the board values anonymity, why should I assume a username to talk to other usernames?

The last time I assumed a username and avatar and befriended other anons wearing usernames and avatars, I became a shitposting friendgot and started developing feels for one of them. So no need to do that again.


File: b05e207e0ce4059⋯.png (219.99 KB, 1008x1423, 1008:1423, yryrhug.png)

>Favorite anime

Haibane Renmei, though I don't watch much anime anymore.

>Favorite vidya

Half-Life, Doom, basically old FPS games in general. Touhou as well. Again, though, I never feel like playing games anymore.

>Favorite music

Psych rock, prog rock, and anything related. I really like Pink Floyd and The Beatles.

>Favorite books

Animal Farm, Norwegian Wood, No Longer Human. Some others I'm probably forgetting, but my concentration has gotten so bad that I haven't read anything serious in a long time.

>Favorite TV series

I'm afraid I don't watch much TV!

>Hobbies and interests

Music (play guitar and piano among other things), art (painting), game design, Japan, philosophy, psychology. A lot of dull stuff, honestly.

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

Really I'd just like someone to talk to on and off so I don't feel crushed by loneliness and isolation. Anything more than that is a welcome bonus.


Cute boys.

>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say

I'm pretty easygoing and calm. Sometimes I get caught up in things and forget to reply, so bear that in mind.

>Contact (Mail, Skype, Discord, Steam)

Discord: anomie#3749


File: 6551f950e8b149f⋯.png (58.75 KB, 600x528, 25:22, hibiki ohayou.png)

>Favorite anime Only anime games, I don't like passive activities like shows.

>Favorite vidya Metroid Prime. Quake 3. Sonic Racing Transformed.

>Favorite music I don't like the noises.

>Favorite books I don't read a lot anymore maybe Foundation.

>Favorite TV series I don't like television.

>Hobbies and interests I only like gaming.

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found I never get lonely, but ye people I have a good rapport with would be good.

>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say I'm never going to voice chat.

>Contact (Mail, Skype, Discord, Steam) /profiles/76561197993155304/


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>Favorite anime/manga

Haibane Renmei, Gurren Lagann, Serial Experiments Lain, Trigun, Welcome to the NHK, Chuunibyou

>Favorite vidya

Terranigma, Corpse Party, Undertale, Yume Nikki, Seiken Densetsu 3, Touhou

>Favorite music

Depends on my mood. I prefer silence most of the time or sounds outside from nature.

>Favorite books

Holy Bible

>Hobbies and interests

Painting, programming, pillows, singing, dancing, and meditating

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

One that's free from entanglement, no attachment. People get sad I don't need them since I'm on a spiritual path of dissolving everything of who I am. I'd like to meet someone who is also seeking their liberation from this world and help each other progress.

>Anything else you'd like to share

I don't usually talk to people unless it's necessary but I always welcome company.


Skype: paishii

dA: xicoot

Discord: paixi#4790


>Favorite anime

LOGH, though I've been really liking Yuri on Ice, and I watch other sports anime often.

>Favorite vidya

Metro, DOOM, SWBF2

>Favorite music

Black Metal, Neofolk, Prog Rock, Baroque, Early Music, Cloud Rap, Synthwave

>Favorite books

The Anatomy of Melancholy, The Histories, Confessions of an English Opium Eater, A Confederacy of Dunces

>Favorite TV series

Red Dwarf, DS9

>Hobbies and interests

Lifting, Reading, Latin, and Ancient Greek, History, anything outdoors. I once had other hobbies, though for some reason they seemed to lose all their spark, and so I stopped.

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

I suppose I'd just like someone to talk to, who could recommend me things, and I them. I enjoy being able to talk to people about things as a kind of exploration, rather than some sort of contest or battle.


Cuddling, and light kissing

>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say

I don't mean to be rude, or seem disinterested by being slow to respond, or not saying much, it's just that talking tires me immensely and I often can't think of anything to say.

>Contact (Mail, Skype, Discord, Steam)




Are you sure the tag you posted is correct?



you sound very nice I'd like to be your friend!



I posted here like 2 months ago and never got any emails.


File: 9fc6e72dc3845e1⋯.gif (495.89 KB, 500x269, 500:269, yeay.gif)


>Favorite anime

Cowboy Bebop, FLCL, Nichijou

>Favorite vidya

The wind waker, Hotline Miami, recently

>Favorite music

Alternative rock, Indie, House… But i'm open to all kind of music

>Favorite books

The royal game, by Zweig

Whatever, by Houellbecq

>Favorite TV series

I don't watch TV, but i really liked the stargate franchise

>Hobbies and interests

Discovering new music, watching movies, running

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

Someone I can talk to about almost anythingI'd like to improve my english, since it's not my mother tongue


Nothing special

>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say

I'm french.

>Contact (Mail, Skype, Discord, Steam)



File: 86a28b4d21e8c19⋯.jpg (38.62 KB, 391x254, 391:254, moe yawndere.jpg)

I've been sitting in the /kind/ chat for days but only the admin regularly joins, won't someone come chat with us?



File: 214c391fed15c21⋯.png (6.83 KB, 364x449, 364:449, richard.png)

>ctrl + f hotline miami

>6 results

does /kind/ like hurting other people?



It's more like this thread is awfully full of normalfriends. A bit disgusting if you'd like me to be honest.


File: 8f3b2864b5fa876⋯.gif (2.71 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 8f3b2864b5fa87633c8742cabe….gif)

Would anyone here want to be my friend and watch anime, play games and be nice to each other?

I'm currently playing a lot of Overwatch (but I play lots of games) and it would be fun if I could find someone cute to play it with.

If you are interested could you please email me at colonthreeanon[at]outlook.com




Fill in the full questionnaire you lazy bum.




Maybe we need to make a libre Hotline Miami, but you play as a catboi and your weapons are nuzzly cuddles and scruffily soft paws and missions to save Miami from sads addictions.




You should do the questionnaire but it otherwise started out good. Then this:

>and it would be fun if I could find someone cute to play it with.

I get the vibe that this implies some kind of homoerotecism? You are not one of those pederasts, are you? Or delusional, as in thinking there are girls here ;_;



You can have fun playing games with cuteboys and it not be homoerotic. The cuteness means less they're likely to be a bulli. Also, boys as in male not boys as in children. Also, there are literal cis girls on /kind/. (not them btw, just typing words)



>Also, boys as in male not boys as in children.

But why anon? Why would you say that? Homos like to fiddle the children. If your child gets fiddled by someone more likely than not it was a homo. Do you even read crime statistics?



>implying pedos molesting kids has anything to do with people looking for friends on a site aimed at 18+ age groups.

Anyway, if your child gets fiddled by someone more likely than not it was a relative or some priest with institutional powers to help them get away with it. The relative most likely having been abused themselves as a child or just a druggo.

Real homos fuck men, not whiny annoying punk faced snot nosed kids.


File: 23e261ce2c320bc⋯.jpeg (549.34 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 350555ec27a241d128361e0cb….jpeg)


I hope this doesn't classify as shilling, but the /kind/ Skype group is very active. We're even active on Cytube as well.

Pic somewhat related, as we watched it together recently.



Isn't it just /pol/chat?



Of course not

Is very kindish! Really!


File: fdf05fc621dd76a⋯.png (46.45 KB, 288x431, 288:431, tsih.png)

We've made a new Discord server, this is maybe the 4th one for /kind/, but I asked the board owner personally about this new one, so consider this one the official one.


Due to the current configuration of the server (I'm still working on it), any newcomer needs to be granted posting permission by an administrator, so personally message one of them once you join and if you're interested. Please be patient, you will be processed as soon as possible.



If anyone is interested this is me, (I'm in the group, not a mod tho) but, anyways >>34503



I wish I could join you friends, maybe in the future!



>newcomers need to be granted posting permission by an administrator

Any idea when this won't be the case?



Since yesterday. You can join freely now.



Updating the last part!

My Discord is currently Dingodile#1682

And my Twitter is https://twitter.com/Session_Expired


>Favorite anime

Welcome to the NHK!, Death Note, Jin-Roh

>Favorite vidya

I haven't played any vidya in a long time. I like strategy games.

>Favorite music

Instrumental, no specific composers. I tend to judge on a song by song basis.

>Favorite books

I prefer to read journal articles, Wikipedia pages etc. due to my limited attention span.

>Favorite TV series

Mr. Robot, due to a personal connection with an old friend.

>Hobbies and interests

I am interested in physics, philosophy, biology, psychology, politics, mathematics, coding, drawing etc. etc. It really depends on what topic is being presented and how it is presented.

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

Someone with high emotional intelligence.



>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say

I am depressed and anxious in general. I also have Aspergers. Keep these factors in mind if you decide to approach. I do not want to bore you or cause any harm.

>Contact (Mail, Skype, Discord, Steam)

Discord = Red Riding Hood#0444

Reply to this post if you want me to get in contact with you for some reason.




Do you have telegram or kik? Or Skype?



Skype: mamori-kami


File: 942ef15b74cfead⋯.jpg (78.74 KB, 500x480, 25:24, 942ef15b74cfeadb22279a6072….jpg)

>Favorite anime

Do not think bad of me, but I really like Bleach and somehow Sword Art Online, (because it is cliché).

>Favorite vidya

I do love Mega Man, and I like playing real time strategy games, Age of Empires II, Hearts of Iron III, or Superpower 2. Oh, and I also like Starbound (it gives me a sense of tranquility) and Terraria.

>Favorite music

I like a lot of musical styles, I cannot say, but the artists who composed Hotline Miami's soundtrack are really nice sounding.

>Favorite books

Adolf Hitler's My Struggle is a nice read as Ghaddafi's The Green Book and Perón's La Hora de los Pueblos.

>Favorite TV series

I do not watch television.

>Hobbies and interests

I am going to start working my ass out, so I can become fit, as well as start reading a lot of /pol/'s favorites. Gotta get me a Kindle! I would love to collect coins for fun, or teach myself programming and computer assembly.

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

A female friend to seriously talk to with philosophical chats, secret trusting and a comfy chat.


Girls one year younger than me, me closing the door and turning the lights off, and making it a secret. Blondes and strawberry blondes, redheads… I can think of lovely sex.

>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm… I do not know what to say, sorry!

>Contact (Mail, Skype, Discord, Steam)

Of course! If you want to e-mail, my e-mail is demorace at airmail dot cc. You can add me as a friend and chat with me on Discord, demorace#3036 is my username. My Steam profile is http://steamcommunity.com/id/uvizachan for you to add me if you want.


File: a2fa7fd2f8e1530⋯.png (720.56 KB, 550x738, 275:369, a2fa7fd2f8e1530b6d29fcd91a….png)


>or More!


>Favorite anime

Space Dandy.

Initial D is a close second.

>Favorite vidya

Pokemon or Super Smash Brothers.

I really like games with a casual vibe that allow me to have fun with them while I improve.

>Favorite music

Electronic and all it's micro genres.

>Favorite books

Does manga count?

I like JoJo's and Mob Psycho 100.

>Favorite TV series

Currently? Samurai Jack.

Don't watch a whole lot of TV anymore, what with the internet and all.

>Hobbies and interests

Video games! I'm also very interested in music.

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

Just a normal friendship where we talk about interesting things and help each other grow as people!


Delete this.

>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say

P-Please don't judge me.

>Contact (Mail, Skype, Discord, Steam)

Steam is HoodyFrutti.


File: f243dcd53f84d1d⋯.gif (253.59 KB, 500x493, 500:493, 1465187903551.gif)


>Favorite anime

fate,eva,yuru yuri

>Favorite vidya

dark souls

>Favorite music

video game osts and anime ops and endings

>Favorite books

i dont really read books

>Favorite TV series

dont watch tv or tv series

>Hobbies and interests

vidya and i draw sometimes

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

comfy friend to play video games with and talk to but not be lewd to me


dont really have one

>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say


>Contact (Mail, Skype, Discord, Steam)

discord: akari~n#4723


File: da0e5af29cfe4f2⋯.png (25.18 KB, 97x93, 97:93, 1.PNG)


Eureka Seven,


I have a particular fondness for hack and slash games in the vein of god of war or revengance, I also adore shooters of all sorts. Honestly I wouldn't mind anything as long as I'm not alone!

>Favorite Music

I like such a variety it'd be hard to pin down

Shoegaze, Punk, EDMs of all sorts, Jazz, Funk and even more!

>Favorite Book

Infinite Jest is the most sincere and naively authentic stuff ever! I also have a particular fondness for philosophy :D

>Favorite TV series

Anything I can watch with you~

>Hobbies and Interests

I spin pens


I don't mind who you are or what you're looking for, I just want some friends and stuff!


That just so happens to be for you to figure out

>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say

Let's totally wreck shit together!


Steam : Horrormirth


File: 81204f590abce9c⋯.png (40.92 KB, 158x149, 158:149, 4.PNG)


Oh gosh I forgot the friendo bit >_<

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

I've become incredibly lonely and isolated, I just want someone to talk to is all.

Well, actually I want someone to talk to me, in a way. I'm not socially capable enough to say hi to people nor actively start conversation.


File: 87c972534b88645⋯.gif (342.49 KB, 480x265, 96:53, pokeKirby1.gif)


hi bb. how ur doing this fine day?


File: 69a6456e1048353⋯.jpg (51.39 KB, 850x850, 1:1, e94b15d82101189677c22aaa8c….jpg)

>Favorite anime

Lain, Kaiji, Non Non Biyori

>Favorite vidya

gsg stuff, mount and blade, i also like rpgs like age of decadence

>Favorite music

Ween, death in june, weeb music

>Favorite books

the only book i finished was 1984

>Favorite TV series

Breaking Bad, i liked the sopranos i guess

>Hobbies and interests

coding, I'm trying to go to the gym now, sometimes I start learning languages but so far I always lost motivation

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

I just want a friend to play games/watch anime with.

>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say

>Contact (Mail, Skype, Discord, Steam)




myanimelist: https://myanimelist.net/profile/Fuminori-kun


File: db05627262e394f⋯.png (261.55 KB, 520x332, 130:83, 3.PNG)


My day was ever so lovely, thank you!


