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File: d305233355bda2d⋯.jpg (174.01 KB, 649x917, 649:917, JosephSmith.jpg)


post about anything here



>merge that partition to his main C:\ partition

that would be a huge bonus. all headaches removed, except for that annoying 100MB partition that's probably in a place you don't want it to be



Looking at his screenshots that's exactly what it does. It moves the "System" flag to the C:\, removes it from that 100 mb partition, and I assume copies the files from that 100 mb partition to somewhere on the C:\ drive. So then that 100 mb partition can just be deleted. I don't know why Microsoft doesn't just do this in the first place. I'm definitely doing this



that's awesome. i would have loved to known about that when i was still dual-booting with windows



I hate Windows so much. Of course it's never easy. I move the bcd, and it shouldn't cause any other problems right? Wrong. I reboot, and instead of getting grub I get Windows. So now I have to boot to an arch livecd, chroot into my OS, and run the grub configuration utility. Thanks Microsoft



kek. see:


>nothing was ever easy messing with windows essentials. kek. beware turning it into a paperweight



Even more fun: it doesn't want to boot my livecd that I have on an actual CD. Gotta write a flash drive and hope that boots.


I live in UT and am looking for other anon/ /pol/acks. Is this a place for that?


File: 86123ec2c5f97fc⋯.png (118.16 KB, 620x227, 620:227, 2017-12-28-19:25:12.png)



And we are back in business. No more useless 100 mb partition


This is a place for Mormons if that's what you are looking for. I'm the only Mormon though so far.




My views do mostly align with /pol/ though



>doesn't want to boot my livecd





Like hex said, this is a Mormon board. I'm not mormon, but I'm keeping him company while he waits for Mormons to show up. I'm also mostly a /pol/ack. If you're going to post here, please watch your language

it also helps draw me closer to a spiritual mindset, in case I elect to go that route



I won't swear I promise



One minor annoyance with the new setup: the Windows boot manager has an extra entry now for some reason. I'm probably gonna have to do the whole chroot thing again if I decide to fix that. I probably shouldn't even bother since I rarely use Windows, but if I get bored I guess it's something to fix.

Next step is shrinking one of my partitions so I can make a Gentoo partition.


Welcome aboard.

I just got home from a Book of Mormon study group with the missionaries in my ward.


i guess i'll start running with the trip if we have more people here. another thing i thought of about running a tripcode is accountability. where's the post so i can link it... >>157


eh, worst case scenario, maybe you could just run windows on a virtual from inside your primary? if you want the graphics power of true windows, this doesn't really help much as it's still being funneled through linux.

>study group with missionaries

how did it go? what does a study group do, just basic banter & light debate about what passages mean? does the qt missionary still keep in touch?



I was wondering if I should turn on IDs as well.

>how did it go?

We got through 2 chapters, which is about what we average in this group since it only goes for an hour assuming the missionaries are out of their meeting on time.

>what does a study group do

We sit in a circle, and read verses 1 by 1 until we finish a chapter. Then we have discussion about that chapter. What we liked, what stood out, the meaning of something that was said, how we could apply what was learned to our lives, etc.

>does the qt missionary still keep in touch?

The one that got re-assigned recently isn't allowed to stay in touch with me since I'm not her convert. Missionary rules are really strict. She told me she saved my phone # in her notebook though, so maybe she will get in touch after her mission.

The missionary that I am allowed to stay in contact with is the one that knocked on my door originally and was there for my baptism. I am her convert. We are only allowed to stay in contact through letters though, I wrote her back about 5 days before Christmas. So hopefully she will write me again sometime soon



>2 different missionaries

i might have to go back through and reread the thread more carefully. i only remember one that you thought was a potential future relationship

>turn on ID's

i could take it or leave it, tbh. it just depends what you think is right for the board. pros would include making it easier to track a conversation, less spam, other things i'm not aware of since i've never been a mod/BO. cons might include anons are less likely to talk about sensitive topics




I do know quite a few sister missionaries at this point. Being a convert I get to spend lots of time with missionaries. So I have 2 sister missionaries in my ward, neither of them is cute. The cute one that used to be in my ward got re-assigned 2 weeks ago. I mentioned her yesterday because I also met with my ward missionaries yesterday. I said something like "it isn't the same without the cute one". Those missionaries aren't the one that came and found me. The one that writes me is the one that came and found me and we keep in contact by writing letters.



ok. i accidentally obfuscated them in my mind. i thought the cute was was the one who just got reassigned, was the one who recruited you, was the one who writes you letters, was the one who was a potential relationship X months from now if the qt brunette didn't work out



I've been telling the missionaries that our ward needs more girls for months, and they said they would bring some in. Today they were telling me they have 2 potential female converts coming in. One of them was telling me that 1 of the girls is really cute. It was funny, her companion who's the one that replaced the one that got re-assigned was like "did you just say she's pretty?" New girl doesn't know the things we used to talk about. I was just like "well I am looking for pretty girls". It kinda sucks I'll never really get close to this new one. At least the other one knows what I'm like enough to tell me about cute girls they are finding.



>At least the other one knows what I'm like enough to tell me about cute girls they are finding

based missionary girl. that's funny. what's that old timers expression… i'd like to be a fly on the wall for that one


whoops. forgot the trip. that might take some getting used to for me



One of my favorite things about being a convert is how much time I get to spend with missionaries. I've been lucky that both wards I've been a part of have had sister missionaries. Elders are good guys, but nothing beats hanging out with sister missionaries. Especially cute ones.

When I first started meeting with the ones in my current ward the first thing they told me was if I ever wanna talk about girls they are there for me. I miss that missionary team. It was the cute one that got re-assigned 2 weeks ago and another cute one that got re-assigned like 2 months ago. The team stayed pretty good even after that first transfer, but the girl that got transferred 2 weeks ago was my favorite missionary besides the one that was there for my baptism. That transfer was painful.



that must be hard. not only on you, but on them too. it sounds like they put their heart & soul into it, like they make a genuine connection with each convert. then to have to leave them behind… it would take a piece of me away



Yeah they are really dedicated. I think transfers happen every 6 weeks. You aren't ever guaranteed to be transferred either, it's just whenever they feel like it's time to move you. I think the one that got transferred 2 weeks ago lasted 5 transfers with my ward. So she got to stay for 7 months? Another thing that must be really hard is they spend every moment with their companion until the transfers come up, and they get shipped off to another area to work with someone else.

Other people in my ward don't get attached to the missionaries like I do, but I'm a convert so I have a really special relationship with missionaries, especially since I spend so much time with them. The other convert in my ward was the same before she got married and moved. I'm the only recent convert now.



>stayed for 7 months

that's a long time when you've expected to be shipped off


I think today is the day I'll try installing Gentoo on my ssd. I partitioned out 20 gigs of space into a new ext4 partition. Not sure how exactly this is going to work. I haven't dual booted Linux distros in a while, and when I did I had quite a different partition layout than I do right now. I've gotten pretty good at performing operating system surgery though, so I'm sure I'll figure it out. Nothing in the Linux world is even close to as annoying as dealing with Windows. Good news is I had to boot to Windows today, and I edited the boot manager to remove the extra entry that got created. Didn't have to chroot again to fix grub surprisingly. It must just be a simple text file edit to make that change rather than a regeneration of the BCD



it's been about a year ? since i had a linux dual boot. they are pretty easy. my preferred option was for them to share /boot. i tried several times to get them to share /home also, but it was too much of a pain trying to set that up.

>windows is fixed

good to hear. i'm truly surprised you didn't have to repair grub after messing with anything related to windows boot.



i put ubuntu 17.10 on last night. working well so far




>i put ubuntu 17.10 on last night. working well so far

Nice. I just finished installing gentoo. Only took about 3 hours. Still no X or anything yet, but it boots. I'll work on the rest tomorrow or another day. I'm not really in a huge rush to do anything else after watching it compile stuff for 3 hours. Getting it to boot was easier than I expected, just ran the grub-mkconfig on my arch install after I finished the gentoo handbook and it detected gentoo correctly. It will be so much nicer when I have a GUI so I can just set a terminal compiling in the background and do other things.

>i tried several times to get them to share /home also, but it was too much of a pain trying to set that up

That's something I wanted to do. I figured it would just be as easy as putting the /home partition in the fstab. I'll have to do some research and see if I even want to bother. I could just use GNU Stow to clean up my dotfiles, and make them easier to move over.



nice. after messing with LFS so many times, i think i've finally decided i prefer precompiled progs.

>GUI so I can just set a terminal compiling in the background and do other things.

i know that feel, hex

>sharing /home

the nuts and bolts of it, you want home to be its own partition so that it's a convenient mount point for both OS's to point to. that's the easy part. you have to make sure that your username, UID, and permissions scheme is IDENTICAL across both OS's. it's possible. it's just a lot of work and a lot of details you have to double check and triple check



>permissions scheme is IDENTICAL

clarifying, permissions scheme only regarding the /home directory, not throughout the entire directory tree



>home to be its own partition





not sure

>permissions scheme

also not sure

I'll have to check next time I boot to gentoo, if it's not identical I'm not gonna bother. Eventually I'm gonna get rid of the arch install anyway if gentoo is nice. I won't ever need it for anything assuming I like gentoo. Gentoo is supposedly more stable than arch, and I never have problems with arch to begin with so the likelihood I have problems with gentoo should be almost 0 assuming I don't do anything stupid.

So far I don't see why people like openrc so much. Systemd seems so much better and more convenient in every way. Maybe I'll like it more when I use it more, but my interactions with systemd have been nothing but positive.



The sooner you sort out the user specifics, UID, the less you have to worry about permissions. Once ownership is the same regardless of which OS is being ran, the permissions should mostly fall into place all on their own. The painful part is making sure of the ownership, and making sure that it matches in both OS's. When I tried to do it, I decided that I did have the knowledge & skill level, but I didn't have the patience. Kek

>why not systemd

I don't have a problem with it, but some of the debates I saw in LFS forums went into a good amount of detail. The quick version is that it reminded people too much of windows, but some people took other exceptions to it beyond that. It was a hot enough topic that seminars were given about it. I don't remember the content, but I remember watching a few of them on YouTube.



Everything matches, I shared my /home with Gentoo and it works flawlessly. That makes my life so much easier. Also installed i3 and X. Haven't tried startx yet, but I'm gonna wait until I install a few more things before I do that.

