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File: 3d744f71fdaea00⋯.png (41.89 KB, 800x528, 50:33, nonazbols.png)


Whats the mentality behind Nazbol?



The LHP, adversarial wisdom/dark gnosis, anti cosmic transgression etc


File: 919d3e6e8c89622⋯.png (668.95 KB, 573x800, 573:800, niekisch.png)

Simply the mentality of the wise one that realized that enlightenment has failed and we need to sacrifice people to the gods if we want to destroy the bourgeoisie.


When being a tankie ain't edgy enough, you become NazBol.



Pure retardedness.

Nazbols are /pol/turds LARPing as lefties. Notice how every single one of them goes the autistic way of "muh white aryan" race and "muh ethno-state".

Nazbolism is merely white identity politics with a leftist leaning.





these are not nazbols, but pol larpers.

you have been deceived by /pol/, congratulations.



this. though it can intersect with Christian "White" Magic too.



Niekisch was a God among men.

too bad most lefties don't even know who he is.



"they are what I say they are because I said so"



Shut the fuck up Adolf




>The LHP, adversarial wisdom/dark gnosis, anti cosmic transgression etc

That article might say something profound . I'm stumped what it might be, though.

I've got more from this article on LHP and RHP:




inversion of liberalism, to the extent that it also rejects what is shared by the /left/ and liberals, like universalism and rationalism (contra irrationalism)

something like this >>113205


File: b0fd2714f1f0121⋯.jpg (47.98 KB, 400x523, 400:523, MalalStriner.jpg)


Sanity is for the weak



take your meds






"Shitposting is fun."


I don't know, but I wish I had a nazbol gf (male)


File: 65fcff6ac78ef73⋯.jpg (76.77 KB, 512x512, 1:1, IMG_20180308_223416.jpg)

As the century unfolds we'll see the legitimacy of the liberal, democratic nation-state continue to erode, add to this resource repletion and overpopulation, and the result is that the center cannot hold. The expected reaction of the west to these developments -fascism- cannot deliver on its promises of a galactic lebensraum extending forever. Only a NazBol Imperium -sacred and proletarian- can overtake civilization and develop it in a more natural, solar, traditional direction, away from the ideology of everlasting expansion common to liberal capitalism and fascism, an ideology that is not sustainable and will bring nothing but ruin.



Asserism's trolly cousin.



Nazbowl is hell


File: 15042e251cd7928⋯.jpg (69 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 554120.jpg)

It is mostly to be edgy, but Nazbol is less fascists pretending to be communist and more communist pretending to be fascists

There's this dating site called wasp love for example and oh my God the bitches on the far right are HAWT. Why can't you ever find a leftist girl who isn't just a liberal whore or like some clinically bed ridden autist?

I saw this one fashy cunt who was 54 years old and still made my peepee erect. There's 24 year olds who can't do that.

Fascists stole all the decent women if the nawalt even exist at all. Nazbol are taking them back. You're welcome ingrate.



schizo post


Socialism in one country. I am not Nazbol, but I can see the sentiment.

You certainly do not need the Nazism elements but the mentality of state socialism and development of social patriotism (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soviet_socialist_patriotism) in the building of the state apparatus/dictatorship of the proletariat may be necessary to prevent counter revolutionary behavior in the early immediate stages. Once the society is developed and unified you can focus your resources on world revolution.




real life Nazbol isn't even racist. watch a documentary on it, or read the wiki entry ffs…



>There's this dating site called wasp love for example and oh my God the bitches on the far right are HAWT.

I tried signing up but the verification link doesn't seem to work. (I was honest on the application. I put "Marxist". Hot right wing bitches would probably find out sooner or later anyway.)

It might have been a waste of time anyway.

Slavoj claims dating sites are a poor substitute for falling in love:




Nazbols are so dumb and gay. It manages to get the worst elements of the left and right into a soggy pile of shit.

Democratic conservatives like Winston Churchill have more character than embarrassing incels.


File: 4f38f72a4b146ae⋯.png (791.7 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, nagato.png)


There are many problems with this article.

>"The Mystery of Sofia" became "class consciousness"

This is the disease called "immanentization of Eschaton". Although class consciousness or any kind of ideological awareness can resemble an image of Sophia's re-awakening, the two operates in completely distinct levels.

>They transferred the dispute to the level of things, understandable to modern average people.

Just an analogy, the assumption of Dugin is baseless. And quite frankly non-sensical, even though, yes, gnosis can be very useful even for mundane everyday's stuff and Marx's marxism would have been 100 times powerful if he was gnostic (which he wasn't)


Please, race idolatry is plainly blaspheme to me, a direct road into the Archons' arms

>We have forgiven nobody; we have forgotten nothing. We have not been deceived by the change of social scenery and political actors. We have a very good memory, we have very "long arms". We have a very severe tradition. Mazes of life, spirals of ideas, vortexes of anger…




most internet nazibois are just edgelords



I'm not a subhuman burger that cannot live without chemicals.



>Whats the mentality behind Nazbol?

"Haha, hello my totally fellow Nazis. Say, nazism is great, but you know what's even better? Communism! We should all be communists instead, haha!"


>TFW most people here don't know anything about National-Bolshevism in its various incarnations

>They instead just sperg out and assert random shit they make up about the ideology based on the name.

This proves everything I said about LARPing. Nazbol completely destroys the LARPer's world viewpoint because it violates his sacred calf of 'Left vs Right'. His NPC-tier brain shuts down upon the thought that ideologies aren't limited by a binary spectrum. The 'le rational centrist' is included too. Since, centrism just means peak liberalism, he sees the Nazbol as the complete repudiation of the precious liberalism he loves so much. And since liberalism is linked with the very idea of democracy and freedom in his mind, he creates the idea of Nazbol meaning an Orwellian state. The lolbert/centrist only sees politics in terms of freedom vs oppression and thus has the very same 'you're with us or against us' mentality. Never mind that Limonov is a figure who is in favor of democracy and even some socially 'progressive' attitudes long as it doesn't interfere with a Russian nationalist agenda. (This is why you see plenty of girls, even the ones who you'd expect to be in an antifa group, within Limonov's Nazbol movement.)

On the internet, Nazbol is just a general repudiation of the 'left-right' dichotomy created by LARPers based on an inaccurate view of early 20th century history. It simply sees the issue of globalist liberalism for what it is and seeks to create a new set of politics to deal with the capitalism of the 21st century. Honestly, I dislike the label myself as I despise the Bolshevik movement for what they did to the radical SRs/Left SRs as well as what they did to the socialist Ukrainian nationalists, Green peasant armies, and Makhno's anarchists.



9/10 of those are catfish and the other 1/10 uses myspace angles. Irl the package doesn't match the advertisement.

t. fucked some lolberts and christian conservatives


File: 8397c53f767105e⋯.jpg (16.2 KB, 486x350, 243:175, edd38e3dd20602f0d582c47a61….jpg)


Ironic nazbol=funposting or shitposting about ideologies

Unironic nazbol=The usual red-brown mentality rebranded with memes



File: 0243ad880fb46f5⋯.png (2.44 MB, 1692x1772, 423:443, nazfags.png)

Nazbols are just /pol/fags shitposters. They want socialism exclusively to "aryan" people; aka white idpol garbage.

They should just fuck off from the internet altogether along with tankies.



It's Communism+Racialism. They believe in the main basic doctrines of Marxism ( proletariat take over,class struggle). However they also promote total ethnic identity, preservation of the race (through violence if necessary) and social Darwinism like the nazees did.

It's basically just communist's pretending to be fascists,most of them will get tired of NazBol and move to be full Marxists (just look a the BO of fascism,he's a great case study on this).





t. complete illiterate and red lib morons



t. red-brown



>It's basically just communist's pretending to be fascists,most of them will get tired of NazBol and move to be full Marxists (just look a the BO of fascism,he's a great case study on this).

No. If you refer to irl Nazbols, they are merely Russian Strasserites, aka third positionists (white idpol with left wing tendencies). /pol/fags merely adopted them since both hate jews.

Long-story-short: Nazbols must fuck off back to /pol/. Why in fuck we even have a nazbol flag is beyond me.



>Why in fuck we even have a nazbol flag is beyond me.

We also have a Nazi flag, it is to spot them even more easily.


Nazbol found that the problem that kept western marxism backward and subjugated to bourgeois egemonia was that marxists of the 2nd Internationale and even in the 3rd Internationale too still had their roots in liberalism, poisoned by positivism, determinism, linear and quantity focused way of thinking, with a 19th century mentality. They never proceeded to reform themselves thorough marxism and reform marxism to real conditions.

When Lenin defended himself against the Revisionist Inquisition affirming his orthodoxy he wasn't wrong, but still he lost some ground recognizing de facto a religious dogmatic criteria of legitimacy. (Btw Giovanni Gentile was a very important influence on Lenin) So this is the original sin of marxism-leninism. MLs in the vast majority never really understood the jump that Lenin and Stalin made them do, they may act as they did, but they don't really think as if they really did. They still liberal, not in the moderns sense obviously (well maybe some yes), but 18th/19th century liberals most definitely.

Nazbol doesn't care, is born virgin, and Juche doesn't care either.

Robespierre was the first nazbol. He told them: Here's a tree, he's le Être Supreme, worship him. That's what really get him killed I think.

So, nazbol disrupt the magic frame that the ruling class, that is in the occult by millennia and knows how to fuck around with the masses, put around us. That's why nazbol is strawmanned, memed, disfigured, false-flagged as hell, instantly suppressed on sight with the help of Left and Right, the capital's watchdog. Even if it is irrelevant and funny, nazbol could break the conditioning (lol) in a matter of seconds.


File: 15042e251cd7928⋯.jpg (69 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 554120.jpg)


This. It's why I use the bowl flag.

You hit the nail on the head of positivism. I'm not a Marxist because I believe in humanity, but in spite of it. Socialism keeps people from being totally depraved psychopaths. Nothing more. Doesn't mean it's perfect, doesn't mean it can't mutate, doesn't mean there's one easy answer.

Capitalism is human nature just not in the way conservatives claim it to be. It's not natural to have five kinds of radiation exposure around you at all times while blaming smoking for cancer rising.

But it is natural for people to seek out oppression or to oppress. Hence the psychopath.

If these libertarian turds just wanted to be left alone the last thing they'd advocate is unbridled capitalism. You know what's worse than the government imposing a seat belt law? An apparatus around it where you gotta get to work somehow and there's no method readily available except owning a car that eats up half your pay.

And that's assuming you aren't magically banned from the private roads but somehow the road warrior moderators aren't taking liability for every car crash. Why the hell not?

So nazbol. Edgy racism and sexism just helps ease the pain.



Cool logo? Nazism without the concentration camps? I don't think anyone knows what is is beyond those two points.

What are the bullet points of the ideology?


File: d341c43b3da64c7⋯.webm (1.32 MB, 800x450, 16:9, destiny spasm.webm)



There are currently 4 nazbol threads, 3 of which are complaining about them.

How can one meme ideology cause this much butthurt? It's because nazbol is a sore reminder to most leftists that they are actually liberals. Acting as a court jester, the nazbol can attack the left for all of its idpol, but shield itself in post-post-post-irony and anticapitalism. I've said it in the woketard thread, nazbols are usually leftists that have become disenfranchised with how subverted true leftism is, and want to have some of the fun shitposting the right engages in a lot. Having disdain for his former comrades, the nazbol can relentlessly mock them for being red liberals. Just look at this thread, the sheer asspain they generate for simply being mentioned. Often people online (plebbit, twitter, on the chans) will try to label them fascists, but these accusations always fall flat. You can't make fun of the court jester, he may be clownish, but he's made you the butt of the joke here.

</pol/yp fascist larper!

No one can deny that idpol has infected leftism like a virus, re-purposing every action to just produce more idpol. The nazbol reminds the communist that his ideology is doomed to political irrelevance, and has ultimately failed because of how liberal it has become. Worst yet, nazbol seems like an alliance with fascism, which only enrages the communist further. Seeing how the political landscape is evolving, we are moving towards fascism versus international, centralized capitalism. Perhaps capitalism still exists in fascist states, but capitalism is fractured globally. Seeing massive movements of workers throw their weight behind proto-fascists (like Bolsonaro) makes leftist jealous. Weren't we entitled to the working class revolt? Wasn't it supposed to be ours? How did we fail? The nazbol comes along and answers, "because you were liberals the whole time, fags" and just laughs. You can't call him homophobic, or else his accusations of liberalism will be validated. You can't call him porky, because he is against capitalism and wears the hammer and sickle. You can call him fascist, but that just falls flat.

<This board is raided by /pol/yps

Having become disenfranchised from the left myself, I can accurately say that other leftists pushed me away from marxism. 4chan /pol/ may be overrun with rightwing thought, but hell is it a fun time to browse. Even if I disagree with some of the debates, it's fucking hilarious to see the sperging and drama that goes on. Hearing Dickie Spencer calling Sargon a dumbass live in front of thousands of people got me laughing until my sides literally ached. It's this sort of freedom to shitpost and watch whatever I want is much more appealing than living under moderation that bans people for disagreeing with idpol.

I'm still against capitalism, and am happy to see rightwingers seeing the light and rejecting capitalism. However, I cannot identify with other leftists in the year of our lord 2018, who have become helicopter moms policing everyone else.



im glad you're back here gadsdenfag (or plausible gadsdenfag impersonator). i missed you since I stopped going to the other board.



>4chan /pol/ may be overrun with rightwing thought, but hell is it a fun time to browse

well what's stopping you from going there and staying there, shitpost-kun? it's the internet, be free little timmy

on halfchan /pol/ you can gossip about your very favourite opinionstubers among other outrage-addicted aesthetics-as-politics extremely-online republican-except-edgy kiddy-boomer alliance members

>happy to see rightwingers seeing the light and rejecting capitalism

anti-capitalist rightwingers haven't been able to identify capitalism since the 30s, and even then were in a tiny minority

nationalist class collaborators are eternally doomed to find out that 'their' state is that of the bourgeois class, and the interests of the state are thus the interests of the local bourgeois class


It began as a Russian meme (is to say not serious).

