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File: 900ab42d591311f⋯.png (73.57 KB, 864x719, 864:719, europe15.png)


I'd thought I'd start a discussing the many languages of Europe. Plus just spreading knowledge of the fact of the existence.

I'll even start with a controversial fact:

France is the only country in Europe today to still commit Linguicide. Many languages of France are banned, even in privet situations. In 2001 a Breton TV station wanted to be created in which shows would be dubbed & subbed into Breton. Paris was furious and banned the station. Saying that French is the only language allowed to be dubbed in and the Breton cannot do that with Breton because they are "French".

Imagine if that happened today with the Welsh in the UK. It wouldn't be tolerated by the world that the British Government was doing such acts.

But France has gotten away with it. Breton and other languages such as Occitan are dying, fast. They won't be around in a few generations.

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File: d4f1dd1387a6a86⋯.png (134.46 KB, 1550x1212, 775:606, BelarusNativeLanguages2009.PNG)

File: a56b2061800c1af⋯.png (136.63 KB, 1550x1212, 775:606, BelarusHomeLanguages2009.PNG)


Native language vs main spoken language



I thought it was the other way around. Or have everything I've read just been wrong?



You've been reading too much russophilic shit, m8. Russian non-natives in the cities feel threatened by locals speaking a language (excuse me, dialect) they can't understand and say they're being persecuted when they dominate the media and offices where you're technically allowed to speak Belarusian but nobody does and nobody will understand you if you do.



That map is overly autistic tbh

Scots isn't actually that prevalent in my experience (its just English anyway) and Ingrian is pretty much dead now. That area of Russia is where they speak bog standard Russian.


France has been obsessed, since the Revolution, with emphasising the 'French' identity above all else. They still don't soften their stance because they still consider the Revolution to be the foundation of the modern French state, and to compromise on this language policy would be to compromise the very foundation of France itself.


The Balkans really is a massive clusterfuck



Belarus isn't a real country though


File: 4fe9789f7b04146⋯.png (301.66 KB, 3051x3359, 3051:3359, Slav-7-8-obrez.png)


>Belarus isn't a real country though

You're right; it should have been named Kryvia as that is the Old Slavic tribe from which modern day Belarusians descend.

File: 1424233869369.jpg (216.7 KB, 796x928, 199:232, 1396208648614.jpg)


Who here likes to create neologism? I'm very fascinated by the idea of lingual evolution and new words entering common usage, and thus I really enjoy learning and attempting to create new words. How about you guys?

noisivelt (noun) - any unpleasant noise, often used to refer to music

latigid - highly devoted to a cause
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Perhaps something's wrong with the logical workings in my head, but I see it like this. A neologism is an addition to a language's vocabulary. So if the vocabulary expands, the language gets richer and more colorful.

It's quite a different thing, if people start using specific words which have a wide range of meanings.

What I'm saying is, the words and expressions from the old books you read still stand, people just cease using them for a number of reasons. What do you think?


Language usage evolves or devolves with the culture.

If the culture is sick, language use will demonstrate the effects.



I think artificial languages and non-natural language evolution is sinful & destroys the language.



Kudos for the explanation. Specially valuable when coming from a German, given the really fucked up neologism formation mechanisms existing in that language.



I'm not a German though.

File: 1456871765211.png (563.81 KB, 590x421, 590:421, coffee_map.png.CROP.promo-….png)


Hey let's have a thread for this.

Basically everything is welcome;

false cognates (words in different languages that look like they could easily be cognates, but knowing the actual etymology tells you they aren't)

distant cognates (I'm saying distant because the interesting part here is where a word travels to the other side of the continent)

false friends (words that are either homophones or close homophones in two languages, but have wildly different meanings — but sometimes they may be true cognates and differ in meaning due to semantic drift)

pic related, cognates like that (or fucking ananas) aren't interesting and therefore not welcome

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>there's a pretty clear correlation between tonality of languages and distribution of alhahaes of genes ASPM and MCPH1

THAT is forking stunning. I'd never read this before. How interesting.

but wtaf is a

>alhahaes of genes

Did you have a seizure while writing "alhahaes"?

>genes ASPM and MCPH1, both are crucial in brain development

Yes, but aside from causing brain deformities, no one yet knows what they do



DId you?

it's a word filter, supposed to filter out usage of lеl, but it has a seizure when people write unrelated words containing that sequence of letters



That's with Mexican Spanish.