Only weird issue I've run into so far was that my package.use file was actually a folder with a couple files in it. The wiki said you can either use a single file or a folder, and all the examples I've ever seen use a single file. I probably should have taken the lines in those files and put them into a single file, but I didn't feel like it, so I rm -r it. Hopefully that doesn't cause problems. The package manager should start complaining at me about needing a configuration edit if it does


File: 3857ead5a9b5958⋯.jpg (16.94 KB, 600x400, 3:2, bump_01.jpg)


>I shared my /home with Gentoo and it works flawlessly

pic related



Now I'm running into all kinds of problems. For some reason the firefox that gentoo installs by default is ESR, which is retarded. I'm gonna have to find a way to fix that because firefox runs like garbage without that quantum update. Firefox also has no sound, my screenshot tool won't install because of a problem with the ebuild problem was fixed today, dunno how to sync my ebuilds and not having sound makes it so I can't use the youtube videos I was using, my compositor doesn't work how I'm expecting it to. I'm posting from Gentoo right now. Other minor annoyances I'll have to fix as well. Getting gentoo into the state my arch install is is taking a lot more work than I expected. I have a pretty good understanding of how most of the package management system works, just some minor details I have to learn that will help me a lot.




No wonder I have no sound, from the looks of it I have no sound card driver loaded.




Nope, that's not it. It's gotta be permissions related. How annoying



oh no. that doesn't sound good. you didn't share daemon UID's and stuff like that did you? regular users is all you had to worry about




oh, wait. you're not even talking about sharing /home. you're on basic troubleshooting stuff right now




I figured it out. The Gentoo documentation can be pretty terrible at times. I've seen people say it's comparable to the Arch Wiki, but it doesn't even come close. There are times where it is completely useless, like with this issue. The problem was that I wasn't launching i3 in a consolekit session. Nowhere in the documentation does it say to do that, unless you go and read the consolekit documentation. So when I installed consolekit, I probably should have read it right then. I didn't know I needed to do anything besides add it to my openrc services, because that's all the documentation for pulseaudio said to do.



Now to go through and start undoing stuff that I didn't need to do.



do you make a habit of creating backup files for such cases? because i don't



Nope. I have a pretty good memory, so when something like this happens I can easily backtrack and fix everything I changed. The only things I had to fix are: switch back to eudev from udev, remove a couple global use flags, remove a couple useless package.use flags. Switching back to eudev kinda scares me



>Switching back to eudev kinda scares me

Went smoothly though.



i dont' remember what that means, but i'm glad it went well for you



my statement here is probably the number 1 reason i kept trying LFS despite it being above my skill level. it kept me engaged, learning, and reaching for a higher potential



Basically udev/eudev handles the /dev related stuff. It handles keeping track of devices. eudev is maintained by the gentoo maintainers, udev is maintained by the systemd maintainers. Since I'm not using systemd I figure I'll stick with the gentoo version of it.


Why must everything fight me today? There aren't a lot of things I can do with this distro and have them just work.



checked. more headaches, hex?



~ » sudo service mpd start

* WARNING: mpd has already been started

~ » sudo service mpd stop

* WARNING: mpd is already stopped

~ » sudo service mpd status

* Use of the opts variable is deprecated and will be

* removed in the future.

* Please use extra_commands, extra_started_commands or extra_stopped_commands.

* status: stopped

~ » sudo service mpd start

* WARNING: mpd has already been started



whew. started and stopped at the same time



And people think this is better than systemd.



personally i think systemd is slightly better, but it removes control from the user, so that bothers some



Not sure what I'm supposed to do if a service does this but reboot. There's no process running so I can't kill, and I have no idea how to gain control back over that service.



iirc, udev is how to stop it, but since that's not working, i'd say a reboot sounds lovely



Reboot doesn't do anything.



something is seriously in error then. might have to dig into the scripts controlling it



What I'm about to do if I don't figure this out pretty soon is remove openrc because it's a pile of junk.



whatever it takes to make it work



It's no wonder systemd was made when

~ » sudo service mpd start

* WARNING: mpd has already been started

~ » sudo /etc/init.d/mpd zap

* Manually resetting mpd to stopped state

~ » sudo service mpd start

* WARNING: mpd has already been started




I can run it without using openrc, so I guess the solution will be to run it in .xinitrc instead of as a service





The question now is do I end this openrc hell right now or do I keep using this trash



that's a personal decision, and above my paygrade, hex



It's a tough decision. I wanted to use openrc in the first place because it is maintained by gentoo developers. I didn't expect it to be so terrible though. It's the worst thing I've ever had to deal with in the Linux world so far. I know there has to be a way to make this work, but there aren't any answers on google




I fixed it. I don't really know how though


File: 09c9ea7ddffe1aa⋯.png (56.41 KB, 1438x900, 719:450, 2017-12-30-22:40:35.png)

more progress: i downloaded the .patch file and manually updated my ebuild for my screenshot tool. i gotta give this partition more space. only problem is the partition layout is gonna make that a lot harder than it needs to be. i didn't expect to blow through space so fast. i'll do that tomorrow maybe.



>screenshot tool




Today I booted to a ubuntu live cd, loaded up gparted, shrank my arch root partition, deleted the 2 mb partition that I thought allowed it to boot, moved my gentoo partition to the left so it could consume the free space, booted into an arch usb, chrooted and fixed grub, and everything boots again. Operation successful, now I should have plenty of free space. That was probably the most scary thing I've had to do so far, I hate doing lots of low level operations on partitions like that. In theory it should always work, but if it doesn't you end up with data loss or some other crazy stuff like that.

Fun thing happened last night too when I rebooted my machine: mpd started acting up again. The problem was that I didn't set an output device in the root config, and it was loading config from my home directory before I set it to start as a service again. OpenRC handles this terribly. It handles it by locking up completely. What systemd would have done is stop trying after a certain amount of time.

I thought OpenRC did this too, since people were always complaining about systemd hanging up their boot waiting for things to start. With systemd it was just a problem with the length of the timeout systemd has by default before giving up on starting that service. It used to be like 5 or 10 minutes way too long, so I assumed openrc must have a really short timeout by default. First I tried switching to a different tty so I could login and kill the service, all I got was a blinking cursor on other tty screens. What I ended up doing is alt+sysrq+k, luckily gentoo has the magic sysrq key setup by default and that worked flawlessly. Kicked me to my login screen, I changed the mpd config to fix that hang, and was able to go to bed without worrying about anything.



all in all sounds like good progress you're making. status update on my ubuntu: i will never like running sudo, but everything works well enough that i see no need to switch. my primary complaint is that the google chrome browser yes, yes, i know google chrome is the devil uses xwayland, which results in horribly low frame rates when playing videos, especially on full screen. i tried the epiphany browser since it's wayland native, but it doesn't seem to play youtube videos correctly at all. i'm not sure if i need to track down a flash update or if it's just not a viable option and i am limited to low fps when streaming. since my computer's primary purpose is an internet box, i don't feel the need to tweak things too much or go into too much depth.



I've been using sudo so long that it's harder to go back to using su. Nice thing about sudo is it's a constant reminder that the action I'm about to perform is happening with root. I never close my terminals because I use tmux though, so if I su sometimes I forget I'm still root and try to do something I meant to do as my user.

I haven't really tested wayland yet because nvidia isn't playing nice with the wayland developers, so support is lacking with the nvidia proprietary drivers. I am using the open source drivers on gentoo right now. I'm not sure if I'm going to stick with them though. I also really like i3, and the wayland port isn't done yet so I'm sticking with X for a while.



> constant reminder that the action I'm about to perform is happening with root

this is the only thing i like about it, and for that it's really good

wayland is really nice. there is zero screen tear, zero. no black patches ever - not even with my full screen youtube 10 fps (or thereabouts). i honestly think with some more development and with manufacturer cooperation because that's never been a problem in the linux world linux can overtake windows with respect to gaming. i have never regretted seeking out wayland as soon as i discovered it. i think gnome shipping it as the default was the right choice to make.



Yeah I'd definitely be willing to switch if nvidia would cooperate. The main things I have to fix right now with my Gentoo install are screen tearing, and font rendering. Two of the most annoying problems with Linux when distros don't take care of them for you. I gotta figure out what settings compton needs with the open source drivers, and I have to figure out what the best way to handle font rendering on gentoo is. On arch I used infinality for the longest time, until the harfbuzz library changed and broke a bunch of my applications and I had to remove infinality and configure the font rendering myself.



>configure the font rendering myself.

i've never had to do that before. is it a nightmare? because it sounds like a nightmare



Depends. If I can just use infinality, it's as easy as installing that. If it's not then there's a configuration file somewhere to edit. I think I already have a pretty good one on my arch installation so that helps. I notice sometimes some fonts still look like crap even with a decent config(Microsoft fonts for example) so I think it just really depends what fonts you want to use. If you stay away from Microsoft fonts I think your life is a lot easier when it comes to font rendering because they will never look as good as they do on a Windows system with Microsoft's proprietary rendering.

Some cool things happened at church today. I received a certificate that says I'm a Melchizedek priesthood holder, and who ordained me. I went to put it in my car so I wouldn't bend it or tarnish it in any way, and I could have just gone home then but something told me to go back inside. So I went back inside, and went back to where my friend was who was working on printing some things for a girl in the ward. Me and the girl start talking she's one of the really cute girls in the ward.

She was telling me about how much winter sucks for girls when they have to wear a skirt to church on Sunday. And she made a joke about how she can't wear her snow pants to Sacrament. I was like "well you could". She was like "yeah, but then I wouldn't be cute". I was just like "you would still be cute, you would definitely still be cute". She gave me one of those looks and was like "if you say so, hex". And I told her "I do say so". My friend finished printing up her papers and she left. I love when girls give me openings to flirt. That one went really well. First time I've gotten a chance to with her, so it was good because I would definitely like more chances. Out of all the girls in the ward, she's the nicest to me.

The bishop came up to me, put his arm around me and asked me if I wanted to help him give someone a blessing. Of course I was like sure. I've never done a priesthood blessing before.

The girl that needed the blessing has been sick lately, and she wanted a healing blessing. So what you do in that situation is you anoint them with consecrated oil, and you say an anointing prayer which is just basically "By the authority of the Melchizedek priesthood, I anoint your head with this oil which has been consecrated for the purpose of healing the sick. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen." So I got to do that part, and the bishop did the blessing.