If you can read Russian language, you can learn a lot about its beginnings (It was sort of like Pepe the frog as a symbol of Trump MAGA stuff)

Unfortunately informattion in English language treats it like a serious thing but in RF it was basically a meme/joke to fuck with people.

Western people who adopt it as a serious thing are bizarre. What fucking idiot would believe in mix of nazism with its polar opposite Marxism



I come to /leftpol/ when I want to seriously discuss capitalism. The board is slower, and attracts others who are like minded. If you're not effortposting, you're wasting your time going on infinitychan. There are other posters on /leftpol/ and /pol/ that are willing to talk about the other side's beliefs and engage with them, and being able to flesh out my mind is a form of exercise and mental clearing for me. Independent media is also important, as capitalists will not allow dissent on their platforms. I want to hear leftist perspectives on lots of issues, but often there is a lack of response. I wanted to discuss Julian Von Abele with other leftists, but I see that neither /leftpol/ or /leftypol/ had said anything about it. I also noticed no discussion of Pelosi and Schumer meeting with Trump.

Content creation is important and should not be shunned. Maggie Mae Fish made a 56 minute video on how fightclub is secretly fascist, while rightwingers discuss the yellowvest protest. Young people use youtube as their news and commentary increasingly, shunning the platform is just hubris. Where are the videos from leftwingers on the yellowvest protest? I could only find MRN doing a video on it. Don't give the fascists the entire platform.



why don't you come over here with your big fat nigger cock and try and make me shut up?



huh… ok.


I'm pretty sure the underlying instinct of National Bolshevism must be the desire to be as edgy as humanly fucking possible. It's literally a fusion of two of the most hated ideologies of the 20th century.

Right wing populism, and white nationalism specifically, prey on the working class by telling them the problem isn't that they're oppressed by an exploitative economic system, but rather by vulnerable groups ethnic and religious minorities, immigrants, and women. I can see how something like National Bolshevism could develop in people who gain a tiny bit of class consciousness and develop Stalinist pseudo-communist sympathies, while still being sympathetic to Neo-Nazism. Of course, the ideology is completely incoherent since its adherents remain victims of the divide and conquer strategy, and since not socialism and fascism are inherently corporatist.

National Bolshevism is somewhat useful though, because it's so disconnected from reality, and so moronic, that it's a good way of weeding out reactionaries hiding in the online socialist community. I specify online, because I've never seen anyone retarded enough to admit being into this shit IRL.


File: 2443ebd3e989ef2⋯.jpg (56.05 KB, 351x496, 351:496, Vernadsky.jpg)


Incorrect you anal-retentive mentally ill greenie, the G A N G

does not discern between niggers, spics, chinks, gooks, wops, rice niggers, other kinds of rice niggers, thieving siptars, subhuman burgermenschen or even jews


is about one thing first and foremost:

Human supremacy. We are destined to terraform the universe and we are not going to let a bunch of shortsighted fools that are too busy picking seeds out of their feces to see our cosmic destiny as caretakers of the very fabric of being, with a direct phone line to GOD, stop us.

The Sionista and the Financier Class will be removed. The BEIC will crumble, its proxy burger muscle deflates as we write these words. Multipolarity will ensue, exponential growth and the beginnings of a physical solar system economy.

when men walk on mars among the indigenous flora and fauna then we will hopefully be free of the suicidal greenie menace



Either you're a very dedicated troll, in which case well done, or you're the most hilariously delusional retard I've encountered in quite a while. Which is impressive as well, in its own way.





File: 6bbe8971ad97006⋯.jpg (40.12 KB, 540x327, 180:109, Celine.jpg)


the beauty in all of these irreverent shitposters is that they also act as the perfect cover for a 20k strong non-mechanized paramilitary organization that can move seamlessly across the borders of eastern and western Europe. I can literally tell you about it right here on the clear in front of all the alphabet mafia cunts and they still wont believe me


File: 83f2c0cacabd510⋯.jpg (137.58 KB, 1024x647, 1024:647, sankazb.jpg)


This. Nazbol is all about establishing the Human Empire. These ideas were already in the mind of Dante as an example, who also happened to be a member of the Gnostic Gang, so the perfect synthesis now we have. Gather all human power, discover every secret, overthrow the evil Demiurge from the nature's throne.


File: 210299b84bdc094⋯.jpg (306.72 KB, 960x608, 30:19, NAZZZ.jpg)


Silence Biomass

You dare to call D&C at the G A N G, when your Gedankengut is nothing more than sloppy seconds malthusianism?

You lift your Birkenstocks over your head and you masturbate vigorously, into your own mouth, as you wallow in the anti-human psyop that is environmentalism. In the meantime we are going to cheeki breeki this shit and remove the Anglosionista burger menace

We pity you, creature. You too can be rebuilt.



The retardation and/or trolling intensify… interesting (and fun)


Being a communist who hates jewish bourgeoisie is shitty but it's less shitty than being a nazi. It's hopefully a stepping stone for racist idiots to become comrades.


File: 422f52388da4276⋯.jpg (32.55 KB, 266x400, 133:200, 951224.jpg)


PRECISELY, the Noosphere will be alight with femtosecond mindbursts from psykers across the system, racing to find the next source of energy that will propel us further into the maw of space. We shall wield matter itself, colonizing at an exponential rate, taking our seat next to THE CREATOR

Best wishes to you komrade we shall meet soon I am sure



at some point socialists will have to reckon with the fact that, since wealthy Jews have the most to gain from liberal capitalism, they will always be the strongest line of defense against marxism.



There is zero reason to point out Jews as a distinct part of the bourgeoisie



don't bother trying to use reason with them, anon

their entire position as self-justifying resentment toward the world due to no-pussy is entirely absent of logos and they will fight to defend this absence as absurd as it may seem



They use d&c on all worker revolts. Knowing your enemy is important. Nazbol will save the Ixachitlakatl


It's the first step towards actual communism for white teens who are still idpozed. Also it's a meme.


What does Bizzarro Nazbol mean?


Russian posters on /pol/



File: b3e0a2d1bc40f8c⋯.jpg (11.2 KB, 200x150, 4:3, Murphey280.jpg)


It means that they want you to give them the Destructo Beam or suffer the bizarro consequences. I hate all of them except Turtle Face.


Do you mongoloids ever discuss anything relevant or remotely interesting? Or do you always just masturbate over your own broken ideologies, desperate to find a niche you fit in?



That's what happens when you have a kiddy porn reddit like these moderated shit holes


File: 9199fa198c57245⋯.jpg (19.32 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Dog drool.jpg)

I like Nazbol because it pisses off Starbucks socialists to no end.



Wishing you were white and wishing you were a woman at the same time.


File: dec5e379157f932⋯.jpg (9.78 KB, 250x188, 125:94, big_1205086.jpg)


Yeah, man. I love their screeching.

<B-but it's fascism!!

<If you don't support instersectionality, LGBTBBQ or some other liberal shit, you are not communist!

Kys starbucks socialists



>Limonov supports some "progressive" and democratic attitudes

Name one.

In russian nazbol movement there isn't something like "le rational centrist".

It really is bolshevism mixed with nationalism.



It's what happens when you want a workers revolution but also know race is a thing



>Socialism in one country

This will never work. As proven times and times again.



What about Juche? They've stopped the army of capitalism in it's tracks by pooling their resources into nuclear development. One tiny nation of Nazbol is able to defend itself against ZOG Occupied Government single handedly, proving the superiority of command economies



I was there.

It's a shithole no one wants to live in. Not even you.



Believing in the world revolution is like pretending that war can be resolved by the clash of all forces in a single place in a single instant. Read Von Clausewitz, faggot.


nazbol is natsoc for low Autism Level poor people who don't understand economics



>See comrades, socialism in one country doesn't work, so instead of a socialist shithole we will remain a capitalist shithole.



no, feudalism with korean characteristics doesn't work.



It does make you a reactionary though



so socialism in one country does work, after all.



>Being against liberal idpol shit means you are reactionary

Wow, another starbucks revolutionary



LOL. Red-brown. It is a term created by russian liberals to describe people like KPRF, or people around magazine "Zavtra" or another "national-stalinists".

But how opposing red lib cringe makes you red brown?



>starbucks revolutionary

That's not a meaningful argument, friend. From all of your posts that I've read (since it's easy to tell when it's you), you seem hypersensitive on any issues advocating for minorities, women or LGBT people. What reason is there not to support LGBT? What reason is there not to support women's equality? Why should a communist not oppose racism? Was the Soviet Union an "idpoler" for enshrining women's equality constitutionally along with making inciting racial hatred punishable by law? If supporting those things makes me a liberal, so be it.



I was not talking about women rights or racial hatred, so don't understand how it is related to my post.

And why should I support LGBT how they are related to communism?



Do they deserve to be treated like shit and discriminated against for having a different sexual preference?


File: ef92c0fe9cb3f46⋯.jpg (143.09 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 3a75b4bb0ff3ff401fde6d2da8….jpg)


No, they don't. And do we deserve to bombed with their shit in media and everywhere?



>No, they don't

Why not? Why should a homosexual or a transgender person not enjoy the exact same rights as any other person?

>And do we deserve to bombed with their shit in media and everywhere?

I don't see it in the media that much. If you're not actively looking for stuff, you don't see much on it everyday. As for stuff like "rainbow capitalism", that's annoying because it is an obvious marketing stunt. I don't care if people have different sexual preferences or want to be seen by society as a different gender than they are, it doesn't affect my life.



No, they don't deserve to be threated like shit, I mean.



>I don't hate niggers gays, honest

>I just don't want to have to see them

Either you're a bigot or you're a socially repressed dipshit who can't handle sexuality in general and both are personal problems that you need to fix.



My english is not good.



Fair enough, but why don't they have the same right to do in public what they want as long as it is in the limits of the law? If you don't like pride parades (as I don't either, despite being bi), don't go to them, don't look up stuff with them


File: f327ebe602e9fe9⋯.jpg (1.17 MB, 4006x2667, 4006:2667, I63F3837-e1510759613375.jpg)


I don't know, how many nazbols are outside Russia (or post soviet countries, respectively). But I think their number is VERY small.

The nazbols in Russia are people who are fascinated with both bolshevism and nationalism.

But they are mostly not antisemitic or racist, thats a myth. (Maybe there was some antisemitism in NBF, which splitted up from oroginal NBP, but of them dont exist anymore, and in "Other Russia" there isnt racism and antisemitism at all)



>It's Communism+Racialism.

In other words, the most sensible ideology ever with all the elements that matter. Communism itself already combines freedom from capitalism with freedom from the state. The next step is to realize this freedom belongs to a subject. The proletariat is only the subject of the transition as in fully destroying the bourgeoisie, it liquidates itself as a class in the process. Once the proletarian state has fully laid the grounds for the productive basis for communism, then class will fully disappear, and what will remain is the purified classless tribe able to truly unite without any fatshit nonsense like "class collaboration"

NazBol works if you do it in the right order:

White workers of the first world need to rise up and form a proletarian empire to defeat all other bourgeoisie. Third world revolution always fails eventually after a degenerated worker's state. True internationalism requires conquest, and not in the name of capitalism as previous colonialism did but in the name of a new communist colonialism to make a White Worker's World State, and bring one nation to the world just as there will be one class, the proletarian, and only then when one class, one race, and one state be triumphant can you begin to wither things away to where there is no class conflict, no race conflict, and no state conflict.




>True internationalism requires conquest



This is true only dumb dumbs don't realize this. The entire failure of the left has been ironically the belief that national borders should somehow stop aggression agains the bourgeoisie, and that revolution will somehow succeed in weaker nations just because it's easier to start.



I want to live there, bucko.



Wew, nazbol is the total opposite of what you described.



small brain: Bol

big brain: NazBol

galaxy brain: International NazBol



>Nazbolism is merely white identity politics with a leftist leaning.

I fail to see a problem with that.


Question for real nazbols only: what is the actual difference between Nazbol/Eurasianism and the New Right/Inter-national Turd Position? Is it just "more red"/"more ethno-imperialist" or is there something else to it besides dank memes?



>All LGBT propaganda shit is problem of your sexuality


>you just hate them

I don't care about them as individuals, I am talking about this LGBT pride shit.

But you NPCs think, that when somebody does not agree with everything what they do, it makes him "homophobe", "transphobe" or something.



Between Nazbol and Third position there are practically no differences. Eurasianists and Dugin are pro-Putin, Nazbols are not. (it is the only difference I know, but maybe situation changed and Dugin is against Putin, who knows)



the G A N G sounds a little S I N I S T E R to me, if you know what i'm saying: like they intend to create an aeon of many aeons.

In general, the whole thread makes it sound like nazbol is a tapestry of negations in the sinister dialectic: not an ideology in itself, but something to be meditated upon, which makes one's understanding of the current political system more concrete.

—Or have i gone too far there?

Thanks to this thread, i now know just about as little about Nazbol as i did before i started it. Or not. Maybe i know less, because whenever somebody says anything about 'Nazbol', there's somebody else telling you that 'Nazbol' is, in fact, the exact opposite of that.

At least in this thread, 'Nazbol' is a dialectical move; a sophisticated devils advocation; a wakeup call—but not a self-contained ideology.

are any of the other 'Nazbol's like that? Maybe. It sound's like Limonov's Nazbol was/is something like that. Hard to tell. And maybe that's on purpose.


Anywho, i for one think it's about time Marxism moves beyond Marx, in the same sorta way anarchism moved into 'post-left'ism.