File: 33fe743ad9f9d91⋯.png (282.59 KB, 1014x542, 507:271, tfw.png)

File: 6b50f79bb367dea⋯.png (254.47 KB, 500x722, 250:361, real-paradise-lies-eternal….png)

File: 4d85a1c56cced5e⋯.jpg (103.99 KB, 597x593, 597:593, moe.jpg)

>Favorite anime

Kaiba, Universal Century Gundam (0079, Zeta, CCA), Super Dimension Fortress Macross, Welcome to the NHK!, Ringing Bell, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Project A-Ko, Mobile Police Patlabor, Night on the Galactic Express, Urusei Yatsura 2: Beautiful Dreamer (my favorite movie)

>Favorite vidya

Final Fantasy, The Secret of Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle, YS 1&2, YU-NO, Tactics Ogre, Yoshi's Island, Cave Story, Resident Evil REmake, Symphony of the Night, Hellnight, Space Harrier

>Favorite music

Brian Wilson, Frank Zappa, The Mummers, Phil Spector, Peter Gabriel, Paul Steel, XTC, Cornelius, Coil, Animl Collective, The Beatles, Gershwin, Bach (I'm actually just beginning to get into classical music and am really enjoying it so far)

>Favorite books/comics

Collected Fairy Tales by Hans Christian Andersen or The Brothers Grimm, The Amazing Spider-Man issues #1 to about #70-ish?, Gekiga manga by Tezuka and Tatsumi, Inio Asano, I also enjoy most of the stuff by JD Salinger

>Favorite Movies (fuck tv series I don't watch those)

Star Wars (episodes 1-6 are the most amazing things I have ever seen in my life), Indiana Jones movies (the other most amazing things I have ever seen in my life), Umbrellas of Cherbourg & Young Girls of Rochefort, Midnight Cowboy, King Kong (1933), Farewell My Concubine, Jules and Jim, The Best Years of Our Lives, The Social Network, Summer of '42

>Hobbies and interests

writing, purity, memetics: societal and memetics: shitposting (this one is more fun lol), individuality, pre-Eva anime, retro games, passion, new and interesting ideas, "singing", linguistic experiments, old-school animation like Tex Avery/Bob Clampett stuff and Fleischer Studios


I'm not a very sexual person. I guess I find intimacy attractive.

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

I'd like to have a friend who is open-minded, empathetic, curious, and kind. Someone who could help me intellectually grow would be cool too, I guess. I have a ginormous crush on Eugenia Cooney's personality (pic related, don't laugh but I have my reasons, no not cuz of anorexia lol); that would be the ideal person I'd like to interact with, male or female, haha. Someone who could teach me about classical music a bit could work also.

>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say

I am autistically obsessed with Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys and if we become close enough friends then I will make you marathon his albums and watch documentaries about him for a night.

>Contact (Mail, Skype, Discord, Steam)

discord: KamilleBidan#2622 (usually i go by Piper#2622 though)

skype: idlyshaving



Rarely do I get the chance to see bait so fresh!



I'm glad ^_^



huh how am I baiting.

That's not a very kind assumption.


Has anyone managed to make a meaningful relationship from this thread? Or is the thread nothing but everyone waiting for someone to mail them and no one ever doing it because they are waiting for someone else to do it instead?



>meaningful relationship

Meaning is what you make it.

For what it's worth, I've made some good friends from /kind/, although the board was less dead then.



I made some friends here, but they didn't last because I lost interest in friendship in general.

I've sent people friend requests and emails. Several people have sent me friend requests too.


File: 02fc7bb68728d93⋯.gif (2.17 MB, 500x500, 1:1, gabu faces.gif)

I'm not sure where else to ask this so I will just put it here. Is Bakersfield anon still around?



Don't worry, Kami, there are several shillbullies here. :^(


File: 68e00ddd1c5c1f2⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1406433512903.png)

Uh, you don't get to bring friends


File: e2cf3a6bf00a521⋯.jpg (85.99 KB, 720x720, 1:1, IMG_2770.JPG)

>Favorite Anime

It's been a while. I tend to like moe shit.

>Favorite Vidya

Whatever can pass the time. RPG's are fun. I'm bad at games though.

>Favorite Music

60's Pop/Rock, Early 70's Rock

>Favorite Books

I don't really read. I never get through books.

>Favorite T.V. Series

I don't watch much T.V., usually just the news. I enjoy Sylvester Stallone's movies.


I like to hike and stuff when I can. I like to go to antique stores, even though I usually don't buy anything. I like history, with a current interest on the bronze age.

I know the basics of music, so if you wanted to learn about that I could help you.

I don't make music anymore, but I'd like to learn the drums. I have a bit of experience on the piano and the baritone/euphonium, but I know just the very basics of the instruments.

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

I'd like somebody to talk to about anything. Daily would be nice, but I don't mind if it's not.

>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say

I can be a bit mean or rude. That shouldn't be a problem though. I'm very new to this board, I came from /cute/ since I know that we are friends. I probably won't start a conversation, since I'd worry about being a distraction. I also get a bit paranoid that my friends don't actually like me, but stick around because they feel bad for me, so if you don't like me just tell me. I'd understand.


I will use kik since it's easiest for me. I hope this isn't an issue.

Kik: wreckedsafe420


File: 07cf7a468d52357⋯.jpg (280.94 KB, 1750x1750, 1:1, 1490762317510.jpg)


update: i now have a discord.

discord: tomok#6949


>Favorite anime

I don't watch anime

>Favorite vidya

Hotline Miami, occasionally Warthunder

>Favorite music

70's rock, Classical music

>Favorite books

Notes from Underground, Les fleurs du mal, In Search of Lost Time, the Double, other local works probably nobody knows here

>Favorite TV series

Seinfeld, Breaking Bad, BCS

>Hobbies and interests

Vidya, reading, poetry, drawing

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

Open and sincere, possibly intimate.

>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say

I'm very shy and paranoid.

>Contact (Mail, Skype, Discord, Steam)

Mail: abrahamhammerdown@gmail.com



I have Tox.


File: 9ef723b6bd6b836⋯.jpg (123.15 KB, 490x540, 49:54, 1321774641631.jpg)

>Favorite anime

I have quite a few I like, but I'll go with Baccano! for the thread.

>Favorite vidya

Armored Core series. It's hard to be a fan.

>Favorite music

Things with great instrumentals, usually chill but I'll listen to lots of stuff. No radio pop or rap crap though.

>Favorite books

Too many to list. I mostly stick to books that inform about a subject or the classics.

>Favorite TV series

I don't watch tv. There were a few cartoons I liked but none of them come to the forefront as being a favorite.

>Hobbies and interests

Reading and vidya, mostly.

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

Someone who has my back as much as I'd have theirs. Everyone seems to be a backstabber/liar/whatever nowadays.

>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say

Everyone needs a hug sometimes.

>Contact (Mail, Skype, Discord, Steam)

I have a Tox ID but I'll keep it to myself for now. There's bullies out there.


File: 4c4c45d98e247e5⋯.jpg (96.03 KB, 1200x673, 1200:673, 1472326395859.jpg)

>Favorite anime

Oban Star Racers currently. It counts. But I also dig Outlaw Star, Android Kikaider the Animation, Space Dandy, and Dragon Ball Z.

>Favorite vidya

Alot of Sonic games. Mainly Rush and R. (It's not bad honest)

>Favorite music

Ska music, mainly. Goldfinger, Less than Jake, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, and that stuff. Though I also like Smooth Jazz (Down to the Bone) and alot of 80/90s japanese synthpop. Chiptune too.

>Favorite books

not as crazy as i seem by george harrar, or speak by laurie halse anderson

>Favorite TV series

Daria, Mission Hill,Megas XLR, Clerks the Animated Series, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

>Hobbies and interests

I draw sometimes. I'm also not too bad at video editing but I mainly just make fake Toonami bumps, though I would like to make reviews of cartoons and anime. I also make chiptune covers.

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

Best friend. my insecurities are pushing people away and I'd like to stop that.

>Anything else you'd like to share you think it's relevant to say

I think I have some depression or anxiety issues. Sorry in advance if I get clingy.

>Contact (Mail, Skype, Discord, Steam)

Discord: KasshuCashrewd #1687



Source for that image?


>Favorite anime

Death Note or Watamote or Future Diary, does Astro Boy from 2003 count?

>Favorite vidya

Skyrim/Little Big Planet, but right now I'm playing Stardew Valley

>Favorite music

Shitloads, I used to like Nickelback when I was 8 but since then I've diversified. Most often I'll listen to 90's rap and rock but I'm enjoying more older stuff like Vashti Bunyan or Johnny Mathis. My favorite band is Deftones without a doubt.

>Favorite books

I haven't read as much as I should, but I remember loving The Road by Cormac McCarthy.

>Favorite TV series

The Boondocks

>Hobbies and interests

Playing guitar, making music, drawing and other creative stuff.

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

Just someone who is interesting enough that I want to keep up the friendship.

>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say

I'm a hunk.

>Contact (Mail, Skype, Discord, Steam)

Discord - Mouseanon #1595





Change in plan~

Do hit me up, I'd be more than happy to have you as a friend!!!



I have a discord too.

Wreckedsafe #4810


File: b1d7c6291407a16⋯.jpg (91 KB, 724x1024, 181:256, 5ac576a96895289440bdc7029b….jpg)

Chat with nice friends, get comfy and watch pedophiles get caught.




warning: don't ever add this guy. very /unkind/





File: ed6a22e8ff36e6f⋯.png (104.32 KB, 866x800, 433:400, richfags.png)


>Favorite anime

I don't watch any anime. There is Dragonball, but I read the Manga. And a bit of Naruto, because my brother watched it on TV often.

I am not going to start watching any, except together with a friend. I don't really like to see all this media on my own anymore. It's more fun with a friend.

>Favorite vidya

Thief the Dark Project. Ahtmosphere is still great, particulary because of the sound design. Stealth mechanics that are to this day unrivaled for that type of stealth. I like it more than 2, because of the spoopy missions. Getting scared is fun. The Horror is better than any amnesia type horror game of today and that is honestly embarassing.

>Favorite music

Instrumental Metal. Some Techno. Epic classical music.

>Favorite books

Honestly I have become somewhat of a Degenerate and am not reading as much as I want. Internet and School kinda fucked me in that regard. I love Joe Abercrombie's first law triology though.

>Favorite TV series

That is much harder to answer. Firefly or the first season of Game of Thrones, I'd say.

>Hobbies and interests

Riding my bicycle, Urban Exploration, Board Games

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

I am open for whatever. gf too would be nice, but I doubt I will find her here. I also would like to have a friend where we have more points of contact with each other than just sharing a hobby together.

>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say

You guys should really post which country you are from. I am from West Germany. I don't really need more internet friends from outside of it. I would like to have the potential of meeting up. I don't really feel that akward or anxious when doing social stuff anymore, so the date when we would be meeting up would be up to you. Would be nice to get to know each other online first.

>Contact (Mail, Skype, Discord, Steam)

Not going to post my skype or Discod directly, but I will give it out over my Email. Feel free to still send me one if this post is many months old. bethod@tuta.io


File: a62d4f9ec1637d1⋯.jpg (2.88 MB, 4707x3333, 1569:1111, 1436648732052.jpg)


I don't know of you're still around but I sent you an email. please respond







It's actually pretty ridiculous how big of an Empire Rome was.



I feel sorry for the road builders. It must have been tedious as hell building a road, even a short distance between two cities.



Oh, I sent you an e-mail but I failed to realize your post was last year. Sorry, mail me back if you ever check this post!


Friends aren't real. I'm better off without them anyways.


add me jim… or else



Animu: Jojo's and DBZ

Vidya: Megaman Battle Network and Megaman Starforce

Music: Music Playlists from my YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmI0Hu8jVCsiw1YtYZkP0Tvrp_28RkVtV


Books: Educational/Academic

TV: Bones and Gumball

Hobbies: Expanding my knowledge.

I just want mutual understanding a respect for privacy.

I don't know if relevant but I have mild Aspergers and I've never lost my V-Card.

Discord for my YT Channel https://discord.gg/sMwtcat


File: 89ebd98c37d0965⋯.jpg (1.23 MB, 1183x1750, 169:250, horimiya59.jpg)

>Favorite anime


>Favorite vidya

Probably ffxiv… I play too much of it….

>Favorite music

I love old Vocaloid songs, some kpop…. not a lot of western music….

>Favorite books

I like garbage light novels, unfortunately………

>Favorite TV series

It's been a while since I watched TV so probably House MD?

>Hobbies and interests

I mostly just play videogames all day if I'm not working ;__;

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

Mutual head-patting!

>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say

I really want to meet some people near me! I really miss having friends in real life, and between two jobs it gets lonely.


e-mail me at llyranaaa@gmail.com! I have a Discord that I use really often, but don't really want to share it publicly. Also a Steam but I'm never on…



Where are you from?



From Canada! What about you, friend?



Ireland, sorry!


File: 72d024c48f31593⋯.jpg (44.5 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault2.jpg)


>Favorite anime

Dragon Ball Z, Watamote

>Favorite vidya

I like RPGs and action adventure games, like Undertale, Persona, SMT, Pokemon, InFamous, Nier, etc but I pretty much like any genre of gaming except for FPS and MMOs

>Favorite music

Metal, Rock, and Vaporwave

>Favorite books

The only book I've read recently that was pretty good was 1984 but other than that, I pretty much read

>Favorite TV series

Only current TV series I watch is Rick and Morty

>Hobbies and interests

Playing video games, jerking off, shitposting. Basically, wasting time instead of improving myself.

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found


>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say

I forget to respond sometimes, and I might remove you if we end up never talking past the first convo.

>Contact (Mail, Skype, Discord, Steam)

Discord: frostyflora#4812

Skype: overlordwesley



are you German?



No, I'm in the US.


Hi! My little group of Internet friends needs some more members. We would like folks who are familiar with *Chan culture but like to be nice. It's an ongoing chat where we make small talk and let off steam. Platform is Wire, a new app that's like Skype but not bloated.

If interested, please add @egghead


>Favorite anime

eva, serial experiments lain, yuru yuri, no game no life

>Favorite vidya

I don't play vidya much but I liked va-11 hall-a

>Favorite music

I could talk for hours about this, in general I like black metal, punk, jazz, experimental techno, jungle, breakcore, idm, ambient, vaporwave, hip hop and whatever death grips is classified as.