Surprisingly my microphone also came today, so I have to figure out how to get it to work with gentoo. I notice in pulseaudio the input isn't picking anything up which means there's probably a kernel module to load.



Oh nice, it is detected. It was just set to output instead of input because this mic has a latency free headphone jack. That's pretty cool


And now my Windows vm is broken. The graphics glitch out, and then it crashes. I used to have this same problem on arch. It's something related to virtualbox. Either the new version of virtualbox fixes it or something in a newer kernel release, luckily I didn't compile virtualbox and decided to go with the binary package instead to save time. I'll have to try the newer version if deleting my vm and starting over doesn't work.

Why will nothing just work without me having to do a bunch of stuff?



And fixed. Just need to get a new Windows vm setup since that one was going to expire anyway, this time I'll use cracked Windows 7 instead of a Windows 10 developer trial



> "yeah, but then I wouldn't be cute" …

nice opening, and delivered in full. couldn't ask for an easier set up than that.

>gave a blessing

that's pretty cool


>use cracked windows





someone showed up on the other board. a member of the old team, it seems



If I ever see Lennart Poettering in person I will have to do my best to remember that I can't punch him in the face for pulseaudio. Gentoo reminds me just how much I used to hate pulseaudio, because all the problems that I used to have I have again on Gentoo. It's fixed on most distros, but since I'm not using systemd and stuff it's all kinds of trouble. I think I've finally tamed the beast though.

Windows is installed, now I gotta setup rosetta stone again.


soy, squid, digital?






messed that one up, didn't i




Probably squid. Doesn't sound like soy



could be though



they capitalized letters in hex. i couldn't imagine doing that, tbh



I know soy does that, probably because when I had him generate my trip I told him I wanted those capitalized.



i'll let you figure that out. i'm not worried about it



If vols from /srz/ are back around that board I'm surprised none of them have showed up here yet since this board is linked in that thread.



depends on how much of the thread they bothered to read. last board log activity was 2 days ago from fug



>depends on how much of the thread they bothered to read


>last board log activity was 2 days ago from fug

She's the only vol now, she removed everyone else



oh, and, happy new years hex.

may 2018 bring you many blessings



Happy new years.

I probably shouldn't have bothered going on /b/. First there was cp, and now butthurt anon is trying to start an argument with me again. He jumped on my spelling of a word claiming that I obviously spelled correctly. I've never had someone hate me with such blind fury that they look for any possible way they can tear my post down without even thinking about what I said.



>claiming that I

claiming that I spelled it wrong**



>I probably shouldn't have bothered going on /b/

i check back every couple days to save memes & webms that i like, but that's about the only reason left for me



That new years sticky is a sad place. Either butthurt anon is samefagging hard, or there are a lot of really angry anons online right now.



> Either butthurt anon is samefagging hard, or there are a lot of really angry anons online right now.

i'm guessing they turned off ID's if you don't know who is who?



Yeah, IDs are off



i really preferred ID's. it reduced spam and made it easier to filter people



you wanted flags, and i was the anon who wanted ID's




I kinda hope dysnomia turns IDs back on while that thread is still alive



somehow i doubt that happens. ID's are something he goes a week in between toggling



Yeah probably true. Unless someone starts botspamming inside threads again. I'm bored with that thread anyway. Just the same stuff as always. "No one likes you, stop tripfagging, you are a horrible person because you tripfag, etc"



they probably do it just because they know it bothers you




There's also a thread in the catalog made by the same butthurt anon to try to bait me. The cult thread. One of the replies is a reply mocking something I said in the sticky which is how you can tell he's samefagging his failure of a b8 thread hoping desperately for a response.



Doesn't bother me any though.



that's good. talk to you tomorrow if you're on



Definitely. Good night.


File: a5c8f7bef7f6426⋯.png (262.05 KB, 306x455, 306:455, a5c8f7bef7f642681707691b41….png)

(((Pulseaudio))) must be forcefully removed from my system never to return. The purge has started. I will never ever install (((pulseaudio))) on gentoo again

Post last edited at



>(((Pulseaudio))) must be forcefully removed from my system never to return. The purge has started. I will never ever install (((pulseaudio))) on gentoo again

I kekked a little too hard at this. I still haven't been to sleep yet, and my brain isn't working right now. Good luck with the build. Hopefully I pass out soon.



Yeah you should definitely get some sleep. I got very little sleep, but I got some. Probably about 4 hours. My dad was up 3 hours after I went to sleep which woke me up. Took me some time to get pulseaudio removed and alsa configured last night. Biggest problem I ran into was that I left off a couple use flags on alsa-plugins and that was messing some stuff up. Took me a while to figure that one out. I successfully removed the pulseaudio jew from my system though. Everything just works now. The only reason I ever installed pulse to begin with was because I figured it would be much easier to use my mic since I could use pavucontrol to make sure everything was working right. I had more trouble with that than I did with alsa.

Post last edited at



>I had more trouble with that then I did with alsa


You know I'm tired when I have to log into my mod account to edit my post because of grammatical errors



> log into my mod account to edit my post because of grammatical errors

Cheater. The rest of us have to make a new post and spam *corrections into it. It just depends if the mistake was large enough to bother trying to correct


I'm about to try the nvidia proprietary drivers. Haven't been able to fix screen tearing with nouveau and compton. May as well get full performance out of my card anyway. Will allow me to play any video game I want even though I don't play video games very often.



proprietary drivers are the way to go, whenever possible. the makers are the only ones who really know every last inch of them, and what they're capable of


in unrelated news, i'm chilled, and wondering if i'm starting to fall ill, but it's too freaking cold to be able to tell one way or the other. the air blowing out of my central heating even feels cold. i'll just assume it's due to how cold it is outside until proven otherwise.



They broke firefox sadly. I tried masking the package, and going to the next stable one under it and that didn't help either.


>wondering if i'm starting to fall ill

Hopefully not, being sick sucks. I won't be surprised if I catch something myself after church on Sunday. There were multiple people coughing like crazy.


Gentoo is an amazing distro, but there haven''t been many things that have been easy so far.



i'll let you handle that. i like my internet box. it's /comfy/. i just need to figure out why pinta keeps crashing, or find a paint program that works for ubuntu



Have you tried running it from a terminal and looking at the output? I personally always use gimp for my image editing needs.



>no, i haven't tried that yet. it never occured to me. that may be helpful. i've used gimp before, but for my limited shooping abilities, it's usually too bulky and complex to bother running, when all i can accomplish is crop/paste, and adding captions


>all greentext




A lot of times the output is useless, but sometimes it will tell you exactly what is wrong or at least give a good enough hint to lead you in the right direction.



can you save me a google search and remind me how to redirect stdout to a file?



Isn't that just

command > filename


maybe it depends on specifics. i'm thinking of the 2&>1 type of thing, for creating a log file of screen output



#Redirect stdout to file
command > filename
#Redirect stdout & stderror to file
command &> filename

If I remember right. The 2 is if you just want stderror I think



2>&1 redirects STDERR to STDOUT


doesn't seem to matter unless there's a verbose option

when running from terminal it reports a somewhat generic, well, i'll just copy/paste it

>Got a SIGABRT while executing native code. This usually indicates a fatal error in the mono runtime or one of the native libraries used by your application.

so at least i have a starting point.






it worked flawlessly in fedora, so i'm assuming the issue is something specific to ubuntu




kek. i would have found that shortly, but thanks for the link, hex


I just had the worst time tracking down what was causing firejail to break opengl in firefox. Dunno that fixing that did anything, but it's probably good if firefox isn't complaining about opengl when I'm telling it to use opengl hardware acceleration



Why firefox needs access to /usr/lib/llvm for opengl to work I have no idea.



what is llvm for?



It's the clang compiler. I know the new version of firefox required clang and rust to compile when I compiled it but I have no idea why it would need access to those files later on. There must be a library in there somewhere it needs.



>compiler tools

yeah, i can't think of why it would need access to compiler after its built unless it's some type of runtime interpreter for something



This is interesting

>The LLVM JIT compiler can optimize unneeded static branches out of a program at runtime, and thus is useful for partial evaluation in cases where a program has many options, most of which can easily be determined unneeded in a specific environment. This feature is used in the OpenGL pipeline of Mac OS X Leopard (v10.5) to provide support for missing hardware features.

>Graphics code within the OpenGL stack can be left in intermediate representation, and then compiled when run on the target machine. On systems with high-end graphics processing units (GPUs), the resulting code remains quite thin, passing the instructions on to the GPU with minimal changes. On systems with low-end GPUs, LLVM will compile optional procedures that run on the local central processing unit (CPU) that emulate instructions that the GPU cannot run internally. LLVM improved performance on low-end machines using Intel GMA chipsets. A similar system was developed under the Gallium3D LLVMpipe, and incorporated into the GNOME shell to allow it to run without a proper 3D hardware driver loaded.



that is interesting. my brother told me latest stable firefox was beating google chrome in benchmarks. maybe this has something to do with it



Could be. Maybe fixing that will make it so vdpau works too. When I had the vdpau useflag enabled youtube videos wouldn't play. Supposedly vdpau improves video performance. I really like all the things I can do with gentoo, but so far so many things cause issues that I never had with Arch.



It works. Dunno if that helps performance at all, but it couldn't hurt.



gentoo build coming along nicely, hex. although obviously with its fair share of headaches



Yeah, I like it but at the same time I have a lot of issues. Nothing just comes easy so far, and there are things I wish I could do. The good news is I kinda needed something like this to take my mind off of certain things. I've learned an insane amount in a very short period of time, and that's at least very rewarding.

And now that I'm thinking about I wonder if firefox had that opengl problem with the nvidia drivers, and if so I wonder if it was just worse to the point it crashed. I don't remember if I tried running firefox without firejail



whats is firejail? is that like chrome's sandbox?