Guess that means i'm N A Z B O L G A N G



>I don't care about them as individuals, I am talking about this LGBT pride shit.

Being gay in public is part of being gay and part of society.



What is really fucked up is that "pride" makes people believe that is what being gay looks like, that it's a celebration of costumes and colors like a bunch of football fans on parade after their team wins the cup. "Pride" has nothing to do with bringing light to an experience that has been kept in the dark and everything to do with reifying a manufactured identity.



>"Pride" has nothing to do with bringing light to an experience that has been kept in the dark and everything to do with reifying a manufactured identity.

I'm LGBT and while I don't care for that lifestyle crap the fact that pride parades are possible is a good thing, and they have an historic role in the political struggle for gay rights. If you have an argument why they're bad that's one thing but as far as I can tell it's no more absurd than the pageantry of any cultural parade, and criticizing it is very frequently used as a way to try to sneak in politically correct homophobia.


Any Pol Potists here?



The post-left is absolute trash, and it has turned anarchism from something cops feared into an irrelevent joke.


File: b4b428e06082183⋯.jpg (667.92 KB, 1680x2583, 80:123, 1260eddfeedefbe85cd9c92d5b….jpg)


>as far as I can tell it's no more absurd than the pageantry of any cultural parade

Exactly! It's Oktoberfest. It's the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. It's a championship celebration. It's a pow-wow. It's a fun-for-the-whole-family way to say "look at what WE have accomplished" without the need for any of the participants to actually have accomplished anything, and underneath it all it is just bread and circuses.


File: 06873016d3e34c2⋯.jpg (184.46 KB, 1100x619, 1100:619, pride_parade.jpg)

I defend Pride parades. There is an unhealthy amount of corporate creep in them, but they were not always this way. But I always cry when I go to them – I can't help it. I'm a big softy and they are important to me. Anyways, it's more like Mardi Gras or something like but for the LGBT community. I have a lot of fun looking at all the different floats from different community organizations, athletic groups and pro-LGBT religious congregations (my local Pride has a lot of these). You'll also see friends march in them.

I think I will march next year as part of an anti-capitalist contingent because an acquaintance of mine organizes such a thing and is a member of a local socialist group. Ironically, he is petit-bourg and owns one of the (smaller) gay bars. He's a good guy. We will march in a group protesting some of the corporations (some nasty ones in particular) that sponsor the parade.


I do not believe that trying to soften the image of gay people to appeal to normies or straight people has ever worked. Ever. Under any circumstances.

I don't know if that's what you're trying to argue, with "makes people believe that is what being gay looks like." That is opportunism, and I do not care what people think of me. The enemy is not gay people who "act too gay" or whatever. None of that shit matters. The enemy isn't even the Religious Right. Right-wing conservative homophobes are more of a distraction, and their power – to the extent that it still exists (not much) – is based on keeping gay people in the closet, which is a form of psychological control much more effective than any physical prison. If you smash the closet, then you will destroy whatever power they have over you.

A Pride parade is 50,000 people cheering you as you walk down the street with thousands of other people waving flags and having a blast. It is extremely visceral and emotional. Anyways, it's a great time and the message is one of love and acceptance which is a far more powerful message than what homophobes can come up with. They want us to live in fear, whether that be of them or through concern trolling about turning off the normies or whatever.


Yeah the Russian Nazbols seem like actual left-wing nationalists though I don't know much about it. Nazbols outside Russia seem more like straight-up fascists and bigots who try to dress themselves in the colors of the left.


File: 3388458f63dd292⋯.jpg (45.14 KB, 570x428, 285:214, defend_equality.jpg)


It is that of course, but it's also a demonstration of community organization, mobilization and power. Sure, it's not anti-capitalist, but not everything is. It is a terrain for anti-capitalist struggle like anywhere else. Attempts in various quarters of the left to circumvent or bypass these things seems like a refusal to engage in real politics and real communities where people live.

Ultimately what I'm saying is that if I hadn't come out of the closet, I would have likely killed myself by now. So homophobes will have to kill me to put me back in. It's pretty simple. If some Nazbol army showed up – hypothetically speaking here – and were waving guns around and making threats like "okay fags, time to go back in the closet so we can have our revolution!" and were going to be serious about this, I would shoot the Nazbols with a rifle. This is a non-negotiable position from my perspective.

But it's not a relevant scenario because self-proclaimed Nazbols are a tiny fringe and don't have any power.

Anyways, Nazbol (at least the non-Russian version here), Asserism, etc. – these are ideological and political dead ends. This is because various "Third Position" ideologies are inherently opportunistic. They are opportunists.



I have forgotten about one thing. In 1990s National Bolshevik party was more radical nationalist. And in their magazine "Limonka" was in 1996 publishedarticle called "Black list of nations" written by Limonov himself. He argued that there are "good" and "bad" nations. As "bad" were labeled Czechs and Slovaks, Kroatians, Chechens and Ingush and Baltic nations.




In June 2017 there was a discussion between nazbol Andrey Dmitriev and Konstantin Semin, a communist who has his own show called "Agitprop" on "Rossiya 24".



The main point of Semin is that every "Third way" ideology leads to Third reich.



I could argue that every "third" ideology leads to the Third Impact.


File: 5fc83f6ab11d8c3⋯.jpg (77.05 KB, 800x570, 80:57, gendo.jpg)


It sounds like a plan


File: 03de24cfaabe5fd⋯.png (756.83 KB, 840x630, 4:3, Pride.png)


>It is that of course, but it's also a demonstration of community organization, mobilization and power.

If you look at how pride parades get put on, it is not at all the community's doing. The city and the police make way for them. Local bars and businesses promote them. Funds come from liberal party-backed astroturf organizations. Actual community groups create floats and such, but they walk on a prepared stage.

The results of pride parades show why the establishment so eagerly props the events up. The petty-porkies who own the bars, brewries, and restaurants make bank. The city officials and cops come across as the champions of the oppressed for a day before they go back to putting them in prison and evicting them from their homes the day after. The mainstream political apparatus gets to tell everyone involved, "You were right to place your trust in us. See how we are helping to make you equal!"

>Attempts in various quarters of the left to circumvent or bypass these things seems like a refusal to engage in real politics and real communities where people live.

There is nothing real about the spectacle of "pride." Well, except for the long happy hours. It is a fun party, though.


File: 966e2cfad9bfc7e⋯.jpg (127.72 KB, 1200x718, 600:359, queerbomb.jpg)


It definitely is big business, and you'll see the LGBT police liaison force, the chief of police, the mayor, etc. in major cities all taking part. I think this is a thing in big cities though because the size of the events and the fact that LGBT community is a political constituency – and yes, there's a lot of money to be made. For what it's worth, I see people clapping for the LGBT cops and so on, but I'll also see people heckle them (at least where I live), which is not a thing that occurs at… say… Oktoberfest. The police usually get a more muted reaction than the drag queens.

There are also Pride events in small towns all over, and those are usually often the local community's doing.

There are also more left-wing alter-Pride events like "queerbomb" which is the more radical, gender-bending version that hosts separate events with no cops and no corporate sponsorship (pictured: see the "fuck the police" sign). These are not in every city but my city has them and anti-capitalist orgs take part. I think the growth of these is due to the normalization and commodification of Pride.

You're making a much better criticism of course, but there is a terrain of anti-capitalist struggle here. But some of these Third Positionist "leftists" just blanket-reject LGBT culture as a whole. I don't think that works.


To be fair, nazbol in america is an oxymoron. The only thing that makes sense for a nazbolman stranded in that unfortunate place is to provide red cap tier support to Donald Drumpf in order to make America a Slavo-germanic dominion and BTFO the eternal Anglo.


It mainly stems from proletariat anger at the bourgeoisie pseudo-left liberals who pretend to be leftist when they are some of the hardest pro capitalists around

And also it's a gateway to fascism

t. Economically left leaning not socialist



>Economically left leaning not socialist

How does that even work


File: 75451ebcfe4470c⋯.jpg (31.98 KB, 355x600, 71:120, 3876418376582375.jpg)


>Be a class conscious dude but also believe in the Volk spook

>Get longknived by class cucked dudes who also believe in the Volk spook


File: a069f16eff72158⋯.jpeg (223.46 KB, 1242x488, 621:244, 2BD25D2F-C272-4512-82BF-2….jpeg)


Strasser is a crypto-capitalist. I fell for the Strasser meme once too before I got ahold of some of his German-language works to practice my reading and read what he was talking about. Then I read Marx and never looked back. Read up on the Marxist view of the state and compare it with how Strasser thinks the state can mediate between different class interests as a netural entity. Strasser doesn’t touch wage-labor and still sees capitalists as “captains of industry” and has no problem with profits, etc. Then there’s his position that the means of production should be national and THEN rented out piecemeal by the state for individual exploitation.



Nazbol is a gag ideology that the more well-read /pol/yps occasionally pick up when they discover what capitalism is but are still so deeply spooked by race and volk shit that they are not ready for any ideology that is any deeper than shitposting and memes. It takes a while to get beyond that noise.


The same mentality behind Antifa, White Nationalism, etc., by the Globalists to deflect from them as they are the problem.


File: c5ba8fea5168366⋯.jpg (34.94 KB, 1079x799, 1079:799, IMG_20181229_193110.jpg)


>'Nazbol' is a dialectical move; a sophisticated devils advocation; a wakeup call—but not a self-contained ideology

You're not so far of the mark, take the NazBol catchphrase: "NazBol Gang Assemble!" it is, as you say, an advocation. Nazbol Gang doesn't exist, but rather is being called into being by this very advocation.

You could call the whole thing an hyperstition of sorts… heh heh heh…

Anyway, that meme was growing really stale, so we've moved into greener pastures. Whatever NazBol Gang was trying to accomplish has come to pass… It's no coincidence now you see all those "shut the fuck up x" memes all over the place, that was our doing ;)

all we can tell you guys is to look forward to 2019 :p


File: e1f89d418434de4⋯.jpg (79.32 KB, 676x892, 169:223, 1480840693361-0.jpg)

Wow Jim, for once you unironically pick a quality thread. That'll do, pig farmer. That'll so.



Jim has become more powerful than his brother. He called a Michigan senator a retard to his face over a cyber bullying law doing his routine of "pick either mods are liable or gibs free stuff for being banned"

The Senator asked who the hell he was because he's a crusty old boomer and Jim said "I'm the guy whose gonna be in this congressional house one day and probably fucking your grand daughter….great grand daughter… you're old"

Nazbol gang ascending!



>Jim has become more powerful than his brother.

Jim has a brother?

>He called a Michigan senator a retard to his face over a cyber bullying law doing his routine of "pick either mods are liable or gibs free stuff for being banned"

lolwut, link?

>The Senator asked who the hell he was because he's a crusty old boomer and Jim said "I'm the guy whose gonna be in this congressional house one day and probably fucking your grand daughter….great grand daughter… you're old"

Is this a snowclone or just Jim trying to inflate his ego?






Begorrah stop right there Sassenachim, you need to care for us first.


Nazbol is idealist anti-Russian Zionist bullshit. I prefer a Marxist-Leninist materialist form of left nationalism



You know how communism always fails because of peoples individual greed?

Well the naz part of nazbol very effectively combats that aspect of human nature. For two reasons:

First you dont have the huge transfer of wealth from your country to every poorer country that you normally have with socialism. So theres more recourse to share around in your home country.

Secondly because you have a shared national identity and bond, you are far less likely to be greedy and undermine the system by fucking over your fellow countrymen. Who in a nationalist country are more like your family members than your rivals.




I mean resources.



When Nazbol gang seize a thread, its quality skyrocket usually.


File: ad327392a256670⋯.jpg (523.91 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, IMG_20181226_162319.jpg)


Yeah that's fucking right m8



>Nazbol is Russian Zionism

Wtf I'm Lehi Gang now


File: 2fe5ffac2c96b7b⋯.jpg (96.33 KB, 573x709, 573:709, 2fe.jpg)


Tbh I like Profit and Larson unironically. I know both personally. I like them because their accelerations hurts anfem feels. Forget punching in any direction punching vagina is good praxis. I'm not even being unironic. I bet you wish I was.



I for one welcome Primitivism into Nazbol. Hegel was right.




I can't think of a bigger bootlicker than anti-gun fags. Imagine wanting to be disarmed by the capitalist state



I'm not one, just sort of making a funny. but sort of being serious.


It's not socialism for jews



>not socialism

ok cute filter but now my reply doesnt make sense



"Muh Incels"

Fake and gay



He's not Niekisch that's for sure, the SA Black Front actually tried to manhandle him



Being unable to count to potato

Too much of a fag to commit to not socialism



Hold up I keep forgetting the filters here and want to check what's up with this guy.

not socialism.



Checks out, 09 is a Nazi angry at Nazbols.


When /pol/ users like me realize that an attachment to markets is a liberal prior and that a command economy benefits the volk the best. I'm fine with you guys hating nazbol, it means we can have it now. Thanks for the free gift. Also hail Eric Striker.





Not Strasser, he's mid left, I'm left leaning like Goebbels



>Punching down

>Being good revolutionary tracks

My fucking sides





Don’t make me laugh



pointing out the stupidity of pretending you care about people first, when all you care about is someone else money first.


noone wants to larp as a lefty, because leftists are complete utter shit.

Lenin warned everyone, but retards took over the boat.

The result is that the only time socialist reform ever were implemented successfully was in Germany.

All it took was getting rid of leftists and jews.



>i must shill for brown fucks because reasons.

<muh nazi breath oxygen, quick i must stop lest i get called racist!



I'm one





File: 5bcf1c4a5263033⋯.png (751.59 KB, 1008x912, 21:19, 5bcf1c4a526303332b691fee84….png)


Dubs of unknowable truth


File: e896d90280e30b8⋯.jpg (57.07 KB, 585x878, 585:878, limonov_8.jpg)


You read too much "Zavtra" articles.

