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File: 49caf6e0b418de8⋯.jpg (294.7 KB, 800x550, 16:11, e1ef91295b33b0066a68f1fcf1….jpg)


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◦post content broadly illegal in many jurisdictions, including inciting terrorism and lolicon.

◦make data mining threads, this includes suspicious links, discord/facebook advertising, and inexplicable polling

◦make zero-effort sectarian threads, "yfw tankies/trots/ancoms think…" etc.

/leftpol/ is a left wing board. If you want to argue with /leftpol/ about not socialism, race realism, Zionism, The invisible hand, the political implications of your infidelity fetish, or any other dustbin theories, Post it in containment instead. otherwise off-topic OPs will be pruned.


-Why are there two leftypols now?

The leftypol board owner banned people for defending the Kurdish factions in the Syrian war, on the basis that they were supported by the USA and were thus tools of US imperialism. Unable to post on, and unhappy with, the moderation of leftypol, this board was created.

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Oh, well! Would you look at that! Someone showed they have the guts to face truth and not run away from it like those faggots in Leftypol who're too fucking weak to even look at anything that contradicts them even the slightest little bit.

File: 6914cccad2a4c83⋯.jpg (274.2 KB, 500x793, 500:793, bba0809ec89aa3c529026eeaea….jpg)


I started reading Thomas More's Utopia recently and was wondering if we could get a thread going about left wing literature. Anyone else read this and have thoughts on the book? Can it be considered proto-socialist?

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need a reading list for Structuralism, btw

File: c83da56cc4a1c30⋯.jpeg (71.57 KB, 760x507, 760:507, 4F5AC02C-5196-4A5B-97A5-E….jpeg)


What does /leftpol/ think of Bernie running for 2020?


File: bed7978ee008422⋯.png (765.18 KB, 1342x1940, 671:970, smiling.png)

Tulsi is much better foreign-policy wise but it doesn't matter since both are going to get cucked out of the nomination by the DNC again so they can run a neolib like Harris. If I was Amerikkkan I'd vote Trump just that so the emprie continues to get destabilized and more amerikkkans end up dying.


File: 508af6ec8313597⋯.jpg (109.48 KB, 619x1000, 619:1000, alunyawarning.jpg)

Electoralism is a dead end.



Some people have to learn the hard way.


File: 2d8504244acd9fe⋯.gif (460.67 KB, 500x322, 250:161, socdemgang.gif)


And some will never learn.

File: 2d6c123bf3ec420⋯.png (33 KB, 694x794, 347:397, median wealth.png)



average people in 20 countries are wealthier than average american, even in countries like Italy, Taiwan, South korea, Spain, Ireland, Canada. and they work less than we, they have public health care, they have less stress than we.

america is shithole. we are so cucked by the rich jews.

also look at "Ratio (%) of median to mean"

in US all wealth is in small number of richest people. in civilized countries, a lot of wealth is in common people hands.

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This but unironically.



Median is also a measure of average, along with mode.



This is your brain when it misses out on Statistics 101.


>South Korea and Japan higher than USA

>when your colonies are wealthier than you



People often say "average" instead of "mean." Hardly anyone means "median" when they say "average."

File: e02716a12ebcafc⋯.jpeg (63.7 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 216C6408-9606-416E-AC3D-6….jpeg)


How would you define the difference between British development of socialism versus that which comes from Marx and mainland Europe? Many of the major British socialists over the course of the last two centuries can be seen as distinct from Marx in their utilitarian, analytic and logical positivist tendencies. How would you describe the Fabian society, for instance, in the context of worldwide socialism?



is that an unmixed white russian?


bourgeois utopian reformist cancer

only marx is right you can discard everything and everyone else

File: 73d8caa3dcc72f5⋯.jpg (8.51 KB, 269x369, 269:369, SCUM_Manifesto_cover.jpg)


Only after the male sex has been liquidated can the roots of true communism take hold


File: e4344d7c16b6eb5⋯.png (47.75 KB, 364x499, 364:499, Fish Manifesto.png)

Is this /leftpol/'s Fish thread?


