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-Why are there two leftypols now?

"Lmao WIP"

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Why is thread >>>/leftpol/73019 bumpolocked?

File: 6914cccad2a4c83⋯.jpg (274.2 KB, 500x793, 500:793, bba0809ec89aa3c529026eeaea….jpg)


I started reading Thomas More's Utopia recently and was wondering if we could get a thread going about left wing literature. Anyone else read this and have thoughts on the book? Can it be considered proto-socialist?

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File: 7ec9f23d337ce71⋯.webm (11.67 MB, 640x360, 16:9, High-speed police shootou….webm)


So in Las Vegas a cop decided to spray bullets through his own windshield in a high speed chase through a residential area yet somehow the media don't see this as being reckless.

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>Odds are if the cops let off the suspects would stop shooting.

And if the suspects stopped, the cops wouldn't have to chase them. Somehow, you're not getting the idea that these are criminals. The police as an institution sucks, but are you going to tell me that the solution is letting murderers get away?



You don't seem to understand the point of air units, they can provide air recon meaning police can choose where to re-engage the criminals.


Well high speed chases are hard enough without reducing your visibility by shooting out your own windshield. Also safety glass adds enough resistance that it will change the trajectory of rounds significantly.



I'm a lot more concerned with the news anchor who seems like he's about to jizz in his pants when recounting the events at the end. If a police officer starts shooting out of his car while driving at 60mph, this isn't some exciting movie scene, it is the lives of all involved and possibly innocents on the line. Would it hurt to take it a little more solemnly? It's things like this that glorify "police culture" and make kids think this is really cool, badass stuff.



>if you let the criminals get away they'll stop doing crimes.

Ok schlomo



>You don't seem to understand the point of air units, they can provide air recon meaning police can choose where to re-engage the criminals.

Except it clearly states in the video that he called after they started shooting. The air unit isn't there yet, so he has to stay with them. That's his job, and one of the few good things the police does.

>Well high speed chases are hard enough without reducing your visibility by shooting out your own windshield. Also safety glass adds enough resistance that it will change the trajectory of rounds significantly.

Yeah, but not to the point of not hitting the vehicle. You don't seem to know how shooting through barriers works.

File: ef9b7e46d1d33b0⋯.jpg (199.68 KB, 634x640, 317:320, stereolab.jpg)


What are some good radical left bands/artists you listen to?

File: 1db18cacb539099⋯.jpg (63.9 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 911.jpg)


Imagine being a waiter at Windows on 9/11. You show up to work for minimum wage. Everyone you serve is a millionaire. Everyone that works in the building is make 6 figures except you. No one really looks at you when ordering. You make small talk with the regulars. None of them remember your name. You struggle to pay rent. One of the regulars Larry isn't there for his 8:30 breakfast. Weird but you think nothing of it. Just like he thinks nothing of you despite serving him for years he let you die.

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No Israeli Jews died on 9/11.



>t.Buildings built in America by Americans aren't American because I like blacked.com.



>t. Mr. No source



>t.the perpetual enemy and cancer of civilisation



>still no source

File: 37444a11f3f01e2⋯.png (798.26 KB, 755x1281, 755:1281, ClipboardImage.png)


How did anti-capitalist internet communities turn so overwhelmingly Marxist-Leninist? A few years ago most of them were still predominantly anarchist, yet today you can hardly find any. Even explicitly anarchist communities are full of Marxists these days. I understand why the Spectacle prefers communists to anarchists, but I have no idea how the dominant ideology shifted. Do you have any ideas?

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Capitalism with a red flag isn't socialism, the only ML state that currently exists and hasn't acquiesced to capitalism is the one with sanctions preventing them from doing so.


>Pretty sure BO is a MTW SJW

BO called himself a tankie, is in line with actually existing Leninist parties, and went to /marx/ specifically to ask for help for shoring up ML talking points. If he's just a MTW SJW, most actually existing Leninists are as well.

>but keep calling everyone you don't like a ML/L/M as if all those are interchangeable.