It's a sandbox application that you can use to sandbox all kinds of different applications. It uses linux kernel features like namespaces and seccomp-bpf. Parts of it are similar to chromes sandbox, but you could run chrome inside of it as well and get even more features. It has things like directory blacklisting, so that the application doesn't have access to directories it doesn't need access to. All kinds of cool features.



that sounds extremely useful. i couldn't imagine needing it for anything specific, but useful nonetheless



The nicest part about it is that it has built in profiles for most common applications, so it's just as simple as for example

firejail firefox

So since it has a firefox profile it will load that up profile, and that profile is good for most users. I tweak mine a bit. For example ~/Pictures and ~/Videos aren't whitelisted so are inaccessible by default. If there is no profile for the application it just loads a default profile that doesn't do as much


I can't believe I'm doing this, but I'm trying the nvidia drivers again. I'm curious about whether it was firejail causing the problem the entire time.



It had nothing to do with firejail, I was a retard and didn't read the documentation thoroughly enough. I'm pretty sure it's because I didn't add myself to the video group.



>built in profiles

Now that's terribly convenient. It's almost like you could alias your go-to programs with it


>didn't read the documentation thoroughly enough

Pretty sure we've all been there. It's not like doc writers make it easy to parse or understand the information.



>It's almost like you could alias your go-to programs with it

That's exactly what I do.


>It's not like doc writers make it easy to parse or understand the information


I forgot how nice infinality font rendering is. Much better than anything I could do writing my own configs. Everything is coming together now. I have no screen tearing, and perfect font rendering.



>I have no screen tearing, and perfect font rendering.

Nice. I'll probably look into gimp alternatives today for when I feel like doing some basic OC

got banned from halfchan again, which is completely unfair because I'm not the one who doxed her. it's only 2 weeks



I think mtpaint was the one I used to use when I wanted something simple.

I think I'm completely done customizing things on Gentoo. My os looks exactly like arch did, slightly better even since I can use infinality. The only thing left to do now is install random applications as I need them.




I'll look into that as soon as I switch the desktop back on

>finished customizing

Shiny, cap'n



Something I really miss about systemd: user services. I know you can do something similar with openrc by having it run as a certain user, but the problem is that it takes more configuration. For example what I just had to deal with. I use transmission as my torrent client because I like the transmission-daemon service. I just have transmission monitor my downloads folder for new torrents, and add them to my queue. For magnet links I have a little script that I set firefox to run when I click a magnet link that converts it into a torrent file and puts it in my downloads folder.

So I setup transmission on here, and first thing I notice is it doesn't use the config file in .config. This is because transmission has its own user and group: "transmission". To setup what I had before I had to set transmission to run as my user in the /etc/conf.d/transmission-daemon config, and change the permissions for /var/lib/transmission, /var/log/transmission so that transmission can read its config and write to the log file as my user. It tried to do that for me when I started the service again, but for some reason didn't make all the permission changes it needed to.

On arch transmission ships with a user service that you run with systemctl –user transmission-daemon, and it reads from .config and just works. I wouldn't have had to make any permissions changes if transmission would just read the config file in .config when it's configured to run as my user but it doesn't bother to check for configs in ~/. I guess that's probably something I have to fix in the init script if I want it to do that, but I figured since it already tried to change permissions on those directories I may as well just finish what it started.



And of course there's no documentation for this on the Gentoo wiki



i've used transmission and can't remember ever having a problem with it. it's been long enough ago that i don't remember which bittorrent client(s), but i have had issues with other ones. transmission is the only one i've ever used that worked exactly as expected.

>And of course there's no documentation for this on the Gentoo wiki

RIP in pieces



I got it working, it just took a bit more effort than it does on Arch. I liked rtorrent quite a bit too, but the configuration file was pretty unintuitive.

I just got home from institute. Since it was the first one of the month they had a big dinner beforehand. They made chili, which is one of my favorite things lately since it's loaded with protein. I ate 3 bowls. Then I listened to a stake president speak about how sometimes revelation won't come in the form you expect, but in the end you will be better off with whatever happened instead of what you were expecting. After the talk there was dessert which was cinamon rolls, and I managed to limit myself to 1 which is good because I was tempted to take more.

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>I just got home from institute

so many terms i'm not familiar with from mormonism. it seems to be an extremely structured system. having grown up in a generic pentecostal church it's hard for me to keep track & process.



Insititute is like Sunday school except taught by a full time missionary. I'm not 100% sure how that works, but after you retire you can choose to serve a mission again and you basically just get called to do whatever is needed. A lot of older couples serve couples missions. Institute is another thing that is open to young single adults ages 18-31. We usually just have a class, and then after class everyone gathers in another room for food and socializing. Institute can actually be counted as college credit for religious course requirements. A lot of Mormons go to BYU which is a Mormon church school, so institute can cover their religious course requirements. So basically institute is kinda like a free religious college course.




I was like who got 333? I check the catalog and it looks like we have another Mormon on board.



i'm glad to see someone found the board. hopefully it's the start of something great


The state of GUI Linux audio players is abysmal. How can it possibly be this terrible? How has no one made a Linux foobar alternative that is worthy to be called an alternative? I guess everyone must use mpd, cmus or 1 of the extremely bloated gnome/kde options. I use mpd, and admittedly I don't need an audio player to play audio, I need it for conversion and I'd probably use it for tagging as well if it had good tagging.

Deadbeef is the only player I've found that even comes close to being as good as foobar, and the only way to get it on Gentoo is through an overlay. I'd like to avoid using overlays. I used it on arch for my conversion needs. I looked up just plain audio converters, and that is just as bad. You have basically 2 options: one that pulls in kde, and one that pulls in gnome. I know it's possible to develop this kind of software without pulling in so much junk.

Maybe I should make one myself. Whether GUI or script, it shouldn't be that hard to make a decent audio conversion utility. All it has to be is a simple wrapper around the relevant libraries. Take 2 folders: an input folder, and an output folder. All it should really do is analyze the folder tree structure of the first folder, and create the exact same folder structure in the outputfolder and put the converted files into the right folders. That can't possibly be so hard to make, deadbeef has it.


>hopefully it's the start of something great



>check /srz/

>board nuked

told you it would happen :^)



That you did. I'm still debating what type of thread to make there next.


I can't remember ever using an audio-only tool in all my time with linux. If you write your own scripts that could get interesting. I'm starting to go stir crazy here. Its too cold to work on the cabin. I need to start a hobby project of some kind to keep my mind occupied.



>I need to start a hobby project of some kind to keep my mind occupied

I know exactly what you mean. Pretty much the only reason I switched to gentoo, but now my setup is exactly as it was on Arch minus a few applications. I may end up writing some sort of script for converting flac to mp3. I download all my music in flac, but I have to convert it to mp3 to put on my mp3 player.

I decided to stop learning Chinese and start learning German instead. I like it better. I only wanted to learn Chinese because of that girl, but since she doesn't seem to care that I exist I'll learn what I want instead. I'll devote less energy to her until she shows more interest, and if that never happens then that's fine; I know other girls.



I know myself well enough to know that my projects can't involve the computer (unless it's for playing music). I guess it's time to clean off the kitchen table and give myself some space



I haven't done a project that didn't involve my computer since I built an ar-15 with an 80% lower like a year ago.


Starting to see why people say you can't learn languages with rosetta stone. They don't actually teach you anything except memorization. That will only get you so far though. The main problem I run into right now is that I don't fully understand the grammar. When to use die, der, das hasn't really clicked with me yet, as well as a couple other grammatical things. I do like the German language a lot more than Chinese though, the sentence structure is very similar to English which makes it a lot easier to understand.

Rosetta stone has it's purpose, but it will definitely take a combination of resources. It definitely helps with pronunciation, except when it doesn't detect that I'm saying the word correctly when I am. Some very simple words don't work for some reason. For example: blau sounds exactly like it looks, but rosetta stone will not give me that word. Doesn't matter how many times I say it, how slowly I say it, how much I try to match how their voice says it. It just will not give me that word. What's weird is it will give me Frau without any problem, which sounds exactly like blau except with an Fr sound. I don't get it.



i learned some spanish in high school enough to hail a taxi when drunk. i never attempted a rosetta stone approach. the best way to learn a language is to jump in head first, to be in a place that doesn't speak english - but admittedly that's not ideal.


electronics are like their own addiction to me. on the whole, i'm not productive when electronics are available to me. i never have been.



>the best way to learn a language is to jump in head first, to be in a place that doesn't speak english - but admittedly that's not ideal

Agreed. I definitely can't move to Germanistan, and I wouldn't want to at this point. I'm thinking what I'll do is use rosetta stone for as much as I can take learning in this style, and then I'll look into youtube videos, and books. I know you can learn pretty much anything on youtube these days so there may be some good resources there. If I can get good enough that I can read Mein Kampf in German that would be great. I've already read it in English, so reading it in German would be a nice challenge.

Then I'll also just look for things that are written in German, or videos/podcasts/whatever that are spoken in German and just try to get to a point where I understand everything well. It won't simulate actually having to speak the language, but there isn't much I can do about that unless I meet someone that speaks the language. It would be cool to be able to watch Hitler speeches and understand everything he's saying.

>electronics are like their own addiction to me

I have an internet addiction, but generally as long as I can find a task that needs accomplishing I can be productive in accomplishing that task.



>claims hidden 1 hour /srz/ Reassigned board /srz/




Interesting. As far as I know the only requirement of a board owner is to login to their mod account at least once every 2 weeks. She was on it 2 days ago for sure. Maybe she got it taken from her for squatting on it, and nuking any content that got posted. If you deliberately make the board unusable then you don't get to keep it if someone else comes along asking for it. That would be my guess as to why it got re-assigned.



well, i don't know who filed the complaint, but it wasn't me.



I would guess someone from /b/ did it, she hasn't made a lot of friends there.


File: b8dde35eb082f27⋯.png (106.23 KB, 1108x663, 1108:663, 2018-01-04-23:26:18.png)



#4 is the only one that could possibly apply. she didn't do any of the other things, afaik



Yeah pretty likely she got hit for #4. That board has been nuked multiple times, and she still links it on /b/ at times so I'm sure there were some anons just waiting to either claim it if it went up for claims, or any other reason to steal it from her.



>she hasn't made a lot of friends on /b/

yeah, i had noticed


I'm flying through this German course. I finished the entire first unit of level 1 in the time it took me to finish the first section of the first unit of level 1 Chinese. German is a lot more fun to speak. Probably because it's a white man's language.



Glad you're enjoying it! I've never tried to learn it, but I know it has some old school things about it. Compound old fashioned words and such.

Whoever took /srz/ is sitting on it. Only vols can post.