Hum, and how do you pronounce those?

File: 1445788555174.jpg (389.38 KB, 1127x1204, 161:172, magazine-of-art-1853-016-d….jpg)



>Many languages, including such early languages as Hebrew and Sanskrit, were created by formulaic manipulation of Basque vocabulary. However, the name Basque, or more accurately Bask because there is no Q in the language, did not exist at the time this language invention was done. There must have been an earlier form of this language available to the linguists doing this manipulation. But where did it come from and what was it like?

>The research done by Dr. N. Lahovary and published in his book "Dravidian Origins and the West" shows conclusively that Basque and the old Dravidian languages of India are closely related. Nyland’s research into the Ainu language of Japan shows the same. The Ainu are thought to have been isolated in the Far East for as long as 8,000 years, yet they retain an early, non-agglutinated, form of Saharan, thus the original language must have been very old. These startling finds seem to indicates that the precursor of the Basque language was spoken very early in Europe, Africa and Asia, just like Genesis 11:1 tells us: "Now the whole world spoke one language". Nyland suggested that the forerunner of the Basque, Dravidian and Ainu languages was the Saharan language and that the language spoken in the beautifully painted cathedral caves in southern France and northern Spain was an early form of the same. However, this early form of the language cannot have been the one used by the early religious scholars doing the inventing of new languages such as Sanskrit. They used a later, manipulated, form that was constructed with agglutination. It employed the vowel-consonant-vowel interlocking principle.

>There seems little doubt that the Basque language is a direct descendant of this original Saharan language and that this language has not changed very much for several millennia, probably because of the extremely careful oral transmission traditions used in their educational system, passing the language on from generation to generation without changes.

Also, I just learned that laranja in Basque is totally not a loan and is a native word, despite thatPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

8 posts omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 999aee66fe2abee⋯.png (22.5 KB, 207x239, 207:239, 999aee66fe2abee82d7f8a1216….png)

What a retard



>He thinks the book of genesis talks about the pre-diluvian world

The only ones who had that kind of knowledge were the Sumerians and the Egyptians…




This makes the Celtic From The West (Cuncliffe & Koch) theory more compelling imo.


>Because Basque was around before its ancestor Vasonic was formed



This is fucked up. Anyone knows doctor comes from Latin.


Sorry for advertising the board, but it really need influx.



File: 2c819aee08a39ea⋯.png (4.96 KB, 275x183, 275:183, download.png)

Hey Anon, do you speak portuguese ?



And do you speak Latin?

File: 1424641674630.jpg (36.8 KB, 400x300, 4:3, chingchongchang.jpg)


What's the ugliest language and why is it mandarin?
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>they also have this autistic "tone" in which you MUST fucking read that word with that exact tone or it'll have different meaning, for example

that's because they lost the codas at some point so different syllable endings just became different tones



>why is it mandarin

Because there's the lowest statistical possibility of speaking to higher status dialects/accents that won't sound as AIDS.


Because Mandarin is an artifical Frankenstein creation of hundreds of northren dialects which do not go together at all. And Simplified Chinese characters are just lines and dashes where as Traditional characters actually look like what they mean.

Plus Cantonese > Mandarin



>What's the ugliest language

American "English"

prove me wrong

I also hate chinkspeak of any kind



Too many vowels? You don't know what you're talking about…

File: 1414968278893-0.png (114.99 KB, 357x440, 357:440, Vladimir_Lenin_Poster.png)

File: 1414968278893-1.png (50.42 KB, 622x332, 311:166, russian-alphabet_omniglot-….png)


So I spent the day browsing through a Russian-English dictionary, and have come to realize learning Russian is so fucking easy. Except for the cursive handwriting, which is screwed up.

Prefixes and suffixes are helpful.

What I'd really like to get my hands on is a text file of all russian words and let my computer skills do the work decyphering it for the lulz.

I'm not sure if it is the dictionary I'm using or a specific dialect they are examining but this book seems to use the accute accent marke over alot of vowels, and I'm not talking about "ё" and "й" but а, е, и, о, у, ю, я where I see a lot of а е и о у ю я.

This dictionary is about 20 years old. Clinton was president when it was published but no computer or technology terms seemed to made it to print.
9 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 0084063cf84de91⋯.gif (1.97 MB, 350x300, 7:6, lol-kek-insanity.gif)


>So I spent the day browsing through a Russian-English dictionary, and have come to realize learning Russian is so fucking easy. Except for the cursive handwriting, which is screwed up.

