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File: d305233355bda2d⋯.jpg (174.01 KB, 649x917, 649:917, JosephSmith.jpg)


post about anything here


I've done it again. Today at church I found a new cute girl to sit with since the qt redheaded girl wasn't there. I introduced myself, and we talked a little bit about her work preventing her from coming to church as often. After sacrament I also sat with her at Sunday school. She's not super cute, but she's cute still cute. She's definitely not overweight. She's really skinny, so like was said earlier in the thread she's at least a 5.

Other than that I extended a new calling, and also set the person apart. That was my first time giving a blessing.


>What kind of health problems?

Don't know, didn't ask. If she's blaming them for not doing more than reading books and watching movies at the age of 21 then it can't be anything that I want to deal with.


I know this is probably bad, but today I used my calling to make it easier to talk to a girl. During elders quorum presidency meeting we were talking about ministering assignments and this new girl's name came up as someone that doesn't have ministering brothers yet. I volunteered to add her to my list. On one hand I kinda abused my position to give myself an excuse to talk to a cute girl, but on the other hand I'm actually ministering. My ministering companion is also extremely solid, so she will be well taken care of.

I'm texting her right now, and all I can say is: this is so much better than Mutual. I'm talking to a girl that actually goes to church with me.


File: 659521d453ad509⋯.png (1.29 MB, 960x720, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 43a83ad3cebb4e0⋯.png (753.68 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

>order new knife on amazon

>knife comes

>open box

>wrong knife

it's the zero tolerance 0801, just not the right version of it. the version i got is the newer one, and amazon charges $10 more for it. it's a nice knife no matter what version you get so i'm not gonna bother complaining about it. between the 2 i like the looks about equally. i'm actually starting to like the looks of the one i got better, but that could be just because it's the one i got. 1st pic is the 1 i ordered, 2nd is the 1 i got.

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This crap on /b/ is absolutely pathetic. Remedy calls my bans unjust, and then uses a bot script to ban anons unjustly. What a hypocrite.


Unfortunately she has a boyfriend. Doesn't change that I'm grateful to be able to talk to her, but it is disappointing. Something I don't understand though: she wants me to give her a blessing before she starts school. That's fine, but if she has a boyfriend why doesn't she just get him to do it? Is he not a Mormon? Is he unworthy? Is there some cultural thing with blessings that I don't know about that says you shouldn't receive one from a boyfriend? I know husbands/fathers are supposed to bless their families when needed, but I don't know if there's some reason a boyfriend shouldn't bless his girlfriend assuming he is a worthy priesthood holder.



>now you know that actual Mormon girls (not Mutual girls) are decent

I already knew that much, my ward has some really good girls. It's just hard to get close to them. On top of sitting with a girl every week, this could help me get closer to the girls in my ward.


>check Mutual for new girls

>last girl I asked out and got rejected by is on Mutual now


Thought she was too good for me, and look where she is now.



When she sees me on this app do you think she will have been sufficiently humbled to swipe up and give me a chance or will her foolish pride continue to cloud her judgment? I wonder if she's noticed yet that everything keeps bringing us back together no matter how hard she fights it. I've long since moved on, but I do still think she's cute.


File: 8f2af1d7c8fb90d⋯.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1920x1934, 960:967, C225ED89-3061-45A7-B156-8….jpeg)

Hey hex, eaglescout poster here. I just met finished meeting with the missionaries and got the book.

Really nice guys.

We talked for like 40 min and they gave me some pretty good insight



That's awesome. I'm glad you got to meet with them. Will you be meeting with them again for more lessons, or are you planning to just read the book by yourself?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

What a crazy day at church today was. For the elders quorum council we have on the 1st Sunday of every month the topic was socializing and dating. I told our president that I felt I needed to say something blunt. At first he was hesitant because he didn't think being so forceful was the way to do things. I cited Ezra Taft Benson has an example of why we should be blunt. He composed a really good talk on pride in 1989, video related. I listed the problems I believe to be plaguing our men, and he agreed to let me do it.

I spoke about how we need to rid our lives of pornography, video games, netflix, social media, etc. I had multiple people come up to me to tell me how great it was that I said those things. I look forward to being allowed to speak in this way more often. This is just the beginning.

Other than that, I introduced myself to 5 girls today. The wall that was holding me back has been so thoroughly destroyed that I'm able to do this now. This is only the beginning.



I’m meeting with them again next week.

I plan on writing in the book a lot since I’ve only had PDFs. I do a lot better with physical texts because it’s just easier to write in.

I do have an interesting reason for being drawn to Mormonism, but I would like to hear your first hex.

What drew you (and other anons) to Latter Day Saints



>What drew you to Latter Day Saints

Story time? Story time. Let's start from the beginning.

During jr high and high school there was a kid that talked a lot of crap about me. I didn't care, until he said something about my girlfriend. At that point I decided I was going to fight him. At my school we had 3 different lunch periods, and I decided that I'd skip class to go to his lunch and beat his ass. I beat his ass so thoroughly that the school decided that I should be expelled.

My parents tried to home school me, but of course I didn't care about any of that. They eventually gave up on that endeavor, and I ended up sitting in my room playing video games and posting on imageboards all day every day. I didn't have social media, so I lost all my friends and that girl I fought for broke up with me. I was severely depressed for a very long time. Eventually I got my GED and went to college where I made a new friend. A drug dealer. This is where things got worse.

I started doing drugs and alcohol almost constantly. At the very least I was always stoned, but at the worst I was drinking and doing molly every weekend for months. Eventually my brain told me that this couldn't go on, my depression was severe that I wanted to kill myself. I was slowly feeling my sanity slip away as I felt the things I wanted out of life were unattainable, and the drugs that kept me from thinking about those things weren't helping anymore.

For some reason I decided that rather than ending things, I would try to improve them. I figured I was almost at the bottom, and the only way I could get much lower was if my parents decided they were tired of dealing with me and threw me out of the house. I started my journey to self improvement by lifting weights. I lost 40 pounds and gained a bunch of muscle. I quit video games, and I stopped doing drugs as much. I decided to delete my porn collection. The missionaries showed up a few months later.

One day when I was getting ready to work out, I heard a knock at my door. I was still half asleep as I answered the door and saw 2 absolutely gorgeous girls. I thought I had to be dreaming. They told me they wanted to talk to me about the gospel of Jesus Christ. I didn't know what to make of things, but I knew that something about them felt different so I listened.

They asked me if I would agree to be baptized, and I told them that if they could prove to me that what they were saying was true then of course I would. I continued on with the lessons, and I had some very spiritual experiences that showed me that there was something to what they were saying. I decided I would get baptized, even though my testimony of was not very strong and there was still a lot for me to learn about the church.

It was the best decision I have made, and every single day I am so grateful to those missionaries. In under 2 years I've completely changed my life, and my goals are visible. I'm so close that it's just a matter of time.



>last girl I asked out and got rejected by

the cute brunette couldn't tell you to your face that she felt uncomfortable? the one that you and the ponyfag had a falling out over?


that sounds like significant progress. well done.



>the cute brunette couldn't tell you to your face that she felt uncomfortable?

>the one that you and the ponyfag had a falling out over?

that's the one

>that sounds like significant progress. well done.

I have no idea how I'm doing this stuff, but I'm gonna keep doing it and see where I end up.


Have you ever felt like even though you are making amazing progress and accomplishing things you never would have imagined accomplishing just a couple years ago, you still had an emptiness inside that you couldn't get rid of? This feeling is what causes my failures every single time. If only I could just purge it out of myself completely. Maybe daily scripture study would help.



>you still had an emptiness inside that you couldn't get rid of

This defines my existence. By all metrics I am doing well. But I still feel like a failure and if there was a way that I could cease to exist that would not cause my family to be upset or sad about me, I might consider it.

I have been told that thinking about others and being more active would help so that I don't focus on myself as much.



>I have been told that thinking about others and being more active would help so that I don't focus on myself as much

This is true, but impossible for me because of the shift I work. The times I am happiest are the times when I'm at church trying to meet, get to know, and help other people. I know what causes my emptiness, and I know how to fix it but I don't know how to accomplish the thing that will fix it. So I take little steps that I think will lead me there, but even if these steps are getting me closer I still feel so far away.

I don't think we are meant to spend so much time alone, but that's just how it ends up with the culture of isolation that society has created. Social media is anti-social. Gaming is anti-social. Pornography is anti-social. All of these behaviors and more cause isolation which causes a decline in our ability to reach out, and as this ability to reach out declines we become trapped in a mental prison that becomes near impossible to break free of. Even if we manage to break free, it calls back to us and we are so conditioned to return to it that it feels like home to us.

I've managed to break the door down, but so willingly I return to my cell because it is the only option I have right now. I have the day off of work, but here I am. And tomorrow I'll return to work, work my shift, and get home when everyone is asleep with no chance to reach out to anyone at all.



>that's the one

who knows, maybe you'll get together with her after all.


>an emptiness inside that you couldn't get rid of?

for me, this emptiness is 95% caused by a lack of girlfriend. maybe that makes me a complete normie, but there it is. i'm codependent and autistically shy, so dating is really difficult and not dating is really painful


>I have been told that thinking about others and being more active would help

i can see that, especially if it's in the context of having a higher purpose.


>but even if these steps are getting me closer I still feel so far away.

it will always feel far away until it's right in front of your face, and then it usually goes by so fast it seems you didn't have time to react.

>I don't think we are meant to spend so much time alone

painfully true



>And tomorrow I'll return to work, work my shift, and get home when everyone is asleep

I know that feel. I'm doing 14 hour days and I have no free time.

>I don't think we are meant to spend so much time alone

Our culture is so broken.



>who knows, maybe you'll get together with her after all.

For that to happen she's gonna have to admit she regrets rejecting me. I don't know if she's gonna do that. Maybe if she has the same experience with Mutual as I've had she will humble herself. I can't guarantee that's going to happen. She's cute enough to get a guy off this app easily, but then again I have no idea what the guys on this app are like. I can only assume they aren't great from what I've read on girl's profiles and what I've heard.

Maybe if she goes weeks without matches like I did, she will go through her swipe downs again and consider me. I do it every once in a while. Assuming she swipes down on me when she sees me in the first place, which I'm betting she will. There is a part of me that expects to see her name pop up on my screen as a match one of these days though. I don't know how I'd feel about it. I know I wouldn't ask her on a date right away, I'd wanna talk to her for a while and see where her head is really at. Why she rejected me in the first place especially.

>for me, this emptiness is 95% caused by a lack of girlfriend

For me as well.


>Our culture is so broken

Sure is, and I don't think it can be fixed without some serious leadership. The church is in position to accomplish it, but we don't have the leaders for it. Our leaders know there is a problem which is why social media fasting has been encouraged, but that doesn't go far enough. Not only do they need to attack every single 1 of these platforms for isolation, but there needs to be a system put in place that encourages people to distance themselves from these things.

The ministering change was helpful in that it may cause the forming of friendships instead of a mentality of checking a box that says "I did my home teaching for this month". So far though, ministering for me has been texting the people I minister to and that isn't great either. I don't even know who my ministering brothers are and I assume that's more of the norm.


Things that piss me off on Mutual today:

>i reset all my swipes again last night, dumb idea

>single mothers

<instant swipe down


<how retarded can you get to think feminism is compatible with Mormonism in any way?

>if you have lots of guns and like to shoot we aren't meant to be

<since when do women get to decide how many guns a man needs to defend his family?

>if you don't like country music swipe down

<so if i don't like your gay pop music that isn't even really country then we aren't meant to be. got it.

>i was a cover model

<for what? Food Magazine?

>nigger, spic, chink

<swipe down

>i love to travel and want to travel the world. need a travel buddy

<why do so many of you women want nothing more than to abandon the home to visit dangerous shitholes where i can't legally protect you with all the guns i've bought? i don't want to waste money on visiting shitholes

>fat fat fat fat fat fat fat fat fat fat


I'm never resetting my swipe downs again. every single 1 i had a good reason.

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File: 48226e6c8ec9bde⋯.png (572.24 KB, 499x885, 499:885, 1536092277.png)


Oh, and here's the best one so far. Can you guess the first word that came to mind when I saw this one?



OK, that one was a little mean



nah, it was tempered perfectly


i'm gonna vote "NOPE"


>she's gonna have to admit she regrets rejecting me.

whew. if it were me, i wouldn't hold my breath.

i've made fantastic progress (physically) the last couple days. in my therapy sessions i've graduated from trying to align things properly to starting to rebuild key muscles groups. i can taste it now!



>i'm gonna vote "NOPE"


>whew. if it were me, i wouldn't hold my breath.

Which is why I don't think there will ever be anything between me and her. Rejecting me was obviously a bad decision otherwise she wouldn't be on this app now. I had the courage to show interest in her straight to her face, and instead of giving me a chance 7 months later she's on a dating app. I bet all those months ago she never pictured herself using that app, because I know she's not the type.

And for good reason, she doesn't need this app. It's just that she can't see what's been in front of her this entire time. Just like men, women have their expectations all sorts of messed up. It's just usually for different reasons. Men have pornography, video games, etc. Women mostly get their expectations messed up using social media and watching too many of these Jewish movies.

>i've made fantastic progress (physically) the last couple days

Great news.

> in my therapy sessions i've graduated from trying to align things properly to starting to rebuild key muscles groups

I can't even imagine what that must be like to go through. It sounds really rough, but I'm really glad you are making such great progress.



>And for good reason, she doesn't need this app. It's just that she can't see what's been in front of her this entire time.

lel. does she also think she's not like the other girls?

>I can't even imagine what that must be like to go through. It sounds really rough,

it was a little rough at first, but now it's kinda easy. it just seemed to take forever to reach this point.



>I really need to know I'm committed because the missionaries will get the baptismal process ready

Yeah definitely be sure. I was supposed to be a witness for a baptism once, and the girl backed out. We had everything planned, everyone showed up, the baptismal font was ready. She just didn't show up, and didn't answer texts or calls. We had to drain the baptismal font and send everyone home.