I'm not calling everyone I don't like a ML, I'm calling self-described Leninists Leninists and asserting that MLs belong to the Leninist diaspora so claiming they're not Leninists is dumb. If "Leninists who hate Stalin but aren't trots" are so triggered by getting associated with MLs, perhaps they should do a better job of differentiating themselves from the majority of self-described Leninists. Sperging out with ad homs and saying to read the same works reccomend by MLs, MLMs, and Trots isn't the way to do this.



>BO called himself a tankie

So not a Leninist.


>ITT: People who have never read Bordiga



>call themselves Leninist

>read and use Lenins work for theory and praxis

>revere Lenin

>they're not real Leninists because a Leninist-Snowflakist said so

Make an argument any time.


Bordiga a shit, read Pannekoek.



Again, they don't call themselves that. You call them that. There is a difference, and you refuse to accept it because you're stupid, or because you simply want your meme ideology to mean something.

File: c2d95fe262b865e⋯.png (155.63 KB, 2752x1400, 344:175, duginism.png)


How can we fight Duginism before it imperialises us all?


1 post omitted. Click reply to view.



Duginism is too small. Whatever activity it performs is against neoliberalism, so it's also beneficial for the Left.



so what does the grey in this denote, ambiguity?



Such a predictable fucking ML response. Off yourself you fucking idiot.


Yes. Latin America apparently is a far-fetched goal to conquer, there's this sentence from the OP's linked wiki page:

>The Eurasian Project could be expanded to South and Central America.[9]

Many Latin American mestizos basically look like Eurasian Kazakhs with a tan. The racial reasoning in this is total, if you hadn't noticed. They don't want to touch far-east, far-west or African regions. It's consciously 'Eurasian race supremacist'.

What's the most concerning for me are the various strategic advantages of this hypothesized theory. For one Russia is fucking massive, has a population of relatively recently impoverished, pissed off people ready for anything to take them out of the 'rut'. From a climactic/ecological POV Russia is situated perfectly; little to no natural disasters or projected risks of desertification that could be leveraged to threaten the stability of their theorized neo-fascist empire. This spells socialist/communist revolutions far harder than, say Japan, ridden with 'quakes, tsunamis, and active volcanoes over a relatively small speck of land. Russia is already a relatively authoritarian capitalist oligarchy and a Duginian development would only worsen the situation. The only player that could leverage a buffer to their desired unipolar new world order (tankie ITT desires American unipolar imperialism to just be replaced with a Russian, openly fascist face!) would be the power-house that is China. It's starting to appear, at least to me, that China is becoming a necessary evil and a strategic must-use for any socialist. Even as anti-state socialists we most probably should create elaborate networks with Chinese workers as they have a material advantage of access to manufacturing sites for nearly every useful tool in carrying out a revolution in this day-and-age. A revolution isn't accomplished in a day either way and Chinese worker strikes are numerous, continuous and growing. I would expect a syndicalist development within China in the foreseeable future as ChiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



>straya under chink influence

>middle east under t*rkroach influence

What a funny map.

Is it from a video game or something.



Other than Canada and New Zealand the gray area is just jungle inhabited by useless brown and black people from which there's no use.

You could use latim america to help destabilize murrica but after that it becomes something completely irrelevant.

File: 742b8b9aeaa88d7⋯.jpg (173.47 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, 38538D6D-7F3C-4BD5-AC25-6D….jpg)


This about sum it up? I have politcally confused friends on social media still

(low effort)
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Are you two autistic or something?



All liberals are


oh, NOW I get it



Always when you wear balaclava, you become instantly fashionable. Ditch the rags to cover your faces, just wear balaclavas.


<what? Jews incontrovertibly control the entire government and financial media complex? this can't be happening? the young t*rks said the jews are oppressed!

pathetic /leftpol/

File: 2e0631b196e0467⋯.jpg (39.39 KB, 715x1285, 143:257, sub-buzz-17270-1530886035-….jpg)

File: 95fe23f4503020f⋯.jpg (228.68 KB, 746x808, 373:404, 1531585915590.jpg)


So, there is a story blowing up in social networks about some CIA whore and her father being apprehended by Chinese police for shilling for democracy.

Most likely it's deliberately spun to try and create a leverage in the Trade war by smearing China in the West.