I wonder if OP has discovered the true horrors of Russian grammar yet?

Presumably, thinking everything was easy, he slammed into that brick wall and hasn't recovered yet.

Russian is a nightmare. No wonder their heroes are anyone who can write respectable prose in that language – the language drove all their writers into depression.


File: 98fad3a7a0c596b⋯.gif (251.09 KB, 300x165, 20:11, lol-tennant.gif)

>"Russian, spoken by countless millions, is so horrifically complex that part of me always wonders whether it is an elaborate hoax."

Source: https://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2015/09/aramaic-middle-east-language/404434/



It kinda is. A shitload of Russian was being made up on spot during 18th and 19th century (sometimes using OCS as a reference to produce word doublets where native Russian word switched meaning a little bit so OCS word was reintroduced unchanged), as well as ridiculous word formation both to appease the Finnic native population of Russia, as well as to show off in front of Germans. Because Russian as we know it today is made up of patchwork of shit done by different autists, it's horribly inconsistent.



SERIOUSLY?!?! This is awesome information to learn, bud.

Not that I have anything against Russians, but it's nice to know someone else's language is as much a disowned bastard as your own English.



top haha

I love Russian though, it's so poetic and beautiful. A bitch to learn, but worth it it imo.

File: 8b24554d8015b22⋯.jpeg (120.75 KB, 2000x1143, 2000:1143, აინუს_ხალხების_გავრცელები….jpeg)


The Language Japan & Russia tried to erase

6 posts omitted. Click reply to view.


If someone wants to notice Ainu in mass culture, I recommend you the anime "Utawarerumono". It's smth like fantasy&alt.history , but there are many Ainu names and traditions



Thank you



As if Italian sound any good.

Free Süd Tirol!




reminder that South Tyrol is rightful Bavarian clay




File: a5262e5bbc63d46⋯.jpg (24.83 KB, 343x429, 343:429, images (2).jpg)


so guys I lurked here for a while but it seems that there's no any english learning threads so I wonderd whether that due to the most users here is english tonge or that's might because the users didn't give attention to learn English though. I tried to improve my skills in English by many ways and now I truly made a progress in lisetning and reading even though I face some problems with much words that I see them for the first tiem. but still I'm better than ever. the last week I was pretty good than now in writing and reading but I don't know what happened that causes me to become unable to write or reading as first it might because I stopped learning for more than week now. but I decided to start again due to my self improvement and recovery plan. I know that most of you is english native and I don't know whether you can give me useful tips to improve my skills since you know pic your mother tongue is different from learning a foreign language. but still there's much of other dudes that English isn't their native and they show pretty well skills in it you might give the useful ways to learn though. I searched for much sites to learn from but mostly all of them seems to be worthless to waste my time on them. Also you going to find most of the courses isn't free they tell you if you like to enrol the course then pay 30$ now and have fun :))

why guys when I have improved my writing and listening I still can't speaking the same way I writing idk but it most likely that I can't complete the words in my brain to speak them as when I typing

so guys if any of you know how to improve the language in both honest and fast way that's going to be nice of you

7 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



>americans are mispronouncing aeon

>and they're rationalising this hard

wew lad



English pronunciation is just a collection of mispronounciations.



And evidently misspellings.


OP, talking to natives is always the best way to improve. HelloTalk is a nice app for that.



you really consider that as a good thing to improve? idk but I found it pretty lame to improve more than what it is for correct the pronunciation, I exposed to some problems per day and I doubt that it's might due to I'm interact in my native tongue a little bit more these days than I was the last month ! I just forget everything i ever learned even the words such as (he she) but after read some sentences all these knowledge back again, also I want to stop translating from my native tongue into english, I just want to speak naturally I was aple to not translating the last month when I'm make some conversations with myself but when the conversations start to contains hard topics such as politics, since I start to translating due to the hardest of the words, do you know any tips to improve in these 3 months before the end of this year, but you're native in this language as well aren't you? south africa as I know speak English, so that you won't know some methods

File: 0d7a28a585baab3⋯.jpg (14.85 KB, 364x385, 52:55, IMG_20170607_145657.jpg)


Another case of primitive France.

Hardly any speakers of this language live in Italy, but Italy made them into an entire autonomous provence where Franco-Provençal has protection & is official.

>Fuck France



Of all the reasons to hate France, this has got to be the most stupid.



