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File: c76aece7f6a1eba⋯.webm (1.56 MB, 500x500, 1:1, White Pills.webm)

File: 77d805d50da77e4⋯.png (729.43 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, White Pills.png)

9a9584 No.1001


K, K, K, K, K, K

Moonman's Dad:



White Pill!

Deploy the gas

I rap so fast

I'll give the blacks a heart attack

The only arrest a nigger will get

Is cardiac arrest in a hospital bed

I'll smash your head

Make sure you're dead

But let me get my dad on deck

There's nothing that scares a black man more

Than a moon man taking his welfare check

Moonman's Dad:

Slow it down

I rhyme a little slower

But it works just fine

Since your IQ is lower

Low-time preference

High IQ

The white man is destined

To battle with the Jew

I use Nordic Runes

Sacred magic of Kek

With one whisper to the gods

I'll break a nigger's neck

You best be careful when approaching this wizard

You shall not pass

Jews, Spics, and Niggers


Watch your back

Don't mess with us

Dox your family

Call your boss

Show up to your house at night

I am proud that I am white

Right-wing death squads back for round two

Cannot be blackpilled by the Jews

Close the borders, lock the gates

Stop the rape, Pizzagate

Shadilay, KKK

Dubs and trips and quads and quints

Every word I fucking say

Is bound to make a jiggaboo wince

The Islamic State can suck my dick

I'll shitpost til my hard drive quits

I'll never cuck to Jewish interests

While waiting for the second Blitz

Moonman's Dad:

If you're feeling like shit, take more white pills!

9a9584 No.1002

Always a good day when Moonman's Dad drops a track, just don't play this fire shit too close to the wall, the steel beams won't be able to take it.

9a9584 No.1003


Moon dad is best dad.

9a9584 No.1007


Wasn't Moonman's dad doxed and revealed to be Ben Garrison?

7f202f No.1017

Nice track


I thinks so

c2b183 No.1029

Really great track.

069c6d No.1039

hey I am trying hard as fuck to figure out how to get moon mans dads voice to work. I have textaloud2 and moon man is fine but I just can't find a torrent or anything else for "old man will" or whatever :(

white power

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