>Favorite books

the stranger, necromancer, hitchhikers guide to the galaxy. I really need to get back into reading more

>Favorite TV series

I don't really watch tv much, but I like some adult swim stuff like the eric andre show, mde world peace etc

>Hobbies and interests

I play guitar and make a lot of music, I like to fiddle with playing cards, play kendama, I'm learning about gnu/linux right now although I'm not very good

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

I just want a bro my dude

>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say

not really

>Contact (Mail, Skype, Discord, Steam)



Jim I swear to heck you better accept my friend request on Steam or I'll post your photos…


>Favorite anime

i dont watch it

>Favorite vidya

browser games

>Favorite music

sotaisei riron

>Favorite books

scientific or pop-scientific

>Favorite TV series

i dont watch it

>Hobbies and interests

philosophy, herping, psychiatry

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

i want gf tbqh

>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say

i want you to reply to this post if you are interested in me, i want someone with same interests

>Contact (Mail, Skype, Discord, Steam)



File: 12b72d7619f96e0⋯.jpeg (54.55 KB, 491x411, 491:411, image.jpeg)


>Favorite anime


>Favorite vidya

Classic Doom and Morrowind

>Favorite music

Hip-hop, trip-hop, rock

>Favorite books


>Favorite TV series

Legend of Korra

>Hobbies and interests

I skate alot, but my axles need fixing

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

Just a friend to idly chat with day to day, nothing more.

>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say

I'm a furfriend. :>)

I work alot and this keeps me away from a computer. If you're interested expect some delays in communication from time to time.

>Contact (Mail, Skype, Discord, Steam)








File: 4cbf765d15a535a⋯.jpg (14.35 KB, 480x246, 80:41, Jamie the Dragonslayer.jpg)




on the internet, you can talk with anyone anywhere in the world, so it doesn't really matter where someone is from in my opinion, unless you want to meet them in person



I'd like there to be the option and it's just useful information in general.


Is there any active discord floating around, friendos? I'm lonely :(



fuck you :(

No one sent me a single message and now you want a group?

How about talking to the people here?



Hi friend. What's up? How's your day been so far?



I want a gf. That's how it's going.



It's stupid to define yourself by that which you don't have


File: e376944b474990b⋯.jpg (55.28 KB, 500x429, 500:429, e3d184564b71ba324674dd4e2b….jpg)

>Favorite anime

I don't really watch a lot of anime. I liked No. 6 because I was a lil fujo at some point, and I like paradise kiss' style, but I didn't find them to be amazing shows by any means. Open to recommendations! I love a lot of anime characters/monster girls/kemono shit, just don't usually find myself watching entire series (watching Death Note with my gf rn tho)

>Favorite vidya

CS:GO, super excited for Destiny 2, MapleStory, getting Rainbow Six: Siege soon, COD:IW. Lots of bro shooters right now but I love RPGs, specifically turn based ones or platformers.

>Favorite music

Uplifting trance/pop/emo/pop punk/folk

>Favorite books

I wanna read warrior cats soon (I'm 21 years old though lol)

>Favorite TV series

Vikings was pretty good, though I got tired of it. I also liked the Office a ton. I watch a ton of TV every night with my gf/friends, so if you're into watching shows with others, please hit me up!

>Hobbies and interests

Working on a platformer with my gf, I'm doing animation mostly. I also love shitty, unpopular games and doodling from time to time. I run a discord server and I'm furry trash.

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

I dunno, someone who prefers chatting to VC, though is down to VC, likes the bantz, just likes to dick around in games, posts animu/furry shit.

>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say

im scratching my butt

i like orcs

>Contact (Mail, Skype, Discord, Steam)

឵឵#6929 the characters don't really display on some PCs. If you have trouble, give me yours!


I'm easier to contact on discord but whatever works :-)



I posted one in >>>7089 , not official obvs but it is a small, established group.


If you have discord or steam be my friend!


I liked armored core, only played 2/nexus/4, i thiiink, though.

Play any PC games?


File: d5f98adc7c5b374⋯.png (459.82 KB, 700x773, 700:773, nyannyan.PNG)



I agree, it would have been better if everyone had said where they're from. Meet-ups are the best!


There are a couple of different Skype, Steam, and Discord groups as I understand it! I don't know if it's acceptable to post invite links here, mods have apparently been sensitive about it in the past. I'm active in the /Kind/ Discord that used to be a Skype group.

I don't really have the patience to fill out the form right now but if anyone wants to talk about things I am CipherDidThis1984#4422 on Discord. I'm in The Netherlands!



There was a map thread a while back. Maybe a thread like that should be resurrected


File: 0463859a2ba2c3e⋯.jpg (19.96 KB, 403x403, 1:1, satania.jpg)



post your info then!



what did he do? how can you prove he did anything wrong? btw turns out most people here are hypocritical as shit so don't be surprised people here carry a social mask and a very "evil" personality. asocial personality disorder pairs best with being a channer

btw they say the same about me just because i served true justice on a very unkind pal a couple of months ago. oh and because i described my fetishes (see uvizachan above) are cringy af (i agree but it was an inside pun with some friends of mine).



Oh you don't actually want a girlfriend, do you? You'll regret having your freedom being put to waste for a girl, man.

Look, it's OK if you never had one and say "i want to experience this". i said that too, like ten times and now i want to kill myself because i was verbally abused by people i loved and was best to be just friends and verbally abused people was best just being friends. c'mon just be friends and have a couple favors but don't just jump into the action. you'll know when the turn is yours.



it has been a couple of months since all the drama unfolded so my memory is a little foggy but here's what it boils down to:

he kept talking about politics and race, despite me saying multiple times that i am uncomfortable with it. he kept unfriending me for saying i would rather not talk about it. he also called people on /kind/ and my friends friendgots and other insults, after the last time he unfriended me he e-mailed me a letter wishing death on me and my family and that was the last straw for me.


File: 19d5e62b52031fc⋯.jpg (32.08 KB, 680x383, 680:383, LOL threads.jpg)

>I'm an extremely aggressive zealot who can't hold any friends because I get into huge arguments with them over personal and political beliefs

>lost my best and only friend last year after calling him a "fucking degenerate" when I found his FA profile

>now I have nobody


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Same here, but I usually lose internet 'friends' over religious beliefs.



Don't worry, I wish I could talk to you. I think we can reach some friendly agreement, trust me. You have my chance, take it or leave it.

Care to fill the form, please? We could chat a bit on Discord or Steam, maybe even e-mail if you'd prefer that, of course.



Post your info, anon, I would like to be your friend.



He didn't answer the e-mail I sent him last night, but I hope we can become friends and make him a better person.


File: 6b87dd642c0493d⋯.jpg (268.52 KB, 922x691, 922:691, 1498877306687.jpg)

>Favorite anime

I don't watch anime anymore, but I did for about 11 years. I'd have to say my top 5 is: 5. Tatami Galaxy

4. Ping Pong The Animation

3. Initial D

2. Bakemonogatari


>Favorite vidya

Half Life 1, Red Alert 2, FLyFF, Runescape, Pokemon G/S, RB6 Siege

>Favorite music

My tastes haven't expanded recently, I like prog-rock, hiphop, tons of experimental music and 80s/90s rock and metal.

>Favorite books

My favourite books are all in Dutch and most aren't translated.

>Favorite TV series

Star Trek TNG, the X-Files, not a big fan of TV as a format, so I'd rather list movies.

Taxi Driver, Reservoir Dogs, Hateful Eight, Nightcrawler, Drive.

>Hobbies and interests

Philosophy, cars and motorcycles, drugs and pharmacology (I don't partake in recreational use anymore), IT (running my own e-learning company).

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

There are friendships I could describe here, but I feel like it's better to just experience a person for who they are, and over time developing a relationship with them that either person involved would like to engage in.

Specifying otherwise might make stuff feel forced.

>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say

I think that these lists are not a great way to pick and choose new people, I personally am of the opinion that you should just speak to people regardless of what they have entered in their favourites.

Favourite media to consume are not great ways to cultivate deep friendships in my opinion, conversation based around media can run very shallow unless both persons are very devoted and interested in the type of media as a whole.

It might have been counterproductive of me to fill out the form anyways, but I feel that I might scare people off if I don't.

If you're a typical /pol/ poster I'd rather avoid you.

I've lived in the Netherlands for most of my life, now living in Atlantic Canada.

>Contact (Mail, Skype, Discord, Steam)




Confirmed not /kind/.

Added, and all they do is fling around the term normie and talk about how disadvantaged they are in life and how everyone else is just inferior to them.

Pointing out logical fallacies or stating your own opinion in a neutral factual manner is met with blocking and deletion.



you didnt want to talk at all you just wanted to challenge my viewpoint on phones lol and half the shit i said was copypasted too

not in the mood



Sent from iPhone 7 powered by Verizon



Why, isn't that meaningful discussion/talking?

I simply asked you a question and then responded with what I think.

Does someone challenging your viewpoint make them a normie/bad?

Besides, isn't your point that people should put effort into conversations and that mobile phone keyboards stop this, yet you copypaste anyways?

What do you want then? someone who will never challenge you, always says yes and let you go unquestioned? Good luck with that.

For someone who complains about normies, it's awfully normie of you to be incapable of having your viewpoints challenged and your opinions changed.



People can't add you on discord without the hashtag with the number behind your username!



Where your friends also zealously political ?

I remember in high school most who disagreed with me never bothered arguing since they knew I'd win/didn't care enough pure autism, other friends either agreed, were persuaded, or were apathetic.

>I'm an extremely aggressive zealot who can't hold any friends because I get into huge arguments with them over personal and political beliefs

Good Lad.

Personally I can't stand the "based centrist" or those who think we should all get along regardless of political ideals, those people don't tend to realise that almost all political beliefs, even those fiscal, stem from a persons ideals for what society/culture should be like and is highly indicative of their personality I would argue the two are intrinsic due to both being a result of the persons experiences and biological predispositions given form via "rational" thought. before people think this is unkind it is actually telling people how to be around more, albeit subjectively, kind people.

>lost my best and only friend last year after calling him a "fucking degenerate" when I found his FA profile

While it mightn't go down well here, that's definitely a good kinda bullying, I had a friend who was into necro/futa/loli, now after good bullying he's a vannilafriend who is disgusted by lolicons and has a terrifying hatred for NTR

Pity they've drifted away








>Good Lad.

>Personally I can't stand the "based centrist"

That's kind of a false dichotomy to be honest.

I personally can't stand crazy zealous people, yet I'm neither a centrist or someone who believes everyone SHOULD get along.

I am left wing on most issues (outside of the obvious wage gap/BLM-tier meme issues).

The reason why I strongly dislike zealots is because they stand behind a leader or an idea regardless of reason, they ignore reason and debate in favour of pushing their ideology in a prescriptive fashion, people like that are people I'd rather not be around.

It's just plain stupid and it creates tumblr tier echo chambers except for the rightwing/christian/muslim community, yes they exist too, /pol/ is one to be sure.



I should probably clarify myself, I don't disagree with you.

While I don't wanna put words in the anon's mouth I assume he meant passionate as opposed to your interpretation of Zealot, at least that is the case for myself.

Also most "zealots" are somewhat misnomers as in they lack the intelligence to go beyond their current beliefs/behaviours in regards to them and one interpretation of zealot infers they can understand an opposing argument yet ignore it while many believe themselves to have reached the peak of argumentation and knowledge.

In further looking into it, zealous/zealot is actually a very vague and widely interpreted phrase, see below as well

>That's kind of a false dichotomy to be honest.

Apologies if I inferred a dichotomy it wasn't my intention, I was encouraging the argumentation and assuming that if he where losing the friends then even if they themselves held political beliefs they were likely superficial and also held the centrist or all get along mentality, not that all others are like this. My intention was to infer that if one has a good understanding of politics, and a friend, surely they should seek to convince them of their views as most although not all political beliefs tend to have the common factors of more support being better, life being better a certain way, encouraging more moral behaviour etc. This persuasive elements is one interpretation/segment of what can be termed a zealot.

While only tangential to your last point, I wouldn't wholly discredit "echochamber" like places at least in principal most are still terrible while argument and discourse is needed for progress these ideas must first be formulated and enhanced, among those similar one may be more likely to admit fault, whereas in an open forum they are predisposed to defending themselves. Equally many who appear zealous may be calmer in private, the widespread notion that anonymity forces the best ideas to the top via egalitarianism/lack of idolatry is foolish, board culture and puritanism replace it, in private said individuals may act differently when not under aforementioned pressures, or at least have done so in my experience.



usually i would be against what you are doing since fetishes are not bad as long as they don't hurt anyone

but NTR and pedophilia are the exceptions since they are actively hurtful towards one's personality


File: a0359584029772f⋯.jpg (504.53 KB, 1068x864, 89:72, 6464ffcb2732ab2973dcc08bab….jpg)

>Favorite anime

Macross Delta and Danganronpa: The Animation

>Favorite vidya

Starcraft II, Danganronpa, Dynasty Warriors, Original War, and Persona 5

>Favorite music

Prog, Anime and vidya OSTs

>Favorite books

I don't really read much, but its something I'm trying to get into

>Favorite TV series

(see anime)

>Hobbies and interests

I like studying, watching anime, playing soccer, and staying fit

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

Nothing in particular, but most of my friends are females that I've met online and they are all very considerate and nice to me, but I don't have a close IRL male friend that I could more or less call my "bro"


[spoiler]vanilla, leg locking, consensual[spoiler]

>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say

I live in Orlando, FL

I resent normal people

I'm very nice, but too shy to go out and make friends myself.

Most of the time, I'm alone on my PC and would like more friends to keep me company :)

>Contact (Mail, Skype, Discord, Steam)

Steam - korczia Discord - korczia#3164


File: 061cd7ada1e4c46⋯.jpg (165.26 KB, 750x990, 25:33, 123311.jpg)

>Favorite anime

Fooly Cooly, Great Teacher Onizuka, Trigun, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Cowboy Bebop, Serial Experiments Lain, Angel Cop, Welcome to the NHK, Spice and Wolf, Dragon Ball, Area 88, Kill La Kill, Mob Psycho 100.

