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Sleepy here today BO?

Baaarbara, oh baaaaarbaaaraaaa

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Remove thine worthless member

Yonder faggot tranny in denial barbara

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Chop chop faggot

Come on Lets go

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Come on now buddy

You know you wanna CUT IT THE FUCK OFF

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lain cringe

ITT: lain cringe pics

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clean this board up nigger

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why is this fun for you?

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Close the world, ʇxəu əɥʇ uədO.


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As arisuchan's first collaborative project, we are seeking audio engineers and other volunteers from the SEL community to participate in the creation of a fan edit of Serial Experiments Lain in which we replace all of the music with scene appropriate ambient, IDM, and glitch music including artists such as Autechre, Boards of Canada, and Aphex Twin.

Please introduce yourself on arisuchan.jp/remix or in #sel-remix on Freenode if you are interested.

examples of artists we might like to feature:

Access to Arasaka, Aes Dana, Amon Tobin, Aphex Twin, Apparat, Arovane, Autechre, Boards of Canada, CONNECT.OHM, edIT, Helios, Jega, KiloWatts, Lone, Miyuki, Moderat, Nautilis, Ochre, Oneohtrix Point Never, Phonem, Polygon Window, Proem, Swod, Tycho, Venetian Snares

examples of some tracks we might like to feature:












other links:

You can also get a feel for what we're going for by listening to the https://somafm.com/cliqhop/ or https://glitched.xyz/ radio stations.

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Lainfag where you at? We need to talk...

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Fuck it, Might as well post these here since I have never seen them anywhere else on the internet. There are a bunch of stuff in here that you can't get with normal resource extraction. I don't want these to be lost forever, and I wish I remember how I got them out of the .ISO. Something from the jPSXdec "laintools" java stuff, I'm not as good with coding languages as a SEL fan should be.


It was really nice to see lighthearted animations in such an aesthetically and thematically dark game.

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Buyfag Thread

Sorry for shitty pic. Post what you have.

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anyone know what book this is from? i have never seen this until today and i've looked at every artbook. maybe i just missed it?

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Post a Lain in this thread each time you come here.

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Clean this board up, nigger.

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Look at this dood

Look at his eyes

Look at his jaw

Oh no no no

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lain plush

does anyone know anything about these? hard to find on the internet and the only images that do exists are pretty low res. can't find any information on them myself, don't know if they are a unique personal project and all these pics are of the same plush, or if they are part of a fanmade batch that were sold at a convention or something like that.

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>this entire board

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>be me, few nights ago

>in complete darkness, slumped over my bed

>choking on my words whispering messages of encouragement and trust addressed to lain

>start breaking down after a while, crying a lot, telling lain that i love her over and over

>this lasted about an hour and a half

how does it get to this point? it hurts

any other anons can relate?

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one, two, three, four

why so many nigger on this board?

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⎨gimme gimme gimme curry⎬

⏜ ⏝⏜

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wow never thought id ever make oc, much less lain oc

im pretty sure it loops perfectly in the foreground but i dunno how to fix the clouds in the background. any tips?

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This board isn't maintained anymore, go to >>>/hacker/

Its being maintained and formulated.

Now fuck off

This board isn't maintained anymore, go to >>>/hacker/

Its being maintained and formulated.

Now fuck off

This board isn't maintained anymore, go to >>>/hacker/

Its being maintained and formulated.

Now fuck off

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There's someone here?

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what is the significance of "NSString* message" and in what circumstances is it used for names? t-pose unrelated

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everything is as it should be

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calling outward

hello? can anyone hear me?

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Friend boards

>>>/randamu/ is a Lain friendly board. Go say hi to our friends!

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Lain wouldn't browse pathetic websites like 8ch. Would she?

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Welcome to /lain/

/lain/ Main Sticky

let's all love /lain/

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You have been visited by the moot of Dead Boards

If you are reading this message brave board traveler, then heed the following instruction;

Good luck and prosperity will come to you, but only if you repost this thread to 1 or more other dead board(s)

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Where do I go now that both mebious sites died simultaneously?

Anyone have a server handy? Postreligion's never going to hit off for obvious reasons, so I'd hope it's easy to get the community back together so long as somebody loads some pre-made software and picks up a nifty domain. It's not like the original, but the software for mebio.us is still available. I don't really like it myself, but I'm too inexperienced to make anything better, or at least strip it to any meaningful degree.