>I'm glad you weren't confronted with a negative response, because that's what you'd probably get from most other places in society that succumb to culture.

Most Mormons are pretty redpilled, it's just that a lot of them aren't willing to be blunt anymore. I think it's more a testament of what society has become rather than anything the church is doing. We do have leaders that are willing to say the things the way they need to be said, but they are getting fewer as we hit the millennial generation of cowards. It's my generation, and we need more people of my generation to be willing to say the hard things.

>this is exactly why I'm sort of hesitant about this other Protestant Christian denomination, it's plagued with niggers

In my experience so far niggers are rare in this church. The only niggers you will really find are as whitewashed as can be. I don't understand them. The girls don't want them. The Book of Mormon tells them they are cursed. Church history tells us that mixing with them is a sin, and they shouldn't be allowed to hold the priesthood. I don't know how they deal with the reality of the history of this church.

>I don't get why people get uppity and want to express their terrible personality on dating apps. It's retarded. And that's just the tip of the iceberg, imagine going further with one of those….

Yeah you would think they would humble themselves and show some awareness of the fact that there's a reason they are on this app to begin with. All I say in my bio is a short amount about my conversion process. Returned sister missionaries love that stuff.


>If I eventually get mutual it'll just be a slight depression session each time I open it and check out what's new.

Exactly what it is for me. And then I get a match, send them a message, and never get a response. I wish I could delete this app forever, but I'll keep trying until something changes.



>lel. does she also think she's not like the other girls?

I dunno, but I think she's a bit different. At least a bit different than other Mormon girls. She reminds me more of myself than any girl I've ever met in the church. She's like a convert, but she's not. She has the knowledge of the scriptures and the doctrine, she lives a life that aligns with the gospel, but I don't think she has such an unwavering testimony as other Mormon girls. I've always kinda felt this about her, but she kinda confirmed it when she spoke during testimony meeting last Sunday. From the sounds of it she has been struggling with her testimony a bit. Anyway all of this is kinda why I thought I had a good chance with her. She didn't seem to have any illusion of perfection like some of these girls, but apparently she thought she was too good for me so maybe I'm wrong about her in that sense.



>She didn't seem to have any illusion of perfection like some of these girls, but apparently she thought she was too good for me

ah, so she is seemingly sitting on the fence between two worlds (sorta)



I won't ever really know unless me and her talk. I haven't said much to her since that day. The most I've said to her was in that text after that activity she ran where my group didn't fully participate. I don't know how much of an effect that had on her either. Most of the really spiritual Mormon girls would have taken that as about the perfect example of Christlike love. Showing love and care for someone that hurt you.


That girl who asked me to give her a blessing is now on Mutual. She mentioned before we gave the blessing that she was hoping to get an answer about her relationship. I guess she got her answer. It's interesting because she asked my companion to be the voice in the blessing, and while he spoke the things he said didn't really feel right to me.

Maybe it's because I think she's cute, and the things he was saying were more directed towards her staying with the guy. Or it could be that the spirit was speaking to me. I kinda wanted to be the voice in that blessing just because I had a much greater knowledge of her situation. I explained a lot of it to my companion before we met with her to give the blessing because I had a feeling she was gonna choose him as the voice. As long as everything worked out, it doesn't really matter.

Another cute girl on the market.



>That girl who asked me to give her a blessing is now on Mutual.

do you mean this one >>2445 ?

>Another cute girl on the market

best of luck. if you like her, chase her


i mean, you handle that situation however you want, but if i were in your shoes, based on what you've said about her so far, i really think i would leave her be and if she wants to come to me, i'd let her.



>do you mean this one

That's the one.

>best of luck. if you like her, chase her

I'm gonna keep talking to her, but she's way younger than me and she's taller than me. I don't care too much about either of those things though. She's also the new relief society president in the ward, which means her calling is to get to know all the girls in the ward. There isn't a better girl in the ward to be friends with. So even if it doesn't go further than being friends, it's still a very good friend to have.

>i really think i would leave her be and if she wants to come to me, i'd let her

That's the plan. I notice she's been coming to church more often. I was tempted to sit with her on Sunday because she was sitting on the end of a row with a gap between her and the next closest girl. It would have mostly been to sit with the other girl, but of course she wouldn't realize that. Probably better that I didn't, I don't want her getting any ideas that I'm still pursuing her.



>I don't want her getting any ideas that I'm still pursuing her

I will admit she has been on my mind a lot lately though. Ever since I saw her on Mutual. I prayed about girls while I was in the celestial room in the temple when I went on Saturday. Whenever I say my prayers in the celestial room I seem to get clear answers. The atmosphere of the celestial room can't be duplicated outside of the temple, just an amazing place. But the first girl that came to mind was her. I don't really know why that is. There are so many more names that could have come to mind. Why her? Why does everything seem to draw us together? Well everything except her that is. I wish it would stop unless at some point she's gonna change her mind about me.


>volunteer to be in charge of safety related stuff at work a while back

>basically means i get to go to safety meetings and get paid for it instead of working

>now i get to lead my own safety meeting for my site to go over monthly safety related stuff

>team lead tells me i should come in an hour early to prepare

>tell her church has prepared me enough to lead meetings because I do this kind of stuff every week

>she tells me to take the free hour of overtime anyway and say i was preparing

I love my team lead. I'll show up at work early today, glance at the powerpoints, and sit around for an hour. Doesn't get any better than that. Basically a free $19.


File: 02406f35262d64d⋯.png (392.3 KB, 919x1185, 919:1185, ClipboardImage.png)


>they're consistently against homosexuals

Yeah, the family proclamation and our temple sealing ordinances pretty firmly entrench us against the scourge of homosexuality.



>reflect about your potential partner

Speaking of this, I just got a new match on Mutual. Easily the cutest girl I've matched with so far. She's up there with the girl I dated last year. Now the question is will she answer me, or will she be added to my collection of faces that don't ever answer me in my conversations tab.



Another one for the collection tbh. I don't get Mutual. There are tons of profiles where girls complain about how guys that match with them don't send them messages, but when I send a message as soon as I see the match I get no responses most of the time.

I'm still slowly sending messages back and forth with the cute temple worker girl though.



>There are tons of profiles where girls complain about how guys that match with them don't send them messages

And then there's this profile I just saw

>things i like: blah blah blah blah blah communism blah blah blah blah blah

>things i don't like: blah blah blah blah people telling me what to do blah blah blah blah blah




>girls complain about how guys that match with them don't send them messages, but when I send a message as soon as I see the match I get no responses most of the time.

cognitave dissonance at its finest tbh


>likes communism

difficult, but can be saved


>doesn't like people telling me what to do

isn't that a solid half of what it is to be in the church, following rules/guidelines set forth. i suspect that's irreconcilable with the church, but i know it's a massive hurdle for relationships in general. her only asset is that the sex is probably good, but when you're looking for something with more meaning, the juice isn't worth the squeeze.



Send another message. I matched with someone and they did not see the first message. Ended up dating for a while too.



So far I've tried sending another message one time, and the girl unmatched me. Good tip though, I'll try it some more and see what the results are.



>Speaking of which, I already made a decision and I'm becoming a Mormon. I'm seeing the missionaries this week now that it's a full on final decision

Great news! I'm excited for you. I'm definitely curious as to how the missionaries will approach things. I'd assume they will want to go through all their lessons with you before baptism, and then you will have your baptismal interview which is basically just a simple confirmation that you know what you are committing to and are ready to be baptized. You will become a member of the ward you are baptized into, and the bishop should get you started on the process to receiving the priesthood.



I forgot how many lessons there are, but I'd expect them to want to go through all of them. I dunno though when it comes to someone that already wants to convert and has read most of the Book of Mormon.


Awesome. If the missionaries do want to go through all the lessons, I think you will like what they have to share. Usually they go through them once with you before baptism, and then again after baptism. Then they may even continue to meet with you after that for a while. I got to hang out with missionaries once a week for over a year. I miss that so much tbh.

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>isn't that a solid half of what it is to be in the church, following rules/guidelines set forth

Yeah, girls like that obviously have serious issues with the church and yet continue to claim to be Mormons. I don't understand it. I'm gonna avoid those types like the plague though, I don't need to marry a subversive. I need to marry a girl that is strong in the gospel.


wew I messed up that quote. fixed.



>Who knows what they'll have to teach, it'll be quite interesting

I have the pamphlets the missionaries gave me for each lesson. Let's see if I can remember the order these things went: The restoration, The plan of salvation, the gospel of Jesus Christ, chastity, tithing and offerings, words of wisdom, families and temples. Unfortunately I feel like I'm missing a couple, but that's most of them.



I wouldn't worry about it too much. I'd mainly focus on what you are trying to accomplish for yourself. The old doctrine was good, but as far as the mainstream church goes things have changed. It's unfortunate, but all we can do now is take advantage of what is still there. What is still there is very useful, and if you are redpilled on race as we are then can be used to your advantage to get yourself a good wife and family.


wew that may be the worst thing i've seen on Mutual so far.

>single mother

>last pic really showcases my smile

<pic is of her lifting up her shirt from behind to show off her tramp stamp

she's really hot but damn is that degenerate


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

once again i've failed. i have to do better. i have to be better


Every time I feel like I've sen the dumbest shit I can see on Mutual, someone proves me wrong.

>if you don't watch at least 1 movie a week we can't be friends


edit: ficksed all my spelling mistakes

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Well apparently last night I matched with a girl on Mutual, and sent her a message. I don't remember it, but we have been sending messages back and forth all morning now. I have some minor issues with her, but nothing that is a deal breaker so far. She's a convert to the church at 19, but she went to church her entire life. She didn't serve a mission which kinda sucks. She isn't endowed yet, which I don't understand. As long as she's worthy to hold a temple recommend I don't mind that. I haven't asked her that yet, I ran out of questions when she said she wasn't endowed, so I switched to less spiritual questions to see what else I can learn.



Definitely the quiet type. I'm gonna run out of questions if she doesn't start giving more detailed answers or asking me more questions. Usually if you get them talking about themselves they can go on forever. She's definitely interested because she answers every message pretty quickly, but I haven't found the topic that will keep her going. The only questions she asks me are the questions I ask her, so this is kinda difficult. I think English is her second language though, she's white but I'm not sure what country she is from.


I decided to test how interested she is. I asked for her #, and she gave it to me. When I texted her she sent me the longest message she has sent me so far. She mentioned that this is her first day on Mutual because her friend told her to sign up and she's surprised I want to talk to her. I think I'm actually gonna get a date out of this one.



>Finally, you caught something valuable

Unfortunately I think she's retarded or severely autistic. I thought she was foreign at first, but I think she's got some sort of mental issue. I give up on her tbh.


>Just called the missionaries, seeing them tomorrow at 1PM

Nice, definitely interested to hear how that goes.



>Was it during calls or text that you found out?

The more I txted her the more I felt something was off. It really started to feel off when I gave her a compliment when she was saying she doesn't know why I want to talk to her. I said "You seem like a great girl, and I'd love to get to know you more." She said some sperged out shit and "I get that all the time". I'm like this girl is either cocky as fuck unlikely she's about the most average looking girl I've seen or has no awareness of how to receive a compliment.

Later on I asked her if she has any hobbies or things she's interested in and she said "not that I can think of". So I'm just kinda like OK so she sits and stares at a wall all day? Then I'm like OK let's find out if her weird grammar is because English is her second language. I ask if she speaks another language. She answers no. There were other signs but this is when it became the most obvious to me.

>Also I hope you can delete the pic above, I can't anymore




Seems quite cocky to me :/ She's bizarre, but I say, give her another chance or a bit more investigating. Maybe several calls (or did you tell me before that she hates talking)? Mutual is weird, but maybe you can catch an idea of what she's like in the end.



>those pamphlets

I had a feeling they would want to cover those.

>they were cool af and really in tune with me

Sister missionaries or Elders? Either way, missionaries are really great people to hang out with. Their example is why I wish I could have served a mission. Anyway, I'm glad you got to meet with them and you are able to start your journey. There are a lot of really cool things to look forward to, and a lot of blessings that will come from this path.



The thing is I'm out of questions. If we can't hold a conversation without me asking all the questions it's not gonna work. She hasn't asked me anything. I'm about 90% sure she has some sort of mental disability. As much as /b/ talks about how badly they want a "qt autistic grill", it isn't fun to deal with. They won't talk to you, they won't understand your subtlety, they will say things that just aren't cute for a girl to say, etc. It's just awkward.

So here's another example of things that turn me off to this girl. I asked her about her job, and she says she works in childcare right now. Pretty normal Mormon girl job. She mentions she "may try to get another job sometime or soon". That exact weird grammar is how she said it. At this point I thought she was foreign still, so I was like "what kind of job would you look for?". She says "idk maybe school bus driver". Autism. Now I don't mind if girls would rather not work, but since they pretty much have to unless I get rich I'd prefer if they get a job that isn't retarded. Bus drivers are weird. So in my mind I'm like "this girl is 24, and she's aiming this low?" I ask if she's ever considered teaching since she wants a job with kids. "no i have not consider be a teacher"


>I need to replace caffeine with something

Not necessarily. You just have to get it from other things than coffee or tea. I know there are some more hardcore Mormons that will say you can't have caffeine, but they aren't interpreting the doctrine the way the church clarified it. I have caffeine every single day because I like preworkout supplements, and it helps me with working swing shift.



>I might try preworkout supplements

I lift weights a lot or I used to, still haven't gotten fully back into my routine so I love having preworkout supplements around. Another good source of caffeine is Military Energy Gum. You can get a case of 24 packs of it on amazon for pretty cheap. 5 pieces per pack, 100 mg of caffeine per piece. It doesn't taste amazing, but you only have to chew it for 5 minutes to get your caffeine and it's fine while it has flavor for those 5 minutes. I've only tried the arctic mint flavor. I chew it at work.