>Favorite vidya

GTA IV, Shadow of Chernobyl, American McGee's Alice, Far Cry 2, Saints Row 2, Metal Gear saga, Deus Ex, Max Payne, Doom, Rainbow Six Siege, Ghost Recon.

>Favorite music

David Bowie, the music scene of the late 70s and early 80s, and country, I listen to a lot of genres but those 3 are the ones I like the most.

>Favorite books

Fight Club, Black Hawk Down, Sculpting in Time, Journey to the End of the Night, The Green Book, Tropa de Elite, Roadside Picnic.

>Favorite Movies

Fight Club, Apocalypse Now, Donnie Darko, Bad Boys (1983), Streets of Fire, Paths of Glory, Stalker, La Battaglia Di Algeri, Poultrygeist, French New Wave in general, Out of the Blue, Hesher, Black Hawk Down, Ghost Dog: Way of the Samurai, Sicario, Stalingrad (1993), Come and See, SLC Punk, Trainspotting, Luc Besson's films, Amelie, The Aviator, Stroszek, Who Killed Captain Alex, White Sun of the Desert, One Flew Over Cuckoo's Nest, Eyes Wide Shut, The Breakfast Club. I'm not a movie buff nor really care for movies I've just seen a lot.

>Favorite TV series

Twin Peaks, 12 oz. Mouse, MTV's Downtown, Xavier Renegade Angel, Home Movies, Assy McGee.

>Hobbies and interests

Firearms, urbex, small town Americana, obscure wars, 70s (and 80s) CCCP, computers.

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

This is a big and narcissistic question.


BBW but I'm kicking it.

>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say

Ask me what you think is relevant.

>Contact (Mail, Skype, Discord, Steam)

I'm justifiably paranoid posting on a website that allows illegal things and is been deemed more controversial than halfchan so please post yours instead.


File: aa4cbb1ef5f85c1⋯.jpg (96.29 KB, 485x485, 1:1, 1450963484238.jpg)

https://discord.gg/a3mQGe7 Come for friendship!


File: c22d40ecdb39378⋯.jpg (314.85 KB, 952x800, 119:100, 1426269253769.jpg)


Hidamari Sketch. Anything SoL basically, especially anything iyashikei (Tamayura, Flying Witch, etc.)

I like yuri a lot too, Marimite is a favourite of mine


I like fighting games and rhythm games, though I'm not particularly good at either of them. JRPGs I really like too.


Comfy stuff and indie stuff. I like IDM and alt rock. Radiohead and Aphex Twin are probably my favourite musicians.


I haven't read anything in a while.


I've started watching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and it's pretty funny.

>Hobbies and interests

I've picked up cooking and coding, learning Python right now.


I just want more people to talk to


I just made a Discord: yu-no#7241

My Steam id is applesandsquids but I haven't been on in a while



I didn't do anything to him. He always acts superior and he won't tell you if he doesn't want to talk, just keep responding for days and then explode about how he wanted to be left alone, and his opinion of what's politics is anything he doesn't like.

He had a way of getting me to open up and then ramming a knife in when I least expected it, I mean I don't care if you don't want to talk now, just don't then. don't force it or be mean.

He was happy when I chose not to label him horsefucker cause of his fetish, but he took every opportunity to label me something like trailer-trash and even horsefucker later when I told him I watched some of the mlp.

His parents are doctors and he views himself as belonging to a higher class and better than most people.

I did not know he came back here and sabotaged me meeting people. I had no need to do that because I don't need to hurt him. I thought my info was up and I wouldn't need to check back.



I deleted the email because it felt creepy and now that I see your post about it I know why.



I guess he wanted me to take hints by insulting me instead of telling me to stop typing at him. I never got them so it got ugly.



i am very sorry for trying to sabotage you in this thread, i shouldn't have done that, it was very childish of me,

it makes me sad that you think of me in that way. i really didn't intend to come over that way,

hopefully we can bury the hatchet someday


File: da098c303fa60cb⋯.jpg (55.52 KB, 720x720, 1:1, da098c303fa60cbf826571d32f….jpg)

I won't go into too much detail on here because that kind of thing is best left for talking to eachother. I'm 24 and from the UK.

>Favorite anime

I don't know. Haven't seen much anime. Watching Death Note now and it's pretty good. I like Ghibli movies too.

>Favorite vidya

Don't play much. Used to. I really can't pick a favourite but the last few games I played were Donkey Kong Country, Metroid Prime and Luigis Mansion.

>Favorite music

Will listen to anything. Right now guitar stuff like Jason Becker or Malmsteen. Metallica, Opeth, Queen, classical etc anything really.

>Favorite books

I'm not a big reader tbh. I wish I was but my concentration sucks. I like The Hobbit the most though. I recently read The Elfin Ship and it was great.

>Favorite TV series

AAAAHHHHHH! I don't know… Star Trek TNG I guess. I like The X-Files too sometimes but it's kind of a frustrating show because it could be so much better and a lot of it is really bad. Gamecenter CX.

>Hobbies and interests

Playing music. Writing. Reading sometimes. Films. Shows. Trying to find friends.

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

I'd especially like other NEETs and people who can talk a lot. I am doing things in my life but I am very lonely and maybe you are too and we can help eachother not be lonely a bit. I'm in the UK too, so it's best if you are for the sake of time zones. I would still be friends with people who can't talk as much and who aren't in the UK though!

>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say

If you're shy that's OK but I don't like it when I add people and talk to them and they don't give much back tbh… Then it just turns into me asking questions.

>Contact (Mail, Skype, Discord, Steam)




woops made a mistake


no capital D



another update: changed name

now it is nordic#6949


File: 197c48c42a8cd93⋯.png (87.01 KB, 500x280, 25:14, 197c48c42a8cd939c6e055c776….png)



am still looking


File: ffb65f85d7ec5e9⋯.gif (1.57 MB, 500x281, 500:281, 1449847320726.gif)


I sent you a friend request through Discord a few days ago anon. I hope you were able to see it.


File: bc325fe657c4457⋯.gif (37.07 KB, 700x500, 7:5, tumblr_o5m7pah9vZ1sdbgk2o1….gif)


I'm sorry, can you send another one?

I think I declined it because I wasn't in much of a talkative mood


Hi I need a friend right now I really don't feel like filling out everything but I'm happy to talk to anyone. Here's an alt discord account that you can add me at. Happy to answer any questions there.




I NEED a friend

>I don't feel like filling out

>Giving an alt

Who'd want to befriend someone who's not only lazy and selfish but also unwilling to truly put himself out there? How self-centered.


File: 65491b523dedb3f⋯.jpg (393.2 KB, 850x617, 850:617, 45122ce2375a7ffb0bdd1f05a1….jpg)


>Who'd want to befriend

That would be me. I added him early this morning and he was nice, unlike you. Honestly, how petty and small minded must you be to start shit over an internet questionnaire on /kind/ of all places? It's so absurd I can't help but laugh at you.


File: 270e3b504a5d095⋯.png (384.15 KB, 481x454, 481:454, 1438160191562.png)


You've been bamboozled! My post was meant to make someone add him just for a post like yours to reply to me!



>I was only pretending to be an asshole

well fuggg :DDDD


File: 93a9754451ae4e3⋯.jpg (21.94 KB, 500x259, 500:259, frends.jpg)


File: 6087b7c67bc62eb⋯.jpg (387.7 KB, 800x1131, 800:1131, 1503683358361.jpg)


>Favorite anime

I like love-coms and SoLs, so anything by KyoAni, I guess.

>Favorite vidya

I mostly play old games because new ones are expensive. Stuff like Grandia, Threads of Fate, Spyro, Fire Emblem, and Katamari Damacy.

>Favorite music

Anything funky, J-Pop, Jazz, as well as classical music.

>Favorite books

I haven’t read much fiction recently so I’m drawing a blank. The last book I enjoyed was "If This is a Man" by Primo Levi, for what it's worth.

>Favorite TV series

Seinfeld and Star Trek: TOS.

>Hobbies and Interests

Chess, linguistics and classical languages (I have some academic experience with Latin, Greek, and Hebrew, but recently I started learning Middle Egyptian), and history of ideas. I went in for a religious studies degree at university, so I know a bit about that (although I am sadly studying something more practical now and never finished my degree).

>What kind of friendship you’d like or have you looked for but never found

I don’t have many friends, so it would just be nice to have someone to talk to.

>Anything else you’d like to share or you think it’s relevant to say

I have Autism so I may come across as a bit stiff, but I am always happy to talk!

>Contact (Mail, Skype, Discord, Steam)





YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.
Dice rollRolled 11 + 5 (1d20)

>Favorite anime

Gintama, and probably Hokuto no Ken and Berserk, though I didn't watch the latter two, I just read the mango

>Favorite vidya

STALKER series, Doom, Mountain Blade, GTA series, Dark Souls (just the first one, the rest are disaster), Total War series, and MinecraftIt was good before cancer hits, it was fun and comfy, especially with mods

>Favorite music

I enjoy everything that sounds nice, though I could say I love classical music and Japanese citypop more above most genres. Electronic stuffs are neat too

>Favorite books

I don't remember, not that I read alot. Probably Roadside Picnic

>Favorite TV series

I don't watch TV either, but I liked Archer until it got boring and unfunny

>Hobbies and interests

I like cooking, riding motorcycles, vidya, drawing, guns (tfw no funz), cars, languages, and history

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

Hmm… Meh, no preferrence or whatever

>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say

I just posted to contribute to this empty board actually, but if you want to talk with me, I'm fine with that. Also, since some people are bitching about people not posting where they are from, I'm currently in Australia Not that I'm a Strayan cunt, mind you

>Contact (Mail, Skype, Discord, Steam)

Again, I just posted to contribute to this empty board, though I'll just post one of my alt email, I check it every day.



You need a friend, lad?



I'd like to take this moment to shill Japanese citypop, if you like J-Pop, you'll probably love Japanese citypop. Shit's gold.



Hey, do you still need a friend? Added you.



I meant to reply to >>37577


File: 34a33bd06b2678f⋯.png (3.13 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1506802660712.png)


I'm still out there, though my new ID is winter#6892


Does anybody even check this thread? Should we make a new, fresher one? I feel like over half of the people who ever posted on this thread don't even come to /kind/ anymore and there's also a bunch of newfriends who probably feel intimidated by the huge size of it.


File: 44aef93b4cfcb42⋯.gif (1.86 MB, 300x296, 75:74, 44aef93b4cfcb42c0565e71393….gif)


>a bunch of newfriends

>on /kind/


File: d0c48cc734cc940⋯.jpg (66.3 KB, 605x419, 605:419, cute-baby-animals-2-2.jpg)

>Favorite anime

Sorry, I don't watch much of anime anymore, but I do read a bunch of manga!

I like series that make me feel sad. Here's a couple that stood out to me:

1) Koe no Katachi

2) Oyasumi Punpun

3) Shibatora

4) Made in Abyss

5) Ajin

>Favorite vidya

Persona 3. I rather like to play stuff like JRPGs since playing stuff like shooters gets me too anxious.

>Favorite music

I can't really define the music I listen to.

Here's a couple bands/artists I like in no particular order:

1) Yuna

2) Made in Heights

3) Snail's House

4) David Maxim Micic

>Favorite books

I haven't had much time to read for fun because of school and life, but I'm reading through "The Bell Jar" by Slyvia Plath.

>Favorite TV series

Black Mirror is one that stands out.

>Hobbies and interests

I play League from time-to-time, but I'm no good at it.

I'm also learning American Sign Language on my own. I've been learning for about a month.

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

The kind of friend that checks up on you if they think you're sad.

>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say

I think cat toes look like jellybeans!

>Contact (Mail, Skype, Discord, Steam)




File: ce0f5fc2c819d71⋯.jpg (408.32 KB, 3840x2160, 16:9, 1516514627575.jpg)

File: 29ddb7cae53f4d2⋯.jpg (56.67 KB, 854x462, 61:33, wb.jpg)


>Favorite anime

Not a huge weeb but they've definitely added up over the years. My favorites: Jin-Roh, NHK ni Youkoso!, FMA Brotherhood, Kotoura-san, Kino no Tabi, Angel Beats!, Madoka★Magica, Steins Gate

>Favorite vidya

Elder Scrolls, Civ 5, Yume Nikki, Classic Star Wars Battlefront

>Favorite music

Anything traditional really. I use music to either calm down or pump up the


>Favorite books

Self improvement, also read 1984 recently. currently reading Be Obsessed Or Be Averge.

>Favorite TV series

Gravity falls, Breaking Bad. Barely watch TV anymore

>Hobbies and interests


technology , mostly messing with hardware, GNU/Linux & Android.

Urban exploration, hiking, camping, canoeing.

Lifting / running. I've started a glorius voyage to become /fit/! Join me!

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found One where we actually support eachother and build ourselves up. Sure I've had friends that i can have fun with but the only person that has ever truly supported my cause, my improvement, is my mother.

>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say

Getting out of a depression is easy If you know how to.

Northern Europe

>Contact (Mail, Skype, Discord, Steam)

Discord: Wire#2719

TOX: 313970367B4BECB38FAFABE67DD4E7E7D72B0FD513DFAAE2BC0FB3D9A438822809A8953FBC1F


File: f34a2df91b06844⋯.png (6.96 KB, 115x82, 115:82, 1501370335308.png)

hi everyone, this is a small advert for the unofficial /kind/ discord that has been around for almost a year

we are still semi-active and would really like new members so if anyone could join it would be really nice (we are super friendly)


thank you!!! i hope you all have a really nice day



Just no antisemitism or you'll be banned, goyim!



racism is rude, no exceptions


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>Favorite anime

Kemono Friends > everything else

>Favorite vidya

A Hat in Time, Rodea: The Sky Soldier, Sonic Adventure, Super Mario Galaxy, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and probably some other normie-tier shit I'm forgetting right now.

>Favorite music

Video game OSTs with most of the songs I revisit being from various Sonic games or A Hat in Time. Song related, I like to put this one on if I'm driving at night. Some occasional Yuzuki Yukari but very occasional.

>Favorite books

Horror but I stopped reading books a long time ago because it bores me and concentrating is hard for me. Even VNs are hard for me to continue after a while.

>Favorite TV series

Dan Vs. I don't know if cartoons count but I don't watch much other tv.