>nazbols are anti russian

No. They are litteral russian nationalists.



tbqh I'm definitely pro-Primitivism but also a supporter of Nazbol, making my ultra left economic (almost Maoist level) the only thing left-wing about me.



OG Nazbol goes back to Junger, Spengler, and Niekisch. you need to read more.


File: c6f5144e667ad57⋯.jpg (61.82 KB, 709x1088, 709:1088, marqe801daq01.jpg)

This post was brought to you by the NazBol Gang


File: a5bf27e9716963a⋯.jpg (44.55 KB, 318x469, 318:469, Limonov.jpg)





/pol/lack here. I despise NazBol as the height of pointless contradictions. I believe it is exclusively populated by crazies and have never seen anything to indicate otherwise. I kind of hoped someone here would have a better explanation, honestly.


This has to be it. This is even more autistic than ancapistan.


File: a858176dd0a2267⋯.png (122.07 KB, 1152x806, 576:403, 7d355abc6f2ff92ce341509c7e….png)

It's natural that left-liberals and nazi go hand in hand hating ==N== ==A== ==Z== ==B== ==O== ==L==

Both are bourgeoise, two different positions on the liberal spectrum.











>Ethnic nationalism with Stalinism as an economic model is crazy and contradictory.

Ok bud.



>Ethnic nationalism


Read some books sometimes.



Elaborate, which book.



>muh books

Educate yourself on the subject before you open your mouth, anglo nigger.




>being this much of a book worshipper, current year

Books are not the key to knowledge, life is. The working man learns more about socialism in his daily experience in class struggle more than one will learn in a lifetime of countless books written by degenerated intellectuals


File: 214db2721fa1320⋯.webm (516.83 KB, 202x360, 101:180, unsalud.webm)

This post made by COLECTIVO NAZBOL



Nobody in leftpol or leftypol will ever learn something about class struggle in their life tbf.

>degenerated intellectuals

<Implying there is something wrong in being degenerated

Learn from Carpocrates example.



Ofc /pol/ does. Most of you are rich kids.



>Nobody in leftpol or leftypol will ever learn something about class struggle in their life tbf.

They learn what class is.


File: 5dd8fbae6a509df⋯.jpg (82.94 KB, 790x960, 79:96, 49089442_212553502985760_3….jpg)

Read Fritz Wolffeim, Heinrich Laufenburg, Oswald Spengler, Ernst Niekisch, and Ernst Junger. It's a primer on it



Knowing is useless if you continue to be an armchair retard masturbating over your newly discovered knowledge of class. Armchairs are counterrevolutionary by nature and damaging to the revolutionary process. Gulag them. If they truly cared about what they read they wouldn’t just sit around



>Knowing is useless if you continue to be an armchair retard masturbating over your newly discovered knowledge of class.

Not knowing makes you a directionless dupe who flails at shit without understanding and accomplishes nothing.



You are denying the basic communistic instincts of man. Socialism is a feeling, not some invention of your precious intellectuals. A man does not need to read or even know the name of Marx to realize that communism is in his interest



>Socialism is a feeling

No, it's not. Socialism is a mode of production. Wait, did I just get on your ruse cruise?



Both Marxists and Anarchist will tell you man had communist societies before the modern era, what are you doing nigger.



Communism is the natural state of mankind and communisic attitudes are part of our very nature – is it such a surprise that communistic attitudes are so frequent throughout history in people’s conceptions of utopias? From Thomas More, to Étienne Cabet, Edward Bellamy and many others – all have similar conceptions of the ideal society, The ideal must be made reality, establishing the socialist mode of production



Marx was a revisionist. He taught that the proletariat is going to accomplish History. Or that History lay down the condition for man's liberation. While Juche correctly assert that if there's something called history, it is what the same proletariat, or popular masses more precisely, makes in the struggle for liberation and nothing else can be called history. For nazbols history doesn't even exist and geography is more important.

Marx was great and his contribution to socialism is immense, but we need to cutoff what in his theory is not needed or is harmful to us.



I’ve started to think Marx was a bit revionist for some time personally. Your discussion of Juche interests me though, where can I read more that isn’t pure bourgeois / western Leftist lies?



>where can I read more that isn’t pure bourgeois / western Leftist lies?

Okay bud lean in close because we don't want any squares to catch in on us.

Leans in and starts whispering into your ear.

The place where you can read things that aren't pure bourgeois/western lies is…:



Some Kim Jong Il writings are easy to find. Although they can be pretty esoteric and a good grasp on MLism is needed.




You guys are actually serious. Okay.

>communist societies

No, they were hunter/gatherer societies. They get called proto-communist, because they lacked private property and class distinctions. What differentiates proto-communist societies from actual communism is that they produce what they require individually without any industrial process. Communism utilizes industrial production in order to achieve post-scarcity, whereas proto-communist societies were greatly limited by scarcity.


>Marx was a revisionist.

What exactly do you think that he revised?

>He taught that the proletariat is going to accomplish History.

Where did you hear this liberal bullshit? That nonsense was nothing but a deliberate mischaracterization that hacks like Fukuyama used to strawman the Soviet Union at the end of the Cold War. This right here is exactly why you need to actually read theory.

>or popular masses more precisely

Class collaborationist horseshit. Different classes have definatively different material interests.



Blanqui was great though.



Juche is very simple. Marxism states that everything is matter. Juche states that everything is man. Kim Jong Il is a man, therefore everything is Kim Jong Il



Blanqui was right and Marx could never admit it


Outside of Russia it's a meme.


File: e15542b13a55023⋯.webm (113.04 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Why Is Everyone So Fuckin….webm)


Kim Jong Il is dead.



>Implying it's not a meme in Russia

The only thing left from the original NBP is Dugin, Lauren Southern's bf



My nigga


File: b6e8912912df075⋯.jpg (152.28 KB, 753x800, 753:800, StirnerFedora.jpg)


>and pro-LGBT religious congregations

That’s it, fuck gay people,you used to be okay, now your something else.


File: 4af0e9942e679ff⋯.jpg (72.03 KB, 1080x505, 216:101, 1943-bengal-famine.jpg)


>Democratic conservatives like Winston Churchill have more character than embarrassing incels.

At least those “embarrassing incels” haven’t engineered a famine.


In the 1990s Uber-Reactionaries who viewed even Yeltsin and the United Russia as "To Liberal" "Jews" "Puppets of America" etc began to rebrand themselves as "National-Bolsheviks" in the attempt to court Soviet-Nostalgics and Leftists to their cause

The "Movement" had its ups and downs through the 90s attempting to pander to its true base (The Ultra Right of Russian politics) and those who it viewed as easy election fodder (Marxists / Soviet-Nostalgists / Leftists)

The "movement" effectivly died with the fall of Yeltsin with most of the Orgs Balkanising over the question of whether they should suck putins dick or not



>implying anything wrong with red-brown



i'll sum it up for you fam

>Socialist and nationalist revolution, no election or compromises with the current gov and the current parties, be they right or left

>destroy the liberal and capitalist bourgeois

>cuckservatives join the progressives in the neo-gulag gas chamber

>State socialism, but kept in check via allowing the citizens to have gun rights, should the leadership get corrupted or sabotaged

>fighting for our own countrymen's worker rights

, no internationalism

>recognizing gender roles and differences, offering equality only to healthcare, housing, education etc

>recognizing racial differences and that increased multiracialism leads to chaos in the long run.

>lgbt needs to stay in the closet

>drugs , pornography and most processed foods are unhealthy physically and mentally. Encourage a healthy lifestyle for the people

>pro environment

More could be added, but you get the picture. Read Georges Sorel, especially Reflections on violence.



>Socialist and nationalist revolution, no election or compromises with the current gov and the current parties, be they right or left

>destroy the liberal and capitalist bourgeois

So far so good.

>cuckservatives join the progressives in the neo-gulag gas chamber

Once you have killed ~90% of the population for wrongthink, what will be the next step of your master plan?

>State socialism, but kept in check via allowing the citizens to have gun rights, should the leadership get corrupted or sabotaged


You want to kill all the liberals but still base your free society on the very same ideological foundation of liberalism? Also, what is this 1789? Militias haven't worked since the Napoleonic Wars.

>a bunch of social engineering

Right, because the real problem with society is that it is not enough like what it used to be, because that worked out so well.



Junche isn't a racial supermacist movement like Nazbol is, and doesn't have fascist elements like Nazbol does. And "socialism in one country" isn't Nazbol either.

This all started because some right wing academic published a paper that said Junche was a Korean supermacist ideology and /pol/ups memed the idea into existence.

Here's an article on it


Nazbols are just sheltered liberals living in upper class white flight enclavea that follow people like Richard Spencer but want to hide their racism and brainket understanding of Marxism behind "irony". They'll go full fash when the shit hits the fan and be crushed by the dialectics of history.



How about you exit the closet and enter the work camp


File: dc4dfe552b983c8⋯.jpg (35.66 KB, 420x438, 70:73, Kim-Jong-il-portrait.jpg)


>Junche isn't a racial supermacist movement like Nazbol is, and doesn't have fascist elements like Nazbol does. And "socialism in one country" isn't Nazbol either.

It does, however, have a king.


File: 3cf7ab78e90a157⋯.png (688.37 KB, 1080x1655, 216:331, dprk not monarchy.png)

File: 7a5ae5309de4ce0⋯.png (486.53 KB, 1027x1645, 1027:1645, dprk heads of state.png)

File: b2c20be56af6768⋯.jpg (25.11 KB, 796x529, 796:529, yong-nam and jong-un.jpg)

File: 4575d38c89c7a9c⋯.jpg (80.88 KB, 1024x743, 1024:743, kim yong nam and maduro.jpg)


>a king

>who wasn't the head of state

Even Cuba before 2018 was closer to a "monarchy" than that.


File: f6a7a3b65400035⋯.png (2.4 MB, 1080x1971, 40:73, not a monarchy.png)


File: 85f063c3a03d854⋯.jpg (42.51 KB, 413x391, 413:391, kimilsung_04.jpg)



the one time I agree with an Ancomm. fugg…




I second this. acceleration is good.



You can give a king all the job titles you want, and it doesn't change the fact that he is a hereditary ruler with absolute authority.



And Khans were chosen by jirga. Still khans.


>links to American bookstores about Korea



File: 77ea80bee616d41⋯.jpg (40.24 KB, 747x420, 249:140, MAAM.jpg)


>shouldn't support the rights of lgbt and women?

The onus is on you to prove why anyone should care about lgbt people and the opinions of women. Girls don't like awkward polite guys, girls are sexually attracted to dominant, confident men. Reminder that the most common fetish for women is rape and being a sub. As for gays, they make everything about themselves and force everyone to endorse their flamboyance. I don't give a shit if you shove a dildo up your ass in your bedroom, but it's definitely outside of the bedroom now.



>An assembly of feudal lords is the same as the working class institutions

I fucking love to see how leftists overlook class character. And they do it everytime. It reminds me why I am a nazbol.

>american bookstores

The first is a Nkorean site, the second is the site of the Korean friendship association. Both with free pdfs from primary sources. This is the state of anti-jucheist.



>working class institutions

Uh-huh. He was elected to five different simultaneous chairmanships and several military titles by popular elections and definitely not by the nomenklatura. He must have run one hell of a campaign against… who was it again? Get serious, the guy collects more titles than Caesar Augustus, and you are going to pretend that he was chosen by working class mandate?

>Both with free pdfs from primary sources.

Does it have any particular pdfs that are pertinent to the discussion? Which ones? I am not going to research your argument for you.


File: b2a501e3b7f6bc3⋯.jpg (934.29 KB, 4806x2402, 2403:1201, e3df3ec6ae2123e70a0659c457….jpg)

File: 2935d9db7511f5b⋯.jpg (573.56 KB, 1080x846, 60:47, korean workplace organizat….jpg)

File: fcf50ab38cec310⋯.webm (1.63 MB, 640x360, 16:9, defector on dprk dictator….webm)

File: 83a863ce513d539⋯.png (1.95 MB, 2170x1080, 217:108, kim jong il on racism.png)

File: 19004cc07904cc9⋯.jpg (414.77 KB, 2305x945, 461:189, kim jong il juche ml.jpg)


Head of state is part of the definition of a "king" but okay.

>absolute authority

He doesn't have absolute authority. And if he goes against the WPK party line or Juche, he would not be in power.

>an official DPRK website run from the DPRK and the site of the Korean Friendship Association

>American bookstore


>elected to five different simultaneous chairmanships and several military titles

More like 3 chairmanships and the head of the army on separate occasions. And one of these chairmanships (Chairman of the Central Military Commission) goes with the other (leader of the party) by default. Elections to these posts are by the Supreme Peoples Assembly and the Party Central Committee. The SPA is filled with workers and farmers and in addition party officials and soldiers.

He does have popular support. Even polls of defectors show that.


>Does it have any particular pdfs that are pertinent to the discussion?

Let Us Highly Display the Korean-Nation-First Spirit

In which Kim Jong Il promotes socialist patriotism while also condemning racism.



They are nazis larping as leftists to try and gain support.


File: f72ec7afe0bfc9c⋯.jpg (63.47 KB, 700x377, 700:377, 1089801_original.jpg)


That´s not true. I don't know any real nazbol organizations outside of post soviet countries. But the nazbol organizations in Russia have nothing common with nazis. Yes, they are nationalists but they are not racists or antisemites, they don´t believe in racial segregation or racial superiority. They more common things with MLs than with nazis.



And how does it make them anti-russian? Or pro-zionist?



No, dont start that "nigger cock" meme. Its just not true. That book is A FICTIONAL MEMOIR.