File: f36645bc1752b7f⋯.jpg (22.29 KB, 300x436, 75:109, 1c5bd806a6bb40c29189e7021b….jpg)


>inb4 aquatic transportation joke


Anchor plz


Males are reactionary and should be physically annihilated for the good of humankind (i.e. everyone but men). Men created capitalism, war and domination. They are redundant and I await a female world


File: f49a1390dae47e3⋯.webm (952.1 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 1550374251535.webm)


we have enough actual examples of "Leftwing" feminists hating men, including the reddit """socialist""" subreddits. Why make a shitpost like this pretending to be a socialist feminist who hates men when we already have so many real examples of actual feminists who think that hating men is a requirement for socialism?


GOD imagine being that bicycle seat…

File: ae8da9cd7c83bcc⋯.jpg (220.81 KB, 1436x1016, 359:254, biodiversity-loss-feature-….jpg)


Too many people consuming too much resources.

Everything's on the table, speak your mind.

Extra points if it's practical.

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File: fbe52fe45e52476⋯.jpg (71.05 KB, 600x452, 150:113, energy feasibility.jpg)


Precisely. We don't just need sustainable infrastructure, but safe and democratic infrastructure.



I didn't know there are green anarchists that are not only for statism, but also support reddit initiatives like the earth strike. I think you should change your flag.


File: 3450f4f4aa7c275⋯.jpg (118.27 KB, 536x758, 268:379, hambi bleibt.jpg)

File: 6f312080dec8c8c⋯.jpg (72.19 KB, 960x960, 1:1, fridaysforfuture.jpg)

File: 396cdf1bea172fb⋯.pdf (1.52 MB, ipcc global warming of 1.5.pdf)

File: 1b8652c87bf7f85⋯.pdf (1.41 MB, heck2018.pdf)


I lived for several months on outlaw farms with no leaders. We built wind turbines, cultivated after permaculture, had consensus assemblies and so on. Against deforestation and coal-mining, I co-occupied the Hambach Forest. Do you really think I need to change my flag? I'm totally for an emancipatory environmentalist grassroots revolution. But as long Westerners are so focused on consumption and technology, you simply cannot adress the ecological crises without authority. Just like Nietzsche wrote:

<He who cannot obey himself will be commanded. That is the nature of living creatures.

And don't forget the power elites who will corrupt any effective attempt for changing the system. Studies suggest we need a disruptive transformation due to planet boundaries and peak ressources. We only have few years left otherwise ecofascism will rise or catastrophes will be immense.

Also, only because it's initiative it isn't bad per se. But you can also root for fridays for future and their climate strike.


File: 35b304366f4514b⋯.png (2.09 MB, 1512x1512, 1:1, 1411769817206.png)



>you may one day make your bread by reforesting farmland seized in the revolution

Feels pretty good. I don't see why the resistance would have to be authoritarian though. Seizing private property isn't authoritarian but rebelling against authority. And the process of seizure doesn't need to be centralized. The more distributed it is, the harder it is to fight. Feel free to make the case.


File: e14a22868e350ce⋯.jpg (93.74 KB, 499x270, 499:270, Trump global warming china.jpg)

File: 5ce65abb515f180⋯.png (66.46 KB, 600x353, 600:353, global warming.png)

File: 72138c773da89a8⋯.jpg (52.07 KB, 422x293, 422:293, global warming elephant sn….jpg)

File: 2a816a630c47726⋯.jpg (88.21 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, inhoffe snowball.jpg)


Tax dirty energy. Subsidize clean energy. Stop glorifying ignorance and science-denial.