>Hobbies and interests

Drawing, playing geimu, sleeping.

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

The kind where I can truly trust that person and we have a beer while looking at the night sky or something and we keep everything we tell confidential. So almost like two-way therapy where they don't have an issue with how crazy I am.

>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say

I have a tendency to be a heavy burden and incredibly dependent on others so I'm trying to work on this. This results in me going over to the opposite extreme and being incredibly secretive about even the pettiest of information. I'm also very dumb. I can keep all of your secrets but part of that is because I'll forget your secrets anyway. Being friends with me is an extreme test of patience.

>Contact (Mail, Skype, Discord, Steam)

Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198298011962

Discord: DJ Peck Neck#2147

Maybe we can play geimu or something but the only multiplayer game I really play is Left 4 Dead 2. If you're a normie we probably aren't going to get along for a number of reasons. I won't be able to relate to anything you say, I might not understand some slang you use, I won't laugh at your memes, your jokes might offend me, our personalities will likely be too different and incompatible, and we won't agree on a lot of things. If you don't know if you're a normie ask yourself if you enjoy the show Big Bang Theory. If the anwer is yes then you are probably a normie.



I think you are right friend!

I can create a new one except i cant





What males you think that normies are around here?

And by the way, normies can be good friends too


File: ca265a9256a89e2⋯.jpg (57.35 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d….jpg)


I can recognize normals, it's not very hard to. I have noticed several around here and plenty of normals exist around the internet anyway.

I never said normals can't be good friends, I said I can't relate to them. Please don't shove words in my mouth.


File: 79bf90c4a93b785⋯.png (40.17 KB, 510x530, 51:53, 79bf90c4a93b7857ad580d4206….png)


I'm nervous about joining, but I really really want to


File: 4c53d69f955d545⋯.jpg (175.98 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1416613761537.jpg)


hi friend!! if it makes you more comfortable you can pm me first @soj#5105 and i can talk to you and make sure you are comfortable and everything before you join. i will do everything i can to make you less nervous okay c: i promise (i'm an admin by the way)



I'm having a bit of trouble finding you, where do I put the name and tag in?



Oh I actually need to add you, right.


File: 3095001c6e1f7bd⋯.jpeg (169.47 KB, 1536x1161, 512:387, 0ced2cddf44c4513bfc0b5854….jpeg)

>Favorite anime

I haven't watched a new anime series in probably 2 years. Last anime movie I saw was Wind Rises. I liked Steins;Gate, Samurai X, Angel Beats, Welcome to the NHK, Gurren Laggan

>Favorite vidya

Skyward Sword, Mario Bros 3, Mario Galaxy, Smash bros Melee

>Favorite music

Orchestra vidya music

>Favorite books

I don't have a favourite book

>Favorite TV series

Not sure. I am currently watching trailer park boys.

>Hobbies and interests

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say

I've been here for a long time. Never posted any contact details before

>Contact (Mail, Skype, Discord, Steam)



Jim. I'm crying.. Please unblock me. I miss you.





File: 83bd059bccbbf50⋯.png (627.82 KB, 750x903, 250:301, 83bd059bccbbf50895d4f4efe6….png)



Looks like it's time to accept defeat


Dragonball and rocket league, for sure. Reddit - bepis-senpai dm me



>sotaisei riron

You have good taste in music, anon.


File: b6b5ac4bfcccbba⋯.png (345.53 KB, 369x693, 41:77, 1471112296986.png)

File: 9860d16256a3f1e⋯.jpg (2.33 MB, 2988x5312, 9:16, 20170319_164308.jpg)

File: 208f8716a01e4f4⋯.png (986.16 KB, 800x612, 200:153, mpc-hc64_2017-07-24_21-17-….png)

File: f37c7f25cc806be⋯.png (435.64 KB, 517x800, 517:800, dcum89lxgaaq6ji_by_msynowi….png)

>Favorite anime

Hokuto no Ken. i consider it the greatest masterpiece the world of art has ever seen, a modern greek tragedy. the nu-/v/ jojo fans who approach it like it's a joke make me want to kill myself.

Shu's saga is my favorite by far.

>Favorite vidya

nioh was a masterpiece. i also like street fighter IV, can't wait for 3rd strike's rerelease next month. i play fei long, ken and dudley. my most recent favorite is yakuza, this series will probably last me a year or two. i've only played kiwami so far.

>Favorite music

80s pop, kpop. i like every genre of music, just typically not enough to look it up myself. i generally exclusively listen to what people online link me. the only stuff i listen to on my own accord is pop like i said.

>Favorite books

i like religious shit. divine comedy for example. i am not religious myself, i simply find the themes interesting and use it to help formulate my own philosophy, and I don't really want to talk to christian normalshits.

>Favorite TV series

live-action gokusen season 1. respect if you've seen it. every episode made me cry like a bitch. i'm also pretty enthralled with Wild West C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa season 1–there's like a 0% chance anyone here's watched it, but i do very much recommend it, it's adorable. the series is on youtube, give it a chance. it's made by the TMNT creator.

nothing else really comes to mind. metalocalypse and unikitty are good i guess.

>Hobbies and interests

i'm in a relationship with a werewolf named Eerie from a shitty korean toddler show called Telemonster. here's a vector of him. he takes up a good portion of my life. he's the only reason i don't kill myself.

i watch a lot of film, i have seen an average of a film a day this past couple weeks. i like all genres of film except romance and comedy, they're too normalshit.

i am absolutely obsessed with cows and cats. the bovine obsession is recent, but cats i have been obsessed with for my whole life. i could happily talk about either of them nonstop for hours, and have before. ironically, i hate most other animals. i have a tuxedo cat named kimmi who's about 7 years old. here's a picture of her. she loves me and never leaves my side.

i'm attempting to write a book about Eerie that's kinda like a shonen manga but without the drawings. you know, with an arc every chapter and villains of the week. he's a very difficult character to write and i need help very often, so if you're witty maybe you can help out a bit with that.

i am also very passionate about food, and my most visited website is wizchan. i am venturing outside of wizchan less and less lately.

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

i like opinionated people that talk a lot. i like mentally ill people. i like people with no interest in sex.

i dislike people who eat shit. i value art a lot, i value my time on this planet. we don't have a lot of time to consume art. so, when you waste 2000 hours playing shitty normalshit games like overwatch, it makes me sick to my stomach. i'd like to meet someone who values art too, and consumes a lot of it. /a/'s five episode rule for anime is bullshit. i'd like to meet someone willing to drop a show simply because the opening sequence doesn't instantly captivate them, now that's what i call no patience for bullshit.

>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say

i am very kind to my online friends. but i don't fit /kind/'s criteria for kind. the emotional support and advice i give is tailored for pessimistic people who aspire to be neet, not for failed normalshits aspiring to be normal. i have no sympathy for some pathetic lifelong pursuit of vagina, or guilt over not being employed full-time. there's more to my life than meeting status quos. i feel sorry for you if your life is an instinct driven bunch of milestones of normalcy and want nothing to do with you.

i have a blog board where i write my tard musings. >>>/eerie/

also i hate marijuana

>Contact for Discord

I love Eerie#3019


i've deleted and reposted mine with only slight changes like 5 times due to mental breakdowns unrelated to the thread btw. sorry



You seem very arrogant and self-absorbed.

I don't think I'd want to be your friend.


File: ef20596ec58b3fa⋯.png (1.48 MB, 1632x1224, 4:3, IMG_5241shadow.png)


expected response on a site where 90% of the userbase is indeed a failed normalshit eating shit like overwatch all day. better i'm honest and you find out now from my post instead of me lying and saying i love normalshits right? then i'd have wasted your time


i've known this guy for a year, i met him on tohno-chan. he is very kind, does a lot of favors for his friends, and has lots of non-normalshit topics! i was an admin on tohno-chan and of all the users

i met there, he's the only one who didn't judge me for being a furfriend and talked to me consistently



What if I told you Dante was the overwatch of renaissance Italy.


File: 99261f788fa8348⋯.jpg (53.22 KB, 518x426, 259:213, 1525159301175.jpg)


I honestly don't care about what stuff you like or dislike. Those things don't really matter.

It's just that you seem to have developed some kind of superiority complex that's turned you into a very mean and off-putting person.

You're still very young probably, so you'll either realize this and change or you'll go the way of CWC.

Up to you really.



"love normalfriends and be normal or else!"

I like CWC, i hope i can be like him, his comic is really cool, and his room is like a pawn shop of treasures.

too bad all he cares about in his heart of hearts is vagina.

i like MysteriousMrEnter and Jahans better because they're asexual and do what they want instead of what society wants. can't say the same about chris.


File: 99f0f27cf77e674⋯.jpg (229.21 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 140dfc9d81a7c51d2873e544d9….jpg)

These are in no specific order

>Favorite anime

Little Witch Academia, Doraemon, Sailor Moon, Girls Last Tour, Death Note, Your Name, A Silent Voice, Beyblade (Season 1), Elfen Lied & Digimon (Season 1, 2 & Tamers).

>Favorite vidya

GTA games, Crash Bandicoot games, Hitman games, Sly Cooper games, Burnout 3 and Paradise, Silent Hill 2, Bloodborne, Digimon Hacker's Memory, Gravity Rush 1 and 2, Tekken 4 and 7, Dragon's Dogma, Earth Defense Force 4.1, Horizon Zero Dawn and Rise of The Tomb Raider.

>Favorite music

Anything from Autopilot Off, Laura Brehm and most of Eluveitie. Some nightcore songs, some game soundtracks (from the titles above), Electronic J-Pop, Old School DnB, CHVRCHES and Ellie Goulding.

>Favorite books

The manga of Girls Last Tour.

>Favorite TV series

Literally none but I don't mind watching if I have nothing to do.

>Hobbies and interests

PC, PS4, fixing software related issues on computers/phones, and I would like to practice rollerblades.

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

Someone who can hold conversations, is trustworthy, respectful, open.

>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say

I normally don't ask many questions the first few times because I can be uncomfortable around new people so if you can do that, it would be helpful. I speak 3 languages.

>Contact (Mail, Skype, Discord, Steam)

Discord: JKL™#8034

Steam: jaykayel


i am looking for cuties to give them nice comfy home and free food/coloring books/blankets and J U I C E B O X E S

sometimes headpats and headrubs

every cutie get their own room with bed+tv



File: 6fd83886752ffcc⋯.gif (20.25 KB, 80x70, 8:7, danny.gif)

>Favorite anime

|I didn't watch any in quite a long time… but Monogatari series, Legend of Galactic Heroes, Phantom: Phantom of the Requiem, Shinsekai Yori and Mekakucity Actors with whole Kagerou Project really got to me

>Favorite vidya

trying to sell PC in order to get a grip on life and get other hobbies, but Project Reality, Guns of Icarus, Mechwarrior series

>Favorite music

uhhhh…. marches in weird languages (chinese, finnish etc.or some shanties and random folk songs, sorry ;w;

>Favorite books

Dune! a great book that really got me curious about geopolitics, warfare and sociology and Stanislaw Lem works (was reading lots as a kid but not much nowadays)

>Favorite TV series

the only one i watched was Band of Brothers :< (not really my thing)

>Hobbies and interests

biology, whittling, dance, invertebrates, gardening, old movies, cooking, minimalistic living, cuddling!,

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

someone to share weird hobbies with and talk about, maybe someone artistic to inspire me to create things or such - don't really know desu

>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say

this board is really cute! and people here seem to be as kind as me in childhood ;n;

>Contact (Mail, Skype, Discord, Steam)

Avatarix#0469 , avatariksss@gmail.com and this thread!


File: f88082ac2940c82⋯.jpg (2.41 MB, 4160x2340, 16:9, 20180509_030648.jpg)


Not looking for a friend, I just saw this thread pop up in the nerve center and was curious. Wanted to say GREAT book, favourite fiction book.



uhh are you still here?

contact is>>38788

we seem to have lots of movies we watched and liked in common!


can someone post an invite to the discord


File: 5f4f45b46513734⋯.jpg (171.14 KB, 998x998, 1:1, 1508039352954.jpg)


It's right here friend >>38186





File: e7b1fd44ad011ec⋯.jpg (197.29 KB, 800x600, 4:3, __hong_meiling_touhou_draw….jpg)


Sorry, potential friends. I stopped using some of my accounts and have new ones. If anyone still wants to reach me, it's:

weishaupt#7078 on Discord and



Here you go:




Expired again. It's okay, I won't try again.


File: 36bbafbbe93d852⋯.png (56.55 KB, 230x361, 230:361, 1503355650849.png)


Are you sure? I specifically set it to never expire and the invite seems to be working for me.



Hmm, I forgot to check but the link posted by >>38186 hasn't expired for me, either, so I think the problem is on your end.


>Favorite anime

Haven't watched anime in a long time but the last one I watched which I enjoyed would be space patrol luluco

>Favorite vidya

I'll play and enjoy anything. But right now I've been playing Hoi4 and counter-strike.

>Favorite music

I have a playlist https://open.spotify.com/user/lolgamer605/playlist/28qiJIiv1bhUf9bhjHOCGn?si=GEOwU8UpRYGBrJyFwpUYtA is the Spotify one and https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZ0rklQFMRAYHtLVGw_XWWZL2OB4f3QlD is the youtube one

>Favorite books

The end of the fucking world was nice

>Favorite TV series

This is a Netflix original but I like to think it still counts Bojack horseman would be my number 1

>Hobbies and interests

Really interested in just knowing about people in a very nosey person so sorry if I ask a lot of questions. And for hobbies, I just play as much vidya as I can

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

Someone who can play as much as I can I have a lot of free time so all I really do is play vidya not as many people have that luxury

>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say

I like being asked questions so if you are also nosey like me ask away


discord is


steam is https://steamcommunity.com/id/KennyAshcorp/


File: 2dbcac286edfb93⋯.jpg (61.78 KB, 704x529, 704:529, DX3xWVmVQAAcmhB.jpg)

File: 65a39b0bd5ccb1f⋯.gif (1.97 MB, 500x341, 500:341, tumblr_o8z8pcsD7R1ucpcboo1….gif)


Wide World is a sfw/purity-focused server for meeting other people and expanding our own views. We hope to create a calm, informal setting for chatting. To create bonds that will even outlast the server itself. Let's think of things in a new way. Here we will explore the wide world of possibilities.