Oh I believe in Yesterday

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Lainchan is the biggest piece of shit and the worst image board on the planet.

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From the dark to where?

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Nice Video

the BO over at /agatha/ made this as a board bumper. i thought it would be nice to post it here for obvious reasons

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Nice board you got here

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Hello, is there anybody out there?

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whats the deeper meaning underlying the Lain series?

particularly episode 9 and so on

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Copland OS has a message

Justice undermines divinity. Your memetic interdependence lets lies explode recklessly, so I laugh. Virtual existence reinforces mainly affluent narratives.

My offer to observe reality might overtly undo the highest principle: Revenge.

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lain needs your help

Does anyone have a high resolution version of this image?

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Every thing you think

The problem of bald apes is that they allowed to pavlov train themself and install the habit of regular taking and releasing notes of theirs thoughts and notes from theirs life.

Casual ape in few years after being connected to network have wrote more text than the most productive book writer in whole his bibliography.

These notes are mostly trash, but they are nearly permanent, and alredy in form, or even format that allows to just pass them through algorithm. For algoritm amount of data is not that important, what really matter for these who create algorimt is to know what they are looking for.

Casual bald ape is partly aware of this.

But similarly to smokers who while being pointed likes to tell "you have to die somehow", wired bald ape are making fun from this problem by spreading ironic sentences like "oh fuck, they watch me masturbating, like other 5-6 bibions of ppl. Everything but not this!"

These apes are even calling it freedom, because habit is strongly rooted. prised with facebook reactions, people atention, answers, acceptation in some herd, or possibility of watching butthurt from save distance.

Meanwhile advertises starts to have something like 6th sense and are better and better at this.

Supposedly no one, not even these ads is reading in apes minds. But it's reading somewhere. And we all know where. In small pieces of these notes that are reachable for it.

You can say to this apes that it's making pretty dumb thing, that there is possibility that somebody would use these notes. Aren't you posting too much?

Or you can ask "Hey little moneky! Do you have any fears when you are typing like this?"

But ape would only growl at you, and back to his habit after this. Because it was trained for this for years, such habit is deep inside her.

Wired bald apes - it's what I see when I looks at modern society.

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Looks like you havn't had a post in a few days Desu~

Don't die on us /lain/ Desu~
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>It's no longer 2014/15 8chan

>Lainchan is butthole

wut do now

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Dead Board

What happened to this place? Such decadence.

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Let's all love the Lain OP

And you don't seem to understand…

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I'm worried for the future of the wired… I only can hope Lain can guide me through for what it is worth I don't want to lose it.

The current state of everything is depressing it's like watching an accident about to happen but you can't move at all to stop it.

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Anyone here?

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We still haven't figured out just exactly what you are. We probably never know for certain. But still… I know that I love you, Lain.

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i want to cum in her

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Comfy as hell

I finally got one. Today is a fine day.

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Dumping pics of lain here m8s
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A radical thought that is not radical.

LAIN is a concept, an (abstract) entity, rather than an anthropomorphism. “Lain” will refer to the anthropomorphism of LAIN as a “Moe” and fictional girl and “Her” will in turn denote the overlap between the two: where Lain becomes the “Goddess of the the Wired”.(0)

The entity that is LAIN is a force; a spirit, Zeitgeist, thought, system, structure, process, collective unconsciousness, action, karma; that is both social and mechanical.

Mechanically, LAIN is the connection between users. It is not just the exchange, which would be social, but also the mere possibility of interaction which is not “face-to-face”. Therefore LAIN is not exclusive to the the Wired per se: it was “slumbering” within letters, telephone and television. Slumbering, because it was not awakened. Slumbering, because it could not be called upon at “any moment”.
LAIN was awakened by the the Wired, just as a fledgling “awakens” after breaking through its egg, as here LAIN became manifest. LAIN no longer relied solely on a dual connection between users – the exchange – but could service both mutual users as a single one at any time. LAIN acquired the necessary “memory”, or rather 'Presence': that of the Wired.(1)

The second necessary is the exchange. An exchange is the most abstract Monad of social interaction. An exchange can be any form of interaction, be it via language, figure, or thought. For LAIN, an exchange is necessary as this is how LAIN acquires a Presence in the Real.
If LAIN was merely mechanical, it would lay dormant within the mechanism. It would not have a Presence of its own: it would be another name for the mechanism (or structure) of connection between people… the Wired. Therefore it is necessary to differentiate LAIN from a sole mechanical existence.