File: 5a7b288dcb43556⋯.jpeg (844.63 KB, 1242x1515, 414:505, 69D261F0-0FA6-433E-A4BD-4….jpeg)


/leftytumblr/ is talking about us again. Notice how they complain about “muh misogyny” and “muh nazbol”. This is what happens when Idpol runs rampant with no effective moderation. Looking at the difference between here and there, all I can say is:


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>If my government could implement a word filter on the entire internet they would do in a heartbeat.

I am less concerned about a government filtering language than I am with private institutions filtering language, since they have no transparancy and answer to no one but the board of directors. Also, private institutions would be significantly more able to enact such a filter.


Never trust tankies and their reddit mercenaries.


hey progressives and antifascists here's a fascist server where you can post anything there are no mods all the fascist mods got banned LETS TAKE THIS OVER https://discord




File: 362a83f0b5ccf40⋯.jpg (160.32 KB, 1242x697, 1242:697, cassie jaye feminism.jpg)


>I admit that I don't know anything about feminism but please take my opinion on it seriously

anon did you ever wonder why everybody who DOES understand feminism thinks it's shit? The only people who defend feminism are as informed as you are.

Pic-related was a feminist. Then she learned about feminism and realized she can't be a feminist because she doesn't hate men



No there will be no incel up rising.


File: 734622035c0a4f1⋯.jpg (67.25 KB, 600x928, 75:116, gorilla.jpg)


ITT - Questions/Topics that don't warrant knocking a thread off page 15. If you think it'll start a long reply chain, make a thread.

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>No they weren't.

Then explain how Europe took off while the rest of the world stagnated.

>Only after Columbus and de Gama set off far and away the biggest economic windfall in human history. Europe's advancement owed everything to that event, and now that capitalism has gone global it is beginning to slip back behind again.

Wealth and luxuries such as spices and sugar are not mystical stuff that hyper charges the brain and makes possible advancement.

Did you conclude this theory from pepsi commercials or post-colonial studies?



Europe was the place where they tried colonialism. Actually, having Europe be kind of shit was a motivator to settle and plunder other parts of the world. Anybody from Eurasia-Africa would have been wildly successful in the Americas because of the diseases that wiped out like 90% of the indigenous people before the genocides even really got started. The non Europeans just didn't need to leech to be prosperous.



Do you honestly believe that Europeans, arabs, Jews and Kurds don’t have different genotypes from each other?


>The Chinese.

>what is Ancient Greece

>who is Isaac Newton

>who is Galileo

>The Mexicans were great at agriculture. They fed bigger cities than those in Europe by turning a swampy lake in the middle of a jungle into an agricultural wonder of the world

It’s too bad they couldn’t resist European power



>It’s too bad they couldn’t resist European power plagues caught from shagging animals




>what is Ancient Greece

Less ancient than the Zhou Dynasty.

>who is Isaac Newton

A guy who was born two hundred years after Columbus.

>who is Galileo

An astronomer who came up with a heliocentric model a three-hundred years after Nur ad-Din al-Bitruji did.

>It’s too bad they couldn’t resist European power

If only they had had antibiotics and vaccines.


>Then explain how Europe took off while the rest of the world stagnated.

Columbus and de Gama. We covered that.

>Wealth and luxuries such as spices and sugar are not mystical stuff that hyper charges the brain and makes possible advancement.

Why is it that the stupidest people are always the ones to claim that the complexity of a given society is based on the level of intelligence of its people?

File: 2bd7f36a595bf2c⋯.gif (896.17 KB, 700x600, 7:6, 1456854556026.gif)


Was gamergate communist at first? Its clear that it turned into a reactionary incel movement as time went on, but didn't it start off as a leftist movement?

87 posts and 24 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>Anybody defending Anita as a competent critic or academic is either an idiot or totally untrustworthy.

Or just blindly tribalistic. Though that can overlap with untrustworthy, but they could still be trustworthy about other, unrelated issues, while blindly defending anyone generally understood to be leftist.



Hot take: Not only was GG originally left-wing, but it's shift to the right was the single biggest factor that created the alt-right and caused the election of Donald Trump. The minute all the right-wing Youtubers sank their fangs into the movement without any resistance it was all over.