>It was incredibly frustrating, as if they didn't have a soul

Exactly. That's the vibe I'm getting from this girl. I want a girl that acts like a girl. Sweet, warm, caring, modest when receiving compliments, etc. This girl is like a robot.



>I think caffeine pills should do the job

Yeah that's probably the way to go. Probably cheaper too tbh. I doubt it costs near as much to put caffeine into a capsule as it does to make it into a gum.


>You want to make them react but they can't.

Exactly. Besides being physically attractive the thing that makes a girl the most attractive is the emotional response to the things we say to them.


i think my therapy is close to being finished. by the time this is done, i could probably be a yoga instructor. these are muscle groups that i have never worked in my entire life, and it's forcing me to get /fit/ whether i like it or not (i'd still have to burn 20 lbs of fat before i could call myself fit).


>the emotional response to the things we say to them.

i never really thought about it like this before, but that's very true.



i am not a mormon, but if i ever returned to church, i would probably seek out a mormon church. i come here for the friendly chat.



i will, thank you. for what it's worth, i consider it every time i load this board into my browser.


>10kgs is nothing, so I'm sure you'll do pretty well.

i meant to reply to this earlier. it's a bit of challenge for me, as i'm old and crippled, but still within reach. i'm currently trying to resolve what i can of the crippled aspect, of course. i've lost that amount of weight before. i'll do it again, albeit slower.


Hello lds

Hello hello Latter Day Saints

Greetings from on top of the Uintah



>i think my therapy is close to being finished

Glad to hear it.

>it's forcing me to get /fit/ whether i like it or not

I wish something would force me to get fit. Yesterday I looked at a picture of myself with the sister missionary that I used to write to. The picture we took together before she left. I was still working in the warehouse. I can't believe the shape I was in back then. Of course I still had fat to lose, but the amount of muscle I had was insane. My arms were huge, my shoulders were huge, and my stomach was smaller.

>i never really thought about it like this before, but that's very true

That feeling when she gets so excited/happy over a small thing that you say or do. That feeling when you say/do something that melts her heart and she tells you how sweet it is. You will never get these feelings from a robotic autistic girl. If I don't stop thinking about this kind of stuff I'm gonna succumb to my weakness again. Why did she have to be autistic?



>Also hex can you delete my pic post, despite of how cool it is

of course



>I wish something would force me to get fit.

i promise you don't want to it to be what forced me into it, but whatever serves as your motivation, godspeed.

>That feeling when you say/do something that melts her heart and she tells you how sweet it is

i LOVE that feeling. i'm tempted to go so far as to say i live for it. i don't have any real world experience with an autistic girl, so i'll have to take all your words for it.

have any of you ever done core strength training? i'm doing a bridging technique where i prop my feet up on an exercise ball, fold my arms over my chest, raise my body into a straight line, and hold for 10 seconds each rep. i think they do that kind of crap in pilates, but i don't know for sure. i'm doing those and planks - where you start to do a pushup but never finish it, holding in a straight line (also side planks, pushing up with your elbow) and holding 10 seconds each rep. i'm doing other exercises also, but those are the ones that make me break a sweat. this stuff is no joke.



>i promise you don't want to it to be what forced me into it, but whatever serves as your motivation, godspeed

My motivation is at 0. I barely want to get out of bed each day let alone force myself to work out.

>i LOVE that feeling. i'm tempted to go so far as to say i live for it.

Same, but it's a feeling I haven't felt since I was in high school. It gets harder to deal with every day that passes.

>have any of you ever done core strength training?

A little bit, but not near enough. I've heard that most people are very weak in their core and should do a lot more.


>she won't be even slightly expressive about it

That's exactly the problem. Without that I may as well just be talking to another man.



>right now's a good time to read them.

trips of truth tbh


>My motivation is at 0.

really? damn that sucks. i'm sorry to hear that. i hope you can pull out of that rut soon. i know we've all been there before.

>I've heard that most people are very weak in their core and should do a lot more.

i don't doubt it. in an earlier post i mentioned these were muscles that i've effectively never used before.

unfortunately i screwed something up this morning. i'm not sure what, but i think something has popped back out of alignment and my symptoms make me think i've lost almost 3 weeks worth of progress. i really hope it's temporary. i've been trying to fix it on my own but it might have to wait until my next appointment when i have professional guidance.



That's kinda surprising. Usually they at least have them as dietary weight loss supplements in capsule form. Before they cracked down on ephedrine in the US you could get that in dietary capsules too, and it was even better than caffeine


>i hope you can pull out of that rut soon

Agreed. Not making major progress is killing me. I need to get a date, or at least a girl that consistently talks to me. I sent a second message to the only girl in my matches that lives in my state. Still no response. Gonna have to try the others I guess. Likelihood of any of them working out seems so low though. I guess at least I'd have a girl to talk to if one of them answered though.

>i'm not sure what, but i think something has popped back out of alignment and my symptoms make me think i've lost almost 3 weeks worth of progress.

That's unfortunate. I really hope it is temporary.




by itself it can be useful, but arguably the best use is in an ECA stack. (ephedrine, caffeine, aspirin). the consumption of which triggers thermogenesis and is one of the best fat burners there is.




I'm surprised they don't have any caffeine pills around you. I heard Mexican pharmacies are way better than in the US.

>Would frappes technically be allowed in the Word of Wisdom?

Well it does say hot drinks. If you go that route I wouldn't go around telling people. If you wouldn't feel guilty telling your bishop you live up to the words of wisdom while drinking that then I think you are alright.



Basically if you can live your life without feeling like you are living in sin, and tearing yourself apart over it then I think you are OK. I have my own struggles with the words of wisdom, but mine are more obviously against the rules(alcohol). For me there is repentance and striving to be better, for you it's a matter of how you feel you stand with the Lord. No one can really tell you how to interpret scripture, or what the spirit tells you is right.



>I can get prescrption free Modafinil but not caffeine in pills.

That's crazy.

>I think I'm going to do a Diet Coke substitution and try Modafinil again (last time it had a paradoxical effect on me)

I hope it works out well for you.



>Possibly the Words of Wisdom is one of the things most members and recent converts might have an issue with

I did so well for so long, until the depression of not accomplishing my goals came back. It's a process though, and one day I won't ever touch the stuff again. When I'm married it will be easy. It won't be in the house and I won't have any temptation to buy it. Right now I live in a house that always has alcohol because I'm a convert living with a bunch of non-members. Makes things a little harder. If there wasn't any around I'd be way too lazy to go and buy some myself, especially since I work until so late at night. Pornography is another hard one. Being a late age convert makes this one really difficult.


>Bought a Triple Combination and a RV1909 LDS Bible


>Also I found a place with caffeine pills

That's great news too.



>the consumption of which triggers thermogenesis and is one of the best fat burners there is.

That's pretty interesting. I used to take it a long time ago to help burn fat, and it worked really well.



obviously this can't help with finding you a gf, but i said a little prayer for you my version of a prayer that probably more closely resembles something pagan to hopefully help with your motivation. normally i wouldn't mention it, but it's been a couple years since i attempted it and i want to know if i've lost my touch or if i still have that gift. if your motivation gets a little bump, i'd appreciate the feedback if you don't mind letting me know. the most common symptoms people described in the past were improved mood and increased energy.



I need all the help I can get, thanks for your prayer.


>sleep in until afternoon

>head is killing me

>i'm usually up 2 hours ago and have taken preworkout by now


>take preworkout

>head still hurts

>still don't feel like doing anything

>check phone

>girl i texted last night responded

>1 liner

>not even worth me responding to

I want to go back to bed tbh.



You know things are bad when I don't even take the time to type up what I did last week. Instead I let it destroy me. Why I let positive things tear me apart I don't really know, but anyway here it goes.

This girl is an interesting one. I don't really know what to think. She seems overwhelmed by her calling, and her job, and going to school at the same time. She broke up with her boyfriend after we gave her a blessing 2 weeks ago. Me and my ministering companion talked to her last week after church because she seemed to be having trouble dealing with everything. She was nearly in tears talking to us, and she mentioned she missed the sacrament. I asked her if she would like for us to administer the sacrament to her.

She said she would like that. We went and got permission from the bishop, and prepared everything. I blessed the bread, and my companion passed it to her. He blessed the water, and I passed it to her. She broke down into tears, and we sat with her in silence for a while. It was such an amazing experience, but an experience that weighed so heavily on me for some reason. I couldn't take it. I got drunk that night. Am I even worthy of such experiences? I don't think so, but for some reason they keep happening. Even if I do repent every time, how many times can I fail like this?

inb4 70*7

I know I can be forgiven endlessly, but this has to change. Something has to change.

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>but this has to change. Something has to change.

Time to make some goals. I'll take some time to think of some.



>get to bed at a good hour.

this won't be a realistic goal unless I set times to get to bed and times to get up.

<get to bed by 1:30 AM. no exceptions. not even when i work late doing overtime.

this will give me at least 45 minutes to unwind after work even on overtime days.

<get out of bed by 10 AM.

this brings me to my next goal

>work out every day

<eat breakfast after getting out of bed

<start working out by 11:30 AM

since i have a wrist problem right now the best thing to do may be to switch to 100% cardio for a while. i will lose some of my muscle, but does it really matter at this point? if i don't slim down some i won't ever feel good about things even if i am ridiculously strong.

This is a start. The next thing I need to do is make a serious decision about my career. Will I pursue a job in a trade within the union or will I try to get into an IT position within the company?



>fix my diet

Since getting the new job this one has been so bad. Especially sugar. Sugar is probably the only thing keeping me from dropping weight right now.

<solution: track what i'm eating again. 1500 calorie limit. maybe bring back intermittent fasting at times



>It's the only thing I'm struggling with right now, but it will leave soon. When the addictive thing is easily available, in your case, alcohol, it's really hard


>I'll also pray for you to find a girlfriend, that should help a lot with Word of Wisdom related issues and loneliness + porn

Being alone is the last thing holding me back. If I had been raised in this church this wouldn't ever be an issue, but I'm completely alone. Friends in the church won't understand fully, and I obviously can't tell anyone I know of my failures. So this is my outlet. If I could even make meaningful steps towards accomplishing the goal of marriage it would be a huge relief of the stress I feel lately. Thanks for your prayers.

>I think I'll ask him about Mutual.

In my experience so far it is almost completely useless. The best thing I've gotten from it is a confidence boost when a really cute girl matches with me. Unfortunately, most girls never answer my messages.

>It's a sign of empathy, a bit hard to process emotionally what happened that afternoon.

I do feel a lot of empathy when it comes to cute girls that are going through hard things. I'd love to be the man in their life that can strengthen them through it.

>After being more into the LDS I've felt guilt for my everyday wrongdoings, horrible guilt, and I just feel like quitting all my retarded vices

It's good and bad. It's good because you will systematically destroy everything that holds you back, it's bad when it becomes crippling at times. When things aren't going perfectly and you fall, and have to fix what you thought was a problem already solved. It's the reason for repentance though. The Word of Wisdom violations aren't the worst thing I could be repenting of, that's for sure.

>It's important to ask Heavenly Father about this and do some self-questioning too. He'll guide you to the correct path.

The only strong answer I've gotten so far is that it wasn't the right time to take one of the training classes for the union jobs. So I dropped it, and felt a lot better about things for a while. Now I have no idea what to do, but I know the answer will come eventually. Or if it already has I'll realize it at some point.

>It does make me gain weight, but I'm pretty much a stick

I'm really muscular, but I have a little gut and I'm also not as well defined as I'd like to be. If I could drop 20 pounds I think I'd be a lot happier. Even if it does cause me to lose quite a bit of muscle in the process.


Baptism will help. It really feels great to have everything washed clean in an instant. I wish I hadn't tainted myself so badly again, but I have to forgive myself if I am to be forgiven by the Lord as well.



>I left an hour ago and I still feel the 'high' of being there and having valuable lessons taught to me

The best part is that every week will be a different experience since it will always be different people speaking and teaching classes. I know that being part of this church will really bless your life.

For what I accomplished at church today, I should be feeling pretty amazing. But I still feel so empty. Story time.

I showed up at church at 10:30 AM for elders quorum presidency meeting. That part is kind of a blur, I was up until 3 AM last night and woke up at around 7 AM. I remember helping to update the ministering assignments and I noticed that girl I was assigned wasn't listed as assigned to me. I confirmed that was an error, and our elders quorum president mentioned how great me and my companion have been for her.

Before sacrament meeting, a counselor in the bishopric challenged me to go introduce myself to a couple new girls. He said he wanted me to tell him their names by the end of sacrament. I walked right over and did it right then. At sacrament meeting I helped to pass the sacrament. I've been passing or blessing for last few weeks which I really like. Not only do I get to serve by doing it, it gives me a really good view of the congregation. After I was dismissed I sat with a girl I sat with last week during Sunday school, and didn't completely butcher her name :^). She didn't remember mine, but she's brand new to the ward so that's to be expected. I'm pretty likely the only guy that has introduced himself to her though.

The girl I mentioned earlier sang a song for the congregation while her friend played piano. It was amazing to watch. The difference in her from last week to this week was noticeable. The smile on her face as she sang was so captivating. I had a huge grin on my face the entire time, and you could tell she noticed every time she looked over to where I was sitting. After sacrament I realized the girl playing the piano during the song was a girl that was part of a double date I went on. She wasn't my date my date was cuter,but she is gorgeous herself. She's not from our ward, so I don't get to see her often. I talked to her a little bit. We went to Sunday school, and I noticed her sitting alone so I sat with her and got to talk to her some more. She's likely moving out of state, unfortunately.

At elders quorum our quorum president left the room completely when I was about to start announcements so I got to do the announcements all on my own. I got to ask the quorum to sustain 4 guys in callings. First time I've ever done that. After elders quorum we had to set apart all 4 of those guys, and I was the voice for each. I gave 2x more blessings today than I've given in my life. I get put into situations like this, and I don't understand. Why me? How can the Lord love me so much even when I'm such a failure? Maybe it's just a lesson for me to learn: these experiences are real, and there is more meaning to them than any of the worldly temptations that I can possibly run into.