I finally found a flaw with ubuntu. It doesn't come with python prepackaged into it. I downloaded and attempted to use youtube-dl. I'll put python on tomorrow.



>no python on ubuntu

That's insane, why would they do that? Shouldn't it have pulled that in when you installed youtube-dl if it didn't come with it originally?

>Whoever took /srz/ is sitting on it. Only vols can post.

I think it was fug that did that, new board owner doesn't seem to have done anything since receiving the board.

>fugthelug hidden 3 days /srz/ Edited board settings



I was told learning German would be hard, but there are so many words that are so close to the English version of the word that it seems like they should be easy to remember. And sentence structure is almost identical to English. The only thing I have any trouble with is the grammar because rosetta stone doesn't attempt to explain it, they just have you memorize words and phrases that go along with pictures. Like there are feminine, masculine, and neutral ways of saying things. There are ways to say things when referring to multiple people or things at once. I'm slowly picking those things up over time, but it would be nice if it was explained. I think with rosetta stone they focused too much on simplicity rather than making it as educational as possible.




Since you mentioned youtube-dl, I decided to install it because I'll definitely need it at some point. I tried to use it with mpv to play a youtube video just now, and ffmpeg complained about not having tls support. You really have to think ahead with gentoo. I never would even considered that ffmpeg would need support for https. Recompiling that now to add it. I'm glad my CPU is nice, or this would be super annoying while I learn all of this stuff.



>shouldn't it have pulled python in when installing youtube-dl

Maybe. Probably, but I didn't install via the software management tool. I just grabbed a copy from github and noted the warning stating that you need python for it to run.

>fug blocked it

Ah, could be. I didn't consider that possibility, since I hadn't tried to post yet until after she nuked it.



I try to always have that at the ready for videos I find extremely valuable especially if it's a probable copyright violation that will be flagged soon I have a rather large collection to assist in off-grid technologies.



>recompiling things you've already compiled to increase functionality

Probably the number one source of frustration and the ultimate swing vote that convinces me to go with precompiled operating systems. I'm content letting someone else do that work for me.



>I just grabbed a copy from github

Oh, that makes sense. I wonder if it's just a specific version of python that Ubuntu doesn't have. I know python is pure cancer as far as fragmentation of the language goes. There's like 5 versions.

>Ah, could be. I didn't consider that possibility

That used to be how the board always was in the beginning. Only mods could make threads. She disabled that after she nuked the board for the last time and removed all of us from vol. Whoever has the board probably is still squatting though, I doubt they actually have an intention to make it into anything. But I'm surprised they aren't bragging about stealing the board either on the board or /b/


So far it's the only real downside. Once I learn exactly what I need to have my system functioning the way I want it to, the rest will take care of itself. I found a way to get deadbeef running without having to use an overlay. The developer of deadbeef packages a statically linked portable build which I only found out about because a youtube video gave me an idea. There was a gentoo user on youtube that said all you have to do is extract the deb and you can just run the application for a lot of packages. I tried it and of course it didn't work, but then I noticed on the same site the dev hosts the .deb files he hosts a statically linked copy. Downloaded that and it works great. I don't like getting software like that, but if that's the only time I have to do that I'll deal with it.

Gentoo has a pretty good amount of packages in their repo, there's lots of stuff arch didn't have in their main repos. But of course there are a couple things that it doesn't have in the main repos that I would like. Deadbeef and dtrx so far are the ones I've noticed aren't in the main repos for gentoo.




>I'll put python on tomorrow.

>I wonder if it's just a specific version of python that Ubuntu doesn't have

it comes with 3.6 prepackaged. it's sitting there in the /usr/bin directory, with the appropriate symlinks but upon running "which", it outputs nothing. /usr/bin is in the path. python -V reports python isn't installed. trying to install it reports that it's already installed. google searches so far suggest it's a matter of having the right environment variables.

if you could choose between arch or gentoo, which would you choose? asking in the event i decide to explore that route again. i know i'd be wasting my time trying to make LFS again



kek. i failed to see the most obvious. no file in /usr/bin titled simply "python". new symlink created. if i ever need v2.x i'll tweak it then. it's working now



>if you could choose between arch or gentoo, which would you choose?

For me the learning experience is part of running Linux, so Gentoo really fits what I'm looking for. I also like the amount of control I have. A good example from recently is that I disable ipv6 because my VPN doesn't support ipv6, so I get ipv6 leaks if I use just plain openvpn instead of their application which is proprietary. Since I disable ipv6 through a sysctl setting, I don't need ipv6 support compiled into anything. So I chose to set the use flag to compile it out. This was especially nice because dhcpcd was wasting time trying to get ipv6 at boot even though I used sysctl to disable it. Without ipv6 support compiled in, dhcpcd doesn't even bother with it anymore. I probably could have disabled it with a config file change too, but now I don't have to bother.

So for my needs right now Gentoo is the best choice, but if I were to go with a binary distro again it would either be arch or debian. I don't really see LFS as even an option, it seems more like a thing to do as a side project hobby than something to run as a serious distro. I think I would give debian a try before going back to arch again just because I think with debian you get more control than you do with arch. Debian's package repos are massive just because of the amount of people that use it. I definitely had a positive experience with arch overall.


>it's working now

Nice work



Wait, what? Arch is precompiled? I must have read the wrong thing. I thought you had to build it, just that it was less complicated than LFS.

>don't really see LFS as even an option, it seems more like a thing to do as a side project hobby than something to run as a serious distro

It was a hobby for me. Just like with you and Gentoo, the learning process was half of the fun involved. I can't remember which ones off hand, but there have been a few full distros that were built with LFS. That takes some serious dedication.



Yeah Arch is a binary distro. Arch only gets the reputation that it's complicated from the fact it has no GUI installer. It's as easy to use as any other distro as long as you are comfortable reading a wiki, using a terminal, and editing config files. The installation process is all laid out in the beginners wiki. Arch also has the reputation that it breaks all the time, but that wasn't my experience. You do have to update constantly though. Literally every day you will get new updates.

I only experienced breakage a couple times. One time I installed the grsec kernel, and some of the protections broke systemd a little bit. It dropped me into an emergency tty and I was able to get it to boot by editing the grsec config file to put less restriction on that part of systemd. The grsec related breakage was 100% my fault since I wanted to mess with a security kernel and expected there to be some things I would have to deal with. One time I had a legit breakage, and that was caused by a kernel update on the regular rolling release linux kernel. I would startx and X would glitch out and freeze up. I fixed that by installing the LTS kernel, and I switched back to the regular rolling kernel after a couple days when it had updated again.

The last breakage I can think of was when I had to remove infinality font rendering. The harfbuzz library updated, and since infinality patches the font libraries harfbuzz was making function calls that didn't exist in the infinality patched version of the libraries. Harfbuzz was expecting the newer libraries. The only issue this caused was that some GTK3 applications wouldn't start until I switched to the new libraries, and removed infinality. That's all my breakages in 2 or 3 years of use, and one of them was obviously my own fault.



>as long as you are comfortable reading a wiki, using a terminal, and editing config files

check, check, and yes (as long i make multi-generational backups)

my local weather is supposed to be above freezing this week so i might abandon the status quo and go back to the cabin.



>i might abandon the status quo and go back to the cabin

That's good. I hope the weather works out for you and you are able to do that.

Since today was the first Sunday of the month it was fast and testimony at church today. Basically we fast for 2 meals on the first Sunday, and we have an open mic during sacrament meeting so anyone can go up and give a short testimony on whatever they feel like talking about.

I went up for the first time today. I had a feeling I should go up there the entire time I was at church. After I blessed the sacrament today, I went and sat by my friend who I hadn't seen at church in about a month. He told me I should go up there too. So I sit there and watch a few testimonies, and every time I feel more and more like I need to go up there. At about midway through the girl I like went up. I didn't even know she was at church, and after she spoke I knew for sure I had to. I talked a bit about daily prayer and scripture study.

Then my friend that told me to go up to speak went up there and talked about how he has watched me grow over my time in the church and how inspiring it is. That was pretty cool. 2 things have been on my mind all day. The things that were said about me, and that girl. I had given up all hope on anything with her, but his words inspired me to try again.

He mentioned how he was sitting alone and I came and sat with him, and how those little things can really make an impact. I didn't get to talk to that girl at church because she rushed out of there after sacrament, so I sent a text. Why do I do this to myself? I don't really know. I'll probably just get no response and feel like a door was slammed in my face, but I've learned from my time in the church that if you feel prompted to do something you should do it and see what happens. She talked about some tough things that happened to her lately, so I just sent her my well wishes and thanked her for her testimony. I told her know how grateful I was for it and how it helped me to go up there myself for the first time.

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>But I'm surprised they aren't bragging about stealing the board either on the board or /b/

Looks like I spoke too soon. >>>/b/7685205



>THE girl…

Oh man. So close and yet so far. It must have been both such a thrill and such a disappointment all wrapped into one. Oh well. Hopefully your words had an impact on someone.


Well at least we have an answer now.



Again she didn't bother to respond to me. I don't understand it. I don't know what to make of it. Does what I say have any impact? If it does then it's worth it regardless of whether I get a response. But if I get no response, then how am I supposed to know whether or not to even bother?

Eventually I have to give up on trying right? Or do I persist even though it makes me insane? The whole thing is so far outside my usual nature that it's hard to keep doing if nothing tells me to keep doing it besides a feeling that I probably should. I know that I'm supposed to do what I feel is right regardless of how hard it is, and what I feel is right is to be the nicest guy I can be. To show I care about the people around me. But at what point does it become a waste of effort? Does it ever? If the scriptures say that by trying to help those around me I am doing His work, then I should keep doing it right? I don't know.


Went to an activity I helped plan. This one isn't the 1 I'm the leader for, but I'm on the committee that plans all the other activities so I was involved with this one. I kinda stayed out of the activity though, and hung out with a cute girl from my ward the entire time. The one I mentioned the other day that I told was cute.

It was cool hanging out with her, but the other one is still on my mind.



