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1. Global rules apply, obviously

2. Keep it (mostly) language-related

3. No /pol/ or /leftypol/ turfing

4. 死なないでください

OP as it was on the 17th of June 2018

Since the previous BO hadn't logged in for months, I went ahead and claimed the board. If that bothers you, feel free to complain in this thread.

Changes in board settings:

>forced anonymous turned off

>... no longer automatically converted to …

>bans will be public

>bump limit increased to 750 (the maximum)

>all wordfilters removed

Other than that, nothing really changes.

EDIT on the 4th of December 2018:

>added rules

EDIT on the 24th of April 2019:

>teh purgening

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Don't let the door hit you on your ass on the way out, leftykike.


Post how to say it in some language, if that language hasn't been posted before you. Or to correct if someone's got it wrong.

How many languages can we get?


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1. I'm just making conversation.

2. The posts happen with long breaks in between. I can't promise consistency.

3. I wasn't assuming rape.

4. Irrespective of rape or not, there is an objective difference, and that is that naturally/biologically girl are made for penetration whereas boys aren't. I don't want to have to put all the details in, but give it a few milliseconds of thought.



"Que bela bunda."

For more impact: "Caralho, que bela bunda"



>I want to learn Polish and Japanese

Here are a couple of useful sites for Japanese, if you don't know them already:





>Weird how suddenly you find empathy when it's boys.



>3. I wasn't assuming rape.

You literally were, though, because by definition sex with someone who doesn't want to have sex with you is rape. Legally speaking, sex with someone under the age of consent is rape, too, and in Finland the laws on that have recently been tightened. Even talking to an underage girl can be enough to start an investigation, and if you say anything sexual, you'll go to prison for sexual harassment of a minor.

The age of consent is 16 but people are still judgemental if a 20-year-old is in a stable loving relationship with a 17-year-old because of the misperception that the age of consent is 18 since that's the age of majority and the legal age for porn. The bigger the difference, the harsher the judgement. Someone my age seeking random sexual encounters with barely legal girls would be cause for a lynch mob, and it wouldn't take long for cops to join them.

That said, I don't actually want to fuck random attractive girls even if they're very obviously over the age of consent. Of course when I see them, I think that, but I'd never get laid by randomly asking a girl "u want sum fug?" or whatever, and I'm not losing any slePost too long. Click here to view the full text.



Thanks for the learning materials

>Ackchyally, it's been scientifically proven that men have a highly erogenous zone in the ass, which women don't have (or at least for men it's more erogenous). Basically that means men are naturally/biologically made to be assfucked, so if you're going to use nature (or creationism) as the sole justification for your opposition to buttplumberings, you're definitely going to lose the argument.

I'm not opposed to anyone doing it

My morality seems to stem alot from some kind of nature argument for me though. Nature is somehow my God.

That men have a highly erogenous zone at the sphincter I could believe, but it doesn't really convince me that they were supposed to be arsefucked, nipples are an erogenous zone too

There doesn't seem to be a very strong evolutionary advantage to arsefucking, especially being compared to proper sex which is vital


buen culo

if it's surprisingly good you could say:

tremendo culo

File: 1415044801987.png (2.27 MB, 1271x1708, 1271:1708, Uncle_Sam_(pointing_finger….png)


What have you done to practice your target language today?
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>bumping a 10 year old thread


File: e47bac219332e78⋯.jpg (123.78 KB, 720x637, 720:637, 1540809147257.jpg)




Changed what my target language even is





File: 14397dd8b9f39a9⋯.jpg (206.73 KB, 800x456, 100:57, ganpaulf.jpg)

I just got a Sanskrit learning kit, and I am working through its exercises. It also helps that I know Latin, considering their similarities.

Where the hell am I supposed to find classical language speakers for conversational exercises?

File: 1414968278893-0.png (114.99 KB, 357x440, 357:440, Vladimir_Lenin_Poster.png)

File: 1414968278893-1.png (50.42 KB, 622x332, 311:166, russian-alphabet_omniglot-….png)


So I spent the day browsing through a Russian-English dictionary, and have come to realize learning Russian is so fucking easy. Except for the cursive handwriting, which is screwed up.

Prefixes and suffixes are helpful.

What I'd really like to get my hands on is a text file of all russian words and let my computer skills do the work decyphering it for the lulz.

I'm not sure if it is the dictionary I'm using or a specific dialect they are examining but this book seems to use the accute accent marke over alot of vowels, and I'm not talking about "ё" and "й" but а, е, и, о, у, ю, я where I see a lot of а е и о у ю я.

This dictionary is about 20 years old. Clinton was president when it was published but no computer or technology terms seemed to made it to print.
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I'm actually starting to suspect they're just LARPing because I've done Russian and I'm the same as you, the alphabet is the easiest part. It's only people who haven't studied Russian who think it's the hardest part.