At the end of the day I was leaving church, and I ran into the girl that sang earlier. I was gonna text her later, but an even better opportunity arose right then for me to say what was on my mind. I told her that she did a great job with her musical number, and that she had a beautiful voice. It really meant a lot to her.

I should be proud of my progress today. I nailed everything I did, but all I feel is that I want to escape from life for a while. To forget all of it.



>You seem to be high up in the ranks at Church, when did you convert again?

February of last year. So just over a year and a half ago. It is probably somewhat rare to get a stake level calling as fast as I did. I also received the Melchizedek priesthood earlier than usual by a couple months. I've heard most of the time they have you wait an entire year to get the Melchizedek priesthood, but it really depends on what your bishop and others see. Since there are ward councils and stuff where these things get brought up, if you come across well then you are more likely to advance quicker because they know you can handle more responsibility.

>I'd be scared about passing the Sacrament cause my hands shake terribly so I'd probably spill all the water

I'd still recommend doing it when you receive the priesthood. It is a really cool experience.

>The LDS is truly amazing, you feel at peace in the Church and there's some YSA activities this week as well as a Temple visit

If you can make the YSA activities I'd definitely recommend going to them. The temple visit will have to wait until you get a temple recommend after baptism. You will love the temple once you get a chance to go though, they are such amazing places.

>I'm still a bit timid around women but that'll pass

I was timid about a lot of things when I first joined the church. Going from imageboard anon to Mormon is a HUGE transition. You never really fully realize how badly being online all the time messes up your social ability until you get asked to do all these things that aren't normal for you. I was so afraid of being asked to give opening or closing prayers, but I do it all the time now. I was timid around girls, but now I'm walking up and introducing myself to them. Now I'm sitting with them. I'm still not where I want to be, but being a part of this church you will notice your weaknesses come to the surface and if you decide you want to make them strengths you will have all the support you could possibly ask for.

>I'm getting baptized on October 6 and I'm already working on Words of Wisdom, getting my caffeine pills today and the vape liquid is running out of juice. I might tell the missionaries to extend the date a little till I'm fully in tune with the Word

Great news. Whenever you decide you are ready to do it, it will be a really cool experience.

>My behavior has definitely changed ever since I started believing in the restored Gospel, and I've felt so much better personally

It is a huge change, and I assume you are quite a bit younger than me which is even better. You will have more opportunities and time to grow than I did. Luckily the people around me realized how set I was on making huge changes and gave me the support and room to grow. Throwing me into situations that I needed to be in quickly.


>Satanic opposition that the missionaries talked about

Could be.

>Second, I don't get why /christian/ is so hostile to us

Muh Nicene creed. That's the entire reason this board exists. I saw pretty quickly that they weren't willing to have Mormons on their board.



forgot trip



>Baptism postponed till October the 27th, to comply almost perfectly with the Word of Wisdom. Caffeine pills tomorrow, final vape reduction this Friday

Probably a good idea tbh. It gives you a lot more time to prepare.


Pretty nice looking place


It feels so weird to not already be at work or on my way to work right now. I didn't take overtime today because someone else volunteered. My team lead still offered me overtime to help that person out, but I decided not to. I was expecting a package anyway. I decided to add another dimension to how I go about attracting girls.

I introduce myself to every new girl at church, I sit with a different girl every week, I talk to as many girls as I can. In jr high and high school I used to wear cheap body spray, and girls loved it. I stopped when they changed the scent of the one I liked to make it more fruity, and I got kicked out of school anyway so why did I need that kind of stuff while sitting in front of my computer?

Last week I ordered some cologne. Not the best way to choose a scent, but I already knew the overall scent of this one. It's the one my dad wore most of his life. Me and my dad have similar taste in these types of things. He switched a couple years ago to something I don't like though, which is kinda nice because now it won't feel weird wearing the same thing as my dad while living in the same house. Gonna spray some of this on before work and see how I like it throughout the day.



>At BYU I could probably have a better chance with any of the Latinas there

Everything I hear about BYU sounds amazing when it comes to girls. Their wards overwhelmingly have more girls than guys.


>I did see one cute girl singing but I'm not sure of her age, she might not even be a YSA

Is your ward a YSA ward? If so she probably was.


I dunno if I had much to do with it other than showing that it was possible to purge the cancer. Turning images off was all dysnomia. Before he did that, I returned to my old moderation style and started ruthlessly purging anything I felt was cancer. He encouraged me to do it when we talked through PMs about the other mods undermining me. He said just ban and delete all of it, and if the other mods undo my bans they at least can't undo what I deleted.



>Nope, we only have two wards and it's all sorts of ages

Regular family wards then. That makes sense, the religion isn't as big in other countries as it is in the US. I would highly recommend attending the YSA events in that case if you can. That will be the best way to meet people your age. There's a quote I've heard before that I really liked, and in my experience I agree with: Every convert needs “a friend, a responsibility, and nurturing with ‘the good word of God.’”.

>I'm going to watch General Conference next Sunday though (or Saturday?)

Saturday and Sunday


>Also, I hadn't thought of that, but if you're going to watch General Conference you'll probably see all the girls

You mostly see the girls in the choir, but there are some seriously cute ones.


That cologne I bought is the best $40 I've spent in a while. I was a little worried about ordering something like that. Especially since the site I ordered it from charges half as much as it costs on Amazon. I have no idea why it's so expensive on Amazon, but I don't mind ordering from this other site. It's a big retail site too, just takes a week to get my stuff instead of 2 days. This cologne smells amazing all day. I'm gonna keep wearing it to work this week to get used to wearing it. Today I did 2 sprays to the chest, and that seemed to work well. I'm thinking 2-3 sprays max is all I need, just maybe spread it out a little better next time. Too bad I don't work with any girls, and I don't have a good excuse to go in the fitness center where all the hot girls are since it's not on my job plan. After this week I'll only wear it on Sundays, and when I know I'm gonna be around cute girls. Should last a decent amount of time for the money I spent

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The alacrity demon broke the thread. This post should fix it



1 to each side of the neck 1 to the chest today. This is probably the configuration I'll use most often I think. We will see how it goes



>I just spray the fuck out of it everywhere

That works, but I figure you gotta leave something to the imagination. Make it subtle so they only get a hint of it unless they get closer to you. You can kinda strategically create the radius it will be noticeable from. The way I'm doing it will be subtle, but still noticeable. It hits the couple of pulse points on the neck, and the chest is always a good spot. To make it even more noticeable I could hit the shoulders, but I figure I won't do that very often. There's all kinds of good ways to wear cologne, and it kinda just depends on the situation. I like the way I did it today, it was more noticeable to me that I was wearing it which was a huge confidence boost. Unfortunately the only women I work with are super old and they both smoke. I doubt either one of them can even tell I'm doing anything different, but honestly I consider that a good thing. Means I'm probably right where I want to be.


>the LDS maintains firm on its principles

Yeah to integrate feminism into this church would be extremely difficult. The priesthood is such a big thing. The girls that claim to be LDS and feminist likely never served a mission, and haven't been endowed. I don't know how they can deal with the whole priesthood thing without their heads exploding. Cognitive dissonance to the extreme.

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>openly gay

Please define.

If they admit they are attracted to the same gender but don't act on it I see no problem.

If they march in pride parades covered in dildos and encourage people to be degenerate, well, that's a problem.


man i really missed a lot of conversation in the days i've been gone. i'll have to catch up soon. i'm doing fair. not as good as i would like, but good enough to not be depressed.


i guess it worked. thanks.


>I think thermogenesis also occurs with coffee alone, if by that you refer to a rise in body temperature

that is what it refers to. it happens with both coffee and ephedra, but when you combine them it's a prolonged and strengthened effect than either of them alone. not recommended for anyone with heart problems.



I don't see a problem with it. They can't get married. They can't have relationships with the same sex. They are admitting they have a problem, and are going to resist temptation. If they can do that then they are doing what is asked of them to remain righteous. If they are willing to resist their mental illness then what is the problem? On top of that, the endowment sessions will be a constant reminder that there is something seriously wrong with them as it reinforces traditional gender roles with marriage being between a man and a woman.



>If they march in pride parades covered in dildos and encourage people to be degenerate, well, that's a problem.

That would get them excommunicated if reported. It goes against the teachings of the church




Certain things will shake your faith, for me it was some stuff that was posted on /b/ a while back when I first started posting about my conversion. Before I ever became a mod, before I took upon myself the name I use. Anons were posting anti-Mormon stuff and I really questioned do I believe in what I'm doing? For me there was no other choice so I stuck with it.

Personally, I'm glad I did, I'm on the right path. There is no other path that can compare. If I try to do this without the church I have to wade through so much more degeneracy and corruption. I have to do it without doctrine like the doctrine of eternal marriage, and eternal family. I don't like my chances.

There will be lots of things that shake your faith, but the question remains what are you trying to accomplish for yourself? Will these things that shake your faith stop you from accomplishing what you need to accomplish? Niggers shouldn't be allowed to hold the priesthood, faggots shouldn't be tolerated, the leaders of the church WILL say things you disagree with at times, etc. The old doctrine will always be better, but we aren't living in the past. We have to find our way now during these times. Where everything is slowly rotting from cultural Marxist cancer. Which path do you think gives you the best shot in the end?



>i'm doing fair. not as good as i would like, but good enough to not be depressed.

Definitely could be worse. I'm doing about the same. Could be better, could be worse. Just looking forward to Sunday



>Indeed, this shook my faith a little bit or at least scared me but now I remember that the LDS is the path that I consider the most sacred and correct.

It probably won't be the last time it happens. It happens less and less as time goes on though at least for me. Once you see the improvements that you are making, and how much better things are it's a lot easier to ignore those things. Just keep pushing forward.

>Thankfully, we're among the most conservative Christian denominations there are


Kinda off topic: I've been seeing a lot of Mexican girls on Mutual lately, and there are some seriously cute ones. You will probably have your pick of some pretty good ones yourself when you get to the point where you are looking for one. I don't swipe up on them, they are all in Mexico and I need to find a white girl


>You bois depressed? How come?

I go through my ups and downs, but I'm OK. My problems are all girl related. He's going through recovery from a pretty serious injury. I've never gone through such a thing, but I imagine it can get really difficult when progress slows down, or you take steps backwards in progress.


>Also, what's up with that triangle at the bottom.

It must have been selected when you went to quote, it's the little arrow for the report post menu.

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>You bois depressed? How come?

in a nutshell, tfw no gf, and my current physical ailment has forced me to admit to myself that i can't do something and as someone who has always been very physically capable that's a very difficult thing to admit. your run of the mill existential crisis, basically.



>It's so weird that I don't get any no gf feels. Just every now and then

For me it's constant. Especially since I see cute girls all the time and not just in porn like before I joined the church and got a job which forced me out of my room



The worst part is how badly I want to fug them. That's only gonna get worse when I get back on my lifting routine too. The only thing holding me back is my left wrist. I'm hoping since I took a week off lifting, and avoided using it much at work this week it will have healed.



>For me it's constant

same. maybe it's a touch of autism or maybe it's something unique about me, but it's impossible for me to go a day without wanting a gf/waifu. it's just not the way i'm wired, unfortunately.



>I see beautiful girls all day, a student phrase says "If you don't fall in love at least twice while walking down the uni halls, you're not from [university]". That helped my social anxiety a lot, and a bit on not overrating looks.

For me it's not so much overrating looks, because I know the majority of the girls I see aren't worthy of my time. It's more my imagination taking their looks and creating the idea of a girl that I would love to have as my own. I see a beautiful girl and I imagine what my life could be if she was a girl of good values and morals. A girl that I could be dating, a girl that I could marry. Then I remember this doesn't currently exist for me, and it hurts.

It's worse with the girls at church. I see them and I see exactly what I want, but the question is will I have a chance with any of them? I'm so much older than so many of them at this point, and I feel there is so much work to do. The one girl I was attracted to that was close to my age rejected me, so now I'm left with these girls 5-7 years younger than me. Not a problem, but what is there to make me stand out is the question?

>I'm somehow, at times, afraid of relationships due to the MGTOW meme. Or well, not really anymore, but I am afraid of having kids. I feel I'm not the kind of person to raise children for some reason. Maybe that'll go away.

Given enough time with the gospel the doctrine will take hold and these feelings will go away. It just takes time and the knowledge that there are still women in this world that are worth being with.

>in 2 days it turned from pretty good to absolutely disgusting out of nowhere

That's good.

>Now there's only coffee to beat. I have till October 12 to leave it completely so it's definitely a great amount of time

I know you will be able to do it. I had to quit tea, and it was surprisingly easy. I quit cold turkey and didn't even have caffeine withdrawals which was crazy. I was drinking at least 5 cups a day of really strong black tea. This was before I took preworkout supplement to get caffeine too.



> when I get back on my lifting routine

More bad news. My wrist is still unable to have weight put on it. The only time it bothers me is during curls though, so basically when I put weight on my palms and my wrist has to support it. What sucks is that it's the same if I do reverse curls, so I can't just substitute for that either. What's gonna have to happen is I'm gonna have to continue not targeting my biceps directly at all. I have to assume it's the same for directly targeting my forearms. So no biceps lifts, no wrist lifts.

The only way my biceps are gonna get work is through back lifts. My plan is to remove or limit any lift that gives my wrist any sort of discomfort. On arm day I'm just gonna have to work my triceps that much harder because I can still do those lifts. I think overall on all my lifts I'm going to cut weight and increase reps though just so I'm not risking putting too much on that wrist with any lift. Even though I seem to be OK with everything but biceps lifts, I don't want to risk it at all. I've got lots of glucosamine, so I need to remember to take that. I should have been taking it the entire time, but I completely forgot I had it.


>maybe it's a touch of autism or maybe it's something unique about me, but it's impossible for me to go a day without wanting a gf/waifu. it's just not the way i'm wired, unfortunately.

That's how I feel as well.