I didn't claim that they are originally from Russia. But actually they have rusian origins, too. For example the emigrant groups around magazine "Smena Vekhe".


File: 505ff8d27f47548⋯.jpg (51.91 KB, 472x720, 59:90, c7d780e856ba826bf5c0bb1bc9….jpg)


>muh colonialism

This expression indicates a Kimmie's confusion and lack of understanding. When confronted with innate behavioral differences between the races, Kimmie's screech "muh colonialism" or "muh imperalists".

What they fail to see is the profound technological, cultural, and economic differences between different civilizations which developed during their eras of minimal foreign interactions. The White, Arab, and Asian man have accomplished great things by the year 1492. Each had their golden and dark eras, but advancements still were made. Not so for the Black man. Up to the year 1492, what has he accomplished before contact with the White Devil™?

Where are his great books? Where are his famous paintings? Where are his spectacular displays of architecture? Where are his achievements in any field of science? Where are his infrastructures? Where are his fine garments? Where are his states? Where are his explorers? Where are his philosophers? Which great ancient African can a modern African look to and aspire to emulate?

The African inhabits the richest continent on this planet. He lives in a climate extremely abundant in food of all types, which are furthermore available year-round. He has extremely rich resources in stone, wood, and metal. Then what is the explanation for their civilizational inferiority if not physical and material? The only remaining option is mental inferiority.

And before one of you mumble muh malaria, I would like to insist on you remembering the histories and effects of JUST smallpox and the bubonic plague.



>What was the Persian Empire, Egyptian Kingdoms, etc.


File: 95e6829f5294c54⋯.png (432.19 KB, 590x619, 590:619, 00db1e18edd4a666c7bc59361a….png)


>implying they wuz Persians and Egyptians



bruh what skin color do you think they were? white?



Persians and Egyptians are not sub-saharan African. Persia is not even in Africa to begin with. Did you not know this?



Egypt is in Africa and Persia is in the Middle East. You're just autistically moving goalposts because you don't want to admit the darkies have had civilizations.



If you cared to read my post I did not discredit "darkies" in a general sense. My specific focus is on black Africans. Of which Persians and Egyptians are not.

If all your replies are going to be some form of logical fallacy stop posting lest I embarass you further.



hurr durr a quick google search gives me 10


please kill yourself you idpol racebaiting faggot



mali empire? ethiopian empire? songahi?

i dont like using the cultural relativism argument at all, so maybe I wont, and ill pivot on environment. the environment of africa doesn't put the same pressures on a population that have led to the technological developments that occurred in most other places. similar to how the native american's also didn't have these same environmental pressures. the continent is so big and so sparsely populated for the majority of its history that you just dont get the same output as in other areas.




what is this all in service of? These large empires existed in Africa, but it disproves the colonialism argument more than anything else. Africans were just as war mongering and enslaving as every other population, them happening to lose to european technology is not europeans' fault.

Hell, the arabian slave trade was 30 times the size of the atlantic slave trade, and we never hear any complaints about how Saudi Arabia should pay reparations. Not only that, but white workers in the south suffered heavily because they as a workforce were displaced by slaves. There's a reason the north industrialized before the south did.


File: 34521dc9c8835bb⋯.mp4 (2.57 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 34521dc9c8835bb865ac30b976….mp4)


Sub-Saharan Africa also has one environmental limitation that stunted agricultural development: the African drought cycle. Every couple centuries there is a decades-long drought that wipes out urban societies and forces survivors into the mountains to forrage. It is why African empires kept rising suddenly and the disappearing only to have another empire spring up in the old empire's place shortly after the drought ends. The resulting lack of continuous agricultural development is also the likely reason that no large grains were developed along any African rivers besides the Nile.


>what is this all in service of?

It is an actually historical explaination of how Africa developed, not just implied >implications and ignorance like this >>119698 flagrant bullshit.

>Hell, the arabian slave trade was 30 times the size of the atlantic slave trade

This right here is a prime example of the ahistorical bullshit that I was talking about. The Indian Ocean slave trade moved fewer than seventeen million Africans over the course of thirteen hundred years. The Atlantic slave trade moved about ten million over the course of four-hundred years. It doesn't matter who is more guilty than who–everyone involved is dead. What matters now is getting history right so that we can learn something from it.

>Not only that, but white workers in the south suffered heavily because they as a workforce were displaced by slaves.

Slaves and free workers were not in direct competition for the same work. Plantations require a large, heavily concentrated workforce. There is not much that a worker wants to do less than to live in cramped quarters with dozens of other workers while toiling on land that is not theirs. Even if they were willing to live that misery, plantation owners prefered workers who could not leave when they were mistreated.

The issue that put Southern free workers in a bad situation was not who got the work but rather how the land that they worked was distributed. Plantations covered enormous swathes of the most arable land in the South. Every inch of the South that could grow some cash crop was inevitably swallowed up by them. That left few viable options for peasant farming, hence why so many poor folks from the South were desperate enough to join wagon trains to the West despite the very real threat of a horrible death along the way.

>There's a reason the north industrialized before the south did.

There are several reasons: the readily available coal deposits in the North, the insane profitability of the fur trade creating a powerful bourgeoisie, a climate ill-suited to plantation farming, an abundance of lumber and fish which spurred the construction of factories like sawmills and caneries, plentiful arable land that attracted immigrant farmers, etc..



>What exactly do you think that he revised?

Himself. Subjugating man's revolutionary fervor to historical necessities watered down - de facto - the masses' revolutionary potential, and encouraged them, subliminally, to momentarily tolerate the bourgeois regime, of which they (the proletarian historical product, and not the aeternal human) were the sons after all.

>Where did you hear this liberal bullshit?

Are you kidding me? Marx&Engs writings are filled with passes were the proletariat is praised as the now protagonist of the scene, hero of the tragedy, executioner of History and so on. The point is that even if they expelled any mystics from Hegel's conception of history, they didn't do a step forward, indeed I think they did a step backward, at least from a philosophical point of view, and excluding the obvious achievement of historical materialism. But never they really escaped hegelianism, history remained, this abstraction became their idol, their goddess, the mirror on which their splendid vanity can reflect for the pleasure of their sight. And vanity is the only thing that stands if you kill any eternal truths, an action that workers and poor peasants of their age didn't resonate with. Was very petty bourg from their part.

>read theory.

Reading theory is for brainlets that cannot access to original sources, so they resort to charlatans and smug school professors. You lefties have this view of theory like you take classes for exams. SAD. Theory is made in the process. From practice.

>Different classes have definatively different material interests.


Let's say that I have the material interest A, what possibly on Earth can rule that I cannot struggle for A while also fight for the merge of all material interests B, C, D, E… into one?

The goal of communism is the extinctions of all classes, of any different material interest, whoever fight for this (I explicitly say in my post "in the struggle for liberation" in the case you didn't notice) is a comrade in arms.

>Class collaborationist horseshit.

The first was Lenin, allying with peasants.



Looks like he's trying to push his gaze through you.




Can you imagine someone acquiring new ideas and resolving the flaws in his old ideas? What kind of mind works like that? A healthy one.

>Subjugating man's revolutionary fervor to historical necessities

You are not talking about Marx revising Marx. You are talking about Marx revising Hegel.

>Are you kidding me? Marx&Engs writings are filled with passes were the proletariat is praised as the now protagonist of the scene, hero of the tragedy, executioner of History and so on.

There is no "end of history" in Marxist theory, just a future end to class struggle which is the story of all hitherto existing history. The end of class struggle is the end of an era, not the end of history. That doesn't even make sense as a concept to anyone who utilizes dialectics. The nature of reality is that it is in constant motion.

>But never they really escaped hegelianism, history remained, this abstraction became their idol, their goddess, the mirror on which their splendid vanity can reflect for the pleasure of their sight.

That is a needlessly prosaic way to say absolutely nothing.

>Reading theory is for brainlets that cannot access to original sources

Kek. Tell us all about the "original sources."

>Theory is made in the process. From practice.

No it's not. What do you think "theory" means?

>Let's say that I have the material interest A, what possibly on Earth can rule that I cannot struggle for A while also fight for the merge of all material interests B, C, D, E… into one?

The fact that B, C, D, and E are in direct contradiction with A. Maybe you should "practice" logic.



Abstain from posting.


>Junche isn't a racial supermacist movement

neither is nazbol


File: 47be1cfa532656c⋯.png (26.34 KB, 1871x203, 1871:203, 500.PNG)



slaves to the US was under 500,000. The reason why the middle east doesn't have a large african population is because slaves were castrated, unlike in America. Not to mention, the slaves that were sold to merchants were mostly prisoners of war that were captured by other african tribes, not to mention that the factions were ethnically separated.

It's just fucking exhausting dealing with idpol and victim narratives, blacks were just as racist and inhumane as everyone else.

>slaves and labor are not in direct competition for the same work

And I'm the historical one, apparently. No need to understand the fall of Rome at all.


Can jews be nazbol?

Asking for a friend.



>literally has “Nazi” as part of their name

>not white supmacists

If anyone believes this I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.



>The reason why the middle east doesn't have a large african population is because slaves were castrated,

This is debated by historians, and doesn't make economic sense. Why pervent future slaves from being born? Doesn't explain female slave either. The Koran prohibits castration as well.

The simpiler and more likely answer to why there isn't large black slave populations in the Arab world is because slaves became citizens by the Arab lineage system.

Also how does what the Arabs did make black people as cruel as white American slave owners? LMAO, you're not some enlightened scholar that can see something us dummies can't. You're a boring old insecure burger racist.



>what is Zionism



>slaves to the US was under 500,000.

The United States was not the primary destination of African slaves in the New World. Brazil was by a country mile. The U.S. was not even in the top three. After Portugal there was Britain then France and then Spain. The Netherlands took about as many African slaves across the Atlantic as the Americans did. There were indeed ten million Africans that were shipped across the Atlantic, but they went to a lot of different places.


>No need to understand the fall of Rome at all.

Oh, you wanna go? The Imperial Rome is one of by disciplinary specialties.


File: a2e812d5e7b2402⋯.webm (2.27 MB, 360x648, 5:9, bird fry.webm)


>slaves were sent to other locations than the US

>this means the US is the ultimate evil of slavery


>also imported slave labor doesn't compete with the local population




>this means the US is the ultimate evil of slavery

Said no one. Not everything is about your victim complex.

>also imported slave labor doesn't compete with the local population

It doesn't. As >>119790 points out slaves and wage laborers do different things. Slavery hurts workers, but not by importing competition for work. It hurts them by organizing society in a manner that facilitates slave labor instead of wage labor.



Yes, but not in the sense of promoting jewish nationalism.


Its archnemesis


File: fdbf8f50a60d477⋯.png (1.3 MB, 1138x603, 1138:603, nazbol gang.PNG)


>It hurts them by organizing society in a manner that facilitates slave labor instead of wage labor.

You just admitted that importing immigrants disenfranchises the working class, but it's kind of funny seeing you tread water like this. Business owners need hands, and imported labor will act like scabs. Desperate people will work shit jobs for shit pay, like laboring under the sun for $3/hr. The imported labor also resorts to crime to make ends meet (selling weed makes a lot of cash), which generates a police state. The business owner gets away with underpaying workers (slaves and illegals don't have rights under the government), which makes them ideal workers. The immigrant population also speaks a different language and has different cultural values, further alienating the working class.

Most hilarious of all, the local working population gets blamed for literally everything, with accusations like white privilege, white supremacy, slavery, colonialism, police killing blacks, etc. You'll deny this but then wonder how orange cheeto hitler got elected



When exactly did you stop talking about nineteenth century chattel slavery and start talking about populist bullshit?

>You just admitted that importing immigrants disenfranchises the working class, but it's kind of funny seeing you tread water like this.

Yeah, you being unable to follow an argument does make for some dry, perverse kind of misanthropic humor.

>Desperate people will work shit jobs for shit pay, like laboring under the sun for $3/hr.

No they won't, not when there is anything else at all available, like NEETbucks.

>which generates a police state

You can't be this gullible. Do you honestly believe that the police getting military equipment and putting spying devices on all the things is a response to rising crime rates? Or that it was necessary to deal with the supposed problem?

>The immigrant population also speaks a different language and has different cultural values, further alienating the working class.

Don't care. Culture takes care of itself. Also, not "alienating the working class" does not mean protecting the sensitive ears of insecure schizos from hearing Spanish.


File: 114909118911cf4⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1192x897, 1192:897, chapotard.PNG)


>don't care about culture shock the working class suffers

>don't care that immigration displaces their source of income

>also white people are responsible for slavery

you have to go back



>You just admitted that importing immigrants disenfranchises the working class,

You know what else disenfranchises the working class, the draconian, rights trampling state violence Trump is using to persecute said immigrants.

Immigrants don't create a police state you absolute class cuck, the fucking state does, and if immigrants weren't the pretext something else would be.

You'd know this if you would get the dick of a man that had several decades of history of screwing over workers.



>culture shock

lol, seeing beaners is culture shock to your lily white sensibilities.

>don't care that immigration displaces their source of income

don't care that most of the jobs have been displaced by overseas workers in China anyway. Don't care that the state has used anti immigration ferver to stop workers from organizing.



Nazbol can't be racist. Because racism is liberal. Read Losurdo. Hell, Marx was more racist than nazbol, indeed he was a liberal.

Are niggers inferior? In which scale and who fucking cares? When you "defend" the afro race saying for example difference in intelligence are not existent or caused by something absolutely not related to race, you follow the same liberal logic, the same biological metrum. And the moment the differences are proven real, you have played right in the game of fascists.

Niggers have EVERY right to be more stupid and more nigger than whites, and nobody can say a word about it. It doesn't matter anyways, at the end of the night, your racial features won't take you to paradise. This is nazbol.