>your words have an impact

I was referring to your testimony helping someone at random in the church who heard it. As for the primo qt, I'd say tuck her into the back of your mind and move forward with your life as if she's not coming back to you, because it sure sounds like she's decided not to. A person who wants to be in your life will make the attempt to be in it. I'll relate it how I view my ex. Despite the circumstances surrounding our breakup, there's still a part of me that wants her. That part of me will always exist, no matter what. I have to swallow it down and force myself to logic. I remind myself that the current situation makes it impossible for us to be together. I do my best to pretend she doesn't exist and create my current life without her in it, without any girl in it. Loneliness sucks, and I do want a girl, but I don't dwell on it. I keep pushing on with things that I like, that I think are good.

As for scripture, I'll leave you to interpret that to the best of your ability. Just remember to take care of yourself in the process. Don't stretch yourself too thin when giving to others. If it troubles you enough, take it to one of your elders superiors,etc, insert proper term here and ask their advice

From an objective point of view though, I'd recommend forgetting about the prime qt for now. If she comes back to you later then you can worry over her.



Yeah I think you are right. That was my original decision, until I saw her at church for the first time in months. I felt like I had to say something. It's tough to just move on and forget because I still see her every 2 weeks. She has only ever missed one of my activities, and that was the most recent one. That's the hardest part of the entire thing, is next week is the activity I lead.

In person she's great. Very talkative, and fun to be around. I can tell there's more to her than she shows though. She kinda seems like the type of person that's hard to get close to, and I wonder why that is. I think she's even more like me than I know, and if so then it's even tougher to give up. I will give up on sending texts besides as reminders of big activities or responsibilities for activities. Every interaction with her has to be in person because then I get the feedback I need that will keep me from tearing myself apart trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong. I'm doing nothing wrong. We will see what happens next week.


File: d13baac0418c2cd⋯.jpg (59.25 KB, 768x432, 16:9, hex_did_nothing_wrong_hitl….jpg)


> I still see her every 2 weeks

i thought it was longer in between, tbh, but that's still long enough in between to make it difficult.

>I'm doing nothing wrong.

old news hex. old news



This last time would have been almost month if I hadn't seen her at church on Sunday. I guess it may as well be a month since I didn't get to talk to her there, and she didn't answer my txt.

Even when I know I've done nothing wrong, and that I should stop thinking about all of this I can't get it off my mind. I have been thinking about who I could go to for advice. I know a guy that reaches out to a lot of people in the ward, but he's kinda clueless as far as being able to read people and judge how to react to things. There was a time I wanted to punch him in the face, and I doubt he felt that tension at all. I am very good at keeping people from knowing exactly how I feel when I want to be though, so maybe I can't blame him for not being able to read me.

He would probably just tell me to keep trying because even if I get no response as long as I'm not getting a negative response then I'm probably doing a good thing reaching out and being friendly. I've never been a font of unlimited positivity like that guy though. Me and her do have another mutual friend that she is very close to. I haven't talked to him or his wife in a long time, so maybe now is the time to reach out again. I just have no idea what I would even say to bring it up. He knows my feelings for her though, he was able to guess.



> I can't get it off my mind

i know that feel, hex. like i was saying about my ex. she's even remarried since we split up, but if i think about her, especially if i talk to her, it still plays with my head for days.

>there was a time i wanted to punch him in the face, and i doubt he felt that tension


that's an extra layer of oblivious, and i thought i was bad at reading people

>no idea what i would even say to bring it up

<hey anon, how's qt3.14 doing? i keep thinking about her

blunt and to the point is usually better, but you know them better than me. i'll let you navigate that.

unrelated to anything we've ever talked about, but have you been following the Qanon saga?



>have you been following the Qanon saga?

I know of it, but I haven't been following it. From what I've gathered he's just a sort of modern day Nostradamus. He says a bunch of vague things, and people rush to try to make something out of it until something happens that they feel verifies the vague thing he said. Anyone can be a prophet if all they say are things that are vague, because then all it takes is something even remotely similar to happen to point at and say "wow look he was right". If he really was someone with knowledge would he need to use vagueness?

Maybe I'm wrong, but that's just what I've seen. It's like he's becoming a replacement for wikileaks when wikileaks actually drops hard documents, and this guy just sits around throwing words, phrases and numbers out. I dunno, what do you think about it?



>Anyone can be a prophet if all they say are things that are vague, because then all it takes is something even remotely similar to happen to point at and say "wow look he was right".

i think that's exactly the point, tbh. get regular people to investigate public info to try to connect the dots. so far seems to point to government corruption, a massive spiderweb of interconnected links. i used to think he was a larp until 2 days ago. pretty much proved himself to have Trump's ear directly. there was a board migration and i got in on it. it's easy to get sucked in and get lost in all of it, so i occasionally shut the computer off at forced intervals. it helps to not be one of the anons who've been up for 36 hours straight and can't focus or read properly because of it. if you've ever had to deal with spotting shills, that board is chocked full of them. some obvious, some extremely crafty.



I'll have to look into it more when I'm not doing anything.

I just recompiled a little application I developed a while back to help track my diet. Gentoo doesn't use the latest qt libraries, so I had to install qtcreator and compile my application with the libraries gentoo has. My application doesn't really require any specific version of qt as far as I know as long as its qt5 so that made it easy. I'm glad it wasn't hard to get working on gentoo, I almost thought I'd have to boot up to arch and statically link it or something. It took forever to get qtwebengine compiled to get qtcreator working. Not sure why qtcreator needs an entire browser rendering engine.



delet this

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>I just recompiled a little application I developed a while back to help track my diet.

nice. i haven't kept track of my diet in decades. i try to keep my diet in mind, eating plenty of vegetables, well balanced, etc, but that's about as complicated as i go. maybe i should do more since i can't really exercise.



I need to keep my carbs down, protein up, and calories down. My main issue lately has been sugar. Holidays and my dads birthday.

A friend I haven't talked to in a while contacted me about a mutual friend we have that hasn't answered any of his messages. She was an older lady, and had some health concerns. I tried contacting her, and so far nothing. I think she may be dead. I doxed her, and have everything we could possibly need to contact her. The question is whether he will want to use the info to try to get in contact, because I sure don't.



Holidays have a way of doing that, don't they? Are you familiar with ketogenics? I haven't looked into it enough to know how effective it is, but it gets good reviews. It's low carb, low to moderate protein. That's if you want to burn fat, since protein converts to blood sugar over a long period. If you're wanting to bulk up, you probably want the extra protein.

>lady might be dead … I sure don't

Bad blood? Or is it a pre-mormon friendship? One of those things where it's best to leave the past in the past.



>Are you familiar with ketogenics?

I think it's pretty much what my diet was when I was losing weight.

>Bad blood? Or is it a pre-mormon friendship? One of those things where it's best to leave the past in the past.

I just don't want to be the guy calling her work #, or emailing her work email, or showing up at her house unannounced. She also has another phone # which is either a land line, or may not even be her # anymore. I sent a txt to her phone, emailed the email on her linkedin, and gave my friend the rest of the info I got.



>I just don't want to be the guy calling her work #, or emailing her work email, or showing up at her house unannounced

makes sense. for what it's worth, i hope the lady is ok.

i didn't go to work at the cabin after all. i let myself get sucked into the Q stuff. not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, i suppose. i could have only worked on it for 3 days at most, based on the local weather.



Hope the weather gets better for you. I haven't accomplished much of anything lately. I even skipped working out today which kinda sucks, but I guess I gotta take extra days off here and there. I still make an effort to get at least some German done every day. I'd like to find a textbook or something though, I'd really like to understand the the grammar better.



>Hope the weather gets better for you.

Worst that can happen is that I wait til spring. That's not so bad really.

>I haven't accomplished much of anything lately … but I guess I gotta take extra days off here and there.

Yeah. It's all about finding the right balance.

>I still make an effort to get at least some German done every day. I'd like to find a textbook or something though, I'd really like to understand the the grammar better.

If you find a good resource, let me know. I've always been curious to learn it too, but it's eluded me so far.

It's still a toss-up for me whether to fix meatloaf or chili today. I'm leaning towards chili. It has so many side uses - chili mac, chili dogs, etc.



Chili is like my favorite food lately. My parents got a pressure cooker as a gift, and I told them they should use it to make chili so they did. They have been working on making a perfect recipe, so I've had chili for like 4 weeks straight. It's about the perfect food to eat. Loaded with protein.



>so I've had chili for like 4 weeks straight

whew. i can't eat it that much. if i'm the only one eating it, one pot will last me about a week. once that week is finished, i don't want to see it or smell it for at least 2 months



for the record, chili won the toin coss



I'll probably have more this week too, my parents are changing the recipe again. I don't mind having it pretty often. Keeps me from snacking because of how filling it is. It's great to eat after I lift weights.



Been reading the /pol/ thread about the Trump s-hole comment that may or may not have even happened. Whether it happened or not I'm glad he isn't bothering to deny it. The amount of butthurt from it is hilarious.

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File: 016cde42e3c143d⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 118.53 KB, 736x491, 736:491, shithole_why_is_this_relev….jpg)

File: 2c8a7344f798d73⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 71.34 KB, 661x500, 661:500, shithole_media_sessions.jpg)


>It's great to eat after I lift weights.

i can see that, being loaded with protein. better for you than protein shakes since it also has tons of fiber. i didn't have a seasoning packet, so i had to put my own blend on spices in it. chili powder, ground cumin, ground cayenne, add until it tastes right. i diced some onion and bell pepper into this one. i don't usually do that, so it shifted the flavor towards the sweet side of things. it's good.

>The amount of butthurt from [the s-hole] comment is hilarious

it is, and it is glorious! the meme factory has been working overtime on it. even though he allegedly said it was for economic reasons, the libs just can't help themselves. immediately jumping to racism.

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i probably should have spoilered those pics. sorry



I think the best part about all the outrage and crocodile tears in the media is that when normal people see this they will think to themselves "well if these countries are so great why don't these people stay there or go back?" and "why do we have to give them our money if these countries are so great?" It's also just another example of how fake the media is.


I should have censored the word too, but I'll blame CNN for this one. They dropped the s-hole bomb like 50 times in the 2 videos I watched. Why won't they think of the children?



>when normal people see this they will think to themselves "well if these countries are so great why don't these people stay there or go back?" and "why do we have to give them our money if these countries are so great?"

exactly. if you follow logic, those places ARE in disrepair. it opens up the question for WHY they are. with the "america first" meme becoming more and more popular, people don't want our resources going to help the world. that should be handled through private charity, not government.