I know it seems like a big thing on the internet, but I don't think GG had that much influence on real life. The biggest factor for Trump being elected was the Democrats cheating for Hillary.




>GG is the single biggest factor leading to Trump

>The biggest factor for Trump being elected was the Democrats cheating for Hillary.

You're both wrong. The biggest factor for Trump winning is burger jobs disappearing in swing states and every other politician pretending it wasn't so.



Well yeah, but if the Democrats nominated someone who actually said they would help those people then they wouldn't have voted for a porky out of desperation.

File: e5cd7a11cb54662⋯.png (118.95 KB, 668x555, 668:555, 1549600240705.png)


Is this our new revolutionary praxis?

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>There's also a weird "submit to corporate authority" mentality here because emojis are made and controlled by tech companies.

Their representation as shitty little emoticons is. The characters themselves are just part of Unicode. But the unicode people are beholden to the institutions with power over what text encodings peoples software will use, ie tech companies, if they want people to keep using their standard and not regress back to the hellscape of numerous incompatible encodings.



(moreover, the shitty yellow svg's are what people care about.)



>beholden to companies for emojis


not as much as you seem to think


File: d7ebb7e1e5e22dd⋯.jpg (619.12 KB, 2047x1365, 2047:1365, white supremacist corporat….jpg)


>men = patriarchy = capitalism



But what about the other part? "If you're a socialist who supports gender equality you're not welcome here"


And feminists know that MRAs are not the same as incels/PUAs/willful cuckold etc, the just like to conflate them because they don't have any other way to attack MRAs. And the MRM did start leftwing, they only became more conservative because the rest of the left was overcome with misandry. Any leftists who aren't misandrists should acknowledge that and fight against the misandry on the left rather than blame MRAs for shifting away from the left.



>And the MRM did start leftwing, they only became more conservative because the rest of the left was overcome with misandry.

The MRM is still largely left wing, just that the left wingers tend not to say so. It's not so much that MRAs got more conservative as it is that their ranks swelled up with conservatives who thought it was a good way to trigger libs. It's kind of amazing how the radlib "leftists" so consistently push the idea that certain ideas make you persona non grata and turn people off left wing politics for good.

File: b9f631de566b1be⋯.jpg (77.87 KB, 612x662, 306:331, IMG_20190122_231229_360.jpg)


Natsoc here, just watched a video. I still fundamentally believe that race is the group that makes sense to identify with and fight for and you're not going to convince me otherwise so don't waste your energy. However my gripe with the left as a whole has always been 'its gonna make the country poor and I'd only want that if I wanted accelerationism' I just watched this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otMtz4w94Qs and now I'm open to argumentation on wether or not thats actually true and if its a better or worse economic system. So go ahead, try to turn me into a nazbol.

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shut the fuck up imperialist




tell that to people running organ donorship programs and people in the medical field in general who have to make shit that works or get fired



Our goal at this time is just survival bruh. Canada used to be 97% white. By 2035 it will be less than 50. USA is already just a few points above half white. Europe's demographics are changing rapidly. If things don't change soon we're going extinct.

Consider the following: The meaning, or at least objective goal of life is to reproduce. Thats actually oversimplifying it though. The actual goal is to perpetuate your genes in any way possible. Anybody should be able to come up with an example, but here's mine. In some places the dating market is so polygamous that implicit associations tests show that the men care more for their sister's kid than their own wive's kid. This makes sense because of how low a chance there is of that kid being theres. The risk outweighs the fact that if the kid is yours, it has more of your genes than your (probably half) sister's kid. The men who valued their wive's kids weren't argued, or socialized into valuing what they value, the ones who raised what they thought was their kid just kicked the bucket. In conclusion, family has objective genetic value to you. Ethnicity is just a broader shallower ethnicity. Race is just a broader shallower ethnicity. The non suicidal thing to value is race.



ethnicity is just a broader shallower family*

File: f921bd06399cc40⋯.jpg (418.05 KB, 1022x986, 511:493, tankies.jpg)


Why are Tankies such fucking assholes online? Next to Anarchists I swear to god their the worst leftist tendency to deal with.