I am not sure if it is easy.

By the way, 'ё' is like Yo!, and there is a tendency replacing it with 'e' since it is quite obvious, where to pronounce 'ye' and 'yo'

'й' is like consonant sound of 'u', the beginning of sound.


sh (like in shell) is ш.

Шалом (Shalom) for example.

ch (iike in channel) is ч.

Чугун (cast iron)

And щ is like in shit, where sh- is pronounced softly. Imagine some beaner pronouncing shit.

And russian is too difficult for other speakers, since it has too many words that just don't follow rules.

And many words have just too many conjunctions, like spanish, but worse, since there is really no order, that can be described in 3-4 rules.



I'm surprised nobody posted this before



Teacher of Russian for foreigners itt, ask you questions.



How can I avoid making mistakes with the perfective/imperfective aspects?

File: 1426799185291.png (6.32 KB, 267x189, 89:63, a conlang.png)


Does this board support the learning and/or the construction of fictional or artificial languages?
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File: ac3d16d643d9118⋯.jpg (30.15 KB, 820x566, 410:283, 1469842930725-1.jpg)

>all these a posteriori conlangs

revolting desu



It's more an assemblage than a construction. It's a snapshot of various aspects of different dialects at various points in time. That's not particularly close to what people are talking about with modern Hebrew, Esperanto or Interlingua.



This tbh. A good a posteriori language is one that diverges from the source language(s) so much or in unique enough ways that it's not immediately recognisable or classifiable as an obvious a posteriori language.


File: f80d0a52eee62a1⋯.jpg (21.02 KB, 270x445, 54:89, hippy.jpg)

I only learn free-range gluten-free languages free of GMOs and chemicals, maaaaan



Link to full doc?

File: 1417018840958.jpg (28.63 KB, 576x432, 4:3, gur-hasidm-arad-home-picke….jpg)


Any Yiddish speakers or students of Yiddish?

Vu bist du lebendik?
Iz Yiddish deyn ershter shprakh?
Bist du Hasid?
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Oh you're a poor judge of legitimacy, lol XD I grew up what they call conservadox nowadays, although back then it was just called conservative. I had to seek out the Yiddish language myself, and if you think I'm speaking it like a native then thanks. באינטרנט אף אחד לא יודע שאנו כלבים, as the sages said.



lol I'm not a native speaker so I can't properly tell

איך האב קיינמאל נישט געהערט דעם מאמר חז"ל

Do you speak Hebrew properly? as what got me was the use of the word mokem




I'm pleased to learn that there are actual Jews on 8chan apart from me (but I don't count, my mother is a shiksa ;) )



Well then you aren't jewish? unless you converted


Hey /lang/ let's talk about logical fallacies arising from misinterpreting language. https://www.smbc-comics.com/comics/1451060250-20151225.png (TOR users restricted from uploading files to this board) shows (probably) how it really does depend on what your definition of "is" is, as saying X is Y often is equivalent mathematically/logically to saying that X is part of Y, e. g. "hitler is evil" is usually used to mean hitler has the property of being evil, with the key relation being X 'has the property of being' Y, likewise for "love is confusing", "evil is confusing", "your logic is confusing". The error, formally, is that 'is' is not, in this sense, symmetric, which 'is' in the sense of equality, is. that is to say, 'is' is not always the same as 'is', which is a strange property of this identity, which seems to break the oft taken-as-granite reflexivity ('R is reflexive' is equivalent to 'for all x, xRx') of (absolute) identity, because 'is' != 'is'. Now we're getting into logic, which is off-topic, so i'll end here.


(OP here) I realize that there's the argument for taking 'is' as a polysemic symbol, which solves this irreflexivity of absolute identity, but it's more interesting to consider the opposite, as the reflexivity of absolute identity is almost ingrained, so figuring out how to go about things without it would be really cool. I wonder if any logicians or philosophers (or mathematicians, for that matter), who have published any research in this direction, or who have at least been thinking about it or discussing it.


Do you mean commutativity instead of reflexivity?


A thread for those that want to discuss studying Polish.


One thing I like about Polish is that it uses the digraph <sz> for /ʂ/ since Hungarian uses it for /s/, and that could be kinda confusing.


Polish is based and red pilled because it distinguishes stop-fricative clusters from affricates.


Today I learnt that ex in Polish is były.

File: 1414782542198.jpg (446.36 KB, 1700x1228, 425:307, weeeeee.jpg)


Why did you pick the language(s) you're studying?
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File: 04022c0919630a4⋯.jpeg (397.78 KB, 899x1600, 899:1600, C3437173-2489-4ABB-AD14-1….jpeg)


I've started French recently too


I picked French because despite losing out to English it's still an incredibly useful and enriching language.