Even more bad news: I'm pretty sure my hard drive is failing. AGAIN. I noticed the javascript on 8chan stopped working, weird. I go to check my script blocking settings, firefox crashes. Again kinda weird, but firefox is kinda garbage so I try to start it again. Says firefox is still running. Try pkill firefox. It isn't runnning. Try starting firefox, same thing as before. OK, pkill X. I'm dropped back to the tty shell I logged into, and I notice X couldn't remove the temporary file it creates in the home directory because it's read only. Even weirder. Try startx, get my desktop back. Try to spawn a terminal, it won't spawn.

OK reboot time. Reboot, boot takes longer than usual, not good, get to gentoo init part of boot, ATA errors, really not good, gentoo limits the ATA to 3 gbps. Weird. Login as my user, zsh complaining about no config files. Means my home drive isn't mounting. Reboot again. Same thing. Log out of my user, login as root. Run fdisk -l. My home drive isn't listed. RIP drive, or so I thought. Last desperate attempt: shutdown. Boot again, everything works.

Do I run a backup and risk straining the drive to the point it really dies, and potentially corrupts my good, even if a bit old, backup? Of course. Backed up without any problem, and now I wait for the inevitable death of that drive. Moral of the story: don't trust seagate. The last 3 seagate drives I've had have randomly failed. It used to be this way with Western Digital, which is why I switched to Seagate. Maybe it's time to switch back, or find another hard drive manufacturer.

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>It's more my imagination taking their looks and creating the idea of a girl that I would love to have as my own. I see a beautiful girl and I imagine what my life could be if she was a girl of good values and morals. A girl that I could be dating, a girl that I could marry. Then I remember this doesn't currently exist for me, and it hurts.

100% accurate



>I thought WD was good, what a shame.

I just bought a WD, so we will see. I haven't bought one in years, so they could be more reliable now.



I really didn't want to spend that $100, but hard drives don't just disappear and reappear for no reason. This one is as good as dead. It's just a matter of time.




the last time i bought a hard drive was approx 8-10 years ago. it was a WD, and it's been going strong with no signs of trouble for that entire period, although in fairness, i'm not a heavy user. i mostly just use mine as an internet box.



I have a seagate that's about that old, but it's too small for me to use now. I have terabytes worth of data to store at this point




whew. and i've still never used more than around 100 Gig. but again, internet box.

i shouldn't even be awake right now but i had a friend call me for help with something.



Seems I won't have anything to do with her. Oh well.


File: 0cd3e8601f89d40⋯.png (804.32 KB, 512x922, 256:461, 1538362801.png)

File: 54e79cc6d42c595⋯.png (634.3 KB, 518x920, 259:460, 1538362815.png)

Today I continued my progress meeting new girls. I introduced myself to a girl that just got done with her mission and joined our ward. I spent a lot of the day with her. Then I gave my friend a blessing. He asked me and my ministering companion if there was anything he could do for us and I felt I should ask for a blessing myself. So I did. I poured out almost everything that has been on my mind to him and my ministering companion. I received a pretty powerful blessing, and I have a lot to think about.

On another note, Mutual just ruined my day.

>looking at girls

>get to a girl's profile who at first I thought used some sort of filter on her face to make herself look funny

>realize it's real

What a shame. She was almost gorgeous. Pics related



>What a shame. She was almost gorgeous.

Still better than 93% of obese women.



Reflecting more on today: I wish my ward was the way it was today all the time. Girls outnumbered guys by a good margin. It was amazing. I dunno what I'm gonna do during general conference. I hope the messages that are shared are good because not having normal church is gonna be hard on me. I need that social interaction more than I can even begin to describe right now. I can go watch the stream at the church, but mostly old people that don't know how to use a computer go to those.


Until you breed with her, and get a genetic failure. It's so sad to look at that first pic especially. You can see how cute she would be if not for whatever defect caused that.


Well, that was weird.

>get in bed

>grab phone to check Mutual

>on lock screen "It's Mutual you have matched with Rebecca"

>You have a new message from Rebecca

>a match and the girl messaged me first so i know she will talk to me

>talk to this girl for an hour and a half

>most of her answers don't give me much to work with, but I still find ways to keep the conversation alive

>i stick mostly to spiritual stuff

>tired from only getting 4 hours of sleep last night, I decide to tell her I'm going to sleep

>lets see how interested she is

>mention I'll send her a message in the morning if she likes

>wait for response

>she unmatches me

wew. I knew this one wasn't gonna work, but I wasn't expecting that.



Fuck, that must be really hard to bear. She has guts to even use a dating app with thst severe malformation. This can probably get fixed with surgery but probably not…


I wish my ward had more girls, here we outnumber girls by a bit, but only in youth. We're almost all men in YSA.


She sounds a bit like a cunt

>Zero effort in conversation

>Better bail out since he won't instantly write me something as hooking as a novel

For the best.



>She sounds a bit like a cunt

That's the exact word I was going to use as well. I knew it wasn't gonna work before we even matched. She's 19, and under mission it say "going with my eternal companion" which basically means: "I need someone else to drag me out on a mission because I'm not going to myself". I can respect that she wants to get married rather than go on a mission if everything else is in order so I swiped up. On her profile it said she was very strong in the church. I told her some pretty cool gospel related stories, and talked to her about the temple but couldn't seem to find anything we could talk back and forth about for very long. Her interest in spiritual things is not as high as she claims, so to me it seems like she's more the type that needs someone to drag her along everywhere because if not for that she wouldn't even be active. She's been in the church her entire life, but I'd assume if her family wasn't active she wouldn't be either.


>It gets my hopes down really, really badly.

I dunno about in your country but in US and Europe college girls are all worthless sluts.



>Mutual just seems like pure trash at this point.

Pretty much. It doesn't solve any of the problems that occur in real life, and if anything amplifies those problems. Men and women have expectations way out of line with reality because of social media, movies, video games, pornography, etc. They get on Mutual, and these tendencies are amplified as they don't even consider giving a chance to the people that are worth the time but instead go for the ones that look like they have the best life.

The reality of it is, all these things you see on social media are narcissistic fantasies. You see the person only in the moments that they would want a picture taken of them. The moments when they want to show off to the world how amazing they are, but in reality it's completely shallow. Once you get past these experiences this person has that they think are so cool, you find out these people are as useless as anyone else. But people can't seem to get past this, there just has to be that perfect person that does all this cool stuff and has this amazing life to share with me.

The reality is the ones that are the best are the ones that want to live a modest life, uncaring what the world thinks of them. They don't focus so much on themselves that they take "selfies" all the time. They don't need the validation. The moments they experience don't need to be captured for the world to see. The memory, the story, the experience was good enough. It's plain to see why the social media generation is such an empty shell of humanity.


3 Nephi 13:1-21

>1 Verily, verily, I say that I would that ye should do alms unto the poor; but take heed that ye do not your alms before men to be seen of them; otherwise ye have no reward of your Father who is in heaven.

>2 Therefore, when ye shall do your alms do not sound a trumpet before you, as will hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, that they may have glory of men. Verily I say unto you, they have their reward.

>3 But when thou doest alms let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth;

>4 That thine alms may be in secret; and thy Father who seeth in secret, himself shall reward thee openly.

>5 And when thou prayest thou shalt not do as the hypocrites, for they love to pray, standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Verily I say unto you, they have their reward.

>6 But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father who is in secret; and thy Father, who seeth in secret, shall reward thee openly.

>7 But when ye pray, use not vain repetitions, as the heathen, for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking.

>8 Be not ye therefore like unto them, for your Father knoweth what things ye have need of before ye ask him.

>9 After this manner therefore pray ye: Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.

>10 Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

>11 And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.

>12 And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.

>13 For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever. Amen.

>14 For, if ye forgive men their trespasses your heavenly Father will also forgive you;

>15 But if ye forgive not men their trespasses neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.

>16 Moreover, when ye fast be not as the hypocrites, of a sad countenance, for they disfigure their faces that they may appear unto men to fast. Verily I say unto you, they have their reward.

>17 But thou, when thou fastest, anoint thy head, and wash thy face;

>18 That thou appear not unto men to fast, but unto thy Father, who is in secret; and thy Father, who seeth in secret, shall reward thee openly.

>19 Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and thieves break through and steal;

>20 But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal.

>21 For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.


File: 2a9b1e97a7b32b6⋯.png (821 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

I finally decided to spend the money and get a consecrated oil vial. My friend wanted a healing blessing at church on Sunday and the first thought that came to my mind is that I don't carry consecrated oil. Luckily my ministering companion does carry oil, and he was around to help with the blessing. I have oil that I consecrated myself in a little plastic dropper bottle, but I don't carry it because it's not convenient to carry like the key chain vials. What good is it if I don't carry it though? I'm never gonna use it. I don't know what made me think of it tonight, but I had this feeling that I needed to order one now. Found a really cool 1 on Amazon with a nice Alma verse on it. Pic related


it's true



>It doesn't solve any of the problems that occur in real life, and if anything amplifies those problems

and to think people are always asking me why i haven't used tinder, or any other online dating. i'm glad someone else understands.


I thought asking for a blessing on Sunday would help, but it seems to have made things even more complicated. I was hoping for some sort of peace, some comfort, but nothing. There's one part of the blessing that has stuck in my mind, and I don't really know why. I was directed to pray about my spouse daily, which is something I already kinda do. Maybe it's that I need to rethink how I pray when it comes to this topic, but that specific part of the blessing echoes through my mind.

A few things that are somewhat interesting have happened since the blessing. The one I already mentioned is the night of I got that match on Mutual that unmatched me when I told her I was going to bed. Then 2 more today. So we rotated job plans at work on Monday, and today I was thinking about this girl that I met a few weeks ago for some reason. I realized that part of my job now is to vacuum her cubicle. She works in a room with a few other people. The only time I see her is when she is in charge of planning some sort of maintenance project that affects us somehow.

I thought to myself that I'll probably run into her at some point and I'll have to talk to her. I decided to walk to the room where her office is to check things out. Mostly just to see what it's like in there and what she has in her cubicle. Maybe learn something about her, like if she has a boyfriend. Usually people have pictures of family, all kinds of stupid little knickknacks, and company memorabilia. Her's is all business. Didn't learn anything, except the types of things she does at work.

Later in the day 1 of my co-workers comes up to me and he's like "You know hex, now that you work upstairs you are gonna be running into her a lot and she's probably gonna wanna talk to you all the time". Apparently she's really talkative. I told him I wouldn't mind that 1 bit. I have no idea what made him bring her up to me randomly. All I know is he kinda avoids her.

Also while I was at work, the other girl that has been on my mind recently texted me. The girl that I minister to. The one who me and my companion administered the sacrament to when she missed it. She wanted help with testing something she did on facebook. Not sure why I was the one she decided to ask, but I was really glad she did. It means I'm at least somewhat on her mind.


It may work out for me at some point, but I don't think it will tbh. I hold out hope for Mutual mostly out of desperation since I don't have many other options right now. If you can deal with taking a mental beating for as long as it doesn't work, then it is at least an option that could maybe lead to something. It's just unlikely.


>I remember this Alma verse, iirc

Alma 46:12


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>However, expect the worst with the first girl

I expect the worst with every girl tbh. Every girl will break your heart, until you find the one that doesn't. I got another match on Mutual today, we will see if she responds. This one is 2 years younger than me and only lives about 15 minutes away from me, so I really hope she answers me. So far my luck with getting responses to my messages isn't great. I could probably get this girl to come to church with me at my ward if she actually talks to me.


>I'm getting to watch my first General Conference

I should probably remember more from my 1st general conference, but I suppose at least my memory of it is the best possible thing I could remember from it. When I first joined the church our prophet was president Thomas S. Monson, and the first general conference I saw was the last general conference he spoke at before he died. Video related.

>I left coffee already though

Great news

>I just need to leave the vape

I know you will be able to do it



>I got another match on Mutual today

wew I got tricked by myspace angles hardcore on that 1. Luckily she must have updated her profile or something, and I saw the last image last night. Way fatter than I was expecting. U n m a t c h e d. I feel like a dick for doing that tbh



>How was it with this new girl?

Unmatched without talking to her because she's a landwhale.


I've got so much on my mind but I have no idea how to put it into words right now. I really wish I could because I need to get it out. I suppose I'll sleep on it.



I know I'm gonna regret saying what I said in this thread >>2681 when I get my head straight, but the last thing I needed was to see some sorry shit like that on this board.



>We all know that the black Priesthood was done for PC reasons, tbh

Exactly. And I can accept that it was revelation from God. I can accept that it was prayed about and there was an answer received. But there is no doctrine that tells us that this is how it was supposed to be from the beginning. Let's say it is revelation from God that we let "worthy" niggers hold the priesthood, the only reason this revelation happened was to protect the church when nigger athletes were chimping out and bringing attention to the church in a negative way that could have led to its destruction. You can't further the work if the church is no longer allowed to exist. Just like with plural marriage, if the government decides it wants to destroy you sometimes you make a sacrifice to keep going. It's unfortunate.

I'll always fall back to scripture though. The scripture says very plainly that niggers will be a scourge to us that will bring us to our destruction if we do not follow God's commandments. We are also not to mix with niggers because they are cursed and so will be our own seed if we mix with them. Doesn't get much more plain than that.


I still feel really bad for not just talking to her and being her friend. It would have been much more Christlike. Unmatching the way I did was pretty mean.


I've only seen 1 session so far. I had 8 hours of overtime at work on Saturday, then I went to a game night which is the thing that I wanted to write about last night but I still can't find the words for. It only got worse today. Today I slept in until I had to go to my elders quorum presidency meeting at the president's house where I also watched the afternoon session.


/pol/ maybe, but that's to be expected. /b/ absolutely not. I've done everything in my power to keep the board from becoming like /b/ and I think I've done decently at that while still allowing a good amount of freedom. I don't shill the board anywhere, and especially not /b/ even though I have an advantage on that board that would probably allow me to gain more users. I try not to cuss, and I hope that others try too but I don't enforce a rule against it and I obviously slip up sometimes as seen in the niggerlover thread. I will absolutely not tolerate porn or any sort of degeneracy that I deem harmful to the board.