I hope noone here doubts that China did absolutely nothing wrong in shutting them down.

21 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


>some CIA whore

>everyone I don't like is the CIA

>my opinions are valid because America is bad

If you are going to make a claim at least back it up with something.



The truth is apparent: anti-government interpretation of Tiananmen incident, not "we were just reading some Mao and didn't do anything…"



It's right in her proclamation: she calls for insurrection in China to replace the government in favour of ☘️democracy☘️. Her case is immediately spread in the western corporate mass and social media.



Why Xi is fake MLM anyway? China did not deviate from the concept of the New Democracy, or other core principles.


Well, too bad that someone serves the interest of the people instead of sitting on the coach and doing nothing, because anything less than immediate ideal and utopian society isn't worth it.


File: 8326de7f3f1d506⋯.jpg (609.5 KB, 778x898, 389:449, support bolivarian police.jpg)


It's okay if they are the people's police.

File: 8b868206b1de14d⋯.jpg (83.44 KB, 971x640, 971:640, givi2.JPG)


Recently I'm thinking more about ideas of separatism in the world. Of course separatist movements can lead to some really spooky shit but couldn't be support of separatism in world a way to destabilize global capitalistic powers, distribute freedoms and power more to people no matter if it's right wing or left wing, in opposition to globalism? i'm just wondering what is your opinion on this issue.

2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.


theoretically the anarchist transition could be achieved via cooperatism but it won't actually happen that way. It's basically reformism


Separatism is nothing more than a weapon. We must support it in the case of imperialist countries (i.e. Irish Republicans, Basque nationalists, FLQ)

and militantly oppose it when it becomes a tool of imperialist domination.


>distribute freedoms and power more to people no matter if it's right wing or left wing

You can't be this retarded. So if say 50 years ago Ukraine wanted to separate from the USSR and form a right wing pro US capitalist government you think this would give the Ukrainian people more power and freedom?



Imperialist use separatism to destabilize socialists revolutions (Vietnam, Korea, etc.).

We should advocate separatism too to destabilize capitalism.


Depends on the issue tbh.

Every single case has to be viewed separately.


I'm worried separatism might actually ENABLE corporate feudalism even more.

File: c9cd4c7e22e246f⋯.png (478.96 KB, 883x559, 883:559, liberalization.png)


Like, its now some to the point where we have tumblr feminists taking the 'red pill.' I swear, any day now there is going to be a buzzfeed article that's like "being a red pill feminist."

199 posts and 30 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>This is the calibre of Rick and Morty fans.

I'm not a fan, that's just your little strawman. I watched each episode exactly once save for 3. I enjoyed it, that's all. You've just got an ax to grind with people you perceive as mouth breathers while thinking boring shows like "Game of Thrones" is challenging because it has nudity and boring as porky/ fudealist politics.

You wanna talk about a show antithetical to the left, there you have it.

>You're a lolcow for being familiar with a pseud like Peterson

God damn get laid son. Peterson is sucking up all the air in the superstructure right now. Am I lol cow for knowing the lyrics to "Drake" songs too. Wew

>but not knowing who Nietzsche

I know who he is, just never actually read his philosophy.

>is despite thinking nihilism is cool.

Wow you are one spooked tribalist. I don't think nihilism is cool per se. I can just empathize with a perspective that's not my own and enjoy it on its own terms.

>No, I got this from you talking about how heroic

I said he's depicted that way, you don't want to admit this because it undermines your 'Harmon is secretly talking to me theory.

>what a solace it is to have such a shining paragon of masculinity in media.

He is very masculine, he's uncompromising smart, ambitious, strong, and he leads and mentors. Characters like that used to be legion on TV but the SJW social media culture killed those kind of depictions of men for a decade, which one reason why "Rick and Morty" became so popular.

Its a cycle, the original FOX network originally aired black urban centric shows in the early 90s at a time when NO over the air (read free) TV stations were doing that and blew up.

FOX News aired conservative centric news at a time when all other news channels and shows were liberal, and they blew up.