71 posts and 10 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



wrong. useless people are actually very useful for capitalists



>and knowing […] Soviet history,

>more likely to sperg out against [burgerfats] and […]imperialism.[…]

I came here to laugh at you

Now carry on, production quotas have been increased for this gulag

More posting and dank memes are expected of (you)



>tanks don't believe western propaganda and perestroika fables therefore their knowledge of soviet history is bad


File: a5d72d88dcbadc2⋯.png (174.54 KB, 600x341, 600:341, ClipboardImage.png)


>Remember that there's a significant difference between "leftypol tankies" and "reddit/twitter tankies".



Yeah I'm gonna need a source on that pic

File: de80469ec6e084f⋯.jpg (109.57 KB, 1440x845, 288:169, e69265688c16e158e5fc2f7bf0….jpg)


Pink Floyd's Waters slams Venezuela border aid concert

Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters slammed an upcoming “Live Aid”-style concert to raise funds for humanitarian aid for Venezuela, calling the event a U.S.-backed effort to tarnish the socialist government in a video circulating on Tuesday.


EU, UK to have more Brexit talks but key disagreement intact

The European Union on Tuesday warned British Prime Minister Theresa May that her trip to EU headquarters to seek an elusive breakthrough in Brexit negotiations stands no chance of success when it comes to her central demand for the divorce deal to be reopened.


Thousands take to streets of France after antisemitic attacks

Tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets in cities across France to protest against a recent rise in antisemitic attacks.The prime minister, Édouard Philippe, was expected to attend the march in the capital along with ministers and lawmakers, while the president, Emmanuel Macron, will hold a moment’s silence at the city’s Holocaust memorial.


Trump Officials Tried To Rush Nuclear Technology To Saudis, House Panel Finds

The Trump administration sought to rush the transfer of American nuclear technology to SaudPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

7 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Have there ever actually been any trans-national worker strikes? This seems like prime IWW territory.



>Pink Floyd's Waters slams Venezuela border aid concert

Holy fucking based!


>Trump Officials Tried To Rush Nuclear Technology To Saudis, House Panel Finds

Next on the menu, 9/11 but with dirty bombs.

Seriously the American government is outright begging for a second more grandiose 9/11. Hollywood may work on a script right now. To my Burger comrades, avoid places with lots of people in it.


>Trump declares global war on socialism

There is already a global war going on against socialism. All he can do is raise the already high budget. Let's hope it strains the economy. The US are slowly reaching it's breaking point.



There is a gag order about Kurdistan and Rojava in the Western press.

If something happens there, you will never find out.

File: 841761bfbbaeca5⋯.jpg (17.51 KB, 255x184, 255:184, BearArms.jpg)


Venezuela is a great Socialist experiment courtesy of Cuba. I like Trumps quote. America will never be a Socialist Country.

Rule of Socialists. The ruler never gives up the Power. < reason Democrats would shit if a Republican ran on the Socialist platform.

24 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>nationalizations Maduro made when things heated up

Those nationalizations were in response to the economic crisis, which means they didn't cause it. The argument that Venezuela's economy was dominated private industry and markets before the crisis still stands.


File: c621c1583148468⋯.jpg (136.3 KB, 546x700, 39:50, back_pol.jpg)


>going in long-ass rants about meaningless shit

>muh niggers

>muh Capitalists

Obvious falseflagging retard. Back to /pol/, faggot






No, that moron's a longtime tripfag. If you weren't such a colossal newfag yourself, you'd recognize him from before his ban on /trannypol/, too.



>The ADL is a literal Jewish interest group.

It's an Israeli interest group, they don't actually give a shit about anti-semitism.

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