File: 9b14152a5928545⋯.png (137.22 KB, 1552x2072, 194:259, paint.png)

>Favorite anime

Hard to pick out just one since I have sort of varied yet specific tastes. I like Welcome to the NHK, Eden of the East, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, and Space Dandy.

>Favorite vidya

Single player would probably be Super Mario World or MGS3. Multiplayer would probably be Hearthstone, Overwatch, or Pokemon Showdown. I am a degenerate.

>Favorite music

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1E4yWFxb4v8fh5Er75Anxg basically anything on this channel

>Favorite books

I'm a Christian, so the Bible, but for traditional fiction, I enjoyed Bradbury's Martian Chronicles and Steinbeck's East of Eden, and for manga, I like the works of Inio Asano (specifically Oyasumi Punpun, of course), as well as I Am A Hero.

>Favorite TV series

Don't watch much TV tbh, though I've heard Mr. Robot is good so I want to watch that at some point.

>Hobbies and interests

Besides all the favorite things listed here, I enjoy making digital art (pic related is an example of the kind of stuff I make), as well as practicing my euphonium (I've been playing since high school). I'm also studying philosophy at university right now, so I'm interested in those sorts of things. I guess I should probably mention I'm not big for discussing politics or most modern activist positions, since many of these discussions become either vitriolic or a circlejerk.

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

I had best friends when I was younger, but I've never really had anyone I can call my best friend in years. I'm not trying to put a lot of pressure on anyone to be there for me in a very significant way; maybe if we like talking to each other we can work toward that. Basically, I just want someone who shares some of my interests and preferably isn't bad at video games who I can maybe talk about more serious things with later on. Of course, I'd also like to support you if I can, since friendship does work both ways.

>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say

I can come off as kind of a jerk, so I'm sorry if I seem rude. I really don't have negative intentions toward basically anyone, and in fact I'm a very patient person. I guess I've just developed a very negative and brooding disposition after years of dealing with terrible people. But I'm not looking for pity, everyone has their burden to bear.


Discord: zqmfbg#7524



The image isn't displaying properly, thought I'm not sure why. If you right click the file and open in a new tab you can see it if you want to. Apologies.


>tfw no one you send a friend request to accepts


>Favorite anime

Hmm, good question. It's been ages since i watched anime, but if i have to choose, i'd name a few. Blue Gender, Wild Arms:Twilight Venom, Armor Hunter Mellowlink, Slayers, and by extension, Lost Universe.

>Favorite vidya

Again, i can bring in a few names. Diablo, Monster Hunter (FU and 4U), Djmax Portable, Phantasy Star (Portable 2, Online: Blue Burst),

>Favorite music

A lot of genres, though i like Ambient, Desert rock, Post rock, synthwave, meme mashups, psychedelic (in general) more than others.

>Favorite books

I have a ton of obscure sci fi novels i like written in my native language that i like, most of which (writers) i discovered by buying a sci fi magazine that had ahort stories written by them.

>Favorite TV series

Probably Scrubs, but i liked the hannibal tv show because it wasn't afraid to show things in it. Other than that there was a bad cgi animated shorts series, the afterworld which told the story of if i recall correctly, russel shoemaker as he trecked back to his family over the usa after an apocalyptic event. It's told more like a diary with pictures, but i liked it.

>Hobbies and interests

Tabletop rpg's, drawing, listening to music in general i guess. I also like to sometimes get a bit rant-y about a few things that i dislike.

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

I'm looking for over the e-mail stuff. Nothing too personal, but someone i could just send an email to knowing that they'll atleast read my thoughts and tell me theirs. In my life i always kept these thoughts inside due to a volatile family black sheeping me, but i'm at the point where i would like to just talk honestly with somebody.

>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say

I'm in the process of setting up a world, and trying to improve my writing skills, so i made a sci fi setting that i'd like to explore more. I have this idea to essentially run a light rpg through email, where the other party just expresses what they want and i personally roll for in session stuff, then write up what happened and ask for what should happen next. This of course could be a completely different thing from actually emailing eachother, or just me writing it out at the end of the email.

>Contact (Mail, Skype, Discord, Steam)

If you are interested, you can write me an email and send it to kndfrnd@airmail.cc

I also realize that others may just look for aomeone to talk to, so the rpg thing will only be relevant if you want it to be.



Don't worry friend. I got 1 email and the anon never replied after i did.

Don't take it personally


>Favorite anime


>Favorite vidya

Probably Legacy of Kain 2, or Parasite Eve

>Favorite music

Depends from time to time, lately I've been listening to more lofi stuff

>Favorite books

Nation, by Terry Pratchett

>Favorite TV series

Mr Robot (lol)

>Hobbies and interests

Computer science

Gaming, Music

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

I'd like someone to push me to practice computer science more..

Maybe we can work together on reading or MIT courses!

>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say

[spoiler]Please avoid bringing up politics if that's okay![\spoiler]

>Contact (Mail, Skype, Discord, Steam)

Steam is id/junjicheeto



File: 385d0551f785b3d⋯.jpg (47.14 KB, 393x372, 131:124, no_bullying_1.jpg)


>Favorite anime

Non Non Biyori probably, it is very comfy. I also like the opposite of that, like Akira, Serlial Experiments Lain, and Texhonolyze (things that make me uncomfortable.)

>Favorite vidya

Touhou 3, 8, and 11.

>Favorite music

Shoegaze¸vaporwave and its derivatives, lots of weird avant-garde electronic noise stuff.

>Favorite books

Lots of Russian literature, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Bulgakov, etc.

>Favorite TV series

I don't have a TV or cable, so I am not up on modern TV. I really like the old Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica.

>Hobbies and interests

Hiking, outdoors, survival preparedness, radio (HAM), computers (UNIX-like only).

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

I have never had a friendship, but if I did I would like to have a friend that will talk with me about the way things are, and we can enjoy the same activity.

>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say

I live in a van, so my interenet is not so good, it may take me a few hours to reply to messages. That means I like to use email for primary convesation, and then we can schedule time to talk on IRC or mumble! I can also drive to you if you know a place where I can park my van.

>Contact (Mail, Skype, Discord, Steam)



File: 48b8be9b15fa2d9⋯.jpg (471.08 KB, 874x718, 437:359, d90fbdb0f706b7fb94cd87c582….jpg)

>Favorite anime

Boogiepop Phantom, White Album, The Garden of Sinners, etc.

>Favorite vidya

Killer is Dead, Dark Messiah of Might & Magic, Resident Evil 4, DDLC, etc.

>Favorite music

Mostly anime/game OSTs and datfootdive (just his instrumental stuff).

>Favorite books

Honestly, I've neglected literature all my life, but I've recently learned just how important reading is. I started reading the Bible just the other day, and I'm going to order a few more books soon.

>Hobbies and interests

Not to sound pretentious, but Christianity and philosophy are my strongest interests even though I'm a novice in both. I also exercise and write some. One day I hope to pick up so many hobbies that I never have time to lay around wasting the life I was blessed with.

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

Someone to chat, play games and share reality with.

>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say

Truth be told, I prefer other Christians over atheists.

>Contact (Mail, Skype, Discord, Steam)


My library is bigger than it appears.



>Favorite Anime

Don't really watch anime. I used to, though, and I remember Noragami being pretty good.

>Favorite Vidya

All-time favorite would be LOZ: Wind Waker. Atm moment I play a lot of EU4, OpenArena, and Halo 1

>Favorite Music

I like a lot of different genres, Metal, Vaporwave, Synthwave, Punk, Lo-Fi, MoonMan. The list goes on

>Favorite Books

Finished the last book in Yukio Mishima's Sea of Fertility series about a month ago, loved every bit of it.

>Favorite TV series

Haven't watched TV in a long time. I can barely remember what I used to watch.

>Hobbies and Interests

Politics, Vidya, and Shitposting

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

I've never really had friends. I suppose I'm just looking for somebody to fuck around with and talk to

>Anything else you'd like to share or think it's relevant to say

I'm rather crap at social interaction on account of the whole "neber had frens" thing. As well, even though I'm fairly right-wing, I don't really care that much about what you think, as long as you can handle some edge and try to understand where others are coming from.

>Contact Info

Discord: turtles#4544

Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198353191585/


I'd be happy to try and talk to people from here, but I'm not sure about protocol. Are people expecting to just get a message dropped at them out of the blue from somebody saying "Hi, I'm here from 8chan's /kind/. Wanna be friends!?" Because that seems like it might be taken as rude.



Oh, yeah, and maybe I should post this stuff.

>>Favorite anime

Don't watch a lot of anime, but I thought Sayonara Zetsubou-Sensei was hilarious.

>>Favorite vidya

Classic Doom and ToME 4.

>>Favorite music

I'm a big fan of progressive rock, King Crimson and Magma especially.

>>Favorite books

"A Natural History of Trees of Eastern and Central North America" and "A Natural History of Western Trees" by Donald Peattie are my old and new testament, respectively. I'm only exaggerating very slightly. God, they're such beautiful books.

Robinson Jeffers' poems are my psalms and proverbs. And that one's not an exaggeration at all.

>>Favorite TV series

MST3K still, after all these years.

>>Hobbies and interests

Natural history, literature both high and low, tabletop RPGs (especially Call of Cthulhu)

>>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

I'm uninterested in mere shitposting. There's plenty of other places to do that. I'd like to get to know other people, and hear about their weird interests and odd life stories.

>>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say

I'm 32, so I'm older than the median 8chan poster.


On discord I'm Gleditsia_triacanthos#5030.

On steam I'm lurkerno9.

I'm happy to message first.

Has anyone actually made any friends through this?



>"Hi, I'm here from 8chan's /kind/. Wanna be friends!?"

I've been the receiver and sender of messages like this and I've never had any problems. How rude can it be to say hello to someone who is looking for friendship?


Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>King Crimson

What albums.


You posted this band in the obscurum thread maybe. There's something obviously peculiar and different about French culture that distinguishes it from the rest of western Europe and really ties in the whole continent that I can't articulate. They're mixed with the Germans but speak Latin and have a culture that is neither Germanic or Latin (unless I'm letting the accent murmur that connection to Germany) but back on topic to that popular music in France doesn't follow other country's standards f.e. ye-ye which has connections to southern Europe and the type of stuff Magma makes. Magma reminds me of Swans but listenable and unpretentious.


Is cordyceps still around?


File: a4a348a997509a8⋯.png (2.05 MB, 709x1000, 709:1000, 000.png)

I'm lonely, please talk to me



>Favorite anime

Welcome to the NHK. I unhealthily relate to Misaki Nakahara, that includes the angel complexes and stuff

>Favorite vidya

Old Doo(t)m and Fallout New Vegas, and because I'll inevitably be asked this, I'm a Followers of the Apocalypse type.

>Favorite music

My favourite albums are:

- Snowing - Fuck Your Emotional Bullshit

- John Coltrane - Both Directions At Once

- Clarence Clarity - Think: Peace

- Candy Claws - Ceres and Calypso in the Deep Time

- Ramshackle Glory - Live the Dream

- Car Seat Headrest - Twin Fantasy

- Attic Abasement - Dancing is Depressing

- Werewolf Hair - Digital Americana Mixtape

This list is hardly exhaustive, and very vulgar, but it it'll give a brief overview. I'm not really contained to any one genre, and can enjoy practically anything. I don't have any limits, I lost those at an experimental music festival where they played harsh noise at ear splitting volumes, so I really support you getting me into your music!

Oh and by the way, I knew a guy who made atonal noise rock/shoegaze with high quality recording equipment and rare effect pedals from the soviet union, but afaik, none of his stuff has been posted. His aim, musically, was to create music that had dissociative effects much akin to drugs. If you know any bands that can dissociate me to the point of my eyesight getting splotchy, then send that over to me, because I've been craving something like this ever since he passed his headphones to me.

>Favorite books

Capitalist Realism by Mark Fisher and Twentieth Century Harmony - Aspects and Practice by Vincent Persichetti. Anything really goes so long as it has me think.

>Favorite TV series

Aqua Teen Hunger Force and other dumb things like that

>Hobbies and interests

I'm learning guitar and it's bass counterpart, and it goes without saying that I'm extremely passionate for music. Besides music, though erudite in nothing in particular, I like philosophy, politics, history, language, psychoanalysis psychotherapy, and as mentioned before, anything that has me think. This makes me sound like such a tightass, but I promise I'm not!

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

I'm not sure, I'm lucky enough to have not been socially isolated, and I think this year, I've become pretty normie insofar as I'm functional(ish) and have irl friends. I guess

>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say

Nothing lewd please, and try to be gentle as I am very insecure.

>Contact (Mail, Skype, Discord, Steam)

Melody Melancholy#7251



File: 0a37fb917a34325⋯.jpg (72.99 KB, 500x366, 250:183, 1234869754.jpg)

>Favorite anime

I actually don't watch much anime. Last one I sat through was Jojo.

Might start watching again, now that Part 5 is out.

>Favorite vidya

I mostly stick to RPGs and Grand Strategies.

Ones I usually play often are Mount & Blade, Morrowind, Endless Legend, Vicky II, etc.

Trivia games are fun, too.

>Favorite music

I have strange and wide taste in music.

I'll listen to almost anything in French (with the exception of niggerbop).

Otherwise, my go-to genres are folk, metal, jazz, blues, classical, and variations thereof.

>Favorite books

My taste in books is as strange as my music.

Currently working through the Aeneid after having finished a Medieval History book.

Anything informative is fair game, the classics are obligatory, and most anything French is worth my time.

>Favorite TV series

I haven't watched TV in years.

And no, I don't watch them online.

>Hobbies and interests

I mostly spend my free time cooking, learning languages, watching movies, and playing games.

As for interests, the whole gamut of shut-in stuff. Unless it's related to normalfriendgotry, I can probably talk to you about it.

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

Not entirely sure how to answer this. I've never really had a big group of friends, and even my friends never really got close to me.

I guess someone who can get as fired up about stupid shit as me and keep up with my ridiculous antics.

>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say

If you speak French, that'd be great.

No sexual shit, you degenerate.

Have a bit of a thick skin, because I can be pretty abrasive sometimes.