Marvel created a bunch of interlocking moviesPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: abc790a5aa290e4⋯.png (52.29 KB, 254x253, 254:253, calvin.png)


>I'm n-not a Rick and Morty fan




>>I'm n-not a Rick and Morty fan

I'm not, just not a humorless humbug like you.


>Knowing what material cultural and psychological notes a show is playing on means you agree with its perspective.

It's hilarious how much of an autist you when you can't even empathize with the experience of millions of people even though successful producers like Harmon can do it consistently.

How can you be so opinionated about media production when you know so little about how its made?



Ephebo poster here. Not sure if I've mentioned this here before, but I work in STEM myself. I've never watched Rick and Morty, but it sounds like Rick is the way he is because he's taken so much bullshit from a society full of retards that he's lost all patience with them and just wants them smacked the fuck down. I understand what this is like better than the majority of the posters here. In many of the arguments that I've had about not only consent but various other topics on /leftypol/ and /leftpol/, it was apparent that most of the people citing various studies didn't bother to read them, and that both they and the people who did the studies have no fucking clue how science is supposed to work. But for some reason (liberal feminist cunts) these people are in charge of scientific institutions and forcing junk science as the consensus for the sake of their politics. In the past they only did it to humanities fields like psychology where their STD-ridden cocksleeves vomited a collection of fake studies full of thinly disguised bawwwwing that guys wanted fresh teenage hotties and not used-up skanks, but feminists are trying to ruin biology, neuroscience and computer science now. Just recently I heard about a new book where some dumb bitch complains about how machine learning algorithms are racist. I'm long past fed up with all of western society's bullshit, so your post is relevant to my interests.



>but it sounds like Rick is the way he is because he's taken so much bullshit from a society full of retards


He is the way he is because in the show the "infinite parallel realities where anything and everything that can happen has, is and will happen an infinite amount of times" theory is real and he feels that anything he or anyone does is utterly meaningless because of that so he just doesn't give a fuck.

File: 8531560a189e840⋯.jpg (77.54 KB, 726x636, 121:106, 3ff31ca.jpg)


post all your totally undeserved bans/screenshots of mod abuse here, and stop clogging up the rest of the catalog.

445 posts and 118 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.




hahaha, the "rightwing" version was posted afterwards. the leftypol version was made first and was preceded by OP asking for help writing his essay a week ago.

"Literally read you idiot"



Yes and there's literally nothing wrong with that.


Shut up spook poster, you fucking giga faggot.



Whoops forgot my shitposting flag.



>not putting the stache that said that anarchist and shit deserve whats coming to them


File: 7b653d6dfff11af⋯.png (420.62 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [HorribleSubs]_Mitsuboshi_….png)


What the fuck is going on? Seems like we've fallen off the top boards in the last couple of weeks. Are people seriously going back to /leftypol/?

90 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Was that you?

>He's stupid, socialism cannot be built in a single country, the revolution needs to be world wide, let alone if it's a third world country and his economy is based on one of the most wanted resources for capitalist countries

I'm not saying that I would have banned you but that post sounds like fucking retarded bait.



> For example, I took to training some students at my school, as I'm a vet.

Why the fuck can't i find leftie vets to do this with?



I really don't use discord that much so I can't exactly say. Ask around and I'm sure you'll find people wanting to advertise their server. That being said, like leftist orgs in general, there are literally dozens.



It's because many leftists recently turned third positionist or fascist.



>most leftist turned fascist

>trans flag

Not bait at all

File: f31111d42836f2a⋯.png (70.22 KB, 197x196, 197:196, BOPorky.png)


In the /leftypol/ whine thread we were discussing the possibility of creating a whole new leftist imageboard outside of 8chan, so that we aren't dependent on the 8chan admins anymore. It was brought up that we could prevent it from dying out like bunkerchan by making it more accessible and fixing features quickly if the userbase doesn't like them. Thoughts?

177 posts and 15 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.




How will moderation be handled and can users vote to get rid of bad moderators?



Jim would purge harder than leftypol bo. The real jew is in the anti-semite.




go back to your hole



1. Please actually do read some of the replies in here. There has been a lot of productive discussion that most probably would aid you in some way or another.