>Why won't they think of the children?

kek. indeed, why won't they? you and i already know the answer of course, and all of /pol/. i'm glad to see mods can spoiler a pic after the fact without having to delete it. >>398


Sometimes I hate having callings in the church. I thought getting an activity setup for Monday would be easy. Actually the activity part was easy. I asked a girl to do it, and she agreed. The next person I texted for the lesson hasn't bothered to answer me, which I take to mean it's not going to happen. I could do it myself, but I don't really feel like it. As a leader I do it myself from time to time to show I'm not above doing it, but right now I barely want to go out and be around people let alone come up with a lesson.



> but right now I barely want to go out and be around people let alone come up with a lesson

i know that feeling. i suspect all of us on the chans are susceptible to it, at least from time to time, if not it being the norm. i'll pray for you. well, my version of a prayer anyway.

unrelated, can you recommend a good genuinely anonymous email?



>i'll pray for you


>can you recommend a good genuinely anonymous email?

I guess it depends how anonymous we are talking. Do you mean that it doesn't require personal information? I've been using cock.li for just signing up for random stuff. If you need it for actual communication I've heard of protonmail. Cock.li I'd only use for things that don't matter much, it's a meme email service. Protonmail is actually serious. Neither require any personal information. If we are talking legit anonymous there are .onion emails like sigaint if it still exists.



thanks. no, i don't need .onion level anonymous. proton mail might be what i'm looking for. i already use gmail for spam things


Music is dead. It's almost impossible to find good music that doesn't encourage weakness, isn't degenerate, isn't anti-christian, and isn't made by leftists. Most christian music sucks too which doesn't help. Everyone I talk to tells me to listen to hymns and classical music. I can't lift to that, and I'm not one of these relentlessly positive people that wants to listen to church music all the time.

I've seen multiple talks in church where people discourage listening to anything but church style music. "Loud music isn't conducive to having the spirit with you". I disagree with that completely, and I don't know how they do it. Maybe if you grew up like that it's easy, but I grew up on metal. I dislike a lot of the stuff I grew up on these days, but it doesn't stop me from trying to find stuff I can listen to. I guess I'll never be a perfect Mormon, but at least I'll never be fake either.


Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


hmm…. what about lindsey stirling?

she's not full metal, but she's not trash pop. she's mormon. she dresses modestly although it's impossible for her to hide how sexy she is the round table rival song is one of my favorites from her


they're spamming CP on /b/. fair warning


Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

shatter me

a collaboration she did with the girl from halestorm



She's alright. I could do without the techno type stuff though. It's more listenable than classical stuff because it doesn't have the super quiet parts and silence which ruins classical for me. Definitely couldn't really replace metal, especially when working out.


I don't think that anon has stopped posting cp tbh. Seems like a daily thing


Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


personally, i think the visuals on shatter me are excellent.


this one is probably before your time. old school christian rock. pure 80's style. stryper - to hell with the devil



kek. the top voted comment on youtube for this video:

>Stryper was too metal for the christians but too christian for the metalheads



I've got their stuff on my computer, but I don't remember much of it being memorable. I downloaded pretty much every popular christian band's albums. The most consistently good is probably skillet


I think I fall into the second group with most christian bands.


Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


> I downloaded pretty much every popular christian band's albums

ah, ok. i might not be able to help you much then.

>I think I fall into the second group with most christian bands

i found the same thing to be true when i was a kid. stryper was the closest i could find as a young teenager. that was back before they sold music on CD's not a joke

i'll upload one more of lindsey then, for my own tastes.



I think for me switching to exclusively christian music will be near impossible when I've heard secular bands do it better my entire life. I only listen to stuff that doesn't bother me to listen to, and it seems the amount of stuff I can listen to gets smaller and smaller as time goes on. So I rotate through the same music constantly. I have a christian mindset but a metalhead's taste in music. I can deal with bad language. What I can't deal with is lyrics about sex, heavy amounts of pride, and anything even remotely anti-christian. I also can't take any band seriously that I know got butthurt over Trump being elected.

these videos make me wish I knew more qt Mormon girls that aren't missionaries, or the ones I know treated me better


File: 0d72aea683aa190⋯.jpg (93.89 KB, 636x960, 53:80, tay_02.jpg)


>What I can't deal with is lyrics about sex, heavy amounts of pride, and anything even remotely anti-christian

i haven't shopped around for music lately, but i assume that's a very tall order that's hard to fill.

>I also can't take any band seriously that I know got butthurt over Trump being elected.

this is why tay tay is superior aryan goddess waifu. she stayed out of politics and just focuses on the music, although her shift into pop/rap is disappointing. i can't complain though. i have taken the tay tay oath of loyalty



>these videos make me wish I knew more qt Mormon girls that aren't missionaries

i wish i knew more anorexic girls who acted remotely christian - yes it really is my preference in girls - very hard to find in the "not crazy" aisle



I wish all celebrities would stay out of politics, but almost all celebrities are narcissists so when they finally get the fame they seek they use it to try to influence people because they think they are the greatest things put on this earth and everyone should bow before them.


I may have to go to a different ward to find a girl for myself. Mine doesn't have enough girls, and the ones I was interested in don't seem so interested in me. There is one cute girl that shows interest, but that's it in my ward.



>the ones I was interested in don't seem so interested in me

that's a shame. it always hits you right in the gut too. if you care at all, it's something that you just can't get used to.



>it always hits you right in the gut too

Yeah, but I'd definitely rather be down over the fact I'm trying and getting nowhere than over not trying at all. Eventually one of these attempts will work. I reflect back on who I was before I decided to make a change, and the person I was before was much worse off. If I would have listened to anons on /b/ I wouldn't even be close, and I know I'm close.

Today I'm meeting with the missionaries. I'm thinking I'm gonna try to get them to go visit that older lady I've been trying to contact. The address I found is about 5 minutes away from the church, and the missionaries are always looking for people to talk to. She told me her mom joined the church before she died as well, so if nothing else maybe she will be interested in what they have to say if she's alive. The hope is to at least maybe figure out if she's still alive.


Well looks like I'm gonna be a missionary. Elder HeX at your service. Me and the sister missionaries are gonna go over to my friend's house after church tomorrow and see if she is still alive. I was hoping they would just do it, but they were like you should come with us. And of course after I asked there was no way I was gonna say no because then it would be weird, even though it is totally out of my nature to randomly show up at someone's house. Especially someone that doesn't know I know their address because I got it off the internet.



>trying and getting nowhere vs. not trying at all

in acknowledging that, you show a wisdom that many lack. eventually, you will see in full scope the fruits of your labor and it will astound you how much work goes into creating the life you want for yourself.


didn't mean to post that yet.


>Well looks like I'm gonna be a missionary. Elder HeX at your service

who knows. maybe this will open up unforeseen opportunities and relationships for you. go with genuine compassion and concern and i'm sure she won't mind you having acquired her address. most of the older folks have a landline and know their address is published along with their number.



>you will see in full scope the fruits of your labor and it will astound you how much work goes into creating the life you want for yourself

Everything in the Lord's time. The missionaries told me not to give up on that girl, and that she has been through a lot lately. They told me that my words will have an impact even if I don't get a response. They said they went and visited her and could tell there was a lot on her mind. If the missionaries say what I'm doing is good, then I will keep doing it. Definitely not going to get my hopes up for anything coming out of it, but I'm not worried about that. I know even if it isn't her, I'm in the right place and doing the right things to succeed in what I want to accomplish.


What a long day. Me and the missionaries went to the address, but when I saw the house the only thing I could feel was that no one lived there anymore. The cars in the driveway were on blocks, and had tarps on them. The driveway was blocked by 3 more cars parked in front of it. When we walked up to knock, I could feel a weight on my shoulders.

I looked around and said to myself that there's no way she's living in a place like this, whoever lived here is either gone or dead. No one answered the door when we knocked, and as we left I noticed that there was a stack of newspapers that no one had taken in. It was a very depressing scene. I don't know what happened to her, but what I feel inside is that she's no longer on this earth. I could be wrong, but it's the feeling I got and the feeling I can't get over.

After all of that I came home and watched a young adults broadcast where one of the leaders in the church and his wife spoke. After that was over I went back to church for a self reliance devotional, and signed up for a self reliance class. So now I'll have something to do on Wednesdays. I was asked to be the leader, I don't know what changed in me that people look to me to lead them but I'm noticing this more and more.



> No one answered the door when we knocked, and as we left I noticed that there was a stack of newspapers that no one had taken in. It was a very depressing scene. I don't know what happened to her, but what I feel inside is that she's no longer on this earth

that's a shame. it might be worth it to contact the local authorities and pass on your suspicions of her death. they can take it from there, through the proper channels.

>I was asked to be the leader, I don't know what changed in me that people look to me to lead them

that's potentially very good. maybe they see something in you that you don't see. i'll just reiterate my previous advice to not stretch yourself too thin. the best leaders know when to say no.

>The missionaries told me not to give up on that girl, and that she has been through a lot lately. They told me that my words will have an impact even if I don't get a response. They said they went and visited her and could tell there was a lot on her mind. If the missionaries say what I'm doing is good, then I will keep doing it

are you talking about THE qt? the one you go 2 weeks in between seeing and who i said i would steal from you? if so that's good. maybe they know something you don't, but are respecting her privacy and just dropping hints. or the alternative is they're just blindly playing the role of cheerleader

>I'm in the right place and doing the right things to succeed in what I want to accomplish.




>it might be worth it to contact the local authorities and pass on your suspicions of her death

She was married and only started a new job a few months ago, so if she's dead I'm sure her family is aware. Someone had to put those cars on blocks and under tarps

>i'll just reiterate my previous advice to not stretch yourself too thin

I won't hit the breaking point any time soon as long as I don't have to do a lot of work while I'm at home to accomplish these things. I haven't really been told what my job is, but I assume all I really do is control the flow of the meeting. Make sure we hit all the topics we are supposed to. It's the kind of thing I need if I'm correct. The more I can do that will get me talking and interacting with others the better.

There's a part of me that has been lost for a long time, and the more I'm put into these situations the more I feel it coming back. It's my confidence in group settings. Being asked to lead is a major confidence booster. When I'm put into big groups is when I start to end up quiet and alone. A consequence of years away from people. The more I'm pushed into a leadership position where I have to force myself to control the outcome of the group, the more I'll feel comfortable in any group setting.