Maybe I'm a little bold in saying this but: I think this church needs more men like me. This new 2 hour church thing is proof of it. What has our generation done to prove that we deserve less church on Sunday? What makes anyone think that we need less and not more? Our generation is the generation of social media, pornography, video games, and all other forms of social isolation. Our generation doesn't marry, and if it does it ends in divorce. We are the generation of single mothers, and men without any leadership ability.

We are the lost, the forgotten, the down trodden. We have no vision for the future, or hope to accomplish anything beyond what previous generations would call complete and utter failure. We have a generation of people looking for leadership and what we find is the absence thereof. Oh but you can be saved and as long as you lived righteously you can have everything you failed to achieve when you reach the afterlife. BULLSHIT. I'll say it again


I'm getting so fucking tired of hearing "oh if you don't marry and have children you will get to do it in the afterlife because of the Lord's perfect plan of happiness for you". It's like we are being given an excuse to fail. An excuse to not even try. An excuse to give up. This doctrine was not meant to be an excuse, it was meant to be the last resort of the dying that somehow through all their perseverance, through all their struggle, their blood, their sweat, their tears they somehow still didn't reach the ultimate goal of life on this earth. And what I hear our leaders using this doctrine as instead is an excuse. I exhort every brother that is reading this to rise above all of this, to be better, to not give up, to somehow find a way to accomplish these things before we die.

What we need in this church right now is fire and fury. A leader that will say what needs to be said, and will not hold anything back.



>I think this church needs more men like me

Besides the part where I'm a failure myself tbh



Well since alcohol kinda has a way of making me put things into words lets see if I can put things into words now.




I still think this church puts us in the best position to succeed even if I am a bit disenchanted with our leadership right now. I think no matter who our leaders were I'd be a bit disenchanted. I'm a follower of Hitler. I've read Mein Kampf, and have seen what the traits of a true leader are. These people do not exist in our time. Hitler was the last, and there will never be another like him.

Now I said I'd try to put into words what I've felt from the last 2 nights. Let's give this a shot. I apologize in advance if my spelling or grammar is absolutely pathetic. I just got done talking to omlet on dicksword.


On Saturday I went to my friends house for a game night. The first game was some game called game of things. I forget wtf the topic was but I wen tot the restroom whiule people were writing their answers. I sat down and everyone was waitnig on me. I told htem to skip me. Of ocurse everyone was like are you sure? And I just said SKIP ME. After typing all of this I remembvree the topic: tghings you should not share with others.

Usually this wouldn't be sp jard of a topic to write something for, but I showed up depressed. I also have ADD so when everyone was tlaking I couldn't htink. I came out of the restroom, and had no idea what ot write, and the pressure of being last didn't help.

So in the end I was skipped. Someone decided to bring out a different game while ht eother was going on so I joined their group. I was so glad to be out of there and into a new group. The game was Snake Oil. Basically you draw 6 fcards and uise 2 cards to sell some sort of product to whoever is the one that draws some sort of occupatiopn. Anmother game I'm terrible at, but at l;east i had cards to help.

The first game of it we play I have no cards to sell to the person, Of course that isn't an answer so I make something up. The thing I make up is dark, of ocurse it scares the normalfatgs playinug the game. I keep plying even though all my actions trigger someone involved. Eventually the game ends, I lost. Who cares though? I spent th enight listening to others play music on the piano and some weird instrument. There were songs sung and I tried to sing along when I could, but I'm not a normalfag that knows these songs.

I went home feeling so far away from everyone i8nvovled. Fast forwaqr4d to today. Today I woke up at 11 AM. I looked at my phone and i was expected to be at presiodency meeting at 11:30. Great. Getr out of bed, shower, and geo my car. Go t presidency meeting, and we are tlaking about 2 hour church. Everyone is so enthusaistic about why its so good because blah blah blah blah blah blah blah fucking niggers. I decided to go off on a rant about why it's terrible. My elders quorum presaident seemed to take somtehing from it because he kept bringing up points that i mentioned.

Everone lelse of course tired to dance around th issue. To try to explain it as something good. I sat there disappointed in the entire exchange,a nd my elders quorum president seemd to agree with me. The afternoon session of conference started, and we went to watch that. Everyuone else so upbeat, me in a stgate of despair, anger and whatever other emotions I had. I don'

t belong here isa ll i felt, but I stayed through the entire conference. I stgayed for the activity afterwards, and I was silent the entiire time. All I felt was loneliness as the girls around me felt so far away. I felt as if I wasn't worthy to be there. Good luck readin gthis shit. 12 beers down and im about to pass out





LDS continues to reign as the most true church. Like I mentioned th eother day, there will be things said that we disagree with. That's how it will be for us converts. But if you look around, no other church is near what LDS is. We jus thave to do what it is that we need to do, and accomplish what we need tgo accomplish.


>What we need in this church right now is fire and fury. A leader that will say what needs to be said, and will not hold anything back.

Oaks is up next and he is bold as fuck and will rain hellfire on any PC bullshit in his way. I met him in person at a mission conference and just flat out said that those who are just in the church aren't fit for the Celestial kingdom. Only those who are truly converted to Christ will achieve Celestial glory.

I also understand the 2 hour church backlash but if implemented properly it will be a boon in strengthening families which is vital at this stage in the war.

We need more people to become the modern day Danites of Smith's day and truly contend for the gospel with force and true power.


Receiving unrecoverable blessings in the next life is only possible if a blessing can not be achieved in this life. The circumstances must be so severe that one can't fulfil a commandment in this life and someone truly tried to achieve the blessings they are striving for. You will not have a Celestial family if you don't try or give up to have one here. Yes, it may be granted in the next life if your shit gets fucked up but otherwise it is your obligation to fulfil God's commandments to the best of your physical capabilities with his assistance.


What a fall that was. That was probably the worst one yet. It's time for a change.



>I also understand the 2 hour church backlash but if implemented properly it will be a boon in strengthening families which is vital at this stage in the war.

What about converts who have no LDS family? People like me that already feel alone. What about YSAs that don't live with their families and instead live alone or with room mates? In the end this hurts them. It's hard enough when you don't get a visit from the missionaries every week anymore as a convert, and your ministering brothers don't minister to you. Removing some enforced structure can be good, and I think it would be good to do this in family wards but in YSA wards too? We are already struggling, at least my quorum is. When we do little activities to gauge the needs of our quorum the last thing that we would determine is we need less time together.



I guess until I see what we do with this change in my church I won't agree with it being good for YSAs. YSAs are our most important demographic because we are the ones that are supposed to carry this church forward. From what I've seen so far, YSAs need so much help right now. More structure, not less. More leadership, not less. Maybe our quorum and relief society presidencies can come up with something to make this work but right now this feels so bad.



>Fuck your liberal friends.

It isn't that they are liberal, it's that they don't see things the way I do. The only good news is that I'm there to bring up the things that need to be brought up or it would just be a circlejerk of how great this change is gonna be for them. I envy them in some ways. That they can be so full of optimism without thinking so much about the way forward.



And now back to this. I'm sorry to everyone that posts here. I just hope my failure can be an example to everyone of what not to do. I needed to get some stuff out, and it kinda came out. It would have been better had I not used alcohol to get it out. Before I drank anything I said in my head that if I'm going to do this, this will be the last time I fall in this way. Things have to change, and it can't start tomorrow anymore. It has to start right now.

I'm going to think about how to make the changes I need to make at work today, and I will implement them immediately. The biggest things are that I need to get back on a good diet which started this morning, workout routine, and sleep schedule. I know I said I was gonna do this a while back, but it didn't end up happening.



Just keep your shit together and keep pressing forward. Tis better to be one step from Hell walking towards heaven than to be a step from heaven walking to hell. If you need help, don't be afraid to vocalise it. As a missionary-anon I'm here to do my best and help those who are struggling out as much as I can.



>Just keep your shit together and keep pressing forward

Will do.

>As a missionary-anon I'm here to do my best and help those who are struggling out as much as I can

Thanks anon. This board is kinda the only place I can come to talk about my struggles, so it's good to have people like you around. There are people in real life that kinda know my struggles, but they don't know the extent of it, or about my falls and I don't plan to tell them. I'll repent of my mistakes, and make the improvements I need to make. I expect regressions over time, but as you said, my eyes and my heart are turned towards heaven and that is the path I will follow.


File: d844613bfea306d⋯.png (116.95 KB, 550x532, 275:266, ClipboardImage.png)

meanwhile on /b/ >>>/b/8397016



>Well at least you're on the path to doing it, it's not a linear one. Don't blame yourself too much for it, but I know that when you have a sort of responsibility with God it feels even worse.

Especially when it comes to things like templeworthiness. A lot of guys would go to their bishop over the sort of thing I did. It's something I guess I don't fully understand. I've always felt I could repent of what I've done without my bishop's help, but there are other guys that don't feel they can.

Although, I do feel like word of wisdom related transgressions are less of a problem to repent of than something like sex outside of marriage. Violating the word of wisdom with alcohol is as far as I'll go. I don't want to do that again though. I say I don't every time, but I really really don't. If I could just find the girl I'm looking for it would make things so much easier. The tension wouldn't build to the point it does, and I wouldn't give into such temptations.

>Best route possible

Agreed. I just need to get my faith stronger. I think my main issues are related to being a convert. I grew up doing the opposite of what I'm trying to do now, and when things hit their hardest points sometimes I fall back into those old patterns. I won't ever leave the path, but sometimes I'll stumble off of it.

>Imagine being the moderator of a terrible board and being terrible at that one job and throwing women-like subtle hissy fits with your mod powers

Yeah, I don't know what his problem is. I think he just hates the fact that I got my mod account back. I've managed to improve the board even with him sabotaging my bans. At least as far as that board can be improved in its current state. I've gotten porn threads down to almost 0, faggot/tranny threads to almost 0, cuck threads almost 0. I only say almost because I can't be online most of the day, so that stuff will get posted at times but it will be immediately purged and the person banned when I see it.


it's been a while. quick update on me. i've all but abandoned 8chan, and happy with the decision. my therapy has been going really well despite the setback, although yesterday i was given a reminder that i still have to be cautious. i might end up having a surgery anyway. there is a surgery option that i wasn't previously aware of that is far less invasive than i realized. so i'm going to discuss the option with doctors.

curiosity and nostalgia got the better of me, and i had a relapse, did some hard drugs. it reminded me why i quit in the first place, so i don't plan on going back there. i feel like shit about it, but they say relapse is part of recovery. it took 3 years before my first relapse, so i'm ok with that. still, i should have fucking known better. i'm nowhere near caught up with the thread. i just wanted to drop in and say hello. let you know i was still alive.



>my therapy has been going really well despite the setback

Glad to hear that

>i had a relapse

You're not the only one. Alcohol got me again.

>it reminded me why i quit in the first place, so i don't plan on going back there


>here is a surgery option that i wasn't previously aware of that is far less invasive than i realized. so i'm going to discuss the option with doctors.

I hope that all works out, the faster that injury heals the better. I know you had a lot of work you wanted to get done before this happened, and now we are almost back to winter.


>If you feel it's a sin, you're already doing good, because the need for repentance is acting and it gives you a bad moral aftertaste

That's how I always thought of it too

>Some "mod council" meeting should take place and remedy should fucking leave tbh

Unfortunately I don't think dysnomia will ever get rid of remedy. Especially since remedy and omlet seem to be friends. I don't really care that much though, the board is what the users make it. I'll just do my best to purge the cancer.

>remember this board is a place for growth for everyone, I think Hex can agree

The original purpose of this board tbh. It's why I don't shill it anywhere. Only those that need to find it will find it.


>I like this GC message, it has to do with fear and starts with "Is it still safe and wise to bring children to this seemingly wicked and frightening world we live in?"

I still need to watch all that I missed, thanks for sharing that. I'll bring my earbuds with me to work today, and listen to some talks.


Remember that girl I unmatched a while back? I kept feeling bad about it, so I reset my swipes to re-match. I found her and we matched again, but the Mutual app doesn't put her in my matches. Can't say I didn't try, and now I get to suffer through all the single mothers and landwhales I swiped down on as I go through every single profile AGAIN. I hate this buggy app, could have at least given me the chance to make things right.


Another thing I seriously hate on Mutual:

>cute girl

>start swiping through the rest of her pics

>wow she's so cute

>look at her beautiful hair

>swipe over

>shaved head


>swipe down


>set filters to show girls up to 10 years older than me

>no matches

Kinda surprising tbh. Apparently I attract younger girls way easier than I attract older girls. I kinda expected some of the more desperate older women to jump at the chance to swipe up on every younger guy that looks halfway decent. I guess they are that old and unmarried for a reason though.


File: 7bdeac85a9daa7b⋯.png (569.75 KB, 497x883, 497:883, 1539332486.png)

Well….I think I've seen enough for tonight. Just imagine looking at THAT face for all Eternity. :^)



Alma 3:6-8

>6 And the skins of the Lamanites were dark, according to the mark which was set upon their fathers, which was a curse upon them because of their transgression and their rebellion against their brethren, who consisted of Nephi, Jacob, and Joseph, and Sam, who were just and holy men.

>7 And their brethren sought to destroy them, therefore they were cursed; and the Lord God set a mark upon them, yea, upon Laman and Lemuel, and also the sons of Ishmael, and Ishmaelitish women.

>8 And this was done that their seed might be distinguished from the seed of their brethren, that thereby the Lord God might preserve his people, that they might not mix and believe in incorrect traditions which would prove their destruction.

I don't think He could have made it any clearer to me not to mix with THAT abomination



>Why the fuck would one shave their head

I dunno but it's weird. I've seen at least a few that have shaved their head or cut their hair short and style it like a dude. I don't know if they realize how unattractive that is. The likelihood of me swiping up on a short haired girl is almost 0. Also the hair dye thing needs to stop immediately.