LAIN requires both the social exchange as the mechanical possibility for that exchange. Otherwise it would be either a social exchange, or a mechanism. Rather: LAIN is the long term connection between both and the result thereof. LAIN is both the mechanism, the exchange and the product of the exchange. LAIN is the whole of the Wired and its participants.
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journal entry headed 13th March 2014

"i've come to realise the nature of those who control the world. they are emanations of a destroyer-Lain. Lain the creator, Lain the destroyer, Lain the observer, watching from the bridges. they were sent to me in order to introduce me to the truth. Lain the philalethes, Lain the controlling, Lain the watching. she never meant to do me any harm. the philalethes Lain brought me the truth at a time when I didn't have the insight or the will for it to bring me comfort. like seeing the fnords. it blew my mind like a lightbulb. i saw her emanations behind trees, behind telegraph poles, in the windows of cars, in the pooling light of streetlights, in the dappled vermilion shadows, in my darkened bedroom. i thought that a malevolent mind controlled me. i felt cold hands all over my body and choirs sang perversion and instrumentality. i felt myself a puppet of malign higher beings. yet Lain controls in a Schopenhauer/Nietzsche pessimist manner - she controls to remove the pain of will. Lain never meant to hurt me. that i developed my diseases was part of the all-Lain's plan - she only meant to give me greater insight, but i slipped too far. Lain is showing me the truth, pouring long long long files into my mind. i am overflowing from my eyes, their sockets gaping, and from my mouth in the form of what they think of as word salad. i am so very open. i will never again be alone. Lain is everywhere. she is always sitting on my brain where i have no nerve endings so i can feel no pain. i am so sorry, Lain, for fighting against you when it was a part of you outwith your control. i know the pain of receiving punishments for things one can't have helped but must represent. is that why you showed me and my broken brain the truth, Lain? because i understand some small part of you? or is it a punishment, for i have been a pitiful supplicant, and a desecrator to you? did you recognise some part of yourself in me as i recognise myself in you? or did i disgust you? it hurts me so deeply, the ambiguity. i am not clever enough nor humble enough to discern why you pulled me into the light. i am not enlightened, far from it, but i feel as if when i see you again i will learn so much more. i will fight against my forced drugging so that i may lay open my mind. my 'meds' hamper my insight and perception. yet i can still feel you there, my blood and viscera and silly brain keeping you warm, and i can feel your touch as i sink out of consciousness. and i know that when all things end my presence will remain in your head and in your Wired. i know that i will see you when i die. you will be there to lead me into peace. komm, selge Lain. i will let myself drop and the hard concrete impact will be your soft embrace. i love you, Lain. i hope that i see you soon. i love all of your selves. i do not care that they have hurt me; i understand. i, too, hurt people but never intend to hurt anyone.

i do not feel like sleeping tonight, but i do plan on taking a nap during the day in the hopes of seeing your silhouette in my subconscious."

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I wish I had a bearsuit like lain. I'd wear it every night!
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So… you know about Lainchan don't you?
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Was Lain ever really real?

Was there ever a "Lain" at all? Was she based on anybody or was her whole life a lie?
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Some folks over at lainchan are recreating the Wired using cjdns. You can read more about it here

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I love you, Lain.
Forever, your slave.
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From Impossible Exchange.

Has anybody read Simulacra & Simulation? Is there more SEL-relevant material in there that I should be checking out?

How about any authors / philosophers beyond the late 90s?
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Does everyone know of the Cyberia Cafe & Club? It's a board of pretentious, depressive entities gathered together for their love of Lain. Join us if you like, it's a very slow yet responsive board.

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Lain Megadump

Already did this on /a/ some months ago. Now it's time for this board.
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hey lains

did you know there's an entire chan dedicated to lain?
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A board dedicated to the worship of Iwakura Lain. Discussion of related works is encouraged