It's spoken in several first-world European countries and beautiful cities that are prime tourist spots but also all around the world in many diverse places from North America, the Caribbean and parts of South America, Oceania, the Indian Ocean and of course MENA and sub-Saharan Africa. Also: girls.

There never was a single moment when I regretted studying it.



>I can help

pls help


Keep my brain healthy. German ancestry. It's rewarding.


I'm schizophrenic and I thought everything in a foreign language was about me so I started learning languages

File: 1419518140699.png (1.58 MB, 1920x796, 480:199, inglourious_basterds_8.png)


Hilf mir bitte.

I am studying German, and I have a hard time with it, because I can't get invested in it. I learned English pretty well because I was interested in all the cultural products of English-speaking countries (TV/Movies/music/books/etc.), but this just does not happen to me with German. Can someone recommend me some fine German TV/cinema, which I could watch in glorious Hochdeutsch with English or Russian/Ukrainian subtitles?
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Adams Äpfel is a tasteful commedy/drama movie.



Peppa Pig.

es ist meine tv lernen lol



also netflix has alot of German dubs.


Inglourious Basterds has a lot of German in it

File: 1425653532184.jpg (80.93 KB, 620x387, 620:387, finland-school_2752492b.jpg)


TEACHING children to write is transitioning to a computer era, as traditional cursive writing and calligraphy will not be taught at Finnish schools after the autumn 2016 and will be replaced with the study of typing skills, reported Savon Sanomat on 18 November.

"Fluent typing skills are an important national competence," explained Minna Harmanen from the National Board of Education which is currently finalising the guidelines for the new study of writing.

Harmanen acknowledged that waiving handwriting will be a major cultural transformation, but added that schools will still have room for altering their studies: when the teachers want, they can still teach longhand. Typing should be also easier to connect to teaching everyday life skills than handwriting.

Apart from the curriculum, the schools have different means for teaching children computer skills. There are schools with hundreds of tablets to teach and learn with, but also schools with only one computer class, such as Kasurila primary school in Siilinjärvi.

The principal of the school, Marja Rytivaara said that they will get their first tablets next year, but believes that the children are learning many of the new computer skills outside of school, so the changes in the studies might not have a lot of influence for example on children of unequal position.



So Finland is already breeding the next generation of shitposters (and forgetting how to write in the process).


Progess i guess.




I had typing and cursive in elementary school and became decent in both, I don't see why this has to be an either/or issue.


I was taught typing as well as cursive writing. I never use cursive writing, how ever I will use it with my normal wrting a little, it can speed up my writing a little. For example. connecting a currsive "e" after "l" is much quicker, but thats all I use it for. In fact I'm the last of my generation to be taught it in schools in Canada. Learning to type is far more important.


HOw reliable is deepl. I've been learning German at my own pace and because of my job, I hvae a lot of time to study and read during the night. Sometimes I'll start making sentences together, but the only bummer is I'm not sure if my sentences are proper.

deepl example:

>translated from German (my sentence)

1. ich brauche zum meine house gehen

2. i need to go to my house

>translated from English:

1. I need to go to my house

1.Ich muss zu meinem Haus gehen.

are they both acceptable?

File: 067116cde5d739e⋯.jpg (90.96 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, minecraft_ytbrs.jpg)



I'm a french student and I wish to learn english.

I recently buy a book, in english, to try to learn by reading and translate with internet when it's necessary. But it's not easy to still concentred when you will stop your reading to search a word, and it make the story hard to follow and it makes the book boring (I've never read this book before)

Now, I try to play video games in english but I meet the same problem than above.

How can I learn english without be bored and withn't much money ?

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File: 9b517b091370358⋯.jpg (24.32 KB, 176x179, 176:179, 1315764322935.jpg)


anyway, learning any language will require patience and time and it WILL be boring at times.



Watch English movies/shows with English subtitles. A lot of input is good.



Forget about idioms, they are the bane of internationalization, and I have a personal grudge against them.

Basically, most longer french words are already english words, so you can somewhat fake your vocabulary for a while, then it's a mix of grecoroman and germanic, I reccomend focussing on one of the two, you would probably have an easier time with the grecoroman english vocabulary. The only things that I would consider really 'english' are the morphologically short, semantically abstract, onomotopoeic, or expletive words. The grammar, as compared to french, is mainly that adjectives come before the noun rather than after. Also beware that some suffixes are mixed up, like the french '-ment' is the english '-ly' (adverbialization), but english '-ment' is the same as english '-ion', which is the same as french "-ion" (nounization, specifically, to mean 'the process denoted by' verb)

BO EDIT: removed /pol/ tier tangent

Post last edited at


Withn't... no joke you already speak perfect memespeak

File: 900ab42d591311f⋯.png (73.57 KB, 864x719, 864:719, europe15.png)


I'd thought I'd start a discussing the many languages of Europe. Plus just spreading knowledge of the fact of the existence.