>difference in intelligence are not existent

Still trying to quantify qualitative states, are you? Clearly you qualitatively lack a specific cognative ability.



Derailing threads won't stop the nazbol



Apparently neither will pointing out the bullshit at the heart of Nazbol's argument.



If you can't read for shit it's not Nazbol's fault



Where is the bullshit? I doubt you can even find the argument in what's written, let alone the heart. Cognatus.



>Because racism is liberal.

Nazbols are liberal since they try to suck the dicks of fascists.


The best ideology is Jewbol



So… just normal bolshevism? it's joke pls don't ban



>>dont care about workers




There is no provable "difference in intelligence between races," because intelligence is unquantifiable. All you have that says otherwise is misused statistics and implied implications.


File: ea89e3b79dc0368⋯.jpg (39.96 KB, 482x298, 241:149, Strawman.jpg)



being based and REDpilled



>They'll go full fash when the shit hits the fan

Nazbols are the first to be martyred when the shit hits the fan


>nazbol = socialism - propaganda


File: a9406b3cd396cc1⋯.png (12.46 KB, 150x238, 75:119, 150px-Logo_of_the_Lehi_mov….png)



Why would Limonov wrote a fictional memoir about himself?



Your gay mum is gonna be martyred beedy boppity boo hoo hoo



Imagine denying the existence of race in a desperate bid to own fascists. Blacks don't chimp out if you just respect them but don't patronize them. They know the races are different, the hispanics know too, as do the asians. Diversity is a failure, but this is a neonazi talking point I'm told. I guess that means 99% of nonwhites are hitler followers who've read Evola/Dugin.


File: e7f40e3d8312e49⋯.gif (1.91 MB, 290x260, 29:26, Takei.gif)


>Blacks don't chimp out if you just respect them but don't patronize them. They know the races are different, the hispanics know too, as do the asians.

Kek. A /pol/tard is saying that minorities are constantly aware of race while white people are able to be blissfully unaware of it.



It's for for people who refuse to see that not socialism was in fact by the end of a day a form of socialism and saw capitalism for what it was. No wonder it's popular in russia since WW2 complex is still strong there. They are nazis who don't realize they are nazis and they are so obnoxious natsocs don't want to have anything with them.




nat - national


File: 20adc622b61ac84⋯.jpeg (29.02 KB, 360x433, 360:433, th (2).jpeg)


>Not ground up Mexicans in Muh tacos

Why live?


File: 3ddeff78d7f620f⋯.png (641.26 KB, 800x1280, 5:8, Screenshot_20190114-164533.png)


>blacks don't chimp out


File: 2082e61dadcb438⋯.jpg (150.86 KB, 600x458, 300:229, 20170715_135709.jpg)


Every fucking war has been about jews.

Either one group of jews having a turf war with another group (like the American civil war when sephardi Capitalist slavers and berber Capitalist slavers got cucked by AshkeNazi ratfaced masterCapitalist shipping merchants (AshkeNazis who kept their plantations as property and vacationed abroad during the war)), or a "we hate jews" war so now we attack this other country where they supposedly live (like WW2 where German gentiles attacked France, killing the indigenous gentiles as planned and leaving the ratfaced vichy Capitalists to steal all of what was left)

This has been an ethnic war for centuries.

Semites serve the ratfaces in "jew" territory.

Persians serve the ratfaces in "arab" territory.

Mayans serve the ratfaces in "latino" territory.

Nordics serve the ratfaces in "bolshevik" territory.

All halfCapitalist mutts think the ratfaced masterCapitalists see their branch of the cult a the "true chosen", they are all fed the same line of shit by inbred supremacist ratfaces.

Who is left to run modern Iran? Ratfaced khazar Capitalists, who look nothing like the actual ethnically Persian cabbies.

Who runs Rome? Ratfaced pedo khazar Capitalists.

Who runs the mob? Ratfaced khazar Capitalists.

Who runs the cartels? Ratfaced khazar Capitalists.

Who runs Russia? Ratfaced khazar Capitalists.

Who not only runs Israel but also genocides actual semites? Ratfaced khazar Capitalists.

So no matter what side of any conflict you are looking at, it is as plain as the nose on their faces who the beligerant warmongers profiteering are.

Who invented supremacism? Ratfaced khazar Capitalists.

Who invented ghettos to kettle semite slave herds? Ratfaced khazar Capitalists.

Who invented the "stop snitchin" culture to keep local authorities powerless? Ratfaced khazar Capitalists.

Who runs SaudIsisRaEl and Jew York? Ratfaced khazar Capitalists.

The ZOG Occupied Governments halfCapitalist bastards need only look to how ratfaces treat their mutt servants to see the future they offer you next, after the mutts are gone.


>mentality behind Nazbol

Former leftist, now 3rd positionist. Never gave up my disdain for capitalism, tbh I think think leftism moved away from me. Just look at some of you defending mass migration, gonna fucken Y I K E S at that one, chief. What reason is there to stay left when the working class is constantly thrown under the bus in favor of liberalism?


File: 3da4e2ef2c19a9e⋯.jpg (1.29 MB, 929x1201, 929:1201, nazijewmanyrant.jpg)



If you weren't an internationalist, you weren't a leftist.

Nice try /pol/.



>Begorrah just submit yourself to this world government, the exact same thing capitalists desire



There is no world government, you retard, just a world system.


File: 91a8febab244e7c⋯.png (33.15 KB, 1158x960, 193:160, 91a8febab244e7c317bb4b9823….png)



When you're so clever that you open up mspaint to out yourself of what you're being accused of because the world needs to know how hilarious you are



This ain't it, chief.







Post your hog again


File: fdbf8f50a60d477⋯.png (1.3 MB, 1138x603, 1138:603, nazbol gang.PNG)


>implying he's wrong at all

Trump has so far:

-Has negotiations instead of wars/embargoes on DPRK and Russia

-Trade tariffs to protect homeland working class and end economic imperialism

-Imposed tax changes that give relief to lower classes, punish richer classes

-Stopped another US imperialist war in Syria

-Actively admitted that America's past has not been innocent, America has had killers

-trolled rich people over and over with fastfood

-Shutdown government on national security issues but still made funding for foodstamps

-told all democrats their vacations were cancelled one hour before their flight

And you'll all attack Daddy because ORANGE MAN BAD



>punish richer classes

Except he hasn't you fucking liar. The tax "reform" disproportionately benefited the rich while the poor got mere scraps.



>-Imposed tax changes that give relief to lower classes, punish richer classes

LOL no. The only relief in it is for the assholes who make their money through investments instead of labor. Oh, and wait until you see the new 1040 and all of the absurd schedules that go with it. This shit is going to be a nightmare for filers.



>-Has negotiations instead of wars/embargoes on DPRK and Russia

Russia has been sanctioned, establishment remains extremely hostile to Russia and will continue to do so after Trump leaves, diplomats have been cut between both countries

>Trade tariffs to protect homeland working class and end economic imperialism

Tariffs hurt the working class

>-Imposed tax changes that give relief to lower classes, punish richer classes

Literally exactly the opposite

>-Stopped another US imperialist war in Syria

2-4000 American soldiers are on Syrian soil, some were even killed yesterday and Trump has already backpedaled on removing them



I like how you got nothing on trump being tough on the rich other than some weak-ass shit.



>"Hand over your job to third world immigrants, Bigot!"



Punching down, the post


File: 86bb197dbe8037e⋯.jpg (10.5 KB, 480x360, 4:3, nazboltrump.jpg)

File: b8158549651a75a⋯.jpg (142.4 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, kim and trump.jpg)





holy shit the absolute butthurt my post caused

>We're still in Syria

Trump refused a full scale war on Syria, something Bibi Netanyahu requested, and most of the troops have been withdrawn, the rest there are more special forces too.

>tariffs hurt the working class

more like the bourgeois who can't get cheap plastic chinese goods. American steel, baby!

>these tax cuts for working/middle class hurt the working class!

Due to how state and federal taxes interact, previously poorer working class states were subsidizing richer states with tax money. The new tax system revised this, so that some coal miner isn't paying for California/NY. Read a book lol

>We're still sanctioning Russia

The fact that Trump has traveled to both Russia and North Korea talking about trade deals instead of bombing them is a huge gain.

>Trump is weak on the ruling class! Trade deals are good for workers!

Economic imperialism is bad and I don't really need to explain it you, read more books on the english empire.



Literally the "the problem is INTERNATIONAL jewery not individual jews" argument. KYS.

Christ on earth Leftpol is a shithole, leftypol gang


Nazbol is an avatar of Abraxas







Itt: normies try to understand nazbol


File: 8810a2deed9e114⋯.gif (940.08 KB, 627x502, 627:502, 1de.gif)


>First pic

How is it even possible to fuck up so badly?


ur gay XD



>trying to understand nazbol makes you a nazbol

are all people from leftypol this retarded?


When you prepare for a race war but can't partake in it because of starvation. XD XD


When you want to kill some jews but realize they're your own political party.


When your great german grandmother was russian rape victim and you have a sexual disorientation




>/leftypol/ creates intentionally absurd meme ideology out of crackpot Russian cult

>/pol/yps who troll /leftypol/ get convinced by the native argument that capitalism is fucking everybody

>/pol/ splits over Trump when he reveals his zionist power level

>disgruntled /pol/yps start looking for alternatives to capitalist /pol/tardation but still can't into rational thought just yet

>unironically adopt /leftypol/'s absurd gag ideology

>ex-/pol/yps act a fool with their new ideology, as is their wont

>media mistakenly thinks that the memers were converted by the loony Russian cult that /leftypol/ was clowning on

>two groups of idiots treat a joke as serious business



>fascism is just a joke

>what about the alt-left?


File: a3409bac7fc8c6a⋯.png (84.63 KB, 302x295, 302:295, nazbolimproved.png)


Extremism is the only way to destroy the Capitalist hegemon. You know which "Capitalist hegemon" i'm talking about. Fueling both the left and the right in order to split the cancerous center is the only way to give rise to true leftism throughout the world. When will red-libs understand this?



Fuck you bootlicker


File: c181085f38fa4de⋯.jpg (26.01 KB, 403x403, 1:1, votingformoney.jpg)


Fuck you bourgeois nigger.


File: dbeaab3eaa0f20c⋯.png (142.04 KB, 1140x718, 570:359, Anarcho-Confederalism.png)



File: cc5a19f87916c68⋯.jpg (156.9 KB, 710x720, 71:72, confucius.jpg)


Well, it can't be any worse than Chinese characteristics.


nazbol is communism without any spooks leftover from liberalism like equality and tolerance and universalism



Spooks like nationality, race, gender, and the law?


File: 59c1eb96fb17d2b⋯.png (41.4 KB, 800x480, 5:3, Flag_Nazi_Germany_NoSwasti….png)


Nationality is very real. Race is real in the minds of the average planetary denizen. Gender is real, based in biology. The law is as real as the weapons used to enforce it. My rage is real, but to you it is imperceptible.



Identity is itself a spook.



Define "real."



Reality is that which directly effects me. To say nationality is real, nationality directly effects me, and it effects you too whether you like it or not. Spooks can be very real when they determine the state of your life and the future that the world has in store for you.

Power is what determines reality.



spooked fuccboi also irl nazbols are not racist at all



I am not spooked, i am angry. That's what makes me NAZBOL.



This board isn't just for everything you personally agree with, this board is for left wing political discussion.

Nazbol is left wing.



>stirnerite is a liberal

No surprises


File: 2c4c4721ade0711⋯.png (851.61 KB, 771x1037, 771:1037, ClipboardImage.png)


"real" is a spook



>Reality is that which directly effects me.

How do you figure that anything immaterial affects you? How can you ascribe any affect to any particular imaginary concept and not another?


File: cd8d9f556acfcdf⋯.gif (1.76 MB, 480x270, 16:9, Wj0NeVD.gif)

Nazbol means getting punched in the face repeatedly. The more punched in the face you are the nazboler it is.



>being so spooked by race you think proles with different phenotypes are a different class

>left wing

LMAO Nazbols are just Amerimutts that are to Jewish and black to pass for white.



GAWD why did burger land get so many dumb slavs? Nationalism isn't even real to the state. The state will and has slaughtered millions of its own people to preserve capital.

A nation its its people right? So why is there so Much poverty caused by private property? Wouldn't the nation's people's welfare take president over private property. And where do you get tying a people to a land? Wait, do Nazbols advocate the deportation of white people back to Europe? Because that is their "nation"? Because that would be rad.

Nazbols want to deport white people back to Europe where they came from!!



That was a sucker-punch, not a regular punch lmao.


You're damn right we do.

Also, the nation does take precedent over private property in nazbolism.>>121558



>The "nation" isn't even real to the state

It was certainly real enough to cause world wars, manifest destiny, and the current reactionary movements we see today


Real world experience discredits college liberal philosophies on the nation. Really it's red liberals who try to deny race, because it clashes with their liberal ideology. Liberalism sells you this one-world where every race holds hands and sings kumbaya, pretending it's attainable. No surprise that it's anarchists who deny the need for a state that also deny the reality of ethnic peoples. Anarchism brings so much garbage that I refuse to call them left. A fucking strausserite reactionary is more left than an anarchist.



>It was certainly real enough to cause world wars, manifest destiny, and the current reactionary movements we see today

Why assume that nation was the cause of those things, when there are better explainations where the causality is readily apparent?


File: ecc88e2aa96de1e⋯.jpg (81.12 KB, 644x768, 161:192, 644px-Official_Presidentia….jpg)


>manifest destiny is bad

>Implying that porky Whigs didn't oppose it to stop workers from escaping wage slavery in the cities

Imagine being this retarded and illiterate.


Nazbols need to be set on fire



Setting your enemies on fire sounds like something only a true nazbol would do. I'm taking notes.