>They might be overly picky

Most likely scenario. I know a girl like this. She just got sent out of the YSA ward because she's too old to be in the ward. My friend has known her his entire life. He's completely in love with her which I why I haven't tried, but they are like best friends. She will go on dates with him but won't go any further. He's at the point of giving up on her. She's dated so many guys and never gone any further that you wonder if she will ever get married.



>Someone's parents couldn't read their own Scripture

I wouldn't be surprised if that thing is a convert given its age.




What the hell? As a missionary from not Utah, i can say that mormon culture in Utah is shit since everyone is holier-than-thou and just bitches about what they dont understand. Most missionaries I ask in my mission couldn't even give me a straight answer for why Adam and Eve couldn't have children without partaking of the fruit. There are a lot of people who don't understand or deny the truth but just remember my friend, "the truth will set you free."


Just hit em with Leviticus 19:28

>Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the Lord.



Thats why I'm just going to a college in my home state when i get back. Its not worth it to deal with that clown fiesta in Utah.



>I'm getting disheartened by the Mormon community

People on the internet in groups like this aren't the community. They are people on the internet that hang out in groups like that because they don't fit in with anyone in person. They are a problem, but there isn't much that is gonna be done about it right now. Just like you aren't likely to run into many hardcore SJWs in real life because the majority of people aren't SJWs even though SJWs on the internet would like you to believe that everyone agrees with them. They exist but they are not the majority. Just remember, people are imperfect but Christ was perfect.



The questions I have to ask are: What are your goals? What do you hope to achieve by taking this path? Will this path make you the happiest you can be, or is there another way? I urge you to really ponder this. You are a lot younger than I am, so you have more time than I did.

For me this is the only way I can think of, but my country is falling apart. Cultural Marxism has ravaged every institution. Dissolved family values completely. Created a culture of divorce, and single motherhood. Unchecked immigration has caused that my country will be a shade of brown as the majority within a few years. The reality is that this is my last dying chance at accomplishing what I want to accomplish. And I see that window closing day by day as the clock inside me ticks. It makes me lose my mind.



this gave me a good chuckle. thanks for that.


>shaved head

tbh except for the cases like spider noted, this is the quickest way possible for a girl to announce that she's unhinged - even quicker than facial piercings or 20 tattoos.


>I know you had a lot of work you wanted to get done before this happened, and now we are almost back to winter.

yeah, basically all of that got shelved for the time being. it'll have to wait til next year, since almost all of it is outdoor work.


>I'll pray for your surgery to go well, brother

i don't know yet if i'll get it, but i'm leaning in that direction. thanks all the same.

>this board is a safe haven for me

i like to think of it as one also, even if i come by less and less. one good indication about me posting here less often is that it means my mind is focused on more present things right in front of me.


>And now back to this. I'm sorry to everyone that posts here

no need to be sorry friend. you're not our spiritual leader here. you're our brother. you struggle with the flesh like the rest of us do. i thank you for the unironic safe space you've made here. it's an island with clean water stuck amongst an ocean of shit and piss. just being here is all the example anyone needs.


Having read this thread, it seems to me that the lot of you here seem to be more concerned with trying to find a picture-book fairy-tale supermodel princess for a wife than accepting women as human beings despite their flaws and waiting on the Lord.

You guys claim to be children of God, yet you harden your hearts to single women with children.

Hate to tell you this, but sometimes the woman is innocent and the husband is a hellspawn. The reason she is a victim is because of sympathy and loyalty, the things that women are expected to have and it ends up being their undoing.

Another thing, if you think social media is evil, then why are you using dating apps to find "religious" women?

Whats is your position on single fathers/failed husbands? Are they angels in need of rescue or are they devils to purged like single women?

t. Non-liberal, non-feminist, pureblood Cainspawn




>tl;dr i'm a nigger and women are victims just like me

and b&



You said all that needed to be said to the nigger tbh. The majority of single mothers and fathers are failures. How do we know this? Because we are supposed to find an eternal companion, therefor divorce for us is a bigger failure than divorce for any other religion. If you have built your house on the rock of Christ, and made a good decision about who to build a life with then you should be able to weather all the storms that a couple who are strong in the gospel will face.

As long as the couple remains faithful to each other and all their interactions are Christlike, then there shouldn't be much issue. What divorce means is that instead of building their house on the rock of Christ and weathering any storm that came, they chose to rebuild at the first sign of trouble. They were not doing what was instructed, and they made a terrible decision when trying to make a choice that has eternal consequences.

My question is how does this even happen? If both are strong in the gospel then there shouldn't be any way that this happens. If one or both is not so strong in the gospel there should have been warning signs, and those signs were ignored. Why would you ignore warning signs when the consequences are eternal? How do you have anywhere from 1-4 kids with someone then decide to divorce? How do you go through that many sealing ordinances then decide "hey maybe I don't want to be with this person eternally even though I just did ordinances to bind us together eternally?"



>Two-hour church isn't my cup of tea

It isn't mine either, and won't be until I see what comes of it. I'm an elders quorum counselor, so I have a pretty good idea of what the men in my ward need. It isn't less church, I can tell you that right now. The only way they could need less church is if that hour is replaced by something, and maybe it will be through our leadership in the church but that is yet to be seen. I know there is a study manual on Gospel Library for home study that we are supposed to use instead of that hour of church.

So what I'm hoping is that the presidencies of the elders quorum and relief societies can help to get informal study groups going. This could be done through ministering, but as it sits right now I'm worried about the change for certain groups of people. One group being converts. Church leaders keep mentioning how good it is for converts, but they don't say why and I'm pretty sure this is because they have no reason why. They are just saying "trust us". But this seems more like a metrics thing than a revelation. Metrics are likely telling the church leaders that the youth are falling out of church, so how do we keep them there? Shorten it. Make it more family oriented, and hope that by strengthening the core group which is families we can stay strong as a religion but in my eyes this could come at the cost of converts and YSA members that are struggling to begin with. People that don't have family to fall back on especially.


File: 64e8e444c56a987⋯.jpg (3.96 MB, 1659x2212, 3:4, CES120425_pjl013_alt.jpg)


Converts an YSA members have more problems that won't be particularly addressed with this change that I feel really need to be addressed. Most converts understand the gospel but dont truly understand the doctrine and obligatioms that come from that knowledge. They need to be more fully taught what they are getting into. Missionaries will frequently tell people that all positions in the church are unpaid volunteers but those being taught don't realize that means that they will have a job in the congregation as well. They also aren't taught some fundamentals such as the fact that we don't believe in the trinity as the rest of the Christian world sees it which can weaken their faith if they don't understand the whole picture.

YSA wards are just a battleground for RMs looking to get married so they aren't super conducive to greatly furthering gospel knowledge either. We need to get a gospel skill tree or some shit going on where beliefs are taught in an order that best builds a foundation and a structure atop it.



I agree with everything you have said.

>YSA wards are just a battleground for RMs looking to get married so they aren't super conducive to greatly furthering gospel knowledge either.

I guess I'm somewhat fortunate. My YSA ward has the opposite problem. It is very good for learning more about the gospel, but not so good for dating and trying to get married. On one hand, it has helped me as a convert become stronger in the gospel than I would have become anywhere else while still having some sort of balance with trying to meet girls. But on the other, I do wish I had more opportunity to date and maybe that's my own fault for not trying harder. I still think the girls could make things easier for me. But that's another topic.

I admit, a big part of my dislike of this change is coming from my own personal perspective but it is a pretty important perspective. I'm a convert; the only one in my family. My ministering brothers don't minister to me. My job keeps me from attending FHE activities, institute and everything else that would benefit me greatly right now. I'm already hitting a point where I'm feeling like I'm going back into isolation, and then the church tells me it's good for me because we have this home study plan. Just trust us. No, I'm not going to just trust them. It is not good for me in any way that I can see. It would be better for me had the change never occurred, and they just introduced the study guide as supplemental home material. I need these people in my ward in my life right now more than I need a study plan for my home. I have no one here to study with.

Sunday was my day to advance, to progress, to break out of the isolation. Now I'll have less opportunities overall because there will be either Sunday school OR elders quorum. I'll get less time with everyone. I'll get less time with people in Sunday school, and I'll get less time with my fellow men in elders quorum. This isn't good in any way that I can see.


File: 44ae74646b22f53⋯.jpg (462.68 KB, 768x768, 1:1, meme-christofferson-conver….jpg)


That RM battleground comment just comes from my own experience working with, near, and being in 4 different YSA wards. A lot of times its really easy to get socially converted people since that just comes with the age group. Its also results in a fair number of people just getting real callings for the first time in their lives and they don't really know what they are doing. That goes the same for ministering and any other church responsibility in a YSA.

The ward council in wards also greatly affects how well a ward functions in all aspects, from reaching out to members that are struggling to bringing back less actives. I've had ward councils where more is done in 15 minutes than other wards could do in 2 days. As a member of the ward who is on the expanded ward council, you need to make sure that you put through your concerns to your bishop and quarm president because as a convert, you have a far greater sensitivity to change in the church which is a good thing to recognize.

Part of this life is trial and for pretty much everyone who has ever touched this website, one of those is social isolation and for most, and introverted nature. My mission is the sole reason ans way I was able to drop that almost completely from who I am. I'm still a shitty /pol/ lurker but I can basically handle any social situation which is a huge change from who I was which was a little druggie that almost completely doomed my immortal soul. I know time management sucks with work school and other church obligations but make sure you keep up reading the scriptures as much as you can. They will provide you so much strength and inspiration. If you need a pick me up, Doctrine and Covenants 121 is always good. Its Joseph Smith in liberty jail basically asking God where he is.



>you need to make sure that you put through your concerns to your bishop and quarm president

I've made the elders quorum president aware, and he wants to make it a topic of our next elders quorum council before monthly elders quorum councils are eliminated because of the 2 hour block change. I'm going to request that I be allowed to lead that council when the time comes. I am very critical of the change and I think that will be good because most members of the church fall in line to church leadership without any form of criticism. They will only see the good, and overlook the bad completely. I've seen it time and time again, but when I've been critical of things I've been able to get people thinking. It reminds me of the quote: "The greatest fear I have is that the people of this Church will accept what we say as the will of the Lord without first praying about it and getting the witness within their own hearts that what we say is the word of the Lord."

>My mission is the sole reason ans way I was able to drop that almost completely from who I am

I've made some amazing progress myself in this regard. It started with asking a really cute returned missionary on a double date, and her agreeing to go. I didn't get a 2nd date, and it hurt a bit but I moved on. My next experience with girls was crushing. It's the thing that caused my regressions, and it's the thing that has held me back for so long now. It's a long story that I've told here, but only >>2760 was around back then. 8 months since I've asked a girl out. But I have finally rebuilt myself, and I think I'm ready to take the next step. It started a couple months ago when I sat with a girl I didn't know for the first time since joining the church, and every week I've sat with a new girl. I've met almost every single girl in my ward.

I have a really good friend in the ward, but I don't get to see him as much as I'd like. He moved away for a long time, then came back, and then traveled a lot for work so I didn't see him often over the last year or so. Yesterday I was at a fireside, and he txted me to save him a seat. I went and sat with a cute girl that I've been kinda interested in, and he walked in and saw us together. He thought I was actually dating her. He was talking to me later on, and he told me that I radiated confidence. It was like nothing he had ever seen from me before. He said it was in my countenance and everything I did. How I grabbed the hymn book and shared with her like we were a couple. He thinks I should really pursue her.

It's crazy to think about the progress I've made. When I joined the ward I was timid. I couldn't say prayers in public. I didn't want to pass or bless the sacrament because I was afraid of messing up. I didn't want to contribute in Sunday school, hold a calling, give a talk. I never dreamed I would be a secretary in the elders quorum, and I never dreamed I would be allowed to conduct elders quorum as a secretary becoming more of a hybrid secretary/counselor.

I never expected that it would go so well that I'd get bumped to counselor when our 2nd counselor left about a month later. And now here I am sitting with any girl I want, and apparently I've completely changed my image in according to the person that would know best. The first guy to introduce himself to me when I showed up in the ward. I'm on the verge of accomplishing something amazing, I just don't know what the next step is to make it happen yet. Maybe asking that girl out is the next step, my friend thinks so.

>If you need a pick me up, Doctrine and Covenants 121 is always good. Its Joseph Smith in liberty jail basically asking God where he is

It's a good one. I first learned of that scripture at institute learning about the foundations of the restoration. I miss being able to go to institute.


>this gave me a good chuckle. thanks for that.

Glad you liked it.

>this is the quickest way possible for a girl to announce that she's unhinged - even quicker than facial piercings or 20 tattoos

Agreed. It's sad too because it's likely due to being single for so long. I don't think men or women should be alone for as long as we are these days.

>yeah, basically all of that got shelved for the time being. it'll have to wait til next year, since almost all of it is outdoor work

Figured as much, that's unfortunate.

>just being here is all the example anyone needs

Glad this board has been helpful. That's all I ever wanted.




You know what the best way to win is? Create strong families, and this church has laid the foundation for that. As always the people aren't perfect, so we still have the problem of single mothers and divorce but I think our odds are quite a bit better. The 2 hour church will help strengthen families in the gospel as long as the families buy in and go through the material assigned per week.

I wish they had addressed the problem YSAs are having getting married though. 2 hour church kinda makes things more difficult for us in that regard. We won't see each other in Sunday school every week, which sucks. Activities are supposed to help that, but not everyone attends them. What really sucks is that the leadership is pretty adamant on wards not implementing anything structured to take the place of that hour, even if voluntary. I think that's a terrible decision because that means we can't do things like an extra ward FHE. It has to be informal where the members of the ward decide to do it instead of the people called to be on activities committee. This whole home-centered church-supported thing seems like taking a sledgehammer to something that needed a bit more finesse when it comes to YSAs.




>win against LGBT (or insert group name here)

>Create strong families, and this church has laid the foundation for that.

i believe the cool kids call that "Demography is Destiny". the multi-generational plan that most sheeple overlook because they're too busy watching sitcoms and eating cheetohs to think about the long term future.


i havent been following your conversation, but i think it's pretty cool that a missionary has found his way here.