I can't find a reason to not hate them and this is a language issue so I posted this on a language board.

File: b89626e0620039c⋯.jpg (74.87 KB, 420x320, 21:16, 44745b485d0ca2120b56f8402c….jpg)

File: ebcba8f602ae452⋯.jpg (154.02 KB, 1774x2048, 887:1024, IMG_20170422_152729.jpg)


The land where Celts lived & where Celtic languages were spoken.

And where they remain today.

1 post and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.



They actually are you autist



nah their romantic period intellectuals decided galicia is celtic in 19th century and now they're wewuzzing celtic heritage they never had.



Then explain all the Cetic words and place names you Saupreiß.



>literally none

go ahead

the only place names that are celtic are because a small group of Britons established a colony there under Suebi government, but it's retarded to think that because a small group of Briton refugees went to Galicia entire Galicia is now Celtic



>inb4 but my gallaecians

in that case entire France and northern Italy and Switzerland and Austria are Celtic as well

File: 0784b7c17c63e77⋯.png (5.76 KB, 440x317, 440:317, bretagne-drapeau.png)


Breton. Once the most spoken Celtic language has become the fastest dying language in History. Thank to France's barbaric language policy of FRENCH-ONLY! This once great language was the awful victim to harsh lingucide.

This language must be rescued from its terrible fate.

5 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.



Not entirely



>Didn't Corsica have full-on terrorism before that happened?



Nah, only Corsica has status of collectivité territoriale within France métropolitaine.


File: 73bc3777c3b6f24⋯.png (211.91 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_2017-09-05-13-4….png)


File: a92376eae91ba1e⋯.jpg (82.51 KB, 834x553, 834:553, DI4YI-bWsAAIAnU.jpg)



I said nothing about autonomy there.

File: db22893ab24931d⋯.jpg (17.95 KB, 375x524, 375:524, IMG_20170607_145457.jpg)


With Catalan independence right around the corner will we see the other Catalan region attempt to join Catalonia in some way?



At the current, Valencians are more happy with the idea of independence on their own, while in Balearics are firmly anti-Catalan.



How about the Catalans in Aragon & France?





<At the session of 10 December 2007, the General Council approved the "Charter for Catalan" in which the Pyrénées-Orientales is committed to ensure the promotion, development and dissemination of the Catalan language and the Catalan culture. It says in the Preamble: "Catalan, is born more than a thousand years, is one of the pillars of our identity, heritage and richness of the department of Pyrénées-Orientales (Northern Catalonia). The term Northern Catalonia gets its first official recognition.

>La Franja

Would likely demand joining Catalonia should this happen.



That's very interesting.

But what about the large communities in Aragon. I can't imagine the administrative nightmare of cutting apart of a provence off and giving it to another country.

Perhaps they will just move? But how many will?

Very tricky situation.



Spain would never accept to it. There is no way for Spain to peacefully allow Catalonia to secede without pressure from the international community. And considering the leading party in Spain is deeply integrated into the Euro-Jesuit elite, EU will support Spain, not Catalonia.

And it's almost a given that if Spain wants to forcefully prevent Catalan independence, other secessionist movements inside Spain will take advantage of the situation and follow suit, unless Catalonia is actually left without any foreign support (not likely, considering their secessionists are deeply integrated into the Euro-Socialist network). Basques? Almost certainly.


Mandarin is a artifical mixture of hundreds of Northern Chinese dialects. Not natural. Learn Cantonese instead. Plus with Cantonese you'll be doing business with Capitalists, not Communists.



>implying Cantonese isn't equally fake



I can speak water bottle just fine OP and I don't feel I need to learn how oranges talk either, especially not little fake oranges



How is it fake?



It's originally a provincial capital speech, in the same way unnatural mixture of local dialects as imperial capital speech.



Well, that sounds kind of natural.

File: 6a74bf3918b4676⋯.jpg (15.52 KB, 355x414, 355:414, IMG_20170607_145741.jpg)


Why is Karelian the only Non-Offical language in Russia?




Finnish was the official language in Karelia until late 80s, and since 2004 all three Finnic languages within Karelia have official recognition but are not used as languages of the government for some reason.



File: a9d88d9c1da802f⋯.jpg (566.82 KB, 2921x3500, 2921:3500, BVLKkWY.jpg)


I guess it's only a matter of time then. 100,000+ people speak all 3 of those.

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