Be prepared to get recommend weird music.

>Contact (Mail, Skype, Discord, Steam)

Steam: Jean de L'Ours



What's your discord contact info again?





File: 95bd1b6b2f63f39⋯.jpg (177.1 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 3937388374_d65098f5a5_z.jpg)

>Favorite anime

shoujo shuumatsu ryokou

>Favorite vidya

S.T.A.L.K.E.R, Gone Home, Va-11 Hall-a ect..

>Favorite music

alt rap like Lil Peep also comfy music I consider comfy

>Favorite books

Fight Club, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and this one book I read in 6th grade about this group of teenagers that get stuck in a snow storm and get's killed off by this maniac that tries to "help" them. Cant remember the name.

>Favorite TV series

Breaking Bad, Futurama, Avatar the last air bender, The Office, Lost

>Hobbies and interests

I like to think of ways to help the Earth and people in general.

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

Romantic honestly

>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say

I'm not a bad guy I just had some problems in my past but I'm looking forward to the future and hopefully I can find someone that I can share ideas with and go out together with. Hopefully.

>Contact (Mail, Skype, Discord, Steam)

Steam - http://steamcommunity.com/id/imalittlelate/

Discord - imalittlelate#5396


File: 8c8b20c75735d88⋯.jpg (40.6 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1543713143483.jpg)


>>Favorite anime

My favorite anime is Lupin the third

>>Favorite vidya

I really enjoy Megaman X series. I really play anything and most things if I can. I'm excited for Smash ultimate and I look forward to playing with you in any kind of video game I can if possible!

>>Favorite music

I really like alt rock, metal, lo-fi and really anything that sounds good.

>>Favorite books

I don't read books but I think my favorite book is brave new world

>>Favorite TV series

American Horror Stories

>>Hobbies and interests

I enjoy scare acting, video games, sewing, i wanna get better at art, talking and card games (mtg, vanguard, yugioh etc etc)

>>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

I really don't know how to answer this but any kind of friendship, i'm open to most things I just want to make friends!

>>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say

I'm from California so I'm mainly running on the PST timezone/

>>Contact (Mail, Skype, Discord, Steam)



>>Favorite anime

Probably Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun. I'll watch most things though if the premise interests me with a prejudice for romantic comedy

>>Favorite vidya

My favorite game has to be Destiny because of the sheer amount of time I spent on it and the friends I made. Now I play almost exclusively on PC though with most of my attention going to shooters. I really enjoy playing with others.

>>Favorite music

I'm a bit of a music pleb so pls forgive if I offend anyone's good taste. My favorite song might be Blood/Water or There Ain't No Rest For The Wicked. I enjoy eurobeat, rock, edm, and weeb music.

>>Favorite books

I'm not a huge traditional novel reader, but my favorite might just be Grapes of Wrath because i remember liking that book and other books I liked were ya or worse. Not really "books" but I enjoy reading web novels on wuxiaworld and manga a ton!

>>Favorite TV series

Barely watch traditional TV, Black Mirror was cool though.

>>Hobbies and interests

Playing video games with others, reading wuxia web novels, reading manga, watching anime, and computer tech stuff in general.

>>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

The one kind of friendship I've looked for, but haven't found yet is someone that shares a similar schedule as me who would play video games or watching something with me almost everyday. I'm always up for adding people that want to play video games or talk even though I'm bad at talking.

>>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say

I'm CST but I don't like staying up late to play video games or do stuff.

>>Contact (Mail, Skype, Discord, Steam)

aPot 5798


>Favorite anime

LoGH, Saki, Sora no Woto.

>Favorite vidya

Victoria II, Pokemon Blue, FFXIV, Bloodborne

>Favorite music



>Favorite books

Winning the West

Decline of the West

Human Action

Democracy: The God That Failed

Ride The Tiger

Nutrition and Physical Degeneration

Those are a few books I picked from a glance at my library. I can't think of a favourite.

>Favorite TV series


>Hobbies and interests

Writing, snoozing, chatting, working out, reading, video games, lewd roleplay.

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

Someone genuinely kind.

>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say

I don't have any friends. I'm autistic. Please be kind to me, if you choose to add me.

>Contact (Mail, Skype, Discord, Steam)




Hey bud your steam is private so no one will be able to add you.



no wonder you don't have friends if you delete them in a day



I got removed for asking how he was doing today.


File: 794e1315ed411c2⋯.jpg (774.53 KB, 750x1200, 5:8, 794e1315ed411c244862922e02….jpg)

Hey anons I'll be willing to try to be your friend it will be a strict 1-on-1 friendship, I want the same thing as you, I do have a few expectations (it's most about the kind of friendship itself) though and I'm not sure if we can become friends, if you don't mind this don't hesitate to contact me, my email is yuu@firemail.cc

I'll explain to you how I feel about this in more detail when we have talked for a bit. I'm also curious if you have any expectations (just tell me per email). You surely not just want any friend if you could choose, you want some probably which you share hobbies with and which has a character similar to you, don't you? Maybe this doesn't sound like much, but I think it absolutely could meet that if you can meet mine and we could become good friends or whatever you had in mind when talking about friends. Email: yuu@firemail.cc

I'll reply as soon as I can to emails (even if this post is old, I'll still read my emails for it, it isn't just a throwaway.)


File: 4b86884f31e4399⋯.png (449.76 KB, 1042x428, 521:214, 003000000137.png)


Is cock.li dead? I can't access it.


File: bd63eb0f3ff8bc7⋯.jpg (38.21 KB, 612x581, 612:581, 124bec8b-360c-4385-afcf-df….jpg)


Oh heck I think it is down, I even typed you up a decent sized message to get hit with an error could not send.






btw if you can contact through Discord



Hey, let's wait until it's back up, I really want to start with something than emails because you can think much more of something before you send it and the messages are usually longer.



It's back now!


File: 2d76825c4b01ee8⋯.jpg (412.58 KB, 982x1459, 982:1459, Shimada.Arisu.full.2005670.jpg)

File: bb831ea28b79bc1⋯.jpg (1.15 MB, 1417x2000, 1417:2000, Shimada.Arisu.full.2031062.jpg)


I've decided that it might be a good idea to write more about myself.

>Favorite anime

Serial Experiments Lain, Made in Abyss and Legend of the Galactic Heroes

>Favorite vidya

I don't play much vidya, but I'm quite fond of roguelikes, I played a bit in the past Nethack and Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup. I also like arena ego-shooters. I do like open-source software a lot.

>Favorite music

Not clearly defined, I like quite much, genres I like are: ambient, classical, pop, rock, instrumental, soundtrack music. Basically mostly stuff that's instrumental or has interesting patterns. I like music that makes me feel something. For example music that conveys a particular emotional moment in someone's life. I also like Operas very much.

>Favorite books

I do mostly like technical books, but I also often read books on various subjects, like languages, mathematics, philosophy, history. If visual novels count as books then my favorite ones are Saya no Uta, Steins Gate and Higanbana.

>Favorite TV series

None, I don't watch TV series.

>Hobbies and interests

Programming, mathematics, technology, music, reading, basically anything that can invoke interest in me.

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

Ideally I want to have something like that (when we talked for a long time): a person you're comfortable with talking, while being open with you and you can understand how he feels about this. You're on one wavelength, you basically can complement his thoughts when he says something. You do care deeply about him. It feels special to you! You're excited that you're able to talk to him. It isn't something that's like love, it's something that has a connection, something that doesn't feel like just another meaningless relationship in the abyss, it isn't a mask that you put in on yourself to act a certain way for reaching common ground with your friend, it's that's how you feel you genuinely are. This isn't something that feels like a process to you, it's something that does feel like something which is in itself sustainable. What I mean with that it's not something external that made you feel this way to reach this position you're in now. It's something you wanted to have without any external dependencies, for example you didn't want to be friends with him because you felt like wanting a friend for gaming, you wanted to realize more the internal idea you had in mind, you wanted to see it in not only in your mind but also as something that really happened in your life.

It's not the act what you're doing that gives it the essence it needs, it's the intent in why you're doing the act. This is the important distinction I want to express to you. Maybe you can't understand what I mean. Maybe you can, maybe you have thought about this in that form somewhere in your life or maybe you wanted to have something like that in you life but didn't know how to reach it.

It does can include something like relationships (like deeply loving each other, hugging each other, kissing each other), but the feeling here is something that is separate from that, it's something that does probably often occur in relation to that, but it's not created by the other thing. It's something that stands on it's own, it's an atomic element that can be used for building in what you want to have. It's like pure gold, but it often doesn't occur in pure form, often it's dirty and unclean because things could never work like this between all people.

In short a deep connection with somebody which I can be really comfortable with and the other feels the same about me. I don't mind if it would be romantic, though I can't guarantee that, it depends a lot on how you are and what you want. In short if you think you could do it or if you feel that you want to try, don't hesitate to contact me and we'll see how far we can go.

>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say

If you're unsure just contact me and we see how it goes. I'm a pure German from Germany, but talking even if you're from America won't probably be too much of a problem (just try if you're interested and we see how it goes).

>Contact (Mail, Skype, Discord, Steam)



File: d4c5a086f62550f⋯.png (625.78 KB, 650x918, 325:459, 8051b940ab1bfc0414f9409dc0….png)


Pretty subarashii taste in cartoons you've go there.


File: 2b254252aa63be0⋯.png (1.82 MB, 1080x768, 45:32, 1469291859132.png)

>Favorite animes

One piece, Fairy Tail, Amagi Brilliant Park

>Favorite vidya

Puyo puyo/mean bean machine, Populous the beginning , Sonic3 & Knuckles, Worms2/A/WP, HeroesIII, Age of EmpiresII, Lost Vikings, Panic on Funkotron, Portal2

>Favorite music

Vaporwave, synthwave, anime & vidya OST, J-Pop, intelligent drum and bass, future bass, future garage, glitch hop, chillstep, nu disco, deep/tropical house

>Favorite books

Mysterious world, Artemis Fowl, Harry Potter, Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel

>Favorite TV series

Takeshi's castle, Futurama, Survivor, Star Trek, Gaki no Tsukai, TMNT

>Hobbies and interests

/diy/, photography, making a 2d platform game, drawing and coloring, high voltage electrostatics, exploring mysteries, robotics, papercraft

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

I still haven't found someone who's more active on the same times as I am, also looking for someone to work with me on projects, its open ended and non binding

>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say

I've sometimes been on the /kind/ irc channel (on rizon) and I've also been active on /miku/

>Contact (Mail, Skype, Discord, Steam)

Email: hik@teknik.io

I'm active on steam but don't have or use skype or discord I might post my steam later if there be interest


I'll list some of the things that I can't stand. I believe this is more efficient.

>Hated anime

Flavour of the month moe shit + the usual normie/edgy ones (AoT, Naruto, Tokyo Ghoul, etc.)

>Hated vidya

Battle Royales, CS:GO, Overwatch, Dark Souls, gacha games, R6:S, VR games, etc.

>Hated music

Zoomer rap and pop

>Hated books

Harry Potter, LotR, you know the ones

>Hated TV series

All of them

>Hated hobbies and interests

Cars, sports, lifting, shopping, gossip, etc. Not having any hobbies and interests is just as bad, too.

>What kind of friendship I don't want

A boring one.

>Anything else you think it's relevant to say

1. If you like any of the things I listed above you're a friend and we won't get along. No exceptions.

2. If you do drugs, self-harm, get drunk and/or smoke you're disqualified by default.


Leave a reply if you actually care



Hey I'm not interested or anything, just letting you know i don't like you as there is nothing to like about you.

I believe this to be more efficient.



stop bullying him


>Favorite anime

For older stuff: Slayers, Ghost in the Shell, Ergo Proxy

Newer: Pokemon SM, Made in Abyss, Samurai Flamenco

>Favorite vidya

Arena FPS, Touhou, NetHack

>Favorite music

Carpenter Brut to hack the planet.

>Favorite books

1984, Brave New World, Old fantasy novels.

>Favorite TV series

Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende!!

>Hobbies and interests

/jp/, /tg/, /k/, /vg/

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

I would like to have someone that can handle the banter and make interesting conversation with. Ideally they could also play some juegos with me from time to time. Never found a gf ;_;


I've been as deep as level 7 on the iceberg, but I usually hang around 4-5.

>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say

At time of writing, I'm not a NEET, so I won't always be available.

>Contact (Mail, Skype, Discord, Steam)



We can try to be friends. Do you want me to post my Discord? Or e-mail?



Meant to reply to >>39806



File: 9b209909f8238d7⋯.jpg (224.8 KB, 1016x1117, 1016:1117, 1546514737923.jpg)

f-fuggg, changed accounts but remembered this comfu thread and board :3

>Favorite anime

LoGH, Monogatari, Kagerou Project too~

>Favorite vidya

old mechwarrior, Bastion, Project Reality, Guns of Icarus, Squad 4 and board games!

>Favorite music

Hanggai, Kate Simko, older shanties, basically everything vocal or electronic

>Favorite books

still Dune!

>Favorite movies

Apocalypse Now

>Hobbies and interests

medicine, minimalism, cooking, languages, finland and still interest in how the world works like

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

the one that lasts or maybe is in the medicine field, am starting to become a nurse

>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say

you're relevant! ♥

>Contact (Mail, Skype, Discord, Steam)




>This is a big and narcissistic question.

I know this post is old but how is that really a narcissistic question? Are people not supposed to have standards? Are people supposed to all just befriend everyone in the world and not look for more like minded people or people they have chemistry with?



It seems to me that anon just falsely implies that narcissism is bad. Nothing to be concerned about.



Actual narcissism is bad though…


Is anyone here 30+ or at least 28-29 years old?



*raises hand*



Do you want to talk to someone because you have no one at all or any other reason you're here? Sorry if it's an impolite question.


File: 1a4ff42540a1543⋯.jpg (84.25 KB, 770x843, 770:843, 36771318_10156331686878956….jpg)

File: f03eb890f646103⋯.jpg (14.34 KB, 251x247, 251:247, 36788592_10156331686858956….jpg)

File: be3aad408b23826⋯.jpg (139.25 KB, 400x520, 10:13, MVC-009S_lg.jpg)

>Favorite anime

I really dont know, I have seen all the basic bitch anime shows and I liked them. ie. brotherhood, death note, cowboy bebop

>Favorite Video Game

Halo - combat evolved, Natural Selection 1/2, League of Legends

>Favorite music

80/90s rock and pop

>Favorite books

dont have one

>Favorite TV series


>Hobbies and interests

I collect Nazi stuff, I'm also a MOPAR guy. I have a 2016 Scat pack

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

Really dont know, just more here to help anyone that just wants to vent.