I'll even start with a controversial fact:

France is the only country in Europe today to still commit Linguicide. Many languages of France are banned, even in privet situations. In 2001 a Breton TV station wanted to be created in which shows would be dubbed & subbed into Breton. Paris was furious and banned the station. Saying that French is the only language allowed to be dubbed in and the Breton cannot do that with Breton because they are "French".

Imagine if that happened today with the Welsh in the UK. It wouldn't be tolerated by the world that the British Government was doing such acts.

But France has gotten away with it. Breton and other languages such as Occitan are dying, fast. They won't be around in a few generations.

33 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: c06ef054b91de29⋯.jpg (174.45 KB, 800x927, 800:927, 06ef054b91de29c6f5c208d98c….jpg)


>eastern parts of Flanders: "Dutch"

>western parts of Flanders: "Flemish"



It's like Ireland. Census give 80%+ people listing Belarusian as native language, yet they don't speak it if younger than ~50 years or so, outside of schools or some cultural festivals.

They don't speak Russian proper too, anyway. Belarusian phonetics and 'weird' words thrown in cause much confusion for visiting Muscovites (my wife and her relatives still don't understand half of what my family members say to them, lol). If they ever heard proper Belarusian, not some intermediary dialect, they'd mistake it for Polish or Lithuanian or anything. So kinda like Irish English.

Thing is, speaking proper Russian was prestigious in the late USSR, and as the state is still a soviet dictatorship run by 60+ yers sovoks, both local authoritarians and immigrant Ryssa scum care to demonstrate their Russian-ness as a badge of honor.

Even though Luka himself couldn't speak proper Russian until mid-00s I believe. There was that incident when he tried to say in Russian "I regularly scrutinize my parliament members and know who can lie to me and who can't" but with Belarusian phonetics it turned into literally "I regularly fuck the parliament and know who allows me mouthfucking and who doesn't".



Who the fuck cares bout your opinions. We here sure don't. Belarus and Belarusians are a fact, deal with it.


Should note: Livonian is a dead language now, pretty recently actually, in 2013.

Võro is alive and well, however. That map also lacks the Seto language, which is closely related to Võro but not quite the same and is notable regardless.


>Also, parts of Estonia in the east are like 100% Russian

Not quite, there are areas with large Russian majority populations but I don't know of basically anywhere that is 100% Russian. The only really notable Russian majority place in Estonia is Narva, which is quite a large city with an almost 90% Russian population.


File: 194cd9c842b4fe1⋯.jpg (78.61 KB, 474x527, 474:527, mevrouw.jpg)

dutch is a hilarious language


File: d9181b1d32f064e⋯.jpg (33.18 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, an absolutely absoluted pi….jpg)

>tfw looking up the etymologies of a dozen Finnish words

>mfw all of them turned out to be Swedish loanwords

I shouldn't even be surprised at this point, but it just makes me so fucking mad.


Oh, ok. I thought the rural parts in the east were full of Russians? It could've been a Russian that told me that, though, so maybe it was propaganda.


I'm a "native speaker" of Romanian but not very good at it, can understand normal conversations (as long as they don't get too technical) and mostly express myself (again, as long as I don't try getting too technical), but looking to expand in a more academic/educated direction and prevent the little I do have from attritioning away. Any Romanian websites, forums, books, videos, etc. where I can expose myself more to the language welcome and appreciated.



I've never really been into Romanian so I can only suggest what's worked for me with other languages:

>google site:youtube.com "[sentence in said language]"

This generally works for finding news clips or channels, etc. with certain kinds of sentences or vlogs and such with certain kinds of sentences, etc.

>google filetype:pdf "[sentence in said language]"

You might get books or newspapers or whatever, depending on the kind of sentence you searched.

>google site:academia.edu [language] [feature]

This may be useful if you want to get autistically specific descriptions and explanations of individual things in the language. For example, site:academia.edu Romanian irrealis moods, which based on a quick glance doesn't come up with anything exclusively about Romanian but rather stuff comparing its system to other languages.

>literally just google the word for "forum(s)" or "chat" in said language

Pretty obvious, so you probably tried that already, but it's the most logical way to find forums where people use the language in question. I have no idea what kind of stuff Romanian-speakers discuss online, but there's probably some community somewhere that has similar interests to yours.

More generally, you can just google things with quote marks to get exact matches (or use the "verbatim" setting), which can get you results like forums where people posted the exact sentence or some articles or something. (If you don't use Google, I'm sure DuckDuckGo or whatever has similar functions.) Hopefully this was helpful, but probably not.

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