File: 1518bd7e9fb9e5b⋯.png (3.33 MB, 700x4791, 700:4791, nazbol is fucking retarded.png)


>nobody's posted it yet

Nazbol has no mentality, it is IRL shitposting on par with the Monster Raving Loony Party.

>>121212 (trips checked)

>chicago boys dindunuffin

>exile was guilty of crime for reporting crime just like wikileaks was guilty of crime for reporting crime

>muh soggy knees

>muh raycist slurs

>muh feelz>reelz

>nazbol wasn't mercilessly anti-putin up to calls for his assassination day 1

>call russian forces in ukraine fascist while ignoring rampant fascism inside the orange revolution

>elaborate bullshit trying to link nazbol with populist left with dirtbags with alt-right, but zero mention of the goon diaspora linking alt-right directly to sjws including chapo and most of its audience

>attempting to stir up war with russia, justify intervention in syria

>every other link is to vox or gawker

What an absolutely disgusting article


File: 5d662db6230e4a6⋯.jpeg (36.39 KB, 250x200, 5:4, 30C4B8E1-8018-4439-B0B0-E….jpeg)

File: a6d3e678b7f57dc⋯.jpeg (20.85 KB, 346x346, 1:1, F0D79BE1-6644-4FA6-B03E-0….jpeg)


Thanks I’m flattered.


File: b22e9c2b84b2975⋯.png (132.36 KB, 240x246, 40:41, 1483635633618.png)


>nazbols are leftists larping as nazis to get right wing pussy

Honetsly, this is the most plausible explanation so far.



But only right wingers fuck women who can't consent



If a person is incapable of consent then consent is meaningless to that person, given that consent is subjective to the individual.


File: 443e8ef7ed24750⋯.jpg (586.17 KB, 1113x682, 1113:682, 1502401743994.jpg)


except that rightwing pussy doesn't exist. there are no females in the right… unless you wnna fuck nazi dudes idk man i dont see why. not even for shitposting and Nazbol irl isn't even racist…



>consent is subjective to the individual

So when do you plan to shoot up a yoga clinic?



>Forgoing attraction to 9/10 women in trump hats to own the conservatards



>white girls




>immediately makes it into a race issue




You can keep your uggo retard white cousin-daughters, cletus


File: cfa99312d02f62f⋯.png (17.25 KB, 495x391, 495:391, interracial dating.png)



look at this dude


File: bff54d7602ecd64⋯.png (105.29 KB, 480x510, 16:17, cupid dating replies.png)






>tfw asian guy

Hold me bros. Am I totally fucked? I'm never going to get a wife…even asian females hate us according to the lower chart.




>hey guys check out this survey I did about how many people have read Proust!

>See? It means that Barack Obama is an objectively better writer!


File: a1f43e91c95267d⋯.png (106.8 KB, 1200x740, 60:37, dick size.png)

File: b87c1857da067c7⋯.jpg (91.7 KB, 452x647, 452:647, head size.jpg)


>letting jewish-run porn propaganda tell you who has small dicks

I have a short, pacific islander asian friend with a buxom redhead. Get /fit/, eat foods that naturally increase testosterone (red meat, eggs, olives, etc.), and tell girls you're nazbol


The amount of salt this ideology generates is enough to know it works.


File: 3763886a5294282⋯.png (54.68 KB, 800x732, 200:183, shut up homo(1).png)


Only spooked maggots think that fucking their cousin is wrong.




It's because jews have the smallest dicks from the rabbi taking off 25% off


File: bf6cfd5aeaecfdf⋯.png (358.42 KB, 999x815, 999:815, bf6cfd5aeaecfdf2d935f42cff….png)


Nothing wrong with that either.


To an extent it's true that's why rape conversion is the best tactic. Some women have orgasms during the rape too to make it pleasurable for the both of you.



How the fuck do you not know about this already?



Bruh how was I supposed to know that females of my own race hate me? The fuck? This world is so messed up.




What that data means is that your competition is incredibly weak. That is provided that you are around a bunch of other azns.


The simple realization that leftist economics are in my interest but not wanting to be surrounded by niggers and spics? Do you have any experience with these people? They'll never be able to operate and pull their weight in a socialist society. They will always be dead weight, useless eaters.


File: 6b350fa1a33c45b⋯.webm (2.94 MB, 720x540, 4:3, Nelectric.webm)

File: 2f0771c715bd1df⋯.webm (8 MB, 202x360, 101:180, motor oil.webm)

File: f38eef918da29d8⋯.webm (2.42 MB, 640x360, 16:9, nogwarts.webm)

File: 8ef0579bc204c75⋯.webm (1.61 MB, 640x360, 16:9, godzilla invades japan.webm)


laughing at black histrionics is something everyone can enjoy


File: a7537dcb5b9f163⋯.jpg (230.84 KB, 1024x819, 1024:819, 1512992203877.jpg)

I remember reading Limonov's articles on the exile and finding his cheeky fun sympathetic many years ago, apparently he became a meme for illiterate spic teens that think they'll survive the prolapse of the burger empire.

If you haven't sucked dick for Vodka and rent money , you're no Nazbol



Only an American would find that news, it's like Golden Dawn on Bosnia.

Also NazBols fought in Syria as well, a high ranking member died there.


File: a5bf27e9716963a⋯.jpg (44.55 KB, 318x469, 318:469, a5bf27e9716963a13faa50b357….jpg)


this is the book. but Limonov said in many interviews that many things he depicted there aren't true, thats why the book is a "fictional memoir".



Given their political beliefs, I feel as if it's similar to Plato's.


Is important to know that nazbol is nationalist on a physical level and communist on a metaphysical level. Thus being less spooked than any of you.

Communism, this eternal truth which humanity has to return to, has the godly duty to protect the existence of the nation, this continuous becoming.



"Muh Americans"



Islanders aren't Asian



Of course there are right wing females



>There is no provable "difference in intelligence between races," because intelligence is unquantifiable. All you have that says otherwise is misused statistics and implied implications.

Bullshit. Intelligence is one of the most easily quantifiable phenomena in existence, that's why Autism Level research forms the the bedrock of the otherwise soft science of psychology. Denying Autism Level = denying science = denying the scientific basis of historical materialism and therefore of Marxism.



>Intelligence is one of the most easily quantifiable phenomena in existence

I don't think you know what "quantifiable" means.

>Autism Level research forms the the bedrock of the otherwise soft science of psychology.




> Intelligence is one of the most easily quantifiable phenomena in existence

Some people are extremely good at some things and ordinary at the others (most research scientists ) , others are below average at everything ( definitely below average intelligence ), Others still are above average in almost everything (these people truly deserve the classification of intelligent ). Then there is the rather separate skill of being able to think for ones self (creativity). When one has the fortune of being born with High intelligence / high creativity and great enthusiasm / energy , great things can happen. So yeah, intelligence is not an easily quantifiable phenomenon. Also people with disability level autism are never intelligent individuals, but a touch of autism can give already smart people an added advantage.



>Whats the mentality behind Nazbol?


>Pure retardedness.


>Nazbols are /pol/turds LARPing as lefties. Notice how every single one of them goes the autistic way of "muh white aryan" race and "muh ethno-state".

a funny because People from Pol/ also believe Nazbol is a Left/wing fish-hook-with-bait from the Left….. In reality Nazbol does not actually exist. Leftypol should be renamed Lefty/ because it has fucking nothing to do with pol/ , leftypol/ by its very name and definition is an attempted subversion of pol. leftypol are white-hating economic Nimrods who wear Dunce hats. Pol are white-lovers whose economic systems and ideas are not much better than leftypols…..

>Nazbolism is merely white identity politics with a leftist leaning.


File: 8cc53e5feb2b980⋯.png (137.96 KB, 500x608, 125:152, Praexology.png)


>Leftypol should be renamed Lefty/ because it has fucking nothing to do with pol/

/leftypol/ was born of /pol/. Its users are all former /pol/tards who either got tired of /pol/'s hugbox or went there to troll and accidentally got unfucked by the sense that people made. At least that is how it used to be. I don't know about now. It seemed like BO was intentionally trying to crash this plane with no survivors, and now I have no idea where they are getting their newfags from.

>leftypol/ by its very name and definition is an attempted subversion of pol.

No, it was more like a secession.

>Pol are white-lovers whose economic systems and ideas are not much better than leftypols…..

/pol/'s economic systems are so ill-defined that they hardly qualify as concepts. You have the nazi nonsense where they claim to be against "capitalism" while not being able to define it as anything more than "when Jews do things." Then you have the hilarious idiocy of ancap "economics" that boils down to nothing more than mindless moralizing that even they believe will lead to a Mad Max dystopia. Of course, most of the Kekistanis don't even have that much thought put into economics and are ultimately just basic bitch Conservatives/Republicans/Torries who think that saying "nigger" is revolutionary. /leftypol/ may be a bunch of unread socdems and rainbow anarchists, but even that noise is more rational than /pol/'s herpdederp.

>Nazbolism is merely white identity politics with a leftist leaning.

It is a meme that a few people take seriously.




Socialism but without faggotry



>/pol/'s economic systems are so ill-defined that they hardly qualify as concepts.

>/leftypol/ may be a bunch of unread socdems and rainbow anarchists, but even that noise is more rational than /pol/'s herpdederp.

You conceive politics in video game like manner, in which there are theoretical economic systems that are installed like operating systems, with those systems being confused for rationality (Rationality with a big R, like the one Ben Shapiro uses to smite his enemies with logic and facts) because they conclude themselves from their own definitions in simple and easy steps. But why should "economics" be related to as if they were actual arborescent systems, whose substance of being can be found in totalized abstractions?



>Why can’t modes of production be based on feelz.

Whoa man, you’re blowing my mind.



>But why should "economics" be related to as if they were actual arborescent systems, whose substance of being can be found in totalized abstractions?

Did you accidentally a Coke bottle?


Orange man bad drumpf bad lol



>/pol/'s economic systems are so ill-defined that they hardly qualify as concepts. You have the nazi nonsense where they claim to be against "capitalism" while not being able to define it as anything more than "when Jews do things." Then you have the hilarious idiocy of ancap "economics" that boils down to nothing more than mindless moralizing that even they believe will lead to a Mad Max dystopia. Of course, most of the Kekistanis don't even have that much thought put into economics and are ultimately just basic bitch Conservatives/Republicans/Torries who think that saying "nigger" is revolutionary. /leftypol/ may be a bunch of unread socdems and rainbow anarchists, but even that noise is more rational than /pol/'s herpdederp.

Communism is nothing more than centralised capitalism, same goes for Hard Socialism. The soviet union was a dictatorship. So was not socialist Germany. Leftypol are idiots who are incapable of understanding why nothing they do ever works, same goes for the not socialist Pol-tards who have had even less success for over 70 years. Overall though not socialists have killed less of there own people in out out of war, and do not hate themselves for being white. And understood the Jews, (However Stalin understood the Jews but was not a pro-active killer of only Jews) . So a mixed bag.



>/leftypol/ was born of /pol/

Haha What? Yep you are reinforcing the point that Leftpol/ is a purposeful subversion of pol/.

This sounds like feminists who exclaim "but we have been for mens rights all along, only men hate other men"



>I don't understand things, so I will just say that words mean something I don't like

Thank you for your insightful and well thought out contribution.


File: b9019421fef2b30⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 100.41 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Shrek murdering Farquaad i….jpg)



File: a48dc2e639ee63f⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 173.08 KB, 900x710, 90:71, Shadow added to cringe com….jpg)




File: 1019f88365e7675⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 709.16 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, Snop cronge.jpg)




Dice rollRolled 682, 828, 424, 664, 421, 943, 362, 727, 508, 19, 441, 517, 337, 768, 986, 910, 32, 243, 63, 164, 14, 366, 835, 148, 540, 873, 796, 128, 834, 926, 129, 491, 729, 552, 131, 126, 471, 492, 852, 979, 510, 269, 471, 847, 13, 432, 733, 44, 675, 795, 207, 689, 137, 18, 837, 677, 890, 609, 804, 699, 510, 933, 165, 215, 461, 296, 340, 931, 787, 168, 885, 273, 437, 331, 96, 449, 763, 828, 493, 414, 599, 699, 79, 735, 717, 915, 387, 582, 500, 166, 257, 1009, 74, 422, 199, 534, 717, 539, 441, 480, 707, 301, 752, 119, 632, 847, 568, 371, 651, 36, 784, 225, 734, 862, 959, 427, 753, 322, 1009, 228, 487, 241, 212, 561, 662, 411, 71, 355, 950, 511, 834, 632, 812, 562, 751, 419, 385, 294, 789, 11, 329, 549, 236, 39, 386, 170, 465, 115, 492, 450, 343, 978, 690, 555, 515, 328, 965, 586, 682, 891, 73, 492, 499, 884, 29, 225, 279, 413, 519, 43, 424, 847, 591, 659, 886, 977, 829, 327, 68, 296, 776, 410, 250, 441, 964, 765, 768, 905, 326, 426, 771, 399, 917, 245, 259, 946, 470, 537, 334, 988 = 102891 (200d1024)




very Hegelian


Plato is still relevant today, its just that essentialism spooks people because people get triggered over the fact sometimes stereotypes exist for a reason.



if I ever see that green faggot anymore, I'm gonna break his hipster-tier camera and then pee on it



Plato's has been the philosophy of the ruling class since the moment that he wrote the phrase "philosopher king."



I'm down with it. Kampuchea in Kentucky.



that's great and all but that doesn't explain why essentialism is bad. I'm not gonna throw the baby out with the bathwater anyways. next you're gonna go full fedora and say Plato's Christian descendants were shit because they liked Jesus and not because of what ethical points they made about human beings as a whole.


furthermore, the reason the East is beating the West at the game of political philosophy is that they threw in a little Plato with their Aristotle. the west just took Aristotle at his pure word. dialectics is import


*important. sorry a window was blocking my view.



