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File: 3327bc5eb3e1fe5⋯.png (437.25 KB, 500x500, 1:1, dwm1.png)


Welcome to Kin Migrants General. Just some rules to get us all started.

1. Don't actually take anything kin related seriously. If you come in here talking about your memories, I will call you a faggot personally and ban you.

2. No discrimination. This is a given.

3. NSFW to be put in spoiler.

4. Don't act like a queero, or I will make you fearo.

5. Tripfagging is not necessary, but totally fine.

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File: 669744853fadc80⋯.jpg (105.91 KB, 1192x1080, 149:135, 353503d1-3f01-4f63-b27f-68….jpg)

File: 413ef39bcbd4237⋯.png (14.9 KB, 100x100, 1:1, yasuho36.png)


File: deaef3648d6dd30⋯.jpeg (25.09 KB, 371x262, 371:262, 555BA9A6-789C-4EF4-9D7F-B….jpeg)


icon thread now

File: 45127996fd1bf28⋯.jpg (2.88 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 20181204_085115.jpg)


I'm not finished yet but what if we had a mascot


kinda cringe but im with it


looks bad


looks like family guy but somehow worse


op is thirteen please stan

File: 7828c8aedc4ab80⋯.jpeg (367.85 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 9141EC8B-0F9D-49CA-BFB9-3….jpeg)





File: 5753e3fde31f0d2⋯.jpg (57.96 KB, 640x756, 160:189, tumblr_oumycaNfQr1w4cd2mo2….jpg)


say a slur

File: c7fcf1672846688⋯.gif (445 B, 32x48, 2:3, Drugs are trendy.gif)


Smash release tomorrow guys, post your mains ITT. Pic related

File: ff0b52e9efe16e6⋯.jpg (105.21 KB, 1200x737, 1200:737, e66e90b5-0f48-4079-9427-fe….jpg)


Its funny how y'all dont realize everyone else on tumblr and 8chan is laughing at you for this board


you look like a fucking fed with these google image reaction pics of anime girls.



"made by silly gang" are you ok??????? were you starved of oxygen at birth????????????????????????????



you are indeed correckt


"everyone on 8chn" no one on 8chan cares about us. all the non-normie kinnies dont care. wyd twitter kinnie?

File: 956f95b26dd5ebb⋯.jpg (36.64 KB, 540x594, 10:11, tumblr_inline_pja9myxb6Z1r….jpg)


>posting a callout post on 8chan…ok faggots



u mad bro?

File: 63f8d16f6a105bb⋯.jpg (8.91 KB, 227x222, 227:222, tumblr_piryviov3o1t2x8r6_5….jpg)



File: 85f7c988a7b7bba⋯.jpeg (81.05 KB, 460x603, 460:603, 5B42AA04-1062-4CCE-88B9-F….jpeg)


should guatemalans have rights be honest


i feel like namefags shouldnt have rights



i have great news: they dont

File: 333c747b8d2903b⋯.png (122.24 KB, 293x273, 293:273, Screenshot_331.png)


look at this pic image haha

File: fa1976e7182f974⋯.jpeg (142.31 KB, 933x923, 933:923, AB965811-3950-4B0C-9B52-A….jpeg)



File: 78909a251f3467a⋯.png (166.18 KB, 265x344, 265:344, KDJKFKADJKA (1).PNG)


we know its you tate you fucking ultra retard


tate wants to be cham



tate WISHES he were cham. fucking zika baby

File: 956d666fcbf1383⋯.png (178.09 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 97672FD5-7A88-4820-B32D-26….png)


i will be racist, if you do not stop. i will be racist, if my requirements are not met. i will be racist, if a female replies.


File: 5ccfd5caa331aad⋯.gif (936.52 KB, 480x270, 16:9, tumblr_o3g9nxIW1H1qhiw03o1….gif)

it's not that you're racist it's that you're a normalfag

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