2. Federated textboard with tagging sounds very interesting. I'd say go for it. A suggestion would be giving an onion link as well, as you'd be barring an important demographic of radicals with proper OPSEC from being able to contribute dialogue. Also it provides more trust in general.

An interesting concept would be to also have a forced anonymity. I.e. no name-/trip-/flag-fags. At most, if continuing conversations would prove to be too difficult, the ID: system would be best as that still doesn't introduce static, identifiable personas, which always more specifically was the problem with the aforementioned 'fagging'. By "forced anonymity" you force quality, sincere, comradely dialogue in a unique way that persona crafting always manages to derail.

Keep up the good work!




I was up with it until I read that we can't post files

File: e338920cdad42e6⋯.png (50.57 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, zenarchy.png)


What forms of religion and spirituality are most compatible with socialism, anarchism, etc.?

Zen Buddhism, particularly the Soto school, seems to fit well with anarchism, given its emphasis on questioning and seeing through false social constructs. Taoism also fits, and notably Zhuangzi is sometimes pointed to as an early left-libertarian thinker. The ancient Chinese philosopher Mo Tzu seems like a proto-Marxist, based on his ideas on universal love and utilitarianism.

Pantheism and panentheism are conducive to collectivistic economics and collective action, so that includes religions like Sikhism, as well as certain Sufist traditions like the Bektashi.

Quakerism's contemplativeness, anti-hierarchy tendencies, and social responsibility seem to lend themselves to the left. Of course, there's Tolstoy's Christian anarchism, as well as the liberation theology tradition within Catholicism.

Jewish communities had Bundism, but it almost seems like that (and anarchism) lent themselves more to more secular and philosophically-minded Jewish humanists.

It's a little bit silly, but some members of the Satanic Temple can speak pretty eloquently and effectively about both individualist philosophy, as well as progressive politics.

17 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Deterministic religion = true spirituality achieved through ego dissolution and makes for the impossibility of an oppressive church (can't tell people they go to hell for their """sins""" if they literally were determined by a shitton of variables to act the way they did). Be wary that it's a dangerous truth and while some people will outright posit the existence of absolute free-will, it would inflict immense pain on ill-prepared people to have their "practical" illusion shattered at once, so don't be a dick.



Also IMO this is a much more controversial question than that of God.




It's an interesting point/question. It seems like the standard position, of course, is that determinism effectively true, but we should act as if we have free will. Which now that I think about it, is a position with serious shortcomings. For example, acting as if one has free will could mean taking responsibility for bettering one's life, which I think is healthy. But on the other hand, a really useful thing about acknowledging a deterministic universe is that it might free one from basically useless emotions like shame, which can hold a person back.

I'd be interested to hear a protestant's perspective, because I thought determinism was a big dividing factor between different branches. I accept determinism, so I guess it's ironic or hypocritical that I'm at least theoretically a little more sympathetic to methodists who don't support the deterministic view that God already knows what we're going to do, since a god who isn't knowingly creating people doomed for hell seems less evil than one who is (predestination). But then, fond as I might be of Quakerism, I am no Christian.


File: f8d415d3ba6fb9a⋯.png (31.78 KB, 128x128, 1:1, spinoza.png)


>is that determinism effectively true, but we should act as if we have free will.

It means "you" as a person are simply the sum of your past lived instants grouped together under memory. I also think people simply find consistency with their life experiences, much like constantly learning algorithms. So other people have the relation to their self as you do, they think the way you do, they just have a different set of input data and therefore built reasonings and assumptions accordingly.

>But on the other hand, a really useful thing about acknowledging a deterministic universe is that it might free one from basically useless emotions like shame, which can hold a person back

Spinoza already figured this out. He pretty much wrote a treatise like a mathematical demonstration including an entirely theory of how human emotions like shame, pride, guilt, envy, sadness, joy, desire etc. work. It's demonstrated meaning you don't have to take it for granted, the reasoning is explicit and rests on previously demonstrated statements all the way to axioms. Like math basically. So yeah, if you want to be decent in philosophy, you need to master Spinozist thought. Also it's the greatest vaccine against fascism.



Also free-willist interpretations of society, people, one's own self, politics, history etc. tend to be shallow, superficial, judgemental and unscientific.

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