>I never expected that it would go so well ... Maybe asking that girl out is the next step, my friend thinks so.

as always, best of luck if you decide to ask her. i still think you're capable of seeing things the others might miss and could potentially implement some necessary changes for the youth wards and related. i know you and i are similar in our mindsets with relationships so in general, i know that feel, hex.



>i believe the cool kids call that "Demography is Destiny". the multi-generational plan that most sheeple overlook because they're too busy watching sitcoms and eating cheetohs to think about the long term future.

It's unfortunate more focus isn't placed on it. You can do all the political activism you want, but when every facet of power is turned against you then your numbers have to do the talking. And when your numbers are declining, and statistics show that you will be a minority within a couple decades at most then you know you have all but lost. All the loud shouting in the world won't save you from the ocean that is about to drown you out of existence.

/pol/ realizes that white birth rate needs to go up, but they won't listen when you tell them why the church of Jesus Christ is the way to accomplish that goal. It's always "but the church isn't perfect therefor we can't use it". "They aren't redpilled on the holocaust therefor we can't use the things they are redpilled on". The reality of it is, the political climate and wars that happened before we were born don't matter. It's good to know, but not essential to our goal.

Unfortunately, too many people are caught up in things that won't help us now. I say it over and over: the cultural Marxists, cultural Bolshevists, post-modernists, moral relativists, progressives, whatever the hell you want to call the cancerous ideology did not wait for the perfect host to infiltrate and spread their ideology from. They infiltrated where they could, and made the changes necessary to overtake the host. It's a game of numbers, and it always has been.

The /pol/ strategy is to hit people with a fire hose, and if they don't accept getting totally obliterated by the overwhelming force of it they must be discarded. You would think a board that is so well versed in alternative history, and ideological subversion would realize how flawed that is. A board full of people that have seen the Bezmenov interviews still can't seem to understand that it was a process. A slow trickle, not an overwhelming torrential downpour.

So we will continue to watch every institution that could have been turned to our side fall, and wonder why people aren't waking up. It isn't because we aren't putting enough posters up, getting into enough shouting matches on social media, making enough memes. No, it will be because we did not infiltrate enough institutions that could be swayed to our side, we did not touch the lives of enough people face to face. We did not show these people that our cause is the cause of regular people. Instead, we are a faceless group that works from the shadows easily labeled every bad thing the other side wants to call us. And just look at the ugliness of the other side. Would people really be more sympathetic to the blue haired, tattooed, pierced, sexually mutilated degenerates than they would regular people? I say no, they would not.

>i think it's pretty cool that a missionary has found his way here


>as always, best of luck if you decide to ask her


>i still think you're capable of seeing things the others might miss and could potentially implement some necessary changes for the youth wards and related

I'm in a pretty good position to do it. It's unfortunate that I don't have more time on my side though. If I was in my early 20s I can only just imagine what I would be able to accomplish. I usually work well under pressure though, so hopefully that works to my advantage.





It is done.



You're welcome, anon.


>that was extremely thorough


Lots of experience on /b/ tbh.

>We're having class tonight, they said I might get the Aaronic just right after the Baptism

That would make sense, I got the opportunity to listen to a 70 speak recently and that's the current church position on things: if you are worthy to be baptized you are worthy to receive a temple recommend and the priesthood immediately. So you will interview for both at the same time after baptism, instead of going through what I went through. The 70 said for new converts on Saturday they will be baptized, on Sunday confirmed, and ideally Sunday afternoon interview for the priesthood and temple recommend.

Then be sustained for the priesthood the next week. I had to interview for both separately, and didn't receive the priesthood until about a month after I was baptized. I didn't receive a temple recommend until quite a bit later. But I did ward hop which caused me to have to interview a couple extra times because of the circumstances.



>Interesting. I didn't know that was the current Church's position

Yeah I think that's a pretty recent thing. It used to be that you received an hour long priesthood preparation class before receiving the priesthood. I'm not sure if they will have you do it afterwards or what the deal is there. Honestly, the stuff covered in the priesthood prep class could be covered before the interview. It was mostly just sharing a couple scriptures about the priesthood mostly D&C 84, but a couple others too, and explaining to you the Aaronic and Melchizedek priesthoods.



If you are bored and want to blow your bishop away with how prepared you are, I'd recommend reading D&C 84, and the Gospel Principles chapter on the priesthood. If I remember correctly the Gospel Principles lesson breaks down the priesthood offices. There are probably other useful scriptures in that Gospel Principles lesson that will be referenced.


I'm gonna go mad. I think my mission president thinks I'm some sort of tard wrangler because I just got my third autistic companion. Someone put me in the temple prayer roll.




Its not on gospel library but this is a great talk by elder bednar that they show in the mtc. Also, the developing christlike atributes section of preach my gospel is something you might want to look into in order to become a better person. Just remember though, don't pray to recieve what you aren't willing to endure a trial in equal magnitude to recieve.



Rip. Tried to attach a pdf and its not cooperating. Yeah just go to that section in preach my gospel, the missionary handbook, or look up the character of christ by elder david bednar.



That's some bad luck. But if you lacked patience before your mission, you sure won't afterwards.


I second the recommendation of the developing Christlike attributes section of preach my gospel that missionary anon

mentioned >>2798

It's in the missionary section of gospel library


Sorry, I didn't enable pdf uploads in the board settings. Enabled now.


File: 5a4c1cb92e16d5d⋯.pdf (51.11 KB, character of christ.pdf)

File: 615fdda0a7884cd⋯.pdf (1.5 MB, The 40-Day Fast.pdf)


Here's that pdf.


Thanks Hex.

40 day fast isn't just applicable to missionaries. It is equally as applicable to anyone trying to become better. Sorry for it beimg such a ghetto pdf. You just sorta get what other missionaries have on the mission.




I don't use it



I don't follow any ecelebs tbh. My advice on them is that they can be a good entry level redpill, but don't get attached.


File: d09e871e7f0e650⋯.png (49.97 KB, 1416x537, 472:179, 1540026061.png)



File: e7ce73f158ea30f⋯.png (159.77 KB, 1567x552, 1567:552, e7ce73f158ea30f4016b53d963….png)

this is just too good. what an epic wall of butthurt. anyone wanna summarize it for me? there's no way i'm gonna read all of it right now. maybe after i get some sleep, but right now i'm so tired that looking at it makes my head spin



>I can't read that without cringing

Same. I can't even get through half of it.

>he's basically saying that you're a newfag

Of course he falls back to that because he has absolutely no argument. The only reason it was so easy to leave cuckchan was because it was a shithole of low effort faggotry for so long that when the mods went full SJW it was an easy choice. What he doesn't seem to get is that no one wanted this place to become cuckchan, that was never the point of coming here.


He sure does love his trap threads, doesn't he?

>waving your epeen around

He brought that one on himself. I tried to reason with him, but it didn't work. I told him I would turn the entire board against him if he didn't fuck off my bans, and it doesn't take much when the guy is such a useless mod. I barely stirred the pot at all, I just stickied threads anons were already making. Other than that I just reiterate my position that I'm going to purge the cancer. There are only a few anons that don't want me to purge cuckchan trash, and those anons are the ones that follow me around saying negative shit no matter what I do. Difference between me and remedy: I thrive in chaos, he crumbles under the weight of it.


>He told me yesterday he had a 133IQ

<133 IQ

<Can't into paragraphs

I'd guess he has double digit IQ just judging by what I was able to read in his wall of seething butthurt.



I can






Dysnomia showed up >>>/b/8418836


I'm officially stopping my posting on /b/. All the spiders need to be squashed now, as they're not me™

Also #NoRemedyForRemedy


Anyways, have a blessed Lord's Day. :D


Up for a chat? I'll be in the room



did spider ask to be deleted? because that's how it appears to me.

update on me: there will be no surgery, as the damage is not extensive enough to warrant it. for now, i just continue on with what lesson physical therapy taught me and try not to overdo it.


is the /b/ drama important?



I did, but I'm taking a break from most boards, not /lds/ though.

Hope the physical therapy goes well, if needed, always something else can be done

Regarding the /b/ drama, it's somewhat petty but remedy is a terrible mod and needs to be getting ridden of


Tends to happen in all groups



>is the /b/ drama important?


>for now, i just continue on with what lesson physical therapy taught me and try not to overdo it

hope everything works out


At some point I'll have a lot to say and type it all out, but right now I'm kinda keeping it to myself. Today was full of ups and downs. Mostly ups, but somehow I'm still so down. Maybe tomorrow.



Sure thing. We should get some people in chat when not boardposting if possible, Rap and the missionary. Also had some weird experiences this weekend, apart from the baptism and confirmation.



Also, I chose the wrong major. This is complete ass.


I'm just gonna talk about the positives of yesterday, and leave the negatives in my head for now.

Before I went to my meeting at church, that girl that I minister to texted me. She said she missed me at the activity on Saturday, and asked if she would see me at church. I asked what was on Saturday and she told me what the activity was. I had heard about it, but somehow never put it together in my head that it was on a Saturday. Usually our activities are on Monday, except for dances. This text pretty much made my day because it showed me that I was on someone's mind. A really cute girl's mind at that. I told her I would definitely see her at church.

For presidency meeting I don't do anything special. I take a shower, put on my suit and go to church. I don't put on cologne or anything because it's me and a bunch of other guys, and I usually go home and do things for a while before actual church starts, and then I do all the things I do to look and smell my best. I got the strongest feeling that I should put on my cologne before the meeting. I ignored it. I went to my meeting, and after the meeting we are all walking together down the hall and I see her. I say "hey" and she stretches her arms out to hug me.

I give her a big hug, and tell her I'm happy to see her she tells me she's happy to see me too and that I smell really nice. Listen to what the spirit tells you to do. I had 2 hints it was coming, 1 was her text and the other was the feeling I got to do something differently than normal. In the end it didn't matter much but it would have been just that much better of a moment had I been at my absolute best. The thing is though, I knew I was gonna get another chance. This was the first time she had ever hugged me. My first hug from a girl since the one I dated last summer, but I knew there would be more to come.

I went home, worked out, and prepared to go back to church. I blessed the sacrament, and I saw her sitting with another girl and decided to sit with her. Maybe not the best day to sit with her, but it was still good. She kinda fell asleep over the hymn books during the talks and when the closing hymn was announced I put my hand on her back to wake her. I had the strongest feeling to do it way before the closing hymn, but again I ignored it. I didn't know if she as sleeping or deep in prayer so I didn't do it until it was necessary.

There were some other highlights, but they aren't so big that I want to talk about them much. The final highlight that I want to mention is at the end of church. Something told me to go and sit with this guy I know and talk to him for a while, I didn't ignore this one. We talked a lot about all kinds of things, and then she showed up. I got another big hug from her, and went home. I could definitely get used to this.


Anons come around so sporadically that the chat probably won't work well for most. My schedule conflicts with everyone's here. There also seems to be pretty major time zone differences in this group, and we all seem to be busy with different things right now. Not that it isn't good to have as an option when things do work out. Traditionally, this thread has mostly been a place to dump a long post every once in a while and wait for replies. Back and forth chat at a quick pace is rare. It's usually a couple posts a day at most.



Why is that?


File: 37d2065f4357608⋯.jpg (78.12 KB, 800x604, 200:151, 800px-Salt_Lake_Assembly_H….jpg)


Someone got lucky. She definitely digs you, but who knows as if as a friend or as a potential partner. Tips: Watch the videos of Coach Corey Wayne. I know it sounds like pure bullshit, but that guy actually knows what he's talking about, despite being a coach. He also has a book called How to be a 1% Man, or 7% man. Even if it sounds like bullshit, this guy KNOWS.

Also, about my major, I believe I could have chosen something in the Humanities and get a doctorate and be a professor in a university. Universities here are not plagued with cultural marxism, and a student that's a lefty that came here to study Humanities is extremely upset with her conservative classmates and the right wing ideology of her professors.

Right now I'm just researching this:


It's seems that it's more an ass-kissing from our Church to the Jews, so there's not much to worry about, also citing Biblical Scripture. However:

>The LDS Church is officially neutral when it comes to the Arab–Israeli conflict. Mormons, as well as many Jews, are also in favor of peaceful coexistence between Jews and Arabs in the Holy Land. The LDS Church recognizes Jews and Arabs as children of Abraham.

>The Book of Mormon also calls for those who identify with Judaism to repent and accept Jesus Christ.

>In 1982, Bruce R. McConkie published a book titled The Millennial Messiah, which devotes an entire chapter to "The Jews and the Second Coming". It states:

"Let this fact be engraved in the eternal records with a pen of steel: the Jews were cursed, and smitten, and cursed anew, because they rejected the gospel, cast out their Messiah, and crucified their King. … Let the spiritually illiterate suppose what they may, it was the Jewish denial and rejection of the Holy One of Israel, whom their fathers worshiped in the beauty and holiness, that has made them a hiss and byword in all nations and that has taken millions of their fair sons and daughters to untimely graves. … What sayeth the holy word? "They shall be scourged by all people, because they crucify the God of Israel, and turn the hearts aside, rejecting signs and wonders, and the power and glory of the God of Israel. And because they turn their hearts aside,…and have despised the Holy One of Israel, they shall wander in the flesh, and perish, and become a hiss and by-word and be hated among all nations.: (1 Ne. 19:13-14; 2 Ne. 6:9-11.) Such is the prophetic word of Nephi."[61][61]

It seems it's more about ass-kissing for economic benefits. One of our Assembly Halls has the disgusting Star of David, but it seems to be in an area full of kikes. It's all ass-kissing, thankfully.


Off topic and not important but it seems I've been porn free for more than a week. Interesting.


Got a pic of her, if you don't mind? I don't mean to sound creepy, just curious about the gal.



I'll be idling m8, remember le secret word



ldsroom because I forgot the name of the chat



Password is "priesthood"


I think I'll just stay in the room all the time á la IRC and you can come in when you're free fam

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