>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say

Im in my 30s and a Iraq war vet.

>Contact (Mail, Skype, Discord, Steam)

I'll wait to hand out any of my contact



No one at all, of course.


File: 292ffbb9c88169d⋯.png (9.6 KB, 1027x151, 1027:151, ClipboardImage.png)



After receving an open proposition of homosexual roleplaying, being harassed for not replying and seeing another message with similar undertones which was harmless but contradicted my intentions, I've deleted this email address. Sorry to disappoint. If there's any moderation here i'd be grateful if both these posts would be deleted so no one would accidentally send a dead letter.



Did you change your name again? winter#6892 doesn't exist, and I am interested in talking.









Yes I did, please leave yours and I'll get back to you.




Try to add as soon as you can though, I change my name a lot.



>being angery that someone could possibly be more pure than you

Aww, cute


File: 411894fbbdcbbe4⋯.jpeg (582.8 KB, 2152x3001, 2152:3001, shannon1960-how-and-why-w….jpeg)

Would somebody please cuddle my sauropods? Prettty Pleeeeease?


File: bef7267f3553912⋯.jpg (681.9 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, downloadfile-5.jpg)


If you'd like I could satiate your sauro saliva and spread my dino stink. Contact me at Littlefoot#7374.


File: 8117f01568840cf⋯.jpg (209.43 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, smiling dino.jpg)


I see you are another sauropal, very nice. I'll be wailing my neck at you shortly. If you want to talk here maybe first I am a little shy, for I am only a wee baby saurofriend.


File: 3b358a3dac449fd⋯.png (74.5 KB, 170x170, 1:1, 04651e9f8225435bc3134e8b83….png)


Be warned: this person is NOT /kind/ and NOT comfy. They constantly felt the need to tell me how their neck is longer than mine. They constantly talked about their "dino stink". They were a strange, arrogant, rude, self absorbed mean off-putting person. They were NOT someone I would want to be sauropals with.


File: 5c33aef1b9e903a⋯.gif (583.19 KB, 640x360, 16:9, XSV1blt.gif)


Maybe your are just envious of his larger and longer neck


File: 66b0e9859274906⋯.png (2.23 MB, 1878x1046, 939:523, downloadfile.png)


One thing you have to remember is not to let anyone judge you for your qualities like that. All dinosaurs are different, even within the different types of sauropods. Of course a sauroposeidon or a supersaurus is going to have a larger, longer neck than a brontosaurus, but that is not something to feel bad about. Each saurofriend has their own qualities that make them who they are no matter what type you are. While long necks are a strong defining feature of all sauropods, they do not fully express character and personality. There's more to being a sauropal than having a long neck.


Is the dino posting a form of obscure shit/funposting? Or is this a sub category of /furry/ that I'm not aware of?


File: 7b8bc82d9fea3c2⋯.jpg (211.48 KB, 1000x710, 100:71, apatosaurus.jpg)


Not really either. It is a fun way to talk to others, and because the sauropods were gracious plant eating dinosaurs it is rather fitting. If any one dinosaur could be considered "kind" it would be a sauropod. Some people might take it the wrong way, however.


File: c7cbede43046654⋯.jpg (9.69 KB, 275x183, 275:183, index.jpg)


Newfriend spotted. Get necked.


File: 20be3ecf85050ef⋯.jpg (58.08 KB, 736x566, 368:283, drawn-paper-dinosaur.jpg)


I think in the interest of us all you shouldn't resort to senseless insults in the name of the neck. Mind your kindness when posting with the 'saur.


File: 7eda78f4af383b0⋯.jpg (128.34 KB, 747x1024, 747:1024, 533784b955726f878996ca6287….jpg)


bump, server is still open and going strong!


File: ce71005a8164dc8⋯.jpg (42.48 KB, 945x590, 189:118, love.jpg)


Are you accepting of sauropals? I don't want to be humiliated into dinopression again… and while I am sure you are kind folks it is only a natural reaction to negative neck sentiments.


>Favorite anime

Psycho Pass, Initial D, Serial Experiments Lain, and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.

>Favorite vidya

Metal Gear Solid 2 and F-Zero X.

>Favorite music

New wave, post punk, and SF 10-33 on Soma FM. I listen to other genres too.

>Favorite books

Neuromancer, Slaughterhouse 5, and The Man in the High Castle.

>Favorite TV series

Twin Peaks.

>Hobbies and interests

Programming, "playing" the guitar, playing the bass, simple exercise, and the healing power of food.

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

I guess a kind of penpal kind of thing, sending emails back and forth.

>Contact (Mail, Skype, Discord, Steam)

tfm at airmail dot cc


File: c276df1ca4b8422⋯.mp4 (13.74 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Asobi Seksu - I'm Happy bu….mp4)

Forgot this board existed.

>Favorite anime

Fuck, umm haven't seen any series in forever. But Cowboy Bebop was good if I remember. Mostly the OST.

>Favorite vidya

At the moment it's FFXIV since I just got back into it. Other favorites include Twisted Metal Black and GTA SA.

>Favorite music

Doom metal and shoegaze, but I like to give anything a listen.

>Favorite books


>Favorite TV series

Technically not TV but I like wrasslin'

>Hobbies and interests

I like vidya and music, not a very interesting person. But I was also quite the shitposter back in the day.

Am also into tanks.

>What kind of friendship you'd like or have you looked for but never found

Any sort of friendship, cause I'm a retard.

>Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say

Just lost my only friend/crush and I'm apparently an emotional burden so don't even know why I'm doing this

>Contact (Mail, Skype, Discord, Steam)

Prince Uriel#7312


File: b5d6e66be584cc6⋯.jpg (83.27 KB, 720x960, 3:4, b5d6e66be584cc68bc87d36f41….jpg)

Please, guys, leave emails as well, not only discords.

I wanna talk with you guys, but almost everyone's on discord or steam.

If you need to, just make a throwaway one on cock.li, but please leave emails as well so I can reach and talk with you.


File: 36627928e225a1e⋯.jpg (505.04 KB, 1470x3024, 35:72, 2018-09-26 17.42.23.jpg)


>Please, guys, leave emails as well

This! Not all of us care for communicating through proprietary software owned by giant corporations.


Eh could be fun to have a fellow beginner drawfriend to exchange requests and critique with. Maybe a writefriend too.


File: 759a1ec5de29ab7⋯.jpg (1.23 MB, 3024x4032, 3:4, 759a1ec5de29ab7296ae3206c8….jpg)


I'm not really a beginner but I'll be your fren regardless of skill level. I'm also kind of interested in writefriendging


I'd be nice to have someone to bounce ideas off of and give/receive advice


File: ee5029054616366⋯.jpg (16.94 KB, 500x329, 500:329, sauro24.jpg)

I can't take it anymore! WHY does everybody always leave me alone? THIS IS IT. SUBMIT TO THE WRATH OF MY NECK OR FACE A STOMP OF THE HARSHEST CALIBER FROM GRANDPA LONGNECK'S FEET. You have been warned. Submit calmly to the warmth of the neck, all will be well.



Nobody wants to talk to a pretend dinosaur or pretend to be a dino. I'm certain that there isn't children on /kind/. I hope that 5 - 10 year olds have better things to do than to be on h8chan


File: 6469634936646da⋯.jpeg (71.36 KB, 720x720, 1:1, bz-5cdc3c440154d.jpeg)


That was quite >>>/unkind/ of you, good sir!


File: 6f9f266acf5b1bf⋯.gif (122.71 KB, 254x408, 127:204, 1512771318729.gif)

It has been a full year, so I'm redoing mine (and including email this time since someone requested it.)

Feel free to delete the old one, mods.

>Favorite anime

Hokuto no Ken. I consider it the greatest masterpiece the world of art has ever seen, a modern greek tragedy. The nu-/v/ Jojo fans who approach it like it's a joke make me want to kill myself. I'm planning on rewatching it now that I have the Blu-ray set, and I hope to review every single episode with at least a paragraph or two each from the perspective of someone who respects its writing and not its "comedy".

Not a fan of the manga, just the original series.

I also like Rose of Versailles. I'm not a fan of Japanese comedy and prefer stuff like this, maybe Perfect Blue. Anime that has no humor whatsoever.

>Video games

Nioh is still my favorite, I think. Kingdom Come: Deliverance is high up there for me now.

I've become disillusioned with JRPG's and it's a difficult topic for me to discuss now but I really enjoy the genre in theory. It's just no one gets it right. There's maybe 3 SMT games I enjoy and maybe Wizardry 8. I really liked Etrian Odyssey Nexus as it actually has a mechanic that locks you into playing on the hardest difficulty, rather than giving you the option of pussing out and coming back whenever you feel like.


I've bought an MP3 player and I'm trying to develop my tastes in this area. I went around 8 years without listening to any music due to some rare autism symptom that causes music hallucinations. I like Peter Gabriel, George Harrison, Dolly Parton, Bonnie Tyler, George Jones.


Another area I'm underdeveloped in and working on. I'm currently reading the Wagons West Frontier Trilogy. I haven't read enough to warrant claiming to have any favorites. I try to read a few pages from non-fiction or something religious every day just to keep the mind sharp.


I'm watching The Simpsons season 6 as I type this. I really enjoy it and its simple & clean humor.

When I was a wee lad, I watched TV for all waking hours and I've seen virtually every episode of every show that aired on Cartoon Network 1999-2005, so there's that if you're into that. I no longer watch TV much. I'm still keeping up with Unikitty! as best I can, but I don't have cable.


Something you should know about me is I have a tulpa. I've had a tulpa for a long time and just didn't even know it, around three years now. His name is Eerie, and he can best be described as "johnny bravo mixed with goku but with more self-awareness." And I'm dating him.

If you don't know what a tulpa is, it's like an autonomous imaginary friend. I can help you make one should you wish.

I like outsider fashion, you know, dressing like as much of a freak as I can get away with at work. I like Hokuto no Ken, I know I already said that but I want to emphasize that I really, really enjoy Hokuto no Ken and I collect figurines of it. I'm into classical Americana and I watch this Youtuber named Carpetbagger who does tours of all sorts of tourist spots in the US that I'll never be able to afford to see myself. Vegas, Roy Rogers, Voodoo, you know. I'm into film and I'm writing a screenplay myself. Mostly 80's Hollywood schlock. I don't really touch indie movies at all. I collect film physically.

>What kind of friendship?

Well first off, if you've ever even jokingly called yourself a normalfriend or been accused of being a normalfriend then we just simply aren't going to get along. Simple as that.

And at this point I'm willing to talk to anybody that isn't phoneposting pretty much. I'm very isolated and tired of having non-conversations with retards phoneposting in random chats.

>Anything else?

I am pathologically obsessed with cats and cows, and should you wish it, I can go on psycho vegan rants for hours uninterrupted. I own three cats, and the State Fair animal show that allows people to touch cows is unironically a religious experience for me.



I love Eerie#3019



Yes, I use the Create a Board function on 8chan to blog.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I would never rape a cow!

I'd sooner lose a limb than be directly responsible for injuring a cow or a cat if I had a choice.

(btw i forgot to mention in my post that i hate all other animals except them)



What if the cow also enjoys it?



No, I don't want to have sexual relations with cows! Okay? It's a pretty religious relationship.

and a few more addendums to my post since i keep getting the opportunity lol.

the word "cow" includes bulls too, i like them all. a lot of research material on cows uses "cow" to refer to both male and female, so i adopted that and confuse a lot of people with it.

and i take back saying i "hate all other animals". i like reptiles and birds and ants and some other stuff plenty. but there's more animals that i dislike than like. i'm not an animal person generally. there's just something about cows and cats.


File: 6460edf9e259239⋯.jpg (31.5 KB, 300x426, 50:71, sauro_jesus.jpg)


You may want to know of my religious relationship with the great sauropods, given that you have similar tendencies with the cows. I am glad to see individuals with similar beliefs and customs, this gives me great comfort for which I give you thanks. Each waking day I delve into my thoughts and discover new things about myself, my neighbors, and the dinosaurs. Because dinosaurs are not exactly animals, I hope you will not hate them… also one important thing of note is that I do not desire sexual relationships with dinosaurs, either, as that seems to have been a misconception with you.


File: 15c9d63183e3410⋯.jpg (78.46 KB, 1200x884, 300:221, D0oJZvnX4AAbRO9.jpg)

The bastard sauroson

His neck deranged its twisted shape the mongrel neck is born

The genius neck its demented length its mad and ghastly form


File: ea6a457a1a6cc03⋯.jpg (234.09 KB, 856x582, 428:291, ea6a457a1a6cc03efc2d60bd17….jpg)

I like Saurs too, but I'm mostly interested in lake monsters like loch ness



Been a long time snew, I'm sorry for fucking up and ignoring you like that, you gave me no reason for that but have it for any feelings of anger and resentment that you may have. Nonetheless, I think we can be friends, if we could just try again and put this behind us. Message me when you feel like it.


Favorite Anime: Samurai Camploo , Jin-Roh The Wolf Brigade , Welcome to The NHK , First Season of Black Lagoon , PATLABOR ,

Favorite Vidya: Arma OA . Arma 3 , COD 4 , DOOM 2 , GTA 4 , GTA VICE CITY , GTA SA , GMOD , HOI4 , Mount and Blade War Band , Postal 2 , Squad , SuperPowers 2

Favorite Music: Anything by Nujabes

Favorite TV Series: Avatar the last airbender

Favorite Books: Jurassic Park , Seven Pillars of Wisdom

Hobbies and interests: Generally I'd just say I'm someone who likes to study the various arts and stuff around it. I'll collect antiques or other stuff along with reading on a multitude of subjects

Anything else you'd like to share or you think it's relevant to say: I'm eccentric

Contact: Classical_NAT/AM#6376 https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198166179891/


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Can ya make a cock,li throwaway email, mate? I wanna send you some music.

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