>are you talking about THE qt?

That's the one.

>maybe they know something you don't

It's definitely possible.

>or the alternative is they're just blindly playing the role of cheerleader

Also very possible. I know she is a nice girl though, and for my messages to have no impact she would have to be cold and heartless. So I think for the missionaries to tell me to keep doing it is an indication that they know that she needs someone like me in her life. The encouragement from the missionaries is helpful, especially since they are girls themselves. Still gonna be hard for me to want to keep trying when I seem to get ignored, but I'll endure I suppose.



>I'm sure her family was aware

roger that

>the more I'm put into these situations the more I feel it coming back

that's a good sign. i still struggle with that, and it's for somewhat similar reasons. i don't go into group settings much.

>THE qt


>gonna be hard for me to want to keep trying when I seem to get ignored

being ignored is a tough one. a relationship requires two way communication

nothing new to report in my life. i'm still being a hermit for the time being. still wishing i had a girl, but not pursuing one




>being ignored is a tough one. a relationship requires two way communication

Yeah, I'll just keep being friendly. When I feel I should say something I'll say something, but I won't expect anything to come of it unless I'm talking to her in person. When I see her in person I'll treat her the same as I always do. I dunno what's going on in her life that makes her so distant right now, but maybe it will change over time. If not, I don't really care because I've already decided to move on.

I watched a young adult broadcast on Sunday, and one thing stuck with me in particular. President Dieter F. Uchtdorf and his wife spoke, and they both talked about how she was completely uninterested in him when they were younger. He didn't ever really give up, but he did move on with his life for a couple years and became a pilot like he dreamed of becoming. So I'll do a similar thing. I'll move on with my life but still be a nice guy, and not take any of it personally.

>nothing new to report in my life. i'm still being a hermit for the time being.

If not for church related things I'd never leave the house. Lately I've had less church related things to go to than usual, but there will always be something. After this week I won't be attending institute for a couple weeks which sucks. Luckily that self reliance class will give me something to replace it. My activity tonight got pushed out another week which also sucks.



Hopefully things work out, whichever route it takes to get there. I've spent entirely too much time on the Q board the last couple days. I've stepped up and taken on a level of responsibility there. Both a blessing and a curse, I guess. I'm one of the anons running the general thread, updating & maintaining pastebins, monitoring the main thread. It would be simple if it was just a copy/paste template, but it's akin to a "rolling release" for a linux distro. Updating little bits every thread.

I think I'm going to claim a dead board just to get some basic mod knowledge under my hat. That's the reason I was asking about an anonymous email the other day. It's been a while since I looked into it, but IIRC, you need an email address to have a board.



I think you only need an email if you want to be able to recover your board, or if you want to claim one that already exists since you will have email codemonkey. The mod tools are about as basic as it gets. Kinda surprised codemonkey hasn't improved them drastically, because they are pretty much completely useless on any board with traffic. I think he did manage to make them stop crashing constantly, but more fine grained control is what I would have wanted. Unfortunately, that would probably crash them as well since it would just be adding complexity to the database query and the database this site uses is a mess unless he's cleaned that up.



>only need an email if you want to be able to recover your board, or if you want to claim one that already exists

Oh. I just assumed it would be easier & more convenient to claim a dead board than to make one. If it's easier to make one I'll just do that then.

>mod tools are useless for boards with any traffic

Good thing I don't plan on having any traffic, apart from some samefagging



>If it's easier to make one I'll just do that then

I know an even easier way. Use the mod account Anyone with the password 0


Well looks like I'm not attending institute tonight either.


File: 9a3cb334e565c87⋯.png (219.49 KB, 1562x578, 781:289, 2018-01-16-20:55:19.png)




I hope that's not the real jimmyrustles or we are witnessing vol incompetence on another level

edit: it really was him

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Whew. How do you do that accidentally? You don't, right? Maybe phone posting



I dunno, that's pretty hard to mess up in the way he did. I leaked my old trip on /srz/ once but that was because I tried editing it into a post after the fact. No one saw it though. Pro-tip: don't ever try to edit your trip into the name field after you already posted without it. Jimmy put his trip in the subject field which is 2 fields too low to be the name field. I almost leaked my trip in the email field one time because I didn't notice the thread had forced anon turned on, but I caught myself before I submitted because I was like wait there's only 2 fields here instead of 3.



>Pro-tip: don't ever try to edit your trip into the name field after you already posted without it


>anyone 0

Is that just a trash mod account open to everybody? Like >>>/test/ is for trying out posts without ruining things



Yeah it's the mod account to the >>>/infinity/ board. I think the A has to be capitalized or it won't work.



>the a has to be capitalized

good thing i was phoneposting when i just tried it then.


Ugh. The one time I regret saying tits or gtfo. She delivered.



kek. were they sub-par?



Absolutely disgusting. I won't link the OP where you can see the image, but this will take you to the thread if you are curious. >>>/b/7708056








also checked >>444



I kinda wasted that get



no hex, it wasn't wasted, but i can see how you'd feel that way



It could definitely be worse, but that guy that got >>333 probably has the best use of a get so far for this board. I don't remember what 111 or 222 were



it was a good get.


i'm about to drop down the rabbit hole on the Q board again, so i'll probably disappear on you. have a good day hex



Alright. It's about time for me to get some sleep. You have a good day too.



I must be doing something right in the way I format the general threads over there. When I make a change, whether big or small, everybody after me follows suit.




I almost thought I was in some trouble when I booted my computer today. Tried to start my music up, and no sound. I've been using Gentoo for almost 3 weeks now and surprisingly this is the first time this has happened. The problem is I have more than one sound device. I have a creative XFI card that I have my 5.1 system connected to, and then my nvidia GPU has hdmi, and the motherboard itself has realtec onboard. I forgot on arch when I used pure alsa I disabled the other devices by blacklisting the snd_hda_intel kernel module. Every boot card #1 can potentially be a different sound card, which means alsa tries to play audio out of that card.



I just remembered my mic is basically a sound card too, that's gonna be another potential problem. I don't want to blacklist snd_usb_audio. I probably don't need it, assuming that doesn't break the microphone functionality and only disables output through the headphone jack of it but I don't really know. I guess on top of blacklisting snd_hda_intel I'll try writing an alsa-base.conf so I can specify which index I want assigned to each of the 2 remaining devices. I don't remember it working on arch which is why I moved to blacklisting instead, but that also could be because I have multiple snd_hda_intel cards so assigning indexes to them didn't really work because it was ambiguous. Guess we will see if I lose sound again randomly.




oh, i remember messing with sound card specifics. i remember it being a headache too - even in windows sometimes. i tried to do as much in the BIOS as i could to minimize the details i had to tend to inside of software



With pulseaudio its a bit easier with pavucontrol because you can just disable everything you don't need without having to mess with blacklisting kernel modules. I suppose I could just use the alsa environment variables too, but I don't ever use these other devices so they may as well be disabled anyway.



>pulseaudio … alsa

last time i had to mess with audio settings, pulseaudio was just a baby still in diapers and alsa was the main thing. it's been a while, but i remember it being a little confusing



I prefer pure alsa, but I don't mind pulseaudio much on systemd distros. Pulseaudio was pure cancer on Gentoo with openrc though. Never again. The only issue I have with alsa right now is that virtualbox doesn't seem to care about my .asoundrc. It hijacks sound directly, so I either get sound in virtualbox or anything else that wants sound but not both at the same time



>but not both at the same time

well that's inconvenient



luckily I only ever have to use virtualbox for learning German, so I don't have it open all the time. so i just make sure anything that was using audio before isn't using it when I want to use rosetta stone.



well that's not too bad. that's a manageable headache



Yeah. Better than pulseaudio which I couldn't get to give me sound at all when using virtualbox. I dunno why either. I assume it's related to using consolekit instead of logind since I wasn't using systemd. That's the entire reason I ended up purging pulseaudio from my system. Sound worked everywhere except virtualbox.


File: 9ab733ec6fee2eb⋯.png (359.7 KB, 700x1000, 7:10, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c39ed8cf37979a8⋯.png (1020.22 KB, 900x804, 75:67, ClipboardImage.png)

File: fdbacb58d9fe5ea⋯.png (692.14 KB, 640x800, 4:5, ClipboardImage.png)

Sometimes /b/ surprises me. I'm surprised anyone still remembers me let alone takes the time to make things like this



That first one is simply amazing. Whoever created that one obviously lurked, and did some research.


File: e5155048aac6603⋯.jpg (173.62 KB, 640x480, 4:3, e5155048aac6603396172cbaee….jpg)



Ich liebe meine Freunde am /b/





nice! i saw the "hex pill" one in the thread, but i didn't see the other ones.

> I'm surprised anyone still remembers me

i tried to tell you once, hex. you are your own meme on /b/



That was a fun thread, besides my moment of extreme weakness which led me to be on that thread last night.



>besides my moment of extreme weakness

we all get those from time to time, especially if we don't properly mitigate our boredom. i forgive you, hex



I hopefully won't let it happen again.

It's crazy I haven't really gotten any package updates since I installed gentoo. It feels weird not having to check for updates every day. I have been checking most days just because it's a habit. On arch you could check multiple times a day sometimes and get updates.



i've got mine set to check for updates once a week.

fledgling board that i don't expect to go anywhere. it's not public. spoilered text is link




>fledgling board that i don't expect to go anywhere

>it's not public

I don't even expect my board to go anywhere, and mine is public.



yours has a purpose, though, and a theme. it has potential. tbh, i don't really want my board to go anwhere



Just a test board then?



>just a test board then

basically. i've sent out the link a couple times to specific people, but it's just me in there. and tbh, i only ever expect it to be just me


I know I need to get my mind out of the gutter but this phrase in German is so hard to not find funny

Der Mann wacht auf



>I know I need to get my mind out of the gutter but

you're mormon … not dead


File: ebc18dd9d31e851⋯.jpg (136.61 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, hitler_laughs_in_german.jpg)

hex, rate my OC. /b/ didn't appreciate, or they didn't get the joke.



True enough





i got tagged in a facebook post once with a "know what grinds my gears? — nothing. my engineering is perfect" post. kek. the german stereotype of lacking sense of humor made me think of making this one.


i edited my bookmarks so that instead of going to the catalog, i go directly to the bottom of this page. it's /comfy/.

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