Anthropology buries essentialism and pisses on its grave. Essentialism is contradicted at every turn by human history.


File: bb299b99f46f629⋯.jpg (52.09 KB, 800x720, 10:9, FB_IMG_1547749400448.jpg)


Muh based nigger



Material conditions change, human nature doesn't.


Furthermore you can piss on a shrub in the summer, for every day from late June to late September but I'll be damned if that thing doesn't grow leaves and flowers for years to come.


File: 200109b7fc1333d⋯.png (131.31 KB, 1080x792, 15:11, NAZBOL SYRIA.png)

File: d9c492e8980af9e⋯.png (518.39 KB, 1080x607, 1080:607, mp sa'adeh.png)

File: 65715265c96f4ab⋯.jpeg (199.68 KB, 1200x787, 1200:787, ssnp with communists.jpeg)

File: 1627c5ccfb3f452⋯.jpeg (200.47 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, nusur al zawba a.jpeg)

File: f80cc73f9c97338⋯.jpg (27.53 KB, 480x557, 480:557, 49736865_2622458857980537_….jpg)


Syria has its own Nazbol party called the Syrian Social Nationalist Party



Not if history is anything to go by.


The idea in my head is that nazbol criticism with communism. A love for your people and race is a good reason to work hard. Humans are tribal like that



>Nazbol party called the Syrian Social Nationalist Party

lmao no it ain't. It is a secular pan-nationalist party, not National Communist. Just because it has a similar flag doesn't mean it is NazBol. tbf it does have the GANG aesthetic though



I'm as Historicist as the next guy but you can't possibly be this foolish.



Back atcha. If you want to claim that cultures–and thus social behavior patterns–somehow survive qualitative changes to the mode of production, I would love to have that discussion.



File: 2a582ad5d88105c⋯.jpg (13.38 KB, 255x246, 85:82, rfag.jpg)

hey /leftypol/

can you redpill me on how islamic socialism is a thing? how can you be religious and marxist?

asking for reddit thanks



By understanding Islam's Constitution of Medina, the companion Abu Ghiffari, and reading Shariati plus institutions such as waqfs and oh wait why am I wasting my time.

My sect were massacred repeatedly and were peasant farmers beneath even the lowest peasant farmers of two other religions that dominated over Muslims.

Until a guy started The Movement of the Hungry and Dispossessed, then we drove the invaders out and now rule the country after 30 years.

You have a superficial understanding of Marx and entirely miss his point in well everything. I'd teach you how Marx was a complete failure at all he did, except for his theory; but I think it'd blow your mind to know

1) Despite living in poverty, Jenny still spent money on the kids' piano and dance lessons.

2) Even Marx more than once changed his entire strategy toward achieving societal planning of production after his failures.

Engles wrote numerous times, what they had thought doomed-to-obscurity Manifesto was written again, this being some 20 years later, it would be entirely different, but now it was an object of history and they had no right to change it.

Marx actually became somewhat of a reformist before he died. Reversed his stance on revolution occurs in the most advanced countries first– even going as far as hypothesizing maybe Russia could go from pseudo-serfdom straight to communism on the basis of the village communal land.

He was also a guy in the 1800s experiencing the first industrial revolution. We are reaching stage 4. It's been 200 years. Feudalism lasted more than 1000 years. He was not a prophet nor a god; he was a pissed off lawyer that hated Bismarck and was such an ass, Engles was his only friend (likely b/c Engles was a pushover and gave Marx money).

This is why I hate leftists as much as rightists, as though terms from the French Revolution mean a damn thing now.

Das Kapital and the manuscripts of 1844 are the only pieces worth remembering.

Also, most of the demands he made were not to be taken literal. The literal demands made in his failed attempts were middle class demands as he readily acknowledged. Well, meant to strengthen the bourgeoisie against the feudal landowners. The others 'demands' were meant as reductio ad absurdum critiques of Victorian morality. See free love and marriage (both Engles and Marx were mongomists, well Marx fucked his housekeeper). Marx was very involved in who his daughters married.

Dude was a racist too, but he's from the 1800s. And no not Zur Judenfrage, which was not about race / religion / ethnicity /whatever Jews define their idiocy to serve them best,



I have the suspect that the revolution for Marx was far from the apocalyptic event we imagine it would be, it was a liberal revolution carried out by the proletariat, overthrowing the throne and the altar first and foremost. China is the only country loyal to Marx, and funnily the circle closes itself, given the thoughts of Marx and Engels about China.



wrong board



If today's sjw feminist population is anything to go by its the dual nature of women embodied once in Lilith and another in Eve. One is the decrepit slut, the other is the listless moron.



Reddit is majority atheist you'll have to y'know go outside and be around real people instead.



>a bunch of shit that doesn't follow anything before it

>reddit spacing

>railing on about Marx's personal life, as if marxism is a cult of personality




socialism cannot survive in a racially or culturally diverse environment because of the differences in various important areas such as morality, values, work ethic, etc.

humans are naturally tribal. to go against this is to go against the natural order. like it or not; its the only way.



>feelz > realz you guys!

Lenin was absolutely right about idealists.



I guess you're cool with libshits like Bertrand Russell being cool with moral universalism. should everyone worship cows and not eat beef because East Indians do it? should everyone eat cats because Chinese people do it? no. If cannibalism is praciticed in some cultures should everyone do it? because Sweden lets in migrants should everyone else do it, regardless of context? no no and no. you're welcome.


also it should be an all or nothing thing within cultures

if trannies can carry weapons so should anyone else. besides let intersectionality destroy itself. who's to decide who is mentally ill or not? a long time ago gays were considered mentally ill. now they are not. same with trans. I for one, support the slippery slope. like idc if they own guns, might as well let downies, spergs and schizos own guns too. the gloves are off. we need blood & guts.



Wow you sure tore apart those strawmen.



>feelz > realz you guys!

What does this even mean?

It's usually used by libertarians who believe that their ideology is some sort of real thing to which any contradiction is a "feelz".



>What does this even mean?

"Feelz > realz" is a mocking memetic simplification of the philosophical position that is idealism. Idealism holds that physical reality is the product of thought, thus the driving force behind the changes that occur in reality must ultimately be the product of imagination. Materialists take the opposite position, namely that human imagination is the product of inumerable physical realities, thus the way that people think invariably changes according to material realities.



I don't see what that has to do with the meme at hand other than that people like to semantically align their ideology with physics as a source of legitimacy.


File: 1b676fb2896a67e⋯.jpg (134.08 KB, 808x1024, 101:128, Einstein.jpg)


This >>125496 faggot made the claim that the perpetuation of a particular mode of production is dependent upon a bunch of imaginary bullshit (race, culture, values, etc.) which he further couches as essential to the nature of humanity. Pure idealist horseshit, feelz > realz.

Oh, and you probably do not want to discard physics if you plan to take an idealist position. Theoretical physics is chock full of postmodern idealism.



In a nutshell… We want socialism but we also are race realists. We know it wont work if all the browns keep pouring in. Theres only so many jobs to go round even under communism.


File: 839e5038462f127⋯.jpg (51.84 KB, 512x384, 4:3, DoubleFacepalm.jpg)


>Theres only so many jobs to go round even under communism.


File: b3fcaf24650442a⋯.jpg (412.57 KB, 1600x1236, 400:309, dialectics explained.jpg)


Uhm actually under communism all white people will be killed so there will be enough jobs for all brown people at $15/hour.


Why do nazbols hang off putin dick?



pre-internet trolling.


no one is actually a nazbol

leftypol literally started the gang-gang meme

by extension effectively popularized ridicule of the alt right as le edgy joker teenager


File: 547011ad3c61e31⋯.jpg (81.41 KB, 797x960, 797:960, 51410375_2002798336472262_….jpg)


on faceberg there used to be a group that was pro-Gaddafi, Peron, Ba'athism, Syrian Social Nationalism, Asserism, and Eurasianism as well as NBF, back in like 2012-13 I was a part of, very few if any Americans were in the group at that time.

>"its a meme"



File: 6c5c42b5e9f2d2a⋯.gif (2 MB, 540x548, 135:137, Overlord_Albedo_60.gif)



I also used to be a big time nazbol shitposter in this one shitty faceberg group called Left vs Right back in like 2013. I also seemed to popularize a lot of terminology that most of the leftists and rightists there didn't use much at the time like "third position". Since then I have deleted all my social media accounts though and I really wouldn't consider myself a nationalist in any sense these days, I'm just attracted to Nazbol for transgressive/LHP reasons for the most part now.


love my pet spider calllled Mingy. He is an orrb spider. I let him crawl on the head of my penis. It felt so tingly . Fed him my pet pigeon. Now he has grown real big. spider eerections look reaaly hot. Kinda like H.R Giger art and the Aliens movie.



>culture is imaginary

I really would love to read the theory book of leftpol with all these platitudes but exposed pseudo-professionally and with serious meaning. That would be an hell to laugh of.



If you would claim that culture exists anywhere but in the human imagination, then show me its physical reality. If a thing has no physical reality, then it can only be imaginary.


>think nationalism is pointless so not a NazBol

>but also think that the left has been colonized by the global/neoliberal media hegemony and the diversity-industrial complex, disposing of the emancipation of the masses and degenerating into a flurry of idpol

Am I just a total nihilist at this point because fuck this


File: 4310b532e4c528b⋯.jpg (122.72 KB, 1200x1130, 120:113, BourgeoisDiversity.jpg)


You are mistakenly thinking of "the left" as a grand identity based on politics rather than as a mere political tendency. The people who claim it as an identity often do not even actually have leftist political tendencies.



Oh, yeah, I'm generalizing when I say "the left", as in people who claim it as an identity. Not "the left" as in the actual political definition.



>he's one of those idiots who groups all of leftism into american modern liberalism



File: d76bd02c5f51283⋯.jpg (9.67 KB, 140x124, 35:31, Russain-Mafia-russian-mafi….jpg)


>There is no place for racism, sexism, or homophobia anywhere in America

is that a fucking challenge?



"muh Amerimutt"

nice dogwhistle.



>Nazbolism is merely white identity politics with a leftist leaning.

Sounds good, I'm in.



t. non-white mongrel

(this is it)


File: 93b78ca47ee332b⋯.gif (608.17 KB, 320x181, 320:181, To0tWpi.gif)


don't really care for your rhetoric but go ahead and say your peace.


China is as Nazbol as it gets.



nah, north korea is



Some people want a fairer deal for the working man but not infinity niggers. Some of them take a radical stance on both those positions. It's not a complicated thing to understand.



The imagination is an expression of brain activity, which is absolutely a real thing. If everything which comes from human imagination is automatically bunk, then that goes for everything including the philosophy of materialism.


File: 8fee86ea362784a⋯.jpg (53.18 KB, 664x712, 83:89, 06ef49ee0f7dc85157832fec77….jpg)


Nazbol is canceled I guess



China is not nazbol but in common with nazbol it has the recognition of the failure of classical marxism and post-stalin communism among the same lines. The difference is that they base their long term strategy on riding the beast, leaving the contradiction make all the work.


File: 7fee611428031d7⋯.jpg (613.42 KB, 1080x1756, 270:439, Screenshot_20190219-221347….jpg)

If only you knew how Jewish things really are

Trump Officials Tried To Rush Nuclear Technology To Saudis, House Panel Finds




>The imagination is an expression of brain activity, which is absolutely a real thing.

Congratulations, you actually managed to stupid your way into materialism.



Nazbol literally doesn't have anything to do with racialism. Read a damn book.


File: e31c66d013b67f8⋯.jpg (73.69 KB, 643x730, 643:730, anarcho NATO faggot.JPG)



technically yeah if they do it in israel and don't allow arabs or whites or blacks in



On one hand it's gross how companies like this are on twitter posting shit like this. On the other hand they usually get people yelling at them in replies.


>want to bring liberation to workers

>communism/far-left socialism will fail because it's difficult to equally distribute food and clothes

>narrow down the amount of mouths you need to feed


Communism is nothing but centralised capitalism, with the state being a single giant company that turns all its subjects into nothing more than a means to produce capital for the state. The state then pays its subjects what it believes they deserve. If people need to starve, lose all their autonomy, or lose their lives to keep the state afloat, than so be it. Nothing is more important than the state.

Communism exists as a movement and has been the sole identity of many countries.

Capitalisms modern meaning was invented by communists. Capitalism never existed as an ideology, No country has Identified as capitalist. Everything that isn't communist is called capitalist by communists. Humans and countries and companies have been accumulating capital since the stone age. Anyone can be accused of being capitalist. It is a meaningless term much like racism.



what anime is this pic from anon?


File: fb4cf254f1a796a⋯.png (258.17 KB, 576x708, 48:59, yuki.png)


…nibba, that's yuki nagato from haruhi suzumiya



Socialism + EvoPsych (specifically race realism) = Nazbol



no its not


also, Primitivism can work along side Nazbol. just add countersemitism to Unruhe and it works, though as per Hegel I believe a techno-primitive union is inevitable.



no not really, Romania's Market Communism was pretty close and so was Kampuchea.

China is just becoming more Capitalist by the day and its just not nazbol at all. Dengism isn't Nazbol.


Left fascists are ok, sometimes



This. N A Z B O L G A N G is brother org of KOSMONAUTGANG




Nothing but the fact that you are a retard who's only argument is to call everyone a fascist even if they are communists





Recognizing that just because Jews own all the wealth in the world doesn't give us a good excuse to let niggers around freely either.


Also that being pro-nigger and pro-female and pro-immigration usually end up being setbacks to worker rights than boons.


File: aceef58dc42c8bf⋯.jpg (100.42 KB, 1280x701, 1280:701, 49.jpg)


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