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File: 903954c20642718⋯.jpg (61.45 KB, 1008x720, 7:5, lain .jpg)


The problem of bald apes is that they allowed to pavlov train themself and install the habit of regular taking and releasing notes of theirs thoughts and notes from theirs life.

Casual ape in few years after being connected to network have wrote more text than the most productive book writer in whole his bibliography.

These notes are mostly trash, but they are nearly permanent, and alredy in form, or even format that allows to just pass them through algorithm. For algoritm amount of data is not that important, what really matter for these who create algorimt is to know what they are looking for.

Casual bald ape is partly aware of this.

But similarly to smokers who while being pointed likes to tell "you have to die somehow", wired bald ape are making fun from this problem by spreading ironic sentences like "oh fuck, they watch me masturbating, like other 5-6 bibions of ppl. Everything but not this!"

These apes are even calling it freedom, because habit is strongly rooted. prised with facebook reactions, people atention, answers, acceptation in some herd, or possibility of watching butthurt from save distance.

Meanwhile advertises starts to have something like 6th sense and are better and better at this.

Supposedly no one, not even these ads is reading in apes minds. But it's reading somewhere. And we all know where. In small pieces of these notes that are reachable for it.

You can say to this apes that it's making pretty dumb thing, that there is possibility that somebody would use these notes. Aren't you posting too much?

Or you can ask "Hey little moneky! Do you have any fears when you are typing like this?"

But ape would only growl at you, and back to his habit after this. Because it was trained for this for years, such habit is deep inside her.

Wired bald apes - it's what I see when I looks at modern society.

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